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File: Vpod.jpg (18 KB, 545x369)
18 KB
Virtual reality has supplanted actual reality. People spend more time in the metanet than they do in real life. You are not one of these people. You are a skav, a wayfarer of the dark alleys in the shadow of the high towers, a scavenger of things thrown away and discarded, a creature forgotten by the dreamers above, struggling to feed, clothe and shelter yourself.

Until today. For today you've just found a play token for the most popular netgame in the world: Rogue Online. You could sell this token on the metanet and probably take home enough to last you a few months. Or you could try your luck at the game itself. Many people make a living playing the game. Of course, if you die, your token becomes useless and there would be no way to buy a new one, but you might be able to make more than if you sold it before that happens.

>Head for the nearest net-port and hook in
>Sell it on the market
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We'll be continuing in about 3 hours.

Just looked up SAO. I don't really watch anime and I haven't seen that one, so no. The main influences here are old school dungeon crawls like Diablo and roguelikes like Nethack, Moria etc.
In 3 hours il almost be off work.

Sao is ok
But thr setting you have made is just like it thats way i asked thats all.

Theres an old book i think about a vr game that the maker left a quest and if they find it they will get all of his moneys or something
Ready Player One
Yer thats the book i was thinking of.
Havent read it yet
People says its good
Its been more then 3 hours.
Did you die?

File: 1.png (211 KB, 2000x4100)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
OH SHIT NIGGER(s) it's an adventure about killing vampires n shit.

5 vampire hunters, 1 little girl, a totally-not-a-witch and a vampire minion being forced to work for the side of humans, and a penguin are going to traverse a vampire castle to kill the Vampire Lord there for casting a spell than kept the world at perpetual night time.

While on the vampires' side, there's a Vampire Tactician trying to stop them.

Both sides just clashed in a battle that wrecked the hunter outpost set up in the vampires' clocktower. Now the hunters are regrouping while the vampires are...sucking. Blood. Probably.

Each character needs at least 1 player to be the voices in their head to tell them what to do n' shit. DOESN'T mean each character is limited to 1 player. Multiple players per team is okay.

Just name yourself something with the highlighted title under the character to identify which team you're going with. Example: Regular Hunter Faggot -> Controls Oswell the regular Hunter

Again, Need at least 1 player for each dude, DOESN'T mean each character is limited to 1 player.

The more players each character has, the more rerolls that team gets.

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>crocodiles in crawlspaces

I would rather not play this board game
>dissuaded from adventuring by a midget dinosaur
But look at how fucking adorable they are.
I prefer the sci-fi Lasers and Losers myself.
Don't worry wilda, me and jojoseph are probably going to talk to axeman next bread about this issue (and maybe if push comes to shove, me and jojoseph kick his ass again, although i don't want to derail another thread)

File: genericfantasyhero.jpg (488 KB, 667x1112)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Rolled 4 (1d20)

You are summoned to the castle, where the King paces anxiously upon his dais, biting his nails. Your ex-girlfriend the Queen sits upon her throne looking serene and regal as always, and gives you a warm smile. The royal guards nod their heads in respect as you approach, accustomed to your presence in the throne room. You stop 15 paces before the dais and kneel as is customary.

"Well here you are at last!" the King says, voice drawn with tension. "There are six war lords converging on the borders of the Kingdom as we speak! Refugees from the countryside are streaming into the cities, which will soon be under siege! Hero, you are charged with dealing with these miscreants in whatever manner you see fit, just get it done! As usual I grant you the royal seal, you have the backing of my authority during the undertaking of this mission. Raise whatever motley band or ragtag armies you must, or do it yourself, I don't care, just go forth and save the Kingdom!"

>Bow before your liege and swear it will be done.
>Tell him you'll consider it, give the Queen a wink, and strut out of there like a young god.
>Ask the King for more information regarding this task.
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You decide the time for subtlety has passed and try a more direct approach, attempting to dominate the troll in front of you. The shocked troll is on high alert and fights back, seizing his head and shaking like mad as you try to impose your will over his.

This isn't working, but the troll is locked in a mental struggle. An eager group of orcs charges at you ahead of the others, polished swords and axes glinting in the firelight. You hit them with a wave of domination as well. Using their rage instead of fighting it, you turn the four orcs upon the shocked troll. The troll looks up in time to see them charging, and roars in pain as he's stabbed and slashed in the legs.

Arrows whistle before landing in the dirt all around you and you hear more orcs being called to arms. A captain shouts, "Silence that wizard! Send for Mordar and his wench! Mind your spacing!" Another eight orcs are pressing in cautiously, having donned shields and helmets.

