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Screams. Smoke billowing from a nearby wagon. The cobble streets filled with screaming running people. You, a soldier of the local militia. Hiding behind a crate as demonic monstrosities fly overhead.

Bony grotesque demons with a humanoid shape. Their color of their skin is a sickly magenta. They have wings, and could stand at about 7 and a half feet tall. It only took a matter of minutes for the town to go from completely normal to this demonic hellscape.

God why? Why did it have to come to this? Why did you join the militia? All your comrades are surely being eaten alive, and all you can do is cower behind this crate.

And then, there was silence. The screams from all around have faded. And the monstrous noises of the demons plaguing the city have hushed. You peer up from the crate, and there stands a lone Nun. Robe billowing enigmatically in the breeze as she stands over the corpses of several dozen demons.
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File: british-barn-owl.jpg (53 KB, 554x787)
53 KB
I think this is a good point, I will try to give you guys a little more control.

>kinda sprodiacly updated
Yeah, my bad, I'll try to give an update soon.

I don't have any excuse for not updating, I'll try to give you guys an update sometime today.

This is truth.
Hi dude. Glad to know that you’re alive

I'd rather it not be. We just look like a fuckwit, really.
Yes, still here for now.

I will try to relinquish more control.

Here you shall find the next thread, may it be better than this one hopefully

File: Steven_Universe_logo.png (80 KB, 800x304)
80 KB
"Oh no oh no oh no oh nooo!!!" This was it, your last mistake of your short 1000 year life as a ruby. Why did you decide to do this? Honestly? You know it takes 5 rubies to pilot one of these ships and you decided to grab one and try to fly it away all by yourself!?

Okay well if your being honest, you know exactly why you're doing this. You're tired, tired of all the other gems putting you down for being... less smart than them. You're tired of being thrown into whatever battle to be fodder. But most of all, you know you can try and be better, you can improve and break the mold that all other rubies fall into!

On homeworld there's a story, it tells of a group of gems who once stood up to the diamond authority and nearly pushed them back... only to be completely eradicated by the diamonds.

They called themselves... The Crystal Gems

You know that if you meet the crystal gems, they'll be able to help you grow into a better gem than ever before. But before that, you have to try and make sure you don't end up cracking yourself before you get the chance to meet them. Your pod continues to careen itself downwards all the while you begin entering the atmosphere of some unknown planet. You start to panic. There has to be some way to steer this thing with only one of you! Think ruby think!

>try and steer it manually from the control panel
>try to keep it from impacting from the outside somehow
>abandon pod
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File: 1531368201906.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG

Greg is honestly probably one of the best characters on teh show right now. I mean yeah, when we're initially introduced to the guy we're led to believe he's your typical kinda deadbeat, bumbling, oafish dad character--and to an extent he is. But for the most part it's from him that we get everything that makes Steven, well, Steven. All of that boy's best traits--his compassion, his kindness, his determination and above all his unshakable optimism--were from Greg, not Rose or any of the Crystal Gems. All the other Townies and Connie may help give Steven that human element to balance out his gem lineage, but Greg is what makes that human element stick.


