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File: drove.jpg (104 KB, 1920x1080)
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Name a more a e s t h e t i c film released this decade.
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you can't actually be this stupid
you failed at math didn't you kid
10 years after new year's day 2010 will be new year's day 2020. Where are you getting this extra year from to make it 11 years??
Never reply to me again, you homeschooled spastic
File: cure-for-wellness-4.jpg (112 KB, 1110x623)
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112 KB JPG
A cure for welless
The guy is a retarded, It's just those stupid mistakes that they teach kids to not do when they are 7yo.

File: 32483248932432.png (490 KB, 933x705)
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490 KB PNG
Is there any reason he's always talking about Donald Trump?
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The only other choice was Bill Clinton's wife, and even he chose Monica Lewinsky over her.
>Why are they attacking the president of our country for being retarded?
because donald trump is the president and is therefore almost always relevent. if you didnt want this to happen then you shouldnt have voted for him
I'm not a Shillary advocate, I'm just saying it's stupid not to expect controversial news from a controversial figure.

File: shawn.jpg (20 KB, 377x384)
20 KB
>oh hey gus want to play detective?
File: 960.jpg (38 KB, 960x540)
38 KB
No fuck you Shawn you cheat
10/10 comfy background noise
The one time I was kind of disappointed in Shawn and Gus is when they ignored the warnings of that one Mcpoyle brother who ended up getting killed, they came off as real assholes.
File: 1503355461792.jpg (25 KB, 231x340)
25 KB
>I beg your pardon? My name is Black, his name is tan, I can't believe you just made that assumption, you should be ashamed of yourself and your family.

>Dream Sequences Make the DCEU Films More Epic

>In the DCEU, dreams have profound meaning for the characters as well as tantalize fans with clues to future events. Dream sequences are windows into the inner lives, desires, failings, and hopes for DC’s heroes. Their dreams pose questions, offer illumination and anchor them to humanity. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman et al are our greatest modern mythological characters. They are the successors to the ancient heroic tradition of our oldest stories. The power of the films of the DCEU is in how they tap into that boundless well of myth. The dreams of DC’s superheroes reflect the dreams of their fans, and only make their adventures, trials, and eventual triumphs all the more epic.

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haha no. on-the-nose symbolism and advertising for the next movie is not profound.
>The dreams of DC’s superheroes reflect the dreams of their fans

fucking lol
can't even pretend to be an intellectual
Compare the gorgeous, transcendent, and thematically resonant Beautiful Lie, Pa Kent, and Knightmare dreams/visions in BvS to the 'le thor take a bath hehe' dreams of its contemporaries

Really drives home what a treat the DCEU films are for cinephiles

No it drives home that DC films are a notch above literal children's fodder from a children's entertainment company. Shouldn't WB hold themselves to a higher standard and put some effort in?

File: blade-runner-2049.jpg (360 KB, 1920x1080)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
You've done a man's job sir.

I guess you're through huh?

File: max.jpg (46 KB, 800x524)
46 KB
Why does everyone talk about every Mad Max movie except the first one, the best one? Deepest and most realistic and complex characters, subtle but much better background lore, powerful themes, beautiful cinematography, great sense of humor, one of the kinoest of kinos, all time.
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The thing about mad max is that there was no "apocalypse."
It's just a world where gas got super scarce and civilization was just slowly collapsing.
>i graduated highschool two years ago

Back to /b/ you faggot
I do think it's the best of the three originals but people prefer Road Warrior, probably because of the imagery

The characters in 1 were a lot better than Papagallo and his gang of nobodies. Gyro captain and Humungus were great but that's about it

File: ahs.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
Who's excited for tonight's episode? I hear they are doing a lot of flashbacks to famous cults throughout history
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Shut up Lea.

Andy was considered one of the greatest if not greatest artist of the 20th century. his brilliant critique of consumerism, capitalism, religion during pax americana is deftly woven. He was a master whom prestige only grew in death like all great artists.

Solanis is a historical footnote. Whose celebrity among radical feminists is just purely for shock value. She died in San Francisco homeless shelter and was buried in pauper's grave. Her infamy for her crime is her only historical importance.
This is a pretty shitty attempt at formulating a criticism.
File: joker.gif (46 KB, 417x200)
46 KB
The show is quite terrible, except for second season, and this one

Fuck, the news from America sounds like they're the ad campaign for this season

Kai rules, he's like Lenin
The Zodiac thing is in direct contradiction with season 5 where the ghost of the real Zodiac attends March's dinner party. It'd be the first time that a season has directly contradicted another since they're all supposed to exist in the same universe, so I'm not sure if it's just a ruse being set up or muh feminism is stronger than writing integrity.
Not really

They said that The Zodiac killed people too

Will he be the next to fall?

