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File: image.jpg (119 KB, 959x666)
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I'm moving to Jersey City (pic related) in a short while. The only real cities I've lived in are on the West Coast, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm in for. Does anyone have tips for living in the NYC area, e.g. etiquette, indications that a restaurant is good or bad/a tourist trap, where to shop, ins and outs of daily life, safety, etc?
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What misinformation did I post? Obviously you
think you are the expert here and the only one who can voice an opinion. You're just an opinionated asshole, that's all.
NJfag who just moved to Brooklyn here.
Basically don't get in people's way. Step to the side when you check your phone, stand to the side of the subway door.
>food shopping
Seconding Trader Joe's
>good/bad restaurants
Meet people from the culture you're trying to eat from. I guarantee they'll know the local spots. If the owner doesn't have an accent, that's a problem.
In Manhattan I'd feel comfortable walking anyway south of Columbia during the day. I imagine Brooklyn as having a ring of bad neighborhoods from Bushwick and Bed-Stuy in the north to Crown Heights and Flatbush in the south. JC from what I've heard is nice near the water, bad far from the water.
Unless you get into a fight with a drunk hipster, than no
There are still seedier parts where I wouldn't be out a night (mostly closer to the BMT stations at Wilson and Bushwick/Aberdeen), but it's getting much better fast.
Bushwick is rapidly gentrifying (it's Williamsburg lite now), and Flatbush has nice parts. Bed Stuy is block by block but even in the bad parts you're not gonna get shot just for walking around.

I was at the Wilson stop the other night, it didn't seem bad. It was a mix of working class immigrant families, hipster, and some hood

File: nyc.jpg (355 KB, 1024x502)
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355 KB JPG
I'm going to New York in November and I have a few questions

I'm a 24 year old male traveling solo for about a week, and my airbnb is on Weirfield St, near Wilson Ave, in the Brooklyn section.

Is this a good neighborhood? Is there anything in the area to do?

For the city in general, I would like to go to some cool parks, go to good places for people watching, eat lots of good food, and experience some good nightlife pretty much every night I'm there.
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The village is a fun place to be a basic bitch pleb, I do it sometimes. 42nd street is not. Fuck 42nd street
If you don't want to head all the way out to Harlem I had a good time at Smalls Jazz, but that's more of a basement showroom than a bar. Great aesthetic though
PC Richards would be a good place to get electronics if you can't go to B&H. Michael's is probably your best bet for art supplies.
>fun parts of brooklyn and manhattan
Theres your problem
42nd is only cool if youre a restaurant worker that knows other restaurant workers in the area and can get wine, beer and cocktails for next to nothing
both Greenwich Village and East Village are cool but I would avoid Midtown for the most part

Going to London in January.
Where can i buy cheap-ish clothes? Pokemon cards? Other nerdy stuff? Food? What is there to do?
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It's true. Fun fact. Pret is the Polish word for "excrement"
If you need a cheap, ok lunch, Pret is fine.

If you need a cheap "just food" lunch, the Tesco's meal deal is the cheapest option. Sarnie, Snack and Soda. £3.
File: london_walk.webm (2.76 MB, 854x480)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB WEBM
Do yourself a favour and visit the rest of the country, it's actually quite nice. London is awful.
learn Shariah Law, that's about it.

File: diesel-in-countryside.jpg (133 KB, 640x426)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Me and a couple of friends are going to japan and we are conflicted about going to the countryside or going to the concrete hell of tokyo. We were thinking of solving this by living on the outskirts of tokyo and going by train wherever we´d desire. But looking at the prices that wont work as it is shit expensive. But why? is there some historical background to this? Like the travel ban after senguko jidai? What do you all know?
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>Why is it expensive?
Same reason why it is expensive in the U.S. Extremely old, out of date system that requires too much money to upgrade so they just fix it up enough to keep it going. They do have high speed trains of course, because there was the demand for it due to population density. You have to also consider the terrain of Japan, its very mountainous with a shit ton of islands.
> Not even 18 yet
What's the point in going to a place if you can't get trashed.
Half the fun is going to a bar and getting trashed with the locals. Although first you'll have to find a bar that will let you in
File: Weaboo in Japan.jpg (100 KB, 494x768)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Pathetic but true
>Extremely old, out of date system that requires too much money to upgrade so they just fix it up enough to keep it going.

