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File: iceland_1970.jpg (1.13 MB, 2452x1740)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
I was going to visit Iceland this December but I decided to postpone the trip until mid March. One of the main reasons was the high chance of being stuck in a hotel room due to stormy weather. What would you say I can't go there without visiting?
We will be up to 8 20y-olds, so we'd prefer not to spend too much since the flight is already expensive, but we'll do long walks if it's needed (i.e. if renting bikes is a sound option for moving we'll rent them).
Also, what's your experience with Iceland? Are the inhabitants friendly, welcoming, do they speak English?
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Drinking water/cold tap water is fine. It's only the hot water (literally straight from the ground) that is sulphur.

Definitely recommend the car hire option if you can.

OK, I won't beat about the bush, especially as you're Italian (I'm British and of course your food is vastly vastly better than ours): have very low expectations indeed of the food. It's mostly not at all nice. Maybe try sheep's head at the cafe in the bus station (next to the old city airport in the suburb of Reykjavik), but don't expect it to be tasty...
>on a camper van
Was considering those. What was so expensive? I mean, going there and renting a van are expensive enough, and managing to eat something is expensive too. Was there something else that you had to pay and didn't consider? If you don't pay the tours I suppose you can pay considerably less. Still a lot, but not a whole lot. I managed to find a flight+camper van for 400€ ca., and considering a week there may cost you some 400€ more we're thinking of bringing our own food. So eating at restaurants or similar will just be an option we will take sometimes to know the traditional food but we can avoid selling our kidneys to visit a country.
Was also considering to go as I am in Denmark studying and from my country (Spain) is super expensive. Can get both tickets for only 80-90€ but what scares me are the prices for a bed there.

Hotdogs ever goddamn day. Was there last week.

Also just go to a Bonus and stock up on cheap food, cook at campsites and hostels.

Icelandic cuisine isn't really anything to write home about so you're not missing much. That said, Icelandic Street Food (Restaurant in Rey) is worth your money. It's about 20 bucks and all you can eat.

Seriously though, Bonus and N1
Thanks for the advice!

File: Group.jpg (125 KB, 730x487)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I have one close group of friends that I want to travel with. But they are so fucking lazy.
Went to Japan with them for a month and while it was a nice trip every single morning was me waking up at eight/nine wanting to go out and do something, or explore. Yes, some mornings were exceptions, hungover, did a lot the day before etc. But they always wanted to sleep in and take it easy, take two hours before actually getting moving. I felt that we kind of wasted the time we spent so much money and time on to be here. Not to mention the constant drinking which was a MUST every day.

And so we are planing another trip, this time to the US, for like a month. One week in San Fran, a detour to some national park like Yosemite, then two-three weeks in NY.

Issue is that nobody is willing to actually plan. They kind of want to just do a roadtrip of Europe. Not that I mind that but we could do easily do both right now. Next year we begin University so a big trip like the US is a nono basicaly.

They even brought up maybe not going to the US because two of us will be under 21 so they cannot drink.

How do I find people to travel with? Or manage lazy friends? Sorry if it sounds mostly like complaining but I think theres a question in there somewhere.
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File: 1530407171586.png (70 KB, 378x357)
70 KB
>one week in San Francisco

you guys are going to the US for San Francisco the most cucked, expensive, india level hobo on poo streets city?
your group is too big and your combinations are off. i have clusters of friends who i wont travel with just because when they get together it becomes a drinking fest where we dont start moving until early afternoon and they go until 3am at shitty bars. they feed of each other so i separate them on my trips (when im the planner). I also have "friends" that i never really see often but we make great travel companions so i travel with them more than some of my best friends. The best travel buddy i have is one where we can do separate activities one day and neither one gets bummed out. that's the best travel buddy. also any group more than 4 is really hard to manage.
I usually travel alone, but took a trip to Japan w/ a friend of mine last year. We never made it out of Tokyo, every morning was exactly as you've described. I'd have seen three more cities, but he was only concerned with going out every single night we were there.

Really makes me want to go back and complete my own experience, but I feel it will be bittersweet not traveling w/ him again. Makes it hard to go back.
File: FH010011.jpg (498 KB, 1840x1232)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
we got some neat photos yeah
I'd recommend either travelling by yourself or with one other. I don't even travel with my girlfriend dup to expectation differences. I don't mind spending the entire night on a shitty rat infested train in Myanmar to visit a town with no modern infrastructure or English speakers. But she needs to sleep in until 10 am every morning in comfort and quiet and eat very select food.

I don't even hang out with large groups of friends because I have niche interests, and they will all want to do different things, which is fucky to organise.

