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Anyone been there and what do you think?
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OP here and thank you. Most important comment right here! I won't let them bitches and hoes lead me by the short hairs. ;)
>I live in and drive a motorcycles in Vietnam. Couldn’t imagine China is half as bad.
Ironically, because Vietnamese police are far more corrupt than Chinese police, Vietnamese use their helmets and avoid making illegal turns. Chinese police don't get to extract bribes from people for doing this and social harmony means that they don't want to make waves by cracking down on stuff (much) so they tend to just ignore those sorts of petty violations.

Epidemic corruption makes Vietnamese city streets safer, truly.
>Went to that old island (dont remember the name) with old colonial architecture of the old trade houses
In GZ? You probably mean the French concession though there are a couple of islands that sort of qualify as what you describe.

You really should ask in the China general
Also, your map is the military region which isn't the same as the provinces. E.G. Wuhan is part of that region despite being in a completely separate province.
Oh really I'm sorry I just don't care.

File: hongkong-harbour-xlarge.jpg (180 KB, 1280x861)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
What are the best busy cities in the world? I love Hong Kong, but go there twice a year already so thought I'd try something new. I loved New York from the times I've been there, but don't want to go there again.
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Another shout out to BA, I enjoyed this city. Except crossing 21 lane roads.
It is worth spending a night there, I doubt the crossing will be complete.
Exception is if you have been to Las Vegas, I haven't been and was impressed, the ruins and eggs tarts are nice.
Not worth more than 1 night, you would be bored if 3 days or more as there is not much to see, but as a day trip with night in casino it is great.
Bus shuttles from ferry port and in between casinos is free.
You think you've experienced a lot, but you haven't seen anything 60-year-old baby boomer on pension hasn't.
Might be overhyped etc. but I still really love London.
Mostly I'm really into all the historic eras thats been through that place, lil roman history, medieval, the British empire stuff, the industrial revolution, WW1/2, 60's etc.
Then its also a big varied city with like all sorts of old/new architecture, the river, the parks, the fact your only like a hour or two from a bunch of other interesting places in the south of England.
Plus its easy asf to get around, and almost everyone speaks English, lol
Tehran if you can

File: IMG_3022.jpg (88 KB, 737x742)
88 KB
>on train from Rome to Venice
>Chinese couple beside me ask if the stop we were approaching is Venice
>The stop is Padova, surrounded by fields
>Tell them in Chinese that Venice is three stops away

The absolute state of tourism
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Butthurt Chinaman detected
Good on you for helping them out, even f you can't help but be snarky about it later.
>Chinese do all the graffiti n theworld
>2 billion people
Confirmation bias is easy
Worst your group I've seen so far were elderly equdorians
muslims routinely smash buddhist icons in japan and china, and routinely bomb churches in egypt, syria, lebanon, iran, turkey, greece, albania, serbia, india, europe, etc

hell, muslims have destroyed most of the artifacts in egypt that have ever been around

File: maxresdefault.jpg (486 KB, 1280x720)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
Is Goa worth visiting, or is it just Ibiza for younger generations, i.e. loud, vulgar and venal?
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Kys is a pretty degenerate thing to say
Well if a Spaniard is saying it, it must be true.

What's next, a Jap complimenting Koreans?
>Jap complimenting Koreans

Not that but there definitely are many Koreans who compliment Japs.

T. Korean (and I honestly think Japs are much more polite people than we gooks. Idk we gooks are kinda too rude to each other. Perhaps we gooks are super self-haters)
Another Korean here. I don't go out of my way to suck Japan's dick, but I acknowledge that they are more well-behaved than certain other countries' people.

