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File: 356356356356356.jpg (39 KB, 750x245)
39 KB
Is this the final red pill?
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>photoshop is missing so much basic shit that gimp can do
lol what exactly do you mean?
Can confirm this anon is correct. I switched from GIMP to Krita and am having much more fun in my life.
File: 1524735568859.png (71 KB, 500x397)
71 KB
I was blendpilled until I started uni today and was told that we'd be exclusively using maya, 3DS etc. so now I am probably going to turn into one of those industry standard shills you see all over this board.
Congratulations Anon, you are slowly becoming part of the multi-program master race. Don't fight it, embrace it.

the final pleb-tier open source crapware that will lead you nowhere.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (280 KB, 1920x1080)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
how do i animation like Xavier renegade angel?
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Use SFM and use preexisting models or pay an artist to make one and rig it up for you. You can make nice animations pretty fast.
iclone, poser and DAZstudio are your friends
What do you even mean? It was done in 3ds max, but you can achieve this look in any 3D package. As for animation, it was done with the typical mix of moca and keyframe animation.
How would I do ani-mate-ion?
You can't, there isn't such a word.
Same way they made World Doctors.

Crappily... but ironically crappily so it's cool.

File: bli-222333.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1929)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
where would a brainlet like me find a decent resource to model good shit? something along the lines of cleaning up mesh like loops n shit

something like this video but more in depth


also i checked the links in the stinky, 2 of them are dead and the other one is pretty decent, but i want know if theres more that go into cleaning up. i also know theres retypology for most of the clean up but i think it would be better if i learned it.
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Well said. In any case most of the retards that come here asking how to model animoo can't actually do 3d
Man that model is great
Really goes to show how far just a decent texture can make a model
you have skewed definition of fundamentals noob
how is learning typology a shortcut?
this, the best advice you have gotten OP is that you should download a model and be happy with it.

File: 1422073478910.jpg (7 KB, 249x250)
7 KB
Is anyone ever actually creative and productive here?
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Models aren't all that there is to 3D. More important are scenes, stories, etc., you get the gist. There will never be a shortage of creative options in that area.
>Is anyone ever actually creative and productive here?
you mean the wip threads?

what about liking designing and making your own shit?
No, fuck off
Not just making something because you want or have the drive to make something your own? You are a fucking brainlet
This. Only for my employers and self will I put in the effort and not for you fags.

Studio XS Free resources thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for aewesome renders!
Hundreds of unique tools to drag and drop into your next Cinema 4D scene.
Compatible with both C4D Physical & Standard renderer and many others: Octane, RedShift, Arnold ecc.

Hope you enjoy the freebies section, if you’d like to learn the best place to start is here!!
You can download any of these, open them up, and study how they work or even use them for your own projects.
If you’re looking for something to play with and learn 3D then this section is an excellent resource to save!
Be sure to bookmark this page, and i’ll keep updating with new free assets.

If you use any of the packs or tools below and create anything cool with, feel free to give me a feedback, share with me your work and your thoughts on working with these XS elements.

You can also show some love by posting on Facebook or tweeting about the XS product or tagging #studioxs on Instagram too!

You may not redistribute or include these files in your own free/commercial products.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I guess this is going to be our freebies thread.

File: bigfreerealestate.png (617 KB, 1000x500)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
Free software
Don't promote shit pls

File: Houdini-Logo.png (16 KB, 520x520)
16 KB
Are there Houdini users on /3/? What are you learning or working on?
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Just finished up on a large scale crowds project, posted it here in WIP: >>633196

Other than that, just enjoying my time off between studios. I'll probably do some pyro rnd in the next couple weeks, and experiment a bit more with rebuilding solvers. Houdini is truly my favourite 3d app, it has opened so many doors.

She's incredible. One of the extremely rare cases where someone is both creatively and technically gifted to an insane degree. Massive respect for her.
I actually just installed an apprentice version today. Getting used to the interface and all of the nodes
File: OceanWIP1.png (3.96 MB, 3198x1748)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
my wip on an ocean I decided to be my first project
quick maths
What do you mean?

i need to make a solid cylinder, bar, etc in solidworks, with pic related hole pattern, but the holes cannot go through, i am currently using solidworks 2015, i cannot seem to figure out how to make the hole pattern arround the cylinder
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> with pic related hole pattern, but the holes cannot go through
Time to figure out how the extrude cut depth works
I'm no pro, I use Blender, but I would go about using booleans and array modifiers with the bool mesh arrayed and pointing to the center of mass of a circle and just array and rotade that by the degrees I want it. Now I just assume there are similar tools for you to use in solidworks, ive never used it, if there isnt find a better suiting program.
Fuck blender is overly complex shit.
File: Cb8cXs4UMAA5UyQ.jpg (33 KB, 436x327)
33 KB
>I'm no pro
>I use Blender
Why not IIWLC alt+E?

