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File: sleepic.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
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I wear a rather thick hoodie for warmth that feels like a cover. Arm position should be in such a way that your not leaning too hard on your elbow or near it. Although honestly I can sleep wherever really with comfort and without moving much, so we might be different.

The only thing I struggle with is one of my legs going numb.
Fuck would it be weird to bring a pillow? I feel like enough people understand the struggle that it wouldn't be too awkward, but I've never seen it done, except when people will do all nighters at the 24/7 library on campus.
Can you sleep in at the library at your school? If so I don't think packing a pillow would be too weird, since people do tend to nap there. I would probably bring a small pillow, but that's it, nothing too big.
Yeah, I was thinking more of a throw-cushion type thing for my arm, or if I manage to nab a small table and the library isn't crowded to rest on folded arms. I don't know if it's allowed, but because the library is always open and its usually students on night shift w/workstudy, nobody gives a shit.

We do have a room reservation system, for which you can reserve a space for up to 3 non consecutive 1.5 hour period in a day, up to 2 weeks in advance. Considering this, all you need is a couple of friends and the ability to strike right at midnight 2 weeks in advance, and you can reserve a room for a whole day for you and your group, for whatever purpose you need.
Around 8 hours per day. Without sleep I cant think, which holds for the vast majority of people.

File: genius.jpg (12 KB, 299x216)
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How do I get into philosophy of logic?
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The greeks is a good place to start for trying to understand where modern logic has its basal roots, but if you want to learn systematic logic you might want to grab a book on that.

Most useful would be looking into what is called sentential logic, and what is called predicate logic. Often times you can find extensions of these systems of modern logic applied to intro compsci texts, so maybe read some of that too. I only did a bit of logic in uni because I had some extra space in my schedule, but it's some pretty prime shit my dude.
File: 1419938706955.jpg (616 KB, 1836x2448)
616 KB
616 KB JPG

Kill yourself.
Logic originated as a result of philosophy,
you dim-witted dullard.
Logic is applied philosophy.

File: 250px-6n-graf.svg.png (7 KB, 250x165)
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Is there a way to construct a graph which approximately satisfies some conditions?

I'm trying to search for principles for casting graph construction problems as numerical optimisation problem. I'm not having luck.
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>Make an image classifier

this wouldn't be a very effective network topology, if you're thinking of using it that way.

each node can accept multiple inputs, but after it does, that output takes a single path to the end of the network. the point of a deep network is that each layer produces a higher-level representation of the data than the previous. if you design it this way, it's really just a single layer network.
I'm still thinking-through my model. I've already tried a few weird things over the past few years and couldn't do any better than a regular fully-connected NN, except on toy datasets with small (<10) input dimension. (Here's one of my weird models learning a modified version of the 8-digit parity function: https://imgur.com/a/dTKkw) Anyway, I'm getting demoralised by this stage so I might not try anything at all. Either way, it won't be a neural net.

So far I'm thinking of a graph as the mapping from training example inputs to their labels. So, for example, in >>9242132, the left column of nodes represent components of the training examples (e.g. pixels) and the right column represents the output classes. Because there's 4 layers of nodes, the diagram represents the function composition f(g(h(x))).

So the problem of training would be the same as the problem of finding the right graph. (I'd also need to devise some interpolation method to do inference.)

this makes very little sense.

just use a standard CNN. it's the perfect architecture for image classification.
Restricting pictures to singular final categories will only result in the graph representing extremely obscure categories like lighting and coloring configurations for the set of inputs. I can see this being useful with serial data like an audio genre calculator, but for something like images it's just be abstract and stylistic. An image classifier should be like a booru, with searchable tags, in which case you need many to many relationships.

Unless stylistic assertation is your actual goal.
construct a metric for a class of graphs based on your condition and apply gradient descent algorithms.

that's my 2 cents at least

File: 1454710804809.jpg (62 KB, 689x568)
62 KB
college professor said math is still a theory? wat? is it?
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I wanna to divide by zero
You’re in good company http://mduchin.math.tufts.edu/UCD/111/readings/romig.pdf
ITT scienceplebs try to talk about math and reveal how embarrassingly dumb they are.

protip: Math is not empirical.
I'm afraid you're not correct about that. A theory can only be proven incorrect, never correct. That's why science is based on falsifying, not proving things correct.

