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File: download.jpg (13 KB, 390x129)
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Who wishes they were in asystole right now?
I would much rather be in torsades.
V fib is for normalfags. V tach is for pussies. Kill me instantly with asystole.

File: 001_zps7a431a0d.jpg (41 KB, 435x571)
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Is Grover's Algorithim the hardest cross discipline subject to understand?

>it's a brainlet CS major learns something in one of their classes and thinks it's really hard so he rushes to /sci/ to share it episode

File: doggo.png (770 KB, 638x638)
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770 KB PNG
the fuck kinda indian has the last name grover?

File: supervoid.jpg (148 KB, 634x636)
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148 KB JPG
>aliens don't exi-

Imagine if this supervoid was created by aliens who were able to harvest power from the galaxies themselves dimming them down to being mostly invisible. The structure is 1 billion light years away so it's had about 1 billion years worth of technological development, how advanced would this civilization be? Why is this specific void so large?
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So this confirms that it's just a cloud of my disgust.
File: creatura.gif (388 KB, 634x636)
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388 KB GIF
I read dark forrest too
File: jewpervoid.jpg (259 KB, 632x635)
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259 KB JPG
Couldn't post yesterday as you know
Sorry for the rushed job

File: Boeing.gif (15 KB, 300x280)
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Most projects seem to be short lived or abandoned at an early stage.
Attempts to reproduce seem half-assed.

What really caught my interest was Eugene Podkletnov's experiements with a spinning superconducting disc that made the cigarette smoke rise faster in the floor above. It was a small effect, but noticable.

I swear if I become a billionaire I will pour millions into this research.



Frank Znidarsic claims to have found the equation that ends up with Planck's constant (resolving the speed of the state transition in an atom).
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The entire problem with nuclear fusion is that we know it is physically possible however the actual "fusion" is so hot it will burn through all known substances including concrete and rock. So, it has to be confined using very strong magnets to levitate it. This is what has driven most high energy research for the past fifty years, magnetic confinement. Whoever figures out how to make a magnetic levitation system efficient enough where it requires less energy than the fusion it contains gives off as heat has a working fusion reactor. There are many, many, many efforts at doing this and a quick glance at Wikipedia shows over 10 in active development:


I'm aware that this isn't strictly "anti-gravity" but the point is to figure out how to make things float with magnets, which is what OP's image and his links refer to.
That is not antigravity anon. OP's post isn't supposed to be levitating stuff with antigravity not magnets. A spinning super conducting disk was supposedly making a gravitational field, but more recent experiments could not reproduce it.

That being said research at LIGO has a remote chance of leading to antigravity. LIGO could tell us if negative mass exists in the universe. LIGO might be able to be used to see if there are materials with non linear gravitational effects. LIGO itself might be able to generate gravitational waves allowing theories of quantum gravity to be tested:
Gravity is considered a space-time distortion and it affects everything. Matter and energy take "the path of least resistance", so to speak. The other forces can't be like that because they only effect some particles. Neutrinos don't feel the nuclear forces, so they go right through matter unhindered. If Dark Matter exists, it's dark because it doesn't interact with the electromagnetic force.

All the other forces are due to force-carrying particles being swapped back and forth.
Imagine 2 trains running in opposite directions on parallel tracks. You're on train A and you toss a rock at someone on train B. He catches it, but the rock was moving with train A. Train B slows a little because its momentum has to be shared to bring the rock up to its speed. Same thing happens if the rock is thrown back to train A. Continue the back-and-forth and trains will come to a relative stop.

There MAY be a force-carrying particle, the graviton, for gravity but it will be very hard to detect. This is why gravity is not covered by the Standard Model and why integrating QM and GR is so difficult.
It takes strong fields to contain the plasma but the power to maintain them isn't the problem. A working reactor would use superconductors. Building the field is a one-time job. We can't make fusion work (yet) because the plasma leaks out too fast. And when it leaks, it doesn't melt through the reactor walls. Despite the multi-million degree temperature, the plasma is very very rarified. (A dense plasma would radiate as a black body, at the 4th power of temperature, and lose all it's head rapidly. A thin plasma loses heat slower.) So the actual thermal energy in the reactor is quite small. If it touches the walls, all that happens is that the "fire" goes out. The electron beam in a CRT monitor has an equivalent temperature of hundreds of thousands of degrees -- but it doesn't melt the glass face of the tube. Not enough mass in the beam.

