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File: vdas.png (1.4 MB, 1549x1299)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Can we jump on the Blue Origin train again?

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>BE-4 has to fulfill real responsibilities to the Air Force to launch national security payloads whereas Raptor is a meme engine for a meme project.

meme engine with much longer test firing time than BE-4

nice meme you got there
>If they could prove they were competent by doing revenue generating launches, they would have much more funding
wow you're so smart with all that hindsight :)
Why don't you tell us the exact date when BFR flies, or better yet, when FH flies.

>Raptor is further along than the BE-4
Raptor has never been tested. Only a prototype. They don't even have a fucking final design yet let alone some tests run.
>Raptor will have a working vehicle using it before the BE-4
fucking lmao

see above
>Why don't you tell us the exact date when BFR flies
first launch of BFS in test flights in 2020
>or better yet, when FH flies.
Next year

>They don't even have a fucking final design
This is SpaceX not being idiots, why focus on some arbitrary vehicle design picked years out? Yet another example of Blue Origin being shit
First new Shepard airframe has crashed on landing
Hard to find but a lot of propulsion team went to Blue both by being actively pursued by Blue and being burned out by constant grind.

BE4 is more than twice the physical size but it is a very low pressure conservative design for a staged combustion engine 2400 kN vs 1700 on new Raptor but Raptor being operated at 20 MPa goes to 1400 while blue does 1200kN at the moment and Raptor is surprisingly mature at the moment.

Blue has basically unlimited funding and they work with no worries about this.I know how finance work and that Bezos can't just pull out 50B at a moment notice but he is 4x richer than Musk at the moment and Amazon has incredible cash flow while Tesla survives on capital raises for the past few years.
They could rush and build a much bigger booster over the next 10 years spending 20B to do so if they plan to spend around 2B for New Glenn.
>FFSC is a much lower-stress cycle than ORSC, moron, that's what makes it easier.
This is why Raptor is pushed to 25-30 MPa while BE4 stays at 13.4MPa for easier reuse.
While BFR is designed on the edge of possible performance New Glenn is a very conservative rocket outside of it's immense size nearly 3x the size of Falcon

File: otispostcocrev2.jpg (1.11 MB, 2557x3833)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
What will you do when one of the mirrors unfolds just 1mm too short and the entire telescope is fucked?
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see >>9245801
I'm aware, I addressed that:
>Building telescopes to fly on powerpoint rockets is a terrible idea, if it cannot fly on another existing launcher it wont be built.
I'm glad you are not in charge of anything important.
>Be guy who has to fold it up for the last time
>Draw dick on mirror
And no one would ever know, it wouldn't show up in the images, optics doesn't work like that.

Great counterargument.

File: DCwPd3.gif (245 KB, 320x240)
245 KB
245 KB GIF
Ok, I'm having a retarded argument with some nerds in a general about "stealth" in space, so let's discuss...

Would it be possible to conceal a spacecraft in space? What would be require to do so? Forget whether or not it's feasibly possible in the modern day, I want to hear arguments for what could be and the issues involved, if any. Granted no one really knows what the future holds, but the theory is interesting.
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Decoys will be a BIG thing, its essentially impossible to tell a decoy from a real thing from 1000+ miles away
Perhaps firing the engine in all directions to throw a "cloud" around the vehicle, obscuring it
Doing a burn in erratic pulses
Low thrust ion drives that are invisible
dnno predictions about how things will be in 100 years will always be totally wrong.

Perhaps they will do powerful active sensor sweeps before engaging their drive to clear nearby space of enemy sensors

>any kind of advanced detection would probably take the form of a network distributed throughout the solar system to better triangulate things
Which will be countered by networks of autonomous detection/killer satelites

Yeah you're right anon, but do you know why there are no all-black spaceships? Because that would be a thermal nightmare. We paint spaceships white because it reflects more energy, and even then they typically perform thermal roll maneuvers to make sure no part overheats.
File: arkyd-100__1.jpg (28 KB, 352x300)
28 KB

>>low thrust ion drives are invisible
>>radiators directional

>>Which will be countered by networks of autonomous detection/killer satelites
so I launch thousands of pic related all over the solar system. Oh and many civilians of the space country Xeon all have scanning telescopes for watching out for navigational hazards/finding spess scrap. Good luck killing thousands of tiny satellites and civilians

>>instantly detect any deviations from the normal bg radiation.
well your ship is going to be quite a bit warmer than the 3 K background radiation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>muh blogs though
Since there's no air in space, we could build a space ship that's a weird geometric shape that wouldn't reflect radar straight back like, kinda like how the F-117 nighhawk bombers work.

