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File: school.jpg (71 KB, 480x360)
71 KB
You've been accepted by Lire Academy. A magical school for children who are descendants of historical figures. Such students have access to power according to who they're a descendant from.

Who are we and who do we descend from?
>Charles-Henri Sanson
>Napolean Bonaparte
>Vlad Tepes
>Leonidas I
>Ivan Vasilyevich
>Write in (Highly encouraged)
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>>Dream Realization
>>Dream Realization
So I looked that up, and it looks like it's basically super serious Japanese Clone High?
>>Dream Realization

File: imperial%20flag.png (24 KB, 360x240)
24 KB
You are Lt. James W Claudius, stationed aboard the Spite Dealer in service of the High Empire of America-Drusus and Mother-Butcher. It is your present duty and pleasure to be engaged with a flotilla of pirates.
Your part is, of course, minor. You've been charged with leading several squadrons on a sortie against an exposed flank, hoping to rout some of the more poorly disciplined and smaller ships forming the main line.
You will be crossing a long, open distance and will be within enemy missile range long before you can bring your own weapons to bear. The enemy mostly utilizes missiles, and while you lack point defense the jammers equipped to each fighter allow a skilled pilot to consistently evade them effectively. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the pilots in your attack are fresh recruits.
What will be your approach?
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Have our more skilled pilot pull back and help the stragglers while our recruits withdraw
The 'veterans' loop back to aid the stragglers. The resulting exchange kills most of the rescuers but the pirate forces are driven back, many downed or limping back to their lines. Across miles of open space, you can see the heavy lances mounted on Empire battleships stretch out and sear holes through pirate vessels. Large torpedoes begin their slow dancing advance, the only visual evidence of their passing the winking of stars as they pass. Your squadron travels for another ten minutes before finally docking at your home carrier, Wolf's Den. Landing and exiting your fighter, you see repair crew scrambling to stabilize wounded spacecraft and perform first aid on casualties. There aren't many. There rarely are in space engagements.
A slim, female Captain approaches you, a picture of professionalism. Standard procedure: an immediate debriefing following action. Meant to correct errors at the earliest opportunity. How do you greet the officer?
Treat her like with professionalism, a salute
The Captain waves dismissively and launches into the debrief.
"The survival rate among your more experienced pilots was abysmal. Statistical analysis suggests far more should have come back intact. Is there a reason you were prioritizing the lives of newer pilots over those who have already proved their competency?"
If they were so experienced why did they get shoot down?

>/qst/ Thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Beyond%20the%20Gate
>QM Twitter: twitter.com/SmileytheQM
>General Info (Updated as I go): http://pastebin.com/ffH25ciB
>Spell List: https://pastebin.com/FrWimshH
>Quest Summary (up to chapter 38): https://pastebin.com/9aNStLUp

You end up having to strap the giant tiger to your back in order to carry it with you, but you weren't about to leave it behind.

When you pull up in front you lift Robin off the Rook, then get to unstrapping the oversized toy. Robin bounces impatiently as you work, eager to do... whatever it is she plans on doing with this thing.

As the straps come off you hand it to her and she promptly runs for the door, veering further to the left than she must have expected and crashing into the doorframe.

This attracts Carrie's attention, as she's currently at the door. "Oh my goodness" Carrie says. "Where did that come from?"

"Toy store" You say, as you help the little Canid back to her feet. "We stopped on the way back"

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That's all for tonight!

Next thread will be next weekend.

As always I'll be sticking around for question/suggestion time.
Thanks for running
Thanks for the thread.

I'm actually really intrigued about the point Meyu brought up. What if the flesh weapons have some sort of mechanism that connects them to Black God and sends all the mana they sucked up to him? Maybe some tiny cross-world portal or something similiar. I'm not even sure if that's possible to do in such a small scale that it wouldn't get noticed by any normal soldier.
If the Black God needs mana though, wouldn't there be a more efficient means? You'd think you'd want to be sucking it out of reactors or something somehow, unless there's some reason that's not feasible.
It might be limited by its available tools and a lack of communication. It can only give the demons weapons, not tell them how to use them. So a demon does whatever they want with their boon, rather than what would be most efficient.

U r watchin animus in ure room lik Usual. Gud tim is suden interppt by a big boom, tree cum to everywhr, becom frrest. Unfortune u we're nekkid becus tree interrupt H and now u Isekai into dangeroos.

Luk arund, n u see gren. Big greb, smal gren, many gren and sum brwnn. Pretty frrest.

