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File: IMG_20180604_111348_404.jpg (134 KB, 1080x1080)
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134 KB JPG
I'm going to Portugal in December, I was told I need a International divers permit. How long does it take to get one?
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some counteries have hard limits like you can stay 90 days out of ever 180 days. After that, you cant come back. It prevents people from living there and just doing Visa runs like they do in China.
>It prevents people from living there and just doing Visa runs like they do in China.
Oh no. I'm talking about Taiwan, I hope they don't have the same thing. I've checked their policies for my home country and don't see any hard limits mentioned, nonetheless I tried to contact them asking about it.
File: s-l1600.jpg (151 KB, 1500x923)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I bought a pack of stickers with flags of countries/special regions. You can buy them by the continent on eBay. For every country I visit, I peel off the corresponding sticker and stick it on my toolbox at work.

Another idea I've been thinking of is buying a scratch-off world map. It's covered in the shiny stuff that you scratch off on lottery tickets. For every country/region you visit, you scratch it off.

I'm thinking of doing this, too.
I was thinking of buying flag patches and putting them in my duffle bag
Has anyone done the TEFL shit? I’ve hit a dead end and this seems like an easy way out. The site I’m looking at for online classes works with schools around the world, but I don’t know where I’d like to go.

File: backpackers-710x466.jpg (122 KB, 710x466)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>that guy who gets out the guitar in the common room
>that girl wearing the baggy elephant pants and inevitably sleeps with some dude with dreads
>the 60 year old zoomer who won't stop snoring
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>>1493677 Isn't it too far from Shibuya/Shinjuku/Roppongi to do nightlife there?
>that timestamp
Holy fuck. You actually took the effort of taking them out of your pocket and snap this picture right now. for comedic effect. George Carlin ain't got nothing on you, kid.
A tinge of jealousy I see, don't worry kid work hard and you can achieve this status.
I'm confused, are you trying to boast about being rich by showing 70 euros? Or do you imply that's all the money you have?

File: 1413689895813.png (68 KB, 500x692)
68 KB
Hey guys, I want to compile a list of those trips that people should attempt in their lives if they're very much into travel. I guess everyone is into something else so this could mean anything that you dream of doing or have done. It shouldn't be something like "visiting Paris" or "see the Taj Mahal", but more of a way to get between places, a journey of some kind.

Here's what I have on my list right now:
>Trans-Siberian/Mongolian Railway
>Roadtrip through the Australian outback
>Backpacking through the banana-pancake trail in SEA
>Patagonia to Alaska motorbike trip
>Hiking Camino de Santiago
>Taking a boat through the Amazon
>Sailing the Caribbean sea
>Route 66 and 101 roadtrip
>Hiking the PCT, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail
>Hiking the Annapurna Circuit

What would you want added or removed from this list?
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My life dream is to travel the track of the ancient Silk Roads from Xi'an all the way across Asia to Istanbul. Probably damn hard due to all the visa shit but I'd still love to do it someday.
What was Balkans 1.0?
I had to be in Poland by a certain time, so I was a bit rushed. Belgrade is missing from both itineraries, I'm not super stoked on Serbia for some reason.

Budva (did a day trip up to Cetinje)
Dubrovnik (did a day trip to ston/Mali ston. the oysters there are the best in europe)
Karakoram looks much cooler than the Pamir
Me too. And the old hippie trail. Shame the visa and war situation is all shit through the paths. Hopefully it clears up in our lifetime.

Tell me about the UK & Ireland.
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Only been there once. Pretty quiet, distinctive slightly cheesy/Scottish/seasidey air to the pubs and the area had a lovely feel to me of being on the edge of unspoilt wilderness. It will be really dark in the middle of winter! Don't get trapped on the wrong side of the canal when the swing bridge is open and miss your flight.. As I did

It will be very dark at Xmas!
Right, well I’d like to try some British delicacies that they don’t make quite right in the States. Where to? Is there any shopping I can’t do as a man in the States?
>I don't think there's any such thing as an archetypal British girl
Weird, people seem to think there are archetypical American and Australian girls. I don’t think there are but one would think there would be at least subtle cultural differences between one another.
I've been to Inverness about 50 times and I wouldn't hesitate to call it the most boring city in Britain. There's certainly nothing 'seasidey' about it. Yes it's on the edge of the wilderness, but interesting wilderness? No, it's the most boring area of the Highlands.

