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File: DSC_9254.jpg (2.69 MB, 3840x2160)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
Hi there!

I'm flying to Las Vegas on December 23rd and will be flying from Las Vegas to Mexico (via Houston) on the 29th.

As I have been to Vegas before, I do not want to spend too much time there. Instead I want to rent a car and drive around and visit some interesting and/or beautiful places. For how many days exactly and where, I have not decided yet.

Since I'll be on my own and since it is difficult to rent a car with winter tires, I would like to avoid places with snowy roads. I have been to the Grand Canyon before and seen some of the national parks in Southern/mid Utah, so neither of these are a huge priority for me.

Other than that, I'm all up for your ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I don't mind something that is 6-8 hour drive away, as I do not necessarily need to stay in Vegas all the days.
>don't want to spend time in vegas
>don't want to spend time at grand canyon or other nearby n.p.s
>don't want to drive in the snow
then why the fuck do you have 6 days in vegas in december?
I booked my tickets long ago and didn't really think about what I would actually be doing there.

I am in Milwaukee right now and direct flights to Vegas from Milwaukee are cheap, so instead of having to spend christmas here alone, I figured I'd do something fun.

Renting a car in Vegas is cheap too

Traveling through the Nordic countries for my first ever abroad trip,
Is there anything I need to watch out for, safety-wise? Specifically spending my time in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki

T. Clueless Californian
Not sure if troll or stupid, but where you are going to is over 100 times safer than where you are from.
>troll or stupid
Definitely stupid
I’ve never left LA as I grew up very poor.
But cool, good to know.
If anything just watch out for pickpockets in the touristy cities.

File: n12hf.jpg (23 KB, 800x800)
23 KB
Can I live for a month in any finnish city with ~2K €?
I mean, in some cheap hotel or similar.
Rent a pre-furnished forenom apartment in any bigger town. Ridiculously expensive but your budget is more than adequate.
look at air bnb
yes you can, we can help more if you give a city.
I know that Helsinki is the more expensive one. Is there a big price difference with the other ones? Also hows the transport to move between cities? I can drive but dont have a car nor I can't rent one.
Turku has relatively cheap rents considering it's one of the bigger cities.
You could rent a flat there for a month, but I wouldn't know how much they charge on that sort of monthly deal, maybe a bit more expensive but still way cheaper than staying in a hotel.
Transportation between any city, town or major settlement is efficent. Check out Onnibus.com, it's a cheap bus company that has frequent service between all major cities.
Trains are good and frequent but expensive and unrealiable during winter.
2000€ will be enough for one month easily, that's actually a pretty common monthly income in Finland for many professionals.

File: índice.jpg (10 KB, 305x165)
10 KB
i wanna be a erasmus in spain but I have problems chossen a season, january-july or august james-december? which season is better for know their culture?
well in spain, culture decline usually starts about mid-june and ends in august james-december.
hahaha oh wow
How can you be in Erasmus at january-july? Universities are usualy closed in Spain during july.

File: Germany plus Bene(Lux).png (842 KB, 1261x801)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
Hi /trv/,
I'm deciding my next international trip in 2018 and one of my options was to make Netherlands/Belgium/Germany, doing this route
Amsterdam - 3d (I know yet most of the city - Rijksmuseum/Van Gogh museum, RLD tourist trap and dude shrooms lmao and one day would be for jet lag recovering)
Delft - 4d (based in a previous thread, some anons suggest it is the most authentic city - plus, I'll use it as a base to know both Hague and Rotterdam)
Antwerpen - 2d
Ghent - 3d (I think someone said I should skip it entirely and going to Bruges instead, so maybe I'll pass 2 days there and make a daily trip to Bruges)
Brussels - 2d (many anons said I should also skip it)
Maastricht - 3d (using it as base to daily trips to Liège and Aachen)
Cologne - 4d (with a daily trip to Bonn)
Hannover - 2d
Bremen - 2d
Hamburg - 4d (with a daily trip to Lübeck)
Amsterdam - 1d for the returning flight.
Maybe I can arrive in Europe in one of the following cities besides Amsterdam: Brussels, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Depending on the price I could cut one day from Amsterdam and put in this city, due to jet lag.
Should I do any ajustments in my route?
Spend 1 day in Hannover recovering from jetlag, or just skip it completely, it's really not that nice in comparision. Spend your jetlag day in Amsterdam with weed lmao XD for max comfy
Three days is way too long for Ghent. Spend 2 days there and use the third one to visit Bruges, it's only about half an hour by train from Ghent anyway. The area around Brussels Central station is nice and should not be skipped,but all other parts of Brussel are kinda depressing imo. So my suggestion would be to spend 1 day to explore the region around Brussels Central station. Alternative cities worth visiting in Belgium are Leuven, Ypres (especially if you're into World War 1 history) or Dinant.
I would highly recommend visiting Utrecht

