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File: XCOM TROOPER QUEST.png (606 KB, 1600x900)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Tired and exhausted but still chugging, the real QM experience is a go!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurningGray
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=XCOM%20Trooper%20Quest
Squad Loadout: https://pastebin.com/4KJN5HKK


“Man, nobody tells me nothing. One moment I’m just having a pint and the next everyone’s already practically geared up and heading off to a mission! This is bollocks!”

The rather grumpy Babbler overexaggerates a huff, crosses his arms, and plops down on an ammo crate as Burnout smokes a cigarette beside him. A rather dangerous proposal as the chief armorer has already had it to a disturbingly degree and it is still a mystery why Burnout is still alive. She is a rather hot-headed Dutch woman after all.

With everyone else already kitted up except for yourself and Rook for… reasons probably left unsaid. The rest of the team is waiting for the both of you and double checking their kit, making last minute changes on the fly when given more information on the upcoming operation. It’s looking to be an urban neighborhood in Hong Kong.

Despite the slight awkwardness with everyone among the squad there is still some good news, with the rest of the advanced laser weaponry completed you have finally been given access to the fabled laser shotgun. The beauty of a weapon resting in your hands. It’s one mean fighting machine for sure.

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That's not inane, that's absolutely reasonable given available information.
Alright, she actually *is* the Boss, brought back to life and given a face lift so nobody suspects.
But does she have the spooky scar
Only one way to find out.
Or she was abducted by X-rays and had horrific experiments performed on her, but the memory wipe didn't work. Now she remembers it all.

File: Human Civ loose map.png (614 KB, 2000x1913)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
So I have finally got back to this. Unfortunately barely any of the past threads were archived.

It's been a pretty nice almost a year of not being a NEET and that won't be changing any time soon :). I will be able to post for this Labour Weekend at the very least.
LONG SYNOPSIS! Part 1 of a few. Feel free to post at any time desu baka senpai. Gonna be back in an hour depending on breakfast with senpai
We started as 400 mostly primitive vanilla humans near a forest, created by the gods(who combined their energies to create the universe. In the process they basically exhausted themselves completely. We still don't know if they can be revived, or if in fact they exist In Universe).
We quite quickly built houses, tools and food gathering with the knowledge planted in us by the gods as part of being created. A base of knowledge enough to progress was part of this too.
We experienced our first nat >90s and thus our first Heroes (player characters) and there was a rapid power creep that I was unable to control. Basically any crits gave the anon's character an ability (like being able to be more fertile and eventually after many >90s fucking horses successfully INKY FUCK YOUJ) and was intended to just add genetic traits that would come into play by chance in future generations. Basically evolution :).
Anyway. the moment we discovered the Murlocks everyone decided that genocide was the answer, and after a decade or so we exterminated every single one of them... except for the fucking hybrids from sending our scouts to jack off into the water or something.
And then we met the Dwarves and didn't genocide them but instead traded with them so that was cool. They had steel and crossbows at the time we reached bows and arrows. And we met elves who were friendly too. After many a diplo fail we convinced the Elves and Dwarves to join us in H.E.D.A (Human Elf Dwarf Alliance) in order to exterminate the Orks.
After about two decades we ended up having a long campaign pushing the orks out of the northern steppes, and with an alliance with the dragons (due to Rolf's dickomancy) had them help us almost genocide the Orks. We were in the middle of taking our boys home with like 80% casualties to spend the next decade or two recovering.
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Rolled 49 (1d100)

Adjustments to the Horse Collar continued for another year, bearing steady though average improvements. Horses could now use more of their power without getting slightly strangled, and so more of the fields could be tilled than before.

In order to compensate for the low numbers of men, the Council worked out a time distribution for how long the men would need to interact with the children and women. The orgies of the previous year had sown a little confusion on who was whose child. Because of this, identity of the father mattered less.

