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Previous Thread: >>1345957
Madrid Sister Thread: >>1379671

New players are always welcome!

In this quest you assume the role of an aspiring student who is about to enter the Mageknight Academy. You must hone your skills, make some friends (and perhaps also some enemies) and fight battles in order to prove yourself worthy of graduating as a fully fledged Mageknight! Each year (every 100th turn) your character will be tested by the academy to see if your character is progressing well and meeting the Academy's high standards. After the 3rd year your character will head off into a their first mission for a final test.

How to Join:
New players must fill out their character sheets. The sheet must include the following information:
>Anyone can join at any time. Latecomers and laggers are given bonus action points to catch up with the other players.
1) Your character's full name
2) Your character's backstory, appearance and any other useful information.
3) You are given 3 Skill Points. Choose 1 starting spell and 2 other skills or spells.

How to Play:

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Looking at the two crowns sudden thoughts of shipping comes to mind making Adal flush in though before noticing what Dania had to say. "Ah right, got distracted by things. Let's hurry then."

Adal takes point heading down the small path with it's hint of light keeping his sword draw in case of more enemies
You continue and soon you find your self in the opening with a great view of a pond!
Rolled 66 (1d100)

Explore the pond. Does it has magic properties?
File: Cave spring.jpg (34 KB, 448x320)
34 KB
Let me fix this.

After following the light, you start to see a clear flow of a nice blueish color start to bounce in the walls. Following the light, you finally hit a ledge and what you see is beautiful. You see a small spring glowing with light. Where this light source is from, you can't tell. The pond floor can't be seen with the bright glow. The roof from the water is not very high, only being around 10 to 15 feet. The walls are rough around and you can see a small 3 by 3 foot hole that leads to another room.
"Awesome. Adal, we could be the Royalty of the cave! And we would rule over every rock and stalagmite in this cave!"

"Hey Adal, do you think it has magic properties?"

>Examine the water closer. Throw a rock, touch it, feel it.

Twitter: @BeleagueredQM
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/FEc6v8FP

Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=beleaguered+prince+quest

You are Prince Meirion auk Gwyrren, the only sane man in a royal family with dubious concepts of strategy, justice, taxation, and governance in general. You have made it your goal in life to keep your family on the throne and your head firmly attached to your body.


"Are you sure Rhein and Aislin should be outside? The cold season is starting to settle in."

True, your mother wrapped them up in so much wool it looks like they'll just roll away if they so much as tip over, but their heads aren't covered up and you don't want them getting sick; it might be dangerous, especially at their age.

"I'm certain," your mother says. "Would you like me to remind you of the lengths you went to to crawl around the palace grounds?"

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Rolled 8, 2, 7 = 17 (3d8)

Rolled 8 (1d10)

And that's all for today. As usual, Beleaguered Prince Quest will return on Friday August 28th at 7PM EDT. Until then, goodnight and thanks for playing.
File: zaheerlander.gif (1.43 MB, 478x218)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
cheers, boss
Thanks, QM!
Great session as always!

File: fbfw.jpg (14 KB, 310x163)
14 KB
Gentlemen. The scenario is simple.

It is an alternate timeline. Ford has died suddenly of a heart attack before revealing his final narrative. In his contingency, he has established in his will that you are to be contacted to do something posthumously on his behalf. Apparently he simply looked for the biggest fucking autist he could and found your name first in the phone book. Kind of a weird service to advertise, but whatever.

You have been admitted into Westworld, an inimitable experience, for one week and one week alone. You have all the standard accompaniments given to all newcomers into Westworld, and while no tutorial or information is officially given to you on entry, Ford has entrusted to you some *mostly* up-to-date maps and descriptions of the layout inside, albeit not to a perfect degree- the park does not usually change for the most part, but it does change.

You are not there to be either white hat or black hat. You are not there to enjoy participating in the preset quest lines, nor are you there to indulge in the typical rape and murder of the park like the typical fare do.

