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File: uih.png (12 KB, 1213x689)
12 KB
whud do u guiz think of my 3d model???!?!?!?!!1
im a beginner no h8 plox :3
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I'm just not sure how could you clone it like that in reasonable amount of time. I bet I'd clone it by rows and then manually delete some parts like a retard.
Just look up Mandelbulber dude
File: cube.webm (2.83 MB, 1920x1080)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM
Sweet, thanks. Thought it was possibly done without a plugin, this definitely is easier, yeah.

File: christ reborn.png (676 KB, 1920x1080)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
Hey yall, just some background for you. I'm a 3d artist who's worked on several games and currently working on a new pet project of mine. This is my newest character, as always C&C welcome. Thanks!
Stale meme, to be honest.
What do you mean? Look, I'm seriously looking for some feedback.
That image is reposted often, famalam. You ain't trickin' me.
>>586269 nigger are you actually serious this is the 2nd time i posted this picture a fuck I know made this shit
You're pretty good at this memeing.

Tell you what, if I take a bait and give you a critique, will you help me improve my trolling game as well?

File: 178jgu.jpg (17 KB, 611x407)
17 KB
i see this term thrown around without knowing much about it, i seen a few lightning artists/generalists that do a really great job with their renders/assets.
what are the duties of lightning artist? and how significant is that role in the industry?

just saw a guy move from 1 software to another and he lit up a scene perfectly on his first try, i wonder how can you even learn such skill
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kek with that mindset in the best scenario you will end up working at a studio you absolutely despise, but you still will work there anyway, do you think every artist watches the movies they work in? of course fucking not

have fun in EA buddy, if youre lucky
so ?
File: Nigger.jpg (5 KB, 236x180)
5 KB
That font is too generic

File: 1457969429_dod.gif (483 KB, 618x545)
483 KB
483 KB GIF
hey /3/ im new to modeling and i use 3ds max, any tips for a newfag.
Work hard and follow a bunch of tutorials (both free and paid, CGpeers is your friend). Don't be one of those guys who think they can figure everything out by themselves and then make a huge pile of unfixable shit and post it here for everyone to laugh at. You'll just waste your time that way. Be efficient.
Save all your renders to some kind of external source so that you won't lose them / delete them. You can and SHOULD mark it private or Scraps or whatever so people don't see it, since it'll be shit and likely 90% stuff from tutorials.
That way a year from now you can look back and realize how far you've come.

If you feel like tutorials are "paint by numbers, I'm not learning anything" you're wrong, you are learning it's just that you're only learning say 15% or 25% of what the tutorial has you doing but you ARE learning.
Some people say you should improvise and deviate from the tutorial, I think you should only do that if / when you revisit the tutorial. You've got to learn the fundamentals before you can improvise.

Nothing is intuitive, only familiar. Don't expect to get much done by "messing around", you're going to have to do tutorials or read documentation. It's good to practice the things you've learned, and it can be educational to stumble around for a bit but if you don't even know the names for the problems you're having, it becomes extremely hard or impossible to find out what you need to learn. That's why you've just got to stick with ever bigger and more complex tutorials.

This is a pro tip from an artist at Pixar: If you're going to show someone something you're working on, either show them at the most preliminary stages or at the end stages; anything in an in-between state will be judged as if it were a final product.

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File: adasda.png (446 KB, 709x1100)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Elsa 3d Model when ? All i see here is Judy Hopps.
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I cant click it.
So ?
What are you gonna do with it once you have it.

Asking for my cousin. (He's a little slow)
Probably for less than pure desires

Pixar Tier Spiderman & Elsa videos.

