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long story short, i'm currently living out of a hotel for work and the only thing i have for cooking is a small microwave (and an electric water kettle if you want to include that). is it possible to soak back beans long enough that they don't need to be cooked?
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Just use canned you fucking weirdo.
ITT: pleebs who know nothing about pressure cooking.

Seriously, go get yourself an Instant Pot or some other electric pressure cooker knockoff. 45 min for no-soak beans.
No. Also, beans contain toxins which should be neutralized using heat. Just buy canned beans.
aw man I lived in a hotel for a month when I was in college because the ceiling of my apartment collapsed. Its fucking miserable, lived off of dried fruits and nuts.
eat out or get takeaway you third world pajeet

File: kittyCAT.jpg (2 KB, 125x125)
2 KB
What is the most you've ever eaten in a single meal? bonus question: What is the most you've eaten in a day?
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How much do you spend on food a day?

Here's my average day give or take a few hundred cals of shit
>Grilled Chicken with pepper jack on pretzel bun
>French Fries
>Pork and Beans
>Tuna Melt

Pretty unhealthy since I work an office job.

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If I had to guess I have probably hit about 7000 calories in a day before. Something like:
>4 eggs fryed in butter
>3+ thick bacon
>toast coated in butter
>Double Cheeseburger
Second Lunch
>Sandwich from on campus deli
>fastfood burger with frys (probably in n out r jank in the box)

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File: IMG_6926.jpg (64 KB, 640x384)
64 KB
>halloween party
>work in a deli so i brought 2 party platters of meatballs and cookies
>lots of beer drunk and weed smoked
>so fucked that i'm just sitting in a cornor eating all the cookies and laughing
>eat like half of the cookie platter that feeds 20 - 25 people
>also ate brownies that my friend made on top of that
hehe that sounds like good times. It's a blast to stuff your face like a degenerate once in a while. Re: little chinese girl, did you get to eat her ass? If yes, do me a solid and reply in great details, thanks.
14 McD hamburgers but only to see if I could

you now have a virtually limitless supply of sea rabbit. how do you try preparing it first?
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hugs and cuddles because it a qt
>Nudibranchs are to be enjoyed with the eyes
Got it, so I let them crawl on my eyeballs?
File: file.png (1.08 MB, 945x531)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

I think he meant "detatch your eyeballs and let them digest the slug."

File: 1514966789420.jpg (46 KB, 564x493)
46 KB
What are your favorite crackers and what do you like to pair them with /ck/? Personally pic related is my new go to GOAT cracker choice and they taste amazing with pepper jack cheese, tuna, or sardines.
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Nice seeing Ak-Mak on /ck/, it's one of my favourites. A bit pricey, though, sesame Wasa is a good substitute.
I like crackers with aged, hard cheeses or kippers.
File: 3071_leksands.jpg (174 KB, 640x480)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Picking my favorite would be difficult between Ak-Mak and pic related.
File: image.jpg (1.38 MB, 1242x2208)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
pic related
File: images.jpg (27 KB, 384x384)
27 KB
With vegemite, or with cucumber and cheese
If they have the black pepper version of these, would get -- to me it really adds something and is not too aggressive/intense

File: IMG_0929.jpg (1.92 MB, 3264x2448)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
How long do you it for?

Do you take any supplements?

Any tips on breaking the fast?

At the moment I'm around 50 hours into my 3rd 68 hour fast. Always thinking about food, makes me weak.
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I try to eat OMAD so I eat stuff I guess. Two eggs, a steak and vegetables. I LOVE vegetables when fresh. I detest steamed or grilled vegetables so I have lots of radish, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, kale and spinach in my regular salads.

Also nuts as a desert I guess.

Fasting is probably good for me but goddamn it tempts me like the devil. I think I need to cut down on the chewing gum because I know that it just makes me hungrier.
what a shitty post
Good for you man
You gotta work up to it; you can't just jump off the metaphorical deepend and do a 24+ hour fast after eating three meals a day for your whole life.
[spoiler]almost checked[/spoiler]
>no seasoning on the steak
>steak isn't even properly seared
>flavorless boiled eggs
>raw green onions (for what purpose)
radishes are dope
>boring looking flavorless nuts
>some boring greens with a sad amount of fatty cheese instead of a decent vinaigrette or balsamic and oil or something
jesus anon
That is the saddest plate of bland shit I have ever seen.

File: FB_IMG_1518978640641.jpg (27 KB, 506x455)
27 KB
Gonna go with bacon inshallah
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There is only one correct answer. 3 of the choices are ingredients, hell one is a major component of one of the other choices. The only logical answer is that pizza goes. Get rid of one of the other 3 and you eliminate a huge swath of potential dishes.
Though I expect no logic from the pizza crowd, they are barely a step up from tendie eating spergs, both in mental ability and the scope of their dining/cooking experience.
Bacon tbhaich pbuh
>not degreasing your pizza before you consume it

>bacon, cheese
Pretty vital ingredients to cuisine, they can't go.
Way too useful for sweets, it stays.
Cheap and good for parties, but eh, not essential. Calzones are better too.
>Calzones are better too.
Lasagna is better than either tbhfam.

