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File deleted.
Where is some nice nature in SEA that still has WiFi and I won't get killed for being white?

Thinking somewhere in Bali or Indonesia. Or maybe another country
Northern Thailand should be perfect. If you need more rugged nature Laos is next door. The foods a lot worse there though
You can go to Singapore.

What are some good destinations for an anxious autist travelling solo?
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Anything more exotic?
Exotic means everything that triggers you, try Korea, idk
Anxious french autist bumping the thread. I also would like to go on a solo travel. Was considering Sweden... Is that a nice good place to go ?
Any a bit more unknown place outside the tourist season is fine for this. Usually the obnoxious dude weed lads travel in the season to the usual most touristy cities. The Nordic countries, Balkan countries beyond coasts and capitals, Eastern Central Europe beyond meme cities like Prague or Krakow in the early spring/late autumn and you'll be all set. Pick a city that caters your autism but of which you haven't heard much in travelling context
Japan is pretty perfect
>very quiet
>very little interaction with locals
>organized with stuff to see
>perfectly normal to be eating alone

I like it for a lot of those reasons. It's great to walk around at night too.

File: 1529932649536.jpg (52 KB, 702x873)
52 KB
Making trip ideas for 2019. Anons, I want to go and do something fucking weird. Any recommendations?
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File: two nosed dog.jpg (104 KB, 634x567)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

Weird you say? Well you came to the right bloke. Just HOW weird are you willing to go; a little "lol so random" or full on spider-fucking-nightmares-for-weeks weird?

You're slowly convincing me to check out Pyramiden. I think Hurtigen does boat tours on icebreakers throughout the year, even on holidays.

Can I bring a rifle on the tours or is that not kosher? I know my way around a K98 like the back of my hand since the Russian captures were the only guns I could afford when I was younger.
File: Longyearbyen.jpg (1.87 MB, 3024x2268)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
When I went to Barentsburg a guy was on my boat with a K98, he only did the one-way journey so must of been off to do some hiking around that area.

Pyramiden settlement I think is access by armed guide only, there are around 10 or so people that "live" there, care-taking things, running the hotel and doing guide walking tours. I think that is basically so people don't steal shit (Like all the locals from Longyearbyen did when the Russians left) they are still really angry about that, as some bars in town still have Lenin statues and the like sitting around from looting.

Maybe send the hotel an e-mail to inquire about overnighting there and just how "free" you are to wander around by yourself, was a couple years ago a Polar bear broke in to the hotel and trashed the bar at night and the area is extremely dangerous, with some areas off limits to all (Including the childrens graveyard and the mine which caused the evacuation for whatever reason it was).

Re: Firearms, your hotel or accom will have a gunsafe for the one that you hire, so you can leave it there as most of these tours will pick you up from certain points in town and drive you to the harbor, so you'll only need your firearm if you go up the main valley solo to check out the fossils near the glacier or up the sides hiking.
Live in the London tube (subway) system from a full week and write an article about it. Get a job working on a cargo ship as it sails across a major ocean. See how far you can walk down the beaches of the east coast, beginning at Chincoteague where wild horses roam, camping on the beach at night or sleeping in the day, catching fish off piers. Hike through the countryside of former East Germany, staying in abandoned buildings and soliciting the hospitality of rurals. Purchase a very cheap and vacant property in some random country and camp out there. Make your way around Europe begging on the steps of cathedrals. Go offer your services as a native speaking English consultant to African or Indian scammers. Go to a popular tourist destination only to make money off tourists by selling something or other or driving for Lyft or Uber. Take out a loan and purchase a boat, sailing from where you purchased it to as far as you can go. Sell it to someone else at your destination and take a bus back home. Just a few ideas.
Gimme both, baby.

File: mrhulot.jpg (61 KB, 400x593)
61 KB
What are your favorite /trv/ films?
L'auberge espagnol
>tfw still sad two years after coming home from Erasmus
Came here to say this.
I love that movie.

File: download (3).jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
I found a sheep skull hiking in norway and want to know if i can bring it back to Canada without geting it confiscated
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>Anyhow, just mail it back to yourself (and potentially cause irreparable harm to Canadian industries by bringing back an unknown parasite)
Canadian here, we already have Indians, Pakis, Chinese, Filipinos, Russians, and Israelis.
Make a silicone cast of it. Once you return to Canada you can mold a hard replica. Then you make a carbon fiber mold of it, get a lamb and put the hard mold on the lamb. It will grow into the mold. Then you have the original skull again using the Ship of Theseus paradox.
I think this is the only proper way OP
If i stuck it in my suit case would i be fine
you'll be fined

which country had the worst smells?
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but it was fun
Man you can't just say you went to Gabon and leave it at that. What did you do? Did you enjoy it?
At least to me the smell of the city isn’t that bad. I smell it right from the arrival terminal, a smell reminiscent of wet highways and ocean spray.
Then as you arrive closer to the lively parts in TST or Central there is not one single second of your trip when it smells “nothing”. Outdoors is either a mix of sewage/food/exhaust gas/cooking (good and bad) smells/wet market stalls/dry seafood and Chinese medicines for the urban parts, with the aroma of fresh coffee since there are so many artisan coffee shops. Or mold/monsoon/wet dirt/decaying vegetation in the natural parts. Indoors (malls) is usually a mix of cosmetics/world cuisines/indoor perfume. And you know right away if there is a wellcome or a park’n’shop selling durian somewhere in the belly of the building.
But after all that’s what the name of the city is about.

