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I usually always just draw money from ATMs on my trips. However the last to trips (India and Vietnam) I have had to try about 5 different bank ATMs before I found one that my card worked with. Is this my card being weird or the banks? If it’s the banks what about them makes it not accept my card?

>snake blood/bile shots in Vietnam.
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What country?
It doesn't work like that. You couldn't apply for a US work visa under another passport if you're a US citizen.
I don't know, but don't ever drive intoxicated. Notice I'm not judging you for drug use/possession, but don't ever drive while intoxicated on anything.
It's never been a problem for me.

Hello /trv/ I'm going to ask a serious question, is Canada a good place to live? I'm making a 3 year plan to move out of my country and Canada seems like a good place to start, second, I'm Mexican and I'm 23, I know only Spanish and English, my plan is to learn French which is vital there and then learn Japanese, Italian and German or Chinese, work these 2 or 3 years to earn a descent coin and finish my career, finally when I have the money reserve an hotel room and buy a ticket to Canada, take with me clothes, a lot of instant and canned food and obviously my money, a map of the city I will be staying and my papers, once there I plan on finding a job and an appartament as quickly as possible, I was planning on working as a translator in some editorial or as a translator, preferably in an editorial translating book, magazines and whatnot, how hard is it for a foreigner to get a job there or what options do I have? Also I'm studying psychology and neurosciences but I don't know if my certificate will have value there, would be good to work as a forensic psychologist, no shitposters, no bullshit, I'm serious about this, if you know about some good books to help me learn French and Japanese I would be grateful.
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hah! enjoy your onions injections
Montreal is one of the best places to live in Canada. And I'm Anglo.
>learning French is not necessary outside of Quebec but it's useful for the points system that we use to select PR for non-sponsored immigrants. Quebec is also one of the easier places to immigrate to, other than the language barrier, and non-canadians get french lessons sponsored by the government.

how old are you and what type of job you get?
Did you have any stunning quals or anything like that?
23, got a job as an exercise rehabilitationist within 2 weeks of being in Ottawa. After moving to Montreal i worked in a bar for 3 weeks until I found a position in research at Concordia Uni.
Not mind blowing but decent considering i only came here for working holiday to begin with & nah all I have is a Bsc degree but probably going to go back to uni at some point in the future.

That's pretty impressive.
I'm going to be relocating there in Oct - have a bsc in psych and bsc in criminology.

Was hoping to join police but apparently it's hyper competitive so just going to see what I can land.

Can I ask where you're from? I get the sense it's hard for immigrants to land jobs but it's particularly harder for some countries compared to others. I'm Australian but I'm reading a lot of Indian immigrants are struggling not sure if there's more to it than that or if it's just difficult all over.

File: faa.jpg (75 KB, 440x658)
75 KB
how easy is it to get malaria in cameroon or mozambique?
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You got your answers son why bump. I lived in Moz for over 2 years. Malaria is the leading cause of death. Do the math.
what were you doing there?
How is it still that deadly though? Do the blacks just refuse to take the medicine? Cause thats the only people still dying from it here in westafrica...

How's it like over there and what can you describe about it?

Is it like a much more peaceful Russia, or an independent Poland?

Is the Government still oppressive as it was 20 years ago, or did they go soft?

How censored is the Internet?

Is it true that Indie Musicians can get arrested for making music?

How exciting is Minsk for a fellow Eastern Commie?

Is the nature worth hiking and camping?

How safe is it in general?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's on my list now that the tourist visa is more relaxed.
In Russia we joke that Belarus is the land of freedom, because there's no internet censorship, gambling is allowed, alcohol and tobacco are sold more widely. However in reality Belarus is fucking brutal if you are unlucky to get arrested for anything. Like in other CIS countries, there's no crime like robberies or shootings, but the role of the 'danger' is played by the police who could fuck you up for no reason.
Nature isn't really that interesting, it's just European woods.
That bit about being "arrested for anything" kind of sounds like Russia itself today.

I mean, am I wrong, or do I have nothing to fear over there if I'm a law abiding citizen?

