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File: 1528848794128.jpg (258 KB, 1728x1057)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
How do I get a non garbage 3D artist that doesn't ask too much money?
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>assert!(higher_quality_work() == higher_cost());
Fixed that for him.
r u a hacker
Yes. Now, give me your Buttcoins or your daughter will be blacked. And don't even think of calling the cyberpolice, punk.
Start with free work then go up slowly

File: Acanthusblad leaf.jpg (129 KB, 475x1024)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Hi, guys, I recently started to design some furniture, where i have to incorporate some acanthus leaf designs.

The problem is, that i have no clue on how I should go about this. Normally I use Autocad for furniture design and Zbrush for more organic stuff. But the problem I am running into is, that I have no idea, how to make a one of those retarded scroll patterns in Zbrush. There are basically 2 options:

A) Use Zmodeler: Most scroll designs are pretty complex, so it is going to be an ass load of work doing all the detail work in zmodeler.

B)Using Brushes: Also going to be pretty hard, due to lots of semi hard surfaces and geometry that is derived from specific chisel shapes, that has to stay consistent throughout everything, flowing into each other.

So my idea was to block out the basic shapes, by using either masking and extruding or zmodeler and then working in the details with normal brushes. I have made it past the first step ezpz, but I can't seem to work in stuff, like the outer and inner curves on the leaves, since they are such a shitty mix of organic and hard surfaces.

I am not that bad at Zbrush (can make basic stuff like assets for video games and animals), but I have been trying for two days now and i can never get this shit to look right. On top of all that, my file got corrupted when Zbrush crased today and now I am srsly thinking about just throwing my tablet out the window.

So, what brushes would you guys use to make pic related?
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No, thanks.
File: 1530433803586.jpg (49 KB, 645x729)
49 KB
Play it in slo-mo if you can't keep up.
I can timelapse just fine. That's not the problem, m8.
this is stupid, just use the sculpt tool with dynamesh on.
How is that bad? You're paving the way for your company to adapt and survive.

File: god king garen.jpg (218 KB, 1920x1080)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
How is this made
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Thanks for the answer I thought it was a 3d model desu
My guess is compositing software to warp the layers. You can typically import layers from photoshop to nuke and break it up like >>630396
After effects is probably worth a shot too. I dont use it but its good for motion graphics Ive heard.

There is definitely more than just 2D layers. The main character turns his head way too much to just be transformation/deformation

The character looks to the left at one point and it shows way too much rotational detail to just be 2D deforming, if it is then it must be an insane number of elements.

I think this is done the same way Blizzard has been doing WoW and Diablo login screens since 2010, it's basically 95% 2D with a couple 3D details (like the head) within and made to look completely seamless through very careful matching of the 2D elements with the edges of the 3D ones.

You can see this being done for the Mists of Pandaria login screen in the making of video they made for that expansion.
LOL 2D rigging so dumb

File: image-4.png (39 KB, 436x587)
39 KB
at this point they're most likely bored by the terry pasta

File: image.jpg (182 KB, 1024x1020)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Made some renders in Blender if anyone wants to weigh in on what to improve.
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Are you retarded?
Wireframe, you fuckin' nincompoop. So that we have actual proof it's a 3d model.
Sign up for Summer school. You're not welcome here.
/toy/ here. Is this gummy 2.0?

File: tenor (1).gif (564 KB, 315x498)
564 KB
564 KB GIF
I'm looking for /b/, am I in the right place?
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>now this shitpost will stay for 2 years on this board.
The absolute state of /3b/.
>The absolute state of

Is this the birth of an epic new meme?
>epic new meme
Is this the birth of an epic new meme?
File: Hole guy.png (184 KB, 1000x1000)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Nope, this is.
Why is her butt so hurt

File: Capture.png (1.92 MB, 1360x767)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
>team ninja cucks can't paint weights
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Actually they removed that to appease game "journalists" and marxists that control fighting game events in the USA.
Can someone teach me how to properly weight the knees in PMX editor.
Look at existing mmd models and google "how do i weight paint"
The only video on it has a guy mumbling under loud background music
During the knee part he completely skips over it because his model has something on the knee that doesn't bend.

All other resources are in moonrunes.
It's early beta footage. Those weights can easily be fixed.

File: 1478208880659.png (28 KB, 186x208)
28 KB
Ask your stupid questions here instead of creating a new thread.

