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File: ww_wip_1.jpg (167 KB, 1280x761)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Anyone from here ever participate in on of these?
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I'm participating.
>no one gives a fuck there
Are you kidding? Polycount is one of the biggest and oldest forums, it has professionals and amateurs in droves. Hell, its logo alone has made it into quite a few games.
I'm talking about monthly challenges.
nobody is participating now for example.. amd in last challenge were 2 people
Because it has no prize, there's no "winner", and the submission period is open-ended. The only people who really participate in those are the ones who want something to model or to get critique from other people - this isn't an artstation challenge where you get a free year of Pro and an official certificate.
ok! you convinced me even more now. I'll take part in there for sure.
I wanted to take part in this one, Max pentis's charcter is one of challenges, which I'm a fan of.
I wanted to finish character which I'm working on now, I even posted this, in challenge thread.

but now I started new character which I'm kinda doying, as.... "performance" kinda..
it's very hard to explain. but I kinda think I must do it ))

This might be a noob question, but..
>I never learnt how to rig and animate models. I use 3dsmax, zbrush and UE4.
>If I have a T-posed character, how hard is to use the actor/robot/model from UE4, apply or create the same skeleton and use it in a game with my character as a skin?

How can I find an updated tutorial for unreal about this? I dont want very elaborated animations or interactions, just not having an invisible mesh on my first person game
"skins" in games are just alternate models loaded but only shown when selected. If you want to use your sculpt as a skin in UE4 you need to retopo it and rig it.

File: intothetrashitgoes.png (1.17 MB, 2000x2000)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Is my watch okay? I've only been doing this shit for some months
Improve your lighting, I can't see shit.
does it work ? I once did a watch in MAX but I've forgotten the expressions for time LOL?
Lighting and scuff up the leather. It looks too perfect and fake.
On a real watch the seconds subdial would be further to the left (usually replaces the 9 o'clock marker) and the date indicator would be further to the right (but not so right that it replaces the 3 o'clock marker)

File: how.png (586 KB, 699x640)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
Alright guys, serious question.
How the hell would you texture the hair in pic related in substance painter only ?

Our western mainstream knowledge-source for 3D japanese manga studio artstyle is pretty much non-existance and I assume that the chances are pretty much Zero for somebody here knowing it, but some good japanese source would do it too.
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5. Place each part of the bangs along the circumference of the sphere
6. Use Knife and Move tools to create a sense of depth
>texture the hair in pic related in substance painte
3D Linear Gradient. Use that either on your diffuse or if you know what you're doing, stick it on your normal channel to get the best possible gradient effect going on there.

Edges you could do with a Mask Builder, but results will depend hugely on your topo, normals and UVs. Everything else will be brush strokes, but looking at the model there you probably don't need to do many.
What's wrong with her shoulder?
is there a version of this tool in maya?
Not a clue, haven't touched Maya. Max is full of things like this though.

File: 1489457219369.jpg (37 KB, 960x744)
37 KB
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inb4 memeple
Always enjoyed making semi-realistic graphics in 2D with a billion layers of gradient shaded vector paths and gaussian blurs and drop shadows and noise filters and shit. After trying Blender once as a teenager I spent many years assuming that 3D had too steep of a learning curve for me to ever git gud at it, so I figured it wasn't worth trying. Like learning Chinese or something.

Several years ago, after seeing some people on Dribbble talking about learning C4D and showing off the neat stuff they made after casually playing with it for only a few days, I was like "fuck, I bet I can do that" so I pirated R12 or whatever was new at the time and found it much less daunting than I expected.

I'm not posting this to troll Blenderfriends. I'm just telling the truth of my own experience.
Nothing strange about that, Blender changed a lot over the years. I also tried it out 10+ years ago and didn't understand shit. Today, it's a different story and my favorite modeling program.
Hobbyist pornographer and VR enthusiasm
so I don't have to do fake 3d shit in after effects with a million plug ins

File: Raining-money.jpg (52 KB, 507x338)
52 KB
The sheer amount of knowledge and expertise required to be a 3D artist is closer to a computer scientist.

