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Previously, on Aspiring Duelist Quest:
Previous threads archive:
Decklists, cards owned, money, relationships etc: https://pastebin.com/paeJYkxe
(please report any discrepancies quoting this post)
Twitter with updates: https://twitter.com/QstingPlaymaker
(Still Thursday)
You look in disbelief as what once was a powerful monster now crumbles in your hands. A sudden gust of wind lifts the dust up from your hands, only for it to fall back onto the rest of your cards. You move to look closer, but all the traces of your card have already disappeared.

It's as if your Void Ogre Dragon never existed in the first place.

The sun is slowly but surely moving closer to the horizon. The slightly red-tinted light shines through a labyrinth of prematurely leafless branches. You're not sure it the atmosphere thus created is romantic, melancholic, or outright terryfing.

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We can do that afterward. :^)
But real talk, in any other quest I'd hate talk like this because waifushit can and does ruin quests. One of the only reasons why I even like it here in this is because it's part of the setting and core of the quest with Tag Force being a thing, not to mention the Tag Force games are unironically kino making this a plus. And the OC characters waifus are supposedly good and you can romance anyone, so yeah.

Light isn't necessarily good, while Dark is not necessarily bad. Sometimes you need both or you upset balances and fuck shit up. I guess L&D Dragon being in our deck helps keep that good?

Like we said to Playmaker earlier, there's always room for improvement and fixing stuff and developing the quest itself along with everything else.
If we can get our grubby little mitts on em Kozmo would be Orgasmic.
File: 1506333878942.jpg (164 KB, 1280x720)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
>unironically wanting to use Kozmemes
Hell no.
I have an incredibly fun time playing a modified SyncroKozmo deck, besides don't you know how fucking cool space ships are.
And you clearly are not aware how cancerous Kozmemes were back before Links. I still get mad whenever I see Kozmo Dark Destroyer

File: A Fragile Balance.jpg (177 KB, 600x466)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=A%20Fragile%20Balance
Resources: https://pastebin.com/KAmx2b3Z

>Thousands of years before the New Republic, the galaxy is split between the Old Republic and Sith Empire, who have maintained a fragile truce for nearly a decade. You are Leera Varrus, a young Zeltron man who graduated from the Sith academy on Korriban, and who is now apprenticed to a Lord in the Imperial Reclamation Service. Your Master's work - and by extension your own - takes you all over the ill-explored region between Hutt Space and the Imperial Core.

>The nature of your Master's expertise and his erratic nature means that your training has been unfocused and intermittent, but you have learned a great deal about Sith society, and have become something of an amateur diplomat. It is a skillset that may come in handy as the galaxy's cold war turns hot. Chaotic times are coming, but chaos breeds opportunity for those with the will to seize it.
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Physicality makes sense
My vote goes for Physicality.
With knowledge a closes second.

New thread, but keep any further skill point votes in this one.

File: 85728347982.jpg (1.1 MB, 989x3552)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Civilization Thread

Three votes picks race
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The lodge is for training more plague wizards.

We decide to build fish traps to improve our food gathering capabilities.

Our tribe has 1500 skaven.
Our army consists of 60 spearmen and 1 plague wizard.

What should we do next?
> Gather (food, wood)
> Explore (N, S, W, E)
> Build (mud huts, farms, fish traps, lodge)
> Train spearmen

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> Build lodge
Say no more
>> Train spearmen
>> Explore (N, S, W, E)
explore south
Ill change to this

File: Karameikos.png (479 KB, 462x720)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
Welcome! Are you a courageous young fellow, eager to fight monsters or acquire treasure? Or perhaps a savvy old fellow, hoping to recover lost magical knowledge? Any way, there's riches to be made and dangers to be braved! Onwards, to adventure!

You are in the area known as the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and have spent the last few days looking for work in a small riverside town called Kelven. But first, who are you?

