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File: apu.jpg (24 KB, 600x484)
24 KB
Hello Blendfag here
I'd like to start learning how to sculpt.
Got any good tips/tutorials/anything?
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He's right though, Zbrush is way above DonutMaker (and any other software for that matter) when it comes to sculpting.
Thats nice, but donutmaker 2.79a is doing what i want and doesnt just sculpt
File: 1484507221501.png (27 KB, 477x387)
27 KB
being a casual user and using the right tools for the job are not mutually exclusive things you dong gobbler
You probably already found
https://www.artstation.com/zreinhardt & his course https://www.udemy.com/mastering-sculpting-in-blender/

You can also check

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this comment is aids. Just avoid. If you're trying to get good at 3D most definitely avoid it.


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>not using crye

Did you see their UE4 build with VXGI? Never seen such a half-assed implementation, most of the UE lighting workflow isn't even picked up by VXGI, and if you don't want your performance to be shit you have to keep the voxel resolution at unbearable levels of ugliness. Now apparently they stopped working on it.
big blue
They ask you to not use the UE4 trademark, you can still use the engine. No UE4 logos anywhere for example.
It's not uncommon for studios to be wise enough not to buy AMD hardware.

What's the best way to go about it? Baking isn't an option, I could maybe remove one or two edge loops but it's a wide curve. Pic's how I tackled it, but it feels off.

I'm still having trouble understanding how to best hide seams when it comes to props/environments, it was super straightforward to me for characters but it seems hellish for hard surface on props that'll be seen from all directions.

What's your preferred method of unwrapping? I've been eyeballing Ninja Dojo or UVLayout as ways to streamline the workflow, although I want to make sure I understand the fundamentals correctly first.
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you can hide seams with texture padding, sp and most programs have it by default.
its not perfect, you can try hiding seams in areas where the camera wouldn't focus, but since most seams are in loops that's really hard

It's mainly just a small prop to render for a prop section in my portfolio, or for adding to a scene. I originally made it as a gift for 3D printing and figured I might as well polish it up, but I want to tackle the rest of the process through the context of cleaning up/optimizing my unwrapping/texturing workflow. I can comfortably unwrap basic shapes, but there are still some things I don't fully understand/grasp, and shapes like these are definitely one of them.

Pic of model with camera it's based on. Noticing some issues (handle width, ridges are too intense), but that's an easy fix. Some aspects of it were kept inside the body to make it more print friendly but aren't accurate, but I'm not sure they're really worth the time of fixing. I'll probably model the interior of the aperture since the lens will be transparent for renders.

I was planning on uploading it to Marmoset Viewer, meaning it'd be viewable from all angles.
File: maya_2018-03-21_14-20-35.png (1.33 MB, 2273x1043)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG

pic didn't upload for some reason
The way you unwrapped that corner is fine. Seams are pretty much unavoidable, and though you could take some steps to unwrap that piece without the extra cut in the middle, you couldn't do it without heavily warping your faces or having a very awkwardly-shaped island. The seam is a small price to pay to keep your UV islands straight and clean, which is also gonna help a ton with baking and texture mipping if this is a game prop.

Any program with projection painting (such as Substance Painter or Mari) will let you paint over the seam in such a way it'll be basically impossible to see unless a user zooms waaaaay the fuck in. At which point they'll start to see the pixellisation from your texture, so that kind of stuff doesn't matter anyway.

File: 42326434-1-sz.jpg (202 KB, 1200x1200)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Does anyone else feel that Blender is so close, but still inferior? It's like there's a program there, but it doesn't have the ideas in Ton to get there, its a shame that he doesnt just die already, especially since he's so old and feeble and nobody wants that
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I agree. Please prune this board of Blender
because I don't think the world need any more cringe-filled donuts.
and brainwashed Blender cultists with a big ego
its not ton's fault, its the community

they simply don't fix old shit, whats done is done.
if they just reform baking and normal/smoothing groups, blender would be already better.
i mean shit, just fix the fucking settings file to have noiseless/unlit renders and its already better
my big brother just bought some titan v's for cycles and guess what? They dont work in any build in 2.79 or 2.8

its like blender devs dont actually develop anything, they just have a pyramid scheme going on
Redshift. Apparently, they are working on a Blender plugin.

