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File: ALONE.jpg (12 KB, 320x240)
12 KB

anyone have any files or links or suggestions on where to look for old lonely plant guides, circa the 90s?

old shit.

looking for se asia, and africa
if you're willing to pay money there's some pretty big used book companies, they just pick up every old book they can find, and then make money on shipping


has quite a few
Drop by your local public library, you might be surprised.
why on earth would you want an outdated guidebook ?
wrong info is worse than no info

File: 1503786394308.jpg (213 KB, 1080x1080)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>Layover in Keflavík (KEF)
>1 hour 10 minutes
Am I going to make it to my next flight?
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People missing the point here. Only one question matters: are the flights on the same ticket.

Yes? You will be fine.
No? Hope everything is on time.
Euro or foreigner? Generally the euro lanes move pretty fast. Always funny to see a Burger try those lines, and then be told by the officer to go to another line.
I'm Cairns anon, and my flights were on the same ticket. I even called the airline before travelling to ask if i'd make it since i didn't choose the flight time. When i missed the flight the staff just shrugged and said it was weird i was given only an hour between.

if your flight is on the same ticket the airport is obligated to wait for you. if you booked two separate flights then tough shit.
They are not obligated to wait, only to get you to your destination. If you are running late, they will decide whether it's cheaper to wait for you or to book you on the next flight and possibly send you to a hotel overnight.

Going to Israel on April. I kind of look like an arab (im Italian) and live in Brussels. How fucked am I? Will i be stabbed in the middle of Tel Aviv?
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>kind of look like an arab

you'll fit in then
Yes, you're as good as dead. There are strictly no Arabs whatsoever in Israel. Not even mizrahim. If you have the slightest hint of a tan, you'll get escorted to the West Bank immediately.
What do you think Israelis look like? Also you are aware that arabs make up a large amount of Israels population and are generally treated pretty well for being a minority.
What if you are a white lone traveler or say asian lone traveler?
Israelis are Arabs. With some slavic genes mixed in from diaspora.

File: IMG_0911.jpg (125 KB, 700x524)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
What is the most patrician city in the USA to live in?
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I doubt you've ever lived in NYC if you actually think it's god tier
either you don't live in NYC, or you're a contrarian neckbeard
Bad move it's too hot
>San Francisco is the 2nd cleanest city in the US
Once you get out of downtown this becomes apparent. But god damn is downtown fucked.
Visited there recently. It was nice being able to ride a bike for transport without the sun trying to roast me or drivers trying to run me off the road.

File: qbx.jpg (40 KB, 500x666)
40 KB
where in SEA can I get the best internet connection for the lowest cost of living? want to relocate to philippines but I heard the internet is bad, need a stable connection for my income. are there places with good connection in the phils? or cambodia? or what other country for cheap living and good internet
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The US does not want to see a popular uprising against the Thai government; they'd prefer a discreet shifting of power away from authoritarianism. They are indifferent to the power of the Thai royal family.

They would be okay with seeing popular uprising against the Chinese government.

As far as the threat of foreign subversion goes, China has infinitely more to worry about than Thailand.
China doesn't need to worry about foreign subversion when they've got the Communist Party fucking everyone over and making the entire country resent the fuck out of them.
Vietnam seemed to have good connection speeds, pretty much every taxi I got in had pretty good wifi as well which you don't even get here in the UK.
wait what

the taxi itself has wifi?
That was most likely a mobile hotspot using LTE which tends to be pretty good regardless of where you are staying, but it can get really expensive to rely on for everyday tasks.

File: 1322531108494.png (473 KB, 600x706)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>he uses airbnb
Do you like spending 30% more for the same place that much?
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I just read a ton about this it seems like they get a lower price using stolen miles and stuff, good way to get arrested for identity theft I think
I find air bnb are better value for the bucks. Plus if you are in a strange country you get to relate to the locals
What? Every time I've used it it's been far cheaper or better value than hotels
spent 80 bucks for me and my friend to stay in someones apartment for 4 days in downtown montreal. worth it. our roommate was from england and the couple that owned the place were locals that were super cool.
Outside of the US laws and available sites can make it a real pain to find short term rentals, except for on airbnb.

sup /trv/,
what are good US cities, preferably warmer places, to visit for a few days during the last week of december (dec. 24 - 30)? i'll be traveling by myself (because no friends)

i've been to NYC and chicago before. is Florida or Louisiana a good option for the holidays?

or should i just stay at home and avoid busy airports and hiked up prices during the holidays?

what reasons should i give to the us immigration guy when i travel? when i went to chicago, i told them i was going there by myself, didn't know anyone and wanted to sight-see, like check out museums, and try the food there. but he wanted me to "give him something more", and i didn't know what else to say really. i was still let through (i'm canadian, but a visible minority)
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Listen to this guy.

