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File: 1500008138623.jpg (134 KB, 500x500)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
No stupid questions thread?
Oh well, I have one about C4D. Is there any way to add step interpolation via Xpresso? Say I want to rotate an object over time by 5 degrees rather than smoothly. How do I achieve that?
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Thanks anon, you're amazing!
File: NODES.png (111 KB, 959x710)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
How do I get Maya to stop fucking around with my node layout when I'm working?
File: Howtodoitright.jpg (411 KB, 3517x2058)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
How to make a crisp squared hole in a curved surface?
File: 418XAfPJegL.jpg (20 KB, 500x406)
20 KB
Has anyone here used a 3D modeling mouse like this?https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FJRRVII/ref=psdc_11036491_t1_B00U84JYJG
Is it worth it?
Yes, it saved my wrists. Not the dinky watered down model you linked though. Get the space pilot so you don't sacrifice hotkeys.

This is a 3 hour zbrush sculpt i wanna do the process till the end, retop, uvs panting normal mas etc.
any of you guys has experience in zbrush to?

Hello? I need a quick rundown...

Is there any good resources for painting older-style textures that were common from the early 2000s? A lot of the old sites that had techniques disappeared and most of the tutorial stuff now is either highly stylized painting (WoW/Dota/ect) or just modern normalmap workflows.
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>Reverse image search
Chrono Cross
Video on old style workflow (I think original video is from 2006)
File: body.png (97 KB, 512x512)
97 KB
File: barrel.png (98 KB, 512x512)
98 KB
heres the deal

no matter how many tutorials you go through, this type of job is reserved for talented people.
i mean, even go back to ps2/gamecub era where lowpoly was a thing. you had almost no artists who could it like this


even max pain had scanned textures that wasn't good as this, this is pure talent

Is my Asus X555LAB i3 5th gen 6GB RAM strong enough to make low poly graphics like Katamari Damacy?
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What does that mean?
What else can I make?
I think he thinks your system will start choking around 100k and up triangles.
Per model or scene?

File: kim-obaldo-deku-web.jpg (137 KB, 800x800)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Hey /3/.
I'm modeling Izuku from Boku no hero Academia.
I've already modeled the head, but I have no idea on how I should model the hair.
Help pls
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File: DHO87rjWsAEkQRD.jpg (99 KB, 1200x602)
99 KB
l2 toon shading.
use bodypaint or 3dcoat
you shouldn't hand paint anything on that model. Its all cubes.
fuck off
dubs are superior for this anime in particular
Is this a j o k e?

File: ue4.jpg (8 KB, 214x235)
8 KB
I don't know how many of you are using UE4, but maybe a specialized thread would be useful. I'd like it if we could share some good courses, tutorials, yt channels and workflows with each other.

I personally am trying to learn how to properly texture a landscape I brought in from world machine, and also how to paint multiple textures on the ground.

It's already 10PM here and I literally spent the whole day going through tutorials and it still doesn't look right. Some tutorials are deprecated and I find that out at the end of the video, while a lot of others are either too basic or just produce a lame result at the end. It really sucks to be self-taught at times.

What is the best source for this at the moment?

Also, the same question for the lighting. I know about lighting academy videos, but I think I'd appreciate some "from-scratch" approach more.
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it looks exactly like mossed over old pine bark or some similar shit that grows where I live. That means its at least good in the sense that its realistic. What is your argument, bubb?

ideally you should be banned if you got nothing after all that shitposting.
What the FUCK is this?


27 euros for... Some shitty texture set?
I like your shitposting but you need to stop.
It's a literal shit texture set. He had to be very coy with it, but he got it in on other naming as ground textures. Pretty smart if you ask me.

more like


File: 14853813937070.jpg (201 KB, 1280x853)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Hey /3/, let's collab!
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>an anime lady with big titties
>a furry aggressively masturbating to Blender's source code
File: my pain.png (2.86 MB, 1114x1172)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
i'm new to /3/ and i dont know how a collab would go.
there was a thing i always wanted to do in hammer with friends that consist of:
a house/ship/spaceship/, consisting of corridos, connecting through different rooms, and each of my friends would make their own room to their liking and later on would make it into one map and showing them off autistically
bad thing was, nobody wanted to do it.
don't think that's the type of collab i would find here.
i've learned how to do scenes n' stuff since my lazy sister made me make her arch renders.
my dream is, to have a stable game with a simple first person perspective that you can walk around, and people make rooms for it while walking down the corridor, a la college campus stuff.
that'll never come tru since i can't program shit
collab is the worst thing you can do.

unless the collab are your close friends,never do collab.
make sure the guy you collab with have programming experience and he isn't lazy
that's one of the things i think my dream it's impossible, and can't ask people around or i'll look like the ideas guy, and im not much of a director

File: 1499227103321.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
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File: dragon's gondola.png (920 KB, 1024x1024)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
>get halfway finished with a project
>lose all motivation
2/6 isn't a very good score anon.
There will be a makeup test on monday, see you there.
are you trolling? if not, we need to talk m8
good advice and I do use masking a lot now or as you already mentioned temporarily detaching parts. not working at 3am helps too.
File: 1270684478040.jpg (64 KB, 432x288)
64 KB
>>First step is to download grass essentials
This happens more and more, it's disgusting.
Everyone is just schilling for their pay shit and clickbaiting.

