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File: fuck you belgium.jpg (225 KB, 900x675)
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225 KB JPG
/his/ but it's 1918
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Well, we might have lost 1/3rd of the male population, but creating Yugoslavia and living together in peace with our Croatian brethren was well worth it.
Im sure Europe will recover from this.
I have been hearing about this meme ideology down in Shitaly called national-Syndicalism, do you guys think it will amount to anything?
>tfw reading first day of the somme book and reading some people actually enlisted because they'd never been on holiday abroad before

File: CnA8jYeXYAAHbWg.jpg (88 KB, 627x560)
88 KB
Why are Italians so shit at warfare?
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With regard to Rome they would be correct, but obviously not modern France hence my post.
It basically was governed like a city state despite growing huge. That was part of the reason why it eventually fell
I am that anon and I was referring to their medieval state.

As the Roman Empire there was one city state trying to hold down the whole world and they didn't really work well together doing that, that's why the legionaries were essentially mercenaries even if they had started out as patriotic farmers
Their pizza is shit. USA does it better
Napoleon was trained in a French military school and fought with French armies though

File: Potato.jpg (57 KB, 500x500)
57 KB
Always remember, no single individual be they general, statesman or Holy One ever had as big an impact on the course of history as the introduction of the potato to Eurasia around 1550 or so.
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This, you can boil 'em, fry 'em, stick 'em inna stoo.
Isn't it almost your bedtime, Shamus?
>le only irishmen like de potato
It's a staple in every single Eastern European country.
This sounds like the introduction to that one really shitty History class with that weird professor that nobody can ever take seriously.
Ethnobotany is a really interesting field of history.

File: nabi-ibrahim21.jpg (44 KB, 370x546)
44 KB
Canaan is accused of 'seeing Noah's nakedness' in the Genesis account

this expression conveys some sort of sexual sin

after that, noah was so angry that he cursed canaan

what did he do ?

do you think he raped him ?

or maybe he castrated him ? which would explain why he only had three sons ?
He laughed at noahs little dick so noah had him cursed

Why Jews?
The nazis could have focused on communists or Britain or France but why were Jews the most targeted during the 1930s?Did the jews actually hate Germany from the time it became an Empire even though most of them fought in WW1?
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File: 1534308326530.jpg (112 KB, 1087x1080)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>big brained board sometime.
>I post on this board one day a year
Could you make that 0 days a year pls?
Hitler was right.
File: 1532739036580.jpg (66 KB, 500x724)
66 KB
Antique dealer here, I actually have the original magazine with that cover on in my personal army collection. Picked it up in a Berlin antique shop in 2003.
Why Sith?
The Rebels could have focused on human supremacists or Hutts or Yuuzhan Vong but why were Sith the most targeted during the Galactic Civil War?Did the Rebellion actually hate Sith from the time it became an Alliance to Restore the Republic even though most of them fought in the Clone Wars?

Why is 19th century French army scandal important to world history?
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because we know the guilty one :
>The French historian Jean Doise espoused the revisionist hypothesis that Esterhazy might have been a French double agent masquerading as a traitor in order to pass along misinformation to the German army.

>The lack of value of the material furnished by Esterhazy soon became so apparent that Panizzardi, the Italian military attaché, to whom Schwartzkoppen communicated it without divulging the name of his informant, began to doubt his qualifications as an officer. To convince the attaché it was necessary for Esterhazy to show himself one day in uniform, galloping behind a well-known general.

>The infamous document, or "bordereau", used to convict Dreyfus had been retrieved in a waste paper basket at the German Embassy by a cleaning lady who was in the employ of French military counter-intelligence. This document had been torn up but was easily pieced together. It announced, among other items, a forthcoming report on a new French 120mm howitzer [Canon de 120C Modele 1890 Baquet] and the comportment of its hydraulic recoil mechanism, as well as detailed manuals describing the current organization of French field artillery."[8]

>In fact, however, the French army had already rejected the 120 mm model as unworkable and had begun development of the revolutionary (for its time) 75 mm field gun. The argument is thus made that the document was designed to prevent the Germans from discovering the development of the French 75.[8]
It pretty much brought down the whole anti-Jew traditionalist edifice in France. It's really quite spectacular.

It would like if somehow after the zionists lied us into the Iraq War Americans started banning all the neocon kikes from power.


