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File: zmod.png (496 KB, 1618x815)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
sort of new, was looking to make a model for an unmarked police faction donk for GTA V.

I looked at a few tuts and it seemed simple, just take the siren/lights model from the cop car, unlink move and link to the new car, nw thats what i did, heres how it look in zmodeler and open iv,, however when I spawn it in game, the siren bits are far off to the front (will post next) if anyone knows whats going on, help would be much appreciated.

File: blender.jpg (148 KB, 1280x688)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
That is supposed to be baked ambient occlusion. Next you're going to tell me that it is MY fault because I've got "bad topology" or some bullshit like that. Gave me no warnings and no errors, but it gave me that. What an absolute piece of satanic shit Blender is.
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Wow, thanks
oh yeah? tell me more about the occult
You joking? Firefox and Windows' problems are much more widespread than some free 3D software.
its the influx of pozer/daz users that think what they're doing is work
We don't waste our time arguing about how to light shitty quake levels chum

This is where you make an ad hominem argument yet post no image because you have norenderz

File: 1451823673023.jpg (14 KB, 305x343)
14 KB
>There are people who use bump maps instead of displacement maps
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yes but the implication is important
implication comes from the word. both displacement map and bumpmap are 2D greyscale images, they are related to, but don't mean displacing geometry or modifying normals.
File: 1493867919660.jpg (71 KB, 431x450)
71 KB
>Displacement sucks. Avoid it at all costs.
File: 1484507221501.png (27 KB, 477x387)
27 KB
Protip: Use a combination of both
>A displacement on broad details that affect the silhouette of a character, like folds or muscle definition
>A bump for fine and grainy details, like skin pores and small wrinkles

This allows for the maximum amount of detail and quality in a reasonable polycount
there are people who don't mind their own fucking business and pretend this is /v/
none of them are older than twelve

File: 525237653276235.jpg (68 KB, 720x406)
68 KB
I installed Redshift for Maya but now i got Houdini and i'd like Redshift for it too, can i somehow add it to Houdini without reinstalling everything?
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>not using based autodesk inventor
you gys are more autistic than ever before.
especially blender fags
>autodesk inventor
Literally what the fuck is that
>based autodesk inventor
inventor gave me cancer
awful CAD software. Solidworks is objectively better

meant for >>576407

File: 1453031762739.jpg (11 KB, 256x256)
11 KB
>tfw want to pirate Nuke 10

I am scared lads, will they kidnap and execute me if i live in a third world shithole? I just want to learn that shit without using the shitty free version
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Not OP, or anyone else in this thread, but are you so autistic that you actually believe people go to prison (jail is just where you're held before your trial you moron) for pirating software?

Do you actually believe this?
this is why you should always run pirated software sandboxed. it really isn't hard
good job reporting someone anonymous retard
There are threads on CGpersia, CGtalk and Polycount about it and of course they do this as a kind of scare tactic, doesn't mean people won't get ugly papers from lawyers per mail, if they are stupid, leave trails and have a business (meaning money).

Just ask yourself the question, do you REALLY need the full version of Nuke which is coming with all this potential hassle, or is the NC version enough? If you need a node based compositor for commercial work but have no money, use fucking Fusion.
>Just ask yourself the question, do you REALLY need the full version of Nuke which is coming with all this potential hassle, or is the NC version enough? If you need a node based compositor for commercial work but have no money, use fucking Fusion.

Its not for commercial work, i just want to learn Nuke while using a version of the product that isn't cut in half

File: 1499495479098.jpg (70 KB, 470x470)
70 KB
firstly im not in 3d so i dont know the amount of time and effort that would go into making something that is 15 minutes long much less 1hr.
The shows im thinking are like knights of sidonia or ajin on netflix.
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Diffuse shading and a GPU renderer then. Or just do it in Unreal Engine.
Just stumbled into this thread, but I've wanted to do this myself for years now, my limiting factor is time. I'm wanting to get pretty serious with it, so I have started doing a lot of research into workflow and how to do things fast and still get a decent result.

