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File: Nuke 11 beta.jpg (201 KB, 1920x1080)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
What is your opinion of Nuke, is it worth learning? Is The Foundry an okay company or are they a bunch of twats?
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you guys make it sound like there's a foundry gestapo going around asking everyone for their papers
what is everyone's opinion on Natron?

i remember hearing about it a while ago, that it's supposed to be an alternative to Nuke, and then nothing.
i know it's still being updated, but is it any good/have must-have features?
im learning that one since its the free-decent choice.
I did a bit of searching and found this thread on reddit. They do kind of sound like twats. I think I will hold off on learning Nuke since compositing is such a small part of what I'm doing at the moment, and I can't really use it at home (1080p limit) without a reasonably priced or easily cracked version.


I might check out Fusion, so thanks for that suggestion.

That would be Fusion.

File: Untitled.png (934 KB, 1733x1023)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
can somebody tell me why there is so much difference between color to editor material and rendering
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remainder that russia won WWII with limited resources while the axis had superior tech.

so if you compare the soviet union to blender, we have the numbers and perseverance to win the war.
learn to read blendtard
Typical Blendlet's reading comprehension.

This must be why they don't read the manual of their pet program.

And, also, why it's not even fully written.

Absolutely based.

Maya and 3dsMax soldiers joint forces against the blendlet infestation.
hehe lol

File: ass-man.png (108 KB, 843x604)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
So how does one learn to do better low poly topology?

Is it just experience?
I can only speak from experience

But I Allways like to start out with a sketch
Then I start from the neck down with
Round tubes
Extending our to the shoulders
Then arms
Then torso
Then hips and legs

It looks very stick figure like but with knife cuts to expand out the quads I can start to mold my charecters out slowly

I suggest maybe watching some older videos on YouTube in regards to polycounts and topology
are you all modelling for videogames? it depends. i model for animation so i always start with the face and hands. the body doesnt really matter that much. it depends on what you wanna bring up of the charactee

File: Capture.png (75 KB, 269x311)
75 KB
I have been using blender as a hobby for 2 years (yes I get it shit software) and I make stuff nowhere near what I should be able to do after this amount of time and I'm almost certain it's because I can't pay attention to a tutorial for more then a few minutes. The only tutorial I've ever successfully watched was CGCookie's beginner tutorial that I watched when I first started, since then I've only been learning through asking stuff on stack exchange and trying stuff myself. Have any of you had this problem? How did you resolve this? Thanks
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still paying instead of sailing into high seas
plus courses are always on 75% - 90% discounts, its literaly goes from 3 days discount then right after to 5 ot 7 days discount and the same shit again
the full price is a joke to being with and the majorty of the courses are by unverified people that are not that expirience/comfrontable with the software and they are just throwing shit together for easy money
Blender isn't shit. If you've used it for 2 years and still suck you're just a dumb human.
set yourself a goal, like creating a knife of some sort.
then use everything you know to create it, and when you are stuck on a particular shape/part look up the relevant tutorial. that's what i did
That fucking course. Ask for a refund if you still can and go subscribe to CGCookie, or get their courses through the discounted outlets, if you know what I mean.
>Don't google/look up tutorials until you run into a problem you can't seem to find a way around.
With this mindset you will never get above being mediocre at best. ALWAYS look for better methods or workflows, even if you *technically* know how. I guarantee you that in the first 3 years of modeling everything you do will be a shitty workaround at best with 10 ways of doing the same thing faster/more precise/better, and if you don't improve on that and keep using the same retarded workflows forever, you'll never get anywhere near being a decent 3D anything.

File: 1519511668259.gif (511 KB, 840x488)
511 KB
511 KB GIF
Best youtube channels, right now bread!

wrong board, ya fuckin spaz.
File: smokingpepeabstract.gif (333 KB, 500x459)
333 KB
333 KB GIF
Wait,, what board should I be on? I'm new here. Is this Reddit?
yes, it is. get off before i report you to the admins, fuckboy. downvoted.

File: 1489457219369.jpg (37 KB, 960x744)
37 KB
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This - I rarely find 2d art that seems innovative as the 3d I see every day
I want to make 3d porn like pewposterous and the others.
I guess I just wanted to 'create' something from nothing..2d art 3d art, I dabble mostly so I'm no expert but have picked up a lot watching tutorials and tinkering...
jill was way hot in nemesis even with the cg of the time...
Personally I think the opposite is true.
I wanted to bring the same super stylistic stuff to 3D that 2D has. But I'm just a hobbyist and none of my friends really wanted to do anything.
I'm not about to become a wage cuck. So I just do it in my spare time now.

