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File: Cabin in the woods 3.jpg (78 KB, 600x316)
78 KB
You are James Fucking Henderson.

Father. Director. Survivor. Nutjob. Dead Man.

It has been a full year since Susan, your lover died. Despite being revealed as a traitor, it hurts. It hurts like a bitch. Surprisingly more than having to leave your actual wife and son behind to continue trying to savethis shitty world.

It's been a whole fucking year since the Xenomorphs were broken out under the direction of a shady group of conspirators, a group of conspirators with seemingly endless resources and competance.

With a year of acess to C45513's memory banks and surveillance footage, the records Maxi kept against organisaitonal policy and a whole lot of paranoia, you were able to make some headway.

> There is at least one metahuman traitor
> There is at least one psychic or magical traitor
> Incorrect or missing Personnel reports suggest traitor in intel
> Maintenance sabotage being constantly repaired suggests extensive infiltration of maintenance being matched by loyalists
> Dead Drop for Sue was dropped by someone wearing a Chem "Guest" Hazmat suit. Gender unknown less than 6ft tall

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>Key in a code only you know. Boss needs to be updated

This is something they need an update on as it happens
> Key in a code only you know. Boss needs to be updated
> Go to the Lobby and rally the troops [Speech & bet/roll for creatures]
Sorry I disapeared guys. Life's been... fucking brutal the past 3 days and Outside of time applied to D&D I've been keeping an eye on family. It's almost 2am and first time I've been properly able to relax.

I'll try and find time for more cabin & SBFH outside of this busy week.

Going to archive then crash.
That's fine Star. Just do what you need to tand don't burn out.
> Key in a code only you know. Boss needs to be updated
> Go to the Lobby and rally the troops [Speech & bet/roll for creatures]

File: werewolf3.jpg (666 KB, 1920x1200)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
Last Thread: http://boards.4chan.org/qst/thread/1447362#top

Summary: In this quest, we're basically playing as a slowly mutating soviet named Stojan insert Russian last name here who secretly supports the monarchy and hates the communists. We've managed to escape the Russians, and now we're in 1939 Nazi-occupied Warsaw. We've also got a new character called Douglas Bison who is a Sean Connery agent, but less smart, a bit more lustful, and also much more aggressive. He already has a nerdy girlfriend too! Oh, and he got shot... And is of course, more buff.

Character Sheet.
Attributes affect how fast you learn skills anons.


Above Average Strength.
Above Average Agility.

Moderate Intelligence.
Moderate Wisdom.
Below Average Charisma.

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>...He'll come to you in time. (Switch PoV's to Douglas)
Hey, quick question anons... Do you guys like Douglas more than Stojan?

Just wondering.

Anyways, give me fifteen minutes.
A little bit yeah. I've already experienced an adventure with a werewolf named Stojan and Douglas is new. I especially get the feeling that major edgefags are still lurking here and can perverse Stojan and this quest all over again. yifffags as well.
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to do anymore characters...

Meanwhile, as Douglas...

You roll around on the hay. You can barely get sleep, and it isn't exactly comfortable to sleep on the floor...

You get up, and scratch your back... You know what would really hit the spot?


Anyways, you get up and poke your head outside... You know, the secret service is probably expecting a report...


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Don't... You'd rather lay low for the time...

File: dark castle.png (646 KB, 879x552)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
Having a famous parent can be a real bother, especially if they're an evil ruler of the land. You'd think being the son of the wicked queen of the borderlands wouldn't be so bad, but all your life she's coddled you and prevented you from achieving your own greatness! Sometimes you wish she would go on another evil crusade, so that you'd have the chance to stand on your own two feet for once.

Alas, you simply cannot wait for that possible day and have finally decided after many years contemplating and planning, to escape from her doting clutches and become your own overlord. To make a throne for yourself, rather than sitting hers when she passes it to you. Or maybe not an overlord, but at least you'd like to not still be living in mother's shadow.