At this point, it's mostly water under the bridge. At least they're not Chinese or Singaporean.
hadn't heard about bad singaporeans. elucidate me

File: Bloo hole.jpg (114 KB, 640x640)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Alright /trv/ me and some friends are trying to decide between going to Belize to really explore the nature or Colombia for more of a city vibe, specifically Cartagena. So just a general information thread about both just so I can start getting a better idea
How long? Belize is a pretty small country.
Just an extended weekend so like 4 days max
I can't really tell you about them since I haven't been there but as a colombian I can offer some tips if you do decide to visit Cartagena (which is full of cultural shit). All the stuff you take with you leave it at the hotels you stay in. When going outside, go outside with only the necessary shit. Leave your papers behind, and carry small amounts of cash moneys. The city is chock full of pick pockets, and the occasional thief; both of which are avoidable by common sense. Carry little and don't make yourself seem like a "rich tourist gringo" and don't walk into ghettos, or lonely places late at night. Other than that, I've heard the place is great, and if you do come, enjoy! If you plan on travelling Colombia more I recommend going to "El Eje Cafetero" for the old timer towns, the beautiful mountain ranges, "El Parque de los Nevados", coffee, and the food. And do NOT go to the capital (Bogota), that place was/is a shitfest. First day I went there I got mugged, lol.
Cartagena will be hot as balls right now. Still pretty, but b ready to do more in the evening and less in the noon-to-late-afternoon time frame.

File: 1515782384343.jpg (18 KB, 264x397)
18 KB
Has any American here traveled to Poland?
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I've been to Romania which is like a Polish Poland.
Based Wifequester
Not him, but due to the pic and also due to you entertaining the possibility that you'd be literally the first American to ever visit a European country.
Yes I've been.
Yes they love Americans.
Yes you could probably get one to marry you by sheer virtue of being American.
No. They will never love you.


File: Cuba-map.gif (52 KB, 1200x659)
52 KB
Going to cuba in a few weeks. Is it possible to get by on $75 USD per day? This includes food, ticket prices for stuff, and taxis. I don't know how expensive it is there, and I planned on walking a ton if possible.

Also, any suggestions of places to eat at or see?
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How much for hookers?
how much have you got?
Very difficult to find very attractive hooker or in other words, have high testerone else you will not feel like fucking.
Is Cuba worth going with my GF? I want to visit before Americans ruin it as the travel restriction lifts even more? Should I do an all inclusive or will that make it like any Caribbean vacay.

File: trv.jpg (719 KB, 1920x1200)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
I'm considering doing Asia this August with my girlfriend. Initially, I was set on Vietnam or Thailand and hitchhiking around, using trains or whatever. I realized that you can fly to Georgia or Kazakhstan for cheap from Europe and I'm wondering if it'd be an amazing adventure to attempt to hitchhike/bus/train to India or further from there and fly back to Europe at the end.

I'm a bit worried it might be a bit of a hassle with all the visas along the way (Polish passport) — especially Pakistan, and other possible risks. Also, I'm wondering if there would be lots of boring landscapes along the way with nothing going on for days in some parts.

Could I get some opinions or other possible fun ideas for a month-long Asia trip in August?

Thanks /trv/
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SEA in August is perfectly fine. There are more rainy days but it depends. IE last time I was in August not a single day did rain. Plus low season has its benefits.
No kidding.
Go overland dude, its the done thing right now
Khazakstan is super cheap by rail which I'm doing now, and caucuses us do-able

Can't speak on Iran but I met a stack of people going Iran turkmen transit visa Uzbek khazakstan

North Pakistan Afghanistan area is a no go for overlanders, so south Iran south Pakistan (apparently you get a free escort) is an option

I have a whole it inert for burma by rail that I never got around to
Only a CIA agent would try that, which is what they will suspect when they see your dumb ass
Wouldn't recommend actually.
Half the peple get stuck for a week waiting for the damn boat, stupid turkmen visas are a liability even if you get one, it's 80 US Baku (alat)to kazhakstan (aktau) now and I couldn't fjnd a non paSanger vessel
If you actually decide to the hitch hiking route, make sure to go from Benis to Bagina.
>decide to the hitch hiking
to go for*

