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File: 1451841279938.jpg (88 KB, 626x548)
88 KB
You guy all know them mirror modifier in Blender that has the clipping option right? Well where the fuck is this clipping option in Maya, i duplicate special my second half of the object but its not connected and its fucking up my project this fuck please help.

File: Shitnini.jpg (178 KB, 581x822)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>tfw installed houdini

What in the flying fuck are all this .exe
I guess those are command line utilities meant for batch processing stuff. But those may be viruses. Better delete your windows folder to be sure.
This question is easily answered by searching the name of each .exe in the docs. Do yourself a favor anon, uninstall Houdini and run back to whatever piece of shit software you came from.

Heres my first two models I made in Sculptris. Thoughts/Critiques please? Also what are some things i need to get started?
Start by not being a furry.
Watch tutorials and use references for the love of god.

Your eyes cannot see what your mind doesn't know.

But try photoshopping that head to some guy's head and see how much it looks like a human.

File: blender_logo_square.png (135 KB, 512x512)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
So my problem with blender on my laptop is that it's set to zoom with two fingers and I don't want that, I want to zoom by pinching. Please help and thank you.
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pinching means you grab corners and move the corners closer together which, in effect of screen size, zooms out.

>this is literally how trackpads have been programmed since they were able to sense "gestures"
What kind of Asian are you
He's right though, i have fucked up my wrist because of using the trackpad
I mess around with bender from time to time for fun,
and my biggest issue is the xyz cords are off.
The y cord is length instead of high.
I can't help but wonder how well would models
transfer like that.
>The y cord is length instead of high
z is always up.
minecraft and bethesda games that do it differently are literally wrong.

the alphabet goes:


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File: Maya 2015.png (40 KB, 1222x166)
40 KB
What is the most stable version of maya? I'm thinking about getting the 2015 version for learning.
what would a new version not be stable?

are they not testing their releases?
It generally isn't
>citation needed
Where has my stingray pbs dissapeared to i can no longer access it.

File: america-147939_960_720.png (184 KB, 960x607)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
I've just discovered something disconcerting.
America has really bad topology.
Look for exaple at the places I've circled in red. Those are potential T-Junctions which could cause all sorts of artifacts when rendering.
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Perhaps the WIP thread would suit your need?

you fucking idiot
File: test.jpg (62 KB, 640x480)
62 KB
I don't get the point of the WIP thread. This board is slow enough and megathreads in general don't look like a good idea to me anyway.
>I don't get the point of the WIP thread.
>Tfw you live in the only tris
Lmao I thought the same thing

File: 8127472148742.png (179 KB, 1920x1080)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Hi guys, so i am a beginner, i am doing my first model but i have a problem, so i have the whole body except for the hand and feet and head, problem is i don't have a clue how to connect my ""hand"" (cube) to my arm, my arm has an 8 edge opening for the hand but i realized i will have way more edges in my hand because it has to have 4 fingers connected. So what to do. Pic related, Cube has 8 edges so he can be connected problem is i don't have any edges to connect the fingers
File: edge flow example.png (87 KB, 1845x678)
87 KB
This is fairly trivial once you learn how to reflow edge loops. At first you should probably start like in pic related, with the split happening at wrist, but you should eventually figure out a way to integrate it more organically into the shape of your hand and multiply loops as they get to the extremities, because you generally want the density of edges over the mesh surface to be fairly even, otherwise it'll be quit jarring when the poly density suddenly doubles from the forearm to the hand. Of course you don't want your splits to be as rigid as my example either, I just have them spaced like that for clarity.
File: 4 to 6 split.png (34 KB, 945x830)
34 KB
Here's another type of split that might be useful to save loops on fingers, you basically get two free loops per finger this way.
U a magician, thanks
File: this fucking thing.png (48 KB, 838x766)
48 KB
Also, get used to making this shape a lot...

File: DSC07643.jpg (92 KB, 600x400)
92 KB
Where can I get a 3d Model of the pathe rotterdam in Rotherdam. Or good references like blueprints :(
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The deceleration of independence?
I'd just go there take pictures and model it freehand, make approximations of height and distances.
Google earth could also be of help
>t. peaceful refugee
>t. faggot

File: 741462471.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
Whats the best 3D software for VFX? You know for shit like explosions,dust,liquid simulations, meshes deformation (car crashes etc.) etc. etc.

I heard Cinema 4D is fucking amazing with physics and animation but i also heard everyone uses Maya in the industry, so which is it? I k now that probably the best is Houdini but to learn that thing is like learning fucking chinese solo.
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Explosions, dust, and liquid sims are primarily done with Houdini at industry standard, with quick compositions (AKA slap comps) being done in Nuke.

Mesh deformations may also be done in Houdini, but a lot of studios still use Maya for them).

There are heaps of great tutorials for Houdini out there, especially on Vimeo (Peter Quint, GoProcedural), the tokeru wiki source, Entagma, and just on SideFX's actual website. It's tough, but the hardest part is getting used to the procedural node-based workflow (and trust me, once you do using Maya is the most annoying thing on the planet).

Good luck!

