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File: 61NU6O0qPZL._SL1500_.jpg (67 KB, 810x1500)
67 KB
What sort of lighting do you need to achieve this sort of highlight while rendering a flat sheet of glass that is parallel to the camera? Is it just photoshop bullshit, or is this achievable in some physically accurate way? Note that the highlights around the edge are completely uniform, indicating that the rest of the lighting rig is symmetrical, yet there's that one prominent accent to sell the fact that it's a glossy surface.
big emissive square on top to create the highlight on the glossy surface as well as neutral white lighting all around
It is doable, using a big soft box maybe in combination with a gobo to cut the light into the correct shape. The only thing that's needed is the highlight, so the level of power from this light shouldn't be strong enough to actually influence anything else.
Of course it goes without saying that a lot of Photoshop is used no matter what, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that the image could be a composite of multiple exposures blended together after the fact, so that the level of illumination from each source can be fine tuned, similar to 3D rendering, where lighting layers can be used with compositing software.
For example, you can only see two reflections in the lenses of the camera module, so it could very well have been deliberately shot and blended in that way for the sole purpose of getting a nice reflection off the lens.

File: college-pennant.png (899 KB, 1200x750)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
I'm at a point in my life where I'm going to college. Is it viable to study 3DCG? Or should I pick something else and study it on the side? I've heard that it would be safer to study a more traditional art major to get a better foundation, while learning 3d on your own. The closest thing I have in my colleges that ive been accepted into are 'media arts and design' with maybe 1 or 2 computer graphics courses thrown in, the rest of it being mostly video, film, audio, and graphic design, not much of 3d shit though.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this matter? Community college? Studying traditional art instead? Study a backup major and learn 3D on the side?
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[4 fuck I can't count but at least I may get an Oscar soon]
.....when I say that only 3 people in my class got a job in this industry and it's only people who already knew everything.
So don't fool yourself.

If you really truly want this, git gud. There is no other way.
You can go to a college or go to a school but be aware that this is only going to be supporting you. Without a good eye you are shit. These schools can teach you technical things. But they won't teach you anything that you can't learn from tutorials.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that some of these schools do now have industry professionals teaching there. And that indeed is something that does land some people jobs. However, again. First! Git gud. You won't impress anyone if you don't already have the skills.
Industry connections are extremely important in this job.

Fuck me why am I typing all this, so you can take my job. But seriously, to get anywhere in this industry you need to love this job. It's shite pay, shite hours, no unions, and youre the garbage of the film industry, the lowest scum and every cumstain complains hates you for ruining movies whlile at the same time they can't stop cumming from watching Infinity war because of our VFX. So prepare for hate and hardship but if you love it you won't care.
It's fucking amazing seeing your name in the credits of the biggest blockbusters in history and heaering people describing their boners from seeing your work on the big screen even if 10 minutes later they shit on that one bad pixel that ruined movies forever.
school doesnt make you good
If you dont have the artist genetics in you you're fucked either way as far as art in general goes.
>interest beginning of the answer
>boils down to another "just do CS lul" post again
File: pic.jpg (57 KB, 360x480)
57 KB
no lul about it m8, just being honest. I'm not saying it's disadvantageous to get a degree involving 3D, it helps to be surrounded by peers & professors who can help you in the learning process, but there are many factors to account for. Mainly, from my experience, you simply can't teach creativity. Your professors can walk you through each program but when it comes to getting your own portfolio ready, that is where you either sink or swim. Employers really don't care about your education, they more so your portfolio (like many art majors), so you take a lesser risk teaching yourself this stuff on the side. I thought my program was actually very good but i would still wager to bet i learned 75% of what really matters via Youtube/Lynda tutorials and other textbooks i bought outside of class. Also forums like these.

File: large.jpg (29 KB, 500x376)
29 KB
im getting burned out
how do i restore passion
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This is what I do when feeling burned out and can confirm it works
Just relax and listen to lofi hip hop radio.

I have a different problem than burnout. I'm getting fat as all I do when I get home is do 3D art, then sleep.
take a bike ride or a long walk
>I'm getting fat as all I do when I get home is do 3D art, then sleep
Me too. Take breaks and do some exercise, ffs.