And I agree that mainland has worst smells otherwise. Default smell is air pollution that reminds me of an electronic appliance’s adapter that remained plugged in for too long and starts to overheat.

File deleted.
>staying in a hostel with a diverse group of people
>need to shit badly and loudly
>bathrooms are small, shared, and close to the lounge area
>play YouTube videos in another language that you don't speak (German or French)
>can go to Brown Town without disgracing your people

Anyone else got any cool #travelhacks?
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I used to go to mcdonalds to shit, buy a coffee if you need a password to open the door.
Wow. ..you got more cool tricks like that? So impressive. ..
not exactly cool but I once forgot to print my boarding pass on WizzAir and if you dont have a physical copy they charge you some bullshit fee, I realised this drunk at 1am for the airport transfer I had at 6am, no print shops or anything are gonna be open
go to the Hilton in town and then just ask them to print it at like 5.30am no problem and saved me a buck, I guess its kinda obvious but yeah if you stroll up it works
It's good for entry level real travellers, sand-in-cunt person
here's one
stop giving a shit lol

File deleted.
Hey guys. There is a thread about beggars in Biarriz, but it has been archived, so here is another one. I was robbed by a bastard who was living at the beach with a few other worthless drunkards.
> very young (17-20)
> blonde messy hair, tanned skin, lanky and skinny
> looks like retarded alcoholic, can't even walk without shaking
> wears white T-shirt and red shorts
> can often be seen with his alcoholic mom
Police doesn't give a shut since this asshole is homeless. He robbed me 3 days ago (haven't seen him since) and I'm leaving tomorrow. I asked one beggar if he knew his whereabouts and he said that this little piece of Fresnch shit had left to Bayonne
I know that Bayonne is less tourist-orientiered than Biarriz and there are more homeless bustards. PLEASE if anyone has seen him in Bayonne, let me know. Some basic information for police report would be great
I know there's a slight probability that anyone will reply, but let's give it a shot
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Have never seen any clochards in Bayonne
> he was to fast
No mate. You just were a weak pussy. How the fuck could alcoholic teen be fast
This. He describes the teen as being shaky as fuck but somehow he stole his wallet. ..why would your wallet be out of your bag on the beach?
I wanted to buy a sandwich so took the wallet from the bag
Yes, he was shaky but could run pretty fast
Are you an overweight amerimutt? Otherwise I don't get how couldn't you beat the shit out of him

File: P1140126.jpg (6.22 MB, 4608x3456)
6.22 MB
6.22 MB JPG
DOn't see one in the catalogue - so, ITT post pics you took on your travels to inspire your /trv/ bros with amazing places you have been and things you have seen or done. Please mention where the picture was taken, if it is not fucking obvious. Stop back by to answer any questions anybody ight have about your experience.

I'll post a handful to start, some of these may have been posted before.

Pyramid at Chichen Itza.
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File: P1120641.jpg (5.91 MB, 4608x3456)
5.91 MB
5.91 MB JPG
Which airline? Which airport?
File: Capitol Reef Forest.jpg (265 KB, 1578x889)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Cool thread. This is in Utah.
File: 100_6614.jpg (891 KB, 1728x2304)
891 KB
891 KB JPG

But seirously, cool pic.
File: 100_6398.jpg (534 KB, 2304x1728)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
Lake Powell. rented a boat and spent a couple of days putting about.
Hard hat made out of hard hats, in Kuwait.

No idea.

Thinking about going to Liverpool for a couple days or so, apparently there has been an increase in tourists there. Any advice? Things to do etc.
Albert Dock is a major area to go to. It's a pretty cool place with a bunch of stuff to do.

There is the Terracota Army here until October if you can get tickets/if you are here.

The Baltic Triangle is fantastic these days. Baltic Market is a great street food market, ghetto golf is a fun game to play while getting drunk, lots of good bars if a little hipster-ie.

Bold Street is great, full of restaurants, vintage shops, bars, cafe's, etc..

Nightlife is really good if a little too busy at the weekend. Places are cheap and most bars are small/medium sized so you usually want to go to 3/4 places a night. I would suggest Some Place, a cool absinthe bar. Got a green light above the door otherwise it is pretty easy to miss.

Anything else you were thinking if doing?
I've been living in Liverpool for two years and honestly it's a pretty meh place for British tourism unless you really like the Beatles.

Anyway, Frederick's is nice if you want a chill bar with live jazz. Bold Street is great for food but there's a little Korean/Japanese place called Dongs that is surprisingly good. Ran by an old Asian couple.

