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what is the ultimate ramen
Chicken mushroom
Maruchan picante chicken
roast chicken, pork, and chili are all good choices as far as maruchan goes

Do you niggers eat the edges of the poptarts or just throw them away?
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Sounds like something a nigger would do
File: IMG_20180321_130030.jpg (35 KB, 600x400)
35 KB
It's like. It has to be exhausting to be THAT obsessed over black people
I eat them, although it's like taking the Sahara desert to the dome.
break off the edges and dip them in ranch dressing

File: cake.png (1.67 MB, 1280x2250)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
This is an interface I made for a web design class, inspired by /ck/
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back to plebbit kid
Might wanna spellcheck a lot of that
Disagree, if names of the item don't do it, short descriptions are necessary so people don't have to click through every single one to figure it all out.
Needs references to McChickens, traps, feet and Secret Aardvark. Also more padding around the columns.
Share code pls

File: 1512215832252.png (652 KB, 546x630)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
What kind of tea does /ck/ like?

I'm getting tired of cheap green tea and want to move up in the world.
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File: 1408956278703.gif (1.99 MB, 400x340)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
I didn't know that until recently. I always had 212° water. Probably why I never cared for green tea.
I have so many different teas that I am running out of room to store them all.
How can I get a 4chan GOLD Account™?

is oil pulling a meme?
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dont do it. my grandfather literally died from pneumonia caused by oil pulling.

>sesame oil
Grease up your mouth! it does things. I heard it from a pakistani shaman. The ancient Greeks did it. If its that old of a practice it must be good. Gwyneth Paltrow says it removes toxins. She didn't say what toxins or how but shes famous so she must know the best things.
What about the effects of mouth absorption? 15 minutes seem like a really long time, it'll end up in your bloodstream. Toothpaste isn't any better at that either.

File: 1514925469726.jpg (108 KB, 918x620)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
All memes aside: are cast iron pans truly the superior choice?
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File: 1517764060931.jpg (44 KB, 540x540)
44 KB
there gay
more like cast iron penis lmao
i genuinely cant believe it when i meet somebody who doesnt like haggis
There's a reason no tops chefs in the world use cast iron...
We've come so far to still be relying on cast iron when there are much better options.
Don't fall for the meme.
>There's a reason no tops chefs in the world use cast iron
Because they are too heavy to use all the time but in the home for pan frying things nothing is better.

File: f02f.png (382 KB, 541x537)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>extremely comfy
>rock solid results
>easy to prepare
>delivers superior cup
>hand grinder ready
>lasts for decades
>500 years old method
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Is there any reason you couldn't just make coffee with a tea pot that has an infuser in it?

Honestly coffee is just tea from a bean you might as well put that stuff in a tea bag...
You could, but I'm not sure the coffee would be any good. Your infuser would also need to be one of those fine mesh types to not let any grounds through, and you would need coarse ground coffee for it.
I assume "cremains" means they've already been used, so nah.
i don't particularly care for coffee but this looks really cool
Drip coffee gets a bad rap, but if you use good coffee that's fresh and make sure the water gets hot enough, it's fine.

File: Chow Mein P Teri Chk pk.jpg (392 KB, 1600x1186)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
>Anyone who disagrees is wrong

This is objectively better than Instant ramen packets for around the same price. Stop eating those garbage meme noodles.
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I want to try these and the Maruchan Yakisoba ones but I don't own a microwave
>get these for like 25c on sale
>cook a few things of chicken
>plop in
>add some soy sauce

good eatin op
Those are delicious desu. I survived off a box of those for like a month one time.
Or you could buy korean instant noodles from the asian supermarket
That too is an instant noodle, bud

