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File: maxresdefault.jpg (81 KB, 1024x724)
81 KB
I'm gonna be in Vienna in 20 days then I'm planning to travel to Poland and Baltic states.

What buses should I take? Are trains cheaper? Can I buy the tickets in the bus because I suck at online reservations?

My major routes are Vienna-Warsaw and Warsaw-Vilnius.

Any baltic or polebro to help please, note that this is my first travel abroad ever.
If you want to be certain there will be place on the bus, you better book it online, it's really not that hard. Polski Bus has comfortable buses between Warsaw and Vienna two times a day for about 10-15 euros. Duration of travel is ~10 hours. Here's the website: http://www.polskibus.com/EN/index.htm
Just pick Warszawa and Wiedeń, choose the date and you're set. You cannot buy tickets in Polski Bus directly from the driver.
Trains also go twice a day, duration is 7 hours, but the price 30-35 euros. You should be able to buy them on the station (but again, online payments is more secure).
Or travel by plane - 1 hour flight, ~130 euros both ways.

File deleted.
How viable is a two week trip to Japan alone? I have the money to completely pay for myself, but I would rather travel with friends. The problem is however that if my two closest friends were to come I would have to wait an extra year for them to come up with the money for themselves. So again, would a solo trip even be fun?
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It cost me about that for 3 months if I recall. Stayed in a monthly shared room with nihonjins which was about 350-400$ per months. ( same price I payed at home). The classes were only afternoons for me, 4 hours per day. It was pretty manageable but I'm still not fluent.
I went alone last year and stayed with a japanese family using Homestay.com. It was great. They will treat you like a king and help you a lot.
Did you meet anyone that had become fluent in the classes and how long did it take them to reach that point? I'm pretty curious about going to Japan to study Japanese myself.
What shared house website did you use? i am looking into that an prices wont go down 500/600$ for a normal private room.
File: 無題.jpg (235 KB, 1272x872)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
I would like you to see this movie of Americans traveling cycling through Japan alone and use it as a reference.


File: maptouse.png (44 KB, 1136x580)
44 KB
Post 'em
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My condolences. Richfield here.
File: trvMap.png (164 KB, 1574x863)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Would like to take a northeast road trip Detroit > Pitts > Philly > NYC > Boston > Portland, then back through NY state & Ontario.
Never east of the Mississippi. What a concept.
Fuck Ohio
Thought about posting this earlier

File: map_of_iceland.jpg (57 KB, 466x350)
57 KB
I'll be in Iceland towards the end of November, what is there to see and how much time will I have to check it out before dark?

Curious about how I can move from one destination to the next, are there buses, is it possible to take an Uber/Lyft from to another city?

Also what should I bring clothing wise? I may buy a new coat as all of the goose down has come out of my old one over the years.
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We rented a car at the airport and split all the costs between us - I can't remember the cost, but I remember it being cheaper than I expected. It's not too cold, imo, but I come from the Midwest where winters can be very cold. It's a great country! I don't recall seeing any buses outside of Reyjavik, and most of the appeal in the country requires driving (ie, Golden Circle etc). You could probably Uber between spots but Iceland has a lot of rural road conditions, so that may not be best. Clothing wise - just winter clothing in general - although I ended up sweating a lot when hiking, and eventually switched to a warm hoodie and a beanie and that was fine for me (I went in March last year). Also, you can use your Visa at most places, but the money looks really fucking cool, I used it a few times just for that!
Good info, thanks anon.
>60 euro rental
what company was this?
To sum it up for you:
-Low Density
-Everything you can imagine in Reykjavik
-No McDonalds (the only European country to decide that, only KFC)
-An Unfiltered Internet
-A Clean Government
and most of all
-Almost everyone speaks English

If you plan to stay, you got my seal of approval...
I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed by Gullfoss. I'd imagine you'd not get too much enjoyment out of the ring road then.

I visited last December and liked the somber, comfortable feeling of the villages and desolate atmosphere.


In my conversation with some locals, they claimed the government was very corrupt due to nepotism. I've not heard much else on it aside from the Pirate Party stuff though.

