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File: download.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
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Is meat meant to be consumed by humans?

Just wanna hear people's opinions.
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>that's where you and i differ. i'm able to think for myself and decipher the difference between right and wrong. i trust myself to make that judgement.
And how is it that you differentiate between right and wrong? With your feelings? Do you understand how inconsistent that is, because if you can decide for yourself right and wrong, so can other people -- a rapist decides that rape is good and not bad, and so he does it absent of any real morality. This is your brain on your morality.

>you have no moral highground over me,
I personally don't have any moral highground, but God certainly does. That is what I have been saying.

>because your sense of morality is limited only to what you've been taught.
It isn't limited at all, because people can choose to break it and do break it all the time. Morality by God isn't by what's taught either, it is by what God provides as innate and universal to the human condition. The Bible is just what helps provide clarify for reference and further understanding -- isolated human groups still have a sense of morality even if they do not fully understand it.

And morality posits that man is more valuable than lesser animals.

>your moral learning curve is finite. while i'll continue to grow as a person and (hopefully) reach full enlightenment,
The only enlightenment you will ever accomplish by that logic is getting raped by a rapist, and while at gunpoint you ask him "why?" he will say: "Because according to ME and MY morals, I decided that rape is perfectly fine, haha!"

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>These are not *my* morals, but morals from God.
if you have no morals then you are amoral. just a robot following orders. like a police dog. by your own definition you are a lesser subhuman.

or like a mod who manipulates a bump limit based on whether they think they're winning or losing a pointless dickwaving contest.

the enlightened see all.
>f you have no morals then you are amoral.
No, I do not have MY morals, I choose to follow God's morals. Thus, I have morals.

>just a robot following orders.
Robots do not choose whether to execute a program or not. Man chooses, and man can choose to be moral or immoral.

>like a police dog. by your own definition you are a lesser subhuman.
Police dogs do not choose, they do not have moral agency. I am not a police dog, so I cannot be a lesser animal.

>or like a mod who manipulates a bump limit based on whether they think they're winning or losing a pointless dickwaving contest.
Now this is just paranoia.

>the enlightened see all.
As you had said it yourself, vanity is a sin.
sorry but the time has arrived for me to go do a massive poop

but this really boils down to you following the word of God while i follow the rules of nature. often they differ.

if this thread is still alive tomorrow i'll continue to hand your arse over to you on a platter.cool fetish tho.

>vanity is a sin
only you see vanity where it doesn't exist.
>sorry but the time has arrived for me to go do a massive poop
But you have already posted on this thread.

>i follow the rules of nature.
...and who hath created nature?

>often they differ.
In what way?

>if this thread is still alive tomorrow i'll continue to hand your arse over to you on a platter.cool fetish tho.
Ah, the classic cowering out when cornered.

>only you see vanity where it doesn't exist.
Funny, coming from the self-proclaimed "Enlightened One"

File: 1520715524092.jpg (25 KB, 480x336)
25 KB
What groceries do I buy if I want to eat as cheaply as possible?
Beans and rice
ok what else? I know i will get bored with beans and rice. come on u frugal fucks
Potatoes and local livestock.
squash and oats

also rice, beans, chick'em, salmon, peanuts, lentils, chickpeas, babby spinach, potatoes, avocados, kiwi fruits, banan, lots of banan, more banan.

File: 13149311322.jpg (615 KB, 2048x2048)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
What kind of food should I ingest to acquire this aesthetic?

Also I bought a bag of TVP aka TSP, how to make it taste good?
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post dick first.
Cocaine mostly.
That's alot of dicks
That "aesthetic" has nothing to do with food. Get hair dye, make up, and ask /fa/ for clothing advice.

What does it accomplish btw to post completely off topic fag threads under the guise that it's food related?
Stem cells and palacenta

File: IMG_2610.jpg (188 KB, 1024x576)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
This shit is so good. I could eat like 50 pieces of it.

File deleted.
Who's the biggest boned person on /ck/ and what is his or her favorite food?
I'll start:
>peanut butter, banana, cream cheese, and ham sandwich with Texas toast
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Hint: it's a national pizza buffet chain in America. Winner will get $100 via paypal

Cici's. Now where's me dosh?
Looking good!
You fucker! Right off the bat! Well done.

Just post your name and social security number and I'll take care if the rest
that's awesome bro, for real. Nothing edgy to say, just keep it up.

File: 1518590185464.jpg (274 KB, 2048x2048)
274 KB
274 KB JPG


I just can't seem to get it right, it's always too mushy and sticky.

