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File: vagueroute.png (637 KB, 1100x765)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
I have never traveled before, and I am planning to do it in the winter with a friend. We are American.
Our idea is to fly to Athens, Greece & rent a car. Then, we'll drive to a ferry in the northwest and get us & the car ferried to Italy. From there, we'll drive North to visit a little of France & Switzerland if we're able. Then, we'll head back to Athens to go home. Potentially, we'll WWOOF in Greece for a little while.
Does this sound plausible? Is it perfectly fine for us to rent a car and then ferry it to Italy? If it is cheaper, we'd rent the car in Italy of course. I am going to purchase my passport expedited this week. Is there anything else I should know or be aware of? Are there flaws in our plans? Also, we just need an International Driver's Permit to be allowed to drive the car?
Despite all the research we've done I'm not totally certain about everything. Thanks a ton. Any help is appreciated.
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Hey Op, so why don't you take the shorter ferryboat trip from Brindisi/Bari to Igoumenitsa on your way from Italy to Athens and on your way back you take the longer ferryboat trip from Patras to Venice? This way you can relax on the way back. Because all that driving in Southern Yurop will be exhausting after a while.
Unfortunately, we can't do this trip in the spring, only in winter. Thank you though, I appreciate the help. We'll definitely try to visit the market hall, what can you tell me about it?
I'm really glad (and a little relieved) you like our plan so far. Thanks a ton for all of the suggestions for things to do and see before Ancona. I think you convinced me to stick with Bari/Brendisi.
>ask here if you need any advice
I'd honestly appreciate any advice you're willing to give
>The driving won't be stressful if you can avoid to go in the touristic season
This is good to know. Can any others confirm?
>Where are you planning to sleep?
Well, we haven't quite figured that part out yet. We've been considering AirBnB and couchsurfing as we move along, really anything cheap. I suppose we could also sleep in our car? If you have any other ideas or recommendations, I'm definitely open to them. Thanks again for such a helpful reply.
This may be a good idea, although our starting point is Greece, so we'd be taking Venice to Patras (not the other way around) if we wanted to relax all the way back. Also, to do that, we'd need to return our rental car in a different city we'd get it from. Is that possible? Thanks anon
File: emilia.jpg (501 KB, 1200x800)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Well from Ancona onwards the coast begins to be less beautiful and more touristic (lots of Germans and Pols, especially in the provinces of Rimini and Ravenna). Hence I would suggest to visit the beautiful cities of Urbino and San Marino. A hidden gem on the sea, however, is the combo Casteldimezzo - Fiorenzuola di Focara, two tiny villages on the headland after Pesaro. There is a huge beach below and a seafood restaurant with a view on the sea.

Judging from your map, you would then continue down the famous Via Emilia, the road that diagonally crosses the region Emilia-Romagna, from Rimini to Piacenza and beyond. Every city centre here is beautiful and rich in history. If you had to choose only a handful of them, I'd pick Cesena, Bologna, Modena and Parma. But really, you can fall in love even with the small towns (Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna, Castrocaro Terme, Brisighella, Dozza, Vignola, Castelvetro, Carpi, Gualtieri, Fontanellato, Castell'Arquato, Vigoleno). This region is also celebrated for its food: tortellini, lasagne alla bolognese, mortadella, prosciutto di Modena, parmigiano reggiano, piadina, crescentine, sangiovese wine, lambrusco wine, amaro montenegro: they're all produced in Emilia-Romagna. Seriously anon, I can't recommend you this region enough: passing through it without stopping at least for a lunch would be a capital crime.

Both AirBnB and couchsurfing are fine in Italy, I'm sure you can find something if you search in advance. Check the B&Bs as well, they're most common in towns and villages. In the countryside you can find "agriturismi", a special kind of accomodation in rural villas or agricultual holdings. They're usually expensive due to the beautiful scenery and the great food they serve, but it's not infrequent to find precious opportunities. The last time I slept in an agriturismo I was in the north of Tuscany and I spent 20 euros: I had a whole apartment for me + the swimming pool with a panoramic view on the hills.

