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File: BRR07681.jpg (5 KB, 288x216)
5 KB
Does this actually make yoi smarter or just more confident? Took it twice and felt like I understood everything i was studying immediately but idk if that was just in my head.

Worth taking during finals?
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It will be more detrimental than helpful if you take too much. That line can be surprisingly low for people without ADD.
Prl-8-53 was the only thing that made a difference for me. I tried a variety of the piracetam based stuff but they didn't have any significant impact for me. Except pramiracetam. It didn't help with memory but it seemed to increase richness of sensory experience. I also got music stuck in my head constantly, which is uncharacteristic for me. I think that is due to the ampakine properties of pramiracetam though.

But I digress, prl-8-53 made it really easy for me to memorize things. I remembered phone numbers after hearing them once and memorized a 50 digit number in several minutes. I have ADD though and prl-8-53 works predominantly on dopamine so maybe its effects were exaggerated on me.
adderall ruined my life. overdosed on it somehow even tho i took my prescribed dose and now i have a stomach disease.
And people can't interact with others in social settings without a depressant.
This, avoid things like gaming and masturbating on amphetamine

File: 1503700579125.jpg (101 KB, 1720x1729)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Can someone explain to me why we know that we are destroying the Earth, but nobody seems to be enforcing drastic actions to stop the process right now? Do people who understand this fact have an ethical obligation to start a political revolution immediately?

The human psychology is inherently broken, we are trapped in a cellar with a limited number of cans and plowing through the good tasting ones first

>Man found the planet a climaxed primeval forest
>He will leave the planet a weedy lot
-Carl Sauer
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To make matters worse, the guy who just at the whole cake is stronger than you because he just ate the whole cake...

But I guess that's part of life. Good must prevail over evil even though it lives under moral constraints that put it at a tangible competitive disadvantage.
I've seen some video about some guy talking about countering global warming by engineering pretend volcano eruptions that would cool the planet down. I think that's a much more interesting approach than crying over polar bears and insisting on inefficient energy sources.
>Can someone explain to me why we know that we are destroying the Earth,
Because science and scientists. And we're destroying our habitat, the current state of the biosphere, not the Earth. The Earth will be fine without multicellular life. Again.

>but nobody seems to be enforcing drastic actions to stop the process right now?
Because businessmen, politicians, fanatics, and other assorted criminals and psychopaths.

>Do people who understand this fact have an ethical obligation to start a political revolution immediately?
Yes, but they won't, because they're spineless pussies and easily enraged by anyone who calls them on it.

>The human psychology is inherently broken,
The overall human psychology is essentially psychotic. That's why mankind won't survive. And, no, I'm not being sarcastic or rhetorical.
Climate change negatively affects everyone and yet a single person cant see the effects of his own actions. It's called a 'negative externality' and the way you deal with that is by policymakers punishing behaviours that excacerbate the neg ext. So the real question is, why have policymakers not done their job? Weeell, that could be due to lobbyism, failing to understand the severity of CC etc.
Because scientists are not politicians, politicians are not scientists, and lobbyists work for businesses, not scientists.

File: science man.png (639 KB, 1680x1050)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
Why are people repulsed by each other's smell? I mean, the smell of someone who hasn't bathed in a few days becomes disgusting. The smell of someone's breath that hasn't brushed his teeth is repugnant. The smell of piss and shit is absolutely terrible.

Every other animal on the planet seems to be extremely interested in each other smell and pee and poo. Why are we so different? It doesn't make evolutionary sense.
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I remember one time I was working and it was a real hot day and my job spends some time outside and my coworker was totally into my scent.
cuck detected
are u female or male and was your coworker female or male
Male with female coworker.
She read in Cosmopolitan that workout sweat was hot.

>you are stuck on a deserted island with 100 women
>the women are of varying age and ethnicity
>you must last 1 year until you have a chance to be rescued
what do you do?
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File: 1510056251395.png (125 KB, 386x318)
125 KB
125 KB PNG

I like how this entire premise works on the belief these women aren't going to straight up bum rush and eat you instead. This racial hierarchy bullshit may have worked several centuries ago but women today they will straight up kill you if they think you're trying to one over them as a group. And just because you have a dick doesn't mean enough of them will roll over. Having a 100 women today means at least several of them are straight up lesbian or at least bi and they will attempt to challenge your authority easily.

The only smart thing to do is have 1/3 of them work on fishing for food another 1/3 on cultivating plants and the last 1/3 for hygiene control. The lone male will need to act as the head craftsmen for both shelter and tools. By doing this you establish yourself as arguably the most valuable asset in the group and reduce your chance of getting challenged or killed. Honestly it may not be smart trying to actively sex them up at your own accord as some of them will get vindictive and ruin any order you intended to have with them.

