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File: image.jpg (94 KB, 600x400)
94 KB
I want to do a trip to France in April of 2018.

The things I want to see are:
>Paris, obviously
>Nice and Monaco

I've been to Paris before but that's it for France. Outside of the capital, I'm lost. What's the best way for me to reach the southern region? Rental car? Train? Fly to Marseille and then rent a car?

Also, how many days can I expect to realistically spend in the southern region? I'll be traveling solo and tend to move at a pretty quick pace when I am by myself.
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utter, utter, utter, utter

just absolutely utter

shithole. perhaps the worst city in France. the French are clever they dont compile relgious/ethnic census stats but if they did I think Nîmes would rank as the most infested place in the country. I literally did not see an ethnic French person while I was there. The only white people were American tourists gawking at arena. the city is just crawling with maghrebi's, its completely miserable.

go if you want to feel depressed.

the arena is cool but not appreciably better than the one in Arles, and Arles isn't completely miserable.
>I literally did not see an ethnic French person while I was there. The only white people were American tourists gawking at arena

As much as I agree, the "I did not see a single white person" is pretty pathetic to say.
I live not far from Nîmes and been there several times, fuck yes it's full of Maghrebis but you can drop the "it's LITERULEE all black :ooo" 'cause it's bullshit

Also if you disliked Nîmes for this reason don't come to Béziers, it's the same.

With these warning I would still advise OP to drop in Nîmes quickly because the arena, the "Maison Carrée" (Roman temple) and the Tour Magne are nice to see. Could be all done in an afternoon tho
Check out Colmar if you can.
That's not anywhere near OPs itinerary, dumbass.

File: 1429220843754.png (372 KB, 500x378)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
I'm going through a divorce and a real shitty time at work. I need to take 10 days of vacation before the end of the year before I lose them. Where should I go to get away and just forget it all?

Was thinking either the American Southwest or one of the Caribbean islands that's not a shithole.
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File: ed7.jpg (46 KB, 600x632)
46 KB
>shoot to vegas

op seems to prefer the warmer states than the colder ones.
What are you looking for? If you want titty bars and cheap whores, Pattaya is #1, although I hear Colombia is doing really well thanks to Venezuela's collapse.
Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, for close and cheap destinations.

Don't send him to South East Asia, going through a divorce, too much risk of saying fuck it, and dropping off the grid, or finding his next wife. Maybe after the divorce, when it's not quite so raw.
A bit to cold for me as >>1313601 says. I'm a southern boy.

Mostly looking for a place to relax and get lost in nature, but not in total isolation.

I had Dominican Republic in mind since they didn't get as fucked up by the hurricanes.

I appreciate it, y'all.

File: DumpsterFire2.jpg (89 KB, 800x800)
89 KB
Hey /trv/, I could use some help
I've finally and completely ruined my shitty life. I crashed a tour vehicle with over 20 people in it and put myself and three others in the hospital. I'm officially blacklisted in the business, no guide or tour company is going to touch me after this.
Once I get done with all my medical treatment I'm going to have about $3k and I'll need to find some place in the US where I can get a job washing dishes or stocking shelves and still be able to afford a one room efficiency apartment. No cable, internet or Xbox. My only costs will be rent, food, a cellphone and a few bottles of whiskey a week.
I don't care about night life, culture or anything else. I just need to be able to keep a roof over my head while I wait the rest of my life out.
Any ideas?
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crashes happen to everyone man, as long as you take a break and still hold a liscence you will be OK
dont beat yourself up about it, at worst you will do walking tours or a dedicated driver or somethign
its a driving issue i presume not alcohol related
You might not be able to drive bu unless you have a criminal conviction, you can still work abroad.
Nothing is better than working for yourself, andas such should be a last resort.
Plenty of opportunities depending on your expected salary, work/life balance and avoidance of hard work.
china, go to china thats where i escaped to when shit hit the fan back in the states
No I can't. I have no professional job skills, no degree and I'm too old for a WHV in any country. I can only legally work in the US.

Anyway, since there's not many suggestions for what I actually need I'm abandoning this thread. Go ahead and let drop off the board.
this board is slow. give it time

File: oldIronWorks.jpg (148 KB, 487x630)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I'm looking for abandon locations in North Carolina specifically near Wilmington and Jacksonville to take some photographs. I like places with lots of graffiti or just dark/ "haunted" buildings. Any help would be appreciated.
Downtown Jacksonville may still have some abandoned buildings, despite revitalization efforts. Downtowns in general are a good look for that in the South.
File: image1-2.jpg (140 KB, 847x590)
140 KB
140 KB JPG

Is it still possible to do Age of Discovery style business ventures?

