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>Shrimp fried in olive oil with some garlic

Has he reached rock bottom? His recipes are fucking shit now.
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Maybe he should move on to something else or just take a break if he doesn't have anything new to do at the moment
maybe you should quit your job and do something else

Owning a "cooking" channel must be comfy
technically chef john works for some media group/magazine
If my job involved creating content and I started recycling old stuff I would. You're going to keep supporting him making lower quality content just because you like him?

File: image.jpg (33 KB, 700x448)
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I bought a pineapple. I wanna grill but only have a stove top and oven. What are some delicious things I could do?
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Spam stir fry with pineapple cubes and other veggies
Put it on pizza or a burger
Why in the fuck would anyone grill Fruit
Eat it raw, mate.
This. And then eat your own cum :>}

File: 1528004610795.jpg (249 KB, 564x390)
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249 KB JPG
God damn they got good service. Why cant burger king have service like that?
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File: 1528892763042.jpg (94 KB, 421x834)
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File: 1529014900306.jpg (437 KB, 1508x1493)
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File: 1529402143591.png (564 KB, 595x568)
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564 KB PNG
The Holy Sexts of Absolute Truth, he's watching over us bros, and he's fucking browsing /ck/
File: 1526610155731.jpg (31 KB, 199x399)
31 KB
The foods good but not amazing. Their chicken is rarely crispy, but it is juicy cause of an obvious brine. Waffle fries are good but tend to get soggy. It is however, actual pieces of chicken meat, not compressed slurry pucks. Their sandwiches are basically whole breast cutlets. Their sauce is your basic honey mustard vinegar fry sauce.

the service however is amazing. Everyone is nice, articulate, and professional. The service is fast. The restaurants are immaculate.

You might disagree, but Heinz 57 is the patrician condiment.

Prove me wrong.
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File: IDShot_540x540.jpg (25 KB, 540x540)
25 KB
It's a good sauce. When I was a kid my we always just had a1 but someone turned me on to pic related and I never looked back.
I dont know if you americans can get this, but the best brownsauce in exsistance is made by wilkins and sons.

pic related.
I'll look for it. My friend used to have to get hp sauce from an international market but now it's everywhere. We have a lot of sauces at our grocery stores.
File: 419VX8A92VL._SY355_.jpg (14 KB, 355x355)
14 KB
A1 on potatoes is G R E A T
File: 1524701763719.jpg (41 KB, 224x679)
41 KB
*Blocks Your path

File: abalone.jpg (188 KB, 800x737)
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188 KB JPG
What is the most special ingredient (e.g. most expensive, hardest to find, of exceptional quality, etc.) you used in your cooking so far this year?
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Getting rid of all poison is more or less impossible. The truth is starting to get out but old farts and Big Mushroom is trying to hush the whole thing down.
>Big Mushroom
Kek. Seriously though, oxygen kills you too who gives a shit about trace poisons if it's traded for one of the tastiest mushrooms.
I needed ya cai (Chinese pickled mustard), so I went over to Chinatown Manhattan. The problem is as soon as they see a brown person they follow you around the entire store. At least in Italy they're subtle about it, but here there's just an employee right behind you staring at you the entire time. But they don't even speak English and I guess my pronunciation of ya cai is wrong so they're not helpful.

Ended up walking around a bit, found a small store where the owner was nice and helpful. I wrote down the name on a piece of paper and he got it for me. Took me a few hours though.
Much earlier in the year I purchased a small piece of Pecorino Tartufello (black truffle hard cheese). It was about $9 for a nub twice the size of a thumb. I grated it onto some gnocchi with butter and a touch of cream to make a pecorino truffle cream sauce. It was incredibly, incredibly rich.
Poisonous and toxic arent necessarily the same thing. I think all mushrooms are somewhat toxic raw

Is there a better mushroom than the king oyster mushroom?
Protip: No. there isn’t.
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File: korvasieni.jpg (27 KB, 234x313)
27 KB
a wild challenger appears!
Gyromitra esculenta
File: champignons.jpg (281 KB, 923x520)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
>Is there a better mushroom than the king oyster mushroom?
Yes, there is
I wouldn't eat those.
They seem like they could punch me into another dimension.
really? what it's called I need to know

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I dont unders why I dont like pizza more...it checks all my boxes.
sweat tangy sauce
fatty, savory toppings....
stilll its just...OK ot me. could take it or leave it
I know plenty of people though that just go wild over it. I wish i were so lucky ; ;
File: IMG_0780.jpg (109 KB, 1024x730)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
i laughed
Yep, when he was a child, he played with humans in heaen. Then he grew up and tossed them out of paradise
Adults may eat pizza, but to take away enjoyment from eating it is childish, immature and autistic
File: fuck law.png (69 KB, 400x240)
69 KB