This time distribution wasn't perfect, but helped to make sure that every child had some fatherfigure time. The men also were given some minor restrictions on who they could sleep with. A sort of distribution of women for each man. This would reduce confusion in the future too.

A smaller but still significant baby boom continued.

The small number of holy mages - barely powerful enough to work minor 'miracles' like bruise healings or decontaminating wounds - worked out how to alleviate some of the pain of childbirth, and improvements to birthing technique.

Year 84.

Infant counts: 1100

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Dwarves are not buying as many red glowing boxes anymore, as their population has gone into a low growth period now that they have reached the limits of their easy pickings under the ground. Most of them have enough of our special goods and have other things to focus their time and wealth on.
It is unknown how long it will take the dwarfs to have a breakthrough. For now they seem to have settled with some minor construction above ground.

While they haven't requested any aid, it wouldn't hurt to send some people to check it out. Then again, the Basket Weaver Tribe (us) are suffering from our own huge shortage of manpower.

Pick three. +10 to the rolls due to religion bonii
C: Military
H: Scouting
I: Diplomacy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Trade makes me wet. We need something that we can use for bartering, maybe add some details to the boxes, or try to change the colors

C: Military
We should start running our children through minor physical training, so come adulthood, they will be in good physical shape

Because of our manpower situation, I think we should start putting a higher value on motherhood and how every woman's greatest joy in life is to raise a child for our great society
>A: Construction
Apparently we only have Dirt Roads?

Higher value on motherhood.

Send some people to check out what the Dwarves are doing.

File: full_party.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
A fantasy RPG
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Correction: She took one damage plus had the {blackface} status effect inflicted upon her...
File: skilled_in_the_arts.png (79 KB, 400x400)
79 KB
I'm going to end the session there lads. Unfortunately I can't run next week but Seeker Quest will continue the week after. I'll probably take that Anon's advice and start running a few hours earlier. I'll do the level up at the start of next thread but here's the feat options available to Christof.

>A feat can be spent to increase any Primary Attribute by 1
>Bonus Party Member
>Bonus Damage
>Ranged Accuracy
>Magic Resistance
>Bonus Crit Chance
>Two Weapon Fighting
>Better Criticals
Oh yeah, and thanks for playin'
Thanks for running!
Be sure to try to give some advance notice in the QTG before next session to give me a chance to see it.

>"Huh? Nah I'm perfectly fine! Look an iron sword!"
>>Ulric has 2/32 hp
Classic Ulric. I do love this guy. Now let's hold him down and heal him.

> Select Feat

Locking in Evasion...

Become the dexfag you were always meant to be Christof...

File: Ab879um.jpg (7.13 MB, 2880x8640)
7.13 MB
7.13 MB JPG
Hey there folks. We're going for something more civilization based than the regular civilization game. Rather than playing a small party of a race, squatting in a cave or something, we'll be starting at a village level and expanding from there.

I'll need three votes for our race, and I'll find a place for us myself.
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Give me some orcs
ded already?
looks like it. A shame
Such is the tragic life of a civ tread
The baby wasn't even born yet, such a cruel thing to be aborted

File: Kuzunoha_Symbol.png (270 KB, 425x442)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/URtT9nrB
Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1919109/

You are the sixteenth Raidou Kuzunoha, Devil Summoner, protector of humanity, and now an agent of Japan's intelligence bureau, Naicho.

<Begin Arc 1: The School Shrouded In Darkness>

You're just getting back from lunch when Director Kaibara calls you into the briefing room.

You drop what you're doing- namely, paperwork to keep you busy- and head into the briefing room, with Gotou trailing behind you.

When you enter the room, Kaibara sits you down at a table with a slide projector on it, pointed at the wall. Once you've settled in, Kaibara turns on the projector, showing you a photo of a large building situated right next to a large forest.

