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HighPoly/HardSurface - thread, if we have a low poly one, we can have a high one too.

Post your tips/infographics/artwork/guides
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what do you consider a blockin? 2 boxes?
How do we achieve this so the link doesn't go away?
The link should work as long my account isn't disabled, but you could make a Mega account and save it to your account or download it and upload it somewhere else.

2-3. If it doesn't look "crisp" until 5-6 then you might have topology problems wherein the topology doesn't actually follow the intended shape.
File: boo.jpg (38 KB, 1280x720)
38 KB
I'm a turbofaget who does most of the hardsurface stuff with booleans.
File: topology.jpg (56 KB, 640x480)
56 KB
I didn't see many examples of people going out of their way to follow the skeletomuscular contours.

File: Roadster_Targa_Open.jpg (2.54 MB, 3840x2160)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
What software are car companies using for rendering?
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>Nobody remotely serious about rendering uses Keyshot to produce final pieces.
Then what's the point of Keyshot?
Asking because I'm learning to use it.
From what I know it relies a lot on built-in presets and basic tool to create shading and lighting setups, so it's no doubt really useful to modelers/sculptors who want to showcase their work in a great way without having to go through the hassle of learning advanced lighting and rendering techniques. I'm guessing it's also useful to create mockups and simple solutions, but when it comes to rendering realistic complex scenes or create nuanced marketing pieces, the tools are just too limited; it cannot compete with professional renderers like Vray, Arnold, or Renderman.
Prove it. Show us an automotive company that uses different rendering software to render NURBS.
Keyshot is physically accurate and designed for NURBS. You are comparing two different worlds.
I do not have any inside information related to automotive companies. I was just making a common point about the context in which Keyshot can be useful. What are you implying with your "physically accurate" statement?
File: ks.jpg (185 KB, 1374x722)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I'll just copy paste

"KeyShot is built on Luxion’s internally developed, physically correct render engine based on research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination."

So, the answer is: yes, it is physically correct.

Of course, anything taking place in software inside a computer is a simulation. No matter what. Like living inside The Matrix. If you want real light you have to be out in the real world, in a real room lit with real lights or under the real sun.

Also pic is a screen shot of the bottom of the homepage of their website. A couple automotive companies that use Keyshot exclusively for starters

>try to do some simple task in blender
>literally cannot even do anything without memorized hotkey and shortcuts
>cannot change from object to vertex mode via the UI

...defend this, shills. I am literally DUMBFOUNDED at how you EVER think this piece of shit will EVER end up as industry standard.
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Speaking of blender, anyone know if its possible to export a rigged character from maya LT to Blender for animation/rendering/ect
Just export/import with FBX?
I know what you mean.

I initially started out with Cinema 4D because it just happened to be the program used in the only tutorial I could find for what I wanted to do at the time.

I got into SFM (hate me if you want) and started using Blender.

I've used Blender for seven months longer than Cinema 4D and I'm still figuring shit out in Blender, while in Cinema 4D I can much more easily do stuff.
I hear ya'. Been using it for nearly a decade now, and I'm still trying to figure out the ins and outs of Blender.

You mean like the actual Maya files? Not really, closest you can get is .FBX like >>594726 suggests. The problem with that Blender's FBX importer is shit.
What kind of fuccboi uses plane handles?
Just lock the axis with ctrl+right click.

File: firstworldinternet.jpg (12 KB, 326x58)
12 KB
>you would'nt download a rock
I've downloaded a dirt, mountains and cars, no big deal.
Where do I get big rocks :^) plz help
Sculpt them yourself.
That's faggot shit
>600MB for a fucking rock

File: 1498897725357.jpg (179 KB, 1425x1620)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
New thread. Talk about whatever you want.
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File: goblendsomewhereelse.jpg (63 KB, 702x720)
63 KB
If you say blender I'll murder you in your sleep
You are one of those guys?
Lighwave will never arrive where it needs to be.
Just give it up, its dead already.

People waiting to LW to rise while i wait for softimage to become OpenSource
File: 1512234427091.png (63 KB, 150x287)
63 KB

Mine is not what I've done, too much but more like what I learned, let me get in deeper context.

I remember like 1.5 year ago trying to follow that blender donut tut, for that time I couldn't even dominate blender cam movement and know where things are, or knew how to do the smallest things.

