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What are the best tutorials that will teach me how to make textures with Substance Designer?
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>TLoU is crap
Damn, I thought that kind of shit can only be heard on /v/. I'm dissapointed with you, /3/.
Oh, come on, guys. Arguing whether the whole huge genre of human expression - games is good or bad is a priori absurd.
That was kinda my point. There's a lot of projection, snobbery and dishonesty that goes on with both sides of that argument;
The 'games are inherently stupid and crap' people are usually cultural protectionists wanting to preserve a hierarchical status structure of the arts and entertainment - snobs and elitists, essentially. But they're also, like our friend up there - former gamers or people who have had some relationship with games, who have grown disillusioned by the industry or the pastime or what have you, and they just want to diminish the status of gaming - they're embittered and so if they can't get anything out of it, then no-one can.

But on the other side, the 'games are a valid artform on the same level as David Lynch and Mozart!' crowd are also compensating for an insecurity, that maybe - their favourite pastime doesn't quite have the cultural esteem that they'd like - and so they talk it up and they laud anything remotely left-field and claim that 'Thomas Was Alone' is the millennial equivalent of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable or explaining that 'Papers Please' is basically Das Kapital. The people are posers, pure and simple.
The absolute worst of the lot though - are on this side. The hardliners - you've got your incels, alt-righters, basic shut-ins... you name it. These are the crowd for whom gaming is all they have, and so they have a fundamental need to control every aspect of it - what it is, how it's considered, who is involved, who gets a say.... if any of that slips from their grasp, they face existential doom. Keeping gaming elite for these people is not just about being 'hardcore' or whatever; its about self-preservation - like how explorers to uncharted islands ended up in the pot at the hands of the savages, these guys will use ANY tactic to maintain a grip on their culture at any cost. They. Are. The. Worst.

But - whatever. No one comes at this debate rationally. No one leaves their biases at the door. Never engage. Ever.

The gameplay is generic shit and the textures are straight out of 2012 PC games.
>the textures are straight out of 2012 PC games.
>Initial release date: 14 June 2013
What did he mean by this?

File: skull-fusion.jpg (51 KB, 940x510)
51 KB
I just discovered fusion 360.
Why would you model in anything else?

Obv hard surfaces only but still, why bother learning polygon subd modelling?

Meme or legit?
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I too hate connecting to the internet. Why anyone would want to connect to the internet is beyond me.
For safety, it's better if artist workstations are not exposed to the internet.
Said nothing about accuracy, also made no complaints about anything

I'm starting to think notion that you have any opinion worth anything in the subject is....patently false

You're making mediocre porn animations, you're not the fucking CIA, get over yourself.
>inb4 the CIA and (They) are behind porn

File: pepegondola.jpg (817 KB, 1920x1080)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
My first animated short(?)


Fresh out of oven.
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whats this made in?
I like the ballsac trees
Definitely false.
Got time already? We are waiting patiently for that part2.

File: 1528848794128.jpg (258 KB, 1728x1057)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
How do I get a non garbage 3D artist that doesn't ask too much money?
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You get lucky. You search around. You make a few hiring mistakes and learn from them. I started hiring folks from Fiverr. First one included copyright content. Had to get a 'refund' which was just Fiverr credit. Knew not to fuck with countries or people who might not give a shit about copyright. Eventually found someone new to fiverr who needed positive scores so he was happy to go out of his way for me. He still does contract work for me outside of Fiverr now and for more money. Same thing is happening for me on upwork right now. Found a new guy on there to do my 3d model, texture and a few physical attributes for 55$ a model because he needs the positive scores.
P.s. or you do it yourself. Turns out, I'm better at management, so I just hire people to do stuff now. But I would definitely suggest learning the software and technical side of modeling so you know how to order stuff.
all the really good ones like in indieartists or deviant art cost a fortune. there is no way around this honestly.

if you are serious about quality then save about 500$ and pay for quality work
>why do people that know what they are doing ask more for their service than people that don't
you have to put the time in and focus on certain areas and gamble if that area will lead to more dollars than getting better at other areas

Absolutely newfag here. Roast my product with the power of a thousand suns.
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Finally, an onahole with a musical note on the cap

What I always wanted
Here are some real criticisms for you, op, in no particular order:

- The material in the center is quite poor, to the extent that I can't even really tell what's wrong with it. For one, it doesn't seem to scale correctly across the length of the surface it's covering (it gets more stretched and distorted toward the ends) so you should look into the projection method you're using and figure out a more appropriate approach. If it's UVW mapped you need to look up some tutorials on the correct way of manually adjusting your mapping in whatever software you're using.

