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Can we have another expat thread? I have always fantasized of being an explorer and living all around the world one day. I am 25.

Just got back from a trip to Europe and completely against my expectations, I felt the least safe in Hungary and the Czech Republic. The niggers I saw around Germany were annoying and they kept to themselves but man Prague is another story. I was out at about 11pm and there were these roving packs of thuggish slavic dudes walking around escorting these scantily clad women that looked like prostitutes. Every single night when I was walking around I got asked if I wanted to buy drugs and some sellers were VERY aggressive.
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Please, why are you eastern Europeans always so butthurt? Czechia is east Europe. Hungary is most definitely east Europe.
I'm Canadian you rarted faggot
I feel that way in Western Europe
What’s up with this picture?
that makes two Canadians who think you should kill yourself.

File: aspenXTREME.jpg (33 KB, 332x475)
33 KB
I'm trying to find a job at a ski resort or at least in Colorado for the winter. I know it's getting late but it still seems like there could be opportunities.

Anybody done this/do this? Any tips? What is the best mountain or place to work at? I'm trying to find a job in Vail or Aspen but I would kinda go anywhere at this point. I'm a decent skier but don't snowboard at all so I want to go somewhere better for skiing.
Go to Coolworks, it's the last minute hiring push for ski resorts right now. Make sure prioritize finding a job that offers dorm housing, especially in Colorado, because ski town rents are outrageous and everything fills up quickly.
If you want a really good skiing experience don't rule out Utah. Particularly Alta, it's the last of the old school ski towns. There's no film festivals or designer boutiques, you go there for one reason. World class skiing.
All the lodges offer on mountain housing, employee cafeterias and season passes to either Alta or Snowbird. I used to be a houseman at the Peruvian Lodge and it was some the most fun I've ever had.
Thanks, I've been using coolworks and have been looking through there a lot. I've been applying but it seems like a lot of the jobs are through just one company.
I know you're mostly there for the crowd you hang out with and free lift pass but how is the pay?
Is it as shit as I expect?
There were always companies trying to get students to fly overseas to do that at their own expense and getting paid so far below minimum wage that it was kind of hilarious. They described it was "volunteering" to work for commercial companies.
Well Vail Inc. owns most of the ski resorts on Colorado (and quite a few outside) so once you apply to one resort you're in their system for all their resorts. There's also a lot of smaller satellite businesses that are around the major resorts that always need help as well.
Most entry-level ski jobs do in fact pay pretty low. If you've got a more specialized or tipped position you'll get more but if you're just a lifty or a dishwasher or something you're not making much above minimum wage. Plus they deduct a monthly fee for room and board. Season passes, room & board, discounts on rentals, etc are all factored in as non-monetary compensation.
The usual cycle for seasonal bums is that you bust your ass during your summer gig to keep you going through your winter gig.
Although one of the unplanned benefits is that there's always people leaving or getting fired so there's plenty of opportunity for advancement. If you're the kind who shows up on time and do your job with an acceptable amount of whining and fucking around you'll be more likely to be promoted when someone gets shit canned for showing up drunk and falling asleep.
Have fun, was a ski town bum for a few years and it was a blast. Enjoy it!!

Have any thoughts on Dubai guy's?
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2 years ago I went to Abu Dhabi for work. There are several boxes with prostitutes. "The Trap" with black and one with only Asian.
I was once, the girl took me to an apartment where they are several girls, we fucked and that's all.
They are but they keep that shot private, they hire girls from the UK and Eastern Europe and fly them back to their private estates.

Truer words have never been said...
File: 1540092907345.png (277 KB, 628x895)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Yeap, indeed so
Don't bring any females with you or could run afoul of the Shiara enforcement police.

Can you be well traveled if you’ve never been to Asia?
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But maybe OP never left the European side of Turkey, such as a short visit to Istanbul without crossing the Bosporus.
I’m not
honestly. the way i see it is what is the point of traveling to many many different countries? u just walk around, see some nice places but u dont know the language, the culture, the people. ur reliant on english speakers and tourist areas. why not just go to maybe 2 countries and explore them fully. take the time to get to know the people. learn the language. ull feel much more "well traveled" than just being a wandering tourist
> Everyone is so pretentious and everyone tries one upping each other.

So true. Everyone wants to claim the most Authentic experience that no one else has done.
Well traveled....is that like being grizzled after you have been shot and stabbed a few times?

File: worldmap.jpg (131 KB, 1100x813)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
What's your ideal path across the globe?

>maximum 4 flights, overseas only
>consistent easterly or westerly direction
>can only skip one continent. obviously the antarctic isn't involved

File: Hong_Kong_at_night.jpg (208 KB, 1920x406)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Hello /trv/

In January I'm going to Hong Kong to study for eight weeks. I've never been out of the country before (am American), what should I expect? Anything cool that I should make sure to do while I'm there?

