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File: Donut.jpg (3.56 MB, 1920x1080)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
Hey there fellow Blenderheads! I've been told by many blender users that blender was the next industry standard (Jayanam said it should take around 4 years for it to happen in the comment section of flipped normal's software video).

So I made my first donut, rendered in cycles. My goal is to work at DICE, so I plan on making a chocolate donut too.
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>edge cases
If wouldn't consider it an "edge case" to joke about it and have some laughs at lunchtime.
debian :DDD
Hey I think I know that guy. He's made items in Team Fortress 2.
This is such low effort I don't even have an applicable bait meme image
Such as? Genuinely curious here. I've heard they use it in previz, nothing much outside of that.

Best software for architecture modeling?
Any good ways to incorporate a natural setting for it?
I'm setting myself on a career path to become an architect and I want to do it as fast as I can.
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sketchup pro
what are you doing, modelling for archviz or working in a practice?
If you want to be an architect use Revit.
File: 7f9.jpg (34 KB, 657x527)
34 KB
This + 3ds Max + Photoshop

After a while in stagnation, I've decided to jump back into education as a pathway to games dev (Previous courses being in 3D and media, yeeww!). Unfortunately, it seems like my country's standards for tertiary education are slipping - and anyway, I would love an excuse to live overseas. This means I'll probably be going abroad!

I was wondering if anybody here has info on this topic that might help me out. Being seriously passionate about the medium as an art form, I’m trying to find institutions, cities, or organisations that provide a high-quality education; not just an obligatory course to net the local high-schoolers. Any online institutions or dedicated universities are especially great.
Really, anything from opinion pieces to external resources would be awesome.

tldr: What are the best places in the world to study Games Dev/Design right now?
If you need a forum for this kind of thing, those people at gamedev.net might be of help to you.
that place sucks -_-. If you want to learn about gamedev you want to get a book on making games for the raspberry pi called The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming on Single Board Computers which is written by someone with 35 years industry experience and was released this year

I should've mentioned, I'd like to avoid relying on self-education and tech communities. Great learning tools; but, for my situation, I'd prefer them as supplements.
Thanks, though. I'll keep these links for for later.

File: Oldie_but_goodie.jpg (147 KB, 1024x1024)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Hi everyone, Im hoping this is the proper place to post this. Im planning on having a computer built for maya 2017, I already know how to animate, Im just shit when it comes to technical know-how, so I was hoping someone who actually knows what they are doing tell me if these parts would play well with maya.

System Core
Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-I
CPU: Intel Core i7 9700K 3.6GHz Eight Core 12MB 95W
Ram: Crucial 32GB DDR4-2666 (2x16GB)
Video Card: PNY Quadro P4000 PCI-E 8GB
Sound Card: Onboard Sound
Networking: Integrated WiFi+Bluetooth
Hard Drive: Samsung 860 Pro 1TB SATA3 2.5inch SSD
Primary drive.

Western Digital Red 8TB SATA3
Secondary drive.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Would the 1080 help? I went for a quadro because Im hoping it will run my shots in real time when playing them in the viewport, it is exhausting animating something and waiting for the playblast to be done.
i don't really know, i just recommend it because of cuda cores. there is also nvidia real time ray trace which is in the new nvidia RTX card

Ill need to check what are cuda cores, this is mainly a machine for animating in maya, so ill need to check out how these cores will help with animation if they do. Thanks!
You don't need to buy a Red WD drive, those are for constant spin access like on a server. Get a blue or black (black being the fancy option)

Strix board is a waste if you aren't going to over lock.

A 600w power supply ain't pushing that mobo with that Cpu and a quadro.

Honestly this whole build seems like you just clicked the most expensive shit on Newegg without thinking about your actual needs, minus that low tier power supply.

Last note, you don't want a small case or a low profile cooler on a beefy cpu like that.
If you're going to render on this machine you may be better off with a threadripper or ryzen 2xxx depending on your engine, look up benchmarks.

