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File: maxresdefault.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Does anyone know where Billion Surprise Toys and other similar channels sources it's assets from?
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If you model as good as you structure a sentence, i understand why you won´t post your work.

The hair is too goopy and the iris texture makes her look like a fish.
it's schizo season already?
Do do do do, DO DO, do do do do, DO DO! /3/, shitposting your crappy models again? No papa! Show us your project! Hahaha!
He gets off to those textures.

You had me excited for Octane and then it wasn't
You can add as much tonemapping faggotry as you like, it still looks like video game footage.

Haven't posted on this board before, so bare with me. I'm working on a gaming project with a lot of industrial/robotic style assets. For such things I'm reasonably comfortable in both blender and solidworks, but I find there are some things I can do faster in solidworks, and I'm certain I can get the solid works files into blender, but what kind of hurdles should I expect turning them into game ready assets?
You'll most probably have to decimate your models, and given that they are hard-surface, retopologize them to keep accurate surface detail (i.e., proper fillets, smooth highlights, that kind of thing).

I'm learning Fusion 360 for a similar purpose, coming from artistic 3D modeling, however. One of the first things I did was to test format exchange. I found that using the mesher in Moi3D to export an ngon mesh from a CAD file gives a pretty decent base for retopology -- as opposed to the typical triangle soup that you'd get with common mesh export functions. So, in summary, my pipeline currently is Fusion 360 (IGES) -> Moi3D (export to ngon-based mesh) -> ZBrush/Houdini for free-form modeling and retopo -> clean, good-looking hard-surface model.
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind while I experiment.

File: Huion Giano.jpg (64 KB, 640x640)
64 KB
What do you use?
Is having a display a must have in your opinion? Or do you prefer to work with something like an Intuos?
Should you always go Wacom? Or has chinkshit caught up?
How many levels of pressure sensitivity do you like to have?
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Stay away from Monoprice op. Wacom's price tag is grossly inflated but I have never had one of their pads break on me.
newer wacoms have that fucking awful coating on the surface that works like abrasive for nibs
>What do you use?
Believe it or not, but I'm still happily using my original Intuos 2 I bought in 2002 or so. I never even changed the tip.

>Is having a display a must have in your opinion? Or do you prefer to work with something like an Intuos?
I think that depends on what you're used to and your preference. I personally don't need it, but I can understand the benefits of each.

>Should you always go Wacom? Or has chinkshit caught up?
See first answer. I wouldn't know. :^)

>How many levels of pressure sensitivity do you like to have?
I think this is by far the biggest meme in existence of tablets. Today's tablets have a billion pressure levels and all kinds of useless gimmicks. IMHO the only thing you need is a tilt recognition and a few hundred pressure levels.
Stick some smooth plastic over it.
>What do you use?
Wacom Intuos 3
>Is having a display a must have in your opinion? Or do you prefer to work with something like an Intuos?
>Should you always go Wacom? Or has chinkshit caught up?
I've only ever used Wacom because they're what I've gotten for free here and there.
>How many levels of pressure sensitivity do you like to have?
1 when sculpting, 3 when drawing

File: o8R7KJh0_400x400.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
last one hit the bump limit >>633114
got questions? post it here
show the work that you made
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Shrinkwrap onto a cylinder works too, great idea. Why did it not work for you
Another way would be to start with a simple circle, select all vertices, checker deselect every n-th, then extrude and scale to get the outer face, fill and delete the face, extrude everything to get volume. This gives you n-gons
Noticed you guys have reached bump, here's a new thread: >>641868
This board is slow as shit, you're retarded.
Any tips for tentacle topology, so it bends nicely in all directions? No lewd stuff it's more like chaos spawn tentacles.

File: Thumbnail.png (1.05 MB, 1680x943)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I don't often see threads about animation posted here. So I'll make one. Post animations you've made here, and don't be shy. No matter how shitty or how good it is, share it in this thread!

I'll post mine just to start it out.
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This isn't mine but a student that graduated a few months ago, a masterpiece if you ask me guys.

a lil ditty i made
That is cute Anon.
Well done.
thanks babey
File: Render_Exterior_02B.jpg (3 KB, 140x78)
3 KB
Keeping thread alive so that I can shill my animation in it when I finally finish.

