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File: pls help.jpg (139 KB, 480x360)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
how can i rip the 3d models from the psx version of THPS2?
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They're probably going to be your best lead, lots of activity in FFHacktics still.
>requires devkit
We have psx emulators. Surely you could just hijack them from there at worst.
I'm not someone who rips models. Just a software person. I'd run Nsight (or renderdoc etc) on the emulator, capture a frame and get the model and associated bound textures.
Of course that's assuming the emulator is HW accelerated. With software rendering that'd be harder. But I imagine there's at least one open source psx emulator you could run and do some simple detective work on to get at the models.
Apparently the emulators just squash them on the Z axis or something.
PSX games have no z-buffer, there still are no emulators that have, z buffer support.
not true. there's a modded pcsx-r that implements it

File: azuka.png (117 KB, 792x792)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Pls rate.
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at this point you just need time. you already mastered the defining meshes
Crypto CIA?
worst girl
Stop posting it on every board
>anime shit/10
just stop.
worst art style in history.
warhol was better and that dude was terrible.

File: vrchat ran.png (296 KB, 1298x1284)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
So I got this Rect/Transform/XYZ Axes issue where it's far off from the model. It needs to be "center" and not at the mesh joint. Anyone got this problem before?

>can't change with Create Empty GameObject as parent
>change origin in Blender doesn't do anything

It could be a stray vector, unity bug or the model's massive boundary. Don't know if a plugin can solve this or with script coding.
Model download link: https://bowlroll.net/file/55219
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Yes there is. Shit graphics, shit performance, must pay for tons of stuff already included in unreal and cryengine.
it's made by effeminate eurotrash for buttsecks luvin retards. Normal people want to make games, not waste time coding from scratch
>I don't like Unity.

I respect your opinion.
respect dick, bitch
Make sure you don't have any stray vertices or edges in your blender file - that could account for the enlarged bounding box.

File: 01.jpg (259 KB, 2048x1364)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Thats some realistic shit...
Rendering and Visuals by Dmitriy Ten, Modelling by Kantemir Bitokov
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yeah me too

These photos only really work on overcast days because you just know they would fuck up the shadows otherwise.
You idiot, as soon as you mention it's CG, people will have a retarded confirmation bias that it looks CG.

How have none of you noticed this yet? Post this as a photo and jot down the reaction to it, you'll get a vastly different reaction compared to when announcing it's CG.

File: 1451065283381.jpg (22 KB, 533x477)
22 KB
>playing 2017 vidya at the highest ultra settings
>get closer and closer to wall
>it gets flatter and flatter
>as you get right up against it, the wall shows itself as just a flat plane, breaks all immersion
>game claims to use photorealistic "PBR" rendering

Defend yourself, /3/, if you even can.
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Still more accurate though. And you can use denoising methods to achieve less noisy results.
just got a pc thats worth a shit and ran into this shit too. I advise alot of you just to wait into the middle of a console cycle if you wanna play vidya games for cheap cause the high power pc shit is overrated.
It's not technically possible yet to just model or scan everything. Maybe in a decade or so we can just load photoscanned high poly models into game engines with 8k textures and not worry about performance.
But right now this isn't possible, especially when games need to be optimized for multiple platforms. Everything in CG is basically faking stuff in a way that makes it look real while still getting decent performance. That has nothing to do with anything being overrated.

And once again, even if we could make games where we render a billion tris and use 32k maps, people would complain about having to download / install 1TB games.
why would noise be relevant anyway? just build your scenes properly and let the thing render for the time it needs friendo

good renderers like arnold, vray, and renderman are super efficient now and, though biased, process physical-world parameters to incredible accuracy

I highly prefer that to the real-time alternative with its spotchy fake GI and half-assed approximations. Don't get me wrong, RT still kick ass for what it does, but comparing it with proper rendering is just absurd.
Eventually we will have real time ray tracing tho. Don't remember where but I've seen a video of RT screen spaced ray traced GI that looked really good.
And the architects who designed the new Nvidia HQ got access to their own Nvidia renderfarm for the project. There was a guy from Gensler who talked about that on the substance days at Gnomon school this year. He said they had so many gpus in there that they basically had real time ray tracing using iray. So as hardware becomes more powerful and algorithms improve, we get closer to having that shit available for the average user.