Zermatt in late March, is there anything to do besides ski and other snow sports? How feasible is it to hike?
Sure, you can hike at the Matterhorn. While doing this in March, you still can get in touch with snow and different temperatures.

File: NewEnglandFINAL.jpg (229 KB, 884x1175)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
So I'll be visiting my relatives in Boston in november. I have access to a car so I can get a bit further, but I'll only be there for a week so I can't go on long trips.

What to do there, /trv/? Anything from cool museums and events to nightlife is welcome, but what I'm really looking for is out of the ordinary stuff, weird stores, so on.
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Have you tried social Boston sports? I know a lot of people who seem to enjoy that. I also see those people haning out together at bars in Kendall. I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life so I’ve never really had to think about it. I know I made friends later in life through boxing and skateboarding those hobbies make bonds quick. I know people also like the “living social” stuff but that never really appealed to me. If you make enough dough “ivy” is always looking for members
Wait it’s not living social it’s “meet up BOSTON”
Any places in Boston that a /v/ or /tg/ fag would enjoy?
ill repeat A4Cade and add Pandemonium, they have pretty big space and if /tg/ is magic and D&D and that shit-- they run games pretty much every night also a cool store.

if you are willing to travel a little FunSpot in NH is fucking massive and has a TON of classic games.
Sudden Impact in Winthrop, MA
Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA

File: 1131_201_z[1].jpg (154 KB, 1000x562)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
What's your best hotel experience? The worst?
best room?
Banyan Tree Macau
best service?
Amanpulo or Lanesborough London
best food?
Jw Marriott Hong Kong
worst hotel?
it was a long time ago,in Egypt when i was still a lad, it's called the Golden Nile or something
bed bugs, bad drainage, musty smell, touts, people knocking at 2 am,horrible location,lousy breakfast,atrocious service. I slept on the couch in my room and basically on the edge the whole day
>worst luxury hotel
Palace Tokyo, absurd price (basically MO or 4 Seasons tier elsewhere), staff with mangled english and haughty attitude, have to switch rooms 1 time due to plumbing problem, somehow smoke smell in my room
seattle hotel deca (shitty neighborhood, but based staff upgraded me to a suite and didn't care that i smoked weed in the room).

some shitty budget hotel near the airport in reno. (forgot to tip because it is not customary in my country so the staff gave me a room with no running water).

Lately I've gotten really fascinated with batshit rural American stuff like the militia movement and Christian Identity shit
Now I really want to go to Idaho and see if I can't find some cool backwoods survivalist shit
Anyone ever been? Is there shit to see/do related to this stuff that doesn't involve sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and getting shot?
Hello FBI
>like the militia movement and Christian Identity shit
Stop watching tv and believing hollywood shit. Yes stuff like that does and has happened; no it's not common, near impossible to find etc.

>Now I really want to go to Idaho and see if I can't find some cool backwoods survivalist shit
Why the fuck idaho? Colorado will be 100x simpler to get a taste of what you are looking for with the amount of mormon towns there.

> Is there shit to see/do related to this stuff that doesn't involve sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and getting shot?
Wow you sound fucking retarded.
>guys I wanna fund semi cult shit
>but still wanna be safe

Stay home play farcry whatever that latest one was, and watch shit on netflix. It's the only time you'll see anything remotely close to what you want. You won't find anything you're looking for that isn't basically a heavily documented video of people actively doing shit like trespassing, acting fishy, and other shit. Then "whoa bro we got shot at sneaking into a cattle farm holy shit dude it's like the cult leader or some shit!".

here is what will happen driving through 95% of rural america

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Stop watching tv and believing hollywood shit.

Haven't watched a thing on TV, just been reading a lot online on shit that's happened
Of course it's not common, but neither is fucking alien abductions but people still wanna go do all that Roswell kitsch

>Why the fuck idaho?
This shit seems to disproportionately go down in panhandle Idaho.
If there's shit in Colorado, by all means, direct me to some sources, I wanna learn about that shit.

>guys I wanna fund semi cult shit
>but still wanna be safe
I'm looking at more as as historic shit. I don't want to get involved (like you said, it's near impossible to find this shit. It's not the 90s anymore). It's just a neat part of history and I wanna see some shit.
>Just been reading a lot online on shit that's happened

>If there's shit in Colorado, by all means, direct me to some sources, I wanna learn about that shit.
Source, anyone who has ever been there, pretty sure any anon can tell you about mormon towns in CO being run by like 2-3 families making up the town. Most all are friendly to passer by's but they are very well knit together communities, and everyone knows everyone.

