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File: 1410968911475887695.gif (1023 KB, 330x265)
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1023 KB GIF
is it safe to use vpn in malaysia/brunei/singapore? what about having porn on my computer?
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I thought the whole point of a VPN is to make it harder to be tracked.
Brunei and Malaysia don't have any laws against it, nor do they block the Internet as far as I'm Concerned.

At least only some political stuff you're probably never going to look up anyway, kind of like Egypt today.

The most you'll probably get is some Geo-Blocking of Religious Movies and Video Games due to their Islamic Values, open hate for Other Beliefs and Closeted desire to turn the Nations into another Goat-Fucker Central.

As for Singapore, YES, definitely bring some kind of VPN.

I'll recommend to you Windscribe or NordVPN for now.

The reason is because Singapore is essentially Mirror's Edge, but more extreme in their methods.

Their surveillance policies are even worse than the US. They are Openly tyrannical, and nobody really gives a shit.
If you're one out of hundreds of wi-fi leeches in a hotel, how would they be able to know which one is the one downloading haram materials?
Like >>1418725 already said nobody will care nor check your laptop ever.

They only instance your laptop might get scrutinized if it's you did another crime and you get caught.
i talked to one guy on interpals, he is from malaysia, and he said porn websites are blocked there so he uses vpn

>They are Openly tyrannical, and nobody really gives a shit
tyrannical to journalists and activists?

hey i heard you need a bachelor degree to teach english in japan (3 year course) i was wondering if a qualified tradie can teach english in japan, a qualified tradie gets a cert 3 in carpentry but that is the same length as a bachelor, so will the jet accept that?
File: iwaiybstvf411.jpg (108 KB, 960x915)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
> i was wondering if a qualified tradie can teach english in japan

No. Fuck off.
turns out i can buddy
after 10 years skilled labor, sure

File: images.jpg (26 KB, 423x348)
26 KB
Going to be remaining in America for a week by myself after a study tour, any advice on where to go seeing I'll be starting from D.C?
>Was originally thinking of sticking around in the north east and spending time in DC, Philly, NY and Boston, but I think that might be a bit much
Or I could fly from D.C to somewhere else I'm not super sure of where I should go?
It all depends what you're looking for. I'm from DC and I've explored some of the North East. If you're looking for culture NYC has the most of it, but you could easily get a feel for Philidelphia, Baltimore and DC using amtrack or a grey hound.
If you like the outdoors you should just fly over to San Diego California or Austin Texas and just hitch a tent somewhere. The East Coast has some cool national parks like Shenandoah and the Adirondacks are cool, but everything to the West just beats the East for the sheer sense of scale.
Figured I'd mostly end up sticking around the cities and going to museums and historical sites, just figure because I'll be in D.C. anyway, the North East might be interesting, is going to 4 cities in a week a bit much though?

Things to do in Chiang Mai over a five night stay?
About to take a nap, but I got you later
Auto fellatio

File: 1528584882556.png (475 KB, 604x326)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
Alright boys, I depart for Czech Republic in two days, any suggestions?
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Czech women are the best. They'll fuck all day and then make you dinner. Love the Czech Republic
What's crime like there?
I went 6 years ago so this information can be dated.

I went to Czech with a car. The amount of prostitutes next to freeways were insanely high. Must have seen thousands of prostitutes every 100 miles. Just outside of prague there were so many prostitutes that they were almost standing hand to hand for miles next to the road.

I was with my then girlfriend and she was getting physically upset at the amount of women and even I personally got pretty annoyed by women trying to block the car after the novelty wore off.

If you want to hate hookers as much as begging homeless people go through czech with a car.
Kutna Hora, Charles Bridge, Museum of Communism were my favorites when I went.

