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hey /trv/, is it worth learning dutch?

I just came back from a euro trip and didn't realize dutch girls were this hot until now. Will they like it if I know how to speak dutch, or will they be chased off by me butchering the language (since everyone there speaks english anyways)

if it makes a difference, I already know french, and was in the process of learning german but might re-prioritize now
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>I feel like within the next 50 years or so we might phase out Dutch altogether and just start using English everywhere since most people speak English daily since university and then work anyway

>You make your own decisions in life and she will as well even though you are in a relationship this prevents you from feeling "caged"



To all people here, this is what we call a Randstad allochtoon, aka somebody who lives in probably Amsterdam and thinks the rest of the Netherlands thinks or should follow everything within The Ring (road around Amsterdam) should be leading for the rest of the country. He is talking out of his ass and nobody outside of some other allochtonen in the randstad will take this kind of person seriously.
if i move to netherlands as an expat, will I be able to find a qt3.14 dutch gf?
If you're not completely autistic, then yes. (If you are completely autistic, then you really have to have the looks and the bank account.)
They will most likely the ones who find you, not the other way around, though.
>didn't realize dutch girls were this hot until now.
I've lived there for 3 years for Uni, been all over the country and the women are incredibly ugly. I can't fathom how the statement you made can be the actual opinion of anyone with a pair of eyeballs.
Dutch person here, can confirm. Very ugly, do not come here.

File: 1212413516p.jpg (53 KB, 650x482)
53 KB
I'm latin American Going to Spend 2 years in SouthernFrance, Clothes are very expensive there, so I'm gonna need advice about where to go to buy clothes and maybe a cellphone or a nice laptop...

I don't buy online because I like to see the stuff first.

I remind you about somehow French people has an obsession with dressing well ...
I don't want to dress like a super model nor I want to spent money buying shit like channel, Armani ,etc. I don't care the Brand as long as it's cheap

I was told About Czech Republic being a Cheap country to shopping..

any advices ? Thanks in advance
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UK for clothes

Germany for clothes and electronics

Czech Republic might be cheap if you want to go to a restaurant, rent a flat, or go to a dentist.
>I was told About Czech Republic being a Cheap country to shopping..

Poland is definitely cheaper. Czechia has German prices for Eastern Europe quality.
When considering clothes Poland is like 20-30% cheaper from Czechia. Electronics little less.
your danish friend is more like a dickhyd
yes it does, Czechfag here, if I hop the border to Poland I get all the random clothes in HM and similar brands for 70% of the price in here, not mentioning the much larger choice. Buy 2 jackets and you get the travel costs back.

Fuck I don't even understand how some people in my country still don't do that.
Can't imagine you'd be there by happenstance, but should you end up in Romania you'll find cheap clothing. Got some incredible suede shoes in Bucharest for peanuts.

File: p.jpg (78 KB, 720x960)
78 KB
Post OC shots of food from abroad

Here's breakfast in Cai Rang
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File: IMAG3290.jpg (1.83 MB, 3808x2144)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
They are my favorite sausages. Had some in Nuremberg.
>Jägerschnitzel may also refer to an eastern German variant made of Jagdwurst, which originated in the former East Germany.
As a Viennese this horrifies me.
File: Din Tai Fung.jpg (74 KB, 960x541)
74 KB
A classic one
>all of my beef noodle soup photos from Thailand didnt transfer over to my new phone


I had some good pictures of grilled fish, rotisserie duck, pad thai, and so much more too. Thailand has the best street food.
File: IMG_0155.jpg (858 KB, 2016x1512)
858 KB
858 KB JPG
I am not that rich, just make a decent income minus a wife and kids. Also Wagyu Tomahawk.

Where should I go for a good vacation by myself.
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You live in a great area and have everything you could want. Take a lawn chair out back with a case of beer in the cooler and sit, drink, and relax. Do this for days on end.
File: 1531368135057.jpg (62 KB, 433x429)
62 KB
>Why the hell do these people jump the boarder coming to the US if they hate it, the people, and everything else? The only reasons I got answers to were better schools and better healthcare.
They lied to you. All they care about is making mad dollars with little effort, everything else comes after that.
t. Mexican
Taïwan could be fit for you ! BIg cities, countryside, firendly people
Search for a low rate flight, once there the life is cheap : food and activities.
Because IcelandAir have built a business model using Keflavik Airport as a changeover hub for many US destinations, lots of international airports on your side of the country will fly to Iceland.