>A courageous human
>A stout dwarf
>A deft elf
>A hearty halfling

Roll 4d6 drop lowest for each of the ability scores: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.
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Rolled 9 (1d20)

You quickly snatch the spear from the ground. The human gives you no quarter. He yells at you: “We will not endure your tyranny any longer. Death to the Hutaakan!” He charges, the tip of his spear aimed right at your heart, but there’s too much emotion and not enough skill behind his attack. You parry, shoving his spear aside and putting your own weapon in his way, impaling him. The spear goes right through him, and he is within inches of your face when he stops. His face contorts in pain while he sputters blood. His lifeless body slumps to the ground.
You do not have time to be horrified by the scene. You hear the yelling of men, and footsteps. It is time to go, but where?
>Home. I need to see if Ena’s all right.
>Away from the village. I will save my own life.
I'm off for the day. Tomorrow we'll find what happened to our furry friend.
>>Home. I need to see if Ena’s all right.

File: 85728347982.jpg (1.1 MB, 989x3552)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Civilization Thread

First to three votes picks place and race
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A forester guild has already been establish man and we just literally built a aquetet

We decide to start the construction of a mechanician's guild to begin the development of the science that will allow us to craft and deploy siege engines like catapults. It will take about six years.

After running it's course the plague finally subsides, having taking its toll of about eight thousand people.

The lizardmen send an emissary to our village. They come to ask for a peace agreement and offer an alliance to destroy their hated enemies the goblins who keep constantly harassing them with raids. Should we accept the peace agreement? Should we accept the alliance?

We have 24300 orcs in our tribe
Our army consists of 1720 spearmen, 2420 swordsmen, 2120 bowmen, 2240 halberdiers, 580 shaman, 7 triremes and 3 galley

What should we do next?
> Gather (food, wood, stone)
> Build (housing, farms, quarry, mine, forester guild, alchemist's guild, parthenon, market, maritime guild, war college, aqueduct, coliseum, mechanician's guild)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 59, 50 = 109 (2d100)

>The lizardmen send an emissary to our village. They come to ask for a peace agreement and offer an alliance to destroy their hated enemies the goblins who keep constantly harassing them with raids. Should we accept the peace agreement?
We fucking raid them while we're making peace arraignments.
Can we work on building bigger boats?
I agree but we already uprgade our ships into galley lets focus on building siege weapons to ready an attack on the filthy lizards

File: Jove_Title2.png (1.26 MB, 1200x900)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG

Welcome to Gyrocite.

You play as an all-around "handy man" for an upstart company whose invention could change the world along with its partners. Your current job has you being the unwitting accomplice in a RnD dispute between two medical companies.

Don't worry about catching up or trying to understand it all. Just play along

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2182318/

A quick start guide is there to explain general concepts. The full rules are here:


Don't worry about all the math. A character calculator is provided to make things easier here. Just make a copy for yourself. Sorry, can't give edit rights:

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Phase will be slightly delayed. Gota write rules when everything is on fire.
Turn is almost ready. There's something I'll be modifying once the map is complete. Luckily it was nearly non-existent so this doesn't affect the game *too* much.

Wounds right now are 1d(dmg) -1d(RES) so if you take 5 damage but have 12 res then you'd roll a 1d5 and 1d12 and take the difference in wounds. This meant that having a high amount of RES staved off wounds but it worked too well up until you were at half health. Most of the time people are downed when they have less than 10% of their res and this would result in one hit suddenly giving you a mountain of wounds.

Wounds if they ever do happen are also a massive annoyance as they require the player to decide which stats are gone. This is problematic because then you'd have to redo your entire stat sheet and I'd have to confirm everything. That's entirely too burdensome.

So instead I'll be considering the following.

If RES dmg > JUP (or a ratio of jup) you take a wound for every bit that goes over it. So to continue the example lets use the first iteration and say that a character's JUP is 3

6 > 3 take 2 wounds

Having damage go into the negatives would still confer wounds.

