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I'm planning to possibly visit Paris.

What does /trv/ advise on what to avoid, how to ensure I have a good time without any bs and possibly hotel/restaurant recommendations.


It's my first trip, planning on going with someone but wanted to get some hands on advice from anons.
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Dude there’s no point. This numale/roastie parisian goes to every single thread to defend his/her shithole city and disregards crime facts. Just let the brainlet be
>samefagging retard again
You have an autism-level obsession with niggers in Paris for some reason and write your copypasta on every France or Paris thread. Who hurt you and why?

We really need a janitor. Just one retarded poster can ruin threads.
Don't go to (((Paris))) unless you're really intersted in African culture
99.99% of the people who knock Paris are too poor to enjoy it. This is particularly why I like it: it filters out the arrogant white trash who have to escape somewhere cheaper to enjoy their Bud Lights and Heinekens.

For a good time in Paris, I suggest you go with another friend. Stay in Le Marais. Check out Hotel Saint Louis, which is a quaint little hotel in the heart of the neighborhood, just a couple blocks from the Seine. Wake up each morning, head to a cafe. Have a smoke and an espresso and people watch. The neighborhood is quite beautiful and has interesting architecture on the whole so walk around and familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas.

Check out places during the day that are on the typical tourist hit-list like the museums and monuments. If it's in season, go to a PSG game. Go shopping at all the cool little custom-clothing shops around. The fact that you can get clothes you can't find anywhere else on the planet, as well as other trinkets that are handmade by local artisans, is what really made Paris stand out for me. There's an awesome artistic community there.

At night, check out the nightlife in the Marais or elsewhere in the city, as it's fun and has something for everyone.

>what to avoid
Gypsies, the north of paris (it's not dangerous, it's just dirty and has lots of blaqs) metro during rush hour, taxis (use uber instead) and all the usual tourist traps that you can find in every city.

Try to buy your tickets for museums/other tourist stuff on the internet, lines at tourist sights are always long, especially in the summer.

You really have to go out of your way to find these things, i live in a shitty suburb and i've never seen this

I’m in Vietnam.

I rented a motorbike and today it was stolen. I parked it near other motorbikes right near a Starbucks and figured it was safe, but then when I went to leave it was gone.

In the rental contract it says I have to pay $600 if I lose the bike. The bike was a cheap POS and def. not worth that much. Can I just ghost on them and not pay it, or will the police come after me? The rental place has my passport details (and I plan to stay in VN a while).
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>Also Canada’s embassies I see the same. Our consulates are a fucking disgrace.
That's quite sad to hear. I'm glad I never needed their help so far.
File: airw7wp0ys811.png (433 KB, 605x594)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
Remember when Bill Clinton groveled to Singapore about them caning some stupid Amerifat teenager who got busted vandalizing cars? Shit was hillaryous. Bill was such a douchebag.
They should have executed that kid.
I don't fully understand why everybody assumes that a random bike-shop runs a complicated scam operation with street vigilance. No, Is certainly a regular shop since they didn't take the real passport.

You are lucky the contract states you must pay 600, and not any random crazy number they want.

Yes, you could have ghosted if you did it fast and left the country relatively fast.

And It's freaking Vietnam, bikes get stolen all the time. You stayed, and want to stay longer. Go and pay cuz you blew it, end of story.
>it ain't me intensifies

File: G20-summit-825800.jpg (51 KB, 590x350)
51 KB
I've never left the continental US. I want to go somewhere that feels completely alien, where I can experience extreme culture shock. Where should I go? Only requirement is that it's a country with no/very contained terrorism.
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He's probably from some insanely religious bible belt place.

Everyone is nacked in lockers. That is what the room is designed for, to change your clothes.
China fits your requirements very well.
Especially if you go to a less international city, try Chongqing. Alien and weird.

Terrorism and crime in general are extremely rare in China. The only type of "crime" you're likely to encounter is that nothing you order anywhere will ever be quite correct.
If you want a real positive culture shock that will hopefully enlighten you, visit Switzerland, or Iceland, where people actually made their country and lives better and just watch how far ahead are than rest of the world.
Yeah you can always go to some shithole such as India and swim your way around through a pile of shit and more nasty shit where people are on the lower IQ and self-awareness level than your typical monkey living as well on those streets.
Where did OP say that?
I've been to both. I think they were both very gray and depressing. Similar to Norway as well. I think I would develop depression living there. Due to lack of sunlight and the stoic sarcastic composure of the locals. I'd rather have a warm overly manic/emotion family like Mediterranean nations. Sadly I live In Germany so I lack both the quality of life and the sunlight/happy people.