Any software as good as blender and also free?
>Any software as good as blender and also free?
Uplay client
Internet explorer 6
File: donut-guru.jpg (55 KB, 877x647)
55 KB

File: Adolf_Thinkler.gif (2.45 MB, 405x405)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
Post your /pol/ related work
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The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, meaning Afrikaner Resistance Movement, commonly known by its abbreviation AWB is a South African neo-Nazi separatist political and paramilitary organisation, often described as a white supremacist group.
File: 635928309-1024x1024.jpg (341 KB, 1024x692)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
>often described as a white supremacist group.
That's just how whit people looked then
File: 1522362879448.png (176 KB, 276x337)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
That baby looks more physically imposing and mature than typical Switch owner nowadays
I think he looks a little bit like Hitler, in fact.

So I don’t care to much about good talpology or rigging, are there any good video tutorials for Zbrush that detail not only how to use the software, but a proper workflow for 3d sculpting?
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>with 3d sculpting I could work directly with the form without having to account for the logic behind perspective and how the light changes the colors as I can see that real time.
yes, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to retopo later. I personally prefer sculpting first because like you wrote, it is easier to me to concentrate on shapes first, and I can worry about edge flow when I am at retopo.

If you just want to make sculptures for 3d printing and nice still renders. I advice getting zbrush and keyshot.

If you intend to use blender for rendering your sculpts, then look into autopology solutions, which are fine to use for less optimized and not animation ready meshes.

>you won't be texture painting these meshes, or unwrapping them in any sane way
He could go with ptex if he intends to have dense meshes and doesn't care for uvs.
Yep, I’ve been using Blender for sculpting for a while but I’ve been thinking of making the switch to zbrush as I know it can push some things in that area a little further.
Right now I’m probably going to try the Zbrush/keyshot route, but I’m still trying to find good videos detailing a proper sculpting work flow in the software. I’ve found a few top rated ones on youtube, but you never know if those are actually going to be useful or get you started with a bad foundation in the software.
>the Zbrush/keyshot route
You probably know it already, but it's going to cost you about 3 thousand us dollars just for the software.

It would be better for you to just get zbrush for the 800+ and learn retopology and baking.
How on Earth can the owners of Keyshot get away asking that much for it? Isn't it just a watered-down render engine for product shots mostly? I honestly would like to know what makes it so goddam expensive.
Did someone say "talpogy"?

File: Aneta-3D1.jpg (40 KB, 550x551)
40 KB
I can't be the only one who used to have a mad crush on this chick
43 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>learn anatomy based on Aneta reference
>become good at animation
>start making lewd animations, make enough money to start an adult cartoon studio
>produce more, earn more, hire people, grow the business
>decide to branch into real porn
>business goes well on both ends
>unironically hire Anetta and have her perform for the camera
This, my peeps, is the circle of life.
You should marry her ))
Aneta Keys, first porn was with woodman, she swallowed and took ana anal creampie by him.
>she swallowed and took anal..
And? You think, your mom is not doying all of this?
For money? Sure as heck not.

Anyone going?
Ill be there as a student volunteer.

What can I expect?
What can I do to get the most out of the experience?
I hear its mostly just parties that really matter.
It sucks as a junior volunteer. You can't pick your posting halls, and they'll shove you into handling talks that no one are interested on or handling the queue lines to bathrooms.

The after party are cool though.

File: blender_logo_square.png (135 KB, 512x512)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
What are you working on?
What are you looking forward to in 2.8?
What do you need help with?
> Working on head modeling
> Eevee for sure
Is there somebody?
right here nigga >>632683

File: Thumbnail.png (1.05 MB, 1680x943)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I don't often see threads about animation posted here. So I'll make one. Post animations you've made here, and don't be shy. No matter how shitty or how good it is, share it in this thread!

I'll post mine just to start it out.
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, good point with the resolution. Thanks Anon.
It's an ongoing thing I'm building, a universe from which to make shorts and comics.

Just finished a new on today actually, onto the next.

Cool. If you want another quick exercise, try learning blendshapes (if you don't already know) and make the same animation but with the ball squashing and stretching like it's made of rubber.
>As a rule of a thumb: if you couldn't move camera this way in the real world, then you're doing something wrong.
Makes sense, thanks for feedback

>Be /3/
>No XPS/XNAlara Thread

Can we have a Meshmod Thread? Post decent/best meshmods you like.

>200 minutes later
42 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Before xnalara Nobody was ripping models. Then someone found out they could make a piss easy model viewer for Microsoft's xna framework and started porting tomb raider models. Then other Xbox games, then just about everything else. the whole time the community was stuck on some fucking site I can't remember. think it was a tomb raider fan site with the typical OMFG You want nudes? you fat loser lol mentality. And it quickly died off. Then some dude grabbed the source code and made xps and move the community to deviant art. From there, It became the bondage and/or animal fucker simulator we all know and detest today and it's community is responsible for turning sfm Into what it is now.
Let's be honest, the SFM base would have turned into complete degenerates even without the help of the XNALara community.

It'd just take longer.
>asking for commissions/patreon
>doesn't rig faces, hands or feet

So essentially he's just ripping models from other people's games and demanding payment?
Welcome to 2018
Just how society works these days- Put in minimum effort for maximum profit.

No, I don't get it either, but if it works, then I guess it works.

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