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File: 5325532532235235.jpg (304 KB, 1920x1080)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
My first face ever after starting up 3D modelling one and half week ago, is the topology ok for low tier animation or did i i fuck up somewhere
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Topo is generally ok. Might want to use image ref for your nose though. Looks like someone punched him hard.
You have no idea and should not give advice to anyone, have a good day.
>I can't draw and use sculpting as a crutch
Truth is you'll waste time re proportioning your sculpture when you could've just drawn it with correct proportions in the first place and box modeled from that.
You're wasting time convincing people that you are an idiot who doesn't know shit with every post you do.
I understand what you are saying here but it's not black and white. Sometimes if I'm working on a personal project I find it really good to just get in Zbrush and push around the clay until I find something I like. It gives me a much better view of all my characters dimensions from the get go and retopology isn't a big deal when you know what you are doing. I find this a lot faster than working from image planes and box/edge modelling.

Is there any good resources for painting older-style textures that were common from the early 2000s? A lot of the old sites that had techniques disappeared and most of the tutorial stuff now is either highly stylized painting (WoW/Dota/ect) or just modern normalmap workflows.
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Video on old style workflow (I think original video is from 2006)
File: body.png (97 KB, 512x512)
97 KB
File: barrel.png (98 KB, 512x512)
98 KB
heres the deal

no matter how many tutorials you go through, this type of job is reserved for talented people.
i mean, even go back to ps2/gamecub era where lowpoly was a thing. you had almost no artists who could it like this


even max pain had scanned textures that wasn't good as this, this is pure talent
File: newscope.png (113 KB, 512x512)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

File: That's L3WD.png (88 KB, 250x250)
88 KB
In order to allow for artistic critic in line with /ic/ and to keep a professional face for /3/ and to keep /3/ from taking over threads on /aco/ nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".

Let's see your 250x250 SFW nudity spoiler for /3/.
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Speaking of lewds it's looking like time for another /3/ thread on /aco/. The old one has reached the bump limit.

There's the new /3/ Lewd threads that will do until the mods set up a spoiler tag here for lewds.

New /3/ Lewd thread
This image is too lewd, the ice cream in this image is too easy to replace with a penis, SHUT IT DOWN.

When is she gonna get some legs so we can look up her skirt and see her panties?

I'll enter a 3D school next year and since my girlfriend is japanese I'd like to know how's the average salary back there, not game related.

Some random dude told me I'd get dry ass raped with a salary divided by 2 compared to europe.
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OP Here

Teaching English in Japan is an overused meme, might as well work at Mac's or suck cocks for money, see. But, on the other hand there is a lot of big American companies in Japan and working there could be a solution (They have a American work culture so no free overtime bullshit)

I'm well aware that Japan's work culture is changing but maybe not changing quick enough. But on the good side of things I'm pretty sure art-related companies have a really more open mind concerning the traditional Japanese work culture (for example I got told that a lot of Japanese people working in 3D have tattoos, that would be a no no for most companies).
I could go there for a working holiday but the thing is that I have no choice really since my girlfriend only speak Japanese. I'd have to work there anyway.
Yeah buying property is quite expensive over there but if I don't try to buy/rent anything in the center of Tokyo I'll be fine I guess, we'll see. For the danger of earthquakes I don't really care, I already live in the center of Brussels it's probably less dangerous living over there.

Working as an English teacher in Japan a few years ago was quite a golden opportunity with companies sucking white cock for any English speaker but now it's just a joke. They're so much weebs trying to get in Japan with a English teaching job that companies treat you like shit, they're so much of them that they're not valuable anymore.
Plus you'll fall into the classic retarded foreigner stereotype. On top of that you're basically stuck in a shitty third world country salary shitty job all your life because putting "English teacher" in your resume is like putting you worked for MacDonald's for 4 years it's laughable.
I also want to add that you're not even an English teacher over there, you're even lower than that, you're an ASSISTANT English teacher. Meaning you get cucked by a REAL teacher teaching the class while you play the baboon white fag pronunciation teacher.
But I'll agree it's an easy job for a stepping stone while searching for something better.
I'm sorry but he's right. English teacher, or should I say assistant English teacher, is a shitty and stereotypical slave job in Japan. It was a golden mine years ago but the overflow of weebs killed the market and the reputation for everyone.
I lived in Tokyo for 2 years as a freelance character artist in the video game industry. I experienced the country by living there but worked freelance for companies around the world instead of trying to find a studio job there. I'm not fluent in Japanese so the likeness of that happening would have been incredibly low despite being a senior artist. Would strongly suggest you do the same OP, as long as you're not a fucking awful artist who can secure GOOD PAYING freelance work its very do-able, especially if you're living with your partner who is earning a steady wage too. Best of luck.
The joke about people who teach English in Japan is that they are calling themselves English Teacher and somehow forgetting the Assistant part of their job title.

