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File: swlogo.png (4 KB, 200x121)
4 KB
The following post, in SW intro form: https://brorlandi.github.io/StarWarsIntroCreator/#!/AKdbNoiHz19cEl_GOF6S

After the battle over the Forest Moon of Endor, chaos still reigns in a galaxy recovering from the chains of the GALACTIC EMPIRE!

Striking from MANDALORE, the warrior clans march in a new uprising, led by the legendary BOBA FETT!

The NEW REPUBLIC, formerly the REBEL ALLIANCE, struggles to rebuild their former territory!

In the shadows of the UNKNOWN REGIONS, the brilliant GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN gathers the strength of the IMPERIAL REMNANT!

It is in these times that fortunes may be made, empires may be built, and fates may be spun.
You are ADMIRAL JANUS CAIN, commander of a respectable warfleet, currently standing your ground near the captured Rebel sniper in the miner's compound...

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>Catch It

Send out the Y-Wings, Ion that duck to the ground.
>Cathch it
>Catch it!
>Catch it!
Jesus, that was a slow weekend on my part. I heartily apologize. This thread will be rolled into the next in terms of it going up, with both updates being copied over. This Friday - ODST Quest returns! Hint for the quest: Beggars can't be choosers - no Bias.

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
The year is 2016, the great meme wars have just begun. The two sides fight against each other! Trump Supporters Vs Hillary supporters in an epic clash for the white house! The question is who will win?

>Pick a side Hillary Clinton or Trump.
>Hillary Clinton Supporter's first quest is to blow up Trump tower.
>Trump supporter's first goal is to start a mass shooting on Hillary Clinton protestors and gas any unarmed jews.
>Post your gear you will use using innawoods.
Lets kill some degenerates and jews

File: g4269.png (709 KB, 2241x1615)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Will this do anything?
>pu- put my dick in it?
File: 1477828904423s.jpg (10 KB, 250x249)
10 KB
Is this you?

File: finalopa.png (401 KB, 700x1071)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
Your name is Chiaki Matsuda, and you are a Magical Girl.

And you've just unleashed what looks like a huge brass spider monster witch right smack dab in the First Officio Assassinorum's moonbase.

A spider monster that is currently disemboweling and tearing apart anything and everything it can get its bladed chains around, with each prey providing a sobering choir of death screams punctuated with the juicy crunch of broken bones and ripping flesh.

All just to interrupt Tomoe Mami's judgment and impending execution.

All just to buy more sand for her hourglass. For you to make sense of what she's done and what she's tried to do.

This is you fixing things. This is you taking control of the situation. The only way you know how.

And you'll make her answer you properly if it's the last thing you ever do.
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I was refering to Deculture. At the moment you mention, Decu didn't have the idea of Akuma Homura being a figure of popular knowledge. That came later. You have to understand that much of the early story has been retconned
Yeah, I get what you mean. That's looking too deep into it right now. Consider this argument as a fan-made lame rationalization for a retcon.
We all agree we're fucked and that's what really matters.

>"If you proceed down on this path you've chosen for yourself, all the things that you hold dear will be taken away from you. Your friends will become your enemies, and your enemies will be the ones you turn to for aid. You will lose everything, piece by piece, person by person, until you are left with nothing but the road you're traveling. And of all the people who will abandon you, Tomoe Mami will be the one to betray you first."

TTO obviously knows what is going on if she is making prophecy about the consequences and accurately read that Mami would betray Chaki via letting herself die.

Given they were talking about pulling strings during the TTO interlude and given how Vintage seems to have contacts with Luxuria. I kind of assume the plan was something like Pulling strings to get Vintage to get Chaki in contact with them.

Then get Chaki to give them a signal to get into base. While Amane waits for Chaki to make a move on Mami. Once that happens Amane will boot herself there and see the two of them escaping and then use that as an excuse to have the 9th wiped out.

Because who would question the 1sts warmaster when she says she saw Chaki using a witch attack to save a traitor?

