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File: 12.053_tg52up16eq0.png (1.17 MB, 1920x804)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG

This shit looks incredible. The comic-style shading, the strong palette, the visual direction is just purely ridiculous. And they even have stepped animation! Now this, this is what NPR should be.
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File: 1535253638418.jpg (41 KB, 687x245)
41 KB
>they pair the nigra with a wh*te girl
What's particularly funny about Finn is that they took one of the deepest and most multi-dimensional character concept of SW (guilt-driven ex-storm-trooper), put a black guy face into it, and proceeded to make him a buffoon and a walking joke for the rest of the movies.

Sasuga Kathleen. Real anti-racist there. Real progressive.
>I can't wait for behind the scenes and hopefully they will share everything
They are at least having a panel tomorrow at Adobe MAX but I don't see anything about it being recorded. I really wanna see how they did it though. https://www.adobe-max.com/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=8515&tclass=popup
10/10 point of view on the matter
Episode 8 is a mistake on par with Episode 1
JRJ is fucking shit

Ill start first
wrong board fgt
Anything made with the Blender Game Engine.

I fucking saved the thread right here.

how would you make this but animated?

had a go at houdini but could not find any good tutorials from something like this.
Uh, Houdini. It's literally a very basic water sim. Model your corrugated roof, set it as a collision object, run a fluid sim off-screen and let physics trickle down the roof and off into the void.
that sound fine in principle but without asking for too much could you link me to a video that walks though that. i've watched some basics videos on houdini but aside from that nothing.

I had a lot of issues trying to get an obj node to interact as a collision node

File: Which_3d_softwareI.jpg (68 KB, 800x450)
68 KB
I'm completely new to 3d where should I start? If you were just starting fresh which software would you start in and which tutorials/series would you use? (Can torrent)
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Agree with this, though I will add Redshift as a top recommendation for an indie artist
>It will waste their time and turn them into cultists.
Well you turned out to be a fine cultist without it
I personally use C4D and have always found it to be the most user-friendly software. Buttons are nicely depicted with simple icons and tutorials are abound. Blender I hear is getting better at layout (back in 2013 it was horrendous like zbrush is now). Self teaching is really easy and fun in C4D. I find it to be the most relaxing program as every function does what it is supposed to (mostly) and it doesnt crash too often (Maya is... fun).
Does anybody have Moi3D 3.2 for mac?
File: gallery_5897_31_49360.jpg (95 KB, 500x600)
95 KB
Every action commands a reaction. Blender started it all; now it's the time for payback.

File: maya.jpg (187 KB, 1280x720)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Alright, I'm going to college next year and need a laptop for my 3D shit. I use Maya and am relatively proficient in it. What do you fellas recommend? (A laptop that won't crash on me every time I duplicate or some shit)

Budget- 1k (preferably under)

Also which colleges would you guys recommend/acknowledge that have good 3D Animation/Modeling courses?
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>t. Delusional Blendie
Your school should have a render farm for you to use.

If you really need to model on a laptop, you should remote to your desktop from your laptop.
There will be input lag (so if you wanted to game that way it'd suck for anything realtime like a shooter) but it won't matter for non-sculpting (might feel janky if sculpting, might not be noticeable).
MSI makes beautiful, slim gaming laptops that are perfect for Maya.

Up your budget a bit and get a good one.
+1 for remote access. Rainway runs in chrome and has gotten pretty fucking fast/low lag since it entered beta. Just buy a chromebook and save hundreds of dollars and upgrading your home pc will now effectively upgrade your school one as well.

File: NV_PHYSX_F_blk.jpg (119 KB, 2403x1047)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Just wanted to say it. Steam may be able to pull off the same UI for years and be pretty good but nVidia just doesn't have that charm or... more importantly... functionality. It is a complete and utter pain to use surround and the constant flashing of monitors gives me periodic heart-attacks.

File: 1539201465157.jpg (257 KB, 1024x767)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Can employed /3/ professionals use a lot of reference pictures eg google images when modelling/sculpting at work?
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What's your position and what's the general workflow at your job?
It's standard practice
You not only can, you must have to be a better professional
Not entirely true. If you use Blender, you are released from such a requirement.

