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Is this a safe route or will I get killed by terrorists?
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check the names of the starting and ending city
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 250x150)
4 KB
File: 1531157027553.jpg (137 KB, 1085x1217)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Omae wa mou shindeiru
derka derka muhammed jihad
It is safe only if you wear this t-shirt

File: Bangla1.jpg (76 KB, 960x619)
76 KB
Pls redpill me on Bangladesh.

I will be in Dhaka in 2 weeks for about 6-7 months. Work related stuffs...
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I dunno man, people like different things, I guess.

I mean, this board has a thing for Thais, Cambodians, and Filipinos. I personally don't see the appeal myself.
Really? You did this?
I don't get why 4chan and the other nerd sites hate South and West Asians who are closer to Europeans physically and genetically but worship jungle bunny Mongoloids. Makes no fucking sense.

It makes no sense at all
Perception is more important to raging autists (90% of people on 4chan and related sites) than actual physical beauty, if it were the case Southeast Asians and all Asians except Japs wouldn't be put so highly on here.

This, holy kek.

To each their own, but I find South Asian women attractive. I absolutely cannot understand the appeal of Thai girls. Spent a few weeks in Bangkok back in 2016 and scarcely saw any women I'd consider conventionally attractive.

I'm in India now and Tinder grills in the big cities are far better, on average, than their SEA counterparts. Zero problems with gold-diggers and visa hunters too.

What are things you get annoyed by when travelling, either with friends or alone?

1) I can't for understand people who want to go shopping for clothes, especially when it's not even cheaper than at home, or things you can't buy at home. My friends do this all the time when we go travelling, and it annoys the hell out of me when they go and buy a couple of jeans that you can buy cheaper in our home country

2) People who don't extend their taste buds, and only eat what they are familiar with. Also my friends. Whenever we travel it's always "where's muh pasta with minced meat sauce?!? Where' McDonalds? Where can we get good pizza?!?". I don't mind eating at familiar places from time to time, but for the absolut majority of the time I want to challenge myself and try new stuff. I'm going to Japan with a friend next month and I already dread how many times he'll force us to go McDonalds because sushi or tempura scares him.
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The horde of mainland Chinese tourists that stampedes to where you are and ruin everything.
It's not about having a picture of a famous place, it's about having my own picture of a famous place. I also have an awful memory and would probably forget half of my trips if I didn't scroll through my pics every once in a while. And I also like to take a bunch of pictures of the same place so that when I'm at the hostel or back home I can choose the best ones, the ones with the best lighting, angle, colours, etc., sometimes a 10 meter or 10 second difference can result in significantly different pics.
This, expect it's womanz posing in front of every object or painting. I was at the Kunsthistorisches museum today and thots would not stop posing in front of the paintings, like bitch that's a Caravaggio, your skank ass presence is down right blasphemous!
Jesus, those are fucking everywhere. When will the world do something about the Chinese problem, there's freaking too many of them.
people at art museums who take pictures of the art. it just ruined the orsay gallery for me.

I bought a plane ticket for a round trip from North CarolinaI to Colorado and flee out a week ago. I leave today and decided I want to stay longer. Would there be anyway of doing that without hurting my wallet too much?
You're going to need to check the cancellation or date change policy on your ticket, if you're a cheap jew like me and always buy the cheapest tickets, you probably won't have that option
if you booked frontier no way to cancel so don't show up, or don't go so you don't pay anything more than you have
This is terrible advice. You'll probably lose the value of your remaining coupon. Realistic advice, fake an emergency.

always go southwest if you do something like this
can cancel up to 5 minutes before the flight and no issues

