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File: 1500066559299.jpg (135 KB, 519x537)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>it's been a year since I started working as a 3D modeling teacher in a small academy
>I only work with Maya
>yesterday the director asked me to start using 3DMax in my classes, starting in two days.

Any tips for a Maya user that needs to migrate to 3DMax in less than 48 hours?
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This, and also Grant Warwick. He has some nice modeling tutorials as well.

I thought Maya was the cool hip thing and 3DS Max is what the Xoomers used?
Just die quietly

Max has more tools but the workflow is slow and tedious as hell.
Can't say it's slower than anything else out there as far as I know, especially considering how long has Max been around and the extra tools / plugins available. Or did you have anything else in mind in terms of modeling speed?

File: joe.jpg (407 KB, 1144x705)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
This is Joe. I made him a few years ago just to get _something_ done. He's the only character I ever animated.

What do you think of him /3/?
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Meme material and im on phone omg
He doesn't look animated
What I think is...

Look at them yoyos
Now thats the way you do it
Play your guitar on mtv

Sorry ... he just reminds me of the iconic dire straits vid :-)
File: MFN.png (124 KB, 239x461)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
See the little faggot with the earring and the make up
Yeah buddy that's his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he's a millionaire
lookin dapper

File: IMG_5478.jpg (517 KB, 2587x2317)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
So my dad recently got into 3d modeling, but he's super insecure about it. I feel like he's progressing at a great rate but he's weird about putting his stuff up for people to see. I've told him get constructive criticism! But he's new and I don't know...it is what it is. I was hoping maybe getting some feedback on his stuff might help him.
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>fear; people ripping apart his work
What? He's an adult, he can handle it.
Everyone has to experience failure once.
Here, the main problem is the carpet. It lacks depth and the self-shadowing that would result from that depth. It's not difficult to fix, he can look up some tutorials on tiling geometry and bam, done.
Here, I don't like how the cabinets don't seem to have any surface detail to them. Certainly in real homes people do go for that look, and if he was also going for that, perhaps he should study the materials more deeply.
He's otherwise technically good.

I'd like to see him showcasing a real "scene" though. Don't just give me something to look at. Make it complete by showing these assets and environments as part of a greater picture, that tells a story or evokes emotion.

This is where his real skills as an artist will show, and where he'll start receiving real criticism.
I see a lot of knife-sharp edges in these that either don't have big enough bevels or aren't beveled at all. Photorealism 101 is "bevel fuckin' everything"

He's overdoing it with the DOF. I know it's exciting to emulate a real camera but tell him to calm down with that shit.

He also needs to work on being sure he's using appropriate materials in appropriate places. The black plastics on his Atari console and controllers are glass smooth, but the real deal had a rough finish. This is a pretty obvious detail he should've picked up on while looking at references, and I'm not sure how he fucked it up. Also, why are the insides of those cabinets glossy and reflective? Very weird.

He's obviously doing quite well overall, and you should tell him that's the consensus amongst a bunch of very nit-picky people who love to tear each other down.
agreed, first thing I said was SHOW ME THE SHAG! The carpet was way too flat.

Also I get what you mean about surface imperfections. I think he's having a hard time getting past the product showcase look. He does a lot of that, and when we're photographing and making box art and all that, the mindset is the opposite. It must look IMMACULATE. No dust, fingerprints, scratches, everything is photoshopped out.

I'm not sure how to pull him out of that. This is all some great feedback though. I wish he'd seek this stuff out on his own.
He should post them on Artstation.
Yo this looks great. Your dad's got a good eye.

who the hell made this? it is making this board look bad.
You did.
>it is making this board look bad
Do you want a more accurate example of
>muh software is better than your software
>responding to obvious bait
Never gonna make it
posting an image always bumps a thread

File: pepegondola.jpg (817 KB, 1920x1080)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
My first animated short(?)


Fresh out of oven.
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me too, i subscribed
I actually laugh, good job, u a good boi.
File: Capture.jpg (22 KB, 182x257)
22 KB
Came here to post this

File: 1522777468276.png (1016 KB, 1000x563)
1016 KB
1016 KB PNG
Any advice on building a system for high resolution compositing, 3d gpu rendering and 3d physics simulation.

I was going to go i9, 64gig ram (with later upgrade to 128) , 2080ti (dont got money for quadro).