Absolutely. First of all, your clients will be providing you reference images for their concepts, or perhaps even more. So you don't even have a choice but to work off reference. Then on top of that, you will need to collect a deep library of references. Don't stop at Google Images. You need to search Flickr, Getty, Corbis, Artstation, Instagram, National Geographic, Pinterest, etc

File: CGWrnCDWwAEs_d1.jpg (19 KB, 390x365)
19 KB
>did a meme 3D vidya degree
>matured and become adult
>no longer care about vidya
>stuck on carreer path i dont give a shit about

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Pixels on a screen that earn billions. Lol.
People out there earn more for uglier pixels that nobody in their right mind would pay attention to, and yet.
I so agree with this opinion. Industry veterans have been complaining about this shit openly online since 2002 when CA started the craze. Everyone wants to work in this industry, and I hate that it got so popular with shit people, no passion, or business sense. Or, too much business sense, and shit art.

I just took some Acid and am tripppping~ love you all, but please put skill and art above making money while still knowing what you're worth.
Fuckin' A. I love this stuff, and got into it right when diploma mills started coming about. So many hacks it's producing.
Just fucking file for bankruptcy
Well this wins the award for bullshit, industry is shit because of chinks and pajeet under cutting everyone

File: CSWP_MD-300x293.png (42 KB, 300x293)
42 KB
Is the solidworks certification actually worth it? Does it really improves your chances in getting a job or a better one?
in the solidworks world everything needs to be superprofessional and accurate so it can only help
I would assume so. General 3D is work is more about pure skill, like if you dropped out of school but can crank out top-tier models, you’ll still get hired anywhere for film or games work if you’ve got a solid portfolio.
CAD carries more responsibility because if you go into the engineering side of things, you need to be able to answer for anything that happens as a result of your work. Poorly-placed parts or insufficient structural integrity can put lives at risk if your design somehow squeezes past R&D, so certification of you knowing all the rules and standards is necessary.
My only experience with it was as an employee for a small start-up but the jist for us was that certifications were a prerequisite for purchasing additional plugins
>Buy Solidworks
>"Thanks for buying our product, in order to purchase our advanced physics sim plugin you will need to also purchase a certification course"
>Buy the Solidworks Certification course for ~$2000
>Essentially what you could learn in 4 youtube videos over the span of a week
>Send you a pdf to print out your certificate after completing the course
>Name is misspelt on it
>"Congratulations, Now you are allowed to purchase our plugins"
Forgot to add, they get really pissy when it comes to training materials not purchased from them.

>Boss buys official books off ebay sellers
>Told to hide the books whenever a Solidworks rep stops by

File: image.jpg (357 KB, 640x769)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
ITT: Photographs that look like bad renders
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>Nobody is from /b/
>As a anon from /b/, I can confirm
What did he mean by this?
its a meme you ERR:CERT_EXPIRED;error logged to /errors/10112018-21402.log;
thank you
Once you've been there long enough your place of origin of overridden because you've become more damaged by that culture than your own.
File: TWerner.jpg (28 KB, 800x450)
28 KB

File: Unbenannt.png (112 KB, 408x418)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I need some help please.
I modeled a simple chest in maya and then exported it as an .fbx into unity. in maya everything is alright but in unity i get a weird triangle thats not supposed to like that. It seems its because of a normal being wrong, the error only occurs when i import the values from maya. but i checked the normals there and they seem to be fine. Any suggestion?
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I just wanted to take a look at the structure to kow whats going on.
What I can tell you is that those trips are fucking up your model. I always model in quads because every time I import a model with trips to a game engine, I end up having a similar error.
Try modelling that part in quads and see if it helps
actually i just deleted the tri and made a new onw it that place and it works now like intended. So something was up with it indeed, I just would like to know what exactly. Its not the normals but thats all I know.
Maybe duplicate vertices/hidden face?
nope, i checked that too.
also I just remember that it MIGHT still be the normals despite me saying otherwise in my last post. When i tell unity to calculate the normals by itself and not use the ones from maya it looks fine. I recalculated all the normals on the faces in maya and I didnt change anything tho. now that i type this, i recalculated the face normals, not the vertex normals. gonna try that out. would make sense too, just one corner of the tri is fucked, maybe theres the problem. Well thanks for your help anyone, bro
Check that your UV's are actually connected near that triangle, i wanna bet that vert in the middle of that semi circle is floating, it should attach to all the triangles in that semi circle

