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File: Miami Beach South Beach.jpg (1.51 MB, 1870x2890)
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File: 1401762873117.gif (590 KB, 400x210)
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That sounds awesome, and thank you for sharing pictures. It must be a real blessing to go diving in Belize. I have never dived, but I often hear how wonderful diving in Belize is, and that it is great to visit generally.

Again, thank you for sharing the pics. It sounds better and better, with the Mayan ruins, the diving, the volcanoes. It sounds like you really got your time and money's worth and more.

I have to go for a while, but if I'd love to hear any dining recollections if you have time. You traveled around so much, you certainly must've had some memorable nights out and some interesting food and diners.
I was on a pretty tight budget (diving is expensive). Ordinarily, I would eat at the cheapest/cleanest place I could find by just walking around. In Belize City, there is a little shack in the park downtown that had incredible bbq chicken, rice and beans for $3, San Pedro I usually ate at the Sandbar cause that was where I was staying. Local street food was awesome pretty much everywhere, especially Antigua, Monterrico and Flores and I rarely paid more than $5 for a meal. Local beer is really cheap as well, so food was ridiculously cheap and very tasty. I also never got sick, even though I am prone to getting food poisonng. Hostels are typically $10/night for dorms and rooms $20 to 30 on the cheap.

I don't really nightclub, I'm more into early morning sightseeing so I really can't comment much there.

I see. I'm a little old for the hostel scene. I think it would creep people out. Im sure there are plenty of bed & breakfasts around though.

Have you traveled often? You sound like you know how to get a lot for your money. I'm quite jealous of how much you saw.

Maybe Im lazy. I sort of travel without traveling much, meaning I will pick one spot and just stay rooted until Im satisfied that I know every nook and cranny, every ally and pedestrian off-path. By contrast, you seem to really move a lot, which is understandable too, to see so much.

When I was a kid, I used to tramp a lot in the cities, maybe thats way Im odd about how I visit places. There is something about seeing the same humble desolate corners that only a lost, indigent pedestrian would see that makes me feel connected somehow.

So when you mention cheap local eats, my ears really prick up.

And its nice when you find an actual local diner, not one thats had the crap commericalized out of it.

For example, theres a lot of places in MB that are grossly over promoted as local hotspots for dining. But in reality, there are nice little bodegas all over North Beach you never hear about unless you just wander around looking off the beaten path.

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File: 1398465887756.jpg (149 KB, 1280x859)
149 KB
149 KB JPG

... Sometimes it just feels good to know that as long as there is a way back, it doesnt matter that you dont know what it is. Its like the mind is celebrating the difference between life now and concerns later.

Do you think you would like South America? I would like to see it. I also want to see Iceland for some reason.

File: serveimage.jpg (143 KB, 800x600)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Any Peruano here?
looking for a good website for longer-term rentals in Peru. The one that all the locasl use.

no language problem (I speak Spanish )

also Peru and Lima general
also, which areas are better to live in, besides Miraflores? I want it to be close to the sea, safe but cool. I have a slight preference for those high-rise apartments buildings with good views .. but it's not a requirement.
me permito a bampear este mensaje
In Lima, there's San Isidro, which is more Expesive; Barranco, more bohemian at day and close to pubs; and Surco, but there's no sea.

File: kk.jpg (37 KB, 360x640)
37 KB
I been wanting to travel for awhile, i want a friend or something to travel with just give me your kik below & we can discuss details see if it works out or if were compatible. Pic is me & i do prefer women but i will travel with a male i'm not sexiest as long as u not weirdo.
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This board is gay as fuck, not terrible just lame all you cunt do is talk about Europe, Japan and visiting some shitty war torn country to feel adventurous
there's a dude in koeji that would be up for hanging out

Why are you here then you autist?

Go back to your weeb board if you don't want to talk about being social around the world. Nobody is forcing you to come here.

