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Computer scientists are to mathematicians as engineers are to scientists
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engineers and CS people are dogs of the science world.

Computer Scientist :: Computer Engineer
Electrician :: Electrical Engineer
Welder & Mechanic :: Mechanical Engineering
Bricklayer & Carpenters :: Civil engineer
Plumber :: Chemical Engineer
Bank Teller :: Economist
Accountant :: Mathematician
Elementary Teacher :: College Professor
Nurse :: Medical doctor
I literally started off by qualifying the difference between a code monkey and a computer scientist.

Yes, the CS is a math based field. I double majored in both. I took graduate courses wherever I could.
I dunno where this computer engineer meme came from. I had some of them in my classes, and by far they did some of the most dogshit work out of everyone, even the dumb CS majors. Some the Computer Engineering and EE people cheated on the computer architecture exam (and got caught). I will say that CpE people generally understand GPU programming and design well, but they don't actually understand anything in CS past meme data structures and databases. Also, EE and CpE majors act as if their Fourier transforms and signals are super hard, but I took the class along with them and it's not really too hard. Communications is a cool field though.

All in all, meme degrees aside, the worst of CpE and EE are cut from the same cloth as the worst of CS
CS :: CE
Elementary Teacher :: College Professor
nice b8

Question: What happens when we reach the pinnacle of human otpimization by merging with machines and using regenerative health technology to eliminate every single disease, to enhance muscles without weight lifting, to be healthy and thin without exercise or good diet, to live forever, to enhance IQ to genius level for anyone...

In short, what will happen to humans once we reach the point where everything is easilly attained without 0 effort, what do we do then? Since all humans derive meaning and happiness from struggle and accomplishment.

Any thought experiments out there or any sci-fi that deals with this? Also, how far away are we?
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File: 1528681152387.gif (1018 KB, 1080x793)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
Or work and built your mind and body.
so what am I supposed to do then?
what happens when I die?
I'm just a guy who goes to the gym every week, doens't have that many friends but likes video games and anime.
what happens to me?
what happens to us?
when did I lose?
Live your life
I have a feeling that the sensations you feel after you die is a lot like whatever you feel before you were conceived. IE nothing.
When your dad shot half of you into the other half that was in your mom
File: last.png (167 KB, 500x821)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
thought of past pain bugs me and decide to delete everything from past.
then start thinking if my life is real

File: 1530551378985.png (93 KB, 1094x575)
93 KB
80% chance i might fail 2nd and have to retake year of physics undergrad, i also failed the 1st and had to retake it

its gonna take me 6 years in total to graduate at least

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>Your fate is genetics. That's why your family is a bunch of criminals and you happen to be an alcoholic loser. Big surpise.
You are a piece of shit. Only a piece of shit would say that, particularly to someone who has suffered and is trying to improve. Kill yourself.
Nigger, all I'm saying is that he shouldn't blame himself for being a failure since he was born that way.
Honestly if you're family has been in a country for 2-3 generations and isnt upper or upper middle class then you are probably retarded
Would you not kicked out for failing 2 years in a row?
Earning a BSc is trivial
The hardest part is getting into a good university
70% of students in the UK get a 2.1 undergrad which is considered a good grade

Pure math is my hobby and it has been for years. I'm going to go to college and be a math major soon.

Should I try to talk to my proffesors about what I'm working on?

I hate talking to people about this kind of stuff because nobody ever asks for it and I don't like attention. I'm confident that it isn't quackery and I've thoroughly done my homework.
post it here, we'll tell you its quackery
Yeah, better post it here first as >>9871099 said.

It involves an alternative formulation of the formal power series. Also observations about a combinatorial interpretation of this formulation and atleast one examples that shows why it is interesting.

I'm confident that it's not bullshit.
look up generating series

File: grolsch.jpg (92 KB, 1200x900)
92 KB
>he didn't get a bsc in math + stats and a msc in CS
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Well, just be sure to hire only women because if you do that with men that's gay.
I am gay. Women can't suck dick to save their own lives. Also they report you to HR after giving consent to sucking your dick in exchange for a promotion/access to a project
>it's not rape to have someone suck your dick in exchange for a work opportunity.
You are on the wrong side of history bucko
That's true, women are the worse. But God didn't love me enough to make me gay.
go on grindr and find a cute femboi

File: IMG_9875.jpg (174 KB, 1242x1637)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I've always kinda hated naturopathic remedies and botanical products but damn, has anyone in here tried CBD oil yet? This stuff really works. It potentiates my Klonopin and Ambien, lowers my blood sugars, and works better for my back pain than even Oxy does. This shit needs to be further researched so it can be popularized and prescribed already.

