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File: slider_778_2.jpg (114 KB, 668x350)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Which program is better for UV Mapping and why? More specifically, low-poly organic models.
For context, I'm new to UV Mapping and am currently working on a base mesh for a character model.
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max for sure?

i think so.
if you value convenience get uvlayout or topogun
both garbage compared to maya
File: DXc6cz_X0AAckLv.jpg (64 KB, 720x510)
64 KB
Thanks very much.

File: images (1).jpg (24 KB, 512x288)
24 KB
Anyone got a tutorial link on how to import specifically the face in Honey Select?
I want to use/replace a .obj.fbx/w.e. face asset into the Honey Select's face system, in other words, how to import a face not created previously in Honey Select, but one created in another software.
Probably a thread for /h/ but real modders in HS are ovbiously in /3/ too. Thanks in advance
>but real modders in HS are ovbiously in /3/ too.
They actually aren't.
You won't find productive people here, only idiots fighting over their favorite software.
Bump for engrish tutorials

File: faces.jpg (430 KB, 1920x2080)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
Hi All,

New to blender. Because 3DS Max is $$$ and I want to make 3D models but I'm broke af

Whenever I right click a face, it selects it like I expect. But when I control click another face, it selects all the faces in between. The attached pic is some random mesh I made getting a feel for the modifiers & shit. It shows the before and after of when I try to select to separate faces.

How do I stop this and make it so it doesn't select the faces in between what I control click? I've been looking for an hour lol
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Ctrl click is always multiple, but not shift.
Unreal map or air-conditioning unit
A thread died for this
No, they swapped the hemispheres of your brain.
Blender has really powerful hotkey based selecting tools that a lot of users don't know about because they don't read the manual (or haven't kept up with their tutorials).


If you want an (excessively) in-depth tutorial about all the basics of blender, I recommend Lydna
Oops I linked to the Curves specific selecting, though all or most of those hotkeys are the same, here's the Meshes specific section


File: HarryHoudini1899.jpg (300 KB, 646x1093)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
You need to learn to filter noise in this field. There are far too many softwares and all of them are extensive so you can't afford to waste time. I'm here to help you out.

Rule # 1: Don't start with character modeling as you will not have anything to show for possibly years. Be smart and do only environments, objects and stuff. NO CHARACTER MODELING OR YOU WILL QUIT BEFORE YOU EVEN START. Do it a year or two from now.

Learn Houdini for some sick modeling and it doesn't have to be procedural yo, it just has more options. Like the simple bevel tool can make entire exterior structures for you. You don't need to even touch the particle stuff and you focus only on the modeling aspect of it. It's not hard at all, you need to master maybe 15-20 buttons and you can be a god mode 3d modeler and have full control and even change stuff as you like. The nodes will give you power.



Learn Zbrush to model those hard finer details. Seriously use the zmodeler to rough out the shape and turn on mirroring on x,y or z and just make random details.They look nice even if they are shit. In Zbrush you must make your own UI, watch the videos and learn to redo the UI and use only whats necessary.

Learn substance Painter . Also download substance designer and watch a few tutorials and honestly you are good togo, there isn't that much to learn.

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>I just need to keep pressing on it on my spare time and eventually it'll happen.

Yup. Learning a software with so many moving parts is not ideal under production pressure. And at smaller places you don't always have the luxury of RnD time, even though it's important to grow as a studio. Basically I've come to accept that anything fancy that I want to implement I'll have to first nail down on my own time.
That is correct English
No he is not saying that, but it is along the same lines. (aka editing a small section to make big affects at any step in the proccess)
File: ss.png (160 KB, 338x629)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Hey OP, great thread. Im a beginner in Blender but think im gonna switch to Houdini if it's more along the lines of parametric / procedural design.

I'm a mechinal engineering major (going into my senior year) have the same thoughts about the future of design, mainly generative design and the like. Especially with industrial and metal 3D printing becoming more common, these hardwares and softwares in combination will be the future.

I use organic modeling like meshmixer and blender in combination with geometric like solidworks to create some intricate and functional parts for 3D printing that almost no other mechE's (in my class at least) can model. Anyways thanks for the thread. I am ready to be future proof.

Pic related some rando thing i made in blender today
It isn't. "Maths" is also wrong, as is adding extra 'U's to words like Armor, Color, and so on.

