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File: FB_IMG_1507305449110.jpg (32 KB, 480x960)
32 KB
New cute asian boys thread
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tickle video!!! thank you ily!
This thread is great. I saved the most.
Thanks you guys.
File: asian-twink-191.jpg (342 KB, 542x800)
342 KB
342 KB JPG

It's this time of the year again...
Post some sexy Santas or polar bears in general.
Don't post any pics with fake beards and stuff.
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File: _santa spank.jpg (160 KB, 600x425)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Santa knows what i want the most...
File: Santa off duty.jpg (51 KB, 412x550)
51 KB
File: Santa off season.jpg (189 KB, 800x1000)
189 KB
189 KB JPG

File: aNy0OOV.webm (169 KB, 232x328)
169 KB
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post pics of yourself so we can help you with your journey!
Looolll a bit too embarrassing for my taste, I'll think about it though!

As much as I work out, I'll still be a manlet though, and that fucken sucks :/ (5'7'')
Hey, some people dig the short, but built look
File: jz86hqw6zj301.jpg (72 KB, 750x1334)
72 KB
File: model-171212-3.jpg (87 KB, 640x907)
87 KB

Ideal Boyfriends
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he looks like a damn broom
an absolute disgrace
that sums it up for me
oh yes bel gris
Omfg so fucking cute.

Hi. I need shadows of huge dicks. Like that one up there ^
will post OC if this doesn't 404 first

Age difference thread
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i see no issue here
22 yr old getting dicked down by guys my dads age btw
Jesus that has been a fantasy of mine lately. Have two hard working business men come home, let me undress them, let them take all the day's pressure out on me
that pretty much sums up the issue

Boots, high viz vests/jackets, hard hats, toolbelts etc.
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File: moi.jpg (25 KB, 394x526)
25 KB
Fuck I need this guy to plow me now
No you do not.

File: IMG_1910.jpg (74 KB, 640x640)
74 KB
Post hot police officers and LEOs
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Well, those two girls are going without their father now. Who will miss you? Your Cheetoh-stained computer chair?
Why would you bring your child to see this? I'm so disgusted by you faggots. Just because I like men doesn't mean I'm a twisted sicko
Yeah, that's how it works. You sound bitter sweetie
welp that's just fucked up america for you.... believe it or not cops in other countries are not like that

Another cuddle thread because there simply isn't enough to go around.

Also why don't you have a bf?
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I held on to my exes pictures for 8 months. Take your time deleting them. But do delete them at some point.
don't take it to serious anon, its my strange sort of humour that is only funny in my own mind. i guess (but its also kinda true) maybe, probably
They give you comfort and even a little hope sometimes but I agree with >>1648809
It's going to start hurting you at some point and you'd eventually have to delete them.
>I held on to my exes pictures for 8 months.

Everyone says that.

Literally everyone under the age of 40 says that.

But you know what? None of you actually want it when it comes right down to it.

File: tomworkout3.jpg (183 KB, 783x1161)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
AKA our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Twunk

Can we please TRY and not turn it into a catty bitch-fest this time?
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Seems like Tom and Zendaya are still dating. Their source is someone close to Zendaya.

Can we not.
ugh why do they always have to date the co-star?
He's closeted gay and his publicist is struggling to make him appear straight.
The only female he has ever been near is his costar.
And she's probably a closeted dyke or at least willing to accept payment to pretend to be his gf for a few months or a year.
I wish that was the truth but those two secretly meet for a year. Their obessed fans scream receipts in every way they can and have a timeline of their meetings and stuff. It seems real and besides, Tom had a girlfriend before he was as famous as he is now & people who knew him from BRIT school (>>1644401
& >>1644723
), insist that he is straight. Don't forget the time he spent with Zendaya and her mom after the Choas Walking shooting ended. (>>1639240

File: pewdiepie.gif (1.39 MB, 400x500)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
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can someone be illegally blind?
I'd fuck Pewds during one of his streams to show how much of a bitch he really is.
blind mexicans
Hell yes, why didn't I make one sooner??

File: boring.jpg (129 KB, 800x1204)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Things you hate in porn:

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You must be a blast at parties...
Good luck keeping your fuck buddies after giving them your explanation of why they aren't real men. FFS dude, you're trying to pick apart gay sex the same way feminists do with literally anything. I can't tell if you hate the idea of getting fucked or secretly love the idea of getting fucked but hate yourself for fantasizing about it.
File: dm.gif (2.63 MB, 562x317)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB GIF

Mm. If this is what simple coherent reasoning does to you, mathematics must bring you close to an aneurysm.