My plan is to come up with some base low poly models and rigs that can be quickly customized, and have very similar topology to make rigging easier. One thing I'm doing as I am testing stuff out is keeping a detailed notebook of methods and shortcuts. When I do any tutorial where I learn something, I document that as well so it's super easy to refer back to it (and have saved demo files of stuff).

For example, I'm just going to use hand painted textures with their self illumination cranked up for an anime look, and I'm not going to worry about cel shader outlines. The result is actually a lot more pleasing than I thought it might be. Renders super fast in mental ray (using this since I own a seat of Max 2013 which I will use for the whole thing.)
I'm not far into it yet so I don't have much to show, but I figure on creating a cast of characters and a few of the major sets first. For sets, I'm whiteboxing the scenes until I am 100% sure of camera placements, then I'll swap out for models. I only need to model what's in front of the camera so I am not worrying about small detail yet, just the big major stuff. As with the chars, just trying to do a lot with the textures (I have a tablet and draw/paint all the time, not to mention I have a shit ton of grunge brushes and alpha mapped textures I have created over the years). My hope is a 10 min ep every 6 months or so, with more coming faster if it picks up any kind of popularity. It's more of a passion project than anything, so it's fine with me if it doesn'tever become popular. Just glad to see others are thinking of doing it as well!
Right on the money. And yes, please do, one of my big gripes with amateur animation is that nobody learns the principles first, but if they had, their stuff would be 100 times better AND easier to produce.
I mean, If RWBY is a thing, you could probably do it.
Hell just look at all the MMD videos out there, some of them are feature lenght.
If you just don't go too fancy/or expensive, you could probably pull it out alright.

File: 9080041_xxlg_0.jpg (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
A friend of mine wants to get into 3D modeling, but he only has 200$.
He wants to use software like ZBrush, 3DSMax and Maya. Since he has little money, we've decided to buy old and used hardware off of ebay.
The hardware we've chosen are as follows:
Dell Precision T3400 (Q6700)
8GBs of RAM
GTX 560 1GB.
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Also the only reason Yo Frankie is mentioned is because they actually used that PoS they call a game engine.
There have been indie games that used blender. But again, they don't advertise it because, nobody gives a shit.
And neither do I, I never used the game engine, nor ever considered using it.

And before anyone asks, I've also had Blender freeze up on my computer or crash while in the middle of a project every now and again. So 8GB really isn't all that great in the long run when it comes to 3D.
Considering the fact that win7 eats up 2-3GB of that RAM and W10 maybe 1.7 you effectively have ~6 left.
I am getting problems with 16 when having more than 3 heavy programs open, so its better to have even more.
I used to run blender on a duo core laptop with only 4GB of memory. It depends on what you're doing.
File: RAM.png (19 KB, 280x23)
19 KB
Actually, I have about 7.5 usable gigs of RAM

Pic related, of course.

File: 1468746878.png (26 KB, 300x309)
26 KB
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False flag. Nice try, Autodesk.
It is not though?
Look it up, it's real.
I think the retarded cunt OP means Eevee. It's in 2.8 which is barely in a beta state but you can download it. Or search JewTube for sexy vids of it.
It looks like shit. We also have a general for this crap, so go back to it
>on a board with literally years old threads

You have to go back

File: 1479289336791.jpg (90 KB, 526x701)
90 KB
Absolute beginner here, can someone tell me,is creating textures materials, lights etc. different in render engine to another render engine, let me explain. I have maya with now Redshift and i see some new lights or other redshift things + i can create "redshift materials". So do i use these or can i use all the other assets that maya had ?
Different render engines render 3D objects differently. What you might see on Maya might look a bit different in others like Blender. If I were you I'd just import the materials into your software of choice and tweak it there again. Pretty painstaking but it's better to have full control anyway.
Thanks, If i am reading this right (i am not at home can't test it) i can just use the normal materials i already made for maya and use it for redshift and just tweak them if something fucks up i don't have to do them all again

Yeeeahh... no........ I'm not gonna make it.