File: pclcIuR.jpg (44 KB, 640x482)
44 KB
A mountain climber has decided to go to China and climb a mountain.

He starts at 7 AM and reaches the summit at noon. The next day he starts his trek back at 7 AM and reaches the bottom at noon.

On his trek upwards and backwards, he will be at the same point on the mountain at a specific time. What is that time?

You are given no information about his speed or route.

Pic unrelated
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You said same point at a specific time, not the same point at the same time.

He's at the top at a specific time, in fact two specific times.
So then there's just not enough information given? There's no other answer we can reasonably assume besides 9:30, all things considered.

Otherwise I guess the answer to the question is just "it is a mystery" and nobody has learned anything.
Christ, you're a brainlet
You don't have to do any analysis to see that there is no solution to this problem. Say on day one the climber took one step forward, waited until 11:59, and rocketed to the top, if the next day he goes at a normal constant pace he will only cross paths with himself at some time around noon. Now imagine instead of waiting at the bottom, he rocketed towards the top at 7:00 and waited until 11:59 to take the final step; if the climber goes a normal constant pace the next day he will cross paths with himself sometime around 7:00.

how do I find out the result of a chemical reaction?
My lab partner rushed through them and I was too beta to take charge, I'm 90% sure we took down the wrong results.
And no it's tot as simple as simple as you think this is next to impossible for someone to do as a first year student.
If any super genius anon wants to give me the answers here's the experiment:
Testing for the following anions: Nitrate, Carbonate, sulfate, phosphate
i)dilute HNO3
ii)dilute AgNO3 - if precipitate forms, effect of acid added if precipitate is formed
iii) BaCl2 - effect of acid added if precipitate is formed
iv) Ammonium molybdate & dilute nitric acid added where precipitate formed in part 3
1. Go to /wsr/
google "qualitaive ion analysis"

/sci/ thinks nature is fucking spam so google it

The dopaminergic reward system underpins gender differences in social preferences

Women are known to have stronger prosocial preferences than men, but it remains an open question as to how these behavioural differences arise from differences in brain functioning. Here, we provide a neurobiological account for the hypothesized gender difference. In a pharmacological study and an independent neuroimaging study, we tested the hypothesis that the neural reward system encodes the value of sharing money with others more strongly in women than in men. In the pharmacological study, we reduced receptor type-specific actions of dopamine, a neurotransmitter related to reward processing, which resulted in more selfish decisions in women and more prosocial decisions in men. Converging findings from an independent neuroimaging study revealed gender-related activity in neural reward circuits during prosocial decisions. Thus, the neural reward system appears to be more sensitive to prosocial rewards in women than in men, providing a neurobiological account for why women often behave more prosocially than men.
This type of understanding is pretty important. A lot of dumb people think equivalent ability to do something is enough of a standard. When the reality is it's not just capability but also how stimulating an activity is to their brain's reward systems.

Behavior is heavily genetic and reward processing is probably why.

How do you get children interested in actually trying in school? I work in a school and from my experience most Alg 1, 2 and Geometry grades average a D. Most of these kids either don't realize or don't care that the education requirements for pretty much every job is increasing and machines are taking over brain dead jobs.
And before you ask I live in a mostly white county.
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if you really want fedoralords on your side you need to stop patronizing them whenever they sperg out, idiot
Make school not suck. Teachers who phone it in and don't give a fuck should be rounded up and shot.
Tell kids that squaring a circle is possible.
>watch how every child thinks for them selfes
>drawing stuff with only a straightedge and a compass is fun

After a week, tell them it is impossible, and teach them geometry
Do you live in andMaryland by any chance?

hey /sci/ i'm starting in a new workplace and saw this old shit...i don't know what it is..... anyone can help?
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its a cat holder.
Homemade inductive phone charger. Put your phone on it.
WTF is with all that broken conduits coming out the ground?!?
Stick your dick in it while its running. See what that does.
According to google its a floor. so try walking on it

File: AtLeastItry.jpg (25 KB, 403x438)
25 KB
Hello Friends,

I am spreading the word about a fantastic Game Theory model I created to solve issues surrounding ICOs (initial coin offerings). This model could work for IPOs (initial public offerings) as well, but stocks are about ten years removed from moving to blockchain technology (it is only a matter of time).