File: IMG_0042.jpg (39 KB, 382x385)
39 KB
Heading to Thailand for song kran next year.... what's /trv/ opinion on the governmental issue that's gunna arise soon?
Also Thai general thread.
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It wasn't two, you turd-world shithead, it was hundreds.
Is there a lot of russians here or I somehow end up in a spot with a lot of russians. The stores near me have russians language. Not a fan of Russians.
Too awkward to enter thai restaurant to order food so end up eating ramen today.
Are there any entertainment center or arcade here in Pattaya? Computer PC bang?
Too much of an autist to go to bars since I don't drink/smoke/party.
There's shitloads of Russians in Pattaya. They have their own dedicated Russian bars that you would be well-advised to stay away from. I don't know if it's still there, but they used to have a brothel that was an obvious sex-slave place; the women weren't allowed to leave the place, if you wanted to fuck one you had to do it in the short-time rooms that they would rent you upstairs. It was right on Walking Street, and had a glass window on the second floor that they'd usually have a dancer twirling around in.
Anyone know how to navigate the baht buses?
I'm near Pattaya Park and I want to go to Northern part of the city. I google the route of the baht buses but there's no way a baht bus from pattaya park will go to that far up north. So I would need to get out at some point and get another baht bus? How would I figure out the baht bus is at its end point and at its starting point?
Even fancy pants 5th Ave can smell like shit and no one has told the rats about gentrification yet anywhere in Manhattan.

File: eastcentral europe.png (498 KB, 880x989)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
how much money would I need to live somewhat comfortably in this part of the world for a month.

I am not a mega budget traveler. I try to live reasonably well.
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In Serbia with 1000k/month you can live pretty nice. Not wealthy tier but nice. Apartment is ~200 if you live alone and bills are around 60-100
Look at numbeo.com
I can tell you now that a 200 Euro equivalent is enough to survive with 3 people for a month in any one of these countries.

You're a Lucky Luke is you get a good steady job with a pay out job above 300 Euros a month equivalent.

It's better if you find some of those hidden cheap hotels with clean sheets and a fun staff who love to play darts, pool and drink with you every night.

Those usually come cheaper sometimes, but you are luckier if you run into someone desperate enough to rent an apartment for 50 a month equivalent.

As they say, Sretnyy (it means Good Luck in most countries)
I would be living on American unemployment benefits of $300 / week. I'd also be going over with about $10k in expendable savings that I would rather not part with.
You travel on unemployment benefits? Boy, America sure is turning into communism heaven.

File: Stormin_The_Big_Town.gif (657 KB, 450x242)
657 KB
657 KB GIF
Traveling to LA alone tomorrow. Will be there for 2 days and have no idea what to do when I get there. Anyone have any recommendations?

File: IMG_1185.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x2448)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Can I see all the important museums and palaces In 2 and a half days in Vienna? I have no wifi at the moment and got lost on my first day here and was going around in circles.
that looks delicious, what is it and where can I get it?

I don't know either questions to be honest, I was lost it's somewhere in Vienna though. Some traditional dessert.
Looks like Kaiserschmarrn

Is this the most degenerate city in America?
no, it's new orleans.
San Francisco offers a better chance of getting HIV/AIDS, so... I would say they're probably more degenerate

How so? It's in the bible belt.
As a local of New Orleans for years and growing up in BR 45 min away, this is so fucking wrong, and apparently you have never been to biloxi or a lot of other towns in America.

New Orleans is bad, but in a cultural way, it's only degenerate for certain parts of the year, the rest it has some really cool shit in it with a cool culture

File: jet-program[1].png (3.1 MB, 1836x1040)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB PNG
Who is applying for ESL? Its that time of year again to apply for the JET program- which is one of the most coveted and highest paid programs.

I tried applying twice to the JET program, and didn't get an interview both times. I probably won't even apply this time. I will most likely just get automatically disqualified for my history with depression and taking anti-depressants- the application process if very specific about depression, and even requires a medical transcript.