File: images (2).jpg (13 KB, 284x177)
13 KB
I'm heading to Cuba solo on december 10th for 11 days.
If anyone has been there please share your experience :)

Also I don't speak spanish, will I be able to make cuban friends ? How about other travellers, is it easy to meet them ? How dangerous is it for a solo female ?
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doubt it.
>Jamaican jerk and Trini curry are the only decent Caribbean foods.

is this a joke? Jamaican Curry is great but you cant compare it to Dominican and Puerto Rican foods.They are probably the best in the Caribbean, Cuba is just a shithole with bad food except the Ropa Vieja and even that is horrible so the anon is right about bringin hot sauce but you cant compare it to the other caribean Islands, Cuba its on a league of its own.

itt best thing about Cuba is the 5$ Whores. and if you know spanish is a plus.
just go to Miami and you will be better off, its the American version of Cuba, pretty sure you will find one there.
File: cuba0415_0[1].jpg (612 KB, 1600x1000)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
>Miami is the American version of Cuba
any recommendations on things to do in Miami?

i'll be alone and don't have any friends.. what can i do other than go to restaurants and see tourist sights?
i can't swim either, and find beaches uninteresting too tbqh

File: webcam.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
wuddup yall

i live in los angeles and i work part time at a cafe (I dont have a degree) and I hate my job and I desperately need to change my life. I want to go work/study and travel. (or get a job that allows me to travel abroad) if not, I'd settle for the study abroad ting.

any advice would be much appreciated!
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>no degree
>no marketable skills
>wants to move to another country

Maybe you can get a low-pay ESL position in a developing country. Frankly, nobody else would want you.
Doing the TEFL is an easy way. Not too bad of an idea eaighter. There is still a lot of countries where this kind of education is enough. I leave in Poland. A half of my friend circle are immigrants form UK and US. Some of them teach english whether in the provate school or privately in their flat of coffee place. They would make a lot more in US or Britain doing something else obviously but for moderetly cheap country as Poland is they do leave a pretty comfy life. One girl I know decided lately she doesn't want to teach anymore so she found a job in American own corporation and just because she's an American (well not realy but her english is great obviously and she understands the language codes better) she got promoted so very fast. She said it would never happened back home. I hope I helped you some. I wish you good luck and a lot of great adventures wherever you decide to go.
Not OP but where can one teach English with only a TEFL cert.

Mainly wondering about Spain and South America
lol nope you need a 4 year degree from a real school to do it.
third-world shitholes like cambodia and vietnam will take you without a bachelors degree. I dont know about south america.
google "teach english in *insert country here*" and you'll be able to find specific info. basically every non-english speaking country has programs for this

going to be chilling on the beach of punta cana but I don't wanna be staying at the all-inclusive hotel all day. Are there certain things I should check out while in DR?
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My hotel arranged an excurssion to the Limón waterfalls which was pretty cool. We needed to take a plane
File: DR.png (661 KB, 1100x475)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
Just go to Sosua. You can thank me later.
I have a coworker that goes down there for salad tossing.

Also the resorts have Bed Bugs, since the environment is humid and there is a lot of fresh blood weekly.

Sosua and Cabarete are must go! Love it there.
honestly. dont leave the tourist area. DR aint Vietnam. u cant just wander anywhere

File: images.jpg (19 KB, 640x480)
19 KB
I'll be travelling to Malbourne soon. This will be the first time I fly solo. I will be changing planes at Singapore, and I am worried about the safety of my luggage. How can I prevent my bags from being stolen when I go to the bathroom?
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how do people like you manage to tie your own shoes

Lmfao this exactly
Answer me this, why exactly do you want to come to Melbourne? What is there here that you want to see?
>How can I prevent my bags from being stolen when I go to the bathroom?
You take them with you, possibly leave them outside the cubicle but your carry-on comes with you.
If you're inside security then everyone else is a passenger who paid for an international flight, not a thief looking for a score.

You do lock your luggage, right?

>how do people like you manage to tie your own shoes
I've always assumed that most of these "I'm worried about.." are actually bait hoping for a "fucking millenials" response but since it's impossible to tell, I sometimes give a neutral reply anyway.
It's probably just nerves. I was the same way when I was younger.

Checked bags continue onto your destination in 99% of airports if your flights are all on one itinerary. If you have to reclaim them, you'll probably be told on the flight into Singapore. When in doubt, ask gate agents. Don't leave your carry-on bags unattended in the terminal - yes, this means you bring them into the bathroom.