I wouldn't think that corrupted gems would even go to those heavily populated areas, though. Any sort of knowledge of those demigod stone beings that trounced around the world in ages past is probably chalked up to ancient history, and any mentioning of these same beings walking on earth in more recent times is probably waved off as conspiracy theory stuff. All the corrupted gem attacks we've seen in the series that didn't happen at some setpiece location all happened close to or in Beach City--and I think that's mostly because the Gems themselves are there, along with probably the largest concentration of working Gem tech still on the Earth. Draws them in, like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.
I'd agree with you on the last point there, cept don't the gems have to go a hunting for corrupted gems in far off locales? Does that mean there are other locations that have working gem tech because if I remember right there was some green cenitpede looking thing that was inside of a spaceship wreck and it was pretty much scrap afaik
In Korea there was pinks palanquin just barely off the beaten path. There's so many ruins all over the place with no human presence. On the map I put above all the red dots are gem sites.
When it comes to beach city attacks, I'll chalk it up to
A) being in the middle of nowhere
B) being used to the crystal gems because odds are they've been there far longer than any of the Europeans that settled there, and likely accepted by the previous indigenous population that lived there before
C) gem tech, being advanced galactic conquerors, most likely being far too advanced and well cloaked to be detected by human technology
With corrupted gem attacks
I see it as they likely cleared up nearly all the gems already, with the ones seen in the show as the left overs hidden in small, untouched areas all over the earth. Plus, Earth is a planet, people are kind of underestimating just how big a planet is, finding a single persom in the middle of nowhere is really, really hard.
When it comes to effects on the earth and human race, I chalk it up as
A) it may look like a lot of dots on that map but remember that the earth is really big and in the frand scheme of things those aren't more than a few places of note spread around the entire globe
B) these places are either undiscovered by people, or they're minor historical attractions that people already studied and just kind of left alone.
C)gems are the gods, myths, and cryptids of this earth. From zeus to the yeti, they're all actually based on gems our ancestors saw/interacted with.
D) gem tech is rare and simply impossible to activate with human tech beyond certain ways, plus they're old, so they're generally thought to be nothing more than artistic relics. Think of that ancientbattery discovered in a Babylon ruin. It's crazy to think they had that so far back, but the world at large doesn't really care and a lot of people reading this didn't even know there was a battery made that long ago

These are just how I try to make sense of the setting, not hard facts. Just makes it easier to make sense of.
Wait are you talking about that clay jug of acid that was technically a battery because it was made with pottery and some copper wire? That was rather neat, but that was more of a proof of concept type thing and not a highly advance civilization thing.

It be if you were comparing a light bulb made from from copper wire and a potato to a flashlight made of steel and double a batteries.

File: atla-opening1-2.jpg (169 KB, 720x480)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Water... Earth... Fire... Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he died. The Fire Nation, both knowing his destined place of birth and fearing his arrival, wiped out all the Air Nomad Temples. When their reincarnations rose to oppose the Fire Nation, they were slain too.

But now there is a new Avatar, one named Kazuki in the Fire Nation, but he has a lot to learn before he even realizes what the Fire Nation is doing is wrong. But one day….I think Kazuki will save the world.

Voting period will last twenty minutes. Rolls will be out 1d100 and be the best out of three

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hotman_sifu
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/Rt8Gz93r
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pass, dc was 75
You decide to drop down onto the ship, given your rather poor performance on the glider. You drop down onto your feet, right into a squatting position. The pirates on board immediately rush you, with their swords, axes, spears, and staffs raised into the air. You posture instantly becomes rigid and stiff, hands into a basic martial arts kata and than stance. Then you breathe deep, as was drilled into you by all your firebending tutors.

Then you go lax and become the wind. While you are rushing past and through at least a little over a dozen men, it feels like their twirls, sidesteps, and turns are just natural movements brought solely by your preference, not an urgent need to defend yourself. It’s almost like your dancing a showing off your moves, rather than letting a man with an axe accidentally hit his friend with the back of it’s handle. You scoot past a cluster of three men so fast when they turn around they either slap with other with their limb or blades when they turn to try and face you, loud cries of pain and suprise following you up a the stairs towards the pirate captain.

He goes to pull out his sword, but you are already up the staircase in a single natural bound like a frog. He lifts the curved sword over his head and begins to let out a loud roar to signal his attack, but your left hand catches him on the elbow before he could drop the thing below his nose. You twist it up with your hand behind his back, prompting him to drop it and then with your free one, thrust out, bringing the wind with it. A basic airbending move, and one enough to send the buccaneer flying towards the rail on the other side of the ship, cracking it; somewhere along the way he drops the sword. You advance towards him and pick it up, while he struggled to get to his feet.

The pirate captain manages to get to his knees, when you place the tip of the sword at middle of his throat. “Aye mates, bugger off, he got us.”

“That’s right,” You yell, turning to face the crew below you. “If you don’t want anything to happen, you’ll surrender to the Fire Nation ship ahead and tell your buddies in the other ships to do so as well.”

