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I want o practice my French.
What are some cities/regions where people are nice and I can do this without being scoffed at.

You can pick from all French speaking areas, in Europe.
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Nigga please, I went to Matonge and Molenbeek and it was fine
I liked Marseille quite a lot, I'm no /pol/lack tho, so the Muslims didn't annoy me
Wouldn't recommend for learning French, they have a strong accent
Ok, this is what I want to hear.
I feel the cleanest French is spoken in the center of the country, the flyover region. Is this true?
What about accents in Valonie and Romandie?
I'd say Bordeaux maybe

What do you suppose the dangerous parts of America and France have in common?

Here's a recent hostel experience I had in London. Thankfully it was only one night but I had only booked them last minute as my original hostel cancelled on me for being only one night
>rooms are 18 beds with three-story bunks
>cramped, humid and filthy
>couple of people staying are obviously homeless, including the one above my bed
>peer through one of the bed curtains and notice a homeless looking dude on his phone, surrounded in trash and an plug extension
>shrug it off and attempt to climb onto one of the free beds
>catch my jeans on a loose bit of metal sticking from the bed frame, jeans get slightly ripped but whatever
>after fucking around on my phone, someone turns off the light so I thought I should try and get some sleep
>too humid, smelly and unsettling to sleep
>a couple of hours later, someone turns on the light and just leaves it like that
>I would turn it off but I don't want to climb down and up the death ladder again
>trying to sleep but too humid, smelly and bright
>suddenly I feel like my bed starts to shake slightly
>I notice that the mattress above me is vibrating rhythmically
>homeless guy above me is jacking off

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Damn right it does. Vile places ran by vile people.
What is there to say?

a while back people traveled without the internet, it was real and it was scary. i hope some of you can still find that experience. the rest of you, just keep using the internet and being safe, keep having unrealistic expectations in hostels. i'm not sure why some of you leave home.
>gets it

this is why I believe most here are just larping and Never travel.. why wouldn't it occur to you if you have any social skills lol.. though to be honest, I'll just do it in the room idgaf, but if she does, shower.
I find hostels fun, the only thing my phone is for when I travel is photos if something good is happening, or maps if I get lost and just can't figure it out.

I dont get people who have to plan everything in this day and age.. back in the day sure id have probably planned more, but then again, probably not. However, with all the hostel sites and shit, idk why people plan so much of their stay in advance. I only ever book my plane tickets, I figure everything else out when I get there.
Booking in advance is cheaper.

File: hqdefault.jpg (39 KB, 480x360)
39 KB
Thai General.

Old thread was hitting bump limit.
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File: 20171027_062050.jpg (1.83 MB, 4032x1960)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
She cute
Enjoy your AIDS.

Taiwan is looking at restricting tourist visas for Thais because so many Thai prostitutes have been coming over here, fucking hundreds of guys, eventually getting arrested, and then oops it turns out they were fired from their Bangkok "bar" job because they'd gotten infected with HIV and so they figured they'd just go spread it somewhere else.

Not even joking. There've been like half a dozen in the news in just the last few months.

focustaiwan dot tw slash news slash asoc slash 201804180027 dot aspx

And also

201804030017 dot aspx

fucking bullshit antispam filter.
>circumcision definitely does decrease your chance of getting std's

It's the opposite actually. Foreskins reduce friction and provide protection for the mucous membrane of the glans (through which you're more likely to contract an STI).

t. medical student
If you mean threesomes or something, get her to organise them.
If you mean thai girls or ladyboys, just tell her that it's a threesome thing.

File: images (7).jpg (25 KB, 512x288)
25 KB
Going to be in London for a day on Sunday while waiting for a flight.

What is there to do? Already seen all the tourist shit and I cant party cause my flight is at 6:30 am.
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Okay now I know why people hate r*ddit spacing. Sorry I'm tired
>go to nandos
please leave
go to primrose hill with a few beers when sun sets and/or go out somewhere like corsica studios
Don't go to Nandos go to Five Guys we don't have them in Australia and they taste so good
>I cant party cause my flight is at 6:30 am
Nonsense. You can get on the plane while drunk and sleep it off on the flight
Chinatown for best food, go a few blocks north to the museum after

File: IMG_20180913_140424.jpg (3.28 MB, 3120x4160)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB JPG
Lost my red-fox frind in center of Helsinki today. Miss him so much. Please help me find it :(
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>Somebody post Quentin
File: Quentin.jpg (18 KB, 296x411)
18 KB

>Style is being yourself … but on purpose
Are you gay? Genuine question.
Mascot man, it’s his mascot
What's the name of your fox frind? I will ask around.