"This is the Takamori High School, located in the town of Takamori in the Kumamoto prefecture. Typical school, typical students...until this morning. Around 10 AM, the townspeople reported seeing strange lights coming from the school. When someone went up to the school to the investigate, they came back screaming hysterically that the school was empty. Normally, we would've let the local police handle this, but something they found while searching the school caught the Yatagarasu's attention."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Hey, it's gonna be alright," you say. "I'm gonna get you outta here, but I can't do my job if you're hysterical."

(Gonna continue this tomorrow, tired.)
(Sorry guys, had some stuff to do today. Gonna finish this tomorrow.)
The girl seems to calm down. After a few deep breaths, she starts talking again. "I-I think I remember something...before the flash, one of the students in my homeroom went to the bathroom..."

>"Do you remember who it was?"
>"Anything suspicious about them?"
>"Anything suspicious about them?"
>"Anything suspicious about them?"

File: 1470455997431.jpg (368 KB, 650x975)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
What are we going for? 3 Votes decides our race, 3 votes decide our place. Ties will be broken by a dice roll.

>Choices are
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It has been great so far wondering what the black egg is
>Off for the evening
Britbong confirmed.
In the queen's name, you're right.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

It was great start for quest

We only have small group currently, we can farm and gather live animals later.
Lets just hunt and build an stockpile

>hunt for bigger animals

When consciousness returns to you, you stare up at the deep blue sky for just a moment, more than a little confused. No more than a day ago, you had died. It was a painful death, and drawn out, too, but you had died a hero. You had gone down after what felt like hours of fending off the legion of undead at the crest of the hill, giving your Paladin comrades more than enough time to escape. The tears in your best friend's eyes as he took your saddle-less horse by the reins, and wheeled his own horse around, had instilled in you a bitter-sweet feeling. You had been content as the hordes tore into you, ripped your armor from your frame and picked the flesh off your bones, and you died with a slightly pained smile on your face. You had seen a great, heavenly light at the time of your death, for no more than a second, before a thick shroud of darkness fell over it.

The darkness rested there, but finally let up a day after your martyrdom. And, just like that, you were alive again. Not alive persay, but... conscious. Aware of your surroundings, feeling eerily cold, and nothing else, as the wind blows over your exposed bones. You don't know what has resurrected you, but, you don't feel particularly evil.
Slowly sitting up, you bring your hands to bear, and inspect them. Three fingers are missing completely, the phallanges just gone, and you're missing the first knuckle on two of your remaining seven. The boney fingers move with surprising dexterity when you wiggle them. Looking down, you inspect the rest of your corpse, and see it in the same state of disrepair. One foot has disappeared, and the other is chipped, but with all the toes in-tact.
A rib is gone, but other than that, you're all-together. Looking around, you see the fallen chunk of the horde that you took down before being taken down, and take a moment to revel in self-satisfaction.
After that, you stand up, balancing on your remaining foot, and look around. In the distance, you see the fort that your comrades retreated to, and see it under siege by the remainder of the horde. What do you do?

>Pick through the fallen and try to get your gear back, maybe steal a foot to stand on before heading towards the fort.
>Start hopping; better to get there unprepared than get there after everyone is dead.
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>>"What motivation do you have for killing the humans?"

"Why do you want to kill the humans? Is somebody telling you to?" The skeleton seem to frown a bit, despite no longer having lips.
"Well... Yeah, that's what we're all here for. Isn't someone telling you to?"

>"No, I'm my own skeleton."
>"Uh... Yeah, of course. It was silly of me to ask."
>"No, I'm my own skeleton."
>"Why do you let someone decide for you? What do you want?"

File: 1482117949737.jpg (44 KB, 630x630)
44 KB
You are Alexander Hickory, an 18 year old junior professor and graduate from the prestigious Erbaum Academy. You are currently on a self-directed research journey with two other junior professors in the hopes of achieving greatness in your respective fields. Your primary goal is to study pokemon physiology and are particularly interested in the study of strange and unique characteristics.


Welcome to Pokemon Professor Quest!

