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File: Stranger_Things_logo.png (156 KB, 728x400)
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In thirty years when people make DUDE 2010s MOVIES, what will they include besides Obama and Trump?
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This. Even the most annoying memes eventually come back around to being nostalgic.
the great meme war will be a trilogy
only for degenerate leftists
Making fun of people in tight pants.
Nothing.No unified culture in this era thanks to globalism and commodification of everything that was part of genuine regional culture. Flash in the pan memes and certain viral trends will stand out, as well as social media.

File: 1510328893259.jpg (432 KB, 1240x700)
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Did the Soviets maintain a similar level of parity to the US during the Cold War that the Chinese do today?
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>America collapse in days without Chinese imports.
nah, that's a meme. Chinese economy is entirely dependent on being able to export to richer nations, but if Americans stopped getting Chinese imports tomorrow we would simply revert back to the state of affairs from a few decades ago.
Anon thia is bait poating. The United States production ability out class majority of the nations on earth.

China losing the U.s as a trade partner and exporter would do more harm to it and ita economy than the U.S. There is also the fact that China is incapable of complete power projection and doesn't have that many allies who will put up with its stuff. We also have other factors to think about when it comes to a military and that is logistics and corruption.
>revert back to the state of affairs from a few decades ago.
Does that mean we can hardline on Taiwanese independence again?
I agree. The catastrophe that was the Tupolev Tu-144 really demonstrated the burgeoning gap between western technology leaders like France, UK and USA. The Soviets even asked for technology and French expertise to help solve some of the design challenges and were rebuked multiple times.
The Americans made the F-15 to beat the hypothetical super-fighter the MiG-25 looked like. In actuality it was pretty trash and only has the advantage of flying really really really fast and mounting some pretty boilerplate missiles that were pretty good at their introduction. Pretty much every American 4th gen buries the MiG-25.

t. Foxbat is my favorite eastern aircraft

>Isolationism is good
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Thats the fucking point brainlets.
>>>>Dude, stuff would become more expensive unless the dudes being paid to produce it were paid higher wages
hmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnmmmm thats why wages have stagnated for decades, healthcare housing and education are exploding in cost? But its ok return i get to buy cheap plastic shit from Walmart!!!!!! Wtf i love globalization!!
So thats why the anglos had a huge trade deficit against china before 1840. Thats whu china was still the largest economy in the world?
Wages in my country are going up. Like in most of the world. Healthcare and education are tax-funded where I live. International markets can't really help you there, that is on you, a poor nigerian child can stitch your shirts but she can't stretch her arms over the ocean to build your house nor can she teach you something nobody taught her.

To really get the impact of outsourcing you need to look at the plunging prices of electronics. The components for these are built over production chains that stretch around the globe. The people that build them are getting better wages and the people that buy them can get them cheaper. It's actually amazing how fast people change phones and laptops, nowadays. I still have my cell phone from 2000.

Food prices have mostly held steady because westerners, specially americans, waste a lot of food (deliberately increasing food scarcity) and demand is growing worldwide very fast due to demographic explosion. Food prices will stay up unless: people waste less food, population stops growing faster than the agricultural output, or we have a new green revolution that can make agricultural development outpace demographic growth. Still, world hunger is shrinking.
They weren't the lamest but not the same as before. Largest economy in the world? Come now. And perhaps Britain would have stayed on top if they hadn't squandered so much sticking their dick in other country's businesses.

Plus are we still going to over look how shit places like Japan became after isolationism and how shit most of Africa always was because of isolationism? Really?

Can it be said that some (or even many) technologies have been, or could be direct detriments to the average person as well as society at large?
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Destroy computers pls
Bloodletting, did it ever do anyone any good?
It's useful to kill entrenched krauts?

Probably some useful advancements in chemistry were made in pursuit of making it as well but fucked if I know.

File: images (18).jpg (10 KB, 184x274)
10 KB
Socialists of /his/ do you think socialism still has a chance or do you think you've lost to capitalism? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11979281
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take your ass back to /pol/
Capitalism will not survive the 20th century
Capitalist countries feed socialist countries.

If we stopped doing that, there would be no more socialist countries.
Name one "socialist" country that doesn't practice capitalism.

Is he in hell?
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Tyrants can be great men. Columbus was human. He had virtues and vices.
Majority of great men in history were tyrants.

And i would never call him that.
I agree.

So we can agree that the hate on him isnt anti white then?
>So we can agree that the hate on him isnt anti white then?
No. The Columbus hate by the average zombifyed amerimutt is 100% based on his Whiteness. We /his/torians can form our own views apart from the common rabble that don't need to paint him as being entirely bad or good.
>le horsetrainers amirite?

Is it true that Peter the Third of Russia played with toys in his 20s?
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>why don't they make fresh MAGA memes like us Kool Kids Klubbers at /pol/
okay kid

Would it be more acceptable if they were posting about Confederate special forces storming Bergen-Belsen in order to rescue 9 months pregnant Anne Frank?

Quantrill's Raiders, Mosby's Rangers, Forrest's escort company (unironically nicknamed the "Green Berets"), or 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Volunteers?

File: IMG_1837.jpg (269 KB, 1131x1600)
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269 KB JPG
ITT: Your favourite B&W historical photographs
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You never presented one in the first place
Willy hiding his mangled arm behind George
bumping so it's still around when hiroshima unfucks images
>You know that most Jews in the United States supported the Central Powers right?