File: cam_rot_webm.webm (1.18 MB, 960x540)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB WEBM
I know is maybe off topic

but here is a 3d render of a 4d snake
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inb4 >use was banned for this post
I assume that OP is this guy: https://youtu.be/avTG-hxzTJY
And here's his python song: https://youtu.be/BWvAjK79PIs
No I'm not

I'm this guy
Subscribed just for that cringey bio t b q h f a m
thx man, I should change that
/4/ is in a superposition both that > and that < way.

File: 1529276316804.jpg (44 KB, 569x506)
44 KB
Opinions on blender 2.8 for 2D anime porn?
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if you have to ask you can't do it
excuse me who's that?
>I didn't post it therefore it must be a falseflag
he's completely right though, or are you a pathetic Blendlet?

I started the trial version of ZBrush 2018, and I have to say, sculpting feels like I'm cheating.
I'm coming from blender, and this is a real culture shock. is this why it is the "industry standard" ?
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Does Blender support layers for sculpting yet?
>Does Blender support
I asked already but thread was waylaid by the record-setting levels of stupidity right at the start;

Can anyone give me primer on what all this sculptris talk is about, surrounding the release of Zbrush2018?

I thought they were two separate suites?
They added dynamic topology, so you won't need to remesh constantly.

It's (arguably) the only thing that Sculptris and Blender had above ZBrush.
So, Dynamesh without the 'drag mask rectangle in empty space to update' functionality? That's it?

I think I must be missing something....

File: i_swear_no_lewd.png (33 KB, 926x580)
33 KB
I got the yotsuba model from here: https://bowlroll.net/file/7374
password is yotuba (without s)
I imported into blender using mmd_tools but the textures do not appear
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File: 1526946828553.jpg (53 KB, 450x230)
53 KB
File: 1530510521155.jpg (171 KB, 804x1024)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
File: 8362222433_3eaebbf7af.jpg (50 KB, 474x354)
50 KB

Is VR legit for making 3D models or is it a gimmick?
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If only there was a new type of piano that had technology assist, then you would be as good as Bach right?

All the satisfaction and experience you would lose on that shortcut...

I'm not not implying you shouldn't ditch proper animation skills to go straight with Quill and you'd make AAA animations, in fact you definitely need the skills to use this tool, I'm saying the tool provides something unique compared to other software.
This isn't technology assist. 3D software has been unintuitive for 2D animators for so long but VR is actually solving the problem. Look at this.
Typical 3D sculpting would be too slow to think of doing something like an animation or even a storyboard. With this technology, an artist can model as fast as he draws, that's real game changing stuff.
Not read thread so this may have already been said, but....

It having used anything like this I would stake a sizeable wager there is nothing available right now that any serious artist could use in a meaningful way for any kind of task. All that's there right now is most likely gimmick...


Yeah, in the future I'm sure there's going to be a breakthrough that will make owning a VR toolset like having a Wacom - essential for certain purposes. Tbc - I'm looking 10+ years into the future when I say this. It's not just around the corner.
We've been making compuer simulations of 3D objects and spaces with 2D tools for decades - 3D VR is obviously the way we're going to actually inhabit and interact in these workspaces - how can it not be? How can it not be an improvement?

When pressure-sensitive tablets became available and 2D artists were able to actually use the same expressive strokes and gestures they do with pens and pencils - that obviously opened up a whole new dimension for those artists and brought them closer to their craft; VR will be the same for us, I'm sure - but yeah, we're way, *way* off that for now.

Imagine working in a near empty room, with no desk or chair and you go to work at the start of each day by just putting on a nice, slim, lightweight pair of spectacles that are in fact your VR headset and you don't even need gloves or any kind of manual controller because the motion tracking in the room/headset is so advanced that it can pick up all your body movements with millimetre-precision, and you just go to work building landing craft concepts for space exploration companies, or interior visualisations of the worlds first all-robotic surgery theatre... and you do all this by walking round your studio manipulating pixels with your bare hands, like clay or lego.... and the entire system had the robustness and completeness of everything you use in your Zbrush / Max / rt render engine workflow today...

