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File: Airship Hindenburg.jpg (3.1 MB, 2931x2298)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
tl;dr how to make helium feasible in heavy-cargo airships

Hey y'all, so I'm writing a story about airships and shit. I've researched the topic a bit and am currently laying down the ground rules for the world I'm building. Here's the bullet points:

>Not Earth, but basically-Earth world
>Airships run the shipping industry, tourism, hobbies, etc. They're everywhere
>Also trains are p prevalent
>Because of its illegality, federal and law-abiding people use helium
>pirates (yeah there's pirates) use hydrogen for its extra lift and low cost and steal the helium from victim ships for that sweet cashflow

So how does make sense that Helium is used for transporting engines and books and other heavy shit? Obviously it's retarded and yeah it's a fantasy adventure story, but I like to keep things at least semi-plausible. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways around the retardedness of using helium as a heavy-lifting agent? Or any other suggestions, I like to hear ideas and discussion.

thanks boo
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>>so the fuel used can't easily reach the energy output required to lift an airplane, but it works for pushing a blimp slowly. Thoughts on that?
Airships take the same amount of power/(power*gross weight) as airplanes to go at slower speeds. In other words, for the same amount of power you can go faster with an airplane.
well fuck.

One last thought: diesels weren't ever used in airplanes widely, but were used extensively in airships in the early 20th century - gas and kerosene doesn't exist in my world? Or would diesel airplanes still outperform airships in that scenario?
If you're not on earth anyways just increase the atmospheric pressure to make airships more feasible! It's a completely legitimate approach to legitimate alternate worlds by tweaking with the fundamental conditions imo and I like that kind of sci-fi
File: Airlander-crash.webm (426 KB, 448x252)
426 KB

File: outfit.png (77 KB, 1810x2440)
77 KB
I'm 20

Was I born too late to live forever?
Why don’t you live and find out
Why do you say that?
2020 is the beginning and 2040 will be the peak. So the answer is no, you are not born too late.
Yes, and everyone who ever lived or will ever live as well

File: cn.png (565 KB, 635x526)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
What is it that makes this guys face unattractive? He shows good frontal growth and a strong jawline... so what is it that is so off putting? I can't put my finger on it.
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he has an underdeveloped upper jaw
you are the stupid one.
ashkenazi jews are notorious for their bad looks, they carry gene defects that are slight enough to only affect their faces in dysmorphic, albeit not nonfunctional ways.
It's highly asymmetrical.
> they peel your entire face off
how the hell do they do this without leaving horrific scars?
the cuts are inside the mouth, above the gums.

What are some fields where there are currently low-hanging fruits to grab?
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Some field of biology. You can go to the jungle and discover thousands of new species of all kinds. Just try not to get abducted or shot

The more general formula is applying math/stats/logic to some other area. Just learn math first, and then a lot of opportunities will pop up if you're mildy creative. Sounds cumbersome, and it may be, but I would argue high probability of interesting fruits, mango, pineapple etc.., not just some overripe fucking brown banana.
>What are some fields where there are currently low-hanging fruits to grab?

when physics faces something thats pretty much the live manifestation of godel's incompleteness theorem then it would be nearly over
>inb4 black holes
>inb4 quantum physics

the math is there, needs more experiments
Creating models of thought in cognitive science.

File: 1520342817971.png (7 KB, 235x215)
7 KB
Is telepathy the solution to the problem of language?
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File: TRINITY___Detractors1.png (377 KB, 620x350)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
Is language the solution to the problem of telepathy?
I've always thought of telepathy as some sort of perfect empathy. There might be a better word than empathy, but basically it would be like taking your exact thoughts or emotions and allowing another person to experience them the same way you are.
yeah that
File: Tookerfamily.jpg (383 KB, 1496x955)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Oh, look at me... I'm so smart that I exchanged the order in the question...
Daily reminder to ignore role-playing namefags, this is not an RP board

File: 1458281962524.jpg (64 KB, 604x604)
64 KB
I'm an IQ 105 Genius
Ask me anything
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I think you underestimate the stupidity of the average person. Chances are if you were born in the suburbs and went to an all white school the average iq of people you interacted with were 105-110.
There's no need to envy, not everyone can be a certified IQ 105 Genius
I am sorry but only America uses this chart. Sure you are a genius in America if you have over 100 IQ but you still have a long way to go by the standards used by rest of the world.
Anyone who legitimately thinks IQ is important is stupid or at least unwise. Intelligence can't be measured quantitatively with our technology.

That's why no corporation has people fill out an IQ test as their primary sorting system. IQ tests are purely for bragging purposes and aren't any more useful than a 5 minute interview.
Only low IQ individuals believ this

File: F_1_2.gif (16 KB, 452x363)
16 KB
Just finished my physics degree (bachelors) with a decent grade. Am now considering going into DSP for a masters course, as I enjoy programming and working with waves. However, I have limited experience, having done some modules with Python and a project using C and VHDL, but not much beyond that. At the moment I'm worried I'll be out of my depth for a masters in signal processing, and also feel I don't know enough to tell if it genuinely interests me, or even where I would study it. Does anyone on here study/work in DSP and can give some advice? I'm in the UK btw. Thanks in advance
According to the newsgroup comp.dsp the job market is not that good. If you are a top student you will always find a job, otherwise it is hard. In the 1990's DSP was hot but things have changed.