instead of wounds taking a stat away what they would do instead is -1 to hit type rolls and -10% damage.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: JoveTurn12b.png (4.39 MB, 4000x4000)
4.39 MB
4.39 MB PNG
An explosion rocks the hills of Praia de Oro. So forceful is the blast that Lily’s tea ripples as the windows shake from the curious shockwave. In the ensuing chaos the Dadinhos front line crumbles. What once stood as the Dadinho’s armory is now a raging inferno. The Ballistic gel propellent Odele had coined Jellybean ammo had cooked off and now molten fragments of the substance had landed all over the favela. Plumes of smoke were now visible all around, most notably near the drug labs. Foca, enraged, orders the grunts to fall back and fight the fire while instructing the more seasoned fighters to finish whoever did this; sending what forces remain after the crew. Alex is followed by interceptors and jumped for a beat down. When his shield breaks he’s finally taken out. Tartaruga and the other Meninos rush in to save their new associates as well as the residents that had been under their “protection”. Fast for his age; Tartaruga effortlessly runs on top of the shed and twirls his blades around sending two of the skirmishers and himself in the air. A brute is able to parry the blast leaving him on the roof. Julien is hit in the back by a ganger and loses his footing. Unable to parry he suffers a beat down as well. A Menino returns the favor to the cowardly ganger with the same tactic.

[Action Phase] https://youtu.be/FxjKMqDnZBg

{Downed: Death @ 20}[1] El Mamut | DR:2 (+1Gn) | LI:6 | RE:8 | RES:0/12(0/2) | EN:0/26 | CB:0/12 ST 0/150%
>{Sword Overheated: -3 Hit; GFE Shorted: EN 21}[2] Julien Delacroix de la Fleur | DR:6 | LI:6 | RE:10| RES:21 | ARM: 0/4 | EN 18/28 | HT: 13/9
{Downed: Death @ 16; 14 wounds}[3] Alexander | DR: 4| LI: 6 | Re: 0 | RES: 0/14(0/14) | EN: 0/30 | CB:7/12 ST 80/150%
[4] Lirenis Theraski | DR 0 | Li - 10 || Re 6 || RES 14/14 || EN - 33/42 ||AF:4 ||SP:2 || EV:7/25 || CH:0/8
>{Overencumbered: -4 AP}[5] Gairan || Dr 2 (+2 vs Gun) || LI 6 | Re 11 | Res 17/17 | ARM 1/8 | EN: 12/ 24
[6] Grigori || DR:2(+3 vs Mel) || LI:3 || RE:(0)6 || RES:12/20 || EN:24/24 || SP:8
[7] Prefect || DR:2 || LI:9 || RE:10 || RES:17/17 || EN:26/26 || SP:2/2
[8] Fortuna || DR:0 || LI:4 || RE:6 || RES:8/10 || EN:30/30

El Mamut and Alexander. Please decide which stats you will have suffered. Alternatively if the majority is okay with immediately using a preliminary set of new rules >>2247412 we can try that now.
I vote to apply the new wound rules immediately, because shuffling derivative stats is a HASSLE.
I'm fine either way. I'm not sure it'll really matter for me since I basically won't be succeeding on any rolls for the rest of the mission either way.

If we're going with the old rules, I'll just penalize all my stats to 1 for simplicity since I've sort of forgotten how traumas work.

File: You-Died.jpg (16 KB, 575x350)
16 KB
After the defeat of what Juushiro called a hollow; you were gently interrogated about the circumstances which lead Inpu and yourself into the woods. Again having to run through the fateful day in which you and Lucifer came together and again repeating the lie that the monster fell before your blade.

Your brother listens patiently throughout, only interjecting with a question or comment here or there to expertly prompt you into more detail. In the end, your patience runs thin and you lash out with; "So when are we actually going to get out of here anyway!"

"Right now actually." Ukitake says, walking up and placing a hand on your shoulder. Before even a word is spoken or your mind can process anything; you're standing back on the wooden porch for the back garden. Inpu holds Nion in his arms while Gronamura and Katta are slumped unconscious beside him.

"About time yous finished whatever was causin all this." Inpu complains, "I had to deal with these two idiots forgetting who I am!"

"That sounds very traumatic for you." You deadpan as Inpu does his best to maintain eye contact with you. He's improving that at least.

Inpu tries to square upto you, but it's difficult when he's barely ab height; "Well it wasn't until they started trying to chop my hands off fer being a thief!"