>Stay put and fight (describe your magic for a bonus), seems you'll be getting Mordar's attention one way or the other.
>Create a dense smoke screen and dash past the shocked troll and raging orcs toward the manor, the way is clear.
>Time to go, open a portal back to a friendly location and hop in.
>Raise your hands and surrender, no harm no foul, right guys?
>>Create a dense smoke screen and dash past the shocked troll and raging orcs toward the manor, the way is clear.
And roll 1d20.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 10 (1d20)

>Time to go, open a portal back to a friendly location and hop in.

File: image.jpg (19 KB, 300x168)
19 KB
As long as mankind has been around there've been tales of monsters. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, you name it and mankind has thought of it. While man has a fear of monsters sometimes monsters can be no different from humans, no?

That's something you've thought in your time, since you've been...imprisoned. But what is your prison? What's the cage that holds a beast like you from the embrace of freedom?

>A casket of silver, you've been trapped in this as punishment for your crimes. On it is engraved Ancient Greek, the Alpha. The First

>A book, a leather book that has been acting as your prison. All of you laid out in the pages for someone to read, and learn about your existence.

>A set of onyx black statue, a small and pitiful thing. Taking the form of children holding hands around a goat with an eagle perched on it's back. On the statues are what a normal mortal would think as meaningless lines and squiggles. But, your brothers know...and some more knowledgeable humans would know

>An urn filled with ashes, and nothing more

>A coffin, wrapped in wreathed and chains and holy symbols. The cross, the star, the moon, all through out the ages

Choose wisely

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 7 (1d100)

Rolled 17 (1d100)



Not really, but last post of the thread coming up so someone archive this
"Well boy and girl, you want to go down and get shitfaced?" You ask, you get nods from the both of them.

"Sure thing." "Let's get going then."

You smile to them and begin to make your way downstairs, further and further downstairs. You then reach a single wooden door. Opening it up you find the holy land of booze:

Whisky, everclear, vodka, scotch, rum, EVERY LAST KIND OF DRINK IN THE WORLD. ALL HERE. Unfortunately the boss is already here, drinking away.

"You assholes trying to get my hooch?" He asks absolutely serious. Fuck.


Thread archived

File: PriPri.jpg (78 KB, 350x487)
78 KB
You are the Mercenary Gentleman Browning, currently coercing your skilled mercenary friend Pixy into accepting a job to assist you in a bank robbery in Germania contracted by the Duke of Normandy. What a wonderful way to get some Marks, hm? I can pay you two pounds and change now and after the job's done. I'll handle the transport and driving, I need you as an extra gunman, watcher, and if shit goes bad, we'll renegotiate the job details. Deal?

Damn, that's a nice wage. Pixy scratches his neck in thought before asking, Eh, how long is the job?

Should be a day, two at the most depending on how things go. I'm planning for one but as a backup, we might have to take a long trip back to Albion. Otherwise, I'm thinking of hiring an airship to return home. Get to Germania, get to the bank, get out with the money and get to an airship, if not, we'll have to go a long way to the nearest docks to leave. Don't get caught then. Simple?

The dog barks loudly from above your head where the young orphans play. Ah, shit... when do we ship?

Three days. So mostly two now given it's near supper. Final call, you into robbing Germania? Should be easy. Oh, and no English. You need to keep appearances in not being the wrong foreigners. Maybe, Russian?

Ah, fine, fine, I could use the money. I'll talk to Jackal then we'll come up with what to do for the robbery. Hell yes, Pixy is on board.

We can decide all that tomorrow, buddy. Good to have you. You shake your comrade's hand and leave him to his errands. Now for the rest of today, you need to relax a little.

The next day...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Short history, “I came from a poor family, they died, I joined the Kingdom's army, went to Africa, it went horribly that I had to join a mercenary group, then became a mercenary doing work all over the globe for money. Oh, and I got in some Cavorite bullshit during the interim. That's the short of it.”
>"So are you going to pull that pistol on me again?"
>>”Ange, if you're going to kill, get it over with. By the way, here's the best to do it.” An in-depth on how to kill someone lecture for everyone!
>>”Ange, if you're going to kill, get it over with. By the way, here's the best to do it.” An in-depth on how to kill someone lecture for everyone!
>Short history, “I came from a poor family, they died, I joined the Kingdom's army, went to Africa, it went horribly that I had to join a mercenary group, then became a mercenary doing work all over the globe for money. Oh, and I got in some Cavorite bullshit during the interim. That's the short of it.”
>>"So are you going to pull that pistol on me again?"
>Short history, “I came from a poor family, they died, I joined the Kingdom's army, went to Africa, it went horribly that I had to join a mercenary group, then became a mercenary doing work all over the globe for money. Oh, and I got in some Cavorite bullshit during the interim. That's the short of it.”
>"So are you going to pull that pistol on me again?"

