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Hey /trv/ I’ve always dreamed of moving to the states (i’m a britbong) and although I know it probably isn’t going to happen I still hope it could come true.
Anyways what state would be the best state for me to move to? I would like a state that weather wise has all 4 seasons (snow in winter, sun in summer etc), I would prefer a state that has a true American feel, and a state that has a big city but doesn’t revolve its whole life around it.
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I suggest mid-Atlantic, metro DC, so Virginia and Maryland suburbs but still metro accessible to the big city. Very cultured. Highest per capita education and income for most of the US, combined. Fairfax is the highest paid school district, and as a melting pot as well as Southern hospitality, should be a lot of opportunity to teach English as well. It's also one of the most fit cities, with an amazing amount of bike trails, hiking, gyms, and other outlets for fitness.
Terrific mix of 4 seasons, without the most brutal of winters. You want to stay out of the midwest and new england, seriously. But if you do want to visit, it's a simple drive away (or train, or shuttle). Day trip anywhere. You're moments from mountains and hiking, and moments from the beach, moments from 30 festivals, and most of all a tremendous music scene (9:30 club)
I thought the DC area was filled with crime? Can you confirm anon?
Jesus christ you are ignorant

There are parts of DC proper that are easily identifiable as high crime, but the rest of te city is big money, very safe, and virtually every suburb is fine.
fuck off were full
>big city
How big is a big city for you?

Like at least London? Or like Glasgow or Manchester is big enough?

New York is the only city that is as big as London (LA is a collection of suburb, Chicago is big but not as big)

File: Untitle1d.jpg (347 KB, 1200x841)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Traveling from Nashville to Mexico.

After Dallas is it worth visiting Austin/San Antonio or should I drive straight through Midland?

What are the best stops and pros/cons along the way?

Once I get to Mexico what is the best border city to cross? I really only want to go to pick up some souvenirs/see what's worth seeing along the border. I am going alone so what places should I avoid? I'm going to drive deep down into Baja California to see the whales and hopefully other sites.

Also anyone feel free to pitch in on the necessary sites of the rest of the trip up through California.

I will be going alone and I do not have a set schedule as of yet except that I will be leaving on the 29th.
There's a lot of cool things to do in both places. If you go through Austin, be prepared for the worst fucking traffic ever, though. The highway through Austin pretty often is crawling through at 10 mi/hr or basically just stopped.

I personally think San Antonio is a pretty good visit. If you have an extra day you could visit Six Flags or Sea World (latter might be closed because of winter). If you're into history you could also check out the Alamo.
I might try to pass through Austin at night then and see 6th St.

File: 1449109667_ASTHETIC.jpg (36 KB, 720x480)
36 KB
Hey sorry if I'm in the wrong for opening this thread, but I'm not here too often and I for some reason couldn't post this in the QTDDTOT.

We're a group of about 5 students from Austria going to visit a friend who's studying there for a semester, apparently we have to book a hotel and get an official invitation from them to apply for a visa, is there any way to work around that (we'd prefer AirBnb or maybe couchsurfing to be more flexible) and also other stuff we should know about going to Russia to have as little complications as possible. Also insider tips on what to do/where to party would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
>for some reason couldn't post this in the QTDDTOT.
If you were trying to upload an image with your question, something's gotten fucked in the uploading. . . . I guess it works when you start your own topic though.

yep that's what happened. Do you think I have a better chance at replies if I delete thread and post there?
You might have a better chance at getting some answers if you mentioned RUSSIA in the very first couple of words and then explained the PROBLEM within the next few, instead of burying them in an entire fucking paragraph of uninformative drivel that nobody is going to bother to wade through in order to try to help you.