File: china-railway-map-big.jpg (358 KB, 2048x1622)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Has anybody here travelled/navigated/backpacked around China?

I'm planning on going by myself in early December and I'll have around 6K spending money. What's there to do? Would it be easy to make friends on the go or are travel hostels a better option?

I don't know mandarin but I know English and Arabic fluently, will that help?

I want to travel around the country experiencing different cultures and meeting new people I guess. Apart from the living standards what are some other big differences between first, second and third tier cities?

In general what are some things to look out for?
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That's about 30k RMB, which I'd call enough to live on for three months in western comfort or travel for two months (quite comfortably). You could stretch it by using hostels and eating in small restaurants etc.

Arabic won't be useful outside of some commercial/export business areas and English would be more useful there anyway. I suppose some Hui might speak it but I wouldn't expect fluency. English will be way more useful.

The train stations will have bilingual signs so you should be more or less ok to get around though dealing with hotels will be entertaining. It's possible to travel without speaking Mandarin but it gets interesting. It's just life on hard mode.
If you have Pleco (a dictionary) on your phone and have Baidu Translate or Google Translate then you should be ok, I'd get Baidu Maps as well and make sure your phone has a Chinese keyboard installed.

The big cities are fairly easy to manage with English, the small ones will involve looking shit up on phones but most Chinese have an English dictionary and/or translator installed on their phone, they use it for surfing the web and shit. Wechat has translation built in too so it's never that big a problem. It's more finding someone who has five minutes to work out what you want and tell you, that's the trouble.
You'll be fine with arabic. Also beware of the metros, they are swarming with niggers.
ah wechat translate

In chinese: I want to pet this dog
Translation: Im going to jerk off this dog
What's living in a hostel like? I heard they're filthy and filled with dodgy cunts.
File: Xinjiangtour1.jpg (134 KB, 819x617)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Blanket statement. Some areas have good air quality (especially the kinds of places a "backpacker" will be going). Additionally, the air quality in major cities like Beijing varies greatly based on weather patterns: stagnant air can create smog clouds that accumulate for several days, but winds can clear it overnight. It's best to download one of the myriad air quality apps to monitor air in most cities. Some of the tier-2 cities like Lanzhou and Harbin have far worse air than Beijing, but they are never talked about in the international news.

Don't be afraid to look at flying for travel from one place to another. There are many cases where it'll be equivalent in cost to taking the train (possibly even cheaper than the CRH), and obviously less time consuming and less unpleasant.
Youth hostels in China are generally of a pretty high standard. Having stayed at hostels in London and Amsterdam I can say that all the hostels I visited in China were much cleaner and friendlier than those, with better amenities and less obnoxious guests (people in Western hostels are always sleeping in their dorms in the middle of the day for some reason. In China they have regular sleep patterns).
Also bear in mind that youth hostels in China usually also have private rooms, and such rooms are still 50-80% cheaper than a bed in a youth hostel dormitory in the West.
Nevertheless, hotels in China are strange and can be hit or miss. Case in point:

>Arabic won't be useful outside of some commercial/export business areas and English would be more useful there anyway.
Unless he goes to Xinjiang, but then he's liable to get arrested and taken to re-education camp.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 4L_bYwYsoLx.jpg (433 KB, 1080x1081)
433 KB
433 KB JPG

File: cozy small town.jpg (153 KB, 800x600)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Hello /trv/, first time posting here.

I'm planning a motorcycle trip for next spring, from the north of Italy to somewhere in the center/south of France.

I'm looking for a cozy small town as my final destination to spend a day or two in.

Ideally a place with some interesting tourist attractions and some night life.

I'm also open to suggestions for specific routes through the Alps that a motorcycle rider might enjoy.

Thank you.

File: tipping in murika.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB WEBM
What are some cultural traits and traditions you have found shocking?

For me it's the use of shit as building material in places where there are stones and mud just right there, but no, they choose to collect animal shit and plaster the walls with it.
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If you are on the "fast lane" and someone slower is in front of you, what is the "procedure?" Do you flash your light? Get up close to his bumper?
>What are some cultural traits and traditions you have found shocking?

