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Can you be a real traveler if you haven’t contacted an uncontacted tribe?

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lol did you even learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture? you're a fucking tourist bro
The real traveler award goes to the french guy who knocked up enough to populate a small town while traveling in africa.
>find uncontacted tribe
>meet them
>they have now been contacted
>RealTraveller points revoked
>homestay kick you out for now being a tourist, have to go to a backpacker hostel
>crew of airline spit at you on the way back

Every fucking time

File: SAM_2990.jpg (2.99 MB, 4000x3000)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
I like deserts
What's the best desert you've been to outside of the United States?
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better drink another can of monster; you're getting cranky
File: sad1.jpg (7 KB, 247x250)
7 KB
When I was in theater for 3 years, the most fun I had was in the ME. I got to clear some sand peoples houses, shoot up suicide bombers, and take large cement like MRE shits, all the while playing some good old country music in right headphone.

One time in the ME, .. green text.

>bememe, 2004
>watching my field of fire, sun hot on my back, sand in my crack.
>elevated position, buddy watching my 9
>9 means left side perspective
>left ear playing country music
>suddenly suicide car breaks through barrier.
>Country Roads next in que, and starts playing as some 1980s hatchback is racing toward my position.
*JOhn Denver in my ear, singing about some country road, and mountains, glowing or something*
>right ear get confirmation to wait cause, haji is not yeilding to posted signs but new SOP is "make sure".
>chorus starts playing in my ear, as I move the 50 cal to aim.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
And this is even 1/100th as bad for the natural world as the plane you took to go see someone else's sand dunes and act entitled? Ok
>No kidding, Baja looks amazing. But I'd be afraid that all the beaches are clogged up with SoCal scum.
It's got a season. Go offseason and less expats and visitors will be seen, but have to say it's why people like Baja, just enough mexican, but the safety in numbers for people sticking together in communities. Head farther down where it's safer, I'd say. Costa Rica is gorgeous on both coasts, but we're not talking arid desert now. If you want really desert-like, most of the Bahamas, Provo, Aruba, Curacao, Anguilla, even Cayman. It's got the sparkling blue seas like swimming pools, but can be flat and boring, only scrubby plants, if not volcanic rock, like Cayman.
I spend winters in baja but I dont hang out in cabo. There are canadians and some americans but honestly the entire place is pretty much deserted . Even the largest cities in baja sur are pretty small. I go because I like to be alone on the beach for days at a time.

Has anyone gone solo before? if so, any recommendations?

I booked the third week of December off work with the intention of going skiing with my mates. one by one they've all flaked but I still want to go. I'm 24 and am a (rusty) intermediate. was thinking val thorens or similar.
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I was nearby you in lake garda last july, sounds cozy autist anon.
any lads (pref Brits / Irish) got much experience of doing this?
it's impossible to ski solo in europe, there's always someone riding on the same skis with you.

Solo as in looking inwards and basking in the serenity of being alone? or going alone and making friends as you go?

For solo serentity, I've done solo within country camping trips into the mountains and fly in fishing lakes, but thats 100% solo nobody else around for miles. I also went to Iceland for a "solo" trip in a camper van but met a lot of people and there wasnt many places I went to with 100% privacy unless I travelled inland or basically everywhere in the highlands. Bring a book, avoid social media, dont bring an unlocked phone and get a sim card, if the availability to connect to people is around, you will use it and you will start to focus on it and crave it. I threw my phone in an envelope and miled it home in the first 2 days, and never used any other electronics with internet capabilities.

Now, you should have some sort of phone for emergencies, pick up some 30 dollar throw in the trash when you're done, flip, paid for minutes phone but aside from that, a couple books that interest you, maybe one on the human psyche of some sorts.

If you're travelling solo with the intention of meeting people, again I would suggest leaving your phone in your hotel or at least have the self control to not stare at it, as you'll be much more prone to, and pushed to have conversations with people on public transportation or at a restaurant or bar or wherever if you dont have the distraction of the internet. many people that try to go do solo travel just sit on their fuckin phone for the first day of the trip then become home sick and just contact people from home wasting their fuckin money. Look for someone not staring at their phone bored, but not taking their eyes off it. other tourists are always willing to talk, look for someone just looking out the windows taking in the cities or sights.they at least arent a drone. I went to Vietnam with a friend and she was obsessed with her phone the entire trip, even going through the mountains she would be.