File: t.jpg (436 KB, 1920x1080)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
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T-Pose is easier to rig and gives you better under arms and is easier if you ever have to pose the figure with arms lifted above head.

A-pose is better for making clothing and gives you better posing if your figure isn't going to be doing any reaching over their head.
if A pose gives you a better base for making clothes and T pose gives your character a better range of motion; then wouldn't it be best to model/sculpt and retopo in T pose, rig and pose into A pose, and then start making clothes?

T pose isn't relaxed so deltoids actually contract and are stiff, best to model in a relaxed T pose
Yes T pose is an epitome of white racism, you better sculpt it in inclusive A pose if you know whats good for you
Why did this just become a normie meme?

File: Untitled.png (1.32 MB, 1541x891)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
apparently there was a /3/ group project that just got finished. looks fucking sick, can we try to start another one?
>is this the only one thats been done?
File: connor-cercone-clockroom.jpg (402 KB, 1600x1200)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
professor layton thing as the concept
Never heard of this before. When was this "just got finished" date? Where was it being discussed? Does look good though.
the camera and lighting needs work and the light rays from the window are too consistent and should fade/blur the deeper into the room they penetrate. assets are all pretty good but god damn that lookdev is shit

I have not touched 3D stuff in about 6 years
still stuck on using Metasequoia and old version of keyshot to rendering my images

Current System is a
"2014 macbook air"

My main work system a bit old but still upto date hopefully
i7 8700K
GTX 1080 8gb Strix
32GB ram

Iv been literally ripping my hair out since i moved overseas running this computer.

Can anyone suggest some programs i should get into with 3D rendering, in 2018? Im stuck in the past with a decent pc next week so i want to try something great.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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its like mid 2017 yeah,
But its still not exactly a workhorse machine
It was used mainly for video rendering.
These are ok specs for a beginner. 32gb is fine, a 1080 is fine, a slightly more punchy CPU would be nice, but it's still decent.

No excuses anon. I've done huge projects with a lesser spec than that.

As to what you should learn - 3DS Max and Vray. Then go from there.

>>Zbrush is the single most fun piece of 3d software on the market.


Only after you've gotten over the hump. I have, and I assume you have... but for people just starting Zbrush? No. Not fun. Not unless you enjoy tension headaches and grinding your teeth into a fine white powder.
Zbrush is very fucking frustrating for noobs. Its something you should build up to.


Just an addendum to this: as other anons have said - you have a powerful GPU. All the big offline renderers are going towards GPU power now, including VRay - their newest version ('VRay Next') uses GPU power.

Having a slower CPU isn't a reason to overlook traditional ray-trace renderers anymore.
I wouldn’t call myself an professional 3D modeler
How ever I have been using older programs in the past and have adapted well to topology and low poly stuff

Mainly because never been able to make high poly stuff on my current hardware.

Anyone up to date with modeling for video games ?
What’s the reasonable poly count for models these days ?

File: Tube.jpg (201 KB, 1920x1080)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
No edition - edition
Daz/Poser/Xna, whatever welcome.
Prior thread: >>618546
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I'm surprised it isn't another JoeQuick character for Genesis 8.
He's made some good superhero items I've seen but what's he famous or meme'd for?
look him up on daz, he's notable for making toonish animals out of the regular Genesis figures
Pretty neat. Gives me some ideas for some sort of space crew renders.


File: 703774898_1280.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
looks like some next level shit.

Time Based Sculpting system for maya
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when will Maya 2019 finally be out

Around september I'd say.
>I bet that guy is just boosting career

Nothing wrong with that either, as a proof of concept its impressive and autodesk should hire him

But anyone expecting a standalone plugin developed by this guy is in cuckoo land
I didnt say its a bad thing. very impressive display of api knowledge actually, especially for one guy
But he could have used blender which is free

I need help, Im looking for nice model of sailor moon, that is resembling rly close original look. I'm considering to buy it, but all i could find was kinda bad... i spent all day looking for it :( please help

There are a number of Sailor Moon cosplay outfits for the old V4 figure and Aiko4.
Here it is.

