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File: 1435971363835.jpg (495 KB, 1920x1280)
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495 KB JPG
It's a starwars quest taking place after episode 6. If you're a fan, check out the custom trailer


And here's the obligatory setup of the plot

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Star wars or OSW
I'd be fine with this one too, but if we're doing another, I vote for OSW.

Anyways, i'm Simon, as you probably already know.
What's OSW?
our super world
Actually, whatever setting you currently have the most drive for it.

File: Image, OP.jpg (448 KB, 1500x1492)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Welcome, Quest!

Quest, all who love Chiaka. For you!

If not love Chaika, You too, for all!
>You, Chaika.
>Yes, Chaika!
>Chaika Valmet.

>You; Chaika, going over.
>At desk.

>Going over?
>Over receipts; notes, sale.
>Sort of things, like that!

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File: 1524170658464.gif (664 KB, 500x282)
664 KB
664 KB GIF
I can't wait for the next session!
Maybe we'll come across red Chaika on the way?
Red Chaika best Chaika.
Kill Blue Chaika and her little murderboy.
>I can't wait for the next session!
This week? Possible!

When? Wednesday; daytime!

Unsure, still!

>Maybe we'll come across red Chaika on the way?
Happens, whatever; shocking!


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Old Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2442054/

Welcome back to goblin volcano thread! Decide what you're doing for the turn, read old thread for backstory and how to play.

>Civ Status: Large Village
>Leader: Gnogdix the Shaman(Male)
>Heroes: Glaum(Female)

>Population: 225
>Population growth: +15
>Fire Casters: 12(+1)
>Earth Casters: 5(+1)
>Wyverns: 10(+3)
>Food: Volcanic Lizards, Edible Roots, Orchards

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Sorry its been so long since I've updated, but I have been swamped with work, and I have lost interest in this. I will no longer be posting here. However, if anyone whats to take the reigns, do so with consent.
Sorry guys
the fuck, my id changed
oh well, message still stands
Eh I might pick it up who knows. Thx anyways.

Nine years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza's army. Since that day, the Saiyans have acted as the emperor's loyal soldiers, leading the charge onto hundreds of worlds and facing down all who oppose Lord Freeza's rule. As mighty conquerors, crushing all who have stood against them, the Saiyans have made quite a reputation for themselves. They are known across the universe as Freeza's most powerful and loyal subjects.

The larger than life tales of the Super Saiyans, especially, have spread to every corner of the civilized universe. Facing demons, wizards, assassins, armies, champions, and even surviving one on one with Lord Freeza himself. The mere mention of one of the Super Saiyans inspires awe, admiration, jealousy, or fear, depending on where you go and who you ask of course.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 740. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan Berserker with a base powerlevel of 471,817, a general in Lord Freeza’s army, mate to Meloka, father to Chaya and Chilli and adoptive father of Broly, and an inspiration to the other Saiyans and the rest of the PTO forces alike. Your current teammates are:
Meloka- Blaster, 299,314
Chaya- Child, 10,137
Broly- Child, 57,479
Ubo- Brawler, 9,735,644
King Vegeta- Blaster, 212,703
Nappa- Juggernaut, 208,401
Turles- Tactician, 201,317
Raven- Witch, 185
Bardock- Berserker, 573,400
Gine- Cook, 8,183

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Bardock should stay behind with his wife and kids, protect the planet with nappa and vegeta.
Broly and chaya should also stay behind with tatsu, they're not ready to handle a war.
I would suggest that raven also stay behind and help broly with his control during that time, if ubo's okay with it.
She's so weak that a stiff breeze could kill her, no less a covenant bombardment.

Meaning we bring meloka, ubo, turles, and the jobber crew (tunnip, sarada, ect)
Vegeta wouldn't take any sort of solace in the fact that he's still 8 and karn is both his mentor and a goddamn monster?
He would. But the fact he’s not the best would still irritate him.
Eh, her Ki's weak but her magic's both strong and has plenty of utility. I think she'd be good to bring along. Besides, we're kind of bringing along all the people that she's acquainted with, other then the guardian, who still seems to think she's some sort of evil satan spawn, the kids, who while fun don't make the best long term company, and Vegeta, who has a world to run and is probably going to be pretty busy. She's not really going to have much to do other than brood about being left behind.
New thread here!