This thread ripper business has me apprehensive though, what might i lose going threadripper over i9? what about single core performance for sims and such?

Was going to 7960X/7940X now thinking 2950X

g/ was not any help
I don't think you need top notch CPU for GPU rendering, except you use something cuda-based. Go for dual 1080ti with lots of ram if you render huge ass scene, although 64gb is reasonable for almost anything home made.
Also if you actually do use cuda, you'd be better off with 4-Cpu server motherboard with 16-cores cpus + dual 1080ti.
I think threadripper grants ya more lanes.

Id go with 16 cores TR of either gen, slap a couple 1080tis in there and ignore the 20 series.

Then id make software use the 2nd die to do all the heavy lifting from its own ssd so you can use the first 8 cores to continue to work/otherwise use computer.

I dont know shit about 3d but id mainly look into the following:

-2 gpus necesary? Would 3rd shit gpu be an option for running monitors off for youtube etc while main or mainx2 do heavy lifting?

-what single core limited workloads you do and what kind of performance hit youd be taking from going amd vs intel.

-is going 20 series worth it? 1080tis can be had for considerably less and the tensor cores are still largely in their infancy, would waiting to see software adoption and actual utility of the new tech be worth upgrading in 1 or 2 gens.

Im just browsing /3/ for the first time before making a babys 1st thread on the expectations I can have with picking it up so some of this might seem tarded.
Exacly, what software you´re thinking on using?
I can do almost anything in 3ds max, Zbrush and After Effects with only 46 Giga RAM in an old octocore. Rendering times would only go up if you used an insane amount of computers to make your own renderfarm, so any medium PC with 64 Giga RAM will run what you need. Check the info page of PC Specs for whathever software you´re thinking on using, unless you don´t know that either.
Id mainly be using it for black magic fusion, more ram the better to cache large images sequences,so I would like to get 128gigs eventually, its one of the main reasons I want to upgrade, only have 16 gigs right now and can only cache a small amount now when it comes to 4k+ dpx files. I do some 3d as well gpu rendering, so there is that.


Since I don't upgrade that often I kinda wanted to future proof a bit with a 2080ti, hearing about some fancy raytracing denoising and enhanced rtx rendering power that might be taken advantage of in the future.

the extra pcie lanes would just be needed for say a third gpu? I might get a second at some point but when it comes to the non quadro cards i heard there is not the best returns when adding extra cards especially beyond 2, is this right?

As far as single core performance issues, that is something I am actually wondering about, the only thing I know of for sure are some of sims I use for 3d aren't overly multicore friendly.

File: 1458063413058.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
Newbie here.

Just installed 3ds max, opened it - everything looks glorious, but Im looking at it like an indian, but really excited. Im about to watch 15+ hours worth of tutorials from lynda.com just to learn the very basics. I know it wont take me a day or a week to learn, I will study and practice for a year even if it means making the perfect sphere or a donut.

My question it, I really like this as a new hobby to learn, but as in every hobby you want to get better and maybe monetize it when you start achieving some decent results. Other than gaming and film making, where else 3d art can be used? My wife is a designer, designing kitchens but she is mainly drawing by hand. Can 3ds max be used to design furniture, interrior etc., or it is mostly for the gaming niche? Also, what other directions there are to choose?
Please, advice a beginner on everything you wish you knew when you were starting. Yes, I read the sticky, and Im going to be looking all the images in the sticky thread.
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Pretty good for first two days.
>Used boxes and spheres to create that, I cant imagine how hard it is to create more advanced things like characters. Rocket science indeed.
Starting with basic shapes like that is fine for many things, however characters and other organic objects are typically made using entirely other methods, such as sculpting, which lets you get the shape you want without really having to "model" per se, because most sculpt packages today let you create things without having to worry about how they mesh is constructed, they do it for you.

>As a noob Im really having a hard time understanding from where should i begin. I just started learning the program itself as a tool and mostly watching tutorials on what it can do and what I can do at my noobish level so far, so I can practice with the tool and stuff ive learned.
The thing is that Max, like many other content creation programs, encompass an incredible amount of different fields of 3D to fulfill everyone's needs, so you do have to really consider the type of work you want to focus on, because otherwise you'll end up pulling yourself into more directions than you can handle. Even if the average 3D artist nowadays utilizes 3-4 different programs, each for their specialized tools, you're only ever using maybe 10% of their full toolset, the ones you really need.

