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What 5 cities should I visit in the USA?
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>I have barely traveled and I rarely leave my hotel and I'm afraid of everything
How the fuck is Seattle on so many of these lists? As a lifetime Washingtonian Portland is better and more aesthetic if you want a pnw city
I wouldn't put Seattle as my favorite city, but other than the people, I would love to live there. It's remarkably green, and I like overcast. The people are trash, and I don't like the smell of coffee.
The Seattle Freeze is a real thing. I've never met more standoffish people and I'm at a loss to explain what the fuck is up with them.
Portland is great but it's small and gets boring quickly. The homeless population has also exploded in the past year or two, which is saying something in a town where "hoboaters" have near armadas on the river.
NYC, San Fransisco, Seattle, Chicago, maybe Boston.
>The Seattle Freeze is a real thing.
I'm literally in Seattle right now. In two days I've had no fewer than five people offer to help give me directions, had conversations with like 8 random people, and lots of smiles and politeness from everyone. Maybe you're just an unfriendly cunt m80. Seattle people are some of the nicest I've ever met.
You want cunts, go to any southern city. Bunch of compensating fatass retards in pickup trucks who will run you over because the fat folds obscure their line of vision. Always looking to accuse you of being a liberal or a coastalite or something, too, because you weigh less than a hippo and don't wear clothes from Walmart. Fuck 'em. The hobo population isn't as bad as some other cities... Obviously it's not great. Now San Fransisco, that's some crazy damned hobos. Awful. I've never seen that level of crazy and violent in my life. And it wins on sheer number of 'em. SF is a beautiful city, though, and the food is great. But man the people are trash, and there's far more violence than NYC. See NYC, if you encounter violence it's logical, they're trying to rob you maybe, and it's rare enough, you were probably in the wrong part of town. SF violence is random, unpredictable, not limited to the shithole parts. No seeming reason. Just fucking crazy drugged-up hobos who hate the world and want to take it out on random passerby. And it's filthy. My god it's a shithole literally, I wanted to take a shower after walking around there. But, it really is beautiful and worth seeing, if you can imagine it without the hyper-liberalism and hobo plague. There's a beautiful city buried under there.
NYC is still the gem of the nation though.
LA is a fucking shithole and you couldn't pay me to go to DC. Give a fuck about museums for a nation with 200 whole years of history... Violent shithole.

Show us your where you've been and your traveling plans
You can use this webpage:
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What about studying?

Jewgle has fewer than half the countries I've visited. Had an iPhone from 2014 through July 2018, so nothing got recorded for nearly four years.
File: MAP.png (1.19 MB, 6460x3480)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Not including layovers of course. I travelled between China and Ukraine just by train. Then Jordan, Palestine and Israel was just by bus/train. Next year I plan on going by rail through China, the stans, Chechnya, the Caucuses, Turkey and ending in Greece. Probably will be my last major extended trip. (There is a nuclear option where I go through Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and end in India going by land but this is VERY unlikely for me to do.)

Really wanting to do shorter trips to Ethiopia, Japan, Peru, Colombia, Morocco + Spain + Portugal and India.
n-no bully pls

File: images.jpg (30 KB, 739x415)
30 KB
what city youve been to is the most cyberpunk?
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I'm pretty sure Tokyo was the inspiration for the Cyberpunk Genre
There was an anon who posted here a cyberpunk chonquing a few months back, that looked insane.

File: ldn.jpg (185 KB, 1000x667)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Hi /trv/ coming here for some advice. I recently applied for a job that'll give me the option to move to London should I get it. I am from Canada and am a dual citizen with both the UK and Canada. I have 15k to my name and the job itself will pay well and is in The City, is this enough to live relatively comfortably in London?

Also is it wise to move to Ldn, pros and cons?
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I work in London on 30k and it’s poverty level tier.
Also London is a giant slum, no matter how much you earn you will be surrounded by dirt, thrash and stench of rubbish and unwashed people.
>Again, this isn't about how much money you have. It is shit. Full stop. I don't know who designs British homes, but they are some of the worst I have seen in the world.

I know Brits who are millionaires and their houses are nightmares, know poor people in Poland living in better housing.
>You can earn loads of money, I was charging £400 a day by the end and living comfortably.
must have been a hit when FBI closed down backpage, huh?

You're best off living somewhere outside of London and to be honest outside of most of what they call the home counties in the south because it will be expensive and the people are grumpy. They have the best public transport in the UK but it is quite expensive and not luxury.