File: 1507491426482.jpg (188 KB, 1280x720)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>outsource to India
>pajeet renders in Keyshot
>uses default materials
>print screens frame one by one

So this is the power of Hollywood......
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Care to explain?
>4 different Hollywoods
File: 1456109054979.jpg (15 KB, 553x351)
15 KB
>there are 4 different "Hollywoods"
u dun goofd anon
Hollywood *burrp* C-132
Liberal agenda Hollywood
Jewish elite Hollywood
Poo in Loo Hollywood
And that one lot for everyone else
File: 15074798019860.gif (2.77 MB, 270x480)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB GIF

- production studios. (small sub companies, studios, digital and other shit. inclusive unions and legaues, agents and production companies with acounting and lawyers tourism and transpotations)
- education part of hollywood (pedo-kindergarten, acting and arts schools, martial arts schools)
- local market hollywood (the shit where they make US market shows for TV, West Coast and California and L-A)
- international hollywood. (blockbusters, heavy international projects, whores, jewish pedophile networks, politicians, millitary, FBI, Mafia and other CIA-shit)


jews are pretty much in control of all market.

File: 20171006_173608.jpg (2.22 MB, 4032x2268)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Trying to teach myself how to use zbrush and plan to go really deep into professional level. What's the best tutorial, books, online resources? Many thanks.
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u so mad
File: 1463471242480.jpg (53 KB, 403x403)
53 KB
>you will never be impeded to learn because the tone of some dude's voice triggers you, making you literally unable to process new information, a basic brain function.
File: expectation.jpg (34 KB, 420x695)
34 KB
im a professional modeler and i suggest you check out gio nakpil videos for sculpting anatomy or anything not hard edge

if you are a beginner do not start with zbrush. get a digital tutor sub and start with joshua kiney videos they are fucking amazing for starting

you will always lack an eye for design at the start so try replicating stuff that great concept artists do

good luck in this grand journey
This, he's an amazing teacher.

File: widescreen03.jpg (115 KB, 720x672)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
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File: 1504387846675.png (2.92 MB, 1920x1080)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
As much as I hate to say it, I think reddit is better. Not good, but better /arch/
What sub for archviz?
Archvis in industry for 8 years now. UE4 is great for real-time but there is a reality that people often forget to talk about, which is how you actually present tings to your client.
You won't be so hot shit you do all your client meeting in-house, you have to go to them, so that takes out a full VR room.
You can't use a single VR headset in a meeting with multiple people, the tech is too new for people to take it seriously and they will think your weird. So either you bring multiple headsets which is even weirder if you show up with those.
You 'give' a client a UE4 project with any ease at all. Not only that, even if you did publish it like a mini exe which would require people in-house who actually know how to so that end of UE4, the chance the client has a powerful enough computer to view it in the glory it was meant to be veiwed above 5fps is very slim.

VR is cool, good to put on your company website with some walkthroughs of places but it's not accessable enough, trust me we have tried.
What gets you new contractd sre concise presentations occompanied with short to the point video and still renders.
I agree that VR is not mainstream compatible yet. The HMD resolutions are simply too shitty to get nice results as well.

But you can just bring a laptop and a beamer for realtime presentation. Works pretty great.
But realtime is most useful for in-house decision making and the design proces itself.
You can output nice videos and renders, but it won't come close to offline raytrace stuff for a few years at least.
8ch has /arch/
It's pretty dead, but I keep it bookmarked and check in on it every once in a while.
Feel free to drop by any time, I'll be there

File: 1504778590123.png (482 KB, 500x880)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Zbrush is like drawing to make a 3d object right? Is there a program that let you create 3d objects with the use of some sort of controller or manipulators worn on your hands and you would sculpt 3d as if you were sculpting irl? Something like this, but without the whole VR thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf8sKAuzR0k

Is this doable in zbrush?
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>without the whole VR thing
File: IMG_1620.jpg (1.92 MB, 3024x4032)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
The challenges are different for every medium, sculpting realistic humans isn't everything.

I am glad too, I feel alive.
I don't understand why he's mad, it DOES take skill to do digital art, but there's no undos in marble. You have to pay for the marble, you have to pay for individual tools and to replace them when they break. There's more planning that has to go into something like that, more ongoing monetary investment, more time. And anything made in a physical medium is bound by the laws of physics in ways 3D models aren't.