Juushiro is checking up on the three knocked out members of your merry band, his hands light with green energy as he checks out Katta. The night is beyond the paper house and bamboo walls is deathly silent,all of the blackness held at bay only by the torches and lanterns dotted around the exterior of the once tranquil spa.

> We should get going. We don't know what else is here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Love HHH pls.gif (539 KB, 250x142)
539 KB
539 KB GIF

Welcome back to what came next; lemme just drop some shill shit.

Tw: @StarbornQ

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/WRhxEQb
Lewd/Extra Content Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/StarbornOP

Starborn Thread 0: https://yuki.la/qst/486356
Starborn Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Purps
Starborn CS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1csg7vC-Yz10aAqk9ZwdCNv24obLGTtM5p6bKkPq1Pgc/edit#

Cabin Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Cabin
The Stable: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EhlgzrYdfPxiTvY87Shw85cUzbz-MIOJz5nnydOAk28/edit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> Lucifer, advice?
>> We should get going. We don't know what else is here.

Rolling for it in 10.

File: beast-wars-logo.jpg (26 KB, 300x225)
26 KB
Beast Wars Quest

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Beast%20Wars%20Quest
Character info pastebin: https://pastebin.com/fqsyvZJw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeastWarsQuest
Discord: https://discord.gg/3K6RMDe

General Rules

15 min voting period after each main post. Write-ins votes are welcomed/encouraged. Votes that are non-contradictory and add to the narrative will be considered. Think 'Rule of Cool'

Combat mechanics/skill test will be done using best 3 out of 5 rolls of 1d100, unless otherwise specified. Modifiers may come into play depending on the MC's statistics which can improve odds and vice versa as the QM sees fit. The QM will do their best to inform players of when such modifiers will come up during votes. (Example: Aim at a target at long range with a scattershot weapon will require a higher roll to make a successful hit than a normal blaster weapon).

Training with other bots and successful missions can add to your overall abilities. Strong character relationships with your comrades can also benefit the MC as it will improve battle synergy and moral (less likely to want to fall back/retreat). Of course the vice versa can come into play as well. A failed mission may have consequences but result in unforeseen outcomes (In the show, Tarantulus, Blackarachnia, & Quickstrike were supposed to secure an energon post. The Maximals interfered, resulting in the loss of the post BUT Tarantulus gained a new lair.). A Predacon can always sabotage missions to make other bots look incompetent as well, just hope you’re persuasive enough to do so and watch out for those

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>So we're going to smash this thing or what?
Maybe steal it.
so we gonna smash this thing or steal it, because seem pretty appealing to me?
>So we're going to smash this thing or what?
sounds like a job for our rodent
>>How much trouble is this gonna be?
>So we're going to smash this thing or what?

"So then," you look at the others. "Whats the plan? Blow it up? Steal it?"

Rhinox rubs his chin. "Well, if they havent already begun setting up the cannon, either could be done, but i wouldn't recommend attempting to steal it."

"Why's that?"

"Well for one thing, mega cannons are pretty heavy and our fastest and stealthiest," he gestures to you and Airazor. "aren't exactly strong enough to grab that cannon and get it out of there without having a fight on your hands. Too risky with a chance of one if not both of you getting scrapped."

"Makes sense, I guess." You place your hands on your hips. "Well then how about demolition? We grab the rat and drop him in. He plans the bombs and we get out of there."

Rhinox continues. "That'll still be a risky operation. Whether sneaking or charging head long to the Predacon base would be difficult with their permitter defense network and thats before you factor in the Preds defending their base." He sighs. "I'll have to confer with Optimus about what he'll want to do about it in the future."

"Well that seems bleak." you say crossing your arms.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

You feel the bloodlust consume you or maybe that's the chems...your honestly too high to tell right now. Either way you can feel the Will of God with his all seeing Gaze! He is smiling upon you. Despite you turning your back on the Enclave the remnants of the good old USA and becoming a raider.

During the best high ever. You rediscovered your Faith. The sole thing you most valued even now. Its a shame it took ending up in fucking swamp halfway across the country to realize that. Not to mention you still got no idea how you got here...

