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If you could only live in one 'big' city for the rest of your life, what would it be?
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> I grew up about an hour north of it

San Diego, easy. The weather, the beaches, relaxed attitude, Mexican and Asian food, I love it.
or taipei

My parents are here and they've always been exceedingly good to me. Now i'm noticing them get old and need help.

Globetrotting was always the dream, but now I just don't see how it'll happen.

We have some nice things.
Yeah I'm in (redacted tiny boring town) and the sole surviving son. Dad's dead and mom took care of me throughout my twenties when I was really sick and/or poor

Things are better for me now but it's time to return the favor

File: 1450499605199.png (1.41 MB, 814x1332)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
is thailand really that shitty?
some anon in another thread said everyone is out to scam you all the women have hiv and the whole place is a giant sewer.
I sorta got negative about my first solo trip i was planning and now not sure anymore.
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What are you talking about? What do you think "short time" is? Unlimited time for you to blow your load as many times as you want?
Short time can be anything from one pop several hours. Bargirls don't time you. The only non massage place that charges by time is Devils Den and Eden Club.
Yes, actually. Outside of Bangkok, but even the regular girls are diseased there, and the married women even more diseased
AUTISM, the thread
I went to Thailand in 2 years ago with 11 of my friends. Its fun I would say depends where you go though and what you are looking for. It has great nightlife in places, some nice nature especially around Krabi and koh Lanta and is pretty cheap. Should be pretty easy to meet other backpackers too Id say its worth going. The big cities are the dirty parts btw

File: 587447851279194.jpg (86 KB, 640x640)
86 KB
How to travel and get paid?
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Most seasonal gigs in the US are independent contractor jobs where you pay your own taxes and aren't eligible for unemployment benefits.
Well I don't live in America but it's the same, especially since we have several other benefits than unemployment that are wasted
Whee in america is mcd's for 2 months enough for rent+food, let alone 2 transatlantic plane tickets and 5 months in europe?
Just need a small loan of 1 million dollars
I suspect he
1. Lives with his parents and they pay all his expenses while he is back home.
2. He switched the numbers around. He works at McDonalds for 5 months and goes to Europe for two months.

File: nz-map-v6.png (50 KB, 600x500)
50 KB
I'm planning to visit New Zealand in this November around 11 - 12 Nov, with everything not booked yet. My itinerary :

12 Nov : Arrive at CHC
13 Nov : CHC - Arthur's Pass ( stop for 3 hrs for lunch and explore National Park ) - Hokitika
14 Nov : Morning visit Hokitika Gorge, drive to Fox's Glacier. Book Guided Helihike or Guided Hike ( is prebook required?)
15 Nov : Visit Lake Matheson in the morning, do the Fox's Glacier tour
16 Nov : If unable to do FG Tour ytd, do today and then ride to Wanaka ( 5 - 6 Hrs leisure drive )
17 Nov : Wanaka - Roy's Peak - The Lonely Wanaka tree
18 Nov : Wanaka - Te Anau (depart afternoon, morning either relax or do paragliding / last photo ops walk)
19 Nov: Te Anau Milford Sound Tour - Queenstown (0645 check out from hostel, drive to Milford Sound, be present 20 mins before cruise time. Afternoon around 4/5pm drive to Queenstown for 3 - 4 hrs drive)
20 Nov : Queenstown - Glenorchy / Explore the Lakes
21 Nov : Queenstown - Twizel / Pukaki / Mt Cook
22 Nov : Twizel/Pukaki - Hooker Valley Track
23 Nov : Twizel/ Pukaki - Lake Tekapo
24 Nov : Lake Tekapo - Christchurch

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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As a local I have had no trouble doing trips like that non-stop. I'd recommend a visitor break up the drive with one or two stops. For example:

Wanaka - Te Anau - Take a break in Kingston
Milford Sound - Queenstown - Take a break in Te Anau
Fox - Wanaka - Take a break in Haast (note no cell coverage in the area though)

Google Maps is pretty good for recommended driving times, since Google can track every Android phone. Just add on some time for breaks / sight seeing and you'll be fine.

