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File: 1511979048072.jpg (45 KB, 400x400)
45 KB
>tfw second year math student and just now I finally understand Cantor's diagonal argument

Am I a brainlet
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nah, dont worry to much about it.
We did this in first year. Is that not the case for you?

Also I honestly don't understand why Cantor's diagonal argument trips up so many people. Why do you think that is?
You get to revisit diagonalization with Arzela-Ascoli.
No, you should be concerned about your comprehension of epsilon delta proofs and subspace type arguments.
i'm not even a math major and i understood cantor's diagonal argument the first time i saw it

File: math.jpg (49 KB, 383x355)
49 KB
So, I have a math test tomorrow, and I'm stressed.

I do well in this class, but this chapter is rough.

What do I do, /sci/?
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fuck you anon
How do you have a test already? I haven't even started spring semester yet
fuck no fuck
'Murica school system
Post more frogs

File: 2273282.jpg (25 KB, 288x432)
25 KB
Im new to fourier series, is this a good introductory book? Should I supplement it?
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Why do people say this? Why would someone waste time and money on a bad book when they can ask? Although in this case the question doensn't deserve its own thread.
I did not like it at all.
>Why do people say this? Why would someone waste time and money on a bad book when they can ask?
Do you know any books that are universally liked or disliked?
I've never seen anyone diss Herstein.
>I've never seen anyone diss Herstein.
mediocre but standard introduction. Completely overrated... Confusing style and format. No real insights.

>45 minutes to decide if I want to drop Calculus 1 or not and receive a refund/not get a W

I feel like too much of a brainlet. Already having a hard time in the first week. Is it all functions and graphing? Would it be a bad idea to drop it and retake it over the summer after refreshing myself with Khan Academy or something?

I don't remember any of this shit.
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Shouldve just got a reference book and used it as needed. Dropping low level classes should be avoided. If I were you, id take it over the summer then

Whats your major?
File: COMMKE5WcAAc1Gy.jpg (14 KB, 450x500)
14 KB
got a 98 in Calc 2.
Got a 91 in Physics 2
got a 93 in linear algebra
got a fucking 74 in Gen. Chem

tfw chemistry was my favorite subject
The fuck did you do in Gen Chem 1?
My class was stoichiometry, gases, atomic structure and periodicity, bonding and structure (VSEPR, MO, VBT) and intermolecular forces.
Anyone terrible at programming, but a CS major?
I’m in my third year here at UCI. Almost done. We take a year of python, then 1 quarter of c++ and then our data structures class is in c++.
I failed the c++ class once. Got an A- when I re took. Last quarter I failed the data structures class. It’s not that I try and still fail. I just get frustrated as fuck with the programming assignments and give up easily. So I’ll do nothing for the rest of the quarter for the class.

I’ve gotten nothing lower than a B in any class(except the ones I failed). I have a 3.5+ GPA. All As and Bs in other CS courses. I just hate programming, specifically in C++.
Why choose CS if you don't enjoy it?

File: 1515639705107.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
> "A voluntary eugenics and sterilization program is the most rational way to solve the overpopulation crisis."

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>wanting 50 billion 80 IQ people to absolutely make the world crowded

yeah I love 20 hour lines to go see a national park location
>overpopulation crisis

There is not overpopulation crisis. Go back to /pol/.
Your name can't legally be 'miniature spacecraft', unless you are saying that it is the 'theme' of the posts you want to be identified by.
Sorry but I dindu nuffin wrong with my 3 kids. It's Paco and Juanita's 8 anchor children that are the problem.
File: 1515873846078.jpg (249 KB, 888x876)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Hah overpopulation is a lie , and you are a fool.
Necessity drives invention.
So invent a solution to all land being owned but yet 98 % of land is not used effectively.

File: DLtCAUaXcAAeDZs.jpg (166 KB, 933x1200)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Why aren't girls falling for the STEM meme in your country?
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Idk I think women are just spoonfed. We can talk about nature all we want but environment is without a doubt entirely different. As a man you have to figure out how to figure out everything yourself.

Teachers make the excuse that because you're a man, you're shit. Your attitude is just bad, you are entitled, you're a clown, you just want pussy.. Anything that may rattle through their brain while you're just like... What. That's when you get it. You're standing there with your thumb in your ass because you didn't even know, as a guy you need to be independent. You don't know why but your teachers don't fuckin help. They simply withhold it. The reality is you're a man and you need to figure it out yourself.

With women it's like HIIII ^_> HOW R U whether the teacher is male or female LEMME GIVE UALL THE RESOURCES ONE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE TO SUCCEED

I couldn't exaggerate if I wanted to. Women get to use the computer lab after hours when guys don't even fuckin know there is a computer lab

Throw a girl to the wolves and she'd probably develop real critical thinking skills as well as a man. Instead most women are put on such a linear path of development they may have all the answers but they have no realization of how advantaged they are. And they get mad when you condescend as if you are oppressing them just because you don't REALLY know your shit. I guess being spoonfed is a form of oppression but fuck I didn't make the rules.
Do you literally believe that literally all males literally think literally the same or are you literally a character out of spongebob literally
>There are studies showing that theres a significant amount of girls shying away from stem fields at an early age because they are told directly and indirectly that boys are smarter. This leaves them underprepared for the future. These are studies done today.

yes and all of them are made by people from gender studies and sociology
>Honey, I swear I'm telling the truth. The hacker 4chan broke into my phone and he stole a photo of you.
whoops clicked the wrong thread

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Cool. I'm just worried that if I don't get an internship that I'll be dead in the water when I graduate. I just need a shit-tier codemonkey job for a couple of years.
I don't even know where to look. My friends who have 3.1-3.5 mostly have internships by now. I shouldn't have gone to college when I was 17, and I wish I had retaken all my AP credits for easy A's.
OK, thanks. I sent out about a dozen or so for jobs I probably have no chance of getting, but I need to find local companies that would be willing to hire me for some boring engineering shit.
Thanks m8. Will get on it. I felt kind of hopeless and I was giving up a bit to go for that neet lifestyle
if you are a veteran with an engineering degree and you took a 55k job, you sold yourself cheap.