Plus if you fuck them raw you will get them pregnant and basically render them physically useless by 6 to 7 months in. This whole premise is a fucking trap and god help you if several of them have any sexual diseases and either you or one of the lesbian or bi women start spreading it around.
Each other retard. They're women they fucking hate each other more than we hate them.
I can tell behind these big words you are nothing but a soyboy. LOL these women are going play you like a flute, as soon as you arrive on this land you have the most dominate women convince the others you are the enemy and that they must enslave you to survive. Being the beta you are all you can do is scream and cry at them "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Before they procede to beat you sticks and rocks until you submit.

The next few days you will be required to build thier shelter and help them gather food. After, you will be subjected to sleep outside tied to a tree and treated like a dog.

After a few weeks you will begin get more attention from some of the women that may or may not become sexual, but the leaders will threaten the weaklings with isolation and this behaviour will end but a week a two more, it will be replaced with violent beatings as frustration amongst the women continue.

A few months pass and you will begin to hear gossip of common dreams of chad coming to save them and make love to them, this manifests itself as a cult and with thier mental state so fractured, they believe sacrificing you will summon chad. This is where your story ends when they slit your throat.

You see anno even on a ship wrecked island chad still wins.

File: gay pride pizza.jpg (54 KB, 1280x960)
54 KB
What color is the universe?
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I bet some /pol/acks got some CRAZY conspiracies about blue and teal, the universe, and it's prevalence in entertainment right after y2k supposedly didn't happen
What you're asking the color of CMBR not "the universe." The actual fabric of space... We dunno. But there will be better guesses when some old fart publishes a unified field theory
My uneducated assumption is that the fabric of the universe, or the building blocks of it, are too small to have color.

File: proof.jpg (127 KB, 425x282)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm sure many of you spend a lot of time studying and writing. I'm really picky with the utensils I use and want to know your favorite pens for specifically math questions and what not. I don't really like to use pencils for some reason.
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perfect for poopers
File: catknife.png (532 KB, 500x363)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
iPad + iPencil + notability
of course not im not retarded, i just googled the pen's name i cba to take pictures of it.
Seconding, nothing beats a felt-tip.
Lamy Safari filled with Noodler's Black on a good notebook. Extra fine nib if you're a mathlet, otherwise 1.1 italic nib.

Kuru Toga pencil for exams.

For anything that someone else is going to look at, use latex.

If you're a poorfag, use a staeadlter lead holder for everything.

So, okay, classic story here. Everybody pampers you and tells you how smart you are, school is easy as hell so you barely try and still ace, and so you think you're a hotshot. I'm pretty sure everybody on /sci/ was like that. But then you get into Uni and suddenly the workload is too much, you don't know how things work, you have never really sat down to study (and I mean really study) so you let days pass by and you fuck up your semesters.

Is there coming back from this? Currently in my 3rd Semester, and I've got:

>Programming I: 6,5/10
>Programming II: 5,5/10
To my defense I had never touched a Language and we had to learn both Fortran & C++ plus a bit of C, so... I'm not making excuses, since I only did the required program per week and didn't work on it anymore, but...

>Physics I: 7/10
>Physics II: 7/10
I fucked up one exercise in I, which cost 3 points, and dunno about II. Apart from one Proof that cost 0.5/10, all else ranged from absolutely correct to "might have a problem on the numbers". I mean, I checked later with the Prof on the way I tackled them, and they were correct. I guess that Proof, plus another where I forgot to write down the diagram and any math issues cost me those 3 points.

>Physics Lab I: 10/10
>Physics Lab II: 8/10
Okay, this is 100% not my fault. We were put into random teams of 3, and I got stuck with two braindead cunts who left an hour early everytime, moved as slow as tortoises (we are required to use a scientific calculator to go through multiple computations quickly, but they took them one at a time), didn't know the theory of each exercise and even got barely passing marks in each week's papers. Seeing as we're graded on a group effort, I got saddled with their fucking mistakes.
>Mathematical Analysis: 8/10
>Chemistry I: 5/10
Okay, now I know for a fact Chem is bullshit. I aced that shit, as it was merely High School revisions. Bitch isn't even from the Physics division. She works in the Chemistry Division and her class was added a few years ago to give her extra classes. She's known for cooking-up grades.

And apart from the coming stuff, I have the ones I didn't pass:

>Linear Algebra & Analytical Geometry: 2/10
I read the book the night before going, and strangely I scored a 2/10. I didn't know you could skip exams really, that's why I went.

