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File: waffle crisp.jpg (985 KB, 2202x3276)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
Anybody know if they still sell these in stores? I have vague memories of eating them as a kid but I haven't seem them on shelves in ages.
Also cereal thread I guess.
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File: 20180602_093421.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1536)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
and it's still good
>not making mini waffles and making your own

File: gcgoat2.jpg (126 KB, 1001x1001)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
yeah this>>10771174 op. got some in my pantry rn. great treat for when you lose your job. here in stl they have it and the other post cereal at schnucks. pic related is far superior and was always my favorite. neither are as strong as back in the day tho, and the boxes are different
Don't kid yourself it doesn't have the marshmallows any more

Waffle Crisp is the best! I swear I subsisted off of just that for my middle school days
I use vark sauce, soy milk and Soylent in my cereal instead of regular milk

File: peanutbrittle.jpg (58 KB, 567x756)
58 KB
peanut brittle
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I;m Thinking About Thos Beans.
You now remember going to grandma's when you were little and this stuff was just sitting in the middle of the table all broken up on a decorative plate
In Brazil we do a party in June called "Festa Junina" (Junine Party), in homage to St. John the Baptist. Peanut brittle is one of the typical foods, and it's called "Pé de moleque" (Brat's feet) here.
I've never tried it.

Can we have a poor mans sammich thread?
Also best bread to make a sammich?
Also correctly guess the 8 components in my my sammich for 30 good boypoints. (Yes, salt and Pepper are two of them.)
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i instantly disregard the opinion of anyone online or in person who i hear saying 'sammich' instead of sandwich. i know from this small act that they are of no consequence at all, that they are trite and trivial human beings, that their thoughts are not worth knowing, their company not worth keeping, and their wages undeserved. you too are one of these people and i'm glad that i will never in my life see anything you've ever done ever again, because anything you do can only degrade the quality of my life.
File: 1487732730665.jpg (18 KB, 211x255)
18 KB

Cough up those good boy points.
File: cat dumb.jpg (23 KB, 460x345)
23 KB

File: 2422076_300.jpg (24 KB, 300x300)
24 KB
be honest, you miss him.
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I'm sure his daughter misses him too, that selfish loser
He killed himself because his daughter rejected his sexually charged advances.
Seems like most people who post in these threads saying they dislike him bring up political reasons for it though. It's not like someone just said "I don't like him" and people started foaming at the mouth about /pol/.
Most people in those situations probably think their family is better off without them, because they think they're just a burden.

File: 1502837198439.jpg (56 KB, 500x375)
56 KB
what's the poorest food possible /ck/ that's high in calorie count and is available for free in an urban environment?

>ketchup packet soup
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pass by a coffee shop take all the sugar you can ... add water
What’s the point of pouring it on the packet, just pour the water then the ketchup
If you can suck up your pride try some local christian ministries, or salvation army if you are in the u.s.
whatever u can find dumpster diving i suppose

File: doumar-s.jpg (34 KB, 550x307)
34 KB

Things flyover fags will never experience
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Uhh anon
>t. flyover native
Unfortunately, to do tech work
>Things flyover fags will never experience
overpriced real estate values

File: IDShot_540x540.jpg (49 KB, 540x540)
49 KB
Eurofag here, just tried Mtn Dew for the first time

Quite disappointed honestly, it's like 7up with some colouring
American here, I agree. It's for sugar addled kids and football players. Nobody inbetween.
Best sodas are Dr. Pepper, Coke, sarsparilla, and birch beer (imo)
I am not a big Dew fan, but honestly I don't think it's much like 7up or any other typical citrus sodas, it has a much different taste.

Basically, there are two main citrus soda flavors....that of Sprite, 7up, Mist Twist, etc which all taste similar....and then that of Mountain Dew, Sun Drop, Mellow Yellow etc, which all taste similar
>it's like 7up with some colouring

It doesn't even taste remotely like 7up. It is far more disgustingly sweet. You are either trolling or eurofags are far more of a lost cause than I imagined.
>european muslim thinks mrn dew tastes like sprite

I think your taste buds are fried, just like your brain.