Again, a bit of research would help here. The difference between gravitational waves and EM waves is probably just variations in some process we don't yet understand. This is the basis for Unified Field Theory, or superstring theory.

Given that many parts of string theory have been experimentally proven, the idea that "magnetism" is a wholly separate entity from "gravity" is probably not true. But science hasn't come to a conclusion on this, as there is not enough experimental data to verify theoretical math done.

File: 1502162637963.gif (2.57 MB, 250x243)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB GIF
Is a human brain any different from a really really complex circuit board? It makes me uneasy to imagine a machine might be able to "feel" pain on the same level I can hypothetically. Just neural pathways and currents arranged in a certain way...
I thought about this after reading/playing I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.
The human brain has a lot more analog processes than a circuit board, but they do have fuzzy logic computers that use analog inputs and outputs.
>Is a human brain any different from a really really complex circuit board?
pain is just a strong signal. your electronics can "feel" pain if you increase voltage, but cannot respond to it, because it don't has reflexes.
Ever see a robot "turtle"? Built back in the '50s. Later on, they made "virtual" ones you could program and watch on a screen.
Photocell on the left side increases the speed of the left-side wheels, so it turns away from the light. Same on the right side.
It hides from the light, like a cockroach. But this behavior is reversed when its batteries run low. Then it seeks out a bright light until it's recharged.

Very simple. But if you watched one in action you'd swear it experienced "fear" and "pleasure" like an animal. It appears to have tropisms and emotions. More complex behaviors (reactions to sounds as well, for example) were possible. I guess the current equivalent would be those Lego MIndstorm toys.

Why nothing is faster than the speed of light, why is there a black hole that travels 5 million miles per hour. The speed of light travels only 299,792 something miles per hour.


"But eight billion light-years from Earth, in a galaxy called 3C 186, astronomers have discovered a supermassive black hole that got kicked off its throne. Now it’s rocketing through space at a speed of almost 5 million miles an hour."
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black holes don't exist, anon

I think it's possible to escape our 3D universe and reach our 4D parent universe.

Presume that time is a literal spatial dimension. We are always moving forward as we're inside a 4D black hole. When matter collapses into a black hole in our universe, it can no longer move away from the singularity in the 3rd dimension; it is always falling towards the singularity. Therefore the 3rd dimension effectively becomes time.

Imagined from a 3D perspective, one would have to move backwards in time, to the beginning of the 2D universe, to escape the event horizon. This necessitates faster than light travel. It also necessitates energy emanating from the singularity backwards through time; if you're only able to move left-right and up-down, even if you reach the speed of light in the 2nd dimension, the best you could do is loop infinitely around the cone without moving any deeper. Moving backwards through the 3rd dimension would require catching momentum from particles already moving backwards through time and out of the singularity.

The existence of such particles is necessarily predicted by conservation of momentum; for all the energy moving towards the singularity, an equal amount of energy must be moving away from it.

The question is, where are those particles, and how do we intercept them?

If you could travel back in time to the beginning of the universe, what you've actually done is traveled to the event horizon of the black hole containing our 3D universe. It's so hot at the "beginning" of the universe because that's where 4D matter is being crushed against the event horizon.
Mom let the hyaena use her computer again.
who is your dealer

File: how.png (9 KB, 466x391)
9 KB
Does it exist any function for this diagram?
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so what do you say is Y when X is 9?
You've defined it.
Do you know what a function is?
Literally {(1,9), (2,8), (3,7), (5,6), (6,5), (7,4), (9,3)}.
Are you dumb?
f(x) = 9sin(infinity)x

File: 1516291676613.gif (1.64 MB, 268x268)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
How long until I get stop being a dicklet? I want a 9" dick. My 5" one is pathetic...
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File: betas.jpg (258 KB, 1099x732)
258 KB
258 KB JPG

You plebs just glossed over this.
>But thats impossible
That's where you're wrong anon. If you're in your early 20s, there's time. If you're a fat fuck, losing your weight will give you some dick gains. Plus, drink more water. At the end of the day, it might work,it might not, but it'll be better for your health.
>None have said its small.
Women say they want big dicks until they see what a big dick is and run away. If your dick was that big, the average women wouldnt be able to fit it in and would either leave you or cheat on you with a smaller man.