Great country, amazing scenery, unique culture. Job done mate.

After busy summer I want to get finally some vacation with me gf. I prefer some place where I can stay normally in some commercial crap sea resort drinking my all inclusive drinks, but also rent a car for two or three days and find something nice to see in the area.
I've never planned my sea vacation so late in the summer therefore I am asking nicely for some tips what to avoid because of bad weather and where it could be still nice and warm and not rainy.
Please also consider the money, no bloody private house at Santorini.
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November is quite late even for most mediterranean coasts. Cyprus is probably your best bet, I remember being there late October and the weather was still lovely and the beach full.
if anyone is near holland and is looking for a beach i suggest burgh haamstede. only a few locals and some germans there
save for the one occasion I saw a fight break out between two ferry captains I've found that the people are generally rather laid back. as a tourist I had no problems at all

september should still be okay, the last time I was there in the end of August and the weather was really nice, not one cloudy day during my week-long stay. I don't know about the prices 13 years ago, but it's still a lot cheaper than my country, and Hungary isn't that expensive either
Algarve, Portugal. Been there in the beginning of october, it was awesome. Nice beaches, weather is awesome, and prices are reasonable.
Last bump.
I'm gonna settle with Greece it seems.
Italy has lots of great beaches also on the south but it seems the prices are little higher there (or places just for locals), don't know where to look.

File: vandrarhem.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
We are going to visit Sweden (by car) the first half of August. From Malmö to Stockholm loosely following E4 and return by the coast loosely following E22.

The plan is to do mainly camping but if the weather is shit or my back hurts to much to sleep in hostels / vandrarhems.

How difficult is it to get such accomodation on short notice (maybe one day or less) for four presons without planning weeks in advance? 20 years ago on my own I had no problem. Maybe for a party of four is more complicated.

Also, what places of interest can you recommend and what's not worth it?

Wa are a family with two kids (13 and 15 yrs)
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remember to bring some guns and grenades to malmö.
OP here

>I really suggest you take a detour to Visby and see Gotland. Maybe drive around it. Gotland is beautiful in the summer.
>You said you would take the E4 to Stockholm. I don't see the point...

We have 9 days. And apart from the driving in Sweden we'll have 700 additional kilometers (one way) through Germany and Denmark. So Gotland might be out of reach.

That's also the reasoning behind the E4 route. It is just the shortest way to Stockholm. My wife want's to go to there. I am not so fond of big cities and like more the countryside. Therefore I was hoping to do just two major cities and skip out Göteborg.

What Viking sites can you recommend. Is the Birka museum worth a visit?
Mind to elaborate? Or are you just some American faggot that never left its state?

I have been to Malmö 20 years ago. It wasn't bad at all. Paris and London for instance were much worse.
>Or are you just some American faggot that never left its state?
The answer is pretty obvious.
Honestly I can't tell any longer if these posters are just trying to get a rise out of people or if they actually started buying into their own bullshit like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Is New York the master race of all cities? Is it the best place to live in?
Isn't it kind of like the center of the world and the most relevant city? Everything important happens there.
Why would anyone choose to live elsewhere if he had the choice and money?
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lol, I live in SF. It's a great place. Lots of insane parties, good food, affordable cost of living (except rent) and incredible proximity to some of the best nature in the world. Hate on.
Not true btw
>more niggers than in Lagos
>more muslims than in Riyadh
>more jews than in Tel Aviv
Most cucked city on the planet.
>San Francisco's 'poop problem' and homelessness crisis is so dire that the city's new mayor said she saw 'more feces' on the city's streets than she's ever seen
As long as I can hate on in my flyover, poop free suburban city.
>Lots of insane parties
True, but these are sausage fests 100% of the time, which kinda kills the fun of it. Fantastic place to be a gay dude or a woman though.

>good food
True! Mission burritos are great. But it's awfully expensive compared to anywhere except NYC.

