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Need to dickslap a retard /sci/. Can you give me a hand?

I want to convince someone to either admit they're being a hypocritical fuck, start using arguments so stupid no one takes them seriously, or admit Anthrogenic Global Warming (AGW) is real.

Walk me through it like I'm a complete idiot.
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...linda Murkowski? Is that her first name? I dunn0 who you're talking about.
Have you actually read the 'in depth' pages? This website is full of shit.
Meant to reply to >>10087716

How do I know when I can multiply variables with coefficients? Like say I have (5^2 * 5^3)^2 why is this 5^10 and not 25^10? In mother case 4^-3 * 2^-3 is 8^-3 why is it not 8^-6? There ar many cases where the rules seem to change. I thought that you just couldnt multiply the variables and the coefficient is what could be multiplied but now I don’t know when it is right to do anything. Does anyone have a link that can explain these rules or just help me get them down? I have looked it up myself but I just keep getting unhelpful definitions and what not. Im studying for my ged and this has always tripped me up.
File: potencia.png (11 KB, 1540x510)
11 KB

Time is lightless.

A very cool fact.

Something that was always there, I saw today.
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>chatbot vs chatbot
CIA nigger

File: 1523430240527.jpg (18 KB, 323x640)
18 KB
Whats the reasonable % of light speed we could attain with current technology + easy/cheap antimatter production. From an engineering standpoint, at what speed is it practical for large* manned craft to traverse interstellar space w/o getting assfucked by radiation or some other factor?

*if its relevant you can mention what exact size you consider optimal
10-15% is generally the max, as any faster will result in you getting buttfucked by relativistic space dust
Radiation can easily be dealt with by just having thicker shielding
there's no real "optimal" size, the size will be however large the person commissioning and crewing it wants it to be
The garden of Eden was real.
Ancient depictions of the tree of life show it with 23 branches, each forking in two at the end.
Humans were engineered by a species that's been here all along.
The greys are probably still here.
We want to fuck them when they look enough like us for some reason.
It's time to stop pretending.
It's time to admit it.
I think we (our solar system) are cruising along at 1/1500th C heading south.

File: 655193.jpg (41 KB, 1000x757)
41 KB
"In recent years, Mars has looked more and more like a place where past life might have flourished. Now, some researchers believe the Red Planet may have the ingredients for life to exist in the present. You just have to go underground."

Do people really think there are ayylmaos on mars?

ayylmao single celled organisms, probably
complex life, no

File: HeliumPocket-1.jpg (253 KB, 1700x2200)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend.

I had this thought earlier today and I wanted to know if this is a phenomenon we might observe in near-light speed space travel. Unfortunately I did not know the math that would be needed to figure it on my own, so I was hoping someone here might know better. The idea is posted in the image. I understand this probably is not especially consequential in the scheme of things but still I wanted to know if it would take place.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes. I apologize for the image being incredibly boring.

Thank you for reading.
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you could find the sweet spot between planets where you have exited one field and you put on the blasters for the foil
lOOk into electrolysis where you'll find the inner workings of electron strip. there are higgs bosons in nucleons
I'll look in2 this tonight because it'll be my last chance
check ur pic in 6.5 hours exactly
i'll post my work
Thanks for the insight. Can you recommend any reading on this topic? As stated in the OP I don't really know the math behind it but I would love to do some reading in the area.

File: 1466641828527.gif (1.19 MB, 200x200)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
If for arguments sake, things like electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces, time, light, heavier elements, water, god, life, consciousness etc are all children, grandchildren and great grand children of gravity, growing upward and outward in some kind of fractal or fibonacci spiral, which is the most likely order they evolved or complexified?
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now there's a word I haven't heard in a long long time
File: 12e321312321.jpg (40 KB, 634x650)
40 KB
>fibonacci spiral

fell for the fibonacci meme

also how high are you right now anon
when it came up, pretty high, on weed and ketamine. Now only a little bit high.
First in the form of a Quantum fluctuation obeyed by the uncertainty principle the everything else followed
Isn't water considered a life form by some people?

File: 20120218.gif (108 KB, 576x748)
108 KB
108 KB GIF
In the Lorentz factor (for time in this case):
[math]{\Delta t'={\frac {\Delta t}{\sqrt {1-{\frac {v^{2}}{c^{2}}}}}}}[/math]
I see that it accounts for instantaneous relative velocity. As far as I know, time dilation is reciprocal for two non-accelerating bodies (let's ignore gravitational fields for practicality), and the "time travel" happens during acceleration.
In the typical meme twin "paradox" (not a paradox) experiment, how would you calculate the total time "travelled"?
Is the acceleration irrelevant? As in, doesn't it matter how fast that relative velocity is achieved (and reversed)?
pic unrelated
The acceleration is actually what resolves the twin paradox, so it is important.
Yeah, that is why I am asking this.
not really, see

File: 800x-1.jpg (49 KB, 800x533)
49 KB
Is he autistic?
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by definition a french is a sperg
No, he's based.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
He enjoys reading manga like Tezuka's "Black Jack" so.......GOBBLE GOBBLE, ONE OF US!
I think so, why else would he love to show off his gold coin collection?
Back to sleep goy... and send more children our way.
Yes, yes goy. Continue liberating yourself from the family unit. Don't worry about orphans and teenage pregnancy goy, they get adopted and go to good homes...