Another option is to exchange the Titans for a powerful CPU, RAM, and a couple of V-Ray or Renderman licenses.

No more dealing with Cycles's limitations.
He says he's going to move back to opengl 4.6 and work with something that at least will compile.

I'm just the middleman in all of this lad

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 223x226)
9 KB
>mfw everyone in my japanese cg sweatshop got gunned down by triads last night
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File: smug.elrong.jpg (29 KB, 492x388)
29 KB
The CG in The Outsider was spectacular
somehow my workers have come back to me, despite being gunned down. Things are getting spooky working in cg lads
What are you smoking?
I'm not sure

File: x240-mst.jpg (18 KB, 427x240)
18 KB

I'm not asking how you could theoretically do this, but exactly what software/animation library people use. The whole web is full of this type of cartoons, it all looks too familiar, meaning so many people cannot have this style of drawing but rather it looks like there is a program that makes it easy to animate and thus produce very similar results. it's not bad but looks cheap because it's everywhere. those meetandfuck porn games or whatever look exactly the same as far as i can remember for example and many other stuff around the web.

Not trying to promote the clip at all.

I'm aware you can animate with adobe flash, after effects, illustrator etc. But this looks like already made stuff/assets.

Many thanks if you can help.
This board is for 3D anon
>It's not bad
Yes it is.
>What Program?
Probably GoAnimate or some other piece of shit.

File: Screenshot_1.png (318 KB, 624x914)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
Yo, would any of u be kind enough and help my friend win a 3d modeling contest on twitter? (she promised me good shit if she wins, help a brother out, u gotta like and retweet it)

I'm gonna leave a pic of one of her models, she said she'd also like some constructive opinions on her work.

not your personal army, and not mercenaries who help you get pussy.
>oh well i tried
>didn't say anything about pussy tho xD
>gonna go back to scrolling /b/ for now

File: xoxo_blue (4).jpg (818 KB, 1200x900)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
Hey /3/

Can we have a general folio thread?


I was wondering what would you say about me.
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It's not much, but here it is
I did from time to time post image or two, but never a folio. I usualy try to do helpdesking.

I really genuinely thank you for your words, you are too kind.

Thank you.

Thank you, what do pushed mean?

Thanks, they were not.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Thank you, what do pushed mean?
that mean
I opened all your works and pressed like
you negger
The last thing I'll do is give the 15yo spergs on this board, who are busy with creating genitals and fighting about the best software my real name and face.

That's what I wrote to begin this thread. Literally exactly that happened. Fuck this worthless waste of bandwidth that is /3/
and what exactly happened? anons looked at dudes portfolios and found them generally appealing and pretty good
or is there something else in this?

File: how.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
How hard is it for someone who can't draw to do 3D modelling?

Am thinking of picking up a 3D modelling course but I can't draw at all. Would it be expected in the field that I can draw?
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can you box model me a friend? ;_;

>tfw you design a house but the doors are wider than they are tall and the ceilings aren't high enough to be able to stand up inside because no drawing skills
see how stupid you look?
This isn't true either. Let's say I want to design a chair. Model the basic chair from a reference. Now change it up into a design you imagine. Let's say I want edgy skull and crossbones on the seat. Find reference of skull and crossbones. Model them. Put them on the seat. Next I want twisted tooth brushes for legs. Make a toothbrush. Bend it and twist it then make 3 copies.

Now you have a dumb looking chair that you never drew.

Drawing is a reference. Pictures are a reference for drawing so they can also be a reference for modeling.
3D is different, agreed. I'm not an art person at all, can only draw stick figures, but I've been, well, making along with 3D modeling. I'm more of a logic & sense person, tries to make everything numbers, and I guess that's what I used to become at an -ish-trashy level
Torr Frick said in an interview that he got into 3d because he couldn't draw.
You guys are really a bunch of retards.

Its not about the drawing skill itself its about the other skills one learns when learning to draw/paint well.

Form, anatomy, perspective, proportions, composition, framing, colors, hand-eye coordination, to see and observe properly, etc...

So no you don't need to learn drawing to do 3D, but you need to learn all of these.
Chances are that if you are a good drawer/painter you already know most of it and it translates 100% to 3D.
And its not like you can learn all of these easily by doing 3D, sometimes it IS actually much more beneficial when going back to the basics. Meaning drawing, or simply learning the whole fucking Art/Design basics like color theory and stuff like that.