I'm also a hapa, half Japanese half white. And Asians often do get discriminated against in the application process. I probably wouldn't be treated too well either if I were to teach in Korea too.
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Is it possible to teach in Taiwan without a degree or a fake one?
What's the standard of living one can expect as an ESL teacher in Taiwan? Unsure of the exact location.

Salaries seem to be around 65,000 NTD (2150 USD) per month.

Housing stipend is NTD 5,000 (unsure if weekly or monthly)

What am I looking at in regards to food, accommodation, recreation?

How much can I realistically save? Can I eat out every day (I assume I can at cheap night markets)? Will be accommodation be a shoebox?
I know the teaching meme of an esl teacher is a virgin loser who failed in his home country and blah blah blah. I taught in S.K for five years before returning to Canada and getting a real job as a programmer. I make twice as much money and am respected. However, I have come to accept that the greatest moments of my life were while I was an English teacher.

I taught adults, split shift, over worked and under paid. But every month I met new people who were interesting, I always got taken out for dinners and singing rooms with girls from guys from hynix or Samsung. I met my wife in S.K. I got to travel all over Asia. I was a pretty bad coke head before I went to S.K. I couldnt get a real job. After a year in Korea not only did I quit smoking and drinking but I lost 20 kg's.

Every aspect of my life improved. Being able to catch a cheap flight on peach airlines for less than 100 bucks to kansai airport and staying in an airbnb next to kyoto station for 40 bucks a night. I went to japan about 10 times in 5 years. I visited HK, Thailand, China, Taiwan, malaysia, japan, macau, and singapore some of those places multiple times.

Yes some britbongs go to Korea and smoke, drink, and fuck and leave after a year not saving a dime I went back after 5 years with almost 50k saved. Believe me start in south korea. super easy to get accepted then build a resume and find a position in japan or china when you are ready. Every day I miss my old life. I actually plan to start another adventure teaching in china

Just curious, how did you transition to programmer after teaching ESL? Do you have a degree in comp sci, or learn coding and then just applied for jobs or what?

I kinda want to do the same path. I currently teach English in Asia, and hate it. Want to get into programming.

File: 1481304950938.png (51 KB, 127x188)
51 KB
Here's a thread for the times you've done stupid shit in your travels. It can be anything as long as it makes for a story.

>driving u-haul across America (a u-haul is a moving truck that you rent and drive yourself, for those who don't know)
>stop in Omaha, Nebraska after having driven a good while, very tired
>find a generic hotel
>pull into parking garage, don't make clearance, panic because there is a car behind me
>try to get turned around in parking garage, hit a pipe with roof of truck
>get out of truck, water spewing everywhere
>I mean EVERYWHERE. I hit a fucking water main with my u-haul
>legion of hotel staff rushing around, some of them laughing and taking pictures
>apologize profusely to manager, he's the nicest guy on the planet and says it's no problem, offers me a drink in the lobby on the house while he sorts it out
>sip my coffee for a while, contemplating why everybody is so nice here
>some time passes, suddenly wonder what's up with the situation in the garage

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's a shame that you have male friends that think its too 'yucky' to touch and pull up a passed out friend and prefer to take fucking selfies.
>had an old wine bottle I was drinking from on a hike in der Pfalz in Germany.
>finish wine. drunk.
>Nowhere to put bottle without litering in nature
>from Canada so too cucked to do that
>come across cute old german house
>walk down driveway and put bottle in what I think is recycling
>walk back to road
>some german lady who sounds like frau goebbels has been watching me the whole time from window
>comes bursting out of the house in rages

We never wanted to go there again. It wasn’t our style of place at all. We liked the standard clubs and bars. That’s useful information though thanks!
Wel I lived there for 2+ years, I had drank more during that time than I ever drank in my life time. Wonderful place. I miss it.
They did help me up they were just having a good laugh at my misfortune and dumbassery first, I wasn’t dying. He’s a Brit and I’m American. He’s a great friend truly.
File: 1495124689024.jpg (27 KB, 358x330)
27 KB
>be me
>convince three of my friends to join me on a roadtrip from vancouver, bc to coachella
>don't have car, beg my father to borrow his old '96 corrolla he wasn't using
>was wary, said i didn't know a fucking thing about cars
>true, beg more anyways
>finally relents and says i have to get an oil change first
>agree, get oil change
>drive my friends pretty much the whole way there
>beautiful drive until we sacramento, cali a shithole from there south
>go to festival, leave car baking for several days out in the desert
>friends volunteer to drive back, am okay with this since am exhausted
>get woken up about an hour north of portland
>"dude, your car is making weird noises"
>sounds like a fucking aircraft is taking off
>car loses power steering as we go over a hill, have to coast into a nearby exit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Yeah continue. Sounds like you got lucky only losing your hat and phone

