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File: ay_108457411.jpg (156 KB, 618x434)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>come home from backpacking trip
>put backpack in corner
>life is now on standby mode until next trip
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Office bitch.
File: 20170205_154449.jpg (4.02 MB, 4128x3096)
4.02 MB
4.02 MB JPG
>40-45L travel backpack
WTF, how can you people travel that light? I have an enormous 120L backpack and it's almost full most of the time. Picrelated
>go full crust
>learn a skill
Which is what school will do. Preferably learn a skill that will allow you to travel.

Personally, I'm a stagehand, it pays well if you're not retarded, gives you an opportunity to travel (touring) and you get paid to see concerts. Also it beats serving coffee
Yeah it can be pretty lucrative. In an airport right now waiting on a flight to MI to work on a few petitions. North Carolina doesnt usually have much, have only ever heard of Candidate qualification and GOTV jobs happening there. But other states can get real good. From February to early May during even-numbered years California is absolutely epic. Usually save $20-30k in that time span alone. Most petitioners themselves are absolute morons, its primarily drug users who blow their money as soon as they get it. A few of us use the money for long term travel during the slow season tho.
>I have no skills besides serving coffee


what were you even studying?

File: IMG_5903.jpg (45 KB, 470x313)
45 KB
I'm heading to China to complete an intensive short term study in Shanghai in January. If I have classes M-Th will I have enough time to see Shanghai over the 4 weeks?
I've then got an extra 3 weeks for travelling. Anywhere you'd recommend? So far I'm thinking Beijing, Xi'an and Harbin. I'd like to see rural China too, any recommendations of where to go?

China general also
Don't have an answer for you, but I'm in a similar situation; I'm going on a 2ish week business trip throughout China (mostly southern China and a few days in Beijing). Trying to figure out what I can do between working hours. I'm thinking of just major tourist destinations and food places...
Most recently I've been to Shenzhen and Hong Kong and the region around that. Shenzhen is a nice city. Not sure what there is in terms of tourist destinations but I enjoyed my time just looking around. The subways are really nice and clean. Well I went to one place called "Window of the World". It's basically an amusement park with a bunch of small recreations of landmarks. I thought it was decently fun to go around.

Hong Kong is a completely different story but going there from mainland and back will be a pain in the ass. You basically have to cross the border and go through a check both times if you're going by land.

Don't know how you'll see the rural side. I imagine it's a bit different if you don't know anyone there or speak the language that well. I had my family to guide me around. Lots of neat temples around.

Oh and careful about scammers but I'm sure that applies anywhere. Especially on some tour buses. My cousin had a weird experience on a Beijing tour. She could tell they were mad shit talking. They stopped the bus and held it hostage there until people bought enough blankets or something like that.

Good luck. Also I recommend ExpressVPN as far as VPN's go. It worked like a charm.
Last week express was baned in China. Now I'm using NordVPN - so far all good.
I have a 12.5 hour layover in Shanghai. Arriving at 6 in the morning.

Is it feasible to go out there and explore the city?
It should be doable, if I remember correctly you can get to the city centre in 40-60 minutes or so. So you still have ~10 hours to visit the city. You may want to join the free waking tour or just wander by yourself, it sounds more fun than just sitting at the airport.

File: pri_48868350.jpg (77 KB, 620x930)
77 KB
How much have you come across anti-tourist sentiments while traveling?

This summer I was in a few cities which might get a few too many tourists (Barcelona and Lisbon) in particular. I never got anything personally, but I did notice anti-tourist graffiti (especially in Barcelona).

How much is tourism a legit problem and how much of this is just leftist angst?
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When I was camping in Lake Tekapo, NZ and bunch of Aussie tourists showed up rip roaring drunk, started harassing these two german girls beside us. Screaming that they'd never "had german cunts before". They ended up getting kicked out but only after one of their massive beach fires got out of hand and burned down a "No Fires Permitted" sign.

This is pretty much in keeping with any encounter I've ever had with Australian tourists.
File: wedding shirt.jpg (16 KB, 324x324)
16 KB
what the hell is wrong with those guys

i don't fucking get barcelone, the city would literally cease to exist within 5 years if it wasn't for it's massive tourist industry yet they just keep shitting on tourists. I have only travelled there for work and i have never been i a place with such shit people. I hope i never have to go back there in my life.
File: 1504441168740.jpg (113 KB, 750x937)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
its a certain caste of strayan named 'those bogan cunts'
generally theyre alright when alone, but watch out for when they're with the boys.. all kinds of pent-up homo tension tends to get released on anyone not in their little circlejerk
File: 1494059190107.jpg (36 KB, 400x460)
36 KB
>the city would literally cease to exist within 5 years if it wasn't for it's massive tourist industry


What should I expect, also would you live in any of these cities?
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File: Luzern.jpg (39 KB, 550x367)
39 KB

now for what you should do...