Before you leave though, you intend to collect your inheritance early. That is to say, you're going to steal as many valuables as you can, and flee into the night and lands beyond!
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They can stay with us today, we'll drop the three off in a nearby town but in the meantime they should pull their weight. They can help around the coach and inside by cleaning and cooking if they can.

Also hang out with our friends and inform Sephaly she can walk around freely in two days but not too close to the orc people
I think is for their best interest to saty with us, actually.

Since it would be safer to go with us if they want to keep going to that miracle, and I asume that we have food while they have nothing.

Our relationship with them should improve if we help them go to that miracle and tell them about freeing more slaves. Not mistreating them also helps.
I'm okay with that, but they should pull their weight while we get them there
And try to get to know them, be nice and stuff si they're more relaxed and willing to do stuff
>And try to get to know them, be nice and stuff si they're more relaxed and willing to do stuff

No sure they would like our friendly aproach considering their 'elven pride', but I agree with being cordial to an extent.

We don't want to be too friendly out of nowhere, especially considering how we got them, or we could make them think that we have ulterior motives, or weird then out
>you'd be hard pressed to find something they hate more.

Maybe it is just that my English isn't good enough, but what do you mean by that?

A Taste of Home

Character info pastebin in progress: http://pastebin.com/iB0tb7rz
Dice odds for best of 3: http://pastebin.com/994WTT3g

General rules:

There is a 10 minute voting period after each post. Non-contradictory votes will be combined as best as possible.

Write-ins for all votes are always welcome and encouraged. They may not all make it into the post or be altered to fit in, but I'll do my best to at least try to address the spirit of the write-in.

Very important or contentious votes may be redone in a stricter voting system as circumstances warrant.

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The only thing on the rise is our hearts
I'm really looking forward to Jane
We can tell, but checklist fags get out.
I can see Kiera as a checklist, Jane has alot more weight to it & seems extremely likely
I feel the opposite way. Our relationship with Jane seems like it's on the verge of becoming something different though, so I may end up changing my tune soon. Plus, Keira may decide not to pursue a relationship with us if she decides she can't get too attached.

File: anhq.png (8 KB, 500x424)
8 KB
You are Joe B. Roundman. A genius teenager that decided to become a hero to protect his city, Bluesville from the massive waves of crime that have been arising lately.

Right now, you're investigating the murders of several taxi drivers that happened in one night.

Your last action was going to one of the victim's apartment and recolect all the evidence that you could find.
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Go to the nearest fast food restaurant.
>>A big fight between the victim and the depot owner about the payment
Investigate that one... after getting a quick, offscreen meal at a restaurant.
File: owner.png (9 KB, 550x550)
9 KB
After getting a quick meal you go back to the depot to talk to the owner. He seems available.

> What do you say?
tell him we're doing a private investigation into the cab serial killer. ask questions about the victim. try and ask about the fight he had with the victim without getting him angry and what caused the dispute about payment.
"Alright" he starts speaking."He was a good man, not very social though. He was one of my best workers. It's a shame what happened to him."
Once you ask about the incident, he thinks for a moment before answering "oh, I think he needed some extra cash, but I wasn't able to give it to him. And we got into a discussion."

>Now what?

Some resources: https://mega.nz/#F!rFIDxRRK!IEzkLlroRoPwmDqtxKRMsw

Discord: https://discord.gg/GQMr35k

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/G48KCHjz

Dice system: rolls are all d10's. 8, 9, and 10 are successes. Unless stated otherwise on the sheet, 10's and only 10's explode into additional dice (this is called 10-again). Willpower is spent to increase a roll by 3 dice.

Previous thread: >>1440635

Previously in Jerry's life (probably a good idea to read this): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1409236/

Saturday. 11:00 AM.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Investigate a rumor (which one?)

cathedral park, seems like a nutjob from lighthouse or we can find the lighthouse people themselves. I think they are after us
I'll start a new thread based on your feedback tomorrow evening. Sorry I haven't been more attentive: things have been crazy on my end. Mea culpa.