>affordable cost of living (except rent)
This is a bizarre statement. Housing costs drive unaffordability of everything else in the city. Unless you're comparing it to Manhattan or Hawaii, everything else other than rent is ridiculously unaffordable as well.

>incredible proximity to some of the best nature in the world

The surrounding nature is great, but you really can't call it "some of the best in the world". Even the other major cities on the west coast are better (mountains by Seattle and Portland, Los Angeles and San Diego beaches).

File: madrid.jpg (250 KB, 1200x800)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
I've chosen Madrid for my first time travelling internationally on my own, does anyone have any tips?
The metro system looks good but does it have an Oyster card system like London?

Also is not speaking Spanish viable? As a Brit I know the basics but not enough to communicate.
File: tour_img-440052-145.jpg (119 KB, 960x640)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
You can get a metro card in any station, with that card you can charge for a one ride pass, or 10 ride pass anytime you want. You won't have problems just speaking english in Madrid.

For eat/drink: Go to Ponzano street in Chamberí for places where young people go. La latina or Malasaña also have many alternative/hipster places to eat tapas and drink some beer or vermouth.

Museum: Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia are a must. You also have the military museum and the national archeological museum.

other things: Go to Retiro park for a walk, El Rastro (huge second hand market on sundays), the historical city center (Austria's quarter) is a must as well, there are located the Royal palace, Madrid's Cathedral and Plaza Mayor.
Thanks anon, got my tickets booked for the 31st.
There's a bar in malasaña that serves this local cocktail called "yayos" (sp?) -- basically vodka, coke, lemon, and vermouth. I stumbled in there and a group of locals forced one on me. Delicious. Ask around to find it.
You won't have any problem in Madrid talking with 20-30yo people in English.
Just like in UK, most of the bartenders are not even Spaniards so if you like beer and tapas let me guide you

-Una caña ('una cania') = small beer with a small tapa. Around 1'5€
-Una doble or tercio = Bigger beer with bigger tapa, around 3€

The small tapas are free. Then you can order a bigger one if you liked it. We usually go bar after bar ordering cañas and tapas until you are filled, then go to the pub/disco.

Big old and classic spaniard TIP. If you order beer and the bartender don't give you a small tapa NEVER GO AGAIN TO THAT PLACE. DONT EVEN TIP THEM.

I’m staying in 8 bed hostels in Barcelona and Madrid next week
I have bad sleep apnea that is very loud and wakes my gf up and she’s a pretty deep sleeper

Will I be hated by everyone
Is there anything I can do to ease my fellow hostel mates suffering or just say fuck it and let them deal with it
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>hey guys, I'm a light sleeper so now have to work around me because I'm too inconsiderate to get a private room
Try it for a night and see how it goes. Hostels are shitshows and anyone staying in a dorm that can't handle a little noise and ill mannered behavior shouldn't be there, they are the people that should get a private room. If you feel shitty the after the first day then go ahead and get a private room.

Everybody has their annoying habits, most of the people attacking you here probably lack the self awareness to know what theirs are. At least you know and want to be considerate.

Really though, hostel dorms are shitshows. You are just going to be another random dude doing random shit there.
Thanks, you given me a bit of confidence

To the people asking about me getting a private room, I could only really afford the 8 bunk dorms and they’re already booked.

I’ve thought about taping a sign on my bunk or letting everyone know beforehand that if I’m snoring too wildly and wake them up feel free to wake me up also. I was also thinking about buying a big box of earplugs and handing them out to people but seems like it might come off as a bit extra
Maybe you can consider trying a snorer spay?
Buy earplugs for the other 7 beds.

What kind of camera do you travel with? Looking to upgrade from my phone.
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D7200 thinking of getting a smaller side camera for street photography after getting yelled at by a street vendor for taking a photo of her.

>- How do you guys feel about camera security, especially when staying in a hostel?
On my first ever trip with an A6000, I stayed at a hostel. The hostels I've stayed in have always had lockers/safes of some kind. I never felt any concern over leaving my camera in there. If you're honestly that worried, you can always sleep with your camera in your bed; that's what I did with my passport on my first night.

> I don't want to constantly thinking about that in the back of my head when i'm trying to enjoy and explore somewhere. Is that ever an issue you have to worry about?
If exploring is your goal, chances are you're taking your camera with you when you're outside.