Digital art isn't easy, but it's an easier process.
This honestly looks worse than just using a tablet. Someone needs to develop gloves that can track all the movements of your fingers and relay it into a sculpting program.
It's existed for years in the industry but the controller's cost is prohibitive.

File: sculpt_12_09_final(2).png (230 KB, 821x707)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
be honest with me /3/, is this sculpt industry level? if not, why?
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
u is a gud boi
aesthetic as fuck
No, this is industry level
It depends. Did you intend for it to look like a frog with a noose around its neck ready to die?
File: HAHAHA-FAGGOT_o_62131.jpg (27 KB, 367x476)
27 KB

File: mememan.png (167 KB, 512x512)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
/r/ing an odd one here, does anyone have the 3d model of meme man? He apparently originated from here and I'm taking a shot in the dark
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
This doesn't look like the original. Can you confirm that it is?
Look at the nose. Its different at the top. (no hump)
I see the same shape on the nose between the eyes on both images, it's not really a bump as in an extrusion it's just a quick turn inward.

I think the specular on the first image just exaggerates it more than the flatter lighting in the second.
On one hand it is good enough even if not original and i would not spot a difference unless i knew

on the other hand if it's not the original it does not hold the sacred soul of the meme and it's kinda ruined for me. thats why i did not attempt to sculpt it myself, because it is not the true meme man. It would be merely a copy.
Absolutely, if it's not the real thing then it doesn't count.
the face of beauty

Hello everyone. I need some troubleshooting help here.

Something like pic related happened to me while rendering an animation done with the Mery rig on Maya with Arnold (namely the eyes come out pure black) and i don´t seem to be able to figure out how to fix it.

I´ve tried changing the materials to AI shadders, i´ve tried to turn off primary visibility, i´ve tried to using different types of lights, i´ve tried increcing the ray tracing and even samples.
Also checked normals just in case...

Thought about erasing the materials or objects too but since the rig is referenced i think that´s a no-no... and as it´s not my rig tracking stuff down is becoming pretty irritating.

Am i missing something here?
jesus are you dumb

just look up glass shaders on youtube you fucking hypocrite

Why hypocrite? i did that already. Transmision samples and raytrace values are high enough, opaque is turned off too.

That´s why i am saying i don´t get what´s happening. It should be simple enough... and even in the renderview i see the eyes just fine... is just on the final render i don´t.

Am i missing something obvious besides of that?
have you tried inverting alpha?
Select the specular eye mesh (the one encasing the actual eye mesh).
In the arnold attributes uncheck Opaque.
This tells arnold it is see through.
Oh i just read your other post. Just check you turned opaque off in the mesh with the glass shader and not the actual eye one

File: gordonv2.png (1.17 MB, 640x480)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
rate my shit renders
more to come
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it looks good for the late nineties/early 2000's computer technology, use it as a basis to work up to modern levels (so no they arent 'shit' for the lvl of quality they represent)
why can no one animate breasts correctly
It's clearly not aiming for realism. Look at the green pouch too
Do we need to resurrect the boob physics threads?

Someone post the physics sim gif...
you know the one.

How cancerous is the 3D animation scene compared to the 2D animation scene in your opinion?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
20 years ago computers didn't have common sense, style, creativity and were dumb as bricks.
the same is true today. Brute force isn't "ai", its just brute force, etc
You don't know what brute force even is, do you?

To you, the term must mean "requires lots of computer power to do stuff", doesn't it?
>non sequitor
gtfo kid

Does rightwing animation studios exist?
32 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
sony pictures also are the only people that have guaranteed work coming their way, remember, most of the work is done through bidding, and many people work for nothing

You are a spoiled, bitter, paranoid, arrogant, entitled, millennial fuckwipe.
Found the kike.
I have some extremely unpopular political opinions that the left would crucify me for, and the right and center wouldn't like either. I keep my mouth shut and my politics and work separate
File: IMG_0083.jpg (92 KB, 600x536)
92 KB
>bred out
>implying your incel ass would ever breed even without a conspiracy against you

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