I assume we're all guys here... but have you ever traveled with women?

I'm usually a solo traveler but always end up finding people to travel with for short stints. I don't do this for any ulterior motives but somehow I always end up spending a lot more time with girls on my travels than I do with other guys. What am I getting at here however...is that women always find issues with something when traveling. Every single girl who I spent more than a day or two with has complained about a bunch of things. Like not being able to find vegetarian food in cities that are known for their meat consumption. Or the hostels not being nice enough even when they're the ones booking them. Or when taking a shitty bus that doesn't have air con in the tropics just to save $3 and then being angry about the heat and the sweat and the smells. Constantly worrying about being late for something and rushing when there's no need to.

I always end up having to spend half the time with them calming them down. When I'm traveling I'm super laid back, don't really worry about much unless I know someone is trying to screw me over. In fact next time I travel I want to take it to another level where I won't pre-book anything when I'm in South East Asia and India unless I know that there's a holiday or festival of some kind happening around that time and things might get booked out. Just wish there were more people like that.

Have you ever found a girl who wasn't panicking about her travels like this, and wasn't some /realtraveler/ 10-nose-rings hippie? When I find someone like that I think I'm going to marry her...
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>-certified Chad
While in SEA I traveled with a group of girls that I had met for a few days, none of them knew each other beforehand and they were all white from european countries or america. Most of the time they were complaining about the other girls when they weren't there, or were talking shit about other travelers they had met. Also two or 3 of them were absolutely retarded with their money priorities. They didn't want to pay a tuk tuk the equivalent of 40 cents to avoid walking with their backpacks for 30 minutes in the hot mid-June sun, but they gladly spent $5 on a shitty cup of coffee. They also for the most part only wanted to eat at westernized restaurants and none of them wanted to try street food. They were fun/nice people but goddamn were they annoying at times.
Why aren't you with rich first gf anymore
Oh, also I met these 2 british chicks and one other american dude at one point, so we all hung out for a few days. They were incredibly stereotypical dumb, trashy euro women.
>went to a bar
>me and ameribro had a good time talking
>they were sitting there bored af not wanting to participate in the conversation
>they order fancy cocktails
>suddenly they put on an extremely fake happy expression to take a picture with
>after they take the picture together they go back to doing nothing, just browsing FB or whatever on their phones looking bored as hell

It was pretty painful to watch
Yeah, I did. I honestly just wish we were friends now, but I have exes who want to be friends and I don’t want to because it’s weird for me. It ended badly and all because I focused on her instead of of focusing on my path. Similar to exes in the past who made me their path. I made her my path. I’ll never lose focus of that aspect again.

How can travelling make me happy or grow as a person? I've been out of my country for 5 months, mostly in one country and I'm still unhappy. Maybe a little better than I was at home but still a message.

Going to do some more intense travelling soon but I feel ambivalent about the actual travelling part. Excited about seeing a girl and doing some diving.

tldr: how can I grow a soul
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I like the first couple but OP could use a pint or 2 and jerking off is fine too

not it if its killing your motivation its not
I agree with no fap

Disagree with no drinking, that’s where you meet people easiest, and yes obviously lacking a bit in the social skills department

File deleted.
I'm going to Mexico for 2 months soon. Never had to bother with travel insurance before, what the fuck do I do? Just use moneysupermarket or something?
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I buy it depending where im going what im doing.

If it’s a city break around Europe, i probably don’t need it.

If i’m going hiking on a mountain range, i’ll probably pick it up.

I did the camino across Spain over 30 days and didnt buy any. Going to Georgia to hike in Caucasus and picked it up this time.
I definitely recommend it

I've had two medical claims in my life and got top private medical treatment for both.

