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File: 1532266215319.jpg (155 KB, 952x1144)
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Thoughts, /sci/?
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We would freeze to death
So many cringey people here that don't understand black hole physics, even the basics.

1) "small" black holes don't exist because you need incredible density for it to overcome the Chandrasekhar limit which is necessary for it to have enough mass to become "black" and not just a really big star. And since you said the black hole was the same "mass" as the sun, you're already below the limit for a black hole to form with conventional matter.

But lets say that you had some kind of ultradense theoretical material that could push the Chandrasekhar limit. If that condition was met, then gravitationally, there would be no difference between the black hole and the sun. There would be other obvious differences (no solar wind, heliosphere would disappear, and other minor changes).
theoretically yes, but given that most stellar mass black holes are the product of stars several times the mass of the sun going supernova it would take a while for hawking radiation to reduce one to the sun's mass
After a while obviously, but Earth wouldn't fall into it or fling to outer space. Pic is from the intro of the video iirc.
Only between the original radius of the body and the event horizon.

File: 1518670126616.png (52 KB, 792x600)
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Only basedboys send their children to school.

So, we're going to need:
A list of subjects
Order of topics in said subjects
How long they'll take
Resources to learn/teach them
Anything else.

You guys kick us off, I'll be dumping some good stuff soon
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>Only basedboys send their children to school.
Only amerikkkans homeschool
then explain why im mathematically illiterate but toddlers arent wtf
spotted the cs major
>real analysis
One of these is an easier, far less voluminous field of study and it is not medicine.
Two most common professions of parents who homeschool their children?
Doctors and lawyers

File: file.png (350 KB, 638x479)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Why are you guys so against this? Is it because your own country didn't think of it first?
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I like that people got excited about space colonisation, but its either a scam or incredibly naive/mismanaged. My problem with it is even if it was entirely above board, its already used up some of the public goodwill that could have gone to a real project rather than something completely doomed to failure from the beginning.
Where's better for a first colony?
The Moon has fewer and less resources that are accessible, the proximity is almost meaningless for something as large as a colony and the radiation exposure favors Mars long term even with the longer trip. Good for a shipyard though.
Space has no resources, has worse radiation, and is far more expensive without significant infrastructure already in place which sucks for a first colony .
Venus is a nice for the human factors but even worse than space habitats resource wise.
Mercury and the Gas Giant moons are shit holes and worse than the others in every way.
the moon, for one

> fewer and less resources that are accessible
putting aside the fact that the moon has higher concentrations of iron, magnesium, calcium and aluminum in its Regolith in many places than earth does.
for the most part the resources that are mined in the early days of a colony are not going to be sent back to earth in bulk simply because its not worth the effort, and that's even worse for mars given its higher gravity well

>Space has no resources
only if you disregard the asteroid belt

>far more expensive
that depends on the scope of the mission and what the colony is geared up to do

>without significant infrastructure already in place which sucks for a first colony
the lack of infrastructure is gonna suck for any colony, its just the result of it being the initial investment.
orbit around low earth orbit would actually be a good place for a space colony given that it could become an orbital dockyard. You would only need space ships to bring crews up to orbit, and since it doesn't take much fuel to move from earth to the asteroid belt or vice versa you could get your supplies from space too, you would just have to wait a few months

sure mars' higher gravity well may be better suited for people and its distance reduces the total solar flux from the sun; but if shit goes wrong help is months away.
the fuck is your problem boyo
actually putting humans on Mars shit for brains

Is Neuroplasticity a thing or is it mostly feel good misrepresented science pushed by journalists high in compassion?
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File: 570172.jpg (13 KB, 316x475)
13 KB
OP here, I'm about to read this, it's from 2007, worth it? Or are there better books?
Just read it and judge it yourself
It's a real ting, critical to many types of learning, both physical / intuitive and abstract / analytical.

Did you not see your own image OP? Use your brain more often so you can increase neuroplasticity so you can learn faster so you can eventually become smart enough to realize that neuroplasticity training is bullshit.
lol heroin addicts die before 30 unless they get sober

File: 1521493806086.png (136 KB, 363x296)
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136 KB PNG
We experience time relative to the rest of the time we have been alive. A year for a 10 year old is 10% of their life, for a 100 year old, 1% of their life so far.

More formally, if we're considering years as our units, a single year makes up 1/Y of our total life, where Y is our age in years.