There becum big sound! Big sound frum tree. Tree why talking ? Is dangeroos? It is cold n frigthener

>Run awey
>Talk to tree
>Becom not move
> Otherr wrds?
>fug tree

File: 602035420.png (536 KB, 800x595)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Happy Independence Day
Keyword: Pokemon
Chapter Directory: https://pastebin.com/my72UJDu
Ch. 11: >>2662150
New and Interested? The Chapter Directory is your friend. Or, jump right in and go with the flow! Make sure to bring your suspension of disbelief.

"Ohhhh ho ho! With pleasure, my chief! Warharhar! Rest assured I shall take a nigh-demented delight in badonking these serial badonkers! Why, I'LL PUT THEM ON THIN ICE, SKIN THE FLESH FROM THEIR BACKS, AND WEAR WHATEVER'S LEFT!!!!"

A chance encounter with the ruthless Granbull, B.G. 'Big Guns' Cooper, Chief Bruiser of the enigmatic Antifur organization, led Elio and Selene to uncover a coup d'etat encompassing all of Melemele Island—starting with the secluded Bomble Bomble Kingdom in Melemele Meadow. Determined to take back the Z-Crystal Big Guns had stolen from him, Elio set off on a conquest goaded by an aching lust for Bomble Bomble's precious delicacy—Yellow Nectar.

Along the way, our heroes met a spry Pom-Pom Oricorio by the name of Pommy-chan. A cheerleader of Bomble Bomble's court, she was entrusted with the task of finding the invincible Braviary warrior, Potus Lawkeye. Things went south when one of Big Guns' subordinates stepped in to capture Pommy-chan, forcing the group to split. Acting as bait, Elio ordered Selene take Pommy-chan to the top of the eponymous Mt. Insurmountable, rumored to be Lawkeye's domain.
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1. Hype

2 & 3. Eh? The point was more about how little screentime Elio got as opposed to how much screentime Chica did. Which still sorta stands cause of how short this chapter was

4. Wait is next chapter an Elio chapter too? I guess my last point is kinda void if that's the case
>Don't worry chica gets cucked next time.
you mean that somebody will have bigger cock? than her
m8, that's cruel
>that cry
>that fist
Oh my.
File: 1518341032206.png (9 KB, 73x89)
9 KB
Chapter is going up tonight, thanks for your patience.
File: 1518341032213.jpg (47 KB, 400x400)
47 KB

And so we open Chapter 13 with s e t u p.

File: Scion Battle Tactics.jpg (48 KB, 640x413)
48 KB
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2675038/

You are Delphi Brooks, daughter of Persephone, and you're having a Hopes And Dreams sort of conversation with a mob lawyer's daughter with the exact fashion sense of a crocodile. You've been thinking about this one a lot, but it's surprisingly hard to say out loud now that you've been asked to say it.

The Argo II's radio ticks over, switching to a new song.


"Your silence says 'no' but your face says 'I feel silly for wanting what I want'," Teri prompts. "You can talk to good ol' Nefertiti, c'mooooon."

You look up at her face in the rear-view mirror. "How do you get 'Teri' from 'Nefertiti'?"

"How do you get 'Dick' from 'Richard'?" Teri asks.

"Ask him nicely after your date," Freddy answers from his spot in back, as he sits up. Teri sputters in shock and laughs, loud and carefree. "I kinda want to hear too," Freddy admits.
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> Maybe? We're sorta busy at the moment
Gotta handle Life Stuff, will call and write after. Thank ya for your patience.

You sure it's not Death Stuff, O lich?
Apparently it fucking was.

Called, tallying, writing new thread. Sorry for the delay y'all, I ended up with some medical stuff and I've been sleeping this weird combination of 'hard' and 'useless' where I wake up feeling hung over and still exhausted.


File: download.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
you wake up in one punch world.

wat do
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Generally speaking, soldiers aren't the crazy fitness gods most civilians assume they are, unless they also hit the gym on their own time.
An APFT can be easily passed, though not easily aced, by anyone in decent shape for their age bracket.
He didn't jog 6 miles a day. He SPRINTED 6 miles a day.