Whoever modeled the nose on that did a very poor job

>be me
>know nothing about 3D modeling
>Did a super easy project in Highschool with a tiny amount of 3D modeling in it (it was more to show different types of art than is was about 3D Modeling)
>I felt like I had vision and drive for once in my life and it just felt right and fun
>Wanted (and still want) to make a career out of it later in life
>Find a super cheap 90% off Udemy course on Blender (Didn't know what it was at the time, just knew that it was free and it could make 3D models)
>Practiced and slowly learned how to use Blender
>Keep practicing and building up my skill for a little over 6 months
>Find out 4chan has a board dedicated to the thing I now love to do
>go to it
>half of the posts shit on Blender and say it's a waste of time and the UI sucks and it won't give me any respect in the job market
>Get told the program I have spent 6 months learning is just a cult of retards who are so ignorant they won't use other programs that are infinitely more simple and efficient
>Get told the program I wasted 6 months of my miserable life on not only is bad but in fact used to be good but them updates ruined it I guess?
>Want to die

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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if you think software is the most important thing to being a 3D artist you are suffering from Dunning-Kreuger. I work freelance as a 3D artist (admittedly its only a supplementary income right now, but it gives me 3 days work a week). In the last year I learnt C4D, Illustrator and 3D Coat to improve my workflow from Maya (on top of all the other programs I use in addition to it already - photoshop, zbrush, processing etc. and custom scripts I write for these programs). BUT, none of that matters.

Learning software doesn't take long and it isn't particularly hard or ambiguous what you have to learn.

Learning to have a good design sense and make good artistic decisions that have strong communication is what really matters. That's a skill that takes years to learn and will really make you successful.
Go to a real school and get a real education in 3d design. You'll meet real people and make real contacts and that's how people really get into the industry.
>Learning to have a good design sense and make good artistic decisions that have strong communication is what really matters. That's a skill that takes years to learn and will really make you successful.
Ask /ic/
you haven't wasted your time, you can easily transfer your skills to another program (of course not equally but you will be able to see that the fact you learned a program for 6 month helped you)

>No update since last december
>December update was just to add photoshop 2018 support
>40% off
>still buggy as shit

Are they admitting defeat?
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One of the most criminally retarded things Quixel did with Suite was dividing into this 'suite' bullshit.

I just imagine the meeting where that went down.

'So guys - I was thinking instead of simply putting out the application as a single self-contained tool, we divide it up into separate elements and release some of them for free and charge for the others, even though the free parts are essentially useless without the paid-for parts!
Now, I know what you're thinking - 'won't having three separate tools be needlessly confusing for the user?' - that's why it's important for us to carefully chose titles for these applications so they are as self-explanatory as possible!'

>the tools are called NDO, DDO, and 3DO.

'How could anyone fail to understand which tool is which?!'

Fuck Quixel Suite.
A combination of both might be the best. Painter is great but it seems that some tasks that should be simple like stamping a word somewhere are needlessly complicated.

Quixels Color ID features combined with the large material database lets you texture stuff real quick. Create any missing materials in substance, use them in quixel.
*puts up mirror so that you can see yourself and how much of an autistic fw you are.
>I keep hearing doodoo during tutorials.

Horrible names for their software. Megascans is god-tier. The only reason to even consider them

also, the use of picture icons for everything instead of type based icons or menu items makes it incredibly difficult to pick up quickly compared to something like substance

File: Untitled-1.jpg (689 KB, 1565x1040)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
Let's try something different.

ITT, we post a reasonably-sized capture of our current "Following" page on ArtStation, and the next Anon(s) guess/judge our personality/taste. Bonus points if we can recommend artists to follow on the same basis.

Why the "Following" and not the "Likes"? I'd rather pick the latter, but unfortunately, it's easy to follow and discover posters' identities.
man, it's kind of hard to make a judgement on taste based on a lot of this stuff, because a lot of it is just a sample of prominent industry people. but i guess i'm assuming you like auto and hard surface modelers, procedural texture and material authors

my sampling is mostly 2d art. i need to look at more stuff on artstation
File: Screenshot_1.png (2.96 MB, 1898x822)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
Painted over things I liked for friends that are trying but aren't on the level I would like if I stumbled upon by chance
I am >>626846

If I have to judge by those images, I don't like your taste, it seems to me like you get hooked on the detail a lot more than on the general structure. Ofc, as anon above said, these images are not a good way to base your opinion on someones taste

I like your color tendencies, I have a literal retardation regarding that.
Thanks to you I've just realized I've been hacked. Im following bunch of dazlets for some reason.

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