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 400x388)
13 KB
Im a canadian on a trip to Japan and on my last day I bought some hentai magazines but now i am worried they will get confiscated at the border by Canadian Customs or worst and get myself arrested for CP or something.

I am taking the plane back tomorrow. Should i just throw them away, mail them to myself or is there something I can do to bring them with me without trouble? I only have 2 so they dont take much space.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the weird request.
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>There is no loli
>its not a loli character.
Nobody cares about your titty comics and cum-target figurines unless they look like children. Worst that will happen is some government worker having a laugh if they see it.
Put them in checked luggage, not carry on. Throw them away since canada is anal about this shit, but I know people who have brought shit over back into canada just fine. I sure as shit wouldn't risk it though.

what character is it, not like most of 4chan wouldn't know who it is. Is it like Yoko or some shit?
You're literally retarded for even having interest in such garbage that is hentai. Leave your filthy shameful pleasures at your home nigga. Not only should they be confiscated, but be burned at the site and announcing it out loudly that you have such deviated fetish.
Tohsaka Rin
no one cares, again checked luggage

File: 1526737974981.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
Sup fags, I need some help
I'm an 18 year old Australian male that wants to join the US Marines
I have no criminal record, no green card and enough money to travel to muhrica
How do I do this?
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Alright got it, how do I go about getting a green card for this all? Do I even need one?
I want to shoot towel heads in the skull
>the training given to technicians is often military specific or frankly not equivilent to civilian training
ironically, I wanted to get a job working in an Antarctic station and it's practically impossible if you don't have satellite technician training from military. Army or Airforce (airfield communications technician) are apparently the only way to get that kind of job.
They do well in telco fields too when it comes to setting up shit in the middle of nowhere.

Other shit is probably useless though.
Foreing Legion is for...FOREIGNERS ! Not for French!
(okay they're join the legion too but need to change name and stuff)

Then, not a /trv thread
Ya I once watched a documentary on them. They're treated like scumbags and are sent to some bad locations. You'll end up in Africa somewhere fighting some unknown war. And the reward is french citizenship, who the fuck wants to be french.
Another /k/ fag here, why don't you join the aus army and get in a sniper unit? I worked with them in Baghdad, they were some cool dudes that did whatever they want with some nice gear. That's all it sounds like your looking for anyway.

File: homebase.png.jpg (18 KB, 780x478)
18 KB
Where would you buy a house to spend most of your year with the following criteria:
>European passport
>Around USD 1500/mo salary
>Bigger or big cities 500,000+ inhabitants
>Close to mountains/nature preferably
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if you have european passport, you don't care about Schengen.

Also, Brasov is 250k ppl

anyway this thread is idiotic
I'd say Genova.
Oslo definitely
Hard with $1500/mo
Genova shouldn't be hard, it's not Geneva.

File: aerial-optimized2.jpg (123 KB, 1200x700)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

I am living in UK right now, I would like to live in an Island, not a big one, like 15.000 population max could be great, I would like to live in one from Europe, or America, due to my English and Spanish language, I would like to live in a long term of time, like 5 to 10 years approximately, work there, or make a business, et cetera, basically a formal life..., so if anyone has any ideas, what should I do, apart from buy the ticket lol, so every help is welcome.

Your faithfully.
There's lots of Islands in the UK you can live in. I suggest somewhere in the Isles of Scilly
>good weather
>low population (largest Island has less than 2k people)
>English speaking
and you're already a UK citizen so moving there won't be too difficult

File: ozora-2017.jpg (389 KB, 2048x1362)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
Hey /trv/, summer really is here, why not have a Festival general to share tips, events and general FAQ on the topic?
Also curious of the general orientation towards music events of this board.
Please abstain from shitposting too much about
>normies out
>festivals are not "real travelers®" destination

my back hurts just looking at that photo

It's an awful photo, indeed

File: IMG_2794.jpg (1.78 MB, 4032x3024)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
What do?

buy a bowler hat
Eat tons of good food, like ceviche.