- The dark grey material on the end is showing very obvious signs of tiling. That looks terrible and should never happen with the kind of 3D work you're doing. Look into making yourself some nice procedural materials, or at the very least find out how to correctly apply the texture you're currently using.

- Your polygon counts are way too low. This is a product render, not some real time visualization or game asset, so there's no reason not have an insane amount of polygons making every surface smoothly subdivided beyond perception.

- Your lighting is boring and unappealing. You should be using multiple big softbox-style area lights. This is by far the trickiest thing to get right and you shouldn't be afraid to spend a ton of time playing around with your lighting rig in order to learn what works and what doesn't.

- Bevel your edges. Perfectly sharp right-angle edges don't exist in nature: things are always sliiiightly rounded off. EVERY visible edge in your model should have at least a tiny bevel so it'll catch a bit of light. It might sound pointless, but trust me, it goes a very long way to enhancing realism. Some edges are more rounded than others, obviously, so think this through and bevel everything accordingly.

- The debossed music note logo on the end cap is messed up. It's ruining your topology and showing all kinds of ugly triangulation. This isn't an easy thing to solve and maybe some other people can chime in with more detailed guidance, but either way you need to deal with it because it looks bad.

There are a lot of other subjective details that could be debated and critiqued, but I'm sure that's enough for you to work with for now. It's not too bad for a first effort.

Good luck, have fun, if you stick with it you'll eventually get where you need to be.
OP here
Yep, you got it. However upon reflection, it would make a nice buttplug.

I actually forgot about this thread and this scared the shit out of me. Honestly relieved with the amazing feedback.
Thanks /3/!
and hang yourself on it yes

File: ugandan_knuckles.jpg (732 KB, 3840x2160)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Hello my bruddaz.

Ugandan Knuckles, 4K res, wallpaper ratio.

Made in Blender. 2nd thing i ever made with it. The full size is 8K and took 7 hours 20 mins to render on two 980 TI's with OVER 9000 samples (9001).

I'll be showing him de wae to the real world soon (3D prints).
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finally a decent thread on this board lel
You're right about the dead meme, but as far as 3D goes you might be a retard.
You couldn't even get the resolution right. That's 4k, anon.
>The full size is 8K
Well shit.
4k is okay I guess. 8k is a bit absurd.
Carry on.
He is looking at tha way, stare in to his black abyss and youll see

File: 1508760968859.jpg (73 KB, 597x874)
73 KB
How can we make SFM better, guys? I "know" someone at Valve if you know what I mean.

I have his balls over hot coals, he will change almost anything in the program, given sufficent reason
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>making a new sfm
>old one still in beta
tell that to all the blokes making shit load of money for doing sfm porn
where are they? i typed "sfm porn patreon" into google and i found one guy getting 2k/month which is nice but not impressive for people with real jobs and everyone else seems to just be getting small change like $50-200/month even for reasonably high quality work. that's not a "shitload" of money unless you're a child.
File: SFM2.jpg (563 KB, 1280x720)
563 KB
563 KB JPG

>SFM better

With the current Source Engine?
one mans toy program is another man's money maker

File: Raining-money.jpg (52 KB, 507x338)
52 KB
The sheer amount of knowledge and expertise required to be a 3D artist is closer to a computer scientist.

Yet you see graphic designers rake in more dough.

Where did we go wrong bros?
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Work for a startup. 3d modeling and techniqual drawing is just part of my workload.

3d printing and general manufacturing knowledge is what makes me valuable.

Dont be a 1 field slave, be a chad with several specialities.
2d has a higher skill floor and lower technical floor

3d has a lower skill floor but a much higher technical floor

as far as ceilings go, i'd suggest that 3d has the higher skill and technical ceiling, but so few people reach that absurd level that it's hardly worth discussing compared to the number of people who can and do reach a 2d skill ceiling
File: 1485234345617.jpg (34 KB, 480x522)
34 KB
>I want to make 300k too
better make all your dick sucking more than a hobby then
Start working on AR/spatial UI/UX now; it'll pay off within the next 5-10 years.
>3D doesn't require an artistic background
what a fucking idiot

Recently discovered Marvelous Designer and oh boy it looks fun. Except, I don't know what tutorials for it are good and get to the point quickly.
The website recommends following their own tutorials (https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/learn/#) but they're all uploaded at shit resolution, have an ESL narrator with a terrible mic, and just zoom through everything with little to no explanation. Genuinely shit-tier tutorials.