You're probably best off moving somewhere with decent and cheep transport links to London (think coaches like Megabus rather than trains because they cost an arm and a leg) but with enough nice things close by that you wouldn't want to go there much. Cardiff and Bristol would be good cities as they have a bit of everything and are reasonably priced. If you are not that fussed about visiting London regularly then you can live like a king in Liverpool or Manchester in the Northwest of England.

File: timg.jpg (124 KB, 1280x853)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Are there any thoughts about France mates?
Eiflee Tower is really cool to go check out。

File: 17f7254e.jpg (341 KB, 768x512)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Which Russian cities are the best to live in?
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Moscow and Petersburg are the only decent cities in Russia, and even those most residential areas are pretty run down. The smaller towns and cities in Russia are not /comfy/ but poor, run down, and depressed places. Think Rust Belt in the US
File: badum_tss.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
Vladivostok would be most interesting. However, I've barely even been to Russia so, I dunno.
Moscow and Saint Petersburg are easily the top tier cities. As for second tier cities, where things will be cheaper but also less job opportunities, more run down, etc., Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, and Sochi. Dont consider any other city at all.

I would personally recommend Saint Petersburg. It is the most "european" city in Russia, and the cost of living is reasonably cheaper than in Moscow. For example, you could live around city centre in SPB, for the same renting price as one hour outside of Moscow city "centre". Also, living in SPB, Helsinki and Tallinn are both about a 4-5 hour drive away.
Perm, Kazan, Novgorod, Omsk, Tagil, Krasnoyarsk, Sochi, Ufa
> the only decent cities in Russia
very inaccurate

File: travelmap.png (322 KB, 2436x1125)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Where should I go next /trv/
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>thinks Japan is SEA
low iq
Not him, but India really is a riot. Just stumble out, no matter how high, you can never outweird sober locals. And nothing is ever boring. Just get out into the streets and it's more exciting than popping MDMA. In places like Varanasi, you can float down the Ganges on a boat you've hired for a tiny amount and watch burning bodies on the beach, for fun. And if you're not a woman or beta, it is 100% safe.
why should i go to india and not just nepal?
Learn some basic Russian and Chinese and do the trans siberian, visit all of Russia, Mongolia and the east coast of China. Or go somewhere off the wall like Ethiopia.

File: 3256947.jpg (255 KB, 1679x944)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
I'm flying to Tel Aviv mid-December and staying in Israel for a week.
Looking for a few pointers on:
- Stuff to do in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem/Haifa/other cities?
- Best way to travel between cities
- How many days should I spend in Jerusalem?
- Nightlife in Tel Aviv
- Good hostels/airbnbs? (doing a budget trip)
- What's the cost of dining out?
- Dos/Don'ts in Israel
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Don’t even bother with Haifa, it’s shit.
Good stuff, many thanks!
Is it worth going to Tiberias?
Why not?
Honestly how can anybody support this Zionist POS in any way, especially tourism
Haifa is actually cool
You could check Acre which is pretty close too

Also, be mindful that public transport and a lot of places close down from Friday afternoon-Saturday evening so don't get stuck somewhere

Tel Aviv has really great food if you're into to that and more businesses and some public transport are available during the weekend
It's a great "vacation" city because there's always something going on and things to do
>holy mount
For non Muslims there are specific hours and entrance is through the Maghrebi gate from the Jewish quarter. I think it is in the morning and not on the weekend but not sure as I'm Muslim. I don't know if there are separate times for Israelis (and by extension Jews) and non Israelis and/or Christians and other non Jews/ non Muslims. Depending on that you might have to enter with an Israeli group (not sure if being foreign or Jewish determines this for you if there are even separate groups) which could be tense as many enter looking obviously Jewish but if you come in with non Israelis I think it would be fine. I saw a white western couple go in and the only thing that happened to them is that a little Palestinian girl photo-bombed them. In anything Palestinian or Muslim related/controlled better to say you're not Jewish if asked. I couldn't get into some Jewish stuff because I wouldn't lie about being Muslim. Same could happen vice versa (ex Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron)

>the temple wall
I heard something special happens on Saturday there but also be careful not to have your phone out during the Sabbath as I heard some orthodox could get upset and spit on you. Though I heard this from secular Israelis and they tend to dislike the hasidim. Don't forget about public transport being almost non existent on the sabbath. I recommend you walk and/or stay and visit Arab things at those times.

