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This is not exactly /trv/, but I think there's no other adequate place to ask.

I'm from "lower than average" Portugal, the land of booming tourism and shitty economy. I feel the need to expand horizons and so I've decided to get my second degree (most likely graphic design) abroad. I really need to get the fuck away from this country.

However, I have a couple of restrictions:

I should have only about 5k saved up by the end of the year, which is not nearly enough for most school's tuitions. I have been researching about scholarships, but the prospects are not good for someone my age (27). Erasmus is out of the picture.
I need to know if I can get a job easily while I study on the locations I consider.

This one is disputable, but for some reason, dark and rainy weather really puts me down like nothing else can. I need to see the sun, if I'm gonna spend 3 or 4 years living there. This is more of a guideline rather than a restriction.
What I really need to ask here is, given those restrictions and considering the local culture and social environment, how well would I fare on some of these locations?

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I can get a job easily, but it destroys my soul. I'm not going for a Master's in design, as I've said.

I would take a part-time programming to pay my studies, if that was a possibility at all, but I think part-times are mostly restricted to grunt work.

Where from in latin america? I've thought about Chile which apparently on the rise, socially and economically, plus I love latin women.
Chile? No, They are getting flooded by Venezuelans, haitians (living on welfare) and some peruvians... I'ts becoming the new Europe , you know...mass inmigration. Is expensive to live there and finding a job is hard.

I preffer france because Europe..And I'm already learning french. The education in france is cheap and has quality.
>The Netherlands and getting a job will probably be very hard.
Can anyone confirm? I (Irish) was considering studying here but would need to work 16 hours a week to get residency and therefore student loans
unless you have some real marketable skills that could land you a job at a big international company somehow, the odds of you getting a job in the Netherlands are slim to none. I dont wanna sound rude, but its the truth. All student jobs i've ever heard from require fluency in dutch. and even if thats not required, it is highly preferred which means dutch natives will have a big advantage. After all, student jobs here are easy jobs like a waitress in a restaurant or behind the counter in a shop. Student jobs are very popular here, so you'll naturally have a lot of competition.
>The education in france is cheap and has quality.

7k€ a year isn't cheap

Hello, am looking for some information on how hard it would be to get a permanent citizenship in Ukraine. I have been wanting to move for a long time and could use some help. Also if there are any native Ukrainians that could tell me what it's like living there and what to expect.(from the U.S btw)

-thanks for your time
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Though I'll add, the conversation has shifted dramatically from the desire to be with ones race (identity politics), to the challenges of integration in an ethnically homogeneous society.
Firstly- travel, and try to live month, then make the decision =)
So it's safe to go there right? Thread making it sound like it's still unsafe. I'm a turbomanlet. Will be there for 2-3 weeks for sightseeing.
It's safe if you stay away from the warzones. But if you've never been there before or other former Soviet blocks, you will face other kinds of cultural shocks.
File: 1426081446051.jpg (232 KB, 931x1400)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
There are plenty of overwhelmingly majority white countries that aren't corrupt shitholes embroiled in a civil war. I'd go to Ukraine for tourism or even long term if I was getting paid a salary in USD but it's a bad idea to want to settle down there for good. I'm used to the lower quality of life in Russia (didn't live in Moscow or SPB either), speak the language quite well, and still wouldn't want to live in Ukraine. If you're on the hunt for a wife Ukraine isn't a bad choice but if you don't speak the language and know what you're doing in general you're gonna get taken for a ride sooner or later.

To answer OP's question I remember weev said he got citizenship for around $20k but I'm sure he has connections there.

File: a russia.png (749 KB, 782x609)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
Im making this board for people to share any location in Russia with unique history to them

This can vary from;
Abandoned places/towns
Stalinist architecture/Soviet Era buildings
Places in Siberia
Gulags and old Battlefields
Where is *that*?!?
So I'm going to travel to Kazan next saturday. Not sure what to expect but I'll post my experiences if I can find this topic in a week or so.