Baltic Market is neat and lots of art galleries like Fact and Tate if you're into that.

File: IMG_2063.jpg (276 KB, 544x768)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Theme Park thread, last one was fun until those two retards starting bickering
30 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
early November
I haven't been to BGT in years, so I'm not up to date on their newer stuff. Cedar Point is kind of turning into a weekend yearly trip for me.
>What is the best time of year to visit Florida for theme parks? Both for having weather that's not too hot/wet and for times when the parks aren't super busy with huge crowds and lines everywhere. I'm currently thinking either April or October.
Feb is the least rainy, nicest coolest and driest humidity both. Least amount of mosquitoes.
Avoid 3 day holiday weekends (so no MLK birthday),and it's good. Jan-Feb-Mar is when kids are in school, so least crowds in general. There are some weeks far from school holidays that are pretty solid like another said, early Nov.
When they need more visitors, they typically run Florida Residents specials...and those are the months it might happen.

The next protip is to be there when they open and experience a couple hours of full bliss emptiness far from the entrances. Go home to your hotel room heat of the day, put the feet up, nap, swim, and come back closer to sundown as others are leaving for dinner, is another protip. Stay through the fireworks.
Falcon's Fury has been closed for like a month because a motor broke
Idk why but when European flat rides break it always takes forever to get a new part

Is traveling alone anormal, /trv/?
I just realised my lifelong friends don't care to do anything at all but watching sports events on their couch or playing single player videogames. Alone. In their own houses. Or chatting with random people over the internet, therefore not doing anything during the day and most of the nights of the week.

Except this is not the life I have chosen.

So, I ask you: is traveling by train possibly, alone, something that lonely losers would do?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Is traveling alone anormal, /trv/?
>So, I ask you: is traveling by train possibly, alone, something that lonely losers would do?
Again no. We live in a time when people need to get where they're going to get shit done and nobody gives a fuck.
Also get new friends.
It's not most people's choice but it's not wrong or strange. Trains are easy and perfectly fine on your own. Mild irritation with not having anyone to watch your bags while in the bathroom is about as bad as it gets.
Plus, you go where you want and don't have to spend your time/money on someone else's plans.
yup, also, where in the NE, im in Baltimore, which is the lower end of NE but lets get a beer anon!

I haven't been home in like 9 years so back in Baltimore has been a unique experience for me, and I leave for nz in a bit for a year. Always wanted to do one of these meet ups.

its only not normal because everyone is so dependent on others for self worth and entertainment these days. they need the security and comfort.
Yeah imagine that fucking loser traveling and seeing the world solo instead of sitting at home posting on a chinese cartoon image board!

lol fucking losers doing something with their lives
I travel alone exclusively. It's way more enjoyable than traveling with family and even a gf and has really helped me improve my confidence and independence when I've returned home from my travels.

File: 1519500696425.jpg (278 KB, 645x756)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
as a burger, how the fuck do i get into russia? the online visa things are looking like $400/person—do i actually need to do this?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
indeed. that's the point
Only go for the consulate or the official visa center, stay away from any firms. Check the embassy site on how to apply.
It should be cheaper than that. I know US B visa for a Russian costs $160.
>go get citizenship of another country, you'll save so much money on Russian visas
I live near DC and I just did the forms myself. It's extremely easy.
>fill in the forms online
>take a picture at costco
>show up at the visa place
>they look over your forms
>pick it up in 2/3 weeks
fill in what forms? can someone bring my photo in for me?

What should I have during border control in UAE, Qatar or Bahran, when I have antidepressant medicines in luggage? Prescription and letter from doctor are sufficiant? Must be translated to arabic?
This is a legit import issue and you absolutely want more authoritative advice than 4chan. See what's on the embassy or customs websites of the governments, and print out those rules if you find them.
Get the letters. That's what I do. They're in English on clinic letterhead. Never needed to show them but I always have them.

File: bs17-colorado-gallery08.jpg (1.73 MB, 4050x2700)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Hi everybody! I'm travelling to Colorado and Wyoming with my 66 yo father and my girlfriend in the next weeks. We are going to rent a car and try to visit some popular spots. Can you guys help me with some ideas about some nice spots in Colorado and Wyoming. I'll be in Denver for about 2 days, then going north until reach Wyoming.
Thanks in advance!
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
isnt it still closed due to fires?
Yea, already on my plans :)
He is in good shape, not the best tho. Nice picture! U took it?
Thank you, Rocky mountain sounds awesome!.
I literally just got back. No closures
File: rockies.jpg (935 KB, 1753x987)
935 KB
935 KB JPG
Thanks, yeah I took it just with my phone. It is beautiful there. Kind of higher elevation which is why I asked about his condition. I don't think my mom who is only slightly older would make it up the trail but it isn't really that difficult and there were some older people going up. I didn't spend a whole lot of time there because I had a long way to go but I definitely want to go back. Also as the other anon said yellowstone is probably the best park out that way.

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