San Diego looks nice, has parks and hiking. i can't swim though, so I don't usually visit beaches

one odd things about NOLA is that on tripadvisor, 3 of the top 30 things to do are to visit cemeteries. seems a little dull
New Orleans is known for it's mystical voodoo stuff but there's also a lot of music venues you can visit. There's probably some riverboat tour or some shit you can do to see some alligators or whatever.
The weather will likely be in the 50-60 degree range, so it should be cool out (it rarely gets insanely cool here in the South)

are there downsides with traveling during the holidays?
will there be less things open (like restaurants and attractions)? things more expensive?

is it sad that i'm traveling on christmas and new years by myself (no friends).
should i delay this trip until next year?
New Years is actually a wise time to travel to New Orleans because prime tourist season is February-July (Mardi Gras, then most of the music festivals happen in these months). There will be a ton of festivities to partake in still, but it won't be as crowded. And no things won't really be more expensive or closed, except on New Years Day and Christmas Day

File: image.jpg (505 KB, 2048x1536)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Hey guys!
French dude just landed in Argentina 3 days ago.
Thanks to family I have here, I've already seen wonderfull things in Buenos Aires (Street art, Tango show, Architecture and some museum).
I'm heading to Puerto Madryn tuesday, by bus (17h by night on a big ass seat). Already got a place to stay there.

I don't have plans to tour the bay & peninsula yet, I hope to find a good deal on site.

I'd like to have a sneak peak to south (El carafate then follow the mountain back to bariloche?)

From tuesday I'll be alone on this trip but OK to share activities/travel (got my internationnal driver licence but given the size of the country, it would be ridiculous to rent a car alone for transfers...)
Any /trv/ellers on the road?
Also my spanish is so bad... Feww.

Ill be around till 09/11/17
So far so good!

File: ol_mongols.png (8 KB, 1200x600)
8 KB
Alright lads, the time for me has arrived. I'm growing up. I got accepted into law school, and will be starting next fall. I got a serious gf as well, and right now I'm working a full time job. As far as I'm concerned, this year is my last year to do some shit I've always wanted to do.

I've always wanted to go to Mongolia, but I kept pushing it off. I think the time has finally come for me to go. I've done a lot of research over the years, so I generally know what to expect over there, and I have a basic idea what to see and what to do. I'm here asking for /trv/'s help on some of the more practical side of things.

I will definitely want to go during the summer. I'm not totally interested in Nadaam, but willing to go if a good case is made. I'm leaning towards August, would that be a good time? What else would you guys suggest?

What is the best airport to connect to Ulaanbaator through? I know your three choices are generally Beijing, Seoul, or Moscow. I'd prefer Moscow, as I can visit with some Russian friends for a few days, but I've never been to South Korea so Seoul would be fine too. Beijing I'm not very interested in visiting again. Whatever the case though, price is king and I won't be too picky if I can save a few hundred dollars.

Is Ulaanbaatar worth hanging in for a day or two? I just want to get drunk in that dump one night. Do you recommend any guest houses or hostels?

Most important, I know infrastructure sucks over there, so I'm planning on taking a tour just to see some parts of the country. Are there any good ones out there that won't bankrupt me?

Just for the record, I probably just want to hang out in yurts and check out the steppe
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yeah true, as long as you're assertive enough to say "no" you'll be fine bro

OP China is very liquory if you go out into the country

What's it like getting around Mongolia senpai?
you asked about the railroad, so that's what I answered to.
If you want to refuse vodka, it may get literally risky to get on a train with russians for weeks.
Take a car or whatever. Hitchhiking is a good option too.


Mongols drink, but not too much (after all, most of them live tens of kilometers from the nearest shop). Still, they don't mind hard alcohol and are able to drink russian-wise. They have the classic eastern 2.5 liter beer bottles. They also make an alcohol out of milk. It has 10%alc. and tastes funny.

being assertive is important.
On the other hand, not drinking even once with them may get you into a fight. (Of course it heavily depends on who is offering that vodka. But chances are they are already drunk)
good point, i've never been to back country china, was thinking of cities

You're going to have lots of time to travel still. I travelled more after I got accepted to law school than I did prior to it. I also had a serious gf (now wife) the whole time.

Enjoy your trip to Mongolia, but it won't be your "last big trip" - that will come in 3ish years.

Source: am lawyer now and just completed actual "last big trip" this past summer

File: japan and korea.jpg (27 KB, 885x516)
27 KB
Planning on going to Korea and Japan for five days each in Feburary with a group of 4 people. Any ideas on what we should do? We're from Australia, will they hate us?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Be warned OP

Any overly anti-Japan or anti-Korea post is either a weeb or a koreaboo. They make it pitifully obvious when they don’t give details of their trip. Most of the shitposters have never even been to either place. Both countries have redeeming qualities and I’ve greatly enjoyed my time in both.
Go to night clubs in shibuya. You will get laid, and it's one of the best night life cities in the world
>If you're there on the weekend Harajuku is intersting because all of the hip kids go there with their crazy fashion so it's interesting to see some crazy stuff.
Don't. Everyone hates tourists gawking at people and taking up space unless they're into jfashion themselves.
This. Came here expecting the usual shitposting but was pleasantly surprised by the lack of it.

