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File: aAA.png (838 KB, 1500x882)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
too lazy to make a proper thread image edition

previous: >>637785

This thread is for comments and critique on the projects you've been working on. Complete pieces are allowed and please do post them in here.
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File: sc2018912-05121.jpg (242 KB, 1920x1080)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
dunno why i made sucha huge part of skull for that tiny bit that is seen, guess i hate time
its a gorilla+human, as those fucks have some lien looking skulls
for now fis that spine and make scapulas
your elbows look worse now, its not that they were too pointy, its that they lacked the ulna bone of the forearm just under it
its a curved bone going off at an angle
image in next post
File: pose0s01-prod-g.jpg (140 KB, 1010x593)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
it may look like its extremely curved, but its just that the bone is twisted 90 degress and goes into the body
That was kind of my plan anyway. i posted the previous models I made above. I see them as abominations. But I am making a game prototype. I think this will have to do for now.
>your elbows look worse now,
I know. I like more definition.
All our bones are somehow curved to allow the best of movement. I guess I have to go study Ryan Kingslien.
We've reached bump, so as per usual the thread's been refreshed.
xox from general-san
File: 1536617518890.jpg (201 KB, 990x1012)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Not sure if this is the right place to post but I want to get into level design and make a world to explore. I haven't touched Maya in years and used Unity back when I dabbled in game development.

I downloaded UE4 and I'm thinking of grabbing Blender. I want to rebuild Dark Souls with a Halo theme. Just start with firelink shrine and see if I want to continue from there. I want to make level design a hobby but I'm essentially new to this again.

File: vageen.png (205 KB, 1030x617)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
How do I go about texturing a vageen to get a semi-realistic look?

Should I unwrap it as a whole or seperate the UV map into things like the clit, lips and inside?

Texture paint on the model or is it a photoshop job?

Just looking for some advice
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That was my first thought too. It is a highly researched topic to render all types of hair properly.
Take a look at some turbosquid nakey wamen models
I've seen vageen mostly included in the torso iv island, at the bottom.
For semi realistic painting can be really effective if you understand the different skin colors the vagene has, just like the face has different areas where things like veins or bone are more prominent. I suggest looking at reference (ofcourse not fapping in the meantime) and taking note of these color zones. When you're doing that you can also identify the different specularity levels due to mucus glands and things like that. Take a look at pore density too, that's key to making things look the way they do.
And by all means, don't use your own skin as a ref for the material, man skin is rougher.
>don't use your own skin as a ref for the material, man skin is rougher.
Are you saying the vageens I painted by referencing my own testicles' skin are wrong?
File: FB_IMG_1535757720979.jpg (53 KB, 749x912)
53 KB
make seams separating different parts of the vag by texture

then just do the rest with nodes or if you're super lazy use substance painter

File: Harry_Houdini.png (211 KB, 580x489)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
what's the hardest part about using houdini?
...having to tell your parents that youre gay
still better than a poorfag pleb and retard like Blunder suckers
All my tools and plug ins keep dissaperaring.
OP, don't throw in the towel so fast. Keep trying and you too can become proficient in Houdini.

File: Astraeus Super-Heavy.jpg (87 KB, 920x950)
87 KB
I know this would be more appropriate in /wsr/ but the experts are here.

Would it be possible for someone to make a 3D model of pic related so I can put it into tabletop simulator?

Alternatively does anyone know of someone who does commissions for this kind of thing?
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>the only thing is that the images can't be blured
Wouldn't upsizing do that?

If you don't want blurry images have a high "f" stop and manual focus.

Also I'm sure there's a scripting/software solution to finding blurred images though.
you don't need a high definition picture, you need a big picture, I use 3800x2100, if it isn't blured in 720p it is ok, less than 720x560 will have less detail and a worse result but you can try, just resize that to arround that
Why do I need a bigger picture though?
What's makes it better when it's upscaled?

I think Higher definition is better though.
Wow didn't expect this request to turn into a teaching thread?
>Why do I need a bigger picture though?
by default the program compute depth maps from images that are 2x downscaled. You can also change the scaling value in the depth maps computation settings. If you don't want to mess with the program is better upscale them

File: Beksinskix77.jpg (336 KB, 1239x1300)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Greentext Scary Stories, anyone?
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This thread is depressing. There is even a small possibility I might end up in the same place as some people here because I probably spend too much time on 3D right now, when the future in it is definitely not bright, especially in my country where there are maybe a dozen positions available (all in somewhat shitty indie studios as well).
>my scene takes about 30 minutes to open for 3ds
>fiddle with it for 30 minutes
>it crashes
>need to wait 30 minutes to open it again

