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File: topology.png (633 KB, 855x855)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
What if it's a mistake in biology to localize organs and organ systems by spatial location? In other words, what if things in multiple locations in the body are better viewed as a single organ, or even as a foreign organism? You could connect them by their chemical and electrical communications systems (are there any other types? temperature? heart rhythm?) by viewing them as embedded in a topologically complex 4D spacetime. What about the human eye? I seriously think there's something relativistic or quantum going on in there and it's connected to the brain by some sort of abstract high dimensional geometry. Same with the ears.

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Can you make an N-D picture of generality and precision on two separate but not necessarily orthogonal axes?
What about a communication cons cell like translation-cons (tcons), which can communicate with any mostly-RESTful web API or programming language FFI? This kind of cons is not a primitive, though.
Or, dually or (co-ly), how about a traslation-decons (tdcons)?
What does a Darth Vader "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*" look like in this language?
Luke Skywalker does the exact same "noooooooo*" with little to no difference, as far as I can tell

File: 71vJj9oxDaL._UX522_.jpg (49 KB, 522x522)
49 KB
Since when did NASA become a fashion statement for normies who don't give a shit about space or science?
Everywhere I look at my university people are wearing this shit and don't know the first thing about NASA. It's pretty annoying.
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So your points are
>nice b8 m8 but im not stupid lol
>scientists are irreplacable bcuz the good they do is real
>politics is childs game and a distraction
Here are some facts anon. If Einstein hadn't discovered Relativity, someone else would have. Maybe years later, but eventually someone would. Yet the right wingers who took place in the Iranian revolution; if they didn't exist Iran would probably be a communist state for decades. No other person would be able to bring back the Islamic Iran we have today.
Politics is the only thing that matters, anon. Science isn't an abstract thing; it's a tool. Science is a part of the power politics we have today.
Syrian Civil War is a once in a lifetime experience. You call our actions petty and irrelevant, yet the right activists in the right time can make all the change. Iranian communists started a revolution and accidentaly created an Islamic state. Ghandi starved himself and planted to seeds of modern India. Some low life burned himself and started the Arab Spring. Some Turk living in the failing Ottoman empire fought against the colonists and created modern Turkey. Some German guy wrote a book and unintentionally created the ideological split we see between countries today. So on and so forth.
Nothing on this list would be the same if it weren't for the right people in the right time. Can you say the same for science anon? I doubt it.
>we're different
I'm not a /pol/ poster anon. My main board is /sci/ and sometimes /r9k/ (those guys are nice company). I only visit /pol/ for /sg/. Every other post in /pol/ is about irrelevant issues the american media wants people to think about.

And my point is, anon, that to say that "politics is irrelevant" is a big mistake. Science influences lives and makes them better, yes, but the right power politics can directly save lives.
For example, no one gave a flying fuck about the Burma genocide which started happening mid 2016. Media catched up on it late 2017, a year later, and still nothing is happening. Do yourself a favor and read the human rights violations report on Burma published sometime late 2016. They have interviews with women who had their children and husbands murdered in front of them, and were later raped by the soldiers. Science will keep growing always, but nothing will bring back the lives that are lost.

t. Physics student
File: Autismo.jpg (22 KB, 277x296)
22 KB
>politics is childs game
No, it's an adult's game. Children are innocent.

Unless you're from some other timeline, that's not how facts work. A hypothetical is the very opposite of a fact. I'm not saying this to be pedantic, I'm saying it because mere argument isn't going to convince me of anything. We base our studies on evidence precisely to avoid getting lost in nonsense hypotheticals that might not matter in any conceivable way.

>if they didn't exist Iran would probably be a communist state for decades
That's a far more tangible, statement, thank you. The reason it's tangible is because politics is a primarily deterministic system. What that means is, you only care about what's happening in the world today because you can see what effect it's going to have long term. It's not even necessarily about the injustices happening right now, it's about everything on into the future. There is a very real degree to where you can predict what will or would have happened, to the degree that you can justify intervening to stop it. This is politics at its basis, so it is _primarily_ deterministic. It couldn't exist otherwise.

