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File: IMG_2945.jpg (108 KB, 1920x1080)
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>fought over a hundred battles, most of the time against a much larger Byzantine or Persian force
>never lost a single one

Was he /our guy/?
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shi'a isn't islam you jewish dog
Somehow people get pissed when I say Hitler fucked his underage niece. But people smile when someone mocks Muhammad.
on 4chan u mean? Both of those guys where psychopathic monsters.
Don't forget he was so obese he had to be carried around in a cart
>citation needed

File: 1540185047195[1].jpg (1.57 MB, 961x1482)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
>The Birth of a Nation was very popular, despite the film's controversy; it was unlike anything that American audiences had ever seen before.[57] The Los Angeles Times called it "the greatest picture ever made and the greatest drama ever filmed".[58] It became a national cultural phenomenon: merchandisers made Ku-Klux hats and kitchen aprons, and ushers dressed in white Klan robes for openings. In New York there were Klan-themed balls, and in Chicago that Halloween, thousands of college students dressed in robes for a massive Klan-themed party.[59]

>The Reverend Charles Henry Parkhurst defended the film against the charge of racism by saying that it "was exactly true to history" by depicting freedmen as they were, and therefore it was a "compliment to the black man" by showing how far black people had "advanced" since Reconstruction.[56] Critic Dolly Dalrymple wrote that, "when I saw it, it was far from silent… incessant murmurs of approval, roars of laughter, gasps of anxiety, and outbursts of applause greeted every new picture on the screen".[60] One man viewing the film was so moved by the scene where Flora Cameron flees Gus to avoid being raped that he took out his handgun and began firing at the screen in an effort to help her.[60] Katherine DuPre Lumpkin recalled watching the film as an 18 year-old in 1915 in her 1947 autobiography The Making of a Southerner: "Here was the black figure—and the fear of the white girl—though the scene blanked out just in time. Here were the sinister men the South scorned and the noble men the South revered. And through it all the Klan rode. All around me people sighed and shivered, and now and then shouted or wept, in their intensity."[61]

What the fuck was their problem? Literally shooting at a movie screen because the images on it trigger you? Ushers dressed as Klan members? Why were Americans so racist and bloodthirsty back then?
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Don't forget that the Lost Cause didn't really begin picking up steam until circa Wilson's term (maybe starting a decade before). Following Reconstruction and its quick demise, a lot of those grandparents probably didn't want to talk about it to begin with. You saw the rise of the stars and bars in state flags around the same time. There are also big technological differences; when Birth of a Nation was first airing, a lot of people didn't even have electric power in their homes. Movie theaters were newfangled forms of entertainment, and political propaganda prior to then meant newspapers and perhaps the rare radio broadcast.
Birth of a nation is the film that exposes niggers and kikes. It remains the greatest film of all time

the absolute state of stormniggers

File: 10-46-38-Z.jpg (9 KB, 254x198)
9 KB
Post a weirder /his/ crossover

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Bashar accept foreign volunteers? I thought it was just he jihadists and commies/kurds that did that
If they're with Hezbollah they're on Assad's side.
The short one died in Aleppo in 2015. The tall skinny one stopped fighting and lives in Yerevan with his son.
Foreign fighters tend to get used as cannon fodder over there, so they're probably chilling with the OG homies in the grave.

File: Kosovo_rep_en.png (47 KB, 824x913)
47 KB
Redbull me on Kosovo. Was it really mostly Serbian before the 20th century? How did Albanians take over?
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Kosovo was literally heartland of medieval Serbia.
To answer OP, Albanian population slowly grew and Serbs were partly Albanized. Later in 19th century Serbs were subject to various massacres and expulsions which further increased Albanian presence. Later a lot of migration was due to economic reasons, in addition to Albanian hostility.
Of course, Albanians weren't treated that great either when we were in position to fuck them up.
oh wow
Fun fact:
Kosovo was part of Bulgaria longer than it was in Serbia.

Pretty much this. Also Albanians were getting angry about Serb rule in Yugoslavia so there was some small scale riot or something. But Milosevic used this as a propaganda tool and excuse to tighten Serb rule in Kosovo to 'protect the Serb population.' When Kosovo tried again to break away in the late 90s Serbia chimped out again and started to terrorize citizens, closing schools that were already segregated Albanian-only schools (forced on the population by the Serb Yugoslav government), and paramilitary stuff until NATO btfo'd them.