Also, /3/ tends to be slow as fuck, so I'd suggest you join a discord group if you want more immediate feedback, (3D discords are still slow AF), but here's one of the larger ones: https://discord.gg/fuZfX9x
Thanks, I joined the group. Im glad I dont need to study and practice animation if this is not my final goal in working with this program. The possibilities in the program are indeed enormous, the only limit is your phantasy.
Also cheers to the anon who recommended Michael Pavlovich, he really got me into zbrush and i installed the program, but compared to Max its really confusing so im reading a guide to it.

Meanwhile, Im still practicing in max. Thanks for the support anons. With every new thing learned Im liking more and more this.
File: well and background.jpg (244 KB, 1024x797)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Just an update from OP.

I switched from 3ds max to Maya, since it looks more beginners friendly to me (it actually has pics and explainations on them what a specific option does). Been watching more tutorials and experimenting. The more I learn the more complicated it gets and more interesting of course. The thing I really want to master is UV Unwrapping and acquire some photoshop knowledge. Pic is something ive been working on for a week, still not finished.
Downloaded keyshot today, dont mind the default sky and ground color, gotta get the hang of it as well.
I've been looking for a good tutorial or something on UV unrapping
If you manage to find something good or you learn something pretty useful PLEASE post it, I would really appreciate it
Also good job on learning so fast anon, it's pretty nice to see your progress, kind of a shame you changed from 3Ds Max to Maya (I'm quite a 3Ds Max fag) but obviously the result is more important than the software.
I would recommend you to learn material creation on substance designer/painter or another software for that porpose, that way you will get damn good materials for your renders.
Keep it up Anon, keep getting better.


Thats UV unwrapping in maya and then painting in PS, but it helped me get the whole process itself. I dont know if it will be useful for you though, you dont sound like a beginner.

Thanks for the advice, I will look up to some substance designer programs. https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-painter - is this a good program to start with in this?

File: 1447120477151.jpg (50 KB, 736x724)
50 KB
how many of you went to school for 3dcg? If so, where and was it useful? I've been a 3dcg hobbyist for years now but I don't feel like my skills have progressed much in the last few months and I feel like school may be the best option for me if I want to get better.
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well cad is more technical and less artistic.
in industrial design you are basically modeling from plans so its important to be accurate.
in 3D, there is more room to make mistakes and its like any other form of art, the online resources for 3D in general are enormous
What you need most of all are people who you can trust to give you honest non sugar coated feedback or have additional experience in doing what you're doing. You can find that in a myriad of places for free online. Most of all of you feel your skills are plateaued it is because you're too settled into a comfort zone. Figure out what that is and do something that shoves you into the holy shit what the fuck am I doing zone. Then fail at it a hundred times and ask for feedback from people online.
I took a 2 year games design corse in college. The corse was new, the teacher had been learning 3d for less then 3 months before teaching us and the majority of the corse was fillers BS.

That said, it's what introduced me to 3D and for that i think it is a little worth it.

After finishing the corse i applied for a well established archvis university hundreds of miles from my home town. I'm currently in my final year of this corse.

The corse has 5 modules, 1 year long project and 4 smaller 3D modules such as a unreal engine submission. There is also a fine art class that comes with this. I'll say now, i think it's worth it; it was for me. College was bad, but that's my fault for not researching into it. The uni helped me get a full time paid internship. Things like that will be difficult solo.

What it comes down to i think is if a piece of paper that says you are able to learn, work and meet deadlines in a class room environment is worth it to you.
Also i should mention in my first year there was 90 students, second year: 20 third year: 3 including myself
I did, and while it is true that it's all skills you can self-teach the speed at which I learnt was so much faster. When I started I couldn't model a cube and by the end I was making pretty good looking characters.
Plus the one-to-one tuition you get from your professors and the whole teaching and learning environment helps too. Yes, I would have been technically capable of learning it myself, but without the guidance and pressure of a school environment I'm certain I would have given up.

File: images.jpg (3 KB, 183x275)
3 KB
How would you make a texture like this in vray for Max, fogged glass isn't an issue but I can't seem to get it to blur things depending on distance from the glass.
nvm im a ding dong, was putting the maps in the wrong slot.

looking for a comprehensive list of good CGI companies specifically in the uk, a global list would work too. any suggestions?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
What, shit like DNEG and all? Honestly I can't say if there's a healthy list of them out there, but I found a good way to find them is to watch (or just look for) any modern blockbuster and find out which company did the CGI for 'em. So, rather than CGI [location], try [movie] CGI instead.
So you expect us to do job hunting for you?
Just kidding, try LinkedIn.
Yeah stuff like that. Will give that a go
How do you navigate it? Just account hop from people in industry?
iv complied a list in the past, i think most of it is still relevant.

