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File: Arctic_carbon_bomb_13.png (846 KB, 960x720)
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>These results suggest that even if there is a heightened liberation of ancient carbon sourced methane as climate change proceeds, oceanic oxidation and dispersion processes can strongly limit its emission to the atmosphere

does all of math, even the most abstract, have a physical analog... meaning all of math DESCRIBES in some way the physical universe, no exceptions?

t. Banach-Tarski paradox
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>in some way

Yes, everything you can possibly imagine is in "some way" related to the physical universe. Math related or not.
So, why do you have a problem with the Axiom of Choice? It's necessity comes naturally and it is consistent. How is it a cop out?
it's an abomination. a tasteful set of axioms should be self-evident. axiom of choice isn't. not that zf was tasteful to begin with.
Yes, yes, you can find examples where all have applications. Maybe I should have picked a better example.
How about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skewes%27s_number
It would be nice to know it but I can't imagine there's a Skewes' number of anything in the material universe.
Math is undeniably useful but not everything has a physical analog. Which doesn't mean that math which doesn't have a physical interpretation is necessarily any less important.
What system has a nice set of axioms in your opinion?

Graphene, carbon nanotubes, etc. They are like the holy grail of materials engineering, being the strongest materials known to humans. But how strong are they? I've heard that a single sheet of graphene 1 atom thick could support the weight of an elephant focused at the point of a pencil, which sounds incredible. CUNY City College just a few weeks ago put two sheets of graphene together and fired bullets at it, and the thing acted like it was harder than diamond, the bullets were frozen in place on impact.
Carbon nanotubes are similar: a robot that's like a foot tall made with carbon nanotube bones and muscles should be able to lift an elephant off the ground. Why are we not researching how to replace our muscles and bones and skin with this stuff? We'd be almost completely impervious to damage, literal superheros.
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Because human organism is extremely complex and you'd have to make the nanotubes somehow compatible with our bodies
as you probably know your body is constantly repairing bones, so you'd need to get rid of that as the carbon tubes would interfere
but if any unknown factor damages the tubes and your bone repair system is off you're essentialy dead
this is an oversimplification and you can see it getting extremely complicated very quickly, it would need absolutely insane amount of research and funding, so theres your answer
Underrated post
but Wolverine has like titanium bones or something, this must be possible we only need to think outside the box
You dont want perfectly rigid bones. Your bones are supposed to flex, and at a certain point, break because if they didnt you would fuck up the surrounding flesh and muscles beyond repair. Not to mention the major role your bones and bone marrow play in your circulatory and immune systems that graphene couldn’t replicate. Toss in the fact that REPLACING GOD DAMNED BONES is a needless traumatic procedure that would likely do more harm than good in situations that arent already life threatening.

>2 sheets of graphene stopped a bullet
No. No they didnt. Graphene, by definition, is about one molecule thick. Its not meant to stop bullets and thats not even a potential application that materials engineers are looking into.
>but maybe it was thicker sheets of graphene
Then it was either A) graphite, which is nothing new or revolutionary, or B) closer to many thousands of sheets of graphene, because 2 atoms thick wont fucking cut it.

tl;dr: OP is a brainlet of the highest caliber, and we need to introduce predatory animals into cities to kill off some of the stupid people. This is getting out of hand.
Graphene is probably carcinogenic

File: 3syuy5amxgsz.jpg (178 KB, 1197x1080)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Why are all pre-meds horrible people?

Does any professor or anyone even like them?
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>or take backseat to the people who are only in it for the paycheck at the end of the road.

Anon speaks words of wisdom salient not just to premeds but perhaps western life in totality
is this why there seems to be alot of "pre-med" focused classes instead of the regular cirrciulum?
The administration is really starting to pander to it for money. They have this new program at my uni with some nonsense clinical chemistry type name, but it's just regular chem except you don't have to take organometallics, you don't have to take phys chem (waaah too hard, hurting my average) and some other important classes as an attempt to enroll more people trying to go to medical school with an important sounding undergrad and a higher average
cause you are woman

Most of them are dicks, sure, but you're going to like a select few a whooole lot in about ten/fifteen years when they make the pain not happen.