>- Is it a hassle to carry around a camera like that?
Only a little bit. I usually have it hanging from my neck by a strap, which is usually no bother. When I'm at a place that strictly prohibits photography, I have to stow it away in my bag. I also have to be more careful of my surroundings. I accidentally hit some kid in the face when I had a 55-210 lens attached to the camera.

>Do you have to fumble around with lenses and a bag and being careful about handling it?
The number of lenses I used depends on the trip I went. I only ever used the standard kit lens for taking pictures in the city. I only ever started pulling out the bigger lenses when I want to take pictures of longer distances (such as if I were on a tower, a rock, or one side of a lake). The only care I took in handling was avoiding contamination (fingerprints, dirt, etc.) on the lenses and sensor.

>Is it worth bringing one over just shooting pics on your phone?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Had this hobby some years ago.
Serious knowledge needed.
Much better possibilities when it comes to depth of field, you can point things out on the photo.
Real long term exposures possible.

Resolution is very limited, if you use standard 35mm.
If you use bigger format, stuff will be times more heavy and expensive.
just bought this one and seconding. it's pricier than i'd planned (was looking at something 250-500, paid 700 second hand) for but it's awesome
thats aud $$ btw

File: korea.jpg (71 KB, 938x450)
71 KB
Long story short, some business deal got busted at work so i'm getting sent to South Korea to visit a company in Seoul for a day or two, and have rest of the month of august for myself. I have no idea where to go or what to do so far, but i'm planning on just walking around and see where it takes me.
Anyone have any recommendation or what sort of food i should eat/avoid while im there? Also if anyone has ever taken a ferry from Busan to Osaka, i'm pretty interested in the experience. I figured i might as well visit japan while im there since i'll have plenty of free time.

File: trv travel map template.png (525 KB, 4972x2517)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
I've been annoyed by our Real Traveler's Map™, where you can fill in administrative divisions of countries you have visited, for quite some time. Parts of it has been outdated or simply wrong, and coastal subdivisions have been a pain in the ass to fill out. Now, combining my 8986 hours in MS Paint and my 25 years of autism, I have combed through the entire map and updated it completely.

First of all, I've made it much easier to fill out. I've drawn lines and connected every pixel to another. Every subdivision can now be filled with a single click of the paintbucket. This is especially apparent when it comes to places like Northern Canada, Southern Chile, Greenland, Norway etc. Second, I've revamped more or less every island terriotry, which previously were often just black dots in the ocean and impossible to even fill out. If they were large enough, I included every subdivision, while if they were too small and/or had too many subdivisions (it's usually both, the Maldives for example have over 200 administrative divisions...), I've grouped them according to island groups instead. E.g. the Marshall Islands is divided in two (the Ratak and Ralik chains), instead of 24 municipalities. This also applies to the Cook Islands, Nauru, Kiribati, Palau, etc. I've also removed all those red lines denoting disputed territories, and adjusted the borders to reflect their more de facto nature, which is more convenient from a traveler's perspective.

I've also added more coloring options, light and dark red for homeland and its visited subdivisions, and light and dark green for visited countries/subdivisions. This is to make it easier to spot if you've visited a small province in a big country (Like Doha, Moscow, Bangkok, etc). I also added yellow for coloring in places you're going to visit next. If you guys want to use these colors is entirely up to you though.

I hope you appreciate what I did and use this new map. Feel free to change it however you like.

Also map thread.
44 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Did you hike a part of The Lycian Way in Turkey? Would love to hear about your experience if you did
File: Travel map v2.png (838 KB, 4972x2517)
838 KB
838 KB PNG

Great job, OP. The world needs autists like you
I don't think you should have used black borders for Flevoland, also the Noordoostpolder belongs to Flevoland, not Friesland.
File: trv travel map template.png (526 KB, 4972x2517)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Thanks friend.

>I don't think you should have used black borders for Flevoland
Well, Flevopolder IS practically an island... Besides, the map is based on older maps going way back. I'm going to keep the black border around Flevopolder, and have grey borders around Noordoostpolder, which I've joined to Flevoland.

Pic related is the final map so far. I'm fortunate enough to be doing some traveling starting tomorrow, so I won't be in the thread for a couple of weeks. Just keep the suggestions and fixes coming, I'll check the thread while abroad and fix the map when I'm back home.