Yet you see graphic designers rake in more dough.

Where did we go wrong bros?
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I would argue illustrators and concept artists need more fine art skill than graphic designers.
Its just what it is. For me the only way I personally am able to say what is good UX is when I enter a program with an express purpose and the program makes it very easy to find whatever it is I want, no gimmick or obtuse behavior, maybe just a nudge in the right direction showing you're doing it "the right way".

Everything else and you are entering basically guess work territory. I do think theres logic to stuff like color theory but I think its eventually secondary to the issue of proper intuitive design, which in itself is a pretty subjective thing as what I consider immediately obvious, my neighbor scratches his head over.

I cant even call it common sense anymore when its the opposite of common. I hope this fad changes as generstions switch and people like my mom are phased out and no longer catered for, but young people are often a problem all their own.

To put it shortly, I feel alot of the principles of UX is prerty psuedo science and while its fairly easy to recognize aesthetic design, its usability is entirely dependant on the person its presented to.
>people like my mom are phased out
Why do you want your mom to die Steve?
Alas, my name is not Steve, and me mum's a cunt.

But no I mean I dont people to cater to then.
Made me laugh. Good job Peter

File: image.jpg (54 KB, 559x881)
54 KB
What is the worst 3D modeling program?
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I dunno, sometimes they're one and the same.

Especially if they're using /3/.
Us mayabros can't show our work because it's copyrighted/ protected by our studio
Notepad, I've been unable to make anything in 3D, and the camera controls are virtually non existent.
What studio? You using the educational license?

Do you like the new zbrush version?
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thanks mate
way too slow, higher minimal requirements with 0 real rendering improvements, even more useless bloat
Still no gpu acceleration and the pseudo voxel sculpting is fucking worthless outside of very low polygonal models
Even 1mln is impossible to do as for fucking bizarre reason it affects the entire model even if you modify one vertex
So can we not buy the old version anymore?
Do you think we live in a fucking open source utopia? Of course not, mate.
File: 1525452560171.jpg (68 KB, 1010x897)
68 KB
>that feeling when your scrolling through 74 subtools
>that feeling when you close the geometry tab and scroll to deformation and then scroll back up to geometry tab
>scroll scroll scroll
>this command cannot be undone
>that feeling when dynamesh freezes and crashes
>that feeling when dynamesh gives you a million tiny floating dust particles
>that feeling when the transpose tool defaults to gymbal
>that feeling when zbrush is the only program that can do what you want and you have to use it
>that feeling when you use Zbrush to sculpt the base for a growth solver in Houdini and render in Modo and build a laser cut file in Rhino3d and a watertight 3d printed file in netfabb because Zbrush can't cut meshes well.

File: 1521769854437.jpg (55 KB, 500x375)
55 KB
How many hours a day do you have to grind on cg to git gud or you'll never make it level?

I was looking at /g/ earlier, but its just full of inane comments. Cg looks more fun, but I dunno how many hours I can spare in my busy life with my newborn and loving gf
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Haha, I posted everything I made in WIPs here and on Reddit/Polycount, so I already got the feedback from you all. You would probably recognize it instantly anyway if I posted it here, so I'm definitely not gonna connect my work with posts like the previous one, sorry.
too bad you didnt post on blenderartists, thats where the real deals are made
3DCG is for loser NEETs with 16 hours a day to spare, get out normie
Living on doughnuts was fun, for some time, while I was in college, but not anymore, man. I have to take care of my health now.
Oshit its this guy

File: 1499478085810.jpg (57 KB, 736x736)
57 KB
Let's all share our best hair styling and rendering tuts

>(for Blender only)
>(for Blender only)

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/3/, setting the bar high.
thats why i keep coming back: its always a great laugh
xgen seems pretty useful at doing hair due to turning curves into cards automatically.
File: marvelousallah.jpg (7 KB, 264x191)
7 KB
>modeling hair with Marvelous Designer

Why? Traditionally you make hair by laying down strips of polygons as they would fall naturally across the human body. Marvelous Designer lets you do that easily. Start with the lower layers, freeze them then work up.

