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File: IMG_4719.jpg (311 KB, 750x1334)
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311 KB JPG
Samefag with yet another /IndiaGeneral/ -- 'Go to Chhattisgarh' edition.

I've just arrived back to the United States after my eighth visit to India. Spent about two years in New Delhi and have covered most states aside from the Seven Sisters. I'm more than happy to answer any questions about the NCR and travel in South Asia, especially in the northern tracts of the subcontinent.

What I can't answer, hopefully others can.

Will not respond to troll-tier "poo in the loo!" posts.
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File: 1370725957162.gif (360 KB, 301x301)
360 KB
360 KB GIF
How is travel and accommodation between cities?

Travel can be a hassle, if you are taking trains, they are almost always booked fully, so you'll have to get them to make you a tatkal ticket, some railway ticket people are real pricks and you will have to force them to find a train for you if the one you want is full, they have a computer and can look up availability but this is India so everything is a battle. Some popular routes have foreign quota
tickets too.

Train is the best. I took a bus from Kullu to Shimla and the woman beside me vomited out the window the whole ride, the road are windy and mountainous, I thought she would get it alll out and stop but she did it the whole ride. The next night I took a bus from Shimla to Dehra Dun and the boy in the seat behind me did the same thing all night. They also played movies at full volume.
varanasi is cancer. avoid it.
go do a trip in patna instead
You’re an idiot Varanasi is great

>I was traveling Varanasi mostly with my guide

Gosh, he must really know what he's talking about.

have any of you found your significant other or current partner while traveling?

I ask because I want to meet someone that wants to be with me and that I want to be with
I believe the easiest / most effective way of doing so is to be traveling around the place
I'm want to get a van and live in it
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>if you want to get your shit together
I want to find a partner, and then figure out how to settle

>if you live like a bum you're only going to truly connect with other bums
I find it fairly fucking difficult to actually connect with fucking anyone, I'm actually attractive and charming too, but I just don't fucking understand what they're doing and why

last week I met a girl and I got butterflies for the first time in about 11 months, and I want more butterflies
just realising that I've had 4 proper in love times and only like 2 of them where when I was proper travelling (and 2 while on holidays/vacation)
it's all just chance, and jesus maybe it's less to do with the actual girls (except 1) and my head's slanting me, fucking hell, it's always just the most recent one that's
I still maintain the underlying logic that being a vagabond is how you meet the most people possible, and if you keep hygienic you're just as good as anyone, like you have good chance, and van enables hygiene
>>if you want to get your shit together
>I want to find a partner, and then figure out how to settle
as in I'd only settle when I have actually found someone to settle with, no fuckin alco's, except maybe then we could just be alco's if I was actually in to her and the whole deal
that's what I mean, I have to see this shit with my own hands, as many of it as possible
ha ha ha....you are drinking right now arent you?


I've had sex and one-night stands with other travelers but never deluded myself into thinking there'd be anything more.

However, I have had serious relationships with women I've met abroad -- usually local girls in places I've spent significant amounts of time. For instance, I've been to India about eight times in the past four or five years. Since I'm well-acquainted with the culture and certain cities, it's relatively easy for me to meet new people through Tinder and friends of friends.

I'm constantly in and out, so it's not too impractical to maintain something long-distance. Moreover, I wouldn't mind living in Mumbai or Delhi for a few years after graduating.

But I don't think there's any use trying unless you're invested enough in the person and have a realistic, workable plan to be together some time within the 'near future.' If you've no hope of landing a job or visa within the next couple years (or they can't do the same for you), then it's really not worth it.