While now?, Now i am no god, but i feel like x25090 times better and i did not become a blender autist nor just an autofag, i became both and dominate both, i even know how to sculpt with dynamesh in zbrush when i couldn't even make a fucking cock with dyntopo, all of this also led me to learn concept and drawing, the road keeps going but i feel for a hobby this leads you learn even more shit.
File: diamond-blender.png (189 KB, 432x387)
189 KB
189 KB PNG

Tips/beginner guide on nsfw animations/renders?
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also look up emanuelle bastion addon for blender..literally makehuman as an addon
$100 for a mesh??!!..hory sheeit!
i feel you..it took me a while to learn blender and I still only consider myself basic with it..just starting to get the feel of cycles version
Well... yes, it's not a half-hour job to make a model, and they're not working for $5/hr, so it's going to cost a bit.
I interneed at a place where everyone including the people that modelled thought that 1 hour was long enough for a character model. Needless to say, everything they made was absolute garbage.

File: images.jpg (3 KB, 205x199)
3 KB
>Day 1: Start a new project, ok open up 3ds max
> Day 15: Finish modelling. Pull one vertex out to reveal a whole cosmogonic sea of unseen topology . Spend the next half week fixing topology.
Day 19: Start the painful process of UV unwrap, nothing works with automatic unwraps. Max crashes every 30 minutes as it lags through the entire ordeal. Literally a clusterfuck of UV's on every UDIM.
>Day 25: All UVs are arranged to size and material type. Start up Mari. It proceeds to crash and spasm 30 times before even starting the project. "OK BETTER TAKE THIS SLOWLY", load up only the head of my model and spend the next week learning the software.
>Day 32: Getting some nice textures going. Start putting down extra details,then everything goes to shit, projection camera splutters shit everywhere all over a my model. Reload, reset etc etc, nope, Mari just fucks up my texture every time I put down a stroke. OK. Buy a new PC, move project to new drive, update to Mari 4.0. NOPE NOPE NOPE, THE PROJECTION CAMERA IS STILL CORRUPT.

Do you have to be autistic to work in CG?
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>import to substance if you want cookie cutter textures that are "gud enuff" to fool normies but not good enough to fool real cg wizards.
What does this mean? Are you talking about default materials? I'm a bit dissapointed with materials SP provides me with, Quixel Suite has much nicer library but it crashes like crazy. Should I maybe give Mari a chance? Is it good for game art?
>buying an emachine qualifies as a new PC
File: 1486751776165.jpg (40 KB, 330x238)
40 KB
>be sculptfag
>use dynamesh most of the time and use zremesher occasionally to make my models
>don't have to retopo
>just use spotlight to paint on the textures of the model
>takes a week at most
>gonna use this to make hentai models and get $$$$ on pateron
>my fucking face when
I wasn't being a bitch here. Contrary to you, my experience with 3dsmax (10 years now) is super smooth. I think 2012 or 2013 had common crashes if I recall correctly, but all the other versions I've had since 2007 are really stable, even while working with a bunch of plugins. My initial point was that crashes can sometimes occur because the user is too n00b to understand what caused it. I wasnt trolling.

I wouldnt know about Mari either, but Substance is a bit hit or miss when it comes to stability. Designer is really decent.. I had more frequent and frustrating errors with Painter.
File: 1512222296326.gif (240 KB, 320x320)
240 KB
240 KB GIF

File: 1457331854761.gif (2.75 MB, 300x300)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB GIF
is modelling in maya a thing?
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what did he mean by this?
Hey Anon, new to the industry?

Depending on where you are, and what you're doing, different software will always be crowned king. Working in a movie pipeline? You'll probably be doing most of your work in Maya. Working on a game? There's a high chance you'll be in Max, but Maya is still around. Are you working on architectural and hard surface stuff? Max is absolutely the king. Hell, sometimes I hear the odd studio still using Softimage (Rip), or another package.

People will tell you one package is better than another, but they're all viable depending on what you're doing. Try a few, and pick up the package that you like and want to invest time into. Learn the types of jobs associated with it as well. I score a lot of my jobs just because I'm a 3DS Max user surrounded by Maya users. I personally suggest learning Maya, since I think it's a typically much more robust tool, but don't ever let yourself get cornered by one package. Once you learn the basics of one, always be prepared to learn something new and move on.

If you don't, the industry will leave you behind eventually


File: 1504376108153.jpg (13 KB, 261x165)
13 KB
Zbrush is my favorite sculpting tool, but sometimes programs like Max are better for machinery and what not (although I would do my finishing touches in zbrush still).

File: latest.jpg (23 KB, 480x269)
23 KB
Hello /3/, does anyone have any resources or has any tips on making old rpgs cg cutscenes.

