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File: mfw.jpg (14 KB, 251x242)
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No, it didn't. In fact, Europe's arguably most fruitful period (the Renaissance) was entirely based upon reinterpreted/discovered texts of the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans (who were Pagan).
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>Nuh uh no it didnt have anyghing to do with Christianity
>Have you heard about the Islamic Golden Age that totally had something to do with islam
First of all, what do you mean by "building"? It's culture, e.g. art, science, architecture, etc? Because if you mean that, cultures aren't simply built. They are influenced.
Western culture has lots of influence from both paganism and Christianity. For example, Christian scholars appreciated the philosophers of antique, especially Aristotle.
I think the whole Christianity vs Paganism argument is a bit silly, because culture is never found on one thing only. It slowly builds itself during the time of hundreds of years.
Yeah, like France, Austria, UK, Italy... All very protestant

>inb4 Britain is protestant
Anglicanism has more in common with catholicism than with protestantism
File: diable giotto.jpg (178 KB, 800x734)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
> Lack of realism is the reason why the middle age is bad
Degenerate like you belong on the cross, renaissance is a fucking meme, it's a christian appropriation of ancient art, nothing else. If you think any renaissances (wich they are many) have nothing to with christian mindset, then you are a fucking retard, you should probably quit /his/ and start reading books.
File: ijj1aSW.png (22 KB, 485x443)
22 KB
>pagan religion means having more than 1 god

File: spanish civil war.png (364 KB, 769x531)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Hey lads, I want to know your general thoughts on the Spanish Civil War of the 1930's. Any good books on the Falangist side? What if Catalonia managed to survive? What if Primo de Rivera survived?
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If Catalonia managed to survive, it wouldn't be too different from the soviets, in practice. Central planners were taking over already, because worker co-ops deliberately avoided producing taxable surpluses to provide government services (they raised their own wages, leaving no profits to the co-op as an entity) and because unemployment and dissent was too big a deal that they turned to forceful employment and re-education.
File: DPyBBvTWsAAezxv.jpg (26 KB, 600x485)
26 KB
>We men of cold politeness
>Shall never melt into that kindness of yours
>No matter how we try
I have his album on my phone despite being a sympathist to the Falangists (not Franco).
saddens me everytime
Thats communist propaganda done to justify them killing anarchists

File: 20180425_085334.jpg (3.22 MB, 4032x3024)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
What are your guys' experience with them? Accurate or what? I'm reading pic related currently and its pretty good.
Penguin are just the publishing house. They have high standards but they have published some controversial books (eg. Guns, Germs and Steel). You need to look at the individual reviews.
To be honest I take the approach that if it's Penguin than if it's probably worth reading, albeit sometimes to just find out why its wrong.

File: images (95).jpg (11 KB, 232x217)
11 KB
>Tell me about it's history

>Would it be better if the borders respected Ethnic lines

File: paris.jpg (34 KB, 399x254)
34 KB
What were the worst performing armies during ww2? The French? The Italians? Norwegians?
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Yes, better than yours.

French SUCKBALLS in WW2! Period!
Without British and America's hand-holding, your tiny-puny "Free French Forces" are NOTHING! Frenches didn't just surrender in "motherland" but also surrendered in your colonies. Your quibbling can't save you. They or (You) should be ashamed instead of bragging about it, imbecile.
File: 1512528387964.jpg (4 KB, 211x239)
4 KB
File: 1511546189387.png (215 KB, 500x812)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Italians or Chinese are my picks. The Italians blundered just about every invasion or major offensive operation during the war, while the Chinese hung onto a thread until the very end.
spotted the limey
The Danes obvious, they managed to defeat themselves before any real engagement with the Germans.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
Sup /his/ I'm interested in Armenian history. I've see pictures of Ani and they fascinate me quite a lot. What can you tell me about Armenian history?
An irrelevant group of people who lived in the cover of the Turkish empires for a thousand years until they went muh nationalism during ww1 with the aid of russians only to get removed and now their existence is based around trying to get the world to feel sorry for them.
t. Bruce McEnglishĂ°sson
This is site is so full of edgy tards
Armenians are actually rather cool. They've managed to retain their national identity and traditions despite being part of culturally dominative empires for as long as a millennia. As I said, I have nothing but respect for those dudes
t. Osman ibn Saud al Amerikani