Lived in Korea and travel to Japan regular. Love them both but for different reasons.

Korea has cheaper drinking and taxis for night life. Lots of interesting and traditional food, I suggest going out and trying some both normal Korean lunch like healthy soups and the late dinner barbecues. Don't get stuck eating the marinated bulgogi like most foreigners do following some lonely planet guide, try some mom and dad restaurants.

Tokyo has higher quality of life in general and you'll find interesting things to do aside from drinking, although a step up in price. I love them both.

Best cheap cities to live in that are somewhat big (or near enough)?
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Though home prices have risen since I left in 2009, Colorado Springs is nice city very close to a ton of places to explore in and around the mountains. It's an overwhelmingly Protestant city, meaning that most people are educated and polite, and there's a few military bases nearby that support the local businesses.

I liked living there and I'm considering moving back in the future, but I don't know how the job market will look by then
Seoul is all of that, minus the English speaking part. Compared to what you get it's reasonably cheap.
Kiev. If you're a foreigner from the developed world, everything will be ridiculously cheap. The best suite in a 5 star hotel in Kiev was $110 a night.
Not OP but curious. How does one live in a cheap city with a lot of money. In other words, where do you get the money from.
Generally either from making it beforehand and then moving, or from a job that mainly allows you to work remotely.

File: easter island.jpg (2.7 MB, 2764x2214)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
Anyone on /trv/ every been to Easter Island? What's it like?
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Got the ticket for $500 eat it.


bumping again
one more time bump

It's a slow board. There's no need to bump that much

I Have lived in multiple country's some in SEA and the others in Europe I now want to look a bit more at the middle east as I'm curious in the middle eastern culture (not the shit Ideologies that certain people have adopted)
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Probably Kazakhstan. Have heard fairly positive comments about it from other Europeans.
In my opinion, the best Stan is by far Tajikistan, but thats just because of the incredible Nature. If you want islamic culture and stuff, I would recommend Usbekistan, their historic cities beat everything in that manner.

Still, the people in the Stans are very russified, so if you want "more authentic" ME culture, go to some arabian country or Iran.
File: 1507572475263.png (39 KB, 505x800)
39 KB
kyrgyzstan is the only good central asian country
trips of truth

I was glad to do Iraq twice instead of Iraq and Afghanistan, but in retrospect envy my friends who did it the other way

File: Bremen.jpg (401 KB, 1000x667)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
I'm in Northern Germany right now, staying for about a year. Any suggestions on interesting places to visit? (travel by feet, train, or bike optimal)
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Bremen's poor as fuck, that's why. It can't pay teachers shit so they all go elsewhere. They should just merge it into Niedersachsen already. Or make a new state out of western Niedersachsen and Bremen.
That sucks I'm like 5 minutes by train from Bremen
Hamburgfag here... Hamburg is one of the best cities in the world in my opinion and by far the best in Northern Germany. Kiel is nice, Bremen not!
If you are looking for hookers, DONT go to the ones at Reeperbahn. Total scam. Use modelle-hamburg.de
Any decent FKK clubs in Hamburg? Like Oase or Sharks in Frankfurt?
Isnt hamburg more of window prostitution town?

File: South_Korea.png (415 KB, 800x600)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Hey /trv/, I'm considering going to South Korea with a couple of friends next year for 2 weeks. We're thinking about staying in Seoul at the moment and looking to experience the town, go to bars and have a generally chill time. Does this sound like an alright idea or does anyone have any better suggestions and/or tips for what to do? I'm a little afraid of falling into areas that have been too touristified. Would going to a smaller and less popular city be more fun/interesting? Our budgets are fairly limited (around 1600 dollars each) and we have basically no knowledge of Korea outside of PSY and kimchi.

>inb4 just go to japan
I would love to, but one of the guys I'm going going with has recently been there and vetoed Japan, so it's sadly out of the question.

Sorry if the question is too general, I've looked at other places but I don't really trust any tourism sites since they seem to be mostly vetted by dumbos.
86 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>bruh..like...cities are so overrated, like...dude...Tokyo is so mainstream...
I had a really shitty experience with a cunt bartender in Cakeshop, hopefully he got hit by a train or something and everyone else has better luck. Do note that it's a tiny place, too.
I'd like to see 1 (one) thread without any mention of Japan and Tokyo. Is it so hard to get an opinion without comparison and biased weeaboos? I only see it happen with Korea threads.
it's really weird seeing as the two countries are not as similar as many people think.
I'd say Canada and the USA have a lot more in common, but I don't see people in Canada threads saying "JUST GO TO USA INSTEAD"

As you say, weebs just like to search out Korea threads and shit on the country.
They aren’t going anywhere. Just know how to recognize the shitposters and move on. I’ve been here for years at it was a thing when I first started browsing. Both countries are dope but they got history with each other that makes some people booty blasted to this day and they resort to delusional shitposts.

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