>Differential Equations
>Vector Analysis
Didn't show up on these.

And I've got these coming up on January:

>Physics III/Electromagnetism
>Lab III (no exam here, but I think my team was better this time around)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Okay, I know I'll fuck up this time as well, but I have to ask... If I manage to back up and work, can I still make it? Or will these first few 5s & 7s really drag me down forever? I can't score a perfect 10 on my Degree, but maybe an 8 or something? Is it still doable? I know I'm not hot-shit, but if I stop wandering around can I do it? I'm even cleaning my PC of distractions.

It's just that I never learned how to study you know? I even laughed at the ones that did. The idea of not stopping at 21:00 to watch your show and relax until 00:00 was bonkers to me. Studying during summer? Pffft, get real. But, it seems those folks had a schedule and learned how to operate, while I was fucking myself over.

This is not a humble-brag blogpost, really. I know I'm no Von Newman. Guy was speaking Ancient Greek as a baby, and all I've got from that period was forming coherent sentences at 11 months and never counting with fingers. Which is ironic, since I haven't done mental math in years and I've lost my edge...

Either way, any tip is appreciated. And please don't move this to the shithole that is /adv/. For some weird reason I can't even post a comment there (Connection Error always pops up). Or maybe even some encouraging words, really.
To just give you a general idea of my program so far, I wake up at 09:00, shitpost until 14:00, "relax" until 17:00, shitpost and watch shows until 22:00 and go to bed at 04:00... So, uh, yeah, I'm pretty deep...

I have started cleaning the PC though, I shipped collectibles and others back home and I've started waking up at 07:45 (hoping to get to 07:00) so... Is there any hope? Any schedules to recommend?
Its all habit, just start studying and itll get easier. Or dont, i didnt study through college and justread unrelated (to class) articles and still do to accumulate knowledge. Fuck the curriculum. Your choice, i recommend the first one.
Take a break from uni. Buy a bunch of textbooks about the stuff you want to learn, and go through them in your own time. When you're finished, that's when you go to uni to ace everything.

File: Spiking.jpg (335 KB, 2048x1536)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
i can't read on the bus because of nausea, do you have any recommendations what i could listen to to learn physics? youtube with only audio just doesn't do it for me.
I'm just finishing my bachelors degree so just give me whatever. math too

thanks guys
binaural beats
>binaural beats
that doesn't teach me anything does it?
listen to some sick beaties my man

helps you learn


only brainlets listen to rock bee tee dubs
I dont want to listen to music i want to study.
I watched some feynman lectures but are the visuals really not needed?
Or are there any audio only lectures?
Thanks for your answers

Guess the function, and why it's so fucking weird
looks like some sort of square wave with an exponential and a huge chunk being taken out at 0.5

File: 1512854730766.jpg (132 KB, 550x545)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
is a human's brain still able to function normally albeit slowly when in an area of space where time is slowed down or does the slow speed of time interfere with normal neuron operation?
frame of reference
I assume you're talking about Relativistic effects of motion and gravity.
There is NO WAY to detect that's happening to you unless you look out the window and compare your situation to others.
You feel no different.
You ARE no different.
If there was any way imaginable to know something had happened to you, you'd have a means of determining which state of motion was "absolute rest".
And that's precisely what Einstein said you can't do.
OP, don't listen to those other posters, they're offering you fake science. I have a double PhD in Physics/Neurology, and I promise you that while general relativity does affect the way your brain behaves in space-time, the effects are not stereotypically relativistic. For example: I'm sure you've noticed that some days you can't seem to think straight.That's because space-time is curved - more so some days than others (because the earth travels through continua of varying gravitational density), and yes, that affects your cognitive processes. Likewise, if time slows down, so do your neurons, especially at the synaptic level. Temperature can also be a factor. At 32F (0C) your cognitive processes slow down, and at absolute zero turn to metaphoric ice. So in answer to your question, no, your brain speeds up and slows down depending on your frame of reference. The same is true of IQ, which rises and falls regularly in concert with the strength of lunar tidal forces.
I assume the lunar tidal forces were particularly weak when you wrote this.

Seriously, what pleasure do you get out of BSing someone who seems sincere about trying to understand something?
You're not unique. Quite a few mischief making responders on /sci/
Quite a few trolling questioners here too, of course. (I could be wrong about that. Maybe they DO believe the Earth is flat.)

>>9367580 (OP)
If your really want to know something, /sci/ probably isn't the best place to ask. You may be helped but be aware of all the bullshitters and be skeptical.