File: ES7_OP.png (1.43 MB, 1280x720)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
You've been pacing the room ever since you got home. Your slave busies herself preparing dinner but you know that she's been staring at you between the stirrings of the beef soup. You know that because you've been staring at her.

You keep returning to the same thought, circling around it, trying to comprehend it. She's from the Idomean household. She was Viceroy Antipater's personal slave. That's what you've gathered from the little she could tell you but that doesn't make any sense, she has to be lying. Viceroy Antipater is nothing like his son, he's a model of virtue and honor and justice. He supports temples all throughout the country, he feeds orphans, he provides shelter for the homeless, he even funds a program to provide strong healing magic to disable veterans. He's a well known pacifist, he's publicly denounced violence on many occasions even here against the kobolds.

He's not even a noble, he's an orphan, like you. He came up from nothing. His rags to riches story is an inspiration. You admired him, the idea of him. You can't believe that he would, even be capable of such things. She's lying. She has to be. Toad was right. You can't trust elves.

But why would she lie? Why? Ultimately she wouldn't. She has nothing to gain from it and, more to the point, you don't even think she's capable of it.

"M-master, dinner is ready." She says but you've already lost your appetite.

>Eat anyway, discuss her education
>Tell her you're not hungry and do some reading to take your mind off things
>Ignore her, work on setting up the traps and locks you bought
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I don't think these cave raiders are members of the looter guild. They're a faction that are here that say they are an Adventurer's Guild but that's a front. I think these guys buying soviet mine sweepers are just cave raiders. They don't have principles either, sure, but they're not out to mug us. And they'll buy our potions. Those kids are gonna go try and make a buck whether we like it or not. We may save some lives if we give them life savers.
File: 7ojz9El.jpg (66 KB, 528x398)
66 KB
>With less than 20 sovereigns.
Update when?
sat 8 pst

File: showa.jpg (44 KB, 640x882)
44 KB
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5th_Comms
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Shooting+Star
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2451895/

You are Meteor Showa, fire-type B-rank Maverick Hunter koi. A week ago a totally cheating Maverick thrashed you to within an inch of your life, undoing all the upgrades and weaponry you so painstakingly accumulated over your career.

Now, less than an hour after recovering from a week-long coma, you’ve learned that 1) Repliforce has been defeated, 2) you were demoted for good institutional reasons, and 3) you’re being put straight back to work.

Nobody ever said this was an easy job, but the need is great. If you don’t fill it, somebody else might get it wrong.
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File: 179038071.jpg (33 KB, 750x428)
33 KB
Koi have them!

The geta sandals weren't something I planned, just a feature that particular artist put in because they felt like it. Artistic license!
One attempt at Meteor Showa fresh off the press.
>Koi have them!
won't stop people from making the jokes
Can't imagine geta are too great when you need to move quickly in sand, though.
Nice! Art is always welcome.

Perhaps not. She heard 'em all a long time ago.

True. Maybe she stuck them on just for fun.

A colony ship is sent out from earth to settle a new planet. An industrialist decides to have the leaders of the expedition including himself turned into AI along the journey. The ship gets knocked off course and encounters one catastrophe after another. Eventually starting to break apart. Everyone fled into either one of the four survival decks and dislodged themselves from the main hull.

You are The Priest, a religious ruler that was transformed against his will. You wake up to find that 300 years had passed since crash landing, the countless millions of colonists have been reduced in population drastically and suffered technological degradation, and the planet they live on is inhabited with various fantasy races that don't take kindly to their "Invasion".

First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2333630
Second Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2402083
Current Events:

You have established links with the Elven survivors of the civil war that destroyed the Alistair Republic.

The Spanishesque Elves up north have been identified as Gear Elves as they have claimed the old capital as their own.

The Kerogrim have been rediscovered, their homelands have been swamped with ratmen and are forced to live in hidden underground shelters.

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Changing my vote to this
>So no easy way to identify how hostile or friendly they are, a shame. Otherwise, this'll buy us time to remove the jammers.
>Changing my vote to this.

The scouts move back to searching for the jammers. For hours they stealthily move through the broken city they see broken machines, shattered ruins and death everywhere. The sounds of distant battles are all that breaks the silence. That and the occasional wandering robot.

Then their scanner detects poisonous gasses and energy signatures nearby. They have gas masks on, but it may not withstand industrial toxins. However, there seems to be lifesigns and noises of a struggle in the same direction. On the other hand they detect a strong jamming signal emanating from the opposite direction.

