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File: p02zydwc.jpg (18 KB, 384x216)
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Niggers are humans too, racists
So they finally caught up with bird technology. Wake me when they learn to fly.

Srsly, leave the niggers alone
Mainstream media + science = bullshit

no exception

File: 780964423765.jpg (16 KB, 550x421)
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How do i make use of knowledge on various oddly specific topics (mostly sciences) withouth working in one?
If you don't know how to use your knowledge maybe you don't know enough.
that's why i'm asking
protip: you can't
File: 1531983493332.png (1.45 MB, 1700x1946)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Get a job

File: 1253px-Old-microscopes.jpg (343 KB, 1253x1024)
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343 KB JPG
Lets say I go back in time to Rome in the year 300 BC and teach them the basic principle of making microscope lenses.

How do you think this discovery would change history?

What do you think would happen differently?
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File: lump_of_purest_green.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
>They didn't have nearly any chemicals on hand back them.
What if you just got transported back in modern clothes and shit, would you even be allowed to teach them calculus and if you did would you be revered?
>you don't think getting Germ theory a few millennia early would make a difference?
Not how things work. There are certain circumstances, mainly social and economic, that must line up.
>germ theory
>before theories are even a thing
You'd still have to wait for the academia to develop, for them to invent the core philosophical ideas behind the scientific method and a peculiar arrangement of a whole continent of NEET aristocrats to develop a network of pen pals with the goal of one-upping each other by discovering shit.

Oh, and good luck doing serious science without algebra or the concept of 0.
You would do much better to show them how to make telegraphs. They had the necessary technology to easily make simple batteries and drawn wire, and they also had an alphabetic language that could be easily translated to and from a code. They would also be very interested in being able to communicate long distances across their empire.

File: kurt godel.jpg (30 KB, 500x500)
30 KB
>has literally like one accomplishment: the incompletness theorems

>is considered the greatest logician of the 20th century and the greatest logician since Aristotle
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also the completeness theorems, many independence theorems, and many contributions to proof theory/computability
Hilbert's work was right but his fundamental philosophy "that everything can be solved" was wrong. And I love the guy but you have to love good irony. The only reason we got to Godel's theorems was that people like Hilbert who for complete formalism. Think about it, no logic revolution implies we'd still not know Godel's theorems. He lived by formalism and died by formalism.
This. There is so much more to Godel than the incompleteness theorems, though they are important. The general recursive functions (though he did not call them that, in fact Godel didn't like the word recursive) are attributed to Godel see Soare "Turing Computability" for a complete history. The consistency of AC and GCH via the constructible universe. According to Kanamori in "Higher Infinite", Godel had the general idea of how to prove the independence of CH but "...lacked a method..." referring to forcing. Little known to pop mathematicians who endlessly talking about incompleteness, is the fact that Godel tried to revive as much of Hilbert's Program as he could, see his 1958 paper on the Dialectica Interpretation and system T. This work lead to what is an active area of research in proof theory namely proof interpretations and proof mining. There is still more, but that is what I know about.
yeah. the constructible universes were important for showing that certain of models of set theory COULD have certain properties (CH is the important example).
its the lit department, who doesn't even understand his work, blowing his shit up to unreasonable proportions.

Why is calculus II such a brainlet filter?
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Calc 2 was easier than Calc 1. Series just clicked, don't know why. Numbers can be represented as infinite series. An infinite series can be a whole number.

Fuck trig and trig identities. I just memorized that stuff.
Calc II is easy. Calc-based probability is the hardest course ever.
Eh, I'd say it's not that much of a filter. I had the opportunity to grade for my school's upper level algebra course, and suffice to say the student's performance was less than adequate. It ended up being quite rewarding though.
Why am I good at real life logical reasoning but when it gets down to variables with unions and “nots” and all that shit I just suck at it. I can’t even get the basic fucking sentences in “how to prove it”. For some reason when it has to do with variables I suck so bad but with sentences im really good. Am I just fucked?
>calc-based probability
Or as it's called in passable unis "probability".