They look at one another, questioning gazes and shared guild on their faces. After a minute or so of this, when you’re sure they’ve given up and you’ve averted all this, they continue advancing on the two of you. You look at the captain, and he looks back at you. There is fear in his eyes, but mostly anger over the betrayal they pulled on him.

“You know good, double crossing, yellow bellied, scalawags!” The captain yells, “Don’t think I’m going to forget this, no sir, soon as we’re through with this every pirate in the Four Nations is going to know the lot of you would sell out your own mother for a...”

A tendril of the bright, blue waters of the ocean grabs him from the back and pulls him down into the ocean. You skid away using your airbending, avoiding the one meant for you and likewise you didn’t notice. In the mob, you see a tan man, with a fur of a sealion wrapped around his waist like a belt...in a martial arts stance, getting into another motion with it….


Sorry for the short updates this week. Personal stuff, but next week should be better. Will update: Sun, mon, and tues
Can someone put this up on the archives?
Done - and I get it if archiving your own thread feels too much like jerking off, but it's pretty straightforward how to do it.

Hello again fellow creators/questers. After yet another long pause, we will be jumping back into the Essari EvoGame World. For this thread we will be focusing on the ecological developments of present day Essari, rather than it's currently developing civilizations. Evolutions in these next two threads will have been endemic to Essari as of the last 30 million years having spawned as either speciations (region/habitat specific) or divergent evolutions, of already existing organisms on Essari.

As GM, I'll be actively observing the thread, making sure to catalog and note any new evolutions, as myself and you the creators help to flesh out the diversity of life on Essari, one biome at a time.

How to play:
• Select an extant organism, open an image of the species in MS Paint, Photoshop, etc; make an evolutionary change to that species, save as .PNG, and post it with a description about the evolution and why.
• Please indicate which extant organism your new organism derived from, the region it lives in, and any other important details about your organism.
• Details regarding an organisms size or name aren't necessary, but are heavily encouraged.
• Nothing too outlandish. The new organisms being introduced in these threads would be no more than 30 million years old.
• An example on how complex evolutions on an extant organism can be will be shown in a later post.

• All organisms in these threads MUST have evolved from one of the extant organisms mentioned in the attached Dossier.
• Evolutions may include the developments of symbiotic relationships that can even be relationships created via domestication.
• Every 24-36 hours, I will be rotating the focus of evolutions into specific habitats where organisms may only be evolved for these habitats.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: From-Pole-to-Pole.png (4.02 MB, 4000x2000)
4.02 MB
4.02 MB PNG
--Habitat Focus: Global--
From Pole-to-Pole of Essari, there is scarcely anywhere on this humble planet where life has not managed to gain a foothold. From the deepest trenches of the ocean, to endless skies of Essari, to the many unique environments that are home to life on Essari. We have long been familiar with a cast of organisms that have for so long now been the commonplace occurence in their native ranges.

Yet for these couple hundred organisms we are so familiar with, there exists a multitude that have long been in the shadows of these organism, until now. Today we will be focusing on the existence of life found in the many ecosystems of Essari that are only now being seen and detailed for the first time.

Come with us on journey. This is Planet Essari.

--Evolutionary Restrictions in Ecosystem--
• None. Any and all organisms are up to be evolved as seen fit by its creators. These organisms can exist from anywhere, and be any size, so long as its within the confines of an organism that evolved relatively recently.

-- Size Increment Chart--
• Size 1: Sugar Ant (0.1 - 1 cm)
• Size 2: Bumblebee (1.01 - 2.5 cm)
• Size 3: Mosquitofish (2.5 - 5 cm)
• Size 4: Poison Dart Frog (5 - 10 cm)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Killideral-Evolutions.png (112 KB, 2000x1650)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
((The following post is an example for just how complex evolutions derived from an extant species can be. Each of these new organisms have only come into existence in the last 30 million years.))

The River Deral, now.more.now more and referred to as the Killideral has diversified into the many niches of its freshwater habitat.

The Raspjaw Deral has evolved into a tenacious predator of the Essari rivers and lakes. They thrive in the currents of lakes and high energy rivers, feeding on Killideral and other small aquatic organisms. They use their lamprey-like mouths to tear and rasp flesh off of prey, often using their tusks to impale its prey, preventing its escape. These tusks as well as their bright coloration is also essential form establishing hierarchy and mating rights between Male Raspjaws.

