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File: travel map empty.png (31 KB, 1425x625)
31 KB
Map thread
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File: int_travel_map_filled.png (120 KB, 3016x1876)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Hello, fellow oldfag. I'm also trying to stay on track of two countries per year of age. So far I'm also on track.
this guy usually travel across colombia in motorbike, maybe it can be useful for you

Dresden is the worst fucking city on the planet
File: hmmmm.png (43 KB, 1425x625)
43 KB

File: steve-vaught.jpg (16 KB, 148x239)
16 KB
I started my backpacking trip obese and out of shape, huffing and puffing just by walking up a stairwell, and ended being able to comfortabley hike 15 miles in two days with a 40 pound pack. Its been a few months since then and I'm back to being out of shape (and I'm still obese, although I dropped alot of weight), but I'm planning to go back out next summer. Should I be following some sort of training regiment so i'm already comfortable with my pack weight? Do any of you do this?
The opposite happens to me: when traveling I stop exercising and switch to an all-beer diet, so get out of shape.

File: e3.jpg (201 KB, 1200x848)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
I'm planning to do a trip to L.A for the next E3.
It's my first time going to the united states and my first time getting out of my country.
My plan is to go a few days before the event and stay a few days after it ends, maybe like 10 days.
I'll pack 3K dollars and a few things for those 10 days (travel and hotel are not included in the 3K budget, it's all for my personal use)

It's the money enough to stay that much time (10 days)?
What things (aside from the main event, the E3) are there in L.A to do?
Any tips?
I'm from Argentina.
>It's the money enough to stay that much time (10 days)?
Should be more than enough. Dont keep it all in the same place.
>What things (aside from the main event, the E3) are there in L.A to do?
Disneyland, Universal Studios, Observatory, Santa Monica pier, etc
>Any tips?
Know how to use the metro train and buses.
>I'm from Argentina.
Are your papers in order and do you require a visa to enter the US?
Check out a show at the Comedy Store in Hollywood if stand-up comedy interests you at all. The original room has a ton of people doing 15 minute sets and sometimes some serious pros pop in.
dont go to hollywood. its a tourist trap. place is really just a dirty shithole full of crackheads and attentionwhores. theres nothing to see there. only reason to go there is for the super shitty clubs, but if youre gonna go to a club for some music, Exchange LA is the only one that ever has any good artists anymore

imo check out the beach at venice. santa monica is just a tourist trap. if youre renting a car check out magic mountain. disneyland is an overpriced shithole with retarded as fuck 3 hour wait lines, but magic mountain has some dope roller coasters and wait times arnt bad if you go anytime other than summer. universal studios only has like 4 rides, but its still fun to go to at least once.

LACMA museum is something alot of people like doing here, and the super basic bitches love the museum of ice cream. oh and the griffith observatory is dope if you can get some weed. do the movie there high and itll blow your mind
Almost every place sounds like a tourist trap.

I'm not interested in bars or clubs desu, but universal and magic mountain sounds good.

File: DeltaPackagepdo.jpg (146 KB, 415x272)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I'm in Nashville for work. Any recommendations? I like food but not country music. I already walked up and down Broadway, it's definitely not my thing.
Go get hot chicken but not Hattie b's. I like slow burn but unless you have a car, it's too far away
What do you like to do? Be more specific.

File: average-trv-iq.png (26 KB, 683x153)
26 KB
Are there any more search engines like skyscanner?
Every service wants to me enter travel dates - i want cheapest options, i don't have date preference.

Flown to Japan return for $262
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It's okay. Same company as Vayama in the USA I think
Wow, is this guy monitoring this thread just to keep blogposting about the authority he carries at his job?
Just drunken posts from an insider. Trying to offer genuine travel tips, also blowing off steam, but I tend to get longwinded after a few.
You showed him
Imagine being autistic enough to actually type this reply out and post it

File: Vang-Vieng.jpg (484 KB, 800x533)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
I'm travelling to Laos next year around April and wanted to try a happy shake (poppy flavoured wink)
Will someone who's been please recommend a place? I just want try it at a nice place
FYI this is not my reason for visiting, just a bonus
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depends how rich you look white boi

Not sure about mushroom shakes or opium but the bribe for being caught with weed was $1000+, not sure if you could negotiate it down a bit but it is around that level.

The policemen are so rich off tourist bribes and owning the tubing bars they drive around in brand new cars and wear brand clothing, thus making it even harder to spot them comming, they will just appear out of nowhere.