File: Capture.jpg (47 KB, 685x638)
47 KB
talk maths, formerly >>9837232

picture from https://arxiv.org/pdf/1712.03708.pdf
>p-adic geometry
>Peter Scholze
>(Submitted on 11 Dec 2017)
>We discuss recent developments in p-adic geometry, ranging from foundational results such as the degeneration of the Hodge-to-de Rham spectral sequence for "compact p-adic manifolds" over new period maps on moduli spaces of abelian varieties to applications to the local and global Langlands conjectures, and the construction of "universal" p-adic cohomology theories. We finish with some speculations on how a theory that combines all primes p, including the archimedean prime, might look like.
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Real analysis is much more complex. Doing calculus with complex numbers destroys a lot of structure, e.g. complex differentiable functions are too nice.
Oh shit, you noted the same thing. Should have read the whole post, not just the question.
>What are some other nontrivial differences between real and complex analysis?
To expand a bit on what you said, a smooth complex function is analytic in C, but the same is not true for R, namely, there exists non analytic smooth functions on R.
Why the fuck is this so hard for me. I’m usually good at imagining abstract concepts, why when it comes to variables I can’t do this shit when I can easily do it with numbers.
It's pretty simple. Numbers and logic use different neurological systems, as in, we use different parts of our brain to process arithmetic and language.

File: sad pepe.jpg (20 KB, 412x351)
20 KB


- thoughts/cognitions, feelings/emotions and actions/behavior are consequences of an underlying anatomical, biochemical or electrophysiological state or process
- thoughts and emotions are not physical entities and therefore they are causal epiphenomenons: they can/do not have any consequences of their own
- the phenomenons supposedly caused by thoughts and emotions are rather consequences of physical states/processes. these phenomenons and their respective corresponding thoughts/emotions occur jointly because they share a common cause/confounder
- neural correlates of action predate both thoughts and emotions (Libet experiment)
- emotions (phylogenetically ancient brain regions) predate thoughts (neocortical regions): defeatist thoughts therefore cannot possibly cause sadness


- cognitivism gives short, catchy and superfically sound explanations, but does not align with reality
- motivation (from latin "movere" = to move) has nothing to do with cognition: one can be highly motivated to do certain things, yet indifferent or even unwilling
- counterexample: akathisia (extrapyramidal hyperkinesia caused by DRD2 antagonists or Parkinson), usually perceived as distressing, but immense motivation
- counterexample: obsessive-compulsive disorder, highly motivated, yet unwilling
- counterexample: the addition of extrinsic motivators to intrinsic motivator decreases, rather than increases overall motivation. if cognitivism was true, the effects should be additive.
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cont. the thalamus would naturally be cognitive because though its considered limbic its functions naturally link to the cortical areas it connects with - the thalamus has areas which map with every single part of the neocortex. so areas connected to e.g. prefrontal areas are naturally associated with the same functions normally.

It's a pathogen. Schizophrenia is caused by a pathogen.
>wall of text
>It's a pathogen. Schizophrenia is caused by a pathogen.

Any further information? Toxoplasma gondii, Epstein-Barr-Virus, anything else?

We already know, psychosis is not entirely a mental or neurological disorder. There are non-CNS alterations as well.


File: voyager1[1].png (65 KB, 975x596)
65 KB
Humans are most likely the only intelligent life in the observable universe. Discuss
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>there are a lot of planets out there, its bold to claim only this one has intelligent life. I wouldnt be so confident.

We have X terabytes of data collected from the universe and so far nothing so shove it in your piehole you conventional thinking waste of life
Newsflash retard our sensors don't have a setting for intelligent life. We can barely tell the atmosphere of a planet from it passing in-front of it's star.
Even if what you said was true, it's dumb to think they'd be stupid enough to let out any form of emissions from their systems. They would most likely take all the necessary precautions to stay off the radar of others. We should do the same thing but are too dumb and arrogant, thinking we're the only ones and masters of the whole fucking universe. Let's just wait till the ayys come bust our planet in case they really are there.
It's just impossible
>only observable by human

File: D8CRtMS.jpg (39 KB, 374x374)
39 KB
>Take hot shower
>Step out of hot shower into hot steamy bathroom
>Feel cold

Why the fuck does this happen
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>he hasn't taken bathroom relativity
The human body cannot actually sense temperature. It only senses heat transfer. This is why you see weather reports with “Feels Like” temperatures.
>The human body cannot actually sense temperature. It only senses heat transfer.
nothing can actually "sense" temperature. it's all just heat transfer.
your point is correct but saying "human body cannot" is misleading. just wanted to make things clear. have a nice day. i'm drunk and autistic.
The water on your body has a high calorific intake (high capacity or whatever it's called, it's been a long time), so it holds a lot of "temperature" (energy) that's been transferred from your body. Your moving around with respect to air helps shedding away some of this water, thereby lowering your temperature.
It's the Jews.

