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File: download.jpg (5 KB, 245x206)
5 KB
Before I let you spoonfeed me, please listen.
I think this website is really fishy! He sells his books on his "perfect nutrition diet" rant and his articles over articles about how milk may be linked to autism or how the atkins diet will make your weewee limp!
I am just hyper suspicious - especially if somebody wants me to buy his book!
I'm a stupid bean, please - https://nutritionfacts.org/
>writes book
>titles How Not to Die

dr. greger is fucking delusional stupid vegan shill.

I've completed an undergraduate in economics and didn't learn a thing. I'm thinking taking an undergraduate at EcolePoly and eventually going into research mathematics.

If only Galois had made it in...
maybe he wouldn't have died over a roastie, who knows what else he might have taught us?
File: 1508731324813.jpg (163 KB, 1024x576)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
france is shit tier for education I fucking hate them so god damn much. Every single one of them that comes study here think they have the advantage because "muh european france education" but they get absolutely get BTFO every fucking time, particulary when it comes to math.

-t. quebecois

my thoughts are go fuck yourself

File: cell_membrane.jpg (23 KB, 600x294)
23 KB
Can we take a moment to appreciate that cellular organisms are essentially obscure circuit boards?

File: 1508272619804.jpg (15 KB, 299x168)
15 KB
Can we travel faster than light?
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Why? Because you can't understand the concept of time nor space? Because you fail to open your mind to a new idea that disagrees wht you've been forcefed in your highschool level education?
Grow up and realize the universe is far more complex than you could understand.
Get out of here CIA.
Yeah I do and Flat earth has nothing to do with it. Are you CIA or legitimately some really mad Quantum glue sniffer shitting up another magnets thread.

Capped anyway, going to lol if the thread gets shutdown.
No. You can't escape your linear passage of time.

File: eval-apply.gif (3 KB, 592x236)
3 KB
Continuing my thread that hit the bump limit.

Previous /sci/ threads

I don't know anything about compression in detail, but if this gives you some compression ideas I'm sure you can use them even without building the whole language

Could it be this language needs some kind of antivirus / anti-malware in the name structure? Like root.security, which might expose functions that scan a local name tree for possible threats.
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Since invoking the name of God, which has something to do with the numbers 4 and 7, is punishable by death in most cases, you can call anything in between 7 and 8 or possibly even 9 people condemned to death but with their sentences not yet carried out
To go beyond 9, you can form an entire tetrad of tetrads with 12. So why did Judas hang himself? Because he deserved to die, that's why.
Let me re-enact this potential scene - OK, I've sold this guy out to the Romans, now he's going to pull an amazing trick to get out of this. Oh my god, this guy is a total noob and has no way to get out of this. Now my entire comedy troupe is going to die. Wow, this isn't in the manual at all. Well, I'd better do the usual thing and just kill myself
Maybe once I kill myself, I can just astral project my way out of this situation somehow like normal. Wait it turns out I can't
It's pretty funny, but only if you actually believe in heaven and the afterlife. It's horrifyingly, un-funnily tragic if you don't, especially if you believe in an afterlife but not the Christian heaven

If you knew for sure that humanity would be extinct 500 years from now with no successor would you keep studying science?
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Yeah I really like my field. I don't really care that much about helping the world (it's a plus) but I really like learning how cells tick.
You can't even be sure tomorrow will exist, but that's not a reason for giving up.
I know I'll be extinct 50 years from now with no successor but I keep going and I'll keep going if I find out humanity will be extinct 500 years from now with no successor.
I want to know about the fundamental structures of the universe for my own sake. Doesn't really matter if it doesn't get passed on, outside of repaying the debt I owe society for the gift of advanced, multi-generational knowledge.
Absolutely. Geography would be just as interesting regardless of Humanity's existence.

if we could discover how to access the 4th dimension of space, wouldn't that be the ultimate place to hide things?

but what if that's the ghost dimension? We could unleash ghouls and spirits and such.

Just thinking out loud here.
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Its a dead giveaway of a bait post. Same goes for
>hear me out
This planet needs a good plague.
A few things
>destructive interference tearing spacetime
Just because its called “destructive” interference doesnt mean it destrys things. Read a fucking book. Destructive interference of gravity waves would be further away from tearing spacetime than gravity waves with no interference, but it doesnt matter because this entire thought is pseudoscientific jibberish.

>this would prove god
No it wouldnt. All modern descriptions of god place him squarely outside the laws of physics. No amount of universes, infinite or not, makes god any more or less real.
>Implying universes outside this one conform to traditional laws of physics. Maybe you should pick up a fucking book and knock yourself out with it.

Under every theory that is even considered, the high energy energy density created in the constructive interference (the term you are looking for) would just form a black hole.
It doesnt matter what laws of physics they conform to. If god existed before the laws of physics then he cannot be described by any variation of those laws.

File: 6894326.png (341 KB, 955x505)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
>The Pliocene coming back to greet us edition

Earth's history shows us that the last time the atmosphere had a CO2 concentration of 400ppm was more than 2.5 million years ago. Sequence stratigraphic backstripping shows that sea level was approximately 22 m above present-day levels, implying that this is the threshold for the collapse of marine-based Antarctic Ice sheets.
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File: climatetoothpaste.png (536 KB, 720x857)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
>please buy my climate toothpaste
finally it'd stop being so cold here.
There is nothing wrong with climate change. Climate is a dynamic system, it's supposed to change.
But muh polar bears

File: CRISOR-1.jpg (84 KB, 630x437)
84 KB
What are your thoughts on CRISPR and its potential?
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We could use it to genetically engineer niggers that don't act like niggers. From average IQ of 85 to 100.