File: dubaifountain.jpg (157 KB, 550x300)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
i have a trip of 3 day in dubai, what there is to do there ?
what do you like to do on holiday
Theres plenty of resorts with activities there, but you should check out a day excursion into the desert either via with a Jeep or camel.
Do the Jeep thing with Arabian Adventures.

File: iceland map.png (307 KB, 728x448)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
I plan to take the famous Road Ring trip across Iceland in June.
>Rent a car in Kevlavik airport
>Drive and stop every couple minutes to take in the scenery
>airbnb on the way (have to have absolute silence so hostels are unfortunately out of a question)

it'll be around $350 for the car rental, $300 for the gas (will rent a small car), and $150 for food and shit along the way (i plan to live on icelandic hot dogs)

is this too much for someone who never did this type of thing and is anxious as hell?

any icelandbros/people who did this can give me tips and let me know about the ring road?

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File: DSC_0219.jpg (5.79 MB, 6000x4000)
5.79 MB
5.79 MB JPG
omg my old message just deleted itself which wouldnt matter if my 'e' key worked -.- anyway wind is crazy there just got back from a two week stay. ring road is nice but yeah be careful opening your doors. and some spots where youll stop to see waterfalls/glaciers/etc have super rock parking lots, just go slow because you dont wanna pop a tire besides that the worst of the weather is gone so have fun!
Side note. if your a fagboy like me avoid any guys named elvar
File: 20170729_195617.jpg (714 KB, 3205x1510)
714 KB
714 KB JPG
I did a similiar adventure to yours last summer but my trip involved a lot of random off the beaten trail stuff. I also slept in my rental car for 4 out of the 7 nights because my piece of shit tent broke after the second night because the wind was so wicked. Sleeping in the car wasn't all that bad though, it had tinted windows and I found some cozy spots hidden from the near by roads to take a snooze, mostly with a decent ocean view. IMO if you can, try camping or sleeping in the damn car. Campsites are like 20$ a night and are all over the place. cabins and airbnb will probably run you up to 80$-200$ a night. The hot dog diet will suite you fine if you're into that thing. I survived on sandwhichs, oatmeal and fruit cups.

I also suggest stopping around the western peninsula(grundunfjurdur or whatever it's called is gorgeous.)
>reclusive anon here, can someone inform me on airbnb? do you stay with other people or are they just houses rented out?
> Some of each. Specified in the listings, which can be broken down by "own room" (so the owner will be living there), or "entire house/apartment".
>how far do you have to book in advanced?
Depends on how many listings there are where you want to go, and whether or not you're going in the high season, whenever that is. I booked my Italian places probably about 8 weeks out, but I was picky. Hosts also occasionally cancel on people at short notice, so it's probably worth your while to book at least a little in advance so you'll have time to get the place you want or substitute.

I spent a month in Italy last summer with my family (wife, two little kids), and for us it was definitely a savings compared to hotels, and we got much better and larger facilities. Listings in my home city of San Francisco mostly seem to be cheaper than hotels by pretty decent margin, but obviously more than hostels.

I assume that little studio apartments or rooms in somebody else's occupied apartment are probably going to be cheaper than hotels in most places.
>How bad is crime
Stay in America.

I have a cyst in my balls and I need to get it out. I live in stupid America but I couldn’t pay for it to be removed even if I wanted to. I was looking into medical tourism, does anyone have any experience with this? I’m not going to Asia because that’s bullshit and I’m sure I’d end up with a vagina, I was thinking about the UK or France.

Also came across this company, reviews seem decent but I’m skeptical
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>I’m not going to Asia because that’s bullshit and I’m sure I’d end up with a vagina
Admit it, you really want tranny surgery.

Seriously, Thailand is the place to go for medical tourism. It will be anywhere from a quarter to a tenth the cost of the U.S. and they do good work.

>To avoid miscommunication with a physician I would prefer that they be fluent in English
That's a valid concern. Fortunately, the docs at the major medical-tourism hospitals mostly have excellent English. I only ran into one who was spotty.

