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File: digital.png (23 KB, 282x179)
23 KB
Can someone help me with this circuit problem pls?

A synchronous sequential circuit that has a single serial input x. The output will be a 1 if and only if the sequence 101101 has been received. Identify all overlapping instances of the sequence. Find the following: the minimum state graph, make a near optimum state assignment, design the circuit using JK flip-flops and analyze your design.

File: 0696 - oE2YOSm.jpg (99 KB, 610x475)
99 KB
>junior year EE
>spend summer before sending emails to EE and physics professor hoping to meet when school starts and possibly gain some research experience
>only 1 reply
>go to his office, tour lab, everything going well
>"your not prepared" (need a junior level course which I now have done)
>spend rest of semester studying hard and preparing to apply for REUs and any summer research available
>time comes when applications are open
>fill out all the forms up until recommendation letters
>try to contact old professors through email to meet sometime and ask for letter
>no replies
>ask a few current teachers
>no chance for any of those now
>all the while I never applied for internships of any kind, cant find many within specialization, and get no replies
>mfw this is with 3.9+ gpa, a few projects, experience with relevant software, and with multiple programming languages, clubs, honors, etc...
>mfw I will be working some boring food job again next summer
Next semester I will ask a new professor at the school for research experience and hope something happens. I wanted to apply for PhD programs for free grad school but seems like I will have to do masters because I might have 0 research like an absolute mongoloid...

File: AA035298.jpg (12 KB, 600x600)
12 KB
I'm designing a simple security system for a special application using a timer and a sensor. If the sensor is tripped before the timer is finished, an electrical current will be supplied. I've been trying to think of something I can add colour to that can be ignited with a small spark and combust quickly and completely (so impossible to replace). It will be contained in a sealed glass jar so there's no potential for a fire.. Does anyone have any suggestions?

File: 1479689928001.png (522 KB, 431x542)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
whenever it starts snowing, it feels like there's ZERO wind at all, and I can stand outside for minutes in a t shirt.

whenever it feels super cold, there's never snow or rain around.

Does my described trend actually exist, and is there a reason for it? I live in the northeast.
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yeah it sucks, but that wasn't my question
Why not leave it?
snow is a good insulator because it traps air, that's why you can live in igloos
Also it can't snow if it gets too cold because then there's not enough moisture in the air for precipitation, the temperature of maximum snowfall is like -5 or -2 °C (thereabouts) ircc
its because snow is a sound insulator, the cold sounds that usually follow cold fronts just get absorbed by the snow, so the "water cooler" effect is handicapped.
the stuff turned into snow because it gave up its heat
that heat warms the air now

File: 14651216679050.jpg (803 KB, 2048x1411)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
Why is the felt experience of consciousness not taken seriously by the scientific community? And especially not psychedelic states of consciousness.

Consciousness is real and can be observed by any sentient being, just as much as atoms and rocks. It's the most important thing for us to understand since it is the first thing we can observe, we epistemologically cannot pierce the vale of consciousness to exert anything outside until we understand it.
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File: 1501362404111.jpg (287 KB, 1500x1000)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Sorry I normally try to keep it down to one thread per month but this time I accidentally posted a new thread forgetting I had another one going.

I'm not a schizo I'm a completely normal member of society who just happens to have crippling social phobia and mild autism.
File: 1496533661292.png (879 KB, 798x600)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
>You always make threads with fucking retarded postulations about consciousness trying to sound deep and shit and its always gibberish
Oh and it's not gibberish. I've written gibberish while high before and this is not that. Everything I'm saying is very well reasoned and clear if you understand the terminology.
Its a fucking retarded thread
Where did you get the impression that consciousness is not taken seriously?

You are a grade A++ autist stop shitting the fucking board

I already made the mistake of engaging in a discussion with you once, dont bother giving me (You)s
File: 4bmbVAC.jpg (26 KB, 469x232)
26 KB
Also as an actual real (you), you're factually incorrect. In this thread alone the majority of people responding say that consciousness either does not exist or is an unscientific topic.

I’m being retarded trying to study for finals and can’t determine what Artificial mRNA is in terms of the genetic code. Any help?
Artificial mRNA is mRNA that has been back translated from a protein by putting a special lever on the ribosome so it goes in reverse.
Artificial microRNA
Artificial megaRNA you fucking brainlet

Hey, /sci/

What are some good books (or video lecture series) about the fourth dimension, simulations, or virtual reality (or perhaps a book on how they all relate to each other)?

This is my first time on this board because I'm usually interested in arts and humanities. I hope to use this information to inform my artistic pursuits and so that I can understand the world more clearly.