>Plug in is on sale
>do not need it
>finally need it
>not on sale anymore
>Be poorfag
>Fall for the Asus meme
>Buy extremely expensive (for me) laptop with Nvidia gpu
>Laptop is slower than my old desk PC
>For some reason the rendering takes much longer using GPU than CPU, to the point where I no longer use GPU at all
>The laptop has a horrible noise, as if a there was a wire or something stuck in the fan
>take it to the shop, they keep the laptop for a week, then give it back after deleting all my files and reinstalling windows
>They say the laptop is fine, and the sound is normal, it's just the "thermostat"
>Laptop is even slower (they leave it on for 24 hours for endurance testing or something, I think that further damaged the hardware), the graphics card does nothing but using bandwidth, disk and memory all the time, even if there are no programs running
>Laptop still sounds like a Harley Davidson

First of all thanks for the encouragement. Secondly, this is exactly what I was pointing out in my original post. You don't understand this. These 'education institutions' are simply criminal vermin who sprout from the bottom as soon as they see anything with potential to be exploited. Nobody NEEDS a school. A school can't teach you anything you can't teach yourself. A school is merely there to put labels of pseudo-elitism in place, labels of fake privilege. If they succeed, no recruiter will look at your portfolio, but they'll look at your educational background first, which school you graduated from with which grades. These institutions need to be boycotted and destroyed at all cost, before they can tighten their grip on a field that was once beautiful in its free distribution of knowledge and expertise, as it should be.

File: rhino-6-logo_1.jpg (45 KB, 788x788)
45 KB
Hey guys, i need help, does enyone know where to get rhino 6?
I need it for work but i can't find it anywhere
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Sure, if you want to receive a very friendly letter from the Blender Institute's lawyers.
Just apply for a student license of Fusion 360 instead
Better than the student license, you can get the Startup license (allows commercial use) if you're a hobbyist or a professional earning less than $100.000/year.
if Blunder wasn't free, nobody would use this shitty app
Just install the free version from the official site and crack it afterwards

Also you get a 90 day free trial if you install it from the official site


File: pepegondola.jpg (817 KB, 1920x1080)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
My first animated short(?)


Fresh out of oven.
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I have to try
This is honestly how I found this thread, thanks to you dude!
thats gonna be a steal from me dawg
I unironically want a sequel
OP wheres the Part 2.

I'm in need of some 3d models of anime girls for a proof-of-concept of sorts.
55 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
for $400 you could get something similar to https://sketchfab.com/models/82367f6a22644f6f88b462077611559e
Looks pretty good. Too steep of a price I need multiples and can't stay viable at that rate.
Daniel Kreuter's tutorial is the best. It's long, but it will teach you everything A-Z to making a good 3d anime girl model.
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvgIVNDU-Dxjb3eukDF5W0l0-6ShO9OiM (long, 42 videos)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvgIVNDU-DxhGiBF31-0o2e6QxI8T3Mxs (short, 25 videos)
His Sketchfab has models of different qualities so message him. I got one off him for about $200 which was mid-range quality.

File: i_win_19-800x835.jpg (173 KB, 800x835)
173 KB
173 KB JPG

"I have been testing with a hybrid style that combines 3D “non-photorealistic renders” with hand drawings. Lately, I just make some “quick” 3D scenes with almost no textures and with one single source light. I feel pretty comfortable now with modeling and for me now it's faster and more precise to do a 3D model for the backgrounds rather than drawing horizon lines and suffering with vanishing points when trying to draw complex perspectives. Of course, the point here is if the background in question is going to appear in several panels or not. If so, then it's a huge time saver because once you have your scene modeled it's just a question of positioning the camera to generate a new view for a new panel."

65 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is good if it was in english

Are you mentally handicapped ?!
the uproject is there if you want to see first-hand how it works
sorry but isnt zbrush a sculpting softwere ? how did that guy pose the models in any way he wanys ????
how do you think people sculpt characters in different poses from base meshes?

File: broken-sword-ii.png (127 KB, 640x406)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Hey guys, what can I use to create and animate a 2d character walking in 8 directions, a la Broken Sword series? I have no experience doing artwork but have a lot of time (laid off). At the very least Im looking to create a prototype to put into my game until I manage to hire a professional to do it.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks man its a start
just use Spine and do 2 Directions. 2D games need to be shot from an Orthographic Cam. Prevents a lot of retardation in the project.

If you wanna go 8dir. Simply move to tha 3d and use rounded trigs on a 45 degToRad gorithm.
Thanks man. Any good tutorials on Spine for me to create a placeholder while I prototype?
Not really. You just go to the site and read Through the manual. Shit's not hard to learn if you have a background with 2d animation.
Dear OP, dont try to re-invent the wheel.