>Write in.
>wandering robots
s-stop billying the robots.

See if they can maneuver around the poisonous gasses to observe. What do our Scouts number at and war is their wargear? Do the Jammers prevent radio communication to the rest of our party?
>s-stop billying the robots.
I don't know what billying is.

>What do our Scouts number at and war is their wargear?
The wargear is 5mm semi-auto rifles.
Light Combat armor and urban camo.
9mm pistols.
Radio communicators.

thats about it.

>Do the Jammers prevent radio communication to the rest of our party?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The cause of the energy and life signatures.

File: joker paradox.jpg (758 KB, 1000x1647)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Previous Thread:




Equipment FAQ:


Oblivion's Husk:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's this one, but you play a guy. It seems to be setup for female NTR, though.

> http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1973882/
we spent way too much time in the Real World when the Red was the fucking interesting one baka.

Also, we never got Limiter III the moment we could have (Ixion I think) which not only crippled our build but denied us the peak perfection my autism demands.

Also, /tg/ had some of the worst fucking write-ins known to man, holy shit did they make him intoa melodramatic poser faggot instead of someone who just went straight for the fucking throat.

And every time we got btfo'd because of that, we'd say we'd learn but we never did!

I do think the whole Cybele thing was overblown though. We got a lot of shit for that but it seemed like the only legitimate option at the time considering the shit she was saying about lack of commitment. I still want to try and keep her relic intact; thankfully it still is so far.
>I still want to try and keep her relic intact; thankfully it still is so far.
I like how we are accumulating relics of dead allies. It's kinda poetic.
And then we gave up one special relic to make Daegal.
Maybe we can one day find someone to pass a relic on to. It would be hilariously ironic if Mio somehow got saved by being given Cybele's relic.

The whole Player 'life cycle' fascinates me. Clearly Players are meant to be completed by Hyades, but not all of them have a partner. Pazuzu and Argent didn't, and neither does White Joker.

Meanwhile, Anon was ELIGIBLE for not one but two possible Hyades, but eventually rejected both.
The Hyades are just one of the many freaking systems doing their own thing in the Red.
Just like how there's remnants of what might have been a greater civilization, as well as fucky shit like the instant arenas that can appear anywhere if you declare a formal challenge for a duel.

File: WorldTree_COVER03.png (2.64 MB, 2800x1750)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG

In some time a new arc of World Tree will be going live for the Spring Season. During which time new players as well as some veterans are welcome to resume with their characters. Though there are some changes to classes the game is wholly unchanged. As such the changes will be listed here.

WT Spring Changes:
-Lore Keeper: Starting Elements changed to ---Abysmas, Pandoras , and Luminas.
-Blood Ink Changed into PageTurn
-Runic only communicative with elements that is present in a book and not what the caster knows through the MAGI Class.

Note: Lorekeeper needed to play its role without falling into the obvious trap of being a too powerful class combination with Magi. As such the class is set apart from its magical coounterparts making it equidistant from the rest in terms subclassing optimisation.

Players with levels in LoreKeeper may reshuffle their merits and skills up to their level.

Knight Changes:
- Lvl 4 meta changed to Draconic Orthodoxy skillset

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>move 2NE
>Loot harpy feather, grass, and mobbos

VIT: 4+1 STR: 4+1 RES: 3 INT: 5 SPD: 3 PER: 4

- - - - - - - - - -
HP: 40/40 / SP: 4/24 ARM: (+9)6/6f/3r
M.RES: 5 MAG: 6 VIS: 4 MOV: 4

Hand 1: [Arc Loader] I (Dmg: SPDx2.5+Bullet [8+b], Ammo 2, Rng PERx2 [8], *Item Launch, [Firearm])]
Hand 2: Hand
Feet: Blunt (17) x2 [+1 atk if no hand action]
Accessory: Boar Amulet +1 STR
Armor: Condemned Hood (Happy mask): +1Vit +1Res +2Mpot (pouch)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Get +4HP by Sally
>Move 2N
>Move 1W 1N

Yorbas Monandeas: Frog Level 4 Magi/ Level 1 Lore Keepr
VIT: 3 (2+1) STR: 1 RES: 3 INT: 7 (6+1) SPD: 2 PER: 5(4+1)
- - - - - - - - - -
HP: 21/21 SP: 33/40 ARM: 3/3 M.RES: 3 MAG : 22 VIS: 5 MOV: 2

