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File: Screenshot (600).png (541 KB, 517x528)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
1. Keeping the lighting consistent across all images...at the expense of some images being imperfectly lit.


2. Having each image lit perfectly...at the expense of losing a consistent look across all images.

Pic related
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>no args
off yourself

whoops forgot I was on 4chan! cuck, soyboy, patrician, goose, meme etc
Nope, OP, try again.
Keep telling people to give up zbrush and put no effort into lighting their porn you retard. Is this what using Blender does to people?

File: 01.jpg (82 KB, 590x590)
82 KB
Does anyone have a guide for creating textures for cutesy models like this? I can make the model just fine, but I have no idea where to go from there to the point where I just quit.

I'm using Maya and have access to Zbrush
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try mari, non comercial is free
Mari is overkill for hand-painting textures.
Its also slow.
>texturing theory doesn't care what software you use
>blender can do the same shit
This part is actually correct. In terms of doing stuff like procedural textures that you control / tweak, you can do that with Blender but you're going to have to paint the mask yourself (which is really what you're doing with Substance it's just hidden or more intuitive).

>with very little effort
It's going to take a ton of extra effort. All those programs come with huge libraries of procedural textures, general purpose textures, etc which Blender has none of.
You can make your own or download other people's stuff or carefully assemble a library of shit off the internet, but it's going to take a lot of effort compared to clicking on "Leather -> Shiny Leather -> Finger Print Smudges" in Quixel / Substance / Mari / Whatever

>and for free.
You'll have to spend a prodigious amount of time assembling that shit, or you can buy libraries of stuff. You're also going to have to learn all the ins and outs of Blender's node system and all the texture painting hotkeys and shit.

You can achieve a kind of faux layer system via Slots and Nodes, it's just not intuitive or friendly at all.
agreed, /thread

File: image.jpg (1.11 MB, 4032x3024)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Me and ten other people are working on a talkshow and one segment includes a 3D modeled version of the host and co-host. We have a fair budget.

If you have any experience creating human models from images please email exrexmemoria@gmail.com

contact me at potus@whitehouse.gov
Do you still need the job?
10 people and I

File: forests.jpg (185 KB, 1200x801)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I'm currently working on a outdoor scene and I find myself having a hard time locating a reference with the different trees in the regions of the world.

I'm looking for good websites or books that can be used as a quick reference of the common plants, trees and general flora of different regions around the world.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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File: comeonenow.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB
File: Capture.png (275 KB, 874x986)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
that picture looks like the congo.
Search for Geobotanic books, it should help.

File: Ljkn6Xd.jpg (44 KB, 984x737)
44 KB
I'm not an artist of any kind, but I thought some of you might have some discussion to share about the Mind's Eye series from the 90s.

I used to see these shorts on YTV in Canada as a child between shows. They introduced me to surrealism, and I have extremely vivid memoreis of watching them. Many I actually thought were dreams I had, but it turns out they were actual childhood memories I had of creepy early 90s CGI. Rewatching these as an adult was a crazy experience.

Cool stuff.


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That shit is lit
yeah i love it
It actually had a few 60fps segments, starting at 11:30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=274jArPROnk
>aesthetics is a dictionary definition
>not an incredibly nuanced branch of philosophy with many interpretations and modes of thinking

File: x-class.16.png (719 KB, 1920x1080)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
I'm using keyshot for rendering & trying to achieve a realistic vehicle paint look.
Get better at lighting and try the HDR Light Studio plug in if possible. The default glossy paints and Axalta are pretty close to just drag and drop. The metallic and matte colors will need adjustments in the metal flakes / mattes usually need less roughness and refraction, metals/textures can take more adjustments and of course a lot longer render times.

There's too much to get into in general. Every type of paint takes practice to learn how to set the colors and also your scene/lighting to show them the best possible. Adding your own real floor plane and sometimes simple objects to become lights will help with shadows / reflections for cars a lot of the time. Start watching tutorials for every type of material / lighting.
Alright. Thanks m8.
car paint tints white light reflection very slightly.
so if you can get that to be a thing in your program i would look into that.

and even though unrelated to your question, the plastics require more roughness/less reflectivity.
vehicle body plastic like bumpers and sideview mirrors absorb light.

your tires, the tread should be flat shaded, the walls should be smooth shaded, rubber absorbs more light than the plastic.

the parts around the door windows (the black frame) should not have any shine as they're matte finish.