Surely /3/ has some MD users? What are the best beginner-to-pro tutorials for it?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Holy shit, a tutorial narrated by a woman.
Nah man, just a little boy.
>tfw it was a woman probably in her 40s with a dry as fuck voice
Was a really detailed and well-informed tutorial though. Definitely one of the best I've watched, even if she went over really menial and basic stuff.
>women in 40s
>dry as fuck

I took out the context, but it still makes sense.
Good to hear you found the tutorial helpful.
not sure if this is the right place to ask but would anyone happen to have this?
didnt put link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36RP7TaNgTk

Is clothing photogrammetry efficient compared to having an artist make it in marvelous designer? Look at the blue coat, they hired a European designer who made a costume coat then scanned it which seems expensive.
File: scan.jpg (86 KB, 800x909)
86 KB
Is it cost-effective? Probably not, because you're adding in real world materials that take much longer to prepare. The trade is that they can have an actual fashion designer make clothes for their games.

An artist would probably create a better product, if you've seen many scans then this shit really stands out; they didn't do enough cleanup on it.

In terms of efficiency alone, the best method would be to spend a day scanning everything in a designer's wardrobe instead of getting them to design new clothes.
Or even better, teach an fashion designer how to use Marvelous designer, give him an library of procedural and scanned fabric materials, and an Artist as assistant. Best of both worlds.
If it works, it works. But even an intermediately skilled clothing artist could throw together something equally as good or better in a day or two.

It saddens me that capcom are going in this direction. They used to have the most iconic characters and now everything looks weird or drab.

File: 72993_v9_ba.jpg (523 KB, 1080x1440)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
Hey /3/, I'd love to try 3d modeling and stuff, but I have literally no idea where to start. Any recommendations?

Pic unrelated, I didn't have a good enough one
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https://www.blender.org/download/ the only reasonable place to start
>the only reasonable place to start
Fucking blendlets, man.
> blendlets
> hurr durr I use paid software so I am look liek per fessionel xd
>implying everybody who criticizes Blendies' fanboyism must be using something else than Blender
I knew there was a reason why I come to /3/

How do I into quick and easy poly hair?
10 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you've got Blender, check out the Hair Tool add-on. It's a mesh-based curve generator that spits out poly hair as the end result. Quick and easy, albeit maybe a little dirty since you could say it's a bit of a hack.
Just say No.
Well, it's just too bad it's something OP's using then.
That is really pretty nice man. I have trouble with this as well. Good to see you progress in one day.
File: Miami_Wallpaper.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Thanks. I think I'll be using this method for the foreseeable future.

It's nice to be able to create hair assets myself now. I just kind of assumed it was beyond my capability for the longest time, but it's not that hard. It's fun!

Been watching a lot of shit on youtube and I feel like I want to break that habit.
Any suggestions for tv, movies, or podcasts that might be more productive for me to be consuming as an aspiring 3D artist while I'm working as well as in my downtime?
If you want to be more productive, then don't listen to anything while working on 3d.
If in your down time you can watch tutorials, then you might as well be making something.
If you need to watch something while you cannot work e.g. eating, then just finish eating, and get back to work.

File: Ik0knN.gif (1.08 MB, 600x338)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
>le industrial standard
>cant paint over normal seams

Is substance painter an overrated software?
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>triple nigger
you're trying so hard..
File: EIGHT MILLION.jpg (280 KB, 1230x807)
280 KB
280 KB JPG

Is this a YLYL thread?


Then you used a material that doesn't work with triplanar, you complete fucking mongoloid.
PEBCAC as fuck.
You got some intersecting geometry there, m8.

File: Capture.png (1.92 MB, 1360x767)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
>team ninja cucks can't paint weights
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Of course they know how to fix it, however the cost to benefit analysis deemed the fans (aside from the autists that inhabit 4chin) wouldn't care.
There are always gonna be some wierd deformation errors in some poses no matter how good you do your weight painting.
op's pic looks more like the bone isn't centered right but besides that you could just paint higher up the thigh and if the geometry starts to cave into the pelvis just hammer the weights out
The boobs work still.
Actually they removed that to appease game "journalists" and marxists that control fighting game events in the USA.

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