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File: 1496633345205.jpg (64 KB, 600x600)
64 KB
>with two friends
>talking about the Portugal empire to one friend
>be talking about how it was the first major trans Atlantic empire
>other friend brings up the roman empire
>have no idea what he is talking about
>brings up the "greek" empire
>ask him why he's bringing this up
>he thinks that all the empires are from the same time aka "old times"
>laugh hysterically and so bombastically we dont correct his ignorant history knowledge
I never ever talk about history or politics with normies
>mention the austro Hungarian empire to some normie in a bar
>get met with a blank expression and the fluoride stare
>mention the austro Hungarian empire on the internet
>get 30000 character autistic screeds discussing the inns and outs of it, making me realize how much I don't know what I don't know

Post whatever history book you recently finished reading, are currently reading and will read next.

Pic related is me. Finished ‘Charlemagne’ by Derek Wilson last night, started reading ‘The Templars’ by Dan Jones today, and will probably read ‘The Great and Terrible King Edward I’ by Marc Morris next. I also ordered ‘The Hundred Years War: Volume 1 - Trial by Battle’ by Jonathan Sumption, which should arrive early next month. I’ve been on a bit of a medieval Europe streak recently.
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I've read a few of the Very Short Introduction series. They're usually pretty good.
yeah don't listen to that guy about cunliffe. I have no fucking clue what hes talking about. I find there is a tendency of some random poster coming in a thread and out of nowhere shitting on an author for the most arbitrary reason
Catholics aren't Christian
'Streams of Gold' - by Anthony Kaldelis.

>Politico reported yesterday (June 11) that several teachers confronted Trevor Packer, the College Board’s vice president of AP and Instruction, at an open forum in Salt Lake City last week. Educators took issue with the College Board’s recent change to the course, which sets the beginning of tested material to 1450—approximately the beginning of European colonialism. Several high school teachers said that the alteration effectively erases the pre-colonial history of people of color from the curriculum. This is an especially big issue to teachers of students of color, who otherwise rarely see themselves represented with nuance or strength in high school courses.

>“You cannot tell my Black and Brown students that their history is not going to be tested and then assume that isn’t going to matter,” Oakland-based educator Amanda DoAmaral said to Packer in a video from the forum that went viral. “The people in power in our country already are telling those same students that their history, present and future doesn’t matter.”
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Not sure why that's a race thing, it also means the majority of European history isn't covered. Sounds like a dumb decision in any case.
>parks and reddit
>and civil rights in america
I did this in secondary school, I have no idea why it's so frequent in British curricula. Sucks how it's ALL late modern history, at GCSE and A Level we had:

Germany 1900-1945
Soviet Union
American Civil Rights
Vietnam War
Oh and the Arab-Israeli conflicts
Yes I can’t help but think that these classes will be filled with how cool witch doctors were and how there 100 million two-spirit native Americans.

Perhaps they should start the post1450 course by saying “Life in the state of nature was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

File: john green.jpg (6 KB, 295x171)
6 KB
Lets be honest here, he's making videos for children and beginners at history. At no point ever has he claimed to be an absolute authority on any era or topic.
Tell me, are you more annoyed by an elementary school teacher who has different political views to you, or a respected Harvard academic who's pushing an agenda with which you disagree?
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11 and 1/2, but I'm mature for my age
He is simplifying history and making it appealing to the general public, of course he alters it a bit in the process. The historical stuff you teach in primary school is also made to be basically a fairytale, just so the kids would remember it. Those people then get slightly warped ideas of history, but they remember the general idea, which is whats important. Its the same as most people having completely retarded ideas of physics or chemistry, but the point is they remember the general idea thanks to it.
File: 1518879754266.png (144 KB, 300x301)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>of course he alters it a bit in the process.
>The historical stuff you teach in primary school is also made to be basically a fairytale, just so the kids would remember it. Those people then get slightly warped ideas of history, but they remember the general idea, which is whats important.
>They're getting the general idea of a falsified history made to sound fantastical, and that's a good thing
>teaching a 10-year old all the economic and political factors and all arguments of a single historical event will somehow make him interested in actually remembering it
He's creating propaganda so children can grow up to be good little neoliberal globalists that parrot the corporate line on everything, he's actually far worse than your average professor who is at least only brainwashing adults.

File: image.jpg (98 KB, 505x736)
98 KB
You're strolling through the English countryside when these men approach and ask:
>Cavalier or Roundhead?

How do you respond? Explain your answer.
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Yeah, that.

>implying that's where it stopped
good post

Hi baldrick
File: 372w-104.jpg (57 KB, 852x615)
57 KB
Covenanter, adopt our faith or we'll fail to properly push our goals.

File: Bayazid_I-_Sahand_Ace.jpg (152 KB, 574x767)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>be chad sultan of rising empire
>raise massive army
>bully Byzantines
>get nickname Thunderbolt from skill in battle
>earned love and adoration of subjects
>out of fucking nowhere
>some random Mongol comes and starts shit in eastern Anatolia
>go out with your battle-hardened army to kick his ass
>advance eastward through summer heat despite your generals telling you to take a defensive posture
>get murdered by endless arrow spam
>adding insult to injury, during the battle you try to get a drink but the Mongol actually diverts the fucking stream away so you have to go thirsty
>get captured
>die in captivity
Was he the most JUST ruler of all time?
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So why don't you go reclaim the Turkish genes, faggot
>Who is Shah Rukh
>Roman Empire
Hello, Mehmed. You're right about the rest of it though.
>Roman Empire
Uh excuse me Meqhet, I don't see any Roman institutions in your supposed "successor" state or any adherence to Roman culture.
bayezid was one of the few ottoman sultans, after Suleiman, that actually did well.