Source: I actually work in VFX. Don't use Blender if you legitimately want a job in the field.
Are you at a big studio? I'm doing a 1 year Houdini intensive course and working on putting a reel together, any tips?
What is the best program for making shit like fire, storms, tornadoes etc., but for games (don't care about VFX in movies)? Would Maya be a better option in that case, instead of learning Houdini? Where can I start learning that? Keep in mind that's more just for a personal use, I don't aspire to be a VFX artist.
There are a few ways to do it. You can use Houdini and Houdini engine to bake out a high res simulation, this is a very high detail method. But if you just want to make something simpler, stuff like making a base tornado mesh in a 3D program and then using the game engine's particle system and panning textures is fine too. Houdini knowledge is a great thing to have for game vfx but is not necessary unless you want the procedural/baking your own sims aspects. Also depends on the realism level you want, higher realism will be easier to achieve with Houdini.
>Anon every Software is free if you want it to be free
He meant free as in freedom.

File: 1496835372308.jpg (50 KB, 399x499)
50 KB
Does anyone has the pdf of this book? (learning maya 5: foundation)
Oh man this takes me back! I did this courseware over one summer back in the day in 2002. Who knew Maya would turn into such a shitshow by Autodesk. Unfortunately I moved to other software so I don't have this, but it might be on torrent?
Why would you want such an outdated book?
Maya 7 was the last version by Alias before the Autodesk Botnet assimilated it into their bloated hivemind
most of the books since maya 3 up to 7 are the same subject/tutorial lessons since the ui hadn't changed much with exceptions to menu locations and/or renamed tools.

File: IMG_4492.jpg (41 KB, 446x444)
41 KB
>Be me
>Poor as shit
>Pirate Maya
>Plan on making games and models for people
>Learn for about 3 months
>Hear that apparently someone can look at the metadata of my files and see that I didnt really buy it
>Delete Maya immediately

Should I keep learning Maya even though I can't do shit with it or should I just go to Blender? Also, can someone really look at the metadata and find that information out?
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So like making it in Maya then opening it in Blender and exporting from there?
>nog exporting everything to obj and then importing it in blender and then exporting from blender to your game so they thing you made everything using garbage 3d software that is free
Unless you're selling your files you shouldn't be scared.

If you are selling your files, export as OBJ and then import it in blender then re-export the file.

That's practically like hiding behind two proxies.
This guy! Where is the beer i need a pack for this motherfucker genius.
are you a dummy? Unless you are handing out the literal files, no one will be able to tell. If you're exporting the obj or fbx to a game engine, thats like two layers to go through, and even then they'd have to be looking for this shit

also no one fucking cares, literally everyone pirates software

File: 253235352235.jpg (206 KB, 1280x720)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Could someone please tell my why the fuck the feet of my ayy lmao comes out so curved when a guy who did exactly the same way with the zspheres got a straight feet?
just move that area down bro
Oh my fucking god i am fucking retarded, delete this thread.

File: 10393405_2.jpg (37 KB, 500x500)
37 KB
Im thinking about buying a tablet, but I've never owned or used one before.
What are some good, budget tablets that I can use for 3d? Can you use the same tablet for both sculpting and drawing/texturing/2d or are there different kinds of tablets?
Does the size of the active space on the tablet matter in any way to the size of my screen, can I have any difficulties with the tablet being too small in comparasent to the monitor?

I'm kinda oriented myself towards the
Wacom Intuos Draw S https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-CTL490DW-Digital-Drawing-Graphics/dp/B010LHRFM2

WACOM INTUOS COMIC BLACK https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-digital-drawing-tablet/dp/B010LHRVBM

or WACOM INTUOS PHOTO BLACK https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-digital-editing-CTH490PK/dp/B010LHRWN4

While there is a price difference between the three, there isn't any difference in the techinical details of each product. Is the higher price only because of the software that comes with the tablet?

Also does the software I'm using have to have some sort of a special support for the tablet or can I use it no matter what?
Can I use the tablet in free software such as Krita or Blender?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This one's $100 cheaper and is larger. Anyone got any experience with it?
Forgot link.
pretty much the whole thread..
you should have like a thousand bucks, complete understanding on how everything works and be a 100% sure that you will like it.. apperently there isn't any cheaper/more affordable option for people that have never used a table before and are not sure whether the whole thing is for them or not
same here
still haven't found the one I'm looking for
File: Screenshot_1.jpg (119 KB, 1489x537)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I don't know a lot about tablets but this one doesn't seem like a good idea, it only has about 2000 levels and it's not compatible with Windows 10

File: 2875376536735.png (686 KB, 1920x1200)
686 KB
686 KB PNG

Wtf retopology in Mudbox is that easy? That fucking video made me want to learn it instead of Zbrush, how is the situation with Mudshit in 2017 compared to Zbrush?
just use zremesher guides and do the same thing?
Not that guy but he probably didnt know it exists since Zbrush was made by fucking retards who cant design a decent UI in like 10 years to save their lifes
ZBrush really is a stupid piece of shit in that regard. Arrimus uploaded a video recently showing how to retopo boolean shapes from Max, and the Zremesher is literally a small button and a few sliders somewhere halfway down a highway list of options. I actually had to fullscreen the video and turn up the resolution to see what he was clicking on.

How do you guys study something new by your own?

>Downloaded some modeling/rendering tutorials
>Have dual screen, play video on one, follow steps in the other while writing down notes on a paper
>15 minutes of the video - 1 real time hour
>not sure if this is a proper workflow, I didnt work like this before

How can I learn a 10 hours tutorial? This is going to take ages
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>15 minutes of the video - 1 real time hour
Completely normal, just means there's a lot for you to learn. As you learn more, you'll be able to follow along quickly until you get to the new parts
>having a bit of fun
That's just tacky though.
i wish i had patience to actually study 3D, i rather just do shitty models
virgin cuck
woman confirmed

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