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From an anthropological standpoint, is Briffault’s law a meme or is it true?
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Lots of guys chase pussy unsuccessfully do yeah
people are selfish in general

>implying women aren’t inordinately more selfish than men

Not anargument

File: aryan drago.jpg (34 KB, 550x550)
34 KB
What did the average Roman looked like before barbarian invasions?
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Claiming they are all nigger is much worse you can tell they are not memeing about it just straight up delusional

Must be so frustrating to know you are descendants of slaves a permanent badge of shame
Augustus is a ginger
It's a Fayum portrait

File: me.jpg (130 KB, 1379x1379)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>be eating seedless grapes
>feel like a roman aristocrat
>be holding bunch of grapes over your own head and plucking them off one by one while pretending that someone is holding them there for you
Roman opulence is overstated. They probably picked the grapes with their own hands

I have an olive tree and i get the juiciest, tastiest olives in the entire continent, i eat while laying on pool side seat in the shade of vineyards in the nicest mediterranean summer, wearing only a bathrobe to let my ball hang.

Most of this board literally cannot process in their brains how it feels to be this patrician.

How is it that the Bantu people are such a concentrated and prominent group in Africa when the rest of the continent is fairly divided? How did the Bantus grow to such a large size?
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They wanted that big Khoisan booty
File: laug1.jpg (21 KB, 317x267)
21 KB
>stormweenies desperate to create false equivalence between european genocide and a posited expansion based on linguistic and archaeological evidence that lasted thousands of years and likely had varying degrees of interactions across different groups
File: wat.png (390 KB, 500x498)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
>they consider them the same race as whites. The only group Khoisan consider to be the same race as them are Asians, because they share epicanthic folds.
the problem with calling everyone nazis is you start to encourage the phenomenon
what about poltard?

File: untitled.png (108 KB, 315x160)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Make George Washington into a dictator/president for life and make it so that Hamilton's constitutional proposals make it so that the U.S. is made legally a dictatorship
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>George Washington
>Dictator imprisons hundreds perhaps thousands against their will
>Alexander Hamilton
>Short reign but still carries out mass repression against his political enemies.
>Imprisons or executes hundreds of political dissidents, and bans foreigners via the Alien and Seditions Act.
>Thomas Jefferson
>Short lived presidency because he is assassinated by pro-Hamiltonian supporters for repealing Hamilton's worse excesses
>Country plunges into civil war as rebel militias spare off between the U.S. government.
>Hundreds perhaps thousands of civilians and their sympathizers are killed by rebel forces or U.S government forces as the country falls apart.
>John Quincy Adams leads a rag-tag rebellion and creates a Republic after all.
>John Quincy Adams becomes the next president of the reformed Republic in America. Still is declared president for life because of political instability. Rules as a harsh but fair dictator.
>Rules from 1825-1848
>Imprisons hundreds of political dissidents
>Martin Van Buren rules as president for life as well.
>Reasserts the Republic and centralizes the state ironically the very reason why the country plunged into civil war
>Imprisons an estimated 1,000 political dissidents and prisoners
>the cycle of imprisonments,executions,and civil war goes on for a while
>america becomes a russia tier shithole and is usually ignored by the internation community
>until world war 1


Who would win

25,000 Pre-Marian Legionaries commanded by Scipio Africanus

25,000 Imperial Legionaries commanded by Trajan
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vorenus helmet looks nothing like an imperial gallic.
it's a coolus with a wrong back/neck thing
Trajan without a doubt. For starters, they'd be career veterans instead of random citizen conscripts, and secondly their equipment, training, and auxiliaries would be better.
I tend to agree, while noting that Marius was, I think, a better general (not to say Trajan was a slouch) which might make it into a closer contest.
25k cataphracts is a retardadly huge number. That would steamroller any army. I don't think 25k cataphracts have ever been amassed in the same area at once

Its closer to an attic with stylized cheek pieces which werent that uncommon and that iconography often depicts.

/his/, what are your top 5 cultures in the world?
The coolest ones in your opinion, I mean
Mine are:

1. Greek (pic related)
2. Indonesian
3. French
4. Chinese
5. Incan
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3.British Empire
4.The Christian Crusader States
5.American pre 2001
File: 1463528332825.jpg (136 KB, 1220x947)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Are you the same guy who keeps making Roman-China comparison threads?
Nice try, modern chinese culture is shit
The occident must balkanize the modern China.