File: 1511652989043-2140099509.jpg (677 KB, 1616x1212)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
Posthe any storts
>be me
>want to make big tiddies in 3d
>learn how complex 3d world is
>actually get invested
>learning 3d
>forgotten tiddie
>Make money pile render for school project
>have trouble printing
>dad comes over and tries to google search for the picture I made
>Thank you Andrew Price
>Get hired freelance for a know company
>They ask the usual "we want high quality for a good price"
>I tell them it'll take me around 150-200hrs to finish
>I try to meet my quality standards, create a good looking project
>Contract ends, i get paid and leave
>Then i hear from a friend that went there 3 months later that they talked behind my back "it was way too expensive" "he ripped us off" "we could've got it alot cheaper from someone else" etc.
>They hire some rookie for their next project... that ended up looking like shit
>They come back to me asking for another project
>They tell me they only have a fixed budget even though everyone in the industrie knows they basically shit money...
>I tell them i only work on an hourly basis and that i wont sell myself below value
>They say theyll have to think about it

People dont want to pay artists shit anymore cuz they think anyone can make it cheaper...

>still came back in the end and accepted my offer...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>still came back
You shouldn't hate your job. I mean, they have a right to complain about prices. AND they came back. That proves you're just that good. Feel good anon, you proved to a bunch of chimps that you are worth it.
I run a business that deals with 3D a lot, and even being in the managerial side I try to do artist stuff as much as I can, because that shit is just built into me. Anyway, that kind of business practice is pretty much the standard. The highest praise you can get as an outsource is the fact that they come back and pay the bill. So take pride in that!
I know as an artist, what we really really want deep down is recognition, so as long as NDAs and contractwork allows, do show off in artstation or wherever as much as you like. That's the icing on the cake after all

File: 3DC.jpg (59 KB, 538x344)
59 KB
I bought 3D Coat during the black friday discount, intending to use it primarily for texture painting, and I'm pretty satisfied with it just for that task. I was wondering, though, if anyone here's used it for sculpting/retopo/UV/other such tasks and could comment on how it handles those, whether it's worth trying (Since I now own it legally), & any general comments on pros & cons of the other features it has. I was entirely sold on the texture painting function, having trialed it for that purpose and known a few other artists that use it for stylized texturing, and don't know much about where it stands in regards to its other features. If anyone's tried the other features, I'd like to hear about your experiences with it, positive or negative.

Not looking for shit like "Pirate x instead", I don't want a software wars thread, but objective comparisons to existing software is fine with me. I want to know more about 3DCoat, not about why ZBrush is teh k00lest and I should pirate that instead.
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>(I assume it's rule 63 Link)

I was curious about what it would be like if Zelda was a girl.
>blue board
... but Zelda IS the girl in the story.

Darn, I've been tricked. I got conditioned in telling people Zelda is a girl/Link is a boy for so many years, that it's a reflex to me now. I feel embarrassed.

Back on track with the thread.
You can make in 3D-Coat whatever you want
my posts from another thread on making lewds

I mainly use 3 tools for sculpting; Move tool, Airbrush, Pose tool.
I love pose tool, you can do so much with it.

Of course you wouldn't want to limit yourself to just 3 tools, but as a beginner I think those are the ones that should be part of your sculpting experience as soon as possible.

File: 20171130_135606.jpg (2.25 MB, 4128x2322)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Hi I'm working on a project in university where we have to conceptualize a product launch and then present it. We need a 3D model of our product ASAP and I'm willing to pay someone to make it for me. I have all the sketches done already I just don't know how to use Blender effectively and dont have the time to learn. The 3D model isn't in our brief so this isn't cheating, we just think it will add to our presentation. For someone who knows how to use Blender it should be no more than an hours work tops as the design is not complicated. I have used CAD programs lie Solid Works in high school but now I have no access to it and forget how to use it anyways. It would be such a help if someone can help me out.
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>Lower arm 15-20 degrees
File: TheMimicScreenGrabs.jpg (474 KB, 865x1715)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
What's your email to contact? Got bored and made a quick CAD/Printable version. I'll finish the arm up and render when I have some more free time later.
Why don't the big 3D packages have some of the same tools as CAD?
Doing bevels and cutouts and such are so much more intuitive, and you don't have to spend time working about poly flow or moving points around.
Wrong hand though
"If physical disability prevented raising the right arm, it was acceptable to raise the left.[8] "

File: general.jpg (444 KB, 2000x1086)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Fuck it, I'm opening this thread because there have been too many times I didn't want to open a whole new thread for something stupid I wanted to say or ask, and I didn't know where else to post. So let this be a thread where we can just talk about 3DCG in general.

