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File: IMG-20180214-WA0028.jpg (57 KB, 427x640)
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Hello welcome to Tanzania.I would like to connect with people coming to my beautiful city.
Please invade Kenya
>bumping bait
>not bumping bait
>bumping bait

File: 1.jpg (114 KB, 852x480)
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114 KB JPG
Where in Africa is good for a poor solo traveller? I can't afford expensive guides, don't care for safaris and the like, just want to experience the cultures, people, foods, landscape etc. Time frame would be 6-8 weeks.

While some stuff's cheap a lot of things have to be imported and are expensive. I can't afford stupidly priced hotels, is there anywhere with a decent infrastructure for people in my position?
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It's a tricky one. I didn't experience anything like your friend with paying double - most places I stayed did prefer dollars, but would also accept birr, and it was always at roughly the exchange rate (rounded to the nearest whole amount in their favour, which is what I'd expect anywhere). Even some relatively expensive costs - I took a last minute internal flight for about 80 dollars - wanted to be paid in birr instead of dollars.

The airport I definitely experienced. Changing money back from birr into another currency in general is a complete pain; as you say, it's a closed currency, so anything over a certain amount they'll confiscate if they find it when you're leaving.

I spent pretty much an entire day in Addis trying different banks, exchanges, and a few people who operated a black market to try and change my birr back to dollars/euros/pounds, and not one had any available (possibly falsely claimed, but who knows). In the end I was able to switch mine with a guy at my hostel who'd just arrived in the country.

You can hop around and see some thing, sure. I don't have any specific recommendations for that, nor can I offer any experiences for how scenic the places may be.

The cheapest way to do the Simiens is to pay the National Park fee of about $10 a day, and the only other mandatory payment is a scout for protection - at the current exchange rate that's 5.50 a day, so if you've got your own camping gear/food you can spend just over $15 a day. The tours are all more expensive as they include a guide, cook, mules for gear, all gear that may be needed, and all food/water. I hadn't planned on the hike and had no gear with me, and the individual costs for daily hire of what I needed was almost the same as the tour, so I took that as an easy option. If you're prepared, though, there's no need to drop a couple of hundred for a few days in the aea.
Can anyone speak on West Africa? Ghana, Nigeria, Mali?
I've been researching Ghana cause I do the remote work thing in SEA usually.

The place is booming, apparently. Weed is almost legal. The internet is pretty good. A lifestyle that would cost me 1000 in Vietnam and 1300 in Cambodia, would according to my estimates cost about 1500 in Ghana. Not going there just yet, but soonish.
I hear Ghana is cheaper than first world, but on the mkre expensive side of third world. For first world/luxury goods especially. Bur also one of the most stable/least corrupt places in Africa. I know they have been courting African Americans

Yeah, those numbers seem about right. Seems like a pretty cool place. A pal went 20 years ago and he was bored shitless, but I think it has changed. Plenty of travel docus about the place on YT. And it is pretty close to Yurop for me. I like going to places that are not 20 hours away.

File: lang.jpg (53 KB, 800x450)
53 KB
Hey /trv/. I'm considering traveling to SEA with a group of 5-7 friends, and celebrate several special occasions. I personally find Vietnam really interesting for some reason, and I wonder what you would recommend. Generally it would be great to combine an experience-based trip (1 week) with a relaxing one (1 week). As in, one week of traveling and checking out Ha Long Bay/Bai Tu Bai, rice fields, cities/musems etc, and one week of staying at a tropic paradise with beautiful beaches.

Anyone got any tips for route from Hanoi? What do you recommend? How to travel from place to place by most ease? I'm kind of green by the way, only said the mentioned bays because that's what came up first googling Vietnam - and it looks beautiful. We are not that experienced with traveling Asia - but everyone has at least visited either Thailand or China. How is it different from Thailand? I greatly appreciate any reply.
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A car is retarded in Vietnam.
So in a 1 month trip (which I have), what would you advice me to see ? Sure that Cambodia couldn't fit ?
There wouldn't be time if you're doing the Hanoi to HCM by motorbike thing.
Oh yes, but I head that a lot of people take the train/plane between 2 long distances.
Going to spend a couple days in Ho Chi Minh (Do people call it Saigon still?) Before trekking into Cambodia, any suggestions what to do there? First time leaving Europe.

File deleted.
>be me
>travel often
>huge gaps on resume

Is it bad if I make up some jobs I did abroad? Can your employer even check if you were in a specific country if all you got were some stamps in your passport?
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>Is it bad if I make up some jobs I did abroad?
>Is it bad if I make up
Do not lie on your resume. Huge fucking no-no right there. Better just to be up front and tell them that you like to travel for long stretches of time. Traveling has all kinds of positive associations thou, so I don't see why you would need to cover that up.
Don't lie. Be honest about the fact that you wanted to explore the world. Most employers will respect you more since many people see the idea of leaving home and seeing the world as a Herculean feat.
This is a good idea.
Just list that for work you drove Uber during that time period or some shit.

