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Hey guys, I don't usually lurk /trv/ but /fa/ is dead and sucks, so I'm hoping you can help. I'm going to be travelling for work a bit and need a cane for a dodgy knee on longer walks. Anyone here with advice or experience travelling with a carbon fiber or metal cane? Not just boarding airplanes, but walking around with them. If pic related isn't a good option, I'm not opposed to looking into a wood derby cane.
I walked with a cane for 3 or 4 months after I broke my leg because it healed wrong. It's not that bad but I didn't like that old person shuffle with the cane in the strong side hand. I always found it easier to walk like Hugh Laurie in House M.D.. If you're worried about taking it on the plane then get a doctors note and it should be cool.

I"ll probably have a limp the rest of my life but I don't need the cane unless I fuck my leg up again, I leave it hanging up in my garage in case though.

File: 1520439592846.jpg (46 KB, 610x598)
46 KB
Philadelphia is like a smaller New York. Anyone agree?

Or, at least, it's like a cross between New York and Washington, DC
Why do you keep making this thread?
Its kinda like a bootleg version of Brooklyn.
Philly local here. Philly is more like NY than DC, but waaaaayyy smaller. Plus Philly has its own Phunk. Get to know the city and you'll feel it. Not quite as hip as NY, but funkier, grittier, more authentic. I love Philly
File: philly.jpg (586 KB, 2560x1440)
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586 KB JPG
Oh god stop with these fucking threads. Nobody is coming to Philly.

Hey /trv/ I just wanna know what kind of brand hatchet I should get because I plan on going on a 3 week camping trip. I need something with a durable handle/blade, able to take good bites out of a fairly thin tree, and able cut through logs when I am making a campfire. Can y'all help me out please?
You could probably get some better advice on /k/ or /out/ than here.

File: 1518765028447.jpg (1003 KB, 1242x2208)
1003 KB
1003 KB JPG
Who here has ever been high or generally under the influence of something while flying/ traveling

Am going to fly this weekend and would like to ease up my nerves before boarding up and how risky is it to hide 1-2 g in the luggage for later use after arriving?
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If they smell it on you, they won't let you on the plane.
But better to smoke it than leave it in your luggage for the dogs to find, I guess
i somehow got through schipol with a little bit of weed in my bag (like maybe .5g) recently. fucking nearly shat myself when i got home because i genuinely forgot i had it (it was in a pocket of a hoodie in my rucksack).
Can I get away with 2g of weed from Germany to Istanbul in my luggage?, if yes how and where should I hide it
Depends on what country. Some are super strict than others. Personally i would get a small bag of pipe tobacco, wrap weed with saran wrap and hide it in the tobacco bag. or tea leaves.
I always make sure to take a large dose of Xanax before every flight. As far as traveling with drugs I know many people who have flown with small amounts of weed, but I don't think I would risk it. I certainly would never try on an international flight, if you want it that bad just ask a cab driver or bar tender.

File: images.jpg (19 KB, 222x227)
19 KB
>Be me
>Brit fag
>Age 8
>Vacation with family and friends family in France
>Staying in rented housing or something like that
>Rows of the same house about 20 in a row
>Playing cricket or some dumb shit like that
>Get thirty whilst playing
>Say to mum i'm going to run back to house for drinks
>Run to house open sliding door
>mfw when I see man getting sucked off
>mfw woman gags on dick when she sees me
>mfw when man screams in french
>mfw when all i say i whoopees
>I ran back to cricket game family knows i went to wrong house

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Have you traveled a total of one time? catching people in the act isn't an exclusively travel thing
Why the door will be open?
shut the fuck up you wet blanket

File: ukraine.png (1.08 MB, 938x580)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
I'm thinking about traveling to Kiev or Odessa this July. Is it safe? How many scammers did you encounter? Did you Airbnb or hotel it? How were the night clubs.
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I found kiev completely safe. It's an amazing city, very different to any other city in europe and it's ridiculously cheap. Uber is very handy there, 2€ will get you anywhere. I'm a big techno fan and kiev is good for it. There's quite a big underground party scene in town which is very interesting. On my weekend I was on a techno festival on the island so I didn't go to any nightclubs. Closer seemed to be a good club though. I stayed in a hostel called Central Station Hostel which was really nice and atmospheric.