The River Grazer Deral is an entirely plant- eating Deral. Its rotund body keeps them closer to bottom of river beds and lakes where they graze of aquatic plants. Their larger scooper-like mouths are adapted for ripping tougher plant fibers and even roots, allowing them to easily consume and entire plant. They are typically seen in large shoals, especially during mating season.

The Snagclaw Ankideral is a variety of Deral that taken to mostly skittering around on the bottom of river beds and near the river edge. They predominantly feed on whatever they come across, dead or alive. They are opportunist hunters, often hiding ubder rocks or sunken braffitree logs waiting for prey to wander too close. Their powerful claws are serrated inward, allowing it to entrap small prey easily, while its mouth located inside the claws begin feasting on the struggling prey.

The Trawljaw Deraddle is an enormous variant of the Deral often only seen in either lakes of slow moving rivers. Its mouth arms have become shorter, while its mandibles have splayed out into a filamentous seine. They typically swim near the water surface on sunny days feeding on zooplankton, loose algae, and other floating plants they favor. Its armored body is made of cartilage similar to a shark, which when Deraddles reach their adult size, this armor prevents predation from a majority of aquatic predators.

All of these organisms are endemic throughout the world just like the Killderal.
File: bzols.png (27 KB, 500x520)
27 KB
To defend from predators, the Shield Bzols developed three different strategies:

The Spiky Bzols have turned the small nodules of their shells into long, sharp spikes, protecting them from anything that tries to eat them.

The Poison Bzol has instead filled the nodules with a toxic material, making it inedible to all but the most specialized predators. To signal it's dangerous nature it has developed a striking coloration.

The Mimic Bzol, meanwhile, has defended itself by pretending to be a fearsome Deral, scaring away predators.
File: feesh.png (83 KB, 782x805)
83 KB
Various feesh, evolving into unique habitats

-1: Oceanicknife- biger knifefeesh.
-2: Pondknife- Herbivore who uses sonar as a complex social device.
-3: Mudknife-crawls on land with modified flippers and sonar optimized for the surface. consumate predator.
File: 2-Mountains.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1081)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
--Habitat Focus: Mountains--
On each of the Essari landmasses exist expanses of towering mountains. Only a tiny fraction of sapients have reached the peaks that are said to touch the heavens themselves in some of the creeds of Essari's Sapients. But these brave sapients may only ever visit these soaring peaks.

This is a frozen, alien world. And yet, while only of handful of all sapients have etched out a lifestyle in lower altitudes of the mountain ranges of Essari, life has managed to overcome the daunting extremes of this ecosystem. Today, we will be focusing on life here in the mountains, from alpine high lands and arid plateaus of young mountains, to the peaks and seemingly endless spines of mountain that reach miles into the sky. We will also be exploring the exotic habitats of the skies, whose very foundations are built upon the floating Cloud Algea, supporting a unique aerial ecosystem.

--Evolutionary Restrictions in Ecosystem--
• Organisms may only be 3 sizes larger or 4 size smaller than their predecessors.
• Extant Organisms to this habitat must be either migrant/nomadic aerial organisms or species adapted to life in an alpine or mountainous climate with thinner atmospheres and a higher presence of Arsine and Carbon Dioxide.
• Only organisms identified as being from Mountains or the Skies of Essari in the Dossier are currently extant organisms. New organisms can come from a neighboring lowland environment, but must become adapted to the mountain climate as stated above.
• Plant Size Cap at 24.
• Animal Size Cap at 20.

File: Detective Sam.png (97 KB, 477x895)
97 KB
July 25th, 1909. A raining evening. New Hopesky Police Department. Commissioner Malinowski's office.

"Lieutenant Sam, got a case for you," Malinowski takes out a file and slides it across his desk. "A piece of cake, homicide somewhere in 7th James Street." He takes out a fat cigar and turns around, "Anything you need to know is in that case file." You take the manila file and walk out to the back door, trench coat and all.