File: blender 2.png (6 KB, 800x600)
6 KB
I use Blender. Is there a way to do this on a cylinder in Edit Mode?
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File: 2.png (12 KB, 383x373)
12 KB
Edit mode > select that edge > drag the axis you want to push it in
What is it with /3/ and a lack of reading comprehension?
Interestingly, it happens mostly with Blender users. It's a curious phenomenon for the which I still haven't come up with convincing hypotheses.
Blender users are attracted to blender because of the lack of price point and therefore low bar of entry. With so many random video tutorials on YouTube, people feel as though the documentation isn't worth going through.
Edit mode, probably want to be in Ortho view
Select Click to start drawing line
Draw line of cut across where you want to cut
Select Click to end drawing line
Space bar to confirm cut
Select all vertices/faces you want to delete
Dissolve Faces

File: APOSETPOSEMPOSE.png (147 KB, 721x274)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
What is the advantages and disadvantages of the three poses listed respectively from Left to Right?

You kind of want the default pose to be the one that is the most approximately average pose this character is going to be. Like if you make some special ops soldier dude it's not uncommon the standard pose of this model is a half crouch rifle aim kind of deal since if you combine all animations you plan for this model is going to look kinda like that, better for proper mesh deformation.

T pose is best for a broad range of arm movement but might cause a lot of pinching but has the least amount of stretching if you need a character that does a lot over the head movements.

For most realistic modern games you want the hands to point downwards and slightly forward since the hands are going to be either on the side or on front aiming a gun. For instance if you got a driver model in a car game make him sit and position his hands like on a steering wheel.
You want a pose that is as relaxed and natural as possible, so you don't rig from already extreme / flexed limb positions. T is a no-go on realistic characters because it brings the shoulders to extreme stress. For cartoon chars it's probably OK.

>pic related
>tfw I instantly zoom in to check that old wood texture and completely ignore the girl

>tfw sometimes I stop in the middle of the street to check that brick wall from various angles

>tfw keep crouching and repositioning myself like a retard at different heights to check that roughness map on the furniture

>tfw obsessed with rocks and can't understand why others don't find them interesting
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How can you NOT analyze your surroundings as a 3D artist? Being obsessed is a good thing.
This. For painters, photographers, and of course, 3D artists too... nature has always been a major source of inspiration.
Small companies and being on an indie team can be fantastic. It's working for a AAA studio as a low level artist (Which is the only work you're going to get in anything that high-end) is what sucks.
Say hello to no creative freedom, terrible hours, terrible pay and no respect from your peers.
Basically, don't work for a corporation and you'll be fine.

It comes naturally with my hobbies and my everyday life, I don't need to act like a dork or autist.

I do photography, hiking, sports and bodybuilding, painting(in oil), woodwork and I mess around with old cars and motorcycles.
>Look at niggers and wonder why 3d artists would waste their time and talent sculpting/modeling. Maybe because they are forced to by Naughty Dog and Bioware?
Checked 'n keked.

OY VEY! Druckmann will deliver GOTY with TLoU2. Diversity and stronk woman!

How are assets like this made? The guy says on his artstation this was made with Zbrush, 3dCoat and Photoshop. Can someone here with experience talk me through the process? I think this kind of 'soft corner' assets look absolutely stunning, and I know Zbrush is the industry standard for organic modelling. But what are the steps taken to get from concept to game-ready asset?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

so neat soft blizzard-look is all an illusion? and what would the texturing program be? how can a noob start practicing hand painting models made in blender? i have a torrented copy of 3dCoat. Would that work? Is substance designer better? Or maybe marmoset?
>I think this kind of 'soft corner' assets look absolutely stunning

It's that disgustingly lazy-ass cartoon style that's fucking everywhere these days. Looks like a plastic toy playset.

Cheaper by the dozen, as they say. Pajeets and Zerglings can crank these out in no time for a few pennies.
Oookay, slow down there.
>all an illusion
More or less. You gotta save polys for game assets, and you can't just sacrifice detail as well, so you transfer all that detail into your textures.
As far as texturing programs go, I'll unironically suggest Blender for handpainting. Its texture painting mode and its brushes really can't extend further than the handpainted look. Just remember to save your textures externally, don't BAW like the others. You could give 3D Coat and Substance a go if you'd like though, they're more geared to photorealism so if you want to expand past handpainting they're good options. As a note: Substance Painter is the one you want, not Designer. Designer's more for creating tileable textures for environments and the like, Painter's as the name implies.