Currently, the Serbian Orthodox Church wants to keep Kosovo part of Serbia because the Metohia region of Kosovo has a bunch of old churches and the Church holds a lot of political power in Serbia. Also just generally a national mythology pride thing.
It rightfully belongs to the United States

File: p0356ylf.jpg (100 KB, 480x720)
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100 KB JPG
Were there any real life "badass priests" who existed? Pls no pedophile jokes
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>Sprechen du Deutsch? Nein!
Apparently you don’t either you fucking mongrel
based retard
Theres a german priest armed with paper, nails and a hammer who stood up against Babylon in the 1500s
T. City dwelling zoo animal

Id you cut down my sacred trees I will have no choicd but to fuck you up anon.
File: 1502031075459.jpg (195 KB, 600x600)
195 KB
195 KB JPG

File: FnskVlV.jpg (154 KB, 640x1136)
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154 KB JPG
Your thoughts?
How does he compare with Aurelian in terms of generalship?
Much better, consider how much of a shithole the empire was when he took charge.
Justinian didn't trust him. Unfortunately
The entire eastern half of the empire was intact during Belisarius's wars. During Aurelian's wars it was split apart, and he was also being invaded from every side.
Are you kidding me? On two occasions Belisarius lost battles because he gave the enemy the initiative because he couldn't control his own troops. If he were a greater man he could have reigned as Western Roman emperor and truley reconquered the west but he was a pawn for Justinian
Great man npcs need to leave history discussion to people with sense.
The Juthungi were no Goths and Zenobia/Zabdas was no Kavadh/Perozes. From the accounts we've been given, Aurelian did nothing like Dara. All that said, that doesn't make him better. Aurelian has the better accomplishments/success and Belisarius has the better resume. If you're an ends kind of guy then Aurelian had better results, period. Otherwise, it's a wash.

File: 1535165126501.jpg (34 KB, 640x446)
34 KB
What are your favorite Alternate History scenarios? At the moment I'm really interested in Confederate victory scenarios and alternative outcomes to WW2 (besides the generic 'Nazis win because reasons'). Honestly I'd really like to see how the world would have turned out if the Allies had gone to war with the USSR immediately following the defeat of the Axis, it just seems like that would cause an unprecedented level of destruction to an already fucked Europe
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I have this weird obsession with time travel;

mostly "how far could I get" in the past;

be it:
>the classical-era Mediterranean pre-Roman empire;
>late 19th-early 20th centuries;
>Interwar Period

I know the language thing would be a major problem with the first; but all the other era's present problems/issues as well.

1. Militarist coup in Japan fails while Germany maintains its connections to the KMT. World War II involves an Allied Japan against a pro-Axis KMT, also leading to deeper German-Soviet cooperation (though they still eventually go to war). Ends in a return in China to warlordism and Japan as a third camp in the Cold War.

2. Operation Unthinkable in 1946 (Churchill remains in power by further delaying elections)

3. Sino-Soviet skirmishes in 1969 escalate to a full war that includes usage of nuclear weapons.

4. Post-WWI violence in the US is worse, leading to a KKK-inspired military junta to come into power targeting Catholics, Jews, and leftists.
File: Klantreerome.jpg (394 KB, 1186x1021)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
>Post-WWI violence in the US is worse, leading to a KKK-inspired military junta to come into power targeting Catholics, Jews, and leftists.

So basically they nip the source of modern society's problems in the bud 80 years earlier?


Why was it so easy for the Nazis to find killers who would just do the dirty work for them?
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It’s almost like everyone hated Jews for the exact same reason and were using the Nazis as a way to get payback for decades of suffering
It was a whole reich full of fuckin' killers. Hitler was a killer, too.
because no one fucking likes jews
pic related is a book that documents on how
normal middle aged family men became stone cold killahs
spooky image didnt get posted wtf, either way its called ordinary men

File: NewDeal.jpg (833 KB, 1400x1102)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
Was the New Deal and the subsequent New Deal Coalition the only time, historically, when the US had a somewhat decent and sane government?
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The New Deal had a few positives, like the public works projects that built dams, flood response infrastructure, and electrification. The bulk of it was fucking retarded and thankfully a lot was ruled unconstitutional.
>let's make a public spectacle out of moral issues like violent video games and behind-the-scenes fund Islamic terror to do our bidding for us, what could go wrong with that
>set us up on an infinite growth model of gov't with massive public welfare programs
>destroyed separation of powers
>engendered the modern military industrial complex
wow so bsed ahehe
>set us up on an infinite growth model of gov't with massive public welfare programs
dude just import more immigrants that way we always have tax payers lmao
exactly what I had in mind. pretty much cemented the most irresponsible and persistent form of gov't

Personally, Teddy Roosevelt.
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Camillus, Ismail I, and Woodrow Wilson
File: CSc5bM0XAAA8PGK.jpg (29 KB, 540x540)
29 KB
>Ioannis Metaxas
My nigga
Objectively who?
mostly the youth program which he based much of his regime on. it seems refreshing to see a leader care that much about the younger generations.
Julius Caesar
Albertus Wallenstein
Gustavus Adolphus
Duke of Marlborough
George Danton
Maximillien Robespierre
Winfield Scott
Ulysses S. Grant
William Jennings Bryan

File: Jefferson.jpg (11 KB, 220x270)
11 KB
Which founding father made the best president?
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>successful landowner
he had mountains of debt when he died because he was an extraordinary spendthrift who was a slave to expensive european tastes and luxuries.
Partisan politics were inevitable.
I could see an argument that FDR was more accomplished, but FDR was a shithead statist so fuck em
His appointed head of the army was a Spanish double-agent, which likely had substantial influence over many USA-Spanish issues. There were others as well, like the guy responsible for Payne being derided/forgotten for over a century.