Rolls will be d100, best of three, unless otherwise specified. Write-ins are always welcome, but I reserve the right to veto. Comments and criticism are appreciated.

Previous Thread:



Character Pastebin:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What happens if a slowpoke is bitten by a shellder on the tail and a shellder see in the head at the same time?
Kingbro I guess.
The most bro king of the Slow race of all time. He truly was an inspiration for generations. Even if all the poison from the shellder only let him rule for about 15 minutes before being crippled.
File: Mega Slowking.png (1.28 MB, 550x600)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Yeah Kingbro is like 80% poison.
The remaining 20% is pure charisma and badass.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fleets%20Of%20God
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pixel_Anon

A swarm of missiles fly balefully from one fleet to another- 600 from Ajax's flushed pods alone, and your fellow Knight-Brother rotates his ships to present their broadsides, firing off another 500 from his ships' internal tubes. The initial salvo is the least effective, of course, but the sheer weight is a mighty hammerblow that the Legion ships are wholly unable to answer from the initial range. But in front of his missiles come those fired by the human ships, with far smaller engines, yet fitted with much more advanced 'Counter-Mass' devices than anything developed by the Order. They don't have the sophisticated bomb-pumped laser heads of Order missiles, but they do have big, powerful, and above all dirty nukes that detonate in a great ripple just ahead of the Legion ships. The wavefront perfectly compliments Ajax's salvo, hiding his missiles from the Legion's sensors as they get sandblasted by the radiation. Of course, the detonation blinds Ajax too, and he is forced to hand off their targeting to the missiles' onboard systems- not as capable as those on his ships, but as the nuclear wavefront sweeps away the Legion decoys and jammers, you realise the tactic. The detonations start to rip through the Legion's ranks, but Ajax has already turned side-on to the oncoming, decelerating enemy to launch another salvo.

Meanwhile, you have you own problems. A Legion fleet consisting of a battleship with 23 cruisers and 97 destroyers in formation is accelerating out from the Legion's asteroid base. In fact, as you examine their projected route, they appear to be fleeing for one of the jump points. Unfortunately, they're cutting close near the primary, and even with it at your back, they're likely to spot you. You're actually quite certain of taking this fleet on, but why would it be running? Strange. As you examine it, you realise that although the battleship masses slightly more than the 'standard' one you've been seeing so far, it's elongated somewhat. Very perculiar. In any case, you're still several light-minutes away, and your missiles have a 30-light second range, so you have a little time to work something out.

>Go for the zero relative velocity intercept, take out the big one, then smash the escorts as your leisure.
>Intercept the Legion ships, attempt to board the battleship.
>Make for the enemy station with a passing engagement with the battleship- you hurt it now and hunt it down later.
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I think we are damn fine shots.
File: full9.jpg (220 KB, 1440x900)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>Double 91, nice.

Luckily enough, you have several destroyers and cruisers in range of the Achilles. After flashing a warning across the human tactical net, their laser clusters reach out and neatly pluck off a dozen Legion drones still on the hull. They fire again a second later with the same result, quickly clearing the hull of the human vessel as soon as the drones land. The Achilles' marine compliment takes losses, especially considering the somewhat lightweight weaponry they deploy, but they manage to fight off the remaining Legion drones and seal up their hull after they clear the base debris cloud. Her captain makes sure to send you a message of thanks as the human ships form up again.

"Thank you again, Dauntless." Admiral Weston says as you boost towards the jump point an hour later. "If you hadn't intervened, I'm sure it would have been worse."
"Of course, Admiral. That's what we're here for."
File: icon175x175.jpg (7 KB, 175x175)
7 KB
And so ends this week's chapter of the quest. I may not be running next week so I can fix my sleep schedule before the week where I need to get all the first wave of coursework in for college, we'll see.