>French region:

- Nyon is a pretty town with a nice Castle
- Chateaux Chillon is stunning, a must go (Take the boat from Vevey if possible)
- Neuchâtel is pretty too

>German region:

- Fribourg is nice
- The area around the Thunersee is a MUST SEE, specifically Thun, Spiez, Interlaken.. go up a few mountains like the Schilthorn, Niesen, Jungfrau. Dont miss Oberhofen castle, take the boat to that and around the whole Thunersee while your at it.. This area of the Berner Oberland is my home and I definitely recommend it!
- Luzern/Lucerne as >>1311107 said is stunning, on of the best cities in Switzerland and Europe, literally amazing! Go across the Kapelbrücke and explore the Altstadt

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Cailler.png (571 KB, 980x513)
571 KB
571 KB PNG

Some tips:

Try and learn some German and French although the Schweizer Deutch is very different just to warn you. They will understand normal German though as well as understand English is most places ESPECIALLY Geneva, Bern and Zurich

As some have already said try and see some of the countryside, this is also why I recommend the trains, expensive but you see a lot of the country, its well connected and they are never never never ever late! Comfy as well, clean and modern.

Go to supermarkets like Coop or Migros for snacks, and speaking of food dont miss some of the great food.. obviously the Cheese (Gruyere or Emmental) and Chocolate of course ( I recommend Cailler, its the bomb as well as tons of others like Torino and Ragusa, they are INCREDIBLE, just go to the chocolate aisle of either supermarket and get a selection, no kidding its probably the best place outside of Luxury shops, but unless your a millionaire dont bother Be sure to try Fondue, Raclette and Rösti if you can.. as well as loads of other Swiss treats like Carac tarts and Biberlis

Before you go maybe skim over the history and see if anywhere interests you more.. learn about the unique political system and all the cantons, its always worth knowing before you go!

Have fun :)
Stay a night in interlaken, it's not that far out from Bern and it is it the heart of the mountains

Also Switzerland is expensive but not really THAT more expensive than the surrounding countries, prolly just a couple bucks on everything
>VERY fast tram going at incredible hihg speed
I've been to Bern, Zurich, and Basel and surrounding cantons. I can say Basel is super chill and has the most English speakers in Switzerland. Zurich is great, but its a bit big.
Bern is good too, its not as built up as the other two. I personally wouldn't live in a big city though, the rail system is so well interconnected that even in the Alps proper your never too far away from one of the major hub cities.

File: ALONE.jpg (12 KB, 320x240)
12 KB

anyone have any files or links or suggestions on where to look for old lonely plant guides, circa the 90s?

old shit.

looking for se asia, and africa
if you're willing to pay money there's some pretty big used book companies, they just pick up every old book they can find, and then make money on shipping


has quite a few
Drop by your local public library, you might be surprised.
why on earth would you want an outdated guidebook ?
wrong info is worse than no info

File: 1424459562805.jpg (74 KB, 500x667)
74 KB
Im going to thailand soon
is travel insurance worth it?
my medial insurance only covers "emergencys" and im in the us.
how do i go about buying it?
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Amazon will ship stuff to you, whether you get it and how long it takes depends on what shipping method you choose and how Thai Post feels on a particular day. Thai Post is VERY well known for demanding ridiculous bribes to release packages to foreigners. Not joking, you will pay the standard duty fee plus a large "surcharge" -- IF they even pass it along to you and don't "lose" it.
Even locals. I shipped so me perfume to a local. The "duty" she paid on it cost more than the perfume, I think
>Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis
Both Chlamydia and gonorrhea have almost zero influence on you if you are male.I had gonorrhea twice now. You can get vaccinated agains HPV(which I did) and take PreP for HIV
Chlamydia can cause sterility in both males and females, and can trigger prostatitis, which is an excruciating months- or years-long mess.

Congratulations on your gonorrhea, some of the strains going around Thailand nowadays are almost untreatable. Your dick will drip pus until it falls off.
She was clean? How did you find her?