Anyway, go to Thailand to either Bangkok Dusit or Bumrungrad. PhyaThai is supposedly also decent but I didn't think it was up to Bumrungrad's standards when I went there.
Dubai is becoming a medical tourism destination, but I think mostly for cosmetic surgeries. And I doubt it is cheap. But might be worth a look.
>I live in stupid America but I couldn’t pay for it to be removed even if I wanted to.

You know most people just go in for it, and never pay. Medical bills just sit there, they don't hurt your credit but will show on a report, and they won't come after you. I know people who are sitting on +3k medical bills they just don't pay and won't pay ever
They do hurt your credit when they get sent to collections though. Had that happen the summer after I turned 18. Had to go to ER, cost me a thousand dollars. Forgot I was legally an adult, so bill went against me. Didn't know for a year until I started checking my credit and saw the derogatory public account from it being sold as debt to a collector
I am a medical student from Germany. Our university hospital has a pretty good urological department.
Many rich guys from the east (UAE, SA, etc) are coming for treatment.

Since it is a university hospital, all the docs speak english.

If you want I can give you a link and you simply write them.

Things like this give me the headache. Of course it worked for you and superficial zyst, but come on, for a zyst in the balls?

And I will not ask why you did not simply got surgery after the 2nd failed treatment, but it has probably cost reasons I guess.

Noob here only ever been to st kitts, Cuba and mexico. Where to go next for tropical. Cuba was my favorite the scenery across the country was so varried and Havana was great. Mexico i only saw tulum and playa del carmen and it was to modern for me. Matanzaz in cuba was perfect. Where to next?
>Where to next?

File: serveimage.jpg (295 KB, 1010x671)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
I am but a humble West Virginia hillbilly and I have never been to NYC before. My family is going this summer and we will be staying in the West Side of Manhattan. What are some neat things one ought to do in this area? I have no frame of reference for the layout of the city other than looking at internet maps.

We will be staying for 5 days. I don't really care to do any of the usual tourist stuff but I am actually interested in any museums that house actual art and not postmodernist tripe. /lit/ has told me of a few bookstores that I would enjoy but other than that I've got nothing.
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Williamsburg and Bushwick in BK are cool neighborhoods

You should check out Coney Island too since you're going in the summer, there will be lots of big Latina booties in bathing suits jiggling around
>in any museums that house actual art and not postmodernist tripe
Stay in West Virginia.

This! Times square is nothing but light up billboards and people everywhere! Not much to do there
No, but that doesn't mean you should be walking around alone in places such as Livonia Avenue.

>no marble hill

1. Brooklyn Museum is solid, go to Coney Island, Transit Museum if you're into trains, Williamsburg or Bushwick if you're a hipster
2. No.
3. I don't.
4. Thanks, but no thanks (security reasons).

Hi guys,

I will be in Tallinn for about a week in July. Any idea of unusual places to visit?
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Well it'll be fine though, what's the worse that's going to possibly happen though right now?
Fat Margaret
Vabaõhu Muuseum
When I went there with a friend we spent like half a day walking around Linnahall, we thought it's a pretty cool place
Other than that mostly just walked around and took a ferry to Helsinki for a day
Anyway, very comfy quiet place but yea having a car should help with going to more remote places around the city
For example we wanted to go to this place called Katariina Kai for a nice view of the city, should be very easy to get there by car

Can't believe I didn't know about this when I went there ;__;
OP here. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
File: 1e0.gif (349 KB, 350x233)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
>I didn't know

File: Thailand.png (296 B, 580x387)
296 B
296 B PNG
Alright lads, I'm going to Bangkok at the end of summer, I've got some time to save up and plan my journey, I might travel on to Cambodia after my visa is up, I've never been before, any tips? Cheers.
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shit taste desu
>Kampot is good for a few days, stay on the river, get stoned etc
I read that Kampot is a stoner no-no.
Shit taste and don’t actually think you’ve been to Cambodia.
Phnom Pehn is nice but not a whole lot to do, not even sketchy. Good for a small mongering scene plus the war museums are really good. 2 days max.
Siem Reap is shit and small but Angkor Wat.
Sihanoukville is good and I don’t know why people talk about Otres 1 and 2 like it’s a different place, it’s all part of Sihanoukville. Literally 10 minutes down the road.
Koh Rong is overrated. Koh Rong Saloem is nicer.
>Siem Reap is shit
>Sihanoukville is good
explain yourself
Siem Reap: nothing to do but the temple, no whores.
Sihanoukville: tropical beaches, whores.