They say going for a walk helps with creativity and problem-solving. That's what motivates me.
>They say going for a walk helps with creativity and problem-solving.
So does taking a shower and doing the dishes; boring and easy everyday tasks are good for the brain cause it allows it to wander and problem-solve on his own without conscious effort

if the idea is just to get exercise, going for a run will be better yes, but I personally don't really come up with anything creative during that because I focus on actually enjoying the scenery

File: kay-cho-4.jpg (222 KB, 1000x1450)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Guess Im going to try asking this here instead of other boards
>I work as an architect and Im constantly studying new software.
>I want to create a first person game all by my own
>Very competent as a env artist, know how to create props, photogrammetry, retopo, texturing, basic c++ (enough for the kind of game I want to create), UI and such
>Recently started to learn zbrush but I dont have enough time and I want to get better

The issue here is Im doing all these things by my own, so I dont feel like I could create human models, rig and animate them. I did that in the past and Im not very good with that -not something for selling-
Tried 3dscan store but Im losing more time on that than anything else.

- Do you think its possible to create a decent game without any npc/realistic human animations/interactions?
- Do you know any examples of that? Even walking simulators or ways for "cheating" and create the illusion theres someone there?
- Using static poses could work too -See that P.T. demo, the ghost barely moves, just shakes very quickly-
- Theres always the option to create a 2D drawing/image, something like a visual novel but in a 3D environment
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OP here

Artist is kuki0404_10kg on artstation, he is a japanese artist who is currently working on platinum games

I know this, I can model 'decent' characters, learnt a good workflow with lots of tools and even after all that time, I find myself in the point where its not really something to be sold.
Theres always more work, and Im not even talking about animations.
Now I left max and started working on zbrush (I only used it for adding detail to my meshes and props, you know the typical stuff)

I know if I want to create a game, theres always the important part about characters, voices or giving them a personality, specially.

I used to post my drawings on /ic/, and filling requests on other boards and I know what people want -more or less- (Not really aiming for furry or monster girls for the moment)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: kay-cho-ez.jpg (92 KB, 569x836)
92 KB
forgot to attach picture
Thanks, mate.

>she "doesn't understand" this work
Indeed she doesn't. May sound trite, but you don't want someone like that in your life. Push ahead.
If you can draw faces it will bring over to 3d, just need to get comfo with the tools

File: 1523504918927.jpg (55 KB, 642x361)
55 KB
Rumors at my studio are that GoT 3d team was using Blender exclusively for all vfx, using hidden github builds and an exclusive pipeline.

Thoughts from you houdini losers who just got schooled?
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File: 1469517595576.png (270 KB, 500x276)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
>that GoT 3d team
There was more than one company involved in making the CG retard. My employer made the fleet and mass battle scenes while another company did the the dragons.
The studio I work at was involved in all GoT seasons. I can confirm the rumors that Daenerys Targaryen is a digital human; Emilia Clarke (among others, though mostly her) only performed for mocap.

Also, in some scenes during season 5, the dragons were animatronics.
Tangent Animation in Toronto produces all their animated films in Blender.
>Animation Studio
>Reel is private

File deleted.
Anyone know where this 3D model is from? I can't find it through Google, Yandex or Tineye. /r/ doesn't seem very helpful either, so I thought I'd ask here
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So where is this from?
What is the name of the forum?
If a trans f2m shows their "tits" on television, does it still need to be censored?
No, but all people responsible need to be nailed to the cross

File: IMG_20180512_151934.jpg (31 KB, 584x714)
31 KB
Finished this model last night and finalized the pose this morning. Part of a larger 3D scene I'm working on.
Hopefully the system will let me post the Sketchfab link:
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Man, your newness reeks. Guess summer really is early this year. Do all of us, and most importantly yourself, a good favour and just go back to the websites where everybody tells you "wow fantastic work!!" "you're so talented!!" already. You clearly aren't accustomed to the culture of this place, seeing as you think "haha wow everyone insults everybody let's do it too!!" and how your only counter-argument to people giving you shit is "g-go back to giving the blender users shit a-and, STOP BULLYING ME ALREADY!".