Am I fucked as a cook?
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gonna try it.
he's right tho, no conspiracy. In fact store bought milk would be total if it weren't enriched with vitamins and calcium.
Use brown rice like an adult.
Wash the fuck out if it until the water is clear.
Use a rice cooker.
Rice cooker

Apparently Amazon has a food truck now.
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this, fuck retarded apps and services like that one.
Amazon wastes a lot of money. Do you remember their phone?
dumb loli
amazon isn't taking over the world
google is
they have the money to waste
Amazon is such an evil company
>hello amazon truck? I want to order but can you deliver to Detroit?
>say no more!

What's the best side dish for a heavy, fatty, meaty dish such as (but not limited to) pulled pork? My vote goes to cole slaw with some form of vinegar based dressing. It has the perfect lightness, crispness, and tanginess to contrast the heavy meat.
yeah i was gonna say pickles for the same reason
Fuck off Peggy Hill. You don’t get to claim facts as your own personal opinion.
winter = hearty casserolle
summer = nice thick pita bread with sliced tomato, lettuce, diced onions, tzatziki, hommus, all laid out in seperate bowls so people can make their own pulled pork kebabs.
Like mentioned before, cole slaw/iceberg/tomato etc. lettuce, obviously with a vinegar dressing.

Bean-based stews make up a consistent portion of my diet but I'm tired of using tomato in every single one. What can I do to mix it up?
If I just use stock, how should I thicken it? Red split lentils stewed until broken down, flour, cornstarch, or are there better ideas?
Besides things like cumin/coriander/chili or curry powder, what spice combinations should I be considering for tomato-less stews?
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I bet you like you fagoli thick and creamy
You bet your black ass I do.
>getting tired of tomato
t. palatelet
pumpkin pure
try a senate bean soup.

File: drinkingman.jpg (8 KB, 480x268)
8 KB
>maybe today won't be so bad edition

old thread's about to die, hop in here
thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oc8UUzlfwE
Oh shit I fucked it up. disregard this post
bump for failure
bump for failure
I thought this was the zatarain's guy

Do you still eat it? I'm aware its safe to eat but body wont let me because it looks like theres something wrong with it
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The bloom is just fat and it is 100% safe to eat. Read up on tempering chocolate if you want to know what and how it happens.
File: IMG_20180311_1022329.jpg (2.83 MB, 4896x3672)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
a shitwad customer bought a 3 musketeers bar only to come back with it half opened and showed me a filthy white dusty outer layer and said it was expired. I told him the package says it's not expired

>then you eat it
he says. Ate the whole shit right in front of him
Or maybe you shouldn't have a beta body nigger.
>just fucking eat it
This is the worst advice ever.

t. just ate lots of questionable shit over the years and regretted it 80% of the time

I lived above an old corner store and it was all like this. I ate that shit right up all the same 'cause Rameesh gave me a lighter with every pack of smokes. God bless you, Ram.

Why is this guy so popular with normies?
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File: IMG_0396.jpg (41 KB, 637x476)
41 KB
>t.butthurt manlets
Kek. When will they learn?
ask me how i know you own a shitch
what's a shitch?
He's sexy.
He's just memeing, memes pay the bills these days.

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My mum used to make this all the time for me when I was a child
looks good but also doesnt look like carbonara
I'm pretty sure the joke is that real carbonara is made with raw egg and what most places serve is alfredo sauce with ham and peas in it over noodles which technically is not carbonara but is still fucking delicious. Good food joke.
Mushy peas are best with mint. Thanks Jamie Oliver, I also add shallot and garlic.
carb oh nah thanx

i'm good

File: my.new.sexy.2.png (635 KB, 512x525)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
Who is your foodfu? Pic related for me. He has great tips about growing your own fruit trees.
File: my.new.sexy..png (1.02 MB, 673x774)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
I also like Stephane.

File: The-Tang-Shot.jpg (62 KB, 941x941)
62 KB
Is Tang and vodka /ourdrink/ /ck/?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: tang.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB

Buzz hated Tang
I clean my dishwasher with it now, though I had a glass last week.
Yoohoo and Dark rum
I haven't even had Tang since I was a small child. I don't think I've even seen it available at a grocery store in years. But I do remember that it was fucking awful. I'd rather have the almost equally shitty powdered iced tea mix.
You don't belong with anything with the word "our" in it you fucking loner
File: notevenmyfinalform.png (243 KB, 1338x489)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
Made me laugh

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