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File: Make it into Thingy.jpg (857 KB, 1920x1080)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
Any of you guys know how to create a toony cell shaded rendering look, Wangan Midnight style, preferably in Maya
Furries aren't welcome here.
Furri fucce

File: wakemeup.png (175 KB, 735x671)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Should i give up on making the lewd game i'm working on?
The game is already coded but characters i make look like shiz so far.
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File: 1503214204951.png (11 KB, 403x303)
11 KB
If that was true, they would ban everything furry related which would instantly wipe 50% of their income.

Post sauce or it's fake and gay.
This plus a screenshot of a studiofow post that I don't have is where my source is.
Screenshot said they were taken down but now there back but no more minotaur dicks. It sucks man I was about to start making some stuff that's now banned too. I really hope a paytreon alternative that's ok with fringe adult content pops up soon but I kinda doubt one will
Oh and as for most furry not being banned yet I think there just slow with there review process because they updated there rules in October last year but studiofow just got hit a few days ago
File: 14896172853.jpg (86 KB, 600x1067)
86 KB
Jesus Christ, go back to Voat and stay there.
This http://sponsorion.com cannot happen soon enough

File: anime.png (341 KB, 784x355)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
How do I achieve this look?

I know toon shading is a thing, but seeing a few examples like this take it to a whole different level
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But with this technique the mouth is hidden from behind, it wouldn't be if it were on a different layer.

this make me think of Another World.
Their constant open mouths makes this look a bit ridiculous.
Can’t unsee.
still cute

File: stupid.png (27 KB, 527x409)
27 KB
>15 years old and lurking on /3/
>"Wow! These people are so talented! I should listen to their advice!"
>18, finally decide to start learning 3D in university
>After only a year of going through the basics in uni and also through some courses on Pluralsight, Lynda, Gnomon
>get a short internship at a cg studio that works on commercials (I'm not bragging: I still had no skill, it was just very dumb luck and the people their were very forgiving)
>actually realise that 90% of /3/ is actually bullshit, and most of the people here act like the cg animation students in the year above me; their inflated egos let them THINK they're hot shit and know everything, when in reality they are shitty assholes who are even shittier artists

To the guys in high school or to people who are just starting out on 3D like I am, get out of here now. There are so much better internet communities and networks out there, with actual industry professionals and talented people who are most of the time very friendly and insightful. CGsociety, polycount, Artstation to name a few.

The pic is related. While there are a few very talented, smart and helpful people on here, most people are on that 'mount stupid' level of expertise.

They have only a little bit of knowledge and yet they have very one-sided opinions on things (like that is anything new on 4chan).

This is my own opinion. You have been warned. Fuck /3/, I'm sticking to NSFW /gif/ and hardcore /hc/ from now on.
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Plus, there are (constantly updated) archives. This shit goes back to 2013:

I meant to say that if the rest of the internet keeps perpetuating the idea that 4chan is a haven for all that is evil in the world instead of just a dumb imageboard on the internet about a bunch of miscellaneous interests like photography and Japanese culture, then the 4chan boogeyman may as well be real and we shouldn't post anything anywhere the public sphere considers even remotely "dangerous". Despite that, I am forced to agree that people shouldn't post revealing information here, not because this place ever did any sort of calamity, but because our current political climate instantly causes people to accuse others of guilt by association thanks to places like /pol/ being an absolute cesspit yet somehow representing 4chan as a whole.

My bad on the archives, I thought archivers only gave a shit about the more popular boards.

It doesn't matter. If there are professionals with years of experience on their hands they probably have some works that never made it to a portfolio that or works that are shown in a different angle that a reverse image search cannot find.

There are many ways to circumvent getting being tracked and they are not especially difficult.
Sure, but what if the style can be recognized? Or if they want to publish that work sometime later in a more “reputable” outlet?
What does it matter at that point? You're only supposed to prove you know your stuff. If someone says "You're X aren't you?" just say no or ignore them.

Is this any good for animation?
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How are they incompetent drunk Ukranian gangsters if they made a god tier animation tool?

If it has to do with newer versions being shittier, why not use an older version?
I remember a few years back there was a huge sale on this. It was like $5
what's the unique functionality?
You can animate displacement with bones or empties to simulate muscles and tengons and you have quick rig mode where you draw a skeleton by adding joints and then animate/ pose immadietly.
Yes and it was 1299$ before

Is it still cool to model dinosaurs?
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This is my kind of thread.
Does anyone know of a good scale shader?
File: Triceratops skin.jpg (61 KB, 620x413)
61 KB
Has anyone made alpha brushes based on actual dinosaur skin yet?
Only if you first open the door then get on the floor.
You just posted an image of it. Why not make the alpha yourself?
It's not very high resolution and it's got those annoying shadows on it.

File: 1520113180412.jpg (324 KB, 1080x1069)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
Be honest. Can you actually make living with 3D? Or I shouldn't bother
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They make too much money from it to actually do anything.

Why the hell would you cut 80% of your income.

Yeah DAZ games aren't going to die.

You can still make 10k a month from it if you get lucky.
>They make too much money from it to actually do anything.

