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File: koreanair-1000x600.jpg (68 KB, 1000x600)
68 KB
I need to buy a few thousand airlines miles for use on Korean Air (Skypass). Most sites require purchasing at least 50,000 which I don't need. Any idea where I can buy miles in less quantities?
Nevermind, I figured out a sweet workaround. The day is saved!

File: mexico.png (251 KB, 728x424)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
am i making a mistake going to mexico city as my first trip to mexico?

the plan is to go there for a week and rent airbnb, eat tacos, and get tan

should i reconsider going to another city in mexico?
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Besides tan sounds fine.
Eurocuck here with some notion of basic spanish, got a trip planned in March

1 week of spring break in cancun
Rent a car, on the way to each new destinations Check out some ruins and/or cenotes
1 day playa del carmen
1 day tulum
2 days valladolid
2 days Merida

Still have 2 days to get back for my home flight out of cancun after Merida. Any suggestions?
And OP never delivered
File: IMG_2450.jpg (734 KB, 1800x1108)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Big into Astro photography and stargazing in general. Going to be in Mexico City in mid-February.

What're my options save from driving a rental out into the middle of nowhere? Trying not to get murdered/kidnapped.
Dont do it. You could be mugged. We do not care to kill you. Avoid Veracruz, Tamaulipas and northern states.

File: delaware.gif (2 KB, 300x300)
2 KB
Is it worth it to live there for the zero sales tax? I've been contemplating moving out of state (WIfag) and the east coast kind of appeals to me. How's the weather? New England isn't too far away, either, another area I was looking into. Just want to make sure there's no Baltimore-type squalor bullshit going on.
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I was born and raised in Delaware. It's not a bad place to live. The people are nice and there are some spots that are truly beautiful.

The one thing I will say, is that there's no culture here. You go to New York, Philly, Texas, or wherever and you see that there's an identity and a culture. People are proud to be from those areas and there's a sense of being "from X". Delaware doesn't have that.

One of the big selling points is that it's close to everything. You're about equidistant from Philly and Baltimore, depending on where in DE. You're about the same from DC and NYC. You're kind of close to New England and places down south, and all that's nice, but wouldn't you rather just BE somewhere? Like, I get that yes, it's nice to be close to both DC and New York, and even nicer to be equidistant from the two, but wouldn't you rather just be IN New York?
>there's no culture here
nonsense, the lower slower is definitely a unique culture

>wouldn't you rather just be in NY

What the fuck is wrong with people like you? NY is populated by assholes, shitty weather, high rents, and minorities. Shut the fuck up and stop complaining you cuck.

t. new yorker
I was born and raised in Delaware for 17 years, it's like you moved Ohio to the coast but it had to go through Philly first.

File: dfhfgnfg.jpg (128 KB, 940x705)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hello everyone. I'm in need of some advice.

A little background:

I met my Brazilian fiancee three years ago while she was on a student visa in Canada. We dated for a year and she had to return to Brazil to complete her degree at home. We've been texting and video calling every day since she left. She has just finished her degree.

I'm traveling next week to visit her and her family over Christmas, and we're planning on returning to Canada together. She has an eTA approved for a tourist visa.

I recently learned that Canadian border security is very strict and may be suspicious of her intentions when arriving in Canada. She's going to have pretty much all of her belongings with her, as we are planning on getting married in Canada and I will be sponsoring her for permanent residence while she's here on the tourist visa. She does not have a return flight booked. What should we do when she's being interviewed by the agent?

Should we be transparent and honest about everything?
Should we tell them we plan on getting married and applying for sponsorship?
Should we assure the agent that we intend to follow all of the rules and if her visa expires she has every intention of returning to Brazil if required?
Should she just say that she's visiting friends she met in school here? If so, how does she explain not having a return flight?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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there's a tv show called border security canada and let me just tell you that what you've described matches perfectly with every south american who gets turned back by "random checks" at yvr or pearson.
Get her a proper visa.


I just skimmed it quickly, and don't know if the above is for fiancees or we-already-got-marrieds. Anyway, there is a proper procedure to follow, and if you do it, you can bring her in and marry her. If you don't do it, there's a high chance she'll get turned away.

Notice in particular the requirement that you sign an obligation to support her financially. That's a high risk for you since you've been apart for two years. DESU you are much better off getting back together for a while and THEN deciding whether or not you still want to get married. After she's drained your balls a few times you might feel differently.
>be beaner
>show up to first world with all my possessions and no return ticket
>make up something about getting married to the doofus next to me
>be surprised when my cheeky plan is shit and results in me getting booted out, flagged for future entry, and a blemish the record of said doofus

It's bulletproof.
This, 100%.

This Brazilian author married a Canadian-Hungarian. They met on a weekend on Brazil and quickly decided to live together. She went to Canada and didn't have any problems. Maybe you could contact her.

