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File: 1510768459396.png (56 KB, 954x486)
56 KB
How do l get a job in the industry?
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Do porn
>software baiting
>how do I get into industry xDD
>software baiting
>how do I get into industry xDD
>software baiting
>how do I get into industry xDD
>software baiting
>how do I get into industry xDD
>software baiting
>how do I get into industry xDD

the state of /3/
just end it.
What do you want to do? It's not any different from traditional 2d animator's job. It depends what you want to do and do you have a good skillset and work samples to prove you can do the job. That's all.
If you want to be a graphic designer , you need to have a portfolio which looks good and is suited for the job you are seeking.
If you want to be an animator you need to have a reel which demonstrates your ability to do animation.
It's pretty simple in the end.
The issue is that vfx industry is full of juniors who don't know what they are doing. There is over-abundance of people trying to get their first job. This is why it can be very hard to find a job. But if you are experienced, you can get hired almost instantly.
Build up a portfolio of models you've made. It doesn't matter what software you use. Indie teams and smaller companies are fine with blender. Learn blender and get good at it. Take udemy courses on blender. You can also change blender ui to be like 3dsmax or Maya. The important thing is to make quality models and build a portfolio of them.
If you are trying to build a portfolio and don't know what to make, 4chan has a gamedev group. It's focused more around programmers but they'd all be glad to have modelers. /vg/agdg is their extension, find and join the discord and ask peoples projects and if you can model for them. This will give you direction, and your models could end up in an indie game.

Would learning 3d on the side be useful to improving your 2d skills as well? Controlled lighting, understanding forms.
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I draw anyway, I just figured it would be great because you can make your 2d concepts in 3d and study where you went wrong, how the lighting should be, seeing how something would look in a certain perspective. Being able to do this seems extremely useful.
3D is 2D
Depends. Usually the two are completely different in terms of skillsets, but many should be transferable (albeit it's easier to do 2D into 3D than vice versa).

You can use 3D for reference though, if you're trying to achieve a pose or certain angle that'd be hard to do otherwise.
File: planes.jpg (13 KB, 324x193)
13 KB
I do 2d and study the andrew loomis books. The books sugguest using "planes"
The polygons (drawn with pencil) are used to render light and color in 2d paintings.
Not sure my post helps but if you google search planes and andrew loomis...it might interest you.
2d is for plebs

File: image.jpg (47 KB, 786x480)
47 KB
Does any of you have experience with creating assets for DAZ and selling them? If so, do you consider it a worthy (as in time invested) way of earning an additional income?
No, they are shiesty kikes. They take way too much of a cut for what they 'offer'. If you want to make content for this market try one of the other less ass rapey marketplaces first.
its not profitable unless u can make very unique sort of models, thing is Daz models do sell but need a good idea none the less for good selling point.

File: Capture.png (920 KB, 1324x776)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
I am still learning, i just want c&c on this stupid thing i made

Heres The Link to the realtime version.

man that's not even worth criticizing. you could have put more effort on your planes for the hair i guess??? it's a meme so it's not like you set the barr high. plus astolfo is a dork.
well true that, i just made it crap as possible to match the low quality meme :P no texture just anime cell like color and shader things
then why even ask if the model is good when you intentionally made it sub-par? make something that is representative of your own work and ask others to criticize that
cause im not confiendt with my stupid shit...

File: large.jpg (101 KB, 960x403)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Hey guys.
Quick question.
How do you think is it possible that this guy models all these cars in such detail?
I don't believe it's possible. Not from photos or sketches.
Any thoughts?

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>In my workplace we get the raw CAD data from car manufacturers (AUDI, Porsche, Land Rover) and extract curves from that, then transform them into subdiv-meshes.

Any tips how to do that efficiently?
>How do you think is it possible that this guy models all these cars in such detail?

Fucking idiot.

You have to model cars like this with curves.
You can also use booleans like Tor Frick

>how does someone model so much detail?


you are currently the most retarded person on this board. there is no runner up

File: 3.jpg (45 KB, 1440x711)
45 KB
I'm sure 3 will do it!
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>t. buttsore blendlet
File: llopolly.png (63 KB, 1321x474)
63 KB
i dunno
wow... just wow
I don't frequent Blender forums, but this looks like a good place: https://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?7-Support
File: wings.png (106 KB, 1366x728)
106 KB
106 KB PNG

File: IMG_2117.jpg (134 KB, 750x921)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Is quality measured by popularity?
Of course not, the highest quality tech in 3d is never seen or shipped by or to the general public. The highest quality shit is probably seen in national defense
MMD top rated ecchi videos...