No worries mate, thanks for running and I will be here as always
>Investigate a rumor (which one?)
FUCK I'm retarded
The murders from Cabrini Green to our East

File: floating island.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
This world is a world full of magic. Each living creature possess magic and many can harness its power to use in daily life. This has led to the world being full of strife and challenge. The strong rule the weak and the weak serve the strong. You are one with the potential to be strong, but will you be able to reach it and guide your nation to victory while you do so?

Welcome to Magical Civilization Quest. In this quest you shall do your best to lead your nation to victory in a world full of magic and fantastical creatures. Last time you fought a little girl and managed to subdue her. Afterwards you and Tiberius went out in search of the beastcursed village. Here is a link to the archive.

8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The two of you look around the perimeter of the camp for a while before you come across anything. However, after a while you come across a path of blood and feathers. Nodding to each other you start to follow the trail.

The trail goes on for a while into the forest. Every once in a while you lose the path, but you manage to find it after a while. However, after you make it to a river the path goes cold completely. You look around the whole area, but you can’t seem to pick up the tracks of the group.

You look around and see that the forest stretches out in front of you. In addition to that there is the river which flows gently/

A. Head into the forest
B. Follow the river
C. Head back
D. Other
>B. Follow the river
The blood and feathers stop, which means something carried them away. Something like running water.
“Well I think we should follow the river,” you say looking over at him. “Since the trail ends here it makes sense that we should check down the river.”

“That’s sound enough,” says Tiberius looking over at the river. “Let’s be on our guard though. We need to make sure that we don’t get jumped by the Asheran’s. We don’t exactly know whether or not they are at the end of this river.”

You nod in agreement at this and start walking down the river.

Roll 1d100+10
Rolled 32 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

As the two of you walk down the side of the river Tiberius spots some bloodied feathers on its banks. Encouraged by the sign that they came this way the two of you start to examine the river more intently. However, your search turns up nothing of any valuable.

After walking for a rather long time the two of you come to the beach. Nothing greats you upon your arrival other than the calming sound of the ocean’s waves and breeze. As the sun begins to set bringing night to the world the two of you decide to….

A. Head to the clifftop settlement
B. Camp here
C. Head back to the settlement

File: IMG_0656.png (311 KB, 700x560)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Ok, I know what the title says, but actually you're working for me. I just demolished this... creature's home village, and I heard it swear vengeance against me. It's going on a quest to end me right now. It's not really a threat to me, but it's taking a nap and I wanna end it's miserable life in the most brutal way possible. Only problem is, I'm not creative. Any suggestions lads? I promise to make your waifu real if things succeed...
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So what are your forces and assets, Dread?
I'm very suspicious of you, but here's what I currently own

1 stronghold
1 Dragonslaying sword
Enough gold to bribe the entire world to do my bidding (but that would get boring eventually)
Enough minions and slaves to do my bidding (reason why it would get very boring)
1 computer (how else are we communicating)
1 kimono (don't ask why or how)
And an all seeing eye-patch I can put on and off as I please
Just buy the slave collar and pay for mercs to put the collar on her.
His legend is a simple tale, for he simply uses time magic to cause every single misfortune and accident to his sworn enemy, no matter how petty it may seem.

Now I am not saying you should find the nearest time-travelling artifact to do so, just cause all sorts of mischief and malicious deeds to the runt without her knowing who was responsible.
Thanks, that sounds interesting...

Ok, I'll do that

It appears the runt tried going here as well to get advice... Really funny how a guy responded to it.
It's in the link below.

Thanks for the extra minion guys!

File: request34.png (350 KB, 960x960)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Join the discord:

MoonQuest: http://lom678.deviantart.com/gallery/61172531/MoonQuest
28 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Guzma remembers Plumeria is stuck in the quicksand outside his base
The team go into a big fight about if it is a ladder or a step-ladder, breaking the walls and alerting team skull.
File: part158.jpg (1.17 MB, 712x4942)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
part 158
She was brainwashed ! Braindirt her with drugs.
Guzma told her that he would put 300 puppies into Flannery´s vagina if she didn´t stop the intruders.
Spindon´t already told her that it was all a dream, but she ignores him. Robots don´t dream.