File: Mafia.jpg (74 KB, 1000x707)
74 KB
Lifelong New Yorker AMA
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Lifelong New Yorker who moved there from Ohio three years ago and now feels comfortable saying he's from there.
Stay away from the outer boroughs. They're full of nasty immigrants who don't speak no English.
If I want to see nicely dressed young people that look like they’re either doing really well or are tryhards where do I go? It could be on the streets or in clubs/pubs

Do yourself a favor and go to McSorley's. I live here and I go there at least a week because its so cool.
Thanks alot, will def check out McSorley's and that ferry ride!
Tribeca clubs looked good too. Will be staying on the upper east side close to the zoo anything good there?

File: 1511953524108.jpg (43 KB, 630x630)
43 KB
I'm 25, from the US, $40,000 in student debt and the last of my family (my mother) just died. I hate my life and would like to start anew, rather than kill myself.

I'd like to travel to an English speaking nation somewhere in Europe and attempt to build a new life. Any suggestions on countries that would take me in, and how difficult would it be getting a work VISA and finding a job as an expat. I have no connections abroad and would be starting from scratch. I have a liberal arts degree and teaching seems like something I could do.

I have good credit so I have about 10k to work with before I leave that debt behind as well.
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>only Ireland and UK speak English.
I have news for you, anon. Every singly Nordic country speaks English well.
all you have to do is look at a picture of New York or Chicago to obviously surmise that American cities can be much denser than European counterparts.
being american is a huge advantage, op. use it wisely. i'm kinda jealous of you, even

THANK YOU. What's with this attitude "everyone's to blame but me".

I've also made terrible life choices when I was 18. My. fucking. bad.
I had to fix it and start from scratch when I was 23. I knew what I was getting into, as well as any adult person pursuing a liberal art degree. We just didn't care and now some of us want someone else to take a blame. Well guess what, you fucked up, now you have to fix it. And running away to another continent won't help you, Europe is not some magical land where everyone will pay for your mistakes.
Because it's only everyone else's fault when it doesn't support their niche interests.

>why can't I drink at 18 but can die for my country!?!?!

More seriously OP, running from your troubles only makes it worse. You think college debt is bad? wait till you run to another country, your passport expires, someone notices you and tips you off to the police, then your ass is shipped back to the US and now it looks like you were fleeing debt AND you debt has gone up a shit ton.

what is this place like, no meme answers >:/
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she is number 4 prostitute in all of Kazakhstan, nice

Bishkek might be much easier than Tashkent if you want working girls.
Would Dushanbe be a better option?
No idea about the place, I don't think it would be better than Bishkek for the hobby. Correct me if I am wrong, if you have gone there.
I will go to Dushanbe next year, I'm planning to visit other cities in the region as well (Bukhara, Samarkand, Khujand...). I will not go to Bishkek, but I may do Tashkent.

File: phone_travel.jpg (312 KB, 866x577)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
What phone do you use when traveling? Do you bring any other electronics with you?
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None. I don't have a cell phone.
OP here, so you guys just bring your regular phone, are you not worried about it being stolen/broken
Bring my phone and laptop from home.
one from home I just swap the sim card

yes the quality of the laptop I bring depends on the country
Nah. Never git mugged once or lost anything. I go through my pockets a lot to make sure.

File: Idonteven.jpg (615 KB, 1256x1484)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
How many continents have you been in /trv/? I've been in 3. (Europe, South America and North America)
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NA, all over Europe, Asia(Afghanistan, Turkey), Africa
Europe and North America. South America if you count Panama south of the canal.

North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Might do Antarctica if I ever have loads of money and a few weeks to blow seeing ice and penguins.

I feel sorta guilty about it, but I've hardly any interest in exploring Australia. I'm sure it has plenty to offer, but, as an American, I'd rather go somewhere that seems a little more exotic.

Feel free to correct me -- I just get the impression Australia is expensive and not culturally removed enough from the rest of the Anglosphere to be worth $1500 in airfare. I mean, there's some unique nature and all, but what else is there to do or see?

Europe, Asia, Oceania. Got pretty close to Africa once though.

>Australia is the only country in the Oceanic continent


File: AYB1.jpg (837 KB, 1181x784)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
Is it safe to travel to Cairo and Alexandria , Egypt ? And which precautions should i take ? (White european male)
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IS activities are mostly limited to the Sinai peninsula. Definitely don't go there because it's not safe and there's high risk of kidnappings etc. but in most other places there's nothing to worry about.
There is always a chance of terror attacks but it's not much higher than in say France or the UK.
Street crime is not very high but you need to look out for scams and commission hustlers, like in any poor country that gets a lot of tourists.

dress conservatively (no shorts) and people will respect you more.
Reduce how touristy you look and act (hard since you are white). Learn some basic Arabic, dress conservative, dont inconvenience people.