Explaining in more detail, but I've been trying to accomplish this kind of render, but without success, i cannot get to give it the old, dark and crispy look on it, in short i don't know what makes it feel special, i don't seem to find the spice.

Pic related is the death screen from Fallout 2 (1998)

Any help would be great
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oldfag here

Abundance of bump maps, procedural textures (often in diffuse, spec and bump components).

No global illumination/radiosity (available in 3rd party renderers and very costly to do, time-wise). Optionally: hacky, but often creative light setups to approximate GI or at least get some bounce and fill.

Soft shadows (OPs picture) mostly done with shadow maps, not raytracing.

Most output for games was palletized and dithered, so I used a lot of palletized textures to keep memory usage down in big scenes, even for grayscale maps (5-bit for bump, 1-bit for transperency in extreme cases).
That's actually useful


I suppose this can be achieved the same way in modern programs such as blender/maya using their default render modes such as for example "Blender render" mode?
I should be able to do it in Blender Internal.
But what's the point of striving for an old look which stemmed from limitations of that time? Why not use what is available now and stretch the limits?
*You should be...

Yeah, can't argue against that, but the thing is that I'm making kind of an Isometric rpg and i really want the old cg cutscenes,not because it looks right, it's because i feel like it fits with the 3d rendered sprites and is inmersive.

File: widescreen03.jpg (115 KB, 720x672)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
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Revit or other architecture CAD software for modeling, V-Ray for rendering, probably good idea to learn a bit of 3ds max for that

Part 1/2

Former ArchViz here and I can hopefully shed some light on the nature of the work. I quit because I hated it. Now rebuilding portfolio to get into games (fingers crossed).

In respect to technique - no it's generally not that demanding. And like the other anon said - 3DS Max, AutoCAD, VRay, Forest Pack and RailClone are your essential toolkit for ArchViz. Learn and buy those as a priority. I can answer more specific questions about that if you want but it's all pretty straightforward.

The hardest thing about ArchViz is... ready? Dealing with clients and their expectations. Yup. THAT is the hardest thing about it. No question. Some of that is because you're dealing with not just an architect, but also the architect's *clients* - so you effectively have to keep TWO parties happy at once and it can be hell. The other thing here that seems fucking obvious to me now, but came as shock when I started is - the people you deal with are generally quite (if not very) - rich. Rich people are ASSHOLES. They demand everything, now, instantly. Some of it is fair enough - they're paying you, so they should get what they want. You can't argue with that. But some of it is just.... gross, horrible, manipulative sliminess. I can't explain it really. Just prepare yourself.

This is because the majority of your work will be stuff to do with private residences. Not big skyscrapers and bold ambitious redevelopment projects - you are gonna be doing visualisations of some hedge fund managers new 6 car garage. (Seriously that was one of mine). And this is where it gets technically hard...



You will often have to create models of existing structures as part of the work for extensions etc. This is WAY harder than coming up with proposed structures etc because it has to accurately reflect what exists already, and the clients can, and will, check your artwork against it. Your materials have to be correct. The colour and size of brick you choose has to be correct. The scale and form REALLY has to be correct. And if it isn't - you have to change it at your expense because while you can invoice for *modifications*, you can't invoice for *corrections.*

Also - architects are sloppy motherfuckers when it comes to the CAD. If you expect to get a nice, clean, easily understandable, accurate CAD file with just the stuff in it that you need... then hoooo boy, you got another thing coming. Be prepared for hours and hours of sifting through the CAD file (in AutoCAD - you can't do this in Max) searching through hundreds and HUNDREDS of layers for the shit you need. And even after that - if you expect those lines to be usable in Max so you can just extrude them up and get going? Hhahahah. No. They are ALWAYS a fucking broken sloppy mess.

Oh god... I hated it. I'd never go back. I'm getting a headache thinking about it.

Anyway - best of luck!
Architect and archviz guy here. This is 100% correct.

But there is one more thing: trees.
Architects can be super anal about shape, size, placement and type of trees. And there is this weird ambivalence between them wanting lots of trees so everything looks nice and green, but then they want the trees to be really small or opaque so they don't obstruct the buildings...

Fuck trees desu
actual architect here, anons right the clients suck and demand the impossible, they are also always super impatient.

Anon is also write about architects drawings, most a rushed garbage but that is down the author. I am meticulous about my layering and line work and constantly get moaned at by my boss that my drawings take too long.

