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File: patong-beach.jpg.jpg (546 KB, 1600x900)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
I'm heading to Phuket in January with my mother and fiancee and only now I've realized I probably didn't make the best choice when it comes to the beach we'll be staying nearby. I have a booking at a hotel near Patong beach, and as I understand, it's not really a family friendly place (or old-lady friendly).

So two questions from me:
- how much of a hussle it is to travel from Patong beach to more peaceful ones?
- I think I'd like to visit nearby islands, are there any one day excursions available? How much do they cost on average?

Thanks for all the replies!
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File: z.png (41 KB, 812x727)
41 KB
show us where the ladyboy touched you
god people like you are the worst, if you don't like it then that's fine but stop pushing your agenda on everyone else. Literally no one asked about hookers but you bring it up immediately. Fuck off already ya butt hurt /pol/tard.
Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are both pretty bomb honestly if you like the island experience. The parties in Koh Phangan are pretty awesome as well. If you want family friendly go to Koh Samui. Also fuck >>1333392 he's clearly butt hurt and has to tell everyone his story for attention. Literally best to ignore them.
Americans rarely even go to Thailand, the majority of white people that go are usually Brit lads, Australians, Germans, and Russians when it comes to white people. Asians make up the vast majority of the tourism in Thailand but sadly most whites have no idea how to tell the difference between a South Asian Indian and an East Asian Taiwanese. Never really understood why it's so hard to tell them apart though. White people problems I guess.
>you can rest a bomb ass six bedroom villa for yourself with easy beach access and 4 staffs working for you for 1k dollaros

pfft fuck banyan tree and four season i can have my own damn theatre room here

File: Iceland.jpg (335 KB, 1600x1067)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
I'll be flying home for Christmas from the UK to the USA and I'm taking Icelandair. I'm doing a two night stopover. Basically, I land around 3:30 the 17th and remain in Iceland until 5:00 the 19th.

What should I day with my two nights and basically two days? Should I try a Northern Lights tour one night if the Aurora forecast is looking good? Am I better off experiencing the city feel for both nights or should I go get the wild Northern Lights feel?

How about during the day? I know I wanna stay in the city because I don't have time to plan hikes and stuff. Any cool hidden gems or things you recommend?
If you have never seen the aurora, they are ell worth it. Reykjavik is a fine city, I guess, but just another small city like you can see anywhere.
I’m thinking of flying with Icelandair from Toronto to Paris (probably or maybe to Hannover) and thinking of staying over a few days in Iceland. This would be in July or August 2019. The problem is that I just turned 18 last week and I will probably too young to rent a car there but I still want to go there
Will you have a car?

File: 650@80.jpg (71 KB, 650x487)
71 KB
Tell me about trains in Sweden. Is it monopoly like in Finland or what? What is the cheapest way to travel through Sweden?
flights for very long distance and buses for shorter distances
They are fast and comfortable and expensive.

File: maxresdefault-1.jpg (67 KB, 1920x1080)
67 KB
How much of an effort do you make to learn the local language when traveling / living abroad?

I've lived and traveled a lot in Asia, but have never made any effort because I assume it's impossible. But I have learned (enough) Spanish and French traveling / working because they seem attainable.

>Category I: 23-24 weeks (575-600 hours)
>Languages closely related to English

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I agree that it's difficult, but to say it's more than the other languages in the category? From every account I've heard it's easier to learn Japanese than any other East-Asian language, mostly because all sounds in Japanese are common to English (unlike Chinese). Most people say it's way easier to speak than Korean or Chinese. Perhaps if you include fluency in writing since their whole kanji system is pretty retarded, but if you just include speaking and writing with hiragana then I'm skeptical of it being the hardest.
AFAIK (never tried to learn) the extremely limited number of sounds in Japanese, while it makes it easy to pronounce, also means there are loads and loads of homophones (which is why they maintain the use of the Chinese characters; out of context any word can have many different meanings)
Interesting fact about Chinese: when Chinese children are first learning to read/write, they start with latin characters (i.e. pinyin). Only after they've gotten a handle on that do they move on to the utter inanity that is Chinese characters... which really makes you wonder why they bother with the latter at all.

