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File: Bean's_mother.jpg (112 KB, 500x433)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I'm fairly poor. Never thought I'd ever go to another country even once, until my current job - which has an office in the US and in my country. Anyway, I'll be going to Orlando in October for a few days.

Most of the days have hosting paid for by the main office, but then I have an extra day and half alongside 2 coworkers and expenses are on us. We already got a hotel so I'm golden in that aspect.

I'm not into the stuff people always say you MUST go (think SeaWorld, Disney stuff, everything that's just a wait-in-queue simulator). Having this chance I really enjoy seeing simpler stuff like residential areas, going to calm-ish places.

So, what are low-key interesting things to do in Orlando for someone that never even went abroad? Anything in particular I should be careful about?
Literally the whole place is based around it.
What do you like to do?
I mean what is there to do anywhere for that matter? Its not like a huge city or renown for anything other than the parks i guess.
I like the winter park area, Its not too far from downtown. Its a kinda hipster-ish, forest looking place with lakes and shit; cool little places to drink craft beers.
If you have a car theres some places not to far where you can go to natural springs that are pretty cool.

Just walking around by downtown could be a cool way to spend the afternoon. Then you could go out at night, theres plenty of clubs and bars.

>Just walking around by downtown could be a cool way to spend the afternoon. Then you could go out at night, theres plenty of clubs and bars.

That's about what I had in mind.

I like to stop and see mundane things, and a different country is a change in setting that I think I'd really appreciate.
I would recommend checking out the Kennedy Space Center if you’re interested in science.

File: 1000x560_sts9063_1_web.jpg (142 KB, 1000x560)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
I will be travelling to Switzerland next week for work for two weeks. I will be flying in and out of Zurich, but will mostly be staying in the Lucerne area. I am willing to travel a bit away from Lucerne on the weekends if theres anything nearby worth doing.

Right now I am planning on hiking around mount pilatus and maybe taking a small cruise around Lake Lucerne.

Is there anything you'd recommend to do out here? Are there any restaurants or bars worth checking out? Anywhere to avoid?
File: 03.jpg (181 KB, 1029x684)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Lucerne is very pretty, check out the old town, the old City wall, the lion Monument and of course take a cruise on the lake. (pic)
Mount Pilatus is very close to lucerne, Also check out Mount titlis (much higher and more spectacular)
If you can, also visit zurich, Bern, or Lugano. Its easily accessible by train from lucerne
Post on the meetup thread at >>1453276 . I'm in the area, and know at least two other /trv/lers here as well. Let's meet up for drinks.
Yeah, I would be interested. Posted
Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into them. Unfortunately, since I'm here for work, I can probably only chose one city to visit outside of Lucerne and I think I will plan on Zurich.

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 259x194)
12 KB
Hi /trv/ im backpacking into Armenia in a couple of days, can I get some recommendations? Im keen on real traveller TM stuff and visiting the disputed territories, also general Armenia thread
Northern region, Alaverdi
better visit turkey.

File: cq5dam.web.2125.1195.jpg (412 KB, 2125x1195)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
What are good areas to travel to in California?
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100%no reason to go to the Central Valley that includes you, Sacramento.

Red woods, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, SLO, Napa/Sonoma, Beverly Hills, San Diego,

Davis is comfy
File: 20170826_111911.jpg (511 KB, 1680x1260)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Eastern Sierras are nice. I like the area around Mammoth Lakes and Bishop.
File: CPHuntington_10_23_12.jpg (76 KB, 460x306)
76 KB
>that includes you, Sacramento.
That's not true. They have the California State Railroad Museum, the most-visited train museum in the country.

Pic related in the collection is the C.P. Huntington, on which the design of the Little Engine That Could is based.
Check out Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Unlike many other seaside amusement parks, it has actually managed to hold on to a lot of its historic charm. Two of its rides, the wooden roller coaster and the carousel, are designated national historic landmarks.