It's because it's the easiest to do.
>Pajeets and Zerglings can crank these out in no time for a few pennies
Which is why so many people gun for this style. Low cost + low effort, highest efficiency and effectiveness, overall best for business.
For soft corners you can just bake a beveled edge into normals
For a uniform look it's easier to just have hard edges that you mark for later processing
The 200 IQ solution is face weighted normals
>Can someone here with experience talk me through the process?
Model in ZBrush, retopo/UV in in 3D Coat, texture in Photoshop, is one possibility.
There is some overlap in these tools as both ZBrush and 3D Coat offer sculpting tools, except 3DC uses voxels and is also pretty good for NPR texturing.

Exactly, this art style is immensely easy to optimize for any hardware level, letting you release to anything including mobile.

File: Cottages.jpg (223 KB, 1920x1080)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Hey guys I'm relatively new to 3D modelling, I've had 2 years experience in games industry through courses but for some reason cant wrap my head around the process/pipeline of modelling. What are the main steps to modelling something like these cottages that are handpainted? :)
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Like would you say each house has its own Texture map of the same texture map with different variants
basically go to cubebrush.co and see what tutorials you want to do.

generally speaking, you want to do like 10 free tutorials on the basics of modeling and stuff first. then get into the paid stuff.
in cubecrush, they have amazing section in 3dcoat library, check that out

what is that other free tool?
The one that ought not to be named.
Painting in Blunder is a disaster
You can paint models in Photoshop with no addons, the camera controls are ass but other than it's fine for simple stuff.
Also you can just paint into the UVs in any program, but this can give some problems with distortion unless you are an unwrapping god. You can also paint via projection in any program, it's fun. I recommend Krita because it's good and has shaped gradients and G'MIC integration which shits on Photoshop

File: help_pls.png (1.04 MB, 640x480)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Hey 3 i'm supposed to do a packaging with an embossed pattern on it, problem i don't know how to convert the displacement map into a mesh, while still making it follow the curves. I'm using 3ds max
Normal displacement?
UV mapping?
what ? i'm kinda new to the handling of textures, in the image i just used a displacement map with a greycale texture

Using Cinema4d

My Bones are facing the wrong direction, is there a way to change the direction after applying the skin?

How do I add Thickness to a cone in Cinema 4d keeping the pointy end, Extrude or Cloth surface result in to the screenshot
Import the model to Blender and add a Solidify modifier.
Import the model to Fusion 360 and use a Thicken operation.
Jump on a bike without a saddle
Try setting the maximum angle to 100 degrees in the extrude tool. If that doesn't work then try this.

Select one of the points on the outer loop and zero out the X and Z coords.
Then select all the points on the top outer loop then use the weld tool (w+q) I think
Then weld them all to the point you just moved.

File: aAA.png (838 KB, 1500x882)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
too lazy to make a proper thread image edition

previous: >>637785

This thread is for comments and critique on the projects you've been working on. Complete pieces are allowed and please do post them in here.
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File: sc2018912-05121.jpg (242 KB, 1920x1080)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
dunno why i made sucha huge part of skull for that tiny bit that is seen, guess i hate time
its a gorilla+human, as those fucks have some lien looking skulls
for now fis that spine and make scapulas
your elbows look worse now, its not that they were too pointy, its that they lacked the ulna bone of the forearm just under it
its a curved bone going off at an angle
image in next post
File: pose0s01-prod-g.jpg (140 KB, 1010x593)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
it may look like its extremely curved, but its just that the bone is twisted 90 degress and goes into the body
That was kind of my plan anyway. i posted the previous models I made above. I see them as abominations. But I am making a game prototype. I think this will have to do for now.
>your elbows look worse now,
I know. I like more definition.
All our bones are somehow curved to allow the best of movement. I guess I have to go study Ryan Kingslien.
We've reached bump, so as per usual the thread's been refreshed.
xox from general-san
File: 1536617518890.jpg (201 KB, 990x1012)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Not sure if this is the right place to post but I want to get into level design and make a world to explore. I haven't touched Maya in years and used Unity back when I dabbled in game development.

I downloaded UE4 and I'm thinking of grabbing Blender. I want to rebuild Dark Souls with a Halo theme. Just start with firelink shrine and see if I want to continue from there. I want to make level design a hobby but I'm essentially new to this again.

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