Patreon doesn't give a shit, but you know who does? Paypal and the credit card companies. Turns out porn is a nightmare to process payments for and not worth the burden.
Technically, “patreons” aren’t paying for a pornographic service, but donating money to a creator. IANAL, but I kinda see a gray area here. Otherwise, I’d expect Paypal to have shut it down already.
Sell some assets at the unity store and similar sites,
Technically, but when the latest build of Butt Fucking Simulator 2018 is an explicit reward given to patrons of a certain tier, it leads to a pretty transparent quid pro quo, even if that's not the arrangement on paper.

Some creators have opted for what I call the "escort service" business model, where they don't promote or distribute their porn games directly on Patreon. That all happens on the "private discord server", access to which is the only thing that's advertised or delivered.

And that's probably enough for Patreon and the credit card companies. Maybe I'll eat these words, but I don't see Patreon getting rid of porn entirely.

File: 2266.png (44 KB, 192x192)
44 KB
any one still have that picture of a 3d model girl creat based on shindol or some hentai artist?
Cant seem to find them anywhere ..
Just make it yourself bro it shouldnt take that long.

File: Clip_2.jpg (157 KB, 988x953)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Ok /3/ Ive been trying this for hours and I dont get how I can fix it.

Zbrush, I extruded using Qmesh from Zmodeler the green polys.
As you can see the mesh is duplicated and I want to get rid of one side of it, because the moment I give it width it always gets both instead.

Any solutions? How can I delete just one side? Any selection tools without having to select one polygon by one? -Mesh is twisted-
Posting this has probably taken you more time than just selecting the damn polygons with a brush selection.

Or just use loop select on the faces. Seriously, it takes like 20 seconds.
Auto poly group if they're not connected

File: file.png (256 KB, 600x600)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Does /3/ like Cinema 4D ?
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Why would we be forced to learn this useless piece of software?
I’m pretty certain Autodesk will manage to release a viewport at least as capable as Eevee’s before the Blender Foundation finishes it.
Why did they not do it already regardless? It's a great thing to have.
Lack of competition and users’ complacency.
i really liked C4D userbase. they make awesome renders and they typically don't argue about software.

way to go bros!

File: tJ2JEVb.jpg (84 KB, 576x764)
84 KB
I'm a blender user.

Pls sell me other 3D software that is used in the industry and why I should use it rather than blender.
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You can model in Blender and import it in Maya, so who cares.

It's fine. Not nearly as good as 3ds max though (still the best 3d modeling app imo) but I'd have no problem using it to create all of my hard surface models.
He never mentioned blender you wriggling sped

Shut up you donut making, anvil crafting, coffee drinking blendie.
It depends on who you work for and what software they use.

Many AAA studios use different softwares for different tasks (Maya for animation, 3DSM for architecture, Zbrush for organic modeling, etc.).

File: rey.png (123 KB, 800x800)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
pls give me a job.
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they erase the fucking thread, cuck
well,,, unless you're happens to look cute and willing to be my personal cumdumpster of course
no lol
unless u are new grad women, look cute and are willing to suck my dick
That model is so vladdy

File: Unbenannt.png (1.17 MB, 1366x768)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Anybody know what program this is?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i know ur joking, but i still hate /3/ more and more each day because of this shit

Then you're more than welcome to leave. The less blender users on this board the better.
t. Ton Roosendaal

File: THHCover-TestRender.jpg (618 KB, 860x969)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
408 replies and 132 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah that's my webm.

It's just:
>ctrl + m1 to mask
>ctrl + click anywhere in document to invert mask
>W for move gizmo
>R for rotate gizmo
>Standard brush
>Move brush
>Display properties -> Flip faces for see-through

With symmetry (Transform -> Activate Symmetry), of course. GoZ to bridge between Zbrush and DAZ. It will take you a little experimentation but you'll get the hang of it quickly. It's just basic mesh manipulation.
It's all good my man
Also, to that linuxbro. I got it working under 2.2.1-staging without any issue finally. Thanks!
File: paige.png (555 KB, 943x840)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
how should I go about fixing her

File: 1518264494591.png (304 KB, 646x595)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
How do I make money making renders?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>make something people fap to
>get a fucking rush knowing people are enjoying and admiring your work on a deeper and more intimate level than the greatest works of art in any museum
>have a near blackout fap session
Truly it is sublime. The only danger is that you might turn out like Shadman, surrendering the last vestiges of your humanity upon the altar of fetishism
File: 1473061669076.png (48 KB, 250x250)
48 KB
>not surrendering the last vestiges of your humanity upon the altar of fetishism
He makes porn as his income, his livelyhood, and he's so secure in it that he has time to create shitposts as highly detailed and erotic as his actual porn. He left mere humanity behind and ascended to a higher plane.

you can do this shit with much less effort in Illustrator
you need some talent to produce cool arrows in illustrator. in 3d the renderer and the material does all the job for you.
File: graph.jpg (49 KB, 800x600)
49 KB

Well yeah, I tried to do something like that. This would've taken me at least a couple hours in Illustrator. How does it look?

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