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Cast them.
it's been done.

Are there any cinematic manga, or are they all retarded bullshit?
File: 1528757426475.png (16 KB, 923x713)
16 KB
>cinematic manga
I liked this one to be honest.

File: T5V9su7.jpg (37 KB, 564x502)
37 KB
what are some kinos with this aesthetic?
The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio

File: 941357.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
64 KB
Is this really how Gucci products are made?

Anon wake up! We have multiple dradis contacts. What are your orders?
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>I'm getting my men
File: 1470778767862.jpg (33 KB, 270x308)
33 KB

>gaetor did nothing wrong!!!!!!!!!!

fpbp they should've fr*kking pardoned him like that traitorous bitch baltar was
File: 1524267672669.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
>mfw I see gayta on my bridge
set condition 1 throughout the board, launch alert shitposters and prepare to jump to a new thread
There are 12 models
Which type of shitposter are you?

File: tlj-luke-skywalker2.png (136 KB, 800x472)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
ITT: Unpopular Opinions
>TLJ isn't perfect but its a solid movie
>Rey Isn't a mary sue
>Luke is a better character now
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>I enjoyed The Holy Mountain
First time I saw that movie I asked my friends if this is how AIDS came to be.
Twilight is better than TLJ and Rogue One
File: 1422417934217.jpg (57 KB, 688x512)
57 KB
>its a solid movie
File: Untitled.png (9 KB, 176x172)
9 KB
>Unpopular Opinion
To refer to a character within a movie solely by the Actor's (or Actress') name is an insult to the actor. Characters should be referred to by their character name.

File: HR-3.jpg (345 KB, 1500x1513)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Cole and Henry Rollins were assaulted by armed robbers in December 1991 outside their shared Venice Beach, California, home at 809 Brooks Avenue in the Oakwood district.[3] They had attended a Hole concert at the Whisky a Go Go and were returning home after having stopped at an all-night grocery store when two armed men – described as black in their 20s – approached them demanding money. Angry that Rollins and Cole had only $50 between them, the gunmen ordered the two men to go inside their house for more cash. Rollins entered at gunpoint. However, Cole was killed outside after being shot in the face at close range while Rollins escaped out the back door and alerted the police


File: IMG_20180611_195821.jpg (138 KB, 1024x680)
138 KB
138 KB JPG

File: common_pepe.jpg (19 KB, 428x368)
19 KB
>the film is a space opera
>the film's score includes passages from the Adagio of Khatchaturian's Gayane Ballet Suite

This has never happened.

File: naughty-boy.webm (2.27 MB, 1920x1080)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB WEBM
post your fresh creations
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File: opera.webm (498 KB, 720x304)
498 KB
Dario Argento's Opera
Is that the set from the Room?
They thought it was a big wolf. Lion didn't live in that area
why did they add this dumbass giant pause button when you hover your cursor over the video?

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Why are they so bad

I just finished watching it, its Syfy so sketchy acting and editing aside thought it was pretty good effort overall. I would have loved a Netflix/Hbo type adaption as its a bit grimm so would suit those services better, also main black guy would have been an awsome Finn.
Karellen did nothing wrong, some soft disclosure even?
What did /tv think of it.?
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>a bit
It completely misses the point of the book. The point of the book was that humans can never hope to truly understand the complexities of a Godlike entitiy's mind. The adaptation falls short in that it's just, "lol, what if the devil is actually just a cool alien?"
Typical second rate sci-fi adaptation, cheap tv production.
pfft that scene when to woman rolled her hand over a table full of marbles
disclosure a bit and normalizing it a bit sure sure

I think some felt he revealed too much n his writings,most would not have realised though.

I still feel a Kubrick version would have been kino, dunno why it never happened in the end.
>How faithful is it?
It depends on your definition of faithful. It's more of a modernization with a slightly similar plot and characters, but the original themes and concepts are still there.
I thought it was going to be trash, but I ended up liking it, especially the ending.

File: 1529235440954.png (58 KB, 1229x1160)
58 KB
confess, /tv/
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File: 1503959519595.png (158 KB, 256x302)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
neck yourself, you tryhard.
Who's this green shirted hippie faggot?
Outside anime, I haven't watched any television or film in over a year. I have no idea why I keep visiting this board.
>>99959304i s this true?

File: DaW1UpkUQAEzUug[1].jpg (181 KB, 891x1200)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
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Did he actually just cut the first panel out of the episode?
Anyways good one Dobson. You're right everyone really is super racist.
Correct, we need to get rid of nonwhite characters
If that first panel is actually a screenshot from the show I'm fucking disgusted, they shaded her head the wrong side as her body? They started the scene with her looking forward, so then they left the shading that way when they reflected her head? Un fucking believable. Just hire a million people to animate it right. Who is the money going to?
don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it don't feed it don't seed it
Sneed polish

File: ST1.jpg (85 KB, 1070x603)
85 KB
Take control, take control of your board
THESE, >>100000000
these are the digits of your liberation
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The 1 hundredth million post...
File: 1529171420010.jpg (57 KB, 640x466)
57 KB
I can't decide between Bane and Sneed so I'm just gonna post my waifu for the get.
File: 1523403793116.jpg (29 KB, 610x358)
29 KB

I'mma shitpost the GET and get banned. Aussie style.
You beauty.
Bane, it is the true original meme. It is THE 4chan meme.

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