Guys, i need your help.
I'm going to mallorca, cala millor for a week with my gf.
And i want to know if there's a way buying speed and/or weed from locals.
Do you have tips? I heard that the coke there is shit

File: Shanghai.jpg (141 KB, 960x640)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Hello! I'm going to China as a Tourist. Last time I was there, I couldn't open a bank account even though in the past it was possible, the banks I went to now refuses tourists unless they are students, or have a work visa.

Do you guys know of a way to get a BOC or similar account open as a tourist? I really enjoy the convenience of unionpay and the ability to load up my Wechat wallet while in China.

Thanks guys!

File: dogminos.jpg (36 KB, 700x505)
36 KB
In a few days I'll travel with a group of friends to Bucharest and we'll be around there for a week. Our plan is to rent a car and go to Transylvania, with the idea to stop on the road whenever we see an interesting sight, we plan on making a free-form documentary.

I honestly don't know what to expect! We're from Barcelona. Atleast one person from our group knows the place, so we're not going completely blind fondled. I personally expect to be suprised, heard a lot of things about the brutalist architecture around the city, wich is already something i'm looking forward to see.
Is there anything I should know beforehand? Other than what, i'm open to suprises so I'm really not going on a fact hunt to know as much, but I would atleast like to know the basics to be prepared. How's the people, how's the weather?

Also, since we'll probably spend a few nights around Bucharest, are there any interesting Techno venues that are a must for the Techno enthusiastic?

Thanks in advance, /trv/!

File: Claude11.jpg (5 KB, 140x140)
5 KB
Is it worth it to get a rental car in NYC?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Its really not that complicated. Only thing I would say is that certain trains have some bullshit "secret" routes like the A train line splitting at some point when going towards JFK airport. in Manhattan and the Bronx its all pretty straightforward
File: 1428609282242.gif (1.81 MB, 298x301)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF

are you really on here trying to shitpost on /trv/ you pathetic faggot.

Fuck off. This board is the only good thing left on this shitty site.
>Is it worth it to get a rental car in NYC?
No, you can walk, taxi or uber as needed. Think about sticking to an area at a time in the city, and only use your taxi to get back to the hotel, or to launch your day halfway across town. Taxi's aren't even expensive.

The subway is not complicated and if you need any help, there are great employees selling tickets and cops to talk to. But, if you stay in Manhattan, you can pretty much just walk everywhere you want. Wear your most comfy shoes, of course.
It's not complicated
That's not a secret, the A train has two southern termini. It will say on the side of the train whether it's going to Far Rockaway (JFK station is on the way) or Lefferts Blvd in Ozone Park
Getting a rental car for NYC is a bad idea in my opinion
I've never even seen an empty car, even when there was a smelly homeless man on the E train, all he cleared was his own bench.

File: Skydiving-Belize.jpg (290 KB, 1916x1069)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Late night coffee, decided to go on here for the first time: I was born in Belize, getting my PhD in the US.I want to know what /trv/ thinks of Belize.
I'm pretty sure that's a made up country
My girl wants to go to Belize but I don't see why we don't just go to the beach here.
Beautiful diving, lots of nice people, but not so nice cities. I found Belize City both 99% ugly and a bit scary, but I was only there briefly almost ten years ago; perhaps it has cleaned up.
I went to Belize 5 years ago. It was lovely. I’m planning on going again next year
I've been diving in Honduras and sort of wanted to go to Belize to do more of that, but was short on time. Also people said it's the same but more expensive, and the blue hole (on OP's pic) has nothing to see in it.

Now I have a shell company registered there so there's that.

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