File: re-view.jpg (22 KB, 222x220)
22 KB
>it's a Jay re:View
time to get comfy lads
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Tfw stopped watching reddit letter memeia because jack has to be in every video now
I found him likeable at first, but after a while he became grating to me, doubly so after I realized that he offers no real input. And to answer your question, in the BOTW videos where Mike isn't present and in the Previously Recorded streams and videos, he acts really obnoxiously and sometimes comes off as a vindictive jerk (such as insulting people, but without being funny about it like Mike). His interactions with Jack and Josh also come to mind. There's a few times where he insults them without a hint of irony or comedy.
Jay is a pretentious fuck.
well ive never watched previously recorded, much less streams, therefore cant comment on that.
Ive had the somewhat opposite problem: i really like Mike, but he uses Rich as a foil for his jokes to the point where it just becomes mean. Yes there were points where Rich did the same to Josh etc, but i think Mike does it with greater frequency. It gets somewhat annoying

This is the most overrated film ever made.
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>Explaining emotional concepts to an autist.

It's because she is one of (((them)))

But you are behaving just as the contrarians you abhor. You present no arguments, only "muh reddit"
Moshi moshi baitu desu

Anon sounds like a pretentous pasta spewing faggot but he's kind of right. At its core the movie is missing something.

>we need george clooney
>..but sir, we can't aff-
>get me Turkish clooney
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>get me the guy from Escape from New York no the other guy
File: logan-marshall-green.jpg (147 KB, 700x393)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>get me Tom Hardy
>but I dont want to deal with his method acting
File: russian jim.jpg (47 KB, 605x403)
47 KB
>get me Russian Jim Carrey
kek he can't grow a beard just like Leo

File: k.png (1.04 MB, 1020x842)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>2018.....I'm found eating garbage in the alleyway
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This thread reminded me to start donating to sam.i don't care it $10 a month and I barely have anything left to buy
Glad you support content creators, but you should consider supporting someone who releases more than 5 videos a year. What's worse they aren't even extraordinary videos that take hours, it's him fucking around in his car bullshitting.
File: goose2.jpg (83 KB, 645x363)
83 KB
Yes pay for the low quality rambling vlogs.
People are only leftist because they have no understanding of geo-politics, economics or history

File: the-expanse.jpg (64 KB, 726x408)
64 KB
How did this turn out so good?

I was certain that S2 would be shit, but it isn´t-

Its there any current science fiction serie this good?
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File: cia artistic.jpg (11 KB, 320x320)
11 KB
Why would you waste your precious shill money shilling a show that is off season?
The UN lady is entertaining in the books. She is much more foul mouthed.
Furthermore in a website that is filled with filthy pirates. Seriously, those who don't live in the US aren't going to wait a whole year until it gets on netflix.
It keeps happening!

File: acqwfzeeugsz.jpg (49 KB, 750x698)
49 KB
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File: 1508349898445.jpg (123 KB, 752x1063)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>Us whites need to take the https://i.4cdn.org/tv/1508349898445.jpg as our symbol

what did he mean by this
Key and Peele reference but here he's just trying to be patronizing and failing.
He never got an invite though did he, the fucking bowling pin.
Nice level entry bait. If not, Jesus Christ, bud.
We should shoop it to ask why Blacks commit a large majority of the crime.

File: mind4.jpg (895 KB, 3000x2486)
895 KB
895 KB JPG
>Netflix and David Fincher present "Women are the sole reason serial killers exist: The TV Show".

How did they get away with it?
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Is this bait?
The main narrative of the show was how interviewing the killers and trying to get into their heads starts contaminating the behaviour of Holden and Tench.
The girlfriend part (+ the principal shit + the office relations etc...) was to depict this, Holden gradually getting more and more similar to the people he is trying to understand.

Tench ends out better off because he is sane enough to actually lose his shit from time to time, while Holden keeps it all inside until the very last scene.

It also suggests that Holden is probably a psychopath too, but a functionning one (like a lot of detectives)
more like

>single mothers and divorced mothers are the reason why serial killers exist

literally all of the killers in the show could have had normal lives if the family unit hadn't been destroyed in the 60's
kiss my black ass, Mark
Brudos mom wanted him to be a girl. Kempers mom didn't like that he looked like his dad.
wasn't there statistics that correlated kids who grew up without a dad and suicide?

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