Welcome to New Hopesky City, the industrial hope and crime infested city of the big country! Steel, diesel, guns, and alcohol production on one side of the city; mafia, second rate bars, occasional shoot outs, and corruption on the other. This is your first time being detective for the force, and may be your last if you're not careful around the parts. Now, where to start?

>Head to the armory, grab some gear.
>Head to your cubicle, lets read something.
>Get to your car, we're going to do our job.
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You search through the garbage container. It stinks like rotten sausage washed with 3 day old milk. You pinch your nose and hope for the best to not get bitten by a dirty rat inside the garbage.

Looking inside, there's a couple of trash bags torn open and new, diapers, and a new brown leather bag covered with a newspaper. You take the brown leather bag and lay it down on the ground with the newspaper. A journalist jumps to your side and flashes you with his camera. "I can see the headlines now! 'Local Detective Desperately Dumpster Dives For Evidence!'" He laughed as he kept taking pictures of you, "Smile for the camera, detective!"

>Tell him off
>Ignore him and open the bag
>Back off the alleyway and take a look at the skid mark
>Head to the police department, in shame
>[Write in]
>Tell him off
punch him in the face and break his camera. Interfering with a police investigation is not ok
>Ignore him and open the bag

"Simply doing my job kid, just as you are. A man's dead, and it's my job to find out who killed him. And sometimes, that involves doing thing's I'd rather not, something I'm sure you understand."
I'm sorry I haven't narrated for you in a while now, detectives. I promise I'll be back on July 15th of 2018. If I don't come back, assume the mafia of New Hopesky City has killed me for working with the coppers.

Hampshire, England 1926
Tudor Mansion
Dr. Black Found Dead

All suspects were in the house at some point yesterday. What happened? What room was the murder committed in? What was the murder weapon? Who dun it?

> Question Colonel Mustard
> Question Miss Scarlett
> Question Professor Plum
> Question Mrs. Peacock
> Question Reverend Green
> Question Mrs. White

> Investigate the Ballroom
> Investigate the Kitchen

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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lets fuck her
you can try, but so far she doesnt seem to like you much
It doesn't need to be consensual. Just fuck her.

Wait, who are we? If we're not one of the main 6, let's be Doctor Orchid.
You're Detective John Ward

File: rtshgdf.jpg (7.67 MB, 5500x5500)
7.67 MB
7.67 MB JPG

(If that doesn't go through don't say I haven't warned you. This is my first DMing experience... About anythig)

I'm conceptualizing a potential Fantasy Civquest.

- There will be an emphasis on good worldbuilding
- I like roleplay, do you?
- This is not a pure wargame
- Design a race, a people, a culture, build up their civilization in cooperation or competition against others. I'd prefer other things than "onis" or "dwarves", try to make shit up please.
- Rules will be light and mostly be a matter of GM interpretation
- Players will form teams of three minimum

Now important point.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you an artist yourself? Is the op your work?
Well I cant say im not tempted, but I should probably reel in my enthusiasm and stick to working on my quest. Good luck man, maybe try /i/?
Nice art.
>Beyond that, I don't know for sure what will be played. I planned to review the specifics with the players. It's going to happen on Discord (if it happens). Maybe someone will make a thread here to share the stories but I honestly won't. Discord is waaaay better.
Nah. Good luck. There are roleplaying subreddits advertised on Reddit and done Discord.
File: dzefzefreg.jpg (101 KB, 949x136)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I'm not willing to deal with autosaging threads, having to recaptcha ten times for one message, and this.


...And people shitting the thread, people dropping out without a word, no communication, limitation, the layout, I could go on...

But there's nothing wrong about Discord.

File: downloadfile-115.jpg (108 KB, 620x463)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Praise be to the Tiny Snake God! May his smolness be rivaled only by his immense power! We are back and ready to rock! Due to boredom i am moving up the schedule for Dungeon Rebirth and the quest is live as of now! Last time, we died, were born, almost died, learned magic and faced death several more times. We became the spiciest and most toxic noodle to ever cross this particular floor of the Dungeon. Now we face our most dangerous foe yet....