/vg/ here.

I want to make a game about math, but basically a jrpg where a secret wizard society takes you from your shitty medieval town public education and teaches you high school and first year college math.

Basically a FF clone where you go on quest to help historical mathematicians discover math shit in their towns and solve the NPC problems with math skills.

I came here to see if you guys could give me advice regarding this, since you're the math nerds.
embed a massive database of true theorems and a formal proof verifier. Randomly select a theorem and prove it symbolically. Final boss is P = NP
A lot of games are "loosely based" on math and might be worth checking out. some examples:
Geometry - Engare, Antichamber
Logic/basic Algebra - Proffessor Lawton
programming - Everything made by Zachtronics

Will any of these games currently cover an equivalent of a high school math class? No. Not even close.

If you are trying to make a game similar to "Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle" I would recommend incorporating problems from Khan Academy. You could also use problems similar to the ones used in:

Algebra by I.M. Gelfand and A. Shen

Math Girls series by Hiroshi Yuki

Failing that you could look at problems from previous math competitions. I think some are in a Berkeley book torrent on sci's wiki.

File: the hero.png (106 KB, 300x300)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
I read that some ancient Chinese or Indian dude thought a circle is what you get in a shape when you have a butt-load of sides, rather than no sides.

Is that true?
yeah sure whatever kid

You're thinking Archimedes, kiddo.
Wow the Greeks sure knew a lot of neat tricks!

File: IMG_6778.png (662 KB, 683x1024)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
Wow I can't believe it. Real scientific arguments for young earth creationism? What does /sci/ think of this?
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>7th panel
>"I can't be bothered to engage in actual debate"
Who makes these comics?
File: connect the dots.jpg (91 KB, 941x960)
91 KB
paleofag here. going by frames:

1. author is a furfag
2. the author doesn't understand orbital mechanics. it's possible to end up with resonance effects that break up a spinning disc into bands.
3. creationists literally assumed that radiation haloes in biotite MUST HAVE been caused by polonium decay, despite the total absence of evidence that polonium was involved. (there are loads of more common, longer-lived isotopes that explain those haloes perfectly well.)
4. not all rocks are permeable to gas. in fact, petroleum is almost always found inside a convexity in the local strata just below an impermeable layer, trapped against it by its own buoyancy.
5. salt is removed from the oceans through the formation of evaporites and the subduction of dense brine-rich sediment. because the continents are tectonically active, uplift can sustain relatively high rates of erosion. the oceans are geologically young (<250Mya) because ocean floor is constantly being recycled into the mantle.
6. in regards to the distance to the moon, refer above to how the author doesn't understand orbital mechanics. moon dust, amazingly enough, shields the unaltered rocks below from further photochemical weathering.
7. the rate of change of the earth's orbital velocity isn't constant; that assumption is garbage. and of course, neither is the rate of change of the strength of the earth's magnetic field; it is in fact cyclical. we have evidence of countless full reversals of magnetic polarity in the rock record.
8. ding dong your opinion is wrong
>young earth creationism
>ranting against "evolutionists"
>not ranting against geologists, geophysicists etc.
Jesus Christ.
The claims OP is responding to didn't have to show proof, so why should he?

Why do practice make stuff becomes easier?

is because the brain build the synapses after a while, just like lifting build big muscles?
Why come after a decade on this website i now like anime girls?
I used to post weeb hate and make fun of the terrible anatomy of anime characters and now i find them adorable and even save my favorite pics despite not watching anime.

Is it the constant exposure?
Yes it is exactly what you said, "building the synapses".
It's not necessarily building, it's more like stretching synapses. The same way that lifting weight stretches the muscles. Make sense now?
You became less tryhard
Yeah constant exposure does that.

Psychology is a bitch.

File: james-meme.png (179 KB, 600x317)
179 KB
179 KB PNG

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Remember, kids, don't do math
Is that animatronic
da fuq is this?
Looks like heroin withdrawal.
That you are gay

File: qubit2.png (50 KB, 558x306)
50 KB
is quantum computation worthy to get into? im starting my masters in compsci and will do graphics (advanced raytracing), low-level optimization, and some network science/advanced graph algorithms. I dont know much about quantum memes but it sounds interesting.

ps fwiw im posting this as well on /g/
File: 1513067679808.png (297 KB, 836x1136)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
The >>>/g/hetto is that way.
a lot of grads are math and double majors tho

File: 20180119_001628.jpg (2.44 MB, 4128x2322)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
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>amputation of the limb from the forearm above
Don't listen to this guy. Just cauterize it and clean the wound 4 times a day with bleach. Do you have a sodering iron?
Go to >>>/an/, and count how many replies it takes for someone to meme about toxoplasmosis.
File: inflammation_med.jpg (89 KB, 771x432)
89 KB

Normal inflammatory response :


File: ascended (2).jpg (29 KB, 236x317)
29 KB
Math test here again.

School rapidly approaches. Need to learn everything I can about quadratics in the next 4 hours.

What do?

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