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File: fortress.jpg (161 KB, 900x675)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
What would you take with you into an extended stay in solitude? I'm having a hard time crafting a search query because I'm not sure how else to reword it. Help with that?

Suggestions are welcome. Bonus if the things are low tech and don't require a lot of space like a deck of cards, dice, journals, pencils, pens, books, puzzle books (e.g. sudoku), etc. Jigsaw puzzles take up too much space and the replay value is really low. Keep in mind this is solitude and not a camping trip, so most board games are out of the question.
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no porn, fuck that.
If anything id use that as a no fap, and eventually resensitizing your brain for pleasure in the more biological sense of sex and imagination. Dont go back to porn OP. Id do no fap, and reserve when I do choke my chicken, for just going off memory. Or what you can create in your head. You could seriously do a whole reset. Not many get a chance like this.

acid and weed though, definitely. Nothing profound ever really happens with shrooms for me.. its mostly just a fun high, and I get terrible digestive issues. I only use them if I have no other resort. Acid and weed in isolation, less so weed, since it can be schizo inducing if youre predisposed to it. Especially if youre really in isolation.
So id probably do:
Spiritual book, a long one
Paired music progression books
Math books

come out like a true genius autist when youre done.
Yeah, but I'd like to not depend on it.
Take a computer filled with all types of shows, movies, books, and games.
search for things to do during a power outage
i would focus on the activities you can do out in nature. if you're planning on spending 8 months inside a cabin, and you don't want to consume any electronic media, you're going to end up blowing your brains out
What’s the goal of this outing? If it’s just to kill time you won’t come out a satisfied man. Neither will bringing a pack of cards or books. You need to contribute, to build or hone something, to not just sit and waste time. I spent 2 years in a place without electricity or network and killing time was not a viable long term solution. 8 months is a long time, enough to get deep with yourself. But you need to walk out having accomplished something tangible.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 185x272)
7 KB
Hi, /trv/. Longtime lurker, semi-frequent poster, rare thread-starter, here.

I’m going to Detroit this upcoming Saturday until Tuesday. I’m wondering if you can recommended some cool things to do.

I’m in my late 20’s, and like to check out cool bars, clubs and restaurants, especially those with unique fare to the establishment/region. I’d especially like to go to a killer techno night on Saturday if one is happening.

Other things I’m considering:
-A Tigers game (definitely)
-Techno museum (definitely)
-Belle Isle
-Heidelberg project (worth it?)
-Michigan Central Station (worth it?)
-Check out urban decay without dying??

I’m also going to pop into Windsor to finally experience a legit Cuban cigar. So any cool ideas in Windsor are welcome as well. Please weigh in. Thanks, guys!
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Traverse City is beautiful and has a bunch of peninsulas and Tawas is beautiful as well. Both have lots of local businesses and breweries
Thanks anon
Thanks, but I've done it already. :)
Thanks for the advice. Now I wish I had more time there!
Also curious about this.

File: south-america-map.gif (66 KB, 600x750)
66 KB
Going to South America for my first long solo trip

I'm flying into Cartagena, Colombia via Ft Lauderdale in 2 weeks. This will be my first long (> 2 weeks) solo backpacking trip, and the first ever where I will traverse such a varied climate, so I would be grateful for any commentary/advice/whatnot you might have. I have some specific questions at the end, but first a short idea of the trip:

I'm going to visit Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. I have six months off, though the initial plan is only to use 4 of these months. I may extend if I feel like it (I'm slightly skeptical of even making it 4 months in considering my character, but we'll see), but there is a caveat in that I have to be in Florianópolis, Brazil roughly the week before Christmas. In other words, I have about 11 weeks before I have to be there. That gives me about 2 weeks in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia each, 1 week to get from Bolivia to Santiago (from where I will fly to Florianópolis), + 2 weeks to allocate in whatever country I feel like I want to spend more time in (definitely Peru, probably Colombia). Because of the looseness in my time table I'm going to avoid pre-booking specific very far into the future.

Colombia: Cartagena -> Santa Marta (Lost City Trek 4 days) -> Medellin -> Salento. If I want to add more time, I'd visit Chicamocha canyon, Ipiales, and probably add more days to Medellin/Salento

Ecuador: from Salento (or Ipiales) -> Quito -> Galápagos Islands (5-7 days) -> Quito. If I want to add more time, Cuenca.

Peru: from Quito (or Cuenca) -> Lima -> Cusco (Salkantay trek 5 days, other stuff nearby) -> Arequipa

Bolivia: from Arequipa -> La Paz -> Sucre -> Uyuni & excursion to the salt flats (haven't researched this yet fully, so no duration)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thank you! 3 - 4 days in the Atacama area sounds perfect to me.