I've been watching youtube videos on this subject all night and I find it truly fascinating, but I admittedly don't have a very solid foundation in basic maths/sciences.
I would prefer that your recommendations can be understood by the layperson.

File: 46a.png (90 KB, 645x729)
90 KB
>fourth dimension
Instant pop-sci brainlet red flag.
Dude, I already said that I'm not usually into math or science.
My main interest is painting, and I've seen my fair share of people that have no grasp of understanding on fine arts, so I understand how you may feel about my lack of knowledge regarding math and science. I simply hope that you respond with the same sense of understanding that I am giving you.

I've just been watching some videos on it and I find it interesting, so I want to learn more about it.
What does it matter if it's popular science?
File: 1512448600981.jpg (109 KB, 588x823)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>hurrr u to dum 2 unerstand muh scribbles,, maffs is fer idiots

File: download (6).jpg (10 KB, 190x266)
10 KB
post an pic of you're favourite text book
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>comfortable with math
What does that even mean?
Completed a math bachelor s say
someone who watches numberphile
File: 514q5f7nBnL.jpg (40 KB, 387x500)
40 KB
No. You want to read big boy books.
Does this book build on Velleman or does it just give a different perspective?

How do Websites know when there's going to be a star shower? are they sorcerers?
we know where the meteor clouds are and also where the earth is.

File: still testing.jpg (69 KB, 1200x735)
69 KB
2nd attempt for the Electron "Still Testing" launch is today.
Bump to ensure nobody starts a second thread.

Still over an hour off. Here's where the stream will be:

Updates here:

This is New Zealand / USA smallsat launcher for ~200 kg satellites, about one quarter the size of Falcon 1.
Scrubbed due to wind. No launch today.
hope it works this time

Does anyone from Rocket Lab post in these threads? Curious to hear if working there is as oppressive as people say it is

Why is nutrition so controversial? Is the whole field really that divided?
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File: 1487781593839.jpg (13 KB, 350x350)
13 KB
>natural is always better
Yeah sure. Go eat a handfull of some all natural apple seeds and see how you do. Hate this bad appeal to nature fallacy. It honestly has no grounds in reality other than "DIS TING GOOD DAT TING BAD!"
>fruit juice
>5-7 servings a day
the most unscientific pop-chart i've seen in a while, anyone that took bio 1 or 2 could understand why this chart doesn't prove anything.
The same ppl that brought us chemtrails, 9/11 and GMO's. Of course the food pyramid is wrong. They're wanting less of us not more. Just another brick in the wall.
What is the use for carbs you fucking brainlet?

File: grinch.png (2.08 MB, 946x929)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
Is the set of all dank memes self containing?
Dank is subjective, unless you provide a measurable criterion for dank we cant answer your question
1. Based on some arbitrary level of approval x

2. Changing dank meme to just meme
A set of memes is generally not a meme (and especially not a dank one) so I'd say clearly not.

File: pepe-suicide.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB
>wife's son is failing physics, again
>the wife talked to me about paying for his private tutoring
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>wife's son
Stopped reading there
If hes a nice boy and respectful why not help him out with physics yourself you bitch? You are on sci so you must be 140 iq maths major.

Maybe the kid looks up to you, you fucking jackasss
Divorce her and marry a wife with fidelity
That's where i started reading! :^)
File: cointelpro.gif (139 KB, 1169x993)
139 KB
139 KB GIF
Fuck off.

What does /sci/ like to use for plotting?

I prefer gnuplot and R with ggplot2.
For exploration I always do base plots. Do you use ggplot all the time or just when it has to look nice? Is it as fast and simple as using plot()?
Only when it has to look nice. It's simpler to throw something together in gnuplot and run with it.
I too use ggplot2 and have lately been incorporating ggmap as well.
I like pyplot, but when I'm using R, I just use the base. Ggplot usually looks ugly, tbqhwyf.

>claims high iq
>doesn't speak more than 3 languages
12 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
This tbqh, being a native English speaker is like winning the language lottery
>claims high iq
>wastes neurons on representing the same logical systems multiple times
>instead of knowing one language well and learning higher complex logic or understanding that language

You may know 3 languages but your vocabulary is shit compared to mine and your intelligence is slow. YOu're gay too
>The real insanity is living in one small part of the earth where language is fragmented into dozens of pieces, each incomprehensible to people living only a few hundred miles away

It's not hard to learn a fucking language (my dad knows 3). Also trade languages and Pidgin exist you brainlet.
I just don't like learning languages. I've tried and speaking them is cool, but being able to swear at your Mexican friends in their language isn't really worth the time and effort.
real spanish > mecicant

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