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File: 1532309198554.jpg (98 KB, 719x960)
98 KB
Beyond jokbal(족발) what can I do with pig's trotters
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the best pork broths are made with trotters.
Faggot there's no acetone in onions. The most likely interaction is something along the lines of the fat interacting with the various organosulfur compounds in onions. Not that it would cause it negative results that come to mind seeing as to the ubiquity of onion + fat + meat combo
File: Piedscochon-BS02.jpg (21 KB, 704x480)
21 KB
debone them, keeping the skin whole
stuff them with good shit
wrap in caul and roast at 200c
Kill yourself

File: haggis-11.png (1.18 MB, 1000x750)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Ok /ck/ I have a weird question that I can't find the answer to
Haggis is illegal here in the US yeah?
So whenever look up about this it they always say it's banned from import but they also just use the term "Banned" what I want to know is if it's illegal to make it here in the US
Like if I had a sheep and I butcher it and make haggis using it's lungs and other bits would I pull that bitch out of the oven and have the Feds bust down my door shoot my dog and tell me to put the haggis on the ground?
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...ok so I can make it for myself is I wanted free of dog death And property damage?
Pretty sure it's one of those things where because of the FDA no one can sell it to you however there's nothing preventing you from making it for yourself. Like Kinder Eggs.
90% Of time FDA or teh like bitch about food is about serving, as long as you cook it for yourself, they could next to not give a fuck, but try serving it (free in a party even, or your family in a meal) and you will get a lot of shit from fines to the food destroyed (hazard buckets and bleach) on the spot
File: 1522136502811.png (270 KB, 394x430)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
christ you poor yanks
haggis is god's own food and it depresses me to know you'll never get to experience it
some poor industrious Scottish peasants wanted to make something tasty out of all they had left of the sheep after the Brits had taken it all
the result is a funny delicious mess - rich, many layers of meaty flavour, and yet thoroughly hearty and yet not stodgy or greasy
if you live near any big meat markets, grab yourself a pluck and make it yourself
of course moron. you just cant sell it

File: milk.jpg (21 KB, 488x488)
21 KB
how long is milk god for past the expiration date?
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"But the Centers for Disease Control has a different opinion. It says there’s no scientific evidence to back up the claims, and that unpasteurized milk can carry bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The milk can come out contaminated (say, the cow has bovine tuberculosis or an udder infection), or it can get that way by coming into contact with dirty equipment."

"Between 1998 and 2011, there were 148 raw-milk-related outbreaks, 2,384 illnesses, 284 hospitaliztions, and two deaths, according to the CDC."
5 to 10 minutes.
Like 5 days but smell it first
Lust is a sin, repent
Lust is a sin

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numales don't drink beer, its way the fuck too normie, they are all about the wine
>numales don't drink beer
Explain IPAs then, numale
IPAs are just bitter sodas.
Who the fuck cares mate, they can get actual dunkels for peanuts, not some shit spic knockoff
meh it's alright. a step above all the popular cheap adjunct lagers of America certainly.

in germany beer is going to be dirt cheap and better than that anyway.

File: kghoi.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB
So i tried to make my own Spicy, Crispy, Chicken Sandwiches the other day and the breading just slide right the fuck off, what's the secret to good bread coating?
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You were better off coating the egg in the hot sauce before you did the flour, but the spices shouldn't have affected it
*coating the chicken I mean
1st make sure the chicken is not wet other wise the coat will not stick.
with that in mind the usual Flour > Egg > Flour should do the trick more than good.
for a better crisp try Flour > Egg > (Potato Starch + Cayene Pepper + Mustard Powder + Black Pepper + Salt)
Marinate your chicken in buttermilk, hot sauce, soy sauce. A couple hours to a day is good.
Remove from marinating liquid, and coat in spiced flour (garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, whatever the fuck) then eggs, and then dip into either more flour of breadcrumbs.
Oh and get your oil a little hotter than what you want the chicken to cook at because oil temperature will drop when you put food into it, especially with some large like chicken. Like if you want your chicken to cook at 325 F then you should get the oil to 350 F before dropping your chicken in.