It's not difficult to do in a day. Leave Christchurch around 9am, do a short walk in Arthurs Pass and get lunch there, drive to Hokitika Gorge and do the short walk there. By then it'll be late afternoon and you'll be able to drive to Fox (or Franz) in time for dinner.
I did a very similar trip to you in 2 weeks before and it was amazing. Only real difference is on the first day we drove up to Punakaiki and stayed there for a night on the first day (Te Nikau Resort is great and cheap)

We did the Pancake Rocks the next morning and then stopped in Hokitika for lunch the next day and walked down to the beach. Only real problem is we didn't have time to do the Gorge. Made up for it doing the Blue Pools on the Haast Pass though,

If you have any questions about things to do in the cities just ask. Also go to BookMe to book all your activites. You can get great deals. For example I got my Milford Cruise for $35. You'll pay double that at if you buy it on the spot.
HiAll, Op Here. I was wondering what if i follow this itinerary instead:
Day 1: Arrive CHC explore
Day 2: Drive CHC Castle Hill /Arthurs Pass to Hokitika or Greymouth Caravan park
Day 3: Drive out to Hokitika Gorge and then through Franz Joseph to Fox Glacier 2N
Day 4 Early morning drive out to Lake matheson then Helihike
Day 5 Drive Fox Glacier to Wanaka 2N
Day 6: Explore Wanaka, Rob Roy's Peak
Day 7 Drive Wanaka to Te Anua (lakeside Caravan Park) 2N
Day 8 : Milford Sound tour
Day 9: Drive Te Anua to QTN /Glenorchy
Day 10 Queenstown : explore the lakes and the trail
Day 11 Drive QTN to Mt Cook (stay at Glentanner) 2 N
Day 12 Hooker Valley Track
Day 13 Drive Mt Cook via lake Takepo to CHC
Day 14: Fly out of CHC

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anyway I'm fucked, Aoraki's accommodation are all booked. Should i stay in Twizel?
>Day 12 Hooker Valley Track

The Hooker Valley track is super short, it's only about a 2h walk (3 if you take your time). It's not really a whole day activity. If you can, do it as early as possible in the morning. It's very popular and it takes away from it when you're in a lineup. For reference I was staying in Tekapo, and we woke up 5ish in the morning in order to get started at around 6:30. The whole trail was deserted (except for wild rabbits everywhere) and we could watch the sun rise over the mountains at the start of the walk. Lots of avalanches that you can watch run down the mountains too. On the way back it was starting to get pretty crowded with loud Chinese tourists. It was a completely different experience when it was morning.

File: Minnesota2.jpg (287 KB, 1900x1019)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Why should I move to Minnesota?
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Dude, I'm dying for a weekend with nothing go8ng on so that I may get some rest.

Yes, bar close is at 2 AM, and it's not Chicago, NYC, or LA, but there's always stuff going on if you put even the slightest bit of effort into things.
Minn/St.Paul is a great place to live

Rest of the state is pretty rough for long-term living.
Have you even been there?

Macalester-Groveland in St Paul is a gorgeous white neighborhood full of well maintained craftsman homes. Summit Hill is nice too. SW Minneapolis around the lakes is super high class.
If you go /out/ it's a great state for it. Even if you just live in the suburbs you can still find /out/ activities to do within walking distance. Tons of rivers and lakes for kayaking & canoeing, tons of nice parks. Always shit to do if you're into that. Weathers been getting pretty weird cause of climate change though. A few years ago was our coldest winter since 1910, then last year we barely got any snow.

In conclusion great state for out activities and lots of great people but don't come if you're a pussy who's afraid of the cold.
You sound like a total pussy. First of all it's hot as fuck in summer and really temperate in spring and fall, basically perfect conditions. So, you're flat out lying/wrong about 7 months. Also if you actually believe that you're just a horribly big pussy who probably lives in SoCal. Live here for a while and you'll actually get used to it


I'm planning a three week trip to Southeast Asia in December but I don't know where to go.

I'd like to hear any suggestions on where to head if I'm looking for warm places off the beaten path.

I have been to many of the backpacker places already and would like to see something different this time. Are there places in Myanmar for instance that have just been opened for tourists recently?
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What is on the Myanmar side of the border?
jungle, smugglers, hillbilly villagers, one nice river
t. crossed from the thai side
recomended places
pai and soppong in thailand, also north of chiang rai there is a place called mae cheam (?) where thez burried a warlord

china has some great places in yunan and sichuan, the whole tibetan sichuan is amazing, lijiang and dali are interesting but pick the smaller and skip the other as both are really fake old towns

hanoi is great, hue, hao long bay is worth, saapa is ruined but the area around it is good

siem reap is a tourist trap, but a good one.check out the OTHER temples, kep is nice, north of the capital therei s a nice town on the river with a big bamboo bride (seasonal)

I was looking at doing burma by rail and sleeping in monestaries
How is Sapa ruined?
well I was there five years ago, some people might consider it ok still
just lots of cheap development, they even cemented walking paths in the rice fields.

already there were pestering tribespeople, scammers and con artists, albiet it a few of them

intensive faqrming was already hurting the land, which ive seen many times result in government pushing farmers out to make way for tourists like in china, forcing locals to become dancing monkeys
Looking for great beaches, cheap lifestyle and somehow good parties.

How's Indonesia in that matter? I've been to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, looking for something new.