this piece was sculpted and modeled entirely in blender.

how can /3/ ever recover?
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So why not post in the same post about the response above yours? Didn't read the thread like a retard? Just so you know, I'm >>577977 and I'll say right now that you are strawmanning that dude. He's specifically talking about Art in a stylized manner on being subjective, not that realism is subjective. The fact that his post points out that there are standards and "processes", whatever the fuck that means, shows that he's not saying all art is subjective. Your strawman and potential same fagging is obvious. Art is subjective for the most part, realism is not.
File: tm_nxvt2uCRtK1qz6f9yo1.jpg (233 KB, 500x741)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I'm going to respond here instead of 578005 because you're just a baiting retard.
>OPs specific piece can be interpreted as being shit for photorealism but good for a stylized look
That anons post states that it's not realistic and confirms realism is not subjective, it's objective. The fact that you acted smug when he basically said the same thing shows how little reading comprehension you have.
The anatomy posting was done by me, another poster. Of course, you avoided directly responding to any of my posts in particular because you have no argument. I clearly refuted your dumb point about how anatomy vs proportion is all semantics. Proportion and anatomy are not necessarily interchangeable concepts and it shows your weakness in understanding fundamentals.

Anyone with a reading comprehension and attention span here will know that the original criticism was that the artist was lacking because he had used Blender. Meanwhile the OP's point was that a free program was capable enough to make that picture in the OP.

If you honestly think that spending money or time on a shiny cool on industry standard software will make you a great artist, you will never get anywhere.
>strawman the post

File: rrrr.jpg (219 KB, 2560x1440)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Is there a discord where I can discuss and get critique for my work and help with programs?
I believe /3/ has one, hang around long enough and you might see the link posted.
Or dig through the archives and find it that way.
You can also always go to >>>/vg/agdg and pretend they aren't autistic.
Their discord is better than the thread itself for feedback.
Be aware they are video game development though, so they don't really cover as much as a t/3/apot.
>I believe /3/ has one, hang around long enough and you might see the link posted.
just post the fucking link you retarded sack of shits
Confas are cancer.
I found a C4D one https://discord.gg/Py3m352 pretty small though.

File: Capture.png (493 KB, 1166x797)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
can this level of work find a job?
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Ahh, I see, but the Bratz aren't as "thicc" as your models so I think the proportions kind of work for them.
Just keep working at it
File: 1502944515348.png (63 KB, 207x550)
63 KB
Also here's an arm shortening edit if you need some kind of visual
Yes, that looks better. Thanks.
Maybe look for a paid internship. You enter those jobs under the premise of being somewhat experienced in the field, so they'll take you in and complete your training, then try to hire you on, later. Some of them are paid. Just make a portfolio and send it out. Disney is big on finding fresh talent.

how can people make outdoor renders with 0 noise? correct me if im wrong but the more lights you have the more bounces = more noise. also the grass + people + cars is heavy on the system and takes a while to render

some guy here claimed its pre-rendered GI, is there a way to do it? how can people render environment at such high resolution with 0 noise?
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i know they invest tons of horsepower on these renders but something seems off to me.

its like they make the light calculations before it even starts to sample. like not using raytrace but more of like approximation
Eeeeh yeah, what I said, you're REALLY far behind on the topic. Check out some tutorials.
tutorials about what? i can probably name and describe every function in a render engine, i just don't do outdoors or not intending too
Isn't it vice-versa? That interiors produce more noise? I know that is specifically the case with Cycles. I mean, when there's less light, cameras can also become noisier. Anyway, I experienced noise mostly in interiors, but you just increase a number of samples to reduce the noise.

t. few months in 3D, so I may be wrong

File: Human-Hands-Front-Back.jpg (422 KB, 1200x800)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
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I use the extrude tool
Box modeling then smoothing but the sculpt fags here are going to give you some other BS tips.
Actually I box model roughly then sculpt
any good tutorial recommendations?
For hands I first model the top of the hand as a flat plane, laying down the topology. Then make the bottom with its own topology while keeping the outer vertices on the top and bottom identical so I can bridge them together. After that I can shape it to look like a hand. I find this makes the process a lot easier than straight up box modeling.

File: 1499227103321.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
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just fucking heard this in a tutorial:
>I know some still prefer to box model their characters
>haha, I don't know how they do it but oh man
>c'mon! it's 2017, learn to sculpt!
>Making mobile trash
>200-400 tri limit per character
What the actual fuck?
>200-400 tri limit per character
Are you making a game for a fucking Nokia 3310?
Extreme example, but people do still model characters for some things with similar limits.
I'd love to see a Nokia run those graphics, though.
>Topology on your low poly is important.
Topology is always important, especially if you want to animate the mesh.
>"It looks fine, you don't need to put more work into it."
This is a trap a lot of people fall into, in a lot of different fields. Stop being a perfectionist, at some point you do need to say "this is good enough" and move on.
>PBR isn't a fad and will soon be used by every game studio.
PBR is becoming the standard now. What's wrong with PBR?