File: 20180427_161607-1.jpg (909 KB, 2735x1828)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Describe your entire diet in one image. I'll go first.
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The only Southerner in this whole thread.
did you really watch 10 minutes of the diabetes video?
Not him but his channel is god-tier cringe now. Like this post
Still better than having stomach pain no matter what you eat, and then getting diarrhoea.

I've never tried alcohol because it stinks and I believe that it is evil, just like tattoos.

File: Hello there.jpg (139 KB, 1732x974)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I love cook
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File: PLEASE GOD.jpg (34 KB, 450x338)
34 KB
GOD BLESS AMERICA Ah exactly i wanna shoot M2 browning Where can i shoot in the US? Is anyone know it?
File: Thank you.png (876 KB, 1280x718)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Thank you for praising guys
괜찮아. 너무 좋았어요~~
Tennessee and Nevada have a few dedicated meet ups/ranges where you can rent a machine gun to fire.

What's the secret to Indian curry? I've tried making lentil dal three times now and it just tastes so bland, even with trying separate recipes. How do they make it so flavorful??
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Let's just say I don't know about meat dishes.
>saag paneer
If you're talking the spinach one, that's called palak paneer. Saag is a different thing, but in the west, the two vegetables are conflated.
Good news, palak paneer is very easy to make. Most working people make it with frozen spinach to avoid the hassle of blanching it to keep it green.

Gimme a minute and I'll give you kind of a recipe (I don't measure, so dunno how helpful it will be) or I can find one for you that looks good.
yeah chicken tikka masala may have originated in Glasgow (but some say Punjab)
Get a package of frozen spinach and put it in the fridge the day before you wanna cook to thaw it.
Get some paneer and cut it into cubes then rinse it.
Drip dry then put it into a bowl.
Dust with garam masala. Most garam masala should be fine-ish. The recipe for it changes family to family/manufacturer to manufacturer, so I can't give you exact details. Don't use the black ones, though. They're bitter. Even storebought curry powder should be fine.
Toss the paneer until it is coated in spices, adding more as necessary, then set aside.
Place the spinach into a 500ml container (I use an old yoghurt pot) and add water to fill then put it in the blender and run it smooth.
Melt some butter. I would guess about 100g (this is not low-cal) for all that spinach.
Add 1 large chopped onion, a bit of minced or grated ginger and a bit of minced or grated garlic. Also chopped green chilli as much as you'd like. This is not meant to be super strong, so just 1-2 should be fine.
Salt it and cook in the butter until onion is translucent.
Add the spiced paneer and mix around gently to avoid breaking the cubes but still get it cooked a little.
Add the spinach mixture and stir about to get all the spices off the paneer and into the gravy.
Keep the heat high until it starts to bubble. If you do this in a flat pan rather than a tall pot, it will happen faster.
Lower the heat to gently simmer until nicely thickened, about 10ish minutes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think the blended spinach wouldn't be too important here, right?

you could just cut it fine and cook it
Secret ingredient to make it flavorful: Tuna fish head. And don't be stingy with the spices.

File: OliveGardenLogo3.png (62 KB, 225x110)
62 KB
For me it's Olive Garden, the best chain restaurant.
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Too salty. The P.F. Chang’s of Italian food.
I worked at OG, my alfredo sauce is the best. I love dipping my breadstick in it
Anyone have a vintage pasta pass?
Seriously kys
File: 1516947104936.png (1.09 MB, 1005x755)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>pay with coins

do you bring sacks of quarters with you to olive garden?

File: DSC_754.jpg (538 KB, 1080x1296)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Vegan sushi
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Yes, I'm sure it's merchants that want me to brew a gallon of kombcha for $0.50 instead of buying pharmaceuticals.
prokaryotes aren't animals
But they are living and experience stress. That's not very vegan of you to go through mental gymnastics to deny their suffering just ike a carnist.
There's a wide world of fermented foods that don't involve drinking autism vinegar of soymales
Name 1

File: 1477161045729.jpg (40 KB, 512x512)
40 KB
Last yeah I was in Poland and I ate this dish at a traditional restaurant but I don't know the name of it. I think it was a hashbrown pancake on bottom, topped with gravy with mushrooms and cauliflower in it, with sour cream on top of that. Any idea of what it might be called? I wanna try to cook it tomorrow but I'm a shit cook and I'd rather work from a recipe.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIyclUGvKDk like this?
My man this is exactly it. Thanks a bunch, what I was gonna try was way off base.
It's probably just that restaurant's take on ziemniaczane