File: 229143470213_2.jpg (62 KB, 320x240)
62 KB
Hello /3

I have a college project to do that is due in 8 months.

My ideia was to create a 3d animation of a made up story (about 8 mins).

The project would involve creating the models of the 2 main character + around 12 other characters to act as figurines (would probably just show up once ou twice in the whole video), all the assets like a village, some homes and all of that. I'd also have to get these assets textured.

Along side all of this, the real challange is I'd like to implement motion capture (body and facil) so i can ease the workload instead of animating by hand.

I've been involved in the 3d world for 5+ years but only in moddeling terms.

My questions and doubts are:
- what kind of render or textures should i use for a 3d animation? should i risk vray?
- is there any motion capture software or does anyone know a decent working way to motion capture? (i was thinking ball capture)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Along side all of this, the real challange is I'd like to implement motion capture (body and facil) so i can ease the workload instead of animating by hand.

why not scale down on the project? seems pretty crazy.
even for me, and iv been doing 3d for 6 years.
if you really like this idea, and you want to see it happen, i suggest you pick your shots carefully and don't render anything that is not needed.

>what kind of render or textures should i use for a 3d animation? should i risk vray?

does not matter. all render engines are good nowdays.
the only thing you should be worried about is how many render samples are required for each shot, meaning: will your scene have an actual sun in an open area, are there gonna be alot of small lamps or reflective objects, are there many foliage and meshes to render? if the answer is alot or yes, then maybe use a real-time render engine like UE4,EVEE or octane. the shadow/light quality will be a bit worse but will still look amazing if everything goes according to plan.

>is there any motion capture software or does anyone know a decent working way to motion capture? (i was thinking ball capture)

i can't answer that question, maybe ask someone else?
if this is a real college projects, wouldn't you want to test your own animation skills? or the animation part is not the thing you want to focus on.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Scale it way, way down.
Creating a good, functional story spanning 8 min is fucking hard and takes way more time than u might think. My advice, from personal experience, keep it short, 4 min max (even 3 desu) but shoot for the highest achieveable quality.

Regarding animation:
Motion Capture can be useflul but dont forget that u have to clean the animation quite a lot and regarding the overall capture some of it might no be useful anyway. Regarding facial captruing... idk..., imo, you should scratch that idea. Capturing facial animation and "translating" it is pretty hard and often times animating by hand is just faster/simpler.

All in all, good luck, but pls, just dont go for a 6+ min story, the danger of it being lackluster and dragging is just too damn high.
>- what kind of render or textures should i use for a 3d animation? should i risk vray?
If you're worried about time constraints, use procedural textures wherever you can, so that if you need to revise a model, you don't need to recreate the material from scratch.
>- is there any motion capture software or does anyone know a decent working way to motion capture? (i was thinking ball capture)
Setting up mocap and then actually doing it and then tweaking it is probably going to take you longer than animating by hand in the first place.
>- and if its possible to make this project in 8 months - alone (I only study so working 9+ hours daily on it wouldnt be a problem)
Sure, but it depends entirely on the level of quality you intend to achieve.

File: 1471270576579.jpg (23 KB, 337x367)
23 KB
seem to me there is a flood of pornfags from various places, and i can also see why (quick and easy buck).