File: file.png (675 KB, 800x734)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
Do you use these in your lab?
How are they?
I don't how they are. I didn't ask.
they spin and heat
File: 1528328454822.png (431 KB, 578x424)
431 KB
431 KB PNG

They keep your beverage nice and warm. I recommend them.

File: AB+.png (529 KB, 848x1200)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
how often do you donate blood, /sci/?
I did every 8 weeks until they told me to gtfo
I donated over 16 l. of blood overall
cant i fuck dudes
Did it in the army because it went to my Bros. Don't do it in civland because people make money off it and I don't see a reasonable dime.

File: Hummuna Hummuna.jpg (39 KB, 810x526)
39 KB
Total retard when it comes to physics, why is string theory so popular? Is it the most promising?
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Bohmian mechanics does literally the same predictions as QM, that's why John Bell liked it
it's a useless meme
Great arguments
u2 bb
>>"b-but muh special relativity"
>>"b-but you don't have a unified theory with muuhh relativity"
>How do you EXPECT to have a bohmian relativity theory with only having the 0,1% of physicists working on it, while the rest are full autismo on cuck mechanics?
Bohmian mechanics has a preferred time-slicing of space-time, there is no way around it. This gives you a preferred reference frame, which is incompatible with special relativity. You also have to add the non-locality (which in Copenhagen is mild enough to be fused with SR).

And this is only the first step..... Gauge symmetries and internal degrees of freedom are also a serious problem.

File: 0d8.jpg (21 KB, 596x739)
21 KB
Where do races come from?
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Natural selection bred certain traits long long ago in the areas where humans were pressured to develop such traits for reasons unknown to us.
So, after sometime, hooked nose individuals begun spawning here and there and for some reason it seems like those physical traits correlate with brain development. So individuals who were cunning and manipulative showed that in their face, its how human sexual selection works (face plays huge part in this) and the environment obviously pressured the feemails to go after the cunning, sleazy types.

>Hence ashkenaz were born

negros on the other hand bred traits related to brute force. me see big cat me run. they also developed the we wuz traits but that's an extension of the thievering predisposition
Yeah, Africans and Caucasians are identical under the skin. The African continent was colonised that's why they lag behind and are over represented in every negative statistic known to man.
That's also why there is a massive shortage of African organ and blood donors, colonisation.
Somebody got cucked by Tyrone, I see
That can just as easily be written down as a cultural cause. Black criminal cultures cover your first point, and the last two are both races and cultures.

File: 1530817489215.jpg (28 KB, 396x385)
28 KB
This is the general for all things both healthcare and medicine related.

Any other fellow incoming MS1's shitting themselves?

Past thread: >>9846112
251 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do doctors actually do that you need to go to med school for 4 years for?
I go in and you just tell me to take some advil.
With the amount of money you're making and time you put into it, I expect you to be able to wave your hand and cure me.
File: 1511757794590.jpg (239 KB, 961x816)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
any labfags here?
>>9878326 here, just saw this post. my job is pretty comfy, but the pay, duties and educational requirements vary a lot depending on location. where do you live? any more specific questions?
>tfw wont ever sit on lectures with my crush ever again cause im a loser thy failed course again

File: Feels Guy.png (3 KB, 300x168)
3 KB
>What papers you're doing this semester
>What grades you think you'll get
Inter-Universal Techmueller Theory, it'll win me the Fields medal.
> implying all of /sci/ aren't highschoolers/undergards
>implying the undergrads of /sci/ aren't boy geniuses already writing research papers that are soon to be published

File: regret-nothing-possum.jpg (29 KB, 600x318)
29 KB
> mfw choose engineering degree rather than physics degree

> I regret nothing

"It's Worth Every Minute,anon"
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Math. I thought I had said it in my first post but now I see that I didn't.
File: fsefewfwef.jpg (10 KB, 223x226)
10 KB
>Engineers are just physicists that apply principles to real world applications.
That's not an engineering degree, that's a math degree. Are you doing a specialized role within an engineering department? Are you undergrad, PhD, or what?
Engineering is better. Better pay and better prestige. Just pick electrical, mechanical or civil. Anything else os a meme
What? I don't know where you got that from but I specifically said I would never major in physics or engineering.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
So yesterday while walking in the early morning, I noticed a bunch of cores and almost all birds screaming at me. Few moments a dog started following me which was dripping saliva under her mouth. The bird kept trying to attack him but not me. I hit him he scratched me a bit on my legs.He ran away and I went back home. Few moments later the same dog is found taking it last breath under my home. I carried him to the animal van myself. Moments later I received a call from the animal shelter that he passed away. I took a shiwer and felt asleep. Someone advised me that the dog might have rabies cause he was acting rabid and all. I got the injections about 8hrs later from the scratch. I woke up today and am feeling tired and nervous and scared. Is it paranoia,hysteria or I am actually gonna get rabbies and am I gonna die??? Please help am scared. Forgive the grammar.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Rabies incubates for a minimum of weeks before the disease starts. As long as you got the rabies shot, you're fine.
Tell me more about the symptoms man.
Just calm down buddy, it's not that easy to catch something. Especially if you got the injection.

I'm not a doctor though. Just got bitten by loads of different animals and never caught anything.
You know, foaming mouth, spontaneous, non coordinated movements and strangely, fear of water. Those are all pretty late symptoms though, by which point you're basically incurable. Your best bet is to take rabies vaccine (it works even after infection) and just chill out
I did yesterday. Just feeling really heavy and lazy right now. So kinda scared plus I saw some vids of tabbies victims so I am being paranoid.

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