A really, really, REALLY big Spider.

Its fucking big.

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cured in the unlikely event that you see this, know that we like this quest and want you to continue it
Yeah, really want him to continue. Sucks about the reddit fanboi poster getting his lumps in a twist over stupid shit. Probably could have been a little less aggressive in my drunken shitposting but ohwell. Next time I see this quest pop up I will make sure to shitpost a disclaimer/trigger warning so that snowflake doesn't shit it up again.
could you please not. lets just have this purged from memory and ignored if it comes up again.
you were just as derailing as the other guy if not more so. everyone was content not to review something already resolved. if you or that other guy post in a cursed thread again you should try to be more quest oriented
Great, we lost another RE:QM
Every day I pray for a cancer that wipes troll anons out

File: tegaki.png (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
Have you ever remembered the last time you lived your usual human life before someone stepped in to force you on staring in a fictional series of animated shorts in an alternative dimension?

Everything seems fine on that fateful day, until...

>A Mob shows up saying that your boss isn't happy about poor your performance at work.

>A Ink-like devil appeared in the front door with a contract in his hands.

>Someone blacked you out cold, transporting you to a toon world as an anthropomorphic character without any memories of the incident.

Your choice may depend on voting and in five hours, you can make your character using the Toon RPG rules.
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Bumping the tread to wake the sleepyheads up.
Bumping it again... In hopes of getting the thread going before I proceed to open a new thread for the quest.
Okay, since nobody responded, I think it is time to mark part 1 as the intro of what's to come. Look out for part 2 coming either shortly or soon.
Part two is now open! >>2724478
Technically there was 3. Bio left in the middle.

File: lamplighter5.png (2.3 MB, 1461x1317)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
The real Lamplighter thread.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OuroQM
Questions: http://ask.fm/OuroQM
Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/4TrWRPPq
711 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
If I had to guess I'd say he's a companion of the imprisoned lamplighter, he said "not again!" because he had already seen someone on the same quest crushed by the city, and thought that we were inevitably going to meet the same fate.

Some people also theorized that he was related to the shards in some way, like that the he was to the sun as imps, goblins, trolls, etc were to the earth. A true "child of flame" unlike men who are fire + mud.
>because he had already seen someone on the same quest crushed by the city,
Kind of ironic that this time it was Orion that crushed the city, not the other way around, eh?
File: images (1).jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
Go back to sacrificing your first-born, Bender.
File: Cyebpfe.gif (1.55 MB, 320x240)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF

File: Witch Hunter Quest II.jpg (218 KB, 1024x725)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
“Are you certain that these were witches, father?” Captain Adrik asks you in a troubled voice, careful not to look at the three charred corpses tied to the stake. He and his men are the Tsar’s soldiers, not veteran witch hunters like you and your acolytes are.

“The daughter had a pet kitten,” Brother Pierre says in a zealous voice before you have the chance to respond to the guard commander, “You all saw how it screamed in pain when I held it over the flames, clearly that beast was a demon in disguise!”

“You would scream too if I held your face to the fire, priest.” Borislav says in a grim voice. The scarred soldier had not looked pleased when you judged the peasant family guilty and ordered them burnt at the stake. You had heard him muttering curses when the flames reached the little girl.

“The Tsar promised to pay us ten silver coins for every witch we burn at the stake,” Brother John quickly interjects in a pacifying voice before things got more heated, “We are thirty silvers richer than we were yesterday. And trust me, I interrogated the mother all night, she had confessed that she and her family were heretics!”

Captain Adrik looks convinced by his words, but you know that the peasant woman admitted to nothing of that sort. You are also aware that Brother John is not really a man of faith, but a charlatan who enjoys forcing himself on peasant women and then burning them as witches if they protest.

Personally, you do not really care whether these peasants were witches or not. In the kingdoms of the west, you and your men had burnt over a hundred women at the stake. A few may have indeed been heretics, but the majority were common peasant girls.

Though you will never admit it to another living soul, the screams of peasants being tortured and later burned at the stake fills you with a perverse joy. You do sometimes wonder if witches truly exist in this land, or if they are just superstitions spread by uneducated zealots.