I mean going into a remote area, tapping a local resource, and selling it to the Western world.
It could be something like a rare spice, an aromatic wood, or local semi-precious stones.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but going into a truly remote area (like Papua New Guinea, or almost anywhere in non-coastal Africa) is a risk to your health and life. Most businessmen avoid taking personal risks. Apart from that, it's not an option most would even consider, which means certain fields could be undersaturated. In short, there could be a free lunch because there's a sword dangling over it, and nobody wants to risk it.

I'm not looking for an adventure. It's more that I'm not cut out for usual careers, and I'd prefer to take risks by traveling in dangerous places than by doing something illegal. (Yes, I considered darknet drug dealing, but I want a venture that is at least semi-ethical, and that I can be open about.)

What do you think, /trv/?
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>most businessman avoid taking personal risks
>implying there's no untapped resources in the western world to sell to westerners
just go on your adventure already but don't try to justify it like this
While I don’t disagree with you I don’t follow how your post replies to the one you quote?
Become an African Warlord, domesticate the Kongo and become the richest man in the world.
all the colonial powers left africa last century leaving a power vacuum. The chinks have started making their own 'colonies' over there and i dont see much reason a westerner couldnt do the same thing (start some farm or mine in africa)

I seriously doubt this is feasible without significant capital though
>Is it possible to have a low cost, high profit business without being a drug dealer?

To do with traveling? Logistics.
Join the merchant marines, ez to join, work is simple and starting pay is usually pretty high.

File: IMG_20170728_172250.jpg (3.18 MB, 3120x4160)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
Looking to take a bus from Paris to London the day my gf's Schengen visa expires. Would prefer to hitchhike but don't want complications crossing the channel since there's a schedule. Anyone have a discount code lying around?

Hello fellas from UK i’m planning to go to London following week and I want to see more of the night life of London do you have specific place, restaurants, clubs, raves that must to see. Because i’m already lost what to see here.
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Fabric is amazing (atleast it was a couple of years ago when I went there). Loved the bass in the floor.
By 3am all of these places are 100% gays on drugs trying to invite you their little mouldy flat to take more drugs for buttsex
>implying this isn't what I'm after
yes the prices ar way up there, it seems that london only has mainstream clubs like cirque or fabric, or hardcore raves with cheap drugs, but i’m planning on looking more about egg london AND BRITISH TEEN IMPERSONATION WAS THE BEST
Oh and about ID I’m not quite legal haha, so what about fake id do they look them closely? or if i used my cousins one any suggestions??
As well as RA, check skiddle too, great for all uk events

File: Lisbon.jpg (259 KB, 1200x675)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
What is wrong with portuguese people ?

Why are they so reserved ? They are warm and nice to you but they never let you become close.

Portuguese girls don't put out and are frigid as fuck, and it seems no one does anything other than spend the evenings and weekends at home doing nothing or going out with the friends they made when they were teenagers.
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Norway too. Socially awkward but always ready to fuck.
Portuguese people are generally kind and respectful, but their social dynamics is very strange. Maybe because they were an isolated country for so long.
They have this strange oneupmanship way of talking that makes me feel I'm interacting with a teenager whenver I talk to them. And it's not like the usual banter between friends you see in Western societies, it's like they feel very humiliated and embarrassed if you share something new with them so they need to rebuke that with an equivalent proposition. It's hard to put what I mean into words, but Portuguese people need to relax and understand not every person interacting with them is trying to belittle them.
I'll be in Lisbon tonight for a 4 days trip. Any off the beaten track activities suggestions ?
Not off the beaten track, but spend a day in Sintra
Or Tomar, about 90 minutes by bus. Also not off the beaten track, but an awesome castle to explore.

Hey guys, me and my gf are visiting Dubrovnik from 1 to 5th of november. What can you tell me about it? What should I know before I go? Also what do you think about my location of stay. Should I spend extra money to rent a place in the Old Town or is this okay?
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File: lapad.png (137 KB, 1600x521)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Short answer, I'd pay a little bit more to stay in or near the the Old Town. I've stayed in Lapad not far from where you are. I stayed in the Valamar Lacroma, 5 minute walk up the hill. On the plus side the Hotel More is fantastic and has a great cave bar. There are also some local swimming spots on the rocks nearby that are cool. The downside is that you are outside of the Old Town. From your location it would be a 10-15 minute walk to the main bus stop (see picture, bus stop is half a mile away) and then another 10-15 minutes on the bus into the Old Town. There is a Number 5 bus that goes right by the hotel but it only goes every hour. Either way, if you stay here check out the bus timetables

It gets annoying after a while and you'd need to get Taxis back at night if you are out late, which adds to the cost.