Honestly, I wish I was Asian sometimes.

They did shit in their history that's celebrated in their culture that would make most westerners go "WTF?"

Like this battle.
File: 069.jpg (462 KB, 1200x1600)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
Coolest cultures, no Olmec mention....

File: IMG_1784.png (499 KB, 750x500)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
On October 26th, the remaining classified files on the JFK assassination are set to be released. Do you think the files will shed light on who assassinated him?
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File: 1508694390633.png (56 KB, 1074x694)
56 KB
That picture, that spacing. You're not for real right? This has to be bait.
This desu. The final blow that knocked his head back came from a storm drain though there were at least 10 shooters including oswald. There are numerous accounts of gunmen at the opposite end of of the book depository. George H dubya was involved for sure as was lyndon b. He felt incredibly guilty towards the end of his life for his part
Mordecai Vanunu and Bibi basically corraborted this. Ben Gurion wanted nukes, Kennedy wanted to inspect Dimona. Obviously.

File: dead baby sheep.jpg (3.13 MB, 4000x2431)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG
Does beautiful art even exist anymore?
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Oops, mean from
I've had enough of these kikes too, why don't you go do something about it?
File: 1289431304435.jpg (462 KB, 1643x984)
462 KB
462 KB JPG

But most "traditional" style artists are working for vidya or /tg/ related companies instead of making paintings for art galleries.

File: foresaken_by_god.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Tried to make this on /pol/, unfortunatly I made the mistake of thinking that I would get any form of discussion on /pol/, so here I am.

Is the United States of America both equally a constitutional libertarian state as well as a Leviathan god of war u_wot_m8.jpg

Internally, the government is limited in its power over the people through both seperation of powers and constraints from the constitution. Therefore, the government, from those who are governed by it, is there to serve the people. Where the real power is with the people, not a government entity. On the outside however. Towards other nations and sovereign entities. The United States is a powerhouse that can not be fucked with. Its Army and Airforce can annihilate entire countries and continents. Its Navy literally owns all of the Oceans, and its Marine Corp can send a massive expeditionary force anywhere in the world within a 24-48hr period.

Is this what is necessary for a stable, surviving nation? Not a this or that approach but rather a combination of both Hobbes and Locke. More specifically, finding the proper balance between the libertarians wet dream and the all powerful Leviathan destroying anything and controlling everything in its wake.
>on the outside
what the fuck do you mean, of course a nation is going to treat non-citizens differently than citizens.

There's no contradiction here, I don't know where you think you're seeing it
>Towards other nations and sovereign entities. The United States is a powerhouse that can not be fucked with. Its Army and Airforce can annihilate entire countries and continents. Its Navy literally owns all of the Oceans, and its Marine Corp can send a massive expeditionary force anywhere in the world within a 24-48hr period.
It's not the country doing it, it's whatever cabal of billionaires and generals currently control the military with the blessing of the media.

Don't blame powerless citizens for what sociopaths unilaterally do.
Yes this is exactly what I remember thinking after reading Hobbes. I'm not too concerned with political philosophy anymore so I don't wish to discuss but just thought I'd say you're not alone in your thinking. I will say though that we're not as domestically libertarian as you may think.
File: 1500958553924.jpg (22 KB, 480x480)
22 KB
I made this thread off of an idea that I had(a hypothesis if you will, hon hon), don't know if it is original or if a thousand people have thought of this before me but whatever here it is.

Government, from the viewpoint of those who are governed. Is a system that allows individuals and groups to live in safety through promoting unity, with the sacrifice of
Certain "pure freedoms", or animal freedoms; such as the freedom to kill, but with this sacrifice, those whom choose to sacrifice pure freedoms are granted to live from
the land of the free to a governed land of safety and unity. Government, from the viewpoint of those who govern, is a means of which to force their will upon others. To
yearn for a sense of control. To shape the world and everything that we(people) experience into their world. The true equilibrium of society, ideology, psychology and economy
is the balance of, or rather the suppression of; the will of those who govern over the sancturary of artificial safety of those who are governed. To bring to and sustain this
equilibrium through the forces of culture, society, ideology, economy and psychology have brought to and have sustained a stable society as a whole.