File: poor miata.jpg (6.14 MB, 5312x2988)
6.14 MB
6.14 MB JPG
What's the best place to live if you hate poor and stupid people
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>What's the best place to live if you hate poor and stupid people
Fairfax/Arlington counties in Virginia. Highest per capita education and income. Residents very tuned into the news, politics and regular festival goers, etc.
>What's the best place to live if you hate poor and stupid people
Any upper-class white suburb. Places with million-dollar homes, like Westchester County or Barrington, Illinois. Sure, some of the rich are idiots and/or assholes, but most wealthy people got there either by earning it or inheriting it from people who earned it -- doctors, lawyers, businessmen.
You need to be fluent in the local language. Otherwise you will be the one who would look stupid.
Litchenstein or rural Switzerland.
Japan probably has some good spots too but youd have to learn japanese though im sure that'd be a small order for someone of your awesome intellect

File: brown guy not me.jpg (93 KB, 550x666)
93 KB
Pic isn't me, but similar.

Indian guy, born and raised in NYC. Looking to travel anywhere in the world, for the entire month of July (next year, 2018). I have $6000 USD I want to spend. Looking to visit cool places, fuck beautiful women, and eat great food.

I've heard that lots of places are not that great for a solo travelling brown guy (like Japan).

Any truth to this?
I suggest Hong Kong. Great choices for food and shopping, and there are great hiking spots too if you're into that. Also, if you like gambling you can take a quick visit to neighbouring Macau. You can easily experience all HK has to offer in 4-5 days so you can visit other places as well.
I have thought about China. HK, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

How open are the women with foreigners? Especially non-white foreigners?
Europe is fine as well. Western Europe noone will notice you and if you stick to the big cities in eastern Europe no one will really give a fuck either. You can get dirty looks anywhere, just gotta ignore it. As long as you're polite and considerate the fault is never yours.
File: FB_IMG_1508502610102.jpg (61 KB, 640x640)
61 KB
You look Arab, you give off a Western vibe, you would do fine. I had am Indian friend do Thailand and Indonesia around Songkran amf had a blast.

That said, you will likely do better with all the blonde European backpacker chicks than the locals. But the locals are still within reach when they realize you are Western, and customer service will be fine, as well.

File: neverthelessWEB.jpg (323 KB, 510x703)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Hey /trv/,

Me and a buddy will be passing through Moldova from November 12 - 15 or so. As I understand it, there's not much to do unless you just want to experience that gritty post-soviet aesthetic. Otherwise its boring as shit. I was planning on visiting some bars or cafes, maybe doing some shopping at an open air flea market or something and maybe seeing if there's any museums open to the public. I also wouldn't mind doing a day trip up to Transnistria seeing as it's probably one of the most obscure de facto states in the world and apparently they have some pretty impressive brandy.

Looking for some suggestions to really round out my time there. Can anyone recommend anything if they've been before? We'll also be passing down into Bucharest and Thessaloniki, too. Any suggestions welcome.

Pic unrelated.
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Seconding the wineries; Moldova makes some of the best wines in "new Europe" and there's is the worlds largest wine cellar in a cave.

If you want cheap, good local food go to one of the La Placinte restaurants.

>I understand Moldovan is a language
It's a dialect of Romanian.
The rubles are pretty cute.

Tourist office is just on the main street as you head into the centre of town.

I didn't pay too much attention to the menu, has all the staples you'd expect. It's Europe not SEA.

Seconding La Placinte, wasn't too bad.
Are you an Asian-American dude who travelled before starting his job at a famous tech company?

Your itinerary sounds like someone I met in Vama this summer.
Moldova you can get by on Romanian/Moldovan or Russian (you will probably be fine with English). Same kind of goes for Transnistria, however most people don't care to speak Moldovan/Romanian there and some seem to pretend they don't understand it even when they do. English will be a lot harder there.

Transnistria is cool to visit. Everyone says to get the brandy from the Kvint shops. The vodka is way better. Get Kvint vodka. Protip: If you want more, you can get it in Chisinau anyway.

I can't really recommend anything to do in Transnistria other than get some shitty postcards and stamps, convince the post office to give you change in their shitty plastic coins, drink vodka, and walk around Tiraspol. You can score some cool Transnistrian flags at the market and drink nice wine. You can also go to the fake Fornetti stall but that might not mean anything to you.

Go to La Placinte in Moldova for chain style Moldovan food - its always a good bet and you can get cheapish red wine.
Also, Muzeul National de Etnografie si Istorie Naturala in Chisinau is a good museum to visit. They have great bad taxidermy and the worlds saddest petting zoo.

File: IMG_2173.gif (20 KB, 431x438)
20 KB
Sup guys, I'm heading to Milan tomorrow. What's some shit I should check out slash do while I'm there?