File: gatto-mammone-2.jpg (262 KB, 1591x1194)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
It is the year of the lord 1850.
You are on a mission from Pius IX himself, apparently supernatural sightings occur in the Tuscan country side quite frequently and he wishes to know more.

You have been sent, officially to bring a papal missive to the Bishop of Florence.

Your real job is however to find out about these supernatural rumors and possibly bring the power of the lord to Smite evil.

But what are you exactly?
>A Saintly priest

>A Journalist who just happens to be good friends with the Pope

>A member of the swiss guard

>An exorcist

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the frontier is in the rural region of Maremma.

A beautiful and fertile plain that extends between southern tuscany and northern Latium, our guy is crossing from there and then taking the road to florence from Grosseto, since it would be faster and safer (avoids mountain passes that in these years are sometimes frequented by the infamous bandit Il Passatore and his Gang)
Am op, forgot to namefag
>GO directly to Florence to speak with the Bishop in all haste
We have to fulfill our duty to the pope. Also, glad to see a historical quest, I’m hoping it doesnt die
I've lost the table with all the talents you can unlock.


Quest is based on an homebrew TRPG I have come up with.

I'll have to briefly summarize the talents:

4 classes each has 10 levels

you cannot have more than 3 talent classes open and one is your primary choice (cost is halved)

talent classes are:
1) Faith & Determination: Combined until level 5, then split, faith can allow you to be protected from evil by virtue of your unshakable faith in Jesus, Determination lets you shrug off Curses and magical injuries or literally destroy demons by making them realize that their existence contradicts the laws of Physics.
You start with level 1 in this, it grants you the ability to survive mortal damage from dark magic if you roll a critical success and the ability to re-roll a failed save vs dark magic per day.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>GO directly to Florence to speak with the Bishop in all haste

To start, you must read through the PDF file, then fill in the Atomic Age Cthulu character sheet to join the RP quest.
If anyone's interested. Then join me.
If not, then don't care about it.

Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvqwQrtQ_YFvsVdcKJbSEAgpyZi9QrfJfnh_UDzvPKw/edit?usp=sharing

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=StorytellerQM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Storyteller_QM
Discord: https://discord.gg/WA5wRv3

> Archives and Character Sheet are both updated and current
> Discord is now live
> Thread will begin shortly
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Nevermind. Thank you anon.
praise you sir, blessed of the dice gods


I am sorry, I have sinned
File: 1357804762358.jpg (108 KB, 800x755)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Rolled 16 + 2 (1d100 + 2)

>there's no one here trying to kill us
you HAD to say it, didn't you?
File: 1423265518262.jpg (117 KB, 300x900)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Don't scare me like that.

That's a 94, Great Success.

Gonna be a bit of a delay, currently cooking dinner.


You guys do have 3 Fate Points saved up. Don't have to worry about rolling a nat 1 for a while.

File: object1.png (578 KB, 800x598)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
>Select character

First to 3 votes decides
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Nearly missed the lamp, but nah.

I vote pillow too.
File: object2.png (207 KB, 948x844)
207 KB
207 KB PNG

Pillow Empire

Your name is Finley J.J. Bark.
You are the Plushmaster General of the Pillow empire.
This is the highest office a Cushion can hold.
You serve the Six Celestial Pillows who garner their divine right on the basis that the human puts their head on at least one of them every night.

Elsewhere in your lands there other Pillows sub-ruling smaller regions.
You feel you appointment to Plushmaster General was symbolic and serves merely to placate the Cushion proletariat.

You stand before them after a successful raid on the Wooden Menace.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The [b]Six Celestial Pillows[/b] await your response.
Their boredem is palpable.
Posting from phone

File: ant1.png (68 KB, 635x428)
68 KB
You are an ant colony as you get larger you will become more capable of complex problem solving and decision making analogous to human thought however right now you are merely a queen who has mated and landed where her dumb and instincts told her to land.

Please fill in the blanks to decide what your dumb ant instincts told you to do to determine what species you are and which habitat you find home:

Dig if and only if
Light conditions at midday: (Fuck its dark to fuck its bright)
Dampness: (Literally underwater to fuck its dry)
Vibration threshold: (Eerily quiet to Harlem)
Pollution: (Pre-industrial revolution to Al Gore's nightmare)
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You take the waste outside your hole but then even more new things start to happen.

Mystery: Mouths that were never you
You did not make these mouths and they are not you. They talk to you but only to one mouth at a time they are strange but you do not mind them. They are here for the spongier ground food waste.