The Panic of 1796-97 was absolutely directly related to American land speculation. Robert Morris, one of Washington's top advisors, was a ringleader in the speculative bubble, and James Greenleaf was a personal friend of both. The very concept of forming a 'North American Land Company', a business predicated on monopoly power and speculation, was obscene, and Jefferson had the moral fortitude to reject them explicitly. When their antics (along with all the people they drug into the bubble) became unsustainable, Washington's chosen newly-president Adams signed the Bankruptcy Act of 1800, which forgave all big-time speculators and bankers (but no minor debts of the common people). The fact that it took international credit lines to wreck it is irrelevant; Bernie Madoff operated for decades until the housing bubble put him under, that doesn't mean he wasn't committing fraud prior to then. It was a scheme deeper and more unethical than even Grant's brother-in-law trying to fuck over the gold market.
>successful landowner
>Final authority to begin the sale was postponed by the Committee of Citizens of New York City under the leadership of Mayor Philip Hone and other patriotic groups throughout the country. They believed, and convinced Randolph, that the needed money could be raised by voluntary public subscription in a dignified manner and at less expense and trouble to Jefferson.
>Mayor Hone's Committee raised $6,500; the Committee inPhiladelphiasubscribed $5,000; $3,000 came from Baltimore and lesser sums from elsewhere. The total was about $16,500. This gave Jefferson some measure of relief but it did not solve his problems because his total indebtedness was more than $100,000.
>military leadership was irrelevant to his presidency
>antifederelist is an acceptable characteristic

File: melvyn.jpg (54 KB, 500x500)
54 KB
Hello, in 2003, a young american named Christopher Poole created 4chan a website that would eventually outgrow its once modest intention to be a place for westernes to discuss Japanese cartoons and would go on to be what some have called the most important website of the 21st century. But how did 4chan gain such influence and are these claims justified or is the so-called "meme culture" that it created unrepresentative of the larger society.

To discuss these questions and more I'll be joined by Professor Anon of the School of Humanities, University Of /his/, A Wyatt Man, Professor of Unsourced Jpegs at the University of /pol/ and Long Cat, Professor Emeritus at University of /b/

Professor Long Cat, can you tell us a bit of the origins of 4chan, how exactly did it start...
30 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
imagine getting upset because someone thinks that literally two of the biggest, most active, influential websites have had more of an impact on society then your chinese girl cartoon/place to post racial slurs website lmao

>Congolese had more of an influence on history than Greeks because there are more of them
The BBC would accuse someone of racism for blinking too long in the presence of a non-white, so that's not surprising.
Bragg: "Now when a poster post something on 4chan... he..."
Professor: *Intense glare*
Bragg: "...*ahem*, she would be participating in what we can only guess, as a chaotic form of communication. It is not since 100 A.D. ..."
Professor: *Intense glare*
Bragg: "... excuse me, 100 C.E., that such a chaotic means of communication have been produced."

I still remember that Aristotle podcast. Bloody hell, I feel really sorry for Melvyn Bragg. He's an old man, professor, cut him some slack. I can still hear him bumbling "he" and "her", "AD" and "CE" thanks to that episode.

That said though, after that episode, Melvyn Bragg revert to using he as the default, and using AD, and not being forced to correct himself because of a liberal cunt. God, that episode was awful.
the worst was that one woman professor on the bede episode who kept trying to slyly imply he was a stupid old man
they're not always bad but when they are it's like pulling teeth

File: MY.jpg (172 KB, 1393x2048)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Post your ancestor :)
213 replies and 123 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1522791184705.png (444 KB, 1115x712)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Your Ancestor :)
how could you possibly know that?
Good to see some Armenian posters :)

When Truman created the modern Bureaucratic surveillance state in the 1940s, that took power away from democratically elected officials to a team to unelected officials who remain from administration to administration, did America cease to be a republic?
29 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: F.png (90 KB, 579x316)
90 KB
>Being anti CIA
Literally being a pinko commie fascist against freedom m8. You outta be hanged.
of course, that and the supreme court both have taken power away from elected representatives and are the foundation of the permanent state
Figures a bunch of alt-right Trumpkins on an incel site hate the CIA.
The CIA was never that good at the whole surveillance business and presidents have always been at odds with the agency. Read "Legacy of Ashes" some time.
I’m a socialist

File: 1540205845297.png (379 KB, 764x632)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
>an omnipotent God created the universe
>he then proceeds to not give a shit about it
Someone explain to me how this is supposed to make more sense than a religion.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A dude starts a simulation and then just sits back and watches shit unfold and laughs
God is a part of the system. The universe and everything in it is God.
By God I hope you dont mean Yahweh.
I think god is more of a Sims player

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