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File: napoleon.png (522 KB, 602x376)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
Was he the greatest military commander of all time?

If not him, who was?
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han xin was better not just for defeating him but for manipulating the whole war manhandling his enemies like they were nothing and his ability to analyze their weaknesses and use it against them
he had the ability to plan both tactically and strategically and even used diplomacy and politics in his conquests and won the people along the way while xiang was more of a tactical commander than a strategical one who didn't give a shit about politics and pissed off all of china (except chu) more than once.
>conquer deserts and steppes
>conquer the greatest powers in the world
Not that anon but are you trolling or do you genuinely not know who the Mongols under Subutai conquered? Literally the greatest civilizations of the day, the Chinese and the Khwarezmian Empire. Also BTFO with ease any European army they fought.
look at this amerishart and laugh

How did Italians go from this
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Kek is that berlusconi
No, it's his brother Mussolini.

>tfw fell for the STEM meme
>it's so fucking boring it makes me want to kill myself
>STEMfags actually want to do this shit for a living
>could have went and study History instead
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It's all shit. Fuck it, I am becoming a Streetcleaner.
I don't give a SHIT. /his/ is NOT your BLOG.
FUck off.
I feel the exact same way. I'm doing astrophysics, but I've suddenly caught the sociology/history bug, and now science just feels like empty, cold and non-human. Its just fucking boring and meaningless without some social purpose.
I have two degrees in geology and environmental science with a heavy focus on hydrogeology and organic chemistry, all my free elective hours were history courses though. I got involved with local professional organizations (they really do tend to be good places to find mentors and connections that want to help young people succeed) and used that to jump into an internship, had two years of soil and groundwater sampling, site assessment methodology, drilling oversight before I graduated. Beach erosion is super lucrative but kind of hard to get into if you aren't an engineer from what I understand though my coastal geology professor was occasionally offered consulting gigs all over the world.
Thanks for taking time to explain that, best of luck in all your endeavors!

Would you let her babysit your kids?

I would make her breed my kids
Very unchristian, she'd never go for it.

File: pentagram-elements1.jpg (19 KB, 300x300)
19 KB
>Daoism = Water
>Islam = Fire
>Christianity = Earth
>Buddhism = Air
>Hinduism = Spirit

How accurate is this?
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Who did it and why?
Daoism is void/vacuum because it is ethereal and has nothing to it. Lao Tzu didn't know what he was talking about, Confucius was right.
Islam is Iron because it asks that its followers adhere to a particularly rigid set of ideals and practices, and is spread by swords made of steel.
Christianity is rotting wood full of beetles and maggots. It is a death cult that worships death emphasizing the life coming from death. Also their symbol is a corpse on an execution platform.
Buddhism is a Rainbow in that it promises a pot of gold at the end of a journey, but Nirvana is nearly impossible for normal people to attain and isn't really worth it anyway if you do get that far.
Hinduism is Hemlock. Its goal is to kill your spirit to end your cycle of "suffering".

And OP, your new-age wicca garbage is Plastic in that it's fake and was invented in the 1950s and only lives on as a way for older perverts to hit on fat goth girls and smelly hippie girls.

There's your "Elements".
You find balance.

Why was China able to constantly reclaim its territory while Rome couldn't?
Anyone who controls the Central Chinese plain controls China due to geography. The same cannot be said for Rome or Byzantium.
the same bloodlines have ruled the majority of roman european territory for approximately 6-7000 years straight, chinks have had several dynastic majority changes from australoid based admixture to mong, i dont know when and where, but they are a vassel/broken y-line
Because the Roman Empire was comprised of an amazing diversity of landscapes along the longitude, which few if any empires can match. Persian and Chinese landscapes are rather favorable to a unified state/empire, compared to Europe which is not suited for contiguous land empires. The Mediterranean is certainly helpful, but only for so long as you can control the piracy of its waters, and it is an achievement that Rome was able to do so for centuries. This is not bashing Chinese or Persians for their great empires, but it is something to be remarked on that only Rome was able to cover the entire European and North African coast under its rule out of the entire history of pre-modern Europe and the Middle East.
File: idiot.png (56 KB, 645x729)
56 KB
File: machiavelli-1024x774.jpg (191 KB, 1024x774)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Every time it looks like a European country is trying to become the new Roman Empire the rest of Europe forms alliances to contain them. It happened to Britain, Turkey, Spain, the HRE, France, Russia and Germany all at various points since the Roman Empire. European politics is just too advanced to allow that sort of thing

It’s weird that Jesus was basically a prude hippie communist and his main followers are individualist conservatives pretty alright with violence and making a lot of money.
>Soul vs soulless
File: The Christ.png (130 KB, 881x703)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
I wonder who could be behind this thread?