Next time on Fleets of God Quest: Dauntless chooses his next upgrade and I try to come up with the next set of missions more than a day before the quest!
Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for running boss!
Thanks, Pixel. Good thread as always

File: fence.jpg (4.02 MB, 4608x3072)
4.02 MB
4.02 MB JPG
>Overgrowth Edition

The coastal town of Diamond Shoals, a popular tourist destination in the summer but otherwise relatively sleepy in the off-season. Occasionally though, there is some supernatural activity abound which is usually seen to by a few strange denizens of the town. For as unnatural as this activity might be though, it usually goes unnoticed by most everyone else. Usually.

You've seen your fair share though and are starting to think you picked the wrong town to live in.
46 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>You know if you just let her go down on her own, Sol would have your head. Sarah should go with Topaz, it'll be the safest for her.
>Honestly, Sarah is the best climber you know. As irresponsible as it may be to let her go on her own, you're going to need Topaz's help the most.
>Best just to go with the safest, if slowest option. See if Topaz can't just lower you each down individually.
>>You know if you just let her go down on her own, Sol would have your head. Sarah should go with Topaz, it'll be the safest for her.
File: view of the island.jpg (175 KB, 900x577)
175 KB
175 KB JPG

As much as you might come to regret it, you can't in good conscience allow Sarah to climb down the rope on her own. If you fall well then that's that but if she fell, even though Topaz by all accounts is truly in charge, you'd still feel responsible. The difficult part is breaking it to her.

"What?! No fair, I can do it my own! I's better at climbin' than both you's!"

"I know you're a better climber, but please just go with Topaz. Here, I'll even take Bentley so it's just two and two for all of us."

Your compliment does well to make her less upset, and finally she accepts after handing the coconut to you. She still grumbles a little as Topaz ties the both of them together for extra safety, though it does look rather humorous and reminds you of two girls in a three-legged race of sorts. Topaz seems to know what she's doing though and it's not just a matter of dropping the rope over the side and sliding down; with use of your knife and great strength from her, she spent several minutes already cutting up and tying the extra rope into things like basic harnesses and hand loops, things like that. It leaves a lot to be desired of course without proper equipment, but it's the best you can hope for in a pinch.

And last but not least the gem also demonstrates a trick, sort of wrapping the rope beneath you around a leg and drawing it between both feet while descending, apparently a trick used by human soldiers among others. Though... you've no clue how she knows that. So with all that said and done, Topaz braces against the railing and gets a pretty complex hold of the rope going (assumedly just in case it were to come undone) and even Sarah helps, the both of them looking to you now.

File: reaching overgrowth.png (2.99 MB, 2048x1536)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB PNG

"Oh wh-what... me f-first? Ugh, fine..."

After all your talk, you can't really weasel your way out of it now. Thankfully, you get some help in the form of climbing onto the railing and freezing stiff from fear with Topaz pushing you without warning. You try not to scream and panic too much as you grip for dear life at the ropes looped around your hands (in turn tied from your harness and around the main rope) and trying to employ that trick you were shown. Fortunately the harness and your erratic swinging does most of the work, but you're still dropping faster than you'd like.

"Alrightalrightalright Bentley..." you stammer aloud to the coconut but mostly for your own benefit, "...j-just a couple hundred feet down and- DON'T LOOK DOWN... r-right right, just keeeep ahold of things and we'll be on th-the ground in no time!"

You do your best to follow your own advice and just focus on something else while doing everything in your power to maintain control of the rope in your descent. You quickly come to settle on the tower then, as it's the biggest and closest thing to you and a stable visual anchor. For the most part it's actually quite helpful, at least until you "catch up" to the extent of the overgrowth up the tower as you get lower. The creeping mass of plants makes it a lot less pleasant to watch, but better that you were as you quickly notice your proximity quickly noticed by them or something akin. Your mind races in a panic as you see the mass of overgrowth on the side of the lighthouse closest to you, starting to draw away and pull off of the tower surface in order to try and reach out to you. The reason, you can quickly guess as you see the writhing green leaning closer and closer off the tower side and in your direction, is Bentley nestled in an arm.