If you are asking how to do 2.5d then it must mean that you are a beginner

Use a game engine. Try " visionaire studio" its a decent all around development studio for adventure games. Or google around for adventure game engines there are a bunch of them. Good luck.


Is modeling worth it now-a-days if your target is mid to high poly models, or is it kind of an obsolete art? Are there any pros in the industry who actually make things out of polys from the get go, instead of simply sculpting them and retopo afterwards?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I all for sculpting, but you should learn modelling anyway tho.
I was talking about organic modeling, since that's the kind that's hard.

I guess "obsolete" was kind of a strong term. To me, modeling soft surface (from scratch) just seems like something most people don't do; am I wrong here? It seems like every game or movie character pipeline goes like sculpting->retopo, instead of being modeled from scratch, and I've even seen many artists who sculpt hard surface as well, bar those things which can be procedurally generated easily, like chains and stuff, so I'm talking mechs or armor, for instance.

I kinda like the idea of modeling, don't get me wrong; I like the precision it gives you, but from a beginners point of view, it just seems like it gets way out of hand way to fast, because it's way harder to keep things organized and flowing well at a high poly level. I don't doubt this could be improved with experience, but when I look at how actual studios actually work, I kinda wonder if it's not just a waste of time to get to that proficiency level, where you can manipulate vertices so well you can always keep them neat, and the model tidy and easy to navigate.

In all honesty, the answer I'm looking for is "yes, pros do model high poly organics from scratch," but I just don't see it, you know?

Yeah, I think modelling for organic stuff, even for low poly these days is kind of gone. Usually even if I work on 1K> models for mobile I'll sculpt out the shapes I want first as its so fluid and easy and then retopo them with very largely spaced vertices and then finesse that model in maya etc. Box modelling characters from scratch is not that useful a skill really. But, it's still important if you want to do anything like props. You still need to know how to do it quickly for a pipeline and animation. But modelling as a tool for creating is gone. It's just another stage of rigging practically now.

What kind of branding do you guys do for yourself? Do you incorporate your 3D work into it? How has your personal brand changed over the years?

File: sfm.jpg (19 KB, 460x215)
19 KB
is sfm a good starting tool for 3d animation?
Is there a good reason to use SFM?

This is both a question and an answer.
Best for starting tool for 3d PORN animation OTHER than OVERWATCH.
If you are that underage kid who like OVERWATCH, then blender is that way.
Why do you keep writing OVERWATCH in all capitals? That's not the way OVERWATCH is stylized.
If you don't wanna handle Blender's interface and want to solely do animation (no modelling/rigging/texturing) then sure.

Don't rely on it though. The rendering it does looks like shit and you can tell it's SFM from a mile away.
and the proper way to write "blender" in /3/ style format is >blender

File: 1534662307819.png (766 KB, 544x841)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
what are some good laptops for 3d work?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I feel I sit like that nowadays.
Some decent posts in this thread.
Find a CPU with 8 cores, 32 GB of RAM (upgradeable), a GTX 1070 or equivalent with 8 GB, and you got yourself a decent minimum for 3D work.

If you can't find that in a laptop, you are better off with a desktop.
From what I've heard, you can do 3D on a lot cheaper laptops. I don't know what you consider minimum though, lol. I'm working with every 3D program there is with my GTX 960 and i5 6500 and 16GB RAM, and some guys on /3/ laughed at me. Only experienced lags when I had Substance Designer, large UE4 scene, Blender and Chrome with 30+ tabs open at the same time.

How performant is Y530 compared to my desktop configuration I just mentioned? From what I've seen, they seem similar.
Everything depends on your individual needs, don't pay attention to what most people consider here a "bare minimum", most like big numbers while they often don't come close to using all that hardware. What you have is more than enough to do most 3D tasks you'll encounter, as you mentioned yourself, you can leave a shitload of stuff open till you start experiencing lag. Are you a student or are you a pro? Are you going to do a lot of rendering or work a lot with sculpting, texture painting? Depending on your toolkit and the work you'll do, look into what will be required in terms of PC hardware to accomplish the tasks at hand and start building your setup from there.

Also, I highly recommend getting a desktop, if that's not a possibilty - avoid Lenovo, they're unreliable pieces of garbage backed up by horrible warranty services that will take their sweet time to solve your problems. Been using Asus for years now and never had a problem.

File: Dark Jelsa.jpg (16 KB, 236x343)
16 KB
I need two models for Maya, one of Jack Frost and Elsa from their respective movies. I'm willing to buy, and I don't need them rigged because I'm able to rig them myself. Its a short film I'm working on and I'd like to buy available models ASAP. Thanks
You got money senpai?
>buying copyrighted designs

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