Hand 1: Wand (x2 MAG, x2 Blunt, +2 POT, RNG x2 PER | Ball Cast, Expanded Cast)
Hand 2: Stone Press (x2 MAG, +12 POT, 5 pages,[Pandoras][Arrow][Arrow][Ring])
Armor: Heretic Hat (+1 VIT, +1 PER, +1 Magx, [Last Laugh])
>-Book keeping: -3Sp, -5Hp
>-+4Hp Frogsong

>Move 3N
>Overwatch Range Boosted Aerblast NNE and Up, to Slow the fall of Luney, Yngvild, and Gryffin Corpse (Apply [Force] Upwards). Range 12, Pot 10

Perovskia, Frog Lorekeeper Rnk3/ Magi Rnk4/ Boatswaine RnkAdmiral-Prime
[Merits: Spd, Lo, Per] [Secret Lore: Birds are Scary!]
VIT: 3+1 STR: 2 RES: 3 INT: 6 SPD: 3 PER: 5+1
- - - - - - - - - -
HP: 27/28 SP: 39/52 ARM: 3/- M.RES: 6 MAG: 10/19 VIS: 6 MOV: 3

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 64, 56 = 120 (2d100)

>-[Hidden Sleeve] Equip Throwing Kunai
>Attack Harpy's wing 6W 2NW, Threaded Throwing Kunai (18 ATK)
>-[Rope Mastery II] Pull harpy 6E (-2 SP)
>True Thrust Harpy wing 2NW [Yarido Front-Diagonal Jab] (18 ATK)

[J]d'Alger: Kerb Jaeger 6/Ronin 1

VIT 4+1 / STR 5+1 / RES 3+1 / INT 2 / SPD 6 / PER 4

HP 40/60 SP 13/20
ATK 18 / ARM 10+9 / MAG 1 / MGD 4 / VIS 4 / MOV 4
Merits: +1 SPD, +1 VIT

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
d'Alger's sorting the last of our harpy problem, but Luney and Yngvild's continues. We can only hope for them.

>-16 damage taken
>Move N W 3N
>Shoot slime 3N NW, 25 piercing, armor half. Ammo 3/5

HP 64/80 SP 4/18 ARM /6/3 M.RES Numb

VIT: 5+3 STR: 4+2 RES 3 INT: - SPD: 5 PER: 3 VIS: 4 MOV: 5

Hands: Licensed LR1-a Clear Out: R5 DMG 19+pierce [Armor half] 3/5 Red slugs +6
Armor: Inheritor Clad: +3 VIT +2 STR +1 DEFx

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1408719355363.jpg (309 KB, 1146x725)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
You know, things used to be a lot simpler. People went to work, went home, had sex, had kids, then they died. Repeated as needed. Now, though. Things aren't that simple anymore. At least, not for you. You see, you're a hard man living a hard life. In the one region of the world where those rather ordinary human activities don't go on anymore.

What's that? You want me to be be clearer and get to the point! Alright, alright tough guy. Here's the deal. It's the year 2150. About a century ago something woke up in the Northern Atlantic and took a massive shit on the Human race. Europe, Northern Africa (as in the continent!), the middle east, and Western Russia were contaminated by alien lifeforms. Within a few weeks the greatest powers in the world nuked and set up a nearly thousands of mile long kill zones around the affected regions. Partially containing the threat. Within in a few weeks the source of the infection had been identified as a newly risen land mass. A strange, otherworldly city. In that same time frame benign alien life forms made themselves known. Offering a helping hand to mankind in their own, bizzare ways. A coalition of races managed to completely contain the threat, but not eliminate it. That might be impossible, but such is life.

Here's where you come in. The lands in question are some of the most valuable real estate on the on the planet. Reclaiming the lands through weapons of mass destruction is out of the question as they would ruin the land. Conventional forces are out, too. Can't pay enough money to justify the risk. Alien assistance? Good luck, trying to get across simple ideas to the Crabs, Ghosts, or Squids is about as difficult as trying to change a light bulb with your tongue while balancing on a pole. Besides, we've gotten everything of value from them already, worthless nonhuman trash. No, it's a privateer's game. You field the risk, you get the reward, and society gets a couple thousand acres of land back every year. Win win.