Also worth mentioning that sometimes people hook-up or develop feelings simply because they're in an exotic place and can bond over that. Take away the occasion and drop them into an ordinary circumstance they may have nothing to discuss.
yeah, but this is a long term feeling, and I'm particularly sensitive at the moment because the butterflies, I used to get that a lot, all excited and fluttery over shit like texts, so unstable
you're completely right, definitely see your exotic situation point too
>But I don't think there's any use trying unless you're invested enough in the person and have a realistic, workable plan to be together some time within the 'near future.'
I want to meet someone to invest in, and shit's workable if it has to be

I still believe meeting more people increases your chances of meeting someone you like
you meet more people wandering around doing nothing

and also people who are settled down aren't as fun or in-their-true-spirit

gonna ramble a bit now (thanks for therapy sesh btw)
that's why alcohol is great, it reveals your true self, 2 drinks in and your tipsy, basically a bit more cocky and carefree, more and more and you reveal your most deepest self, it can be a bit shit but whatever
when you're travelling you're really fucking deciding what you actually want or care about at that time, you're so much closer to what you are

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Any Branson, MO locals/regulars have suggestions for later night stuff to do after 9 or 10 that isn’t eat food exclusively?

Anyone who explored the 3 Caucasus countries on one trip? What's the deal with the passport, some sources say you can't get inside Azerbaijan with an Armenian stamp or the other way round, but there's a lot of conflicting info out there?
I'd like to go there this summer. Would a month be a good span of time to see all three countries?
Please give recs and advice. I'm interested in seeing the nature and hiking, but also exploring the cities and getting to know local people. Is CS any good in these countries? How are hostels?
All other info and travel experiences welcome. I'm a 20yo white European, I'll probably be going together with another guy or otherwise on my own.
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That's the village i grew up in.(under the road)
For real?
It's probably just "normal" for you but I'm genuinely somewhat jealous. When was that?
from 1994 to 2008.
every summer and winter vacation. Now i'm a busy man I only go there to see my grandma's grave.
Beautiful hometown anon. I hope to visit that region
File: 1518159470669m.jpg (72 KB, 1024x605)
72 KB
Do Azerbaijani border guards look thru your phone or just your bags?

File: arch-04-992x744.jpg (109 KB, 992x744)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Hey /trv/, I'm going to be staying in Guatemala (Antigua to be more specific) for two months this summer for a grad school internship. My main concern is for my safety and the safety of the two other students I'm going to be staying with. I've done some research on forums and read state travel advisories which have only given me some pretty basic and obvious advice. I haven't come across any horror stories or anything and I really don't know much about Guatemala to begin with, but some of the info I have seen has warned about tourist safety while in Guatemala. Am I blowing things out of proportion and just being a lil' nervous nelly, or are there legitimate concerns about traveling to Antigua and it's surrounding areas? One of the students I'm traveling with is a woman, so I was wondering if she would need to take extra precautions.

Also, I'd appreciate any other non-safety related advice.

Why do you almost never see people in their or 40s or older in hostels?

Is it because they didn't grow up with international cheap travel? Do you think you will still stay in hostels when you are older?
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>Since we're on the topic of hostels and age how old is too old?

there isn't one unless you are creepy old dudes hitting on 18 y/o's

>I was 23 the last time I stayed at a hostel and even then I noticed I was a bit older than most people

If this was in Europe you did a SHIT watermark for ages in a hostel, it can vary a lot. Some hostels will be filled with 16 y/o's during some seasons. I'm 27 have no issues with hostels met a ton older and a ton younger. Last hostel I was at was filled with a bunch of mid 20 y/o's from europe in japan and we partied HARD at the bar.

> I feel like the age factor plays a bit more of a roll there there than in other more far out places. you're right though I probably shouldn't worry about it much.

You are, but also keep in mind people as they get older will often stop traveling solo as much, so there is that. Honestly I don't give a shit, and no one else does either.
>is 26
>calls others youngins

what fucking world is this?
I didn't even stay in hostels when I was 18 and going through Europe. Slept on people's couches I met at bars or the beach, or just paid for small rooms so I could take chicks back to my place and fuck them without being in a dormitory with 20 ferrel bogans.
>Hostels in the third world didn't exist until the late 90s you idiot
>the world was invented when I noticed it

>Why do you almost never see people in their or 40s or older in hostels?
There are heaps but sure, it's less for all the reasons mentioned in this thread.
So long as they're not doing it just to hit on young women, it's no big deal.