File: pepethefrog.jpg (28 KB, 975x600)
28 KB
>grocery store has no self-checkouts
>park my full cart in the middle of the express checkout lane and fucking leave
anyone else?
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bagging area is over my flyover friend. the new ones dont have it. they just let you steal
Self checkouts aren't even an option in the places where I shop.
I remember I saw that in a Tesco supermarket on my trip to London, which, mind you, is one of the world's largest and most important cities, last year.
Admittedly, it was in Central London, so that may have had something to with that.
>inb4 we're talking about America here
Your heavily manicured WASP suburb in Southern California is not an accurate reflection of what most of the world is like
>express lane is run by the slowest, chattiest, dumbest old bitch the world has ever known
Why is this always the case? It's the express lane god damn it, stick an asocial aspie there or something.
While I agree with you entirely in principle, I still use the things because I prefer to skip that particular bit of human interaction. Also even if it takes me longer, I prefer to be doing something, rather than standing like a robot at a loose end. Like how you'd prefer to drive a few extra blocks going the long way rather than wait 30 seconds at a red.

File: 0203872_16x9.jpg (433 KB, 1920x1080)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
Describe your ideal burger.

I've experimented with burgers a lot, but I'm starting to think my favorite is smashed thin patties, two of them, salted and peppered, fried, toasted bun, cheese under each patty for gooey max, just fucking ketchup and mustard with chopped onions

Double, I know most people don't make double cheeseburgers at home, but if you smash the patties as thin as possible it works out well, less gut busting since eliminated an extra bun of two burgers, and the double beef taste with the cheese in between really just tastes perfect with burger flavor. Pic related is not my burger, it's a burger from Dyer's Burgers
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My local greek place has their "Greek American burger"
It is by far my favorite burger, and could only be improved with onion rings.
8oz short rib and chuck blend, decently sized patties. Topped with seasoned fries and a bit of gryo meat, on a brioche bun, with some Tzatziki sause.
Ground fresh from chuck/short rib
homemade simple mayo
Homegrown beefsteak tomato
Fresh baked potato/white bun
American cheese

Grill seasoned burger to medium on charcoal grill (if summer)
If not summer then cast iron with clarified butter.
toast buns on black iron griddle
buns are mayo'd
tomato (salted/peppered)
mayod top bun

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Char Grilled 3rd pound patty
-Garlic+Onion Powder
-Woosta Sauce
Red Onion
Homemade Aioli
Ricotta Salata+Blue Cheese (melted then cooled to make a slice)
Raspberry Reduction
Stone Ground Dijon Mustard
I really love Big Macs, but When I make burgers at home I take two Hawaiian buns, lightly toast them, a big beef patty, three slices of sharp cheddar cheese, and I make my own sauce that goes amazing, mix BBQ and Ranch, it sounds gross but it's actually great. And of course some apple-wood smoked bacon

So in order
>Top toasted hawiian bun
>2 slices of bacon
>Layer of BBQ/ranch mix
>slice of sharp cheddar
>Beef patty
>Slice of sharp cheddar
>Bacon again
>Slice of sharp cheddar
>BBQ/ranch mix
>bottom toasted Hawaiian bun
>Describe your ideal burger.
one that takes his shoes off

>he doesn't drink at least a gallon of water a day
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that's a working man's hand you middle schooler
Is it true that some people can't taste the difference between different sorts of water?
That's the hand of a man who works 70hrs a week dispatching LE to protect your loved ones. You may be insulting a man who might save your life one day
How big is too big for a water bottle?
I want to carry those 5 gallon ones but that would probablly seem odd.
I drink a gallon plus a day, from the jug. Straight from the gallon

File: 2018-02-18-17-03-32-.png (8 KB, 223x226)
8 KB
ITT: Free Food Stories. Post your store is of how you got free food at restaurants/fast food.

>Be me
>Be 10 years old and have an allergy to vinegar so therefore allergic to Mayo
>Go to Burger King with family that is not allergic
>Buys two sandwiches. One is for my sister and other is for me. I ask for no mayo
>Gets sandwiches. Both have Mayo.
>Go to cashier and complain that I asked for no mayo, am allergic.
>Gives me sandwich without Mayo and lets me keep old sandwich with mayo, which I have to sister.
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It's hilarious how people do unnecessary extra things for you just because they're helping you out with something else. I bet if you choked on your food at a different restaurant every night, the people who administered heimlich would pay for your food and give you anything else you asked for just because you made them feel like a hero.
File: 1512428651867.jpg (22 KB, 400x333)
22 KB
>be me, with my dad
>come back to Texas after visiting family for a wedding in Cali
>have a nice first day back and go to Chipotle for the first time in like 5 years.
>order food
>talk to cashier, I was wearing a Chargers hat and we told her that we got back from California yesterday.
>cashier is also from CA. We go to pay for food.
>nah its on the house
>cashier is manager
>free burritos
She was a qt as well. Thanks for the burritos.
>Mayo has vinegar

The end.