How do you go about it? Reclamation efforts. Survivors and illegal homesteaders, bought or forced off. Or, made official if they're pros with hardware. Aliens, killed on sight, yes, that includes so called friendlies. The treaties don't mince any words on the subject of terrestrial sovereignty. Crabs get the moon, Squids get select areas of Antarctica, and the Ghosts get occasional head space along with hypothetical "future" land claims. VERY, far future. Only native soil they get is their own grave markers. Practitioners of illegal magic, killed on sight. Other Privateers? Well, this business can be a hard one. Choose your targets and friends VERY selectively.

A, You start in London. Once ruled the world, now it's a ghost city haunted by aliens and hardened human survivors. Rumors speak of privateers that fancy themselves neo technological knights and run their own little feudal states. Offering a protection from the horrors outside of their little slices of heaven.

101 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
A, Chernobyl proper
>C, Ask at the nearest "township" for information, chance to sell your glyph, and replace some of your lost equipment.

Once we get our drones back, we can do a proper survey.
Mi-Go are not capable of bargaining with humans. Straight up blue and orange morality. They're dicks, and the only way to deal with them at all is to betray them first, lethally.

Treat them like you would dealing with Dragons in Shadowrun.

Also we gotta get rid of those glyphs ASAP., preferably publicly because the Mi-Go hunt down anyone in possession of the symbols from their sacred moon.
File: 1378863340_1122069654.jpg (157 KB, 700x972)
157 KB
157 KB JPG

You arrive at a shithol... Rustic... Russian hamlet. Filled with unsavory characters and what looks like a Mi-Go wearing a bad disguise as it pretends to read a newspaper twenty feet away from a Grey wearing a trench coat and sitting at an outdoor cafe. The Grey waves to you. You also notice a few other, slightly less suspicious characters. An Arabic man sitting at the same cafe looking amusedly on at the crab's shenanigans. A man running an open garage for Privateer's powered armors, and a man staring blankly at you in the middle of the street, looking like he just go got hit upside his head by a steel wrench. Ah, industry towns. They never fail to disappoint.

>A, Go over to the "Grey" waving at you.

>B, Go over to the Arabic man?

>C, Go over to the head case starring at you in the middle of the road.

>D, Go get resupplied and get the hell out of here!
This thread is now closed

New thread. >>2489246

After almost two months since you had been ‘cursed’ with your powers, things were finally looking like they’d be going back to normal for at least a little while. Spring Break had come that meant that the annual camping trip that you, Harry and a number of friends partook in since you were kids. Zipping up your camping bag you can’t help but be more excited than usual for one reason and one reason only; Peter was coming back home.

Peter Parker had truly been the heart and soul of your friends circle ever since elementary school. Whereas Harry was drawn to you because you were both geeky kids, Peter had always been an everyman. Sporty and athletic enough to get on the good side of the jocks, adventurous and courageous in the way that made the girls swoon, but at heart he was the sort of guy that would love playing Dungeons and Dragons and talking about comic books like you.

But perhaps his most endearing trait was his Heart of Gold, and when the jocks tried to draw the line he stood with you guys.

It was thanks to him that while you were incredibly anxious around the kids you had grown up you still had a sense of humor, let alone the confidence to have spoken to Raven at the party. Just like Harry he was a brother by everything but blood, and finally after five years he was coming back to Jump for the very same camping trip that:

>A. Your bond as a group of friends was made
>B. Where he announced he was moving to New York City
>C. Where Peter chose you and Harry over the others
>D. Other.
538 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
>A. May as well call the Titans and give them a heads up
>B. Kraven was still out there, Have them inform the league
Heading to sleep. Don't screw it up.

Flicking the communicator open you call your mask back and hit the comm dial. It takes a few seconds but after a moment the domino masked face of Robin looking back at you.

“Spider-Man, I had thought that you away from Jump. What’s up.” He asks.

“Trouble of the metahuman variety.” You answer.

“Anything immediate?” Robin says, his casual tone replaced with a far more serious one.

“Well it's the Palomar Campgrounds and he’s somewhere out in the wild. That and I got poisoned so I think we’re okay, maybe?” You say before going into further detail on the events of your...encounter.

“We?” He asks.

“Long story, look just figured I’d call it in since it took a rather hard gambit to beat him we might need back up if he comes back.” You tell him, looking at pete and getting a nod.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Spoiler Image (424 KB, 1920x948)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>Peter Parker is ANTS, but can he go GiANT too?
Now that was a surprise, well not really.

