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File: m22.png (351 KB, 960x540)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
How do I make beautiful anime art, /3/?
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I can't figure out the basic topo of anime faces. Which of these (if any) is the right one? I won't be subdividing.


Fellow footfag here, you're giving us a bad name.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (20 KB, 218x211)
20 KB
Kind of a mix between the first and last imo. In situations where the eyes are just textures that area is flat but the mouth is still curved.
The cheeks are not a flat plane with the front of the face, cheeks and eye sockets angle back outward a little.

I know it's Solidworks, but I can upload the frame for a chibi figure I'm working on as reference after work or tomorrow.
Learn some anatomy, and learn what a toon shader and normals are.

Normal editing and a toon shader will give you the look you want
Take a peek at the GDC video about Guilty Gear Xrd.

Also this: https://youtu.be/u2GAHnDaUpU

File: 1495860009550.jpg (171 KB, 1000x836)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
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I guess it was a bad idea to keep the switch above the chimey
File: Gunther's Guns.jpg (155 KB, 1276x720)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
> photos
> posts massaged screencap from TV show
Shit, bump intensity too high
File: 1292099089388s.jpg (8 KB, 251x251)
8 KB
>Skyrim in low end computers

File: MFW.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG

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Artist is really a loose enough term with the shit some people pump out and gate paid for. Not to mention the literal turds and used tampons in galleries.
Not unless you don't have any standards.
>can't be applied to existing clothing
Yes it can
I stand corrected.

How do I make a vehicle with edgeflow this good? Just using subdiv/turbosmooth from a low poly mesh gives me a lot of trouble areas.

Using Maya right now.
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took me a while to find it
the all-quads thing is to facilitate good deformation. Although good practice it's a lot less relevant for rigid objects.

ALL QUADS is necessary for deformation AND if you intend to use subdivision modifiers.

The car in the OP probably is a model for a game and won't be subdivided anymore and also doesn't have organic deformation so it's ok
>How do I make a vehicle with edgeflow this

>How do I make a vehicle
>How do I master edge flow

If you want to make a vehicle, you don't mash a bunch of triangles together, you use CAD where the geometry looks correct because it is.
You could also try smoothing groups, don't know if they exist in maya though

Tell me, what are the strengths and weakness of Unity, in regard of making 3D models for the engine?
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For the engine. For, not in. For. As in, making models in other programs that are intended from the beggining of their creation to be used in Unity.

They could at least, if not shove it in our faces, point that they exist somewhere. You know, let people know that stuff.
Nah, it's a good filter for lazy devs that don't care about making their game look good. If you do even just a little bit of research they're easy as shit to find.
Then why does most stuff made with UE4 look better than Unity stuff if its so easy to implement these "filters".
more triple "aaa, actually know hoe to code shaders" people in companies that use ue4.
Also worth mentioning that the engine doesn't come with a decent chunk of tools that engines like UE4 and Cryengine have.

File: Ljkn6Xd.jpg (44 KB, 984x737)
44 KB
I'm not an artist of any kind, but I thought some of you might have some discussion to share about the Mind's Eye series from the 90s.

I used to see these shorts on YTV in Canada as a child between shows. They introduced me to surrealism, and I have extremely vivid memoreis of watching them. Many I actually thought were dreams I had, but it turns out they were actual childhood memories I had of creepy early 90s CGI. Rewatching these as an adult was a crazy experience.

Cool stuff.


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seem like you are not aware of the limits of 80s hardware and software
I think I still got the movie cd release of this

They were a "best of" student demo reels for various animation schools in the 80s. Computer animation students would submit their demo reel and the company would pick the best of the bunch and make a compilation out of them.
If you got to see these in the era when they were current it was pretty awesome.