Haven't seen one of these on /trv/ before, it's high time

Who here works remotely while travelling? Had the opportunity to do it for a while but haven't taken half enough advantage of it.

Hanging out in Bali for the week in a co-working space, fucking amazing so far.
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Basically a place you can go every day that has
>good, stable WiFi
>cafe or whatever so yo can get food and drinks
>sometimes accommodation
>events, drinks etc so you get to meet people if you've just landed in town
>sometimes discounts with partner gyms etc

Basically it's supposed to be a place that makes it as easy as possible for you to work in a new city. They're not all as all-inclusive as the ones in Bali but they're generally pretty good.

In HK there's a ton of them but none have accommodation because muh space. Naked Hub are fucking everywhere now, all over the mainland
>My ADHD makes it impossible to work
It would probably make you a terrible remote worker too.
It takes autism, not ADHD.

>if I started learning programming now
Go to uni.

I work full-remote, like you want to do. I contract to a company that is full-remote and there is literally nobody under 35 and nobody who doesn't have at least one degree. Half the team have two degrees.
You need to ALREADY have an IT career before you can go contractor or remote. There are exceptions but they're rare and if you're asking on a 4chan /trv/ thread then you're not one of those exceptions.
If in doubt, go to >>>/g/wdg and ask them for a career path but be warned, most of them will repeat what I just wrote.

I just use Starbucks desu, nurse a venti for the morning, go out and get lunch and come back and nurse another venti for the afternoon.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Tbh cafes are a fine alternative when you know the city reasonably well and where there are lots of them.

Coworking is useful when you just arrived in a new place, it takes the hassle out of at lot of things, but it depends on the place too, some are more formal than others.

Starbucks in HK is shit for working unfortunately, the WiFi is restricted to half an hour per purchase. Thankfully there are enough caves to make it fairly easy regardless
>If in doubt, go to >>>/g/wdg and ask them for a career path but be warned, most of them will repeat what I just wrote.

I was confused for a second, i have the general opened in another tab.
Not the guy you were replying to, but it is possible to do remote freelance work and make decent money, it just requires a lot of dedication, focus and time investment.
This is a solid starting point and has been quoted everywhere
It is even possible to make decent money making WordPress websites, but you will mostly be undercutting Pajeets at that point
>desperate comeback

File: hdhAm8X.jpg (979 KB, 3736x2174)
979 KB
979 KB JPG
I live in a small town in NorCal. My family is moving down to San Diego and I'm at a crossroads as to wether or not to go. I've never been there but from what I've heard it's a nice place to live. How is the culture down there? Similar to LA? I've always wanted to live in a city where I don't need a car, is there parts of the city where that's possible?
Also, how's the male/female ratio? Is it noticeably bad?
>how's the male/female ratio?
In a military town? lmao
Is it that noticeable in every day life though? Don't most military guys just stay on base while their wife fucks some dude at home?
Native San Diegan here, OP's pic gives me feels and nostalgia.

Haven't lived there for years, but based on my visits, I can say this:

Culture is generally SoCal in vibe, but more Surf /Skate and low key bro'd out than LA's hyper networking, yoga-new age- meets-always have to look your best aspiring actor bullshit. SD is generally much more laid back and casual. People are a bit conservative in SD, you have the military influence on the town.

Car is pretty damn necessary, IMO. SD is spread out and connected by a bunch of highways, hard to get around without a car. Can be done, but it's not an easily navigated, centrally laid out town. You're better off just picking one area to hang out in and riding a bike if you want to do it that way. Best parts for that are going to be the beach areas; PB, OB, Mission Beach, Encinitas, etc. They're all small but great hangs and have enough night life to be fun. Hillcrest can be fun too.

Female to male ratio is decent from what I could tell. Tons of good looking ladies in town. But yeah, tons of bros out there being dicks too. Find a scene and dig in, as a good place to start.