File: barharbour31.jpg (540 KB, 1200x709)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
I'm planning a trip to the N.E. Was going to drive a car, but that's not viable anymore as we're having family troubles and someone needs to borrow it while I'm gone. I figured I could take the train from Colorado Springs, to New York City and take my bike with me. I have plans on traveling to Maine, Mass, New Hampshire after being in Vermont with friends for awhile, one of them is going to come with when I travel around and he has a vehicle that might be used if he's up for it. However, if that's not an option, how easy would it be to get around these states with my bicycle? Are there local cheap trains, buses/ public transportation? I figure not having a car will save me a lot of money and I plan on bringing my hiking and cold weather camping gear for Mid-August to sometime in October, to stay at beautiful places like Acadia and Bar Harbor. I also go the gym often, are there places I can pay daily while traveling around NY/C, MA, ME, NH? I have a place in Fair Haven, VT I'll be going to. Might have some modeling opportunities in Manhattan as well. How close is everything in terms of moving from state to state without hassle? I plan to just see cool stuff, drink good drinks, eat good food and just enjoy myself. Anything recommended and I'll add it to the list and try to work out what I can do out there.
>However, if that's not an option, how easy would it be to get around these states with my bicycle?
Way too much distance to cover for that to be your primary mode of transportation. IIRC there's a Peter Pan bus that takes you a ways up the Maine coast, but that's the only mass transit option I'm aware of (can't speak for VT or NH); Mass has quite a bit more infrastructure for that stuff.
It's pretty super, especially if you're inclined towards bicycling; I would have suggested it if you hadn't mentioned it already.
>I plan to just see cool stuff, drink good drinks, eat good food and just enjoy myself.
Camden, ME is worth a visit if you're already going up to Acadia. Very good restaurants in that area; I highly recommend Suzuki's Sushi in Rockland (~20 minutes from Camden) in particular. Make sure to spring for a decent lobstah roll when you're in that state.
It might be a little out of your way (or merely outclassed by what you can get in CO, idk), but one cool sight in southern MA is Purgatory Chasm. Providence is a great city for food and drink, if you're willing to ford the uncharted wasteland that is Rhode Island.
Central Masshole here, former New Yorker. It will likely be cheaper to fly, depends on the fee for your bike. A quick check of Amtrak's site shows a train from Denver to NY Penn will be $450 with 48hrs travel time. There is a Denver to LaGuardia flight for $203, it's 4hrs long. You can take a train or bus NE from there. There are usually frontage roads that parallel the interstates, but not always.

There are Planet Fitness gyms all over, get a membership there and you'll be able to use any of them.
I think it would be too after more research. Should I limit myself to certain areas then? Where I will be in Vermont is only four hours from Manhattan, so that's not bad if a friend drives or we take a train. Are Megabus type deals available? I'll keep the Peter Pan bus in mind since I mentioned Acadia.
I know the Atlantic Coast Bike Route starts in Bar Harbor, is that a viable route to take to explore the N.E?
I'll definitely be getting the lobstah rolls and partaking in the seafood. I'm originally from Florida and a lot of my family are Massholes.
I love the entirity of that area, just want to expand my hours and see things I haven't yet since I used to visit as a kid with family. Only been in the New England area in my early twenties once though, so I'm sure it's changed in the last few years.
I looked up Amtrak from COS to NYC and it didn't seem to be too costly, I don't know how much they would charge for a bike or if that particular rail even allows them. I saw $190-$220 for that station.
I had a PF membership from Florida and didn't cancel it, but my last debit card and bank has been changed. Will that effect a future membership?

File: $_1.jpg (28 KB, 400x300)
28 KB
This is a picture of a screen-saver on LG TVs, any idea where this place is?
Hallstatt, Austria

Overrun with Chink Day Trip tourists pretty much any time of the year. If you want the city to yourself, you have to get there early or stay overnight
Thank you anon

been in the Dachstein area for a week for hiking. Basically any place in the area is a beautiful hiking spot and there are many other nice towns in the Salzkammergut area to visit which are rather low on tourists.
But Halstatt, all of sudden, is for some reason overcrowded with tourists, especially from Asia.

Protip: If you come there by car, get ready for some serious parking problems. To get a parking spot, come early.

Protip 2: The town is a really nice place otherwise. It's very small but the dense wooden architecture is very charming. Go to the catholic church, enter the graveyard. There is a smaller chappel on the right side, inside is an old tomb full of painted human skulls, the entrance fee is only 1,5 Euro. But please keep quiet and respect the dead.

File: mexico.gif (7 KB, 449x297)
7 KB
i'm going to spain for a couple months to study spanish, and i'm having trouble choosing between malaga and madrid. Madrid seems like there'd be more to do at midnight on a weekend, plus its the capital, but i like the beach. help me /trv/, or recommend other cities!
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Go to Salamanca, Valencia or Sevilla
Salamanca is a student city and you'll find Spanish who want to learn English.
Valencia is right on the beach as well and is pretty high standard of living IMO
And Seville is just one of the better cities in Spain that is larger and accessible
that's what ppl with spain flags on /int/ said! i think i know now
If you're going during the summer, go somewhere coastal. Heat inland is bad enough for spaniards, for a foreigner it's insane.
If you want to learn understandable Spanish and those are your only two options then I'd recommend Madrid.
But if you actually have the possibility of going somewhere else and you like beaches then I'd suggest Valencia. It's like Barcelona but not shit.
Id say Madrid.

