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File: maxresdefault.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
am i employable now /3/?
By pirating Maya?
more like deplorable

This. How dare he use an useful software.
If you're in the industry try to pay the people making your job possible. They are in the industry too.
If you are young, yes. Typical graduate barely even know how to navigate maya anyways.

Also 100% opportunity if you happens to be smoking hot loli, I might even give you private lesson into finer intricacies of gaming industry in fact.

I just started working in cinema4d, Been looking at some old CGI cartoons for inspirations. Find WarPlanets(ShadowRaiders) and am obsessed with this texture on the badguys. It's like red glass filled with outerspace. The outerrspace part appears to be a camera projected texture, and it maybe appears that they have a red light that sines only on them, I'm having a lot of difficulty figuring out the effect, The most interesting part is the faces, which are a skull floating inside the red glass, that appears to have an animated texture that has VHS tracking lines in it.

I want to recreate this effect in Blender or C4D (but i dont really know about using the node editor for textures yet).
Unfortunately I'm about as inexperienced as you when it comes to these sorts of things, but you might want to look into something called Facing Ratio (or Incidence) for the red tint effect. Of course, I'm basing this only off of the picture, I have a feeling it looks way different in motion.

You'll get more responses if you post in the question thread, though: >>614406
alright, so the red "light" just looks like it would be a fresnel node controlling a mix shader between the glass and an emissive shader.
as for making the glass with the stars, the only way I can think of is to make the background of your scene (or like a sphere around the characters) an hdr of stars in space. then you turn off the background's visibility to the camera, so you can only see the refraction of the texture through the glass.
these are instructions based off of blender but it should be the same-ish everywhere.
note: if you're doing individual spheres around the characters, you should also turn off shadows, diffuse, and reflection as well. the material for the sphere should just be an emissive shader with the texture plugged into the color
This is what I managed to make after about 10 minutes in Blender
File: screen.png (93 KB, 1050x621)
93 KB
Here is the node tree

File: 1496194065864.jpg (16 KB, 281x176)
16 KB
When modelling tits, do you start on the left, or the right?

Asking for a concerned friend.
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if you're mirroring one of the sides, why the fuck would it matter which side you start on
use your brain
the right one.
unless its Monday, then i start with the left one
sounds like you model a lot of tits. What is the most popular size for physics sims nowadays?
>modeling tits manually
>not having a physically B A S E D procedural tit generator
so many nsfw threads here. Conan O'Brien was right. No matter what tech humanity will get its hand on, everything steers towards porn. Latest example is VR. And I'm loving it.

>tfw PBP Tit Gen

File: up.jpg (93 KB, 1043x544)
93 KB
Has anyone ever considered making their own 3D animation company? Like another Pixar, Disney Animation, or Dreamworks? Why aren't more people doing it when there's so much money to be had?

Is it a funding issue? I feel like it can't be. As long as you make a decently good movie it seems like distributors would love to work with you -- Animated films almost always do extraordinarily well. We could totally find an investor to back this, it's not the stupidest idea.

A talent issue? Yeah I get it, it's hard to get the right team of people together, and pipeline the whole process properly, but it seems like a small hurdle given the longevity of the effort.
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In real life too.

Investors put a lot of risk on more insane ideas.
Is it the opportunity or the island that moves you? Would you hate working in the SF bay area?
>As long as you make a decently good movie
Sure, just make a good movie, so easy.

>Animated films almost always do extraordinarily well
For every billion dollar pixar movie there are 50 animated flops that never even made back their budget.

and you are underestimating the ridiculous amounts of money, infrastructure and top level talent required to even start such a studio, let alone hire enough people to make a movie.
This, seems like you have no idea how much failure is common in this industry.
There's a shitload output of animated movies, most of them are failure like this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8P5RrtCm7Q
Glaring technical issues + lack of a good screenplay + lack of creative thinking.
It wouldn't have tanked if it were titled "Richard the Birb".

File: wallpaper_paste.gif (629 KB, 880x458)
629 KB
629 KB GIF
Just practicing wallpaper paste
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You can use metaballs in Blender. Not sure what equivalent other softwares have.
File: 1513691274144.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
holy shit
is this the 90s
No bitch ass nigga, this is 1776
as if

File: heavy_armor.png (375 KB, 1600x900)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Hey, I'm looking for someone to help me rig and skin three characters for a student project in maya. I wonder if there is anyone here with some spare time, or if anyone that knows about a forum or site I can ask for help. If its a question about payment I'm willing to discuss that aswell.