Post literally whatever - shitpost, ask questions, post WIPs, ask for feedback - it's up to you. If there is no thread where your post really fits, just post it here.
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thanks i love you no homo though
I keep having this problem with a project in Cinema 4D.

I've rigged this object, and after I start animating it, when reopening the project, some joints are twisted, and I didn't do shit. Why is this happening?

Correction, the joints twist when reopening the project if I have simply rotated it. I have controllers with PSR constraint for each joint, if that matters.

Holy shit, it's like a disease that infects previous files that used to be fine.

I happens without controllers too, with just the joints. What the fuck.

File: ARCA XEN.jpg (31 KB, 628x628)
31 KB
What are his skills and techniques ?

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File: giphy.gif (280 KB, 480x270)
280 KB
280 KB GIF
i think what makes his work stand out has a lot to do with the lighting, his use of sub surface scattering and his twisted almost child like style. You have to think it's the type of shit a very deranged child would skulpt out of clay. There are a lot of people who think they could do what he does but when they try it doesnt look the same (not necessarily bad) just not the same. To answer your question though, sculpting and texturing/lighting.
Even "bad" art can be made to be aesthetically pleasing.
At the end of the day, are is subjective. There is no "bad" or "good", only what is currently accepted as good or bad.
He at least has skill when it comes to working with what he's got and making it appeal to his fanbase.

Kanda uses displacement maps
why does it matter when the end results look the same as just random zbrush scribbling

literally looks like a random /3/ shitpost I wouldn't even bother to open.

Pic unrelated, of course.

Hi /3/! I'm new to modeling, so what programs would you recommend to a beginner? Also, some advice is much, much appreciated! I'm sorry if I'm being a bit of a bother, btw
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File: what_are_you_doing_mate.png (945 KB, 1918x944)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
Blender if it is for fun/hobby
Maya if it's for pro
I would recommend that if it is for pro at age 31, learn programming instead. Everyone can do modeling, and if you want to be pro at it, you have to be among the best.
Nevermind, I misread the original post. Though the point still stands.

File: normals.png (831 KB, 512x1760)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
I tired every plugin I could get my hands on + crazybump + manual techniques and i could not replicate creation of face normals as shown in the picture.
Any tips?
i know that alpha chan is inversion of rgb. but how does one replicate all of those fine details anons?
that's a height map.
normal maps have colors.
Don't do crazybump, use scan data from surface mimic or texturexyz, throw it on in zbrush and bake that shit
Forgot to say that you can bake both normal and height in zbrush. Pls retopo in another program until you understand how to actually use zremesher

File: FLCL.gif (14 KB, 300x100)
14 KB
I wanna make a shitty Veggie Tales style of animation. Where do I start?
Heavy doses of heroin
start by stopping to come here :DDDD
Unironically, paper and pencil.
File: do_it_right.jpg (62 KB, 703x466)
62 KB
>where do I start
right here

File: Prac.jpg (117 KB, 1359x730)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I have quite a bit of problem in texturing my knight. The armor part. As far as i remember some people "Bake" the textures to put some details by doing materials and such in blender but the thing is that i don't know what to search for and does such a thing even exist too?
Well, I don’t know how baking works in Blender, but you can get a free program called xNormal that does it.

Starting from the basics, baking involves taking geometry and baking it down to different geometry. For example, you have a basic flat plane of just one polygon, and another plane that you modeled some detail into like sci-fi style paneling.
You place the detailed plane over the base, bake out a normal map, and now you have a special texture that has the surface properties of the detailed plane encoded into it. Because it’s just a texture, at a low angle you’ll see that the plane is actually flat, but from a distance and face-on it should look very similar if not identical, and will react to changes in lighting.

The same applies to any type of model - you have a detailed mesh with lots of actual detail modeled into it, and a low-detail one that will be baked to. The plane was easy enough to work with, but to bake properly on a more complex mesh, you have to unwrap it and generate smoothing groups from the UV islands.

Yes, this all means that you need to produce a version of your model that has those details actually modeled in, for you to bake them down from something in the first place. If this sounds unreasonable with the tools you have in Blender, that’s because it usually is, and most people prefer to use sculpting software like ZBrush, Mudbox or 3D Coat to work on the details. Adding dings and scratches to the armor, or fluting, seam lines and rivets is as simple as picking the appropriate brushes and sculpting that detail in.
Once you’re done, you export the model back out, and with both models overlapped, check to make sure your original mesh still fits the shape closely enough and adjust if need be, and then send it to bake.

The baking process isn’t limited to just producing normal maps, but for you to make any more sense out of this, you have to at least get baking normals down first, and go on from there.

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