>China General

Feel free to ask about:
>moving to china
>living in china
>teaching in china
>fucking in china

>Shanghai? (Big city life)

>Chengdu? (Panda's and food)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
111 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Should I worry about air pollution if I'm going to be living in Beijing long term? (3-4 years at least)

Money is good but I don't know if it's worth my health.
>Should I worry about air pollution if I'm going to be living in Beijing long term? (3-4 years at least)
Probably not.
Beijing is unironically not that bad anymore, the government moved all the factories to other places (now those places are bad).
Just get an air purifier for your home for about $200 and you'll be happy.

>Compare Beijing, Shanghai (Hangzhou?), Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Chengdu.
If you want comfy and clean, I'd take Hangzhou out of those, but coastal cities tend to be better. Shanghai has decent air actually because of the sea winds. Chengdu isn't so bad either and I know a lot of foreigners that like the night-life there.

If you can move to Kunming, that's one of the most popular inland cities among expats, it's comfy as fuck. A bit dry though.

I like Ningbo personally but Nanjing is also really nice.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Has to be from a Chinese relative (for the personal visit) or a company (for business). Otherwise, just get a tourist visa.

Alright, so on which website can I find cheap hotels whose reservation I can cancel easily and without charge?
Agree with anon.

I lived 2 years in Kunming and is a decent place. I will try to sum it up:

- Great place to study Chinese full time, livable.
- Yunnan accent is actually rather good, easy and sounds nice.
- In general not much English spoken.
- Really easy to make acquaintances.
- Extremely easy to get laid.
- Best weather in China and probably all Asia (dunno about Japan).
- Perfect springs & Autumns, very mild summer that don't require air-con, decent winters. Dry.
- No pollution, perfect blue sky usually.
- Godly food if you know how to find it, average'ish to bad if you don't.
- Everything dirt cheap.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1528042933681.jpg (1.55 MB, 2048x3645)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
how do people travel alone do it?

>find friends
>find romantic interests
>get invited to random parties
>have interesting stories of their time traveling

when i travel, i never meet new people. so the only thing i can really do is see the sights (landmarks, museums, etc.) and eat at restaurants

how do i be that guy who meets people, goes on adventures, "experiences the culture"?

>tfw no social skills, manlet, not attractive and a khv
79 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
I travelled for 2yrs and now I tell everyone that I make friends via Couchsurfing/tours/whatever, but it's all bullshit. Apart from when I spent time in hostels (which got tiring quick), I just made friends on Tinder.

Go to any non-western country, get half-assed pics, get on Tinder, and you'll have a free tour guide and fuck buddy for the time you're there. That's what I did for most of the time. In some spots I fucked a different girl every night or even two a day.
>step 1: be attractive
>step 2: be attractive
Wow, this is quite the revelation Mon'Amie
Nope. I'm early 30's and chubby. I mostly get fat chicks and asian FOBs on Tinder in the US. In lots of places I just get a 2-3 point boost in attractiveness for being white from the US. Get Tinder Plus and set your location to somewhere like:

Sao Paulo

And you'll see.
>I mostly get fat chicks
>fucked a different girl every night or even two a day.
The girls were cute and slim that I got elsewhere, I don't actually fuck fat chicks anywhere. It's just pulling teeth getting anything good on Tinder where I live now (in the US).

My point is that most guys can do exactly what I did, it's easy to make fuckbuddy tour guides all around the world even if you have a harder time in the US.

File: IMG_0033.jpg (84 KB, 812x300)
84 KB
Got into London this morning for the 3rd time, but as a solo, and decided to try Shoreditch. I can hardly even find a fucking 'English' pub on google. This feels like Portland on steroids.

Can anyone recommend an area to go that's less gentrified? I feel like a cunt just being here

Bonus points if I won't get shanked there
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Some nice pubs near the cutty sark along the thames. Travalgar Tavern is my favourite.
>I just want to experience the native people in their own capital

Mate you're talking about London. Anyone who is English in London isn't from London.
All the more of a reason to have a pint in a pub there no?
Go up to Hampstead.

Yeah this or go to a Spoons.

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