File: 6235156321612.jpg (29 KB, 220x290)
29 KB
I'll be traveling to Berlin for a week, for job. My hotel will be in Alexanderplatz, and I will have the weekend free and afternoons and nights on weekdays. I have no idea what to see or visit. I have 30€ free to spend per day
Any tips or recommendations of what to visit or do on my free time?
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Food: Burgermeister, Coccolo ramen, Azzam. If you have time you can queue for Mustafa's Gemuse Kebap. Barcomi's deli for desserts.
Bars/nightlife: Klunkerkranich rooftop bar, IPSE.
Badeschiff open air pool.
Museum's Island, Jewish Museum. Potsdam is amazing if you like palaces.
Spati at Rosenthaler Platz - sit outside and drink a beer.
Tonight's episode of Parts Unknown is in Berlin. I am sure there will be some cheap gems, as there always are
Spent two weeks in Potsdam and can confirm, I especially loved Alexandrowka
Get drunk on the street and yell, that's pretty much it besides the museum island
Eh, not a big fan of that one. It's relatively expensive for the space offered and people don't seem to be as sociable as in the other big clubs.

I will have the opportunity to visit Budapest for a couple weekends while being in hungary work. What are the absolute must sees and things to avoid? I know English and German.
Kiraly and Veli bej spas.
Avoid doing or buying anything at the airport other than getting an official taxi outside the arrivals at the taxi booth.
check out the spas, gellért hill, the castle district, city park, the medieval ruins on margaret island, the roman ruin garden and amphitheaters of aquincum, go caving in the szemlőhegyi or pálvölgyi cave, visit the great market hall, discover the ruin pubs of the jewish district, check out the national museum if you're interested in the long and eventful history of hungary and the hungarian people, catch a concert on a38 or at akvárium klub, stroll down andrássy avenue from heroes' square, take tram nr. 2 at jászai mari square and ride it till fővám square, climb the stairs of st. stephen's basilica for a panoramic view of the city, and eat out at least once in Kéhli (they serve delicious traditional Hungarian fare and they have live gypsy music every night)

File: 4.jpg (130 KB, 1280x866)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I don't get the appeal of traveling. With the help of today's Internet it's so easy to just look at very immersive videos, pictures, vlogs, etc. I don't see how experiencing those travels physically would differ from just experiencing them through a screen. Can you guys change my mind?
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The very idea of wanting to or liking "travel" is a pretense.

You travel for a purpose usually; to see historic sites, to see natural wonders, to try food, etc

So your real interest is history, food, nature, etc and travel is just a means to do those things

But liking "travel" itself means what exactly? You enjoy the act of physically transporting yourself to other places? No, no one travels simply because they enjoy airports, airplanes, trains etc If you move somewhere, that isnt travel. Talk to people? You talk to people from different countries everytime you come to 4chan.

No, people who say they like to travel like one thing above all else: that pretense of saying "I've traveled the world, look at all the countries and places I've been to ;). Praise me and be jealous"

>No, people who say they like to travel like one thing above all else: that pretense of saying "I've traveled the world, look at all the countries and places I've been to ;). Praise me and be jealous"

I only really get that vibe from Instagram broads with "inspirational" bullshit written on their pics. A lot of people travel and don't act like assholes
>No, no one travels simply because they enjoy airports, airplanes, trains etc
I'd like to introduce you to >>>/n/
File: 1493096274482.jpg (144 KB, 618x597)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
The very idea of wanting to or liking "Money" is a pretense.

You want money for a purpose usually; to buy consumer goods, to experience and consume services, to buy food, etc

So your real interest is consumer good, food, services, etc and money is just a means to do those things

But liking "money" itself means what exactly? You enjoy the act of procuring green pieces of paper? No, no one works simply because they enjoy pieces of paper, currency, cheques etc If you make money, that isnt consumption. like numbers on a page? You see numbers on a page every time you come to 4chan.

No, people who say they like money like one thing above all else: that pretense of saying "I've a lot of currency, look at all goods and services I can potentially acquire ;). Praise me and be jealous"
If you would be truly willing to entertain this request, I ask that you look at immersive media of the Grand Canyon, and then travel to see it in person. Please let us know if you felt any difference between the two methods of experiencing the same site/landmark. Experiencing places, people and things through media can be is informative, but experiencing them in person is much more likely to be transformative.