The rigging and skinning part is not the focus of the assignment, I just need it done to start the actual animation project, but as I am working alone Im desperet for some help with the rigging and skinning part. I do not have time to do it all by myself before deadline.

(pic is a quick render of one of the characters)

Hoping for some positive feedback, thanks.
Get a good animation rig from the internet, then skin your models to it. That's one way to do it without rigging.
Use auto weights as an starting point, the rest of the skinning should be easy and not that time-consuming.
Lots of tutorials about that last part on youtube.

File: prtsc.png (677 KB, 1920x1080)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
anyone doing OpenGL?

I'm still a beginner but I'm getting there.
Hoping to create a path-tracer, which should be pretty easy as long as I can get the vector maths to work in shader code!
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Spotted the Macfag.
Hawaii simulator 2018
I'm DirectX/C++ developer and to be honest I never worked with OpenGL but recently in my free time I work on a Vulkan game engine, basically nothing much than some "code-skelet" without editor, to make life a little bit easier. The thing is that I can't compare it with OpenGL, but why don't you use Vulkan? You would probably need to grind through documentation but it's not that hard. I can imagine DirectX to give much less sense to somebody unexperienced than Vulkan and just from performance perspective, it's better than OpenGL.
is this satire? Vulkan is complete shit
>performance difference

Only if you're doing many, MANY draw calls at once and you can't instance. Chances are though, there's a way for you to reduce the number of draw calls.
Bad threading or unnecessary usage can give you even worse performance.

He used DAZ, among other software, and it is good.

I'm interested in this kind of illustration style, but I don't know much about DAZ. Why would one choose DAZ over, say, Maya or Blender, for creating and posing the character in the scene? Are there any "killer" features that I should be aware of and other programs cannot replicate?

I only have experience with the more traditional DCC suites, hence my asking. I am a bit surprised at finding DAZ among the other tools here.
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>You pose the model inside DAZ then export it to obj and render in some other better program
Fair enough. But isn't it cumbersome to pose without direct reference to the environment? (I don't have much experience here.)

Is it possible instead to export the armature from DAZ to Maya/whatever, and have it work well enough?
Anyone not seeing the artistic significance of this image must be braindead.
First of all, the setting. She's in an empty street. Who could be lurking somewhere in the dark? We know it's safe because the colors are NICE, pink, it's comfortable, but still empty. She has a kitty next to her. Is it hers? Is it a stray? Who knows? It is a mystery. But wait, what's that in her hands? A smartphone. Now you might be thinking - "how vapid that is, she's probably just on Instagram or some shit". And you might be right on one point, maybe she is on Instagram. But it is not vapid. It symbolizes the empowerment of women. She can access the whole world on her fingertips. Could women do that 100 years ago? The fight is not over - think of the new frontiers to break in the following 100 years to help reach true gender equality.
This picture is a true masterpiece.
You can export to Maya but you lose the blendshapes that cause correct muscle deformation. You can ofc just import the geometry into DAZ, pose your character and then export

nice meme'd
Great to know that liberal arts degree is useful for something!
>You can ofc just import the geometry into DAZ
Ah, cool, for some reason I didn't think of that with DAZ. Will have to check it out.

File: der_blendie.jpg (143 KB, 400x575)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
This board is swarming with delusional blendlets.

How do we get rid of them for good? Autodesk crusades when?
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>Blaming a tool for being a shit artist
You know, when people waste their money on something, but they see another thing that is very similar but cheaper, then they try to defend their own product as a way to justify their money spent.
I think that is what happens to almost all autodesk looney-fans like you

And how the hell are they going to pay all of their employees you bolschevik commie donut loving cheap ass blendie?
>Implying that Maya isn't a few orders of magnitude above Blender in functionality
With diversity and inclusiveness. Obviously.