Add in Luxuria's comment that she wants to talk to Chaki afterwards to give her a bigger offer. Which she knows is going to be noticed by TTO. I theorize what they are trying to do is get Chaki to set the world off against her. Then give her an offer for support for aid in some endeavors elsewhere.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>TTO obviously knows what is going on if she is making prophecy about the consequences and accurately read that Mami would betray Chaki via letting herself die.
A prophecy, quite a few megucas already done some prognostication related to us. By the way, those words were spoken during Akashic Realm mission, when we met TTO for the first time. And she said it to make us turn back.
>Given they were talking about pulling strings during the TTO interlude and given how Vintage seems to have contacts with Luxuria. I kind of assume the plan was something like Pulling strings to get Vintage to get Chaki in contact with them.
From the TTO thread
>As you can see, we're the only ones here. Everyone else - that's Avaritia, Acedia, Superbia, Luxuria and Gula - are out on errands.
>"Well, she's on her way to Ground Zero, it looks like. Luxuria sent in a report about a couple of hours ago saying that she spotted the Nameless One's thread intersecting with some really big players, and from the looks of it there's going to be some cutting here and there."
>...So, she's going to try and rescue the yellow one, is she?
>Again the back-and-forth stare between your two remaining subordinates. "Honestly, boss? We're not really sure. I mean, we did see the yellow one pretty much throw her to the wolves, right? Her and that other titty monster she was running around with?" Ira shrugs. "I think it's more likely she's just going to watch the execution over drinks and cigarettes, pretty much.
>Sounds like something she'd do, yeah?"
>No, you shake your head, and for the first time since you woke up you feel a smile curl your lips. She'll save the yellow one. She'll save Tomoe Mami. You're sure of that. She's stupid enough, foolhardy enough, and most of all naive enough to chance it.
>"And before you ask, boss, we don't have anyone near enough to make the jump in time, but if you think we have a window of opportunity here, I can pull a few strings if you like."
>Do it, you tell her. Someone should be there. Someone positioned to strike at the Nameless One in the ensuing chaos, to finish what you started. To be able to capitalize on that chance when it presents itself.
>"Then I'll make my own calls after this, then." Ira says, tapping at her smartphone's screen with a well-manicured finger. "I'm not promising anything major since it's a bit short notice and bypassing the wards in Ground Zero can be a bit tricky, but I can at least guarantee the Nameless One won't exactly have a safe trip both ways."
Doesn't look like Ira even knew that Lewdxuria was on the Moon. And Lewdxuria can prognosticate (maybe she's the one that made prophecy about Mami's betrayal). Their plan seems to be just waiting at the right moment and kill us.
This is for (You) by the way.

File: skelehermit.jpg (161 KB, 819x976)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
When we last left off, Mr. Bones and his newfound pet, Doggo, claimed an underground fortress from a cult that lurked beneath the walled city of Hophel with the help of a few prisoners. While staying in his new home, he discovered the secrets of necromancy! Now, he walks the street looking for more food and defenses when more cultists return.

You now walk the streets of Hophel shrouded in clothing. You can visit:

>The Market
>The Blacksmith
>The Library
>The Inn
>The Trading Station
>The Quarry
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Your underling's undead strength manages to carry you just in time for you to get into the entrance as the beast devastates the ground. A wave of dust blasts you through the entrance. Though covered in debris, you are relatively unharmed from the jump. You hear the cyclops chuckle to himself that you were squashed like a bug, and leaves the pit. You hear the stomps getting fainter and fainter, and you are confident that the beast has left the town. You breathe a sigh of relief, but you quickly realize that the citizens are going to move back and see the giant hole in the ground, and they'll soon realize that there was something hiding beneath their feet the entire time, and you imagine that they're not going to be happy about that.

Well, that's going to be it for today. I may do a thread during the week but who knows.
But what about Handy?
See you next time OP.
Is Handy...
He's probably alright, I think. Might've been launched to some part of the woods a kilometer away but he's an undead hand I'm sure he'll be fine.

>Sidequest unlocked: Handy's Oddessy

File: NB OP2.jpg (556 KB, 1596x900)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MolochQM
Questions: https://ask.fm/MolochQM
Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/TuHXz5Kp
Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Northern%20Beasts%20Quest

“Where I go, no man may follow.” - from the journal fragments of Konstantin Volkov Vorona.

