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what was the coolest nondomesticated animal you have seen in wild during your travels?
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Wild zebras in a random ass part of South Africa

A wombat in a random Sydney, Australia park
>poison dart frogs
show photos!
this :D
did you take photos of sea turtles?

File: 1540190150269.jpg (14 KB, 304x296)
14 KB
yo, I'm off to NYC in the next couple hours and I don't have a set plan. what does /trv/ have to say? any ideas?
Go to Flushing, Queens for some amazing food.
Check out Chinatown Fair for a cool arcade
Go to the Met for some nice art
The NY public library and bryant park are really cool
Lived in NYC my whole life, if you have some money I would say head down to soho, dumbo, and explore around the lower east side.
getting a coffee and just people watching is a lot of fun.
this, but also smelling people is fun too ;)
zoomers please go
t. Xoomer

File: bangkok-temple.jpg (145 KB, 1600x1067)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Hey /trv/

Doing the Thailand thing, will be in the North & South. Looking for wide range of experience, not just a degenerate trip.

Where would you recommend checking out around Bangkok, Phuket & Southern Islands?

TLDR - Thai Thread - Post some best of's
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Not to hijack this thread, but I've been working on my own itinerary for a 4 week visit to Thailand:

Bangkok 7 nights (with a few day trips to other places)
Sukhothai 4 nights
Chiang Mai 7 nights (with a few day trips to other places)
Koh Lanta 4 nights
Khao Sok 4 nights
Bangkok 2 nights

What do you guys think of this?

Sukhothai is there because I know someone who lives there and can let me stay in their mansion for free.
What is this? something in bangkok?
Also can you two talk about what you would do in the places you listed?
Actually a pretty decent itinerary, good to see someone taking things slower. As much as I love both Bangkok and Chiang Mai I think 7 days each could be a bit long unless you had particular things in mind to do. This is coming from someone who spent a whole month in Chiang Mai too. As much as people talk shit on it, I really enjoyed Pai my first few trips there. Chiang Rai is good too if you get a motorbike and explore the surrounding area. I've also heard good things about Chiang Dao but I haven't been there yet so I can't say more on that.

If you have any specific questions about the places you listed then go ahead and ask, otherwise I usually use a combination of Travelfish, Wikitravel and TripAdvisor to find the things I want to do
Yeah I personally don't really want to spend that long in the cities, but my friend wants to spend most of the time in them. I'm hoping to find some rad day trips for when we inevitably get sick of them.

>I like to experience different atmospheres and environments when I travel so I was going for places that were reasonably different from one another. I won't go into the cities as they're already well known, and I don't really have a lot planned for specific activities, but each spot has its things they're famous for.

Koh Lanta is a bit harder to reach than the popular islands so its a lot less crowded, but its still developed enough to have restaurants and resorts. I'll probably hire a scooter to explore the island, find fairly empty beaches and have a generally chill time.

Khao Sok is a massive jungle with a giant lake / river. There is a ton of environmental tourist stuff there, from bathing elephants to exploring caves.

Sukhothai has a lot of old temples and ruins, centuries ago it was the capital of Siam and they have a signature noodle dish which is supposed to be amazing.

Best places to eat in London that aren't hipster-y 'foodie' shitholes? I don't mean traditional eel and pies (though I am down for that) but places that aren't filled with smug mustache twirling wankers
I do wonder whether lazy writers are using /trv/ to source 'content' for their shitty clickbait articles.
There's a load of cheap Indian/Pakistani etc places around Tooting tube station. They are typically divided into the typical North Indian stuff (nan and lamb and such) and South Indian (like banana plate thali). The competition is really stiff. Some places have booze. Others are BYO. Some are dry. Just go there and pick one of the more popular ones. You can't go wrong. It's Tooting tube station. Look within 50m from the tube. There are some South Indian ones on the other side of the road. Then there are some outstanding North Indian ones about 200 meters up in direction Tooting Bec (don't remember the road).