You are there to break the game in the most ridiculous and implausible way possible, in such a manner that the androids cannot possibly improvise around it and the park must inevitably shut down. Nothing so obvious as blatant homicide or other felonious activity, preferably- it must be something which takes the very logic on which the park was meant to operate, then twists it to grotesque and radical circumstance, an exploit so profoundly stupid that it will invariably pass into legend and spawn a million copycats in newcomers after you to replicate the stunt, to the perpetual chagrin of Westworld staff until the park closes. Think speed-running shenanigans, applied to Westworld.

The prize for doing so successfully is half of Ford's fortune in gratitude. Westworld will not be the cradle of his new people, as he hoped, but at least it will not be a perpetual hell for his unintended children either.

Are you an autistic enough faggot?
Install gentoo on the first android we meet.
Go to fords secret underground workshop. Use his android creator to make ourselves a android, that is a perfect recreation of Hitler. Give him one command, /spoilers EXTERMINATE ALL JEWS./spoilers
OP said to not make it into robo-hell.

That might work if you got it out on the train but I think in the show they had too tight a lid on info regarding the in the media etc outside that it wouldn't be a show stopper.

Does messing with the shrink ray count? You could do some fun stuff with that.

Maybe the best thing would be to capitalise on existential fear. Let things go how they went in the show and make sure everyone knows that there is a super intelligent, immoral non-human race claiming sovereignty on a piece of the US (wait, is it in America) and exterminating all meatbags. Hopefully the government would step in because not only is that an act of war their very existence is an affront to God!

File: early-germans-3-728.jpg (307 KB, 728x915)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
The Chieftain decides to do nothing about the current situation, not wanting to disturb the fragile religious peace his father achieved so many seasons ago.
The seasons pass, and eventually a prophet emerges.
As the old generations die of age, the Prophet finds more and more support among our growing population.
Soon the Black Sun cult becomes the majority faith of our people.

In the meantime, the Chieftain together with eager explorers and some people who are deemed decent hagglers, have set up a trade mission to Prussia. After all, while neither side has ever made use of this, they did agree to trade with us under Frithuriks.
While it was more of a practical joke for the Prussians, the Chieftain takes this very seriously.

He sends them off, and after a mere season, they already return with a decent amount of goods.
The Chieftain, eager as always, wants more, but longer missions will require bigger and stronger boats to carry all the goods.
The Chieftain gets to work immediately, to improve his design.

After at least 6 seasons the Chieftain has designed considerably better boats, this time also incorporating some wood for greater structural integrity. These boats are no longer shaped like a square pot, and more like a weird, side-ways Fish.
These boats are long and shallow, perfect for river travel, but too shallow and too thinly crafted for any sort of bad weather.
The people he sent to trade previously, have gotten quite adept at their new job in the meantime. While still novices overall, these traders are our greatest resource next to the Chief himself.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
After almost 12 seasons, the mission has returned, bringing unimaginable riches with them.
Copper, Tin, some strange Metal unknown to us, several slaves, wool and leather.
The Chieftain is amazed by their success.
Soon he sends out another mission, this time to the Northern Teals, but he doesn't want to neglect the Prussians, as such goes on the mission himself, together with some of the more experienced traders.

To preserve order back at home, he appoints his brother Athalswaro as his substitute for the time being.

A few seasons later, the Chieftain and his mission return, not bearing all that many riches, but the Chieftain at least acquired the knowledge on what this unknown metal is.
The Prussians call it Gelza (Iron), a material, much easier to get than Copper, they sold it to a low price.
They barely have a use for it, and frankly so do we.

In the meantime, the Black Sun cult has gained even more followers. The Chieftain is not sure what to make of this, but it is time to familiarize himself with it.
The Chieftain finds the Prophet to ask him, what all of this is about.
It will take a while to truly understand what the Prophet preaches.
Lets do a time skip, drop in on the cheofton finding iut what the cult of the black sun is all about, then continue the time skip
I think we should focus on developing our tribal settlement into a small trade hub city and develop metalurgy
Also spread religion through out the lands of our trade partners
I vote for trying to get the teals in on the trade union and making the prussians rely on us economically

File: Storm Paladin Quest.png (2.14 MB, 1920x878)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Previous threads:

(Yaaaay, we've officially been running longer than the original Cyberpunk Demonslayer!)