Right before you are heretics spouting about some 'machine god'. Clearly you made the right choice about joining that raider band helping out a strange scavver. If it wasn't for him you never would of discovered such heretics who are in bad need of purging.

In this case with your rusty super sledge while you're in your MK 2 Power Armor. You high on jet buffout, mentats, and psycho charged them. Swinging your super sledge. Smashing apart the chasis of the two hacked mister gutsies causing them to crash into nearby rubble and not move. Cracked open the heads of the raiders who stood in your way. As you approached the leader and the cunt in a red robe.

Waving your now bloody super sledge your next blow actually ripped the head straight off the red robed and the leader charged you with his own weapon. A shishkebab bathed in flame he swung at you. His blade bouncing off your power armor even as it attempted to set you alight. That it did.

Guess all that gore dried off enough to get be set aflame. Bathing you in fire or maybe its due to the dying twitch fo the red robe spewing his flamethrower all over you as his body crashed into the ground.

Either way your too high to feel the pain...no pleasure of having your sins burn from you.

They think fire can purge you? They would be wrong.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 78 (1d100)

>>Watch the show
No reason to interfere id say.
Rolled 87 (1d100)

You decide to watch the show. Seeing no reason to interfere. You watch as the deathclaws slide down from the tops of the buildings flanking the raiders. You even saw some of them slip into or bash their way into the buildings.

Soon the screams of surprise and despair came from the raiders as they found themselves flanked. As deathclaws dropped from above or flanked them. Seeing the tides turn so quickly on the raiders you move back a bit more just in case.

>Int check passed
>Perception check passed(lower DC thanks to passing with int)

there was something wrong here you realize. Deathclaws aren't supposed to be that smart. They weren't just using pack tactics there was some clear underlying strategy. The way they moved around to flank them and climbed the buildings. The deathclaws in the front charging were clearly a distraction.

Thing is though you don't see any of the controllers on any of the deathclaws and they way they move doesn't show any actual intelligence. Which is strange. Your gaze returns to the partially collapsed building the deathclaws emerged and your eyes widened as you recognized the name.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 40 (1d100)

You fiddled with your broken pipboy routed through your power armor to find a music station to go with the show as you pulled out some food and booze as well. Before you activated the power armor joint locks to allow you give you some rest. While fiddling with the radio you see two things that allowed you to get a hold of the unusual scavver and raider gang you joined.

Which you decided to activate and soon someone picked up and asked you "Did the raid go well?"

Then you replied "Nope wrong person I'm the new guy on a solo mission. I have some questions for the boss."

"What kind of questions?"

"Whose the tech worshipping raiders located close to the warehouse and downtown. Also how much is the boss interested in advanced technologies? I am gonna need the charming second officer to get passed a deathclaw nest if he's interested."

"Hm those raiders are a split off from a much larger raider force from up north. Nobody knows why though but be careful they got some great gear and use robots as some backup. As for the other part the boss does indeed have quite the tech fetish, but he rarely lets us have a taste claiming we don't have the training. Now, are you serious about the death claw nest thing?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 12 (1d100)

"If I knew how he did it I wouldn't need him now would I? As for wanting them dead its Simple, they are stealing his finds so of course, he would want them dead."

"So there isn't anything more to it? Why would he want us to know how they are doing it?"

"...I know its suspicious but he's obviously hiding something However I can assure you his reward is legit. He's my number 1 guy for great shit."

What do?
>Come to think of it if so many are busy here what about their base?
>Keep watching
>Its getting awfully heated around here time to leave
>attack one of them
>Come to think of it if so many are busy here what about their base?

This wasn’t even remotely how you wanted things to go.

Flames crackle around you, and around the entire area, but you can’t help but feel more concerned by the giant glowing eighth note being swung at your head. Its teal sheen is, if not the most terrifying thing you’ve seen in your life, at least the second most terrifying you’ve seen in the last ten minutes. The first, of course, would be the Z-list superhero, Trouble Clef, who is responsible for the aforementioned musical assault. His Blues Brothers attire, ridiculous shades, and slicked back blond hair is the kind of thing you’d gleefully make fun of any other time, but it belies a pent-up rage that makes him a surprisingly dangerous opponent. You've both gotten in some good hits since the match started, but you'd be lying if you said you weren't exhausted.