How stupid brown people are.
Definitely, but you know the worst part? By the end of my time in China id started spitting freely too.
Different anon here.
I never took on the spitting habit, however living for a long time in HK I got pretty used to belching in public. It slipped by me once in a restaurant back home, glad I was just with my best buddies whom I would be comfortable burping and farting around.

What are your thoughts on Taiwan?
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With Beard: https://i.imgur.com/Lxt50Yk.jpg

I keep it short-ish and well maintained, but I've heard beards can often be considered 'dirty', unkempt, and unusual in Taiwan. I think it looks good on me but I don't want to scare people away or anything as I'm traveling alone so I'm looking to make friends, and will definitely go out partying a night or two also.

Even without a beard I have a serious five o'clock shadow. Additionally, not sure I'd be able to find a good barber to do a trim while I'm there. This is about five years ago before I grew my beard, and a terrible picture (didn't take many back then) but you get the idea.

Without Beard: https://i.imgur.com/JDnCMVn.jpg

Recommendations? Thank you!
If you're looking to head out and be social, I'd suggest ditching the beard. But if you enjoy it, is it really worth shaving?
You'd look super professional even with the shadow, if you dressed nicely.

Keep the beard
Hello, did anyone here take the taiwanese scholarship for an undergraduate degree? (1 year of mandarin + 4 years of bachelors)

If so, what was your experience?
Keep it, many chinese women like it, or are curious, just keep it short

File: download.png (2 KB, 318x159)
2 KB
whats it like to live in the philippines?

what can you do as an expat there?

My gf is filipina and wants to move back... I am open to it but I'm not sure what it would be like. I have been to Thailand, Vietnam and Japan... I am assuming it would be a lot like Thailand/Vietnam (not culturally, but in terms of shit never working right, bad wifi etc.) but want to hear from someone working there. We would be living in Cebu
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I've been pirating movies and games since I was 13 and they really don't give a shit here. Have fun.

And terms of the illegal stuff, the normal shit like child porn or anything related to that.
yah Fiber optic internet only got recently introduced in the richer communities of the Philippines. So outside Metro Manila area wifi is gonna be pretty slow.
yah I can attest to this, my uncle got a university degree for about that price and he still works corporate today. Corruption is the norm here
Is this Makati or BGC?
Is it just me or girls here are very sexually active? They all are okay with sex on first day. Where to find girls that are not sluts?

What happens here?

After months of 12 hour weekend warehouse shifts with overtime and no life, I’m saying fuck it and flying my ass to Baku because of a story I need to make that’s going through my head which involves this region. I’m traveling from Azerbaijan to Georgia to Armenia (that’s the plan anyway)... Questions:

1) how hard is it to traverse the area just by knowing English (I know Arabic too, if I can go to mosques that aren’t hotbeds for radicals)?

2) are people there open to lodging guests?

3) How safe is it to travel to the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia and the southern part of Armenia, not including Nagorno-Karabakh?

4) how expensive is it to travel by taxi services and marshrutkas there?

5) would it be better to go to this area or explore Morocco and Algeria, which is my second option?

Thanks in advance anons, and any other info would be welcome.
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Honestly depending on the length of your trip, learning the alphabets is an unnecessary pain in the ass. Just ask someone what something says, it will be easier. All menus have pictures and some most essential things are transliterated into Roman and Cyrillic letters. My guidebook (Lonely Planet--it's the only one published fairly recently) had a phrasebook and I got by fine.

Pretty cheap yes. There are plenty of ad hoc stalls set up on roadsides and close to monasteries. I'd recommend you get a hand carved crucifix or khachkar (Armenian ceremonial ceramic cross carving) to bring home some of the spirituality of the place. You can haggle but people are pretty poor and prices aren't high to begin with. Gyumri has a cool uncovered bazaar.

Turkey is impossible to get to from Armenia, border is closed and no flights. From Georgia there's a land crossing south of Batumi which is supposed to be pretty easy. Might have to walk across if you hire a taxi there.