File: 1529441503801s.jpg (19 KB, 199x300)
19 KB
After WW2 US has given free money and technology to South Korea, Japan and Germany.
Has opened its markets to them, so these countries were able to create a large-scale production despite their low salaries.
Helped these countries canceling theirs debts and doing their agrarian reform.
While for Latin America, all that US ofered were coups and sabotage. In fact, when Brazil was discuting agrarian reform, the US state department financed a coup in the country in 1964 and prevent any institutional reform in the country.
Us government didn´t know that sabotaging Latin America would create a poor continent full of people desperate to emmigrate?
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Finally a thread without racial bullshit
>Finally a thread without racial bullshit
Central and South Americans are subhuman.
Anglos should be killed
Only if the rest of the world are even less than subhumans
cuban and us competition in america fucked things up
the 1964 coup is looked back on nostalgically by a large portion of the population as the country was much safer and the economy right now is currently in the gutter

Why exactly are his paintings considered the greatest?

Guy can't draw worth shit.
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File: dutch holocaust thumbie.png (860 KB, 1440x1872)
860 KB
860 KB PNG

He's the closest thing the Netherlands has had to native-born artistic talent in the past few centuries.

Dissolving the Dutch Republic was a mistake.
>drawing and painting are the same thing
Why am I not surprised his knows nothing about art.
File: James_ensor.jpg (481 KB, 1200x1145)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Tragic life story coupled with relatively great paintings

File: 1529441037857.jpg (286 KB, 1457x1000)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
ITT: the absolute worst depictions of arms and armor in historical media
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File: 1309270960640.jpg (1.07 MB, 2400x1828)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
It seems like the Japanese often put a lot more effort into historical accuracy when it comes to clothes and armor in their films than the west tends to.
Even more recent stuff like 13 Assassins was pretty on point.
Nah. 1500s upwards is accurate.

When they start depicting earlier periods, the inaccuracies show up.
>audience's expectation of the past being dirty and gritty.
This isn't that convincing to me. Firstly the roman state is popularly percieved as a cesspool of decadence and as such it would follow that any media representation of it would try to up the feeling of decadence which ofcourse is extremely easy to do by just having people wear gaudy shit.
I understand the depiction of medieval commoners as filthy, poor and oppressed but that in combination with the modern usage of phrases such as 'wealthy as a feudal lord' and 'knight in shining armour' it would make a lot of sense to try to depict the nobility as colourful and rich while keeping the praxis of depicting commoners in various shades of grey, black and brown. The way it is now just makes everyone look relatively on the same level wealth-wise. Lastly, there is no more iconic image of the middle ages than a mounted knight dressed in his finest tourney gear.

tldr: Hollywood makes no sense.
Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a Japanese movie set before the sengoku period at all.
i think the knight image came from 19th century Victorian romanticism on chivalry.Even then they failed to take into account the level of violence expected in a battle and the political backstabbing between lords.

It's 1921, and plans for a treaty between Ireland and Britian are being drawn up. Home Rule has been granted and Ireland has become a dominion, with all 36 counties included. Those in Ulster threatening continued violence (without the presence of their ability to opt out of these circumstances and remain part of the UK) are left in the cold. The Irish Civil War never happens.

What series of events do you believe would follow? Would Britain support the Ulstermen against the Irish?
>Would Britain support the Ulstermen against the Irish?
Saying as Ulster is predominantly Anglo-Saxon rather than Irish due to settlers, yes. Anglos will defend their kin.
I'm not so sure. Britain overwhelmingly favoured stability in Ireland over total control, as evidenced by how the War of Independence went. Men in Ulster threatening that stability would be against Britain's wishes and seeing as how unpopular the war was making Britain on a global scale I'm inclined to think the Ulstermen would have been royally fucked.