Good goyim... consume. Watch your television. You're missing out goy..

File: music-brain.jpg (25 KB, 400x266)
25 KB
Do you listen to anything while studying? Uni is usually very crowded so I usually go with white noise or classical
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Me too. Been especially bad the last few days, almost deafening in a way I've never heard before. The only difference is I've been eating coconut oil.
When grinding problems I blast Travis Scott...when memorizing I listen to nothing
Silence is best
I listen to bach/vivaldi because they'rest music resonate at a higher frequency that heals our bodies and calm our minds........


File: 300px-3D_Vector.svg.png (11 KB, 300x284)
11 KB
Do you get obsessed with basis vectors?

You should be for obvious reasons.
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Do you get obsessed with natural numbers?

You should be for obvious reasons.

Natural numbers are the most important concept. Discovering them, discovering operations, etc.

Without natural numbers you can't think.
you don't need numbers

numbers are some offshoot branch of lower levels of thinking and patterns/concepts

More fundamental things are needed to branch up to and reach numbers.
>Be born in the early 90s
>In mid to late 20s now
>Grew up when pop punk and gangsta rap were the shit
>but not a boomer

Kys famalam
Transitive sets?
>conflating boomers, millenials and zoomers
You first, familia.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (12 KB, 1920x1080)
12 KB
We have 5 senses right? We can see, hear taste smell and touch. But how would we explain raw feelings, for example, explain colors? I know that receptor cells in our eyes detect light wavelength and then creates electrical signals that travel in the back of our brain. But what after? How that signal becomes color? Think about it. Everything we know about this world comes from our feelings. But feelings are not material. They can't be. This is proof that we live in simulated reality.
>But how would we explain raw feelings, for example, explain colors?

Thats not a feeling, thats a sensation.

>How that signal becomes color? Think about it.

About what? It enters a system that is built to interpret stimuli in a useful way. The shit entering it is still just an impulse signature.

>But feelings are not material. They can't be.

Computation is magic too? Are inventors wizards, harry?
I got brain damage once or twice or a few times from chronic pain, more specifically "atypical" trigeminal neuralgia. While I've not had another MRI to verify, it's a well documented fact that gray matter volume is steadily decreased with any constant high intensity sensory stimulus, which includes noxious stimuli and pain perception. The underlying mechanics behind the processes that give rise to my subjective experience of pain apparently literally causes progressive neurodegeneration.

Look, I like solipsism and all the rest of it, but there is a good deal of evidence that your subjective experience is in fact -generated- by the brain, via its shifting through global states, rather than acting as an antenna / receiver or some sort of proxy to observe this universe.

In short, you can't just say "there's no object I know to look at and see feelings in the same way I look at a rock and can tell it's a rock." Ya ain't gettin' out of it that easy.

File: 1457147123299.jpg (68 KB, 563x491)
68 KB
>three proctored IQ tests
>score precise 100 IQ on all of them
I've unironically lost most of my will to live, can I even be considered a person when I exhibit this level of average mediocrity?
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Also, drink half a gallon of water a day and take a daily multivitamin too
Hard consistent work > IQ

If IQ mattered, lot of people on 4chan would do well. Instead they are on 4chan.
That's true, but you can get further in your work by having a higher IQ
Was John Carlyle Raven the smartest guy who ever walked this planet ?
you get further back by having a high intelligence through the same process. too many considerations leads to a state of unsustainable flux unless mediated. that's why a mutual relationship forms when high intelligence individuals are partially indoctrinated towards their efforts.

File: 1430742599416.jpg (7 KB, 209x250)
7 KB
How exactly do you "establish a relationship" with a professor so he'll write you a recommendation letter? Do you talk about sports with him? Do you give him a blowjob? What do you do?
he wants you do be his research bitch so he can get tenure
This. Basically, help the nigga out.
do research with him. it's the only thing that counts in a rec from a prof in most cases.
I go to office hours and ask questions a lot, then start to shoot the shit. It's a good way of making uni feel like home

why has science failed the balding man
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
congratulations they will create a ridiculously expensive drug that gives you that black, uniform, and strawy, Japanese hair, with tons of cancerous side effects
t. hopeless baldlet.
No, science always recommended eugenics (based on theory of evolution).
Because your conception of "science" is mainstream and hasn't incorporated other elements, like herbalism and ethnopharmcology. In fact, use of polygonum multiflorum and washing the hair with the same, and withania somnifera, green tea, asparagus racemosus, and peppermint will halt hair loss and spur regrowth of some follicles. You've also neglected to research the causes of hair loss, like diet, toxic exposures, and lifestyle, and instead assumed you had "genetic" problems and testosterone just naturally goofed you up. But alas, it was not so. For old Chinese legends tell of men in their late 60's who begin to take on the he shou wu, they regrow their hair, their phallic magnitude and sexual vigor is increased many fold, they have many children, and give many beautiful women the D many times, dying >200 years old.
found the newfag

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