>You call our actions petty and irrelevant
I never said that and I don't think that. I was only explaining my cynical outlook on the nature of politicians to exhibit the fact that we don't see eye-to-eye and don't need to. I don't consider politics petty, or I wouldn't care. I do care.

>Can you say the same for science anon?
Absolutely. Do you think science doesn't have an equally intricate history with many players who changed the game forever? I don't want to believe that you seriously think that, so I have to dismiss that argument as a strawman. Again: It doesn't matter what's replaceable or what's not. What matters is that there's any shared basis for us to have a mutually constructive dialogue. Regardless of what state the world takes, only we can decide how we want to interact.

And nothing you said was bait.
Knowing doesn't affect change, and the current methods of affecting change are evil in their own ways. >>9243563 still applies.

>your attitude and statements directly answer your questions
>primarily deterministic

I have no problem with Iran becoming communist, or having become communist, or anything else Iran does. To even pretend that I can do anything about it only causes the political engine to screech and moan and do things that it claims represent me, but really don't. There is no small amount of evil created by trying to ignite movements that shape the lives of thousands.

In short, it's not mine to govern, and to pretend I should have a stake in the lives of peoples who did not ask for my help is evil on its face. It's a game not because it's trivial or irrelevant, which it isn't, but a game because it never ends and someone's always trying to "win."

The only truly winning move is not to play.

File: image.jpg (69 KB, 720x300)
69 KB
If scientists are so smart why aren't they rich or come up with a mathematical proof on how to become rich?
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File: 796.jpg (27 KB, 625x626)
27 KB

I don't think I scientists goal is to be rich, and from the start many of them know that it is not the absolute highest paying job. Also, becoming rich is based on a million factors, to the point where a single equation, no matter how complex, can truly guide you towards being rich.

Seeking wealth is for peasants. Real men become the wealth, by acquiring unique knowledge.
>If scientists are so smart why aren't they rich or come up with a mathematical proof on how to become rich?

Step 1: Stop doing all things related to STEM. It's a waste of time.
Step 2: Embrace your inner autist. Discard all subtlety.
Step 3: Become incredibly butthurt over all things related to religion*. Hate God with an unquenchable passion.
Step 4: Rant at every opportunity. Surround yourself with similar minded teenagers looking for people to confirm their biases.

Congratulations, you a now a modern prophet of enlightened skeptical rational scientifically verified free thought™ in the same league as the brightest minds of history that have advanced humanity with all of your popular books becoming best sellers.

>*in reality, just (protestant) Christianity but only refer to religion so you can't be called a bigot. Also, fully support Islam and call all naysayers "racist".
Most probably could if the focused their skills on Statistics and went to work on Wallstreet.

But thats boring.

Intelligence isn't defined by a line that has very stupid on one end and very smart on the other. There are several different categories for intelligence that explain some people's strengths and others weaknesses. The skills to get rich probably require a lot of interpersonal skills for networking and marketing for example. The stereotype for scientists, primarily those in academia, probably are very logical and linear thinking individuals that allows then to contribute to their respective disciplines. However, when it comes to something that is unpredictable as the market and something as no linear as society, makes it difficult to reason out a method of aquiring wealth by those means.