Chew coca leaves. Hang around the town square(s). Drink pisco sours. Check out the inside of some cool churches.
File: 1481154382442.gif (771 KB, 245x245)
771 KB
771 KB GIF
Cocaine! Ask the shoe shiners they know the hook ups, make sure you rub it on your gums to see if its legit first tho
Ceviche is not unique to peru

File: slideshow.jpg (85 KB, 980x400)
85 KB
Whats the furthest north I can drive to on reasonably well kept roads? I want to go there for spiritual reasons. I don't want to fly or have help from any tour guides or anything. I want to be as self sufficient as possible.
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The graded gravel highway to Tuktoyaktuk opened last year, if you're in Canada.
Driving to the Arctic circle in Russia is hard.
The North Cape in Norway, most likely.
I guess I should've mentioned I'm currently in the US. Currently googling Tuktoyatuk. Thanks for the info bruh
Thanks a lot actually. This is just what I was looking for. I'll take pictures and post them here if I ever go. It probably wouldn't be until I finish grad school, which would be about two years from now. But never the less I will post them.
>I guess I should've mentioned I'm currently in the US. Currently googling Tuktoyatuk. Thanks for the info bruh
prudhoe bay is further north than tuktoyaktuk. And the dalton highway is more often traveled
File: 1524919455128.png (689 KB, 500x391)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
That looks good also. Thanks man

File deleted.
Always wanted to go to Chernobyl, but am not old enough and also a little bitch. Any advice as to how to get there.
stop doing the first 2 things you admitted, you are and go LARP in stalker more.
> but am not old enough
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
I would advise against it. At best, you'll shorten your life expectancy by about 5 yesterday. In addition, your death will be more painful and drawn out when it arrives, assuming you make it to 70 years of age.
Just watch a few videos on youtube.

Chernobyl is literally nothing more just abandomed buildings. You can find many of them anywhere in the world. Just because you need to hold your radiation device it doesnt mean it is different.

Where can I buy vietnamese hats(non la) in Hong Kong? I promise to friends that i will bring them those hats, but i can't visit Vietnam during this trip.
They're everywhere in Guangxi... Idk about Hong Kong.

Ask your hotel/hostel receptionist, and don't let them pretend they don't understand the question. Don't bring up "non la", though, it might have some different name in Cantonese, just show a picture of what you want.
Night markets around Mongkok and Temple Street will be your best bet. They are not hugely popular in HK

Hi guys I’m going to go India for 10days, I wanna know what your favorite food,place,activity... whatever you recommend to do in India. and what I should pay attention:)
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My favorite activity was shitting on the beach with locals and competing whose shit is going to come out bigger
File: meme.jpg (63 KB, 720x867)
63 KB
>go to the nearest beach or street
>take a shit
>take a photo of your shit
>upload it on instagram
>india enlightenment.jpg
Drink the tap water and see how long you survive.


2 0 2 0

File: DSC_0518.jpg (4.54 MB, 6000x4000)
4.54 MB
4.54 MB JPG
Have tears in my eyes
I'm on probation for weed possession for at least the next 1.5 years, at most the next 4.
Haven't been able to travel even out of my state for almost 2 years now.
I have a deep love for Vietnam and want to see Taiwan
Will Asian countries have a problem accepting a convicted felon into their country as a tourist? (In terms of, will they ask / know?)
Please no bully I made a mistake and my life sucks now
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
China, Japan, Korea; all have electronic scans on your passports.


Japan is really cares about weed, most asian countries are about the same toughness for felons. Will you for sure get flagged? dunno, but expect to get turned down
Also did you plead out to a lesser charge+probation, or is a felon actually on your record. If you were just charged, but not convicted of any felony; they won't even really see a misdemeanor
A lot, I also went to jail for 6 months

I'm convicted.

While they may have electronic scans, do you really believe the US would share their internal records with China? Maybe they do, but I've heard of others just checking "no convictions" and getting their visa at the embassy.

Main places I'm concerned about is SEA and China. Japan and Korea also seem great but I can take it or leave it.
Passports and criminal records are handled a lot differently than other things, most countries work together to share some of that data between each other. Fairly easy to link shit to a passport that is unique, and each other countries agree on.

You can email the embassy/representatives for countries you plan to visit on what a non violent felony means in terms of travel for exact responses. It is still always up to the inspector/immigrations officer at all times however.
Fair enough. This is the first negative response I've seen in the two years since my arrest which I've been researching this. Most people just say "Canada will be hard, but others, no problem!", so I appreciate a different perspective.

I'm currently living in Newfoundland and want to move, I have family in British Columbia I can stay with but I have to get over there, I have a bike albeit a shitty one, about 500 cad if I sell most of my personal belongings, I'm 18 and look decent so if I have to hitchhike there shouldn't be a problem, any suggestions?
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File: IMG_20180711_191858.jpg (33 KB, 480x483)
33 KB
Would this not be cheaper than a greyhound?
Wait what?
Greyhound announced they're stopping service in BC starting in October for everything except buses going to the US.

It's all over the local news.

B'y just spend the $500 on a one-way ticket to Fort Mac like the rest of us
Fuck off subhuman scum

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