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File: 1504184204141.gif (2.66 MB, 350x262)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB GIF
Why do Americans pretend their history is in any way, shape, or form respectable or interesting?
>Murder a bunch of tribesmen in mass with the resources given by England
>England takes a lot of economic damage trying to defend the American colonies, ask for taxes to help rebuild
>Chimp out, become guerilla terrorists
>England finally gives up and pulls out after their enemies help back the revolutionaries, Americans pretend they single handily kicked them out
>Become an unstable economic cesspit for nearly a century
>Lose your very first real conflict in 1812, history books pretend you won
>When the Southern half of your unstable shitheap tries to leave because the Northern half is a bunch of tyrannical idiots driving it into the ground, the Northerners decide to burn the Southern half to the ground and release a bunch of uneducated people without a second thought as a punishment, destroying the economy and culture of half the country to this day
>Tear down your only real cities to try and beat England in industrialization, rape your nature in the process, allow a cancerous oligarchy to take root in the country that persists even now
>Ignore both world wars, then join at the end, backing the wrong side each time, doing almost nothing but pretending you did everything
>Lose literally every single conflict from WWII on
>Their "golden age" was a 10 year period after WWII where everyone was a mindless consumer whore
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You can make anything sound bad if you're mad enough at it.
Replace the US with the British during Pax Britannia and Rome during Pax Romana. You're welcome
its too easy tbqh
Why does Eurotrash love the Cuckfederates?

File: image.jpg (110 KB, 500x498)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Should I major in History, Philosophy or Literature? I’m leaning towards Philosophy.
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None of those, unless you want to be working at starbucks or returning to school
Nobody studies literature that's not a really thing and you're an autistic faggot. Read books. Keep reading books.

You can benefit equally as much from philosophy and history it depends how bullshit you are at argumentative format.
Strong=philosophy, requires more creativity and originality.
Weak=do history as there is only one conclusion and multiple interpretations. Safer option.

Don't be a faggot though and try think of where your true passion is and pursue that.
>Triple majoring

Only a terminal pseud would do that. True intellectuals sextuple minor.
Not OP, also having some problem with choosing a field. Right now I'm sticking with Economics since it's kind of a mix between history and math. Specifically, it's focused on finance. Am I okay or am I fucked?
better than OP

This is the Musasir temple, it was built by urartians (armenians) in the 9th century BC

Its architecture look very similar to that ancient people architecture but i cant remember very well which ancient people

/his/, can you tell me?

Is it possible that those people copied urartian architecture?

Why would they do that?

I thought they were all original and they created everything from start
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You're an idiot. The Hypostyle building wasn't invented by Greeks. Egyptians, various Mesopotamian and Anatolian civilizations, and Persian architecture have similar buildings.
>Sumerians never built anything remotely similar
ziggurats and look for eridu

Are you fucking blind, you hopeless autist?

Admit you were wrong and fuck off, it’s ridiculous
Persian examples are more recent than greek ones, Mesopotamian ones look completely different, the only vaguely similar ones are Egyptian ones

Either way the fact that some structures look vaguely similar doesn't mean the newer structure was modeled after the older ones

Pic related is a Mayan temple, well I guess they copied it from the Egyptians because they both had columns!

It's not like humans can came up with similar ideas, right?

Those structures in Eridu don't even have actual columns
Urartian religion was highly syncretic and so probably picked up a bunch of regional temple styles. Typical native Urartian temples were carved into the sides of mountains, not built

Iran–Iraq War thread?
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File: Mark-KNOPFLER-001.jpg (27 KB, 300x451)
27 KB
thanks, friend
Friend fought on the war, Iran side. He is a Azeri Turk

Lost most of his friend in there, been a Pacifist since
>p-please d-daddy america n-no more r-rude
does he ever talk to u about what the war was like?
>Better infantry
>First use of gas
>Defending against human waves
>Still pushed back
>Still lost


File: 12[1].jpg (20 KB, 852x480)
20 KB
How does one find the middlge ground between what he is, and what he wants to be?
that's life; what happens while you're busy making other plans
So I should live in the future?
File: flow chart of reality.png (21 KB, 1566x722)
21 KB
By this complicated and intricate flowchart
nope present

Oh I get it. It's related to the perception of time right?

Like, the present, as soon as I spoke it, is already gone. But by the time the future comes, it's already the present.

So I shall constantly progress towards my goal wich is in fact happening in the smallest unit of time that a man can quantify.

I shall do eet

File: photo.jpg (66 KB, 900x900)
66 KB
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See >>3817322

He ignores that National Socialism not only perverted the traditional German culture he implies it was defending, started a war Germany had no possible hope of winning, went out of its way to provoke everyone else to the point where virtually the entire Western world united against them, but also paved the way for the cultural annihilation of the German minority in Eastern Europe.
File: 1510906048245-1.png (605 KB, 597x979)
605 KB
605 KB PNG

>tfw Anne doesn't have the decency of being buried on Dutch soil

If they ever managed to identify her remains, would she be re-interned in the Netherlands?
So this dude just draws cuck, loli and gore porn? Is he /ourguy/ 4chan?

Not until he does pregnant Anne Frank porn, which given his political leanings is unlikely.