Don't knock hipster eateries though. The food markets have amazing artisan food and it's cheapish. Brixton market has outstanding sourdough Napolitan pizzas. Govinda in the center of town (close to Oxford street) is prolly the best Govinda's in the world.
Can vouch for
Pollen Street Social
Most curry places are shit, Dishoom used to be okay but is going downhill, the usual Anglo-Indian places are garbage good for soaking up booze but nothing else. Almost all pubs are garbage too. Generally to eat well in London you need to pay for than £20 a head.
Any chicken shop in croydon

File: mongolia.png (11 KB, 1280x640)
11 KB
Any anons have experience visiting Mongolia?
Feels like the country is ignored by most people.
Anything worth doing in Ulaanbaatar? Anything worth doing outside of Ulaanbaatar?
Does it provide a different enough experience to warrant spending a few days before/after a China/SEA trip?
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Buuz sounds pretty comfy good desu senpai

Is airag and all those milk meals as wretched as they say tho?
I've only been to Kazakhstan but the food there was hit or miss (some really gross dishes) and kumuiz was awful, tastes like yogurt with charcoal and gasoline mixed in. Kyrgyz and Tajik food is great tho.
>north China poor
Some parts are and some aren't.
Inner Mongolia has a ridiculously high per-capita GDP actually, Gansu and Qinghai are poor, Xinjiang is a mix because of the mining and farming. Heilongjiang isn't too bad and Jilin is fine, probably because of South Korean trade and factories employing North Korean slaves.

There are some very big industries in the north, dairy, meat (beef&lamb) and mining are the largest in Inner Mongolia, aerospace too but that's just from the spaceport. Heilongjiang has trade with Russia and Jilin with both Koreas, it's also the crossroads for everything to do with both Koreas that can't happen directly between them, like refugees and defectors.
File: Khuurshuur.jpg (185 KB, 1600x1200)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>hence all Mongols going overseas to find work
And they can go to China very easily, both physically because it's just a train ride and legally because I think they don't need visas to visit China and can get work visas easily or maybe don't need them (but I've also heard of them working illegally in China so I don't know what's up with that).

>Buuz sounds pretty comfy
pic related are basically fried buuz, they're pretty much just a hamburger/meatball in a little pastry and fried.
They use a lot of pepper and onion/garlic and stuff in the patty, it's delicious.

>airag and all those milk meals
I had plenty of milk tea which is nice, airag has a bad rep but I actually didn't find any, just local vodka.
I've had horse milk wine in Inner Mongolia, that stuff is nice, basically just a vodka with a milky aftertaste. Inner Mongolian Kunis is somewhere between milk beer and a drinking yoghurt, it's low alcohol and sour. I liked it and found it very refreshing on a hot day.

Inner Mongolia and Mongolia have had a thousand years or more of separation though, they're still roughly the same people with the same language but there's divergence in culture and foods so they're not uniform.
Not all parts of north China are poor but it's definitely not as prosperous as south China. Historically, north China was much richer but constant warfare and plundering of resources by foreign powers (hell, Japan's Manchukuo puppet regime only ended in 1945) has really taken a toll on the place. This might also be the reason why the north Chinese are stereotyped to be more anti-foreign and political. The south was historically just the breadbasket of the nation but in modern history their coastal advantage made them good at trade with the rest of the world and are generally perceived to be more cosmopolitan.

If you have to fly a very long distance, do you prefer to do it in one go, or do you rather have a two hour layover halfway to stretch your legs?
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Follow up question: if you can, do you spend the night in UAE as to not be completely exhausted when you arrive?
>I don't really mind really long flights
How do you retain your will to live on those flights?
I don't know, I just do. I usually get some half-sleep on the way over, it passes the time if nothing else. If I want something else to do I pay for in-flight wifi or I read news and shit I downloaded on my phone's RSS reader ahead of time.
Flying back I always get these strong sleeping pills. This + strategic seat booking means that I can sometimes locate 3-4 seats in a row to lie down on. Stoned out of my mind + prone is the best way to fly.
Last time I got upgraded to business class on a middle eastern airline too. Flat bed and 24 inch screen. Those 7 hours were not enuff.
>two hour layover

I prefer two night layovers.