File: DbeBpSYXcAAe-QB[1].jpg (191 KB, 1920x1080)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>Yan is not a pedo, you guys
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that's the thing these days, people are full of salt and shit and they don't have lives/friends etc.. whatsoever,.. they get that placebo, that they matter and someone acknowledges them, from couple of edgy comments and likes on comment sections..
BTW I don't even know who the fuck "Yan" is..
you are describing your character as "Tight" yourself,,
don't sell sexual;ity as porn... that's why many shit is getting censored DESU.. the people who are against censoring, are labeling any sexuality as "Fanservice" and "Porn" themselves.. then they go apeshit when feminists go against it..
File: 8af.png (26 KB, 457x366)
26 KB
>you fucking cold unfeeling automaton
Something about this is hilarious, thanks for the laff anon.

I was being ironic.

Is their a way to somehow re adjust the texture on a UV map perfectly to the exact position of the original character? I have ripped a model from a game

and I was wondering if I could place the textures exactly how it used to be and not slightly misplaced.
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, it looks like you pretty much want to adjust the UV maps. What program are you using? Look up UV unwrapping in that program, because it typically comes with tips on how to adjust your UV map to align with your texture. You can scale, rotate and move the UV islands to match the texture map.
I am using blender to put the textures on my model, and using noesies for a comparison of the original model

Also thank you if thats what I was referring to. I will study UV unwrapping and hope I can find a good way to measure perfect angles on models
These pics of unwrapped characters made me think of an idea for a horror movie.

An aspiring 3D artist gets a junior character artist position at a major studio. He's incredibly happy, but eventually it turns out that all he ever has to do is unwrap some assholes model, instead of getting to use his zBrush skills. Eventually, the asshole steals the artists girl, causing him to snap and turn into.. The Unwrapper.
The Unwrapper kidnaps his victims and literally unwraps and layouts their skin in real life. A strong police womyn is investigating this new murder streak, and since our aspiring 3D artists knows all about unwrapping, he is asked to help her catch The Unwrapper...
File: tenor.gif (1.11 MB, 420x280)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
Its called UV mapping, and after you paint your model it automatically creates maps flr you in the end anyway.

File: 1525684783560s[1].jpg (6 KB, 237x249)
6 KB
is it possible to conform the vertices of a clothing mesh, to the surface of a body mesh?

basically, can i make my clothing models work universally without having to adjust every vertex?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is this the 'install gentoo' of /3/?
Well, you can only get the answer to that question by installing Blender.
>install blender
>use shrinkwrap modifier
>dress up as a girl and post your qt boiclitty all over /soc/
Just delete / hide the faces hidden under the clothes my dude
Dunno about other programs but C4D has something called shrink wrap that might do what you want.

hey guys, do you by chance have a 3ds max activation code. I can't find one anywhere and generating one is not working... Oooor any other suggestions on how to use it without buying it for the moment..
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File: 1497100183528.png (146 KB, 1360x768)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Not OP but i just installed this

how to make porn
File: d7b1385.jpg (165 KB, 1080x1842)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Just use the teapot.
What the fuck am I just looking at.
is that a trick question?

File: 1490395893820.jpg (471 KB, 1420x1300)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
New to Maya, and 3D modeling in general.

I plan on doing tutorials and practice modeling random shit every day for like 3 or 4 hours to improve.

How much do you think I can do in 4 months? Where am I most likely to end up?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Zbrush is easy
yea though its still one of the most fucked up software/ui you will ever encounter
becoming accustomed to it is fucking painful
It takes at most a couple days to be good at modelling faces if you arent an idiot.
>Dunning-Kruger: The Post.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
Get out.

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