>haven't started my next trip yet (haven't even bought the plane tickets, actually)
>start planning and researching for another one
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sleeping on park benches and dumpster diving for food?

>lives like a schizophrenic homeless man
>complains about refugees in Paris
yeah bro i can just pretend im a refugee and get some free french bucks or something bro you hear me bro
T. Absolute Mad Man.

However same here, I don't have the few 1000's required to pay the remainder of my coming Xmas family trip (deposits already paid so I can't cancel), yet I'm already looking at a trip in march because tickets are cheap.
What's wrong with me?
>start planning & researching for a trip
>get distracted and accidentally plan a different trip altogether
Seriously. I first started with a plan to travel to Nepal and/or Bhutan. While I was looking it up, I ended up planning a trip to India instead. Given their proximity, I thought I would at least transition to Nepal/Bhutan, but then I ended up going in the opposite direction (Maldives & Sri Lanka).

I actually really enjoyed Sri Lanka; it's even one of my top favorite countries I've visited. But I have yet to visit Nepal/Bhutan. Maybe next time.

I am thinking about a new business.
It is a rental bicycle that delivers a bicycle to your hotel.
The bicycle can be folded as small as it can be brought to the train.
Receive it at the hotel and return it at the hotel.
The price is about 1000 yen per day.
Do you want to try using it?
Please let me know your opinion.
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Bike rentals for 12 hours go for like 500 yen anon
Then his idea is even worse.
Also: a quick glance will tell you that the cheapest providers are either sponsored by municipalities or fully owned by department stores; IE they are not generating profit except in an extremely roundabout way
So your post is a complete apples vs oranges comparison. 100% dragons are disappoint.
Most make profits on late fees + you coming in to grab a drink or snack after returning it. Usually each hour extra can be 100-150 yen per hour + late fee. It's not a loss leader so much it is a way to pull people in.

There are actual city owned bike rental facilities in major cities and it is like 800 yen per 24hr + 500 yen late fee, anything to keep cars off the roads since most japanese cities in the mainland south can't handle the traffic
I’m the OP. Thanks everyone. They are helpful for many things. But do not forget that this business model is a delivery service. That unit is not an hour, but a day. I assume they will use average for 3 days. I would like to ask your opinion more and more.
Have you been to Japan major cities? The bike racks are all over, close to JR stations, and where they aren't the metro is(not talking JR) with 72 hour passes being 1500 yen. Outside of very niche marketing or some hook like it's also electric, not going to go far compared to the vast amount out there. When staying in a hotel last method of transportation I would think about is a bike, would appeal more to hostels. Though more and more hostels are doing bike rentals as of now. If you were to approach them with a business model of something like
>we will lease you 10 bikes for X a month
>if they break we will send over someone to repair or pick up with replacement bike while we fix the other one
>bikes are tracked via X/Y

would be fair more a reasonable and sustainable model for business
Thank you.
I am a Japanese living in Tokyo. I am familiar with Japanese transportation infrastructure.
Existing Japanese bicycle rental service is not friendly to travelers. Although they are not familiar with geography, they are required to return to a fixed bicycle parking lot. And they are chased by the return time. Also, there are laws that Japan should not park on the street, and they have to find a legitimate bicycle park for each sightseeing spot. Do not you think that it will not spread?
More than 15 million foreigners are visiting Tokyo. A few percent of those people may want to use it. But they may have given up for the above. I believe my idea is one of solutions. I can not write about the business model in detail here, but I am considering enough quantity and support. Do you think that price is expensive? You can go anywhere for 24 hours. Keeping the bicycle, train, bus and restaurant. I think that it is a wonderful service.