File: WIP_JUMBLE.jpg (432 KB, 1267x752)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Previous thread

Lets all try to not argue about blender
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Nice Idea for man in the middle / botnet open source attakc lol
why not take it over into zbrush? won't have that problem since it doesn't use voxels. or, i assume you could get around that by increasing your voxel resolution in 3dcoat but i'm not totally sure about that since i haven't used it for much other than texture painting/unwrapping.
I don't have zbrush.
I could switch to surface mode to work like that in 3dcoat, but boolean operations are better in voxels, so I chose to stay with them. If I work on toes in surface mode, they are going to merge together when I voxelize everything to e.g. merge head with the neck.
divide the mesh, and when you are going to detail mesh that much, switch to surface mode.
I don't know 3d coat I know Zbrush, but I assume you are in Dynamesh equivalent mode and surface mode is subdivisoon mode?

anyway, you don't need booleans when you are doying toes.
that's really neat!
also, you can't post webm with sound on this board

File: 10393405_2.jpg (37 KB, 500x500)
37 KB
Im thinking about buying a tablet, but I've never owned or used one before.
What are some good, budget tablets that I can use for 3d? Can you use the same tablet for both sculpting and drawing/texturing/2d or are there different kinds of tablets?
Does the size of the active space on the tablet matter in any way to the size of my screen, can I have any difficulties with the tablet being too small in comparasent to the monitor?

I'm kinda oriented myself towards the
Wacom Intuos Draw S https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-CTL490DW-Digital-Drawing-Graphics/dp/B010LHRFM2

WACOM INTUOS COMIC BLACK https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-digital-drawing-tablet/dp/B010LHRVBM

or WACOM INTUOS PHOTO BLACK https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-digital-editing-CTH490PK/dp/B010LHRWN4

While there is a price difference between the three, there isn't any difference in the techinical details of each product. Is the higher price only because of the software that comes with the tablet?

Also does the software I'm using have to have some sort of a special support for the tablet or can I use it no matter what?
Can I use the tablet in free software such as Krita or Blender?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Can you use the same tablet for both sculpting and drawing/texturing/2d or are there different kinds of tablets?
Yes, they're all the same.

>Does the size of the active space on the tablet matter in any way to the size of my screen, can I have any difficulties with the tablet being too small in comparasent to the monitor?
The active space of the tablet is always proportionate to the whole screen estate. The corners of the tablet are the corners of the screen.

>I'm kinda oriented myself towards...
You should get a tablet with decent pressure sensitivity and perhaps tilt function if you want to do 2D. Most tablets offer this by standard today.

Don't fall for the insane sensitivity memes. Nobody needs 8000 levels. 1000 is plenty. Wacom is still the best quality on the market, but they've become huge Jews and their production quality has fallen a lot, especially with the new Intuos Pro. Maybe look into Huion tablets if you want something cheap. Also go pirate Lazy Nezumi. It's a program that stabilizes and evens your strokes. The biggest difference in expensive and cheap tablets is the amount of jitter on small strokes.

>Also does the software I'm using have to have some sort of a special support for the tablet or can I use it no matter what?
Usually any compatible software should instantly recognize it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>The biggest difference in expensive and cheap tablets is the amount of jitter on slow strokes.
Sorry, corrected. I meant slow strokes.

I'd generally recommend a medium size. Small will kill you.

If you want something cheap, look into Chinese like Huion. But if you can muster up a bit more, you could get a used Intuos pro. DO NOT buy the new Intuos Pro 2017 model! It's the exact same as the previous model, but comes with a super rough texture sheet which you need to replace for 50 bucks + a shitty pen which only works with the new flimsy nibs that disintegrate like wet cookies.

I would not recommend a Cyntiq or screen tablet, because it has sub-par screen display and many people end up not liking it because you are forced to stare at the screen at short distance, which can be very tiring for extended periods of time. Better get a good tablet and good monitor.
>I'd generally recommend a medium size. Small will kill you.
is the large intuos pro worth it over the medium?
224 x 148 mm seems like plenty of space and im not sure whether the extra 80-90~~mm on each side is worth the money.
wacom bamboo
get a medium or large, the small one will destroy your wrist

File: 5233251235235.jpg (94 KB, 1920x1080)
94 KB
How is Blender for simulations that aren't fluids and smoke so for things like destruction ragdoll etc.? Of course i know Houdini is the best but i wonder how good can a free software get.
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I have houdini. I just wanted to know how good Blender is, i saw some decent simulations in it.
Try this: Get some asset of house and make camera. Zoom the camera on window. Replace the window with preshattered model and turn it into rigid bodies. Shoot a small sphere through the window and watch it shatter.

