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How America won Cold War? Is the fall of Soviet Union inevitable?
>US make big bomb
>USSR make bigger bomb
Brain hurt too much work
no, they just kept endebting themselves trying to outperform the capitalist side even though their sistem was not compatible with it
Afghanistan won the cold war
I love the history of the cold war
Like a tug of war between two giants in the sky, that could end in annihilation of humanity were one of them provoked
It wasn't a real war, though it clearly caused misery for everyone attributed to a war happening.
Nations fall and rise every so often, it wasn't surprising it fell, especially considering how authoritarian it acted before Gorbachev, not that Russia has really ever been non-authoritarian.

File: Westmoreland.jpg (12 KB, 220x275)
12 KB
What went wrong?
He failed to gain the West more land
prime example of what happens when you focus on tactical military victories to the detriment of the overarching political objectives
Going after body counts was a terrible plan
the war itself was pointless, and unwinable, all to prop up a corrupt and unpopular state that was probably unsustainable.

The real issue was that the Vietnamese were utterly committed to victory at any cost, America was not, nor should it have been.

Is there any other place that has such a consistently depressing history? It feels like everything that could have ever gone wrong for the Congo, did, hell even the Kingdom of Kongo had a depressing history.
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Morocco is another depressing one. I'd definitely call them a historical underperformer since they have considerably more arable land than other Maghreb states and have a very strategically favorable position. Yet Moroccan history is just a bar fight with people getting punched in the face until they get knocked to the ground, then through a herculean effort getting up again just to fight more. They just couldn't go two generations without a civil war.

>help Americans become independent
>have a revolution to become a republic just like America
>cheap ass Americans behave like their Anglo Saxon father, refuse to pay debts by using a shitty lawyer excuse
>Sperg out and start demanding war against France
>Abigail Adams literally calls french a "detestable people"

Why were Americans such ingrates
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>Why are Americans such ingrates
Because the French are an incredibly unlikeable people.
I wonder how many people who post stuff like this actually know what happened at Dunkirk?
Hint: there weren't only British forces on the boats and they didn't stay in England.
Lol no they don't you lying French fuck. The Germans gassed six million Jews within living memory and they're still far more liked than you, by some estimates they're the most liked country in the world.
A french victory

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 301x167)
7 KB
How hard would it be to form a new nation.
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File: Indian Reservations.png (250 KB, 884x582)
250 KB
250 KB PNG

>Australia would object due to mining material

It probably would, and so the idea is unlikely to be realised. However, if you were to try and claim land from an already existing state, taking the driest least minerally rich land in Australia, or the coldest region of Siberia would be the least likely to cause a reaction in my opinion. Of course, my assumption in these cases is that the countries losing territory would invade your new nation, not for economic reasons, but merely so as to not lose face.

>If a minority can declare independence, it'll usually occupy the whole country

No? There are already semi-autonomous Amerindian nations in the contiguous USA, you'd just need to extend these states from autonomous
regions to fully realised legal statehood. It's probably the easiest option of those available.


Another option would be that if you found an undiscovered island, you could try independently claiming it. I am unaware of any such unclaimed land however, so this may not be possible.
what is the moral of his story?
How reliant are these zones on outside aid and welfare? I understand they're autonomously governed but that's a very different to being economically autonomous. There's also the issue of the Washington government allowing it, something I don't see happening in the current administration at the very least.
I do agree it's the most likely option though.
spain or ukraine
File: CJNl9TX.png (732 KB, 4128x2100)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
I think a lot of nations in history have occupied land that would have been a different nation in some past time. I wonder how different a successor state has to be from the previous power to qualify as a new nation rather than just an iteration of the old nation?

>Ideal targets would be to break up the USA along racial or ideological lines
I actually think it would be harder to break the USA up along either of these lines than people think. If you break it up racially then we would have an absolute clusterfuck. Ideological lines sounds easy but only because we think of politics in reductionist terms. Most states are politically complicated enough that they couldn't fall in in line with any one ideology which is also distinct enough from the US to case a split.

Oy vey!…

Entire article at:
October 22, 2018

Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake

Washington (CNN)The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC says five of its most valuable artifacts -- once thought to be part of the historic Dead Sea Scrolls -- are fake and will not be displayed anymore.

German-based scholars tested the fragments and found that five "show characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin and therefore will no longer be displayed at the museum."

The scholar said he believes 2-4 of the Greens' 16 fragments may be authentic, but that at least 8 are fake.

In April 2017, Bible Museum sent five fragments to the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und-prüfung (BAM), a German institute for analyzing materials, where scholars tested for 3D digital microscopy and conducted material analyses of the ink and sediment on the papyrus.