Last time our heroine, Krystal, traveled to the Sylph capital of Zhaimont to deal with some legal bullshit concerning ownership of a port city she reclaimed from dead people.
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>>1396055 (I love horrible jokes)
You step forward to stab the Fencer in a weak point, but lose your balance and slip. It's not all bad, as he misses his strike and falls with you.
An arrow skids across your helmet. The Ranger is back.

>[]Run and gun.
>[]Try and use the Fencer as a shield.
>[]Focus on the Ranger first. Fucking with you is a crime, straight betrayal is a far more serious one.
>>[]Focus on the Ranger first. Fucking with you is a crime, straight betrayal is a far more serious one.
We let her have her way with the princess.
How do you brainwash a woman?
File: IMG_1316.jpg (144 KB, 826x967)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>>1396136 (I'd assume like how you brainwash any other human, but do go on)
You get up, dodging another arrow whizzing past you.
"I should've known I couldn't trust you!" you growl, swinging your blade into her arm. It doesn't get cut off, unfortunately.
"You surrendered WAY to easily!"
The Ranger pulls her knife and stabs you through a seam in your armor. It's bad...
You punch her in the face, breaking her nose.
You swivel, dodging the Fencer's swing before hurling the Ranger's knife away from you.
{20, time for double execution}
You grab the Ranger by her hair.
You hurl her into the Fencer and draw your Gauss Flayer.
You crank the dial on the side as high as it can go and pull the trigger. A ball of green light flies out and explodes above the assassins' heads, turning their corpses into ash.
You cast your healing spell, sealing the gash in your chest before continuing down the tunnel.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I hate coming up with write ins.
You jump on her douche bag.
I have to go to bed, night stormy.
I'll do the write in when i wake up and can think better.
File: IMG_1368.jpg (76 KB, 480x360)
76 KB
Not bad. My favorite is 'God gave men an extra leg, and gave women an extra mouth.'
Have a good sleep.

File: beach fence.jpg (119 KB, 960x420)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>Broadcast Edition

The coastal town of Diamond Shoals, a popular tourist destination in the summer but otherwise relatively sleepy in the off-season. Occasionally though, there is some supernatural activity abound which is usually seen to by a few strange denizens of the town. For as unnatural as this activity might be though, it usually goes unnoticed by most everyone else. Usually.

You've seen your fair share though and are starting to think you picked the wrong town to move to.
53 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for sticking to it, Kon.
Just dropping in to say that I will try to continue things tonight, but it will be later than usual due to current busy-ness (different computer posting).
Do what you can Kon, it's cool if you skip a night.
File: further storm.jpg (279 KB, 2048x1365)
279 KB
279 KB JPG

I appreciate the understanding but the main issue that just cropped up, is an unexpected and very important thing in a couple days to have to prepare for, that I only learned about today. Had I known earlier, I'd have postponed making the thread of course till after.

I'd hate to string the players along any longer already, but the ideal situation would be to postpone activity till I've taken care of the other thing, and my schedule is free again. Failing that though, I could maybe manage a little activity each till then day just to keep things active. Again, hate to put the players through that, especially for this thread where it's the first time to actually get to explore things, but this happened to be so unexpectedly sprung on me.
It happens, Kon. Don't worry about it.

File: heresy-5.png (245 KB, 769x437)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Scrub a dub in the tub, you have deiced to fraternize with the Xenos scum and the Loli psyker, first part is borderline heresy and the second is pure whimsy.

but hay you were in a four day coma and you need a break no matter how heretical you are while doing so.

anyways you have learned that the Loli psyker has multiple personalities and seems this one has a complex about being small, teasing shall ensue

welcome to Guardsman Quest
96 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You wait before answering half to come up with some arguments for your purity half to build up effect. Finally you decide to speak "I am only guilty of serving the emperor to the best of my ability."

"Then tell us, how do you explain these claims against you."

you take a deep breath, time to drop the bombs in here "for the Charge of Impersonating a Throne Agent: On instructions of my Superior Inquisitor: Correct, also note I was unaware this person existed until recently I was under the understanding this was a fabricated identity"

"so a superior officer gave you permission to use this identity?"

"yes both the Techpriest Drauge and the Hospitaller on the ship approved and administered the drug that currently has forced me into this form." you motion at yourself

"very well, and what of consorting with the Xenos?"