How's it going /trv/, I'm planning on going on the Annapurna trek when August rolls around; for some background info, I'm 18 years old, male- and never been on a trip this far off by myself before- so I'm looking for some tips and general knowledge of what I should be aware of before I go.

I'm going to be packing light so I won't need a porter, I'm also going to get any other equipment and or supplies at Kathmandu because it's cheaper there than over here.

My questions are, Is pick pocketing and scamming a problem in Nepal? Where do I find a guide to take me on the trek, should I find one online or look for one when I arrive? How long does it take to get a trekkers permit and do I need one for the Annapurna trek?

General advice and or answers to the questions above would be appreciated.
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You can buy cheap gear there, but it is knock off and not the same quality...however much of it will work for you.

I bought backpack, down sleeping bag, trekking poles, and a few clothing items in Kathmandu.

I recommend you get high quality boots and break them in well before you go.

I also packed a lot of medicine, and first aid stuff. Which came in handy for both me and some people I helped along the trail.
Next year I plan to spend 3 months in Europe and when my visa expires head Southeast Asia. I was looking at going to Nepal on my way to SEA in early June. Is this a good time to go? I have no trekking experience but it does sound intriguing and something I'd be open to doing. I am an experienced solo traveler who has stayed at hostels albeit probably to a higher standard that what I will be staying in in Nepal.
June is not the best, it is the start of the wet/off season. Many lodges and tea houses will shut down. If that was the only time I had I would still go, but’s not the best. >>1437181
Not OP, going there for 2 weeks in 2nd half of September.
My plan is doing the ABC for 8 days, my no–plan in the remaining days is up to you, fellas.
I want to see scenery, real nepalese stuff like villages, nepalese being nepalese and fauna if possible. Im not willing to spend much so I’d sleep anywhere outdoors, how doable is it?

I'm going to Malaysian Borneo for a month and plan to bring a few books for my free time there. Will the humidity cause the pages to be ruined. I will be staying in the rainforest if it helps.

Pic unrelated because I don't have a relevant one on me at the moment.

How do you figure out what the point of travel is to you? I've always wanted to travel and in the past few years i've actually had the time and money to do so. Admittedly I haven't done quite as much as I planned but I've yet to find anything that really does it for me. I've seen a lot of nice nature things and cool history, ate plenty of nice food and drink relevant to the regions, and it's all just like "Whatever". It's all pretty cool at the time but it never leaves any lasting impression. More travel around Europe coming up and i'm just starting to wonder what the point is.
Consider this: when I was 14 I took my first trip to Florence only to check an old edition of my favorite book. There are four surviving copies of it, stored in four different libraries throughout Italy.
If you don't have a specific reason for travelling, don't do it. It will seem pointless every time.
I never had to ask myself this question. My reason for traveling is that I can't sit in one place for more than two years without starting to hate every single day of my life. I just grow tired of the same apartment, the same faces and the same grocery store, day in, day out, to the point where I feel genuine anger doing something as basic as buying fucking chicken tits for dinner. Changing countries is cathartic to me and I'd do it every other week if I could. On the other hand, I've been on a few organized tours and some people just go with their checklists, take a couple photos to brag about and proceed to beg the guide to leave within literal five minutes so they can get back to the hotel and not interact with anyone other than their husband/wife and the pool for the rest of the day.
Point being, don't force it if you don't like it. There's this idiotic societal pressure that everyone should climb the corporate ladder, have a house, a wife, two kids and travel a lot for holidays, with a short oh so exotic backpacking stint in his 20s to "discover himself". Just do whatever the fuck you like, stay in Fucking Nowhere, Population: 150 if you feel content with that. Or go roast on a beach somewhere sunny. It's your life and there's nothing wrong with doing whatever you enjoy.
For me, I just start looking at cities and, when I see something that draws my attention I focus only on that and work around it. The more I think about it the more I will back out.

I went to Atlanta just because I saw an article about the coca cola museum and I thought "A coca cola museum? So weird..." and a month later I was there. I think curiosity is one of the best motivations to to give travels a purpose.

Also I never look for many things to do, regardless of the time I'll have. I've never believed in those that cram every single seconds of their trip in doing something or going some place. I'll have at least a couple of days a week to sleep early or just go to a park and sit like a retard. I got dead tired and short on cash on two vacations and swore never to fail for it again

im interested in history and art history. i want to meet up with local phd students or professors to take me around the european capitals (rome, paris, berlin, etc.) anyone know a service that does this, or good ways to get in touch with people as described?