Did we go to the same country? Unless you are talking about the northern regions where stuff is far less developed, the train system is still light years better than US comparable trains. The bus system is actually really good too since the highways are largely free of jams.
>the concrete hell of tokyo
I don't think you're qualified to appreciate Nippon. stay at home before you embarrass your race abroad.

File: Taiwan_Fotolia.jpg (6.65 MB, 5616x1872)
6.65 MB
6.65 MB JPG
Thought I'd open a Taiwan thread. I happen to be going there soon, and there's a lot I want to talk about, so I figure it's better to create a separate thread rather than scatter my posts throughout other threads.

People who have already been, or are currently in Taiwan, please share your experiences. Anyone else planning on/thinking of going, ask or lurk.
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>3D tree
Huh. I hadn't noticed before. What's up with those trees?
>"Don't trust taxi drivers that offer you a flat rate, they're ripping you off. Only take metered taxis."

Can someone shed some light here:
>wanted to go to Jiufen
>about 90 minutes by bus, and costs $115 TWD
>saw two taxi drivers loitering around the bus stop, shilling their services
>they claimed to be able to take you there in less than 40 minutes for $200 TWD
>so that's 50 minutes less, for $85 TWD more (a difference of about $2.81 USD)
So, what exactly was going on? It seemed a little too good to be true. Was this legit, or was this actually a scam?
it might be legit, but the driver probably would wait for 3 passengers to go

t. local anon
>40 minutes for $200 TWD
This seems totally ridiculous, you'd expect it to cost $1000-2000. Maybe it's like the other anon says and they would wait for 3 people, but it still seems awfully cheap, if it was a slow day then maybe they would though. I definitely wouldn't say flat rates are always a scam, sometimes they're better, but if it's too good to be true then it might be. I have however seen a few unscrupulous cab drivers in unmarked cars in Taiwan though, who will often drive you and then ask for more or kick you out. They are rare (nowhere near as common as somewhere like India) but at that price it is possible that someone was scamming you.

File: IMG_5903.jpg (45 KB, 470x313)
45 KB
I'm heading to China to complete an intensive short term study in Shanghai in January. If I have classes M-Th will I have enough time to see Shanghai over the 4 weeks?
I've then got an extra 3 weeks for travelling. Anywhere you'd recommend? So far I'm thinking Beijing, Xi'an and Harbin. I'd like to see rural China too, any recommendations of where to go?

China general also
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Last week express was baned in China. Now I'm using NordVPN - so far all good.
I have a 12.5 hour layover in Shanghai. Arriving at 6 in the morning.

Is it feasible to go out there and explore the city?
It should be doable, if I remember correctly you can get to the city centre in 40-60 minutes or so. So you still have ~10 hours to visit the city. You may want to join the free waking tour or just wander by yourself, it sounds more fun than just sitting at the airport.
Moving to Chengdu in two days, found out my school I will teach at is on the other side of the city to the district I want to live In, anyone know what the in city public transport is like?
yeah. subway will be running. give yourself 90mins to get to the bund, it's a fucking huge city.
also bear in mind queues at chinese airports can get bad.

recommend getting a traditional shanghai breakfast, walking the bund, checking out the french concession.

So even though I know it would be really stupid for me to travel to Iran as an American, I still want to do it. I think just avoiding Tehran, the main capital, and just living in other big cities should be enough for me to be fine.

I know Farsi a decent amount, but it's obvious I have an accent. Am I retarded or should I go for it?
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Iran is a serious problem right now for us euros since if we go there we get a travel ban to the US.
>if we go there we get a travel ban to the US
Not true, you just cannot enter through the visa waiver system, you have to apply for a tourist visa.

It's a de facto travel ban. You have to make your way to the US embassy, have an interview, and then they will reject you for having been to Iran.
>Can't travel to the US
Oh no, the horror :^)

Also this, there's a difference between the iranian government and the Iranian people, like in any country. Sure, you might find some people who are dicks, but the majority of people should be friendly, especially if you know the language a decent amount too
Stupid question but I have both EU and US citizenship. Can I enter the country with my EU passport and not need a tour guide?