A quick look up as well, rather than down, and you can see the underside of the balcony and top of the tower above. You're probably only about a hundred feet down, if that.

>It's a risk, but try and drop faster to avoid being ensnared.
>That's more than you can handle, you'll take your chances so try to slow or stop even and repel the overgrowth.
>Scream... call for help from above, or anyone!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>It's a risk, but try and drop faster to avoid being ensnared.

File: hivequeen QUEST.jpg (96 KB, 612x783)
96 KB
The sky glows a hazy orange with the first hints of dawn. Anderson shuffles out of the field, patting dust from his pants as he steps on the side of the small road and looks in both directions, searching for what little civilization there may be. A single fly perches itself atop a power line, quickly cleaning its eyes with its antennae as it cleans the dust from its vision and strains to put together a coherent image through the haze of heat along the horizon. Even without its vision, you feel a vibration approaching, and soon after a pillar of dust forming along the haze of the horizon. Anderson strains his eyes to see it, watching as the sound of a combustion motor slowly increases in volume and a rusty truck rattles over the old worn road. Anderson waves with earnest desperation as he stands in the street, until the truck comes to a halt, its brakes screeching louder than the engine, which pops like a gun as a puff of smoke erupts from its tailpipe. A man leans out, his skin a leathery brown with a set of coveralls and no shirt. He squints at Anderson with wrinkly eyes as a herd of grumbling, squealing hogs in the fenced in truck bed eye him up with apathy.

“Need'n some help there?” He asks.

Welcome back to Hive Queen Quest!

>Archives http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Hive%20Queen%20Quest
>Twitter https://twitter.com/HiveQueenQuest
>Various pasta http://pastebin.com/u/QuestDrone
>FAQ ask.fm/QuestDrone
>Discussion page http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest_talk:Hive_Queen_Quest
608 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Nah, Graves is just lazy and afraid of numbers with more than 4 digits.
I don't blame him. Fuck math.
QD, is it possible to turn "non-replicant" humans like Lyle & friends into hybrids?

I'm just thinking of all the fun we could have if we gave Lyle a moderate relay and turned him into a space-wizard.
>I'm just thinking of all the fun we could have if we gave Lyle a moderate relay and turned him into a space-wizard.
He would abuse that so fucking much.

I can't wait until we give him a reverse engineered gravity suit.

File: image.jpg (12 KB, 229x143)
12 KB
Your name is Erandir Illaren, prince of Athlia. On a great battle you were slain by hateful steel.

But this would not be your end as you would soon find out. You awoke in a cozy bed in quite a bit of pain.

In came an Avari, a race of bird men. The white feathered Avari had medicine which he began to apply to your wounds. "Almost died on me you did."
1. Who are you?
2. Try to get up.
3. Reject his help.
4. Player Choice
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
"Who am I? I am Alvert, and you are a far way from home." He explains to you.

"Thanks for patching me up." I say to Alvert as he helps me up. You are helpd into your clothes as you take up your sword.

1. Ask for Help/Supplies
2. Stay a while at Alverts Home
3. Head outside
4. Player choice
>1. Ask for Help/Supplies
You ask for any help he can off and he gives you a healing potion to use. Pocketing it, you head out into town where many different races live in relative balance.

1. Find a Map
2. Visit Market
3. Go to Guild
4. Player Choice
>3. Go to Guild
You enter the guild house where an Lazos-nai clerk looks up from her desk, "Work, Hiring, both?"

1. Get Work
2. Hire Mercenary
3. Both 1&2
4. Player Choice

File: crusader.png (586 KB, 455x689)
586 KB
586 KB PNG

Welcome fellow pious Knight, to Uswag, the world of eternal religious turmoil! Now, don’t fret, such battling is quite beneficial to some, and hopefully to you! Now, there’s quite a following of different religions, ideologies, and occults and, if you won’t mind, which one, honorable crusader, do you identify with?