File: 1504132824914.png (13 KB, 563x600)
13 KB
>tfe 70 on calc 1 midterm
Am I a brainlet guys? It was a really hard exam and there wasn't enough time
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If you dont find it natural then yes, math will never be your thing.
Literally how? Calc 1 is all plug and chug. You have like 4 rules to remember.
No, there's proofs and delta-epsilon limits and theorems, even in engineering math
Once again it's really not that hard I take engineering too and the math was one of the easier things I enjoyed.

File: 1508525978809.webm (2.57 MB, 400x224)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB WEBM
Can engineers be entrusted with advanced technology.
dont engineers build the machines?
Why are there so many stupid people?
they design the machines, I believe the poor pajeet for 2 dollars an hour probably builds it.
Worse than marines.
Back in the 1940s I bet they were like, "By 2017 we will have flying cars and a unifying theory of everything"

Fast forward to now and you can be a virtual waifu

File: 10_ElonMusk.jpg (44 KB, 241x348)
44 KB
Is Elon Musk right in saying most academic papers are useless?
probably, but making any real advancement in a field generally isn't spontaneous.
Of course having papers is useless if you can't actually do anything. Universities still remain the best place to get training in the fields that they teach however, barring some minor outliers usually in the ICT field(s)

File: 354.png (64 KB, 657x527)
64 KB
Why don't we get people off crack, heroin, cocaine, synthetics, pharma pills, etc., and put them on legal smokable, edible marijuana?

File: 1506662910040.jpg (755 KB, 1140x644)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
Instead of a turing test to test for strong AI couldn't we just do a dank meme appreciation test? I have to assume a strong AI will be able to appreciate dank memes
It'll be a reverse iq test though
You would need a stonk AI for that
File: searle-laughing.jpg (28 KB, 600x353)
28 KB
do you even chinese room bro


What are some chemistry critiques he could offer? Choosing cheap solvents over expensive ones, sourcing of ingredients, that kind of thing.
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>Choosing cheap solvents over expensive ones
don't they use gasoline for solvents?
File: 1196216883855.gif (46 KB, 74x105)
46 KB
>A complicated process
>meanwhile Jose is breaking up leaves with a fucking weed-whacker

I literally laughed
God he's a faggot

File: 1508194965250.jpg (164 KB, 798x1024)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
The only board that I respect, can you folks explain transgenderism for me please? Is it a legit condition to be biologically born as the wrong gender or do they have a mental illness?
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File: transgender.jpg (38 KB, 620x496)
38 KB
They know they're not the real thing. It alleviates the dysphoria in a lot of trannies. They look how they think they should look. They're happy with their body image. A lot of other trannies want more though. I mean, most, if not all trannies do, but being close isn't enough to satisfy their identity crisis, sometimes exacerbating the problem.

It's like getting to the World Cup with high expectations and being shut out 10-0. Some would absolutely anguish ovet such a humiliating defeat, others are content with being on that field in the first place, the outcome of the match irrelevant in their eyes.
JJ Watt has to be the chad of all chads
The word "treatment" is already a loaded term. You're implying you're treating a problem. You shouldn't argue whether "transgenderism" is a mental illness or not, but you could argue whether it's an issue for someone or not.
Therapy tries to modify a person on aspects that have been subjectively deemed illnesses.

Now why would you say that? I'm honestly not sure. Therapy works on issues we've deemed psychological, but we've deemed them psychological because there's no obvious physical treatment. (when for all you know the cause could be a brain tumor) This is all pretty circular.
lincoln famously suffered from melancholia and based on accounts of the time it may have been diagnosed as depression now

File: IMG_0433.jpg (53 KB, 480x480)
53 KB
The Many Worlds Interpretation of QM is now commonly accepted among physicists. As far as I understand it, that means that every possible universe exists and their distribution is fixed.

If I decide to take in and take care of a stray cat, there will be another universe in which I don’t. If I decide not to take in the cat, there will be another universe in which I do. No matter what I do, there will always be a stray miserable cat and a happy cat with a roof over its head. What I do doesn’t change the amount of “suffering” that exists, because its distribution is fixed. The only thing that can be determined by my actions is what I perceive in this universe.