From the corner of your eye you can see your oh-so-almost-literal partner in crime fending off an attack from Clef’s own partner, a pyrokinetic who’s name you didn’t bother remembering. “Burner,” “Hot Stuff,” something generic like that. Whatever the name, Jazz seems to be holding her own, dancing between bursts of flame with a hectic Charleston. Her opponent is clearly getting more and more flustered, and you get the feeling that he’s a bit of a hothead.

Your momentary distraction slows you down just long enough for Clef to clip you with a swift strike to the side, which knocks you sideways as it knocks the wind out of you. You tumble through a pillar of flame, and just barely have the presence of mind to turn your less-than-graceful landing into a roll, quickly extinguishing the few embers on your costume before they can spread. You scramble back to your feet, head ringing, as Clef lets out a feverish chuckle. “I’m going to frikkin’ [I]kill[/I] you, asshole.”

“Well, that’s hardly heroic,” you mutter, as you take a fighting stance. You’ve had just about enough of this dude today, and you think it’s time to turn the tables. After all, you [I]do[/I] have superpowers of your own, right?

Er, what were they again?

>A) Use tactile telekinesis to power up your punches! World of STR, baby!
>B) Flood your foes, and throw in some ferrokinesis for funsies. Hard water, son!
>C) Call forth flaming flora to singe spored suckers! Burn, baby, burn!
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, it’s definitely time to wash that smug look off his face, and fortunately, you have just the oddly contrasting powerset to do it. There’s a reason you chose the name “Dichotomean” for your supervillain persona, after all. Beneath the white lenses of your mask, your brown eyes begin to glow blue.

Trebel lunges forward, note at the ready, but this time you’re more than prepared. You’ve spent eleven years preparing for this moment, and there is no way you’re gonna be beaten by some jerk in a cheap suit. Your hand reaches behind your back, and plucks one of the eight small spheres attached to your backpack. As your opponent comes closer, you swing the metal ball in front of you, and with a very practiced mental nudge, activate both of your powers at once.

The metal shifts in your grasp, turning from a sphere into a simple staff with a small scoop at the end. As the ball opens up to change shape, it releases its contents, unleashing a liter of water onto the floor. Not a massive amount, of course, but more than enough for your purposes. You twirl the staff once, and it collides with Trebel’s weapon in a way that doesn’t feel entirely real. It’s enough to deflect the hero’s attack, but you have the distinct impression that it wouldn’t have worked if he’d expected it. That’s the trouble with energy constructs, or at least you think it is.

Still, your swing did its job, and the staff’s scoop skimmed through the water. Since the water’s touching the metal, and the metal’s touching you...

Well. Trebel’s in trouble.

> Now that you’re in contact with the water, you can manipulate it! What will you do?
> A) Full edgelord! Turn your staff into a water scythe!
> B) Keep it simple, use it to blast the bastard.
> C) He probably hasn’t noticed the liquid, shift it over to his feet and trip him up!
B. Keep it simple and blast the bastard.
No time for frills, not just yet, anyway. Besides, showboating’s not really your thing. Not what you’re getting paid for, anyway.

The puddle at your feet flies forward, packing itself into a spray so tight that it’s practically solid; a technique you’ve considered... well, you don’t know, but you’re gonna name it something, dammit. Regardless of what you call it, it’s effective- Trouble is knocked to the ground, and pretty severely winded. You aren’t gonna let up though, and jab your staff into the liquid as it starts to puddle again, quickly forming it into a dense sphere at the end of your weapon.

You raise it over your head as Trouble tries to scramble to his feet.

You bring it down.

As much of an ass as your opponent might be, you’re careful not to strike him with the actual staff, but the ball of water is more than sufficient. It hits him in the chest with all the force you can muster, and he cries out once before falling unconscious. In all honesty, you’re barely functioning yourself, but the benefit of a mask that covers your entire face is that it doesn’t really show. Your water twirls around the staff, which proceeds to open up and form back into a ball. You slap it onto your backpack as you turn to see how your partner’s doing. In all the excitement, you had kind of tuned her side of the battle out.