Best shoes for walk for sightseeing. I was thinking in buy some Air Max 97 but I want to read some recommendations.
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Before going to Japan this year I got a pair of Skechers, with memory foam and other meme enhancements. They're very plain looking, but very comfortable and, bonus, waterproof.

They were perfect for sightseeing in urban areas, but they might not be appropriate for hiking.
Did Europe with leather soles

Cobblestones suck, but I was fine. Walking shoes in urban environs are a meme. Even in fields desu.
What does "rig it" mean?
Wear anything branded a running shoe. If you're trying to get laid don't wear dad shoes like Skechers or new balance
Ecco shoes are the secret weapon. Look stylish but have Nike runner levels of support and cushioning.

File: fuyu.jpg (13 KB, 269x188)
13 KB
Hey /trv/ going to Japan in winter and have half my travel itinerary setup but looking for recommendations

second time in japan but this time I wont be in one spot
plans are start in
Tokyo -> osaka -> kyoto -> kinosaki onsen -> Tokyo

but im trying to fill in things for osaka and kyoto never been to either but I assume dotonbori is a must in osaka and for dinner im thinking of hitting up hyogo for a kobe beef kaiseki and in Kyoto obviously temples but which ones im not really sure

also looking for other places to possibly go to in Japan during winter or even nice restaurants anyone here might recommend
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: jp.png (73 KB, 810x981)
73 KB
This is my itinerary, maybe it'll help you OP. Otherwise feel free to critique it.

It seems pretty alright. Boris is playing on the 29th Dec. Then there's the stereotypical bars like Deathmatch in Hell.
>Boris is playing on the 29th Dec.
For my last trip I used various services for concert tickets (with mark-up of course...), but as foreigner, is it possible to order non-lottery tickets now via l-ticket, eplus or pia and pay for them in conbini in few weeks? Or maybe even pay for them online and get them from conbini.
you can pick up a super cheap decent winter jacket at Uniqlo in Japan ~$149 USD should keep you warm so you won't be miserable
>super cheap
> ~$149 USD
kinda pleb-tier itinerary tbqh

try to dicover tohoku region instead

File: ak pepe.jpg (35 KB, 559x331)
35 KB
>be me, age 16
>parents ask me if i want to go on vacation with them
>yay okay lets go
>takes me to somalia
>what the fuck mom and dad
>stay at cousins house
>damn its pretty big
>'is that a bullet hole?'
>it was
>bummed out and terrified for the first few days
>cousin notices, asks me if i want to go out with him and have some fun
>okay cousin
>he suddenly grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers
>felt gay at first but after it felt good
>his hand is soft

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>in Somalia

Didn't happen

I intend to come to Vancouver to study and improve my English, and in my research, I found this school The Language Gallery Vancouver, so anyone knows something about? and review about it?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Would be grateful for some tips
I just want to improve my English, and don't want to stay for a long time


I thought you were a Chinese kid with mommy and daddys money. $7k is a joke if you want to study English, unless you meant $7k a month?
he couple probably do a summer, 4 months if he gets some more money and stretches it out. he could sublet somewhere in east van for around $750.
There are plenty of downtown apartments where they pack in as many international students as possible.

Oddly enough, these are generally filled with 'Latin American' students who make too much noise running around.

Anyone ever been on a one-way travel mission without any plan or end date? Ever simply said "fuck it" and run away? How did it go?

I have zero left to look forward to or really live for. I've accepted that I will never fit into corporate society. Not that I'm some kind of snowflake, I've just finally realised in my 30s that its not for me. My future probably involves loneliness and a menial job. But before that inevitability, I want one final adventure. At least something I can look back on and say was a true life experience. And I personally believe experiences have more value than success or things.
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I ran out of money after 2 months and went home xd
but I was only 18 and it was my first time out on my own.
Well I had worked for a year and a bit and managed to save 20k. I got a six month visa to India, and bought a one way ticket to Delhi. Once I was in Delhi I planned a route of things I wanted to do in my 6 months. One of the best things about it was I didn’t bring a phone either, I was not connected in anyway to life back home other than emails every few weeks. Anyway in 6 months I managed to cover a lot of territory. North, east, south, and west India. The mountains in Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthani Desert, all the way across to Kolkata via Varanasi, up to Darjeeling and into Nepal for 20 days. After the coolness of the mountains I head to the tropics all the way to the southernmost Kanykumari, hitting the beaches and lush Kerala up through Gia and ending in Mumbai. Loved it.