Edinburgh is fucking charming over Christmas, and has one of the biggest parties in Europe at New Years. Stay in Edi unless you've got some reason to go to Inverness.
>Edinburgh is fucking charming over Christmas

Edinburgh at christmas time is a joke these days, the market is an embarrassment with the same 3 or 4 stalls copy pasted the length of the gardens charging ridiculous prices. Hogmanay is a paid for event these days too and they fence off all the gardens, Princes St and up to George street for ticket holders only. It's also stupidly overpriced at £30+. Christmas used to be great here but the council are probably the worst in the UK and let shit companies like Underbelly take over the city. The only positives about Inverness are to use it as a base to explore the Highlands further and to fly out of the airport to avoid APD. Glasgow would be the obvious choice to spend time over Christmas in I guess, Hogmanay still doesn't feel commercialised there and there's as much to do as there is in Edinburgh but without the crowds and high prices.
Everything you say is true, I guess it's a matter of taste. But in fairness, £30 isn't expensive given the level of talent they bring in, plus you're allowed to bring your own booze.

I was planning a 16 day west-east (Perth-Sydney) drive through the outback next month, going straight thru the middle: Perth-Laverton-Alice Springs-Winton, then down to Sydney in a weak-dick (RAV4) renal SUV.

I posted a thread on /pol (lotta Aussies on there and IP Flags) and received Aussie responses ranging from "youre dead m8" to "you'll be fine, just bored as fuck and hot as fuck", and everything in between "Youre fine as long as the SUV doesn't break down in the wrong spot, then you're dead"

After some thinking, they talked me out of the west-east run this time of year, so I rearranged my travel plans and made it a north-south run. I was told the north-south road thru the middle is totally different than the east west and you can do it in a 2wd sedan, though I'll still have a wimp RAV4 4WD anyway.

Things I cant change:
*Pick up rental SUV in Darwin
*Return in Melbourne, 16 days later

About me:
*Done lots of long road trips, rural Alaska, New Zealand south island, rural desert US
*Consider 400 miles a day or less a very easy/gentlemen's pace
*Not bringing camping gear but don't mind sleeping in SUV for a night

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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fucking great thread OP. you have inspired me to plan a roadtrip from my home city Perth to Tasmania. wouldn't go the same route as you though because i can't stand abbos. awesome pics.
Alice Springs is a shithole, just stop for gas and get teh fuck outta there
>if you want to see some real outback towns like Winton, Longreach, Emerald

Why would anyone want to do this? They're all boring as fuck.
This is just making me glad I left Aus
Australia sucks and OP is dumb

Living in Germany?
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>german humour

epic comeback, bro!
How is cologne? I want to live there for a month this summer.
>5 % squeezes all the work and money out of lower and middle classes to give it to the government, who give it to niggers
I'm gonna murder the next person who claims that trains in this country are punctual
My train this morning: 12 minutes late
My train now: 7 minutes late then stops at the station and says that this is the final station it stops at (no reason given) and that a substitution train will come in 22 minutes (without any prior fucking announcement)
Woooww so on time and efficient!!!!!!
Let's say I'm a US-citizen studying in Germany
who has successfully applied for a Residency Permit that has not arrived yet,
and have already resided in the country for more than the 90 day permitless limit:

If I wanted to travel to Denmark and back, would I be fucked at the border control while flying from airport to airport?
Websites say there were additional checks put into place at the geographic borders of Germany and Denmark, but I don't know if this applies to airports as well.

File: Screensaver.jpg (434 KB, 1874x1104)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Does anyone know about a place where I can find someone else to travel with?

My girlfriend and I found a sailboat charter that can hold 3 couples for the same price as just us. Where online can we find people to join us?
Bump, I would like some friends to travel with as well.
Couchsurfing maybe?

What’s the absolute best city to party in? Techno/House music is mandatory.
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Even 40s is still young enough to party.
Bassiani is great indeed
Went there one year ago, nice club

Tbilisi fag here,

> dancing by myself for the 4th straight hour as usual, I have my own style
> girls look my way a bit, I’m too autistic or uninterested to try them out
> one girl comes up to me and starts dancing next to me
> thin, pretty (8/10), chic
> I respond, we dance pulp fiction style for a little bit, I’m not the best pair dancer
> I thank her for a good time
> she says I’m a good dancer, tells me she’s from Tehran and is a friend of the Iranian DJ
> she tells me she’s 40 years old after we talk a bit
> leave to do my own thing, can’t find her again

What I’d do for a Persian girl, the Iranian diaspora is so cool here... what I’m saying is that I see 30-40 year olds all the time in good rave settings. Many are refugees from the 90s wanting to relive their glory days, which can be fun.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
from those 4 probably berlin
Berlin or NYC depending on whatever is cheaper for you to get to