4 years out of university and I haven't got a single piece of paid work.

My 3d journey is officially over, no point coming here and making myself depressed. I've reached acceptance that i'll be nothing more than a wageslave in an overly warm office hating my life.

I wish you all the best of luck. Don't become like me. Goodbye.
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18+ site
lol so randum xD
This if I could make 3d models I would just sell assets and make 3d porn if the newest pop culture character
Dude sell this you can make some $$$
all da jobs are on art station my dude

File: 85238732587325.jpg (3.23 MB, 3280x2159)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB JPG
How the fuck do i make a brick wall that is actually kinda realistic (so not only a slapped texture on a cube) but it doesn't have 3 billions of polygons after 5 bricks?
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>You never paint directly on the bricks
clearly you've never been to the ghetto.
File: 40fdb9e89315.jpg (8 KB, 236x175)
8 KB
Make three or four bricks with a few polygons but good normal maps, then, make an array that selects them and rotates them 180ยบ at random.
Also yeah, displacements work.
Substance Designer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpsLg44gSg8
If you want realism learn what normal/spec/displacement maps see

A thought occured to me while working: is there a sane way to avoid awful pixelation when baking multiple layered objects? I know IN GENERAL these things aren't super noticeable after texturing but it still consistently bothers me how UGLY it looks.
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>baking multiple layered objects
should be one mesh, op.
if you have multiple meshes then your model is shit.
using Substance did the trick, though it did act a little funny. trying to figure out why it baked part of the normalmap wrong, but it's probably nothing that can't be fixed
Try the normal map fix substance. It's on substance share. It requires you to bake non-averaged normals, export them, then bake averaged normals and export them. Then it does some math fuckery to fix black edges and distortions.
Ah, nothing like that. it was an issue of it not liking that my low-poly was in fbx format. I exported it to obj and used that instead and everything was smooth sailing.
Ah, cool. Had no idea SP didn't play nice with fbx. Probably explains some annoying artifacts I've had in the past

File: 14934853735.jpg (64 KB, 475x458)
64 KB
one sculpt a day keeps the procrastination away
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Rate yourself.
File: derk-elshof-pepe-003.jpg (205 KB, 1280x872)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
even the diffuse map works as reaction image
File: 1502165233663.png (537 KB, 692x577)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
nice nips
File: 1498371956749.jpg (90 KB, 840x544)
90 KB
can u upload model pls ?

File: 1453213616945.jpg (26 KB, 960x540)
26 KB
>mfw i just realized after starting maya (and basically starting 3D) one week ago all i have been doing all day is following tutorials and my day is now wake up work out maya go to sleep reapet
>i am still fucking god awful at it

Will it get better? Right now i am doing a (6 hour long what the fuck) Pluralight tutorial on creating a car and i undestand all of it but if it came to me making a car myself without following the tutorial i'd be in deep shit.
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u wot
Stop trying to learn like that. I tried and got nowhere really. Try making something that's important to you, like a vehicle mod for a game or something else that you'll be proud of and/or get easily feedback from. When you have a plan to make something cool, it's easier to absorb information from the tutorials you watch as you make it.
trips of truth
are you on /fit/ ?
the gnomon workshop introduction to zbrush r7 is just awesome you should go for it if eventually you download zbrush

File: RemoveDoubles.png (21 KB, 117x88)
21 KB
Pic Related is one of the reasons I still use Blender after over a decade because I find it an incredibly useful tool in modeling.

If I were to move over to a different program like Maya, is there a feature similar to it I can use?
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Merge Vertices
/3/ and 4chan in general is full of faggots like this, I dont know why you are looking for a legit answer from 4chan

Mostly because I assumed someone could just give me a straight answer.
I believe this is the thread anon is referencing.
There are 10 people total posting on this board and I'm the majority of them. Just so you know.

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