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File: 300k starting.jpg (44 KB, 640x360)
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What are you studying today, /mg/?


Previous thread >>9239141
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>guess there are empty products of nonempty sets
>think unprovable implies false
Literal retard detected. I have no doubts you are an engineer at this point.
>quoting pop-sci tier garbage
Engineer trash.
>negation of the universal quantifier implies existence of a negated formula without LEM
Engineer trash.
>"""if banach tarski seems contradictory to you"""
>consider that you can split N into two sets (odds and evens) both which are bijective to N
>this is somehow "odd" to him
I hate trash like you.
Why the homophobia?
What about dogs?

File: 1489890880635.jpg (1.2 MB, 3100x3100)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Alright ya noobs, I'm settling this time travel hoax once and for all.

First and foremost: Time is an arbitrary notation created by man. If the whole concept were to die out, none of our (correct) maths would be any different. All you're giving meaning to is MOTION. Same with energy, there is no such thing, just different forms of motion. Kinetic energy is a pleonasm.

Now back to time. How the FUCK would you translate said arbitrary time notation to a machine somehow connected to space-"time"?
Pro tip: You can't.

>Time is not a physical "thing" in the universe. It's an abstract concept to give subjective meaning to motion. Time is meaningless in the universe. There is no time quantum.

Unless you manage to install a framework in the universe with a functional API it's not happening. Yes, mass and speed (same thing) slow down motion but that's it. You can slow down your RELATIVE MOTION as opposed to others but that's not time travel. There's no destination as defined by con-artists getting grant money for fake/stupid study and spend it on booze and cocaine (like my money).

Get over it. There's no such thing as fucking time travel.

Also, time TRAVEL implies a destination. Beyond our high level, abstract communication method (which I'm not fond of either). Tell me, where exactly is next week? or last week? Break out the maths faggot, oh, you can't. Because even Einstein didn't predict destination-based time travel. And none of his maths allow for a stable "wormhole".

Checkmate muggles.
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Games that don't simulate time don't have their characters teleport. Movement in them is simply relative to other events in the game.
What known particle physics would be thrown out if time is removed?

Computer code isn't time ordered in the sense that there's some mystical 4th dimension in it. The code is ordered relative to each other, not relative to some time-entity.
Time travel into the future is of course possible, although it's not as romantic as having a funny looking machine that you pull a lever on and meeting morlocks in the forests of a distant future society. You simply advance cryogenics enough to put people into liquid nitrogen and then wake them up after a period of time, and presto, time travel. If I knocked you out and did that to you and then woke you up in 500 years and told you it was time travel,would you get mad at me when my method was discovered and tell me it wasn't? Time is motion and by reducing them otion inside of you I can essentially make you 99.999% time-proofed.
>Games that don't simulate time don't have their characters teleport.
They do if they used their CPU for timing.

Remember, back in the old days they basically made a processor for a game. If you put that game on a faster processor the game would run proportionately faster.
Space Invaders is an example of this. The speeding up of the aliens was actually just a function of killing them and thus removing the number of things that needed to be rendered. As it was ported to more powerful hardware they had to actually code in the increasing speed or else the aliens would just teleport down the screen.

Every single "real time" game has time simulated in it. Talking about games that don't simulate time? What games?
>the world is a videogame
learn to understand games vs reality. And y=mx+b doesn't exist without time so you're wrong

File: rocket manufacturers.png (246 KB, 600x400)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Which of these is your favourite rocket manufacturer, and why?
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File: 1488256430313.gif (122 KB, 640x713)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
elon musk is a nigger and his braindead sheep fans can suck my cock
It wasn't just a lack of funds. The proposals to extend its service life relied on the shuttles entering service on schedule. The delays in the Shuttle program were probably the bigger factor.
I think SpaceX is great and I think Blue Origin is great too, if they can get their shit together.

ULA is just big government alliance with weapon manufacturers, nothing new there. If ULA survives it will be through typically cronyism whereas SpaceX has now proven itself multiple times.
File: 1506540510773.jpg (62 KB, 320x371)
62 KB

File: 1503378313191.jpg (13 KB, 319x331)
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>professor keeps mispronouncing the word 'quadratic'
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are you meming? it's how you say it in german
File: 222.jpg (170 KB, 2375x2375)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>Lashawna keeps pronouncing "Gaussian" as "Gawssian" (rhymes with gauze)
>initially irritated
>remind myself that not everybody is familiar with the particular pronunciations of how the names of famous mathematicians are pronounced, and that 'gaw'ssian is a perfectly reasonable guess at a first pass

>let it slide
My professor is too old to care that he might be wrong
Source: literally every british regional accent that isn't RP.