One I got drugged (though the hospital said it was concussion in order to not have trouble with the insurer) and the other I got impaled.

Total cost was more than $300k, so I definitely think travel insurance is great value. Forget about it for lost luggage and all that shit, but make sure you have good medical cover.
It's only £50-£100 for the whole year, and some hospitals outright won't treat you without it.
Each to their own, but I don't generally travel without it.
File: 1516730188303.jpg (112 KB, 600x800)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
anyone used Puffin insurance?
uhh what

Why do Europeans never shut the fuck up about america or american politics when traveling? Every time I travel and go to sit down at a bar, chill on a train, or just take in the area. Some dumbass euro comes up and wants to talk, which is completely fine by itself, but then it always comes to america and american politics. Like holy shit dude do you not have anything better to do? It's almost always the same shit to.
>Oh Americans never get holiday or travel!
Bitch how the fuck are we talking then?
>Oh america is so screwed up (bullshit reason on how to fix it here)
>Americans never get days off!
Most get 3 weeks of paid time off for full time employees PLUS sick time, and usually that recharges either each paycheck or at the new year. Though in small companies where it is like 3-4 people this is more of a true statement than few times off
>No culture! I went to Vegas once, grand canyon was nice but no culture
no shit you went to vegas, go rent a car and drive around outside a huge city
>I get a full month off you can't say the same
I get 4 weeks off + Sick time, I just don't take it in one big chunk and do 10 or so day travels to places throughout the year, not sitting going on a month long bender
>Americans are the worst tourists, they are loud
You just said americans don't travel, and sorry for that but that isn't exclusive to americans You've never met any chinese, aussies, or drunk brit

It goes on every fucking time I just came from my last hostel it was hilarious how the conversations almost always went the exact same fucking way. Why the hell can't we not just leave the whole politics discussion at home and enjoy travel stories and such? I don't bring up how I think european_country_here is getting fucked by the immigrate refugee crisis or some dumb shit
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This seems more a thing of "most girls are left leaning" and "a lot of people on the road are left leaning"

If I were to get a euro for every time an American (especially the girls) apologised to me for trump I'd never have to pay for beer again on the road. I'm not even that opinionated about American politics (except that the concept of (what is realistically) a two party system is laughable)
yes there is 'culture' but it's shit culture
well i am sure the last time we elected a completely insane idiot as president, people across the atlantic where talking about it.
I could not care less about America so stop pretending you brainlet amerimutt
>hurr durr Trump

I am european and I think you are fucking retard

What is this girl on about?
Have you had any bad experiences with the people?
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What would they say if you dont mind me asking?
It's mostly the onsen/sento that care that much about tattoos, although the fuckhead mayor of Osaka wants to ban them from the beaches, too. Most people and places don't really care that much, especially if you're obviously not Japanese. I'd still bring and wear some long sleeved shirts, just in case.
Well the WC is during october so not that big of a deal, do I have to tape it up if I go into onsens? Also how will the women react to them?
At the onsens I was at (with my gf) nobody cared, but they were all somewhat out of the way. The sentos I've been to in Tokyo proper nobody really cared, either. (Some of the travel books mentioned that some sento have occasional yakuza; they will extra definitely not care.) In Osaka or Kyoto or Kobe, they're much more likely to be antsy; you'd probably be best off asking a native speaker to call the places beforehand and ask if they were ok with tattooed gaijin.

As far as women's reactions - it probably runs the gamut, just like everywhere else. (My gf didn't care much one way or the other.)
thanks lad, going to try and time it with the changing of the leaves in kyoto, then head up to hokkaido and try to get the first snow of the year

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 315x160)
6 KB
What is Puerto Rico like? I'm an American convicted felon (possession of marijuana) so I'm not sure how many countries I'm going to be able to travel to once I'm finally off probation. My poor beloved Vietnam :(
Still having daily power outages.
Oh right. Forgot about that whole blight. But I mean like, in general, is it a nice and third worldy type place? Leisurely and good food and whatnot?
A few things from before the hurricanes:

Staying at a mid-level hotel in Fajardo, I thought I could open the window at night, and trust to the screen. I don't know whether they came through the screen, under the door, or up the drains, but I was savaged by mosquitoes.