File: naoshima.jpg (391 KB, 2160x1010)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Art Islands Edition

Post about
>Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drinking activities
>Getting drunk with salarymen
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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But that leaves less time for activities
It is an activity.
I'm going to Japan this december. I wanted your guys' opinion on my route.

dec 6th, arrive in japan.
-5 days in tokyo
-6 days in Osaka, with day trips to Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Kobe.
-6 more days in tokyo, with a trip to a ryokan and sendai.

I'm also considering either lengthening my trip, either by extending it to the 28th or leaving the 2nd. My only problem is that I was planning on coming back to the states on the 24th, so I could have christmas with my family... But, my family has family-christmas, and it's only my mother who wants me back during christmas proper.
I could leave 4 days earlier, but then I would miss my final and lose 10% of my grade..
So, I would like to extend my trip, but I can't decide which one is worse, 10% of my final grade, or my mom being pissed at me.

Also is Christmas fun in tokyo, and do you think 17 days (more like 15 due to arriving late and leaving early) good?
Canon 5D Mark III, it was taken in Osaka, I don't remember where exactly but it was very cozy
How useful is the conversation tool in the google translate app between English and Japanese?

Is it good enough to turn the automatic tool on and having both talk and understand each other?


Im moving to phnom penh in a few months with my girlfriend any tips?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
SHV is Chinese these days, but you can still go on a binge. Other than that it's Phnom Penh. But don't die. A lot of people with those hobbies die down there.
Are you prepared for the humid weather? It can be very tiring.
Apart from that PP is enjoyable, you can still find most western shops and yet very local stuff. Once you find a friendly cab driver, stick to him and ask him stuff.
>A lot of people with those hobbies die down there

Im a 30yo white male not a 55yo divorced boomer sexpat. Didnt die in thailand and philippines. Whats the problem with Phnom Penh?
ust saying, if you are into drugs and loose women and you are a little bit overweight. Add 5 beers a day, heat, no exercise, and food cooked with no concern for the quality of the ingredients, chances are higher that you will just die. At least in comparison to a regular punter that stays at home. Just stay in the Pig Penh a while and your expat pals will start telling you about anecdotes about strange smells in the stairway. Wait a day or two and the old neighbour will literally start melting and pour through the cracks in the floor. Just check cambodiaexpatsonline or khmer440 for the stories. But yes, since you are 30 the chances are reduced ofc.
Ah, you mean that. I thought that killing sexpats was a thing in cambodia or something now.
Yes, that happens a lot in every SEA country. Fat, ugly and old sexpats dying in their bathtubs by a heart attack after spending a few days drinking as hell and fucking girls 30yo younger than them. Its obvious that a lot of than just explode. Poor bastards.

File deleted.
How long do you think you could travel for?

Probably about 1 year before the loneliness got too much for me
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Indefinate. I've learned to find peace in loneliness, but I've yet to balance it with the other stressers of daily life.
>I learned that leaving your comfort zone cures autism (not real autism, obviously)
I'm glad it worked for you, for me it didn't. I did a one month long round trip in Europe and only stayed in hostels since I heard so much about the hostel meme here. It was a complete desaster. I was more broken after the trip than before.
Im currently doing a solo trip in SA right now. Godamn this shit gets lonely. Idk why but i always imagine myself being way more outgoing when im booking the solo trip.
But then again, ive been staying in the same spot the past week and im too familiar with this area. Also the language barriers can become very isolating. So many qt brazilians but they all speak portugese... also translator apps are a hassle to use
As a solo traveler? Around a month.
I miss my mancave/flat after that. Sometimes a few days at home doing nothing is even better than a trip.
But then again, I love travelling. If I feel lonely I just go to random bars/clubs and get drunk. Sometimes that ends with a funny story.

Genuinely curious, what happened? Like what's your background and how did it break you

I think it's true for a lot of travellers (dare I say real -ish travellers) are all kind of on that same escapism journey.