And yeah, I'm not really that interested in Santiago. I'd really like to visit nearby Valparaíso, though, but I have a feeling that with so many places I'd like to see before the pre-Christmas deadline means that I will have barely enough time to even get to Santiago before I have to fly out of there. Chances are I might go back there when I'm coming back north from Patagonia, though. That is, if I'm not ready to self-destruct from all the travelling by that time.
Florianópolis is known to be mostly safe, with very nice beaches and an agreeable climate. There are no direct flights from Floripa to the Amazon, so you'd have to do a layover at Brasilia. The Amazon in general has very little touristic infrastructure, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a full touristic package.
Yeah I'm currently leaning towards doing a tour in Bolivia! I've never been to any place even remotely similar to the Amazon, so on this time I would want to do it "easy mode" definitely.

I think doing Brazil "properly" will have to wait for another time, so I will probably not move much from Florianópolis. It looks like I can catch a cheap direct flight to Iguazu Falls from there, so that fits into my other itinerary pretty well.

I hope you know how to speak Spanish, because they usually don't speak English
I started learning immediately when I decided on the trip, but I would estimate that I can communicate only some very basic things. I doubt I will be able to participate in - or even understand - basic conversation. So, I won't get all out of the trip as I could if I spoke fluent Spanish, but I should survive, at least.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (241 KB, 1280x720)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Why is the cost of living in Australia so high?
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You wish kek

fuck up huang
is syd a good place to party?

Yes and no.
I would sati depends on where from what I hear.
Good looking girls, clubs open late as can be. Pingers for days.

File: Solo-trip.jpg (127 KB, 1190x595)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
What's the best Europe destination to travel solo during Christmas festivities? Any experiences?
I'll travel solo not to meet new people but instead to stay alone during the most-hated period of the year.
>no money problem
>5 days max
>no car
>no Italy (I'm from there)
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Prague or Brno. Because of Czech people
Is this the opposite of a real traveller
File: 1537590231487.jpg (306 KB, 1057x842)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
didn't realize i would be using this picture so soon
If education is the main goal
1. Germany
2. Sweden
3. Ireland
4. Czech Republic
5. Poland
6. Croatia

If having fun is the main goal
1. Germany
2. Czech Republic
3. Croatia
4. Ireland
5. Poland

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: szeged-hungary-park.jpg (230 KB, 1200x803)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
What is it like to live in Szeged and Hungary?
A quiet life in the Southern Hungarian plain
I was gonna tell you about the horses, but I see you found them already.
It's a student town, but the top Hungarian students leave the country ASAP to study and eventually work overseas. If you're coming with savings you'll have a great time if you're social.
the vibe is great but the people are not
go to Berlin

I don't care about food, I do care about history, I do like night time events, I don't like clubbing.

I like electronics, I only want to see the best temples already seen too many. I do like history. I do like amusement parks. I do like drinking, nature and hiking is ok, but since it's going to be so hot not interested in hiking more 10kms.

Can somebody come with some must do stuff for me, safe to travel alone?
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I was in Seoul for July, it rains but I think it's a cozy type of rain, it's on and off and when it's off, it's hot as all get out. Perfect bingsu weather
So it's not full-on monsoon for a month? Sounds alright, I'm obviously expecting some rain in July

How do you think the national parks and rural places like biking around Gyeongju would be?

We left mid July and the rainy season just had started.

It is ridiculously hot during midday, I would only go out in the morning. I’m fit and into hiking and I ended up getting heat stroke climbing hallasan even though we started at 7am.

Koreans love to do outdoors things, expect it to be more crowded than you’re used to, but they’re friendly and well equipped. No matter where I went hiking other hikers would give me candy, oranges, or split some makgeolli.
Thanks, sounds shitty with the heat stroke, but I only intend to hike, not climb. I guess it will work if I take it slowly. I hiked pretty long distances in 30+ and sometimes 35+ degrees celcius in Spain and it didn't bother me that much, and I guess Korean national parks can't be much worse than that
Last time I was in Korea, I got some really nice Hanji/paper at the Jeonju paper factory/museum.

Can someone tell me where to buy some nice hanji in Seoul? I don't want to trek down to Jeonju again.

File: Poro_Saana-Jaakkola.jpg (4.12 MB, 3397x3397)
4.12 MB
4.12 MB JPG
I have a work trip coming up next month. Flying to Helsinki, then driving to a venue not far from Helsinki for a conference.

I've never been before, have three nights for the conference, then I could either fly straight home or stay on for 4/5 more nights. All I'd have to do is pay for the extra accommodation, the flights and car would be covered by work.

I'm wondering if I should drive and do a mini roadtrip, but don't really know where to head to or how far to drive in that time.