Nothing like that happens these days of course due to total control of the media, but that's an apt comparison. Or if after the UVA non-rape scandal all jewish leftists were banned from academia and the media.
How was Dreyfus connected to 120 mm gun whatsoever?
if he had zero connection he wouldn't have been accused

File: augustus.720x0.jpg (55 KB, 720x405)
55 KB
Why did HBO imply he fucked his sister? I'm pretty sure there's no evidence that he did.
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All the HBO historical dramas are top tier, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, John Adams
Unser Mutter Unser Vater for a relatively unbiased WW2 German perspective
The Terror has a bit of spooky demon shit in it but is a mostly accurate portrayal of what happened to the ships
The Terror wasn't HBO though
>fetal alcohol syndrome Livia
They will do it the other way around, too.

I've seen slightly older women get called pedos for dating slightly younger men.
I'm just naming other good historical shows

File: African_slave_ship.jpg (24 KB, 250x175)
24 KB
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I wonder what is it with semites wanting to cut dicks or part of it off
I've never heard anything about Muslims castrating all their slaves.
Fun fact:
You know where the idea of jews being behind the slave trade originally came from?
A book by the leader of the Nation of fucking Islam.

So, the same people that nazis pick as THE model to make fun of for we wuzzing and making idiotic, delirious theories about Yakub and shit, are suddenly very trustworthy when making an off-hand mention that the jews are behind slavery.
>Much better to have them fuck. Maybe fuck some yourself and then, bam, instant slaves for free.
I love this idea of just having sex for procreation, like getting to feel like a man, just using the girl to fill her up again and again.

i sincerely think this would be a good way to live, either as master or as slave. The slave probably gets to fuck more but the master gets to sleep in a bed after
1) Castration was pretty much banned in Western Christianity.
2) Return on investments. If you can't breed new slaves on the ones you had it would probably not recoup the initial investment.

File: Goumiers.jpg (329 KB, 1600x1415)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
So the more common alt question is what if Italy remained in the Central Powers.

I ask what would be if they just kept their mouths shut and waited out the war as neutral.

The Italian Front in ww1 took out 400,000 dead, 477,024 captured and 1,210,000+ wounded of the Central Powers, that is over 2 million casualties...

How would a lack of an Italian Front change ww1 over the 3 years?
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> but those Austro-Hungarians aren't going to make the difference in the War

Really, 2 fucking million of them?
t. frog aka "anglo"
They're Austro-Hungarians. Maybe you prolong the war by a few months, but you don't fix the whole 'everyone is starving' thing.
The eastern front would have gone far better, the Russians wouldn't have enough men for the Brusilov offensive and would get btfo sooner than otl. It is harder to calculate the Balkan front, as the Central powers generally had an abysmal performance there after 1916. In general it doesn't affect the western front that much. Germany would still need to send armies eastwards.

> They're Austro-Hungarians.

They're still 2 fucking million.


Wewuzzery has come to an end.
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EastPole just destroyed pseudoscientists in Eurogene comment section
Thanks for the update, EastPole.
>Carlos for example studied in Germany. And now he sees that some foundations of western historical sciences like cephalic index, linguistic reconstructions, satem-centum division, glottochronology etc. are just BS

Yeah EastPole, its not like youre making outlandish claims about Slavic poetry influencing the Greeks through Slavic Hyperborea or anything. I love it when pseuds try to act like theyre not pseuds.
Still seething that CWC weren't Uralic?

File: nusantara.jpg (213 KB, 1920x1080)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
how different was the society within the "nusantara" region? what was geopolitics like? what was warfare like? how much influence did the archipelago environment affect society?
Bump for interest. Pre-Islamic Indonesia is underrated.
check out the extra credits series on it.

File: Liu Bei.png (216 KB, 605x278)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Whether this really happened or not this event was still portrayed as happening. The Honorable and benevolent Liu Bei was impressed by the hunter killing his wife for his food.
>Muh' Benevolence
This was portrayed in a novel written as historical fiction. It was not portrayed as happening it was in a book everyone knew was fiction called Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Learn the difference between the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the actual history book Records of the Three Kingdoms.