I found the beach club area in Odessa (arkadia) a bit more sketchy. Some people from my hostel got robbed there. I felt completely safe there though. Also the area imo was not that good for nightlife. Very generic and overpriced (still quite cheap) resort style clubs. I found the old town side much nicer.

Out of the two cities i liked Kiev way more in terms of sights, food and nightlife. It's also cheaper than odessa. I recommend spending more time there for sure.
Only been too Kiev once and it was sweet. It's dirt poor which is a travellers dream. Safety is OK, most of The locals keep for themselves.
Also I asked The staff at The desk too order a taxi for me. When they order taxi you get it cheper than UBER.
Party is really cool there, beautiful women, nice music and beers sometimes for 50cent
I'm socially awkward so it may be easy for you to avoid this but there's some real cunts walking around Independence Square in cartoon costumes and bear suits.

>try not to make eye contact
>they swarm me and start acting all nice
>"Sorry man I've got to be somewhere."
>pester me until I agree to take ONE picture
>take 30 pictures, another 2 costumed dudes jump in
>all start demanding money seperately

I paid the same for those photos as I could have paid for 6 shirts. They emptied my walled and started threatening me if I didn't go to an ATM and withdraw money for them until I finally told them to fuck off with their charity case.

I really just didn't want to end up involving the cops that were everywhere lmao
Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.

Bought my flight to Kiev for about 8 days total.
Anybody ever go into the catacombs in Odessa? How bad of an idea is it? I've been exploring in tons of abandoned places but the sheer size of those is somewhat intimidating

File deleted.
I am going to Thailand for 3 weeks of whore mongering.

What is the safest way to do this? If I bang 30 girls at Soi Cowboy, will I get HIV or other STDs (if I wear protection always)? How common is it really?

>t. degenerate
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Others have ladyboys, too. Thailand just has the best.

Thailand is freakiest. Phillipines is best gfe. Cambodia has best bodies/curves.

This is just in general. All of these things are prevalent in all of these places

I got some bar girl, tried to use a rubber and she stopped mid sex to take it off. I drunkenly agreed, and I still think I may have caught something, even though my jumk is fine. Did I get lucky? Because it felt like raw dogging is part of the deal.
>is there even one single building in Bangkok that doesn't have a ladyboy massage parlor in it?

Try the north side of Sukhumvit between about soi 3 and soi 11 (this is by the Nana skytrain stop). Last tme I went to Bangkok there was at least one along that stretch with half a dozen dudes in frocks hanging around in front of the door annoying anyone who walked past. They were absolutely impossible to miss unless you are blind, deaf, and cannot detect when people grab your arms.

Get tested. You can have chlamydia and be asymptomatic, and the initial presentation of syphilis is just a small temporary sore at the infection site. Herpes may not show up as an outbreak even if you've been infected. HIV, of course, takes years before it becomes noticeable, but it's nearly impossible to catch that from heterosexual sex.

Both are easily curable at first. Chlamydia will scar your vas deferens tubes internally until you are sterile, while syphilis will eventually destroy your brain.
Not "lucky' as the STD contraction risk is grossly overstated, unless doing raw anal.
Fucking kek

File: 2017314-city.jpg (340 KB, 2048x1365)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Hi all, my friend and I are headed to Toronto for a week in late April. Any and all suggestions are welcome, but especially anything about:

- 'Publicly funded' arts like galleries, museums, plays, theatre, ballet, etc.

- Vegetarian/Vegan food stuff worth checking out

- Any other entertainment/shows

- Outdoors stuff (eg. trails) (doesn't have to be right in Toronto proper)

- Other stuff that one just "has" to check out when in Toronto

Cheers, thanks all!

I'm going to be in America for a week via private jet and want to visit some nice spots. What do you guys recommend? I like high end resorts, but really anything cool.