No it doesn't.

I've gotten turned down from jobs because they figured my proclivity for travel meant I'd ditch them as soon as I could (and they were right, TBQH).

File: marquee.jpg (323 KB, 1280x720)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
/trv/ what do you use to get the lowest fares on airline tickets or hotels? I want to take a trip next month and honestly I feel like every time I buy a ticket I am getting hosed.

Like I went to Korea last year, I googled American Airlines because everyone I know said its the cheapest that isn't a shitty Korean/Chink airline. Paid $1049, yet a lot of people here said a ticket is around $600. How are you getting these deals?
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As in, with most standard international flights you tend to get a half decent seat. Were as with the same Chinese airline i've had both huge and tiny seats, flying the same route, so who the fuck knows
I would imagine the S.Korea airlines are probably even better than the American ones
Lol, pretty much any airline is better than American. American airlines are basically Ryanair 10 years ago tier service + Emirates tier prices.
The only notable difference I've experienced with Asian airlines is how some of them will treat kids. Like they used to never ever serve us as kids on Malaysian airlines. If we hit the button to ask for a drink, they'd just come up turn off the light and walk off again. That didn't happen with anyone else around the world, just with Asians.
Have you been to liveleak?

File: DSC_0004.jpg (376 KB, 1600x1066)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
How much do you pack for long journeys, /trv/?
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Depends on where I'm going and how much ground I'll cover.

For cheap countries I often bring next to nothing just so i can buy local stuff to blend in and save money.
...and to snag carry-on only flights.

If I'm taking long transits (trans siberia etc) more clothes
If I'm traveling with a backpack, often the weight is more important; but if I'm flying frequently the bulk factors in more

My general MO is to take a large plain hiking backpack that is half empty
Yeah play's this different, but after a trip carry way too much, and a trip carry maybe too little, you kinda find a happy medium after that. Plus you learn whats actually useful, and whats just dead weight, or too easy to buy to be worth carrying.
ie. medical kits in first world countries. go to a fucking chemist ffs.
>How much do you pack for long journeys, /trv/?
I pack whatever I want. I plan for the weather options, whatever they might be, and I have 3 pairs of shoes. I used to pack lighter, now I don't give a shit, and it's less stressful to just have whatever I want when I want it. I am smart that items mix and match, always clean undergarments, don't double up just for fashion's sake, but I won't rewear items other than sweaters and jackets. Pants can go two days if no sweating.
I've started wearing undershirts (like thin t-shirts, not singlets) under my t-shirts now in cold countries. I figure its two layers between my armpits and jumper, so doesn't get as much stink on your jumper and can go a little longer between washes. Plus it's an extra layer so double win
I usually combine city hopping and multiday hikes on the same trip, sometimes with vastly different climates. So I tend to go with a ~55L pack. Everything I like to use in cities takes up about 25-30L, my minimum overnight gear fills around 15L (tent/pad/bag/stove, clothing has some overlap with city stuff), cold weather gear another few L and then the remainder is left spare in cities, or filled with food when setting off on a multiday hike.

File: Montreal.jpg (223 KB, 1200x675)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
So I am going to Montreal for a weekend in March with the gf. I was there a couple years ago with a buddy, but we only stayed a night and got drunk before moving on to Quebec City the next morning. Thus I don't have much experience doing touristy and gf safe things in Montreal.

Quebec or Canada anons, what would you suggest I do during the day? I know Old Montreal and the Plateau are pretty cool, but from what I remember Montreal isn't like a typical touristy city where there are sites to see and tours to take. I'm pretty much excited to eat and drink a lot like I did last time, but I know she wants to do some sightseeing.

Also are sugar shacks worth going to? I know March is maple season but from what I've seen they can be pretty cheesy.
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Jesus that pic really does ooze out french canadian-ness

So do you book a table in advance or just show up? Do they have a gift shop or something if you just want to buy syrup, and not necessarily eat breakfast?

OP here, got a reservation here for a Sunday brunch. I'm pumped /trv/, going to eat my fucking ass off this trip.
>I like Techno/House if there are any that are geared towards that which are decent.

File: stereo-nightclub-1-md.jpg (56 KB, 555x375)
56 KB
You could also checkout world-famous Stereo club afterhour

New City Gas is another popular one

File: 2548_rotterdam.jpg (356 KB, 1920x820)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
I gonna spend 3 days in Rotterdam and Den Haag at the end of the month. never went to those cities, so i don't have any idea what to do there.

I'll city near the center of Rotterdam, and i've a car if i want to visit a bit the countryside. any recommandation ? Alsoo looking for some cool bars !
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Utrecht city center
Leiden city Center
Veluwe national park (get a cozy B&B there).
The Wadden Islands up north
listen to this guy >>1364865
This guy got the netherlands all figured out.