File: 1482339477271.jpg (51 KB, 517x317)
51 KB
ITT: post things you've made using blueprints in UE4, and also ask questions about Blueprinting and share resources / tutorials.
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i don't know how to do that,maybe just do it based on this image
it wont help you, you need specific maps from substance designer
rightclick material in content browser, choose migrate, select an empty folder somewhere, let it copy all needed files, archive that folder, and upload is to mega.nz
i deleted the editor for some reason, but i still have the sd files somewhere

File: 1500648800149.jpg (45 KB, 500x363)
45 KB
SFM or Blender for animating porn?
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SFM for ez fast shit.
You can do Blender, but need the eevee build (which is still in development) if you want to render fast with decent results.

Alternatively use the noise removal thing, I can render a eprfect quality 4K image with cycles of a complex scene in 14mins on a gtx 980 now
File: Cinema4d.png (408 KB, 916x917)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Those saying Blender is a cult has clearly been blinded by the Autodesk cult.

But we all know best cult is C4D cult.
We're all part of the same CG cult.
Just different tools is all.
>any animation ever
maya. pirate it

CGpeers won't lemme register. Giving me "Couldn't proceed with registration
(Error: 0xE4000006)"

anyone else know what's going on? Tried doing all the thing- clearing cache/cookies/changing browsers/changing system/different emails etc etc.

Need that sweet CG tuts.
>tfw registered to cg peers years ago and found it of zero fucking value
Same for me. Similar error, Nothing i could do. I gave up on it. But i have an account at CGpersia, so i am not entirely fucked.

File: 3dsmax-logo.jpg (65 KB, 800x475)
65 KB
>Interview for 3D animation job
>Studio is switching to 3DS 2018 for animation (Probably to save money)
>Initially learned 3D on 3DS years ago but quickly switch to Maya and C4D like a big boy
>Fire up 3DS, how bad can it be?
>Garbage ancient UI
>Finally get fucking scene set up
>Rig is inheriting rotations, find out 3DS just "shows inherited values in it's non gimbal rotations".... k I use gimbal anyway
>3DS shits artifacts everywhere and crashes if you delete too many key frames at once
>Animation graph editor controls are god fucking awful archaic babby-Mac tier shit
>Graph editor in general controls like driving a car made of peanut butter

Should I even fucking stomach though this? All it is is animating a car side swiping a trash can, which I could bust out in a few hours in Maya at decent quality.

Why would anyone animate in this horrendous outdated piece of shit? Is there something I'm missing? If I try to simply put the animation graph editor on my second monitor, I better not even change any of my camera view-ports or 3DS can't handle it and with fucking shit the bed and make giant screen artifacts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why can't they all just copy each others features?
I'm trying to attach a few objects together and 3ds max suddenly just creates a duplicate on top of the object I try to attach.


3ds max never fails to amaze me with it's stupid bugs. I've been using tons of programs through life, and never ever ever did I come across something as bad as this piece of shit. Constant crashes, constant bugs, slow, ugly, it's the ultimate piece of shit of a software.
> I've been using tons of programs through life

Saying this i think about you as a guy who already knows a bit about modelling and stuff and isn't a 20 year old who just made his first cube. Why exactly then are you using 3ds Max? For games studios use Maya + their engine for movies they use Maya and Houdini, 3ds max just isn't worth learning.

Never had this happen, maybe try using it properly.
>and never ever ever did I come across something as bad as this piece of shit
kek, don't blame the software because you suck

File: trim.jpg (298 KB, 2720x3500)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
How do you model/normal something as complex as the transformers? Do you actually sculpt/model each and every part for Baking into lowpoly? If that is the case, how do you animate these parts?

My most detailed model ever is some wall-e like mob.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

I have done up stuffs like Guns and Tanks in Hard Surface modelling. Just that I have been learning 3D for five years and I feel like there have been no improvement in the last two years.

Wanted to challenge myself with this.
Have you pushed yourself to learn more in these five years? The fact you're asking 4chan for advice on how greeble works makes me think you might not have been learning from the right sources.

true, probably learnt from the wrong sources. trying to fix that now ._.
post some of your work anon, it's hard to give advice on how to advance if we don't know where you are at.
I worked with the Transformers meshes. Everything is modeled, even the tiniest screws. It's incredibly heavy - high polycount doesnt seem to be an issue when it comes to these characters

File: file.png (28 KB, 605x417)
28 KB
jesus murphy my fucking topology is a catastrophe

have any of you taught yourself topology best practices, and if so what resources did you value most?
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>just trying to build good habits
there is nothing wrong with your model as of yet.
just keep it up
Knowing when you need good topology in the first place is a good habit.
Believe it or not there are times where topology doesn't mean shit.
This is true, and since we're on the topic of tutorials; check out chamferzone videos on youtube, he does a good job of explaining ngons and triangles in models and that you can still have a perfectly smooth model that will bake and texture properly even if it has like 20 verts to a poly as long as it's unwrapped properly. Arrimus3D also uses booleans for practically everything, so his meshes also tend to have a lot of ngons, but he also shows how to retopologize if need be.

To put it simply, if your model does not deform or flex in any way, or will not be subdivided or sculpted, then go crazy with booleans, chamfers and throwing verts around. If you still need to sculpt extra detail into your model, unwrap it first, make it quads and detail it, and then you can bake that detail back to your original (non-quad) model.

I actually use Pinterest for this kinda thing.

Sounds dumb and not exactly official but it works.

There ARE actual garbage in there which you have to filter ny yourself
One more thing is that it can make shading look weird. But basically that shit.
IMO that's why there's such a huge difference between static hard surface models and organics.
You can just throw topology out the window completely if you're an environmental artist.

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