I want to start in Amanyara: https://www.aman.com/resorts/amanyara (I realize this is kinda not America, but... otherwise will stick to mainland)

But otherwise want to check out the mainland. Another anon told me to see the Biltmore? http://www.biltmore.com/

I'd be visiting in the Spring. I've been to most the major cities so not interested in NY, LA, Vegas, etc.
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Ghosts aren't real, bro.
Def go to Vegas. Skip LA. If I were you I would go to Yellowstone National Park.
I wanted to see that but another American told me it was so busy that it is just unbearable.
Why would you visit the US? Its just one big city after another, but without culture. Its disgusting.
I like America. I travel lots of places but I find the people mostly friendly and it's a huge beautiful country. If you think it is just one city after another you have never really travelled there.

I never really understood but "it has no culture" comment about America either, because every place I've been to has had its own sort of way of life (is that how you say it in English?).

File: maxresdefault (9).jpg (172 KB, 1280x720)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Hey, I know lots of you got experience with asia travels.
I've recently read up on the history of Singapore and found it rather fascinating, any of you been there?
What's a good length for a stay, is it expensive? Any advice for how to behave because of the law enforcement being effectively zero tolerance for anything?
35 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
don't go there looking for a 'gritty' Asian destination, it seems very sterile which can be
a good or bad thing depending on what you're into
File: DSC00519.jpg (2.87 MB, 8192x1856)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
8 days, clean, good public transport, still distinct from the west, picturesque highly recommend. Make sure you go to Fort Canning.
There's always the botanic gardens. Pretty nice to walk around.

>There should be more crime and slums, it's too sterile
Most of the locals I met were friendly, especially if you have an ice breaker. The "massage" girls are far pushier than the ones in Thailand funnily enough. And the other people are right, it does feel a bit 1984. If you have just come from other SEA countries it will feel especially jarring.

If you like that sort of thing the zoo and botanical gardens are great, there is a lot of British military/colonial history to see as well. Like the others said, its best as a short visit. I spent four days there before flying home from Thailand.

Upcoming business trip will conclude with a stop in Saudi Arabia.

Is it at all worthwwhile to delay my return home for some number of days? What's in SA that is worth seeing/doing, and is available to the casual infidel?

Pic not related.
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>they're sick of their citizens going to dubai for whores, drugs and gambling and want to keep the money

And Bahrain
They are diversifying their economy. Oil revenues will decline at some point, and what they make off of the Haj is limited in that many of the people coming for that pilgrimage are poor and don't spend much.

They look at Dubai, and see a very strong economy built on providing beautiful beaches and activities for tourists, and want to give that a try.

To what extent they will be successful, without allowing alcohol, etc., remains to be seen.
OP final bump in case anybody else has some ideas on what to see/do there.
Are the Saudis building a tourist center and restricting them there? I'd really like to see one of their infamous public executions.
dress up as a Muslim and sneak into mecca
don't worry the penalty is just like 3 dollars

File: sportsmobile_exterior1.jpg (208 KB, 560x371)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Baja Mexico by car is the cheapest most fun vacation you could have.
Free beach camping , cool little towns with cheap tacos, surfing, fishing , kite boarding and many cool hikes.
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Not here in japan
Is it possible to vanlife in Japan?
Secretaría de Turismo, get the fuck out of my 4chan
There have been hundreds of such cases since the beginning of the "war on drugs".
With narcos is not so easy since they carry ak-47 and AR-15 all the time.
Big yellow robbery target. Might as well paint a bullseye on his anus.

File: iceland-waterfall-1.jpg (158 KB, 1270x650)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
I'm heading to Iceland in 9 days and I'm feeling massively unprepared. Anyone have any advice?

I'm spending 5 nights based out of Reykjavík, then have 6 nights I haven't structured or planned anything yet. I'm also spending 3 nights in Tórshavn, but will probably just stick to hiking the sheep trails and checking out things I stumble upon.

Any general information or recommendations / must do's would be greatly appreciated. I won't make the entire ring road but would like to check out some places outside Rek.

Also what's the easiest way to get money for Iceland? I have a Visa Debit, but no credit card that won't slam me with foreign currency fees. Funds are in USD. Should I just bring cash and get króna at the airport?
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bump for this
how do people do this? is that not one of the first things you google when considering a destination?
hiking and wildlife watching. they rely on the fishing industry. there's not much more to it.

there's googling a topic and then theres what I come on /trv/ for, what's actually cool in a spot. whats a rip off? whats underseen?

tourists sites show me everything in rosy glasses, i come here for the truth
You need a car. Fact. Pick it up the first day right after landing. You need a single day and night in Reykjavik, maybe two if you party.