Big difference.
go to f city and get a job it didn't even appear in the manga so its nothing special, at most theres some scrub villain or monsters but its nothing important, so theres a good chance that nothing like what happend in A-City happens in f-city, also remind miself to never ever visit Z-city
Locate the faggot mod that let this happen and cripple him in a way that he has to shit in a bag for the rest of his life after fisting the OP until he has to wear diapers.
File: One-Punch-Man-Workout.jpg (254 KB, 860x1236)
254 KB
254 KB JPG

Are you ready to be a SPACE PILOT? GOOD, THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR! Pick a civilization you're a part of from the list below and we'll get character creation out of the way so you can get flying as soon as possible!


You know the drill, this is a meritocratic, brutally mercantile alliance of megacorps that has unquestioned control over several hundred star systems. Some races have been enslaved by them, others accepted as willing [or unwilling] trade partners. Slavery is legal, as are many narcotics, illegal substances and pretty much anything that can be bought or sold. However, the laws vary from corporation to corporation, so what's legal in one part of a city may not be on another. In terms of weaponry, the Alliance has a major fetish for missile launchers, railguns and anything else with ammunition that has to be manufactured, bought and sold in vast quantities. For defense they prefer long-range engagements with their ships and armor boasting good armor but mediocre shielding, making it a good idea for them to take as little damage as possible so their shields can regenerate in time. Starting as a member of this civilization can net you a hefty starting bonus in cash and/or stocks and other material, with a minor penalty to diplomatic relationships with other civilizations.

27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Goodnight anon!
Plus, depending on the setting's mechs, piloting could actually be a very physical thing.
I ended up not being able to post today, sorry guys.
Don't sorry OP. Just post your update when it's good, I'll try to follow as much as I can!
You're too good for me anon.

File: darwinia2.jpg (297 KB, 1599x691)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
An untouched paradise, ripe for the taking. If only the natives were more... cooperate in that matter. What truly matters is the seventh colony of her excellence Bellowstead . She is still young and vulnerable compared to her older sister. The stern men and women of it shall protect her to their last breath.

A question lingers in the air, who are you?

> Carillon Roland: The governor of the colony, swamped by perilous decisions on daily basis in this untamed land. Laws and edicts to sign, Live to waste or to spare, Riches to send back to the mainland. It is endless.

>Aurelia Williams: An inquisitor donning a silver mask. This new land birthed a myriad of heresies, it is up to women like her to purge such sacrileges from the hearts of men by any mean necessary.

>Clarence Greenwood: A Lawman with his old dog, Alvus . Maintaining relative peace is never easy around here. If only he could leave this green hell for good...

>Madeline Daemyon : A Translator/Negotiator for the colony. Few can take her place, fewer share her enthusiasm. The lives she had saved from both sides using only her words.... truly marvelous.

>Bradley Lowther: A damn good watchman with a sharp eye for anything/anyone that approaches the colony at night. none has escaped his vigilance so far without a good bullet-hole

>Rose 'Shivvy' Mulvahil: She shouldn't have messed with him.... now she is in the other side of the world working her fingers to the bone as a penal miner with no rest or pity.
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Bradley Or Carillon either or
>Aurelia Williams
Rolled 1 (1d2)

If 1 then it is Bradley, 2 is Aurelia
OP kill?
It hasn't even been 5 hours yet, maybe something came up and OP decided not to tell anyone. Or was unable to tell anyone.

File: Professor.jpg (57 KB, 600x700)
57 KB
Hey /qst/, trying out a quickie, if it catches on might continue it this weekend.

In this quest, you will play the part of a professor at a university studying the secrets of the Necromantic Arts. Your goal is to find the secret to Immortality. There are three paths you can choose to take; The Path of Blood, the Path of Bone, and the Path of Spirit. Each path takes advantage of the inherent magical properties of their necrotic energies to unravel the secrets of life and death. Professors in one chosen path cannot learn, research, or collaborate with faculty from another path.

Spells are tiered by the nature of the caster and those casted upon.
> Tier 1 spells can only be casted upon a caster, and deals primarily with augmentation of the senses.
> Tier 2 spells expand the subject pool to the deceased, or remnants of them. For Blood and Bone Pathwalkers this includes corpses, for Spirit Pathwalkers this includes ghosts. These spellcasters can manipulate their material, either to create new forms, or be used to power T1 spells.
> Tier 3 allows casters to manipulate the living, but only limited to creatures of inferior intelligence.
> Tier 4 allows casters to manipulate the intelligent, sentient species. It is the most powerful form, and allows one to unlock the secrets to immortality

To unlock a spellcasting tier, one must research 3 spells from a lower tier. The Immortality Spell requires 4 Tier 4 spells to be learned.

