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Best thing you made using cheapest most bare bones equipment/software. Go.
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Thats how fiction works. I know, shocking. You want something to happen and you create a circumstance that makes it happen.

If anything its retarded that he cannot simply state that Joosten without clothes looks better than Joosten with clothes.

Also what happened to that model anyway, it looks alright from like 50% of angles and pretty bad from the rest. Good thing the Kojima likeness is flawless for those 15s its in the game. But I feel for the artist, I have a tough time sculpting decent female faces too.
The blurry bloomy compositing triggers me more than anything else going on here.
Quiet is the culmination of Sniper Wolf, Eva, and Helena Dolph all rolled into one. Also How is this thread still here? It's fucking August.
/v/ faggot keeps bumping it. let it die.
>welcome to the nexus
absolute kek

File: 1483083362586.png (222 KB, 225x421)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
>Be a beginner with 3d software
>Find a tutorial on the object i want to create
>Everything goes nice
>next part starts up
>Oh hi again guys so i made some changes in-between the parts just to make it look a little better :^)
>The model looks completly different

Just fuck my shit up
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>Find an already made model that you need
>Need to make slight modification
>Model is stl
>Author won't post obj file in case their "brilliant" model gets stolen
>finally find that one tutorial one something very specific
>one of those faggots who's afraid to talk in a mic and either makes circles with his cursor around the buttons he's about to press or writes what he wants to say in notepad as he goes along

>Alright guys, let's make a nature scene in Blender. This is a good tutorial for beginners.
>First thing I'm going to do is append stuff from the Rock and Grass Essential packs.

Oh, okay, because the first thing beginners should do is spend over $300 on high end models and materials they can't fully understand yet.

>So here's the scene I'm starting with. I made this in Maya.
>"Blender Tutorial"
>So guys this is how we're gonna make this really nice scene
>We'll only be learning the bare bones stuff and I won't explain how to make it look as nice as my render
>"Hey guys, sorry I haven't done any videos in awhile, I just don't have the time like I used to, I promise I'll get something done soon."
>This is the last video posted
>Posted 6 years ago

File: icon.png (19 KB, 300x300)
19 KB
File: unknown.png (15 KB, 288x301)
15 KB
This is image from render view in maya

Why does this industry treat people like shit?

I am considering just ending my career in animation, getting a normie job and just making my own content, trying to become a youtube/pitch fag/fame fag. I could just draw yelling reaction faces and have a chance at becoming rich or of the clicks of children.

Fuck I can get an entry level normie job and get paid 60k a year with benefits. I've worked a year and a half in this thankless industry and I may have had enough. Everything is just who you know.

Other careers pay you to be trained, this one is basically "know everything before you set foot in the door and DO IT FASTER than the previous guy who had more experience than you who we fired for being to slow when we asked him to increase his productivity by 100%". I've worked along side people hired on pure nepotism/diversity that can barely name a fucking file or model a topology that doesn't need to be completely redone. While I see people busting their asses and perform well above average who don't get hired for years.

I;ve worked in places were people worked off hours for fear of losing their jobs, places that do not pay over time, pay under the table illegally have unpaid interns making work that goes on major networks. I've worked for people who own entire CG studios, but have never touched so much as Photoshop in there life.

tl;dr, my studio treats me like shit. I work for major company and it runs only marginally less sketchy than when I worked for a Start Up held together by gum and paper clips.

Is it even worth working in this industry that is simply laden with scum?
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Get away from media and entertainment, stay in the 3d segment.
So your "studio" is a four-man team (including yourself) with sketchy business practices and which relies on outsourcing to third world countries.

That's hardly representative of the whole industry, it sounds like your boss doesn't value your work and you should get out at the first opportunity.
Where have you passed interviews, and would you be willing to move to a studio in a different location for your career?
I'm aiming for NY or at least East Coast

Booze Allen Hamilton
My Active Driveway
A VR start up
and another Start Up doing medical animation
I can't speak for animation, but in game art missing 5 jobs where "they would love to hire you" but went for another hire is not the norm.
I'm not saying you're the problem. You might've just been unlucky. Though the two startups turning you down after bringing you so far along the hiring process is a bit weird.

