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Attractive husky men

(Extra: Post this guy's set)
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Sauce on OP?
Yech, looks just like an ex friend of mine, stopped hanging out because he got all weirdly bitter and lusty and super gropey when drunk, he was like a mini spacey (except almost obese) and I don't miss him in the slightest.
michael mcquaig is cute to me
i need this man to cum all over my face. jesus

File: IMG_1418.jpg (154 KB, 720x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Bi-curiousity is my thing
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fucking lol. i've been exposed a lot to frat culture this past year after becoming friends with my coworker who used to be in one. I've met his brothers, they're loads more personable than the typical millennials I work with and meet in our city. Some of them definitely say derogatory shit about women when they aren't present but that's what guys do, the same way all of us fags here discuss what we would do to the men in all the photos we post. But when women are actually hanging out with them they're nice as fuck and talk to them like they're people.

There are thousands of different fraternities across the country. Only a very small portion make the news, and if you judge every frat guy by the shitty ones you hear about then you're no better than people on /pol/ who think every black guy is a rapist.
Oh and I forgot to mention that my frat friend is Indian. In case you forgot, that means he isn't white.
In case you're retarded, the guy was being sarcastic. I mean he really laid it on thick so only an idiot would take the bait.

But thanks for stopping by and virtue-signalling about how many ethnic friends you've got.
cannot English, sorry.
>Implying that (You) are not a faggot.

File: 07-6.jpg (222 KB, 1500x1000)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Controlling men who like it in the ass
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ITT: Disgruntled tops who cant accommodate bottoms who aren't cock sleeves.

I'd agree that if you're the bottom and you're not submissive then you should say that.
Also expecting to get head is rude as heck. Not everyone is into that.
If you're a woman, maybe. I find it hard to believe a gay man, especially a bottom wouldn't be into tasting a beautiful cock. They probably have some personal issues, find it shameful, etc.
Thread dead. Dom bottoms are a niche.
this video was such a disappointment. after seeing these pictures I was diamonds, but the video is downright awful. its even worse than shit from men.com
It's kind of hard to be a bottom and look dominant.

File: Hamm_Edits_-_059_copy.jpg (464 KB, 700x1050)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
I'd fuck this guy every day, afternoon and night. He is so fucking perfect. Also, do you know if he gives away nudes on his patreon?
You have some really low standards, OP.
It's the worst board on 4chan, and that's saying something, so what were you expecting?
and yet, here you are
File: 1480976115754.jpg (90 KB, 400x358)
90 KB
I didn't say anything about me having high standars though

File: IMG_9894.jpg (66 KB, 539x960)
66 KB
I need more like this
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lol, you think any of these are real? they're all pics stolen from the internet, and those text bars are shopped in.

Is that... genital warts?
Are you comparing us gays with fuckin muslims and isis,
Kill your self
Sandnigger lover detected
Do we have more of this, ist awesome
File: 1501441697089.gif (25 KB, 192x224)
25 KB
Gays are worse than both though?

handsome faces with cum on them
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Damn those are some nice lips would love to have them wrapped around my cock
I love that angle with just the mushroom had of the cock poking out from the side

Hello diamonds.

Literal perfection
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>New trailer for Player Number One has him leaning back and getting his chest 'virtually' felt up by another player
looks like any average white guy slut on tumblr.
Excuse me who?
Girl or boy player...??
As far as we can tell, girl. The avatar/player character he meet in that game that feels him up is female and has a female voice, but the comments for the video are saying that that player turns out to be a guy with a voice changer in the book.

They may change that, they may keep that. Either way, the slow and nervous look Tye has as the 'girl's' hands explore his body is so god damn hot.

File: 596880271.jpg (52 KB, 500x647)
52 KB
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File: 59e35659e26ad.jpg (75 KB, 500x716)
75 KB
File: 1492296748396.jpg (96 KB, 1024x949)
96 KB

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literally who
BUMP FOR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!
literally the thread title
>Not Thomas Sanders
Literally no one asked

Webms, gifs and pics from TV shows and movies
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Yeah but BMS also has the whole college football jock thin going for it and some other hot dudes. They didn’t flaunt them as much as Thad but they still look good. I wish they did more with Harmon
99% of white boring flat asses
He was so fucking cute back then, now he looks like shit.
then contribute something you like, or just leave because obviously this board does not align with your tastes
File: jamiedornan1.jpg (77 KB, 800x1212)
77 KB
every year a new pic of this photoshoot is popping up. it's like christmas

File: sneak.jpg (24 KB, 492x282)
24 KB
porn where they stop using a condom, try to sneak in a thrust, or if the condom breaks?

example of one where the top sneak in a few thrusts without condom https://freeporngayhdonline.com/2017/11/sam-lucas-angel.html
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Official word from the CDC is that undetectable = untransmittable. https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/library/dcl/dcl/092717.html

There is a lot of links..

Here is a good one
mm, I love videos where the condom disappears inside the bottoms ass!
I know this is wrong and shit but seeing vids of guys doing it i cant help but fap to it.
Same here:/

Fuck that's so hot, but it makes me feel bad.

I don't have 5 images to comply with the rules. Could you post some examples of hot/cute politicians?
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Sorry, Argentine!
I was thinking of Fidel Castro for some reason.
File: 1491067875795.jpg (178 KB, 1042x1024)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Ugly socialist. Nigger lips.
He can be my daddy anytime
here's a shekel for the kekel

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
Bros caught beating their meat by bros. Best type of porn (preferably homemade)

File: johnnieglasses.jpg (103 KB, 736x736)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Last thread hit the image limit so here's another one >>1585916
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How much fun would it be to suck their dicks off while they relax
Jake Strong - Alternadudes - "Emo Rocker With Monster Cock"

136 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Old leather.jpg (50 KB, 550x829)
50 KB
Just seeing this thread makes me want to move to Alabama so I can vote for Roy Moore
Like he's gonna do anything about the black population. He'll be too busy creeping on girls at the mall. The price you degenerates are willing to pay for your petty hatred...
File: DQYSfQmX0AExIKR.jpg (28 KB, 600x495)
28 KB

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