In the academic environment, unfortunately, research is limited by funding. Therefore, only one professor will be allowed to conduct research on a spell until funding is expanded down the road. Proposals for research are granted by the university's favour to a professor. Favour can be increased by completing quests for the head of the university. These quests can be completed in teams and are completely optional. However, if a player chooses to complete a quest he forfeits his chance to submit a research proposal that turn. Players will compete for their research proposals by rolling 1d100. Ties will be broken by vote.

There's no limit on players, so if you want to join please submit:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm sure you can see roughly where I'm going with this.

Going through the relevant resources Janus would have had going into Tier 5 research, he would have:
- A spell to link his spirit to another such that neither of them can die as long as the other survives (Insufficient on its own for immortality proper; death still occurs if both parties physically or spiritually expire).
- Spells to boost his spellcasting ability almost indefinitely as long as he has a source of spiritual energy: Strengthen Spirit to boost willpower and Spirit-Mana Conversion to boost mana reserves.
- Various contacts and favors thereof, including '3 genocides' worth of favors' (>>2715839). The penultimate step in the immortality spell would probably also have required the help of a diviner to create a hybrid divination/necromancy spell somewhat related to Aether Sight.

>Some final comments on initial considerations:
Early on, I decided (out-of-character) not to go with traditional methods of undead immortality, like becoming a lich or vampire, since (in-character) I wouldn't have wanted any of the glaring weaknesses they tend to have that invariably result in an eventual - if very delayed - death anyway. So (out-of-character again) I concluded that the means through which I would achieve immortality or the source to which it is tied would have to be something which, unlike (for instance) blood or a phylactery, cannot be withheld, depleted or destroyed.

Several things come to mind which would fulfill that criterion - most of them abstract and therefore basically impossible to turn into a source. Indeed, in the end, I ended up having to settle for something which only technically didn't fit, but which I figured would be more or less good enough.

As for what exactly that something is, I think it's more entertaining for you to try and guess - though I don't imagine it should be too hard. And if ever you hear about a couple of genocides happening one day while Headmaster Scrivener is away on vacation, you could always ask him, and maybe he'll tell you.
And before I forget, thanks for running!

Not exactly, but close. Binding to an easily-destructible object like a body wouldn't have been quite enough to satisfy what I look for in immortality.
This is all very well thought out, And rather puts my own thought proccesses to shame. My mindset was pure practicality, And if that could not be achieved, then something with room for exponential growth/high power ceiling.

Bone shaping? i can make armour, i can use it as an offensive spell, but it isn't quick enough........ so i made needles, for those combat situations my students may enter. Grow skeleton? more resources for less work.

The only part that really stumped me was the immortality option. the ones mentioned by the former headmaster were all good but i didn't want to copy that, come up with something new. And that was surprisingly difficult without treading into spirit or blood territory. So i went for high power ceiling. An army of thralls and the ability to make a fortress with enough time. Possibly growing legs, if possible.

But i think for next quest, if there is one, I will play as a bone mage again.....Or maybe we will get a new path to explore. Who knows, but i think i will enjoy it all the same. A pleasure playing with you gentlemen, and i shall archive the thread now
Truly beautiful ending. Shame I wasnt here for it. Happy for the Promotion though.

It has been 1,000 years since the Traitor king betrayed the Empire of the Desert Flower to the Darkness, and caused the downfall of the Four Kingdoms. The Kings themselves were broken by the Invasion from the north, leaving the Desert leaderless. Life has dragged on, the people scraping out life from the desert and oasis', either clinging onto past glories of the Empire, trying to forge something new, or feasting on the carcass. Will you prosper in this dying land, or wilt and fade like so many others?
211 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>See you all tomorrow.
Maybe he means tomorrow tomorrow
Is OP kill?
No, he went back to writing banished quest.
I really liked this

This is an adventure game using a handful of Lego sets as the basis for the scenario. Your goal is to find the ingredients for a Potion of Glamor to fulfill a request from a mysterious client. You, the player, post commands for our protagonist, along with “dice+1d6” in the options field. In turn, I will carry out your commands and post images and narration of what ensues.

Although this is a stand-alone quest, if you’re interested in reading the other stories in this series, the previous two Quests for Playability can be found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Emily%20Jones. The other two quests I’ve run, Funtron and Fungeon Crawl, are here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fun%20with%20Lego. I keep the Twitter account @LegSlemt updated when a new thread goes up.