"You mean tricking an Eldar into causing the self destruct sequence of a craftworld and causing massive casualties of Dark Eldar with it?"

"Is that not the Ordo Xenos' job"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
the doors creak open and the familiar stomp of heavy boots before you hear Markal's voice "Alright what did you call me here for."

"Just to confirm something did a Inquisitor Darvik board your ship and did he administer punishment upon this person."

"yes he did, I was against the decision but Simun accepted the punishment without complaint."

"impossible," a different voice cries out "Inquisitor Darvik died two centuries ago." several more voices cry out before the first one roars "SILENCE!" cutting them all off "It seems we have an impostor running amok inside the inquisition, Simun we will now pass judgement" there is an elongated pause again, guess they were deciding on what to do with you at this point "your sentence is to track down this impostor inquisitor and bring him the emperor's justice, by any means necessary."

"My lords I am grateful for this opportunity but I am just a guardsman."

you hear multiple people chuckling "not anymore, Simun do you swear upon your immortal soul to devote your entire being to the emperor."

Markal sticks his head close to your ear "say 'I do you' idiot."

"I do." you immediately state

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
yup killing a lot of daemons while part of a organization that focuses on killing daemons gets you promoted really quick
>[2] throw the gun away, you will not murder the man who dragged you out of the penal legion and actually got you this far
>[3] try to convince him to live on, he has so much to live for (fel)
Someting among the lines of "Only in death in service we can return to the arms of the Emperor." I dunno, some one who can write better can pick up on this.
Another thing we need a goddamm leader, who is he expecting to fill those shoes? Valirsa? Us?

File: You-Died.jpg (16 KB, 575x350)
16 KB
Shill stuff:
Tw: @StarbornQ
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/USPFgKa
Discord Commands: ?rank [StarbornQuest][CabinQuest][WCNQuest]
Lewd Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/StarbornOP
Starborn Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Starborn
Cabin Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Cabin
What Came Next Archive:
WCN CS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uFJ0XoIx33KUUq64lJbjuX8HGFTvwFS4LtuW7maxjK8/edit

Curled into a ball, your stomach is screaming as acid burns through it. A cry lets loose from your mouth as your entire body complains at the extertations of the past days, even your mind seems to hurt from sheer exhaustion.

"Sensei." A voice says to your side, "What's wrong?" Panic begins creeping into his voice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
49 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
D&D is crazy. Sorry it's keeping me from writing.
File: Gronamura 3.jpg (86 KB, 888x939)
86 KB

You begin speaking aloud and pointing like you're picking teams for a schoolyard game - "Katta. Big guy."

The black haired pale man bows and the hulking blue haired man pumps a fist in the air in celebration.

Now for the one you're less certain on. "You, too lady."

She hollers and grins, which honestly kind of makes you smile too. It's ice to feel appreciated isn't it?

Hiding your expressions behind a blank mask for now, that's what's important. These people are bandits; this is nothing but a chance to get enough trust to leave; "You three will be my disciples. I will teach you what I know." You proclaim solemnly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

> Enjoy the shade
>> 420 praise it
Calling for now. Gonna get some sleep. QUiet thread but we got some necesarry stuff done.

File: heavenly-wallpaper-005.jpg (260 KB, 1920x1080)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
You are a God, one of many in the Universal Pantheon. You are worshiped and adored by countless mortals, and have your own Godly Realm, where your power is all but absolute. Compared to mortal men, your power is nigh unbeatable, but you are young God, the monsters of the many dimensional planes, the greatest of mortal wizards, and elder Gods can best you with ease.

Even the Gods have a hierarchy, and by their standards, you're barely a peasant, beneath the notice of many. Should you wish to achieve absolute power, you have a long journey ahead of you. That said, there's far more to immortality than Godly politics, there's nothing stopping you from traveling the planes and experiencing all reality has to offer, hunting and slaying titanic beasts, or simply spending time with your followers.

Before we begin, we must know where to start.

Someone's name is important, a God's is even more-so. It's best to put some thought into this, but there's nothing stopping you from changing your mind later.

> What do your mortal followers call you?

