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File: Dan Harmon.jpg (81 KB, 1200x800)
81 KB
What's next for his career?
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That was actually one of their highest rated shows, more viewers than Tim & Eric and up there with Venture Bros
>What's next for his career?

Castration and then atonement.
It got low ratings. Double check.
It got 1 million views on it's last episode.
Tim & Eric were barely hitting 800K and Venture Bros last season was around 1 million
Inflated by Russians.

File: apu sheriff.jpg (41 KB, 585x501)
41 KB
>army/police guys getting beaten up/killed by elite supersoldier/alien

>"who the hell is this guy, he's tearing us apa--aaaaaaarrrh"


>cut to two high ranking dudes who look at each other

"sir we've lost contact with alpha 2"

"will someone tell me what the hell is going on down there!"

>cut to battle

File: Wreck It Ralph.jpg (354 KB, 1028x1500)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Who else cried when Ralph recited the bad guy motto when he was sacrificing himself?
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I didn't cry but it was pretty kino. The whole movie was.

>doesn't want to be the bad guy
>can only destroy
>gets tricked on becoming the bad guy and do the only thing he is good at
>destroying his new only friend's car
>gets the only guy in the universe who can literally fix literally anything to fix it
>dynamite gal side plot
>turbo plot line
Neck yourself, you tryhard faggot.
why dont you cry some more
No because he survived and that killed the tension.
think we got enough attention seeking lashing out tears from you sport

File: gadsby.jpg (4 KB, 275x183)
4 KB
>I need to tell my story properly

What did she mean by that?
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Clearly she means she wants a medium that's well known for its dark tone and ability to be very personal with the audience.

>Slam poetry
>TED Talk
>Netflix Stand Up Comedy Special
>I'm a lesbian
audience begins chuckling
>White males are privileged
audience begins laughing heavily
>The pay gap is real
audience begins rolling in the aisles
>Womyn are funny, get over it
audience starts shitting in hands, throwing it around like monkeys and screeching in joy
>glosses over the whole thing

Shit, I know who that is but the name escapes me. She runs in Zoe Quinn's circle, works for Silverstring Media as well IIRC.

File: 0e576c924548454.jpg (512 KB, 1532x2298)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
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File: Dew1cMsW0AAlVqS.jpg (62 KB, 750x545)
62 KB
Wait, caffeine is bad for the fetus? I get that you don't wanna have monsters or red bulls etc, those are excessive. But a sugary milk splashed with coffee is bad? Being pregnant is fucking lame
I thought it was Emilia Clarke
File: 1510060924741.jpg (100 KB, 1024x1022)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Literally nothing gets me more turned on than the idea of cumming inside a fertile woman
File: 1525357371107.png (213 KB, 678x258)
213 KB
213 KB PNG

how does he do it bros?
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Posturing and banter; He was always making innuendos but rarely at the guests direct expense or being intrusive like that. When he speaks with guests he has has the novelty sense of a child (doesn't matter the subject he always seems genuinely interested and ready to see the funny side of things)

Also note the way he sits, being 'not' at the desk. (unlike the way other late night hosts are setup). He's always moving away from it to get physically closer to his guests whoever they are. Facing directly towards them but still leaning away slightly from them. Close enough to be within their personal space as though they were sitting next to each other but far enough that either person is able to lean in closer or further away on a whim. If either of them move around or talk with their hands they're already near/within the other's personal space and so there's a level of intimate but relaxed body language that they mirror from Craig.

The fact that his chair is slightly also makes it difficult to have formal posturing higher means his knee becomes part of the conversation so it gets an occasional pat. A live audience that's always going to be in for the jokes same as the guests doesn't hurt either.
> Scottish, charming, confident and not too serious

Gee, I wonder why he's knee deep in pussy
Confident, smart, charming, and funny. He's pretty much an ultra-chad except he doesn't have to rely on his looks.
I remember when he was in Red Dwarf.

>James Gunn makes fun offensive pedo jokes 10 years ago, carer gone
>Dan Harmon with a history of abusing women and being an dirtbag in general video arises of him simulating a rape of a toddler, nothing happens

How does the mad lad do it
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the hollywood guys that publicly came out in support of a guy for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl was fucking weird.
>nothing happens
The media hasn’t blown it up nor has Dan apologized to bring it attention.
Because unlike Gunn, his sordid history won't cause any brand damage. The Mouse was forced to fire Gunn because you can't have a person with pedo allegations working at a family-friendly company.
Pretty embarrassing how alt right manbabies are acting exactly like those dang SJWs they hate so much. Proof horseshoe theory is correct.
Dan is a beacon of honesty even if he's a dick to everyone.

Unlike 90% of celebs who keep shit hidden, he basically has a show about him fucking mannequin legs and venting his selfish views.