Without any further ado, I’ll begin with a short prologue.
391 replies and 249 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: end of part one.jpg (882 KB, 1000x750)
882 KB
882 KB JPG
Rosalyn Nightshade and the Quest for Playability will resume tomorrow with a new thread for Part Two, and commands will reopen at that time. A notice will go up on Twitter and in the /lg/ when the thread goes up.

Thank you for playing!
Thanks for running!
Is the elf set tie-in anime any good?
You think dead rat can be used as an ingredient?
Would be one hell of a threat.
The new thread is starting up: >>2722361

I only skimmed through the anime, but based on what I've seen, I don't think it's very good. Unfortunately, even though the Elves sets themselves are great, the story material Lego has produced for the line has been mediocre. But the anime at least has its animation quality going for it.

File: postapoc.jpg (89 KB, 700x539)
89 KB
The Mayhem came and went. What was it? Who knows. What caused it? Who cares! The city still stands, and while the working smog is replaced by brown dust and the stench of decay, humanity persists.

After the Mayhem, half the population got killed in the rioting, while the other half got up and left when they realized the more prominent taxpaying citizens couldn't cough up the funds to help support their lifestyles in the big bad boroughs. Decades later, lowlife scum crawl back to the rotting corpse of glass and metal. Druggies, squatters, drifters, goons. Thugs.

You are the leader of one of now three gangs in the City. While many goons are scattered here and there, you are one of the few who have the long lost knowledge of piloting vehicles. Your goal: To become the Underboss of the City.

(Updates next post)
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: map.png (54 KB, 800x590)
54 KB
What are we to do?
A large sailboat with 3 shotties, 4 pistols with football gear approach the Loomies and request trade.

Another team of 5 metal bats go into k9 to claim the territory. 5 hockey sticks move to j9 to claim territory
We'd love for this deal to mark the start of an alliance. We'll give you all of our instruments for some food and water, if our boys can come and watch you jam out

Scout scouting continues, West scouts keep skirting the gymboy area

Trade some food to get our pistol ammo back to full
Raid hardware store

Keep recruiting

Continue to claim territory in the south

Turn recruit into reinforcers

Scout out surgeon territory

Turn one of the squatter apartments into a brothel, recruit some escorts.

Send a diplomat to ask the Kims for assistance against the surgeons

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Last Time on Warlord Quest...

The attack on crescent Hall has begun. Fires rage through the hovels and shacks of the poorer areas of the mining town. The death of the captain of the guard, slain on the field, prevents the guardsmen and militia from organizing a capable defense. Wren and the berserker Ryk sow chaos through the streets and alleys, striking from unexpected angles to spill the blood of those who would stand against you.

Dagmar and the main host have finally broken through the shield wall erected around the gates with your assistance, bodies piled high, blood soaking the earth in puddles that splash thickly under your feet as you ready your warriors. Blades glitter in the firelight as your men form up around you. Swords and axes, maces and spears drip blood onto the hard packed earth. The air is thick with smoke, cinders, the scent of blood and violent death. The scent of war, of carnage, bloodshed on a scale most never see. But you cannot rest now, There is still work to do

There is still killing to be done...

>Setting info and character sheet incoming
275 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>inb4 we can hear the spirits of dead talking
>Magnus hearing swearing and the sounds of coins being exchanged
>sound of tortured souls being exchanged*
its fucking brutal man, but thats ok.
Bummed I got here late, would've supported >>2714210 or ruined visage (which I thought we already had as a result of whatever conflict got us deathtouched?)

I don't really understand why intentionally crippling us and now preventing us from making that fuckhuge magnus-sized two handed weapon, especially when we already use intimidation frequently, but I do like proper punishment for fucking up like this.
a brace will fix it
other maiming injuries, that dont involve loosing limbs can be healed with rituals
and the guys on the discord may or may not have a plan for lost limbs

Your name is Curt Abbott. Today is the day you begin your first legal job. That job is assistant counselor/ maintenance guy at a summer camp in Michigan. You stand in the middle of the primary lodge, Jackpine. Commands?
128 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
>It sounds better like how I said it.

i for one disagree
You throw a plate to the ground, planning to blame the transgression on Mason. The plastic dish clatters on the floor. Mason stares at you with disappointment.
It was a shit test, we were just trying to see if he was "cool" and he passed. Now that's out of the way, ask if he knows of any old style locks around the campground.
Tell him it was a test of his reflexes. He failed. After that try to impress some camp goers with our impeccable style.

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