File: oooouuhh.jpg (39 KB, 500x557)
39 KB
>be white
>go to Chinese restaurant
>the waitress gives me a fork and knife even though I know how to use chopsticks
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>>creating mroe dishes to clean up when you could just use the ame chopsticks you cooked with to eat with.

not a problem for people that arent too poor to afford plastic single-time-use cutlery
>knows how to use chopsticks

looks like a flyover is just jealous of being able to see the sea...
>requesting chopsticks or getting uppity that you weren't given an objectively inferior way of eating because you like to pretend to be asian
>le amerigans doesn't work so he turns to flyover-posting
>Work at a thai resturant
>Eat spicier food than the chefs make
>Go to another Thai resturant
>Ask for food "Pet Pet" Spicy
>They still make it white people spicy and they don't even offer me spicy fish sauce

I can see in the waiters face he's holding back laughter when a non-asian asks for chopsticks, ohhh look at this cultured big boy, he's going to prove to everyone how worldly he is because he uses chopsticks once every two months.

File: 1517910781306.png (729 KB, 1457x1080)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
>coke and pepsi taste the same
uh no, sweetie. pepsi is 100x times better
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Everybody loves a glass of water in the morning, or in the middle of the night. Even people who usually don't drink it much.
It's pretty much instinctual.
File: 1528099330162.jpg (66 KB, 550x550)
66 KB
Ah, Elixir Intellectualis
No Mixologist in here? Dr. Pepper, and Hi-C Orange mixed when I go to the movies.
my ninja!!!
File: face.jpg (52 KB, 300x331)
52 KB
Here's some fun facts about soda:
>Coke tastes like shit, so they put either cherry, vanilla or lemon flavorings in it at quantities so low you'd need a refined tongue to figure it out.
>Pepsi uses caramel flavoring. It also doesn't taste as shitty as coke.
>Cocka-cola uses lemon. Also drinkers of these beverages are faggots.
>Despite what you heard, Diet soda is better for you. Diet soda is essentially water with flavor, chemicals and carbonation. Your body does not mistake the chemicals, such as aspartame, as sugar because they do not have the molecular composition of sugar, nor can it be converted to sugar. Its a chemical and your body will treat it as a chemical.
>Unless it has the suffix -ose, it isn't a sugar.
>Aspartame does not cause cancer, just like 95% of existence.
>Nor does it cause Autism.
>Nor Diabetes.
>The medical industry lies a lot so you can get sick from pure stress.
>So you'll dump your life's savings into their coffers so you can not die from stress sickness.

File: 20180722_183618.jpg (1.38 MB, 3264x1836)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
>sliced white bread
>two slices of american cheese
>two store bought frozen burger patties
>some mustard
there isn't anything like it /ck/, it almost tastes like McD's but better because I made it myself, thanks for inspiring me to start cooking at home to lead a healthier life
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Just wait till someone brings out the pics of the long bread
Thanks anon, I'll be sure to make my own patties next time
I know it looks like shit, but it was pretty good for what it was. Certainly won't eat it regularly lest I expect to die. Would have added pickles and other things if I had any on hand.
own burger recipe:
minced meat
onion powder
mix everything, form into patties,(optional: use binder like milk soaked bread pieces, egg or seasoned/unseasoned bread crumbs) cook in their own oils flip occasionally
serve with instant gravy (65 cents a packet, made like instant ramen with boiling water) and a side of mash potatoes (boil potatoes, peel, oil and butter pan, mash a bit at a time, if too runny add potato, if too dry milk, finish by adding salt pepper and cheese to taste) or boiled broccoli(broccoli into little trees, boil till cooked, separate from water season with salt and pepper).
If you dice up some onions there you could really out do yourself

File: image.jpg (1.22 MB, 3264x2448)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
just got tomato sauce deenz for the first time, what can i expect?

/deenz general/
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never tried sherry vinegar, i like a squeeze of lemon and some capers personally.
This is really tasty and cheap for a dinner.
'eenz 're 'or 'aggots 'nd 'ird 'orld 'iggers
or those observing lent, which is where I learned to like them as a kid before i knew better.

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