File: beyond_hanas_gate.jpg (361 KB, 1200x833)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Do people sail the Caribbean in winter? How's the weather around British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and so on?
all the VI's and Bahamas are fantastic in February. the area around the little sisters is beautiful to sail in winter. I actually take a Caribbean trip every February and try to get a few day sails.

if you do the Bahamas check out the north side of long island bahamas. its pretty incredible. also be sure to get a painkiller at the soggy dollar in jaust van dyke.
Does the Caribbean even have winter?
File: PooPoster.jpg (125 KB, 800x450)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Yes of course. The temperature drops from 90-100 to a much more pleasant 70-80.
It's usually nice, but can get cool (in the Bahamas, anyway) on a rare occasion. Also tends to be windy and slightly rough seas if you're coming from the US
every fall there's a big gathering of boats in the canary islands for boats from the med that winter in the caribbean

File deleted.
i'm from Toronto and want to travel somewhere. i don't have a strong desire to travel, just want to do it because everyone seems to love it, and i want to give it another try

i've been to NYC, Chicago and Montreal. Pretty much just ate at restaurants, saw museums and went to tourist sites. i don't understand what the big deal about traveling is tbqh. how am i supposed to travel?

where should i go over the christmas break? i have about 10 days and i'm thinking of going to Miami or maybe even Las Vegas. thoughts /trv/?

how do i actually enjoy traveling more?
Go to places you find interesting. If you enjoy mountains, go to the Rockies or Switzerland. If you enjoy beaches, go to Miami or the French Riviera. If you enjoy gambling, go to Las Vegas. Don’t just do what everyone else does and expect it to be awe inspiring. Travel to places that seem interesting to you and do whatever you want there
nothing really interests me though

File: algiers.jpg (63 KB, 550x365)
63 KB

been wanting to travel to Algeria for a while now, but I don't really know anything about it.

Has anyone here been there or does anyone here live there? Tips and stuff would b greatly appreciated.
I’m British and I know a qt Algerian girl who lives there. She told me about the country. From what I can gather this is my thoughts from what she said.

>full blown Muslim country
>beautiful desert and mountain scenery
>some western but mostly food like cous cous
>terroist activity does exist in Algers but mostly in the south desert area
>Main city is Algers
>not much in the form of entertainment or nightlife, it’s out the way and is usually only for very high upper class
>very traditional country

Depends what you are going there for will depend on how much of a good time you will have.
I had a layover in the Algiers airport and I fell in love with the country just by looking out the window.
I've heard the people are extremely nice. Some dude on reddit posted photos from a hitchhiking trip around the north, and he had only good things to say. The mountains look incredible, and Kabyle culture and history blows my mind. You'd probably need to arrange some kind of tour to see the Sahara.
However I will say it looks inferior in every way to Morocco. Though I'm sure Algeria isn't filled with millions of dirty backpackers like Morocco is.
$120 plus a letter from my employer just to apply for a tourist visa? No thank you.

File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1080)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
What do you guys think about this place, is it worth going to Geneva *only* for this? My uni is offering to take me there, but it's a one-day trip and most of the day would be spent there, only a few hours would be left to explore the city.

I'm not crazy about seeing science equipments but this place seems special. Is it?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm not crazy about seeing science equipments but this place seems special. Is it?
It's a nonsensical waste of money and material in my opinion. They say it's made to find the "God particle". Sounds like bullshit to me.
It really comes down to what you want to do with your life. If you're hoping to get your Ph.D. in particle physics then you should be excited to go and the fact that you aren't indicates that maybe you should go into something else. If you're going for a degree in Hispanic Lesbian Studies then why the fuck would you care about a particle collider?

They already found it. Welcome to 2012.

Even more nonsensical then.
If you are not passionate and interest about particular applied physics devices or engineering stuff I guess a YouTube marathon on CERN and synchro/cyclotrons will do the job.
>Working in a particle accelerator, won't consider going to CERN for "tourism" atm
File: 1541797366308.png (311 KB, 720x416)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
>They say it's made to find the "God particle". Sounds like bullshit to me.

I haven't gone a day lately without thinking of killing myself, my friend told me to maybe start traveling so I can see the world in a different light. I study Japanese so maybe I should try to go there? I don't know, I hear the asians are pretty soulless, I've always wanted to see the landscapes that Skyrim were based off of, so maybe I should make a trip to Norway? I don't know anything about traveling oversees, and I don't think there's anything in my country of US that I want to travel to see at this moment. Not even sure what I'm asking, here, post whatever you want about traveling.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
sure why not if you have the money better than jerking off in your room
I disagree completely. I was in OPs shoes. Had never traveled and wanted to see the 4 places I'd always been curious about before killing myself. By the time I got to the last place, wanting to see the world outweighed killing myself. Ended up sorting my demons out there; it took some time but I'm in a way better place now.