Make simple scene and do it in both houdini and blender. It involves couple of problems - how to create preshattered geo in convincing way, how to setup simple rigid body simulation with colliders.

That's your most basic destruction workflow which is still used in feature films. Try to do it in Blender first and then in Houdini.
>this area of blender is unexplored but to my knowledge
then let me enlighten you.
Pretty good
there's bullet physics, cell fracture, and some other addons you can find if you are more particular in what you are looking for.

>this area of blender is unexplored
it's not. researchers are working with tools like blender and openfoam to write papers and solve problems with rigid bodies among many other things. there are some more papers but I don't have them on hand.


what if I want to make a deliberately shit animation. I dont care what software so long as the outcome looks horrible!
Which can I use and then distribute.

The Q&A seemed more intune with people making nice work XX
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looks too good? I mean i dont mind the worst of the childish
stop fucking posting stone age neural net abominations
why does it hurt you so?
suppose really anything, just don't use it well. maybe also use old daz models for humans and props.

diff poster but i reckon we had similar experiences: seen kinda bland deep dream stuff all over my corners of the internet, even long after it lost any charm or uniqueness. plus glitch art forums and subreddits are already typically full of trash but at the time they were full of trash and samey smushes of features like the OP pic.

File: download (1).jpg (4 KB, 207x244)
4 KB
Hey users, im new to this board, im wondering what this board is about? I have been browsing /k/ recently but, i kinda want a board that is random...bu not /b/.....i don't like that place. Whats good for memes and randomness?
>plz help me i need help lololol
> posts click bait download(1).jpg
you made it too easy to me almost fell for it

File: file.png (445 KB, 1920x1200)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
Currently trying to make a certain creature but i do have a few questions:
>how can i mirror these limbs
before constructing them i tried applying the mirror modifier on them which did fuck all even though other times it works out well.
>how can i attach a mesh to another into one seamless model for animation
i know that its simple to make two objects into one mesh, but actually attaching them together down to the edges concerns me for im afraid of destroying the topology.
>tips for simpligying geometry?
i applied subdivision modifiers to the model so to get a feel as to how it would look, but with all those faced im conscerned animation would be absolute hell.
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Recalculate normals.
How do you not know this?
im still very new
one last question: is there a way to extrude bones 4 ways?
for the mouth section?
You can extrude them one at a time from the same parent bone, but not all at once.
looks like uncut dick with hands
why not just sculpt the little fucker?

File: fug.png (54 KB, 165x147)
54 KB
>Tfw the letter arrived.
I dun goofed boys, this will be my end.
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Did you even read the article you linked? Dude was SELLING bootlegs.
I bought MODO back when it was owned by Luxology and kept it updated to 4.0. Has it improved at all?
>he thinks making a bunch of new cars is a good comparison to a single application
meant to reply to
ngl i'd download them both just the same

File: Logondina_M1.jpg (825 KB, 960x1539)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
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Downvoted, ya dunning kreuger af cuck.
I counted ten
Tell me what you think
that's pretty good. op make notes
I like your description. It's very deep.

File: how.jpg (16 KB, 333x296)
16 KB
Anyone tried to make it on patreon?

What are your tips?

I tend to check Graphtreon everyday and it interesting to see people make it big. For example, exiscoming has only been doing this for a few months yet he has picked up a ton of subs.

Notice that monster girl is a huge thing on patreon. I also notice that slave trainers are still big.

Another thing is most of the people making big money aren't that skilled to be honest. Like there is a guy who making 10k a month using someone elses art assets.

Not sure if it even possible to make it on patreon now.
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>and the lacking of content is sure to get you noticed
>lack of content
You must be new.
>A lot of people are actually mistaken that the US isn't free to host/create loli porn, but it actually is much more free than most Euro countries in this regard.
I guess that explains why Shadman fled to the US
Except you don't actually have to perform coitus.
I do, me, 2 programmers, and an animator are already working on a project, Ive wanted to jump on this for a while. However it is hard to find real irl people that want to do this and are functional capable
yes that its shit

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