File: cape and colony start.jpg (1.82 MB, 2122x1080)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Rolled 42 (1d100)

There is currently much trouble afoot as you decide to board your own ship and discovered things are not as they appear. Plus lots of bots due to how heavily automated it is.

Currently your in the cold racks watching a fight between a funny little bot and army of drones led by a big bot boss. There you ponder on what you should do....and if you should use that strange artifact that was given to you.

Besides that you had to overhear a rant by the Ship's AI and got to see a bunch of adorable little bucket bots murder the shit out of each other before this mess came up.
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 92 (1d100)

Which treats the resources brought in by the drones. Breaking them down into pure goodness and dumping the waste outside into space. Those now pure and processed materials are then stored away. This vastly increases the value of the hauls the ship can provide. You don't need to haul the raw resources to a processing center...

Now if that weren't valuable enough the ship's AI admits they can also cannibalize other ships...completely. Down to the last bolt and piece of scrap. Even organics can be processed. As the ship's manufacturing as been adapted to recycle human's waste and Abhr states technically those modifications also means it can directly process humans too. As its ability to process and recycle is a little too good. Aliens are included and most important Outsiders.

Turns out the ship was also meant to harvest rare and exotic materials. In case they were stumbled upon by chance in the field or were purposely sent to an area which possessed them.

Hence despite the popular belief of their simplified manufacturing hub being the most valuable and quite rare. That belief is false. Its actually the processing center that can devour just about anything and put out purified materials.

Thus in truth there is far more fact in those descriptions of a 'swarm of locusts surrounding a mothership and devouring all in its wake' then you had heard before. You thought it was a bit of exaggeration...but if what the Ship's AI claims is true. Its not.

The ship absolutely could devour an entire living world should it be given enough time and cargo space but with multiple of them? A single world is easy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 67 (1d100)


>Superior AI
Acquire a list of priority equipment/material requests from the AI.

"Have you got any troops or assets to your name? You trying to fight a war by yourself?"
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Alright, time to get to business. Can the Advanced AI handle taking the ship out to collect dark matter if we give it the Dark Matter Collector?

I'm hoping that once we're done trying to figure stuff out here, we can just send the ship on a harvesting run aided by Fisher tech. So first step is to figure out if we can actually do that.

While we're at it we can tell the AI about the other Fisher tech designed for ship use.
Rolled 68 (1d100)


>Superior AI
"We've noticed a certain...departure from standardization throughout the ship. Is this by your design, is it from the Human Captains, or is it due to other reasons?"

So the AI is distinctly about EFFICIENCY and THE COLLECTIVE GOOD.

Ahbr, meanwhile, stands directly opposed to stripping away individuality for the sake of the collective good.

The two viewpoints are difficult, but not impossible, to get in-sync. In the meantime I suspect we'll need to get them separated so they're not at each others throats and so we can gain trust/influence with each of them without causing chagrin by constant mediation.

I've got some ideas in that regard.

On another note, how would people feel about giving Ahbr the Cloak of Cancellation?

File: hitman-para2-sup.jpg (141 KB, 1596x689)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
You sit behind the wheel of you're 74 Dart and wipe your forehead with a small cloth that rests on your dashboard. The California sun is baking you in here while you wait for any sign of your target.

Valentino Juarez, better known as Tino on the streets, is the lead distributor of the Madallow Cartel. Running most of the heroin near the border his death will bring operations to a screeching halt at least for a while.

You continue reading over his dossier until you feel a buzzing. You pull up your phone and hit the glowing green button before holding it up to your ear.

Who are you expecting to hear?
>My Handler, The government likes to make sure their agents stay in line.
>The Boss, working for a crime family has it's perks but for now you're just taking orders.
>My client, freelance work is rough enough without needy clients calling every ten minutes
>I wish I knew, I was freelancing for years before they made me an offer i couldn't refuse.
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Remington 783, Multi-Zoom scope, Suppressed
>>Remington 783, Multi-Zoom scope, Suppressed
Nice and clean
>>Sub-Machine Gun, Suppressed
>>Remington 783, Multi-Zoom scope, Suppressed
>>KA-BAR Combat Knife and Piano Wire

File: 1.png (73 KB, 2000x1600)
73 KB
OH SHIT NIGGER(s) it's an adventure about killing vampires n shit.