File: morroco.jpg (72 KB, 1000x288)
72 KB
I am planning a morocco trip to some major cites like cassablanca, fez and marrakesh. Has any anon experience with this cities or morroco in general?

Is it a good travel destination and is it safe for two young western dudes?
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I'm also planning a trip to Morocco
I have been in Fez, this should be the less crowdy und touristy version of Marrakesh. I made good experience there, good food, nice markets.

My favourite city is Chefchaouen, even greater if you like to smoke. You also can visit farms up there. Had an amazin time there. Also did a a hike to a waterfall close to the city.
it is very safe, only thing you need to be aware of is scams and touts, they are especially prevalent in tourist cities like Marrakesh and Fez (but these are worth visiting regardless). Casablanca has less of them but also not a lot to see in general. It's the economic capital but it doesn't have a lot of culture.
If you can i would recommend getting out into the countryside (especially the High Atlas and the south) a little, because there you find the things that really make Morocco unique. Some more touristy rural places like Chefchaouen can be easily reached and should offer you a different perspective than Marrakesh.
>even greater if you like to smoke
Smoke what? Hookah or hashish?
hash. If you vistit a farm you can even harvest and make your own hash

File: serveimage.png (83 KB, 380x270)
83 KB
This question often comes up in Iran-related threads.

If you go to Iran you are officially ineligible for ESTA. But what if you use a different passport? Many fear that the CIA knows everything, and in particular will use the flight database to find out.

Well, they don't.

I've just did it: went to Iran on one passport, then to the US on another with ESTA. No problems, no questions.
Also, went to Israel both before and after Iran.

happy travels.
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>one of the other banned countries
Which one?
>from what I gather, this should be fine too. Even two concurrent passports from the same country should work.
Eh, "from what I gather" is still not 100%, 2bh. I mean, it's the only option I have because I only have one passport, but I'd rather not get caught by Border Control.
What about traveling to Iran as a dual American/EU citizen? They can't ban me from America, can they?
Everything is fine for you, mate.
File: 1509602476166.png (128 KB, 838x715)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
It's best to avoid both countries, plus Israel

Absolute degeneracy

File: 14975010031592.jpg (86 KB, 702x1026)
86 KB
I have $5000 and I live in the US

whats the most fun thing I can do travel wise?
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>getting the most out of your money makes you a weeb
Not everyone is a fag like you though.
hahahaha first thing I thought
>he thinks "the most" is hanging out in third world shitholes

Yep definitely a weeb
Not sure why you keep bringing up this weeb angle unless you think Japan solely consists of Akihabara. Besides if you fly into japan first flights around SEA are piss cheap

File: images.png (335 B, 290x174)
335 B
335 B PNG
Hi guys, next February i'm travelling to Frankfurt. I have a week to look around. Any advice?
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They have a little town called Kelsterbach to the Southwest of Frankfurt with a super fucking good traditional German food, guy who runs it is a Serb who is pretty cool, used to hit him up every month when I would fly into Frankfurt

It's called Wirtshaus zum Schützenhof, really cool restaurant, also the little town is pretty cool

i go to bamberg for one week every month for trade school and that city sucks the fattest dick in bavaria. Can recommend eating at Messerschmidt though
keep being deluded and enjoy your shithole
>same thing applies to any bigger German city with a pop pop +100k
>mentions Heidelberg
Look at the population.