You’re so cool posting the fresh memes of the season man. Real hip and young of you, man. I wish I was as cool as you, bro.
File: 1512237033416.gif (1.92 MB, 280x211)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF

>he thinks he can tell who is and isn't trolling on 4chan

get some self awareness, kid

File: maga9.png (68 KB, 1172x1182)
68 KB
I have a choice of travelling Central Asia (the istan countries) or South America

Which are do you think will be more fun to explore both scenery and people wise?
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No im going in May so hopefully the weather will be nice.
Because the landscape of Central Asia is amazing and varied while still not infested by a tonne of travellers.Kyrgyzstan looks like an amazing trip if you want to see the landscape,they're not really party countries so why else would I want to go there if not for the landscape?

>why did I rule out other regions
infested by travelers, the landscape is meh, the weather is awful,or expensive

Id rent a 4x4 if I was touring central asia btw
>Id rent a 4x4
not going to happen if you don't know russian and/or hire a local

even then they're most likely won't allow you to leave the city

and if you do manage rent a car -- you won't be able to cross the border on it because all customs will require you to be either owner of the car or special personal permit that owner allows you to drive his car

oh and forgot the most obvious point -- you won't be able to drive a car period, because you don't have a local license
>infested by travelers
Select your South American destinations carefully.
I was looking at this websitehttps://caravanistan.com/car-rental/ for the car rental where Kyrgyzstan looks like the easiest to find a car rental

but you make a good point on the drivers license thing, I never drove in a foreign country, but I thought you can get an international license?
I don't mind if a place is infested by travelers, as long as they arn't the annoying white hippie traveler or the smug rich traveler. I had the most fun meeting other college students that were traveling when I was in europe
>international license
even if that's a thing, i don't expect it to be respected by local infamously corrupt road cops.

That site gives some solid looking info abobut local rental though, so i guess you can go with it if you insist.

But i personally think you don't really need a car to begin with.

Kyrgyzstan is kinda small and from what i understand most spots are rather close to city and i think you will be fine just settling in Bishkek and then going by public transport and then hiking up places you want and/or hiring tour guides who can deliver you where you need.

Similarly if you go to Almaty -- mountains are accessible by public transportation (including cable car system). Charyn canyon is over 200 miles away from it so you will need a vehicle to get there (and the road is bad). Kazakhstan is slightly richer country than Kyrgyzstan so there will be slightly more creature comfort and accomodation in Almary compared to Bishkek -- whether you want or it is a turn off -- up to you.

Cheapest big city in the US?

I love NYC, and Miami. LA is alright. All three are super expensive, I make enough to live in them but would have little savings.

Can I get the big city feeling without spending so much?
83 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

Denver and Austin are so overpriced it cannot be justified.
File: comcast center and penn.jpg (332 KB, 772x1024)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Philadelphia not second tier
>Museum of Art
>Biggest park system in the states
>Historic sites
move to Mayfair with the rest of your kind
by the way, do you have any property for sale?
Indianapolis is a comfy city if you aren't staying too long since the amount of things to do will run out
For scenery/nature consider Asheville, NC
>competitive job market
>military makes it a sausage fest
it’s good for raising a family, if you’re single and young go elsewhere

File: iceland.jpg (155 KB, 1440x823)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Is Iceland worth visiting? Looks like a boring far away rock to me, and expensive. I'm in Sweden and I'd rather go to continental Europe where there is history and culture but my girlfriend is obsessed with Iceland. Seems like you'd also need a car to explore it. If I was to travel that far to see nature I might as well go to Canada.
Cool place, strange People, beautifull nature, expensive, hard to do things in winter
Absolutely worth visiting
If you do one thing in your life, please make it a hitch hiking journey through Iceland.
well continental Europe is obviously going to have a lot more going on, but Iceland is still a worthy destination.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (34 KB, 1280x720)
34 KB
Anybody tried travelling with their vidya? I usually take my 3DS and PSP but thinking of bringing my PS4 when I go to Asia soon as I'm staying for 3 weeks (my PC is not an option because it's big, plus I would need a screen).

Thoughts? I'd have to bring it in a separate suitcase to my other big one but I have a spare so it's ok.
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I bring my laptop to play CSGO at night. My team practices every night and we're kicked out if we don't bother coming online for more than a week so I'm required to play vidya.