4 vampire hunters is going to infiltrate a vampire castle to kill the head vampire there for casting a spell than kept the world at perpetual night time.
Each hunter needs at least 1 player to be the voices in their head to tell them what to do n shit.

Just name yourself something with the highlighted title under the hunter to identify which team you're going with. Example: Regular Hunter Faggot -> Controls Oswell the regular Hunter
Need at least 1 player for each dude
The more players each character has, the more rerolls that team gets.

Currently the party is snooping around the second floor, looking for vampires to kill.

Previous threads:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
857 replies and 165 images omitted. Click here to view.
Evidently not enough to keep a thread alive
as an idea, actually dead characters can be revived to play as bad guys
instead of getting new character
that if GAR actually died
I blame elves
I get the impression the final resolution of GAR's fate will be decided next thread since we left on a sort of cliffhanger, again.
dun dun dunnnn
we at any limit here or we keep going

File: NewOverviewMap.png (4.27 MB, 9800x8082)
4.27 MB
4.27 MB PNG
Here's our discord where we handle direct communications/secrets.
Some basic stuff about the civ:
We have a wiki as well!

Year 797


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
936 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.
Danshig or war oldfag, this is your last chance.
Sending in baldboi scouts to check out oldfags land and sending my one boat to the port in divitagrad.
Sending the 50 baldbois to scout out the penguin lands to the north
Might I ask your intent in doing that?
As far as I remember that land is already owned by someone.
Should these Scouts attempt to enter Winter Elf territory you shall be met at the border and politely asked to leave unless you can provide a Seal of permission from either The Winterlord or the Empress, please be on your way as you have no business here (if you would like to arrange a visit please return home and write ahead in advance and we will see).

File: DoTE.jpg (123 KB, 460x215)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
A loud explosion, a booming sound.

The metallic floor plating shakes under your feet, metal creaking under immense stress. Bolts and rivets jut out of the walls' steel panelling, ricochetting in the small quarters, the pipes inside the walls bursting and jetting out a dense vapor-like gas. '''The transport you are in is under attack!''' Alarms blare alive, its sirens deafening. White fluorescent lights suddenly die out as they're shattered and wires cut loose from the ceiling, hanging and sparking. The auxiliary emergency lights come alive, a dim glowing red, set out in a guiding path before you.

'''You are a prisoner''', once held helpless in your cell. Now, for better of for worse, your once imprisoning cell lays broken before you, the energy wall detaining you and keeping you in is deactivated. This is your chance to escape. But to where?

The ship you are in is a prisoner transport, you know most of the escape pods are not near the prisoners' quarters but rather near the crew quarters' and the command deck. However, you also know very little about the ship's layout, and you have to make your way out of it quickly before the ship is shot down!

You have nothing on yourself but basic clothing: a yellow jumpsuit with the numbers '''"023-D"''' imprinted on both your back and front, and boxers underneath. You have no shoes and no socks. Fortunately, your hands are not bound, as you are in one of the low-security prisoners onboard.

'''What do you do?'''

Hi lads, this is my first attempt at organizing a /qst/, so bear with me and be patient! I hope you enjoy your time here if you're interested. I hope my writing isn't too bad.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
41 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What are your plans if you follow the derailed version?
Go on an adventure, the usual.
use the intel you get from the officer as a macguffin and lead the group into a quest for finding the origins of the dust artifact you found in the chest, play it off from there onwards like i did with most of this run.

>Oh. How’d we avoid that?
I might've done that by accident on my part.

>Have you two considered QMing together? Might help with the workload.
That could certainly work, but we'd need a few more anons to liven up the quest. 2 QMs and 1 player is a bit unbalanced.
Shit ill play :) I like this so far

I might start writing the quest for tomorrow then!
Oh goodie :)
Was planning on a mix of Dungeon and legend with you guys playing as a Broken Lord on a dust delving expedition.