File: NTwCa[1].jpg (72 KB, 480x360)
72 KB
No one has reuploded them. IDK if anyone remembers them but one was about Franklin trying to get a coding job and another one involved Mr. Computer and Franklin in Japanese class.

I really really want to re watch them.

If anyone hasn't seen this show before, here is episode one:
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Just go to 9fag if you want to see 4chan memes from 10 years ago.
So 4chan memes don't age well like cigars and wine?
He posted weird pictures of himself as a trap.
File: _DSC2613.jpg (430 KB, 2769x1805)
430 KB
430 KB JPG

Who doesn't?
People who aren't artists and/or actually care about their image.

File: Screenshot (600).png (541 KB, 517x528)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
1. Keeping the lighting consistent across all images...at the expense of some images being imperfectly lit.


2. Having each image lit perfectly...at the expense of losing a consistent look across all images.

Pic related
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>no args
off yourself

whoops forgot I was on 4chan! cuck, soyboy, patrician, goose, meme etc
Nope, OP, try again.
Keep telling people to give up zbrush and put no effort into lighting their porn you retard. Is this what using Blender does to people?

File: 1512167864679.jpg (70 KB, 960x542)
70 KB
Where can I get an Adobe Photoshop CC torrent
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File: shig.jpg (64 KB, 666x656)
64 KB
Download it directly from adobe, you moron.
It's okay when it's not Nintendo.
thepiratebay has everything
When it comes to programs as widely used as photoshop, yes.

File: 01.jpg (82 KB, 590x590)
82 KB
Does anyone have a guide for creating textures for cutesy models like this? I can make the model just fine, but I have no idea where to go from there to the point where I just quit.

I'm using Maya and have access to Zbrush
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try mari, non comercial is free
Mari is overkill for hand-painting textures.
Its also slow.
>texturing theory doesn't care what software you use
>blender can do the same shit
This part is actually correct. In terms of doing stuff like procedural textures that you control / tweak, you can do that with Blender but you're going to have to paint the mask yourself (which is really what you're doing with Substance it's just hidden or more intuitive).

>with very little effort
It's going to take a ton of extra effort. All those programs come with huge libraries of procedural textures, general purpose textures, etc which Blender has none of.
You can make your own or download other people's stuff or carefully assemble a library of shit off the internet, but it's going to take a lot of effort compared to clicking on "Leather -> Shiny Leather -> Finger Print Smudges" in Quixel / Substance / Mari / Whatever

>and for free.
You'll have to spend a prodigious amount of time assembling that shit, or you can buy libraries of stuff. You're also going to have to learn all the ins and outs of Blender's node system and all the texture painting hotkeys and shit.

You can achieve a kind of faux layer system via Slots and Nodes, it's just not intuitive or friendly at all.
agreed, /thread

File: image.jpg (1.11 MB, 4032x3024)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Me and ten other people are working on a talkshow and one segment includes a 3D modeled version of the host and co-host. We have a fair budget.

If you have any experience creating human models from images please email exrexmemoria@gmail.com

contact me at potus@whitehouse.gov
Do you still need the job?
10 people and I

File: forests.jpg (185 KB, 1200x801)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I'm currently working on a outdoor scene and I find myself having a hard time locating a reference with the different trees in the regions of the world.

I'm looking for good websites or books that can be used as a quick reference of the common plants, trees and general flora of different regions around the world.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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File: comeonenow.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB
File: Capture.png (275 KB, 874x986)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
that picture looks like the congo.
Search for Geobotanic books, it should help.

File: Ljkn6Xd.jpg (44 KB, 984x737)
44 KB
I'm not an artist of any kind, but I thought some of you might have some discussion to share about the Mind's Eye series from the 90s.

I used to see these shorts on YTV in Canada as a child between shows. They introduced me to surrealism, and I have extremely vivid memoreis of watching them. Many I actually thought were dreams I had, but it turns out they were actual childhood memories I had of creepy early 90s CGI. Rewatching these as an adult was a crazy experience.

