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File: RedArmyinBerlin.jpg (382 KB, 2110x1350)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>the Allied victory in WWII was good because it stopped an evil dictatorship that was murdering millions of innocent people

>the Allied victory in WWII was bad because it helped the international globalists destroy Europe and stopped Hitler's righteous crusade against Bolshevism

>the Allied victory in WWII was good because it saved the world's only workers' state from destruction, the highest good possible
Good goy.
File: brama brand.jpg (111 KB, 640x400)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
The allied victory in WWII was good because it resulted in loss of more g*Rman lands to the BSC (Big Slavic Cock)
actual redpilled
>WWII was shit in it of itself since it expanded communist more than more peaceful action would've, fascists had one job and they fucked it up by acting like niggers

File: KW-2_1940.jpg (14 KB, 340x242)
14 KB
*stops your blitzkrieg*

Taking into account the destruction and pillage that the Middle East has been through, what are the cities that are still valuable to visit if one wants to experience Mesopotamian/Persian/Egyptian/Islamic sites ?
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Statues>innocent children
Why is the Middle East so fucking shit? Is it the culture/religion?
CIA covert behavior.
Top fucking banter.
Name a single bombing when fighting in self defense against terrorists in crowded cities which did not kill civilians. The terrorists killed civilians. Syria is under assault by a coalition of sectarian Sunni supremacists.

File: file.png (128 KB, 900x600)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Give me the quick rundown on Bhutan.
What's the quality of life there? How did it stay independent for so long?
dude silk road lmao
Because it was so irrelevant that no one really bothered with conquering it.

*laughs at your 88mm in tea*
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Fascinating. Thanks i learned something new.
>tracks go all the way around the top of the hull
Nice late-WWI era tank design, Nigel.
File: mistel.jpg (42 KB, 500x323)
42 KB

The Luftwaffe was planning on flying several mistel flying bombs into the Moscow-Gorkiy power stations in 1944 to stall industry in that area because they knew it would take a long time for them to find replacements. How did they know? They sold it to them.
fuck off retard
File: 17170_14-auto_downl.jpg (77 KB, 900x509)
77 KB
U wot m8?

File: alamo.jpg (62 KB, 600x450)
62 KB
I'm going do bost dhis eberyday undil you remember id :DD
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I remember id :-DDDDDDDDD
File: new image.jpg (29 KB, 540x332)
29 KB
File: alamo.jpg (91 KB, 400x673)
91 KB
i rebeber

File: 3-Figure1-1.png (863 KB, 1428x996)
863 KB
863 KB PNG

File: IMG_1918.jpg (124 KB, 737x956)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
If you cannot replicate something with perefect accuracy right in front of you, how the fuck do you expect to perfectly replicate something in your imagination?

Why the fuck did Picasso become so popular? Did he actually have any sort of actual talent? Look at this shit. A fucking kid could make that. How the fuck did a guy who couldn't even fully color in a painting get so famous? How the fuck did Cubism become accepted?

What a fucking disaster for the art world.
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File: 1525568931583.jpg (77 KB, 500x385)
77 KB
>He doesn't get Jeff Koons
He's literally taking the piss out of modern art with that piece, as with the majority of his work dude.
>This painting is worth $200 million dollars?
If someone paid $200 million dollars for it then it is to someone. I havve no idea why you think the concept of worth is absolute. I don't think an iphone X is worth it's asking price and I'll never buy one, but there are millions of people who do.
To explain it to you as dumb as possible: things are worth as much as people are willing to pay for them and that number is different for different people.
Screencaps are a modern take on retelling an anecdote and they are not exclusive to 4chan. They are present on most forms of social media and are particulary popular with tumblr, tinder and facebook. They are for anecdotes what photos are for paintings.
A perfect reproduction of an interaction which hinders the posters ability to put their own spin on the story while being almost perfectly faithful to the original.
Are you the same troll who made a thread defending Hitler's dogshit painting
every morning

Would the confederacy had us on Mars by 1973?
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File: fighting kittens.webm (2.81 MB, 800x450)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM


>what is the Monroe Doctrine

It would've been a repeat of the French intervention in Mexico
Who won the war again?