File: find x.png (59 KB, 752x652)
59 KB
Find X
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those lines CANNOT be parallel if they both start for opposite vertices, therefore the angles CANNOT be 90 degrees
Yes they can.

Proof: Think.
Nigga. 18. It is 18.

Fucking finally. OP here, study guide agrees. Still asking how.
File: 12.png (3 KB, 400x300)
3 KB
It is 12

File: handopeningdoor.jpg (3.7 MB, 4256x2832)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB JPG
>And this is our son's room
>He's quite the science enthusiast...
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S-sauce pls
File: 1506017952903.gif (172 KB, 400x400)
172 KB
172 KB GIF
Tfw I did this with my friends when I was in boarding school
What are they doing? Rubbing their penises on toilet water filled floor?
Longer version?

File: IMG_9321.jpg (239 KB, 1543x1013)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
>video title-'constructing a heptodildofuckthisshitprimesarethebestecagon
>incoherent muttering at the start of the video
>Mathlord smiles and picks up random object
>"This is my cumpuss, Braydee"
>Draws circle with it
>inaudible muttering continues
>starts drawing objects that children learn in third grade(comment section is still on fire)
>"I'll now draw a hexagon"
>"now I'll draw a triangle"
>"I'll now divide the line in half"
>even fucking 6 year olds can do it
>"this is a perpendicular bisector, it divides the line in half"
>(people in the comments) "this is like geometry with Bob Ross, so satisfying"
>(back to video) Mathlord draws another big circle
>draws diameter, does trisection and bisection by eye(Checkmate Atheists)
>"Now I'm gonna draw some more lines, I'll need that point, and these two other points and now I'll draw a bisector, I'll draw a circle on that point"
>"this point is funny"
>"I'll draw a circle on it"
>after 12 minutes in the video

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This stale meme deserved it's own thread.

File: Cardioid_animation.gif (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
Graph a cardioid without looking up the answer

It is the red curve in the animation


Post your results and discuss
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Ok, this seems to work. I made a mistake in converting Polar to Cartesian.

\left(x^{2\ }+\ y^{2\ }\right)\ -\sqrt{\left(x^{2\ }+\ y^{2\ }\right)}\ +x\ =\ 0

[math] \left(x^{2\ }+\ y^{2\ }\right)\ -\sqrt{\left(x^{2\ }+\ y^{2\ }\right)}\ +x\ =\ 0 [/math]
I remember doing this in high school. It's easier to use polar coordinates, it's probably something like

[math]r(\theta)=1 - \cos (\theta)[/math]
x(t) = 2cos(t) - cos(2t)
y(t) = 2sin(t) - sin(2t)
File: hearts.png (230 KB, 1357x587)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Have ALL the cardioids
File: IMG_9331.png (410 KB, 2208x1242)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
This is for babies, anything more challenging you got there?

File: sydey opera house.jpg (117 KB, 800x600)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
> professors whomst say:
> deacceleration
> oxidisation
>freshman that waste their time on anonymous boards memeing instead of studying
> BARRRium
> SUCCrose
> FRUCktose
> GLUCktose

> Couchy Rhyming equations
> Yuler
> SAYYmens
> poi ee son distribution
mfw, thanks for reminding me to not waste my time kind anon
File: 1508340234375.jpg (41 KB, 600x600)
41 KB

File: 1508404980515.jpg (106 KB, 736x1014)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
How do I stop being a lazy piece of shit, scientifically speaking.

I'm extremely motivated to study/work for like 1-2 weeks where I don't use any cell phone/ internet amd completely immerse myself in studying things I'm interested in + college stuff only. But after a week this goes away and I'm left being a total lazy piece of shit who doesn't even go to any classes for at least 2 weeks, before my period of productivity starts again.

How do I stop this from fucking happening over and over?
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.