Here are two articles that define the model and show its real world use:



If you are a game theory nerd like myself, please read and critique my model. If you just find it interesting, please spread it to academics and professionals that are into game theory.

It really is an incredible model. I am not lying. My everyday writing style almost hides its strength. It is cleaner than most text book examples of game theory, all while being more complex and perfectly targeting a real world problem.

I am not an academic (yet). I am just a guy who hit hard times (really hard) and is trying to make it.

Thank you friends. We will all make it. I promise you. I will drag several of you along on my journey.

Your Friend,
File: 1507521412009.png (39 KB, 640x400)
39 KB

File: lahey.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
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121 KB JPG
Does drinking shorten your lifespan?
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;) phoneposting is trash
File: 1507748462728.jpg (196 KB, 978x1547)
196 KB
196 KB JPG

it's a desktop >>9243097

oh, you're on the phone


Drinking is absolute garbage. The only reason people do it is because all the other drugs are illegal.

File: rocket.jpg (6 KB, 430x300)
6 KB
What are the pros/cons of a spacecraft made of pure H2O /sci?
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ice+heat= water->steam

If it is cold enough, the steam will turn into snow and 'isolate' the rocket?
>cold fusion

cold fusion is a meme, and even the theorized way to do it was named
"cold" fusion, just because its cold relative to actual fusion, which still puts it at a much higher temp than it takes to melt ice
You're no fun anymore.
Why do you assume OP's spaceship will be made within the atmosphere?


There are massive impurities in that H2O, man.
Building it in space sounds rather interresting, anon.

Any idea if that is feasible?

Who are some pseudoscientists to watch out for?
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>>9241269 >>9242336

Not Just Freud, but also the entire Psychology as Well. More than half of all Psychology Research is Bullshit.

>In recent years, psychology has been struggling replication crisis. An attempt to reproduce many of the 100 well-known studies failed to reproduce results. Among social psychology experiments, only 14/55 (25%) replicated; among cognitive psychology experiments, only 21/41 (50%) replicated
Source: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Psychology
I think part of the problem is that psych experiments present some of the most difficult conditions for doing statistical analysis (because of the immense variability in subjects, experimental stimuli, etc). But at the same time, people who study psychology are some of the most mathematically retarded (not joking).
>Not Just Freud, but also the entire Psychology as Well. More than half of all Psychology Research is Bullshit.
>>In recent years, psychology has been struggling replication crisis. An attempt to reproduce many of the 100 well-known studies failed to reproduce results. Among social psychology experiments, only 14/55 (25%) replicated; among cognitive psychology experiments, only 21/41 (50%) replicated
>Source: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Psychology
a Source for this btw:
Yes, unfortunately he's too big to fail.
Sam Harris

captcha: CAMUS UNION

File: Capture.png (39 KB, 791x573)
39 KB

What's /sci/'s opinion on this guy?

File: marine.jpg (86 KB, 800x407)
86 KB
Hello /sci

I decided I want to improve humankind better through genetic manipulation.

What road lies ahead for me?
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Who gives a fuck what western leaders think about this? It's irrelevant.

We don't even need to talk about the possibility of designing new genes that are superior to those found in nature (not gonna be easy), let's just focus on genetically engineering a fetus to have the best genes for intelligence, athleticism, health etc. currently in the human gene pool.

The Chinese or some other developing nation will do this on a massive scale if it becomes economically feasible. Western leaders can think whatever they want. If the goddamn Red Chinese start churning out millions of super Jackie Chan babies that will be 6'4' and 230 lbs of muscle with IQs a couple of standard deviations above the norm, people will change their tune real fucking quick.
forgot to mention the 9 inch dicks. that's the real kicker. no way the old white men who will control America in the future are gonna let the chinks outdo us in the dick department
genetic engineering is a dead end. cybernetics and biomechanics are the true path to post humanism.
supercuck detected

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