File: oman.png (28 KB, 1200x600)
28 KB
Anyone been to Oman? What's it like?

Also, Oman general.
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Went for 2 weeks last year. Drove around the north, really just exploring the gorgeous countryside. Found Muscat to be a little underwhelming, but hey. Lovely people, too.
OP here, whats the day to day costs like? I heard its stupid expensive.

Also, what's the food like?

It's a country on the Gulf Coast, so it will be a little more expensive than usual but nothing outrageous unless you order booze. Remember, it's a predominantly Islamic country, so they'll charge all sorts of tariffs and tax on booze. I paid $8 for a Budweiser, and that was one of the cheaper selections.

The food is pretty standard Middle Eastern fare: schwarma, lamb, etc. Pork is impossible to find (go figure).
go back to /pol/
Go back reddit

I'm not defending but you're just annoying as fuck

File: noice.jpg (38 KB, 600x515)
38 KB
I need some advice on what to do in this country.

Everything seems tailored towards the spastic backpacker with daddy's credit card. I'm not the type who goes on touristy expeditions and such, so when I reached Aussieland I got myself a job and a room. Now I'm just shitposting.

So what would I be able to do that would be interesting and hopefully earn me some cash? Any good places to go for work?
Are you looking for job suggestions or travel suggestions? If you want to get away from the typical backpacker type just go anywhere away from the east coast and Melbourne. Tassie or west coast is great for real Australia.
It's interesting. I'd argue my experience of Australia is being dampened by the sheer amount of cliques in hostels who are working instead of actually travelling
Go to the NT and hole up with some abos in a tin shack. Find a random smalltown full of bogan wastoids who lost half their neurons to party chews and the other half to pub fight concussions. Drive an obnoxiously loud Nissan wagon from 1992 in circles. Find the cheapest tickets out of there for SEA or NZ.
If you're not there for the global cities, the best you can do is poverty tourism. All the locals hate their lives unless they lack the mental capability to do even that. Australia goes from uninteresting to depressing when you discount the big metropoleis.

Hey /trv/ I'm planning on a trip through a few towns in Turkey in July next year.
I'm going to go to Bodrum with a ferry from Greece and then to Datça for a few days to visit a friend there.

I'm trying to decide if I should go straight from Datça to Istanbul(via plane) or to go to İzmir first for a few days then Istanbul(many friends I want to visit) and back to Netherlands.

Any other places I should defnitely visit on the west coast of Turkey? Or places to avoid.
I know there's a lot of scammers but generally what else should I avoid?
you should definitly visit Izmir.You've choosen a great destination. Have fun!
If you are into such things, Izmir has brilliant ancient cities and crap like that. Check around ephesos , maybe izmir article on wikivoyage could help you as well.

Maybe Pamukkale is also worth seeing, but then you need to fuck with busses. -which are very convenient and comfy in tr-

alaçatı is nice. city center of izmir is not that interesting.

there are so many nice place, beach or village in west turkey but it depends what you like. for instance, bodrum is nice but too touristic for me. bodrum was nice like 20 years ago imo. you can research about kaş, olimpos or kelebekler vadisi if you like hippie shit.

you can use uber in bodrum and istanbul for taxi scams. other than that, be smart, don't listen anyone who approachs you in the streets, you'll be alright.

t. turk

File: rickmortyaids.jpg (89 KB, 800x682)
89 KB
Heading to Costa Rica in next weekend. I have no plans or place to stay as of yet other than flying into San Jose Airport and will fly out a week later.

Hurricane Nate did a number on the country and washed out several roads. Travel may be difficult but plan on spending enough cash to have a good time.

I'm interested in potentially gambling at a cock fight, if anybody knows how I get into one of those events.

Advice needed on places to stay and things to see...
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>Advice needed on places to stay and things to see...

Stay in your hotel that has no power and watch anime
Fuck dozens of cheap hookers.
hear that Santa theresa is nice...

Anybody got any thoughts?
Where are you right now? Post a pic.

File: maptouse.png (44 KB, 1136x580)
44 KB
Post 'em
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File: 1505928958144.png (162 KB, 1574x863)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
File: states map.png (253 KB, 1564x856)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
LA's not even the best city in California, let alone the USA
File: 1505928958144.png (165 KB, 1574x863)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Live in the UK now.
My condolences. Richfield here.