Russia is another matter. Both places have daily flights to Moscow but if you are looking to go by road... There is only one way from Georgia proper via the Georgian Military Highway. Once in Russia the first major city is Vladikavkaz. Now, if you go to Ossetia (which is legal to enter from Georgia proper via some special crossing) you can go to Russia from there, but DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to re-enter Georgia afterward. You will go to jail as they consider that an illegal border crossing.
From what I hear Abkhazia is fine bar the hold ups at the Georgia border, you must leave where you entered (if not Russian, go via Georgia as double entry is a bitch), South/East Abkhazia near the border is rough and don’t get caught there at night. Sukhumi northwards is fine. Keep in mind no consular services to help you out.

South Ossetia is different, don’t even try. Will probably end up being the setting of a farcry game.
>1) how hard is it to traverse the area just by knowing English (I know Arabic too, if I can go to mosques that aren’t hotbeds for radicals)?

Easy in Georgia, the others you should buy a sim card and be ready to use Google translate a lot. You'd be good to practice Russian before going. Arabic will be completed useless, Azeri is a Turkic language and most other tourists and foreigners there are Iranian. I was in these countries for 4 months and the only guy I met who would have spoken Arabic was a Lebanese guy working for artsakh telecom.

>2) are people there open to lodging guests?

In villages pretty open but you might have problems without speaking the language. If the village is big enough to have a homestay or hostel people will probably just send you there.

>3) How safe is it to travel to the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia and the southern part of Armenia, not including Nagorno-Karabakh?

Safe if you dont do anything stupid like go close to the nakhchivan border. Watch out for minefield signs.

>4) how expensive is it to travel by taxi services and marshrutkas there?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Make sure to go to Batumi in Georgia, it's pretty cool.
Are the beaches there nice for swimming?

File: a.jpg (120 KB, 940x580)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Thailand General degenerates edition

Penetrating Thai sluts in every orifice edition.
> Tips on avoiding being arrested for public perversion
> How to avoid getting food poisoning
> Where to find more whores
> Maybe info on other things to do in Thailand if anyone can think of any

Welcome mongers! Have at it!
40 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
want to be my rapport?
+50% are freelancers, thats true but free is free anon.
It's not hard to go home with a girl for free, especially if it's late.

There's always women hoping to spend the night being looked after by a guy in a nice hotel or apartment. Either because they live far away or they live in a shithole. If they haven't made any money, they'll go to a club or a cafe (usually below a big hotel) and hope to either find a guy that'll pay or just a nice guy who'll put them up.

It's similar to the girls that hang around outside Tokyo's Shibuya station after the last trains have gone. If you're a nice, trustworthy looking guy and staying somewhere decent (not a hostel), you'll almost always come away with a prize. I usually just start by asking for directions so they don't lose face.
>tfw you fuck hookers for months regularly with no issues then you get a freebie from some milfy slut and you get chlamydia

but yea theguys above are right, many women giving it out for free are freelancers trying to play the long game. bitch probably saw me enough times to know i live here and wanted to check out my apartment
>fuck a girl short time, cum in literally a minute after "massage" and bj
>pay for second time, stay hard forever and can't cum at all, the girl gets nervous and embarrassed

This never happened before. I don't know if it's the thought of having a time limit, the fake moans from the well-meaning hooker or just the overstimulatiom since I don't get time to recover. She's literally just sitting there rubbing like crazy and I just get more and more stressed. It's been twice now and both were 9/10 and had great technique.

File: shutterstock_250754506.jpg (906 KB, 1000x667)
906 KB
906 KB JPG
>Favorite small European town?

I've already visited a lot of the larger towns, and my wife is wanting to go back this spring. What would be some good smaller towns for us to visit? Mostly interested in towns that have medieval structures. Also good food is always a plus.
168 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not from Mexico. I was born in Central America.
Then you can visit your sweaty hot corrupt murder hellhole...

File: WP_20180828_14_42_19_Rich.jpg (1.63 MB, 2592x1936)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Znojmo is also quite neat.
>Karpacz is a nice city in southern Poland with lots of eateries and bars, and is very close to most hiking trails in the Carpathians and the highest peak in polish Carpathians, Śnieżka

what the hell dude
the karkonosze are not part of the carpathian mountains wtf
How has no one posted Trier yet?