Considering moving to Aarhus, Denmark for a few years. Mostly for studying but also for a bit change. Info on a city itself, region, Denmark or Danes is useful.
Any locals lurking around here?
You really expected to find someone, OP?
File: Untitled.png (24 KB, 1398x209)
24 KB
There is an amusement park, Tivoli Friheden, in Aarhus, but it's "meh" compared to other offerings in the country. Lucky for you, in Nimtofte nearby, Djurs Sommerland, a far superior park, is present.

i would like to travel to europe and travel for a while are there reccomended ways to travel
and taking care of yourself financialy?
like woofing in farms? or just straight up camping for lower living costs sort of travel?
without car
financial status - not so terrible :)
Am a male
Age 30
very practical and easliy blends in with social situations :0
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Stay in a hostel/airbnb
Book 3 months out
Avoid travel in mid-late december, completely avoid sept-august
Fly out of a major airport not the closest one to you
I’ve been delayed on their flights countless times. It is dirt cheap though
whats wrong with sept/aug?
large amount of chinese, asians, and others travel during that time. Prices go up
In my early 20s I explored a good chunk of the US on a shoestring budget by riding my motorcycle and sleeping in my tent for free at various state forests or other random places along the way. You can really stretch the budget and see a lot when you are basically just paying for gas at 50mpg and grocery store food like cans of beans and fresh vegetables and stuff. It would be even cheaper on a bicycle but you'd cover less ground.

Now in my 30s my job pays for all my travel and I'll just piggyback weekends onto it. For example I'll get flown to Munich for work for two weeks and during the weekend in the middle I'll fly to an Eastern European city and explore it.

If I were to spend a week in Vienna, what are some absolute must see and do attractions? I've heard the museums are great
Make sure you get a slice of Sachertorte at the original cafe that made them. Fucking delicious.
The Ferris wheel in Wiener Prater is the oldest in the world still running. Besides that and one historical roller coaster (the one with the mountain facade), it's standard carnival fare, though.

File: Where I've Traveled.png (41 KB, 1357x617)
41 KB
I want to know where your travels have taken you Anons. Show me.
Pic related. Where I've been
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How do you afford this?
File: meme.png (41 KB, 1357x617)
41 KB
the meme map and...
File: mymaprealtrvler.png (474 KB, 4972x2517)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
...the much preferable real traveler™ version.

File: 1536880438841_.png (41 KB, 1357x617)
41 KB
whats the thing about turkey? does it really worth it?

File: IMG_20180913_183658_335.jpg (161 KB, 1080x1080)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
This is the fucking paradise. Any idea how it's so underrated most of the time?
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Nah, Cuban "cuisine" holds that distinction. White rice, black beans, and chicken, all with no spices. They talk it up in Florida like Cuban food it the most amazing thing ever, but it is so boring. Cuban Coffee is pretty good, though.
This a million times. My in laws from Florida lose their shit over microwaved rice and beans with shitty quality 'meat' every time because wow so exotic.

File: twin.jpg (51 KB, 848x474)
51 KB
I want to visit somewhere warm (like, around 18°c) and comfy in October in Europe. Somewhere I can experience nature and autumn foliage for a few days.


Looking at going to E3 next year, and I wanna spend a couple weeks there to explore LA as its going to be my first time in America. I'm from england. What are some decent priced hotels near the convention, and how much would i be looking at spending just on travel?
Literally do not. LA is a shithole, and you'll get annoyed by it and think all america is LA. E3 is a huge waste of time and money too, you are unironically better off going to PAX east in boston or seattle.

>What are some decent priced hotels near the convention,
basically none you'll be paying about 350USD/night per one good one with a shuttle bus, use airbnb

>how much would i be looking at spending just on travel
At least 200-300 dollars a day if you do an airbnb and go to E3 in a "close" location

And not just because you could use that money to travel to the Caribbean or something, but also because there's literally nothing interesting over there other than to try out a few demos and listen to middle aged white guys and Asians talking about "innovative gaming" while everybody else keeps ranting on twitter and recording hoping to catch a moment of cringe.

Besides, at least three quarters of those announced games will have micro-transactions in them.
The location is a massive pain as a tourist

In LA you really want a rental car, but all the really close hotels are going to be £100+ for something pretty shitty, and most will charge extra for parking each night.

If you insist on going to E3, then I would recommend staying further away and catching the train, but even that is a pretty shitty option.

I definitely don't recommend spending a few weeks just in LA, especially if you don't have a car.

How old are you? Take it you're 21+?
If you can afford to rent a car you could stick around for E3 then visit other parts of California or even go to Las Vegas.

What's up with French anon? Has he made any new threads in the past few months?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
We said no homo, so it wasn't gay.

Anyway, short recap of the entire thing would be
>he drove from Mauretania, met up with him in Dakar
>drove to Ivory Coast over the course of 3 months due to prolonged mechanical problems
>he hopped over to Ghana, got a Honda Africa Twin, I went home, he remained in IC for 5 months to get new bike fully equipped
>made his way through Mali, Burkina Faso (maybe Togo/Benin), Nigeria, stayed in Cameroon for a while, went to CAR
>was in Bangui for ~3 months waiting for new parts (Western CAR is not the warzone the East is)
>crossed river from Bangui straight into DRC
>made it through, then Uganda, then Kenya to Indian Ocean, took 2 years all in all, haven't heard from him since
maybe he got kidnapped in somalia
>haven't heard from him since
Maybe he has a life = no chan. Lucky bastard
I am a major proponent of ATGATT, but riding at low speeds, with all that gear on, in broad daylight, in Africa must be fucking hell.
What makes you think that?

