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File: image.jpg (35 KB, 300x300)
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this is probably not /ck/ material but it is food related so bear with me. for the past two weeks, every time I eat, regardless of what it is, ~4 hours later I get unbearable gut-wrenching stomach pain and gas, usually followed shortly by explosive and incredibly painful fiery shitting. even after I feel I've fully evacuated, the pain and discomfort lingers for a few hours, and only fully disappears once I've vomited/squeezed the few remaining turds out. it's made my life hell, I literally can't function in any facet of my life unless my bowels are completely empty, and has made eating at all very difficult for me to justify. I'm 5'11 135lbs and am dropping weight. should I see a doc?..
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File: 1507896743309.png (574 KB, 636x478)
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574 KB PNG

>medical issues
>better go on 4chan and seek help
File: 1458759445093.jpg (746 KB, 1200x799)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
general rule of thumb anon. If you feel compelled to ask
>should I see a doc?
you should probably go see a doc
The artificial sweetener in energy drinks or just the sugar itself wreaks havoc on your intestinal flora.

Cut that shit out, start eating home made fermented food like sauerkraut, and/or take a high quality probiotic (refridgerated expensive ones are better) and eat prebiotic fiber from veggies or a supplement like Epicor.

Bpc157 is a research peptide that can heal gut issues effectively too, but that's a whole next level thing. It's what worked for me though.
I think IBS is the most likely culprit, but definitely see a doctor. Could be pretty serious. If you have Crohn's or something you could end up with permanent damage to your intestines if it's not treated.
Did you drink from any warm or suspect water sources? Sounds like the parasite Giardia. I had it, goes away after like 6 weeks.

Where you ever a picky eater, /ck/?
Is it true that like, 99% of picky eaters mostly eat chicken tenders?
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Yeah, a bit. Most kids are though.

Now there's only a couple things I avoid when I make food myself, but don't complain about it someone else makes food for me.
Is she /fat/?
I was a picky eater but my mom told me that she'd ban me from my consoles/GB if I didn't eat my grandmothers food and her strange tasting chinese medicinal soups/teas and it went away after like 2-3 years.
Same thing happened with cilantro too.
And yeah I loved shit like fries and battered chicken/fish.
>She will eat spaghetti, but only the sauce (no noodles)
I see stupidity runs in the family.
Strangely no. She is skinny even though she eats like shit.

You pickup retarded habits when dealing with children.

File: lastmeals18.png (460 KB, 620x460)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
Say you were going to die in 12 hours, You have no way to extend your life and you cannot commit suicide.

What is your final meal?

Under $100 USD
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Eh I would say it looks a tad too reddit for my taste
what does that even mean?
It means don't respond to him (as I chose not to) because he IS reddit and is just trolling
File: fogo-tableside.0.jpg (118 KB, 1280x853)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Brazilian Steakhouse. show up when they open, eat until I die, one way or another

Friend knows I like hot sauce so he gave me a bottle of this and it's really good but I need some recommendations of what to do with it since I'm avoiding fried food, I'm cutting right now

I'm almost eating it with chicken nuggets on days where I have many calories left but there must be things that go well with this outside of dipping territory, please help
Cook some skinless chicken breast in it, or mix it into tuna.

Rate my dinner
Looks like some hungover frat guy took a morning shit on some pasta after a hard night of drinking steel reserve and eating hot wings/10

File: spicy-jambalaya.jpg (112 KB, 600x416)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Are these soups?
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I'd say it's more of a sandwich.
Are you a retard?
File: unbennant.png (3 KB, 344x67)
3 KB
looks like plovs
Its a creole dindu stir fry.

This is the best tasting Oreo ever...
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cookie butter != peanut butter
Why not take Biscoff cookies

And Biscoff cookie butter

And sandwich the Biscoff cookie butter between two Biscoff cookies
you're a madman, it can't be done
>implying I haven't done this before

The diabetes is worth it
The Oreo brand version is a lot cheaper than yours

What's your favorite kind of omelette cupcake? Mine's jalapeno red velvet

File: caramel.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1800)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
do you say care-uh-mel or car-mel?
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I've always heard American/Canadian English is the closest to the "natural" way to speak. Ignore people from newfoundland and Texas.

That's why even brits sing in "american" English. Look it up.