>It's just a neat part of history and I wanna see some shit.
Then go to these "places you read online" about and drive there. Seems simple.

Driven for work for about 5 or so years now all across the country, need to just mark off hawaii and alaska. I meet people like you a lot(mostly in Cali), and you'll give up after about 2 or 3 days once you grasp how big states are and how hidden away some towns in the US can be. It's dull, boring, and not worth going to virtually anywhere noteworthy. Stay at home, watch and read spooky shit that is usually heavily overblown from old wive tales, and save your time and money for somewhere interesting.
Oh and Utah, that state is probably easier if you don't like the rockies and hill driving

File: 1 CLCEjpVjyD0gWCRjzftaiw.jpg (563 KB, 1733x1155)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
Where's a good place to spend a week working remote? Looking for reliability, affordability, and nightlife/walk-ability as I'll be holed up in my AirBnB most the day.
Jackson, Mississippi
>a week
Is this a typo? seems a bit extravagant for just a week
Taking time off prior and have another week of remote work scheduled in Krakow.

I should mention I'm looking for European destinations.

Tallinn? Munich? Somewhere in the Med?
What's even the point of this? If you want to work and not pay enormous amounts of money for flight tickets and hotels why not just stay at home if you aren't even going to see the place? Just to say you have been there?
I'd just stay in Krakow the whole time if I had to do that for whatever reason then with the money you saved by not travelling so much you can get a better hotel. But still, why not just stay at home?

Hey Bros, need to know if anyone knows the halfway point between Rochester, NY and Gloucester, MA?
>Inb4 Google:
>Keeps giving NYC route
that's a distance of 424 miles
rochester to schenectedy is 209, so three miles out of schenectedy

can I ask why?
My sister lives there. We wanna meet half way to have a girl's weekend
then go to schenectedy and rent a limo
Thanks fren
Use duckduckgo instead of google for anything.

I’m from Denver and want to go on a road trip. Where to, /trv/?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>The Pony Express museum?
The Safari Museum, actually, but now I want to go to the Pony Express museum, too.
>your hometown is the destination for road trips, not the source
For what other reason than ”DUDELMAO”?
I really need a road trip gf.
File: v8f4ng1zsxi01.jpg (405 KB, 1083x634)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>I really need a road trip gf.
Icbf to drive nine hours anywhere by myself.
This, Durango, Cortez.
Huh. I kinda thought the great Rocky mountains would be rockier than this...

File: ethiopia flag.png (30 KB, 1200x600)
30 KB
Dont see many Ethiopia threads, it looks bretty comfy for an African country though. Going to do a week in Jan looking forward to seeing the sights. Anyone have any experience or want to give a heads up on whats cool and whats a tourist trap.
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have an answer prepared for "who is your favorite emperor?"
Menelik II is a safer choice
My friend went there last year, after finishing his Peace Corps service in Tanzania. He got pretty sick in Addis Ababa and said he kept getting turned away from hospitals for not being able to pay in dollars. Apparently very few businesses--whether healthcare services, hostels or hotels--would accept Ethiopian bir and would demand that white people pay in Euros or dollars.

TBQH I don't know if my friend was just a dumbfuck, because I haven't come across any similar accounts.
You're fucked. If you're lucky there will be one bus a day leaving at 4:30AM lasting at least 10 hours. Make sure you to queue for an hour a few days beforehand to buy a ticket too otherwise it might get booked up. It will take you several days to get to your destination from Addis if you are going anywhere further than Bihar Das (which you will be). Try and get buddy with one of those boomer former-NGO worker tourists who take expensive jeeps around the country and they might let you hop in for free - they're all doing the same route.

If you haven't booked your flights into the country yet book them through Ethiopian Airlines because they will give you a massive discount on their domestic flights, about a $150 difference on each flight. After a week or so you will not have the energy to do any more bus trips, trust me. Also don't pay any more than $400 dollar to do the Erta Ale volcano trip if you do that (best part of the country IMO,) and negotiate that in person (even that price is too much in my opinion.)
>book them through Ethiopian Airlines because they will give you a massive discount on their domestic flights,

So you get discounts IF you book those domestic flights at the same time as you book the inbound flight? Or do I access those discounts whenever, as long as I have an outbound ticket with Ethiopian?
You don't need to book them at the same time because you just need a proof of ticket to claim the big discounts but when I went in 2017 that ticket has to be for an inbound flight. I would book an outbound flight with them too. If you don't have that you will have to pay triple the price or take the long, bumpy overland routes. I don't know how much more those international flights would be than someone like, say, Emirates, especially if you're doing the northern loop and stopping off at lots of places. Still, even after a few of those journeys you might get sick of early starts and long, bumpy days so I would personally keep that option open and get the airlines discount.