No, it's not

File: ML One-1.jpg (148 KB, 1600x828)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Is there a good place to discuss/learn about VR/MR/AR UI/UX and development? Or a list of open source projects a non-coder could contribute to? I want to get into the field but it seems like there's no happy middle between "high schooler making glorified 3D viewer with models ripped from a YuGiOh game" and "super secret Silicon Valley skunkworks project they have to kill you if you find it about."
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You have a headset, I hope?
Oculus has some free write-ups on the standards they're trying to push for the best VR experience. They cover stuff like UX, the optimization tricks available and other general stuff for developers. Epic/Unreal's also pretty involved. If you've tried any Oculus partnered VR games the UX is typically noticeably better than most other VR titles so I think their guidelines are on the right path.

If you're not coding/designing in any way this is probably useless info though, making 3D content for VR is almost the same as anywhere else, all you really need to think about is asset optimization since your content needs to be able to display at a high framerate on VR displays. Aside from that, there's also the fact that your assets tend to be interacted with in less abstract ways, ie. where an FPS would have your gun viewmodel just point towards a reticule and users only interact with it by pointing and clicking, in VR users actually have to control the object, meaning that if you're designing some radical looking sci-fi gun it actually has to make sense, the sights have to actually work, the grip should match the VR controller, stuff like that.
Ok but what about the other half of the tree?
I'm not that guy, but when testing algorithms in general, you have a well known dataset that every company tests against. This allows you to test directly against other people's algorithms.

For example, 3D engine creators often showcase their shaders using the bust of "that bald guy with his eyes closed"
File: Oculus Medium.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

File: How Do I Anatomy Gooder.png (2.61 MB, 2160x3840)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
I've been trying to get good at anatomy for quiet some time, and I've come a long way, but there still a lot of room for improvement. I was able to make pic related in about an hour with polygon modelling (minus (bad) lighting and materials), but even if I spent two or three hours on it, some of the more glaring issues would still be there: breasts don't look correct, stomach area needs work, sides of chest off, etc...

While I think my skills are fine, I think they're little more than that and I want to get better. What sort of techniques or knowledge can help me improve and where do I learn them?
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model from orthogrpahic reference and model in t poses instead of a poses?
forget everything and start sculpting
ignore topology completely and just sculpt
>ignore topology

oh no
I can recommend "anatomy for sculptors" by uldis zarins, just try to do single body parts for now but put more work into them

Even just trying to draw them will help you understand a lot about how forms works

After sculpting you have to retopologize your model, so knowing about topology is still important.

File: 1459255055251.jpg (107 KB, 640x480)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Guys i need some advice. i am 28 year old male, livin in Eastern europe, at the moment im working in warehouse and all of my life worked physical jobs but im also attending college(Multimedia technologies degree)
Im very uncertain of which career path to choose. im very introverted, have terrible anxiety but still i want to move on in life, one of my main character quality is that i have very rich imagination and good sense of humour(dunno how that helps lol)
So i must choose between few different career options:
1. Sound engineer and producing(i like it alot, but huge downside that there are practicaly no jobs in my country for that branch)
2. Graphic designer,like Photoshop master and etc.(its ok but i kinda suck at drawing,in a sense i never trained myself how to draw)
3. Programming games or software (alot of job offers for this, but sometimes i think its too hard for me, since i cant into logic and ima brainlet for maths)
4. Web developer (lots of jobs, but kinda meh for me)
5. 3D artist,animator ( looks fun)
6. Sysadmin or helpdesk, like IT route (well, maybe its boring but i think requires least brain usage)
So what do you think guys, what would be the best and most lucrative career path for an old fart like me?
Maybe some of you already working in one of my listed fields, and could share expierences? ive tried so many of these things, but if i want to make something out of myself i need to focus on one specific thing i guess ;/
Thank you for your time
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> I am 26 years old and have no technical skills

>not real jobs at this time
Well fuck, I guess I'm not earning enough to pay my mortgage and feed my family for the last 15 years. Thanks for clearing that up for me, you know so much you total fucking brainlet shitposter
anyone working in 3d field?
You do not have to be the best in 10,000. 1/50 people are employed in creative industries, and that includes plenty of mediocre artists as well who just don't give a fuck. If you can get good, you can make a living. Period.

OP just needs to figure out if he can get good or not.
>If you can get good, you can make a living. Period.
You're young.
is there any jobs in 3D industry?