File: bforartists.jpg (267 KB, 1360x719)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Bforartists 1.0.0 is available
Nothing exciting but overall the work they did to fix Blender's (lack of) interface is interesting. And it's german and you know germans make good stuff.
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So if Maya's garbage and Blender's garbage, then what program ISN'T garbage?
The ViewCube is a wart on the user interface. Fucking crap, how do I turn it off?
There are two. One's name begins with 'H', and the other, with 'C'.

kek Maya is one of the best 3d tools around. People want it because it's actually useful.

Blender isn't getting anywhere, no matter how "good" it becomes.
switch to 2.0 viewport or turn it off in preferences in maya or switch to maya if you're using max

File: inceltears_reacts_to.png (253 KB, 600x536)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Blender users:
> The tool you use doesn't really matter. Autodesk software is perfectly fine, I just prefer Blender. Skills largely transfer anyways.
Autodesk users with actual skill:
> The tool you use doesn't really matter. Blender is perfectly fine, I just use Autodesk because it's what the company I work at uses. Skills largely transfer anyways.
NEET Autocucks:

Is there an easier way to identify a sad and lonely neet who doesn't understand topology?
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It's still the truth. A good artist will be able to quickly pick up a new tool when required.
Cool story bro.
I know I'm replying to a baitpost, but...
>but the simulation has a really distinct look to it that I can see from a mile away.
Honestly, being a guy who wants to know the process behind effects in movies, I can also tell when fluid sims were done in programs like Houdini. Every program's got their special quirks. So if you have a good eye, you can tell when something is done in Maya/Blender/Houdini/C4D/Lightwave/whatever.

Especially Blender and LW.
I still haven't seen a believable water simulation done in Blender. (I would love to.)

Blender sims are distinct in its own way, but it's a very bad way.

People with actual skill
>Why would I spend time bitching on a shitty board when I could get stuff done instead?
File: 1525094188511.png (639 KB, 500x523)
639 KB
639 KB PNG

File: 1513629024779.png (1.08 MB, 1465x788)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Still looks a little "cg" doesn't it? What were they thinking?
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thats not a proper ray trace is it?
they only ray trace fraction of the scene and AI denoise the rest
Yeah, it is very powerful denoising, but it is still ray-tracing. It's all about efficiency and making the most of the least. Anyway, if denoising wasn't brought up during the demo, would you even be able to tell it was denoised?
Who cares you pleb?
For real time graphics, I think it's acceptable to expect heavy corner cuts on every visual effect.
The advantage computer graphics carry is that it's possible to denoise just the GI pass, and/or any other lighting passes that may generate noise, without seriously affecting the fidelity of the image.
At worst the light will be a little blurrier than it otherwise could be, but since GI is really only intended for large-scale shading, I don't think the difference would be immediately apparent unless you flipped between an A/B comparison.
Maybe in VR perhaps

File: commie.png (552 KB, 854x480)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
Blendlets, explain yourselves.

17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, if you're proud of your product, you'd want to be the one sharing it, right? It's far more prevalent than you think anyway, look at any company that doesn't come from a native English country presenting at an event. There's always one ESL presenter that struggles to make it through and they tend to be one of the execs. LG mumbling through their dumbass thinq introductions, foreign game devs trying to present their titles at E3, etc. etc. It's very common.
Give the Blender Foundation some AMANDA BOTT.
>He's dressed like an anticapitalist commie antifa cuck

actually he is neo-liberal globalist Rasta dude.
It's called being open minded.
I mean yeah it happens. But it usually ends up being cringy because they don't understand the culture and do stupid shit, or they can't speak straight and it takes 10 times as long to finish the talk.

File: 1520716931411.jpg (112 KB, 1200x628)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
How would this look in Blender?
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my sides have been blended.
File: 1434807015831.jpg (36 KB, 480x360)
36 KB
Of all boards, it is always /3/ that makes me laugh out loud.
lmao you type like you're about to cry bitch
What tools does maya have that can make this better than in blender?

Why do I suck so bad at this? Should I just kill myself?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.

And I thought my monitor was small.
a 800x600 desktop, XP and an old pc is enough to have fun with low poly modeling. remember doing this in lunch breaks years ago.
blender is especially great for this because compared to other programs it still runs well on old machines and since you can do most with keystrokes you don't have a lot of the GUI in the way (and for the shit you need you can scale it really tiny in the DPI settings).
You need to make donuts. Lots of donuts
who are you quoting

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