I'm not sure how busy it will be in Nov in Lapad as well. I was there in peak season and it was still a lot quieter than the Old Town. The upside of this is that the people were more chilled and friendly as they weren't bombarded with tourists. If you do stay in the Old Town you could take a bus out there one day to check it out maybe. Also, if you do stay in Lapad there is a well regarded restaurant called Pantarul so google it and if you fancy it book a table ahead. I tried to do a walk in but they were fully booked so I can't add a personal recommendation. There is also a restaurant called Levanat 5 minutes walk from your location that has great views. Didn't eat here either. I did eat in Restaurant Lapad on a side street just off the main drag and it was good - awesome mixed grill. I hope that helps.
File: roland.jpg (5.33 MB, 2460x4116)
5.33 MB
5.33 MB JPG
I've spent much time in Dubrovnik, I'd consider just staying in the Old Town, prices shouldn't be as high as peak season. Definitely walk the walls, visit the Fanciscan Monastery Garden, and definitely walk through the many churches. There may be markets still in the morning and I highly recommend checking them out to find great local foods. Eating lunch will always be cheaper. Check out the bakeries for burek (the most delicious cheese 'pie') and makovnjaca (poppyseed roll). Drink rakija and the local wines. Also walk around the walls on the inside of the city, there's a cool cafe tucked away with an amazing view. Mostly just wander around too. The city is gorgeous.

>Pic related - put your hand up his crotch for good luck! Have fun!
I was there in June. Least favorite place in the Balkans. GoT fags off the cruise ship everywhere. Expensive. Go to Kotor or further up the coast as fast as you can. Old town is pretty small. I walked all of it in one day and made the night bus to Split.
Seems to be a pretty common travel route. I met lots of people who also were visiting Kotor, Dubrovnik, Mostar and Kotor in some sort of order.


What should I expect, also would you live in any of these cities?
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File: Cailler.png (571 KB, 980x513)
571 KB
571 KB PNG

Some tips:

Try and learn some German and French although the Schweizer Deutch is very different just to warn you. They will understand normal German though as well as understand English is most places ESPECIALLY Geneva, Bern and Zurich

As some have already said try and see some of the countryside, this is also why I recommend the trains, expensive but you see a lot of the country, its well connected and they are never never never ever late! Comfy as well, clean and modern.

Go to supermarkets like Coop or Migros for snacks, and speaking of food dont miss some of the great food.. obviously the Cheese (Gruyere or Emmental) and Chocolate of course ( I recommend Cailler, its the bomb as well as tons of others like Torino and Ragusa, they are INCREDIBLE, just go to the chocolate aisle of either supermarket and get a selection, no kidding its probably the best place outside of Luxury shops, but unless your a millionaire dont bother Be sure to try Fondue, Raclette and Rösti if you can.. as well as loads of other Swiss treats like Carac tarts and Biberlis

Before you go maybe skim over the history and see if anywhere interests you more.. learn about the unique political system and all the cantons, its always worth knowing before you go!

Have fun :)
Stay a night in interlaken, it's not that far out from Bern and it is it the heart of the mountains

Also Switzerland is expensive but not really THAT more expensive than the surrounding countries, prolly just a couple bucks on everything
>VERY fast tram going at incredible hihg speed
I've been to Bern, Zurich, and Basel and surrounding cantons. I can say Basel is super chill and has the most English speakers in Switzerland. Zurich is great, but its a bit big.
Bern is good too, its not as built up as the other two. I personally wouldn't live in a big city though, the rail system is so well interconnected that even in the Alps proper your never too far away from one of the major hub cities.
in basel you can find me complaining about food

File: nshvile-tn.jpg (170 KB, 1020x450)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Hello /trv/

I am going to a wedding next June with a friend. The place we are going is 20 miles away from Nashville. Is there anything to do there?

Drink, go to restaurants, walk around, same as any other city in America.

Source: native.
any bars you like?

You want touristy shit or local shit?
we are in our early 20's so local stuff I guess. That sounds more fun than "touristy shit". we don't want a history lesson.

Touristy shit and your best chance of nabbing some bridesmaids, go to Broadway/2nd Ave area and just hit of the bars down there. I've heard Acme is decent. I personally don't go to that part of town.

If you want something a little nicer with a more local flavor, go to 12 South or 21st Ave.

If you want hipsters and legbeards, go to 5 Points in East Nashville.

File: 1 (2).jpg (35 KB, 500x400)
35 KB
My 180 days a year visa for Japan will be rebooted this January. Until then, i rather already be near there than paying december rent in my country... i'm thinking on the following places to be for the christmas and new year season (i leave south korea out of the list since i will go there after my trip to jap):

- Hong kong
- Taipei
- Hanoi
- Manila
- Bangkok

How the fuck i should order this itinerary knowing that i would depart to jap in the end ?