Has anyone ever been in the Christmas market in Nuremberg? I'll be going there from December 1st to the 4th and I will also visit Stuttgart for a day
25 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
there is also a wonderful small village within a 20 minutes distance per public transport called Lauf an der Pegnitz. It's bascially a miniature version of Nuremberg with the cutest medieval palace you could imagine, called the Wenzelschloss
File: IMG_5859.jpg (258 KB, 930x620)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
they've also reconstructed the court of the Pellerhaus, which is regarded as the pinnacle of Nuremberg Renaissance architecture. Unfortunately the facade has yet to be reconstructed. If you're into those things, check it out!
I suppose you're the same guy but thank you for suggesting all these places! I was worried that there wouldn't be much to see but it seems I underestimated Nuremberg
I hope you have a nice trip. There are a couple of educational sights as well regarding the Nazi regime. Nuremberg is infamous for the Nuremberg rallies, so you'll find a couple of gigantic Nazi ruins here.

Yeh, I go there once every 2 years or so. It's a really nice area, especially during Christmas, but I'm kinda pissed because it didn't snow until January (so no White Christmas)...

Also, armed police sometimes, but the most commotion I saw last year was some protest about (rent rates?) going up. I didn't look into it too deeply.

VERY touristy around the holidays. Drink the Gluhwein if you feel like it, but I don't think anyone really enjoys it other than for tradition. Bratwurst in the cold streets is God-tier though. Schnitzel is also Demigod-tier.

If you're jet-lagged at 3am, you can buy a good sandwich at the train station.

File: crete.jpg (692 KB, 1000x1000)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
I am mostly going there because the flight is cheap, it's warm there, and I've never been to Greece. It will be nice to see a new place. But I hate researching places, and this is a pretty big island.

I like nature. I like interesting nightlife. I like meeting locals and getting off the beaten path.

Which places should I see? What part of the island should I stay on?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I know I could probably just google this, but, in /trv/'s opinion, what are the best places to go in Crete if one wants to see some Minoan remains? Aside from just Knossos

Lol at "Cretarabs".

I once saw a youtube vid of a Greek wedding where they were all firing guns into the air, just like a bunch of Iraqis. Not surprisingly, the video took place in Crete of all places. The Mediterranean Texas is real.
Chania was fucking awful. Heraklion was much better. Rethymno was much better. Ammoudara was much better. And Santorini is nice also.

Stay away from the tiny tourist packed shithole which is Chania.
Since I dont wanna start another Greece thread: What should I got to see in Athens??

File deleted.
My friends are assholes and don’t want to go to Africa with me. How do I find new frens to travel with?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lmao why the fuck would you go Africa
he hates meals and clean drinking water
Which African country?
my fiance is doing her bachelorette part there, you could maybe join her and her friends
What variety of cuckpost is this

What are your thoughts on Hungary and Hungarians?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Who the fuck are you, anyway? Hungarians behave the way they wish to behave, they aren't interested in your opinion. Neither am I and my people, for that matter.

>>t. Bulgarian
I enjoyed the food, and eating experience there more than anywhere else in Europe. I am a simple man, fuck off.
Had a based Hungarian friend in high school. Absoutely and genuinely awesome dude and top tier bro. So yeah I count them as a top tier bros.
Fantastic country and fantastic people. Proud of their country in the right sense (although there are always some exceptions). They might appear a bit cold or unfriendly, but in reality I would say that Hungarians have some of the most genuine friendliness in the world. No bullshit fake friendliness, but true and genuine. I wish I had more experience of the country than one month in Budapest though
Have never had a bad time with the Hungarians I've met on my travels. Now that contingent may not be representative of their entire population but they and Romanians are the bros of Europe. Slovakians follow closely and Germans are at the bottom of the list.

File: download.png (29 KB, 1280x674)
29 KB
What are the best and worst things about living in America?
228 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
the english civil war really did a number on them anon. their legal structure has mutated so much you can barely call it the same country

and I don't think you need to call him a retard. stability is a very vague metric in any case
The government is one of the few options available in the United States to avoid competition.

Of course any organization would use the government to its advantage.
>rent in a city is 1500
dont or do a 4 bedroom with 3 other people on the lease so you only end up paying 400 a month
most euro cunt the age of consent is 16 or lower yet some places alot of usa states is also 16
File: american.png (119 KB, 445x317)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
It's a shame that the UK is so backwards.

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