File: BE082302-P.jpg (628 KB, 1038x539)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
Why do people pretend that the objective of North Vietnam, during the Tet Offensive was not a military victory, but a publicity victory?
When in reality all of the evidence suggests that the North Vietnamese intended to take a large portion of South Vietnam during the offensive, or at least cause enough damage to important regions that the Americans would simply decide to pull out. Not that it was meant to harm the public support for the war in the home front.

In all reality Tet Offensive was a fucking disaster for North Vietnam, and the publicity hit that America took was only a slight relief from the disaster that the offensive turned out to be.
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>America suffers the most causlties of the war up to that point
>Though it was an American victory, the suprise and reach of the offensive hits the American public and the office hard. They don't buy the bullshit that's been talked about for months about how they can win this war soon.

Biggest reasons here, up to this point the general public thought that everything was under control in 'Nam, the fact that the PAVN and NLF were able to coordinate such an attack with utmost secrecy was just too much. Also, the loss of about 16,000 US troops was just unacceptable for an undeclared war that was supposedly going smoothly. We know the US is willing to sacrifice that many people in a war they support, about 19,000 US soldiers were killed in the Ardennes forest, about the same were killed in Okinawa with 12,000 being KIA. But Vietnam? The public just did not think that such a cost was worth it.

The Battle of Hue City was particularly handled horribly when it came to public relations, Hue was pretty much overrun at the beginning of the offensive. MACV played down the situation in Hue but were exposed when reporters got to the city itself, to make things worse MACV had underestimated the PAVN and NLF in the city, leading to more casualties for ARVN and the Marines for all of the US to see. What ended up happening was that ARVN and the Marines couldn't get a clear picture of what was going on so the fighting ended up turning into a brutal, close quarters slugfest. Sure the Marines and ARVN won at the end, sure the Marines had managed to stomp on the PAVNs/NLFs dick through sheer will but all anyone was wondering was WTF was going on in Nam? It was a shitty and sad situation.

>Yes this is a topic that greatly interests me
There's also that one perspective that the Tet Offensive was an NV purge of Southern Vietnamese communists, which did so by telling the Vietcong and Guerillas to come out and fight in the open and thus BTFO a good number of them, enabling the North Vietnamese to fill it with more Northern-aligned fighters.
Not based on the archival research done on VWP / DRVN minutes of meetings; nor Duan's goal of ending the war in 1968 through uprising.
I did say it was a perspective.

>Tet Offensive fucking carnage for North Vietnam
>Le Duan "lmao keep doing offensives"
>offensives keep getting chewed up
>cant tell him no or he puts you in death camp

File: mommy.jpg (33 KB, 350x438)
33 KB
What is it about Eastern Europe that conduces its' people so much to sadism?

From Countess Bathory to Vlad the Impaler to all the sick shit that happened in the USSR and the Yugoslav wars
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Because every human life in the Eastern Europe was and is expendable
File: images (4).jpg (21 KB, 300x400)
21 KB
>Securing absolute authority over your realm and scaring the shit out of your arch enemies isn't a great purpose
>eternal youth/beauty isn't a great purpose
>Countess Bathory
>Vlad the Impaler
>Yugoslav wars

Testosterone and wide face is linked to violence, guess who was wider face. East Euros or West Euros?

Btw. Brachycephalic skull means more intelligence.
It wasn't slavs that colonised, opressed and genocided other people. It was West Euro greed.