File: 1460789955323.jpg (30 KB, 480x477)
30 KB
Seems to be a fucking nightmare. Either it throws the weight heat error or you need to repaint pretty much every bone to not get orange skin or even worse distortions.
I don't want to fucking retopo the whole thing just because I want to bend the arms and turn the head a bit. Is the only way to manually transform parts without using bones?
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use the cage modifier
learn how to weight
Cheese mesh is very simple to fix you retarded sperg, got anything else?

Use the right tool for the job. I know zbrush and learning blender so dont even go there.
The Linear Deformer Tool from the Mira addons could work as the transpose tool somehow, only for edit mode and 2.79
make a low poly cage, weight *that* and use it as a modifier for the sculpt. That way sculpting won't affect your weights.

Anyone got experience selling shit on Unity asset store/CGtrader/whatever?
What's your general experience and opinion?
Make something that people want to buy, and you got sales.
Now, pricing the product right so you get paid enough to break even, that's a whole another story entirely.

File: yk2gazkt7lln4hmgbodm.jpg (105 KB, 1200x675)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Why is this plastic hair bullshit so common? Do people actually think it looks good?
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File: 1492017915907.jpg (13 KB, 350x350)
13 KB
>"durr zbrush and substance are gay! you can get results fast! fucking art school rejects!"
>but anon, you can use them too and achieve greater results than before
no one agreed to anything lmao
if you ever did proper texturing you'd notice that substance, marmoset and unreal 4 have ****very**** different output from the same texture set
i've reach the point of exporting separate texture sets for every engine because how bad situation is

PBR is sure solved some problems, like we can skip manual input of mentalness/specular for each material also blend those, but like anything in 3D, implementation is just horrible
I think it's fine, kinda messy on the sides though. Try dividing the hair into parts and combing them individually. I think that's how the industry big guys do it
Fuck off, son. Some of us have been at this for 20 years and prefer things this way.
I hope someone releases the tech CIG are using on this product, was linked this by a colleague.

Why haven't you jumped the sinking ship that is windows and moved to a superior free system?
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It depends on each case, really. If you only use ZBrush or Photoshop (or whatever Windows-exclusive program you need) once or twice a week, it may be beneficial to do all the rest in a native Linux environment.
1. Run it through a standard virtual machine. This gives you 100% compatibility, but the VM itself requires resources. The VM normally cannot access your GPU so it does not work well with modern games
2. Virtual Machine with GPU passthrough. All the benefits of a standard VM, but can also access the GPU. Downside is that you actually have to be good with computers to set this up
3. WINE. Instead of running in a VM, you can use this tool to run programs directly through Linux. Works well with your GPU and requires the least resources and setup. Downside is that compatibility is not 100%. There's an online database on programs that work or don't work.

If you can't think of a single reason why a Windows host would be detrimental, maybe computers just aren't for you.
You use a program called WINE that mskes Windows applications run natively on the system. Some guys reverse-engineered Windows and made a 'compatbility layer'. Sometimes you may even get the windows application to run faster on Linux.

I never use VMs for running windows apppications on Linux that's a lazy inefficient way.

Also there are many different 'distributions' of Linux designed to do different things. There's ReactOS that is specially made for running old Windows programs, there are distros that focus on power efficiency, IoT and pretty much everything you can think of.
Just do all that shit to run programs meanwhile Windows just werks out of the box.
I used Linux for years while doing 3D. It just made things more difficult to be honest. The software ecosystem for doing art/cg is worse and Linux as a whole isn't robust enough, you're always dealing with issues that you wouldn't face as a Windows user.

For art/cg work I think it only makes sense if you don't require a lot of the Windows/Mac only software, or if you work at a larger facility where everything is departmentalized and you're strictly doing Maya/Houdini/Nuke/whatever.

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