Driving from Lisbon to Porto with a couple friends. We want to spend a night in a town off the beaten path. Open to coastal or non-coastal, but can’t be going too far out of our way. Recommendations?
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Nazaré is nice for an afternoon stop
File: peneda geres.jpg (106 KB, 800x445)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

>I’m mostly interested in nature

In the road between Lisbon and Porto? Checkout the following:

>Serra de Sintra
>Peniche + Ilha de Berlenga
>Grutas de Mira de Aire
>Mata Nacional do Buçaco

There are also, of course, beaches all along the Atlantic coast. A little up to the north of Porto you have the Peneda Geres National Park. That, the Algarve and Serra da Estrela are the best Portugal has to offer nature wise.
File: DSC02633_preview.jpg (182 KB, 1024x683)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Sim geres is the most beautiful place I've ever been to. You'll easily find great spots and clean running water.

But man where are some good spots in Algarve? I'm going there October/November so I believe the north will be to cold to sleep outside comfortably. What do you think, the south is alot hotter during those months right?
File: monchique-vista-foia.jpg (233 KB, 1024x683)
233 KB
233 KB JPG

All of the Algarve is incredible. You could walk from one tip to the other and be amazed throughout. Fall is the best time to visit as it will still be sunny and the waters still quite warm from the summer, but the tourist crowds will have mostly left.

Outside the gorgeous towns, beaches and coves you can find everywhere, some outstanding landmarks are Algar Seco in Carvoeiro, the Ria Formosa (and its islands) and Cape Saint Vincent in Sagres. If you want to steer clear from overdeveloped touristy regions avoid central Algarve and stick to both the eastern and western tips. There are also a handful of extraordinary beaches nearby on the Atlantic Coast (like pic related) and these are less touristy, more surfer/backpacker crowd. A much less known destination is Foia at Serra de Monchique, when the weather is ideal (low humidity days in the Fall and Winter) you can see all of the Algarvian coast in the distance (pic related).

Hey /TRV/ hoping you guys to help me. Tuesday at 3am I am traveling to palm coast Florida by myself. And I wanted some tips of what’s it like to drive by yourself that long. How to stay up?, what to bring , where should I stop to take pictures? ( traveling on 95 south), any tips I should know?
You're not planning on doing that non-stop, are you? If so you'll miss on a decent amount.

File: 131221-3.jpg (50 KB, 468x313)
50 KB
You can better yourself by observing others.
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What's so bad about Chinese and Brits? Genuinely curious--I have Americans and Indians at the top of my list.

And for Chinese, read the articles x and watch the webms in this thread
No need to identify my nationality unless the police ask.
We also come from a tipping culture, f I was providing tourist services I'd like that.

File: téléchargement.jpg (3 KB, 284x177)
3 KB
Going to the Moon next week. Anything I should see ?
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Lots of Venereal disease there, though.
Visit the Mooninite Boston Panic memorial.
File: _DSC3193_1.jpg (33 KB, 500x332)
33 KB
Pan Am has pretty much been the best choice since 2001.
File: untitled (60).png (168 KB, 419x291)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
File: file.png (1.63 MB, 1400x836)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
How are the slopes?

File: FlagIreland.jpg (15 KB, 800x534)
15 KB
Hi, my friend suggested traveling to Ireland, anyone has any good tips on where to go/what to see/do (besides drinking)?

We'll be going sometime in the next two months.
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Rent a car, drive to west coast. Drive up or down west coast. Find a nice town. Ask local or google for a hostel. Stay at hostel for 2 nights. Go to next town and repeat. I liked donegal, mayo, Galway, doolin, lahinch and dingle
I'm a Sligo native. The town itself is charming enough but nothing to shout about. The surrounding countryside is fucking beautiful though. Ireland's best sights are near the coasts, while the midlands won't blow you away
It's genuinely boring. Some pretty countryside and that's it.
Rup the boys
The west coast is where it's at. Search for the "Wild Atlantic Way". Make sure Dingle in Kerry is on your trip.
>Amazing landscapes
>Distilleries and breweries
>Friendly dolphin, lots of nature in general
>Great Blasket Island/