Threat: The loud vanishers
First there is the scream. The scream changes until you feel your mouths resonating. Then the earth shakes with a one of your mouths vanishes.

Ongoing threats
Mouths that no longer speak (All mouths now finishing forming but you still lash out at yourself and the silent mouths are still in your hole)
The loud vanishers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I thought Cramped was gone since we removed the waste? Keep removing waste and Silent Mouths
It was but now you have filled up the free space with more mouths who's dumb ant instincts tell them to eat inside
Attempt to make new rooms for food and mouths that were never you
This seems like a fitting solution

File: titlepicture.jpg (46 KB, 600x337)
46 KB
You are Bertha Von Screwletter, and your friendly sparring match has gotten a little... off the rails.

You lung at Ivanna, your sparring partner and ex millitary subordinate as she reaches her jacket, landing short as she spins out of your way. You struggle to your feet as she rummages through her pockets, the black haired beutey smiling through the blood dripping from her face. Whatever you do she must not be allowed to...


Oh damn it.

You roll off the ring as Ivanna pulls out a minigun several times too big to fit in the pocket of her jacket. A hail of bullets fire upon the ring where you just were, splattering in blue paint.

So atleast she's using a paintball minigun rather then real millitary grade hardware, you can even see the things padded.

But you are now in a fistfight where someone brought a piece of a tank.

And that's not a great place to be right now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Nod (Takes up Friday)
>Nod (Takes up Friday)
>>Nod (Takes up Friday)
>Nod (Takes up Friday)
I have to go to bed sorry, we will continue tomorrow in a new thread with hopefully less distractions.

what makes a a quest good? Im considering making a quest soon and Im a little intimidate.
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for your feedback I was merely curious, admittedly I am a shitty writer and I do not aspire to be a QM so I rather not try to write something like that. I actually despise the shounen formula btw.
I think that once the QM makes a character with a strong personality, the players will identify with them and want to 'draw within the lines'. You'll see a lot of arguing about what is and isn't out of character, and people will lend weight to what the MC would want to do.

It's honestly a problem with new QMs. They don't realize that they need to set up a strong, understandable characterization, so the players go wild and schizo because there are no lines to draw within.

The games with strong internal characterization work best for storytelling, be they Lamplighter, Magical Girl for Hire, Ryukaza, Promises of Power, Tribulation.

I think that what he said is solid advice for most mediums where viewer attention is limited. Quests, Anime, traditional TV. You can see the concept applied to a good deal of successful TV shows.

It is important to note however that Conflict doesn't mean combat and what escalates is not the "power level" but rather the stakes. The 'shounen formula' is simply a derivation of a much older concept of storytelling theory known as dramatic structure.

While most quests do tend to be combat focused there are some where the combat wasn't important, as the outcome was pretty much known from the start, but navigating the social constraints and web of relationships was interesting enough to keep readers.

There is likely to be some development of character skills during the course of gameplay, partly due to questings RPG roots but also because a main character that is incapable of learning from past experiences is frustrating to read. This doesn't mean that there has to be a constant escalation of power until it reaches ludicrous levels like in some battle anime and wuxia/xianxia novels however, most authors tend to avoid having the mc leave the level they started in. Often they go from a small fish to biggest in the pond throughout the story.

I guess what I want to said is that escalating conflict doesn't automatically mean shounen manga shenanigans, but rather an increase in how important the events are to the character and the world around them.
A good quest is 40% waifus, 30% catering to the whims of anon while not letting them ruin everything, 20% having a good story, and 10% being a good and timely writer.
If you can write good enough waifus, the rest of the things barely matter. If you can get a C with this grading structure and keep at it, I can basically garuntee anon will eat your shit up.
Art definitely helps if you can draw cute waifus. Pixlr is a good photoshop alternative if I remember correctly
There are sorts of quests, with all sorts of themes and stories. The two major Types of quest are waifu based quests and story based quests. Story based quests are basically fucking impossible unless you are already experienced at running quests, as you need to be so good at something else that anon gives you 10 bonus points and you can make up for your lack of waifus. Don't do this if you don't have 110% confidence in your ability to do so. Literally just make a bunch of waifus for anon to choose from and at least a couple anons will (have shitty enough taste to) get hooked on them and stick around.
To a degree, yes. Don't go in with nothing or you won't know what to write. Also don't let anon ruin your story or they will get bored and leave. Also make sure you understand your waifu archetypes well (smol chu2 mages are popular right now)
Leave enough room for anon to do as anon will, but keep it structured with options and rarely write ins. Never ever give anon dumb options or they will take it 100% of the time.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (259 KB, 1280x720)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Last Thread:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1944149/
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/FJJUkT9N
Info:This game will take place in the fictional world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as you try to survive the events from parts 3-6 as a 17 year old girl named Hitomi Furuya and her stand Karma Chameleon.
Rules: The rolls will be used during
combat and sometimes conversations and are determined by the best of 3 rolls, if any of them suceeds, its a win for you guys, as its my first quest here im not confortable doing crits yet so i wont do them for now.
Write-ins are always allowed as long as you're not metagaming or deliberately trying to screw things up. Have fun!
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Avdol never really did anything for me either, he was mostly there to make other characters shine, hence why he never got any sort of development.
I considered killing him but i want to see if i can at least make people care about him on the quest first.
Poor Avdol.