Old Thread:
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i just followed a tutorial " How to Make Low Poly Video Game Characters and Normal Maps From Sculpts " but whene i finished
and got the low poly model and the normal map image
i imported them to ue4
but when i made a material from the normal map for the model and drag it into the model
Nothing really changes
just the color turns into black
sorry for my englitch lol
Can I extract models from videogames like overwatch to a software so I can render and paint over them?
File: 1528701644638.jpg (241 KB, 1065x710)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Is there a mechanical turk for 3d? Do you have any ideas on how those short term, freelance 3d jobs get handed out? I mean aside from patreon porn, how do you get paid without quitting your day job?
Seems reasonable enough
>Can I extract models from videogames

Yes, of course you can, but it is illegal for some games

File: Helppleaseplease.png (303 KB, 1280x1024)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
Im at the point where I can sculpt models that I like but sadly Im sucking huge dicks when it comes to wrapping and texturing. I read a lot of stuff about "generating your textures" and "making them from photos" but for real I can not find Any good tut on youtube about MAKING textures. Only Tutorials I find is about using all kinds of maps. Pic releated its a paint booth which I just cant texture right Even if I spent days unwrapping it normally.
Pic releated its the paint cabin.
Any Help appreciated.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Im aiming for realism here or at least really close. Well I know the basics of uvmapping and how to set thelayers. But working in gimp or any kind of direction how to create textures in gimp is an unknown domain since I always just slapped downloaded diffuse so far.
you mean "creating textures" then?
get substance designer then, its what you want for creating textures.
if you like cycles and want to keep it simple and modest do something like this.

if you think this is tedious, just wait until you use designer. this is hard work
susbtance painter or quixel ddo
try this

If I already have 3D-Coat Amateur, and I plan on re-topologizing everything in Maya before I sell it, is there any real legal point to upgrading to 3D Coat pro?

Just wondering because the upgrade is on sale for like $220 or something right now. If I get it I'll have only paid $290ish in total.
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This. I seriously don't understand how people can go to Steam & others when CGPeers and GFXPeers have constant discounts, up to 100% of retail price.
you can boast to your e-friends how much of a l33t modeller you are and show off your steam achievements(lmao)
on a side note steam has regional prices and loads of discounts so in my place substance pack costs normally only 42$ instead of 249$ on their site and right now they have it with summer sale price which brings even further down to 28$
File: 1242354642.jpg (157 KB, 1600x900)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
can anyone tell me if steam always has to run when you buy it from there? or do you just get a number per mail and that was it?
I'm interested and steam has great deals but there's no way I install that shit on my work PC.
no, you can run it from shortcut
awesome, thanks

File: 1381112598212.jpg (102 KB, 532x545)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
When are we going to rise up and start becoming a meme force to reckon with? we absolutely must assert our dominance in our craft of cgi modeling.
fuk erevy bord we will kil all
>he doesn't know the legendary /3/ memes
This morning my balls itched more than what is usual, and I had to spend a good deal of time smoothing over them.

File: 1519687964164.jpg (32 KB, 552x710)
32 KB
Pic unrelated but I'm new to modeling and I'm wondering where you get textures or if you use a program to make them yourself
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Don't expect a lot of hospitality here, this has been the nicest thread I've seen in months
cc0textures has some free textures you can use
substance designer to make your own. Substance painter to texture models with a procedural workflow.
also https://www.textures.com/ for textures
Pixabay.com has a few

File: miku meteor.jpg (116 KB, 640x360)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I've been using it for a few months now. Trying to learn how to animate with it. So far I've only been making model poses and working with effects. (Image shown was made by me)
No, but if you know where I can get a working .pmx importer for Metasequoia 4 or the current version of blender(there are imports for older versions only)...
mmd tools addon works fine with blender 2.79

File: 3d 2d anime.png (892 KB, 1920x1080)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
So I'm curently working on this.


Any advice or thoughts?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Any advice or thoughts?

less mesh, more texture.
>more texture
On what and why?
Asking because OP is trying to emulate anime. Cel-shaded and generally not much detail in skin, clothes and hair. OP could literally go with zero textures and just use submeshes as far as emulating the style goes.
Arcsys has already figured all of this shit out.
Go copy their notes.
You can do this animefags, but keep in mind that their methods aren't the "one true solution" or the best ones. There are several things in anime art style that you could take advantages of, like boosting performance and saving memory. Well, you wouldn't care unless you're doing RT rendering anyway, I guess.
>Have you thought about rendering at 12 or even 8 fps
Don't buy into this meme, it's what ruined Sidonia and Blame.

File: mushroom uv test.png (185 KB, 960x540)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Hey, blendlet here. How do you guys get good at UV mapping? I currently use gimp because I can't afford Photoshop. Is there any better programs to use? Should I just keep practicing?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You can afford Photoshop, you just choose not to
UV mapping is as it appears.

Also torrent photoshop faggot it takes like 10 minutes between searching and setting up.
>I can't afford Photoshop

Thank me later. And buy the subscription once you are making money off the program.
I honestly just pirated 3d coat and it uvwraps for me
Mari has a non comercial version https://www.foundry.com/products/mari/non-commercial , also Krita > Gimp

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