>dress conservatively (no shorts) and people will respect you more.
not OP but thanks for this tip. Are jeans a weird thing to wear, should I go with khaki pants instead?

I'll be going to Egypt in January, but Im a brown Hispanic and planning to grow a beard so I'll fit in more or less. Anyone who's actually been there have any other recommendations? (Im already of the common sense stuff)
I was in Cairo last year, I was in South Sinai all the way to the capital. Alexandria, although I wasn't there, I can say that it's safer by far.

Here's some tips, find a guide and pay him ~$15 to $20/day. Make sure he understands what you want and tell him to avoid scams, etc. Your experience will be day and night different with or without a guide. Oh and, personal vehicle. Although the driving in Cairo is a mess, if you have a local driver you'll be fine and experiencing car culture as well. You can't get around the city by foot. It's huge, and Giza is like 14km away from Tahrir area (where I recommend staying). Pay your guide in USD, everybody else - in local currency. The street exchange rate is higher than in banks, that's why they love pure currency there.
I'm Mexican and I blended in well. Though people often asked me if I was Malaysian or just assumed I was native. If I didn't understand they treated me like a retard instead of a foreigner. Many don't grow full beards or can't but stubble is universal.

Egyptians are super nice but also there are such terrible psychotic people there. Kind of strange. As a rule I said I was from Mexico (I'm Mexican American) if anyone asked. I found in Cairo the prices are multiplied by ten for foreigners but more for whites in open air markets. They know very little about Mexico. A younger guy mentioned that Mexican women are hot but most would ask if we speak Portuguese there or where it is. Pretty funny because their standard reply is to say أحسن االناس or "those are the best people" when you say where you're from (even if you make up a country).

Everyone that sells things practically will raise the price a bit. It is the culture. They lower it for people they think are poor sometimes.

People will want to be really nice to you if they find out you're a foreigner. My friend and I were invited for tea once and we took up the offer, the guy even offered us money before we left. Though people will invite you for tea and offer you free stuff all the time, they usually don't mean it. Taking up the offer can be funny though, they either say they were joking or oblige you. I love Egyptians but they are weirdos.

Lived there for a year studying Arabic. My first real trip besides visiting family in Mexico.

you have been in Dubai? Do you like this city?
36 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>implying there is a difference bewteen the 2
the UAE is Saudi Arabia with money
What are the ethinicities of these girls and how much do they charge usually?
ughh,those bar girls seems to be more like honey traps than anything else
I see. I thought injun exclusivity meant Native American though.

Been twice.

My uncle used to live in Dubai, so I stayed with him twice while traveling Istanbul to India.

Decent place -- I don't regret going. But I think the five days I spent on my first visit were more than enough. By the time I was due to ship out, I was getting sick of pacing through malls.

I will say that I met a lot of exceptionally friendly people. Many of the Indian, Arab, and Pakistani workers in the city are lovely. An Egyptian guy going to work at McDonald's gave me a ride to a metro station. Refused to take any money, saying it was "too hot to be walking outside."

File: 1463163781113.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1349)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Where should I go for my first trip to Latin America? I wanna go two weeks in February but I'm not quite sure where to go.

Tempting between:
>Rio Carnival and other parts of Brazil
>Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
>Panama and Costa Rica
244 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.

Free shilling but the wines and the vineyard are really good.
hey y'all, I'm a white fairly wealthy euro 23 yo, gonna backpack from february til may next year. since its summer I'm thinking of starting in argentina and uruguay where its most like europe so I can get used to it (I've travelled extensively by myself in asia/australia/europe/usa but in safe places only so I wanna start off easy.)

then I'm just wondering is there really anything to do in south argentina/chile? I'm thinking of going through the middle where that famous wine growing region for a little bit then up to chile to santiago.

Then I guess I'm planning to spend a fair bit of time in bolivia/ecuador/peru since they're the safest and I'd love to chill up in the mountains and coast in peru.

Colombia and brazil after that but I'll probably avoid Rio. My father basically told me not to go there because he works with a lot of private security and insurance forms and the real crime/danger for whiteys in Rio like myself is apparently utterly appalling so I'll stay away (they have all the stats for people who've had to use insurance for robbery/kidnapping/etc during trips.) According to him its one of the worst places in south america for this outside of ghetto shitholes.

he hasnt' really done any of the research on the other cities in colombia or brazil but i'm guessing florianopolis would be good round then in may? and in Colombia should I go medellin and bogota and something else?
In the southern hemisphere seasons are reversed so you'd be in fall approaching winter in Chile and Argentina, and it can in fact get quite cold, especially in the south. Now, as you go further north, seasons don't matter as much, especially on the equator.