What's /trv/'s experience with airbnbs?

>usually book airbnb's because they're cheaper than hotels, but not as shitty as a 6-person hostel room
>most of the time the host minds their own business and I just mind mine
>recently rent to munich
>for the first time the host actually picks me up from the train station
>she even showed me around the city
>later that night went for dinner and walked along the riverbank
>too bad I was only staying for 1 night, she seemed really cool
Has you had any experiences like this with airbnb? My impression was that was the original intent of the website, before it got taken over by real estate investors who wanted to split their properties into off-license hotels
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What about all the sexual assaults. God there were a lot of couch surfing thread here about 5 years ago, 1/3 of them ended in sexual assault
Why would I? It's boring and weed is illegal.
File: thumb3_amazed_cat_1.jpg (46 KB, 600x375)
46 KB
>What about all the sexual assaults. God there were a lot of couch surfing thread here about 5 years ago, 1/3 of them ended in sexual assault
a-and who was the assaulter?
File: 203800001.png (550 KB, 665x513)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
Used it a few times
Host declined last minute, luckily I eyed another offer. Croat host, absolute bro, we shared some drinks, had the AC on in my room before I arrived in an otherwise cold as fuck winter (-17C)
Stayed with a Spaniard pal, in some hippy vibe apartment. It was really nice, close to the tram and some main street. Bakeries were close but the goth clubs were too far.
I fucked up big on this one, never had the experience of using PIN key lockers, so I sat around the street trying to find out what to do. Since my cellphone decided to die that same day, I couldn't call the dude. Luck smiled though, as I approached a friendly fellow who lent me his phone. As I got the news on how to receive the keys, I celebrated and headed up to my room (btw, it was super cheap for a room in Liverpool street). My celebration was cut short as there was another lock with a PIN code on it. Had to buy some stuff to get friendly with the locals and some elderly dude lent me his phone and repeated the process. After charging the electric cockroach, I called the host and apologized for all the hassle, he just laughed it off and told me it was okay. London was overpriced as fuck but that guy was really chill. Left him some rakija as a gift.
I used booking (BADIDEABADIDEA) for Barcelona and Venice, I ain't using it again, got to sleep with 10 snoring gentlemen in some crappy hall.
>go to Amsterdam with friends for NYE
>booked in early october and still was only able to find a 1 room apartment 30 minutes from the center within our price range (100 euro per night if I remember right for 4 people)
>arrive and host doesn't respond for hours
>luckily had a friend in town with whom we left our bags until the host decided to reply 5 hours after the agreed upon check in time
>dirty dishes in the cupboard, stains and hair on the beds and sheets, entire place looked like it hadn't been cleaned at all despite the 50 euro fee

Fuck Amsterdam in general.

Rented another place in Cologne for a few days and it was great. Our flight was delayed so we arrived at midnight, 8 hours after agreed upon and the host was understanding and stayed there anyways. Food and drinks in the fridge (which we replenished), good wi-fi, clean etc.

Both places had many reviews and an average of 4.5. I guess people that go to Amsterdam have lower standards or something.

File: 23865525869_cd0d8726b6_k.jpg (1.15 MB, 2048x1365)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Hello /trv/'ers!

I'll be going to Japan for about 3 weeks starting next week. I was thinking to try using one of those Tinder type of apps to meet some Japanese girls. Are there any apps like Tinder that they use in Japan to meet new people?

Also general Japan travel protips are welcome.
Use the Japan General.
Download this app called 9monsters. Its the tinder of japan
Nice try.

What does /trv think about touring supercaves?

I know the Thai soccer coach done fucked up, taking his team into that cave at the wrong time.

But I just checked this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0thp9ra_1I

And now I'm thinking I need to go on a world cave tour.

I mean, jesus!
Nice try, Elon.

File: 1525380919716.jpg (1.04 MB, 1442x1005)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Hi friends going to Montreal tomorrow. We've got a bit of an itinerary set up but if there's anything you think I ought to check out let me know :)
Thought there were catacombs like in Paris but it seems I was mistaken
There's really nothing much to see. Folks go to Montreal because it's cheaper than going to France and the currency is a dollar of some sort. It's otherwise your average large North American city.
Go to the old city and pretend you're in Paris. Wait for the sun to set and get wasted. See some ridiculously ornate churches, since of course there's ridiculously ornate churches. Some of them are even legitimately old. Some of them.
Y'know, get it out of your head that you're there to 'see' anything, you ain't seeing nothing worth seeing. You're there to do.
Fair enough haha should've known. Thanks for the reply anon

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