You needn’t have worried, apparently. The pyrokinetic is sprawled on the floor, while Jazz stands there with her foot on his chest. She looks about as tired as you feel, but she flashes you a grin anyway when you look her way. She steps over her fallen foe and walks over to you, pulling down her headphones.

“Not bad for our first gig, huh?”

You nod, grinning back beneath your mask. It was exhausting, yeah, but it was honestly pretty exhilarating too.

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“A decisive victory for Dichotomean and Jazz Square! I gotta admit, John, looking at their bios I honestly didn’t think they had it in ‘em.”

“Me either, Rod, but these two Showstoppers in the making managed to pull through! Bad luck for Afterburn and Trouble Clef, especially if these guys make it through the next two rounds and officially join the Ignition Entertainment team!”

“You said it! I’d hate to run into them in the locker room after that beatdown! Our Showboats may not be the biggest names in the business, but you’d think established heroes would put up a little more of a fight!”

“Afterburn in particular had a rough showing tonight. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him taken down so quickly! And he barely even scorched Jazz Square.”

You glance at her and mouth “Afterburn? Seriously?”

She just looks at you quizically. Right. Mask. It’s hard to read lips when you can’t see them. Before you can clarify, the two of you are escorted offstage by two healers, who congratulate you on your victory.

By the time you’re alone in the locker room, you’re feeling a hell of a lot better. Healing powers might not get you the flashier jobs, but those healers definitely know what they’re doing. Dumbasses like you will provide them job security, if nothing else.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
B. Resigned.

File: Slaanesh quest temp Icon.jpg (675 KB, 2447x2908)
675 KB
675 KB JPG
you look down at the unsuspecting planet below you and smile at it, it soon shall sing the praises of chaos and you shall be the one to lead it there.

you turn away from the view and look at your two companions with a grin, both of them look at you before mirroring the same smile.

They knew that this was just one of many planets that you shall bring under the control of chaos and with that one of many steps towards your ultimate plan.

You intend to enjoy every single moment of this and to experience it all as a demon of the prince should.

now then let us begin, Welcome to Slaanesh Quest.
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well now we have done something big enough to cause imperial alarm I believe it is time to up the stakes.

but seriously I am happy how successful these past few quests have been and I hope to continue with this success until we finish this quest. For those just reading this now I hope to see you when the next session opens up and we continue spreading heresy for our great god Slaanesh!

archive doc is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gd_kvhR5pYMoEP4rQ7zhF4MHHVEoeMU7FsqX9XL8tb0/edit?usp=sharing
>>2237508 I am a big fan of recycling, especially when this will quickly hit shitstorm city if you guys are not careful, also having a nemesis who will grow with you will be interesting
But i miss Simun ;_;
Right next quest will be in a week or two depending on how much hell school and work puts me through, I will put up times and days on the discord and twitter when I find out what times I will be able to run the quest. Till then see you all later.
So we have tzenchnech, slaneesh, nurgle and now a khornate. What's next a disgraced follower of omnissah who is a heretic yet still praises the omnissah. Oh yeah we have nids too. We're like collecting every God faction to our amusement and I like it we should collect more.

>/qst/ Thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Beyond%20the%20Gate
>QM Twitter: twitter.com/SmileytheQM
>General Info (Updated as I go): http://pastebin.com/ffH25ciB
>Spell List: https://pastebin.com/FrWimshH
>Quest Summary (up to chapter 38): https://pastebin.com/9aNStLUp

You're sitting comfortably with Cheska taking a nap in your lap when you hear a knock on the door. You turn to see Pip slipping in.

"Something wrong?" You ask.
"Nah. The other match is over, so I figured I'd come see how you guys were doing" She says.
"It is? Why hasn't the bell gone off?" You ask.