My experience is in game art, and game art alone. I talk to other game art people and hear stories from them. What I can tell you is that there are bad companies and good ones. I've seen people work 100 hour weeks (though with good pay) and people work steady 40hr/week jobs with benefits and absolutely no overtime. I don't know what the climate is in advertising or film but I can't see why it'd be different.

If I was in your position, I'd apply to all the big studios in the areas I was willing to relocate to until I got an offer. Most big studios are always hiring if you've got talent, and this is something I'd assume to be true of VFX in general and not just games.

$16/hour for any sort of competent job in 3D is a shit wage. It's the sort of wage you take when you start out as a junior and are being trained. From what you're describing it seems like your company is paying you peanuts for you to do everything for them while offering little in return.
>100 hr weeks
Just why. Your wife / gf will leave you and your pets will all die

File: Springtrap0006.png (501 KB, 1280x1280)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
made £200 making minecraft fnaf rigs lol
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you should learn some world economics, kid.
we set the price of your pound every morning.
which is why pounds transfer alot larger in interest, calling me a kid cuck
money is money, and youre retarded. and bitter
Go on, take the next step. You know what I'm talking about: Femtrap. I'm partial to Mizumew's
I think I just found my new waifu.

File: waifu.png (304 KB, 843x756)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
I've been working on an attractive female model in Zbrush. I'm going for a style similar to the girls in Dead Or Alive [Including huge baps]. Any suggestions on the face?
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>6 years
that nigga like 28
golden ratio is a meme invented by pedophiles who wiped their dirty ass holes with the same bare hand they used to eat. The number of times its found in nature pales in comparison to the number of time it's not.
it's like nikki cox got beat with an ugly stick.
back off on all those details and make the shapes simple.
brains like simple.
File: cbs-upfront.jpg (62 KB, 600x884)
62 KB
>it's like nikki cox got beat with an ugly stick.
The nose could use some work. It seems too straight and sharp for a female nose, and generally blocky and strangely shaped.

What do you do when you are at a complete and utter lack of inspiration as to what to make, but still want to try and get some practice in?
start by extruding a plane and creating some loop cuts.
Do something weird like ram horns or chandeliers
Browse through artstation and recreate something I like. Or recreate some particular scene from a game or a film.

File: Untitled1.png (1.97 MB, 2048x2048)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
So goys I was trying to make good textures for faces in a game and I discovered that baking ambient oclusion (pic related)might help achieving good results for diffuse maps.
I believe there is an improvement yet there's a lot of things that would be useful to get beauty out of this pixels.
So /3/
>What texturing technique do you use to get waifu results?
make a new layer ontop of the AO and then give it a mix or soft light/color blend mix and just paint the diffuse

realistic texturing? you will probably need a good skin material
Subsurface scattering
Good skin material from who? A 3D woman? Not on my waifu, thanks.

File: ccm_fb_img_b.jpg (133 KB, 600x315)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Does anyone have the full black desert online character creator file download link. They pulled the character creator standalone and just downloading the launcher from the web archive isnt enough.

pls no hate
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there are tons of Daz porn out there. the problem is to get decent animations. I wish there was an eroitc animation database somewhere for this shit.
so what are these guys waiting for?
they make renders of plastic whores all day
why not switch it up a little and do animation? they can make nice erotic shorts
Not everyone dreams of making porn anon. Post in the daz general and you'll get quite a few anons who actually are wanting to make a /weg/.

[spoiler]I'm making a porn game but since I can sculpt I don't use Daz.[/spoiler]
>why no one is making animated Daz porn?
The heads come from video game rips but the bodies are all G3F.

The character creator doesn't work anymore, the moment that original beta period ended they took down authentication servers for it. Trying to launch it just gives an error.