File: Miami Beach South Beach.jpg (1.51 MB, 1870x2890)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG



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File: 1401762873117.gif (590 KB, 400x210)
590 KB
590 KB GIF

That sounds awesome, and thank you for sharing pictures. It must be a real blessing to go diving in Belize. I have never dived, but I often hear how wonderful diving in Belize is, and that it is great to visit generally.

Again, thank you for sharing the pics. It sounds better and better, with the Mayan ruins, the diving, the volcanoes. It sounds like you really got your time and money's worth and more.

I have to go for a while, but if I'd love to hear any dining recollections if you have time. You traveled around so much, you certainly must've had some memorable nights out and some interesting food and diners.
I was on a pretty tight budget (diving is expensive). Ordinarily, I would eat at the cheapest/cleanest place I could find by just walking around. In Belize City, there is a little shack in the park downtown that had incredible bbq chicken, rice and beans for $3, San Pedro I usually ate at the Sandbar cause that was where I was staying. Local street food was awesome pretty much everywhere, especially Antigua, Monterrico and Flores and I rarely paid more than $5 for a meal. Local beer is really cheap as well, so food was ridiculously cheap and very tasty. I also never got sick, even though I am prone to getting food poisonng. Hostels are typically $10/night for dorms and rooms $20 to 30 on the cheap.

I don't really nightclub, I'm more into early morning sightseeing so I really can't comment much there.

I see. I'm a little old for the hostel scene. I think it would creep people out. Im sure there are plenty of bed & breakfasts around though.

Have you traveled often? You sound like you know how to get a lot for your money. I'm quite jealous of how much you saw.

Maybe Im lazy. I sort of travel without traveling much, meaning I will pick one spot and just stay rooted until Im satisfied that I know every nook and cranny, every ally and pedestrian off-path. By contrast, you seem to really move a lot, which is understandable too, to see so much.

When I was a kid, I used to tramp a lot in the cities, maybe thats way Im odd about how I visit places. There is something about seeing the same humble desolate corners that only a lost, indigent pedestrian would see that makes me feel connected somehow.

So when you mention cheap local eats, my ears really prick up.

And its nice when you find an actual local diner, not one thats had the crap commericalized out of it.

For example, theres a lot of places in MB that are grossly over promoted as local hotspots for dining. But in reality, there are nice little bodegas all over North Beach you never hear about unless you just wander around looking off the beaten path.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1398465887756.jpg (149 KB, 1280x859)
149 KB
149 KB JPG

... Sometimes it just feels good to know that as long as there is a way back, it doesnt matter that you dont know what it is. Its like the mind is celebrating the difference between life now and concerns later.

Do you think you would like South America? I would like to see it. I also want to see Iceland for some reason.

File: spain.png (6 KB, 261x193)
6 KB
Riddle me this. Why does every girl that I ever met want to visit fucking Spain? I don't get it. Even local girls who are living in a Mediterranean country that is basically the same as Spain want to visit it. Even the ones living at the sea. I don't get it at all. It just doesn't seem to be worth visiting. Can you enlighten me?

I am starting to get triggered when I speak about traveling with someone and they tell me they want to go to Spain.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You can argue Spain isn't the best country on earth, but you can't argue it's not top 5.
You know girls with good taste, OP. Every chick I know wants to go to either Venice or fucking Australia.
>great food
>great landscapes
>good looking people
>beaches and a bunch of shit to go do or visit
>quite cheap relative to other parts of europe
>nearby other good countries (france, portugal, morocco, italy)
I´ve been to Andalusia and Madrid this fall and actually liked it. But I found Italy to be superior in every respect, especially concerning food and landscape. Only Seville was really amazing.
Anyone else thinks that spain is just a not-so-good italy?
Spain as you get with Italy gives you great range - Andalusia is to Galicia what Naples is to Milan.
If you want good food in Spain go to the Basque country, if you want good landscape go to the picos de europa.
Admittedly it's a tough call between the two and probably down to personal preference, but don't write Spain off yet.
File: 1234552345.jpg (3.1 MB, 1785x1980)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
I'm Spanish and have spent some time in Italy, personally I like Spain better, but I can see why other people prefer Italy. They have a lot of beautiful places, monuments everywhere...