The Vietnamese seem to have done fine with adapting the latin alphabet to a tonal language (even if it's a mess of diacritics, often several on the same letter)
While I think that's kind of true, it's clearly not impossible to understand without Chinese characters since they speak it just fine without ambiguity. I know it's totally possible to use only Hiragana to write Japanese, it's just considered sort of "low class" or uneducated to do so. I think they rely on kanji mostly because of tradition, since kanji certainly have different meanings depending on context as well.
I generally try to be able, at least, to ask basic questions and respond to greetings. Sometimes that leads to a deeper interest but I haven't gotten very far with that due to being lazy. About the only times I didn't really try:
>Vietnamese because oh god tones and diacritics
>Norwegian because everyone was speaking flawless English anyway

Ill be spending next semester in Ghana, and after May will have a couple months to travel. Would like to do some cross country trekking in Ghana and Togo, as well as see the voodoo market in Togo and Temple of Pythons in Benin, also would like to see Lagos since its such a major world city.

Anybody traveled around west africa? Any advice/stories?

Also how to not get AIDS pls
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Yea but you can get an HPV vaccine. Which people should have already anyway.
Fuck that, Condors are fucking cool
How dangerous is Mali? Would like to see the Mosque of Djenne and the Dogon.
My brotheris there right now as soldier, that should tell you all you need to know
Check U.S. travel advisories for that region. Talk to your country's consulate before setting off if you're concerned about stuff like being kidnapped or killed.

File: renew-passport_h.jpg (197 KB, 1200x675)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
What are some (cheap) countries where (first worlders) can live indefinitely without too much hassle/expense?
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Dude, your argument got destroyed. Pack it in and try again next time
How safe do you need it to be? Just be careful when you cross the street.
Spent more than a year here. Nothing has happened. Drunks, lovefools and hardcore junkies from the west get into trouble here, but they would get into trouble anywhere.
what I said is simply a fact.
if he can't believe it, it's his problem.
and he definitely was damn mad.
I did it in a small town in Spain and it's not that bad. Grammar class of 3 hours and conversation class of 2 hours with an hour break inbetween.
Why did you choose PP?

What kind of lifestyle do you have there?

Don't you find the place filthy?

What is the comfiest place in america to spend christmas time this year?
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File: 1476431725055.gif (327 KB, 834x870)
327 KB
327 KB GIF
Go to a non-Western Christian country. (Orthodox Christmas is Jan 7).
File: 566b4f6feba09.image.jpg (161 KB, 1200x798)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Lake Tahoe, perhaps?
Fuck Washington and the PNW, mount rainier isn't anything special. This is a gloomy shithole of a state in winter and the people here are passive aggressive shits and can't drive to save their lives

.tt washingtonian
Is there no way for you to excape?

File: comfy.jpg (54 KB, 700x547)
54 KB
Im from Florida and im new to travelling, im a college student on a budget so im wondering how/where can I find the least expensive flights to South America for a summer trip starting in may?

where in south america would be the best places to go?

>going to south america in the summer

no bueno
its the only time where im completely off from school
Inland peru is pretty good, if a little cold in our summer.

File: 1507579425375.jpg (492 KB, 1920x1080)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
I want to go there with a group of 3 friends in a car and camp there.
What should I take with me? What are the best places to camp there? Any stories to be shared here?

Also, I wear contact lenses, so in the middle of the wild, how would I handle the higiene of it? Is it ok to wash your hands in a lake with soap? Can I pass on some hand sanitizer before putting them on? Is it the same as washing my hands at home?