Can you draw a 3D shape where 5 points are connected to each other by lines of the same length, which never intersect and which can be curved?
ABCDE the 5 points, A is connected to B, C, D, E; B to A, C, D, E; ...
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Could you try and draw it?
I have no idea how to check if the lines are exactly the same length.
File: Scr1.png (46 KB, 540x926)
46 KB
This is the best I could do on my phone. Imagine that the diagonals of the base are equal to the slant sides of the pyramid.
I try to understand but I think it's as hard for me to see what's up in the drawing that it as been for you to draw it.
If you have more time later to make it better i'll try and stay around.
Thanks for the time and help.
It's an approximation. You could easily make the curves the same length. And I didn't connect all nodes because they picture would be insanely detailed and take a long time to draw and be confusing to look at
I don’t understand your drawing I’ll try to make the complete one to understand better and check if it works

File: dindin.jpg (108 KB, 962x651)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
How is it created?
How would one go about using it for fuel?
What does it taste like?
tastes like the opposite of regular matter, with a hint of gamma radiation
It is created by smashing meme particles together
By harnessing the perfect energy their reaction creates
Tastes like a big boom
t. Also brainlet
>How is it created?
I seriously hope you don't believe in creationism anon
but wait, doesn't matter get destroyed when it collides with antimatter? if it has an end, it has to have a beginning right? so matter can be created right? serious non-meme question

File: qsw.png (845 KB, 1300x867)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
Is science advanced enough to tell us anything meaningful about the neurological state that correlates with not understanding something enough to ask intelligent questions about it?

That depends, OP: has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
And if not why not.
There are no intelligent questions. There are, however, intelligent answers.
>Is science advanced enough to tell us anything meaningful about the neurological state that correlates with not understanding something enough to ask intelligent questions about it?
There is nothing meaningful to be said about that state, as it's a description of maximum entropy. A rock has that state.
Interesting. So you hold that the brain reduces entropy under the right circumstances?

File: symbol.png (44 KB, 1200x1193)
44 KB
What's your favorite axiomatization of the real numbers?

The usual way to do it seems to be to view them as a totally ordered field that is Dedekin-Complete, or as Cauchy Sequences of rational numbers.

Personally I like Tarski's axiomatization of the real numbers.

1. Symmetry
If x < y, then not y < x

2. Denseness
If x < z, there exists a y such that x < y and y < z

3. Separation
For all X, Y ⊆ R, if for all x ∈ X and y ∈ Y, x < y, then there exists a z such that
for all x ∈ X and y ∈ Y, if z ≠ x and z ≠ y, then x < z and z < y.

Or in plain language:

"If a set of reals precedes another set of reals, then there exists at least one real number separating the two sets."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Actually those are axioms for quadrilaterals :)
not that anon but does this mean you have to write enough of a description to include all the properties of the real numbers, and not just enough to construct them, to be considered THE axiomatization of the real numbers?
File: 1462227739667.png (170 KB, 396x388)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
The one where they don't exist, because they really don't.
>maths cares about metaphysical questions like whether concepts like 'existence'
really adds the wild onto the 'berger
Not Cauchy Sequences, so much is clear.

Like genetically engineered humans who can become any race they wish through some type of metamorphosis or advanced surgery/gene theraphy to do the same thing? I'm not talking about just mirroring the effects of vitiligo, but something more comprehensive.
File: 1508090842072.jpg (110 KB, 953x1282)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>wanting to make yourself 40iq points dumber
I know brain chemicals differ in certain races, but I'm not sure if just by changing myself into a nigger I'd suffer such a colossal retardation

File: image.jpg (109 KB, 636x697)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Fake papers

>graph adapted from Scafetta, 2017
L0Lno fgt pls
Nicola Scafetta is a well-known climate crackpot.

File: isopods.jpg (59 KB, 600x635)
59 KB
Hey /sci/, what experiment should I run on a bunch of isopods for my undergrad bio lab?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Those are some weird shells.
If you pulled that off, would he die?
File: skinny-isopod.jpg (233 KB, 1157x1311)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I read that some eat only once a year.

This. Try to increase their metabolism by 1000%.
Yes, the shell is stuck to it
It would be extremely painful.
You're a big Isopod.

18 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
An ok science communicator who wants to emulate his hero Carl Sagan.
If he really wants to follow in Sagan's footsteps he should smoke more weed though.
>he should smoke more weed though
This so hard. He treats science like the total salvation of mankind. Guy needs drugs and perspective.
Flat Earth
I found him quite inspiring 10 years ago
>Bill Nye who use science are just entertainers no original research no real contribution to science they just say stuff every one knows
Bill Nye has published numerous papers and holds several patents.