Nice, I'm also willing to chill on /sci/. Could use the money. Where can I sign up?
You can use this link if you want to sign up for free. Let's you earn money and buy some CBD under your own account.

Alright, I’m interested. Give me the drop down on what this stuff is OP.

“Sell it to me.”
I’m a medfag, so consider that as your target audience.

Basically, CBD's are all the "good" effects of Cannabis without any of what some of us may consider the negatives of marijuana as a drug.

It produces no high, no impairment, and no paranoia like some people (me included) get from smoking weed. And it doesn't show up on drug test either.

Yet it does produce all the positive effects marijuana provides like reduced insulin resistance, anxiety/depression/pain relief, anti-seizure properties, cancer-fighting effects, and even potential help with weight loss by increasing metabolism in most people.

I myself have been on 2 forms of insulin, Klonopin, Adderall, Ambien, Flexeril, and Gabapentin for years now. I just started taking CBD oil last month and have already decreased my Lantus by 5 units/day and stopped taking both my flexeril and Ambien. My daily back pain levels (from a herniated disc) have even gone from a daily 9/10 down to about 2.5/10 despite doctors telling me I'll be in pain for life and offering everything from nerve blockers to "pain hypnotists". My blood sugars also went from an average of 250-350 down to 125-200 and I've lost about 8 lbs over the past month.

This stuff has literally changed my life in every way. And this coming from someone who has always refused to take any herbal supplements because I've always preferred things made to target specific chemicals in the body. And I'm a pharmacy tech studying psychopharmacology too.

File: 1530423911267.jpg (215 KB, 650x718)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
What are some books a brainlet-tier CompSci major needs to get into Mechanical Engineering?
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What was you double major?
Math and Computer Science.
File: Untitled.png (35 KB, 1079x517)
35 KB
my first and foremost advice is to stay in CS.

if you absolutely must switch to engineering then whatever you do, do not enroll in either civil or mechanical engineering. both these majors attract all the guys that worked in trades and want to go back to school, and "normies" that guilt trip people into giving them a job. it makes finding your first job hell, and when you finally find one it's likely to be shit.

i suggest either chemical engineering or electrical engineering, but again, that's if you absolutely can't stay in CS.
I assumed as much after re reading your post

Computer “scientist”
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The entire point of a summer course is that you are taking a lower course load (for me it was 2 classes typically) which means you can spend significantly more time on each class. Probably 5 hours per day per class is achievable. If I was your professor I'd go through the textbook in one week and then tell you that the next 3 weeks mon-thurs I won't go to class but you can come see me in my office and each friday will be a test.
>Real Analysis is interesting but it takes a while to wrap your head around it.
Well, if you just cut to the chase, Real Analysis I is just "A Course in The Triangle Inequality".
how is real analysis hard? just use the least upper bound property
just use compact sets, nigga
Yes, but it's 101 ways to spam the triangle inequality in every situation.
Yes, and Calculus is 101 ways to spam u-substitution in every situation. I don't see how this is a problem. In fact, this makes for a very straightforward course that anyone can get through. Really, you'll get it when you take a real mathematics course. You could get 5 problems and all 5 are done with such ridiculously different solutions that to even consider those possibilities you'd need to have an extremely open mind about what could potentially work.

File: 1375476712391s.jpg (22 KB, 250x175)
22 KB
Best book on wave mechanics?

Anyone else has this “brain fog”? How do I get rid of it?

Analogy: My mind is like a room filled with thick mist and it’s perpetually hard to see and form thoughts.
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>microdose some LSD
Yeah like that would be easy to get fag.

u are an angel don't ever change anon
>Yeah like that would be easy to get fag.
internet exists for a reason you alpha brainlet. That reason is to buy drugs with crypto
File: 1462953474928.jpg (102 KB, 556x261)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
stop eating, caffenating, and druging for a few days
when your fog clears up, only eat well balanced meals, and no more drugs or caffeine

File: rocket-man-2236944[1].jpg (56 KB, 800x587)
56 KB
No return trip or anything. Your corpse would just be in orbit.
Assume that the government doesn't try to ruin the fun.
Going by the standards that “you” are the average American citizen with no access to expensive rocketry or aviation equipment, using the balloon method the Red Bull used to get a professional skydiver to the upper limits of the stratosphere will get you about the highest possible without using the parts mentioned earlier. That ascent module on its own would probably cost you a few hundred dollars just for the balloon and another $2,000 for the pod that you’d be strapped into. That pricing is assuming it is made using some cheap metalwork worth a few hundred, as well as has at least minimal life support, like SCUBA grade air tanks that’d be worth a little over $1,000.