File: 1511001452892.jpg (103 KB, 620x546)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
When people talk about "Western values" what year are they referring to?
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nobody on this fucking thread has brought up a fucking year because none of these undiagnosed autists carefully read op
More like OP phrased his question in a completely autistic and unanswerable way, and the repliers are having an interesting conversation more or less related to the OP while still disregarding the autisticity of the question.
File: 1503957454050.jpg (69 KB, 630x458)
69 KB
>still being Christian
Being a altruistic pathological moralfaggot cuckold.
Liberty, Individualism, Equality under the Law, Separation of Church and State, Human Rights, Christian Social Ethics, Rationalism

File: Rome.jpg (507 KB, 1920x1080)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
How accurate is this series? And how much of a pleb am I for becoming interested in Roman History because of it?
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Between /pol/ and /int/ you'll be lucky to find a single good threat on the board at any one time. Enjoy your stay.
I got a good laugh at the fact that most of the Romans are played by Irish/British people (Celts) and Vercingetorix is played by a guy named Giovanni Calcagno.
>thread where stormfag posted few pictures of colored statues along with unproven theory and called people cucks is some kind of proof

File: Medina_Tunis.jpg (511 KB, 1563x1082)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Does anyone know where I can find accurate XVIIIth or XIXth century maps of arab or ottoman medinas ?

File: 196711-004-094BB97D.jpg (14 KB, 329x450)
14 KB
Is a dictator necessarily a tyrant? Pic related.
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File: Pedro II.jpg (3.48 MB, 2892x3880)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB JPG
This faggot destroyed Rome
Both him and Sulla
File: 1519090556191.jpg (38 KB, 798x668)
38 KB
t. Optimate scum
Yes, inevitably all become tyrannical.
This is not a bad thing.
It is the unique benefit that trumps other forms of government.

File: snoop_and_akshay.jpg (111 KB, 650x450)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
How did black music and urban culture become so globally popular even pajeets are into the hip hop scene
RnB are also quite popular

>In b4 it's da joos
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File: 1518870528220.jpg (46 KB, 600x899)
46 KB
First there's a mainstream norm that nothing can compete with. Then comes a small independent group. For that group to strive they must either put do the main, or do something else better.
So you make something and say it's better, and the norm is actually not very good. And you keep that up, maybe even challenge the tastes of people in the norm, saying their stock in their ways, afraid of different ideas, I to bad things, whatever. Creates curiosity of the other side. Curiosity creates converts. Converts create more converts who enjoy with a greater fervor

Or... has presented the idea of the dangerous mysterious other from a world you can only glimpse and never understand, but he has a soft spot for you. Women go crazy over that archetype and start to flock. Men follow to try to get women. After enough larping that they enjoy it, the lie becomes real. And then spreads
its not all about getting status and bitches, it just recognizes that its a part of us
>why do people like music with a strong beat
American culture is totally dominant. As white americans are completely incapable of making good music, it's inevitable that the American music not made by whites will be dominant. If whites americans could do anything other than songs about having sex with a pick up truck, they'd be globally dominant instead.

File: Enrico_Dandolo_(Civ5).jpg (997 KB, 1920x1080)
997 KB
997 KB JPG
Why didn't Alexios IV just pay up?
Because he was a childish retard who was resented by everyone including by his own father who literally called him a faggot.
After Crusaders were dumb enought to listen to his pleads of puting him in power in Constantinople and succeded, everything went to shit... His decadent lifestyle and incopetence led greeks populace to hated him, Roman nobles hated him, Crusaders hated him, God hated him and so Roman nobles decided to strangle him and put anti-western rival emperor into power and that's when shit hits the fan.
He was Greek

Historically speaking, is Essex basically England's equivalent of the American South?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

OP did state England. In which case the North is probably the best analogue.
Probably depends on where you are sitting. From up here in Scotland most seem to feel wales is the most irrelevant.
Doesn't really fit though. in terms of poverty and shittyness to live in it's probably cornwall. It's unclear what exactly typifies the "American South"
I guess, however does the north of England not have the lowest average income in the UK? Its also less ethnically diverse, more rural and the people are 'rougher' than other parts of england
I live in the north and there's an absolutely massive difference between the cities and rural areas. Most of the little towns and villages all over the north are extremely affluent. Then in contrast you have shitholes like Middlesborough. Like you said, it's more rural, so there are large areas of the north that are actually quite well off.

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