"They're cleaning up the pits and hyping up the crowd" Pip says. "That last fight was a bloodbath, so it might be a while"

"I thought they were both legion" You say,

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>Strike simultaneously
>Those gnomes are going to join us too and the Legion has no reason to expect them. They might be able to help us find a way to get a good hit in if they can move underground.
"We strike simultaneously" You say. "Once we know the lords are with us, we'll send a message to Emi and Altea. We give them a date and a target, then bring the fight to the Legion"

"Did we get a way to contact those gnomes, too?" Pip asks.
"Not that I know of..." You say. "Them we'll just have to trust. It's their land we're fighting for, after all"

"We also want to find some way to contact the resistance..." Pip says. "To that end, we should hit the border near a town somewhere..."

"Lutain's right on the border" Cheska says. "That's where we'd base before making raids into Lubars"

Pip nods "Lutain's also not all that well fortified. Taking it will be easy, but if we want to use it as a stepping stone we'll have to hold it" She says.

"You can leave that to me" Lyvia states as she enters the room. "It took me less than a week to build this palace. A few walls should be no trouble"

"So we have a plan... ish" You say. "It still hinges on a few things going right, but I think we can manage it"
"Glad to hear it" Lyvia says. "We shall talk more on full stomachs. Come, let us feast"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's all for tonight!

Next thread will be next Wednesday, but I'll try to keep up the posting like I did last week.

As always I'll be sticking around for question/suggestion time
How is a snake army going to deal with the climate and ice fortifications

File: le bike.png (13 KB, 1905x869)
13 KB
i am continuing my story that i was making on reddit here is part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/greentext/comments/7p8j2d/anon_gets_an_amazing_pill/ and here is part 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/greentext/comments/7p98y8/anon_gets_an_amazing_pill_part_2/
k lets start the story
>(le anon spins pedals faster)
>paul:Woah! More than top speed!
>anon:i know
>(anon shoots in zombie)
>a safehouse
what would be next? say in the comments and in the next post i will choose the best comment!
Nobody reply to this faggot.
postan en le epig bred :--D

File: holy_trinity.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
A fantasy RPG
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Just the pastebin as >>2229899
mentioned would be great, and agreed with >>2229896 the art is top notch.

Wish I could give more critique but imo you know what you're doing Dolomite.
Read the past threads in the archive. Pastebin is nice. Early on when Christof leveled up, you said allies would as well. Alina got 20 points but no more lvls for the rest?
File: apple_magician_girl.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB

Alina has an intelligence score of 6 so she started with 80 skill points (50+INT*5) and gains 22 skill points every level.
Early on the mechanics were not well established and Alina unnaturally gained a few extra skill points in Ranged and Abjuration thanks to Christof's instruction.

iir Alina's character sheet only appeared once in thread #13 pic related.
Through dialogue with her all her skill points ended up been distributed to Ranged and Abjuration, both skills have a very low base value.

She is now level 3 and has a feat. Although her character sheet hasn't been posted since she last leveled up.
Ok so no more skill points for followers? Just making sure. Don't want ulric or salaman to miss out.
Yeah I've been leveling Ulric and Salaman automatically. And if Alina is in a situation where she needs to use Ranged or Abjuration i'll just spend her skill points/feat based on the last recommendations Christof made to her.

Welcome my friends to another Race of Hera Quest!

I am your humble host, SwordAnon.

You will be playing the role as a member of the almighty race of Hera. The [Hera raised] [mutant] known as Gyro.

The standard voting system is in place. We’ll be using a dice system for success or failures. The best outta five rolls with the standard being 1d20’s for actions. Ones and twenties being crit-fails and crit-successes.

>Write-ins Welcomed.

>Let’s have fun.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 206 + 1 (1d500 + 1)

Rolled 355 (1d1000)

Not sure exactly how to roll this
perhaps just a +500 then
Rolled 882, 849 + 500 = 2231 (2d1000 + 500)

Rolled 286, 351, 454, 438, 43 + 250 = 1822 (5d500 + 250)

Well you and sis break 10k, that's good.

Monstrous Form: 20k.

Pamela gets a meal that's from galactic cultures across the galaxy, some in names you can't even pronounce...

She informs you that the transformation you share is also beneficial endurance wise. Like a crocodile it does not wear you down and if injured the transformation will passively self repair.

it will probably also stack with everything possibly...max monstrous form would be neat...

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