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File: 1410059413386.jpg (32 KB, 480x454)
32 KB
What would happen to society if there was a mass strike of philosophers?
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>implying they need to justify their rule to most people
>implying they can't just use Rousseau's social contract meme when they do need to justify it
dumb frogposter
The national average of work efficiency would increase slightly.
We would live in it
Average technical/scientific competency would increase as more people take actually relevant courses

File: pol.jpg (23 KB, 400x299)
23 KB
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File: u0i4yzqvqv311.jpg (70 KB, 734x640)
70 KB
His legacy lives on
I cannot believe this guy is real
Those two girls aren't Ethiopian
File: 1529542084145.png (1.16 MB, 720x960)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Damn that's actually really hot

Societies based on equality are doomed to fail, prove me wrong.

Hierarchy is both desirable and necessary for a social group, large or small.
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Did you not watch the second season? He spends two episodes railing on the naivety of class and how a combined conscious will eliminate that.
the onus of proof is upon the person making the assertion you fuckwit. Prove yourself correct or go fuck yourself,
>King Charles
Who is the brainlet again?
Subjective term

Once Bali from Ramayana Challenged Hanumanji for a duel!

Thia is quite intresting tale and it has been written by tulsidas in his hanuman samwad poems ! Once Hanumanji was retiting Rama Rama in woods when Bali came out of the blue destroying trees ,kiling wild animals and shouting and boasting about what he did To Ravan because he had an ability to absorb 50% power of his apponent if he sees into his eyes, first Hanumanji tried to ignore him but when it was unbearable , he went to him and requested him to calm down and asked him to stop destroying wooda and killing animals , he added that greed has entered his head and he should worship Rama to gain peace again to which Bali in a disrespecting manner should and said Bring your Ram i,ll crush him down under my feet, this angered Hanumanji ,The sudden change in Hanumanji,s facial expressions was enough to change the calimatic conditions of the world, wind started blowing at a very fast pase taking whatever came in it,s way the oceans started shashing the shores with big might tides and animals started shouting running here and there to save there lives , The temperature near Hanumanji and bali started increaing as Hanumanji,s body was emitting Too much heat , Hanumanji drew his mase or gadha and jumped towards bali ,just then Brahma appeared and asked Hanumanji to stop, he was not ready to as bali has insulted his only raeson of life Prabhu shree Ram , brahma changed his plan and asked bali to apologize but blindes by his greed bali disagreed qnd started insulting Rama again, ! Brahma then used his fifth head and came up with an idea ! He asked both of them that if they want to fight ,they should fight officially infront of everyone to which both agreed and brahma took a deep breath!
The next day all the big kings were called at bali,s rajmahal to witness this fight , huge celebration was going on bali was shouting and telling everyone that today he,ll beat Hanumanji and make a slave out of him, all the mighty gods were watching this senerio too, on the other side Hanumanji was worshiping rama,s Statue which he made out of clay, stones, leaves and other things available in the woods! He requested Rama to bless him before his fight , just whenhe picked up his gadha started marching towards bali ,s rajmahal , Brahma appeared again !Hanumanji touched his feet and apologized for his behaviour yesterday , Brahma told Hanumanji that bali is a fool but this behaviour from Hanumanji was unexpectible , Hanumanji being a gentleman was feeling sorry and asked Brahma to give him punishment ,brahma smiled and said as a punishment i order you to leave 95% of your strength with Lord Rama and fight Bali with 5% leftover strength ! Hanumanji accepted the punishment with a smile and he left 95% percent of his strength with the Rama,s statue itself ! To hanumanji,s surprise the statue started radiating because of the energy infused within it and as Hanumanji had innocence of the monkey in him he thought Rama was giving him blesdings! Hanumanji became happy with what happened and started shouting Jai shree Ram ,jai Shred Ram, and he started marching again!
His gait,( walk )was like that of a big Mamoth with each foot producing a basednd like a big rock thrown from a big height , when he reached bali,s mahal he was surprised to see the decorations and preperations that were made for their dwand or duel ! Bali shouted and called Hanumanji in His akhada but to Bali,s shock Hanumanji ignored him, bali shouted again but everything was same this time as well when he came closer ,he noticed that Hanumanji was more interested in all the pakwans and dishes that were being made than the fight itself, Bali laughed and said Hanuman, if you someway some how beat me today then you can eat what ever you want and how much you want ! These words were enough for Hanumanji to bring his attention back towards bali !
Bali looked into the deep blue eyes of Hanumanji filled with fire capable to burning the whole world and ice that can overpower every heat or fire perfectly balanced with each other he knew that he is winner already ! His body started absorbing 50% energy from Hanumanji,s body which was 2.5% of the 5% energy hanumanji had , in the beginning bali was feeling nothing new ,his body started getting hot as Hanumanji,s energy started getting infused in his body , just Hanumanji was standing in a defencive position as he knew that bali has absorbed his power ,just when bali was about to attack ,something happened which shock the whole body of bali, his heartbeat accelerated to a pace that was beyond normal , his muscles started getting bulked up , his chest started getting bigger as a result of which he was having an enormous pain his bones started expanding which was as painfull as something being drilled into the bones, his eyes started bleeding and he fell on the ground , and started crying, yelling out in pain, he was not even able to see as too much blood was coming out of his eyes ,brahma connected with bali,s maind and told him to run as fast as he , can , bali without caring about his whereabouts started running randomly , he really was looking like a monkey with his tail on fire!!, after running for two whole days bali collapsed , slowly slowly he regained his senses and wanted to know what actually happened!
He requested brahma to guide him and tell him what was that all about ,Brahma told him that the energy bali absorbed was only 50% of the 5% energy Hanumanji had during the fight as He had ordered him to leave 95% of the energy behind ! If he would have absorbed 50% of his whole energy his(bali,s) body would have had brusted out like a bomb! , braHmawarned bali from getting into a fight with Hanumanji and from that day onwards bali, was not able to look into the eyes of Hanumanji again
>worst anime battle ever