Where is the current 'gold rush'. I'm not talking about mining bit coin, more like trading rubber in the Congo. It seems the easy laowai jobs are gone...where is the best place for a white man to profit from whiteness in 2017?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>where is the best place for a white man to profit from whiteness in 2017?
Online. Imagine Rick Steves crossed with Alex Jones - a travel website exploiting insecure young white men, promising them easy sex and money in exotic locations, and why they need to abandon Europe and the US and start a new life somewhere else. You could cull most of the material from /trv/ archives. Top 10 tips for spotting Tinderbots in Thailand, etc etc.
Gold miners in CA had a great summer I hear, lots of gold washed out from the Oroville Dam flooding in Feb
We get to experience all the excitement of the gold rush from our mothers basement.

I had a good laf at this m8
link me to a previous thread on the topic?

File: mcmurdo-from-ob-hill.jpg (302 KB, 800x600)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
How hard is it to actually get hired down there? What if you want to stay a full year? Anyone with experience?
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nice sophistry, burger
I'm getting an electrical engineering degree in a couple years, would they have much reason to take me? I'm sure their power grid needs something like that right?
Sure, but most likely you won't be able to get a job there right out of school. I think you would have a much better chance of it with 3-5 years of experience. If it's something you really want to do, start chasing it now. Networking and all that.
I have an oceanography degree. How easy would be getting there by doing my masters on antarctic oceanography?
You won't get rich but besides that your statement was accurate

Hey guys, me and my gf are visiting Dubrovnik from 1 to 5th of november. What can you tell me about it? What should I know before I go? Also what do you think about my location of stay. Should I spend extra money to rent a place in the Old Town or is this okay?
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I visited Dubrovnik in August. It was a neat place, but out off my 4 stops. Kotor, Dubrovnik, Mostar and Split.. it was easily the most expensive and touristy spot of the trip.

I'd imagine it shouldn't be as crazy in November though.

Beers in old town were about 6€ each, where as i was getting them in Kotor for 2.5€.

War Photo Limited was a sweet museum in old town.

We walked the City Walls and visted Lokrum (i highly recommend Lokrum Island, it was my favorite part of Dubrovnik)
File: lapad.png (137 KB, 1600x521)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Short answer, I'd pay a little bit more to stay in or near the the Old Town. I've stayed in Lapad not far from where you are. I stayed in the Valamar Lacroma, 5 minute walk up the hill. On the plus side the Hotel More is fantastic and has a great cave bar. There are also some local swimming spots on the rocks nearby that are cool. The downside is that you are outside of the Old Town. From your location it would be a 10-15 minute walk to the main bus stop (see picture, bus stop is half a mile away) and then another 10-15 minutes on the bus into the Old Town. There is a Number 5 bus that goes right by the hotel but it only goes every hour. Either way, if you stay here check out the bus timetables

It gets annoying after a while and you'd need to get Taxis back at night if you are out late, which adds to the cost.

I'm not sure how busy it will be in Nov in Lapad as well. I was there in peak season and it was still a lot quieter than the Old Town. The upside of this is that the people were more chilled and friendly as they weren't bombarded with tourists. If you do stay in the Old Town you could take a bus out there one day to check it out maybe. Also, if you do stay in Lapad there is a well regarded restaurant called Pantarul so google it and if you fancy it book a table ahead. I tried to do a walk in but they were fully booked so I can't add a personal recommendation. There is also a restaurant called Levanat 5 minutes walk from your location that has great views. Didn't eat here either. I did eat in Restaurant Lapad on a side street just off the main drag and it was good - awesome mixed grill. I hope that helps.
File: roland.jpg (5.33 MB, 2460x4116)
5.33 MB
5.33 MB JPG
I've spent much time in Dubrovnik, I'd consider just staying in the Old Town, prices shouldn't be as high as peak season. Definitely walk the walls, visit the Fanciscan Monastery Garden, and definitely walk through the many churches. There may be markets still in the morning and I highly recommend checking them out to find great local foods. Eating lunch will always be cheaper. Check out the bakeries for burek (the most delicious cheese 'pie') and makovnjaca (poppyseed roll). Drink rakija and the local wines. Also walk around the walls on the inside of the city, there's a cool cafe tucked away with an amazing view. Mostly just wander around too. The city is gorgeous.

>Pic related - put your hand up his crotch for good luck! Have fun!
I was there in June. Least favorite place in the Balkans. GoT fags off the cruise ship everywhere. Expensive. Go to Kotor or further up the coast as fast as you can. Old town is pretty small. I walked all of it in one day and made the night bus to Split.