Either lurk more and stop getting so assblasted when people give you standard-issue reactions, or just go back to your safe space.

>you gave enough of a shit to argue with me
Oh well, they do say the internet exists for people to argue.
Since when do people give a shit about the quality of threads on /3/? Nine out of ten threads here are shitposting about Blender. We literally have no mods or janitors for fucks sake.

There's nothing wrong with someone posting their work in their own thread, as long as they are willing to accept critique on their work. It's a step up from the usual trash here. OP's work isn't even that bad, considering the vast majority of actual work posted here is meme shit and ZBrush WIPs that go absolutely nowhere.
>being this petty and insecure and pissed off that ppl dont like your shit
>Finished this model last night
>it's not even finished
post in /wip/
>If your too fucking lazy to copy/paste a link literally at the end of the OP to go full sperg on the final fucking model on Sketchfab
If you want C&C on your "final" render go post it on the WIP thread. We are under no obligation to follow whatever links you deem appropriate to put in your posts. We'll take your work only as what you directly present us with.

File: 496503402_1280x720.jpg (101 KB, 1280x720)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I'm working on a realistic CG/vfx short about an alternate reality. So the city will look like it does, but bigger in scope.

Should I use photogrammetry or go old school model+pbr textures?

I was thinking of using projection/photogrammetry as much as possible, but not sure if the visual quality will hold up.

What is the best workflow to achieve the most realistic results?
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since this is sort of related question, is there a way to capture and recreate terrain through camera? I don't really care about textures, I just want a model of my garden and house. I have some old but working camera, would it be enough if it is possible?
So how would I go about creating a night environment?

Capture during the day, delight and re-light?
Yes. If you do photogrammetry right, you get albedo textures, which represent the "de-lighted" color of the surface. At render time, environment lighting determines the way they'll actually look, be it at simulated day, or simulated night.
Since I'm gonna have specific shots pre-planned, I should be able to use 3D matte painting workflow right?

Baked lighting is a non issue with matte painting, so de-lighting might not be required.

You may not like it but this is what PERFECTION looks like.
It doens't even need a texture to degreade its PURITY.
It is simple. yet whole.
Just look, it's basically perfect in every way. That absolute 60 degree corner. That precisely parallel right handed normal vector.
You can't deny it's the purest, and highest tier of polygonal form transcending every other of your shitty polygons in evey plane of existance, the kind of object only could have existed on platonic ideal dimension, yet is right here under my control.

Yet is expressive. This triangle can represent everything you'd ever wanted it to be. It can be a face, a cup, anything you're willing to assign meaning to.
While at the same time pixel shader interpolate it to INFINITESIMALLY DETAILED plane

This is the answers to life, to existance.
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My true love. You have [spoiler]and are entirely[/spoiler] the most beautiful face I've ever seen...
Now all that's left is to make the perfect cube.
You know the one.
ew ugly manipulator
inspired on ur mom

File: trapezoid.png (279 KB, 650x600)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
What's the correct way of unwrapping a trapezoid onto a brick texture without distortion? (and only one seam)
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or just torrent xrayunwrap or something if you dont want to do any manual labor
>without distortion?
>without distortion?
>without distortion?

What do you think happens when you take a square with a texture mapped to it, then scale down one edge, anon?
you get smaller bricks.
everybody knows that.
How's the new UI as an old user? I've gotten used to THE OLD WAYS and haven't updated since 2.78, I'm pretty interested in the new real time viewport thing but not really enough to learn a new UI right now

How would I do something like this in blender??
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im getting oddworld vibes
You could do something like that with an addon like Sprytile. Just learn it and do the 2d art.
You're a piece of shit and I hope no one helps you.

