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File: Tay_bot_logo.jpg (17 KB, 200x200)
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Can you think of a paradoxical question that would fuck up a computer AI? What question can I ask an AI that will cause a debilitating feedback loop? Post it here
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>If Will Smith will smith, Will Smith will smith Will Smith?
you fucked up the order, in the part after "," verb comes first as it is a question.
Don't you mean dictionary attack?
Are you the same guy through all the other threads? If so, the best way to deal with trips is to pay no heed to it(read: don't reply). Warn other people when they do reply.
No, they're different things.
File: 9823371.png (4 KB, 379x128)
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File: 2018-05-18.jpg (922 KB, 3696x1926)
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922 KB JPG
I used to be a young earth creationist. But as I get older I realize how stupid and how retarded the idea was. I used to listen to Kent Hovind and his son Eric Hovind. I was watching a video from Eric Hovind and he was talking about the y Chromosomal Adam. He states that this is evidence of the biblical Adam. Well that is far from the truth for many reasons. First the Chromosomal Adam is 100,000 years old or even more. While the biblical Adam is like 6,000 years old. Also Adam lived in Eden (located in the middle east). While y Chromosomal Adam lived in East Africa. So technically this y Chromosomal Adam disproves this biblical Adam.



I have a question for you Christians, do you think Earth is 6000 years old? Do you think we came from the Middle East and not Africa?
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Do you think the Earth is flat?
Only guy I ever talked to that believed Earth is 6,000 years, believed the Earth was flat too. Trying to see if there is a connection here.
OT is a myth, everyone but backwards protestants in America know this

like nigga come on
Genesis is allegorical, not literal.
The historical connections to the Bible start after the flood
>whatever is disproved by science was always supposed to be allegorical!
nice trick
No I always knew that Earth was spherical. But there were a few Christians that i have met that truely believed that Earth was flat.

File: IMG_0344.jpg (53 KB, 569x506)
53 KB
>it's spelled "Halley's Comet" and not "Hailey's Comet"

>tfw literally everyone says it wrong
Meanwhile op thinks nuclear is spelled nucular

File: 1274639972659.gif (3.97 MB, 292x209)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB GIF
Behold autism
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spoken like a true autist
>getting paid is not a real world application
Isn't he saying that the physical formulas we use for this kind of stuff is wrong, so that no matter how powerful the computer is it'll still be wrong when you get past enough decimal places?
No, I think he is saying that if you have a less powerful computer it just means the simulation takes more time.

File: Patch.jpg (2.92 MB, 1778x1971)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOG-pQ4aJhE
When: 00:30 UTC; launch window is 1 hour long
Where: Launch Complex 1, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand
Rocket: Electron w/ kick stage
>Spire's LEMUR-2-ZUPANSKI and LEMUR-2-CHANUSIAK sats (weather monitoring and vessel tracking)
>GeoOptics Inc. sat (CICERO) built by Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems (GPS and Galileo radio occultation + surface remote sensing)
>High Performance Space Structure Systems GmBH's NABEO (deorbiting drag-sail technology demonstrator)
>IRVINE 01, imaging sat built by highschool students (supported by the Irvine Public Schools Foundation)
Orbit: 500km x 500 km @ 85°
Press kit: http://www.rocketlabusa.com/assets/Uploads/Its-Business-Time-Press-Kit-FINAL-2.pdf

Beck's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Peter_J_Beck
RL's Twitter: https://twitter.com/RocketLab

This is the FIRST commercial flight of Electron, and the 3rd flight overall (first flight failed to make orbit, 2nd one was successful). It's always great to see a new player in the launch services market!
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official scrubbining https://twitter.com/RocketLab/status/1010372145552080896

well lads, when the next launch attempt comes up I'll make the thread again. Oh well!
File: culprit.png (185 KB, 1278x816)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
OI ONE OF YOU KIWIS GO FUCK UP THESE DORTS ON CHATHAM, break their legs or something
tell em "big Anon" send you
Natives probably stole the tracking dish. It'll be up on Trademe soon for sale.
Why didn't they prepare their tracking dishes before the day of the launch?

File: 919.png (80 KB, 1020x1230)
80 KB
>Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Fuck off to tumblr with that degenerate propaganda.
what's wrong with kurzgesagt anon? i haven't kept up with what's going on so i don't know if they've done anything weirdly lately and i was hoping you could inform me
not op btw

File: 1512144761336.png (366 KB, 628x441)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Brainlet chem question here.

I'm constantly told by profs that the key to mastering organic chem is understanding and not memorizing. This seems to hold water for basic reactions but go any further you encounter innumerable amount of reactions that doesn't seem that obvious and that's probably why it's named after researchers. There also exist software and libraries that makes the process of figuring out synthesis much easier and I doubt these would exist if it was so easy as just "knowing the rules".

I'm not sure how to word my actual question properly, but what makes a good chemist or one that specifically deals with the synthesis of new materials? Do they just understand the basic mechanisms but work mostly with a large library of reactions in their head/looking through studies of relevant reactions? is that really it?
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If you're looking for more advanced problems, try some past international chemistry olympiads. The organic questions often involve applying common reagents in unfamiliar contexts.

If you're looking for something closer to real chemistry, the r/chemistry (inb4 begone redditfag) synthetic challenges are a good example how even if you're allowed to look anything you want up online, you won't get anywhere without realising why stuff reacts the way it does.
Ah this is the stuff I was looking for.