File: images.png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Do i just end myself?
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Mah dude, you gotta pick up those biology and chemistry books and get to studying asap
Are you even interested in medicine?
>Do i just end myself?
Unconditionally the answer is yes.
Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.
Lol. France.

File: 1531517735135.jpg (190 KB, 509x860)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
How can I make sure my kids grows upto be an alpha chad??? Looking for scientific expertise.
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Force your pregnant wife to take progesterone and avoid unsaturated fats
Make sure he is breastfed. My mom breastfed me and I'm a solid 9.5/10. My brother was formula fed and now he's 5'6", balding at 23, and suffers from low IQ.
Nobody cares /pol/, we know what you're talking about.
>not absolutely worshiping the fact that immature kids fucking with their biology and development is both socially acceptable and encouraged means you're a poltard
Not the other poster, but fuck off.
Isn't creatine supplementing dangerous for adults, much less developing children?

File: brainlet.jpg (22 KB, 474x555)
22 KB
Do you have a good schedule? How do I create one?
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You do what you gotta do to achieve your goals.
What you want, like or dislike is irrelevant and inconsecuential. You must never lose sight of your objective lest the world will show you something else to desire and persue abandoning your true purpose
MW 12 - 1:15
TR 8 - 12:35, 1:05-2:55
R 3:05- 4:30

Thursdays are gunna suck, but last semester it was 8am every day M-F, with a 5 hour gap on TR that kept me at uni until 6:45pm
Some days you just need to understand are for doing meaningful days. Save video games and partying for the weekend. Treat your weekdays like days for improvement in mind, money, and body.
Machine learning is the key to a successful schedule
Unironically this!!

File: 6MkCT.jpg (73 KB, 700x400)
73 KB
What are some possible ways a retard like me (got 80 on an IQ test) can contribute to technological development?
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File: 1529319108313.jpg (222 KB, 748x543)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I am fucking dying

Learn to do one thing, just one thing well, and you will have more money and success than you ever dreamed, I've seen it happen for someone I know who learned to weld, and has made way more money than my double-major liberal arts degree self
This reminds me of Flowers for Algernon. Great book, btw.
By the nature of capitalism, it's here to stay regardless,

File: 1531863695525.jpg (42 KB, 334x506)
42 KB
why do sci makes fun of computer science?

It's jealousy?
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>computer science is a really great field for anyone that wants to develop websites (...)

The absolute state of CS majors.
100k Trump pesos a year for learning HTML and the JS framework of the week.

This is really dumb.
File: average CS undergrad.png (121 KB, 1799x719)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
The comments are..really disheartening. If you go to a non brainlet school, you can double major and take "proper" CS, but the average student..

File: StarOfDavid-E8.png (628 KB, 2188x2188)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
>In cosmology, the cosmological constant problem or vacuum catastrophe is the disagreement between the observed values of vacuum energy density (the small value of the cosmological constant) and theoretical large value of zero-point energy suggested by quantum field theory.

>Depending on the Planck energy cutoff and other factors, the discrepancy is as high as 120 orders of magnitude,[1] a state of affairs described by physicists as "the largest discrepancy between theory and experiment in all of science"[1] and "the worst theoretical prediction in the history of physics."[2]

File: hnnng.png (1.07 MB, 709x1001)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Physics is too hard for physicists.
it's just E8 plus small corrections for the chiral anomaly iirc
big bang is still a meme, though
Did you know that the Ptolemaic model had better predictive accuracy than Kepler's elliptic orbits theory? Yet Kepler was right. These retards are missing the forest for the trees. It's pretty standard actually. The average academic is conservative to a fault. All they do is tweak and tweak, i.e. overfit the model to the data, which is just shifting errors around. Scholastics 2.0, that's what contemporary physics is.
Yes I do. I'm also aware that for all the complaints scientists have about "epicycles", they are literally just Fourier series, which are of course an indispensable keystone of the entire mathematical apparatus.

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