File: 1503786394308.jpg (213 KB, 1080x1080)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>Layover in Keflavík (KEF)
>1 hour 10 minutes
Am I going to make it to my next flight?
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People missing the point here. Only one question matters: are the flights on the same ticket.

Yes? You will be fine.
No? Hope everything is on time.
Euro or foreigner? Generally the euro lanes move pretty fast. Always funny to see a Burger try those lines, and then be told by the officer to go to another line.
I'm Cairns anon, and my flights were on the same ticket. I even called the airline before travelling to ask if i'd make it since i didn't choose the flight time. When i missed the flight the staff just shrugged and said it was weird i was given only an hour between.

if your flight is on the same ticket the airport is obligated to wait for you. if you booked two separate flights then tough shit.
They are not obligated to wait, only to get you to your destination. If you are running late, they will decide whether it's cheaper to wait for you or to book you on the next flight and possibly send you to a hotel overnight.

Going to Israel on April. I kind of look like an arab (im Italian) and live in Brussels. How fucked am I? Will i be stabbed in the middle of Tel Aviv?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

>kind of look like an arab

you'll fit in then
Yes, you're as good as dead. There are strictly no Arabs whatsoever in Israel. Not even mizrahim. If you have the slightest hint of a tan, you'll get escorted to the West Bank immediately.
What do you think Israelis look like? Also you are aware that arabs make up a large amount of Israels population and are generally treated pretty well for being a minority.
What if you are a white lone traveler or say asian lone traveler?
Israelis are Arabs. With some slavic genes mixed in from diaspora.

File: IMG_0911.jpg (125 KB, 700x524)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
What is the most patrician city in the USA to live in?
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I doubt you've ever lived in NYC if you actually think it's god tier
either you don't live in NYC, or you're a contrarian neckbeard
Bad move it's too hot
>San Francisco is the 2nd cleanest city in the US
Once you get out of downtown this becomes apparent. But god damn is downtown fucked.
Visited there recently. It was nice being able to ride a bike for transport without the sun trying to roast me or drivers trying to run me off the road.

File: qbx.jpg (40 KB, 500x666)
40 KB
where in SEA can I get the best internet connection for the lowest cost of living? want to relocate to philippines but I heard the internet is bad, need a stable connection for my income. are there places with good connection in the phils? or cambodia? or what other country for cheap living and good internet
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The US does not want to see a popular uprising against the Thai government; they'd prefer a discreet shifting of power away from authoritarianism. They are indifferent to the power of the Thai royal family.

They would be okay with seeing popular uprising against the Chinese government.

As far as the threat of foreign subversion goes, China has infinitely more to worry about than Thailand.
China doesn't need to worry about foreign subversion when they've got the Communist Party fucking everyone over and making the entire country resent the fuck out of them.
Vietnam seemed to have good connection speeds, pretty much every taxi I got in had pretty good wifi as well which you don't even get here in the UK.
wait what

the taxi itself has wifi?
That was most likely a mobile hotspot using LTE which tends to be pretty good regardless of where you are staying, but it can get really expensive to rely on for everyday tasks.

Yo my dudes, I play on going to Tokyo this december and don't know anyone my age in Japan, thought I'd try my luck here. If you're interested in partying and exploring with a German, and maybe watch some anime, write me at [spoiler]StrangerKill4@gmail.com[/spoiler] to discuss, tyvm.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Jesus fuck. This is the wrong place especially with that approach. I imagine you got your ass banned from /a/ in minutes.
File: 1496557827298.jpg (118 KB, 960x960)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>facebook profile id tags
>personal email
>exploring your butt rather
My ISP was already banned, and ye, I don't know why I expected decent human beings at least in this part of 4chan.
You had me until anime.
understandable lmao, like i said before, copied it from the attempt on /a/ and since it had to be related to anime i just slapped it on there.

File: 1322531108494.png (473 KB, 600x706)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>he uses airbnb
Do you like spending 30% more for the same place that much?
33 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just read a ton about this it seems like they get a lower price using stolen miles and stuff, good way to get arrested for identity theft I think
I find air bnb are better value for the bucks. Plus if you are in a strange country you get to relate to the locals
What? Every time I've used it it's been far cheaper or better value than hotels
spent 80 bucks for me and my friend to stay in someones apartment for 4 days in downtown montreal. worth it. our roommate was from england and the couple that owned the place were locals that were super cool.
Outside of the US laws and available sites can make it a real pain to find short term rentals, except for on airbnb.

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