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File: krabs.jpg (56 KB, 600x600)
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>topology professor goes over long arduous process explaining a concept to class
>repeat something he said but in question form
>pic related happens
Why are mathematics students so intolerant?
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>Why are mathematics students so intolerant?
Lack of sex.
>Why are mathematics students so intolerant?
Too much sex. Blinds the mind.
*closed in X^2 with the product topology
we expect you to be able to think for yourself. only asks questions that lead the class to new insight please.
>Why are mathematics students so intolerant?
Mathematics is intolerant of ignorance, you retard.

File: 1508113875097.jpg (127 KB, 1310x779)
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127 KB JPG
Have you ever argued with a professor, /sci/?
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ITT: preschoolers
no i haven't
File: 1341894967195.jpg (37 KB, 286x269)
37 KB
No I just quietly lose respect for them when they are wrong about things.
To be fair it is usually something that is not even their field of study so I don't know why they are even talking about it.

>tfw your biology teacher starts talking about how glass is actually a fluid (this is a myth)
>Define argue.
Define "define".
That's why I got fired.

File: gemini 6a.jpg (59 KB, 660x599)
59 KB
Name a better spaceship.

You can't, can you?
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Enjoy reenacting the flight of the N-1.
I don't see this happening, at least not as many times.
With the Heavy they're going to be having almost as many engines all working and talking to each other. They should be able to pretty much get it right for BFR.
If they can make 400+ engines that all work fine, they can manage 22 or however many they are going for now

That is why you are a cuck.
Huh, it seemed bigger on TV.

Is reincarnation/rebirth possible in any way?
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Yes, just determine which is subjective to which between consciousness and physical reality

This is what I've been thinking

Suppose the universe is infinite and has infinite realities as a result, this essentially means reincarnation
But what if there are two brains with exactly identical physical makeups in existence at the same time? What determines which one is you?
File: kek7.jpg (41 KB, 455x682)
41 KB
best answer
Physically yes.

Spiritually possibly.

Mentally no.

File: dsafdsaf.png (553 KB, 679x374)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
>tfw you fell HARD for the wildlife science meme
>could only find seasonal work after undergrad
>currently going to grad school for ecology
>dumpster dive on campus and catch squirrels for food
>gf broke up with me for a Forestry major
>razors are to precious to shave with, I need them to make squirrel traps
>can't land a part time job because of wildman beard and horrible B.O.
>constantly mistaken for an engineer
>banned from the school library because I tried to start an aquaponics rig by the English poetry
>made a shelter behind my gf's new backyard
>have to steal their wifi to post on 4chan
It's getting cold, lads.
I want to do field wildlife studies, what am I in for? Why is it so hard to find a permanent job in it?


What does it mean?
"op sucks cocks"

File: image.jpg (3.29 MB, 3264x2448)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
Anyone know how i got this wrong? My math teacher doesn’t correct quizzes. Its calc 1 btw
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Exactly, i ended up with the same answer, except I approached it a little differently.
Do a simple dimensional analysis. Using your method you will see that your final answer would be dimensionless, which can't be correct. You need ft/s. not s^-1

you are dividing ft^3 by ft*ft*ft.
>Its calc 1 btw
We know.
Seriously, put units on your calculations, it will save your life.
I do not understand how
V = L*(1/2)wh
can immediately be
dV/dt = L*(1/2)*2w dh/dt

It could be
dV/dt = L*(1/2)*(h dw/dt + w dh/dt)
then w = 2/3 h, so dw/dt = 2/3 dh/dt
so h dw/dt = 2/3 h dh/dt = w dh/dt
so h dw/dt + w dh/dt = 2w dh/dt

My biology professor told us this today. It's an older woman with white hair and a scarf. Do any of you know what this is about?
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There are too many women in that class for it to be a serious science department/teacher
bro arts students are in a different dimension, we can try and interact with them but nothing we say makes any sense to them
yeah, she's probably going to talk about kuhn and paradigm shifts.
File: 1487702056021.jpg (544 KB, 880x1042)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
She probably meant that scientific facts are just things that the scientific community has agreed upon and are subject to falsification, rather than absolute truth.

It's just a provocative way of stating something that should be obvious to everyone.

Social construct != thing that don't real.

It's not uncommon to have discussions about "what is science?" in intro science courses.
This. Ask "Is this statement a scientific fact?"

File: download.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
Rent a month is $500

For 30 days: $500 ÷ 30 = $16.67 a day

Well, I put in $300 to sleep in car, though it's getting cold so I'm gonna get back in..

so which math do I work with?
Like, the values are all mixed up.