Three southerners were hanged in Port Daud this morning, suspects charged with an arson attack on a munitions factory. Thankfully, you arrive late enough to be spared that spectacle. Even so, a cloud seems to hang over the area – and not just the usual cloud of industrial smog. An ill mood, the sort that seems all too common these days.

Walking along the docks, the mingling scents of salt and diesel fuel war for your attention. Taking your time, you walk the length of the docks until you find the Abaddon. It stands empty and abandoned, while the few passing sailors give it a wide berth. Unarmed, the Abaddon could blend in with any number of other ships, traders and fishing vessels... if not for the faintly unwholesome air that hangs about it. Nothing you can put your finger on, but it's the same air that drives away the other sailors.

Not, you will admit, a promising sign.
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Mostly good for either eating or sport. Got to watch out for birds and their small bones, though!


She's totally featureless, like a barbie doll down there.
Not really. I see her as having a pretty unashamed attitude toward sex. It's just a natural thing, right?
So could artemis have done this to the other bloodlines?
How's Revelle after all of this?
As someone's who's been following you since Devil Summoner London, thanks for another wild ride, and one with the same number of eyes at the beginning and end at that.
Aaaaugh curse my timezone! I missed it!
This was a gread quest Moloch. An excellent one. Thank you.

File: ultraclassy.jpg (76 KB, 700x970)
76 KB
Stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T60KuDDyJ8

Yui is so excited she can barely hold still. And with good reason too: the love of her life is here to rescue her from the nightmare of abuse she's suffered through for what must be several nights running. Oh, and you're here too of course, because you're the one who not only invaded her nightmare, but brought her and her tormentor into your dream, along with Akari-niji-chan.

Kurao Daibutsu is a true oni; his connection to the elements isn't as intense as that of an oni-child. It is fairly obvious he's got Void magic though, since he was possessing your Yui-niji-chan through her dreams, and was planning on playing with lightning in some manner or another. Well, now you're possessing him, though it is in your dream, and while he's still dangerous, all home advantages are now yours.

Of course, he has much more serious issues to deal with than just you; Akari is enraged, and only the fact that this is a dream makes her capable of self control without you drawing blood or keeping a grip on her. Her older sister probably thinks you never had a clue, of course, but you've always known Akari has a special kind of temper. You suspect she isn't merely dragonette....but you've never asked, and she's never told. On the other hand, nw that you and Akari are here, Yui has recovered much more than her smile, though that's pretty evident too at the moment.

With your arms across your niji-chans' shoulders, you give the badly beaten and shocked yellow oni a slow, wicked grin. The remnants of the talismanic object he clearly planned on using to escape back to the waking world crumbles to fine black ash in his hand. He clenches the black steel gauntlet and glares at you with his one good eye, his other a ruin of blood and shadow, while his broken horn trickles black ichor.
102 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
One of Yui's main complaints when having sexy times or even just cuddles with Ryukusa is that Ryukusa is too gentle and tickles her.

Akari doesn't have that issue, and to her, Yui will always be soft and delicate. Ryukusa, of course, like all sorts of textures.
Clearly when need to start feeling her up with the left hand.
Had to miss the thread because of real life, but was great as always XS. Thanks for running.
XS, have cuteness

Would it be possible to spank Yui with Buki-chan without hurting the former? Would the latter be interested?
It would not be possible, mostly because it would be rude to Buki-sama, and Buki-sama likes blood.

Ohabai-sama, on the other hand....

thank you for the cute.

File: books_books_books.png (119 KB, 655x657)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
You're an apprentice wizard. You seek to explore (and loot) the magical ruins of dead civilisations. Such ruins can be found all over the world and they're typically filled with treasure, magical stuff and blood-thirsty monsters.

You are on your way to the ruins of an old fortress. You recently arrived in a town under attack by skeletons. After helping driving them off now you've visited the local library in search of information about the old fort and possibly magical tomes.
48 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where's Mr.Gerrik
Thank her for her time and go buy some blank books with the copper.