Somebody who has no knowledge of these topics will have it much harder and compared to others with more experience he/she will suck.
The valley of suck becomes much bigger this way.

Should I use an upfront payment site like commend me to commission some models or reddit?
use a forum, freelancer sites are riddled with low quality artists
Can you give a couple good examples, please?
indieartists dot com should be nice
i think deviantart job section is good too

File: Capture.jpg (46 KB, 1145x679)
46 KB
Blender FLIP fluids is out for blender. The Blender Guru was tweeting this out the other day.


Literally no reason to learn houdini anymore.
88 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't use anything cause fuck 3D to be honest but lmao at anyone thinking they can alone at home creating things they see in productions like the Michael Bay or Marvel movies which are created by like 5000 people at once and rendered on like 100 supercomputers
>I don't use anything cause fuck 3D to be honest
Get the fuck out my /3/.
>let me just move the goalpost so far that everybody realizes what a fucking idiot i am
Anyone get into the beta and willing to post a DL link? Already applied a while ago but I doubt I'll get in.
same goes for me.

File: 423441241.jpg (178 KB, 1836x996)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>that topology

post bad topology
83 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Floating geo can be really bad for normal maps
Wut? How exactly?
I make game art and use floaters in the LP, so do several other game artists I know.
They *have* to exist.
I assume you are talking about floating geo in the highpoly, no issues there.
In lowpolys you'd have to push them into the surface, that introduces baking artifacts around concave edges where polygons intersect.

Can I have some picture examples? Preferably from vidya.
Just use some common sense man.
If that is a problem its easy to fix, just explode your mesh before baking.

File: daily donut.png (774 KB, 1224x826)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
im learning blender and i just made my very first donut.
146 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
You have previous experience at 3D. Why start with Blender by making a fucking doughnut, of all things?
A tutorial by the BlenderGuru about doughnuts became something like a meme on /3/.
The video is really popular and many newcomers start with that one.
Basically because i'm shit at modeling. I kinda like messing around with lighting and materials more then model things, so I lack practice.
Also I wanted to make sure I'm not missing on some basic but useful stuff in terms of modeling workflow, I assumed different software can have different tools.
when faces are going through other faces i probably have done something wrong
File: merc_wip.jpg (219 KB, 800x1154)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
The donut tutorial is like /3/'s version of merc_wip.

File: VaderTest_01.jpg (32 KB, 749x707)
32 KB
So I'm just modelling the Ep3 variant of Darth Vader's helmet; I'm trying to composite it into my filmed back plate but I have no idea the official scale of the real helmet. Does anyone know any of the official measurements? Or if not know where I can find it? Thanks

P.S criticism welcome
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Okay thank you, this helps alot

Do you have higher rez version of that pic senpai?
Try reverse image search, I'm on mobile and my device doesn't seem to load big images.
There are official costumes you can buy, I had one (from like the 80s) but I lost in the move and couldn't give you the measurements
Yeah I thought about getting one because they seem pretty awesome too, but they are pretty expensive though so might not be worth it atm

File: Capture.jpg (97 KB, 1055x722)
97 KB
Brand new results by Nvidia were released today - ai has simply passed us, as humans. We are DONE. 18 days to make each image, but the realism is something we would never achieve by ourselves sculpting in zbrush and painting in mari after 18. It would never happen for us.

What should we all collectively do? I'm scared of losing my house and not being able to care for my wife and two 2.5 kids.
120 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Why is it that when technique is primitive, everything is beautiful, and when technique is perfected, almost everything is ugly
Spoken like a true jew. Meanwhile, blobs of sprayed colors and huge wooden dildos are sold for 200k dollars to launder drug money.
I meant real time.
There is no point of using inaccurate "guessing software" for offline rendering unless in production you are in a rush to finish. It sure is good for quick preview windows, but for a final render? Why settle for a blurry mess.
Just like temporal aliasing it will work wonders for games once ray tracing first starts being used, but its not magic, it wont pull pixel information out of its ass.
I think somebody is cranky cause he got left behind in the conversation.
I can almost see the quads in that girl's cheek and hear Andrew's stupid jokes while he puts a lot of lamps around her, check out the neck shade, it looks fake as fuck.
I can't wait for Mass Effect Andromeda 2 using even more procedural workarounds

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