Driving a rental car back to the San Juan airport, I hit a traffic jam where there was two informal lanes of traffic driving on the shoulder and adjacent grass. So a little bit on the Chaos side of the Law-Chaos axis.

Fast food franchises were like those found in hispanic neighborhoods in the 50 states. That and the street signs and markings made it clear, if it wasn't clear already, that this was a US possession.

I'm sure other people see other things.

single man mid 20's looking for a cheap, safe place in Europe with hot women that like westerners, cool culture, and is cheap. thus far I narrowed it down to Macedonia and Bulgaria. which one would you recommend I go to for a week?
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i cant believe you're that stupid. i never even visited that board. Do the world a favor and kill yourself
I bet
second that, and I'm from Croatia
This one get's it. OP doesn't.

OP, you're a fag. Just admit it.
Pro tip: you can work on yourself for a bit before you go. Girls (anywhere) might not think you're appalling.
I've been to Bulgaria twice and there is not a lot of "culture" there. You can do touristy stuff like go to mountainous cities and drink local schnapps with "locals" but that's pretty much it. I don't know about Macedonia

File: ZtXJGVq.jpg (261 KB, 500x712)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
My girlfriend wants to go to New York for our next vacation. I don't, I really dislike NYC and I would prefer something less crowded and more natural, like mountains. Something more homey.
What will you burger bros recommend?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes I will. I can play the "already been to NYC" card
How about you mostly hang out in mountains and nature preserves around NYC, like Berkshires or bear maintain or catskills.
California. Fly to LA, spend a few days there then drive up to the Sierra Nevada mountains and visit Yosemite National Park.
Go to NYC anyway, but take a few day trips upstate to the mountains. I'm from NYC, some of my favorite places to hike are:

- Mohonk Mountain House
- Sam's Point Preserve
- Minnewaska State Park

All of these are near New Paltz which is about a 2-2.5 hour drive upstate. You probably won't have a car so maybe you can take a bus. Stay overnight in New Paltz and hike the new day and take the bus back.
What does she want to do there?

If you were forced to go there (which you probably will be) what is the most interesting thing you could do?

Has she ever gone to a place she wasn’t interested in because only you wanted to go?

Is the power in the relationship relatively balanced in which both of you generally can do things you both want to?

I ask these questions because if you’re always doing what she wants to do, or she’s always doing what you want to do, then there’s a problem.

File: F17Ridge_16002F_2048x.jpg (254 KB, 1601x1601)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Anyone has experience with merino wool clothing?

I read a lot about how wonderful merino wool is as a travel cloth and that they're the shit (breathable, regulate temperature, doesn't stink, pays your bills, kills bacterias, dries fast, etc) so I decided to buy some merino underwear to test and boy, they feel quite hot.
I don't think I could use these during summer. Is this normal or did I buy some fake merino wool?

Also, general /trv/ gear thread I guess.
It's a natural fiber.
Just wear & wash them 4-5x in a laundry bag with a jeans (they will take care of the peel) to break in the fiber then you will love it and get the actual performance.
Merino wool is more suitable for winter.

If you want breathable clothing for summer, go with synthetic.

Can we have a thread about adventurous travelling shows/videos? I know most of you probably already know about these but I'll post them anyway.

Some guy cycling and hiking through the middle of nowhere in Kyrgyzstan

Some guy wandering through Africa to get to Madagascar. Although he sometimes behaves like a teenager, the editing and story telling are nice.

/trv/'s favourite comfy series. Some guy cycling around Alaska and Canada

A roadtrip from Italy to Cape North, I know it's not super adventurous but I like it anyway. (He's italian but the video (and some others) are subtitled in English)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, he films himself a bit to much but his trip was cool anyway. If it serves of any consolation, the other anon is right, he dead.
Well I can’t say he didn’t deserve it after all. Props to the shit he did for sure, just the dialogue really. How’d he die?
Bump. Am interested too.
Iohan Gueorguiev (Bulgarian cyclist dude) already got all the way down to Peru, though as far as I can tell he just went back to Canada to stock up on some cash. It's been wonderful following along with his adventure.
Dissapeared climbing some mountain in Pakistan.

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