So, froganons or any other familiar with Paris geography, share your experience/opinion about the arrondissements of Paris

File: qbx.jpg (40 KB, 500x666)
40 KB
where in SEA can I get the best internet connection for the lowest cost of living? want to relocate to philippines but I heard the internet is bad, need a stable connection for my income. are there places with good connection in the phils? or cambodia? or what other country for cheap living and good internet
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Vietnam seemed to have good connection speeds, pretty much every taxi I got in had pretty good wifi as well which you don't even get here in the UK.
wait what

the taxi itself has wifi?
That was most likely a mobile hotspot using LTE which tends to be pretty good regardless of where you are staying, but it can get really expensive to rely on for everyday tasks.
Is Twitter still Blocked in Nam?
Taiwan is probably the best choice.

Low costs, unfiltered, unrestricted, all over the place and speeds almost as high as Korea.

Even HTC approves of this...

Going to Israel on April. I kind of look like an arab (im Italian) and live in Brussels. How fucked am I? Will i be stabbed in the middle of Tel Aviv?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, you're as good as dead. There are strictly no Arabs whatsoever in Israel. Not even mizrahim. If you have the slightest hint of a tan, you'll get escorted to the West Bank immediately.
What do you think Israelis look like? Also you are aware that arabs make up a large amount of Israels population and are generally treated pretty well for being a minority.
What if you are a white lone traveler or say asian lone traveler?
Israelis are Arabs. With some slavic genes mixed in from diaspora.
Very fucked mate, and most likely yes.

A man once asked an "evictor": "Why can't it be both people's land?"
He said: "It just can't, that's work."

That's just to give you a heads up of how privileged and snobby they are against anyone even having a spec of Arabian Blood.

My advice, if you look like one of those bearded Persians with hair raised up with gel who wants to drive a White BMW, put it down and get rid of the beard. It will help. It might also help if you wear expensive clothes, a hat and maybe a kevlar vest and a Desert Eagle. It's still an active war zone from all sides.

They even banned and blocked Al Jazeera recently for telling the truth about their little mistreatments.

Other than that, you might be fine. Just don't ever mention The West Bank or Gaza to anyone living there, they will gut you the next day for attempting to "disturb the peace".

Hey /trv/ I'm planning on a trip through a few towns in Turkey in July next year.
I'm going to go to Bodrum with a ferry from Greece and then to Datça for a few days to visit a friend there.

I'm trying to decide if I should go straight from Datça to Istanbul(via plane) or to go to İzmir first for a few days then Istanbul(many friends I want to visit) and back to Netherlands.

Any other places I should defnitely visit on the west coast of Turkey? Or places to avoid.
I know there's a lot of scammers but generally what else should I avoid?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
go back to /pol/
are u.s. residents no longer admitted into turkey? i'm going to europe in february and wanted to do a side trip to istanbul.
admitted, but you need to come via transfer flight, or something like that. check turkish airlines and turkish consulate websites if you really want to.
Don't Go! Turn around while you still can! Only go there if you plan to rescue your friend!

I can tell you right now, Turks are even crazier since Edrogan took over.

It's not worth it even for your friend, if they find out you're a EU citizen, you'll go out scarred mentally or physically (both are permanent) or you'll never get back out at all.

This is coming from a man with experience, the entire Wikipedia is still blocked there you know...

Ik ben serieus met dit, of jij wil nog reizen nadat, ik wist je luk je domme sonuvabitch.
100 percent true :^)
t. Turk

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