File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
Anyone know any old CG programs (1990s) that aren't too complicated to install on a new PC? I want to make ugly graphics without using blender or any mainstream software. Programs that support both animation and modeling are preferred.

I'm also interested in current software thats free and shitty and easy to use. Like if maya is the 3D equivalent to photoshop, then I'm looking for the 3D equivalent to KidPix.
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No but they still love XSI.

Forget Blender, why the fuck can't Daz Studio do any of that.... or right, Daz is down to 3 C-list programmers working on their shit.
Stop it. Nobody cares about Blender.
>why the fuck can't Daz Studio do any of that
Because DS is limited to what Iray can do, and Iray is limited to what GPUs can do, and GPUs can't into microdisplacements because they expect to be spoonfed literal geometry. THAT'S why HD morphs exist in DS, because GPUs can quickly process high density polys/tris/ngons but shit themselves having to calculate them on the fly.

Thank Nvidia for hamstringing what renderers took for granted before DS 3 came along.
>Whatever is being used here
The project lead himself commented:
tl;dr: the lead CG animator went on to do ReBoot which is why that kid looks like Enzo.
> No Macs, no MS-DOS,, no Lightwave or 3D Studio. Everything you see is SGI Personal Iris running SGI's own flavour of Unix called Irix. You see off-the-shelf SGI demo apps, C-shell windows. Everything done using Softimage Creative Environment version 2.5 (or 2.6), Animal Logic Eddie, and final composite on Quantel Harry. All rendered at Sony D1 625 resolution, non-interlaced and then put through 3:2 pulldown and RGB to YUV 4:2:2 conversion. We used an Abekas A60 to transfer frames from the SGI machines to a hard-disk that would be genlocked and played in real-time.

File: google-earth-18.jpg (48 KB, 640x400)
48 KB
I've seen a lot online about how to download the 3d models. But not all cities have a ton of buildings made as 3d models, most have the satellite image with some cheap elevation data which barely resambles the size and shape of building and trees. It's shit, but that's the best i've got and i need it.

anyone knows how to rip this data? i'm either able to get the texture, or the 3d models, but not this elevation data.

thanks in advance
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well i don't have Nvidia or any GPU whatsoever except a built in thing. Will i be able to run this agisoft software? or any other software that does this? i don't care if it takes 9 hours as long as it just runs. Your stuff looks pretty good.
I'll go research about it now, don't start yelling at me to google
>>573988 here
apparently not. Anyone knows some free (or available on the pirate bay) software that would run on.. maybe not a toaster, i know.. but the lowest specs possible? Worst case scenario i can ask my dad to render this shit on his i7, but i'd like to avoid that if possible. I have an i3 with 3gb ram.
>I think...
No you don't
Mountains look the same as buildings to a radar.
Git gud at reading with understanding
Except buildings don't have near the same ammount of volume and heigh, therefore the "radar" needs a lot more resolution for said building not to look like a blurry noisey piece of shit.
If you're gonna act all smart you better be more respectful so you don't look like an idiot when you're proved wrong instead.

Also, i tried one of these and it gave me a completely noisey block. Unuseable. Maybe there's some other better database out there i dunno.

I repeat my "photogrammetry" question. Anyone knows a low specs way to do it? 123D catch used to work but it's cloud service is dead now. Since january

Student here. Need help for ideas

Can you think of any possible tools which Maya lacks(or suck at) for modelling in general? Maybe even tools which help modular houses/map creation.

I am thinking of making a tool/plugin for my grad show. Will be using mainly Python and Mel.
>Python and Mel
>not using PyMEL
>not using PyMEL to call maya c++ plugs
welcome to the unemployment line, anon

problem for me is that I am already nearing my graduation and need something to show. Will probably learn PyMEL in unemployment for a year or two
If you want to make plugins for programs that lack it, try making some for 3DS Max. I'd kill for a kitbash plugin like I have in Maya.
I think Maya lacks 3DS Max style array and spacing tools. I think you have to use animation tools to pull it off which is retarded.