The future is GMO niggers.
If you know why don't you enlighten us?
Afaik the chance to fuck up the genome is what keeps it from being viable to mod yourself with it? Meaning you can get results but doing so you risk fucking your other genes up?

>designer babies
Kinda ongoing for a decade now - they take a bunch of fertilized eggs, let it divide so they can take a copy for screening and let the parent pick the one they like most with that data. Get's implanted in a eastblock foster mother so the wife doesn't even have to get pregnant.

File: 1503395172874.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB
Lately I have tuned a little into what is available on Quantum Science out there and the hocus-pocus around it.
I was wondering:
was there something about it?
is there ESP for instance?
can you alter random numbers by will?
what are your thoughts on this?
is there some field our science can't grasp yet and we are in fact interconnected by some field already? maybe like a huge matrix?

anyone tried?
Pic highly related.
or is it just synchronisity?

File: foreskin blanket.png (39 KB, 165x157)
39 KB
Mathematicians that will try to persuade themselves they're doing important work but generally are just fucking around
>Category Theorists
>p-adic number theorists
what else /sci/?
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basic research is very important for there to be a hope of applied research making big leaps. airplanes weren't made through trial and error. the computer was not made through trial and error. mountains of theory were behind them, theory that seemed completely otherworldly at times.
>everyone thinks the mathematicians are just wanking about
>one day one of them finds out how to factor huge integers in a few minutes
>he goes mad with power and hacks everything
Do you know what makes the computer you're shitposting on right now function?
You mean logic, right?
Go and read the Principia Mathematica and you'll see that mathematics and logic are one and the same.

File: neuronal_activity.gif (3.99 MB, 440x248)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB GIF
Diets that also promote gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health, whilst being anti-inflammatory would be much appreciated.
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It is horrific.
Your brain runs on cholesterol
Is the good cholesterol, bad cholesterol dichotomy actually a thing?
It is and your body produces it naturally.
You need fats in your life. Just avoid eating too much of it.
So a 'balanced diet' is literally the best diet.

File: autonomous weapon.jpg (54 KB, 1000x497)
54 KB
What's the future of warfare /sci/? Autonomous armed drones? Bioweapons? Nanobots?
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File: 1432574407541.png (91 KB, 1733x507)
91 KB
Against extraterrestrials...

The mother-ship obliterator.

Pic related.

>Lure mothership over an area of land on the planet.
>Burry 100 of these over a wide range, one will suffice though.
>Blip blorp attacks.
>He suddenly blinks and his entire ship is covered with exterminatus.
>Falls to the earth as humanity eats up his tasty space memes.
>"Not the space memes." He will say. As we drink deep his anguished tears of failure to invade.
>INB4 Nuclear blow gun

File: Tora-Bora-Tunnels.jpg (270 KB, 600x400)
270 KB
270 KB JPG

>bunker meme
>he doesn't want new magical toys that count as space-weapons
if something is carved into a dwarven citadel you should probably just flood it with water
File: 1492248679261.gif (610 KB, 480x360)
610 KB
610 KB GIF
>he doesn't want new magical toys that count as space-weapons

Concussive explosion magic isn't neat enough?
doesnt look like a laser cannon enough. Thats the weeb missle.

File: IMG_0433.jpg (53 KB, 480x480)
53 KB
The Many Worlds Interpretation of QM is now commonly accepted among physicists. As far as I understand it, that means that every possible universe exists and their distribution is fixed.

If I decide to take in and take care of a stray cat, there will be another universe in which I don’t. If I decide not to take in the cat, there will be another universe in which I do. No matter what I do, there will always be a stray miserable cat and a happy cat with a roof over its head. What I do doesn’t change the amount of “suffering” that exists, because its distribution is fixed. The only thing that can be determined by my actions is what I perceive in this universe.

Doesn’t this destroy any sensible notion of altruism beyond selfish incentives?
45 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>the cat
wouldnt there be one where you kill he cat, one where you pee on it, one where you give it a million bucks for eat... or is this some kind of "enless possibilities universes" I am talking about?
DOn't know much about Many Worlds, but it seems like it only knows "white and black"...eitehr you do something.. or don't...but what about the other things that couldve habbeningd?
It’s got nothing to do with human decisions, only with wave functiona collapsing to different eigenstates (possible outcomes). Since a lot of things are possible at a quantum level, just very unlikely, if the MWI was real all kinds of things could happen, e.g. a bowl falling through a table it stands on. Mostly it would be very small changes though
yeah this is what I meant by wizard tier; everyone knows its bullshit
Multiverse=/=Many Worlds.
honestly fuck cats adopt a dog

File: 117.jpg (2.38 MB, 3264x2448)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Is this shit a fractal? I believe it is, but I'm too retarded in maths to confirm, need some fake scientists to halp me.
Note the bits sticking out at the corners of the square, you can keep adding 4 stud lego pieces to it, expand it forever, but I ran out of pieces to build it up to the next level where it would have formed another square.

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