Also, sudamerica andina general
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Or Return to Patagonia
Great travelling experience, but take a gun with you. Or at least a baseball bat and a knife.
I thought Chile/Argentina were relatively chill?
I made the trip down to El Calafate in September. Some brown guy (therefore not Argentinian) driving a hotel shuttle chased me down the highway into the desert for nearly an hour because I wouldn't make way for him to pass me in the 15kph zone.

I would try turning off the highway onto a dirt road, hoping he would just pass by -- but he kept pursuing me and trying to make me flip my car. He chased me away from town until I no longer had cell signal, and was menacingly motioning to me through the window when he attempted to pull alongside my car. This is all happening at about 90mph.

Luckily I thought to take his photo, and as soon as he saw me trying he slammed on the breaks and turned around. I've honestly never felt so threatened in my travels. If I had a gun in the glove box, I'd have used it.

First time driving a manual, too. Fast and Furious shit.
Damm dude, I did a trip around Patagonia last year and nothing crazy happened, seems like a one in a million story.

Now, about Patagonia, it is tremendously marvelous, I really enjoyed the view and the vibe of it. You should really try to make your way to Ushuaia so you hit the whole road.

BTW, Ushuaia has a few mountains that are pretty easy to move around and you will also be able to get into a glacier for free.

Just have in mind, it's the kind of a trip that you want to do with someone, let be a friend, a travel or a local, but it's most enjoyable and wise to have someone around.

Also if you are planning on doing the mountain thing , remember to tell someone about it, in case something happens. Locals are really friendly and will guide you around for no money.

My family and I traveling to Prague for a Christmas vacation, and my birthday happens to be four days after Christmas.

They keep asking me what I want to do but I honestly can't find anything that interests me that we don't already have planned

Does anyone know of cool places to visit or activities that would work in the winter time in Prague?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You could do a spa day at the Boscolo hotel. There is a fantastic basement swimming pool that reminded me of Asissi, Italy, with malacite little tiles, jets that propelled you out of your water and held you there like a lounge bed. If you don't have a hotel yet, that's a good one. I can swim every day before the day's walking. Cobblestone streets do a number on the feet and legs.
People very often book package trips for 10 days that includes Prague-Vienna-Budapest. You can certainly include several choices of side trip from Vienna, not so much from Prague and Budapest.
I'm Czech American and Prague is dope since you can basically drink your ass off at a young age, but other than that if depends on what you're into. If museums go to the castle they have a museum that will take a whole day to look through. If culture just go outside of Prague to Cesky Krumlov or Kutna Hora for day trips. The area of the city center and the castle area of the bride will probably occupy you for a day or two, but I really recommend the Jewish Quarters and the Alchemist Museum, then after chilling the local parks or renting a boat for a hour to go on the river. Prague has a lot of things for everybody, just gotta look for what you want and you will find it, use Tripadvisor to look for specifics.
File: Praha_dovoz.jpg (602 KB, 1143x1353)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
bumping for interest
Damn ill be flying into berlin as well. Only problem is that i dont really have a concrete plan to get to Prague.

File: ummayyad mosque.jpg (140 KB, 787x442)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Has anyone here ever travelled to "edgy" Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, ...
35 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
If I'm not wrong Vietnam was already safe over 20-30 years ago.
However I do agree with the point that >>1332346 is making. Vietnam hasn't been continuously war-torn and unstable for decades on end as is Iraq.
is fine to go, but you have to avoid certain suburbs of Beirut and border areas obviously because gangs will violently rob you in those areas or you could catch a bullet wandering around some disputed border region where they like to take potshots at each other. You will know what these areas are because no taxi will go there.

you can't go, Damascus (again, dangerous suburbs you can't go to but otherwise safe) is fine for tourism but the problem is leaving. Lebanon will not let you back into the country without having a confirmed appointment with your embassy in Beirut because of foreign fighters/ISIS wannabes and refugee problems. You also have no medical insurance while in Syria as you void it by entering an area your government as declared 'do not travel'.

is impossible right now, Saudis dumping bombs willy nilly on the capital and disease epidemics/food and water shortages.

you can go to but there's a car bombing in Baghdad every couple of weeks, the north borders are totally cut off due to le epic Kurd clown independence vote you have to fly into Baghdad.