From India I went to Sri Lanka for a month, and really enjoyed how laid back it was and went surfing etc. It was a nice break from India. I would like to go back, I was living such a great lifestyle there.

From Sri Lanka I went to Thailand, which was cool. I like Bangkok a lot, I met up with a French girl Inhad met in Jaipur in India and we just went to a nice few Islands to chill. Koh Kood was the best one, really not a party island and I didn’t think it was possible to have such a relaxed place in Thailand given how popular it is. I lost a credit card in Bangkok so bad to extend my stay in Thailand longer than necessary, but it was fine.

I went to Myanmar after Thailand and traveled around for 1 month. It was more similar to India than Thailand. Also they dress similar to southern Indians. I met a nice Danish girl in Myanmar and we decide to go back to India together. It was good for a while but we split. I stayed in India only two months this time. While entering at Kolkata the customs man gave me a hard time saying my finger prints weren’t scanning and that it will be bad for me in the future so I hope this doesn’t mean I won’t get a visa again.
Part 2

After a second time in India I flew to Vietnam with a 3 month Visa and traveled around the country. I met a nice girl from Bulgaria and we traveled together. I really like Vietnam even though I was attacked by an Australian for no reason. Vietnam has the worst tourists by far. The brits and Australians rampage through the country. It’s shameful to see. Also the Russians in Nha Trang are strange and act in a similar fashion. I hear it is kind of package holiday destination for them. Anyway I would like to go back to Vietnam too.

I was gone from September 16 to September 17. Been back for a year and haven’t been laid and working at a shitty pizzeria. I’m really depressed and hate the cold weather. Need to get on the road again, I only have 10k savings though this time and I have the same feelings as OP
>At least something I can look back on and say was a true life experience
It doesn't work like that though. You won't be satisfied, and for the next ten years you'll sit at your office desk daydreaming about travel
On behalf of my compatriot soz bro, he was probably just immature like the rest of us bad Aussie tourists. Comes of being an adult who thinks like a teen.

Will be in Dublin next weekend (3 days)
What can you recommend?
Especially restaurant and nightlife wise.
Also, any non-obvious sightseeing landmarks you shouldn't miss?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
UK-lian here, I would say the people are the biggest draw. Unless you really, really like visiting a brewery and like playing golf.
Cork guy here, lived in Dublin for 3 years

If you want Guinness, the best pubs for it imo are Kehoes (South Anne St.), Toners (Lower Baggott St.) and Doheny & Nesbitts (Lower Baggott St.)

If you want a full Irish breakfast please don't go to Bewleys, check out Gerrys on Montague St. or the Kingfisher Grill (Parnell St I think)

I've heard the Guinness storehouse is genuinely good but I haven't bee in myself. I'd personally avoid Temple Bar but tourists can't seem to get enough of it.

For good food, head to Ranelagh, there's some great places there, and it will be 100% either local dubs or other Irish who live there.

If you're into sports, try and catch some rugby in the Aviva, or hurling/gaelic football in Croke Park

For clubs, Harcourt St is the city's meatmarket, just don't expect too much from the music

For gigs, Whelans is the spot.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Palace is good, I've never understood why it isn't flooded with tourists given where it is
Go to Galway instead.
Best place to meet qt Irish girls?

Hey anons! Let’s get a thread going of your best stories of your worst/best moments abroad!