Like i said though, just finish it in the bar you got it at and its no problem.
>just finish it in the bar you got it at and its no problem
This. When I went to the reggae bar, the bartender told us first thing that we should to stay inside the bar until we're finished because cops will bust you out on the street if you're walking around with contraband. Just stay inside, don't act like a jackass, and you'll be fine.


lmfao you fucking got conned, retard

If you paid $1000, you're a chump. They start high, and you just have to act all ignorant and dumb and broke and you could probably get away with only paying $50 or giving away a shitty watch or sunglasses or something that you "guarantee" are "real French" or some shit

Ah no, not anymore dude.

Police know backpackers dont want to end up in a Laos jail and will happily pay pleanty of money to get out of it. Laos has some of the strictest drug polocy in the world and if you end up in court, your fucked.

$1000 might be a little over the top, but there are pleanty of stories of backpackers being taken to ATMs by police and maxing their withdrawal limit to get off.

The issue is as police get richer and richer off bribes, the ammount you need to give them to pay them off also gets higher as why would they risk their highly profitable job for $10, especially when they know they can get much more for minimal effort.

File: IMGP0070.jpg (2.09 MB, 4000x3000)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
I went to Bulgaria for about a week with my friends last year. Only city we visited was Sofia, for the rest we mostly went hiking in the Rila and Stara Planina mountains. I'm thinking about going back for another week in February, this time on my own. Give me your recommendations for stuff that I should visit, experiences in the country, etc. I'm interested in the countryside/nature as well as cities and culture. You can also give suggestions for other countries (preferably in the same region) that are cool to visit for about a week.
Pic related, it's in the Stara Planina mts nearby a hut where we couchsurfed.
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Bumperino for even more input
Pleven is kind of ok, but west from Pleven (Vratsa, Pernik, Vidin) everything is shit and i won't even be mad if the Serbians annexed those shitholes
I would recommend travelling to Plovdiv and the Rhodope mountains, my favourite parts of the country
Thanks! I feel like I may come back a third time anyway, so many possible places to go
Zheravna is a small, really nice town in the mountains worth seeing imo. When I was in Bulgaria for 5 days, these were spent in this mountain town and Burgas, with some trips to other coastal towns.

File: time.jpg (205 KB, 2048x1152)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Is it possible to plan a month long trip to Asia a month before going?
Yes, there people who just catch a flight there and figure it out as they go. So long as you know english you should be okay at most major cities

File: 1512947009725.jpg (474 KB, 1619x1725)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
Is 132 usd the cheapest in country flights can be in the USA?

I'm trying to get a one way ticket from either portland maine or boston to Kansas city Missouri in the first week of may.

this is over 100 days away, but do tickets get cheaper outside of some special sale? I can get portland to KCI for 132 which is totally fine, but I definitely wouldn't mind saving more on it.
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File: 1505233281626.jpg (30 KB, 600x539)
30 KB
Imagine paying this much to fly in YOUR OWN COUNTRY
Absolutely howling at the state of Americans
Its about 1500 miles from Boston to KC.

Paris to Moscow is a comparable distance, and searching for one-way fares on that flight the cheapest I found was €121 on Vueling. That flight includes a backward layover to Barcelona where you will wait seven hours before embarking on a nearly five hour trip to Moscow's shitty airport. You arrive at 00:20 the next day and you also wont get any checked luggage included in that initial fare.

Meanwhile there are like a million flights Boston to KC that cost less than $100USD, some that even non-stop and include checked luggage.

>every having anything truly nice
pick one, only one

Southwest sells alcoholic beverages on board. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. They also hand out drink vouchers like its fucking nothing so you should be able to enjoy a free beer on the way if you ask at the gate before takeoff for a voucher.
I can see one ways for <100 but usually out of LAX or Vegas
I can see your point regarding flight prices, but I guess the short haul flight prices I know USA deserves, I can get a flight from my local airport for under $5 return on deals within Europe . I've paid flying just between Boston and Philly $110 return.
File: 1496693726021.png (794 KB, 423x475)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
>he can't travel to over 30 new countries in less than 2 hours and for less than $80 return

Has anyone done long term bikepacking? Say if someone stealth camps, occasionally Couchsurfs, and dumpster dives for their food, what are the risks? I'd love to just live out of my bike. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad cookware, clothes and food with me, and just cycle. I'm thinking of doing this in nz or Australia. What are the downsides of this? It seems like such a chill, laid back lifestyle. My biggest concern is meeting people. I feel like it would be difficult to meet new people when I'm camping in the bush for days at a time.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Good luck! Do you have a route planned?
Also /out. I swear 1/4 of that board is homeless.
File: trip.png (1.4 MB, 2373x1568)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
here is the plan. seems good in paper. wdyt?
31h total according to google, might span it out to two weeks
Spent the last 9 weeks or so riding through Europe, wild camping every night except for hostels in big cities for a bit of human interaction. I think the biggest thing I've learned on this trip is that you need to treat everything as a consumable. The likelihood of your possessions being broken or lost is pretty damn high. Also plastic doesn't belong anywhere on a bike, ever. I've also spent 6 weeks or so touring in Australia and 6 weeks in Vietnam. Don't think I would consider traveling any other way except for walking/hitching or train hopping.
File: DSC03193.jpg (3.72 MB, 4912x3264)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
if you are serious i sujest getting a camera and freelancing doing day by day work with places you vist and sell the pictures back to them, also i have made a good lifestyle from farm work while traveling as many landowners know each other so work from their word of mouth speads fast, look me up on youtube for a more detailed insight buddy ;) hippyswift ..............