I feel that the state, or rather Human organization as a whole. Has always been a battle between those who are governed and wish to live in a state that ensures them safety and security and protects them from the state of nature, both outside forces and from themselves. While on the other hand, those who seek to govern, in a very Nietzsche kind of way, wish to enforce there will above and upon others, and so. Human civilization has been nothing more than a balancing act of these two contradicting political philosophies. With things such as Ideologies and economics serving as different ways to throw either side either as the dominant force(putting power into the people or putting power in the state) or to find the balance point between them.

idk I'm drunk, your guy's thoughts on this?

File: Savior.jpg (307 KB, 531x710)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
>worship a Jew as your messiah and god
>hate Jews and spend literally thousands of years shitting on them
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DESU he just said that he didn't want to worship Augustus like a God then he pulled a joke saying HE was the son of God and that joke went a bit too far

>FALSE Christians kill real Christians for terrible reasons
>We forgive them as would He
>Jews condemn Jesus to death then precede to persecute Christians for decades
>We realize they did not kill man, they killed Christ, this is an unforgivable sin until you open up and let Him in your life
File: mosesbaal.png (1.38 MB, 1559x773)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG

>Just Ignore them
>Christcucks can't accept that there whole life they have been duped

They're not being duped by the gospels other than most of the miracles - but they decided to adopt all the blasphemy the Jews wrote in other documents which led them into joining the Jews' gang.

The "Christians" who follow Moses will be punished accordingly along with the Jews for conspiracy to commit treason against the God-Emperor, conspiracy to commit genocide, conspiracy to commit rape, conspiracy to commit terrorism, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to kidnap by use of threats, ect..

You assume the sources of the Bible can't be trusted when sources for Greek and Trojan history come from myths and other single, uncorroborated sources, but you'd probably accept those as legitimate, wouldn't you? Your bias is pretty obvious.
File: 1508810084841.jpg (267 KB, 900x642)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Pic related

Was it really as remarkable as people say? Are there any parallels in history?
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File: Duterte portrait 2.jpg (119 KB, 526x688)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Because Flipshits can't stop having politicos who do nothing but steal public funds.

They're like Latinos, that way.
Massive funding from US and western capitalists during the cold war

Say that to other post-colonial asian nations

>when your lifetime of optimizing Starcraft early game grown finally pays off
There were 200 million africans in 1910.

File: 1507242121389.png (532 KB, 754x680)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Is r/AskHistorians a good place to study history?
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>ctrl f pol
>like ten results
>only 5 unique ips
5 images, dumb dumb
yes but no

if you want regulation go to reddit
That's pretty much all that's left here, particularly on the smaller, slower boards where they bleed into. 4chan was done years ago. We're still drawn to an empty husk. I don't know why. If you thought /his/ was going to work you're a fool.

File: victoriacrossmaybe.jpg (1.18 MB, 1578x2028)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Found this in friend's grandads war stuff. Reckon it's a real Victoria Cross or nah. His grandma says it's just a piece of old junk and clearly knows nothing about it
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It doesn't even have a ribbon bar, it's fake
Is there any chance it could have been lost or replaced with a simple chain. All photographs we can find of his grandad shows him wearing it on this chain? Or is it impossible to remove the ribbon bar?
do they know when he served, when he was born and what his full name is? that's pretty much what you need...
File: Holland_VC_f&b.jpg (67 KB, 552x624)
67 KB
I'm highly suspicious of the colour as well to be quite honest
You should wear it round your neck on rememberence sunday

File: bush-sr-cia-203x300.gif (33 KB, 203x300)
33 KB
Did people hate his guts like Putin because he was literally a spook?
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Compromise for the national interest and betterment of the nation > personal political ambition

that's like statesmanship 101

I never said that Bush was a bad president. He obviously wasn't.
My point was that politics isn't fair, and voters are fickle creatures that will often fail to turn out when you need them.
File: 300px-Cia.png (157 KB, 300x344)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Wtf i love the deep state now
>Mexico City policy
I'm not sure that's a good thing. Do we really want more babies in the 3rd world?

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