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File: 20180113090300_1.jpg (545 KB, 1920x1018)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Met this jap dude (cat girl in the middle) in vrchat who made his own character model. I asked him how he learned and he said he used a book called "low poly super technique" https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%83%AD%E3%83%BC%E3%83%9D%E3%83%AA-%E3%82%B9%E3%83%BC%E3%83%91%E3%83%BC%E3%83%86%E3%82%AF%E3%83%8B%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF-ntny/dp/4797347376

Thought id make this thread to gage some interest on the topic of low poly modeling and vrchat.
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Thanks a lot guys
Here's also a cool vid about lowpoly modeling under subsurf modifier.
Thanks anon! This would be cool to keep updated and held in the board sticky/ board wiki if other anons wanted to continue and keep the archive growing
Should I add anything else, like programs and such? I was thinking of adding youtube videos of what some anons have been posting.
Anatomy for sculptors might be nice to have there
room gj586jvw

File: header .jpg (19 KB, 460x215)
19 KB
What is the absolute state of SFM r34? Blender is the new meme but Is it even worth learning Blender for porn? I have seen SFM stuff that looked really impressive and the best in the business use it still.
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People are ready to pay to see their favorite characters fucking. That's something we've known for decades. Why is it baffling to you?
Decades? I honestly thought this character-porn phenomenon was no more recent than the popularization of the Internet. Naïve, I am, then.
It used to be drawings I guess
People still pay for that too
Time to crack out Maya and start working on Splatoon lewds then

File: TipCube-52[1].jpg (4 KB, 320x240)
4 KB
I'm trying to follow tutorials but I get so anxious. I just want to create something on my own already. How many times will I have to follow others step by step before I can create just really simple things?
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I religiously use the same 3-5 tools when modeling. The rest of it is technique, workflow and using assorted tools for ease-of-life situations.

When you first start you're going to pick something way outside your scope, that's fine. You'll spend 20 hours and get practically nowhere. Come back to another tutorial after that and learn a tool that will save you hours of effort and you'll find out you can re-do your work in less than half the time. Continue this process forever.
come up with a simple surrealistic scene that isnt technically hard and would look cool.
Like this
Or something in same spirit.
I saw Lightning Bolt in 2005 at one of their first UK shows - it was utterly incredible. Got a drumstick from Chippendale, still have it around somewhere....
File: 1518534767003.jpg (67 KB, 628x534)
67 KB
shift + a
select anything other than cube or sphere

File: Pirata-informatico.jpg (74 KB, 624x515)
74 KB
Let's please ignore moralities and ethics here and make this thread an objective discussion. We all know that it's illegal and against morals, but the question is: is it traceable?

If an indie developer used pirated tools to make game assets (for example, ZBrush for sculpting characters and generating maps, and Maya for modeling and animations) and released the game on Steam and consoles like Xbox and PS, could developers like Autodesk and Pixologic find out that the indie used pirated tools just by "reverse engineering" the game (or making use of some other sort of computer black magic)? Let's suppose that the game got really famous and profitable.

I mean, is it possible that Autodesk and Pixologic (or any other companies) get some metadata out of the game files, and therefore conclude that pirated tools were used?

If so, is there a way that indie developers can get rid of the metadata and be safe? If one would export from Maya as .OBJ or .FBX and import it in a free software like Blender, then just re-export it, would it be fine?
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Bruh look at this dude.
Eff you for making me remember that massive faggot again.
How do I pirate Blender?
Try CGPeers.

>10 part tutorial series
>each video is 10-30 minutes
>his german accent is near impenetrable
>find out early that his vids address a very narrow use case, but he doesnt realize it, thinks his work is revolutionary
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File: sculpting.png (1.39 MB, 1442x1169)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: 34435435.png (885 KB, 1175x766)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
this reminds me.
cg cookie released a complete production tutorial that teaches you how to produce an entire movie in blender
this looks crazy actually, worth subscribing for this alone
Haven’t done it yet, but it’s the one that motivated me to subscribe.
Oh fuck, I thought this is some new course. But it seems to be 4 years old. Still worth going through?
Do you know what Blender version it uses? I'm following courses made in 2.6x, no problems so far except for the minor change here and there.

>/3/ cries and neets it up, complaining that its impossible to get into the industry
>me on the other hand, in the industry for 25 years decides to flip the script
>send out an email to various well known industry people commisioning work
>literally no replies even though I'm literally just asking for a quote

this is why no one takes /3/ seriously
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Op is making appointments about the industry as a whole, so it has everything to do with /3/
*A point about
what the fuck? who are these so called "big fishes" in the industry? i was under the impression that everyone here was a pajeet working for peanuts, not that anyone was actually any good. if thats the case why cant i find anything good to learn off of online thats better than fucking cg cookie???
Go away, noob.
>in the industry for 25 years
The bullshit industry.

Has anyone had this error, was working fine and then I get this startup error, I clearly have plenty of disk space whats the issue? Kinda need this program to work
follow up startup error

File: 1511403266830.jpg (138 KB, 340x444)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
How the fuck do it get into CGpeers? Registrations are open now but no matter what I do I always get the "Couldn't proceed with registration
(Error: 0xE4000006)" bullshit.
CGP is apparently dying, so don't sweat it.
Been there for years, and last few months, every torrent I try fails because tracker is offline.
Oh well, easy come easy go.
The ones I tried all worked. Maybe it’s your client?

My client does something weird with CGP torrents, anyway. Downloads them, them zeroes them, then stops. I have to force restart to redownload them… every single time.

Been kicking for over 9 years

Use the hosted downloads if you can't into torrenting
You sure? I've been there for a few months and all my downloads download just fine.
Works fine for me.