Bring a laptop if your desperate to play video games overseas.

Don't bring a bulky heavy console that will cost you more in baggage allowance to fulfill your autistic needs.
Worse than having a gf who requires a phone call home every night lmao.
>Hey, want to go out drinking tonight and make some local friends?
>I can't because I NEED to play video games otherwise my friends will exclude me.
>I'm required to play vidya
I had a roommate that would forego sex with his girlfriend because he "needed" to be trained in ARMA.
It's a fucking game mate, you don't *need* to do anything.
It could be a job for him. And for all the online jobs you could have while traveling abroad - that seems to be one of the better ones

File: important belgium.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
First time poster, long time lurker, wondering whether any of you anons have visited Belgium, specifically Brussels. I'll be visiting in late February/early March, and I was wondering what to expect, what's worth doing, and whether or not anybody here could give me any extra info about the whole thing.

The trip will be free, because of an association that I'm a part of, with travel and accommodation paid for. The itinerary is below.

Day One: Get the Eurostar down to Brussels, from London, eat dinner with a Member of European Parliament
Day Two: Tour of the EU Parliament
Day Three: Free
Day Four: Get the train back to England

I am a fluent Dutch speaker, but understand that Brussels is mainly French speaking, though there is a substantial amount of Dutch second language speakers. Do you think that it would be helpful to learn some French, /trv/?

Additionally, I'm stuck on how to spend that third day. Atomium and Mini-Europe looks good, but I couldn't really fit that in if I wanted to visit the Grand Palace or the Museums. Any advice on what would be the best use of the day?
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You'll have a lot more succes with English than Dutch in Brussels. They're very chauvinistic about their 'better' French language.
That's a real shame. I'll probably learn a few French phrases.

This is absolutely true, and that's how I'm on this trip. :)

Thanks, lads. It's a shame that there doesn't seem to be all that much to do or see in Brussels, besides the stuff mentioned in the OP.
Can confirm.

Was Going to start a new thread but i'll just ask here.

I'm studying in the Netherlands (Nijmegen) Next year and am currently trying to plan my trip over from London.

I leave London on the 22nd of January and need to be in Nijmegen by the 29th. I'm torn because I want to LARP as a francophone (currently learning French) but at the same time get the feeling that Flanders cities have more going on.

Pic related is my initial plan that leans more towards Flemish cities than Wallonian ones (Den Bosch is a bit of a placeholder, don't know if there are any other Dutch cities in the area worth visiting more)

Can anyone give advice on whether this is an alright itinerary for a week? any places i've missed out on or tips for places on that map would be really appreciated
File: Route B.png (542 KB, 1361x665)
542 KB
542 KB PNG

Forgot Pic

File: bEjI2UeM[1].jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
I'm going on a Birthright Israel trip in January, anyone been on one before and want to share their experiences and wisdom?
Jews are yuck city
Are you actually a jew, or did you just pretend to be one so you can go there for free?
File: 1468197561574.jpg (29 KB, 912x408)
29 KB
>pretend to be one so you can go there for free
Wouldn't that automatically qualify him as a jew?
Israel here, I only heard from Israelis that join Birthright groups that you go basically for having sex with hot Jewish girls from the diaspora, so have fun brother
Enjoy the free shit. You'll be given a lot of free tours and food so take in as much as you can.
Don't leave without hooking up with at least one of the girls with you
If they let you have a going out night on King George St know that everything is watered down.
Don't buy clothes unless it's life or death.
Learn Backgammon before you go, and get into drinking black (shachor)/Turkish coffee because it's cheap and will keep you awake for most of the day
Hummus, falafel and shawarma are better in Jerusalem and north of the tel Aviv metro area.
You can ask the soldiers whatever you want but a lot of the time they'll spin the truth to make themselves look badass
Israeli girls are frustratingly hard to get

I'd recommend staying longer if you can, there's a lot of worthwhile stuff they don't show you. If you can get a few people and stay at a good backpackers hostel like Abraham's in Jerusalem, mingle with the foreigners and do some of the events. Jerusalem is a fantastic city to explore, it's clean (much more so than most other Israeli cities), and has endless historical and biblical sites that are well worth exploring, both from a religious and non-religious perspective.