File: 12321312.webm (1.55 MB, 1024x1024)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB WEBM
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I thought Elsa model was leaked ffs
>no see through moment

how disappointing
me too
the fuck is the point of this
Its showing the updated model used in the new frozen short before coco.

From Frozen 2014 to the short 2017.
If that happened I would teach myself 3D modelling in a week.

Hey, /3/.

I've been reading up on these two programs for a while now, and I'm planning on using them for games in the near future.

But I need some help understanding the usage of both. On one hand, you have Designer, which allows you to make any kind of procedural material for use in games and probably other forms of media. Then you have Painter, which allows you to take these materials and texture whatever complicated model you may have, and export bitmaps from Painter, which probably takes up much more storage space and memory than procedural materials.

Some things I'd like to know:

How exactly do you texture large objects that you can't simply have exported Painter bitmaps for? I mean surfaces so large you would rather have a repeating material on it instead? And if there are variations in the pattern you want to project on to a surface (which might also have some variations of its own), could you get them from tweaking a tiled material instead of projecting a massive bitmap texture on it?

Is there a way to assign different materials on to a UV mapped model in Painter and tweak it to what you want, and instead of exporting bitmaps you load the materials you used and assemble the material in the game engine instead? I don't know if this point sounds ridiculous, I'm just questioning if there are ways to avoid exporting storage heavy bitmaps if you don't need to.

If anyone could break this down for me, or know about a useful tutorial that addresses this specifically, I'd appreciate that. I might post some examples of patterns I'm curious about as well.
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Something specifically like this is very complicated to pull off for a game without wasting a ton of geometry.
Off the top of my head, the dumbest solution I can come up with is to create say a dozen or more poly layers onto which you can paste the wall texture. If the gap between each layer is narrow enough, you shouldnt notice that it’s made of stacks of polys. And it’ll mainly work in a game with a low camera as if you look down on the fence at a steep angle it may break the illusion... in any case, common sense says that one-poly planes with a small repeating texture tile should be the most efficient.
new to SD/SP, but how can i go about creating something like metallic web on the floor of pic related?
I want it to be able to see in between the metal pieces, so should i just make it as geometry and and make simple metal material or can i just use a simple plane and apply texture on it that will act as the geometry?
The most reasonable method is the same one as for fences and similar things. You have to model out a modular section of the grate, and render to texture onto a square poly with normals and an alpha map, then just tile this texture over a poly that's laid on top of the frame it's supposed to be a part of.
>what is parallax
high levels of geometric instancing

For 3D Modeling of course.

I'm getting a 4K Monitor and trying to decide between a 32" TN Monitor and a 27" IPS Monitor, which are priced the same where I live. I heard 32" is the perfect size for 4K, but is it worth sacrificing the worse colors, especially from angles?

Before anyone suggests 32" IPS, they're way out of my price range.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Get an 32'' 1440p MVA panel monitor.
You don't really need 4K, TN panels are shit and other panels are gotten cheap.
Pixel size of an 32'' 1440p is the same as 1080 on an 24''.
>You don't really need 4K
Por que?
32" is still not that big for 4K, you need at least a 38" ultra-wide.

>Before anyone suggests 32" IPS, they're way out of my price range.
How about 40" IPS korean displays? they are relatively inexpensive and it has the same pixel density as 1440p at 27". I think you can get one for like $500~600, maybe less.
It doesn't make sense unless you have a big monitor. Don't fall for the 4K meme unless you can afford a good big monitor.
#free tip
go to electronics store at stare at damn screens so you can from your own opinion about IPS panels. Then you can decide if IPS is something you need for your work/else

I need to design a model car with motor, battery, circuit board (Arduino) and a steering system and possibly a suspension, what CAD software would be the easiest to learn?
Fusion360 and AutoCad

>will enter 3Danimation college soon , feel fresh
>asking my (+9 triple neck nerdy overweight)
big bro about which laptop i should buy
>he interrupts me and says ....
>MAC ..
>bu..but ...
>but its has...
>he explain me, windows laptop won't be capable doing animation works, macbook does better job otherwise is should buy Desktop PC

anyone here has experience doing decent animation with windows laptop, if yes can you share what kind of laptop i should buy?
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also I don't know about your college but the one I went to offered machines to use. They were contested though. Perhaps it's different now that users have embraced the personalized aspects of computers more.
go buy a chromebook!
Great idea. So he can use the professional 3D suite known as Sketch up.
Literally every legitimate university (don't know about burgeria) recommends a not mac
i'm planning on buying a laptop msi for that, i have a 1000€-1300€ budget for it,
is it a good idea or ?

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