File: 1475315017392.jpg (32 KB, 300x558)
32 KB
I have an interesting problem that is beyond my skill.
tl;dr version: What small mesh(es) can be used to compose any tetrahedron?

Long version:
A game editor allows me to create meshes within it, but does not allow me to create meshes within the game itself.

However, it is entirely viable performance-wise to make a composite mesh out of pre-made smaller meshes.

For simplicity, I'll refer to these "pre-made smaller meshes" as "atoms" as they are the unchanging components of larger meshes.
These atoms can be scaled in three dimensions.

Any composite mesh can be made out of various tetrahedrons, so if you can make those tetrahedrons from your atoms, then the problem is solved.

So, my question is: What atom(s) would allow me to make any tetrahedron?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The whole point of this thread is trying to do boolean modelling in-game.
I can do all sorts of things if I can do boolean modelling.
For exame, explosions with blast craters, bullets with penetration, a very efficient building tool...
I think what you're trying to do is to split a generic volume into convex hulls. It's an hard problem but there are some tools. Not sure if any existing tool would suit your Roblox needs but you can read about convex hulls on wikipedia and start from there.
Also take a look at this:
It's a realtime Quake-style CSG library written in javascript. It's very compact and maybe you can find some way to re-write it in lua, but it's really interesting to study anyway.
Check these, they could be of assistance:


That being said, >>576906 is kinda correct, and this would probably get better responses at >>>/g/
Those are triangles.
It's the same principle, making more complex shapes out of compositions of a single simple shape, but I'm trying to make solid models if it's even possible.

File: hoers.jpg (187 KB, 924x1200)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
July 8: https://community.hivewire3d.com/threads/official-announcement-hivewire-3d-to-publish-animals-through-daz-3d.2121
Former DAZ founder Chris Creek approached by DAZ to exclusively sell his animal figures through their store instead of his own. He accepts the offer to financially bolster Hivewire3d.com and even agrees not to mention his own store anywhere on his product page.

Yesterday: https://community.hivewire3d.com/threads/official-announcement-daz-terminates-agreement-to-publish-hivewire-3d-animals.2188
4 weeks later, DAZ decides to terminate their agreement with Chris citing negativity in his announcement as the reason, without specifying what was negative or how they didn't notice it at the time.

While he can't model a woman who doesn't look like a tranny to save his life, Chris sculpted the figures that built DAZ and is arguably one of the current top animal modelers for DAZ Studio/Poser -- which is why they courted him. If they did this to the co-founder of their company, they will do it to you. Do not broker anything through these cunts, they can and will find reasons to renege on their terms if/when they decide you aren't humming their tune.
77 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wait so am i thinking about this right, they released two episodes and the real start of the series will be in a month?
File: sidebyside.jpg (318 KB, 3360x1980)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Are you lost?
>CGI model
its not
therein lies the jape good sirrah, twere in fact a cropped image from a video about Yoda
>Do you need a list of names because it sounds like you need a list of names
What part of "I'm not saying it doesn't happen" did you fail to comprehend? I said it wasn't true because it's not a "common" practice as alleged.

>trade show
>not convention
Most conventions dual as trade shows, moron. Oh, man. Who would have thought that companies actually conduct business with other companies at a convention in scheduled sessions. That's just unheard of apparently.

>Blender thread
You might want to take your own advice, Captain Straw Man.

File: 235763652.webm (1.83 MB, 800x375)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB WEBM
>You aren't supposed to animate with tris
>All game engines convert quads to tris and the animation are of pic related level

I don't get it, so can i have tris in my mesh or not?
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
So renderers operate on nothing but vertices really?
you can have tris when exporting the model to the engine.
Don't know if anyone has said this. BUT the main reason to use quads is loop mesh modeling specially since quads SUBDIVIDE into controllable predictable ways for Subdivision modeling. And a good looped mesh will deform well when animated

ive seen plenty quad models with a couple of tris in, its not a crime its good work ethic. dont doubt yourself

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