"Mr Gerrick's a Geomancer. He used his magic to carve a home into the rock north side of town. It's easy to spot because of the glowing rocks around the entrance.
Not sure you want to talk to him though. He went stark raving mad around the same time the skeletons started attacking. Now he just talks nonsense and carves scary pictures in his home."

File: goodbye.png (291 KB, 625x574)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Thanks for playing everyone. Sorry not too much happened this episode. Wizard Explorer will continue next week.
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 457x419)
16 KB
This episodes lewd image.

File: meq3ZIv.jpg (340 KB, 2265x1280)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
We are in the year 2189, it is a warm early summer tuesday, or was it friday or saturday? Who cares, what matters is the world is fucked, you might tell yourself, it can't be that bad right? I'm still alive! But no buddy, you're wrong, the world as we know it today, sucks in all the bad ways, 130 years ago it might've been considered bad to be screwed over by sleazy car salesmen or have your mailmen not deliver that important letter on the day you expect it, those were things considered bad a long time back. But now? Now you won't have to bother about car salesmen, because you might as well spray "Shoot Me" on it after you drive it of the dealership, cars are not of much use anymore, except for scrap metal maybe, besides gasoline prices are worse than ever, not that they ever were that great to begin with. And don't even get me started on the mail situation. So pretty much 130 years ago the world went to shit, why? No one really knows anymore, some say it was global warming, others say it was a nuclear war, one might just blame Isreal. But no matter the world is a mess for the most part, the late years treated humanity better than before, on your travels you heard stories of larger settlements and cities still doing good on themselfs out there, one of them being the fabled Messia Springs, known as a paradise beyond the endless road, said to be a heaven on earth were there is milk and honey is said to pour out of the wells instead of irratiated water. But let's cut back to the important thing at hand here, YOU the most important thing in all of the wasteland. You set as your goal to reach Messia Springs to finally find peace and leave behind all the things that happend to you or maybe something else?

You are currently waking up from a night you spend in a dirty saggy motel bed, were you set up camp for last night, you walk in what you assume is the bathroom, it atleast smells like it is you wander over to a smashed mirror, dried blood decorates it's sharp broken shards. You closely at yourself, try to remember who you are, and what made you walk this endless road.

Who are you?
>Your name
>A description of your character
>Your backstory
>What made you walk the endless road?
>Do you walk the road alone?
>What are your strengths?
>What are your weaknesses?
111 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nice, lets see what else there is to trade
There is a weapon stand, two food and water stands, one for spare parts and rare scrap. The sun is settling and you feel a little tired. You feel like sleeping. You remember the sheriff telling you about a bar, maybe you can get a room there, but for now you want to keep looking around the market.
Approach the weapons stand and see what they got.
Name pistol ammo and spare parts (for the pistol).
Yes weapons first
Can't wait to see how he jerks our meat. Bet hes got a good hand for that.
we gonna milk this for all its worth

What do we have to trade? I'd go for more ammo, but unless we are going to sell the grenade we got, I doubt we'll have much for barter until we get the smoked meat back, and use some of that for trade.

Maybe some people like shiny gold still?

After a night of merriment and casual conversations you find yourself staring down at your morning cup of coffee with baggy eyes.
You didn't get much sleep after your improvised birthday party stretched way into the next day.
Now you're faced with this cruel reality: You've not experienced a hangover like this in the last ten years or so.

Groaning in pain you take a sip of the sweet black liquid and feel it practically being assimilated by your blood.
At this your wife immediately jumps on the opportunity to berate you a bit.
''I told you to drink plenty of water.''

''Ugh... I know...
Just... please let me agonize a bit longer.''
With vigor you send the remainder of your drink down the hatch.

She asks you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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She always seemed to me to be the Whipping-girl, for lack of a better term. As far as Orihime goes, I still ship her with Berry boy, just wish she had more development as a character instead of just getting bigger tits.
To be honest, she probably became that because Shiro had the hots for her and the easiest way of hurting him was hurting Momo.