And no, I don't know the answer. My Russia tourism information is twenty years outdated.
There seems to be some problem for the moment, I haven't been able to post any pics tonight either (always got "connection error", "aborted" or "upload failed")

What's a cheap place to live in L.A. or surrounding areas at least? Preferably somewhat safe.
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I got bad news nigga.
Maybe Van Nuys? Still you'll be lucky to find a studio for less than $1100. I saw people in SaMo renting part of their living room for upwards of $1000 in early 2016. Best bet is to get a roommate for your room, not your apartment but your room if you wanna live anywhere west of LA. Good luck!
>somewhat safe
Why don't you look for a unicorn or the Holy Grail instead? Might be a little easier.
The only thing that meets your requirement would be to join the Air Force and live in the barracks on LA Air Force Base in El Segundo.
Look at houses in North Torrance. Pretty safe, relatively cheap

File: 8544d.jpg (44 KB, 447x471)
44 KB
Hey guys, so I'm starting a new job and they got me in a hotel for a couple of months.
It's a Van der Valk hotel, very nice place and all, but I don't know anyone yet and I don't know how well I'll get along with the people at work. Not autistic, socially competent actually, but you never know with these things.
I'm 25 and it's an engineering firm so they might be mostly old. The company is in a shittown so really not much to do.
Any advice?
Have some chit chat with bartender from your hotel and female waiters. Dont be to pushy. Maybe u could insert your raw penis in her vagina and cum inside her. Also, read books and newspapers. How far did you have to travel? Pics of your room please.

Im going with friends to italy in may. I need advice on:

>good and cheap hostels
>good place to visit

The only place im sure i'll visit is rome since the plane leaves me there, but then i want to go to other places (preferably the north since we want to go to germany later)
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There was another Italy thread about underrated places where a lot of shit got posted, not sure if it's still up/in the archive. Otherwise I made some screenshots of it so I can post these later.
Personal experience: Milan has near to nothing in tourist sights and is fucking pricey although I did have a good time there meeting up with people on couchsurfing. I liked Bologna the best from the cities i visited. Also went to Reggio Emilia and Parma which are really to be recommended if you want to see pretty small towns with a bit less tourists, and hiked the Via degli Dei from Bologna to Firenze
milan mio hostel
You're in luck, they just inaugurated a giant hostel in Venice near the train station. Venice is a must see, it's gonna be hot and crowded but it's worth it. Drink a spritz at Bacareto da Lele and mingle with the locals. Get lunch in Campo Santa Margherita for cheap (its where the uni students go).
Also if you're going up north, try Trieste. It's not very touristy and it's worth a visit to the pier and some good old pork based cuisine at Bepi Sciavo's.
You're in luck, they just inaugurated a giant hostel in Venice near the train station. Venice is a must see, it's gonna be hot and crowded but it's worth it. Drink a spritz at Bacareto da Lele and mingle with the locals. Get lunch in Campo Santa Margherita for cheap (its where the uni students go).
Also if you're going up north, try Trieste. It's not very touristy and it's worth a visit to the pier and some good old pork based cuisine at Bepi Sciavo's.
Also, as another anon suggested, Bologna and Parma are nice destinations in central Italy

File: 663017[1].jpg (1.59 MB, 1597x986)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Any cheap places to stay in Berlin you'd recommend?
Neukolln or Freidrichschein will be your best bet. Prenzlauerberg used to be cheap, but prices have been going up dramatically
not hostel boat
location is pretty good but you're cramped as fuck in this gimmick ass boat. the toilets are shared with the bar so enjoy the stench of piss as you brush your teeth
I stayed at a hostel next to the north Korean embassy it was pretty cheap (9 euro)
Bahnhof Zoo

File: ncp1710a.jpg (398 KB, 1420x962)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Ask here anything related to China.

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>1. How common is smoking in china, is it as common as everyone says? How cheap are cigarettes?
Somewhat less common than i was led to believe. Most men over 35 smoke, if you go into local eateries be prepared to eat with smoke wafting around you, but you won't see it in proper restaurants, the ones in malls and such. Most women don't smoke.
>2. Is getting WeChat (微信)necessary/heavily suggested?
You'll need it if you want to communicate with Chinese people online, its very easy to set up, download the app and put in your phone number.
>Is it mostly tea that's not black, or can I easily find black tea?
You can find all types of tea in China.
Wait, I can't just fly to Hong Kong from nz and spend a week there? What is this bs
>have money
>25+ not looking for trouble, just want to see the sights and go to nice bars/restaurants

Why wouldn't they want me, Fucking gooks. Meanwhile we let Chinese just pour in at will in our countries
I work for a family business and my father does tons of trade deals from china.
I want to move to china from the US for about a month or however long it takes to learn mandarin fluent. I already know a little mandarin so I'm sure it wouldn't take too long.