Thanks for running, WeaverQM!


File: Githyanki Ladies 2.png (683 KB, 1100x626)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
The Raiders – Part 49

The Ethereal Plane is a place of muted color, thick material, and strange life. Within it's boundary you are exempt from the limitations of the physical world, except where magic, supernatural power, or strange forces are at play. The tower cell where the githzerai adept makes her home and protects the human princess is a place impregnable through the usual means. The very stones and metals themselves are themselves ethereal and thus impregnable rather than being thick mist. Spells of ward and guard illuminate the dull grey-green mist of the transitive existence, spherical wards of median power and no small skill, meant to prevent entry by aportation and dimensional rifts.

It is noteworthy that they do not prevent the use of such powers within, only that they prevent movement through.

Tzanzi, now whole and strong, replaces her mask despite no longer needing it to hide her scars and injuries. You notice that her eyes remain slightly off color, the one regrown being a darker shade than her natural one. Younger, apparently. Which makes a certain amount of sense you suppose. She flexes her hands and licks her spurs; her feral, vicious combat techniques will make her a match for those of the ascetic githzerai, while your magical talent and spells will keep the mystic and mental forces she can command from overwhelming the murderer in addition to allowing you to combat her on equal terms.

Speed is of the essence, of course; according to Yashi, she forbids others from entering the tower and assisting her. Her efforts at defending the tower against intruders have left the tower in some disarray, and the newly rebuilt areas are clearly visible in the mystic visions of the Ethereal Plane. The glass of the tower seems infused with some strangeness that makes it impossible to penetrate, much like the stone and the metal, but it isn't Ethereal in and of itself, just impassible. A small room towards the back of the tower most likely houses the princess, who is most likely awake.

Yzia is going to join you in this battle, for two reasons: first, the city defenses against dragons are fairly well designed and rather deadly in nature, combining ambushes, wire traps and stone-falls to entrap them, as well as siege weaponry. Second, the adept is at least your equal in combat in addition to possessing the Elder Power, though not quite as potent as that which you wield. Having used both the arcane force and some modicum of Elder Power, you still have more than she, but not by much. Her well of Ki is full, however, and you are aware she possesses two of the most deadly abilities it can provide: Dimensional Steps and the Quivering Palm.
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Eh, something bad doesn't *need* to happen, but the risk was nice.

Things will be fun when we establish our Lair
Clerical classes aren't unavailable - they're heretical and slated for Execution By Knight. So they're only technically unavailable. Most healing is done by Bardic skulkers and gish, the rare infernal/angelic healing, and the solar dragons.
But as a spell like ability it's not really being cast in the normal sense, and *might* not take as long to activate. In game terms the effect can specify that it activates faster.
Yeah I guess what threw me off was that due to Siobhan being sapient, I guess I saw her as a "character" and not as a "magical item".

...Also wait a sec, if I'm reading the rules of True Resurrection correctly, doesn't that mean that as long as Siobhan herself is intact, she can keep bringing Akko back more or less forever (still not sure if there are negative modifiers), regardless of whether or not Akko died like 29 days ago or if her body is even remotely intact? Though letting an aberrant True Silver Sword just sit around for a month doesn't seem like the Githyanki way.

I think you mentioned that Antipaladins/Blackguards are allowed right, and presumaly the only patron they serve is Vlaakith. Is it that she's not god enough yet to grant cleric spells, and is too jealous to allow Githyanki to worhip other deities, or could she do so and denying easy access to healing and resurrection is part of her way of modling Githyanki society to her liking?
Res - Siobhan can resurrect Akko as long as she is near the body regardless of how long she is dead, with all spells and power intact from when she died (unike raise dead or resurrection which can leave you without memorized or prepared spells). You are also correct about the paladins and blackguards, although the paladins are also blackguards, with the capacity to heal. Why she allows this and not clerics is unknown. Is it the dedication of the nights that grants the power, or Vlaakith? It's a dangerous question to ask, and possibly more dangerous to get answered.

File: OP (3).jpg (232 KB, 850x604)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Leave_QM
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Witch-For-Hire%20Quest

Defiance. Faced with the prospect of reliving one of your lowest moments, the embers of determination begin to light a fire within your breast.