If you want to go to that region go to Israel, Iran or Oman. Iran is the cheapest and most friendliest, with zero crime. Top tier restaurant in Tehran with white glove service is like $60. Firooz Kebab Hut is like $3.
The difference is that Vietnam was largely peaceful before France and the Communists started fighting. The Middle East hasn't been peaceful since at least the 1940s if not longer.
>Funny story:
stopped reading there
i believe parts of Iraq are pretty much perfectly safe now. As safe as it was before the war that is.

File: DisneyWorldvsDisneyLand.jpg (173 KB, 1200x627)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
The big debate.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Because people prefer convenience and the familiar. Same reason people prefer to read/watch Harry Potter over and fucking over instead of exploring adult literature/film.
How could anyone argue Land > World? Disneyland is a day trip. Disneyworld is a week-long vacation.
Tripping at Disney World is fun if you're among responsible adults.
Imagine Disney rides as songs by your favorite band.

Disneyland = Greatest Hits

Disney World = Entire Collection
>Can someone tell me the appeal of going to Disneyworld?
It's clean and you always get a consistent product. Four theme parks and two water parks plus lots of other entertainment on property.

However, most of the people with yearly passes are childless, soulless Disney spergs (and especially spergettes). There's something weird about people obsessed with going there all the time.

File: gray-ushanka.jpg (137 KB, 1182x906)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I need the best, warmest hat possible. I'd like it to be some traditional stuff, as they are of good quality, look great and are well-adjusted to the normal weather conditions of their country of origin.

I need something both warm and protecting me well from wind and snow and easily staying on my head.

So show me the best hats, /trv/
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Always amazed what forms autism can take.

Jk man pretty cool collection
how warm is the Moldovan one?
how much does it cover?
post pic if you can, please
File: 1506783186065.png (20 KB, 326x258)
20 KB
There's a red bullseye target on the forehead for the snipers.

Here's the woman who sold it to me showing me how to take selfies. You can't see the hat very well but ya know. If you search "moldova hat" in google images you can find good examples.

I think I might have paid around 30 or 40 bucks for it. It's real sheep skin, hand-sewn by the very same woman (or so I was told).

I got the high, conical one. The bottom can be folded up to make it look more round though.

I don't really wear the hats. They're for display. But it is warm, and it covers the whole top of my head? Idk man
File: 1491191779177.png (184 KB, 300x379)
184 KB
184 KB PNG

What color's your tagelmust? Mine's Tunisian and blue.

cool or gay? ..going december to january
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Rather go to Mexico for that and drown in some latina pussy than some Slavic pussy that still lives with her babushka
Don't worry, I got the fuck out of that country for a reason.
It looks like its full of fake profiles, does it actually work?

Maybe I should only use it for developed countries so I don't get to deal with potential scams
I went there solo and just made friends at the hostel I was staying at, was hanging out with new people almost daily for a week.
sounds awesome, wish I had the courage to do something like that..

File: Drawing.png (33 KB, 681x571)
33 KB
i wanna go to hell
what should i expect to pay
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: Hell.jpg (137 KB, 888x592)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Sick ass racing
Don't meant to hijack OP's thread, but does anyone have experience of TEFL in Hell? Do I need proof of a degree or don't they care.

Also, do girls in Hell like white American guys? I'm 5' 9" I've been told 6/10.
>Hell, Cayman Islands
Check google flights, we don't know because you didn't say where you are from.
Are you sure you want to go to Mumbai OP? Not recommending it.
File: hellmall.jpg (87 KB, 500x375)
87 KB
Well, are you going by bus or by car?
Norwegian roads are an interesting drive, if you really want to go to Hell

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