File: John_Rawls.jpg (38 KB, 225x323)
38 KB

Philosophers you fully understand but have absolutely no respect for

>justice as fairness
>fairness from cowardice
>basically a more specious version of Keynes argument that government ought to actively intervene in society and the social order

Garbage thinker
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Should have become a camwhore then faggot lmao
You don't fully understand him if that's what you're getting from him.
Neck yourself, degenerate. You depraved faggots deserved the rapefuge.
And you're basically saying

>LOL, let the entry-level scientist, whose research is of paramount importance like fixing neurodegenerative diseases, be a wage cuck who slaves away with barely any pay while the camwhore makes much, much more

I recommend committing suicide.

What would you have done with the surviving Jews after WWII? They were all chimping out about muh Israel. Were the Allies right to give it to them?
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>Were the Allies right to give it to them
No and neither God would have ever given those rats anything, but the place of fire and brimstone. If you meant what would you do to the jews after WW without bible prophesy, than I unironically have said genocide or cannon fodder just to eradicate them
Allow them to create the state of Israel. Since the Arabs didn’t agree, kick out the arabs.
Israel is fucking tiny. I'd give them that BUT remove all the Arabs in the country and redistribute them to the surrounding Arab states. Everyone with half a brain would figure that you can't have a fucking big Arab minority and not have problems.
>Israel was an undeveloped desert shithole.
Jews on the internet lying about history again.
>I'd give them that BUT remove all the Arabs in the country and redistribute them to the surrounding Arab states.
Good thing Palestinians aren't really Arabs then.

File: 1535947743236.jpg (36 KB, 720x540)
36 KB
Why did he hate Basques?
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>modragon cooperative
Where are you from anon? Are you from Gipuzkoa?
>where all spanish inmigration went
The Spanish migrated to the Basque country because of the iron industry anon...
No im a halfy half galician and half gipuzkoan living in sestao trying earn enought to abandone this place
>halfy half galician and half gipuzkoan
That's exactly my case , half Galician and half Gipuzkoan, my father came here to work on the cooperative, I'm from oñati

Why do you wanna leave?
Is degrading little by little, half the young people here has abandon all hope of encountering a job while the new wave of inmigrant make less secure day by day
I only want to study hard enought to find a good job in hondarribia were part of my family still live

What are some notable Confederate and Soviet waifus?
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see >>5372730

Presumably not your mother

Sir, I shall not stand for your yankee slander!

File: IMG_8818.jpg (1.8 MB, 3648x2736)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Over 22,717 Americans were killed, wounded, or captured 156 years ago today in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Press F to pay respects.

Also AMA.
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Your fat, attention seeking Farbness does more discredit to the hobby than it helps

Is that guy lying on the ground impaled by a sword or is he just well-endowed?
Pics in this thread are fucking golden. You really are all fat in america I thought it was exaggerated.
There is a difference between

>McClellan isn't as bad as popular history portrays him

>McClellan was the best Union General of the war
>He never made any mistakes
>Any errors in his campaigns were either due to Lincoln giving him orders (which are always bad), or his subordinates fucking up
>You can judge civil war historians by how well they treat McClellan. All historians who say anything bad about him are shit.

The anon I was referring to is the latter.

Are you a reenactor?

File: image.jpg (403 KB, 960x1440)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Hey /his/ what's your thoughts on this movie?
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>entirety of Union enlisted men murder their officers and defect to the Confederacy

Never had that problem desu
I show it in my classroom every year. Not everything but important parts. makes me want to tear up sometimes. have much respect for both sides and their struggles

confederate uniforms were aesthetic as fuck...especially the artillery.
>confederate uniforms were aesthetic as fuck...especially the artillery.

You should just see the real deal.
>falling asleep during crouching tiger hidden dragon

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