Hostels are good for socialising, especially as a single traveller.

If you're not 'trying' to get laid, lots of kids are happy to go about town with someone middle-aged. They might speak a bit of the language and/or know places to go. Once sex is off the table, at least in theory, then age doesn't really matter that much and people can just act normally.

>If you're in your 40s and haven't yet started a family, you're a failure of a person.

Not everyone wants to have a family, anon.


> so I could take chicks back to my place and fuck them
>I'll usually just meet someone off Tinder


File: IMG_0741.jpg (51 KB, 341x496)
51 KB
I know probably as much about China stuff as someone almost done with a Bachelor's in it, I read about China almost everyday and can speak/write basic Mandarin. Am I just obsessed because China is so awesome? I am very obsessed and plan to teach English there once I'm fluent in the language.
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Well that's the real China after all.
i know this is absurd... but i love midwest Mormons. not the religion or the politics (which i disagree with pretty much all of) but the people, the values, and the culture. its so warm and polite. the food is hysterical and delicious. their mindset is so different than the one i was raised with, yet somehow at the far arcs we have so many overlapping values. We seem to compliment each other so well that it just makes for the most amazing yin and yang chemistry when i interact with them.

so yea, ill never become mormon... but if you are on here think you guys are great and would love to live on the outskirts of your community.
yeah never really cared about vikings. i'm more into medieval history
I am obsessed with Germany. A great people.

File: Boston-copy (1).jpg (498 KB, 1010x480)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
I'm planning on going on a trip down to Boston just for the first week of April, and I was just wondering if I could get some great advise from you guys about what are the best sightseeing or tourist attractions that are there to discover overthere right now? Also do you guys know if there's any great hostels, and restaurants, or even bars that are pleasant and enjoyable anywhere in the city?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Barking Crab is overrated touristy shlock.

At least at Legal Sea Foods you can sit in a comfortable seat in a room with heat and a nice view of the harbor.
They have really great food prices from what I've heard of though.
Lobster roll at Neptune Oyster. Butter bath.
As much as it pains me to admit Neptune is comfortably within the top 5 seafood places in Boston. Ostria is number 1 but it’s not cheap. Atlantic fish is probably up there tooo.
Christian Science Center with the big sprinkler thing

File: 84602402.jpg (72 KB, 1024x683)
72 KB
Can we talk about hostels for a moment?

>Cramped, always too hot or too cold
>usually filled with chinks and other inconsiderates having full volume coversations at 3am
>ALWAYS at least ONE chronic snorer
>get tired of the "so where are you from, how long have you been here etc" after about 3 days

Anyone else? Would never stay in a hostel again if I was rich enough to pay for hotels
145 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
As long as you check the reviews youll be fine. I have stayed in some very lovely hostels, and some filthy overcrowded mildew farms. Either you want to meet fellow travelers or you don't. I liked the smaller hostels that had a bar attached. I require ensuite bathroom. Best one I stayed at was called Globetrotters in Dublin. There were 6 or 8 to a room, but the bunk beds were solid wood with storage, and reading lights, and plenty of space to where you felt you weren't cramped. The two worst I stayed in were megaplexes in London and Munich with tons of teenagers on holiday, and no air conditioning. I remember it was a particularly hot summer in Munich, and on the upper floor, where the Windows only opened a small amount. Jesus it was so hot. I woke up to one guy sleeping bare ass naked on his bed with no cover, and a Muslim praying right next to my bed, because apparently I was blocking Mecca. Like... Can't you do that in's common area? It was so weird.
But I've had wonderful experiences staying at hostels in Paris and Amsterdam and meeting wonderful people.
File: 1487296353335 (1).jpg (119 KB, 440x429)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>Mfw staying in a YHA hostel in Manchester while recovering from a cold
>Kids in the floor above jumping around till 2am
>No people in their 20's i.e. my age
>People keep shooting me dirty looks whenever I cough
>Think it's just a fluke, try another YHA in Liverpool
>French schoolkids jumping around in the room above AGAIN
>Drinks are overpriced
>Beds squeak
>Roommates all boring older people