Is it possible to live in China for a month or two to learn mandarin?
Should I learn from a school or something?
What should I do/avoid?
You can, Hong Kong has a different visa policy from Mainland China.

>Meanwhile we let Chinese just pour in at will in our countries
No. Mainlanders need visas to travel to most of the world as well. And while you just need to send your passport and money to a place that processes a Chinese visa, you can bet your ass it isn't that easy for a Chinese to get an NZ visa.
>I want to move to china from the US for about a month or however long it takes to learn mandarin fluent. I already know a little mandarin so I'm sure it wouldn't take too long.


You realize that there are NATIVE SPEAKERS who aren't considered fluent right?

File: 1496064510375.jpg (70 KB, 725x690)
70 KB

I'm a Venezuelan and I'm gonna move to Saint Petersbourg, Russia for 3 months.

Any advice?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
SPB is full of foreigners. It's very unlikely that anyone will ever bother you because of the way you look.

A few people speak English. Most street signs are duplicated in Russian. However you should memorize the (phonetic) alphabet so you can sound out street and station names; and learn a few basic expressions like hello and goodbye,

The weather is very much unlike Venezuela. It seldom gets very cold (below -10C) but it will fluncuate between -5 and +10 a lot. Wear layers of clothing that you can remove if you're suddenly hot.

It rains often all year. There will be a drizzile almost every hours and a short downpours every day. Always carry an umbrella. Avoid clothes that would be ruined if they get wet.

The best place to buy souvenirs (matryoshkas, babushka kerchiefs..) is Krupka.

The best place to buy cheap clothes is Apraskin Dvor.

Climb a few roofs (with a guide) if you can.

The Hermitage art museum is not that impressive.
My friend's mother is a native-born Guatemalan and omniglot, yet despite being perfectly fluent in Russian, she was refused service all over the place when she and her daughter vacationed in Russia on account of her Latina ethnicity.
When they went shopping in Moscow, storeowners completely ignored them until they left the store, among other such stories.
I don't know how things would be in SPB, but this anecdote is something to consider if you're more Native than Spaniard in appearance.
welcome to 4chan
Post pic of them! Were they so ugly?
>she was refused service all over the place when she and her daughter vacationed in Russia on account of her Latina ethnicity
I'm certain that this is a lie.

File: IMG_2449.png (346 KB, 1080x608)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Has anyone ever done 'dark tourism?' What's the most undesirable place you've been?
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Czech Republic is nice but as others have said, it's very commercialised, you will have your eyes ripped out if you eat or drink near that big clock. If you just walk like 5 minutes away from it you will find bars and restaurants where they will charge like 1/4 of the price.
classic American being a fucking dick thinking he's better than anyone else
Holy shit, anon. I would really piss myself.
You were lucky that the locals didn't come murder your asses at night while you were in the hotel
I've travelled a fair bit in my life, even to some really shitty places like rural China and Russia. However, I think there is a special place place in hell for Rust Belt ghettos. I used to drive cars across the country for a car dealership, so I've seen a fair bit of the US.

>Gary, Indiana
Probably the most shockingly poor, destitute place I've ever been. I just drove through it and wish I had a gun

>Bridgeport, CT
Think of Detroit but much smaller and surrounded by cities home to some of the richest people in the world. Its shocking and can be very dangerous

>Rochester, NY
I remember going down one of the streets where drug dealers are confined to and it was like something out of the Wire

I've been to a lot of the greatest hits, like New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, and parts of Philadelophia. But man there is nothing so disturbing and dangerous as one of those cold dark cities where the industry moved out.

File: 1515624972719.png (391 KB, 597x747)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
What sounds better for a vacation this time of year?

Singapore -> Bangkok -> Hong Kong
Barcelona -> Amsterdam -> Frankfurt

- The best whores
- Good food
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Stay in Europe if you are talking hookers. If your talking about casual hookups wirh white women, then it is easy to pick up white travelers in Asia.