Doesn’t this destroy any sensible notion of altruism beyond selfish incentives?
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>Trying to justify starting another Beta Uprising
"commonly accepted" means nothing.
>that means that every possible universe exists

No it doesn't.
If you don't take your cat, there will be two miserable cats. Also it's not a given that miserable cat exists: only possible states exist, impossible states don't exist. In any case there will also be niggers starving in Africa and killing each other for suspected vampirism. How do you cope with that?
Occam's razor rules in favor of many-worlds interpretation, because collapse follows from Schrodinger equation, and postulated collapse is not needed and contradictory. Well, it's not really Occam's razor, because contradiction must be removed unconditionally.

File: agZ.jpg (58 KB, 490x280)
58 KB
AlphaGo learning to play from scratch


>3 days: beats AG Lee by 100 games to 0.
>40 days becomes most powerful Go program

We are done.
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a playout is just a random game started from a certain state, right? MCTS estimates the value of each state by playing many random games keeping track of how often a random game results in a win from any given state.

so yeah, a playout isn't really a tree search in and of itself, but aren't playouts the defining feature of MCTS.
The MCTS does not rollout to the end of the game. It's only a limited depth, I think.

that's not really MCTS then...
I guess, that's what they were doing in the previous versions of alphago though.
Limited depth search then use one of the NNs to evaluate the board.
They've combined the two NNs into one in this version, so I'm not sure how it works.

MCTS makes up for the lack of an accurate value function, as i understand. if they have a good way to measure the value of any given state, then it would make sense that random playouts are unnecessary.

File: 1494483601216.jpg (1.82 MB, 1800x1200)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
What are some /sci/ ways to generate renewal of ecosystems? Is it all just down to planting trees and proper soil management?

So I was wondering while studying for medicine exams, is it possible to combine 2 molecules or antibiotics (Lets say Penicillin and Cephalosporin) and get a superantibiotic? Of curse we would have to protect the pars of molecules which are meant to connect to PBP so they would work.

Thoughts? And if you have an answer, please leave a citation or a link to proof, if you have any.
32 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: DSC_0651RICKandMORTY.jpg (3.12 MB, 3920x2204)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
what research is going on for ewer methods of attacking bacteria? The penicillin variants just interfere with the reproduction process/cell wall formation. Are there any other ways bacteria can be inhibited that are new?
But they didn't combine two different antibiotics together to create a superantibiotic. They just added different functional groups to alter the properties of the molecule. How dense are you?
Almost all the new antibiotics are just modifications/new gens of original antibiotics. There haven't been any actually new ones in years.


It's expensive, they can't be toxic and standards are getting higher all the time for the amount of human risk that can result and pharm companies would rather invest money in drugs that will need to be taken multiple times for the rest of a patients life than a solution like antibiotics that will stop being used within a very short time.

Worst comes to worst we're probably just going to use antibody therapy. It's just slow as fuck to produce.
>tfw most antibiotics have a MIC/clinical usage conc. that's also the exact sweet spot for developing resistance

>tfw people with cystic fibrosis and MRSA are given ABs at conc. promoting biofilm formation, effectively killing them in the long run

>medicine, the holy grail of science
I don't know how to explain why it won't work other than saying that your intuition of biological chemistry and metabolism is somewhere between flawed and flat-out wrong. Even if you attached the two units by a long, thin string, so that almost no blockage occurs around one specific part of the molecule (presumably derived from a functional antibiotic), this COMPLETELY changes everything about the drug's solubility in and permeability through membranes and extracellular / intracellular spaces. Having a drug "fit" in the right spot is probably around 10% of the battle in drug discovery. Maybe 50% in only the most extreme cases. There are many different variables that have to be simultaneously tuned to produce efficacious, and more importantly SAFE, drugs. Cyanide is a fantastic antibiotic, but it'll kill the host when prescribed in "therapeutic" doses. Likewise there have been probably thousands of compounds shown to have amazingly powerful potential as drugs for all kinds of problems in trials with bare cells in a lab, but they never make it to being effective "drugs" because they are metabolized before they can do anything or never get where they need to go in the first place.

File: 1506787991155.jpg (87 KB, 539x807)
87 KB
Will I be able to upload myself into the matrix and live in a 200 story tall mega structure and other shit and just use my mind to just create the things that I want.

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