File: Charles V.jpg (8 KB, 246x205)
8 KB
How about a Hapsburg Anime to start?
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Frederick the Great, definitely.
The anime itself would start when Frederick was around 18 and was planning to fled with his friend (and who knows lover) but they get caught and he has to see his friend being decapitated as a punishment. After that we see the rise of Frederick from artistic boy to military genius and this development would be influenced by his violent and authoritarian father.
Frederick remained an intellectual for his life so this could originate interesting dialogues for example, between him and Voltaire. It would be pure anime kino like Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
File: BloodyBaron.jpg (729 KB, 950x1448)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Alexander the Great would be perfect
Watch Fate Zero my dude. I believe they got the personality rather right.

File: 15452514673665.jpg (63 KB, 600x743)
63 KB
Which European country has the most interesting history?
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>have some interesting city states that are magnets of earliest complex philosophies and higher learning
>expand though and reason for several centuries
>get conquered by romans
>fucking nothing but hat changing for two thousand years
just count the thread topics m8
You skipped the Hittites.

File: kant.png (1.33 MB, 932x687)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Tell the murder where your friend is
But what if the murderer doesn't have the same moral compass as you? You just die?

File: Marx_1874.jpg (33 KB, 351x352)
33 KB
>haha dude just give all your shit to the state lmao!
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File: anarchy.gif (2.33 MB, 320x175)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB GIF
>dude... listen... let's like... destroy everything... lmao
>it will surelly create a utopia without any government... also fuck trashcans
>fuck the state
>corporation is all i need in life
>it will finally free me from statist exploitation lel
Lol. Did anybody ever think Anarchy was the best way to go as a form of government when they were younger? I know I did.
File: Wilhelm in exile.jpg (56 KB, 417x559)
56 KB
Is the happiest one, but impossible

File: 1512813811208.jpg (63 KB, 468x524)
63 KB
Do blue eyes have some evolutionary purpose?
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No I don’t, I just said that brachycephals aren’t more high test than mesocephals or dolichocephals.
Scandinavia lost a lot of testosterone to the Varangian guard.
Testosterone produces small amounts of pigment, but it won’t make you swarthy. That is why there are dark low T men and light high T men (see >>3817620 and >>3814707)
It's because they want something new, exotic.
I have met people from norway and most of them preferred brown haired women than blondes.
Was about to quote that too.

File: 1512622746928.jpg (49 KB, 583x438)
49 KB
>be French
>insite bloodiest and long uprising in history because fuck the absolute rulers
>finish the uprising by getting an Emperor
>Empire blossoms for a while, but get COALITIONED by Europe
>Buttraped by the Germans
>Have to be saved by your arch enemy from the Germans
>They still buttrape you in the first few months if the war anyway
>Get buttrape by the Germans
>Ok the Germans are cool now
>Everythings fine
>Merkel invites millions of Muslims into EU

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So France is the bad guy?
File: wow.jpg (40 KB, 533x800)
40 KB
its not conquest when they wanted to be annexed
File: 1506048882450.jpg (35 KB, 477x395)
35 KB
Britfag here. Why do you hate us anon? Throughout history we've always been at each others throats just think how great the world would have been if we allied from day one.
>Merkel invites millions of Muslims into EU
>Get literally buttraped by German-backed refugees
Refugees did not come to France in significant numbers though. They all wanted only germoney.

We import our own immigrants with no help from Germany.
We could have been after 1066 but you couldn't stay in your place.

Various age of sail fictions have me wondering: What was the largest ship sent to the new world during the 18th century? Were there ever any first or second rates in the Caribbean?
there was a first rate in lake ontario

File: Tamerlan.jpg (57 KB, 369x600)
57 KB
The commanders of your favorite war are now all replaced by copies of Timur the Lame. We assume that Timur suddenly gains knowledge of how to wage war in that period.

How destructive is that war now? What is the most destructive war possible given this premise?

Timur-Sherman's March to the Sea and Timur E. Lee sounds quite horrible to me.
Timur Magnus and Julius Timur sounds good
>American Civil War
>Both sides suffer immense casualties as a result of near constant aggresive campaigning
>Confederate States are utterly devastated, basically have to start over with colonists from the north
>north suffers immensley as well, US never rises to world power
>or at least doesnt do so until after the collapse of the soviet union
the commanders in the russian civil war and wwii would have been timur too though
>of your favorite war
i think that means in this scenario only the American Civil War is affected

File: 1496449580794.jpg (55 KB, 480x600)
55 KB
What would you guys say about the theory that The Roman Empire never ended, and that it just transferred all of its power, wealth, and ability to rule over people into the Holy Roman Catholic Church? Is there any truth to this?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
*early Middle Ages
It doesn't have to be a state to preside over people, if anything a world-spanning religion is able to do that even better than a formal empire ever could.
No. The Roman empire was revived people of a Germanic origin to create the holy roman empire. The holy roman emperor Otto the third even ruled from the city of Rome. He arranged for the imperial palace to be built on the Palatine Hill where the emperors of antiquity ruled and he revived the ancient governmental system.

There was no transferrance of power to the church. Instead, the church and the popes decided to take power for themselves without the consent of the empire. In dictatus pape pope gregory the seventh declared his power to depose emperors. Far from simply accepting a transference of power to the popes and to the church, emperor Henry the fourth besieged the pope in Rome. The reformation papacy survived largely due the Normans more then anything. The empire and the pope were constantly at war with one another after that.

Suffice, to say the empire and the church were enemies and not friends. So there could be transference of power as you suggest.
Why didn't they write anything down then? Was Odoacher a priest or something?
That's what OG conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper said on his Mystery Babylon series.

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