A domain is an area a particular God has power in, such as lightning, chaos, or bravery. Domains aren't exclusive to individual Gods and Gods often change their domains over time. Many elder Gods have many domains, but as a younger God, you have only one. This could be anything, extremely specific to the broad, material or abstract, whatever it is, it defines you.

> What is your domain?

When a mortal or fellow deity gazes upon you, they witness the form you choose to take. As Gods aren't bound by the laws of physics, they are able to change their form at will, but most have a form they're most comfortable in, and prefer to manifest as.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
482 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: tegaki.png (6 KB, 800x400)
6 KB
I acknowledge I'm probably going to be an ass here, but handing out false criticism is my pet peeve.

Okay, look. I get that you're upset that we didn't monofocus on Yatash, but justifying that with false criticism isn't cool. It makes authors think they have a problem even when they don't. If Skyrim had the problem of a single sidequest intruding on the mainquest it would be an entirely different game. "Constantly bringing new shit to do" isn't something he's done, it's just that what he has done is take our attention away from what you want.

On your criticism of his characters, it's unfounded. The central character, Telantes, is someone with whom he's done a good job characterizing through proclamations, dialogue, and internal thoughts despite how little we've done to help that along. Or are you saying he should be faster in characterizing our avatar when we've yet to do much to characterize him? We've met three characters outside of that, and they were completely different from one another. An obese, boisterous volcano god, a twitchy native who wants to be free of gods, and our prophet. Of the three our prophet is the least fleshed out, but it has only been a single thread. Even still she still was characterized well when first introduced, in the scene where we filled the well. The other two have been fleshed out amazingly well for the limited time they've been introduced.

You rag on some poorly defined sense of humor intruding on the narrative, but what are you actually talking about? The only time I've seen this humor was the aftermath of sex with the prophet as the entire hut was covered in fluids. Is it in the features of the prominent characters? What humor does he try to inject into characters? What part of each character makes them seem like cardboard cutouts and why is that bad in a quest where we are a god (where a human acting like a cardboard cutout is justifiable when they are so far beneath us)?

How do you justify this criticism with so small of a sample size? He's barely written anything, and most of that was establishing the setting (which he did well). It's extremely disingenuous to say that introduced characters lack depth when he hasn't had enough time to give them depth.

On a different note, if you are going to criticize someone's work you should use specific examples rather than vague ones for the sake of clarity. It also helps if you are able to say what you think he could have done (in those specific examples) to fix it.

For all that I disagree with the majority of what you've said, you are right that more characterization would be appreciated. It almost universally is. The OP should also feel free to experiment and find what he feels comfortable with. Having some suggestions and a write in at the bottom of the list is something that should be considered in the future as well.
Wait, he's pissed we're not in Yatash right now? Hello?! Doesn't he know a god has to been in different places to help to his/her followers? Also, we needed a break to regain our strength. It does us and our followers no good if we're weak. So far, QM is doing a good work of writing. Needs a bit of work but it's only the first thread.
You didn't read damn thing I said. Reread it.
Preach it my manon
What I like about his writing is how he's made a god quest with characters, purpose, and a setting that interests me. The individual characters we see aren't just random savages in various stages of development or solely gods.

The setting itself is where the OP thrives. He's made a multiverse (?) filled to the brim with competition, challenges, interesting sights to see, and fun things to do. He did an absolutely beautiful job of fleshing out a created character that originally only had a name and that he grew out of a bush. I mean just go reread Telantes introduction. The detail work is amazing, even throw away lines hinting at more context and backstory. I also really enjoy how he keeps the mythical tone of our interactions with mortals, but relaxes that when we're talking to fellow gods.

How well he put together both worlds surprised me. Each world has it's own interesting backstory, and the peoples living there are as much a character as the individuals we meet. Even though we haven't met many in person, we've learned enough about the various gods to be able to predict their reactions through his description of the settings. We could have predicted Buhjattha being okay with our interference solely through how chill the gods of Urnodos are about our interference there.