1- What’s the difference between someone with ADHD and a normal individual? Deficiency in dopamine transporters, does memantine acts on this level? No it doesn’t. Could you correlate this with normal individuals? You could yes, sure you need studies to get a confirmation and yes I do agree that monotherapy is useless with just memantine because of the existence of better alternatives, what I am defending though is its use as an adjuvant therapy combined with low doses of lisdexamfetamine (LDA), a memantine induced synergism which is the reason why memantine is on the highlights of ADHD treatment and in Neuroenhancement research.
Though the idea of using it as such is not as crazy as you made it look on your original response.

2- same thing, methylphenidate is one of the most effective drugs in the treatment of these diseases, and again, a drug more efficient would be a major breakdown, my point stills applies

3- “bullshit”, I’m reconsidering if I should take you seriously or you are just trolling. In long term it is highly discussed if stimulants do really help in academic performance and you should know this.


> “Prescription stimulants in individuals with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: misuse, cognitive impact, and adverse effects”

4- In the first study the only mention on LDA is in abuse of the drug by doses higher than those of therapy, this isn’t surprising, any psychoactive substance will be neurotoxic at high doses but not at “very low doses” like you stated previously. The other studies you linked don’t even mention LDA at all. I do agree that pure amphetamine therapy is indeed very dirty, that is why it got replaced by methylphenidate over the years, the breakdown of LDA though is its low constant release and low risk of abuse making it a much safer alternative.
Bump. Gonna start drinking coffee from tomorrow morning. Let's see how it goes.
dont worry, it doenst have Cuck Green presenting
far more likely to be ADHD
t. 16-year old

File: g.jpg (35 KB, 444x500)
35 KB
Do prisoners masturbate in prison?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How many go gay because it's the only thing available?
None. You were gay before you went in.
Straights get by with masturbating just fine.
It's more that there's limits to how gay a person would go rather than an on-off switch. desu I'd probably fuck a REALLY feminine twink and call it gay if you want but it's not as gay as bears
faggot is as faggot does

Are races different species? Since the different races can produces fertile children they have been categorized as being in the same species however Neanderthals and humans are different species and could interbreed and produce fertile children. What is up with this and what is the difference between different races and different species?
neanderthals were a subspecies, not a completely separate one.

File: goat2.jpg (584 KB, 1920x1200)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
WHO has a higher I. Q. ? People who enjoy "Rick and Morty" , or people who dislike it? Is there a scientific way to determine this?

File: eval-apply.gif (3 KB, 592x236)
3 KB
Continuing my thread that hit the bump limit.

Previous /sci/ threads

I don't know anything about compression in detail, but if this gives you some compression ideas I'm sure you can use them even without building the whole language

Could it be this language needs some kind of antivirus / anti-malware in the name structure? Like root.security, which might expose functions that scan a local name tree for possible threats.
111 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you wanted to implement Netflix or Kindle, how would you do DRM in a system like this? Although you can always beat DRM with various kinds of screen recording, you can store the media in a cons structure that is encrypted (encoded) with some secret cons hashing algorithm. How you would distribute a cons hashing algorithm while keeping it secret is beyond my level of knowledge
The DRM need not be intrusive or annoying, either. A flexible DRM policy could include sharing with friends, rentals, try before you buy schemes like shareware, bonus content for additional payments, etc

If possible, I'd love it if this system could get away with not growing ads, relying mostly on micropayments for revenue instead. Or at least only tasteful ads. But I'm sure this is impossible somehow
It could even have a fully built in kickstarter / patreon like system built straight into the DRM, so you can sponsor individuals or groups to make something in exchange for some arbitrary payment scheme, or have contests or community giveaways
So, you want English. No other mainstream language is that sort of 'either/or' situation : highly contextual.

Set theory isn't that complicated. It simply is a way for a system to generate systems that always self-reference the idempotent set.

I think the simplest way I can translate that linguistically is as follows: {1} = { {0}, [N](Descriptor)[n] }

Also, could we not go the 'established religion' route ever again, pretty please? Really does derail everything.
In an attempt to steer away from 'established religion', perhaps it is easier to provide the analog that you are attempting to create a religion.

However you do not want to be a missionary/converter as you believe it is the goal of your 'church' to create sufficient reason/translations/benefit/opportunity for people to see the benefits of following 'you' without having to scream that they're all gonna burn in hell.

File: joe.jpg (2 KB, 107x125)
2 KB
If I were to obtain immortality, from this day on, how long would it take for me to hit the nearest planet by drifting through space?
Unless you have some planned directed trajectory you could be drifting for centuries.

But you need to clarify your scenario, how did you get off of Earth in the first place?

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