Sauce or it didn't happen.
I have that same hat. I am also in a burschenshaft

File: 1447551635859.jpg (85 KB, 939x1190)
85 KB
>I've killed people you people wouldn't believe. Kings beheaded with a guillotine in Paris. I watched royalists gunned to death near the Tulieres gate. All this justice will be lost in time, like blood in wood.
What did he mean by this?
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Maximilien was truly l'Incorruptible.
He unironically did very little wrong
Pretty much. Almost everything that is taught about Robespierre comes directly from his political enemies. It's amazing that historians have used that information as fact. It would be like writing a book about Marie Antoinette and claiming she wanted to bathe in the blood of French children because her enemies wrote that in a pamphlet.
Jews will keep Jewing

File: Yemen.gif (170 KB, 1000x750)
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170 KB GIF
>be yemen
>go into a civil war a generation later
Why did these fucks even unificate in the first place?
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you mean unificate
How to get your opinion discarded
>Ancap utopias

If by that you mean that all major oil companies are socialized and reserves are nationalized
Civil war is because Of Americans


File: latest[1].png (2.65 MB, 1175x861)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
how would you save the Empire /his/?
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Rome defeating Carthage on sea proves it was possible.

Why though? Wouldn't they be more useful as allies? The soldiers are needed for defense. If anything I would attack British satellites.

Good point
>Alex furiously decries your use of the phrase Steppenigger Emipure to describe his empire.
naval warfare back then was much less complicated than it was during the napoleonic wars. in ancient times, ships fought by trying to ram each other into smithereens, and rome got around it by creating a tool to latch onto ships and turn naval combat into pseudo land combat. that is much simpler than the cannon centric combat of naval warfare in the napoleonic era.
This is true. Rome didn't defeat overcome Carthaginian naval superiority by having a better naval strategy. They just changed the game entirely. Such a thing wasn't possible for Napoleon.

File: ethical conundrums.png (290 KB, 688x815)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Well, /his/, is it?
Yes to all of those.

On 27 May 1817, the body of a murder victim - 20-year-old Mary Ashford - was found in a flooded sandpit at Erdington, a village lying five miles outside of Birmingham in England. Exactly 158 years afterwards to the very day and hour of the Ashford murder, history repeated itself in a most brutal and chilling way when 20-year-old Barbara Forrest was strangled and left in the long grass near to the children's home in Erdington where she was employed as a nurse. This may seem nothing more than a coincidence, but more intriguing similarities and parallels between the two murders came to light when the police were investigating the Barbara Forrest murder.

As a police archivist officer read through the Ashford murder of 1817 he shook his head in disbelief. Whit Monday had been on 26 May both in 1817 and 1975 - the year of the Barbara Forrest murder. Like Ashford, Barbara Forrest had been raped before being murdered and both victims were found within 300 yards of one another. Ashford and Forrest shared the same birth date, and the coincidences didn't stop there. Both girls had visited their best friend on the evening of the Whit Monday to change into a new dress for a local dance party. After each murder a suspect was arrested whose name was Thornton, and in both instances, this Mr Thornton was charged with murder but subsequently acquitted.
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Somebody should put up a warning for 158 years on the future
Reminds me of when the SK corruption scandal was blowing wide open and /pol/ was blaming "Korean crypto-Jews". Because even if it's not Jews, it's Jews.
Good song
>Someone posts a funny picture with a jew relating to the coincidence meme

>Decide to sperg out, shit myself and call the local authorities about a possible British Natz-sie plotting to soah me for the 12th time this week.
>Go on youtube and comment under the Swiss national anthem about the Jew gold
>Post on Jewbook about how Israel is the only democracy in Israel
>Like Mossad page, they are totally badass because they use the smallest caliber pistols to execute goy children-i mean terrorists

Are there any historical examples of technocratic societies?
Where engineers were largely in charge of production/economic initiatives/governance?
18 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>t. brainlet, the post
Those are the people you want to write your laws, desu. It's a competition between those that want to make a system exploit-proof and the people that want to exploit the system - both of these people need to be good at finding potential for exploitation.
FPBP Engineer rulership
He undoubtedly failed at managing the crisis of depressio but to call him clueless is simply wrong
By your logic all 20th century socialist countries were technocracies. Tbh that wouldnt really be wrong as all heavily utilized central planning, delegating to experts etc etc. abd all the accompanying benefits and problems of these methods

File: imgs_touch.jpg (112 KB, 1024x327)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Recently I have become fascinated by the Aztecs and would like to learn more about them from non-meme sources.
I am asking you, /his/, to provide me with directions to quality literature/documentaries about them. Even the most normie-beginner-tier stuff would do, since I know next to nothing about Mesoamerica anyway.
I am especially interested in their mythology/religion and general culture. Something about their warfare would be a nice bonus.

P.S. If there are any works about elements of their religion/culture surviving to this day as actual day-to-day practices, I'd be very interested as well.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Check out Broken Spears, it's a book with plenty of first-hand accounts from both sides of the spanish-aztec encounter.
If you want the Aztec perspective:
>The Broken spears : the Aztec account of the Conquest of Mexico
If you want the various Aztec rituals
>Representing Aztec ritual : performance, text, and image in the work of SahagĂșn
have you seen news from Mexico lately
Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion
by James Maffie

This is the only book you need
Sounds fascinating, I will sure check it out. Thank you.

Many thanks. This Broken Spears one seems to be /his/-favorite so far.

No, I have not. Do elaborate or be so kind to provide sources to aforementioned news in English, (alternatively in Czech/Slovak, German or Russian) if possible, since my Spanish is sub-par and I won't be able to properly understand original sources while google-translate could be quite inadequate at times.

That's quite a statement! Is this book that good? I will check it out, thanks.

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