>maybe see Gaza if possible
That won't happen. Though the west bank was quite an interesting visit for me. Since you will go to Jerusalem. I would at least dip into Bethlehem and/or Ramallah which are close by. God knows they need the money and they are open to tourism. Don't mention visiting the west bank at the airport to immigration though. Also give yourself extra time in case you get extra questioning. They can sometimes be pretty thorough and time consuming.

Any suggestions on activities in Moscow and Russia?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Visit vdkh. Bunker 54. Museum of soviet armed forces is cool. There are gun clubs when you can shoot ak 47, i also liked the zoo.
soviet arcade museum
The big tourist spots are well worth the trip. Red Square is pretty cool, and the Kremlin and the museums within it are honestly some of the most interesting places I've been.

Bunker 42 in Moscow was really cool too. Some of the other history museums are fascinating. If you're a World War II fan or a weapons fan their WWII museum is unmatched in the world.

I would also recommend trying to check out one of the churches and convents in Moscow too. If you have a way to get out to them, some of the cities in the Golden Ring outside Moscow are like a trip back in time. The closest spot and the best imo was Sergiev Posad, which is the most important monastery in Russia. Really cool place.
If you're going to Red Square and Kremlin, look up beforehand if there's anything going on.
There's always something and Red Square is fenced and Kremlin on lockdown.
I've been to Moscow 5 times and only managed to get in once (a week ago). Still, there was a open-air WW1 exposition on the Square and half of the Kremlin was closed (by half I mean a half the third that's open to public).

Otherwise depends on what you're into.
My highlight was Monino museum which is basically several square kilometers of aircraft.
Don't forget to check out Lenin's mausoleum at the Kremlin. It can be easy to miss

File: bangkok.jpg (190 KB, 1423x700)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
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i also don't want other backpackers to see me. What area is 100 % degenerates with no backpackers laughing at it all?
Degenerates win the laughing contest because the degenerates are return visitors and actually stay for a long time. Live at or near Sukhumvit, by Nana Plaza, or if you are on a budget, live further up along the BTS and commute to the red light area.

If budget was no issue, I'd rent a studio at Omni Tower (again)
>wanting a girlfriend experience with a bangkok hooker
>im quite autistic, i might add
last sentence wasn't needed, it was a fucking given
I am friends with two working girls, amd we just chat about life online, they don’t even ask me about money
Are there still hotels in Pattaya that charge a guest fee?

File: images.png (4 KB, 229x221)
4 KB
>be me
>go to Jamaica for family vacation
>also be only child
>download a shit load of vaporwave and lofi on spotify
>i dont have anybody to hang out wander the resort listing to music and chilling
>never been so chill or relaxed ever
>now when i listen to that music i think of those times
>try this experiment again
>download shit ton of Tyler, the creator albums
>go to Texas for first time for family
>same shit happens
anybody do this i mean i cant complain it makes the music a hell of a lot enjoyable since i live in a cold Michigan city
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
i dont know i guess reading now its kinda retarded i should have put what peoples experiences were sorry for being a fag
I would like to apologize greatly for my outburst earlier, it was not becoming of me and I'm truly ashamed of my actions. What I said was repulsive and no person should be subject to that much ridicule.

But yes, it's a popular thing anon that really just depends on your level of memory. I remember playing an album from start to finish on a 13 hour flight 7 years ago; nothing special about the event itself, but I guess some shit just sticks to you.
Pretty common OP, and that works with all senses.
A flavor, a smell, a sound, a sight can trigger good (or bad) feels depending on the memory attached.
Proust wrote it famously about it.
/trv/ truly is the most polite and alanced board

Anyway, yeah I know the feeling of relating a good memory to a particular song, or smell, or drug high.
IMHO happens naturally more during the late childhood though
I don't particularly seek out songs to play when I go on vacation. But often times when I'm back home and I hear a song I get this almost uncomfortable nostalgia feeling as if I should be somewhere else, as if that song belongs somewhere I've been before.

