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post cool graphs of equations in this thread
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something like e^(-1/x^2))*cos(1/x^4) ?
File: NonConvex.gif (725 KB, 360x392)
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725 KB GIF
exactly true my man the kind of pareto optimality where you're actually happy doesn't fucking happen ever in the real world
x * sin(pi / (-x / 2)) / (-2), got that by fitting
it's just x * cos(π / x) * sin(π / x) tho

You all know this is what boston dynamics is really aiming to achieve right or at least this is what the pentagon will be paying billions towards BD to create.

How long do you think before we get there, 20 to 40 years?
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Military equipment is designed to be EMP proof. Good luck with that.
>This is the real sticking point for artificial intelligence at the moment
what the fuck lol. how could you think this. nobody anywhere is doing or proposing AI that isn't massively parallel
they're not gonna make then fragile
stop resisting anon
Guys drones can barely fly for 30 minutes and you expect these 100+ kg monsters to have any sort of decent run time?
How would you fare against a swat team of robots, both fast moving flying drones and hardened shooters all operating in perfect coordination and with no fear for their life. Current room clearing algorithms are around 80% successful at clearing rooms of IEDs and enemies with unknown locations.
The point still stands, AI still is less energy efficient than humans. Parallelism doesn't change this

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CRISPR is actually an existing technology that has insane potential. Possibly enough to cause WW3. True virtual reality is far far far off.

Even if you could somehow engineer cat ears into a woman (would this eliminate her human ears or does she keep both pairs? Are the cat ears functional or just for visuals?), no one in the world would let you have a "pet woman" for domestic ownership.

On the other hand, on a realistic virtual reality you could do things we can't begin to dream of in the real physical world.
In repose to your question about the ears. The cat ears would ideally be extra ears that function like secondary antennas to boost the signal to noise ratio and assist in picking up high frequency and low energy audio signals.
A lot like how the new Sony C100 studio mic uses two specialized diaphgrams to pick-up ultra sonic (high bandwidth) signals and also have a high dynamic range. The human ears would be there for lower frequencies and backwards compatibility with regular human genes.
Absolutely fuckin pathetic. The absolute state of nerds on the internet.
Sure, we may have CRISPR, but we don't know shit about what we should actually modify. Also, we don't have a good way to genetically modify living humans.

File: EhUZ.gif (574 KB, 200x200)
574 KB
574 KB GIF
Is gravity a force?
Come join the fun in this shitshow of a thread.

To answer your question; No.
File: 1502499142031.jpg (25 KB, 600x600)
25 KB
No, it’s geomtery.

how close are we to a cure for spinal cord injuries and an end to paralysis ?

my friend was stabbed in his back and his spine at the T9 was completely severed and sliced through
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I tried finding the original research paper but it seems to have been taken down, partially severed is what several newspapers reported but several also reported totally severed. I'd have to see their report to see, their foundation has very strict patient criteria so this may not be representative.


I'm about to crack my Friday evening beer but vagus nerve stimulation, sacral spine nerve root stimulation, and various other approaches seem to point to people in the relatively near future gaining back intestinal motility, rectal and bladder tone via implanted electronics. Not much news on how they could bring back sensation, but even having a strict bowel schedule with control of the tone would be a vast improvement

Sorry about your friend's injury. Have a good night
>Sorry about your friend's injury. Have a good night
you have a nice night too and bless you mate

Pretty much. Democrats seem to have no problem with unlimited abortions but don't you dare ever abort to weed out genetic defects or to conduct research into stem cells. If you do, you are worse than hitler in their eyes.
There is possibility to grow it back correctly.

There is a possibility he could walk by using exoskeleton controlled by eeg kind of imaging.
>There is possibility to grow it back correctly.
they have been saying this for decades and will continue to say so for decades to come
>There is a possibility he could walk by using exoskeleton controlled by eeg kind of imaging.
that is nice but they still won't be able to feel anything and won't be able to use the bathroom normally or have any sexual function

>open calculus book
>see this
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Is stewarts any good? as in any proofs or is it based solely on geometric intuition?
It teaches by example and assumes you can fill in the rest (few to no proofs, no generalization, just examples to show a few different cases)
shrek is love, shrek is life
its a good intro book. dont fall for these scams where people think you need a rigorous book for an intro course. Take a book like stewart to gain an understanding of the material and then dive into more detailed texts if you want to know the nitty gritty details
This meme is as 9GAG tier as NPC and YOLO.

File: PepeThink.jpg (22 KB, 528x352)
22 KB
Can someone explain the role of light in quantum electrodynamic theory to me.
>role of light
I meant photon
well QED is all about electrons and photons. and without photons, electrons don't interact with one another and just all fly by in a straight line doing nothing. photons make it interesting

>there exists some combination of programming language lines that produces consciousness
If you believe this, you literally believe in magic and you're no better than a religious person. How do you justify such a belief?
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So you're saying rules are inherent to how the universe works, not just constructed upon the actual universe because we like rules so much?
Dunno. What does make rules physical.
They would govern the way physical word works.

As long as they can predict same things, their origin does not matter. All you need is to learn them. If you know how to simulate world as we know it, you can produce consciousness.
But computer isn't smart to begin with
Third choice: we don't fucking know yet.