How would I make a material like this? All the Arnold tutorials are for the past version, thus the nodes are all mixed up. How do you adapt to the new arnold in general?.
this is a very simple material
how do i make
you could have found the answer in one google, it was literally the first tutorial if you reverse image search the image
you could have all the big flakes modeled you know?
yuh Ive found the tutorial on flakes but my problem is converting all the tutorials done in old arnold to the new arnold.

File: jAvGM.jpg (13 KB, 780x555)
13 KB
Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Facebook, Pixologic they all trying to shut down Blender. They fear it, they see the power and try to shut it down, before it shuts them down!
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Do you think people don't visit other threads on /3/?

1/10. Don't be a pussy and try that on Polycount or at least on /r/blender, and post results.
I'm planning to switch from Cinema 4D and forward onto Maya for character animation (so I can ditch SFM for animating and Donut Maker for porting once and for all). I also have 3DS Max installed but I don't use it. Should I be worried about any UI constraints or anything when transitioning to Maya? How would carrying out basic operations such as creating modifiable objects or making new material values fair in Maya compared to Cinema 4D?
i fucking hate andrew price, and that's coming from a blenderfag

i will give him credit tho, he knows his stuff when it comes to cycles.
I don't get it why so many of you here hate Andrew. I, on the other hand, like to watch his videos even when I don't have anything new to learn. There was something so comfy about his long tuts, it was literally the only time ever that an hour long video felt like a 5 minute one. Learned a lot, too.
his carefully injects his texture site on almost every video he uploads, he will trick you into watching a 50 minute tutorial that involves downloading stuff from his texture site which is plain crooked.
i know he got a business to run, but he should inform the users about his intentions before the video starts

File: _oNBkWquestions.jpg (42 KB, 700x506)
42 KB
last one hit the bump limit >>601647
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Is it for a game?

I got Akeytsu for rigging and animating, but not for advanced rigs for animations.

Blender is good, but the skinning is shit.

My plan is to skin a basic deform rig in akeytsu and then do the rest in Blender, because drivers, and constraints.

I don't know enough about akeytsu.
but here's a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64Pfpp8FGL4

you may want to mute it... maybe.
Is there a way to disable animations completely in noesis, giving me the base mesh?

Ninjaripper rips a t pose mesh, but it's in hundreds of pieces, it's much bigger than it should be, and the UV's are in a shit state.
Wew, figured it out. It's the -noskel parameter.
File: 20 02 18 1715.png (117 KB, 744x709)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
image is what I got so far.

Should I do something like http://nevercenter.com/silo3d/Tutorials/User_Tutorials/tony_jung/HTML_files/tjnyc_11.htm or >>607845
>Is it to do with low poly modeling
your goal when doing retopo is to get your edgeflow to follow the real muscle groups of a human body. this way the body will deform and bend accurately.

take a closer look at the two references you posted. They are actually very similar in the fact that they follow certain muscle groups. Main things to point out are the huge muscle definition in the second one you posted. The pecs are also different as the male ones don't need to protrude nearly as far.

Overall, >>607845 is a lot cleaner and easier to follow with the coloring. It also has good loops in certain areas that help shape the tits and ass.

If you follow the basic layouts in those references, you can then cleanly add edge loops to make more detail in certain ares if needed and still get accurate deformation since it still follows the muscles.

File: Capture.jpg (205 KB, 1927x1210)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Anon finally got real, volumetric scattering / bloom to work in blender. You may not like it, but this is what real raytraced not fake blurred like they do in vidya scattering looks like. This is years ahead of unreal engine 4 quality if you can't tell.

This is free software - 99.9999% of paid software can't even achieve this.
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Shhhh shhhh babby
I haven’t tested GPU rendering in Lux, but from what I’ve read it’s still experimental and not expected to be faster for all workloads. There are also some features missing, such as spectral rendering, which is the reason I didn’t try it.

Sadly it seems Lux’s development has been a bit slow recently, so who knows when will GPU rendering get out of experimental.
Artists aren’t expected to do that.
Writing a raytracer is an art. If you can't do that you have weaknesses as an artist that keep you on artist tier pay, like a little hamster running on a wheel and shitting and dying.
Fix this noisy mess, blendlet.

File: Screenshot_13.png (752 KB, 614x741)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
How long will it be before I can make something like this?
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Thank you. Will you be my valentine?
No way. Longer.
Poly modeling, rigging, animation. Everything at a very basic level, in a couple weeks, three perhaps, is doable.

We’re not talking here about Pixar quality results, I presume.
But he probably isn't even familiar with the software yet. Only that will take at least a week.
If you work hard on your skills, 5 years at least

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