Kubo disliking him was amusing but it affected other characters as well, that's for certain
Well I'll agree on the fuck Toshiro front, don't know why he's so popular, he always comes off as an arrogant lil shit who just wins by pulling stuff out his ass. Wonder where I've heard that one before? Goddammit Kubo.
The same reason why he turned into a bishie in the final arc.

Unfortunately fangirls did a LOT of shit...
Like not letting Byakuya die, rendering his defeat by As Nodt pointless

File: Shibuya_Night_(HDR).jpg (621 KB, 1024x683)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Welcome to Cyberninja Quest, aka Whose Cyberpunk is it anyway? Where the plot is made up and the Naruto doesn't matter.

The Year is 2XXX, and business in the Hidden City of Konoha is bustling, and that business is all out corporate warfare. With the end of the 2nd alien war, military spending is projected to fall dramatically, and the current glut of arms manufacturers, pharmaceutical suppliers, and infosec concerns can't last. Profits are down, unemployment is up, and as the competition over contracts grows ever fiercer companies that once seemed all powerful are now struggling to survive. Is this the first step on a long road to peace, or the prelude of a new war?

Last thread, Yudao met with both his bosses, uncovered signs of government backing behind Yutaka, received two dangerous missions, and was ambushed in his apartment by his homicidal "partner" who seems hell bent on watching his every move.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>2) Look deeper into Yutaka's mission, maybe you can find a way to do both jobs
>2) Look deeper into Yutaka's mission, maybe you can find a way to do both jobs
>2) Look deeper into Yutaka's mission, maybe you can find a way to do both jobs
There's still a way out of this, Yutaka's mission potentially overlaps your own. It's possible you can find a way to spin it in your favor. Doing it while Naoko's watching you could get complicated, but you can handle complicated. You walk back over to the printer tray, pick up the sheaf of papers again and start reading.

There's a lot of information, names, dates, locations. It seems that this mission is a lot broader than you thought. The only stated goal is an assassination, but it's more like a coup. When the head of the Golden Eight is killed, there will be an election of sorts, and a new leader will be selected form the current district executives.

It seems like there's no real clear frontrunner, alliances between districts have been made, factions have formed, and currently there's a massive amount of capital being moved around to deal with a sudden influx of competition from local gangs. The entire organization might collapse, or come close to it, and there's a veritable army of sharks eager to jump in at the first sign of weakness.

Yutaka's made inroads with one of the factions, it seems that three of the western executives don't like their current leader either, and have expressed their willingness to back any attempt to get rid of him. What their problem with him is, how exactly they plan to depose him, and what arrangement with Yutaka they have, if any, isn't included. Either Yutaka doesn't know, or he's decided not to tell you.

This is heading for a bloodbath. But what's Yutaka after? He's never had to deal with the underworld, he has his own connections. Disrupting the city will only hurt him, at best he'll come out the other end in the same position he's in now. Then again, not everyone is Yutaka Iwao, most of his competitors deal with the Eight, and if the Eight falls apart, so do they. An interesting move, but you don't believe it. Yutaka doesn't care about money anymore, he's got his eyes on something bigger. But what? Putting that aside, this mission has a gigantic surface area, pretty much the entire city is going to be affected by the end, there has to be a way to set things up to fall in your favor.

From what you can find, Pretty Boy seems to be pretty tightly aligned with the current head, which might explain his interest in helping you kill Yutaka. Anyone who's planning to take out the leader is going to have to go through pretty Boy, so the western executives are probably already trying to weaken him. They're probably connected to the tongs, that might be an example of how Yutaka is connected to them.

A plan is forming, it's not solid, but it could work. You need to know the identity of whoever's in charge of the tong in district four, the western executives probably know. You could get that information from them, and "assist" them with Pretty Boy. He won't be happy about you moving against him, but getting him the leader, and information on a factions trying to overthrow his boss could make up for that. In addition, Pretty Boy has a lot of favor with his boss, if you could connect Yutaka to an attempted coup, you could potentially get a lot more than a district executive on your side.

It looks like contacting the western executives should be your first move. But which one of them? You have contact for all three, and each one of them has their positives. If they're planning on a coup, which one of them is going to seize the throne? And do the other two agree?