File: wendys.jpg (110 KB, 1280x853)
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110 KB JPG
Does Wendy's hire real chefs?
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Na Wendy's was my first job. Straight up hired high school kids
>only sous chefs
Every resto chain has at least a few corporate chefs. Levels of training will vary wildly. At a fast food place, they're as likely to be industrial engineers as chefs to facilitate assembly and repetition. At a casual place, they'll likely be drawn from the ranks of thecomapny's kitchen managers, but might be trained as well.
Of course. Subway only hires licensed and certified sandwich artists.
>art degree required
My cousin works as a manager at wendy's and is a convicted felon with 15 years under his belt. Im not under the impression they never hire chefs, but I'd wager they are not the majority.

File: McDonalds (1).png (46 KB, 2000x1516)
46 KB
I just ate;
1 Big Mac,
1 Quarter Pounder,
1 McChicken,
1 Triple Cheese burger,
2 Cheeseburgers,
24 Chicken Nuggets,
2 Medium Fries,
1.25 Litres of Coke (42 Fluid Ounces)

Ask me anything
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File: # 1511806663719.gif (968 KB, 500x715)
968 KB
968 KB GIF
File: - 1524488642213 -.png (203 KB, 500x460)
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203 KB PNG
File: - 1513155361342 -.jpg (200 KB, 1200x1200)
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200 KB JPG
Is your name Big Smoke?

Microwave Mug Meal - /mmm/
First edition.
It is real food fast, better than fast food, single-serving, can be whipped up in 5 minutes, perfect for lunch, dinner, snack, after school, easy college meals, sleep overs.
Pasta the next day.
Unfortunately you have to cook it first.
If you just want to kill the hunger at zero effort, sweet potatoes are difficult to get wrong. I just add a bit of water into the bowl with it/them.
>Unfortunately you have to cook it first.
No need, I cook macaroni in microwave.

>calories in, calories out
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too poor, plus I've read that they can have high levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals in them, not sure if you know anything about that
same shit goes for meat, man. Unless you spend shitload of money on organic/grass fed/etc foods, you'll still consume fuckload of pesticides, herbicides, hormones and other nasty stuff.
Red meat will fuck your brain up later in life.
brisk walking (4.0 mp) is def. good for health

What is the best thing to get from picrelated?
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You. Sick. Fuck.
This post is a fever dream.
Is Schlotzsky's as good as Subway or Firehouse?
a job.
How high were you when you made this post?

File: kim_possible1.jpg (57 KB, 831x582)
57 KB
kim possible nachos
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This guy gets it
File: worm doodles.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
mm mmm worm doodles


you gotta have em

I always assumed it was something like a dirt cake where it was a gummy worm with cookie crumbles and pudding on a big gummy worm.
i remember when i was a teenager working at mcdonalds.
Once there was a kim possible happy meal toy. i liked looking at her on the box and the promo materials.

that redhead gatdam
Bread sliced so thin that it's transparent would probably have a really interesting texture to it.

File: 64071295_p.png (347 KB, 1080x2220)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Anyone with Carp recipes? Also what about brining the fillets?
haHAA :D¨

*pulls down your pants*
snap in my dicklet collection

File: 13MC2-copie900.jpg (168 KB, 900x599)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Share your best cooking techniques in this thread, or ask questions about about dish preparation that may not deserve their own thread.

I also ask that you share your beginner mistakes and your cooking "eureka" moments for others to learn from. Whatever you can think of is relevant.

I am currently compiling a list of useful literature on cooking technique and cuisines, so discussion of this is also encouraged.
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It was a whole chicken, just completely wrecked with salt for 48 hours, but then I thoroughly washed it for 10 !minutes, then cooked it fully. Maybe cure was the wrong word?

With this method, you have a stable salinity throughout, it tastes different then well seasoned meat. It is just a perfect saltiness.

Calling the chicken "cured" was maybe a mistake, but really this produces the best chicken I have ever had, just don't add salt again at any point and it will be perfectly seasoned.
And let's say actually 5 minute wash. You want the actual salt to be completely gone, rub the meat even, then its ready to cook.

I just made hash browns for the first time this morning, I got a russet potato and shredded it using the largest holes on my grater. I took a palmful and pressed it between paper towels until it felt dry and dropped it into a medium-high heat pan with plenty of oil. I seasoned with salt and pepper and flipped it once, only when the top layer of potato shreds was clear.

I did encounter your problem of simultaneously burnt AND uncooked potato but I found that adding oil between hash browns did the trick. I also may have lowered the heat I can't remember. But they came out near perfect, I was surprised since it was my first time making them. They were nicely browned, crisp on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.
Good post. Thanks.

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