File: Malawi.png (377 KB, 1053x783)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
Going to be spending roughly two months staying in Blantyre, Malawi as part of a medical elective. Anyone ever spent much time in Malawi and have any recommendations or warnings about Blantyre or the country as a whole? I've never been anywhere in Africa before, but while Malawi's a lot more dangerous than Europe I understand it's still a lot safer than South Africa or the US.
I passed through Blantyre on my way to a music festival a few years ago. Unfortunately at the time I hadn’t slept in 4 days and I was without shoes so I didn’t explore much of the city, but from what I could gather it’s a fairly developed town with modern grocery stores and restaurants and other shit to do. We stayed at Doogles, I recommend that if you can swing a hostel. Malawians are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, I doubt you’ll have any security issues.
Also if you have any time, go to the lake, visit Monkey Bay and Lilongwe, if you like hiking go to Mount Mulanje. Malawi is a gorgeous country with a lot to offer. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
Malawi is pretty great for the right type of traveler. You could think of it as RealTraveler™ Thailand.

The only place I haven't been there is Blantyre, but if it's like Lilongwe it's a shithole, but reasonably safe, especially considering Malawi is one of if not the poorest country in the world.

Places to visit:
- Zomba is pleasant, and has a great nightlife being a university town and seemingly where the little money there is in Malawi resides. OK hiking.
- The beach at Cape Maclear is over-rated and full of backpackers. Unless things have changed the whole beach is a fishing beach which sorta' ruins it, but the hiking in the area is gorgeous.
- Monkey Bay some of the places have private beaches/shoreline so no fish-smell or hassle from hawkers, much better.
- Nkhata Bay is the other popular-with-backpackers place on the lake. No real beach but the town is nice (by Malawian standards)
- Mzuzu is a shithole as with every bigger city in Africa.
- Endless nice, quiet beaches on the northern stretch of the lake towards Tanzania. A place I can see myself retiring after every other beach in the world is bid-up sky-high.
- Livingstonia is absolutely gorgeous, and will be a nice break from the heat. If it isn't already it seems destined to become a tourist spot. I didn't do but I think you can do long guided walking safaris out of there through Nyika. Deeply regret not doing that.
- Likoma is absolutely magical, but don't tell anyone I don't want it ruined.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

im considering doing phd studies, im eu citizen. i would love to study in the usa but my parents are not rich enough and not willing to give me money for that enough. i know english and polish but also to a lesser degree german and spanish. what place do you recommend me to do phd studies in? is italy safe and do they pay good money as scholarship there? is it really an epicentre of normalfagotry?
33 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Erasmus isn't for study m8, it's about getting shitfaced most nights and banging the locals. I don't mean to talk shit about Poland but I did my Erasmus in Wroclaw and got an A in every class even though they were Masters level classes and I put zero effort in so I'd 100% consider going abroad for your Masters.

Not him but I agree, at least at PhD level here. You'll soon find out that you have far less academic freedom as a PhD student than most would assume, and after speaking with other students from England and USA etc, it seems to be far more pronounced in Scotland or at least at my university (Edinburgh). Not necessarily because of 'leftie safe space bs' or whatever the brainlets think but because you'll be pressured a lot to align your research with your supervisor's interests. I'm not STEM so it's probably better with those subjects.

t. doing my PhD
what if i go to erasmus to do research?

File: 20131018-213843.jpg (31 KB, 300x300)
31 KB
i would like to travel but i fear it
what to do?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No no no no
Life is always getting your sweet bootyhole. Challenging yourself is the best internal condom you get to handle all the dick.
I think he's worried about traveling with schizophrenia guys, he's not just scared of travel. And that sounds like a legit concern. The stresses and discomforts of the traveling life might take a toll on the old mental health.
Just be yourself.
I have a relative with schizophrenia, hes done okay taking trips maybe 1-3hrs away and staying a night. I cant imagine him ever traveling overseas or really much further without family or supervision. He would most likely get paranoid and people would report him to the police for 'acting weird' which would lead to him being more paranoid when cops/security show up.
how does he "act weird"?

currently im diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder/schizotypal disorder

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