The head of district five will have more connections to Pretty Boy, the tongs you're supposed to be helping him kill, and Yutaka.
District six seems to have the most resources of the three, cash and otherwise, large amounts of the information in this document came from him.
You're in district seven right now. It doesn't have much going for it besides the view, but the executive of this district, "Shocker" has quite a reputation. Apparently she got her current position by killing the last district head, and four others who came after her for revenge, personally.

>1) Contact District five: "Wire"
>1) Contact District six: "Locust"
>1) Contact District seven: "Shocker"
>4) Writein
>1) Contact District seven: "Shocker"

File: Borderlands1.jpg (271 KB, 960x540)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
"Like all great stories, this one starts off with humble beginnings. Four heroes, one destiny, and, more importantly than any of that, a massive Vault full of loot just waiting to be hunted down and opened. Seems Pandora still has secrets hiding in its dead, rotting carcass just waiting for the right psychopath to flip it over and go to town."

>Who would you like to hear about?

>Simeon: The Rat
>Baal: The Salaryman
>Flora: The Siren
>Henrietta: The Gunbunny
287 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Very much so.

Anyway, question for you all: How have you enjoyed the quest so far? I'll be honest, this entire thing was improvised. Outside of the Hunter's concepts, nothing was prepared ahead of time. Not even the active skills.
From what little I've played of the first game, it fits the overall tone fairly well. The Vault Hunters are just outlandish enough yet still remain the most sane things on the planet. It's interesting seeing how things play out in this pseudo-space western post-apocalypse mess. It's got me thinking of running something based on WildStar.
Is it weird that I think that Baal is basically Rock from Black Lagoon plus a smidgen Wacko(my made up term for a beneficial psycho)
i fuckin love this thing and the character's in it.
you did good surfin, you did good.
I remember somebody saying that Baal's back story should have been that he went postal and killed his entire company. I still like that idea and that he said Hyperion killed them all as a cover up or that he doesn't remember doing it. Just my thoughts .

File: VotU.jpg (97 KB, 600x375)
97 KB
"When days are at their darkest and no one remains, only those unknown in the world may remain."

Welcome to the world of Voices of the Unknown.
If you wish to play the game, please join the discord via this link.

And now, the story of our heros will begin...
261 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
"You are welcome kid. I'm just happy I got there in time."

Alodia continues walking with the child.
Rolled 20 (1d20)


Alright, hold still, I'll heal ya.
> stabalize the man's current condition
> utilize medkit, if nothing else helps

Listen here, I'll talk a bit with ya, just you don't nod off. Else you might be kind of fucked, alright?

So, call whom? What for?
What happened to you, pal?
Whaddaya work as?
What's your monthly pay?
Your Name, rank and ID.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
VERY CAREFULLY get into the car, quickly sweeping for any hidden people. Look back at the cop as well.

File: hivequeen QUEST.jpg (96 KB, 612x783)
96 KB
The hive hums with activity, the laboratory illuminated with the soft glow of bioluminescence. Elizabeth examines the stacks of instruments and test samples spread out across the table before her as workers scatter around the chamber running machines and diligently manipulating new experiments. She keeps her gaze fixed on a small accelerometer sat on the workbench, her mind giving off waves of mental static in her focus. After some time of great mental strain, the accelerometer flashes a quick number along its display, and then begins to shake, scooting across the table. Elizabeth quickly shouts out in excitement as the concert of thinkers in the ceiling above gather the data with excitement as the small instrument quickly flies from its place on the desk towards Elizabeth to her surprise. She ducks quickly as it traces above her head and shatters against the face of a nearby worker. The drone chitters in a mad panic, its legs twitching in momentary confusion as it rapidly spins in circles to assess the situation, eventually settling down to look back at Elizabeth as it wipes at its face with its graspers.

“I'm sorry!” She says quickly. “I was just trying to get a reading and- I didn't hit you in the eye did I?” She quickly moves closer to try to examine the worker as it begins to pluck the shattered accelerometer up off the floor and carries the pieces off with an annoyed hiss.

Elizabeth turns back to the lab, this time with more care and an outstretched hand, and slowly the empty drink mug left on the table lifts into the air, and quickly floats into her waiting hand.