Keep in mind however: Mountains can also get quite cold anywhere in the Andes especially as you go higher in altitude. The Pacific Coast can also get cold thanks to the effects of the Humboldt current and beaches south of Ecuador are not particularly warm during those months.

As far a your trip goes, you can indeed start in Argentina, go to Chile then up to the Andean Countries, Bolivia then Peru and end in Ecuador.

The three may seem similar on paper but they're quite different and you should be able to enjoy them, Bolivia allows you to see a country mostly run by Aymaras, a bunch of Inca and pre-Inca ruins, and a few natural wonders, then Peru, which whereas very centralized in Lima and its surrounings,stilll has a lot to see from Machu-Pichu to many other historical buildings, from all eras of the country, then Ecuador is great, you may go to the Galapagos if you have the money, then you can see a bunch of surfer towns on the continental coast , and also some party beaches if that's your thing. Then in the Andes you can find lots of nice towns and cities to both rest and have fun, if you want modernity you may go to Quito(which also has a great historic centre) or even Guayaquil, and Cuenca is gorgeous in most respects. The scenery anywhere in the andes is breathtaking. And if you want to go to the Amazon lots of tours in Quito which isa good base to see lots of things in Ecuador.

From there Colombia seems doable, stick to the Andes and you'll be fine. I have no idea abut Brazil so I have no help there.

tl.dr. It can get cold, so be aware, nevertheless it's still very much worth it, in fact it would be my preferred time to do it.
I went high up in the mountains in Ecuador and it was breathtaking indeed

Those roads are fucking scary though
May be this is a cliche question, but how easy is it to score cocaine in columbia? Whats the safest method of scoring it?

File: idiots.jpg (162 KB, 1600x1066)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Have you ever met a solo traveller that is totally clueless? Post stories.
228 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
I always just take my 20kg bag with as carry on, no-one gives a shit. Like half the people do this so if they stopped you right before the flight there'd be a riot. This is with Air Asia too, who have a bullshit 8kg limit posted up everywhere.

Only cucks pay for stowed luggage
>tfw I met some mercenaries in a Kiev hostel

Anyway, I met a Canadian guy in a Tunisian hostel. He seemed quiet, reserved, shy and well mannered, didn't leave the place. He was "studying" French all day. I got him out to show me some stores and it was fun exploring together. He was so clueless he inadvertently went into the red light district of the city and I followed. It was fun when we realized where we were. Some time later, through a mutual contact I was told he was wanted by Interpol. Self-described, he was in his 20s, recently divorced. Definitely looked like he was running away from his demons back home.
>I always just take my 20kg bag with as carry on

Not sure if you are joking, but try that on Bangalore to Bangkok flight in Air Asia.

Could make sense, the Motherwell was an old caucasian lady (possibly too old to have a daughter that age) and the daughter was at the very least a mulato, maybe even full on negro.

you both got scammed lol

trying to stay here for 6 months. have saved up about 2k cdn. how do i go about this
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
find a roommate on craigslist and work minimum wage to pay for the cost of living?

you're not buying a house, just need to be able to live for six months
if you're just stuck in the area but don't need to be in vancouver, nanaimo is way cheaper
You won't be able to live doentown, but suburbs are reasonable. Wages aren't great so you had better be good at something.
I live here now
what’s nanaimo like in comparison to vancouver?
It's a retirement community with less than 100,000 people

Choosing it over Vancouver is like choosing a rusty nail in the foot instead of a blowjob
can you tell me more about what life in Nanaimo is like?

File: straya m8.png (23 KB, 1200x600)
23 KB
wassup /trv/, only been here once and you didnt let me down then - im a canadian moving to australia for 6 months cause fuck the canadian winter & why not right?

got a few questions, as ive never done a long trip before, and you all have:
>is living in a van/ vehicle realistic?
>is the farm work REALLY that hard? i work in forestry through canadian winters - im no pussy.
>whats the music scene look like?
>light packing tips? what will i need in everyday life?
>piracy laws? basically gonna live off my laptop and i torrent a lot.
>hows the hottie backpacker game? im looking mainly for pussy lets be honest
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
im doing the same thing as you but im worried about the heat. I dont like any temp over 28, probably a bad idea I picked australia for a working holiday.
long trip before, and you all have:
>is living in a van/ vehicle realistic?

In an Australian summer this will be fucking awful.

>is the farm work REALLY that hard? i work in forestry through canadian winters - im no pussy.

If you're used to hard work, no, not really.

>whats the music scene look like?

Not sure what you mean by this.

>light packing tips? what will i need in everyday life?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You could come in winter. Otherwise, don't expect it to fall below 30 during the day for about 6 months of the year.
Literally pirate bay proxy. I have never even received a desist letter. Nobody cares anymore.
Farm work isn't particularly hard but there's a good chance some dodgy cunt will try and rip you off

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