File: 220px-Region-Bavaria.png (30 KB, 220x297)
30 KB
I'm a brazillian guy and im probably going to be living in germany, bavaria region for at least 4 years, what should I do/know
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I actually know english and will have to learn german in germany, I know literally nothing of the language
Is is as hard as people say?
eu vou
actually pork knuckle is one of my favorite dishes, never ate potato dumplings tho
It has a fairly complex grammar, compared to say Portugese/Spanish, English, French, although not as bad as Russian or so. Spelling is pretty straightforward, the long compound words may seem menacing, but I think you can get used to them.
I don’t like potato dumplings very much. Theyre very bland. A good crispy Bavarian pork knuckle is delicious though

This thread is to help you with meeting other /trv/ users while travelling overseas, lots of us travel solo and sometimes it's nice to hang out with either a local for a few hours, meet up with someone wanting to do a similar activity to you (Hiking, motorbike touring, roadtrip, partying ect) or just have a bunch of people you can go out with on a Saturday night. The choice is yours.

Alternatively, if your not travelling at the moment but still want to meet some new people you could always offer to be a guide around your own city or simply be down for having a beer at a local bar, its up to you.

To make sure your meeting up with the right people (IE: So a backpacker doesn't meet up with a sex tourist, or vice versa) best to include some details such as...

>What you plan on doing/what kind of traveller you are

Ya regular OP starting things off again
>Vegas (as we speak), Arizona (26th Oct to 29th), LA (30th Oct to 3rd Nov), & Vietnam (5th Nov onwards).
>23yo student backpacker
>Keen on walks/hikes during the day then casual beers or a party during the night. Wanna try get to Monument valley and grand canyon without paying extortionate tour fees too.
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Either of you work full time in Switzerland? What's it like? Are you citizens?
My wife and I are American citizens doing post graduate work here. She's working on a PhD I'm working on a masters. The stipends are good. Finding work as an American citizens is difficult. Switzerland has a law basically saying: to hire a foreigner to do a job, you must first prove you couldn't find a Swiss person to do the job. You need to be highly specialized. The work around however is to work for an international organization like the world health organization, the United Nations. Or UEFA.

Switzerland is nice though. A bit expensive, but not as bad as most people say. AMA
Anyone in Kazakhstan ?

>Astana, Almaty and Chymkent
>18th Nov to 30th Nov
mede-Belg hierzo
biertje op zaterdag? iemand?

File: Lima.jpg (2.43 MB, 5184x3456)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
Rank your favorite 10 cities/towns you have visited.

1. Naples, Italy.
2. Lisbon, Portugal.
3. Lima, Peru.
4. New York, USA.
5. Madrid, Spain.
6. Havana, Cuba.
7. Catania, Sicily.
8. Paris, France.
9. Rome, Italy.
10. Marrakesh, Morocco.

Although I love it every time I go I'm surprised Italt appears 3 times
50 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tell me about Shymkent, I'm going there in a couple of days
Horrible choices besides philly and maybe Stowe after a huge dump
No, besides Ukraine Kyrgyzstan and Netherlands girls are ugly imo
You're kinda off season the best shit to do is go to the amusement park and aquapark and eat cheap fruit all day. You could do day trips to Taraz and Turkestan.
Yeah I know I am completely off season
I want to go there anyway, I will go to Astana, then flight to Almaty and visit Shymkent.
Thnaks for the tips
I'm very untraveled

San Francisco

Nowhere else i've been belongs on a list. I hope to add to it soon.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (286 KB, 1280x720)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
What are the worst cities in America?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
t. have never been in the usa
I've never been to a major US city that's truly shit in every aspect.

It's the small cities that are usually bad, Fresno was pretty shit, don't get me started on Wilmington, DE. Honestly DE as a whole is pretty horrible.
I don’t understand what foreigners find fascinating about nyc. The tall buildings? It’s been a dead npc mall-city for about ten years now. Not that other major American cities have fared much better.

Not him but i lived in Chicago for 12 years and would never put it in this thread.
Most any big city you can find some cool areas with good food and fun things to do. It's "cities" population 30k-100k that are miserable places.