Such a strange place for a tourist destination. I'm more excited to see the waffle house in downtown than anything else.

Any Georgia locals here who can advise me what to do (Japanese)?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you. I will drive to savannah and take a look
Avoid any and all blacks
Eat. Atlanta has some world class BBQ restaurants, both downtown and in the metro area. I'm very partial to a newer one called Smokejack in Alpharetta. Also, if you're interested in airline history, Atlanta is Delta Airline's headquarters. They have a decent sized museum just off the ATL airport. If you have a driver's license, there's also the new Porsche test track near the airport where you can drive anything from the Cayenne SUV to high performance sports cars like the Carrera 911.

Also, if you want a little taste of home, there's a legit Japanese izakaya called Shoya on hwy 141, right inside of interstate 285.

>t. Atlanta native
This man knows, Shoya is based as fuck.

The best thing to do in ATL is eat. There are tons and tons of great restaurants and breweries. To echo another anon - honestly, I don't know if I were ever a tourist I would consider visiting Atlanta for anything more than a day, two at most, but I thoroughly enjoyed the five years I lived there. As a place to live, work, and go to university, it was fantastic, despite the terrible traffic and weather.
I don't know how I forgot that part. Personally I don't care for Sweetwater beers, but Eventide, Red Brick, and Monday Night are all great. I also recently went to a microbrewery/restaurant called the Park Tavern which had some really good brews, plus some selections from other Atlanta breweries. Go there if it rains, the beers are $1/glass when it rains.

File: OldMontreal.jpg (7.73 MB, 4656x3096)
7.73 MB
7.73 MB JPG
Hello all. I had a couple of questions myself, but didn't want a whole thread dedicated to it, so feel free to post your Canadian inquiries here.

I'm going to Ottawa and Montreal next veteran's day weekend. I've been to both back in August and enjoyed them both, however, we only spent half a day in Montreal and pretty much just saw Old Montreal from walking around. Is there anything recommended to do in downtown or other parts? Any good food places to check out? (my friend is obsessed with macaroons). Would appreciate any input.
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You know how people like to make fun of Indians with that "poo in loo" nonsense?

They STILL take shits outdoors in Ontario. They have proper working toilets at home, and a lot of them make decent money, but they still can't get over this old habit of theirs.
Fishing, hiking, mountains, outdoors. western canada at least. Its an outdoorsmans paradise. Eastern canada? No idea. eastern canada is gay.
sounds legit

Eastern Canada is a millions time more enjoyable than Ontario or that western filth.
unironically based and redpilled

File: 152495135945787587.gif (1.72 MB, 400x225)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
Where did you move to?

I live in the Bay Area of California and plan to leave this place. Was thinking Montana because of its openness. The cost of living here is crazy.

What is the cost of living in your state or new location? What are the pros and cons of living in your new state/area? Are there many places to travel to within your state?
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Scratch out Florida out the list, Its worst than Cali.
All the other ones are great, VA is fine but watch out for racist cops giving you a speeding ticket of 1000$ for doing 50mph,other than that is great.
fuck off, we're full :)
File: 1476599671934.png (242 KB, 828x1403)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
It's good you guys are afraid of cold weather.
We will be the last to fall to you.
We have adapted. We have thick jackets now. Leave the light on for us. :)
This is true. I remember going to Chicago in January. How the fuck do you losers survive and deal with that shit. I thought it was cold when it gets to like 35° in the winter here

File: 2017-07-26 (1) 0015.jpg (3.51 MB, 2384x1579)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG
I found dirt cheap tickets to Seoul last night and bought them out of impulse.

I'll be in Seoul from 26th Dec. - 7th Jan. That's 12 days in total. Is Seoul known for a party scene during this time of the year or is it more of a family/traditional holiday like many places in Japan?

Also is 12 days in Seoul too boring? I want to check out DMZ, but would it be worth to do a 3 day trip for example in Busan?

I still haven't booked a hotel/hostel so if anyone has cheap recommendations (preferably in a place with lots of bars or things to do in general)
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oh also for a more "raw" club / party experience hit up seendosi, this one is still pretty local and way less hypebeasts and lames there that can be seen at other trendy hongdae / itaewon clubs. it's in an industrial area with nothing around it, music is usually much more well curated, people more chill, good amt of english speakers, etc.
also follow seoul community radio / puppy radio for music / dj related events
>if you're coming from tokyo, korea will be a huge letdown for fashion, retail, and design because tokyo is just so insanely next level

this retard has no fuckin idea what he's talking about. koreans dress 60x better than japan or any country for that matter
thank you anon, very informative post

I love 1ldk here in tokyo, it's where i buy most my clothes so I'll def be checking out their korean store

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