He's made a game of godly thrones, but didn't lose us within the first couple updates. We've been kept on track rather than left to flaff about creating things on our own, even though we could have We have a goal and threats to keep us focused on gaining power rather than let the quest fall apart as we just fuck about making stuff without purpose. He didn't overwhelm us at the start, filled us in with the basis of what we needed to know, and is diligent in answering questions we have on mechanics or the setting. I'd say he's done an excellent job handling mechanics so far even if they remain vague.
The half you wrote about QM recommendations isn't what I had a problem with. I even agree that he should try to find his own style (even if I think he's well on his way to developing one).

How about you take the time to write out a response? I'm sure you want to get caught up in technicalities, like "it was only a bad time to introduce it because the war gods are over there". Well, the war gods were there the entire year we were operating. They are no more or less likely to attack in the next month than they were before. It remains baseless, as he clarified we could go back to Yatash at any time.

That fact that you didn't even take the time to be more specific in your vague criticisms is pretty insulting. At the very least you could have clarified for the OP's sake.

File: GCQ24.png (409 KB, 1125x1143)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
Another day waking before the sun rises, eyes full of sleep, a bag full of pencils ready for her eventual departure, and a stomach soon to be filled with grilled fish and mushrooms, Cici has been doing well these past few days of school. With the classes divided out now into neat sections, each day has become a far more regular affair since the chaotic first, the as yet still growing student body also showing signs of levelling out to a more stable collective of faces.

Naturally, for Cassandra, things had decidedly taken a turn for the hectic, the scale clad baroness always finding herself rushing to one meeting or another between rounds of debate with council members and furiously writing letters to dignitaries, economists, and politicians in other cities. How she found a way to do all of this and still make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and take Cici to and from school every day was anyone’s guess, but somehow, she managed.

“So, they want a thousand crowns worth of gold, twice that in diamond dust, volcanic ash, an elvish ancestor root, four hundred crowns worth of steel, fifty pounds of white stone, an anvil, and a sack of fire rubies?” Mama inquires of today’s visitor, frowning as she flips over the first round of fillets.

“Don’t forget the assortment of dyes and cloth,” Iris reminds her. “It’s probably important.”

Mama sighs, shaking her head and taking a moment before handing a plate and mushroom skewer to her guest, then Cici.

“And you have no idea why they want all of this?” she questions.


[“Gods help me.”]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
151 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: bonfire-dark.jpg (60 KB, 498x750)
60 KB

Iris wasn’t going anywhere tonight. That much is clear as Cici wanders out to the cookfire and explains the situation to her mother. It’s then made doubly clear when the snake woman slithers back inside to find the fevered girl already asleep in her bedroll.

It had been a rough day for her, and there might be several more like it in the future as she came to terms with her newly unburdened psyche. Whatever the future might hold, Cici certainly had no objections being there for her through it all. After all, that’s what friends were for.

Sometime after dinner, once Vivi has flown in to roost and eaten her fill with her adoptive sister, Mama takes the time to offer some slightly lighter fare to their guest, getting her to sit up and swallow a few bites of well-toasted bread and a handful or two of fresh berries, washing it all down with a glass of mulled tea and honey before once again returning to her dreams.

[“We really need a guest room.”]

That is one of many thoughts bouncing around Cassandra’s head as she carefully wraps her coils around the aberration and makes preparations to put the day behind her, the ball of fluff and tentacles attached to one girl seeming so much smaller now than it had this morning as her own mind drifts toward sleep.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: bun_nap.png (426 KB, 1135x1600)
426 KB
426 KB PNG

And I think that's where we'll end for this week folks. Hope you had fun and stay comfy.
Thank you.

Is Iris Cici new sister?
File: Vivi the Crow.png (452 KB, 1280x1431)
452 KB
452 KB PNG

She is going to have to fight Vivi for that title.
Unless she ends as the middle sister. And really Iris has so many problems Vivi would accept it after things are explained to her.

For an harpy, wanting to eat your own child is a very big crime.

The bad bitch is back.

We are Sirena Le Doux and we seek revenge against our former master. So far, we've grown powerful enough to become the Witch Queen, but there is much more to learn. With our list of allies and teachers ever expanding, we won't stop until we've reached the top, because that's where our former master waits.

Continuing right from where we left off, our hero found herself in a competition to become the next Witch Queen: the Black Gauntlet. Thrown into another realm with only her magic and her wits against thirty other competitors who desperately want the title as much as she, we must now survive in a deadly game of... well, death!