White hookers in Asia are overpriced Russians
Spain is good this time of year. If you travel soon you can join in all the Carnival festivities.
I am a sperg, yeah

I was thinking a $1k/day budget for whore mongering

do they offer GFE for the women in spain/europe? that was one positive I heard about bangkok
You can get it in the room/in the bar in Spain. But you can't take women outside the brothel. In Thailand you can fuck a whore, and go out for a meal after (or before). Or if you tke long time you may wake up to them cooking, or doing your laundry. But GFE is just kind of how they are. Basically Asian whores if you treat them like a GF, they will act like it. You don't even have to request it/seek it out. I have never taken a Russian whore to know if they are the same.
ty senpai. This is why I was leaning towards Bangkok / Soi Cowboy.

The women in Europe are hotter, but I want the full sensual experiences nonstop to make up for a decade of being a NEET.

Has anybody ever been to Toronto, Canada before now and if you have tell us the experience that you had from there.
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Where you've mentioned "Mandarin" the Chinese buffet chain there I've actually been in there once and my gosh the food there was so delicious man.
File: static1.squarespace.jpg (683 KB, 1000x668)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
I loved it when we got to there they had all kinds of great sightseeing landscape overthere including the CN Tower, been over to Nathan's Philips Square, went to Canada's Wonderland even though I only went on just the rollercoaster and that's it, and also visited some friends and family overthere as well so overall in my own opinion I would definitely recommend going on this trip for sure.

I currently live in Toronto.

By far my least favourite of any first world city I have ever spent any amount of time in.

It is ridiculously expensive, the public transit is downright atrocious, and the people are some of the worst in the entire world. I have NEVER seen a superiority complex exist in the way it does in Torontonians, and this is including NYC, Paris, and London. They LITERALLY think they are the centre of the universe.

The people are all also extremely fake. Everyone tries to dress like Drake, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber. It's hard to get along with anyone like that unless you are that type of person yourself, and I'd go out on a limb and say that no one on this board is.

I, truthfully, would avoid this place if you have any choice at all, and I'm trying to get out as soon as humanly possible.

Also feel free to ask any questions, I don't mind.
Which cities have you liked then?
So you didn't really like it when you were there then?

What is the best country that has loose sexual morals?

Which country would be the best to find a white girl to have sex with you, that isn't a prostitute?
45 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>looks on her face
I reckon this is somewhat important though
If you think there are going to be attractive single slutty women just sitting there in some other country waiting for you to come sweep them off of their feet with leas competition than anywhere else you are delusional.
Thailand, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and Japan
Nice, where can I fuck them? Help an sexanon traveler
You can assume its sexual explotation when they tell you that their passport have been taken by someone else

File: mexico.png (251 KB, 728x424)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
am i making a mistake going to mexico city as my first trip to mexico?

the plan is to go there for a week and rent airbnb, eat tacos, and get tan

should i reconsider going to another city in mexico?
244 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was bone dry the entire time.
Se llama inversion termica pendejo...
File: 20180121_163847.jpg (859 KB, 1440x1440)
859 KB
859 KB JPG
Will she eat pizza with me?
Te cogiste a alguna muchachita putita? Se te avento para ser inseminada por tu leche, gringo? BTW, I am girl and have a fetish for condorless sex with white german ancestry gringos
How easy is to obtain huge amount of pain killers in Mexico?

File: IMG_20180120_115430.jpg (1.57 MB, 3264x2448)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Hey travel. If you ever feel the need to sail the Bass Straight from Sydney to Hobart. Take my advice and don't.
Go on...OP. It gets really fucking rough doesn't it? Did you almost die OP?
5 days in now. Its been pretty rough. But its more the lack of sleep and constant motion. There are nice things too. The birds and the sailing. But its fucking hard work.
Satellite internet huh?
Do you go down into the caboose to fap or do you do it in the cockpit?
Take more pictures, OP! Are you alone? How many crew?

How's the weather been treating you? Good wind? Calm seas?

Whatcha eating?
Just internet on my phone when we get close enough to shore.

Seas have been calm enough, onlu up to 2m swell. But on a 32 foot yatch you feel it. Winds were alright up until yesterday. Fucking southerlys since then making progress hard.

With two other crew. Both old blokes with a lot of experience and one good knee between them.

I fap up forward where the heads are. Just close the door and do my duty.

No more photos handy. Will have plenty once we reach Hobart and I get a hot shower and a whiskey.

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