I've met some really cool people travelling who definitely have good sounds aren't just vagrant hippies and when you get to know them over some drinks and a couple of days hanging out, you can feel some kind of angst or escapism behind their reasons for travelling. It's kind of sad desu to realise how many people are in the same boat. My self included but I always try and front a bit so I don't seem like I'm in that boat on the surface when really I am.

Heading to both in October. Any good unique shit to do or are these places plebtier and boring
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Quebecois whores who work in the service industry will be rude to you if you don't speak fluent French.
If you are interested in their culture and speak French with them they are enthralled with you, most young ones will then switch to English if they can if you need too after you've extended some courtesy

Can you blame them for being protective of their language/culture? God knows most places are in trouble with lack of integration, and people who've had their language restricted will always be defensive thereafter

Montreal is like a smaller version of New York City.

I have no idea what you like so I dont know if you would find it boring or not.

To me, the parts of Quebec worth being in are north of the St.Lawrence Rvier.

Between Montral and Quebec City there is a two lane highway that roughly translates as "The King's Highway".

Quite sceneic with some neat small villages along the way.

South of the St.Lawrence, touristy things can be hard to come by. It is much more commercialised. Like it seems the population boomed there only after WW2.

Not really.

My interactions for the most part were fine.

I know a good amount of French, but not fluently.

And I emulate my French to be like that from southern France so I have had some mixed results.

Quebec seems to have many more dialects itself of French than I realised.

Certain regions understood me well while others didn't.

Most were familiar with the "ouai" form of "oui" while a few weren't.
sucks to be you dude you're just missing out on pop montreal prime plateau/mile-end hipster faggotry

while not unique I highly recommend spending the whole day at mont royal mostly off of the trails its also hella comfy at night one of the few places in the city that is truly dark
its also possible to walk to saint joseph's oratory its like a 20min walk from beaver lake

also rec checking out habitat 67/old port

Favourite app to access maps offline?
Maps.me? Google maps? Any other?
Which app has best GPS service if you don't have mobile data?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I download the maps.me map before going to a country with shitty internet. And then download the Google Maps offline map for big metro areas I'll be spending a bunch of time in, to get details on where nearby stuff is.
I use maps.me. A couple of years ago, google just didn't map the labyrinths of narrow streets you find in souks, or any road other than the major road in small villages in third world countries. They have gotten better since, but I still use maps.me, in part out of habit, in part because I find it pleasant to use.

>And then download the Google Maps offline map for big metro areas I'll be spending a bunch of time in, to get details on where nearby stuff is.
Might start doing this. Makes perfect sese.
Laughing at this normie so hard right now. Your biggest travel experience was going to Disneyland? Don't you know how limited google maps are? Don't you know that you need a constant internet connection to actually look shit up or build routes? Offline maps like OsmAnd have that in offline mode, and more! It's perfectly okay to use gmaps for your city - I drive using waze/gmaps almost every day, yet when traveling gmaps just is very inferior to other options.
I recommend Osmand
"Here we go" is good for city navigation since it has like 3d models of important buildings

File: 1528042933681.jpg (1.55 MB, 2048x3645)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
how do people travel alone do it?

>find friends
>find romantic interests
>get invited to random parties
>have interesting stories of their time traveling

when i travel, i never meet new people. so the only thing i can really do is see the sights (landmarks, museums, etc.) and eat at restaurants

how do i be that guy who meets people, goes on adventures, "experiences the culture"?

>tfw no social skills, manlet, not attractive and a khv
230 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Not like i would have come empty handed.
why didn't you just pay the people to stay then
I thought that's not what the CS experience was about?
>loud music
Chad knows that this is an excuse to lean in close and make her feel your presence

>i hate having to ask someone to repeat themselves
If you're successfully picking girls up at bars, it'd only be meaningless shit anyway.

>their group might be protective
People let you know if they want you to fuck off. It's embarrassing at times, but it's only fucking words. This is why autists are advised to practice in places far away from their homes; if they get dissed like a real idiot they can simply never return to that bar.