Current Spells and Inventory: http://pastebin.com/YnqXjSpm
Past Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=evil+sorceress

Shill Stuff:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DamashiKonquest
Discord: https://discord.gg/HBz5u9v

Our story continues!
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>Meet up with Elder Grey and take control of the hags

If we leave them too long they'll screw us over somehow. Even though Grey is cool the fact is hags scheme as much as they breathe.

Besides with them and the river pirates under control we can have the hags pick targets for the pirates so we can

>Start collecting girls for Vincent and becoming more powerful with Thralldom magic

With the Hags providing magical protection and analysis of what he teaches us.

We also have a lot of minions now. Get Ben and Kay and one our more magical thrall like the Litch to

>Secure Bad Luck Mine for use by our miners

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

> Reminder that we have Corpse Stitching skills

We should keep and dissemble the corpse of the wyrm at least for use in making elite undead minions. Definitely dfdig out whatever it uses to breathe poison gas.
ain't a wyrm or a wurm, it's just a big fucking snake lol

It's got some wyrmish blood in it, though.
half dragon half snake then heh

File: 1492370833867s.jpg (7 KB, 125x250)
7 KB
>Unlike every other Up these days, I don't fucking bail. Pick some shit. Ill write. We all enjoy. First to 3 votes wins. Go go go!
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>Ok you degenerate fucks. Im back and ready to party. Didn't end up catching anything besides a few little Bluegill and a baby catfish. Gimme a minute to write out this update
How about a council with a rotating head?

The council should consist of the highest authorities of magic/gods (Helios, Ethaz and Tela) as well as a grand architect (builder) and the highest military commander.
We could have a set life positions for the choosens and several rotating elected positions
Glad you're back
Welcome back

File: fanart4.png (452 KB, 888x1511)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
Join the discord:

MoonQuest: http://lom678.deviantart.com/gallery/61172531/MoonQuest

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File: part34.jpg (809 KB, 624x2901)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
part 34 >>1386646
Because of the death of Commander Adam Malkovich, Maridia would be a war zone torn between Federation troops, and Ridleyland pirates. Being the loose canon that she is, Samus just shoots both sides since they're in her way to the nearby ice cream truck.
Mina and plant girl are actually the same person, but Mina simply moves and dresses up too fast for the eye to see.

But weed made her develop this other personality.
File: part118.jpg (2.08 MB, 699x7037)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
part 118

PLOT reveals the relationship between their allied drug addict
and her enigmatic naked twin

File: Untitled-2.png (166 KB, 1270x918)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Greetings my wizardly friends and welcome to massive quest in the wondrous city of magic, Silverlin.

What is this Quest?
This quest is to have as many different players going forth and experiencing the city in their own unique way. This means you all will not be playing the same character

What Is Silverlin?
Silverlin host many schools of magic and more then half of its residents can use magic in some form but not always to great extent. There are 8 districts each dedicated to a school of magic

Below is each district name and the magic that they are associated with.

Graystone: Abjuration
This magic is used for protection such as wards and barriers

Fellward: Conjuration
Magic that summons mundane or magical creatures from other planes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The classes do indeed cover Astronomy , magic and tech are integrated but on a base level, such as golems. You are magical enough to cast minor spells, such as making light emanate from things you touch. detecting the presence of magic when concentrating, casting a protective ward on yourself and making a small fire. You can also, once a day determine the intimidate future for yourself such as what 10 seconds down a right side of a fork in your path will be like. The city is extremely far away from any natural bodies of water.

The ground beneath you feels to be man made stone, slightly damp most likely from the water a few feet away. You can tell your eyes are open but darkness is all you see. once you sound out your voice you hear an echo go for a good ways in two directions
History of this school? well there are not to many its been around for less the 200 years, in any case wait here and I will retrieve them for you." After some waiting Yuka returns carrying 3 impressive size books in hand plopping them down in front of you with a loud thump. " Here you are then, they will be due back for inspection in a weeks time."

