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File: uwsw3bw65ysz.jpg (103 KB, 800x598)
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Anyone here knows some pharmacology? When people say something like "dopamine receptor agonist"...is the receptor presynaptic or postsynaptic? A presynaptic receptor (e.g. autoreceptor) may trigger a decrease in the production of the neurotransmmiter (so an inhibitory response), while an agonizer for postsynaptic receptor may encourage firing (so excitatory).

Am I misunderstanding something?

What modern book / research paper so far has the best argument supporting Social Darwinism?
>"Social Darwinism"
AKA "I don't understand Darwinism but want to be edgy".
Jude the obscure by Tom hardy gives a pretty good example of social darwinism
I still don't know wtf Social Darwinism is

Cultures evolve over time?
The bible

File: HUM1020 Photo.png (1.06 MB, 949x709)
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1.06 MB PNG
Hypotethical Question.

If you were somebody interested in creating an AI. Where would be a great place to start reading about how to make it?
File: images.jpg (43 KB, 682x1080)
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Artificial intelligence is for people without real intelligence.
Thank you, Im going to read about it now.
That is some top tier trolling there. He actually fell for the Hutter meme!
So is Machine learning a meme or is it worth getting into?

File: CRISOR-1.jpg (84 KB, 630x437)
84 KB
What are your thoughts on CRISPR and its potential?
Some fags say it's a meme, other fags say the opposite.
Been pretty interested in it though, I've heard about China doing shit with it, so here's hoping it's not just another popsci topic

This literal crack smoker-looking Dane invented the third most popular programming language.

What's your excuse?
I'm not a great dane
File: UnivacII.jpg (31 KB, 700x420)
31 KB
Looks are deceiving. In this case the inside of the cortex is what counts not how much one resembles a male stripper.

File: unnamed (5).png (13 KB, 300x165)
13 KB
Are there any genetic differences between races? Or only phenotype differences? And can human races be compared to different dog breeds ?

File: 617jai1qmRL.jpg (76 KB, 500x500)
76 KB
What is the universe selecting for in life?

What is the end state, the maximum peak evolutionary level for the widest variety of niches, of an orgamisn in this universe?
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>The entire observable universe isn't a relevant scope for talking about biological evolution
>commets can't arry bacteria

Dude, ther are other worlds that could plausibly be colonized by space-rock-sperm
This mean that forms of life that endure primitive space travel have an advantage.

Eg, life could appear on one planet, then jump to another when it collides with something. From there maybe a spacefaring species appear. Boom. Now the universe was colonized because some bacteria resisted sunrays better.

And it also applies to travel done of purpose. If we were dolphins it'd be hell to get out of this planet.
And even as humans, the radiation, asteroids, whatever we encounter out there makes a whole lot of difference when we try and conquer the galaxy. Everything from the size of the stars to the make-up of planets will bless or curse our travels.
>gravitational forces
>getting minerals and water for space colonies
>stars' magnetic shields
>No, you're still trying to look at a ridiculously massive scope for a phenomenon that only exists in one vanishingly small section of it.
You could say the same about the Earth's environment.

Would you say that the local conditions on my backyard don't matter to evolution because if it rains here it's a local thing?
It's a fallacy to treat our technology and tool use as not a product of adaptation and natural selection. If life can spread throughout the cosmos because it is intelligent enough to develop the tech to do so, realize that their planet will eventually get fucked by their star aging, and get out while the gettin's good, that's still natural selection at work.
Can't tell if you are trying to correct me or it's an addendum, but we are on the same page.
Tech is an evolutionary advantage

File: CERN-Logo.svg_.png (186 KB, 2000x2275)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
How come this organization is the butt of many conspiracy theories? They have been blamed for almost everything ranging from the Mandela Effect to manmade black hole armageddon. How much of this shit is true and why are they such an easy target for blame?

There was even an episode of Doctor Who that involved CERN and it was an episode which made a lot of people think the writers were redpilled and were subtlety fighting against its host network, the BBC.

What makes CERN so scary?


Thoughts ?
And Lols

Worthless, "science". Wake em when they dig up technology that revolutionizes the world.
>Thoughts ?
You need to go back to pol

File: 1488851896060.png (708 KB, 726x1210)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
I read a while ago that drinking coffee had similar effects on your brain as other (stronger) drugs like heroin.

The mans argument was that, by drinking coffee, one moves into a state of alertness which wears your body off given long term consumption. In other words, once you get off this state you become progressively "weaker" if that's the correct word.

I don't know what that man was talking about, so I want /sci/ opinions on coffee, or if you guy shave any studies to share or recommendations they are welcome too.

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Uh... how old are you kiddo?
Why do all topics devolve into race + IQ shitposting and original topic shitflinging across the aisle?
*tips pot* muh brewer
>I am a white man

lower iq than asians and Indians

Fuck off back to pol cleetus
A white man didn't invent communism, he doesn't count as white.

File: Confused_Kirby.png (23 KB, 194x227)
23 KB
How do you color vegetable glycerin vapor without putting the user/consumer in any health dangers?
I don't see any problems inhaling red 40, I welcome it

File: AIDS_Map_Adults1.gif (45 KB, 575x320)
45 KB
My brainlet is showing and /wsr/ told me to post here because of alleged racism. I can't solve this with the correlation coefficient equation.

"Monkeys" got disease D and there is a test T for it.
D+ means having "monkey-AIDS".
D- means being healthy.

P(D+) = 0,01
P(D-) = 0,99

Now about the test: T+ means monkey-HIV+
Sensitivity P(T+ | D+) = 0,98
Specificity P(T- | D-) = 0,98
P(T- | D+) = 0,02
P(T+ | D-) = 0,02

I need to find the positive predictive value for when two tests are done when

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>tfw Russia is anti-gay in public policy
>As gay as America, and more gay than most of Europe, the gayest continent on the planet
File: hiv_013.jpg (339 KB, 900x635)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
They don't have continuous landmass. America cut the shitty part off.

File: bee.jpg (16 KB, 337x256)
16 KB
Hey sci,
so I was watching Thoughty2 on youtube, and he said on his "What Would Happen If All The Cats Suddenly Disappeared?" video, that the only bees that are endangered live on Hawaii. Is it true that we are told a lie, that all bees are dying out?
If yes do you have some articles on the topic?
All YouTube told me about bees is that it is hip to fuck bees

Post your anything science/math related wallpapers!
File: illumination2.jpg (184 KB, 1024x1024)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>birth dates

>Blurry upscaled crap
>sacred geometry
>Low res with visible artefacts

These all look terrible.

File: 1507918565723.gif (1.61 MB, 288x288)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Why don't we as humans think greens and veggies taste good? Most of us have to force ourselves to eat it. If it's so healthy why haven't we evolved to like the taste yet?
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no thanks
>polyunsaturated fatty acids
You want those, though.
>Most of us have to force ourselves to eat it
That's just cause you're a burger who ate too much sweet shit and drank too much soda as a kid. Me and most people I know actually like vegetables.
I guess, but not much, is it? I don't know what you need them for but I know you need them. I also know that they participate in some more-so inflammatory pathway.

I don't know much, actually.

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