Perfect Europe
87 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Dat Iberia
Except for that, its pretty perfect. Are those Bulgars or """"""""""Bulgarians"""""""""""?
>Scots, Irish
Kill yourself.
kill yourself french jew
top fucking kek, I love that time but you can not see a more chaotic political map
oy vey!

Just been doing some reading on the Tlingit and Haida peoples, pretty damn interesting. Warriors got to roll in huge painted war canoes wearing carved wooden armor and double ended daggers/short swords, plus whatever traded and stolen guns they had. Tribes had extensive trading networks up and down the North American coast, and status was based on a form of negative debt where you basically threw big parties and it was a discrace for people to not reciprocate. Kept slaves and spoke out against the abolitionist movement. Wtf am I reading?? Anyone here know much about these people?
45 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Edward_Curtis_image_6.jpg (334 KB, 1280x883)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
>you will never be a big-time chief who throws massive multi-day parties where you demonstrate your power via conspicuous gift-giving and patronizing elaborate dance performances
It's interesting to see iron/steel weapons designed by native americans.
came here to post this
File: 1507229759729.jpg (880 KB, 1600x1270)
880 KB
880 KB JPG
and we are certain there are no iron mines or other sources around the pnw or inland? i don't know the geology of pnw well enough.

File: Aristotle.jpg (122 KB, 800x1071)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
How do I start with the Greeks?
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wouldn't be surprised, but I've found this one fairly useful. There are some major figures like Aristophanes and Euripides but it's a good start.
I'd personally recommend starting with Hesiod and Homer's works, to get an idea of the cultural context these works began appearing in. Keep in mind that for most of the philosophers mentioned, that we only have either testimony and commentary from later philosophers and doxographers, and only fragmentary works for the we have surviving works of. I'd add Xenophanes of Colophon to that list as well, since he was an influential theologian.
the patrician choice. booknerds out
>t. Roman mutt
File: 1520300456226.jpg (93 KB, 600x592)
93 KB
>no Thucydides

File: venice.png (1 MB, 1173x605)
1 MB
Ok /his/ what is the deal with Venice
What did they do to deserve hate and what did they do to receive praise?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Venice has a top spot on the list of cuntiest states of all time desu.
File: doge_pepe.png (3.77 MB, 2000x1334)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB PNG
t. byzaboo
They were and are Jews larking as Christians.
Their Jew city will soon be under water which is a proof that justice exists.
>tfw no venetian gondola gf
It hurts too much senpai
File: main_900.jpg (79 KB, 900x593)
79 KB
trips confirm, the eternal v*neto will sleep with the fishes

File: ganshi1.png (82 KB, 225x311)
82 KB
imagine being so beta to lose an empire because of this man
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Hanging people for no reason is different from exploiting populations to death.
That's what you get for fighting Nazi's, your country gets flooded by poos and poles.
There was an Indian Nationalist movement during WW2 affiliated with the Axis. Once the war was over, it was announced the major leaders of the movement were to be hanged for treason. This caused uproar across the country, more than 70 ships of the Indian Navy defected, and there were millions of battle hardened Indian soldiers ready to revolt with something like 40 000 British soldiers occupying India.

The decision was made that staying in India wasn't an option. Everything after this was carefully stage-managed with Pandit Nehru and the Congress Movement for a "graceful" exit
>Losing shit
That's pretty much the history of Britain, the fucks even failed to take shitty puerto rico from the spaniards and one time even got BTFO by a fucking militia armed with literally sticks.
He was anglo puppet. He dindu nuffin. Bose is the reason we have independence

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