I know it'll be pretty cold (about 50 degrees), but I like hiking (can bring basic hiking gear) and also just love driving and exploring.

Anyone been or live in Finland? Would love to get some pointers on places to go, so I can plot out a driving map and places to stay.
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File: 17423807.jpg (204 KB, 1182x887)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Go to Tallin, Estonia on the ferry
I don't know many unpopular or under-the-radar places as I'm not from Helsinki, but I'd urge to go to the islands other than Suomenlinna (it's a nice place too, don't get me wrong) because those are nice outdoors places and have parks and a nice mix of urban/sea views. This sauna complex Löyly has had positive reviews in the media, don't know in practice how good it is but Helsinki public saunas are in general nice and definitely authentic for tourists (if you don't mind some peculiarities like nudity and people actually throwing water on the rocks). There is also a city pool called Allas with a great location and views. Nuuksio national park is close. Kallio is where all the hipsters hang out. Don't know how often tourist guides mention Temppeliaukio church but it's a very unique one.
OP here, super late replying, but thanks a lot for this info, that's really useful
Where to get a qt finnish gf to sauna with, go out in the snow, drink beer and get comfy in sauna again?
Do they like eastern euro guys?
Being an exchange student is probably the easiest way, just attend one of the myriad student parties and start reeling in those ladies.

Hey guys, I got a deal on a cheap ticket, and am planning on taking leave for a quick weekend to Prague for the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia’s independence.

Anyone else going on the 28th? I realize it’s not a country any more, but I figured there should be some turn-out or events, somewhere. I’m planning on seeing some political stuff but really hoping to possibly meet someone else likeminded along the way!

Any info is appreciated!
hm, Prague is nice but i don't know of anything worthwhile going on here on the 28th. especially to warrant traveling here from abroad. then again, i guess there will be something

> I realize it’s not a country any more
doesn't matter, both Czechia and Slovakia (probably) are celebrating
Looking back on it, it may have been interesting to see Slovakia, but there’s probably more going on in Prague. I found a bunch of historic sites, but also this military parade which starts at 1400.

Would be interesting to see a Czechoslovak unity rally (I saw a Soviet rally in Moscow for the 100th, interesting historic throwbacks) but I expect it to just be a part of this. I’ll ask around at the hostels and stuff if I find nothing else online.

File: 318549.jpg (43 KB, 700x525)
43 KB
Warn your fellow traveling anons about the worst place you've ever been,and why is that so,so they can avoid it in future trips
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i agree
if you're into neoclassical architecture, you're going to cum in your pants, though
I used to have to go to Alamogordo. The greatest thing that ever happened to that town was when they got a Walmart. That State is great for riding around on a cruiser type motorcycle as long as you stay aware of where speed traps might be.
In most years in northern continental Europe there is a 2-3 month window for tourist travel unless you are from a rainy cool location. One year in Germany I swear we only had a month of actual summer, but I am from the sunny south-east.
Stoppes there one a cruise ship once, got over it in a couple hours. Locals were nice though.
Yeah and Mumbai

So I'm planning to start in Mumbai and then go to Goa just for a very short time to see it and to buy weed lol

I'm not sure about the exact route and in what order I'll visit the places, but here are the places I'm planning to see.

Kerala - backwaters, Wayanad, Idukki-district going to different places for about a week

Karnataka - Mysore, Coorg, Bidar, Bijapur, Badami, Aihole and maybe Chickmaguluru or Agumbe forest. I'm finding it really hard to decide on the exact places. Maybe I'll go to Kodaikanal or somewhere else. Then I'll fly out from Bangalore. I thought about going to Madurai, but not sure if worth it. I have no idea if this itinerary is total shit.

I'm mainly there for nature, would love to do several hikes. The hill stations in the South look incredible. I feel like I'm missing some fortresses or other stuff, but not sure if I'd want to travel that far for it.

Would especially love destination recommendations for jungle hikes or just jungle setting or regarding good hill stations. Basically I just want to experience lush nature, including the Western Ghats

File: us-passport-CT-1K.jpg (409 KB, 1000x856)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
All of my passport pages have visas or stamps from various different countries. I still have lots of space for small stamps, but no blank pages.

I'm wondering what will happen when I try to enter another country. Will the immigration just stamp wherever there's free space left if they don't require a visa, or could I get denied entry into a country and become fucked?

I'm planning to get a new passport at my embassy but I want to use up the last of my passport first.
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File: stamp.jpg (89 KB, 800x384)
89 KB

That's really word, if my experience serves as any gauge. Indian customs officers have actually been the most consistent when it comes to neatly arranging their stamps in my passport. I've been there ten times, too, so it's not like I got lucky once.