Also the spelling, every current dictionary, and common fucking sense says a lot of things the English pronounce are wrong.
It is. I have no idea why people still believe the "English-English is 100% right" meme
Car-a-mel, but car-mel-ize.
You're definitely right about that first thing, you only have to fool around with your mouth a little to realise that American sounds are easy to make. But there are variants in pronunciation in both England and America which aren't logical if you look at the word phonetically, and caramel is one of them. The English pronunciation is the phonetically logical one for that particular word, regardless of which accent you pronounce it in.

File: IMG_4123.jpg (36 KB, 355x355)
36 KB
How do I step up my black pepper game? What are some good pepper-forward recipes?
You'll have a harder time finding foods that don't benefit from black pepper. You've used it before, haven't you?
>How do I step up my black pepper game?
1.You can start by throwing your stash of pre-ground McCormick in the garbage.
2.Buy a pepper mill.
3. Profit.

File: alck.png (42 KB, 342x342)
42 KB
Thinking you pissed the bed but it were just pints of sweat edition.
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dont drink an drive familam.
Make sure you know your limits. If you feel drunk, have a glass of water. That's my rule of thumb.
>Feel like I woke up, go take a piss
>wake up again while feeling like I pissed the bed
>bed is dry
>this happens more than once
File: 1504606373745.jpg (81 KB, 469x960)
81 KB
oh man






>bringing to you: Yerba Mate tea
it has roughly the same amount of caffeine as coffee but the effect doesn't occur shortly after, rather about 3 hours after consumption, and lasts longer. Also there are some vitamins that keep you healthy.
Mate tea was shown to kill cancer cells (if not consumed together with tobacco, alcohol or other addicting shit) and prevent diabetes.
It's also pretty cheap and with a bit sugar has an awesome taste.
Guess I already wrote a poem for 4chan standards so I leave it here. You can do research on your own.
(The pic shows the traditional way of drinking that tea but actually 3 tea spoons are enough for one cup)
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CBD doesn't show up on tests. THC does.
In some states they are both legal and can be found together, but "legal everywhere" pure CBD (with less than 0.3% THC) shouldn't show up on tests. Make sure to buy from reliable company.
See /r/CBDinfo (old /r/CBD has corrupt mods, there has been a schism.) sidebar links.
I make 1 liter batches of cold brew tea.
Usually lasts me 2 days.
An opiate is derived from opium. Opioids mimic opiates in the body
>makes countless bullshit claims with no sources
>expects to b e taken seriously

So there's "good cuts" like steak tips and chicken breast, salmon, sirloin, etc. that start at $5.00/lb, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about offal either, I'm not impoverished I'm just thrifty. What I'm talking about is the $3.00/lb and under cuts, chicken thighs, beef shanks, frozen salt cod, etc. What do you make with these cuts? What are other meat sources in the price range that may not be commonly thought of? Post your dish ideas and thoughts and junk
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Pretty much this for chicken. Boneless Skinless is 1.89 regular price at Aldi's. Whole boneless pork loin is 1.99 regularly. Ground beef varies a lot though.
Also Yes.
File: 1435449061039.png (164 KB, 2579x2718)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Keep posting those tits. Upload some lewds to imgur.
File: butterflychops.png (68 KB, 205x150)
68 KB
Is this a good deal, /ck/?
File: no.gif (1.58 MB, 250x220)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
No, I only share food, not titties.

File: IMG_20171016_192131.jpg (3.86 MB, 3456x4608)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB JPG
I'm about to make some frozen baked came. The instructions say 30 mins in the oven or 2.5 minutes microwaved. You think it will work well if I microwave for like 1.5 minutes then 10 minutes in the oven? Any suggestions? Oven is currently preheating to 450 as I post this.

Has any one had success with this type of 'combo cooking'. I normally think people that microwave anything except for lunch at work are disgusting slobs or belligerentaly lazy however I'm really hungry and don't want to wait but can't stand microwave textured food.
Tbh I can't remember the last time I purchased frozen foods that weren't a desert. Its amazing being able to eat good shit. Never again will I eat shitty microwave meals

File: 1506140326977.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
You have 10 seconds to name a food that has good mouthfeel
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>these always get stuff in my teeth
I've noticed that too, unfortunate because they taste pretty good.
fuck you
on you maybe
Water chestnuts is the only real answer.
File: 1503362057443.jpg (58 KB, 500x500)
58 KB
>links a twitter reaction gif hosted on imgur
I really really like this post

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