I’m heading up to Iqaluit for a week in a few days. I’m traveling with some family members who aren’t too /out/ish so any tips for places to see and things to do.
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I’d assume there’s a polar bear tour you can do; beyond that can’t imagine why anyone would go up there for tourism. Maybe if you’re into hunting at all you could go shoot a seal.
should've gone to Churchill. They've got animals and shit and you can buy booze there unlike nunavut
how do you get into iqaluit without spending 2k on plane tickets
there's some anon with a boat who goes from labrador to hudson's bay, he could take you there

File: 160487568.jpg (60 KB, 535x320)
60 KB
Planning on doing our honeymoon in September (three weeks). We're going to rent a 4x4 and sleep in a tent for the most part of the trip. Want to see the northern lights. Both are avid adventurers so anything goes.

Would appreciate tips and anything Iceland related.
Is it cold on September?
Use google
It seems to me better to visit Iceland in summer
File: stjörnuhof.jpg (328 KB, 1920x1080)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
icefag here, the westfjords and the north coast is in my opinion the best part of the isle,
Dynjandi waterfall in the westfjords is amazing and Ásbyrgi in the north is so beautiful

File: US Fast Food chains.png (86 KB, 1615x677)
86 KB
I have a guilty pleasure, /trv/: I wanna go to US only to eat really good fast food shit, some stuff which still didn't grow up abroad (so no McDonald's, Burger King, etc.). What would you recommend me? Also, tell me about state chains.
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This post is what you want OP.
I agree. I have no idea why anyone would recommend going here.
Where else are you going to get a meal when the club closes at 3am. Closes thing to a greasy spoon on a national level. Denny's and IHOP lost their mystique long ago. Are they even 24 hours?

Speaking of 24 hour diner style fast food, how has no one mentioned Steak 'N Shakes?
In n Out was better than I expected it to be and I'd heard a lot of hype.
I'll concede I am in the minority on my dislike for it, but I still recommend it since 1) it's cheap, and 2) so many others seem to like it. I just don't get it. But to each their own.

File: 20180611_185933.jpg (2.88 MB, 4032x3024)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
Can someone please translate this russian cursive writing? I had no luck trying to figure it out myself. Thanks
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And no matter how much the gray people in power despise knowledge,
they can’t do anything
about historical objectivity
They can slow it down, but they can’t stop it

That's not really cursive, senpai.
File: IMG_20180616_120902.jpg (43 KB, 720x422)
43 KB
Is this a translate thread? Can anyone tell me what this means?
Love or nothing

File: 1505083182299.jpg (60 KB, 750x732)
60 KB
/trv/, where is a good place for a 27 year old white guy to travel to, solo? I have clinical depression and multiple people have suggested this as something I could do to help combat it.

I don't want to go all out in terms of blowing money but I can spend 5 thousand easily, especially if it will help me. I've never traveled outside the country before but I do have a passport. I have an extremely basic knowledge of Russian (not saying I want to go to Russia but intimidation with the language shouldn't be as big a worry). I'm physically fit, not 6-pack fit but I hardly have much of a gut anymore and can squat 245.

Thanks. Pic related, it's me.
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i too am morbidly depressed and recently spent 3 months backpacking central america and southern mexico. DESU it didn't really help. Hostels can be overly social and most backpackers are super normy. I did notice many depressed backpackers as well, and I did form some minor friendships with the few autists i met. Regardless, just go backpack Costa Rica it's super easy, western, and beautiful and packed with backpackers. Just make sure not to be a leech if you aren't getting along with a crew at a hostel just go to a different one or a different city.
if you want to feel good overall, come to South America, my friend. I think $4k usd will last you 4 months if you are cheap (then 1k for your airplane tickets)

if you want to bang easy girls for cheap, Asia
how bout go camping for like a week in the middle of nowhere. get out some where where you can see the stars and hear nature. disconnect from everything for a week and see how you feel. it'll be cheaper and you might come out of it with a hobby.
you need to get your shit together right now. do not travel and expect it to magically solve all of your issues. figure out what you really value in life now, travel later.

>(Japan to marvel at the height of human achievement in terms of cultural refinement

I like Japan but this is next-level weeb tier.

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