>You do not believe in superstitions and know that there are no such things as witches or demons

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Give us some evil witches to abuse and burn.
We're going straight to the coven to hunt them, not grab random peasants.
Give the MC a shot to survive this. And I'd also like to torture truly wicked witches without feeling guilty.
Well its not like we naver had a chance its just we rolled a 1 and other shit rolls so the frist mc all died pretty fast.
I mean i would rather we have came back from hunting and fighting
Thinking we will have a nice time but then start to find out whats happening and haveing to find and kill the coven thats in the captile and the captain helps us
Good to see you continuing this. My suggestion is to make it a slow burner. Don't jump straight into the action. Let us see the prince doing his normal duties and regular witch hunting before the main plot.

File: ntcq_si45.png (473 KB, 800x473)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
Wooden pieces were moved over simulacrums of terrain by long pushers, dice were rolled, and referees watched over tables, dictating whether certain moves were legal, whether certain possibilities were likely or if they were political or doctrinal impossibilities, exploiting metagame factors. To the unenlightened eye, the hall would seem to be a collective of men merely playing games, and at some level, this was the case, but these halls were of Strossvald’s High Command, and the men playing were generals of the army. Representatives of the air force were also in attendance, though mostly out of a need for their expertise, and certainly not out of a sense of camaraderie. These games had ever fluctuating rulesets, statistics, in order to account for the evolving battlefield, and this set of scenarios had been freshly produced from data gleaned from Strossvald’s latest conflict. A short term war against the southern rival, Valsten, that had been from a strategic and tactical view, a complete success. The diplomats despaired at the renewal of hostilities after three years of peace, claiming their efforts to rebuild relations had been carelessly cast to the wind, but the outcome had been victory, and relations despite said “efforts” had been, by the military’s view, chilly at best. So the diplomats’ opinions were ignored, and possibilities laid out to be examined.

More than a few rules had been changed, and statistics updated; a seemingly subtle change that caused much headache and frustration amongst the side of the players who were representing their home nation in the games. Underneath the shuffling of pieces, clattering of dice and clicking of tiles, there was an off lack of boisterous enthusiasm that oft accompanied these events, as even the opposing side carried little joy in their fresh upper hand, an advantage that hadn’t been noticed at first but had become obvious as the games had progressed. The implication was ominous, and none were willing to put forward a satisfactory explanation to reassure against said looming truth, since it was particularly unpleasant; that in spite of the easy victory, in spite of the plans that had been made, Strossvald was not ready for the war to come.
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>Emma coaching Hilda in making friends

>4x 5cm gun
>1x 8cm gun
We only have a limited supply of HESH ammo so let's not split it between two guns.
I'll switch to this if it comes to a tie.
What if we go with 3 5cm guns, one 8cm and give the weird shoe tank a twin 20mm to act as a scout/close support dude.

Also I just wanted to make sure that the 5cm gun lets us keep the coaxial. Also is there any practical benefit of the 4cm over the 5cm?
I was thinking for the coaxials if we can't mount them we could instead mount MGs on top of our vehicles. Of course the gunner will be exposed but at least we still retain a limited capability.

File: Tofoo'sLookout.png (150 KB, 640x480)
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150 KB PNG
>Previous threads


>>Writeup Pastebin



This quest, as the title suggests, takes place in the world of Dragon Ball. You're playing as a thirty (thirty one) year old man named Tofoo, and will adventure through the story of the Dragonball series alongside characters such as Goku, Yamcha, Bulma, Tien, and many others. Through your actions, you can make significant changes to the story, and perhaps even become the strongest fighter on Earth.


At the end of each update you'll have fifteen minutes to vote on options. Write-ins are allowed, but I do reserve the right to veto them.

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You are human


A little late, but thanks for running SOM. I'm excited for what's next. I hope you're able to hit a good stride again as QM.

We should probably send copies of dr. Geros stuff with trunks for our sexy future wife.
That would be neat. Given the lack of allies there, Trunks could use some help.

Also, i wonder if wishes can affect other timelines, like asking that all the people that died in trunk's timeline or at least kami/piccolo were revived.