I have a week off between finishing school in Rome and going home to the States. Where is the best place in Europe to spend a week by yourself with outdoorsy things to do, fun places to explore, safe, and not too hot?
>not too hot

Its winter anon...
Should have specified
I am going in Late Spring

File: spain.png (6 KB, 261x193)
6 KB
Riddle me this. Why does every girl that I ever met want to visit fucking Spain? I don't get it. Even local girls who are living in a Mediterranean country that is basically the same as Spain want to visit it. Even the ones living at the sea. I don't get it at all. It just doesn't seem to be worth visiting. Can you enlighten me?

I am starting to get triggered when I speak about traveling with someone and they tell me they want to go to Spain.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Its a really neat place
Cool culture and delish food

(You) pretencious cunt
You can argue Spain isn't the best country on earth, but you can't argue it's not top 5.
You know girls with good taste, OP. Every chick I know wants to go to either Venice or fucking Australia.
>great food
>great landscapes
>good looking people
>beaches and a bunch of shit to go do or visit
>quite cheap relative to other parts of europe
>nearby other good countries (france, portugal, morocco, italy)
I´ve been to Andalusia and Madrid this fall and actually liked it. But I found Italy to be superior in every respect, especially concerning food and landscape. Only Seville was really amazing.
Anyone else thinks that spain is just a not-so-good italy?
Spain as you get with Italy gives you great range - Andalusia is to Galicia what Naples is to Milan.
If you want good food in Spain go to the Basque country, if you want good landscape go to the picos de europa.
Admittedly it's a tough call between the two and probably down to personal preference, but don't write Spain off yet.

File: Screenshot_2.png (200 KB, 545x614)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
My gf and I were able to score tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2018. So now we're planning a 2-3 week trip to the West Coast USA, California.

We're flying from Amsterdam to LA>SD>LV>SF>West coast>LA. Staying ~4 days per city driving time included and want to travel by hired car.

Information is much appreciated, on top things to do and what NOT to do. Tips on road tripping by car, costs and any other thing we must know.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And also the academy of sciences.

What would you do with parking? Drive from the hotel to some of these places (my instinct says no), or when arrived in the city park the car and do the rest with public transport.
Remember to tip.
When your check comes, it's only for the food.
You pay for the service separately.
This is not really optional like it is in europe.
We are now pretty much at 20% minimum.
Less may cause a scene.
>We are now pretty much at 20% minimum.
>Less may cause a scene.

No it fucking won't this is the dumbest meme ever and needs to stop. You can tip 5-10% and be fine, the waiter might just get ticked on the back end.
Don't forget Southern California, from LA to Santa Barbara is literally on fire right now
Comicon is in like 6+ months, he'll be fine

File: 1512932360959.jpg (34 KB, 413x600)
34 KB
Anyone done any diving or big animal expeditions? I've been looking at an Orca expedition in Norway that's only 5k a person for my honeymoon, and just wanted to see what other people's experiences were like or if it was worth it. I'm a little wary of spending 10 Grand and then not even seeing anything.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Would recommend the Galapagos just in general. An amazing place.
Sounds comfy af and for honeymoon is very original, i'll take it; much better than clichés like Paris or Roma

Yo that thing is huge FUCK that.
where you on a university trip with Javier?
who the fuck goes to Praia do Forte if they aren't going with Javier?
I don't know the guy's name. His rides are organized by the "Projeto Baleia Jubarte" and "Pousada Portomar".

File: 1.jpg (13 KB, 350x200)
13 KB
can we get a fuzokujo thread going? General info etc recommendations about health delivery/soapland/pink salons.
File: 2.jpg (52 KB, 500x375)
52 KB
I've done some research myself, and a lot of health delivery services are no penetration as prostitution is illegal, but it seems that almost all the girls do it as business is low when compared to kor/chin/thais.

Guaranteed penetration are at soaplands whereat I've read a lot of girls offers bareback and nakadashi for japanese locals not so sure about gaijin.

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