i can tell most of you are lazy because you can't follow through with your projects. so if you really want to make good fap material its time to get off your ass and start working
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>The last time I posted a WIP on /3/ 15 people laughed for three days straight.
This wasn't recent, was it? I wanna know to see whether or not it was justified. It probably was.
>I'm a kernel dev with 130 verified IQ.
Goddamn, way to sound like an arrogant cunt. It's pretty obvious IQ doesn't equal to artistic skill anyway, so why did you even bring that up?
>I'm sure /pol/ would like my render better.
I mean, isn't that a given? As much as we lovable t/3/apots adore arguing over the minutiae between a fucking desk and some kitchen appliances, this is still an artistic community at the end of the day. /pol/'s mostly non-artists, people with little to no knowledge behind the shit that's posted on /3/. Of course they wouldn't pick it apart like we do here.
Bohoo, you're so fucking precious aren't you?
Because nobody dropped on their knees and sucked your 130 inches IQ and hailed you as the greatest artist of all time.
Your stuff probably sucked ass and your ego was too big to take any criticism.
Motherfucking manchildren and their first world ego issues.
>The last time I posted a WIP on /3/ 15 people laughed for three days straight.
>I don't deserve this, m-muh 999 IQ!
People come to this board, in fact 4chan entirely, for conversation without prejudice to the person making posts, if you can't handle that people don't like your stuff and are only too happy to tell you exactly why you're shit because there's no workplace political reasons for them to hold back, you need to find a hugbox you'll be more comfortable in.

And this is one of the best boards for it. There's no braying banter monkey retards here. People almost always tell you WHY they don't like your shit, or give you ample description of WHAT they find shit.

>I'm sure pol would like
Pol is not some creative or intellectual titan, it's a hive of brainlets and philistines who spout group politics while purporting to be healthy individuals. But if you think they'll give you better feedback, go there.

>/pol/'s mostly non-artists, people with little to no knowledge behind the shit that's posted on /3/. Of course they wouldn't pick it apart like we do here.
Oh, you have no idea. It's on a deeper level of bad.

>What do you think of this?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
first 3 times i posted on /3/ i got roasted real hard.
>I'm a kernel dev with 130 verified IQ.
I hope it's bait because if it isn't, you just ruined my hopes for better future of humankind. If triggered snowflakes are the workhorses behind kernel now, we are basically doomed.

File: 640x478_ac.jpg (53 KB, 640x478)
53 KB
Retard question:

Is a super high quality computer needed to create quality models and animations? Or would render time just be slower?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the more vertices in your model the more lag you're going to get. The worse the computer the quicker that lag kicks in.
you can use browser-based cloud 3d modeling services to outsource the processing power
You might need a dedicated workstation computer if you are planing on running maya. It sucks trying to animate something and not being able to play it in real time.
Tip: You can render the backgroud and the foreground separately, and later you can layer them together.
If you have a slow computer I will be more difficult, but as long as you have enough memory to hold the scene you'll be fine. If you resort to virtual memory that exceeds your physical memory you're going to have a bad time, but still technically possible.

I work in IT and just getting into 3D, the first problem I'm setting out to solve is how a little guy can render big projects quickly and cloud computing seems to be something which is not yet heavily utilized due to cost. Cloud providers such as GCP and Azure have products for preemtible VMs which are crazy cheap but might be interrupted and shut down at any point in time. I've found a way to containerize Cycles and built the infrastructure to allow scheduling work to available nodes. Each node can work on a tile and the final image gets stitched together for each frame making rendering time scale linearly with the container replica count. Regardless of replicas, cost will remain static so this lets us increase rendering speed for the same cost as running one machine to do it.

A fairly complex animation with background scene that takes me a little over 18 days to render on my GTX 1080 TI can be rendered in under 4 hours for less than $20 per render (basically electricity cost you'd pay anyways).

File: s-l300.jpg (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
Have you ever printed a 3D model on paper and made something like this?
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File: scipskull.jpg (2.69 MB, 3511x4536)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
Whoops, just saw this was paper specifically, not 3d printing in general
How do you print a 3d model on paper? Like just a picture of the model? This is fucking gay.
>take model
>make seams
>export uv layout
>print uv layout
>fold along lines
>glue where necessary
wa la
File: wojak4536.png (35 KB, 408x450)
35 KB
>How do you print a 3d model on paper? Like just a picture of the model? This is fucking gay.