File: Capture.jpg (110 KB, 1227x918)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Just learned how to use the bevel shader aka rounded edge shader for blender.

Modo is, dare I say, obsolete
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the shader is less than a page long anon
Studios do, that’s why they hire graphics devs.
samefag, hang yourself blender shill
replying is obsolete.
you are obsolete

File: RE3d.jpg (323 KB, 1989x1774)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
I love the style used especially in the earlier RE1-3+CV games, including REmake and RE4.

If anyone knows of the artists behind these models or the techniques — that would be awesome.

Also, tutorials would be cool.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Thank you! However, it's hard to distinguish the original topology flow because these models have triangles (due to being converted into the game engine).

I'd be nice too see quad typology.
So what you are asking for are the orginal assets from the CG production units? Impossible to get hold of...if they even still exist at all.
>So what you are asking for are the orginal assets from the CG production units? Impossible to get hold of...if they even still exist at all.

Images of wireframe models are fine.

Otherwise , Japanese specific anatomy 3d tutorials would be better. Not manga though, but maybe tuts with more realistic anatomy with the Japanese style.
I'm pretty sure there are face commands to turn tris to quads, idk how accurate it'll be though...

How do I use blender without admin rights? It asks for msvrc120.dll when I try to launch the portable 64bit version and I can't install anything because I'm on my school's computer.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Delete System32
Shot in the dark here, I don’t use Windows. Maybe you used a 32-bit DLL instead of a 64-bit one? Try a 32-bit Blender build (if available) with that same DLL, if it works that’s probably the issue.
Check your graphics drivers. Might need to change to open cl or other for viewport rendering. Had same issue with daughters comp running Ubuntu with no dedicated gfx card. Right click on anything or go into edit and crash.
Install gentoo
Try the vs2015 builds of blender on builder.blender.org

File: bubbly.png (367 KB, 1192x812)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Hey guys, I got a problem that I don't find a solution for but feel it's a very easy thing that shouldnt need hours and hours of scrolling thru tutorials- I hust don't find something that helps me. Using cinema4D.

Heres the thing: I need to make an object very round and bubbly. I importet a logo file and used the extrude tool to well- extrude it and then used the Bevel tool to make it more round.. But I can't get rid of edges.

What the fuck can I do?
Obviously beginner here
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you need to get rid of the smoothing groups if you want it to be round
without smoothening it's back to the first post.. It seems like something sooo simple but I spend fucking hours and can't figure this out

Check if you have overlapping vertices first of all. Press U, then shift+O to optimize the model (welds together overlapping vertices at a given threshold, the default value usually works well)

Check in the subdiv modifier if you have set the subdiv levels to something above 0.

Probably unlikely, but check if the model came with an SDS weight tag, to the right of the logo object. in the object menu. It's accessed only when live select (press 9, I think) is enabled. If any of the model is red, make sure you change the value to something you want, or just delete the tag.
File: engine1.png (586 KB, 1010x507)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
How do i stop subdivision surfacing from changing UV maps?

File: untitled.png (690 KB, 960x540)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
When you render an animation for your demo to get into industry, are you lads rendering at 24 fps? I could do 60fps, but it would take almost 3x as long to render out and if they don't go into the youtube options and change to 60fps they wont even see the extra work because its not on automatically

17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
maybe you should get laid
Motion blur was a result of the mechanical limitations of cameras. Digital and virtual cameras are programmed to simulate this because it is what audiences expect media to look like. It also helps convey movement at a lower frame rate.

If the frame rate is high enough, you do not need motion blur.

That's true, but to suggest that our eyes don't perceive motion blur is ridiculous. I'm all for showing games in 60+ fps with no motion blur, that's how I like games, but that motion is not what we perceive in real life.
>Our perception of movement is blurred.
It literally isn't, for those of us that are human we have a visual cortex that does all manner of interpolation to correct, filter out, or otherwise create a false but useful "image" made up of a composite of snapshots. The disparity between reality and what we think we "see" is what allows optical illusions to work.

Now get thee gone lizard poster, your kind will never rule us.
>made up of snapshots
Only in the sense of sampling both at the complex object of recognition level and our eyes aren't truly continuous as we get electro chemical impulses. Not as 'frames'.
Important to make that clear for people when you explain this. Especially when people are discussing framerate.

File: Capture.jpg (97 KB, 1055x722)
97 KB
Brand new results by Nvidia were released today - ai has simply passed us, as humans. We are DONE. 18 days to make each image, but the realism is something we would never achieve by ourselves sculpting in zbrush and painting in mari after 18. It would never happen for us.

What should we all collectively do? I'm scared of losing my house and not being able to care for my wife and two 2.5 kids.
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the future is now old man
It is not future tech, it's in Renderman and was used extensively on Finding Dory.
The demand for photorealism comes from visual effects which must mesh perfectly with images filmed using a camera. As long as film/tv exists, so will the demand for photorealism.
>Why is it that when technique is primitive, everything is beautiful, and when technique is perfected, almost everything is ugly
Spoken like a true jew. Meanwhile, blobs of sprayed colors and huge wooden dildos are sold for 200k dollars to launder drug money.
I meant real time.
There is no point of using inaccurate "guessing software" for offline rendering unless in production you are in a rush to finish. It sure is good for quick preview windows, but for a final render? Why settle for a blurry mess.
Just like temporal aliasing it will work wonders for games once ray tracing first starts being used, but its not magic, it wont pull pixel information out of its ass.

Have you Seen it?
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big boob
File: Bj8E1Eh6bh-12[1].png (13 KB, 300x250)
13 KB
trappilled :^)
File: DVII5YtXkAEeA0b.jpg (70 KB, 950x720)
70 KB
keagan the trapper fapper

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