Thank you.
File: DSC_0018.jpg (792 KB, 3918x1472)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
Literally all you have to do to do well is make a single formula sheet with the reactions you learned generalized to their functional groups and their entire mechanism written out.

Understanding the way electrons move and what reactions intermediates form will make recalling the products easy
Kek'd at how bad this is
Especially your amine alkylation steps. Bozhe moy

How do I go about making *magic* real?
Define "magic"
File: It's magic.jpg (79 KB, 720x479)
79 KB
>Define "magic"

Not having to explain shit.

File: th.jpg (11 KB, 247x252)
11 KB
If electrons don't orbit around atoms and they aren't in a stationary position then what are they doing?
I won't accept non-answers like "they are in superposition" I want a proper answer of where they are in 3 or 4 dimensional space.
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Can you explain that machine and what exactly is happening? How does the color form?

The two rings (only one visible on the image) are Helmholtz coils which create a homogeneous (linear in space and of equal strength) magnetic field between them. The sphere is filled with a gas akind to neon, that lights up whenever it comes in contact with electrons. Due to the lorentz law, which can be derived from Maxwells equations, the electron takes a spherical path when traveling inside a magnetic field, as seen on the picture.

This experiment can be used to calculate the e/m ratio of the electron. The radius of the circular motion is governed by the centripetal force (being equal to the lorentz force).
They orbit, but the orbit is not very classical.

One last thing, circular motion in physics is another form of acceleration, and every kind of accelerarion of electrons creates (depending on the Energy involved) radiation. This experiment will create X-rays that might harm you, however small they are.
The earth IS falling towards the sun you absolute brainlet. it's just happening really really slowly because the gravity of the sun bends spacetime in such a way that slows the earth down or something like that.

File: boiwombs.jpg (75 KB, 700x522)
75 KB
How long till we can implant a uterus into our trannies and impregnate them?
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We already can.
File: 1506283899357.png (56 KB, 633x874)
56 KB
>Ass babies
Mpreg is truly the worst fetish around


well it works for chickens
niggers and spics play sony trash
guess what makes it then
Oh my fucking pickles

Post your scales. What other scales exist (besides Kardeshev and Barrow (for scalar consumption and manipulation, respectively)) and can we create a scale for "creation" (or something else) to eventually transcend the space dark forest theory to the light forest theory?
File: intelligencescale.jpg (36 KB, 736x233)
36 KB
File: CS math skills.png (46 KB, 596x443)
46 KB

File: thumbnail.jpg (15 KB, 342x228)
15 KB
It's being drained at an accelerating rate as the surrounding population grows and the need for fresh water grows. Can we reasonably solve the drinking water issue in our lifetime?
yaas pham just trust

File: man.jpg (83 KB, 479x641)
83 KB
Why do women dislike men's body hair, a male secondary sexual characteristic?
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Chinamen, obviously
File: muh iqq.png (138 KB, 741x448)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Correlation doesn't imply causation. You are implying that Africans do worse off economically because of their skin color when even the most superficial historical analysis suggests that in fact they did just as well as many Asian civilizations before euroniggers came about and fucked everything up. Pic related.

Back to your containment board: >>>/pol/
utter delusion
iq is not science, anon. iq is pseudoscience.
File: 1519167181950.png (40 KB, 645x729)
40 KB
You just shoved words into my mouth. I simply provided an argument to play devil's advocate. You've failed miserably to create a counterargument, because your picture is an attempt to garner pity for civilizations that failed to adapt.
>muh area and culture
They were both shit because they failed to keep up.
Guess what the distinct difference in those civilizations were? Race. I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you any further. You are simply too stupid to properly argue without inventing information (based on emotion) to support your argument.

IQ is a means to test one's ability to recognize and understand new problems (mainly attempting to use pattern recognition to achieve this), then solve problems in a timely manner. Sorry that you failed to adapt, and subsequently can't keep up with what is being stated. IQ tests were designed as a tool, not a science. Is that too big for your tiny head?

You should both go to reddit, a site much more suited for pathetic brainlets such as yourselves.

File: 1524364398994.png (286 KB, 600x322)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
>can't even get hired as a $40k a year technician
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>that 27 year old boomer who works for Intel in San Diego
The alzheimers is getting to you, gramps.
>53k a year
So you are poor as fuck then?

You would of been better off going to trade school and being a plumber.
File: 1518414305271.png (66 KB, 554x400)
66 KB
i was in the same position but I found a job in a call centre that pays 48K

File: 1490119930510.png (371 KB, 1484x2152)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
If MBTI isn't real why do I always get INTP?
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File: QuickSippy.png (646 KB, 760x686)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
Never killed an animal though, but I am a world class bullshitter
It's astound how far you can get in life by just sounding smart

Hoping to find an INTP qt one day
File: But I only have 8GB.png (16 KB, 744x84)
16 KB
>died of too many tabs
Ah fuck my computer's running at like 5fps with 26 tabs open, 25 of which are 4chan, I think this is it for me
because you give the same input you retard, it doesn't mean the input is accurate or that every would or that the test itself is even comprehensive enough.
File: a nu.png (10 KB, 714x32)
10 KB
>not using Firefox
I have 776 tabs open and silky smooth browsing.

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