Need help with this brain teaser

It doesn't make sense to charge $16.67 for rest of month, as that value is attached to previous 15 days.

It's paying for a room, but only cutting it in half. I should pay $250....But I paid for $300 already

How should I make the payment Bros

500-300= 200 ?

The values are totally different, so I don't know what is fair and what isn't

File: pics_worldofchemistry.jpg (47 KB, 353x290)
47 KB
Anybody remember this old show. I decided to re-watch it as a supplement to me studying chemistry.


What is ‘scientific’ about Marxism. Popper stated his shit can’t be falsified and hence is comparable to astrology (along with psychoanalysis) but even though I am a Pinochet loving lolbertarian, I feel there’s more to him than just a few debunks. Can someone give me a rundown on the /sci/ence behind Marxism.
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>supply and demand
dat bait
if you happen to be serious would you please off yourself before you start claiming consumerism is the end all of a productive economy (while public funding produced nearly all meaningful gain to QoL, LE and technology)
this thread is utter garbage

The holodomor happened, the gulags did not kill many people. but many people were turned out to die in Siberia, the Marshall plan helped foster puppet states until massive economic gain was on the table (Suez), USSR tanked after the tankies left and it was due to capitalist exploitation. China under Mao was a shithole, but that's because Mao was literally a 75 IQ brainlet who got mad when he didn't understand the artists currying his favor, so he killed them out of rage and frustration.

How would a sane socialist tell peasants to smelt steel in their bamboo hovel? We aren't really arguing particular ideologies so much as we are going through a list of each others' bugaboos.

Clearly the greatest gains to purchasing power are through a consumer economy, which is naturally the quickest route in capitalism to cost reduction. It is also the most naturally exploitive economy because competition doesn't care about anything other than the price-point (consumers don't give a fuck about the origin of the product, look how hard the EU brought the hammer down on specialty goods).

We have waged economic warfare on the east since before HK was leased, and when they hold their currency we cry like little babies.

We abuse the UN to prevent anything we find remotely undesirable from happening even if its just trite penis measuring with the USSR/Russia. We don't make NATO a world organization so that we can continue to be anti-cooperative; similarly the World Bank ponzi scams shackled Africa into debt because we wanted to force stability on the region through payment plans.

>Socialism doesn't work
>Capitalism doesn't work
Only state authorized trade and illegal trade exists, and both happen in every country of the world

I never said public funding for science doesn't help society advance, brainlet. I never said the government should have 0% involvement in the economy, either.
>read marx
Can he teach me to build a time machine so I can go to the future and see that capitalism has been universally and permanantly replaced by socialism?
Why is this bullshit on sci.

Please take your marxist pesduo science to /leftypol/

File: 1212312312.jpg (50 KB, 490x443)
50 KB
What's the most piss easy STEM career I can shoot for that still pays decently?
CIS. Basically, be an IT guy.
Otherwise code monkeying, might be difficult though if you don't put in any effort.
File: Flagg.jpg (9 KB, 220x191)
9 KB
mechanical/electrical/civil engineering

kids complain about there not being jobs in these fields and its entirely untrue. the problem is they all think they are going to get jobs at koenigsegg or spacex. no. focus on HVAC, power, water, or soils and you are employed for life. sewage treatment and fire suppression systems are boring as fuck, but they are easy and pay well.

File: 1498130457180.png (696 KB, 633x758)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
Is there a difference between intelligence and knowledge?

I consider myself fairly smart but a lot of the time I can't understand what you fucking aspies are on about.
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this is actually a great analogy desu
File: 1508189709653.jpg (64 KB, 666x666)
64 KB
>all these people that think knowledge = information
So what is it then?
They're just components of the same thing.
Comprehension, especially of networks of associations.

File: 62626245435432.png (1.67 MB, 1398x4314)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Left or right?
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Whao... Such power
because u touch yourself at nite
I know
File: pen.jpg (3 KB, 304x166)
3 KB
None of them. I use picrelated.
Are these OP's moms vibrators?

File: CHAD.jpg (523 KB, 1474x1016)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
If someone did everything perfectly and followed the right procedure could they publish their own study with no formal scientific background? Also would it be regarded highly or at all?
if u throw enough money at some shady Indian journal yes u can publish anything
You can be co-author. Work along side with another scientist with the right credential then publish it.

However technically you will be just an assistant. The credit will go to your colleague.
You can also lie & falsify credentials.
This is a Crime. But as any Crime, certainly there are people around world doing it.
What is indie
ask albert eins(((tein)))

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