Let’s hear about:
>the time anon fell in love
>the time something unexpected happened
>the time you got piss drunk/high and did something crazy
>the time you got fuckin lost
>the time you experienced foreign luxury or ghettos

Let’s make a fucking novel!
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Get kicked out of a hookers apartment in Paris due to a simple misunderstanding of price
>Traumatize younger sister due to arriving at hotel disgustingly drunk and crawling into one of the beds almost nude and mumbling random shit as she entered with my niece into the room
>Walking around Toronto at night, settling into a shitty sports bar and witnessing a bar fight on a Sunday
>Almost falling off a mountain in Bernal, Mexico and being saved by some rando local hiking the footpath
>Visiting a buddy in Utah and driving around the local uni campus in Salt Lake City to find crustpunks we could pester for substances (not many of them sadly)
I was careless in picking my current accomodation. I'm waiting for the normie backpackers to finish their breakfast so I can eat in peace.
When I was studying abroad in Spain, one of our planned group excursions got cancelled. The program director gave us our money back to do what we wished. I decided to go to Sevilla.

>Hot as shit at every hour of the day
>hear more English, German, and French than Spanish (I went on the trip to improve my Spanish)
>Every single store front is either a restaurant or souvenir shop
>Ate one meal and ended up being on the toilet shitting/throwing up for the entire day; shat myself like three times
Don't go to Paris. It's even worse there.
Went to Mexico for spring break in 8th grade with my Spanish class. Spent a few days in Mexico City, Taxco, and Acapulco.
One of the guys staying in my room was sick before going on the trip but his parents didn’t buy travel insurance so he went anyway. He threw up all over our room and kept us up all night with the smell and his back and forth trips to the bathroom. The rest of us opened the window and stuck our heads out but the smog wasn’t much better than the yack smell.
Next day he stays at the hotel and the rest of us go to a few churches and shit in the city. I’m starting to feel pretty gross and end up puking my guts up in outside of Santa Veracruz Church on the Sunday before Easter. Thank God it was outside though. I ended up taking a cab back to the hotel and missed the pyramids that afternoon. Fuckin sucked.
Taxco was cool though. It’s kinda crazy that they let a bunch of 13 year olds loose in that town.

File: image.jpg (2.35 MB, 3264x2448)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
pictures you took in your travels
142 replies and 107 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20171223_134703.jpg (1.3 MB, 3264x1836)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
File: 20161230_055737.jpg (4.48 MB, 5312x2988)
4.48 MB
4.48 MB JPG
File: 20171223_152954.jpg (1.45 MB, 3264x1836)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
File: 20171223_152913.jpg (858 KB, 3264x1836)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
File: 20171209_183541.jpg (1.66 MB, 3264x1836)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG

File: dissapointed.png (3 KB, 184x172)
3 KB
China General

This general is for the discussion of:

>Travelling in China
>Working in China
>Living in China

And all other Chinkshit.

Old thread is long gone.
68 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can visit the base camps pretty easily, there are sometimes helicopters to/from the summit. You'll need to do your own research.

The place is sometimes closed though, depending on how dangerous it is at the time and the weather and stuff. You'd want to check before you go and you can never be guaranteed that you can do what you want up there.
I want to work in China. Do you think that's feasible with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering? I'm still at the start of my major and quite undecided, so I'll take anecdotes for C.S. or engineering if you have any as well.
No, that's not feasible.
There's no reason why a Chinese company would employ you over a Chinese programmer and in fact they're not even really allowed to since you're not bringing a skill that local Chinese can't provide. The visa rules outline exactly which jobs are available to foreigners.

In theory, I suppose that companies like Ubisoft might hire you to oversee/run their Shanghai office but they wouldn't hire graduates for that, they'd use their own management/senior developers from another office and the Shanghai office has been around so long that I'm sure it's run by their own Shanghai staff now.
That's the only way that expats do management, financial or technical work in China though, on transfer from western offices of companies with offices in China. Everything else is either airline pilot or ESL teacher.

If you're very serious about this though, do some googling and find companies with branches in China and contact the HR of those companies and ask them how you'd end up on that career path. See what they say.
I see, thanks anon. That sounds very similar to Japan.
>similar to Japan
FWIW and it could well be 20 year old memes, people do say that foreign programmers are in demand in Japan. I don't get it personally.

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