I imagine at that height you could maybe use heavily modified hobby rocketry parts as boosters attached to an ascension module that you’d be strapped into, and the 99% absence of pressure would allow them to take you much further than if they were launched from the ground (there’d be 1% of the normal air resistance). You’d need a lot of those hobby rockets though, like assuming they’re between $1-2,000 each, you’d need between $10-20,000 worth in just the rockets total. So maybe that isn’t exactly “you” friendly. (If it isn’t, then this additional stage can be disregarded.)

Now that’s just >maybe probably< the minimum to actually get you into space. Now we have to get you actually into orbit, as your post states.
This is obnoxiously tricky, because this is just more weight and equipment and money. Orbit is the act of having enough horizontal velocity to counter the natural vertical fall caused by gravity, which means you’d need something to give you enough propulsion to get you at least a corresponding minimal periapsis that is also located above the height considered to be “space.”
The best route would be more balloons and hobby rocket thrusters, I guess. Having one extra balloon or somehow recycling the earlier balloon would allow you to achieve buoyancy...
>>9871534 (cont)
...Having one extra balloon or somehow recycling the earlier balloon would allow you to achieve buoyancy, while an extra rocket stage would allow the horizontal thrust needed to actually create an orbit.

It’d be a very ugly, very bulky, and still a very expensive craft. However, I’d consider this to be the bare minimum for getting your body, alive during the trip at that, up out of the atmosphere into space and into an orbit. And this would be using no computerised parts, I’m talking like some sort of Flintstones pod craft where you’d be using scissors to cut ropes and a lighter (preferably an electrical “tesla” lighter) to light the boosters, comparable to that guy that flew using helium balloons tied to his lawn chair kind of shit.

What is the scientific interpretation for this? also, will htting my head at the wall alot of times make me genius?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
top kek
just stop
>compensate for it. But the research is still in the early stages, so don't hit yourself just yet. You'll become autistic for sure

might be a dumb question but ill ask anyway. Why is torque multiplied? force*length and not divided or something
It's a cross product,try thinking the difference between dot and cross product
Recall that work on an object is proportional to the force on an object times the distance that that object is moved.

The further away you are from the center of an object, the more it moves per rotation. Imagine a force F on a rotating object far from the axis of rotation that is applied over a quarter term. That force is applied over a longer distance than the same force closer to the axis of rotation, so it does more work on the rotating body.

File: 1530645584965.png (507 KB, 1070x601)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
>Want to be smart and finally get a degree (I live in Ontario Canada)
>Can't afford the ridiculous costs

22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>ridiculous costs

Go to Europe, and if you have a passport of a country belonging to the EU then even more so. Also, U of T or York, which are both higher end unis, aren't THAT fucking expensive, and the lower you go down the ladder of quality the cheaper it gets. I'm also entirely ommiting colleges.
Not only tuition but living expenses too though.
Are colleges even worth it? Or is that for extreme brainlets.
Out chink!
If your an Engi like me than yes, but realize your only going there for a piece of paper and to shmoo- mingle with those who have connections. The stuff that you want to do you have to learn it mostly on your own, its for that reason that I recommend people to NOT go to expensive colleges but rather go to a cheap NON-MEME college and focus on getting internships and connections. As for the other STEM stuff I honestly don't know or care about their job prospects...

File: aubreydegrey.jpg (596 KB, 2048x1152)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
For people currently in their 20s, what is the probability that we will reach longevity escape velocity within our lifetimes, and get to live for potentially hundreds of years, if not longer?
48 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
But there isn't that much overlap between trannies and people interested in the Singularity, life extension, etc.

dont give up Anon-chan




you're gonna be pretty disappointed in how the whole 2030 techno unemployment thing turns out for capitalism


a trillion IQ ? LOL

someone with a 150 IQ struggles, so they assume it will take an IQ in the trillion range.
Anyhow, i just came here for the Negativity, pessimism and the bullshit,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

3. Build the AI up from 1. and 2. to the highest AI IQ level possible. Present the issue, and see what it comes up with. It might come up with nothing. It might come up with something no one has ever thought of before. Gradually aim for the AI to hit an IQ of around 100 around 2029. See if it gets any closer. If no, i am fairly convinced the AI of the 2035 projected levels will be able to do it, along with the info coming in from 1. and 2.

And, this AI wouldnt just be a rich man's toy. It will be able to work down the last curing every single disease we have, which is what would be the most pressing problem for us immortals after we solve that whole reversing aging thing.

Then, have it work on time travel so i can recover all my friends who didnt make it or got themselves turned into popsicles
We (millennials) are all going to die in our 30s and 40s.
ahahah yeah am I right fellow paranoid magapedes? crooked Hillary and the liberals (oh and dont forget the JEWS) are planning on breeding us white people to extinction and start global wars!!!! ww3 will kill us all we're going to be docile slaves to da joos


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