However, instead of considering an arbitrary unit like years or minutes, we'll consider an infinitesimally small unit of time, dt. Lets also assume we begin measuring from when we're 1, coz who even remembers being younger than 1?
Then, the total relative time (RT) that we live for is
[math]\int_1^T \frac{1}{t}dt = ln(T) - ln(1) = ln(T)[/math]

If the average life expectancy is 80, the RT value will be 4.382.
Then to be truly middle aged, you would have a RT value of 4.382/2=2.191.
This RT value corresponds to the age e^{2.191} which occurs at age 8.94 or roughly 9 years old. Woah
I don't really remember me being 1 too. Anything below 14 is extremely foggy. You should reflect that in the formula
thats cwazy bro
Okay maybe we need to have some kind of factor that decays since when your say 50 you can probably remember 15 years clearly, 15 somewhat clearly, 5 only slightly clear, and the rest foggy. But 20 year old, its 5 clear, 5 quite foggy and 10 foggy.

File: carl.png (28 KB, 1011x319)
28 KB
What are you studying and why?
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I do kind of have this nihilistic view that I’m not going to accomplish anything and none of my studies matter, or at best I’ll end up stumbling upon some revolutionary technology and end up getting assinated by some bureaucrat/aristocrat.
But otherwise no, not really.

I’m 28, and still pursuing those idealistic dreams. The most likely reason is probably just because I haven’t hit any roadblocks yet, I have yet to encounter something that proves my direction wrong. Sure, I’ve encountered resistance from people saying I won’t amount to anything or maybe I shouldn’t do what I’m doing, but I still have yet to see anything or talk to anyone that even nearly debunks my goal. So I’m still going.
Someone screenshot this retard.
Computers always fascinated me, like how does voltage jumping up amd down in a chip abstract up into me typing this post while shitting.
By now I have a pretty good understanding of each tier, but the magic of it didn't disapear
Meh, you all can reach for the stars. I'm content to waste my insignificant blip on the grand scale that is everything.
I'm about to start my PhD in Archaeology/Classical History.

Yes yes I know (inb4 Social Sciences fag) but Astronomy/Physics is another passion of mine - so much so that I'm considering doing work on Archaeoastronomy, and how our predecessors used stars to align their monuments (also forming the basis of many primitive religions).

File: A group of smart people.jpg (1.74 MB, 2989x1962)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
Do intelligent people play video games or are they too busy solving math problems, reading books, doing science projects, and inventing things?
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>Do intelligent people play video games

>You're really getting the ol' noggin' joggin' by forcing me to contemplate how productivity and hobbies can conflict.
Hobbies are a waste of time professionally speaking, but sometimes everyone wants to waste a little time not doing their work for a while. It's more about the convergence of your increasing knowledge and ability into a project that is significant, and that you are well equipped to complete in the given time frame. I just spent the last year deriving equations like a madman to get my work done. Very little free time, but it depends on how badly you want it when the right opportunity shows up, if it shows up.
Now tekken, SF I can believe, but league? What is your and the others' field of study? The only people I know who play league are Bachelor degrees and less. The higher educated I know haven't played any modern games.
File: boxart.jpg (71 KB, 518x600)
71 KB
There are other leagues.
I consider myself intelligent and I play some vidya. Lately I haven't had the time, but I'd enjoy it if I played a bit.

File: FPWd.png (41 KB, 237x197)
41 KB
am I intelligent now??

What's the evolutionary advantage of having blue eyes, light skin and blond hair?
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1) IQ is a meme
2) you need to go back >>>/pol/
Doesn't answer the question, that's just a property of white people but it says nothing about the advantage of light skin.
>blue eyes, light skin and blond hair

Cosmetic and/or byproduct/outward signal. Not the reason or meaning behind the signal.
This for skin.
Blue eyes and blond hair can be occasionally used to attain some degree of paternal certainty.
This is one of the most regurgitated incorrect facts in human biology. Lighter skin has been under selection even in places with plenty of sunlight. The most likely explanation is a pleiotropic effect for some other effect (perhaps behavioural/cognitive).

File: image-3.jpg (31 KB, 680x677)
31 KB
>have above average cranial capacity
>130 iq
>read infinite jest and kant at 14
>math brainlet, struggled with math all through life and cant imagine 3D shapes in head
explain this shit
You rolled the shitty type of int. Tough luck!
tfw same, aphantasia so now visual imagination, everything is through memory like a fucking computer. im trying to spawn an imagination with drugs
File: mucus.png (451 KB, 597x595)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
i thought about doing that with DMT, but opted out to just buying the elements and reading it, i can now do geometry better, but i would sacrifice my linguistic and reading skills for mathematical skills any day
white power
i got really close with acid but it was also a shitty trip. might try again but i don't think its worth it

File: CkisxhLWsAYLwoL.jpg (67 KB, 707x650)
67 KB
The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (I'm not referring to narrow AI) is incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast-it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five year timeframe. 10 years at most. This is not a case of crying wolf about something I don't understand.

