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File: DSC_3984.jpg (56 KB, 630x420)
56 KB
Should I bother investing thousands in VR equipment and shit and making VR games or is it dying gimmick technology like 3D monitors?
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lmfao he's right
VR will be a gimmick until they 1) fix locomotion/controls and 2) make it less cumbersome to use

it's gonna be big eventually but it could take years
I still wait until I can have feedback into my fingers (stopping them and my hands from moving), and somebody with the idea that VR means monitors of arbitrary size.

Then I can have a PC without mouse, monitor, joystick, pen, keyboard or any other manual controller.

Or maybe a glitch will break all my fingers, who knows?
as someone who interned at Oculus for a few months I'd say wait till the next gen headsets, those will have more tracking capabilities and people would have worked out the kinks of VR dev by then.
they dont even use VR in the new Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell movies. They know its a gimmicky dead end.

They only use 3d holograms and voice commands...

File: Captura2.png (527 KB, 1002x1136)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
So I've been following "ULTIMATE weapon tutorial" by tim bergholz, and this guy just creates ngons whenever he wants, and basically models in a pretty straigth way (which is no good for the begginers like me following the tutorial).

Well, I ended up with pic related, which is pretty shitty and creates insane pinching. How should I do it to fix it?
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prevent triangles by all means is what I learned

Not true at all. Triangles suck for loop selections, but sometimes you have no other choices (when attaching a hand to an arm for exemple). However, it's goddamn impossible to work with a fully triangulated mesh.
File: 35637.jpg (25 KB, 550x450)
25 KB
>but sometimes you have no other choices (when attaching a hand to an arm for exemple)

What the fuck?
Up/downstepping from topology resolution is possible without triangles.

Usage of triangles on mesh that is not supposed to be ultra low poly and even gets subdivided just shows you're not experienced yet.
Doesn't matter as long as the shape has perfectly flat sides. Basic experiment: draw an irregular spline shape and extrude it, edit poly, and make several connections across just so that it isn't entirely one ngon.
Throw on a chamfer modifier affecting only unsmoothed edges and play around with the min value till it looks good, and throw on a turbosmooth as well. If you did everything right, you should have crisp and smooth edges, even with around a dozen verts per poly.
For the purpose of baking a normal map, this is perfectly fine, because that topology is never going to see the light of day, so why waste time and effort religiously ensuring everything is quads? It's not a deformable surface and if you need to sculpt on it, it's one button press in ZBrush to retopo the surface with dynamesh.

As long as the arm and hand terminate in an even amount of edges, you can just run a loop or two back around.
Shut the fuck up.

Are there any websites with free AE templates?

Asking for a friend.
There are hundreds and they all fucking suck ass.

Identify the effect you want, Google for it, find some retard idiot's monetised blog designed from the world's shittiest "MAKE PASSIVE INCOME THROUGH NICHE BLOGGING" template where it will ask you to join a shit fucking mailing list for access to the download link. Paste in some disposable email and you're set.

Also 90%of the time the shit doesn't even work
This... there is so many that finding normal ones is impossible. Because 99% is shit. And sorting through this shit is impossible
wrong board

File: image i guess.jpg (18 KB, 480x465)
18 KB
1. Why not just use the DAZ Studio general?
Not every technique or function is the same between them.

2. Your program sucks, use mine instead
ok maybe

3. Shouldn't there be a pastebin or something here
Yes, there should be. This is the first thread so maybe this is a good place to start compiling stuff to put in one.

4. Why so few IPs?
Because I'm doing most of the posting until others join in. This was actually a request from >>>/co/95794016 where we were dogpiling on lazy comic book artists who couldn't hide their powerlevel.

5. Why is Poser/DS so shitty?
We have threads up for that already. This is "post tips, tricks, resources" for Poser. Have fun.

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Kill yourselves pls
I bought a character for V4 thinking I could make it work in Daz but I can't because it was optimized for poser, and it doesn't port well. Is someone willing to make the model in poser for me and then export it as an fbx for maya, or as a morph for a Genesis figure? Im not really sure HOW this could be done but I think it's possible. I can give you the files.
OK so I assume you have V4 but the materials use advanced Firefly or even Superfly nodes in them, is that right?