File: download.jpg (14 KB, 346x146)
14 KB
Looking to plan a trip to Morocco in Spring and I'm looking for advice.
Whats the best time to visit it?
How long should I spend there?
How expensive is it?
What are some cool things to check out?
Is western sahara worth visiting?
Places that I definitely need to see and places I definitely need to avoid( I already know Casablanca is shite)
Just general advice welcome. I'm a 20 year old paddy. I like nature and history, partying/drinking to a certain extent and hiking, even though I'm an out of shape sack of shit.
Been looking at Marrakech, Meknes, Chefchaouen, Cueta and Agadir mainly as well as stopping in Gibraltar on the way home
visited Marrakech about 7 years ago. There's a big central square in old Marrakech that I forget the name of (but it's basically "the square"), which is a market by day. By night all sorts of local folk (?) bands come out and play, and the local people come down and sing along and it is amazing. A band of maybe 7 people will have one guy playing either electric banjo or electric guitar, and everyone else has some rhythm instrument or percussion. One of the percussionists sings lead- he sings a verse, and then the rest come in and repeat the same verse, including the crowd. The groove is just beyond this world. I went every night I was there.

File: images.jpg (16 KB, 470x313)
16 KB
Hi, I'm coming here because I don't know where else to turn. This is the story of how I ended up in prison and my current situation. I don't know what I expect from this but let's give it a shot...

I have been traveling the world for awhile, but have lived here in Chiang Mai for the past six months. I'm a regular at the digital nomad community. I had just used bitcoins to purchase LSD from the silk road for a microdosing experiment. On Friday night, my girlfriend and I had gotten into an argument. I went to the reggae bar to have a drink. When I went to return home, I realized my sim card 3G had expired and opted for a tuk-tuk to get back to my apartment.

The driver asked me if I wanted to buy weed. I don't him I'm not interested, and somehow I ended up telling him I had LSD. He asked me if he could buy a tab, he wanted to try it. I told him sure, I'll give him one for free just drop me off at my condo.

The next morning, he messages me on LINE and asks to buy three more tabs. I agree and go to meet him. Turns out, he called the narcotics bureau to set up a sting operation so he could receive a bounty for turning me in. The police forced me to sign a confession I couldn't read and used torture as a means to coerce me into signing it.

The document said that all of my valuables are bought using drug money, and I am a regular drug dealer here in Thailand. While none of this is true, I had just been forced to sign the report. Fast forward a week, I had just spent a week in Thai prison here in Chiang Mai. I am mentally and emotionally destroyed, but I am slowly trying to pick up the pieces of my life.

I walked out of prison with no shoes, no wallet, no phone, no money. I hitchhiked back into town, and managed to buy a simple phone and slowly get my possessions back. My lawyer had to put down 3 million baht worth of land as a guarantee to get me the bail, so he held me hostage in the landlords home until I could at least pay him back 750,000 baht(which is refundable).
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I would feel sorry for you, but that's all on you for being a dumbass.

You don't just hand over illegal drugs to someone, and hope he's not a snitch. The Siamese are almost as strict about it as Filipinos.

Only difference is you won't get shot on sight.

All things considered, you're very lucky you're even out of prison. Because you confessed to being a drug dealer, they could've gave you the immediate death penalty, I'm not joking.

Leave while you still can, you're facing a Kangaroo Court the likes even Russia couldn't copy if they tried.
Checked and that’s the way to go op.
So the lawyer put up 3 million baht of his own land?

Anyway... what are the consequences here?

Do you have your passport or have they kept it? Are you awaiting trial? If so, when is it? What the charges against you?

Sounds like you need to head to your embassy if you haven't already spoken with them.

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine (his girlfriend bought drugs in a sting). He went to jail for a few days but essentially paid a fine/bribed his way out. Still had to leave the country though.

I would suggest offering to 'make merit' or offer some tea money.
Get out. Go through the jungle to avoid border guards if you have to. Stop being a fucking retard.
serves you right

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