Char Sheet: http://pastebin.com/fUKdUWLF

Fist clash, and white hair dances as I try my best to keep up with Yoruchi's near impossible speed, hold my arms up as I feel the impact of her fists bruising my arms and making my bones shake with every single punch she throws. Byakuya is watching from the steps leading up to his manor, studying and occasionally glancing up to watch us. Though I'm not sure he's getting much entertainment since our friend the captain hasn't been much more than a blur since she decided to surprise me with a bit of training. The second I got back here after I had to do extra duties and work at the sixth division for....well disappearing for a day. Wasn't much and it wasn't hard, in fact I quite enjoyed what I had to do. Glad I'm still not so prideful as to see cleaning up as an insult, in fact I'd say cleaning up most of the barracks gave me some time to think and clear my head....its just been a day since I met my other self and I still have so many questions and to be honest worries.

The first most of which is not being beaten by my dear friend here until I look like I had ink smugged all over me.

"Having trouble, sensei?" Byakuya says, with a smirk that tells me he is just loving watching me deal with what he has to with every time I make him and Aya spar together "are you off practice? I was certain you'd be used to fighting opponents must faster than yourself by now, I mean....you always tell me I need to practice with it myself, with your often at time irritating little sister"

"Yes" I say, struggling to track where Yoruichi is going to hit as she continues her assault, the pain in my arms mixing with the wind blowing over me "But there is a very key difference between the two of them, for one Aya isn't a captain like our mutual friend Yoruichi here, and two"

"She plays like a little girl" Yoruichi says, smiling like she does when she's having a good time, which seems to be whenever she isn't serious with her duties and work "and well I don't"

"Yeah" I say through gritted teet, managing to catch her arm as she takes a swing at me, a slower one with more power and weight behind it that would probably break something inside me or just knock me unconscious "Like a cat"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
152 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have to head out for awhile, so I was just going to leave my thoughts on how to approach Aya's question.

The following is the utilitarian take on things, and not what I would recommend telling Aya directly:

The fact is, and even Aya admits it, she made a mistake: a mistake with tragic consequences. That would tend to make almost anyone feel sorry for themselves, like maybe things would be better off without her, or some similarly distraught state of mind. Problem is, that is a fairly short-sighted and selfish state to be in given that Aya is a rare, valuable, and necessary talent in Soul Society.

By definition, all shinigami are rare talents since souls with spiritual power are in the minority--a fact that is skewed slightly by the fact that powerful souls "live" longer and rise to positions of greater prominence (not to mention the entire show focuses on them and not the boring, plain-old, weak, ordinary souls.)--so she is somewhat obligated to participate in the Gotei 13. The G13 serve a crucial role in the very cycle of life and death, and every loss they incur is relatively major since training and fielding a shinigami is not a simple task.

Aya is in a bad way right now, but she is still very much needed. She has been shaken up, but it is in everyone's interest to help her get back into form. If you are the last living pilot on an airplane, you don't really have the luxury of sitting back in coach and feeling sorry for yourself for whatever reason. Admittedly, that example is pretty far removed from these circumstances, but only in severity: the principle is the same.

As for the actual answer to her question:

The simplest answer is to put her duties first and to acknowledge her mistakes, accept her imperfections, and do her level best to learn from them and improve herself so they are less likely to happen in the future. Kimi does have experience as a soldier, they are used to the notion that people are depending on them. It is probably worth noting that while Aya is tired and depressed, while being a touching credit to her compassionate nature, will only make future tragedies more likely.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Well crap, I spent so long writing that post since I wanted to get my words right that I went and missed the end of the thread.

Thanks for running HM. See you next time.
Oh well I liked it
Yeah, definitely going to have a thing for aya in the post before the time skip, so the first on next thread
Thanks for running Hm!
So long story short, we should teach her to channel her feelings constructively in a way that helps/motivates her towards her duties/betterment.

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