Or i dunno, maybe go with him to the future along the dragon balls to do the wish? I dont remember if the years dead limit was a dende upgrade or it was a lazy retcon. Either way i dont remember if it was mentioned in the quest
I thought it was only for mass revives. Which I think we got around somehow, thus Mutaio coming back like he did.
If I remember correctly, that was the Black Star Dragon Balls

Years dead was a thing before Dende, but it only referred to large groups of people

As the last leaf in the the Oakin Forest shriveled up and fell, Maokai, earth mother, laid her final seed. From the depths of the earth, an acorn seed sprouted and from it, Aki, spirit of the forest, was born. In the decaying wastes, Aki stood, surrounded by dead foilage, tangled roots and towering trunks of barren trees that were once lush before the toxic waste of humanity spread into the grove. The air was caustic and the ground burned the wooden stumps of its feet, but the forest spirit was the last hope for Maoki. Aki had to reach the world tree and remove humanity from the sacred grove.

> Aki is Strong
> Aki is Magical
> Aki is Stealthy
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> Aki is Stealthy
>> Aki is Magical
Ecoterrorism quest! Linkola-senpai please notice me!
is this an Ori quest except with chargen?
>Aki is Stealthy
> Aki is Stealthy

File: OP pic 1.png (214 KB, 541x700)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
You are Ushi Walker, the half-japanese/half-american wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas", U.A High first year student, third place in the Sports Festival's Obstacle race and thus, one of the 42 students that get to continue on to the next event, a Cavalry Battle.

Ranking third also means that you are worth 200 points, and that you have some options to pick for your warhorse.

Maybe too many, since you have five friends wanting to work with you and the teams must not have more than four members, forcing you to pick who you want to work with.

As he said, you had fought Fumikage and Dark Shadow before, and… yeah, even if you won in the end, you have to admit that they beat the tar out of you. It would be nice to have that kind of power pointing away from you, along with Dark Shadow's reach, extra pair of eyes and everything else.

Mina you haven't really fought with or against, but you know she's fast and strong, both physically and quirkwise. And with her quirk emitting a physical substance, using your quirk to enlarge her would massively boost her power and reach… Although you aren't really sure how great of an idea a tidal wave of acid would be.

Momo you have worked with before, both as colleagues as class reps and during the mess that was the USJ incident. She's one of the smartest people you know of, knows how to take her time and use her incredibly powerful and versatile quirk, which works great with yours.

Pony is a dear friend of yours, able to run on all fours and the strongest girl of your age you know of, having literally sent you flying with a tackle-hug a while ago. And it may hurt you to say it, but she said it first. She's built to play horse.

Lastly, Shoto is the one person in the stadium that knows you the most, Momma in the gallery notwithstanding, as you have trained with him for weeks, and have fought him twice. You have a pretty good grasp on how he moves and how he fights, along with his capabilities. He has advanced combat training and is undoubtedly powerful. Really powerful, and that's just his right side. And even if you'd like him to stop playing with an arm behind his back, having been encased in ice in the blink of an eye before you are honestly scared of what his left could do.

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I remember it having “replaced the olympics” or something.
>[Keep playing defence, you have nothing to prove.]
>While you wait, keep an eye on team tetsu and pony's teams. They're heading for a last minute clash and you know little about their quirks so this should be useful in the next round.

Just in case pony doesn't say anything (she probably will, but a back up plan is good) about the mind control we should watch this last clash closely. We will probably see Shinso's quirk more clearly, might identify it and can work on a countermeasure (something that causes us constant mild pain, like a paper cut, we did see pony break the mind control after bein hit) in case we do get mind controlled
Sorry, but I'm gonna have to agree with
This guy. I'd rather take it easy now and recharge a little rather than risk burning out here for a good showing. We've gone above and beyond in showing our capability as a team player, save some juice for being an individual powerhouse in the third round.
In popularity and only in Japan.Even when it's mentioned in quest it's know that Ushi doesn't know what the U.A. festival is because it's a National thing.
>[Keep playing defence, you have nothing to prove.]

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