Is Western Washington a meme? People seem to either say it's the best US city or that it's full of homeless/drugs and the weather sucks dick for 10/12 months and costs too much. Who the fuck is right?
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I escaped Seattle about a decade ago. I visit every couple of years. He's exactly right. It's sad to see what the city has turned into; it used to be a fun place, but now it's just San Francisco with more condos and more drizzle.
Yeah, while Seattle still has great restaurants and places with charm, it's largely turned into Silicon Valley 2.0 and only getting worse. And forget living here if you aren't making at least 70k/year. You may as well just live in the Bay at this point.
I went to CHS your pic needs more microgreens, weed, and leftism.

Your point about fat bi chicks is fucking nail on the head though.
It's beautiful and we have the sexiest heroin addicts.
snow is better desu. I grew up in a city where it was cloudy and chilly 2/3rds of the year and now cloudy+chilly makes me want to kill myself.

If it wasn't for beautiful snow and biting cold winds I probably would have by now.

File: walking.jpg (49 KB, 840x560)
49 KB
I want to fly to a country and just starting walking across it, no public transport. Have any of you backpacked this way before? If so where?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Did this few years ago in Japan. Flew to Tokyo, took a train to get to the mountains and just started walking west. I had a flight out of Fukuoka on christmas, and the trip would've been like 1000km. In the end I did about 750km because I took a few buses/trains. Chose Japan because it was a familiar and safe country. Was like my 8th time there. I do bicycle touring, but I had never walked a country so I thought I would try it.

I slept in a tent most of the time, few nights in hostels and few times got a place offered for me. It was fairly boring to be honest, even in Japan where there is always some new things to see. I even get bored in cycling through some countries, don't know if I could do them by walking.
I mean bike touring and walking like that is basically the same way of travelling (arguably you could get to even more places by foot but ya), and the boring part about it is the grind, of course walking is gonna be more boring, i'ts just a fuckton of grinding

i hate walking
How do I get into bike touring? Novice no more than 20 mile rider here.
you get on your bike with lots of water and food.
you'll be injured within 3 days. go somewhere dense with single player healthcare. France or Germany are good choices. buy insurance.

File: FB_IMG_1507574746427.jpg (14 KB, 308x366)
14 KB
Sup /trv/
Gf and I are going to Nawleans for our anniversary in December.
We're looking at lodging and we're wondering which neighborhoods are the shittiest so we can avoid them.
Also if any of you have recommendations on what to check out we would greatly appreciate it.
I'd avoid the 9th ward. I would stay in the French Quarter. Audubon Park isn't have bad
2 tips about going to New Orleans:
1. Don't call it Nawlins, only tourists do this and it's a cheap shot at our accent. If you want to use a legit nickname for the city just say "nola"
2. You don't have to go to the poor neighborhoods; not much to see there anyway. However, these neighborhoods were also where most of the culture of New Orleans originated, so at least offer some respect

Anyway, avoid lodging in these neighborhoods: Upper 9th Ward, Lower 9th Ward, 7th Ward, Central City, Hollygrove, Treme. You can easily reference the street boundaries of these neighborhoods with a google search.

You'll be naturally drawn to the French Quarter, and you should be; it's the city's historic core. It's easy to figure out the well-known things with a google search. However, I can give a couple recommendations off the beaten path:
>R&O Restaurant: 15 minutes from downtown, in the suburb of Metairie. I grew up in NOLA and it was always my family's go-to po-boy place. It's a local staple and you won't find any tourists there
>Chickie Wah Wah: laid back venue that has jazz, funk, rock, and other stuff depending on the night. Great place to have several drinks in a row. It's a local dive but has a diverse crowd; you won't stick out
>Audubon Park: just walk around the park; it's gorgeous
Can confirm the Nola/Nawlins statement

I see so many of you chuckleheads saying "Nawlins" on this board, it makes my head spin
Basically all of the above. The French Quarter is great and you can have a lot of fun even you want to avoid Bourbon St. The Garden District has lots of old houses and parks you can tour, if you're into that. There's the zoo and aquarium, cemeteries, and tacky but fun ghost tours. I recommend you download the Nola transit app. It has maps for all the streetcar and bus lines and you can get multi day passes so you don't have to buy tickets all the time. Pro tip: Cafe du Monde is less busy at night and early in the morning. If you get there after 9am you'll have a long wait for a table.
All of new Orleans is shitty, though if you stick to the garden district, quarter, and Frenchmen, y'all should survive. The hotel should have a map. Go to snake and Jake's xms club. You're welcome.

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