Suleiman was the ultimate pussy whipped just. killed his own son mustafa who was pretty much the perfect heir. Then Basedboy only had a cripple, an idiot and the tendies neckbeard with mom issues.

Bayezid had to deal with a weakened empire with revolts everywhere and foreign empires chupping away at the kingdom's edges. Spent his life fighting and was alpha as fuck. too bad he met a bigger chad in tamerlane.

Suleiman ruined the empire and the rest of the succession by not chosing mustafa and lustening to slav pussy. He was the true Just

File: ferdinand-magellan.jpg (104 KB, 1200x675)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Among all the travelers and explorers of history who would /his/ say was the most skilled? I want to say Magellan but he died before making it back home so he loses some points there.

File: 1529441503801s.jpg (7 KB, 250x186)
7 KB
Did you already read about the philosophical and economic concept of "commodity fetishism"???



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkkmGWmZEm8 [Embed]
Yep. It's another example of Marx trying to move the goalposts after someone explained to him how value doesn't work the way he thinks it does.
I remember being an angsty teen.
It´s the central concept in Das Kapital

File deleted.
Modern Languages Thread.
Fuck the mods.
So I've been learning french for the past year and a half, and I just can't fucking stand it anymore. I believe I have a strong grasp of the language, but I don't have the motivation to become fluent.
Should I learn german?
What other language is worth learning?
Chinese sounds like absolute shit and I dislike the culture in general. Don't even recommend it.
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Alright language snob, what's a good language in your opinion?
- Literally any other Romance language
- German
- Icelandic
- Greek
- Russian
- Serbo-Croatian

All much more pleasing to the ear than French.
t. english
French is beautiful, I only listen to French music t b q h f a m a l a n
t. american

File: images.jpg (47 KB, 380x387)
47 KB
Were they ancient Finns?
Mongoloids all the same, what difference does it make?
The guys in the top left in Finland? Yeah.
File: 1316054411655.jpg (197 KB, 1920x1088)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Lots of famous cultures started in river valleys
The Nile, Euphrates, Indus and Yellow to name a few.
Serious Q his was the Volga River the origin of Northern European cultures like Germans and Russian
It was barely a culture. Just primitive hunter gatherers that became more violent than other groups and developed deadly diseases.
Check Eurogenes blog Davidski is promoting Indo-Uralic again

Why are white supremacists so chronocentric?
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File: unnamed.jpg (24 KB, 410x359)
24 KB
File: 1486282991984.png (49 KB, 211x300)
49 KB
Nice try Chaim, get the fuck out.
I love reading about the bar khokba revolt just to picture the legions operating in cohorts, roaming around and purging the absolute fuck out of judea
Wow what's the price of bitcoin in 12018 AD, anon?

File: 1528738173744.jpg (38 KB, 411x440)
38 KB
Anyone else just kinda want to die, just to see what happens after that? Like, is there an afterlife?
File: 8218iBEAE12A7A45C909D.jpg (2.31 MB, 3888x2592)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
Here you go
Black is still something. Oblivion destroys everything.

File: josephine.jpg (89 KB, 365x659)
89 KB
I would appreciate it greatly
File: josephine relaxing.jpg (38 KB, 365x500)
38 KB
>Napoleons letters were full of coy erotic allusions to his desire to ravish her [Josephine] as soon as she would come out to join him in Italy. "A kiss on your breast, then a little lower then much, much lower," he wrote in one. There is some debate as to whether "la petite baronne de kepen" (occasionally "Keppen") in his letters was a Napoleonic sobriquet for Josephine's sexual parts. Sadly, the etymology of the "Baronne de Kepen" is lost to history, although it may have simply been the name of one of Josephine's lap dogs, so that "Respectful compliments to the little baroness of Kepen" may have had no sexual overtones. There is not much doubt about the less imaginative "little black forest", as in,: "I give it a thousand kisses and wait with impatience he moment of being there." Somewhat unromantically these letters were often signed "Bonaparte" or "BP" just like his orders. "Adieu, woman , torment, joy, hope and soul of my life, whom I love, whom I fear, who inspires in me tender feelings which summon up nature and emotions as impetuous and volcanic as thunder", is an entirely representative sentence from one of them.
Anecdotes about them are also welcome
A young Marie Antoinette in hunting attire.
File: antoinette flower.jpg (39 KB, 300x504)
39 KB
There is one record of Marie accompanying a hunt which ended in complete dissapointment and boredom but for one attendee Marie was the highlight.
>"After the hunt the Royal party adjourned to the pavillon, where refreshments were prepared, and where the Noblesse paid court to their superb Queen, who stood amongst the glittering throng like the brightest planet surrounded by lesser stars."
>“an Imperial model of female beauty: rich and royal were her charms.”
>“entitled to the epithet of the Queen of Women, and une belle parmi les belles.”

Was he really that great of a man, or are Americans blind? Seems pretty mediocre to me, only good trait he has is resiliency.
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>Literally no one offered him a crown
No one thinks they literally did, but there's no doubt he had enough popular support to basically do anything he wanted and chose to respect the ideals of democracy.
Just a bleep on the historical radar DESU

O rly?

Shitty tactician, great (grand) strategist. He won the fucking war.

Wait, nvm....second part of your post basically says the same thing. I suck cocks.
>the greatest government on Earth

File: 25587.jpg (19 KB, 318x277)
19 KB
This worth reading?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
b-but Churchhill!
>not 'is this'

Is it worth it to kill the English language just so you can look casual?
Is anything?
It's worth reading if you're an ameriboo like churchill

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