I know
>Whether this really happened or not this event was still portrayed
They still portrayed as an admirable thing for the man in the story doing it out of loyalty to Liu Bei. I meant more of how the author portrayed the cannibalism, since stories often show how societies view what is right and wrong. We know that Cannibalism wasn't that uncommon at the time.
What the fuck

File: Papa Hitler.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
What if the nazis had taken Stalingrad Britain was led by Oswald Mosley the Italian army was good Germany hadn't waged war on America the supply lines could reach Moscow Hitler had attacked the Soviets in springtime Hitler had nukes the Japs had attacked Siberia Russia wasn't industrialized Stalin was assassinated and the Russians were shrunk in numbers smaller than the Germans could Germany have won WW2 in 1945?
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Good job completely missing the point. German economic and war planning was designed to give them the ideal force against the West rather than the Soviet Union. Their little "European crusade" was a war with other Europeans far before they ever considered conflict with the Soviet Union.

Even though plans for U-boats and commerce raiders would be virtually useless to this end, despite the fact they spent a fortune on them?

U-boats are only a single component to the force, open sea commerce raiding was a major goal for the Kriegsmarine. They were preparing for conflict in the North Sea and Atlantic, or are you going to try and argue they were in the process of building several aircraft carriers for control of the Baltic?
Its a good thing you didn't address anything in that post.
If nothing changed but Japan committed everything towards the Soviet Union they would have won.

File: Enver_Hoxha.jpg (35 KB, 440x440)
35 KB
which types of communism make the most sense to you? pic related, hoxhaism makes the most practical sense to me personally
also you can preemptively fuck off before you make your "hurr durr gommunism is doodoo!" comment, this is more theoretical than anything
29 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1536811525464.gif (620 KB, 697x400)
620 KB
620 KB GIF
That's the thing about Market Socialism, communists usually aren't that big a fan of it because, as I've heard them tell me many times before, "it forces the workers to exploit themselves". I find idea this to be retarded though, since under market socialism everytime the business votes to decrease wages so they lower the price of their goods other people benefit, there is no fat cat sitting in his office on a pile of money, the benefits of the market are collectivized.

Yugoslavia failed because it tried to combine many different cultures and ethnic groups into one and relied on a cult of personality in order to do so. The economy itself was quite great.
>The economy itself was quite great.
you should investigate on it a bit more
I have.
File: kádár.jpg (73 KB, 550x434)
73 KB

Did somebody say benevolent dictator?
This desu, especially Thalmann

How would a person with down syndrome do in a hunter gatherer society? Would they thrive or die?
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And schizophrenics too.
There is no sonic the hedgehog in prehistoric times, so they would be fine.
You made me imagine a prehistoric sperg chasing a hedgehog on all fours in pursuit of his totem

In hunter-gatherer society you had a purpose or you were dead. Many people with downs are unable to understand even basic survival concepts, and they look like defective monsters, so they were pretty much guaranteed to be killed off. The thing is, at the same time there's no shortage of work in hunter-gatherer societies. Always tons of shit to do, since everything is done by hand. Everyone had a purpose - probably assigned to them at birth or by the time they aged.

Very interesting topic. There are tons of good lectures and books about this sort of stuff. The fact that the genes that cause these disorders exists actually implies that in MILD forms they probably served some sort of purpose, albeit clearly a unique/specific purpose.Very interesting topic. There are tons of good lectures and books about this sort of stuff. The fact that the genes that cause these disorders exists actually implies that in MILD forms they probably served some sort of purpose, albeit clearly a unique/specific purpose.

It's pretty well known that OCD behaviours have high correlation with rituals in priest castes (e.g. ancient India, Orthodox Judaism, etc.). ADHD could have been useful in war/hunting. Some scientists would even say that depressive personalities stem from Neanderthals having to basically sit around all day through wintery conditions. Autism is of course extremely hard to even define, but we know that autists can become very skilled at a particular job, and could've played a part in various specific roles.
File: 1535895780963.jpg (70 KB, 900x900)
70 KB
>Very interesting topic. There are tons of good lectures and books about this sort of stuff. The fact that the genes that cause these disorders exists actually implies that in MILD forms they probably served some sort of purpose, albeit clearly a unique/specific purpose.Very interesting topic. There are tons of good lectures and books about this sort of stuff. The fact that the genes that cause these disorders exists actually implies that in MILD forms they probably served some sort of purpose, albeit clearly a unique/specific purpose.

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