File: GT.jpg (23 KB, 350x200)
23 KB
What does /sci/ think of pic related? Is it a science? Regardless, is it worth learning?
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As much of a science as computer science
At least put sparkle on your bait. Jesus.
Doesn't apply to humans
the whole existence is game theory systems interacting, honestly its the base of all mathematics: adaptation, cooperation and variable maximization, holy shit is /sci/ this brainlet?
This made my day. Thanks anon

File: einstein-300x213.jpg (12 KB, 300x213)
12 KB
I'm a starting out biologist and I'm writing a paper for a journal about an experiment I did over the antibiotic effect of spider venom and I have some data that I need to perform "statistical analysis" on annndddd, being a bio-pleb, I don't know JACK about what statistical analysis is or how to do it...
Any /sci/ boys wanna help me understand what it is and how to do it and get it done? Pls boys
You can tell a lot about a man's intelligence by the way he writes [math]\Sigma[/math]. Einstein's [math]\Sigma[/math] is a prime example of a brainlet's [math]\Sigma[/math].
File: coltoncongo.jpg (332 KB, 1275x706)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
>Tfw no one is interested in qualities anymore
>Tfw old school induction is dead and the world science deals with has been reduced to a set of equations
first describe your experiment. what experimental treatment, what controls did you use, how did you sample your experimental individuals, what data did you collect, what hypothesis are you testing?
everybody in science has to do calc and stats
you have to describe your dataset and experimental setup you dingus or no one can help you other than just say "download a package in R and figure it out"

File: is.jpg (8 KB, 242x341)
8 KB
Essentially what Quantum Mechanics and the uncertainty principle boils down to is that "nothing is really true, but some things are truer than others". This should sound familiar to those who have read Orwell's 1984.

Is quantum mechanics pseudo-science meant to brainwash us into thinking that certain political ideologies such as communism and fascism are principles inherent to reality?
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I had a laff
>What he was alluding to was the uncertainty principle.
Or maybe he was alluding to hardass QCD calculations, not popsci memes lmao
σt * σω > 1/2
σx * σk > 1/2
σx * σp > ℏ/2
And what if I want to draw a conclusion about the world based on the alignment of repeated experiment and mathematical formalism?
No, the thread tunneled into the archive

File: 2dt.png (5 KB, 480x497)
5 KB
Can a function have more than one first derivative?
what space?
what metric?
File: 2dt.png (13 KB, 480x587)
13 KB
closer look
No idea what this is supposed to convey.

Can you try writing it in symbols.

File: raspberry-pi-logo.png (50 KB, 511x642)
50 KB
using openframeworks with a depth camera to create and manipulate animations. playing with shaders, etc.


File: brainlettttt.jpg (37 KB, 800x450)
37 KB
Why the fuck is calc 2 so hard. Never struggled in any class but this shit is so difficult. Thinking of switching majors just to not have it required.
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Shit will be hard, but you'll get through it and next year you'll be struggling with another class and wondering how you couldn't understand the stuff you were doing last year. Which is to say, things probs won't get better but hey, at least you'll be able to nail calc 2 in hindsight.
This is quite interesting. Can you tell me how integration is used in chemistry? I'm full on maths, but interested in how it affects other sciences as well.
Thermo/heat, diff EQ for reaction rates because reaction rates are usually proportional to concentration, and some pdes for quantum

Basically mostly physics
Calc 2 isn't upper division, so it's the first time you see it. Calc 2 is really an intro to Calc 3 and 4. The seeming disparity between topics makes it difficult. Plus, my university used it as a weed out class. They made us all take a quiz. You had 2 chances to take it but you had to get 100% or you automatically failed the class.
It's more physics based like in quantum chemistry, but a lot of analytical methods use integration too like some applications of NMR.

Hey guys

I am an Ukrainian schoolboy and recently moved on to studying algebra.

In parallel with the lessons at school, I try to read the English literature on mathematics in order to understand the meaning of the relevant terms and not to get confused in them in the future.

Please, tell me some literature and problem books for my level (7-8th grades)
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lots of camgirls are from ukraine that's why i love your country
Please don't masturbate to my sister.
>You're going to get banned but I don't have the heart to do it
Mods plz spare op. His intentions are too pure.
You might find this worth reading.


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