He's also my least favorite character, though I bear him no particular malice. It's just that he doesn't stand out much and Araki didn't give him a lot of time to shine past his showdown with Polnareff.
I was going to make a joke about expecting 4chan to care about Avdol, but the mood's too good to really bother with it. I personally would put Hol Horse, Mikitaka and Gyro for top side characters, and top villain, for me at least, goes to Funny Valentine.
This anon has god-tier tastes

File: Fleet Image 1.png (325 KB, 640x400)
325 KB
325 KB PNG

...You had never been so tired in your life. It had been a stressful two days of almost constant holo transmissions between your junior captains, your fellow senior captains and even the Admiral. The death of Emperor had spread throughout the Empire like a wildfire, and the entirety of the senior staff was in a panic. Naturally this panic had spread all the way down and now your small patrol line was caught up in the avalanche of organizational breakdown.

Needless to say looking out the transparisteel viewport of your quarters and seeing the empty void of space was soothing to your heavy eyes, so much so that sleep threatened to claim you if not for the fact that you were still standing. The current major issue concerned the plethora of conflicting orders coming from both the admiralty and high command. It was a reflexive action surely, pulling a majority of the fleet from the outer rim and back to the core and mid rim; However from what you could gleam the acknowledgement of such orders was spotty at best.

Even over Rothana you were being given order to abandon the system, including the great space docks that hung above the world. Add to that the world was a fortress world and you had to really think if abandoning a defendable position was a smart one. However when push came to shove you decided:

>What did you choose to do?
>A. Follow orders, pull your Line back to the Core worlds
>B. Abandoning the position you currently held would be a goldmine to the Rebellion, you refused to move
>C. Rothana’s industries would be a great service...to you
>D. Other.
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Wasn't the "Raider" loaded with advanced TIE variants? Does it carry the TIE's and AT-AT's at the same time?
Right, not the raider, the Ruin. My mistake!
>A. Patch into the ‘Vanguard’ Com’s network, just to hear the calamity
Archivin and Getting the new thread ready!
New here, what's the bump limit?

Welcome to Sci Fi builder! Going to try this out and see if I can run it. The game will be a tribes game heavy on fluff. Only create a race if you are willing to write fluff into your actions. Each race will be colonized on a planet in a solar system. There will be about a dozen solar systems each with about a dozen planets. Future solar systems may be available in the galaxy in the future.

You may take two actions a turn. roll 2d100 a turn and add relevant bonuses.

Game will cap at eight players to start. This is a fluff heavy game with little crunch or number mechanics! Write fluff into your actions!
103 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 96 (1d100)

"DAMAGE REPORT!" "Hull breaches in section c and medical quarters captain!" "Engines operational?" "Yes captain!" "Good. Get us out of here, now!" K'Anar sends a quick prayer to the empress and clutches the arms of his chair tightly.
Rolled 95 (1d100)


>ERROR::you are not connected to central command

>Panic::oh holy motherboard. . .

>Action::divert power from the weapons systems to FTL drive and aft shields. Go Go go!
Rolled 13 (1d100)

Lansus continues to analyze his datapad calmly. At least, if he does fear the events transpiring, he does well not to show it.

"Threat level is now orange. Damage to the vessel appears mostly superficial. We've already prepped ourselves for escape so there's no reason to stop now. While the anomalous object may prove hazardous, our collection of it is critical to considered mission success, and we've already sent good men into there. Proceed with the operation.Move forward for collection and escape. Keep kinetic and low-energy fire on the Alarians as well as newly arrived threat. Any damage against either party is advantageous, though focus should remain upon collection and eascape."

[Warship Ziz +7]
[Genetically Superior Scientists +5]
[Death Corps Infantry +?]
Still taking in?
sorry because i thought you make up your own traits, project etc. where did you get those things anyway? but i actually rolled with a 2d100

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