>be me
>23yo male, native mainland chinese
>just get married, wife currently studying at hiroshima, and yes she's also chinese
>will be there in 6 months i presume
>pretty viable english, ielts band 8 to be precise
>know all the kanji shapes and kanas, yet little of kanji pronunciations and grammar
>have known programming good enough to say
mainstream japan it corps are somewhat incompatible with what i've learnt
>gotta get a job

how well do you think i could do /trv/? would also love some advice
thanks in advance
You’ll do fine, go for it

How dangerous are Canadian highways and wilderness regarding violent maniacs, specially western provinces (BC)?

I'm seriously asking this because i always hear from people on /int/ about supposed "shittons of disappearances" and serial killers and shit.

It would be a huge killjoy for me since i was planning to immigrate a few years from now and i would like to have some nice opportunities to spend my time with comfy night drives/strolls.

>inb4 fuck off we're full

If shits really not safe, would it be more viable to go to Binland/other skandi countries ?
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As long as you're not a methhead native prostitute trying to score tricks in buttfuck nowhere rural BC you're fine.
>200 people in the last 100 years

You realize that many people die in car accidents every month right? Retard
many people die in car accidents every month right

Not OP, but I can't understand why people have to compare all the death numbers to car accidents. If I am dying because of a car accident my last thoughts would be, "shit, I got unlucky, but I couldn't have lived without driving a car". My family and friends would possibly come to terms with that.

Now compare that to being tortured and killed by a psychopath. Imagine the pure fear and agony during my last moments. My soul shall never rest in piece.
>rest in piece
rest in peace.
> If I am dying because of a car accident my last thoughts would be, "shit, I got unlucky, but I couldn't have lived without driving a car".

Yeah or you could be bleeding to death for hours alone on the side of a highway, spend a week dying of septic shock in a hospital, or spend the rest of your life as a retard or quadrapalegic

And the serial killer might just shoot you in the back of the head

File: VancouvertoGuatemala.jpg (43 KB, 1038x372)
43 KB
Planning on leaving for Guatemala by December, halfway saved for getting there already,
This doesn't take into account for food and housing, but I have some friends scattered about the towns listed so I'm not too worried about saving extra for airbnb's
>I rounded up so its possible to bus for even cheaper.
Am i doing okay? Or is this a cluster fuck?
>Post your own routes and anon judges how viable
Generally gonna be riding the ADO
I took into account Travel.Canada's advisories on certain parts of Mexico, like the north and west, but it said certain areas like Hermosillo were generally ok, it was more of the state conflict.
File: castleofedwardjamesmexico.jpg (835 KB, 1224x1632)
835 KB
835 KB JPG
I am poorfag too, but I a flight from Vancouver to Guatemala one way would roughly be the same anyway so i figured i might as well see Mexico along the way.
If you're mainly trying to save money it will be much cheaper to fly once inside Mexico, from Tijuana to Cancun or somewhere like that. You've already found a very cheap option to fly from Vancouver to LA at like half of the regular price.
Thats riding the greyhound though.
If i'm lucky theres a website for the vancouver airport "yvrdeals" and they had flash sales to Mexico City one way for $100, but i missed the chance to jump on it, but scrolling through the website it seems to cycle through so within six months i might be able to get a similar deal and save a fuckload of money.
>I also like the idea of rolling through each little Mexican town and getting a feel for the country though

File: cali2.jpg (3.72 MB, 2465x2961)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
What is objetively the optimal path to travel from LA to San Fransico?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This. PCH takes like more than twice the amount of time than the 5
As a San Franciscan who goes to LA a lot, I'd argue that the optimal route is by air, possibly not to LAX depending on your final destination (my personal favorite SoCal airport is Long Beach, distantly followed by the viciously suburban but rarely crowded Santa Ana/John Wayne.

But in all seriousness, the 1 is beautiful for much of its length, but can be nauseating in many stretches. I recommend it at least between SF (actually somewhat North of there--it is really pretty in Marin and a few counties above) and perhaps Carmel, but the effect has sunk in by then, and it's just a slow, twisty highway. Do a few hours of it and cut inland, in my opinion. The 5 is nasty but relatively fast, as is 101.

Done. Thread over, Everyone GTFO
along the coast obviously.
I'll add:
Cost: Megabus bought in advance

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