Anybody here a fan or know Janeane Garofalo?
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You and me both.
Yeah, that was weird.
That was a great role.
I sold her a quarter pound of weed in 1998. She was staying in St. Paul, Minnesota for a few months because one of her friends had stomach cancer. I was growing the best weed in the area and I sold it to some close friends who then sold it to others. My close friends would contact me if anyone had a major request for a copious amount of weed - usually because the request was for more than what they had, and other times because the buyer was someone famous. One of my close friends worked at a comedy club and through him I met a lot of famous comedians and also Janeane Garofalo. He said JG wanted a quarter pound and gave me the address of the house she was staying at. I arrived with the weed and she invited me inside and asked me to keep quiet because her friend was sleeping. She motioned for me to sit on the couch and she pulled a bong from behind the recliner she was sitting in. We smoked some of my weed and she said it was "pretty good". She then told me the entire backstory about her and her friend and her friend's cancer. She was almost crying during the entire monologue then she broke into tears and asked if it was ok if she only paid 2/3rds of what we agreed on because she was getting short on cash because she was helping her friend. I told her I needed the full amount just to break even (a lie). She then stopped sobbing and said "Jesus man, you're cold". She threw the wad of cash on my lap and told me to leave. I counted the money and she was yelling at this point saying "YES IT'S ALL THERE, GOD". I counted the full amount but I counted it a second time just to spite her. Then I left for my friends house and he laughed when I told him what happened. We both agreed that JG was cut off from getting any more weed. In retrospect her friend probably didn't even have cancer.
That's crazy.

File: Spy-Movies.png (818 KB, 780x485)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Espionage and counterintelligence is one of the most despicable things out there. And yet entertaining business propaganda show it to the kids as honorable duty. Why?
Teen Agent.
File: Paige.jpg (106 KB, 1335x794)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Baby Geniuses
The Parent Trap

apart from fucking up the rebellion against cylon collaborators this guy did absolutely nothing wrong
One of the rare good guys on the show.

File: Cyril6.jpg (37 KB, 576x431)
37 KB
>aging pills
Just what the fuck were they thinking?

gwumpfy drumphy wumpf!! grrrrooonnnallld grommmf!!!
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>pretty decent shape
Unemployment finally hit bottom after dropping 8 straight years, but wage growth has been negative for a decade. Economy has a long fucking way to go.
>popular shows should be cancelled
why hasn't NBC hired you yet?
It's not like Trump is taking some bold principled stand against the FBI. He changes his mind literally every fucking day about whether they're lying or not. And he fucking hired them and refuses to fire them. If he thinks they're lying why isn't he doing anything about it?
>crowd gasps in anticipation
>crowd starts to clap uncontrollably
>"w...Wait... stop clapping..."
>clapping gets louder
>clapping is so loud that the glass background shatters
>by this point the clapping turns into synchronized shock waves which create eartquake and destroys whole city block
>100 years later locals reports that wind sometimes whispers something which sounds like:

File: Rodan.png (283 KB, 850x351)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
It's looking like the king is back in full form along with both rodan & mothra let's hope they stay true to the spirit of the originals based on the announcement trailer I'd say they nailed the feel showa and heisei while feeling like something new

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My personal picks:
The original Gojira from 1954
Return of Godzilla
Godzilla vs Biollante
Others may pick other movies, however.
File: 3820287_orig[1].jpg (294 KB, 600x382)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Sorry, Tokyo SOS are best.
File: grinder.webm (2.92 MB, 600x400)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
The one who is sensitive to bagpipes or taiko drums.
Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla is pretty good. I remember as a kid when Anguirus jaw was almost torn off with blood gushing out, it really triggered me as a kid.

File: Screenshot (23).png (863 KB, 1920x1080)
863 KB
863 KB PNG
Paul Rudd has a very special message to all his Indian Fans
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Learn to use a toilet you smelly currymunching human filth, i've been in this shithole of a country for 2 hours and my nostrils are already on fire.
Jesus Christ Paul, did Raimi write this speech?
It's still a different time
Just put the poo in the loo, simple as
thank you mr.rudd
i want to say thanks to you

File: USS_Veracruz.jpg (68 KB, 849x463)
68 KB

"Utopia as a goal is like the fire in a nuclear engine. Utopia in practice is stagnation; it's dry rot; eventually it's death. Which is precisely where we find the United Federation of Planets a few centuries after the last Age of Discovery."

Humanity has become complacent, and many worlds have left the Federation because of its Human-centric nature. Starfleet is stretched thin and many of its ships are outdated. A new enemy called the Scourge attack and destroy the USS Sojourner and two colony worlds. The only survivor is Lieutenant Commander Alexander Kirk. The authorities refuse to believe his story, a state of affairs that causes Vulcan, Bajor, and Betazed to leave in disgust at the corruption of the UFP, leaving it with only twenty systems under its control.

The Ferengi become the dominant power in the galaxy, and make money by spreading the Bajoran religion and making Bajor into a major place of pilgrimage. The Vulcans reunify with the Romulans. The Cardassian and Klingon societies have evolved into more mystical and less warlike cultures, though the Klingon Empire is expanding once more (but they are still on good terms with the Federation).

Admiral Nelscott commissions a new USS Enterprise to return the Federation to its goal of going boldly, but with the ulterior objective of finding the Scourge. After its captain and first officer are killed, Commander Kirk (third-in-command) is promoted to captain of a crew of four hundred.
Ferengi as the dominant power is a fucking trash storyline
Was Kirk going to be a black woman?


That’s why.

The age of white men has ended.

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