>there are usually Chad's in the bars, I'm sure the girls would rather talk to them
If you can't Chad it up yourself (and you should be lifting) then find a new bar. It's generally true that if you're on the dance floor as an awkward non-Chad the girls want Chad, not you, to come over to them. And they can be pretty cruel about that. But then remember it's logical girls are like that; there are creepers out there.

Really however, your biggest obvious problem - and one that any normie would spot in a second - is that you're "overthinking it".
Although, to be fair, if you are in a bar full of Chads without enough girls to go around if you still approach a girl she may be impressed that you are attempting to compete with the Chads. You usually get a chance with girls. But they can decide "ew, no" pretty quickly at times.
All the people in Artsakh just looked at us weird and we're actually Armenian, but we did only spend a day there.

Autumn forests and landscapes are my fetish and one of my dreams is to go to travel the British isles during autumn.

Anyone have any tips to where to go? The best national parks, best sceneries, comfiest towns or hitchhiking trails? In addition to the forests I would like to see the highlands, some castles or historical areas and nice sceneries in general.

Other Europe forest recommendations is also good. I've heard middle-Europe forests are cool. I'm from the North so I've seen places around here.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Basically anywhere in central canada. Northern saskatchewan gets pretty picturesque come fall, mid or late september to early October generally. But it's so fickle you kinda need to follow the weather to know what each year will be like.

We've gotten snow before the leaves start to fall some years
northeast US
File: catskill mountains.jpg (330 KB, 1024x768)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
This. England doesn't get the beautiful autumnal colors the northeast does. If you want great views, pick any rural area in the northeast. Personally I'm partial to the catskills.
File: upstate ny.jpg (1.58 MB, 1600x1200)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG

File: roma-coloseum-13859340.jpg (111 KB, 800x554)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
So I am 18 years old, and in 2 days I am travelling alone to Italy. This is my first time travelling anywhere, especially alone and my first time flying. I am good at English but that's about it. I will carry my debit card, a bit of local cash, some clothes and my phone. I will be there for 7 days and travel using train to multiple cities that I want to visit. Is there anything I should know or am I forgetting about something really important that will ruin my trip?
67 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>in reality it becomes slightly annoying to go around if you decide to stop everytime the street vendors try to engage you, instead of saying a resolute "No" and walk away.
This. The immigrants are a problem only if you are a fucking insecure autistic faggot, in which case you should not travel at all.

>what is the best option for nature stuff somewhere inland between Florence and Naples?

>Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo
>Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso
>Grotta del Cavallone
>Grotte di Beatrice Cenci
>Lago di Campotosto
>Monte Velino

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If you are in the area, because the car costs more as well. Not by much, granted, but still less.

Going down scams are more likely than if you go up, but since you stop at the Naples line, nothing incredibly complex.

>Any particulate companies to avoid?
Personally I always found Hertz was hapzard in how they pick their employees (either pretty slow in the intake or failed scam artists), but, then again, my only other experiences are with SicilyByCar (which operates mostly in Sicily, with only a few centres on the mainland) and Europcar (which did give me a car, but never drove it due to bad luck with family).

As for the documents, any kind of state-issued ID will suffice, but they usually don't keep it unless for specific circumnstances you're unlikely to run into.

>Are there any alternatives to conventional hotels?
There are Youth Hostels (not very common in the really smallones like Lucca, but worth a shot) or licensed Bed and Breakfasts (very, very common, especially in rural areas, in form of "agriturismi").

>That said what is the best option for nature stuff somewhere inland between Florence and Naples?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
t. reddit
calm down muhammed
He's right, you butthurt shitposters.

File: IMG_5642.jpg (158 KB, 640x487)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
So, /trv/;
I apparently have a free ticket for Interrail. Should I cash it in on summer where everywhere's crowded and hot or in winter when everywhere's raining if not snowing? I'm considering to get a four-wheels luggage with me instead of a backpack - how much of the time do you think I'll be carrying it due to shitty roads?