"It seems far more potent than I was expecting." She says as she examines the mug, looking to where several small cracks had formed from the telekinetic force. "I think at this point it's more a matter of practice than research, however."

Welcome back to Hive Queen Quest!

>Archives http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hive%20Queen%20Quest
>Twitter https://twitter.com/HiveQueenQuest
>Various pasta http://pastebin.com/u/QuestDrone
>FAQ ask.fm/QuestDrone
>Discussion page http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest_talk:Hive_Queen_Quest
1125 replies and 122 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm still fine with either.
You know....this could be a highly effective means of recruiting covert agents into the Path Hive.
Ever heard of the "make anime real" meme? Many people actually want it.
It's the future, I'm sure they've solved the epidemic of socially inept teenage boys.
Someone doesn't understand that reality works in cycles. One can't eliminate social problem without creating new ones without tackling the source of the problem.

File: thug quest 20.jpg (147 KB, 894x894)
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147 KB JPG
In the year 1986, crime in the United States is at an all-time high. Criminals, drugs, and guns flow in and out of the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. On the neon-soaked streets of this beating heart of scum and villany, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.

You are Johnny the thug, and ever since you agreed to take one small job for the Bratva, your life has gone sideways. One thing led to another as you made enemies of one half of the city's underworld, and then the other half. With the help of some new friends -- Alex the enforcer, Nick the thief, and the Yamada family -- you went all-in and led a daring heist on the Triad's skyscraper fortress, Dragon's Nest. It went great until you got shot and fell off the roof, twenty-five stories down.

With luck or fate, and the help of your friends, you survived to tell the tale. But you haven't forgotten that someone out there has been playing games with you, pitting the city's criminal syndicates against each other, with you caught in the middle. You're going to find out who it is, and make them pay.

Updates: http://twitter.com/ravenkingquests

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Thug%20Quest

Discord: https://discord.gg/3HegtNU
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"So you still haven't explained just what happened that night. What is this I'm hearing about a "rampage", Ken? Just what did you do to get Ryuji back?"

"What I had to," he says.

"Come on, spill the beans. We're all one variety of murderer or another."

"Yeah, spill the beans," encourages Adeline (?) from the driver's seat.

"I'm afraid not." Ken looks out the window as the city passes by. "That's a chapter of my life I tried to leave behind. I am not happy I had to revisit that part of myself. The tiger keeper never knows how many times he will succesfully re-cage the tiger."

"All right, I get what you're saying," you say. You look over at the girl. "What about her? Can she speak English?"

"America pig," she mutters, glaring at you.

"Only a little," says Ken.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: detective.jpg (158 KB, 800x1089)
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158 KB JPG
When you arrive back at your house, you get Adeline to help Ken take the girl inside. "I'll let you take the first crack at her," you say to Ken. "Play "good cop." If it doesn't work, I'll be bad cop."

Left alone outside the front of your house, you sit down on the bench you had put out here. Taking a moment to rest your weary limbs and enjoy the weather. The sky is a clear blue, and the afternoon has reached that perfect point where it's hot but not too hot. This is nice. Maybe you should get one of the girls to bring you some beers out here.

You're still contemplating the idea when a car pulls up to your driveway. One you don't recognize. Out of the driver's seat gets a man in sunglasses and a pastel blue suit, who strides confidently up the gravel path towards the front of your house.

Okay, you think. No assassin would just brazenly walk up to my house like this, would they? You brought the Ruger Redhawk with you on the trip, just in case. Your hand moves towards the holster, but you stay cool for now.

"Help you with something?" you ask the man as he approaches.

"I think maybe you can," he says. "You Johnny?"

"Who wants to know?"

The man flips open his wallet, revealing his police badge. "Detective Martin, HCPD. You seem to be connected to all kinds of things happening around the city lately, Mr. Johnny. Thought you and I should have a little talk about that."
(I think that's all for tonight fellas. Sorry for the short session, I've got a cold + headache which is making concentrating pretty difficult.)
No problem Boss, health comes first.

Hope to see you again soon.

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