File: random.jpg (207 KB, 1024x819)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Ok guys, I have this strong curiosity of knowing how quantum field theory works.

I want to give it up, but its kind of hard.. every time the curiosity comes back again and I loose more minutes reading unintelligible explanations.

I've read feynman's QED, and I'm not satisfied with it.

Id like arguments to help me give up on this or at least some text richer than QED (with equations) but still intelligible.
QED by Feynman is not intended as learning material.

Check out the book by Srednetzki (free and legal prepublication draft)

or buy Peskin & Schroeder's book on QFT.

Requirements: special relativity, electrodynamics and (relativistic) quantum mechanics. You don't need to be an expert on these, buy you want to know the fundamental details on undergrad level.
>Id like arguments to help me give up on this
You are very obviously a brainlet and will never understand it no matter how hard you try.
thats a good one
It's wrong, don't waste your time.
A better question

Why you would learn quantum field theory? What thing explains/is useful for?

File: 4987949.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
Why do you hate him?
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Nah m8, there's plans for hyperloop to be above ground too, hyperloop one is working on that. It's a massive challenge and has a lot of issues to confront, but there's no reason to think it's anywhere near as bad an thunderf00t makes it out to be, esp his claims about the tunnel becoming a gun barrel and shooting the pod down it and killing everyone inside if a hole appears.
This guy is an obnoxious sperg, but he's absolutely on the money in that thunderf00t has done sloppy back-of-the-envelope calculations and used arguments from incredulity instead oif actually giving strong reasons to oppose the hyperloop.
>Does their white paper still cite a laughably ridiculous vacuum?
What is this referring to?
Honestly as someone who went to a private Christian school and heard the arguments they use, I don't think it takes much to debunk them. I don't know why you idiots bother wasting your time.

How would I know if I'm too dumb to study science and math? Is there some kind of verified test or criteria?
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Well, I'd put more trust into a study conducted on MIT by a group of experts that is peer-reviewed than a study conducted by some guy who was been desperately trying to prove his theory for decades and his only coauthor is his wife.
>It says many things that put your claims into question.
Like? The abstract is very clear and conclusive.
>he said without reading the chart in question
Are you by any chance a brainlet physician?
It isn´t, though >>9446753
would have you believe the opposite.
>just CHANGE bro!
How fucking armchair can you get?
black people need nerds too

what doe /sci/ think of negative matter.
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We need to secure negative mass for the future of mankind, it is needed for wormholes and portals (in theory).
Would be very useful -- if it existed.
See "diametrical" under https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakthrough_Propulsion_Physics_Program
Assume question inspired by PR piece from Rochester University. What you've illustrated isn't what they produced.
What a Reddit pun that was

I wouldn't regocnise a reddit pun if I had reddit puns coming out of my ass, because I dont go to reddit. How about you?
File: averagereddituser.png (4 KB, 183x275)
4 KB
>hurr durr it must exist because my made up maths says so
how about you fags show me a minus kilogram first, then we talk

File: 1503268253868.jpg (358 KB, 1600x1067)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Why am I me and not you?

This is one of those countless questions which I think are the most serious questions we have to answer, but when you ask you get laughed at and called an idiot

What's the answer? How are we going to find out the answer? I don't know what you're going to do but I suspect we're not even close. If you're going to laugh and insult the question feel free but it doesn't reflect well on you

Is there any branch of science that seeks to answer this? If not, why not? Isn't the goal of science to answer all questions regarding the natural world and build models to describe it? If so, is sentience not a part of the natural world? It must be unless you're claiming it's supernatural or some other such nonsense, and I suspect you don't want to do that

So how are we going to figure this out?
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Did you even listen to Deepthought?
What are you talking about?
"So where do humans come from?" Isnt a reasonable question from a scientific pov? Gtfo. Questions by their nature arent falsifiable.
Ill also point out that human evolution isnt a repeating or repeatable phenomena.
Evolution as a whole isn't a repeatable experiment, neither is the Sun. However the underlying mechanisms can be broken down into repeatable falsifiable experiments.

The theory that mutations are passed down in genes has been demonstrated by falsifiable experiments on many scales.