File: YachtforAnts.jpg (21 KB, 300x240)
21 KB
Anyone here live on a yacht and travel full time?
I know basically nothing about it, so school me on how good/bad this lifestyle is.

been kicking around the idea of fucking off my current wageslave lifestyle, downsizing everything and retrofitting an older vessel for me to live on full time

>no prior sailing experience
>little cash (but can earn it if given enough time)

how fucked am i?

What do the people of /trv/ think of traveling to Pakistan?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Look at the catalog next time -
Living in a country is a totally different matter than travelling there.
Its less warm, less densly crowded and more mountaineous
This. Every time I cross over to India from a neighbouring country, the first thought that comes into my mind is "here comes the hassle again".
Doesn't look too bad

desu not exactly a travel stuff, but more like migration stuff. I am wondering how the things are going in Switzerland (zurich, more specifically) for those who are not familiar with both german and french. Stuff like usual daily routines: interacting with other people, authorities, shopping, not museums and airports.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not from UK, but the fact that you assumed that I might be is a huge compliment for my language level

>You think you can spend your entire life not learning German you putrid cunt?
1) no need for rough language
2) hell, no, but that's definitely not a thing, I'm going to do in a first 3-6 months or so
That is fucking racist.

Last I heard there was a man by the name of yung lean in the club for some mophine
why do you need to move to switzerland exactly
It's not like I need to move exactly there. But I'd like to live in as many developed countries as possible (not 5-day-long vacations) and see the world thoroughly by myself. There are not so many employers with offices in Switzerland and I'm in a middle of the process with one of them, that's why I'm bothering

Heading to Iceland solo on the 17th (and possibly the Faroes). Good times and plenty of /out/ guaranteed. Any anon(s) care to join?
46 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I haven't been to Akureyri yet but I'll be going in a few days, will report back. Also for what's its worth I haven't encountered much of what >>1448948 describes outside of Reykjavík and the meme tourist attractions nearby. I've seen a few other tourists but they've mostly been continental euro's. A Danish couple staying in same house with me made me breakfast yesterday, it was chill.
File: 52675764.jpg (13 KB, 243x243)
13 KB
>Every time I go out to take photos of one thing, I always end up taking photos of another. I love the random beautiful things that happen to you in life.
> -- some instagram guy
Photographers are often dumb artist LARPers but sometimes they get it desu
Golden Circle is infested with tourists, avoid at all costs.
I went a round trip around Iceland 2 years ago with my gf, we just rented a car and drove around the island in 7 days. Best oart of the country is the north and east. We fell in love with a little town called Seyðisfjörður, definitely a nice place to stay and relax for a day. Grimsey was cool, we've seen some whales and dolphins on the way there.
If you rent a car, you'll have to choices. Either you rent a standard one (we had a Focus) or a 4x4. Only with a 4x4 you'll be able to go off the main road, with any other cars we'll just get stuck, trust me (happened to us thanks to my gf exceptional orientation skills).

Another thing: blue Lagoon is okay, but pricey and very touristic. There's another hot spring in the north eastern part of the country, and much less touristic.
As the other say, follow carefully the showering process (ie. Get naked and get scrubbin'). I've seen some shy Americans and Germans get flak because they didn't strip in front of other men like everyone else.
File: blueberries.png (2.74 MB, 1152x864)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB PNG
Good time to catch the autumn colors and get some berries
If I have a week to spend in Iceland, is it worth driving around the ring road in late September? I drive long haul for a living so the actual driving won't be an issue, I'm only concerned about whether it's worth the effort. I would just stay in Reyk area but if I have a chance to see a lot more while I'm there by taking ring road I'd rather do that, plus knocking out accommodations and a rental car by getting a camper van sounds nice. Will I get wrecked by snow in late September?

Going to Amsterdam for 4 days with my brother. Apart from the red lighting and smoking. What else is there to do?
31 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

watching a boat go by*
whats the name of the record shop anon?
I think he's talking about Rush Hour

That's the one
>Gets excited over banksy
fucking normie scum

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