Maybe some women will visit the thread and can enlighten all these gender geniuses on their view on the masculinity of men taking dicks up the ass. Then we can get to that inevitable point where the claim is made that biologically reproducing females have less credibility on what composes manhood than a minority of passive sodomites.

At that point, heads can go back in the sand and you people can go back to living in incoherent world views in peace and, hopefully, quiet.
Video starts with a hot guy tied up. Second guy enters the scene, kisses or touches the tied up guy for a few seconds and then unties him. The cover/thumbnail of the video is a pic of the scene where the guy is tied up.
File: 1500651706880.gif (1.34 MB, 245x152)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
old dudes
facial hair
small dicks

File: 4.webm (2.81 MB, 1280x720)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
Previous: >>1620117
4chan guide on webms: >>>/wsg/957539 or alternative method below.

I use avanti (http://www.avanti.arrozcru.org/) along with ffmpeg (http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/) to make webms.
Avanti provides a GUI for using the ffmpeg tool so you don't have to use the command prompt all the time.
Download avanti and ffmpeg, making sure to follow the instructions included in readme.txt to install it.

Some tips for making high quality webms:
- 720p videos offer one of the best trade-offs between quality and duration;
- VLC is useful for quickly recording a portion of a video, but not entirely accurate, so you may need to over-record and trim the clip further with ffmpeg. Enable recording button in "View -> Advanced Controls". For trimming see: >>>/wsg/957539. If you are encoding a short clip, you can use parameters such as "-ss start_position_seconds -t duration_seconds", e.g.: "-ss 1.5 -t 20" means the webm will start from 1.5 seconds and last 20s. Note "-t" is the duration parameter, NOT the ending position. Ending position is 21.5 seconds;
- /hm/ doesn't support audio or subtitle streams (unless burned-in), so make sure to uncheck the audio stream in avanti and disable subtitles (if applicable) by using the param "-sn";
- quality and duration: the most important params are "-crf" and "-b:v". -crf ranges from 4 to 63. Lower values mean better quality. I usually use 30. -b:v is the maximum allowed bitrate. Higher means better quality. I found 2M gets pretty good results usually, sometimes go up to 10M. Quality tips here: https://video.stackexchange.com/questions/15974/how-can-i-reduce-the-size-of-a-webm-to-2mb;
- /hm/ has a max file size of 3 MB, you can expect to get a 15-30 second 720p clip within that limit but may need a bit tweaking with -crf and -b:v params;
- example of params above: "-crf 30 -b:v 2M -ss 1.5 -t 20 -sn". Result: webm of 18.5 seconds with subtitle stream removed; and finally
- clips you enjoy! :)
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Is there any sound for this, just the idea of someone having a normal conversation with *thwap, thwap, thwap* in the background is really funny to me
this board doesnt support audio streams
Sauce pls???!!!?!

File: cum-on-patio-door.gif (7.69 MB, 400x300)
7.69 MB
7.69 MB GIF
Best Cocks Cumming
104 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where are his balls?
I'm a t girl or a trap if you will. I jack off to this stuff
File: 1312683347474.gif (2.1 MB, 176x144)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB GIF
Long lost sauce.
some nasty guy who's too old to be doing jerk off videos
not sure if joking about file name, but it's a bad joke if so. I think someone just mis typed 'big' and left it.

armie hammer / call me by your name thread
278 replies and 104 images omitted. Click here to view.
Love this pic, sigh
Not just Armie, James Ivory said both Armie and Timothee had no-nudity clauses.


>Certainly in my screenplay there was all sorts of nudity. But according to Luca, both actors had it in their contract that there would be no frontal nudity, and there isn’t, which I think is kind of a pity. Again, it’s just this American attitude. Nobody seems to care that much, or be shocked, about a totally naked woman. It’s the men. This is something that must be so deeply cultural that one should ask: “Why?”
It makes me want to shove my dick into his face so badly.
Because Jews have small, mutilated dicks and Jews control the film industry in 'Murica and they don't want people to see their tiny, gross willies.
same. and obviously not just face

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