File: grab_vs_goviet.jpg (85 KB, 960x657)
85 KB
Việt Nam Gễnẻrậl- Taxi driver showdown edition

What are the things you are enjoying about Vietnam? Post the things that piss you off about it. Share advice or questions if you are thinking about coming to Vietnam. Share cool hidden places or things that happened that you found in this country.
49 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Hoi An is fine but it's basically a town of girls in elephant pants taking selfies
There's a lot of truth to that but you can get some very nice clothes there.
This. Hand tailored suits
How does the quality/pricing differ from, say, Hong Kong or India?
Rastaman at west lake sells weed but it’s 300k for a bag.
Hoi an/Hue were the biggest letdowns for me during my hcmc-Hanoi trip. Absolutely ruined by mass tourism. Couldn’t go anywhere without being harassed by dudes on motorbikes, and the endless chads and thots on holiday further ruin the experience.

File: 260.png (47 KB, 300x100)
47 KB
I've only traveled long distances with plane - No train or long haul bus.

2019 will be the first year I'll be taking train to China - Specifically, I'll be going from Hong Kong to Hunan using MTR - HSR ('Basic/2nd Class')

I have plenty of experience with traveling in Hong Kong (aside from Minibuses), but I don't think these experiences necessarily convert well to train travel, especially to China.

Am I overthinking things?
Modern trains (with assigned seating) should be treated similar to airplane travel, right?

The MTR - HSR system is fairly new (less than two months old) and there isn't a lot of information in English.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Is there a preferred seating area?
>-Since I'm going Second Class
>-I know that seats can 'spin around'
I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's all just a mid tier class whatever you pay for and I doubt you'll find any spinning seats, unless you found the train model ahead of time.

My experience of China is way less organized than you seem to expect. In my trips I would get issues with ridicilous shit like too long name for a train ticket, or having to download some app just to be able to buy the ticket. Even flat out refused to buy a ticket face to face once, which led to a Chinese friend having to buy it online for me. If you're lugging around kids and have this kind of expectations you may need to do more research before you go.
>Is there a preferred seating area?
It's irrelevant because you won't get a say. You'll book a number of tickets and get given some seat numbers. Only in sleepers do you get a say and even then, only top, bottom or, for hard sleepers, middle.
Near the carriage ends might expose you to smoke but there's isn't much you can do about it except ask to move or swap with others.
HSR bathrooms don't smell too bad.

>I know that seats can 'spin around'
You're generally not supposed to do that, the attendants do that when the train changes direction. You can probably get away with it, I've seen it done but you'd have to be lucky enough to get a block of seats that you could do that with nobody else seated there, people usually don't mind a few swaps to put people together though so I guess it could work.

>Also, how restrictive are luggage/baggage?
Already answered above, did you even read?

HSR seats usually spin but I guess not always.
I don't know when you last went but none of what you described has happened to me and I've taken dozens and dozens of train trips in China. I've never needed an app, been refused a ticket or had an issue with names (and my name is too long for the ticket actually, it gets truncated).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
(Forgive my quoting/formatting)

Not a fan of smoking, especially cigarettes in China.
Also, smoking in enclosed quarters? Ouch.

As for luggage, there's plenty of information on baggage with airlines, but there isn't a lot of information on the MTR's HSR page.

I've found a few pictures where it looks like overhead luggage is used for carry-on/small boxes.

There are also people stacking boxes in the luggage areas, but that looks too small for the amount of passengers present. (I'll be traveling just before Chinese New Year)

Seems like the rules might be going out the window...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Not a fan of smoking, especially cigarettes in China.
Chinese smoke in lots of places that they're not supposed to and people generally turn a blind eye to it so long as they make a vague effort to be in the stairwell, lobby, whatever.
The entrance part of the carriage is generally tolerated but not always. HSR less than most I guess. They have doors and on HSR those close automatically but smoke still wafts in.

The bigger cities are getting better and most of them now prohibit it in restaurants and sometimes bars but it's slow going.
Smoking on planes is never allowed, on the seat/sleeper parts of trains isn't allowed but people sometimes light up in their carriage and walk over to the entrance and you just have to slap them a bit and they'll apologise and scurry off.
Yeah, I was taken aback when there were dudes smoking in the middle of a mall in Shenzhen.

I don't know what causes the smell in cigarettes (and if 'light' cigarettes have a 'mellower' scent), but that burning smell was rank.

Anyone ever been into Mexico? I'm planning on traveling there on the 23 of November, but I'm not quite sure about what there are to do. Please feel free to give me informations on about:
>Best tourist destinations
>Law enforcement services
>Education & more
117 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>>> No, but for you?
File: 1516051104580.jpg (140 KB, 1000x686)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Hot with these blueberry jeans for now.
disgusting looking rabbit there.

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