Tell us what character it is and I can give you a better idea what your options are.
> optimized for poser
DAZ Studio's specification for Poser compatibility was originally based off of 2005's Poser 5 (minus dynamic hair/cloth), adding support for Poser 6's binary morphs. In the meantime Poser's added more modern Library formats like Materials but DAZ has refused to implement them and In the last couple of revisions, has actually started to remove support for some Poser formats it previously recognized. If your V4 character has binary morphs, DS can no longer import them.

The other thing that I didn't emphasize enough before is that DS itself requires V4 (and any necessary morph packs) to import a V4 character. It can't directly apply a V4 character to a Genesis figure. What it CAN do is take a character applied to an existing V4 figure in your scene and morph transfer it to a second Genesis figure.

The only way around having V4 is this commercial product: https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-generation-x2 which can transfer a V4 character directly to a Genesis figure (and with optional add-on plugins, to Genesis 2/Genesis 3 figures). Upside is being able to fine-tune how much of the character you apply to Genesis, and optional support for conversions of characters from even older figures like Generation 3 (which DS's morph transfer doesn't support). Downside is the developer's dead and there's no G8F support likely.

So again, let me know what character you're struggling with. The solutions you suggested are unnecessary and troublesome in the long run.

File: horrifying.png (42 KB, 277x237)
42 KB
Pic related isn't mine but I'm not at home right now. Just shit that you had to stop afterwards and ask yourself "what the fuck was I thinking".

Hardmode: something you actually spent a lot of effort into/ did a good execution but was a terrible idea
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My worst 3D animation project that I have ever created was Deadpool model and a lightsaber.
File: lostgif.gif (461 KB, 150x110)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
File: 5.jpg (70 KB, 960x540)
70 KB
The worst and the best thing I've ever did. The only one by far.
File: 2.jpg (55 KB, 960x540)
55 KB
The fur is fucked.
Nostalgia'd. This game is still great today.

File: mlzvu4j04wfz[1].jpg (22 KB, 720x718)
22 KB
What the title says. Many games have some sort of character generation system. I'm not talking about defaults (such as face1, face2, face 3...), but sliders that allow you to create very different character faces (or even bodies). Skyrim and fallout 4 as examples.

How do they work? Is it some kind of procedural magic? I suspect it might be blend shapes used for mesh 'distortion' instead of animation, but I wonder what techniques and technologies are involved in these kind of character generators.
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Alright bit of an update on the last bit about Fallout 4 shapes.

There's a chance he meant the blend shapes used for expressions like raised eyebrows and open mouth and also that he can blend between the different NPC heads.

https://neroticus.tumblr.com/post/141330290093 This is the post where he mentions it.

I looked at Fallout 4's mesh ba2 archive and it looks like you've got the base parts like base male, female, child, etc and head, back of head, body, hands, eyes, etc, and then there's a directory of morphs for open mouth and such and a shitload of NPC heads with hair and all attached that were exported from Facegen.

Good to know that Fallout 4 still used Facegen in its development, just apparently not in the programming and only for churning out NPC heads.
Why are shape keys used, instead of bones? Is there a performance reason, or can bones still be used to deform the mesh?
Just because someone can actually model or sculpt the changes with better detail. Shape keys and bones can both be used but typically bones are for more general resizing or moving of areas and shape keys are for reshaping, like moving a nose up or making it big vs roman or nubian nose shapes.
Thanks anon. Also, another little question: ┬┐are blend shapes multiplicative?, taking noses (>>585573) as an example, could I make "nose type" blend shapes and "nose height (for example)" blend shapes and let them work together.

Like, having an slider for roman-nubian and another slider for relative-to-face-nose-height at the same time?
I think it's dependent on the engine but it's standard for them to add up.

File: 3d model wip.jpg (105 KB, 1118x736)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Show me your genitals. Actually, no, show me how you go from a mental image of the thing to the 3D geometry of the thing.
It is highly reccomended that you do explain in detail your methodology.

In my case as in the pic i carefully shat vertices all over blender edit mode until i realized scaling individual rings of spheres would suit my particular cartoon character's chibi face much better, so here i am sticking to a two step cycle of deforming each lego piece and then duct taping them all together.
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I don't really 'see' my designs, it's more of a tactile sensation of form and weight and texture. You'd think this would inhibit 3D modeling, but it's helped me a lot by making it easier to map out how curves should be placed.

I got gud at modeling anime figures by fondling the faces and limbs of a bunch of anime figures.
At first, when modeling, don't think of the asset as a whole. Instead, decompose it into smaller shapes to be assembled together later on.

Think of negative space and the natural flow of the edges you're creating.