Keflavik airport is a boring building after security. There is no surrounding towns or environs that aren't 35 minutes away. Literally just a few warehouses and car rentals, nothing more. Airport is fairly close to Blue Lagoon, which is why this is suggested to you immediately after landing because it will burn the 5 hours or so you need to relax after your red eye flight because you are far too early to do anything in Reykjavik or check in. Parking is expensive but easy in the city. Ask your hotel what to do. Good lockers, safe lot and you'll feel the love of the country right away.

I wonder if you can rent a car on only a debit card. If you can, you will want the maximum insurance with the lowest deductible. What can happen is minor cosmetic damage like cracked windshields for rocks that fly off the roads and ding the car everywhere. You just want to be able to walk away and get on your flight. Icelanders pay a high price for car parts and cars in general.

Camping? Hrm. Didn't see it much outside of campgrounds. I really never saw anywhere you could pitch a tent stake either. One thing is for sure though, there is a nice shower facility and heated public pool in every single town. I encourage you to unwind every night at one.

File: okinawa.jpg (339 KB, 1200x801)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
hi trv,

im currently studying in taiwan and ill be done here in a few months. After that i plan to travel around a bit before going back home to the netherlands. I've booked a ticked to tokyo already, but have no other real plans yet. I dont really have any obligations or preferences and will mostly be travelling alone. Instead of flying back home in one flight i'd like to visit one or two countries (for like atleast a few days) before arriving in the netherlands. I figured that, since im very flexible and have no real preferences, it would be a cheap way to see some countries and fly back home. After all, the cheapest tickets are the ones with one or two layovers. How would i go about planning this and finding the cheapest way to fly? Skyscanner has this explore option with which you can find really cheap one way tickets, but you cant really "explore" options when you include additional stops in between. Anyone knows a site where i can explore flight tickets & can search for my whole trip at once (like leave from tokyo somewhere in july, arrive in amsterdam 2-3 weeks later and have 1 or 2 stops in between in one search)?
pretty sure there isn't such a service. I mean, an airline is going to fly Tokyo-Netherlands not Tokyo-place you want to visit-Netherlands, that's not how they work.

What I would recommend is just searching for the cheapest one way flight from Tokyo and either searching your onward flight to the Netherlands from there or possibly just flying back to Tokyo and going home from there

Oh also, Emirates usually allows you to extend your layover in Dubai for a bit if you pay a bit extra if you fly with them
thanks, yeah i guess its just a bit too much to ask for.
File: IMG_7285.jpg (2.44 MB, 3264x2448)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
I actually did something similar two years ago, I also studied in Taiwan. I took a peach airlines (low budget Japanese airline) and flew to Osaka, traveled southwards through Japan by the slow train (you can get a youth ticket which is really cheap and valid for any five dates you want) my last stop was Fukuoka. From there I took the ferry to Busan (South Korea) and later traveled to Seoul. Flew from there to Tokyo with peach again and then went home after a week.

Stayed a few days in every location I went to in Japan and stayed for two days in Busan and about a week in Seoul.
oh thats actually quite a nice plan, i didnt know you could take the ferry to korea

File: 1475649684346.jpg (410 KB, 1600x900)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
What can /trv/ tell me about the US region known as Cascadia? I've never been and I find it interesting. Anyone know of the best places to go to? I'd like to plan a roadtrip.
Portland native here. What do you want to know exactly? it's a cool place for a lot of things. Some generic routes and sights are taking hwy 101 up or down the oregon/washington coast. Portland is a cool city for beer/culture/art, so is Olympia. The whole Olympic peninsula is awesome in and of itself. Summer, early fall are best times to visit.

Ask some more specific question fuckface. Oh, and don't move here, just visit.
Snoqualmie Falls just west of Seattle, Columbia River Gorge near Portland, San Juan Islands north and west of Seattle, Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula. . . .

>recommending the gorge in 2018 after last year's fire destroyed literally all of it

nice troll
everywhere man its the fuckin best

just watch for methheads

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