Or are you telling me QM wouldn't be considered absolute arcane magic if you presented it to people in the 16th century?
File: 1341704259057.gif (1.92 MB, 228x261)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
>there exists some combination of pixels that makes a perfect image of me fucking your mom

Can anyone explain how synth bio works? What it can and can’t do? And the process it uses?
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>>Also are there multiple ways to create a protein or is there only one possible dna sequence?
Probably. There are portions of proteins where it doesn't matter much what you put in.
Directed enzyme evolution won a nobel prize
And more recently engineered enzymes have been suggested to fix nicotine addiction

Nope, by the definition of synthetic biology, regenerative medicine is synthetic biology? Aren't buzzwords great?
It sounds like most of it is just producing a single thing, proteins or enzymes, can it produce anything more complicated or systems?

Sure but its hard. Also you really need to start with some basic biology knowledge before you start asking these questions. In an earlier post you didnt even recognize promotors and introns as DNA sequences you thought they were products.
I’m just not sure where to start
Read a textbook, I recommend Berg or molecular biology of the cell

ITT: we share facts from any field, physics, biology, psychology, chemistry... etc
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this but unironically
>repeating that retarded meme
physics is the best guage of RAW INTELLECTUAL STRENGTH. you only downplay this because you're an autistic, sheltered little shit of a brainlet with an equally embarrassing understanding of physics.

nobody gives a shit that you can show some irrelevant X is isomorphic to Y in your little useless bullshit "proof". nobody cares about your hugely curved grades in undergraduate linear "algebra".

physics. is. king.
Lmao this shit again.
"Infinity hat" hahahaha
>Trigniggered autisticals

I'm not understanding supersymmetry, can someone explain this to me like I'm a brainlet?

from what I do understand, fermions have some selection of five charges (red, green, blue, up, down), vector bosons turn one charge into another, scalar bosons add or remove a charge and the graviton does... something. How does supersymmetry fit into this? why do these particles have their specific spins anyway? Is there a reason?
from what I do understand, fermions have some selection of five charges (red, green, blue, up, down)
no. the relevant charges are of three types, color charge (for quarks and gluons) and weak isospin/weak hypercharge (for the leptons and W/Z/H bosons)
>vector bosons turn one charge into another
no, the charges are conserved
> scalar bosons add or remove a charge
no, the higgs gives mass to the W and Z via gauge coupling and to the fermions via yukawa couplings
> and the graviton does... something.
not in the standard model or MSSM
>How does supersymmetry fit into this?
SUSY introduces awhile set of partner particles for everybody plus some extra higgses

>why do these particles have their specific spins anyway?
the spin-statistics theorem

Okay, maybe I should clarify: I'm not talking about the standard model. We know the standard model is wrong, even if we don't know what the problem is. I'm talking in terms of the Georgi-Glashow model, which allows me to make the simplified claims

Also, I wasn't saying anything related to charge conservation, I'm just talking about the effect on a fermion
i don't know about the georgi-glashow model, and neither should you really. the standard model is correct and every other theory needs to reduce to it in a low energy limit, and if georgi disagrees then his model is silly.

i know about the SM and a bit about SUSY, and all serious theories (including any viably SUSY theory) builds off the SM. so i'm happy to talk about SM extensions, but nobody can be an expert on every toy theory that has nothing to do with the real world, like the one you're talking about

File: the boomer man.png (6 KB, 234x216)
6 KB
I've heard that people are saying that if you go to university you are not guaranteed a job after graduation. You shouldn't even study with a job in mind. They say to get money you should go to trade school.
The reason to go university would be to have fun studying what you like that's it.
Is that really true?
Then why do people study medicine and engineering, and maths and physics and biochemistry and stuff? Do they study that for fun? They don't want a job in that field?

I don't want to go become a plumber or electrician or something. That's not for me because I'm not strong and don't have muscles and stuff.
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Uni is under tight control from people who are commies at heart and think curricula has the duty to keep people isolated from capitalism, a.k.a basic economic life; so they don't want you to learn how to earn your life in fact.
But being poor isn't good.
I can't speak for medicine, engineering and biochemistry but there are definitely plenty of people who go into maths and physics because they are fun fields. Obviously since they enjoy it they would like a job in that field.
There are many who don't really like maths or physics or just hate these fields less than others, but they go into these fields to get a job
Some people are genuinely curious about the world or are natural tinkerers (engineering) and want to learn more about the world or improve their skillsi. I suppose this is the "pure" and "virtuous" intention of pursuing a specific field of study and this is probably what those people you were talking about meant. But a lot of people pursue higher education in hopes of getting a job as well. Btw you don't need to be "strong" to be a tradesman or to do most physical jobs. Whatever physical abilities you lack you will pick up within a month on the job. You don't need to be able to deadlift 400 lbs or something.

File: 1540001359111.jpg (969 KB, 2988x5312)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
What's /sci/'s handwriting like?
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/sci/ says engineers are the biggest brainlets of all sciences but chem students are even worse.
im jealous
>study Science
>write by hand

Don't be. He probably spent an hour copying that shit from a textbook.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (101 KB, 1280x720)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
What do you think of Breakthrough Starshot? Is it a meme? If you had told people 100 years ago that we would have sent several landers to the moon and numerous rovers to mars to take pictures it would have seemed bonkers yet here we are today having accomplished all of that. While to us the idea of sending probes to Alpha Centari potentially within our lifetimes seems ludicrous I'm sure people would have said the exact same thing about what we managed to accomplish within their lifetimes. Tell me what you think /sci/, is it really possible or is it all bravado?
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what is this
american pie 6

straight to dvd.. highly recommenn and protecc
Looks like Lauren Philips.
Particle beam can be used too, for really tiny dust and atoms.

File: 1503517163731.jpg (774 KB, 1080x1080)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
Botanons can you recommend me good books, my dad have a lot of banana lands, I think I can improve his ways of raising them, but I dont know which book to learn from.
You sound cute. How about we talk about it at the coffee shop?

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