Start simple and detail progressively, where needed. You then won't have to deal with a bunch of vertices you don't need at all.
Do you have anything that visually breaks down this concept in the context of box modelling?

I can see it a lot in sculpting but obviously it's not a huge help for this.
No, don't dissolve or whatever you are doing.

If you like the sculpt you made, you retopologize over it to have your new 3D model.

Retopologizing is like making a 3D object, but instead of using an image as a guide you use your already-made 3D sculpture, and some tricks like guaranteeing the vertex stick to the surface.

There are good tutorials on youtube, albeit you will need to learn how mesh flow works. Nothing that practice cannot give you, really.
File: 1500838731881.jpg (135 KB, 672x1020)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Read the sticky.

File: Atlas_rig.jpg (223 KB, 1281x810)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
What is the the 3D field where you have an easier time to find a job? My friends say its rigging, is it true?
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I would put his skill on the level of a college student. He has dabbled in everything and shows some promise, but he's not currently good enough to get hired.

I'm referring to big studios btw, small studios are usually more willing to hire generalists.
when you said showing some promise, which aspect were you talking about?
the topology on his models is pretty good, and he gets the basics of animation. Can't comment on rigging because he doesn't actually show his rig controls. With enough practice and hard work he should be good enough to get hired either as a modeler or an animator.
Did some tuto on lynda.

Any other resources to get better at rigging? I want to work in rigging when I get out of college and my classes alone are not going to cut it.

File: rollbud.jpg (69 KB, 948x432)
69 KB
Hi guys, I asked this already a few times, but never was able to contact the people that offered help.
There is this all in one portable weed gadget, which I would like to print out on my 3D-printer. I just think that it is too expensive and I reall like to use my printer.
So could somebody please design it and provide the files? I already have some ideas to improve and make it easier to print. If everything works out a gladly send you a piece.
If you are interested please contact me at: 8laze1t4chan@gmail.com
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

But yeah, it looks like something you need to actively develop to actually get a working prototype. How can someone even tackle this without knowing the characteristics of your printer? I'm not surprised you were refused previously. Just do it yourself you bloody orangutan, we'll point you in the right direction, but do this shit yourself.
Yeah I thought I would give this a last try to be lazy. Do you recommend autodesk or fusion 360?
I designed it to around 90% in tinkercad, but I couldn't finish it because of some missing features. Guess I have to learn a complete program for just one piece of plastic fml.
Grinders already exist plenty on thingiverse. I would slap a few designs together and print it out. The problem is spacing everything and the threads.
I would recommend autodesk. From what I understand, it's nice and easy to use without being underpowered.

That said, also totally not even slightly an expert.

Of course, you wouldn't have any of these problems if you just stopped smoking weed and started leaning in to the alcoholism but hey, who am I to judge?
Yeah, that's generally how design works when you don't want to pay, you absolute turnip. Stop being lazy.

I recommend Solidworks, easier to fix your inevitable fuckups. Assemblies and mates will also help you.

Idea for a website I plan on building:

It will be an online repository for 3D models from scanned action figures / toys / disney things (mainly for use in 3D printing).

However, as many already know, disney is trying to crack down on people who try to profit off of selling models to 3D print (going so far as to spray coating so it's harder to 3D scan a toy).

However, the difference with my site will be that rather than uploading/selling direct .stl's, which may or may not be illegal, I will be uploading a series of high-quality images (probably around 100 or so) of the toy from all angles, as well as instructions on how to convert those through a free photogrammetry program into a workable 3D model.

Uploading pictures of toys online isn't illegal, so why should many pics of a toy be?

I want to hear suggestions/additions for the site. All criticism welcome.
Hosting all those images isn't going to be fun, and people won't like having to download 100 or so images and process the model on their own.