File: 1509861306595.jpg (26 KB, 273x302)
26 KB
The fact that, sooner or later you'll be gone and, no matter your achievements, they'll be but a tiny pebble. We won't get to explore the universe, see colonization become more than a meme or see the rise of AI. We're just stuck here, imagining fantastic things but not being able to ever do them.

How do you keep going, despite all that? Is Augemented Immortality close enough so that we'll get to live to see such things?

I mean, I'm studying my Physics at Uni and all, but this has gotten me down the last few weeks. What's the point of it all if you won't live to see Star Trek:TOS? Why study day and night if all your legacy, at best, will be a bunch of equations that maybe, two centuries from now we'll be used by someone to actually traverse the Universe? Should we just shift to bioengineering, figure out life-extending augs and THEN, after having solved the lifespan issue, deal with the more... "fantastic" aspects of science?
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be more close-minded, think about life in the short-range if you know what I mean
not really good advice but it'll solve your problem, plus it's easier to do
>How do you deal with it?

You don't deal with it, "it" deals with you. Alternatively, get a deck of cards THEN deal with it... Etc.
The lifters of old lifted so that you may lift, you may lift so that the lifters of new may lift.
If all lift well, and all that it amounts to is a tiny pebble, perhaps that tiny pebble will become omnipotent and/or an omnipotence paradox and/or an actually omnipotent paradox.
That is (relatively basically) excluding the lowerers/droppers of old/now/new.
In regards to "low hanging fruit" the past supplies the present, the present supplies the future, but sometimes the past supplies the future and not the present. Sometimes the future supplies the past and not the present, and sometimes either and/or both of the past and future supplies the present. It begins to become quite interesting when the "present" supplies both the past and the future.
Good "luck"... Etc.
File: Q9oyUHJ.jpg (115 KB, 2560x1600)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

Epic praise kek roflmao
And how is your situation any different (or worse) than anyone else's in the past few millennia?
Think of all the people who've lived and died before they stood a reasonable chance of having enough to eat, before antibiotics, before airplanes, before anesthetics, before refrigeration, before you had a decent shot at living past 40.

Think of Willy Ley. He was a member of the German Rocket Society, saw Hitler coming to power and got out, fled to America. He spent his entire life promoting rocketry, advocating for space flight.
He died of a heart attack ONE MONTH before Apollo 11 landed on the Moon.

EVERY generation is in your situation. I suppose Capt. Kirk spent his off-duty hours bitching that Replicators and Holodecks hadn't been invented yet and he might not live to see them.

File: 1513228725061.jpg (63 KB, 800x600)
63 KB
You should be able to solve this
49 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I told you what assuptions I made. It still should be enough for you to realise you can cut a board into pieces much faster than the method presented in the picture I responded tol.
How can you cut a board into 1 piece exactly? At which points do I apply pressure so as to break a pencil into a single piece?
10 Minutes for 3 pieces. Saws are usually pretty flexible, so Marie bends it in such a way that she can saw the board into exactly 3 pieces.
Someone draw this
Apply force to a point -1cm along the pencil with your finger to snap into one piece.

File: image.png (1016 KB, 992x414)
1016 KB
1016 KB PNG

Written by a guy who thought the way calculus needed a serious overhaul. After writing and using this textbook, Knisley reported a dramatic improvement in the grades of students taking calculus-related courses after adopting this book. It has computer algebra exercises and it's also free.

Is this a worthwhile textbook to use if you want something better than Stewart but doesn't focus on proofs?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Looks kinda boring.

Could use more colors/better font

I don't know how people expect to teach calculus when they're using a boring ass format.
check out whatever the ocw.mit.edu 18.01sc course uses
what more do you want?
Nice bait Oldfriend

File: LSKJDLK.jpg (103 KB, 2048x1256)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
We're only self-aware to our senses anyway so it's not that bad
I've been there too, been watching ww I and II documentaries and the dread came back, amplified by the realization of jow vastly different our world have become in the last hundered years or so..

Awareness itself is pretty freaky. And why does something exist rather than nothing? Most people are too dumb or busy with animal-like needs and desires to think about these things.
File: 1412365681178.jpg (94 KB, 1119x516)
94 KB

God magic.
File: IMG_20171214_122826.jpg (81 KB, 674x704)
81 KB


Does anyone now what is going on in the particulate solution section of this problem ?
[Part circled in red]
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Those are just equalities and inequalities, there's no "problem" at all.
They are BVP's

The thing about PDEs is that at that level, it's really easy and mechanical to explain but I'm far too lazy to type it. Just try an eigenfunction expansion.
>Does anyone now what is going on in...
Short answer is no, because your handwriting and lighting are horrid
Take into account all of these before you post next time plz

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