And most of all, take the presentations with a grain of salt, it's pretty propaganda.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Raging_pepe.jpg (36 KB, 500x500)
36 KB
>book airline ticket
>airline goes bankrupt
>ticket and money is gone

Why is this allowed?
Which one? Air Berlin? Monarch?
Atoll protected

shoulda got travel insurance
Here's to hoping Niki Lauda takes it back again.

File: uxmal-ruins.jpg (163 KB, 1920x1004)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Best Mayan ruins to visit? Need to get out of the fucking cold for a week.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I can't tell, maybe if you use an internal flight to flores.

I did a good part of the country in 15-16 days. That is Antigua, Chichicastenango, Atitlan, Xela, Triangulo Ixil, Biotopo del Quetzal, Semuc Champey, Flores, Tikal, Yaxha, Rio Dulce and Livingston
El mirador. It has the largest pyramid in the world. Getting there is an adventure. You can fly in by helicopter, or you can ride a mule through the jungle for a few days.
You can climb the main pyramide in Cobá.
File: Slide-PALENQUE01.jpg (146 KB, 990x433)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Palenque is my favorite Mayan city
Go to Huatulco and Puerto Escondido

File: currencies.jpg (710 KB, 1280x720)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
How much cash do you typically travel with? Do you bring less to countries with higher crime?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OK, fair enough, longer answer.

I typically have a couple of hundred bucks, or if I know there is some more expensive cash outlay coming, enough for that. Withdraw cash from ATMs in chunks to minimize transaction fees. When there is a stretch where you will not be near ATMs, you have to figure your budget a bit. That will mean a different amount every time.

I do this is I'm traveling domestically.

Can't do it overseas cause I don't want to be slapped with international transaction fees for every purchase i make.

If I'm overseas though I end up withdrawing about enough for 3-4 days and put it in my wallet. I also carry around a travel money card with a hundred or so dollars on it and keep my real card in my bag somewhere, I've heard of too many stories of people being taken to ATM's by muggers and forced to withdraw cash to their limit.

Often I'll have around $250USD stashed in my suitcase too encase I end up somewhere that has no ATM.
I don't carry a ton of cash with me under any circumstances, unless I'm in a country where ATMs are rare or my credit cards won't work. I like to have at least US$200 when in transit to take care of stuff like visa fees (I had an unnerving experience once when I arrived in Nepal with mostly just Hong Kong dollars in cash, which are not accepted for visas by Nepali immigration authorities), but on the ground I just use ATMs to withdraw local cash.

In places with really dangerous personal theft reputations (cities in Central and South America, Nairobi AKA Nairobbery, others), I migh leave my cards and wallet in a hotel safe and just go out at night with a small amount of cash, but I have yet to have bad luck.
>Yes, fees, etc. My bank refunds most of them and I'm willing to eat the rest for convenience's sake.
I always travel with one or two hundred USD or Euro in cash, depending on place, either.are usually acceptable but obviously depending on local currency one is more preffered.

Then i just go to an ATM as needed with debit card and pull out 500 equivalent at a time in local currency. I would rather pay 2usd in atm fee than carrying too much cash to exchange. Even good exchange rates dont beat the atm fee usually.

Obviously travel with atleast one credit card too, a few is usually a good idea depending on where you are going
I'll stash a few hundred in USD, mostly crisp new hundred dollar bills, but some change too, somewhere in my stuff, for use to pay visas (often they'll only accept USD) and because it's easy to change if I run out of ATM money.

File: georgia.png (764 KB, 599x597)
764 KB
764 KB PNG
Anyone have any good tips or stories about reversing travel fatigue while overseas?

I'm in my fifth month overseas and I can no longer muster the will to get on a marshrutka (microbus for those not familiar with post-Soviet countries) to go explore some far-flung cities.

