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File: blade runner.jpg (17 KB, 285x177)
17 KB
I want to see this movie but I hate theaters. Why won't theaters just fucking die. Just let me get that sweet sweet blu ray already.

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It wasn't even boring
It was just garbage unlike mad max fury road which was boring
File: 1496738049711.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
>comparing presque-cinéma to post ironic popcorn flick
Just calling a movie garbage or boring isn't a valid criticism
File: 1369427306510.png (61 KB, 252x221)
61 KB

File: 7329404.jpg (182 KB, 650x1000)
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182 KB JPG
without googling...who is this and what has she been in?
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Literally name me one thing wrong with fascism.
>look up
>she's staring at you like this
what do
Assassin's Creed
idk her name
those are clearly nike eyes, don't be foolish.

File: 456462.jpg (38 KB, 399x425)
38 KB
>You...you liked my IT review, right?
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>hating on based Brad
All of his """reviews""" are his worst
people who edit TV tropes
Tvtropes users

File: fatburger.jpg (661 KB, 1920x816)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
Why don't you try Fat Burger from now on? You can get yourself a cheese and fries for 2.95, faggot.
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Did Vince do anything wrong?
He got shot like a buster and I think he maybe died in the 6th movie right or has he just not been back?
he ded
What happened to him? I check his IMDb profile He has no roles anymore or movie
I don't know, but the answer I was looking for was "no, vince did nothing wrong."

File: Fringe_intertitle.png (180 KB, 548x266)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
you tricked me again, /tv/
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white tulip*
September was a cool character
september did nothing wrong
then they went out of material..? or what the fuck happened?
File: FringeMarie.jpg (64 KB, 576x434)
64 KB
>tfw you observe too hard

File: 10_Cloverfield_Lane.png (139 KB, 250x370)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Am i pervert to think that in kidnap movies like pic related and split to drug up the girl and gently rape without her knowing?
we all think that bro, and based Goodman did too that's why he raped her when the cameras weren't rolling
In movie or real life?
in the movie silly MEW would never cheat on her husband haha

File: tommyleeeeeejones.jpg (51 KB, 814x500)
51 KB
>character hangs up without saying goodbye

seriously, how fucking rude is that?
>scene in a kitchen
>someone opens the fridge to get something
>characters have a two minute conversation while the fridge door is still open

I can't stand that shit.

File: crazy stupid love.jpg (143 KB, 736x1090)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
What are some poster cliches you hate?

>supposed movie scene and little headshots of actors smiling

File: witches.jpg (220 KB, 724x483)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
I want it to be good and successful but I have a feeling that this will be a suicide squad level of fiasco.

>obviously not Snyder's film
>most of the movie shot was unusable so it has only 2 hrs runtime
>PS2 graphic

Is he the most overrated actor?
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tom hanks is
is he even an actor?
Syriana, Brother were art thou and up in the air say yes
File: 1461338688285.jpg (100 KB, 682x600)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
You guys DO know he's gay right?
His marriage is a shame to keep up the public facade. Dude's so deep in the closet he's in fucking Narnia.
Johnny depp is worse

File: pobrane.jpg (7 KB, 341x148)
7 KB
when does this get good? currently marathoning the first episode and the cuck fucked this bitch from the bar twice and the training guys called each other niggers and thats it

yyou fuckin tricked me again with your anus sucking your dick right in meme
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Don't get me wrong, I would still DESTROY her neckhole.
Like I said: aspergers syndrome has a broad definition. Wiki is not going to give you the DSM-5 textbook. He might have high functioning autism, but he's more intelligent thus its classified as asperger syndrome. I might be wrong, I might not be, but he definitely has the characteristics of an aspie. He's definitely not a sociopath/psychopath because he does have feelings of remorse and guilt very clearly.

Maybe he's just an oddball whom is passionate about his job.
That's disappointing. I liked the theory that suggested the cat feeding being a metaphor to the development of the research.
Yeah and by that Aspbergers isn't diagnosed anymore. He doesn't exibit other classic aspie traits like problem motor skills.
problem with*

File: basedmel.jpg (87 KB, 731x1000)
87 KB
based mel is back, better run away reddit cucks
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Always makes me laugh, god damn it's great.
Based Mel
alright. why is he such a cuck then?
How is a cuck? Was Christ a /cuck/? He's killing the Jews with kindness to ge back on the silver screen. Use a silver tongue to slay those who have them. Basic math. Then he'll reveal his final form. How do you think the pedo situation in Hollywood got so big? These are smart psychopaths. Mel still has the rage in his eyes, but like a flame thrower in waiting, they're blue until the trigger is pulled. Mel will outlive Hollywood, because he'll destroy it before (((they))) destroy him. He still has to make his Viking kino with Leo and Tom Hardy, then kablow. Holocaust 2: Electric Jewaloo. Don't be naive.
What's the consensus on /tv/?

>Has Mel Gibson secretly murdered Jew(s) and gotten away with it?

Y? N?

Would anyone be surprised if news broke saying Gibson stabbed a Jew to death after traffic collision? But would he be framed or did he do it?
No but he's left people badly injured after they insulted him and provoked him into a fight in bars all over the world

File: photo.jpg (79 KB, 900x900)
79 KB
How do you feel about youtubers making Hollywood films?

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if the shit is good why not? but i don't think they're capable of doing something watchable
Blue Streak was a damn good movie
This didn't look too bad actually. I can't even believe I'm saying this.
Female comedy
File: IMG_8184.jpg (104 KB, 900x450)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

File: ai_poster.jpg (31 KB, 550x812)
31 KB
What do you guys think of this?
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Saw it when I was kid and the scene when the boy doesn't want his mom to die fucked me up and had nightmares and I am scared by death since then. Also every time I watch it I cry.
bad, i like to pretend that kubrick was never involved

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