Right after deeming the food as leftovers and/or waiting for it to cool, I mean.
Growing up, my mother usually never refrigerated most leftovers until it's been a few days. Soups and sauces would never go in the fridge, and sit on the stove overnight. She always assured me that it'd still be safe to eat as long as it was reheated. I ate a lot of unrefrigerated leftovers that were out for 1 or 2 days without heating it up or anything. Actually, she'd refrigerate food during the summer. Otherwise, it was always around <65 degrees fahrenheit in the house, 50 and under during winter. We were also in a dry climate.
I never once got sick from food poisoning, everyone seems so hypervigilant over it. Right now, to me, it's almost like hearing that everyone should take a shower every single day and anyone who doesn't get routinely covered in sweat who skips a day or two is a disgusting human being.
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my dad did the same thing with the crock pot, i also never got sick from it. i do it, too. i don't leave pots on the stove though, i find packing up leftovers to be kind of therapeutic somehow.
My buddy in high school would do that with fast food. He’d leave McDoubles in his microwave for a day or two
I leave stuff on the stove overnight pretty often, but I always put it away the next day before 24 hours elapses.
This is what I've always seen and done. I attribute it to why I have never gotten a stomach bug.
That's fucking vile mate

>he doesn’t drink a gallon of water per day
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having a black girl laugh at me makes this less intimidating
I can't because if I drink that much water I gain weight.
The worst pain I've ever felt. It feels like someone is inside you digging their way out with a very tiny knife.

This is spoken like someone who has never had a kidney stone. The pain is unignorable. This sounds like one of those "haha just ignore it bro" shitposts.
drink lemon juice bro.
>anon who has had surgery/stint to remove 3 kidney stones and sees a urologist once a year.
How much do you drink, and how often?


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Molly definitely fucks black guys and does her namesake in seedy nightclubs, while Claire just wants a nice white husband to cook for.
>ITT: bunch of sad salty bitches who couldn't make it in a test kitchen if they tried
>ywn have all three cook for you
I can't tell if she has some nice jew tiddies.

File: BR pizza.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Cursed images and why brazilians must stop to make pizza.
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this is good though, try it some time. the cheese doesn't change the flavor provided you use 100% cacoa chocolate but it gives the whole thing a really creamy texture
Literally melted cheese
No, it is sweet condensed milk. There isn't even cheese under that chocolate.
File: 1496274734073.jpg (27 KB, 311x509)
27 KB
We love Italy. Polenta and chicken wings every weekend man.
This place should be prohibited from making pizza, except that one bar where the owner openly verbally abuses his clients and has absurd prices.

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
So I got an oz of cannabis in a half pound of butter. Any ideas for good foods to cook with it other than the usually desserts or candy? Like a main course.
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Use it to make some pork/hamburger gravy and slather that shit on some bread.
Make muffins or some other pastry with it, there's not really a sense in making anything fancier than that with cannabutter.
chicken kiev, brother. The ultimate main course butter dish.
This only just occurred to me, but I just realized about 60% of the work that goes into chicken kiev goes into the presentation. If you're not worried about how it looks, it'd be a lot easier to just make chicken schnitzel/katsu and put the herb butter on top after frying.
Not much you could really do with butter other than pastries 2bh. Should have extracted with sesame oil or high-proof alcohol or really just anything else 2bh

File: 05Aug03JoensysSolon.jpg (72 KB, 678x509)
72 KB
Are the best fried pork tenderloin sandwiches found in Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana?
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1490955494705.jpg (155 KB, 650x620)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Lower Delaware is, Northern, no.
Unless you're counting the parts of PA that are like the south
>It's really just a schnitzle on a bun
no. you don't deep fry schnitzle and you don't use loin to make it. So it's really nothing like it.
The little cock sucker i worked with from Iowa can't help but tell me how all of the world's pork farming is done there so I guess it gets the vote.
Indiana does pork better; it's home to raising heirloom breeds like berkshires.

iowa is good for flavorless "the other white meat" factory farm pig
Am I the only one that thought the bun was a fleshlight from the thumbnail?

File: 1518472378777.png (32 KB, 485x443)
32 KB
grug no use induction
grug use cast iron on fire place in cave
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it really isn't
grug, why are you wearing a pepperoni pizza slice on your right nipple?
My wife has armpit hair and has since I met her. She used to dye it. Totally normal too. Liberal and feminist but also pro gun and reasonable. I do love her so
>dyed armpit hair
>feminist but also pro gun
just reading this makes me really uncomfortable
please keep your wife away from me
Maybe she'll emotionally mature after high school.

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