File: fuckme.jpg (616 KB, 2122x1415)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Is it okay if I post a link to my reel here? I just want to be judged, kicked in the teeth, whatever.

I've been unemployed for 4 months. I previously worked at a startup which recently downsized for about a year and a half. I've gotten like five interviews, but I don't end up hired. I need to know if I should just stop applying and git gud for awhile.

I feel like I'm at a cross roads, I'm very much a generalist and I don't know if I should start specializing. I mostly like character rigging and animation, I've learned enough python coding for Maya that I wrote my own human character rigging script, but I don't know if that's really reel material. Mostly I just want any paying job in CG/Motion Graphics.

I think I need to move to New York, but it seems like "motion graphics" are really whats in demand there. What is also tied up in NY is that my gf just got a job there, so it seems like get up to Ny or basically lose her. Do I need to learn more particle type stuff? Do I need to learn C4D? Do I need to make a bunch of typography type of shit?

I feel that my work is just mediocre and I don't know what direction to go in. I would be interested in working on games, the Studio that makes XCOM is literally 30 minutes from me. At this point I'm either giving up on the industry or getting some other job for now while I git gud.

I feel like I need to just over haul myself or something.

I would like to be a sort of generalist, but I have no idea how to even build a portfolio for that. As an "junior 3D artist" I was basically doing everything at my studio, even directing other freelancers and figuring out pipelines for work our studio had never done before.

When I try and put it on a resume it sound like I'm bullshitting, but that's really what they had me do.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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For easy broadcast stuff its like 2-4 times faster to do it in C4d than in Maya.
MASH is powerful but Mograph shits all over it in terms of how fast you see stuff happening and how comfortable/easy it is to set it up. You should have no problems learning it.
Mograph artist also use X-particles and that is equally easy and fun to use. So C4d +X-particles and maybe Octane or Redshift and you are good to go.
Nobody uses Arnold in that business.
Forgot, if you want to simulate fluids and have millions of particles, that's always slow, no matter the software.
Also shouldn't you use Bitfrost for Water?
There is no fluid simulation in C4d integrated. You'll need Realflow or Houdini for that.
Then I begin hunkering down with C4D tomorrow. I started once and ADHD'd out. The tutorials are pretty bland.

Is Arnold a meme? My boss is always telling me that it's the future. Whats the prime renderer for C4D?

My PC is pretty new I just built a new one with a SS drive and 16 gb ram + a pretty decent processor.

I hope it's fast enough.
Don't know shit about motion graphics, but everything in the reel feels unfinished. The animations you had in there are good, but the scene itself feels lacking.
C4d own renderer is pretty lame, but you'll get any renderer for C4d. Arnold is not used in this business because it is too slow and too expensive. Unless you need to do photo-realistic stuff you wont need it. Most customers want to have shiny looking stuff which is better done by a GPU renderer like Octane or Redshift because its 10x faster and looks good enough.

Arnold is a great renderer, the only thing bad about it is Autodesk.

Does anyone know what is the process to get your art featured in 3d magazines? Do you contact them or do they contact you? Any resources on this topic?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Busty elves and orcs..definitely tired of seeing those lol. And superheroes. Thanks anon, this is very informative
sure m8! keep it up
If you have to ask, you aren't good enough. Just keep working at it, keep on posting, soon you'll get recognition in one way or another.
>If you have to ask, you aren't good enough. Just keep working at it, keep on posting, soon you'll get recognition in one way or another.

IMO to be recognized in this field you need to actively market yourself, it's not just skills alone. I don't believe in passive approaches and I don't believe in just doing your stuff and hoping you'll get noticed by senpai. It might work in some cases but I'd bet in most cases it does not, especially nowadays, when this field of work is so over-saturated. Actors, for example, don't just act and wait to be discovered, they send applications, go to auditions and so on. But I get where you're coming from
I'm an obscure student with little online basis but my work was featured in the magazine after I uploaded it on their website. Your work has to be approved before its uploaded and so you're sure at least someone sees it. A week later I was emailed by their editor.

You don't need to be famous, but I did notice a lot of the covers and double pages go to people who are active on the 10k facebook group.