File: 1512437921801.jpg (122 KB, 615x816)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
So tommorow i'm going to Bali for a month, i havent said anything to my fathers side as they wouldn't like it. I'm saying i'm going to visit a friend in another city. However i'm afraid that they will know if they call me and get a strange calling sound. What should i do to solve this?
Sack up fag
don't do anything stupid while you are there, you know what i mean
Well, you can't solve the sound they'll hear when they call your phone, so your only choices are:

1: Ignore it and hope for the best. Be prepared to deal with it if you get caught.

2: Tell them what your plans are and understand that they are allowed to not like it, just as you are allowed to do it anyway (assuming you are not underage B&) and move on with your life.

Of the two, I'd go with #2. It's less pussified.
talk via texts
answer phone only when in a quiet place
don't touch social media that can fuck you over
>answer phone only when in a quiet place
Doesn't solve the problem OP is worrying about -- calls to international cellphones/phones that are abroad make a different ring sound in the caller's phone.

I agree that you should just tell your family. Or, if you didn't already lie about the city you're visiting your friend in (dumb move, but whatever), just say, "Yeah, I'm here visiting Bruce, like I said. Didn't I tell you he lived in Denpasar?"

But honesty is the best policy. Assuming these people aren't your legal guardians or financial sponsors, they can't stop you even if they disapprove.

File: serveimage.jpg (143 KB, 800x600)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Any Peruano here?
looking for a good website for longer-term rentals in Peru. The one that all the locasl use.

no language problem (I speak Spanish )

also Peru and Lima general
also, which areas are better to live in, besides Miraflores? I want it to be close to the sea, safe but cool. I have a slight preference for those high-rise apartments buildings with good views .. but it's not a requirement.
me permito a bampear este mensaje
In Lima, there's San Isidro, which is more Expesive; Barranco, more bohemian at day and close to pubs; and Surco, but there's no sea.

File: 1512171476773.jpg (52 KB, 491x750)
52 KB
How has regular traveling changed you? Terence McKenna said that frequent world travel changes your perception similar to that of a mild psychedelic high. Do you think there's any validity to that?
34 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unironically this. Every time I leave my home country I get a bit more conservative.
Hey Autist,Terrence McKenna never claimed that his statements are absolute truth. He just gathered some insights on things normal people wouldn't have, by taking exceptionally large doses of psychoactive drugs and shares some of his perspectives, which can be beneficial and have been beneficial for a number of people. Don't get so hyperbolic over other peoples opinions.
It gives you perspective and puts you in weird/uncomfortable situations and you have to adapt. I reckon traveling in complete comfort doesn't change you
that fucking video
The mundugumor are fucked up

File: kk.jpg (37 KB, 360x640)
37 KB
I been wanting to travel for awhile, i want a friend or something to travel with just give me your kik below & we can discuss details see if it works out or if were compatible. Pic is me & i do prefer women but i will travel with a male i'm not sexiest as long as u not weirdo.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This board is gay as fuck, not terrible just lame all you cunt do is talk about Europe, Japan and visiting some shitty war torn country to feel adventurous
there's a dude in koeji that would be up for hanging out

Why are you here then you autist?

Go back to your weeb board if you don't want to talk about being social around the world. Nobody is forcing you to come here.

You’re so cool posting the fresh memes of the season man. Real hip and young of you, man. I wish I was as cool as you, bro.
File: 1512237033416.gif (1.92 MB, 280x211)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF

>he thinks he can tell who is and isn't trolling on 4chan

get some self awareness, kid

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