The predictive power of that science allows us to infer theories about our historical evolution. Same way that physics experiments also allow us to infer the history of our Sun.

Scientific questions must be falsifiable. The theory that humans all came from Africa is falsifiable; one shows evidence of humans having evolved somewhere else. Keep in mind that there is no certainty or absolute fact in science, just different levels of probability. Newtons Laws of physics seemed perfect until we discovered how inaccurate and incomplete they are.However they do serve a very practical predictive purpose.

Evolution is interesting in science because it allows us to make better guesses about both our history and future.

OP's question doesn't seem to go anywhere in its form. The concepts of 'me' and 'you' really need to be broken down and well defined before it goes anywhere. Questions about sentience are taken seriously in science but they usually take the form of analysing biological processes.
>What's the answer?
There is no "me" and "you".

File: 1515412930148.jpg (49 KB, 640x640)
49 KB
What would happen if I took a human brain, map it down to the tiniest neural network, to the tiniest neuron and simulated that very map with a sophisticated computer software able to express every aspect of a neuron cell and its connection with others cell?
Would the simulation be sentient? Would it be intelligent?
Would it be human?
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> and determine the output it wants to give which is freewill

but if we stitch omeone's eye into our brain, will we eventually be able to see through that eye?
>neural network

These are a meme.
free will is logically impossible
now lets continue with OP's question
>Would the simulation be sentient?
>Would it be intelligent?
>Would it be human?

File: IMG-20180110-WA0001.jpg (84 KB, 489x606)
84 KB
Is it possible or has it ever been theorised that data could be compressed by storing it as a unique formula or algorithm, and seed, where the formula and seed size are less than the result (i.e. the data)?
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>Keep walking in one direction
>End up back where you started
At the very least it's something homeomorphic to a sphere.
File: WorldBorder.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
>End up back where you started
Except you don't end up where you started. There is a world border in each of the four directions.
The limitation is that many possible maps simply cannot be generated by the algorithm at all, in fact, the maximum number of maps that can be generated by a seed of bitsize n is 2 to the n, the loss is in that you cannot store many of the maps you may like to store in a small seed
Seems like that was added recently because the game would crash well before the theoretical border
Thanks, you really answered the question best

File: 81tlnWRchdL._SL1500_.jpg (165 KB, 1469x1500)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
A die is rolled n times. What is the probability of getting at least one 5 and at least one 6
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I meant to reply to
Best answer
Wrong. You could roll 12 1s.
with n=1 you get 36/6.

1/6 chance of getting a 5 or a 6
At least one 5 AND at least one 6 is impossible in one roll.

(6^1-2*5^1+4^1)/6^1 = (6-10+4)/6 = 0/6 = 0

File: pepe.jpg (29 KB, 660x574)
29 KB
What's the relationship between a function in calculus/math and a function in a programming language.

t. /g/
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In layman's terms, a pure function in programming is pretty much exactly like a (partial) function in mathematics.
If your function is total, then it's pretty much like your normal math function.
Consider reading software foundations: https://softwarefoundations.cis.upenn.edu/
, it's a really good book that talks about the connection between computer science/mathematics or programming/logic.
>This is not true for a function in programming, if you write f(1) it need not always give you the same output because it's actually happening in time and space and the computer can do whatever the hell it wants.

actually, in that example, time and space would also be inputs for the function
You can consider the environment as an input but it's not an argument.
I like the cut of your jib

File: 1.png (530 KB, 657x662)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
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This, probably the bitch even provoked him for getting shekels
You can stop pretending, kid. Nobody is buying it.
what autists call women. They don't seem to understand how thots don't represent all women
That twink is 29? Wow
I'd bet on 19
What's up with this bullshit?
When I lived in London everyday there was this blaming bullshit in the newspapers. How small do you have to be to use your limited mental power to occupy your mind with the alleged wrongdoing of people will never get to know?

>like, yooler is my favorite mathematician!
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It's pronounced oi in German you fucking moron
there's always one exception to every rule
>inb4 snarky response about an exception to the rule I just made up
English simply butchers most foreign words anyway, so who cares?
File: 1509580146452.png (26 KB, 485x443)
26 KB
>Other languages exist
File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB

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