the staff in Liverpool were lovely, though. If you have a problem with hostels, you're staying in the wrong ones. I've had almost no trouble in hostels, and if you stick to backpacker hostels (which you should be doing) you'll be fine.
If it makes you feel better I always pray in the common area if I need to in the hostel.
That's cool. It does kind of make me feel better. Even if he had been in the same room, in a separate space it would have been fine. But I wake up and he is just on his knees next to my bed, directly facing me. It was awkward as fuck.
>But I wake up and he is just on his knees next to my bed, directly facing me. It was awkward as fuck
That's not awkward, it's awesome.
You should have acknowledged his prayers and offered to bless him.

Just arrived in Japan and found a furnished apartment to rent. I’m signing a six month contract and they allow me to pay with credit card instead of bank transfer. Here’s my question...

If this expat job doesn’t work out for whatever reason and I want to go home early, can I just leave? Would there be any legal ramifications?

Can the landlords find a way to make me pay from Japan if I’ve returned to my home country?

I don’t anticipate this however and I don’t plan on skipping out on my lease, it was just something I was curious about in case things don’t work out like I hoped. Thanks.

is there any reason to move to Washington? My parents are convinced and want to move and I have to tag along. (They're both disabled, I take care of them for the most part) Not really feeling it since Washington seems to be high in crime. What's there to do, how's it like?
DC is a great city. Crime is mostly restricted to areas that you and your parents will probably never go.

It's a pretty expensive place to live, with great public transit by US standards, good food, lots of attractive professionals women, very hot in summer, usually not too bad in winter. Need to know more about what you are into to give more insight.

i live in the DC metro area (northern va). but this isnt a bad area at all.

>is there any reasons to move?

-Washington-Dulles International Airport is very efficient for international travel


just stay away from South East DC. Northwest DC is actually very nice, its full of rich people so its safe and there is lots of nice restaurants

File: Nakasendo-Trail.gif (69 KB, 1250x850)
69 KB
Has anyone here ever hiked the Nakasendo Trail? What was it like?

File: munich-alamy.jpg (70 KB, 620x465)
70 KB
So this summer, I'm going to be in Munich, Germany for a couple of days, as part of an extended vacation from a cruise.

What are some things to do and see in Munich? I wanted to see Neuschwanstein castle, but I've heard that you'd have to spend a whole day to see it. Is it worth it?
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The german museum is great if you are a bit into science its a must do.
If you want to go the Augustiner go here: Landsberger Str. 19, 80339 München, Deutschland
Its a bit off the tourist track and i like it more than the central ones. The hop smell is awesome too
Munich is a famous surfing location due to several streams having standing waves. The Eisbachwelle is the most famous wave there, but there are other ones as well. Munich is propably the best public place to see surfers in a close distance
What's the best way for transportation in there city though?
I really like the food in Germany, especially with the sausages, their really delicious.

File: 20180315_193415.jpg (1.25 MB, 1600x1066)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
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or he just likes pasta
I thought that story sounded familiar
never gets old
What an asshole.
I doubt this ever happened

June is for Praga with my awesome GF. Can i get some tips on what i can visit or do while there ? we will be there for 5 days. So very excited. Thank you
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i got her at boardgame night. we just clicked.
Cross Club (see google) was kinda impressive when I visited, else it kinda depends on what you like to do.

If you want some adventure and by any chance do geocaching you can visit cache "Styx" GC13QK0_styx
>cache "Styx"
forgot to mention to do this only when its not raining (or wasnt raining too much in couple last days) and with flashlight or two
Just beeee urself
Start with a free walking tour. Turn up in Old Town just before 10am in the square by the astronomical clock. Look for the umbrellas. That should fill the morning and give you lots of ideas for further things to explore.

Try the goulash.
Explore the fortified area and cathedral.
See a classical music concert.
Drink the pilsner.
Keep drinking the pilsner.

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