He just also makes money making entertainment shows with a scientific bent.

File: 2017-10-19-12-54-02-.png (14 KB, 230x220)
14 KB
Can someone explain to me how feilds work in relation to the polly exlusion principle?

As far as I can tell they're basically volumes of space with a particular measurable property that fluctuates because energy travels through the field in the form of waves.
Changing the measurement of the given property as it travels (ripples?) Through the field (space matrix?)

Is this a good description or am I fucked up?

What we call a particle is the smallest measurable volume of space in the feild at the lowest energy state possible.

Quarks and electrons (fermions) are basically those points of low energy states, each corresponding to the field they come from. But they can't occupy the same energy state as each other (polly exclusion) save for this thing called color charge which allows them to do so in hadrons by apparently putting the quarks in a permament game if hot potato (gluon exchange)

My question is how does that hot potato game reconcile polly exclusion with the obvious fact that at any given time, at least two fermions are still occupying the same energy state. Or do they not? I had assumed before getting into QCD that they stacked on each other where one feild point just excluded another and pushed it to a slightly higher energy state which made sense to me given how fundamental forces appear to have an order of strength.

I'm lost /sci/ help me understand.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>How does pauli work with fields?
The fields obey anti-commutation relations instead of commutation relations.
>Can fields be accurately described as a 3d space matrix( if not then how can they be best described?)
I have no idea what that means -- quantum fields are fields of operators defined on 4D spacetime.
>Does energy travel through different fields with different wave functions?
Fields don't have wave functions. Sometimes people mention wave functionals, but all real field theory is done in the Heisenberg picture.
>What makes color charge happen?
SU(3) gauge symmetry.

I know this isn't a very helpful explanation, but I don't really understand what you're trying to say.

Do you even Pauli famalam?
/Thread: closed
I got the joke, I just didn't understand the relevance.
Thanks it was helpful enough.

File: fc03032.png (49 KB, 982x310)
49 KB
So, what are you supposed to do?
67 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Funnily enough, it actually doesn't. HF is surprisingly non-reactive. In fact, it's so non-reactive that it soaks through human skin. That said, yes, it's extremely reactive with calcium so HF poisoning does indeed lead to your bones softening. Unfortunately, if it's not spotted when it occurs, it may be about half a day before the chalky burn is noticed, at which point your bones may already be fucked.
>The compound has no practical applications, but has been of theoretical interest. One laboratory used it to synthesize plutonium hexafluoride at unprecedentedly low temperatures, which was significant because previous methods for preparation needed temperatures so high that the plutonium hexafluoride created would rapidly decompose.[11]
he was being purposely retarded. a fan to blow away the oxygen. yeah i always get lightheaded because of the fan blowing away all the oxygen
Yeah! "Ignition!" is my favorite historical technical document, esp. since I'm already interested in rocketry. (One surprise from it is that nobody seriously tried the methalox fuel combo in the early days of rocketry. Why is it all the rage now?)
Add more until there is nothing left to react with.

File: 1499292503139.jpg (26 KB, 413x367)
26 KB
With brainlets from pol gradually monopolizing sci with their stupidity, I've noticed a sharp decline in quality content. Meaningful threads are becoming rare and the shitposting is more watered down. Is sci dying, and if so, where can I go?
sci has always been shit
>Gamergate attracted Facebook users to /pol/ nearly doubling the site's traffic
>Dumb /pol/tards spill out and ruin other boards
It doesn't matter and never did. /sci/ doesn't rely on self-generated content like other boards, we draw from the very soul of academia. Nothing can stop us.
but everyone worth talking to has been discouraged by this changing environment. what can we do?

Check if they result in a false result like 1 = 0.
That sounded terrible. *Check if they produce a false result
So there's a name for that.

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