File: azimut stout.jpg (66 KB, 640x640)
66 KB
watcha drinking ?
watcha keeping safe for a good evening ?
watcha brewing ?

also, beer general

got an unexpected sample tasting yesterday when going to the beershop afterwork, a brewery named Piggy brewing was here and showing their stuff, including an excellent strawberry stout they just bottled (the guy said it was going to be in store in march) and a weird beet/blueberry beer that was definitely drinkable, but still pretty way off. he said they were still working on it and planning to insert cocoa in the recipe. will probably buy one for the sake of it when it comes out if not too expensive, but only for the wtf fest it's going to be and not reiterate the experience
bought them an oatmeal imperial stout called Fat Monstruous Pig, didn't drink it yet
I'm drinking this as I post
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Got 2 vanilla porters in my fridge ive been meaning to take and drink with my friends when we grab our weekly haul but i keep forgetting. Might just drink em tommorow
How do I learn to like beer
In Anchorage, AK on business, picked up an Arkose Brewery - Amber Earth ESB (just finishing) and a 49th State Brewing Co - 907 Frontier Style Lager
Keep trying different styles till you find something you like
Who cares if it's something like ciders or lambics (fruity stuff) or lagers (light, easy drinking stuff) it helps to build a bass then branch out as your senses develop and I say senses cuz drinking beer is an experience when you take everything in also I suggest picking up The Beer Bible ~$15 on Amazon and read that
File: lee.png (253 KB, 653x533)
253 KB
253 KB PNG

gonna ask the question that's on everyone's mind... how does this garbage stay in business?
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whats wrong with having a double whopper every once in awhile?
Still better then whataburger I'm OP
They regularly mail out $4.00 coupons for the 2 Croissanwichs meal. The only BK that does not accept them is the BK in the airport. Of course the airport BK only provides 1 samwich w/ the meal for $12.00.
I'm starting to think that people are just posting about In N Out to rile other anons
File deleted.
I find the options lackluster unless I'm trying to spend 10 fucking dollars on a playdoh kitchen assembled disinterested burgista's fuckstack of mediocrity in a fit of nihilism.

Had a bacon king when direct deposit hit, but the cost per value doesn't seem as high as other places unless I get a deal.

File: IMG_2489.jpg (10 KB, 432x300)
10 KB
Why do eggs transform almost anything you make? If some dish you're making turns out shitty, you can just fry an egg and your food is renewed. Why does it happen anons? Praise the holy Egg.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
solution: don't cook ramen like a weeb
>Implying the cholesterol content of eggs means they will raise cholesterol levels
>implying eggs are unhealthy
>Being this far behind in nutrition

It's 2018 cmon man
so does avocado, u ninny
then why doesn't california have a warning label on it
File: 1518147039799.jpg (61 KB, 597x600)
61 KB
You are correct, OP. Sometimes I mess up when making ice cream, but then I remember I have some eggs and which I can simply fry up and add to the failed ice cream to make it better.

Why does this exist?
Do people actually eat an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting?
Were people actually eating 3000 calories worth of sugar and butter cream in one sitting before this fake "health food" ice cream came out?
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it averages out pretty well, anon

If this is 4 times the cost for the same amount of ice cream, and the average pint of ice cream is 4 times the calories, then you still get a good price per calorie
And you can eat an entire pint should you choose to
>since it's mostly air and artificial sweeteners
I feel like these people just choose to throw out random negative things and hope they turn out to be true.
Im not really an ice cream person but I'm pretty sure a regular pint of ice cream is around 200 calories, not 3000
Well, Halo Top advertises itself as 240 calories per pint, and the Ben and Jerry's tub here >>10176783 clocks in at 280 calories per 1/4 pint.

File: IMG_2018_02_20_1134.jpg (124 KB, 1200x900)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I just bought 3 of these bad boys from a guy at an asian market in Branson. They set me back a pretty penny ($60 each) but the man assured me they are a delicacy in Japan.
Does anyone know what kind of fish these are?
I couldn't really understand him and the bag he put them in was in Chinese so I threw it out.

I'm going to make some really good fish and chips tonight. Any ideas for what I should do with the other 2?
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Nigga u need a lisence to process those bitches
Seventeen hundred plus pound Tuna do not exist m8.
you're right, we don't care, and we don't think twice about taking over your countries and "culture" when we get the chance (and we already are).
File: 1517254653493.jpg (66 KB, 668x798)
66 KB
Patently, bullshit.

You just need to know a guy. He will hook you up.
>world record bluefin tuna weighed 1,496 pounds

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