Cool stuff.


19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
That shit is lit
yeah i love it
It actually had a few 60fps segments, starting at 11:30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=274jArPROnk
>aesthetics is a dictionary definition
>not an incredibly nuanced branch of philosophy with many interpretations and modes of thinking

File: x-class.16.png (719 KB, 1920x1080)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
I'm using keyshot for rendering & trying to achieve a realistic vehicle paint look.
Get better at lighting and try the HDR Light Studio plug in if possible. The default glossy paints and Axalta are pretty close to just drag and drop. The metallic and matte colors will need adjustments in the metal flakes / mattes usually need less roughness and refraction, metals/textures can take more adjustments and of course a lot longer render times.

There's too much to get into in general. Every type of paint takes practice to learn how to set the colors and also your scene/lighting to show them the best possible. Adding your own real floor plane and sometimes simple objects to become lights will help with shadows / reflections for cars a lot of the time. Start watching tutorials for every type of material / lighting.
Alright. Thanks m8.
car paint tints white light reflection very slightly.
so if you can get that to be a thing in your program i would look into that.

and even though unrelated to your question, the plastics require more roughness/less reflectivity.
vehicle body plastic like bumpers and sideview mirrors absorb light.

your tires, the tread should be flat shaded, the walls should be smooth shaded, rubber absorbs more light than the plastic.

the parts around the door windows (the black frame) should not have any shine as they're matte finish.

File: John_Lasseter_2002.jpg (33 KB, 250x379)
33 KB
N-not him please :((
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File: johnlasseter-10.jpg (165 KB, 458x600)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Why he simply didn´t fired everyone who talked shit about him and hired the most gorgeous girls to work in their place, and made them first sign a contract where they were allowed to be ass grabbed, kissed, hugged and fucked in front of everyone during all times? God, he´s being a pussy.
>Make content for kids
>Work almost exclusive with kids on a lot of projects
>The acting field is all about "pretending" whatever the director tells you to "pretend"
It's the best way for pedos to get their fix.
>25 years ago he changed art by creating this movie
>And he had absolutely no help from anyone in anyway whatsoever
Doesn't apply to Lasseter tho
It's Hollywood though, connections are still a thing. I'm sure one of your pals will let you borrow his cumbucket for tonight if you ask nicely.

File: 1511652989043-2140099509.jpg (677 KB, 1616x1212)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
Posthe any storts
>be me
>want to make big tiddies in 3d
>learn how complex 3d world is
>actually get invested
>learning 3d
>forgotten tiddie
>Make money pile render for school project
>have trouble printing
>dad comes over and tries to google search for the picture I made
>Thank you Andrew Price
>Get hired freelance for a know company
>They ask the usual "we want high quality for a good price"
>I tell them it'll take me around 150-200hrs to finish
>I try to meet my quality standards, create a good looking project
>Contract ends, i get paid and leave
>Then i hear from a friend that went there 3 months later that they talked behind my back "it was way too expensive" "he ripped us off" "we could've got it alot cheaper from someone else" etc.
>They hire some rookie for their next project... that ended up looking like shit
>They come back to me asking for another project
>They tell me they only have a fixed budget even though everyone in the industrie knows they basically shit money...
>I tell them i only work on an hourly basis and that i wont sell myself below value
>They say theyll have to think about it

People dont want to pay artists shit anymore cuz they think anyone can make it cheaper...

>still came back in the end and accepted my offer...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>still came back
You shouldn't hate your job. I mean, they have a right to complain about prices. AND they came back. That proves you're just that good. Feel good anon, you proved to a bunch of chimps that you are worth it.
I run a business that deals with 3D a lot, and even being in the managerial side I try to do artist stuff as much as I can, because that shit is just built into me. Anyway, that kind of business practice is pretty much the standard. The highest praise you can get as an outsource is the fact that they come back and pay the bill. So take pride in that!
I know as an artist, what we really really want deep down is recognition, so as long as NDAs and contractwork allows, do show off in artstation or wherever as much as you like. That's the icing on the cake after all

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