File: 587447851279194.jpg (86 KB, 640x640)
86 KB
How to travel and get paid?
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Not gonna happen

Enjoy your yearly 2 weeks vacation though
Uhh, isn't it impossible to collect welfare if you travel abroad?
Work shitty contract jobs that pay out the ass but work you to the bone for 6 months
By creating content others will buy.

So if you're good at taking photos, sell them as stock photos or as photo books or some other way. If you're good at creating videos sell your services to local companies or just get enough followers to make money from advertising in your videos. Writing is another way but there's a lot of shitty writers out there, you'd have to be really good to make money. Stock trading. Any of a number of online jobs like translation or website design.

File: 1481304950938.png (51 KB, 127x188)
51 KB
Here's a thread for the times you've done stupid shit in your travels. It can be anything as long as it makes for a story.

>driving u-haul across America (a u-haul is a moving truck that you rent and drive yourself, for those who don't know)
>stop in Omaha, Nebraska after having driven a good while, very tired
>find a generic hotel
>pull into parking garage, don't make clearance, panic because there is a car behind me
>try to get turned around in parking garage, hit a pipe with roof of truck
>get out of truck, water spewing everywhere
>I mean EVERYWHERE. I hit a fucking water main with my u-haul
>legion of hotel staff rushing around, some of them laughing and taking pictures
>apologize profusely to manager, he's the nicest guy on the planet and says it's no problem, offers me a drink in the lobby on the house while he sorts it out
>sip my coffee for a while, contemplating why everybody is so nice here
>some time passes, suddenly wonder what's up with the situation in the garage

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Booked a greyhound bus hopper ticket from Melbourne to cairns through the official website
Did the same thing I did the previous summer. Should have done something new and different.

that's why hotels have front desks and cleaning people, anon.
I hopped on a shared taxi there and back for only 100 twd. Those taxi drivers got me there in 20 minutes
Next time, ask them to keep the bottle. Most bars I frequent in Korea keeps your bottle and let you return to finish it. Especially smaller bars that wants to make regulars do this.

>ask fisherman what their fishing for, told to fuck off

Literally the most New York experience you can have.

Im heading to Bogota Colombia in December and I wanted to hear from the natives. Is it relatively safe? Ill be staying in Zona T. Also, how is the nightlife there? I was debating on switching my tickets to Medellin, Colombia but heard its full of tourists.
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Bump for this
>zona t
Be prepared for Guaro, Perico, Popper, Tussi, Sex

colombianon here, a quick guide for our cities, if you search for
santa marta/ lago calima/ quindio/ small towns in boyaca
santa marta/ san andres
bogota/ cartagena
cali/ pereira/ medellin
>wildlife/ indigenous people/ non urban shit in general
parque tayrona (tons of tourists, I don't rec it desu, it's nice but too "family friendly" maybe, idk how to say it)/ leticia

I've been in all this places and desu my favourite trip was Los Llanos, amazing view, tons of wildlife, and it kinda felt dangerous cause I camped with soldiers; I wouldn't rec that trip to foreigners but still.
I just spent 3.5 weeks in Zona Rosa -- was there for work, stayed in an airbnb.

There are piles of girls there but speaking spanish helps as very few speak english. If you want to do some pre-work use colombian cupid or tinder.

One suggestion though, if you have money just get hookers -- super hot, cheap ones to be found everywhere. The normal girls just want your gringo money anyways, its the same result.

About Bogota, its a nice place but cold and wet. Nightlife is great (especially in Zona T/Rosa) but be careful after dark.

- Don't walk home from the bar alone.
- Don't leave your drink un-attended, ever.
- If you get approached by a girl in the bar that wants to take you home that is too hot for you, she probably is. You take her home and you will wake up with everything gone.
- Don't use taxis, only use Uber. (remember Uber is illegal so always sit up front, I had to pay off the policia last week)
- Never carry alot of cash or all your credit cards
- Never carry your passport, just a photocopy
- Leave your expensive watches and jewellery at home gringo

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Good for paid sex... even you can rape and murder the girls

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