I'm heading back to the US in 6 days, but I already feel very much "done", and have for a few weeks.

tldr; How to get my body moving when my mind wants to lay in bed while overseas after an extensive period of time?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OP here: Good advice all around and nice to hear others have come across the same fatigue after extensive periods overseas. I decided to compromise a bit and sign up for a group tour. It's usually not my preferred method of exploration but it means I don't have to plan, can meet some other travelers, and still see amazing sights.

Yes, it's the Sulfur Bath section of the Old City of Tbilisi. A very cool city if you haven't been.
Constantly exploring only shows you the surface. Chilling for days in the same spot let's you get a deeper feel. Go to your favourite café everyday, get friendly with the staff, explore the backstreets and get to know all the little places you previously ignored.
Like everyone else says, just find a nice city and spend some time there. I regularly get kind of "lazy" after a couple of weeks of nonstop sightseeing and travelling around cities. It can be an equally nice experience to just relax and wander around one city for a few days. If anything I feel like getting really immersed in one city kind of enhances the travelling experience, since you see a lot more of the average parts instead of showy things.
>A very cool city if you haven't been.
No, never been in the region so far. Looks beautiful!
Tbh i got bored after a few days in Bogota and stayed in my Airbnb for a few days just watching The Leftovers and ordering UberEats.
Memories are fucking comfy so it didnt ruin anything

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 290x174)
10 KB
Anybody have travel to Bhutan? What are the places to see and other things you can't miss?
Also, i'm sick and tired of my country (especially of my compatriots)... so, how can i migrate to this magical land?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Eh, it could. They take care of their animals and don't want to kill them.
On phone now so can't.
i think that if have enough money you can even migrate to Narnia if want
As i say, i'm tired of my country
Bhutan is good climate Buddhist nation (i'm Buddhist)
and yes, the flag is supercool
>Of all answers yours was the stupidest

Why you need money for Bhutan?

The minimum daily package for tourists travelling in a group of 3 persons or more is as follows:
USD $200 per person per night for the months of January, February, June, July, August, and December.
USD $250 per person per night for the months of March, April, May, September, October, and November.

These rates are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan.

Why to join Chinese army?
>well i'm a veterinarian whit specialization in the epidemiology, does this count?
Honestly, maybe. While you certainly won't be able to become a citizen, there is a high demand for NGOs, and they also do value the wildlife quite a lot. It won't be easy, but if you look at animal related NGOs that have operations in Bhutan then you might be able to join one and go to live there for potentially quite a long time. So yeah, I'd start by researching wildlife NGOs, find one that has posts in Bhutan, and then get in touch with them and talk about your credentials. Don't lead off with just really wanting to go to Bhutan, but you can ask if they offer a lot of freedom as to your choice of location, and if you're lucky you might be able to go live there once you get a job with the NGO. Once you live there you might be able to get a job more related to the Bhutanese government, and then you might actually get a permanent residency. Fair warning though, you are trying to emigrate to what is probably the hardest country to emigrate to outside of North Korea, so good luck. At least you do possess skills that might help though.

File: 1435233842583.jpg (95 KB, 653x490)
95 KB
hey all, im interested in travelling to hawaii. ive romanticized the place quite a bit planning this trip and i was wondering if anyone here had any tips for going there or possibly living there that will shatter some of my fantasies and see it as a real place, thanks
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Not really, pretty much covered it. Hope things go well for you.
i figured i got everything but thought id ask anyway, thanks so much and yeah me too!
can we walk about kauai?

what if i'm a NEET who wants to just go to kauai and live off the land? can it be done?

i'm not opposed to work but i have some serious social phobias with will limit my prospects
which will*
Social phobias how?
Again, see land prices.
Have you looked at WOOFing?
Puna district on big island is also a 'disappear' kind of place and I have known people who literally survived by eating only what had already fallen off of plants over there. Extreme Jain. Not the healthiest, but possible. Puna is very accepting of weirdos and happy enough to leave you alone if you don't look like you have anything of value.

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