File: matize.jpg (60 KB, 400x600)
60 KB
Hey, /3/, I was thinking maybe we could actually make this board great again. Materialize is a free program that takes 2d images and deduces all the heights, normals, amb occs and what have yous. I'm here to offer a solution to anyone with trouble making materials for their 3. The materials will be stored in a google docs for all to access. All you gotta do is post photos of surfaces and I'll start making them into materials. I'm very new to the program, but I think with some determination, we really can pull something good out of it.
Could you post an example or two?
File: home_pic_03.png (243 KB, 420x380)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
here're some videos from the site:



I downloaded this. Fucking tired of making materials in photoshop/gimp. This could be a great alt to crazybump and we’ll see next time I have so do some custom.
It's better than crazy bump. You have more control over stuff, plus it has more features. You can tile textures in, make smoothness maps, and have more control over the lighting. As of the release of Materialize, crazy bump is for plebs.
Free software thread.
What does /3/ think of https://store.steampowered.com/app/768970/ModLab/

File: pepegondola.jpg (817 KB, 1920x1080)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
My first animated short(?)


Fresh out of oven.
72 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP.. i feel sad.
i love it OP, do more
It's been 6 months, where's part 2?
Has potential. Has peter jackson contacted you, yet?
File: 1501498493504.jpg (31 KB, 509x625)
31 KB
It's been so long... It feels like it was just yesterday...

Good day /3/ I need help learning how to create a facial rig, so I make my character do cool facial expressions. Anyone know some good Maya or Blender tutorials that go over creating rigs for characters' faces and body parts. I want to GET GUD and stop living in my college dorm. Please help!!!
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>rigging tools

lol rigging is one of the easiest processes in 3D period. you have to be a real dummy to struggle with it.
i can't count the number of times where people asked me for an autorig software.
>Muh muh im a pro rigger so everyone else must be one too...
I dont get it.
you just extrude bones and paint the character. there is nothing "horrifying" about it.
Haha based on that explanation your rigs must be quite mediocre.
File: 1540665934672.png (492 KB, 1132x1600)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
>lol rigging is one of the easiest processes in 3D period
quality one

File: jawojak.jpg (341 KB, 1300x1000)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
i need a free 3d texture painter
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
no, I was serious, I sent him a message
Substance painter didnt even check the year of my ID. Pretty sure you can do a google search of an ID and get a student year license.
quixel photoshop Is available too. Just wouldnt suggest it if you have access to substance.
How did you get anons youtube account?
>paying for digital tools
AY LMAO, not even companies do this, man
just pirate it

modelling beginner
i have basic knowledge of modelling and 100 hours experience in blender, id love some advice how to start a model, i know about the pic reference thing.
>inb4 its ugly
i know, thats why i ask for help
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i dun even kno what i am doing senpai
File: face.jpg (81 KB, 819x407)
81 KB
I'm in the same boat as you OP you're not alone. I am slowly getting better but just keep modelling and failing and slowly and surely we will both make it one day. Pic is my progression from absolute dogshit to somewhat less dogshit
use cycles render.
blender internal looks like complete and utter SHIT.
>2nd face is from Daniel Kreuter's tutorial
my brothaaaaa
the first 2 faces are from his tutorials and as you can see they are total trainwrecks

File: SoilIssue.png (270 KB, 231x455)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
RIP Me. I had this rendered all day and it came out like this? Why.

My project is due today at 2PM BTW.

Is there a way to remedy this?

Better yet.

Can anyone help me render my files? I tried everything and I'm still stuck.

Video is at this link due to filesize stuff: https://youtu.be/MoxIQjVhCGQ

Pic unrelated.
check youtube comments :@

Programmer here.
Does anyone know a good place or tutorials where I could learn the 3D/design aspects of Unity?
I mean bones, rigging, materials, maps, lightning... all that stuff.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Doesn't unity have guided tutorials? The free version does.
Pluralsight has 4 learning paths for Unity as well as ones for the asset making programs (Photoshop, Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Substance)
>can't rtfm
>can't google for several minutes and settle on a tutorial to watch

you aren't going far
If you're such a great programmer, you'd know that the API's are the best way to understand any aspect of the objects used in Unity.
He didn't say he was a great programmer

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