File: equite.jpg (5 KB, 160x210)
5 KB
>*wins every engagement with enemy cavalry on all but 2 occasions in 200 years*

File: Honey-Fruit-Mead-Brewing.jpg (220 KB, 1090x1919)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
What are some historical foods that every /his/ user should try or make?

I might try making mead
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is mead like fruit juice beer?
Besides being an outlandish example, the law allows that mentally handicapped people (most probably) are not capable of knowing what is "sufficient". Kinda seems like you here, to be honest. Were you kicked by a horse? You're literally using the exception to make your "rule".

Open a dictionary.

>make a shitpost premise
>called out
>won't defend it, but prefers to argue about semantics instead of the point.
Pathetic. If ancient peoples (once upon a time) didn't KNOW that leaving grains in a pot in a dark humid place would lead to fermentation, that is, regardless, not neglect.

The absolute state of /his/
No, it's like honey wine.
Not really /his/ but Almazan Kitchen is fucking amazing
Jas Townsend and Sons is more informative tho
Completely missed that


Why are humanity majors such impure subhumans?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I study biology and my class is majority female. And many seem to have bfs to a certain extent. Maybe in the Nordic countries girls are sluts because of those Nord genes.
those are accessories not bfs newfag
Not really. Liberal arts majors and trade school rednecks rule the government.

Us stemfags are caught in between and never win.
Its the destiny of technocrats and specialists, cucked by the non-autists
10 years ago ud be right to doubt but physics is a left science now

10 more years it will be maths

File: lobbyists4-810x585.jpg (50 KB, 810x585)
50 KB
From a purely ethical standpoint, should the idea and practice of lobbying in its entirety be illegal?

I was reading on the history of the subject in the US and it seems that as recently as 1941 the US Supreme Court would strike down any protections on lobbying, and for most of the 19th it was illegal in most states and semi-banned federally. The idea was that lobbyists are in conflict with the rights and responsibilities of a citizen since they represent the voting interests of someone other than themself. In 1852, Congress passed a law banning anyone “employed as an agent to prosecute any claim pending before Congress” from being present during legislative sessions.

This extends to gifts as well. When Ben Franklin was given a diamond-encrusted snuffbox by the King of France in 1785 as a parting gift, Congress had to vote on whether or not he was allowed to keep it because they were afraid that being given a gift would make Franklin feel indebted to the king and would be a conflict of interest to his duty to always put his nation's interests before his own.

In 1866, an old, infirm man who was owed money by the federal government hired a lawyer to appeal to Congress for his money. When the man’s son refused to pay the lawyer, the lawyer sued. One could hardly imagine a more sympathetic context for enforcing a lobby contract. If there was any right to petition the government, ought it not extend to the aged, who might need to hire someone on their behalf? Yet the courts struck it down anyway as they saw it as opening the door for a dangerous precedent and would be sanctioning a corrupting practice. To quote the judge, “If any of the great corporations of the country were to hire adventurers who make market of themselves in this way, to procure the passage of a general law with a view to the promotion of their private interests,” he wrote, “the moral sense of every right-minded man would instinctively denounce the employer and employed as steeped in corruption.”
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/k/ here. Remington went bankrupt because it got bought out by Freedom Group and they ran quality control into the fucking ground. Remington was only selling guns because it was still 'venerable'. When that venerable reputation was replaced with the reality that they were churning out guns with godawful fit and finish and people started calling it 'Rustington', its fate was sealed.
Vote to replace it with something else. Or, vote to maintain gun rights and anti-surveillance measures long enough to organize your far-whatever-the-fuck-your-ideology-is militia and wage a campaign of terrorism and intimidation to get your way.
Or people that blatantly benefit from it
Anon by all metrics scandinavian democracy consistently has some of the lowest figures for corruption. Maybe they just said no and a culture formed around politicians not being whores in that manner.
That's impossible. If that were true, then it would mean that America has problems that other countries don't suffer from. We both know that can't be the case since America is the best country ever.

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