These are some really useful links, thanks!

So I know where to find 3D artists for commissions and all that, but what about animation? Where do I look for good animators?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Artstation and DeviantArt
No son, you only find misery and inflation porn at DA.
who is this from and more importantly do they do porn
Who's the artist that made this? I really love the style.
you niggers can't even reverse image search.

File: triangle2_loop.gif (1.86 MB, 800x600)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
Hello, 3DCG,
(not sure if this is the right board to ask, but here goes)
I'm a noob in After Effects and I want to create an animation of a 2D picture that looks as if it's being built out of triangles that are all coming together from the sides, kinda like in the gif related.

I have a .png of the picture but now I want to vectorise it inside the after effects (I don't want to use Illustrator).
I have traced the contours so it has this angular look that I want. Should I just create all the triangles with the pen tool separately and then use expressions and controllers on them to create the animation I want?
What is the best way of doing it if I'd have to write this project in JS later?
Research some mosaic stuff.. Maybe play around with "cc card dance"

File: 1515916084942.jpg (21 KB, 521x513)
21 KB
>Work in production studio, took over someone else's work since he left
>Open up guy's After Effects file, nothing is named descriptively.
>Hundreds of precomps and nothing makes sense
>File names for projects are FINAL_FINAL or FINALRENDERTHIS
>Assets are missing and it's a wild goose chase to find them
>Switch over to Maya to help someone
>All geometry, shaders, and even controls are unnamed
>No layers, outliner is unorganized with no groups

Holy fucking SHIT you guys. Please, for the love of God name your shit that makes sense. Name everything you make, never name anything with "FINAL" at the end of the project name. Allocate all assets in one folder for each kind (audio/images/documents/etc)
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Solid. I do a similar scheme, [project name].[description][variant]_[iteration].project. I like avoiding "final" in the file name as well, I usually nest finalised projects in a "Final" folder in the project folder.
12456124\12351\61512.dds is a perfectly legit naming convention
you girls have a memory of a goldfish
Anyone who uses final in their naming scheme hasn't worked long enough or hasn't learned their fucking lesson. FINAL is a cursed word and will ensure your project will come back to haunt you. Avoid at all costs.
I just started working at a big commercial company, and I had to redo some stuff from another art director. It took me about an hour just to sort it all out. It was a fucking mess, and I'm the new guy.
It took longer to understand what all the precomps did, than actually fixing the small issue.
10:1 says half those precomps weren't even needed. People who use excessive precomps are a blight

File: Capture 5.png (1 MB, 1677x500)
1 MB
I find it is easy to create and pose the characters in Daz Studio then export into Blender where a artist can do so, so much.
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hanging a retroilluminated picture of stars on the wall doesn't take you to space, Anon.
You forgot that all ST view screens - even the old ones from TOS - are true 3D displays, not just flat screens.
File: moutain rock.png (701 KB, 700x800)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
Using the same workflow. Pose in Daz Studio, export to Blender.

If exporting an .obj file the materials will be imported for Blender internal render. If exporting a .dae then the materials will come in ready for cycles.

We already have the materials set and ready from other work so in Blender we just append the materials we want from one of our older work files. All of the girls material names end with the extension .Hanna, so when we are browsing the file we want to append from, we can filter our search using .Hanna. Then we see all of Hanna's materials and import those.

The background is from Pixabay. The guitar is from Blendswap, by user Simmonrepp. We are trying to keep it simple here. We think it is not quite finished, this shot could use a little volume-metric light rays but the officer writing this post has to run off to work. He will not be able to answer replies for about 8 hours from now.

Please practice safe sex.

Starfleet Out.
cute render. they look like real little figurines posed in front of a poster
How is she not falling off that rock?

Using C4d
Ok guys, Im trying to align this object to the polygon normal that is form another object.
Use a surface deformer and set its target to the surface you're trying to set it to. You might have to increase the mesh density for a proper deformation. If you're not trying to deform than try using a constraint tag on the object and set it to clamp and target to the surface.

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