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File: 150020775258.jpg (528 KB, 2000x2909)
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How difference is the standard of beauty in ancient time compare to modern time?
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I live in a time when the germ theory is accepted. I wash the razor, and often apply antiseptic when I get cut. Also, have you looked at the kind of razors that were used 100 years ago?
Oh yeah, and I have hot running water to wash the razor with.
They're a turkmen dynasty
No, modern persian is called farsi in persian as well. What the turk mocks is precisely this: the fact that some words have lost their p sound. He and others using this are probably trying to imply that the sound disappeared completely, which is false.
>less make ups
Bitches would literally poison themselves with caked on lead based make up, faggot.

File: serveimage.jpg (11 KB, 250x228)
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From 2:39. Your lies end here.
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>A modern-day British historian Edward Gibbon, a descendant of the Goths, referred to him as, “the common enemy of mankind” because of the massacres he authorized in various parts of the empire.
we wuz the worst emperors of rome but we wuz good bois

I wonder why they don't appropriate Commodus or Nero? Commodus even wore a lions pelt - obviously black
Why don't Germanics take their Roman/Greek/Persian larping to this level?
File: 1334631559669.jpg (25 KB, 282x272)
25 KB
>never porch monkeys
File: 64636.jpg (33 KB, 500x711)
33 KB
Is that a fucking Beethoven playing in the "background"? I'm dying.
File: ife sculpture.jpg (279 KB, 1067x1500)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
What I want to know is: why the Egypt fixation?

African Americans of slave descent come from the Atlantic coast of the African continent. Sure there weren't big time empires like those along the Mediterranean sea in that region, but there were plenty of respectable mid-tier civilizations with distinct languages, religious traditions, political systems, arts and architecture etc. Some of the sculptures in city-states located in what is now modern day Nigeria were unarguably more lifelike than that made in western Europe during the same period (see pic related).

So why not focus the "kangz" narrative on Mali, Ghana, the Yoruba nations, etc.? You have West African kingdoms right there. You don't have to appropriate Egypt.

Why was Byzantine art so shit compared to classical Roman art?
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File: 1692704._UY630_.jpg (65 KB, 487x630)
65 KB
but it looks more like northern european pagan art than it does anything middle eastern.
most Byzantine art and treasures were destroyed by mudslimes
>The new Africa shitpost
File: romeandherenemiescombat2.png (3.85 MB, 1488x1253)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB PNG
>implying Rome doesn't get more kino as it goes on
they adopted hebrew mythology and turned into northern forest dwellers


I was watching this chink movie set before the inauguration of Empress Wu (689 AD) and they have a Roman general visiting. Did such a thing actually happen? I can't find anything about it, but seems like something really random to make up as he's not a relevant character.
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Might be a Nestorian church.Manichaeism lasted until the Ming dynasty too.
They were blocked from the silk read in times of conflict with parthia/sassanids, but atleast in the first centuries ad trade flew from egypt(rome) to India.
Look at coin founds in south/east Asia or read the periplus erythranei(it even mentions the chinks)
Read it yourself, lazy boy.
There are a bunch of "maps" from Greek sources, much older than Roman.
Antioch is in the med coast, only a week to Constantinople in ship and a month to Rome

File: WW2.jpg (8 KB, 286x176)
8 KB
Let's put your strategic skills to the test.
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>Japan doesn't go full 'muh samurai honor' and actually targets oil storages during pearl harbor instead of random battleships because they think it's more cool
>follow up with submarine action against non-combat ships instead of battleships like they did because again 'muh honor'
>completely remove US naval presence from the pacific
They wouldn't have won anyway, but the Japs could have done better. They were strategically very incompetent.
>implying it couldn't blockade the isles by it's self
He's right and you know it
>using an obsolete ww1 ship in ww2
File: 1409247023166.jpg (25 KB, 280x323)
25 KB
>Being so short sighted
You fool, you think the admirals that faced it did not think the same? You would've suffered the same fate as they did.

File: IMG_0129.jpg (147 KB, 477x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Humanities coming through..

What if, with the technology we have, we could give everyone an oculus rift through which they can experience the world how they like? Example: a feminist might programme every politician to be a woman, and a neo-Nazi might turn their president/prime minister into Hitler. All problems regarding the formation of society would instantly be eliminated.

File: pic44chan.jpg (85 KB, 1600x1200)
85 KB
You are now able to give one civilization a brief message.

Who do you pick and what do you say?
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*tips fedora*
File: LOTR smug hobbit.gif (568 KB, 160x160)
568 KB
568 KB GIF

An image of the cross in the sky, accompanied by the words "In hoc signo vinces."
There's a myth that the Ottomans only managed to conquer Constantinople because someone managed to leave one of the side gates unlocked.