If it helps, /lit/ is my homeboard so art & culture recs are v. much welcome
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File: italy.jpg (840 KB, 2005x2584)
840 KB
840 KB JPG
Piggybacking off this question

Also curious about actually living in Italy, in a place like Florence or somewhere near it
I'll be in Rome for the weekend next week, looking for some good tips on photo opportunities
File: dolceacqua.jpg (376 KB, 1920x1080)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
>curious about actually living in Italy
It really depends. It's nice to live in a city, especially in the north, but I think medium-sized towns are better. Many people choose to live in a borgo (pic related e.g.) because it's peaceful and beneficial to your soul, even if it can't offer the same opportunities of a city. But it definitively facilitates creativity, art, thought. As for the rest, living in Italy is just like living in any other European country. You have to deal with the refugees issue, job offers are very few, politicians are shit. But everywhere you look there's beauty and meaning.
Going to Naples for a couple of days with my mother. We will be staying right next to the Archeological Museum so we'll give it a shot and we'll definitely visit Pompeii. What else should be visit? We're both very interested in art and culture, much like OP.

File: Mount-Batur-7.jpg (62 KB, 800x533)
62 KB
Planning on a trip with my 2 mates to bali next year during spring break, for 1-2 weeks.
Aby advice on what to do/see there?

Is San Francisco becoming similar to NYC pre Giuliani? the tech fags imo are the worst part of the city but to me I see a lot of resemblance to pre Disney NYC. Either super wealthy or seedy asf with little in between.

I'm from a city called Fresno which is smack dab in the middle of California so I've been to both SF and LA and most other major cities other than San Diego than I can count, but have never been to NYC so I might just not know what I'm talking about.

File: images (1).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
what do you do with dirty laundry? trash bags?collapsable hamper? what do you do?????
I wash it
I usually take opaque plastic bags that can be sealed. Can't see what's inside. Can't smell what's inside.

Don't do this with wet clothing though, as it will become a fungifest
put them in my backpack and give no fuck.

So I'm currently about to acquire a second nationality by descent, though they are both EU citizenships of equally developed neighboring countries and they hardly differ when it comes to visa requirements in the world.

I would like some anons that have exploited multiple citizenships to comment on the potential benefits.

I know that they can be useful when it comes to visiting different territories that have certain disputes (of recognition) but I'm wondering whether it's also possible to use them to extent one's visa-free stay for example.

Let's say I'm travelling to Canada or whatever country with passport A then stay there for almost 3 months visa-free leave Canada and enter it again with passport B to stay another 3 months. Is this still possible in this day and age?

Has any Anon ever done something like this and this and does it depend on the level of development of the involved countries?
55 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you are born in Northern Ireland you have the right to an Irish (as in Republic of Ireland) passport. As well as a UK passport.
>Mfw Irish born, English father and Australian citizen by registration

there isn't a country on Earth I can't go to
>I know people who have a German and another EU passport and that's not a problem.

It's not a problem if the citizenships are by birth (e.g. German dad and French mom). German citizenship is only exclusive if acquired by naturalisation
there are lots of countries for which you'd need to obtain a visa beforehand. For example, China or Russia. Also lots of African counries.
lol are you fucking stupid?

there are shitloads you still need a visa and can be denied

File: IMG_20171014_231119.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
I came to Budapest with plans to stay for 3 months and make weekend trips to other places (I'm living the nomad meme life). However, I don't like this city as much as I thought I would, and so I want to settle in another place. Which European cities / countries can you recommend that have interesting things to see on a daily basis and aren't too expensive? (I'm renting out airbnbs on a weekly basis).

pic related: the nasty bathroom of a famous bar in the downtown
39 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
also are you eating lunch in market halls already y/n?
Racozcle or whatever its called?
good place to buy cheap wine and fruit, but the meals are 50/50
for 180 you can get a sandwich near one of the student residences

if you want to sit around in cafes all day i suppose thats fine, but im solo so it doesnt make for much fun
that's Rákóczi téri vásárcsarnok
there are a couple others, the one in Hold utca (near the Parliament) has ton of nice bistros, while the Fővám téri (or Great Market Hall) is a real landmark, when it was built it was the largest indoors market in the whole of Europe, and still attracts tens of thousands of visitors a day
well that solves what Ill do for today, thanks anon

Ideally I was looking to visit the lake for two days, but I cant find sensible room/hostel prices in English, even empty hostels want 15EU/night for dormitories.
I hear the lake will probably be too cold for swimming and a lot of the restraunts etc will be closed, so its disapointing to still see prices so high

went to simpla last night, just as good as i remembered when i first went there
yeah, Balaton should be pretty chilly by now
alternatively, you can go to Lake Hévíz if you're tired of bathing houses, it's the largest thermal water lake in the world

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