File: IMG_8088.jpg (142 KB, 565x453)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
I'm going to Florence, Rome, and possibly Venice. What are some must-see places? What about food (nothing really expensive but no touristy shit either)? Is Pisa worth it?
49 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, Monticchiello is so comfy!
File: frybox_gribble.jpg (43 KB, 352x447)
43 KB
Going to Rome, Florence, Milan, and Lucerne, Switzerland in end of May through early June. I was reading in a travel guide that pickpockets are heavy in the tourist areas. If I catch a pickpocket in the act, am I allowed to slap them around a bit? I'm not talking about beating the shit out of them, but am I allowed to get my property back? If they attack me, am I allowed to defend myself or am I expected to runaway? I've also read that if you buy knockoffs of certain brands or "made in Italy" leather items then you are considered an accomplice to the crime. How do you tell genuine Italian leather from "genuine" leather?
>ive also read that if you buy knockoffs of certain brands or "made in Italy" leather items then you are considered an accomplice to the crime
Yea, if you buy stuff from nigs in the middle of the street or in a sketchy chinese shop you deserve it.
You can stop a thief but can't hurt them or you're in the wrong
Genuine Italian leather is a) expensive b) has a tag on it saying so. You don't find it in a souvenir shop, you have to go to a leather goods shop or something like that
Thank you.

File: DbHSz0-WkAQMErA.jpg (35 KB, 500x500)
35 KB
Hey guys, do you know if I can pack a laptop in my checked baggage?
I have two laptops, one is work laptop, that I don't really want to have to carry on me. But is it allowed?

Pic unrelated
Of course. You can pack much more questionable things into a checked bag than a carry on. They might want to wipe it down for explosive residue and request you put the battery (and you're required to with spare batteries) in your carry on but i've never had the issue.
Sometimes you're not allowed to pack batteries in checked luggage. Because a fire in the cargo compartment couldn't be easily dealt with.
Idk, but you want to pack it really well, cause you don't want your accidentally damaged battery to start a fire.
They will probably not let you do it if you fly out of eg. China, they don't care about anything else, but they are extremely anal about batteries.

Yes, but you may have to take the battery as a carry-on.

I don't know why you'd want to put a laptop into a checked bag, though. If you do, make sure to protect the fuck out of it--it could get rained on, smashed, tossed around, whatever. You're exposing it to the elements, temperature extremes and low-paid baggage carriers.
Carry it with you. The lithium ion batteries cannot be checked, and you don't want the laptop out of your sight anyways. It's more likely to get stolen in checked baggage than in carry-on.

What am I in for in Kazakhstan (Almaty)?
Is Horse meat good? Are there any good museums? Will I be beaten senseless if I mention Borat? Besides Horse meat what are some foods I should try? How hard is it going to be to get around if I can’t speak or read a single word of Russian? Are they friendly to Amerifats?
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it's not like they don't understand memes lol
Trying to go next year to Almati to teach English. I taught in China and visited slav land. Learning Russian for a while now.

Few questions, I assume Russian is enough but would knowing Kazakh (or Turkish) ever come in handy even for sympathy points? Are the women thick? My impression is they look like Mongolians so if the women are as thick as Mongol women it is not bad by Asian standards.

Also I wanted to go by land and visit the other stans minus Pakistan and Afghanistan then go through Russia (again) and see Chechnya and the Caucuses and end in Turkey.
the girl i went on a date with was ethnically kazahk but was taught in a russian speaking school russian was her main language.
i think it depends on who you are talking too. some people would probably respect the effort of learning kazahk but it is unlikely you will meet someone who speaks kazahk but not russian, whereas its pretty possible the other way round (at least this is my understanding).

you also have to consider the resources to learn kazahk online are far smaller than that of russian.

your trip is totally doable as long as you have the needed visas and cash to afford it. some people were spooked about overlanding in tajikstan after the attack but i dont know much about it. think it's probably still quite safe. if you drive be ready to pay bribes, talked to some beligum dudes who rented a car in kazahkstan and drove around, they had a good time despite getting stopped by the police pretty often.
>the girl i went on a date with was ethnically kazahk
How was the thickness though?
lol she didnt each much and was in fashion
also she was wearing a gigantic oversized burberry coat

File: 1538091144299.png (603 KB, 562x655)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
Is travelling solo a good idea if you're a spergy autist?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm a spergy autist and it worked out for me OP
My wife Apricot-chan is beautiful!
Depends what you mean by a spergy autist. Maybe just try keeping conversations with strangers to a minimum?
If only travelling solo wasn't so expensive.
I'm not OP, but I'm also curious. Is Hiking alone a good idea? Is it safer to do with a stranger you'e met online? I don't really have any local friends to join me
Completely alone is fine for short trips 2/7 days, for 2/3 weeks try a group trip, some time with the normies sometimes is actually good

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