Don't pretend that wouldn't be rad.
Holy shit - this is beautiful. Imagine this in 10 years time; amazing.
And yeah - to the anons who say improved technology won't improve your art - this is clearly a specious argument. As technology improves, it becomes invisible - if a technology exists that allows someone who has no interest in computers at all to almost instantly give us a vision of what is going on in their head; then yes - technology is improving art by fiat.
Technology only helps when it is busy getting the fuck out of the way of ideas - VR will obviously do that in time. The video this anon posted here is clear evidence of that.

File: gifgif.gif (3.16 MB, 349x187)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB GIF
How would you go about animating this logo, /3/?
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File: 1422316913519.jpg (11 KB, 244x250)
11 KB
>lol dude download preset you cant make new stuff
you guys represent the shittiest tier of digital creation
worse than pajeet actually trying to do something
Isn't it good to know how it can be done though?
project it along a glistening black dick.
If you need to "download" someone's project for something like that, you are fucking worst..

Cheap(as in cheaper than lifetime maintenance cost of a roasty) 3d printed flesh and bones tech will be the ultimate catalyst for popular 3d golden age

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>I'd appreciate any advice on overcoming this?
Have you tried learning drawing, just the basics? It is commonly focused on exercising you to see broad shapes and volumes.
I had tried at some point. Learnt perspective, and tried my hand at gesture, but that's where I gave up, in large part because I couldn't get the shapes thing down I suppose. I can see boxes, that's about it, and even that has its limits. I seem to always go back to lines.
Now show bobs
File: heaskedforit.jpg (91 KB, 640x960)
91 KB
>Now show bobs
Your wish shall be granted.
Disgust for sluts is not homosexuality, it's being a pnormal man instead of a weak cuck.

File: Mud_Render.jpg (128 KB, 1596x971)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
So I think I am ready for contract work making 3D assets and such. Where is the best place to find reliable contract work as a 3D artist? I mainly enjoy level design but I can do quite a few things. If you wana check out my artstation here it is!

Let me know what you think and what I need to fix. I know unfinished work is gay and shouldn't be up there so I will fix that after work.
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You have Solidworks?
I'm from /k/ and need some gun shit modeled up in solidworks
I'm familiar with it but I don't want to pay 6k for a copy
I can do it, contact me, we'll talk.
I use irc/skype.
This is not the wrong board.
Everything is murica Anonymassè
ATF didn't see this post

rare video of sam hyde talking about creative jobs
this is relevant for artists

9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>interesting person
>something to say

Well, you do understand that there's not even a closely objective merit for judging these traits? There is literally no point in discussing that or ever bringing that up, it's an attempt at sophism.

At least the percieved "mastery" of an artist can actually be judged by criteria like realism of perspective, lighting and anatomy.
File: 1388373174081.jpg (104 KB, 500x415)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Even if he is a dickhead, that still doesn't take away the reality that people who hate him tend to be narcissistic mess-ups. At the sacrifice of his reputation, he exposes the insane amount of mediocrity present today.
He also denies the holocaust, espouses homophobic conspiracy theories and insane misogyny for edgelord lols. And he is not 13 years old.

If you're into that - fine. But don't kid yourself that people who have absolutely no respect for this guy don't have a point.
He's a moron, if you want to follow morons and listen to what they have to say - go ahead. Plenty of them to pick from, just don't be so fucking vain that you feel there's a need to criticise the people who don't give losers like this the time of day.
That's, like, your opinion, man.

File: unknown.png (347 KB, 952x835)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Character model I am working on ^^
Cool, but use the WIP thread you humongous tripfag.
Sorry did not know about it. where can I find it?
Lurk moar.
You aren't planning on making it fuck orcs, are you?

You got something good here, kiddo. :) Keep it up. If I could make any complaint it's that her face is too angular, making her look masculine. try rounding it out a bit and making her cheekbones less pronounced.

File: monster.jpg (134 KB, 1597x858)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
If there is a thread like this that already exist please sauce me on it I couldn't find it but here's two of my works completed.
Well there is a WiP thread, but I don't really see any completed work threads. People just tend to post their finished pieces elsewhere.
it's cute. I see you went without the visor. Good choice.
Our WIP threads ( >>629312 ) actually double as "completed work" threads. It's not explicitly in the title, but it's where you're meant to post your work to garner any critique & comments (C&C) whether it's complete or not, because we all can always improve.

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