Do it OP. The stimulation can be good. Left a pussy ass bitch and came back pretty alpha. 10/10 would recommend.
Get help you dippy fuck. Travel doesn't solve anyone's problems.
Your healthcare will likely cover the cost of treatment, and ask your employer if they offer an 'employee assistance program'. I got months' worth of free counselling through my employer.
Travel helps, but its temporary. your depressed because you are a neet who doesnt do anyting. you need to feel useful. pick up trash. donate blood. tutor some retarded kid. unironically
It won't solve all your problems, but it couldn't hurt to try.
If you're not a real outdoorsman, Scandinavia might not have the catharsis you're looking for. Norway's adventure factor is fairly low unless you're actually gonna do some serious hiking. Otherwise you're either standing in the selfie line at Trolltunga or paying $17 for a beer.
Asians are soulless insects, but fortunately there are enough white backpackers all over the continent that it can be a pleasant social experience, plus adventures on motorbikes, quality time in nature, and good food.

File: index.jpg (10 KB, 266x189)
10 KB
I visited Eastern Turkey about 10 years ago and feel like I owe Armenia a visit. Opinions /trv/? Is it safe, good place to visit with my girlfriend who isn't the most experienced traveller? Any tips on itinerary?
bump for interest.
check the catalog

File: Bullet-Train.jpg (42 KB, 640x224)
42 KB
Planning a bullet train holiday in Japan.

Any tips or recommendations for a first time traveller?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why? don't tell me you bought a 3 week pass just to use in like tokyo
Definitely look for YouTube videos on how to buy shinkansen tickets.

First time I used this thing, I assumed I'd just go up to a window and buy tickets. My girlfriend is both shy and headstrong, so she insisted that we use one of the ticket-vending machines. I wasn't prepared for it and didn't know the ins and outs (even though I read Japanese). You need two tickets apiece: one to get in and one for your actual bullet train seat (okay, maybe that's not exactly the correct explanation, but YouTube has plenty of great videos that will tell you how it works and what you need to do).

We kinda-sorta bought tickets for Tokyo to Kyoto, but couldn't get in. We ended up waiting in line at a window anyway, were maybe late for our assigned train (I never really knew, because we never found our assigned train), and finally ended up jumping on the first Nozomi to Kyoto we could find. We got moved out of a couple of seats when other people showed up where we were squatting, but no officials actually kicked us off the train.

When we finally made it to Kyoto, I took the time to watch some videos and realized what we'd done wrong. We rode the shinkansen several times after that, and it was incredibly easy and relaxing. I can't recommend this thing enough.
this is fucking stupid
I spent 4 days in yonago and it was shit, i even went to izumo, tottori, matsue, not a lot to do there, it was relaxing and people were amazing, i do speak japanese.
Even aomori is dead, after sun goes down there is nothing to do.

Mid sized cities like fukuoka, sapporo and kagoshima are a lot better.
Fuck off
nah i went from tokyo-sapporo-osaka-wakayama then had to rely on local train to Gobo and Tanabe, then i went the same way back and ended up in Tokyo again.
Well worth the money, but underestimated distances and that the areas i wanted to get into was completely impossible from the small places.

File: 3632-008.jpg (246 KB, 937x600)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Anyone here fell in love or found their significant other while on the road /travelling ?
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1.png (329 KB, 602x461)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
>shes just sleeping with you for a green card bro
Guys I dont know how to stress this enough: Not one person who ever thought this was wrong.
Not once .
Not ever.
qt 3.14 uygher ambushed me on horseback, shot an arrow into my thy while i was picking flowers in western KZ. She was about to slit my throat when she saw my eyes and fell for me. Uyghurs a re brutally controlling irl though
How old are you?
Girls kinda know when you're not actively looking for them and then they make their move since that's attractive to them for some reason I'd say.
that does happen yes

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