Which is it for you?
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How many people minimum and how many max?
sable grapes
File: 1529181500273.jpg (75 KB, 1024x678)
75 KB
1 through infinity

Whenever I pack sandwiches for my little ones I use typical deli cuts like roast beef, turkey, and ham but I always add one slice of cheapass bologna to kick things up a notch. It seems like no one does this any more but this one simple trick always elevates any cold cut sandwich to the next level.

Why has this meat been completely forgotten? I think /ck/ should spearhead a movement to bring it back .
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bologna is fucking delicious you plebian. the cheap shit is..... i like it because i ate it as a kid i admit. but the actual good colt cut deli bologna is delicious
File: a horse.jpg (31 KB, 500x602)
31 KB
>colt cut
File: Khan mean muggin.jpg (43 KB, 473x355)
43 KB
Bitch, I still get the cold cut combo. Go millennial somewhere else.
I do something similar making a ham sandwich but adding a slice or two of hard salami to increase the flavour profile without adding too much fat and salt.

File: liquid-smoke-flaschen.jpg (46 KB, 660x349)
46 KB
Culinary crimes against humanity. Is there any punishment severe enough?
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>but liquid smoke is made by collecting and condensing the smoke from hickory
>collecting the smoke

They fucking scrape the black shit off the walls of industrial smokers and do some voodoo to get nasty black liquid which is very aptly comparable to gutter oil.
>dissolving a substance = voodoo

Go to school
Never has liquid smoke actually tasted like properly smoked meat. I can't help you if you taste buds are retarded.
Get a clue, moran
Liquid vark is much better for vegan roasts. >>10772740

File: hot hot hot mama mia.png (373 KB, 1632x2600)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
siracha is hotter than every popular hot sauce! WOW! my tongue is burning just thinking about it

do any of you hot sauce fiends DARE to try the fire known as tobasco?
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A perfectly good fast food thread died for this.
I tried tobasco once. Was in the hospital for about a week afterward.
Why isn’t ‘vark in that list? It’s the only sauce I’ll eat! It’s SOOOOOOOO spicey lmao!
Where's the vark?

File: cuptea.jpg (162 KB, 1060x760)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
What is the best possible recipe for a cup of tea?

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46Y7ECbtZJY
I find nutmeg, ginger, and a hint of cumin is excellent.

File: 1480755304333.png (92 KB, 936x777)
92 KB
I'll start with some classics:
>dont wash your mushrooms
>wait until your pot cools down before washing
File: 73a.png (94 KB, 680x788)
94 KB
>Whataburger is top tier
>not cooking your burger muh well done will give you parasites
>long-grain rice is better than short-grain, ever

File: 4747175432958781028.jpg (399 KB, 1536x2048)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Is it even for food?

I appreciate you and your input.
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cool comment taken directly from the imgur post
>grow out of your edgy phase
>is the only one bringing politics on a cooking board
You see the logic in there mate ?
Same, I really want to know what the fuck this thing does other than style a prop comics hair.
Believe it or not the world used not to be so paranoid about adults loving children, and didn't see malicious intent in every positive intimate connection. Plus people used to fuck 12 year olds and as long as they got married everyone was OK.
File: 1529282859840.png (119 KB, 490x802)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
My almonds are at top levels of activation. Were here for fun, kindly fuck off please.

File: unnamed.jpg (59 KB, 900x900)
59 KB
Why is this so expensive compared to the other major pizza chains? You'd be a fool to order it without a coupon. Is it some psychology trick so that if you do get a coupon for it you feel an obligation to use it since you're getting a good deal?
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I'm guessing the pricing is just different where we live. For me a large 2 topping pizza from PJ is $14 whereas a large 2 topping from Domino's/Pizza Hut is $7.99. PJ only becomes economic with coupons
So where do you get PJ coupons?
Google. They usually have a 5.99 large one topping for carryout on Monday.
Papa bless
Nigga what the fuck I can get two medium 2 topping pizzas from dominos for basically that price

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