Just a big disclaimer saying that it's illegal to 3D print these on every page might be enough, and design the website to appear more as a way to display each collector's collection.
You nevertheless risk a lawsuit... long talk made short, don't do it.
o k

File: untitled2.png (3.96 MB, 960x540)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
What are freeware alternatives to Substance Painter out there? I don't want to pirate it. I could afford licence, but I was wondering if I could just replace it with some competent freeware. Also, what do you use to texture your stuff?
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Pretty much this, also its on Steam packaged with SD, better yet you can add it to your wishlist and pick it up even cheaper when Steam does a software sale.
I couldn't find anything specifically about exporting .obj files from blender into photoshop. I saw a video for doing it in 3dsmax, and a bunch of videos about importing models into photoshop. But I didn't see any videos that specifically demonstrated exporting a model from Blender as an .obj, opening up the model in Photoshop with UV layouts from blender included, and then painting directly on the model using Photoshop and having that transfer into a seamless 2d texture that conforms to your UVs. i was wondering if you could do all that with the Blender .obj file. I've done .fbx imports to Unity from Blender and I know some information doesn't get saved (like I can't access Vertex Groups for example), so I didn't know if there were also limitations with Photoshop (I would test it myself, but then I'd have to pay money for a CC subscription)
just export an obj, file -> export -> obj, and then open it in photoshop. from there the process will be the same as any other video.

you'll have your UVs and should have multiple materials, you won't have multiple UVs and i don't think it supports custom normals.
ok thank you. i will likely try this at some point, b/c blender's texture paint lacks the nice features of photoshop, but using photoshop on exported uv layouts is also very annoying (and aggravating too to create tileable textures using that offset filter)
I saw a few years ago that there's an autodesk program called Mudbox that makes a relly good job with texture. Pretty heavy but i think it makes the crap pretty decent.

Best thing you made using cheapest most bare bones equipment/software. Go.
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I imagine that's just someone forgetting to bend the model
I find it hard to believe this was the intent final result of someone's work.
>model after voice actress
>character is mute
There has to be some story behind this.
>on a AAA game
There is no such thing as 'forgetting' bro. These titles get lavishly tested during and after production. They simply fucked up.
I have no doubt that game developers crunch. I suppose 'forget' is the wrong way to put it.
This is a technical artist task (writing a shader simulating liquid flow). They're in high demand. So what must have happened is that the guy made the thing. Put it in and didn't polish it. Had it as a todo. Come release the panic sets in because the animation system is fucked beyond belief so things like this get ignored.
They'd obviously never release the game as is if they were given enough time.
>they'd obviously never release the game as is if they were given enough time

Like pic related. They look too fucking complex and I don't even know how they make pieces fit, considering how much different shapes there are.

Good place to start. If you have a grand laying around CGMA has a great class on modular level design

File: 1k-4k.jpg (236 KB, 1598x733)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
What's New in 3D-Coat 4.8


Key Features:
- Possibility to attach Smart Materials to layers! Materials managing becomes even easier.
- Improved Curvature calculation. This is crucial for Smart Materials to be looking even more realistic.
- New Primitives in Retopo room: cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral, etc. We are getting closer and closer to a low-poly modeling!

- Possibility to change resolution of textures, attached materials will automatically be re-sampled!
- Smart Materials usage history.
- Render scene in Renderman. Yep, you heard it right!
- Proxy Slider. Set your proxy degree with an easy slider movement.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1471132450614.png (113 KB, 233x267)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Did they get rid of the no penises rule?

They never had a no penis rule. That's a meme.

It bakes a lot better than 4.7 and autopo seems to be good. I remember in v3 when sometimes they'd do an update and autopo would get completely borked.

What I'm eagerly awaiting is when they go live with Poly Fill in the retopo room. That'll be sweet.

File: GettyImages-112072051.jpg (779 KB, 1890x3977)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Objectively, what makes Houdini better than Maya 2018? My guess is nothing, you are all shills. When I used it 6 months ago it was all just useless VOPS / SOPS / shit without meaning, just a big spaghetti mess. The meme ends now!
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
lol I know it's been used for more but there was a whole movie made with blender, it was also used in Warcraft and Lights Out. It's not the best program out there but damn man, every program that comes across this board holds it's own weight. It's ignorant and a dumb mindset to think one program is better than others. They ALL have their pro's and cons, and they ALL have a userbase. This is the one thing I hate about this board. It's fucking calm and easy most of the time but this blender meme is fucking stupid.
Houdini vs Maya 2018

Maya is Superior in

-Models & Assets
-Better Renderer
-Better Rigging System

Houdini is Superior in

-Procedural Workflow
-Micro-managing Details
-Simulations are still Better

Both are Good programs that function well in different aspects in the Industry. Utilizing both together is the key.
Warcraft was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I blame blender
Blender was used in one single scene, on one character in the foreground, who wasn't even the focus on the scene and the scene lasted 3 seconds max.

Blaming Blender in this case is fucking bullshit.
>mentions office parties
>speaks of projections
I see you're no better...

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