File: 123431124125.webm (1.21 MB, 720x404)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB WEBM
>"3D modelers" have to create a whole model many times from shitty (or lack of) reference while having it require good topology it not looking shit etc. etc.
>Animators literally move it like a fucking puppet
>ged paid more
>VFX """"artist""" create some shit like water simulation or smoke
>Get also paid more

What is this fucking gay industry
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Then explain the Andromeda shitstorm due to facial animations.
Andromeda was an unfinished, badly planned, badly managed clusterfuck of epic proportions.
The fact that the people got hung up on the facial animations just illustrates your point.
The other anon is wrong.
If you take a look at the models of Andromeda, they are not bad from a technical perspective. But the animation is, because its unfinished and unpolished.
Because animation needs more time and is more prone to bug out.

At the end of the day does it make much difference for the customer?
A bad model with good animations is crap, the reverse also.
TL;DR You're wrong that people don't pay attention to the animations. They do.
Did you even read my post. I am another Anon and i agree with you.
People might not pay much attention to animation when its serviceable, but when its shit, people get it.
I'd imagine modelling is the easiest part. You copy your art departmen's work, rig it, and thats it.
VFX are the programmers and literally have to come up with their own methods to make things work.
Animators have to work their asses off day and night, moving everything inch by inch.

Maybe you should stop crying and do your work.

File: art-test-590x312.jpg (36 KB, 590x312)
36 KB
I was given an art test and it seems, pretty insane in terms of raw hours for a test.

>Model an entire environment, a decrepit overgrown building
>Texture, light and shade it for a full 360 VR view in Unity
>Needs a Diffuse, a Normal map, an
Ambient Occlusion map, and a Specular map

>Rig a character (Model provided)
>Then create a walk cycle for that character

All of which is supposed to be as realistic as possible.

That seems like days worth of work. Aren't Art Test supposed to be something doable in like a day?

All for a maybe.
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
they will eventually hire someone that downloads everything off the internet and pay him minimum wage.
that's basically archviz nowdays
anyone hiring this kind of amateur pleb does not value quality, which is in itself a very poor business decision (unless your business is a dollar store)
> VR

These niggers have no product, no game and the biggest names on their website are logos of companies whose products they USE.

Enter their office, pull down your trousers, take the dankest taco bell shit on their table and tell them you don't do a week's spec work for a vaporware industry. VR/AR is a fucking pipe dream and even if they gave you the job you'd be out of work inside a year with not much to show for it in your portfolio.

As shit as your current job is in terms of growth, you're doing paying work and extending your portfolio as a generalist. These guys are getting high off their own farts and even their LinkedIn has jack shit to show for it.

As someone who's been a freelancer in the past I am giving you advice not to work for jerkoffs with grandiose ideas. If they were worth ANYTHING they wouldn't have to advertise for a developer. They will use you like a tampon while they piss away whatever VC funding they have and then wonder why the company went under.

Fuck these guys in particular.
this. i couldn't say it better.
lots of popup companies are riding the wave of VR propaganda. i investigated one of those companies from upclose and none of their employees even had public portfolio's (if any). more secretaries and HR than actual artists
DONT EVER FORGET THAT 99% of companies are WANNABIE studios that are run by money people. They have no idea what they're doing and will often ask you to do unreasonable tasks. Welcome to the industry :)

File: mech_leg.jpg (69 KB, 287x644)
69 KB
Help me out /3/. How should I model this in Zbrush.
I'm good at hard surface mechanical modeling if it's free form. However, if I need to create something based off something preexisting I don't even know where to start.
I just use the clay brush to work out rough shapes but then I get stuck on some deformed shit.
Should I use 3D Max for these instead?
I'd like to keep in ZBrush so I can improvise easily while I'm going instead of replicating whole sale.
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would honestly just do the hard surface modeling in Max and bring it into ZBrush for detailing if need be, then bake the details down into maps. It just seems like a waste to start in ZBrush and then mess around with figuring out how to compact the results into something game-friendly. In fact, the reference images have very smooth and clean surfaces, so I'd probably skip ZB altogether, it just seems unnecessary, but if it's your primary tool, then I'm not gonna stop you. Just seems counter-intuitive to me.
File: 1489399160229.jpg (269 KB, 800x600)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Yeah, I know it's a stupid question.
I can't draw so the only way I can quickly bang out ideas/concept art is through ZBrush, but I know for a lot of things like this it's not the right tool. It just seems wasteful to not do anything with the high poly mesh I'll end up with, but that's the price I pay for not learning to draw for concept art.
I guess my workflow should be to just prototype ideas in ZBrush, and when I've settled on a design I like just use Max like normal.
Delete Z brush

Get blender3d with hardops.
RIP Cosmic Break =(
Zmodeler, Live Booleans/IMM brushes/gizmo deformers

if you get hold of it, it goes really fast and smooth in Zbrush. you have to retopo at the end some parts.

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