Pic related, since I figure someone will call bullshit. Also, that's motorcycle gunk under my nail, not dirt.
I never really judged people based on the cleanliness of their nails. It's so easy to get dirt stuck under there that the only real way to prevent it is to clip 'em off completely.
>And you can't use the full capacity of these things since countries require two or four or something like that empty pages to stamp in visas.

>More and more countries it seems aren't giving stamps though but little separate receipt papers. I'm not sure why.
>I’m not sure why.

Read really closely your first paragraph and you may find the answer to your second.
In case you can't get what >>1471380 is saying: the paper stubs can save space in your passport since pages aren't being used up by stamps.

Though depending on the country, they may have other reasons for giving you little paper stubs instead of a permanent stamp. For instance, Israel will give you a stub because you can easily throw it away. If they gave you a stamp on your passport instead, you could be banned from entering countries that have a bad political relationship with Israel (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_League_boycott_of_Israel#Diplomatic_non-recognition).
The stamp on my passports are all over the place. Granted I travel frequently between the two countries which have close ties and I'm a native.

As far as I am aware of its safe to say you reserve three empty pages for unfamiliar countries you intended to visit.

File: fatdisney.jpg (114 KB, 960x638)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Visiting Disney World for the first time at age 34. Bringing my wife and her daughter. How do I have fun there?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>my wife's daughter
It must be weird knowing that she only hooked up with the dad because she wanted a kid and he was hot, but if she had met bith him an OP at the same time she would not have given OP the time of day because dad was more desirable, but now that nobody else wants her the fact that he will settle makes OP acceptable.
>my wife and her daughter
I was going to suggest the Disney Cuckride™, but I guess you've had plenty of that already.

File: Florence-Italy-8.jpg (750 KB, 1280x1024)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
I have an imminent family trip to Florence, Italy that I am dreading. I'm a shut in, but I am also going to be with my formerly abusive brother and his GF the whole time.

How can I get excited about a trip where I either will be lead by the nose by someone I cant stand (brother speaks italian and has a degree in art history so he's super pumped) or be by myself in a city where I cant speak the language.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Im prety sure you posted this thread before. Like I mentioned in that one; just go off and do your own thing without them and explore the city.
When I was in Florence earlier this year; i went down every nook and cranny. I stopped at every church to take it all in and I wished I spent more than a few days there. The language barrier was never an issue for me and most civil people can figure out what you want or need. Just be patient and not panic so much about it.
i'm a fucking loser and I enjoyed Florence. Went there solo in August without anything planned. Managed to have a lot of fun.

Just improvise bro
Getting on the llane tomorrow. Wish me luck. Also duolingo is trash and pimsleur us better. It teaches you stuff relevant for travel and focuses on dialog instead of random sentences.
>Duolingo is trash
It's a 10/10 program to get you to an A1 or A2 level so you can start reading articlea and start building your knowledge from there on your own. If your experience with it was trash it's because you are trash.

Any Vegas people here? Looking to head down there in December. I wanna go a little cheap on the hotel this time. Since I’m never in the hotel anyway. Always running around.

From what I see both Harrahs and Treasure Island have the best deals. Cheap but quality. Anyone stay at either? Any opinions? Other recommendations? I’m trying to stay in the strip, closer to middle but not required. Thanks!

Pic kinda related.
49 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>There is one on las vegas blvd by the South Point Casino.
No there isnt

the water there's actually disgusting
No it isnt.

Wrong on both counts. Good job, idiot.
File: Bugsy 1.jpg (112 KB, 1200x802)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
can confirm the cheap part, just stayed there one night for about $90 total. I wanted to check out that night club but I was in schluby clothes and very tired, definitely going back
Planet Hollywood was a good deal when i booked, but I don't really recommend that. Only chose it because I was with family and it was sort of in them middle, so I could easily go look at dumb shit in Belagio, Caesars Palace, Venetian, etc., and see shows at those places.

Just stay behind the strip if you're wanting to do shit. Hooters is cheap, and close enough.

You can do downtown Vegas too if you're doing blow off a bench and renting two hookers for a bj/rimming, then eating cheap seafood and steak. Not that I am into that.

It's something like a $8-10 Uber to go to the Strip, so pretty good value there too.
File: 1323126167001.jpg (34 KB, 407x379)
34 KB
>staying at the Flamingo and thinking you'll get into Omnia
Just go to Chateau with the rest of the flyovers
Omnia is fucking expensive and i couldn't find any free entries. I got drunk, did Hakkasan for free from a promoter, saw lil jon, danced with a couple sloots, paid like $5 for an uber to take one back with me. Only thing that sucked was the endless stairs in and out of the club.

Thinking of Asia next week. Should I visit Seoul or Singapore?

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