I tell Rome to burn down Carthage, kill all men, enslave its sons and daughters and salt its fields after the second war, to make sure it sticks

File: Marx_old.jpg (205 KB, 444x593)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>talk about people sharing and working together
>be a fat fuck who never worked a day in his life
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1000 words with actual content, anon, not just writting crap. I mean citing authors to give substance to your argument, that kind of stuff. Just the time you take to pick 3 different authors, find their works, and read them you already blew 3h (assuming you gathered articles, not books) of the 1 you had.

>It isn't, by definition.

Why ? Just because they're not on wage?


Time/energy management, of course. Why would they spent 10h a day doing labor to get home, do chores and spare maybe 10h to study and get rest? With our sanitized 8h it's hard enough, let alone 10h on inhuman conditions.
>Being an economist isn't really a 'proper job'
An economist can be an academic research economist publishing papers to the major journals with their findings... like any other academic. How exactly is being a researcher not a "proper job"? Most economists work in industry, and can be found working in almost every industry. They can work for multi-nationals, government, utility companies, oil, the big-4 accounting firms, or banks, central or private etc etc.

Malthus, and J.S. Mill both worked for the East India Company as economists, Ricardo was a businessman, investor, and stockbroker. Keynes worked in the civil service and made millions in the stock market. He was first in India working as an economist and bureaucrat, and then worked closely with the government in the civil service.
I don't get this meme.
He wrote stuff on political science, how is that not working?
Both of you are trash, you need to go back

File: IMG_0606.jpg (112 KB, 434x600)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
What happened to them? They were a HUGE influence during the colonial-era US, but by the late 18th century the movement had all but disappeared.
File: Free_trade_is_bad.jpg (42 KB, 634x423)
42 KB
They REFUSED to celebrate Christmas so had to be exterminated.

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Right-wing libertarians equate liberty with private property, to maintain their ideology they would rather side with fascists than leftists, just take a look at /pol/, or read Hayek, Hoppe or some shit
Fuck you. I wasn't implying they were Fascists. I implied the opposite.
Doesn't capitalism actually restrain technological progress for the sake of profit?
The opposite actually.
Did the oil companies stop the commercialisation of water-powered cars though

File: bar.jpg (363 KB, 1000x1220)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I'm pretty much a Great War noob, but I have heard that the war was contentious throughout, and that while things didn't look good for Germany during most of the war, they were competitive through the first part of 1918. So much so that US forces were afraid of a large-scale German offensive in 1918 and were planning on a major offensive themselves in Spring 1919. How did things collapse so much for the Germans? The fact that their allies fell apart and/or internal problems?
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Did you forget the fact trenches only really became relatively static after Germany lost the Marne? The Battle of The Frontiers was fought in the woods quite often
I'm also forgetting these elite ambush troops, so please refresh my memory on that
>implying Afrocentrist bullshit isn't like 1/4 of /his/ at various times
Elite British ambushing units seems borne from that anons mind but the BEF (whilst numerically insignificant) was highly professional and trained, and capable of checking otherwise undefended advances by the Germans, thereby being part of the reason why the French were able to stop the Germans at the Marne, which obviously prevented the Schlieffen plan from working. Which basically marked the end for the Germans, now that I think about it.
>implying either of them were bad generals
They may have lost the war but they weren't complete retards by any stretch

File: IMG_0091.jpg (55 KB, 431x431)
55 KB
Has there ever been a successful matriarchal society? If so which one?
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>california seceding
top fucking kek
Eric... go easy on the white nationalist propaganda
File: Happy Taco Merchant.jpg (146 KB, 932x960)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I'm not white
Do you wish you were

File: Nikita_Khrusjtsjov.jpg (107 KB, 475x580)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>"Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!"
>His government doesn't even outlive his children

lol, was Khrushchev autistic?

How can someone be THAT wrong and not be autistic?
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I've seen sabaton lyrics better than those, why do people like Sting again?
People have different tastes anon. Like your mom's pussy tastes pretty good to everybody but you.
I wasn't defending the Soviets, just trying to point out that their country was a pile of crap that Khrushchev covered up with his bluffing rhetoric which the American government took very seriously.
He was the leader of a big country that had lots of enemies. A big part of his job was saying cheesy, inspirational, and overly-optimistic things to motivate the people. There are lots of American politicians projecting wishful thinking about the US being the greatest country in the world and similar memes. It's nothing new.
You managed to respond to a dumb post with an even dumber one.

File: IMG_2157.gif (268 KB, 300x473)
268 KB
268 KB GIF
Thoughts about the Phantom Time Hypothesis? Are we really living in the year 1720? Did 614-911 even happen?

ITT: Post your favorite borders.
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>eastern lusatia not included even though whole lusatia should be part of poland
shit map
File: images.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
>Perfect borders thread
>Shows inner borders of ex-HRE states.
What did he mean by this?
If anything it should be it's own fucking country, Sorbs are not Poles
File: Europe 1200.jpg (1.05 MB, 2276x1456)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Those are state borders within the empire you dumbass

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