I am not alone in thinking we should be worried. The leading AI companies have taken great steps to ensure safety. The recognize the danger, but believe that they can shape and control the digital superintelligences and prevent bad ones from escaping into the Internet. That remains to be seen.
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Anon, you don't understand. I physically do not feel a desire to find companionship. By that, I mean I've had so many shit experiences with people that I am physically repulsed by the feeling of another human in my proximity.

The feeling is indescribable. It is a dislike so intense it goes down to the core of my personality. For me to get over that, I'd have to stop being myself, and I'd rather be miserable and myself than live as a blissful deluded shadow of my former self.

I can't complain though, such is life, not everyone's born to be happy and not everyone will be happy. Just got dealt a shit hand by life, nothing I can do about it.
>The feeling is indescribable. It is a dislike so intense it goes down to the core of my personality. For me to get over that, I'd have to stop being myself, and I'd rather be miserable and myself than live as a blissful deluded shadow of my former self.

this is the problem deep down, you choose to be miserable.

there are always choices to make you happy, but you must let go of useless things like your ego
I'm fine being unhappy though. At least that way I feel a sense of justice for any wrongdoings that were done to me and it is justice that my conscience dishes out upon me for the things I've done.

Of course I choose to be miserable because being happy doesn't work out for me. I'd stop being me. Don't want pity or support though, just want to be let to hate everything in peace.

How do I prepare?

Brainlet here.
As far as I know, reptiles evolved from amphibians, and amphibians evolved from fish.
Both fish and reptiles have scales, but amphibians don't. How so?
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File: 1_229.jpg (52 KB, 1000x648)
52 KB
>fish...have scales

Catfish would like a word with you...
>In other words, reptilian scales aren't descended from fish scales. They an example of converged evolution

Or a trait that was suppressed by a gene in amphibians but expressed in fish and reptiles.
No. The scales themselves are completely different, so they can't just be a re-emergence of the same feature.
OK. I'll take your word for that -- but it is still worth remembering that when a trait disappears, the genes that make it happen are often still there, just suppressed.
File: lungfish.jpg (409 KB, 704x374)
409 KB
409 KB JPG

Austrialian lungfish, modern fish most closely related to tetrapods, has prominent scales.

File: dark web.jpg (114 KB, 960x960)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on Intellectual Dark Web?

File: delete.png (87 KB, 492x433)
87 KB
Hey /sci/ I've been struggling with this problem for a few weeks. I've been wanting to come up with a way to find out the maximum angle a cup can tilt without losing it's liquid. To my knowledge, the only inputs required are: Dimensions of the cup, and the volume of the water, and output is simply some angle.

I believe you can solve this completely 2-dimensionally. I have no way of proving that but it's kind of just intuition tell me that so I hope it's right.

My initial thought was to vertically integrate a tilted cup (giving us a function with Y's and thetas in it) to tell us how much liquid is in the cup, set it equal to the volume we poured in, then set Y equal to the height of the cup times cos(theta) leaving us with an equation of only constants, and theta, then solving away. I'm running into countless problems and I'm starting to think it's just a bad approach.

How would /sci/ go about this? Can/should integration even be used or is there a much more trivial solution? I'm curious to hear your ideas.

I was going to upload my work, but it's so scattered on paper, and a video of me running through it would probably be just as awful, but I can try if you guys are interested.

pic not my work, just found it on google because it's related. I have no clue if that solution is accurate or even how they got to that point.
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Since the water is going to be at a constant height it would mean that the angle in which it would mean it spills is where Y is lower than water level height. H = water level height. (im fucking retarded so idk if this is right but) theta=tan^-1(H/x) so when it is at max y=H so therefore theta=arctan(y/x) so you right
Doing it in 3D is fun and all, but it's not the same problem. Assuming it's a cylinder we're talking about, eventually you have to solve the third degree equation [math]2r \cdot tg^3(\vartheta)+6r \cdot tg(\vartheta)-3(H-h)=0[/math]
It has at least one real solution (odd degree polynomial), and it has precisely one because it is monotone increasing (derivative always nonnegative, lead coefficient positive)

The solution is the arctan of this: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2rx%5E3%2B6rx-3(H-h)%3D0+solve+for+x
Ignore me, I'm a brainlet.
I integrated the empty part of the glass as if I were using cartesian coordintes, but I was using cylindrical ones
Yes, but that formula would give you the angle if It was arcsen, not arccos.
Yes, you're right, sorry

Why is Carbon the CHADest of atoms?
Carbon is love carbon is life. literally the main building block of organic chemistry
because it get really long and make long stuff (sorta like you know hehehehe)
>Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:
>for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
(6p+ , 6n , 6e- ) = 666
it a devil number. carbon causes life. the devil created life?? wooah

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