Despite being trapped in your own head and at the mercy of a malicious, unseen entity with seemingly endless power, something primal within you refuses to be toyed with like cornered prey. As the fire begins to burn bright in your heart once more, you stand up straight and your mind becomes clear for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

Ultimately you are a predator at heart, not prey; the harder you are beat down, the taller you stand. If you die, then so be it, you’ll die on your feet and not groveling on the ground like a slave. Glancing at the manifestation of Rootmire ahead of you, a low growl escapes from your throat. Narrowing your eyes, you clench your fist and bring it to your heart.
“You don’t scare me, cunt. You think being in my head means that I’ll just lay down and take it?!” you shout as you slowly shift your feet into a fighting stance. “Bring whatever you got, I’m right here!”

Silence settles over your little corner of the woods as you wait for a reply from the Voice, bracing yourself for a world of hurt. As you wait your attention is soon pulled to the idyllic landscape of Rootmire ahead of you as it begins to slowly disappear, being replaced by just another stretch of shadowy forest.

“Hahaha! You’re absolutely burning with spirit! I feel like we’ll have a great time together when we finally meet in person.” Though still full of spite and malice, the tone of the Voice seems strained, as if suddenly saddled with some unseen weight. ”Although I’d love to play with you for much, much longer, it seems that you’ve made some friends in high places who aren’t as fond of our time together as I am. How tragic!

Without warning, the ground begins to shake underneath your feet and you’re rocked back onto your heels as you struggle to maintain your balance. Around you, the trees once more begin to move and soundlessly they form a solid circle around you, as if forming an arena in the clearing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Ask about his organization

Also would like to ask about that notice.
>Ask who R. is just to confirm

>Ask about his organization
>Ask who R. is just to confirm

>Ask about his organization
>Ask about his organization

Don't want to waste breath confirming something we already know.
Called, but I'm going to have to archive and hold for next week so I won't feel as bad being completely unable to write. (where I'll be free or at least more free than where I am now)

Have a good one guys.

Session Paused

Don't forget to check twitter when I go live again!


File: talonmook.jpg (19 KB, 800x335)
19 KB
>Be me
>Talon Operative #2314
>My back hurt
>Been sitting in this small ass truck for hours with my fellow Talon operatives
>Apparently we are on a mission to hit France
>Storming some old ass mansion or some shit
>Probably a load of crap but whatever
>My balls hurts but i can't reach it because we're packed like sardines in here

What should I do to waste time?

>Think of Widowmaker-sama's glorious rear
>Wish I'm back at home shitposting on 6chan
>Try to run away
>Some other shit whatever write in
163 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
For you fags plebs who are not patrician enough to read the wiki, 70% of this quest is a remake of the Doomfist comic. It started as a shitpost, but you anons stuck on with me till the end even when it became a serious quest. Thread 2 never will be done this weekend if I have the time. thank you for reading this horrible piece of writing and I wish you wonderful (albeit varying degree of autistic) anons a good day/ night.
>tfw we will never sneak into windowsamas bedroom while she is in the shower, to steal her sweaty gym stockings and make off with it as our most prized possession.
If you want us to metagame then we could read wiki.
File: mattslim.png (299 KB, 690x514)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
fair enough i guess. aside from a few things, everything from here on out will be independent though.

With my superior talent and 9000 hours on ms paint, I have visualised #2314's current appearance. Behold!
Too old, and not enough hair.
Needs to look a little bit more like a 25 year old neet virgin, that played too much mil sims and airsoft+RTS and FPS games

File: jojo4.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Stardust%20Crusaders%20Quest

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/FJJUkT9N

Offscreen events: https://pastebin.com/SGqnRYiA

Info: This game will take place in the fictional world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as you try to survive the events from parts 3-6 as a 17 year old girl named Hitomi Furuya and her stand Karma Chameleon.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDusterMan

Rules: The 1d100 dice are determined by the best of 3 rolls after the QM prompts the players to do so, if any of them succeed the dice check, its a win for them.
Crits only count if the dice rolls over 90 or under 10.

Write-ins are always allowed as long as you're not metagaming or deliberately trying to screw things up. Have fun!
464 replies and 73 images omitted. Click here to view.
KQ does have the MILD limitation of only one bomb at a time though, so under the right circumstances it at least wouldn't be a SUICIDAL option. Might not be USEFUL but hey at least it would allow the "you'd blow yourself up too!" bluff.
File: 58b.png (44 KB, 703x274)
44 KB
>KQ does have the MILD limitation
thread this weekend boss? or another?
Part 3.5 wen?
I need my fix man

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