File: Sin título-2.png (2.14 MB, 1500x882)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
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>UE4 is capable of SSS
Holy shit, what? Damn. I've really got to start using it again.
where have you been even unity can do sss
File: bendybois.jpg (826 KB, 1966x841)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
Bro, bendy bones are fucking nuts. Look how clean this deforms, and the mouth has a grand total of 4 controls per side (upper middle, upper corner, bottom middle, bottom corner). This fucking smokes every other face rigging method I've tried.
For some reason I've got it in my head that only Blender can use b-bones. Is this true or am I have brain damage?
No idea, Blender is all I've ever used. I wouldn't be surprised if other packages had them, considering how god-tier they are for face and spine rigging.

File: Capture.jpg (97 KB, 1055x722)
97 KB
Brand new results by Nvidia were released today - ai has simply passed us, as humans. We are DONE. 18 days to make each image, but the realism is something we would never achieve by ourselves sculpting in zbrush and painting in mari after 18. It would never happen for us.

What should we all collectively do? I'm scared of losing my house and not being able to care for my wife and two 2.5 kids.
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (45 KB, 1280x720)
45 KB
>mfw someone out there is training a retopo neural net
>mfw someone out there is training a uv mapping neural net
guys as a master's student in compsci, I wouldn't worry about AI. Most of it is still primitive and gimicky i.e. not really generalizable.
As someone with many years of blockbuster VFX experience, you guys who are worried have no idea how this industry works.
Has anyone here ever dealt with a client? If you show that to Spielberg he's going to shit down your neck. Can you imagine the hours I have spent pixelfucking things because the director wanted it to be exactly like the brainchild he bore when he took that dump 3 days ago?

This industry isn't what you think it is. We don't get to do what we like. We don't get to do what looks cool. Our job is to produce the exact vision of the director, or the game.. guy...whatever equivalent. There are concepts for everything. I am currently working on a movie which most likey every single one of you will soon watch and there is absolutely no way in hell a tool like this could have any use in any situation, not even remotely.
This isn't about creating some random cool image. This is about telling a story about something very specific.

So no I am not worried, not in the slightest.
oh look, they said the same thing about photogrammetry, are we all out of business?
didn't think so
>Has anyone here ever dealt with a client? If you show that to Spielberg he's going to shit down your neck.
not everyone works in le industre, idiot. Most of us doing cg are losing money, some even on purpose or so I've heard. Anything faster is better,

> We don't get to do what we like. We don't get to do what looks cool.
if you dont like it, just leave. I work construction and make killa shit for me and my gf. Sorry you're one of those faggot cali niggaz

> I am currently working on a movie
Yea i bet its going to fuckin suck

>This isn't about creating some random cool image.

File: 3dcoat_logo.jpg (82 KB, 620x248)
82 KB
I'll be using picrelated for everything now so I figure I might as well gather the questions where relevant people will see them.

For instance I've seen this in other programs as well, you move-shape the mesh a couple times too many and get these subtle creases that just won't go away. You can drop down to a lower polycount and try to smooth 'em, but usually they stay visible on anything that isn't noisy anyway. The fuck do you deal with that in 3D Coat? I hear newer versions have better volume downgrade, where you can go multiple levels down, however this never really helped me in ZBrush either.
16 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
when will all these fucktards finally understand that ad hominem is pointless on an anonymous forum?
Else everyone would be on plebbit and such.

Voxelize and use a soft fill tool is you want to eliminate hard creasing.
or alternately scrape

The only nongimmicky tutorial is funnily enough Pluralsight's "getting started..."

Following the recent developments of blender 2.8 (like actully having modifiers) we have come upon the topic of if Blender's new idea for a left ui is good.

Here is the thing, it seems already obvious it'll be an optional thing (else mega retard stuff) and I find it very similar to modo and max (max in particular is good because I work a bit with max) and uh I wanted to know /3/'s opinion on the all the new changes.

I feel like it is just modernizing Blender rather than actully improving things like the Cycles Renderer (and make it render caustics without choking on it's own render cock) and that's kinda sad, but whatever.
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
With "anything else" you can actually get stuff done.
your'e seeing it the wrong way. most employers have the attitude of "if its not broke don't fix it".
you clearly haven't worked anywhere in the industry so you don't know that.
my cousin makes HVAC parts in cad and he uses a software that was made in the 80's
You would be right, if Blender wasn't broken.

Forgot to mention that anything else also leads to employment

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