I would add haarlem and delft centres, they have they unique atmospheres.
this is a pretty good list, though i'd certainly add Delft to the list. Really worth a visit (Delft > Leiden if you need to choose).
Rotterdam is extremely boring nothing to do nothing to see, maby the ships and the Markthall

File: DSC_0201.jpg (525 KB, 2048x1536)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
I'm going for a budget trip to Norway, starting with Lofoten. I read about DNT cabins and wonder if any of You have used them.
As the trip is a budget one, I would rather use the no service cabins every now and then (most of sleeping in the car).
The questions is, do I really need a key or are they open most of the times? How are they inside, maybe You took some pictures?

Thanks in advance

What location would you give them? You can include specific regions and locations, even cities and towns, parks, etc, but not entire countries (unless it's extremely small)

I pick Okinawa
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that's near where my family lives. Went hiking there a couple of times, pretty nice
File: sosua-beach-9[1].jpg (626 KB, 1500x994)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
Sosua DR
File: Lortet de Mar.jpg (151 KB, 980x562)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
What? Sosua is just a whore town. Not even the best beaches in DR
smog. Think San Diego, or LA

I have literally never had a smooth flight on one of these
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New-Gen EJet is coming out soon which should be less shit.

I’ve heard the Cseries is amazingly comfortable.
I work on these as an FA, I like the Embraers a lot. The back galley can get a bit bumpy but its still pretty nice. Also don't drink the potable water.
>the flight attendant rolls a cart filled with stacks of bananas to the cockpit

brazilian airlines, not even once
Although technically I guess it’s not a jet

File deleted.
>tell story about odd things that happen in strange and fascinating places

I can't say I've ever had this problem, lad. Sounds like you know odd people
what's the odd story then?

>inb4 shut in tells about his first time going outside and just happened to be in X place
I've been to 40 countries and when people ask me to tell stories from my travels I can't think of anything except diarrhea stories
Im in circles with well traveled people and poop is the subject of 80% of our conversations. In my opinion, this is how you filter out travelers from tourists- their willingness to discuss bowel movements.
I don't know what it is about traveling but you always end up shitting yourself in the wierdest places.

File: toledo.jpg (2.08 MB, 1920x1080)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
A city where various cultures and civilizations coexisted and coexisted peacefully and which is definitely worth visiting, a small video with some details of this city
>A city where various cultures and civilizations coexisted and coexisted peacefully
>Tariq, seizing the opportunity presented by the death of Ruderic and the internal divisions of the Visigothic nobles, captured Toledo, in 711 or 712. (...) when Tariq captured Toledo and executed the Visigothic nobles, having already killed the king, there was no way for the Visigoths to select a legitimate king.
>"Toledo suffered a period of profound decline throughout much of the earlier centuries of Arab dominance in the peninsula."
>Under the Umayyad Emirate of Cordoba, Toledo was the centre of numerous insurrections dating from 761 to 857
>Once (...) entered Toledo, he invited the leaders to a celebratory feast. As they entered Amrus' fortress, the guests were beheaded one by one and their bodies thrown in a specially dug ditch. The massacre was thus called "The Day of the Ditch". Amrus' soldiers killed about 700 people that day.
>Toledo now engaged in an inter-city feud with the nearby city of Calatrava la Vieja. Toledan soldiers attacked Calatrava, destroyed the walls, and massacred or expelled many inhabitants of Calatrava in 853
>In 920s and 930s, the governors of Toledo were in rebellion against the Umayyad regime
>Its population was overwhelmingly Muladi, and, because of its central location in the Iberian Peninsula, Toledo took a central position in the struggles between the Muslim and Christian rulers of northern Spain. The conquest of Toledo by Alfonso VI of Castile in 1085 marked the first time a major city in Al-Andalus was captured by Christian forces; it served to sharpen the religious aspect of the Christian reconquest.
Cultures of peace.
People sell that city for the multicultural aspect, never understood that.
Was there last summer and the city is definitely lovely though, small medieval streets, different quarters and nuns, one which i bought a muffin from.
Problem is that the city is slowly becoming a tourist trap, Especially the main streets where tourists go, talked to some locals and they acknowledge it too, commenting on two big fast food chains opening up in the main square and such.
closing the thread

where are some of the best surfing spots in south africa and namibia? Also does anyone know of a place that rents out decent boards?
They host a round of the word surf tour at Jeffreys Bay so I'm assuming that's decent.

What’s a good place to go for spring break by yourself? I live in New York and wanna get away from it and go somewhere within the US where I could see the beauty of life honestly
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File: TheKing.webm (1.94 MB, 720x1280)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB WEBM
puerto rico is fairly good and really cheap right now. florida isnt bad. why not travel outside the US
I still haven’t renewed my passport and I doubt it’ll get here in time for spring break
Orcas Island. It's a long way, but fuck it's beautiful. Rent some little 50 buck a night cabin, grab some legal weed in Seattle on your way up, watch the pods of killer whales swim by.
my neck cracked while tilting my head to your photo
Like a road trip? And how’s the weed up there?
>>1365194 It came out as sideways idk but i took that myself

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