>All hail the Overlord! The Divine Subjects are the devout followers and citizens of “The Overlord”, the Godhead and Emperor of Helas. All Divine Subjects are willing and required to serve The Overlord, may it be to gain more land, slaughter the heretics, and/or to supply them with the finest riches. If you don’t, well, you’ll be disposed of like the others…

>Oh, mighty Pabris. Pabises believe that Pabris is within all those they have created. It is only with the acceptance of them and doing all in their name will they welcome back the piece of themselves within the follower. All heretics will be cast aside and rejected, spoiling with the wasted piece of Pabris in the void.

>Fear Sistus! Sistus will smite you if you don’t serve under her name. She requires sacrifices to appease her and the worldwide forces she controls. What a perfect excuse to capture and kill the Nonbelievers! Although, what she desires most is the punishment and sacrifice of those who believe in the false gods. All will gawk in her power and the victory of her followers.

>Be one with The Assembly. The Assemblees believe that they are one with the “The Whole Being” and “The Whole Being” is one with all (except non-believers and heretics, of course). The Assemblees believe that “The Whole Being” conjured the Heretics and Nonbelievers into this world to test the faith of its followers. Only if you stay true to your faith will you “Be One”.
166 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 61 + 7 (1d100 + 7)

Rolled 12 + 7 (1d100 + 7)

if a third roll is needed, I hope it isn't a nat 1.
Not a nat 1, but only 11 away...
Eh,we still had decent rolls.

File: giantHill.jpg (132 KB, 924x1383)
132 KB
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You is biggest Ogre of bestest Ogre tribe, which means you is Ogre Chief! Since you is Ogre Chief, you gets the mostest food, n' gets the firstest grab to all the shinies! But since you is Ogre Chief, the whole tribe listens to you, which means you has to make ALL the decisions for the whole tribe, n' if you mess up, the whole tribe will die! It's a big job, which is why the biggest Ogre has to do it, n' the biggest Ogre is you!

It's not easy neither, since Ogre tribe has lots n' lots of problems. Ogres is biggest n' strongest in the whole world, but there is lots n' lots of little people, even more than there is in the whole tribe put together, n' they don't like Ogres not one bit, 'cause Ogres is the best n' little people is jealous! N' Ogres needs lots n' lots of food too, but there ain't hardly nothin' to eat, 'cause the little people came n' killed all the moo-moos with their pointy sticks n' their neigh-neighs! So now the whole tribe will starve unless they can get food!

Ogres is one big family, n' Ogres love each other very very much, but there is problems! The last Ogre babies has had webbed fingers n' toes, n' they is even uglier than other Ogres, by that's not problem. The problem is more n' more Ogre babies keep coming out dead each baby time! Ogre tribe is worried soon there won't be no more babies n' that tribe will die if Ogres can't find a way to fix the problem with the babies! The lastest but worstest problem is that cold time is come soon, but Ogres no have food n' will starve if Ogres can't find any!

> You is Ogre Chief n' you has to make decisions, so what should Ogre tribe do next?
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Masturbating to ogre porn
Blorp is that you?
I agree
Op do you live
Or are you pondering reproduction of humanoids in the sky
Shrek made him his breeding slut, prepare for orcs

Hey guys, let me know when you're around,

So, we cuddle with Miel for a bit after cleaning the both of us and then check on the journal for Asmund's blueprints and get to work on it, right?
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if you choose to use an alias, it displays the alias, though

Im more concerned with your adventurer id

<--- black hair is fine too, though...
Can we create another adventurer id?

makes me think of Stella, since we're on the topic

uhmmm ... i think the 'system' would recognize us... ah but when we were part of ... i forgot the dwarf's name... anyway when we are in a party, its the party leader who takes missions and such, so it wouldnt be an issue at the guild if we have a companion act as party leader, I think
Right. So Python or Brass, if we can get them. All the people we know are either politicians, royalty, or beastkin.
>i forgot the dwarf's name
It is Grummir.

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