The waitress glances over to your creature then back at you. " Im sorry sir but we would not want to make a mess , or cause are guest to get frighten but may-" " Now now girl, I've got things from here." Says a low voice which comes from a man who walks out from behind her. " Well if your unable to pay, I do have a job for such acomplsih fellow such as your self." The man was short, tubby with a thin mustache , he wore no shoes and the sure signs of a halflings hairy feet strode over to the chair opposite of you.
"Lets talk. I'm always happy to come to an arrangement rather than any unpleasantness happening." Duncan sits down again, and steeples his fingers.
Muabal runs like a madman in the direction from which the first echo came from(shortest end of the tunnel (stormdrain) sending pulses of light every now and then behind him self so as to not be blinded by the light. until he either reaches the end or finds an exit.
by the way is it possible to cast postnotion spells? if so he does so when he isn't in panic mode.
"Just please let me know immediately if something comes up..." was the last thing I said after I explained everything that happened.
I took a breather outside of the guardmen's office while waiting for jeffrey to formalize the report. I grabbed a coin and start flipping it around with my thumb, cyclical motions kinda allieviates the stress, Thoughts of Tom being shredded apart by an ungodly beasts races through my mind, but the thought of the city guard helping with the investigation eases the mind.
Then jeffrey broke the silence as he went outside of the guardhouse with a wanted reminded in his next sentence.

>" remeber you have to meet with Master Graystone"

as the words reached my ears I immediately scavenged my pockets to look for the enveloped Graystone gave me.
"he told me that inside the envelope where the directions on where to meet him next." I said, as I showed the envelope to jeffrey.
I opened the envelope and read the document for the next step.

File: Pirate-Flag.png (46 KB, 2400x1527)
46 KB
Arrr mateys! Welcome back to Piracyquest, the most historically inaccurate representation of life on sea in the 18th century you've witnessed yet on /qst/.

Join us once more as we return to the exciting tale of Sara "Dame" Castor, a former noblewoman turned pirate on an exciting journey full of discovery, danger and... well... card games? Smoking? Sitting around and talking?? I dunno

Anyway, last time we left off you had just landed onto the unnamed mystery island that you had appeared near to during a particularily odd weather phenomenon a thick cloud of fog that had completely surrounded your ship, the Gay Piper.

You had made the way to the island successfully by boat and were amongst a forward landing party of five people which included your fellow crewmembers: Sawyer, Seamus, Annabelle and Nathaniel.

For the full story of both the character and previous events, check the previous thread: >>1375120
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Should have put ourselves up for captaincy at the start.
It kinda feels like OP didn't want to run anymore.
File: patsy10-copy.jpg (159 KB, 1498x900)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Well as the narration says, that's the end of of Sara's story and by extension this quest.

I could probably start a new one with Seamus or someone else as our new player character but I'm not sure if I'll bother to do it, at least not today. Maybe if there's enough interest I'll continue it under a different name and with another character, who knows.

Well it could have easily been avoided during several key moments, one being the point where instead of just climbing back down you tried to save Annabelle at any cost even when the odds were not on your side. I had a lot of future events already planned but I guess some people just want to try and save everyone.

Its not that I didn't want to run it anymore, the dice and the players simply decided otherwise.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. If I don't show up again I just wanna say that it was fun running this shit while it lasted, hope it was enjoyable to you fags as well.
I can't imagine that not being captain should necessarily mean the story becomes 90% waiting, 10% dying. The fact that we're just an ordinary crew member would have given OP licence to railroad us into whatever events he wanted, from "Go mediate that fight!" to "You're the navigator now, deal with it." to "You're the cook now, deal with it." to "Oh look, we just captured a ship. Sara, go command it for me until we can sell it."

Given that being the captain largely just adds crew management aspects and the opportunity to pal about with peers of higher clout, you might even say that it would have made it more difficult for OP to write, given the reduced amount of control he would have had over the choices we might have.

Was the volcano erupting planned from the start? Because it kinda seems like we were somewhat railroaded into it.

If the intention was to give a degree of choice, it didn't really seem that way, because the updates basically seemed to go:
>Oh shit Anna's dying and the volcano's erupting what do
Try to save Anna
>Your rolls sucked, volcano's still erupting, now your only option is to jump into the sea
I guess we're jumping then
>Okay you're jumping roll for it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Good resolution I say.
Piracy is rough.

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