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File: tt9.jpg (105 KB, 750x565)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Are dogs allowed in some restaurants or cafes in where you live? That is, does the local laws allow restaurants and cafes to choose whether to allow dogs in as opposed to completely banning all non-service animals by law?
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I haven't visited Paris since the 90s but I distinctly remember noticing how there was dogshit everywhere.
wow, 5 stars!

I give this post 3 and 2/3rd thumbs up
Maybe to protect people with allergies or fear of dogs.
The hygenic aspect is often more a feeling than a fact but that doesn't matter if you want to keep customers. Would a fat guy dressed in nothing but underwear at the next table be a hygenic problem? No, but it might feel like one, so it's probably not allowed.
a business doesn't legally have to allow the animal inside unless the owner of the animal has papers stating it's a service dog
Dogs are fucking gross animals that will literally eat its own poop/lick its butt and then afterwards slobber all over your face

dogs should be banned from eating places, no ifs or buts

File: Arbys.png (36 KB, 1000x866)
36 KB
How is Arby's? I've never been to one but everyone always talks shit on it and when I ask what they ordered they can't even tell me.

Specifically how are the gyros? I'm in flyoverland on business and craving a gyro and saw Arby's sells them
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they whip out the meats and insert into your butt.

picture Jesse Slaughter
Yes, the gyros have a tzatziki sauce in them but they put it on the flatbread directly instead of drizzling it on the top. That's why you don't see it.
>Subway or Jimmy John
You set a very low bar, anon.
everything i said is right queer

File: 1537467853362.png (254 KB, 1739x1446)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
What are some foods that speed up the refractory period?
Any sharp cheese
File: 1427328848399.gif (44 KB, 475x880)
44 KB

I bought a knife but realized I have no knife holder, block, etc.
Wat do
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Carry on as usual?
keep it in your prison wallet
Dumbass detected.
I've taken to propping it up spine-down between the wall and the cutting board (don't have much cabinet space in my current apt., so have to be clever with counters). That way the edge only touches wood and drywall, neither of which are likely to bring it any harm.
Get a good sharpener too

File: Cigrette-Box-1.png (24 KB, 500x500)
24 KB
I'm going to smart smoking. What brand of cigarettes should I buy?
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Oh great. So NOW you're wishing death on me, right?
Just chill on your phone idiot
iunno, depends how well you balance the alcohol and weed. i found best thing for me was to do 2 500mL cans of strong alcohol and then start smoking weed as I'm halfway through the second can. I'd end up buzzed and energetic from the alcohol and weed would chill me out.
By the time the alcohol's almost left my system I'm nice and stoned and I start getting sleepy almost exactly around when I normally go to bed.
Just shoot yourself in the lungs and save yourself a ton of money and physical anguish.
I’d end you myself if you were local, assmunch.

Oh boy oh boy
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Why does it look like none of the toppings were cooked with the pizza?
File: did someone order.png (70 KB, 250x225)
70 KB
>I get to use this
Dusting off the classics I see. I miss the baby fuck manga meme. Now *crack* *sip* that was a good meme.

Or even the food network hentai manga edit.
Should i enlist?
This is 100% false. The driver gets the whole delivery charge. It's the only reason they charge it, so they can get away with paying them $4 an hour. What purpose would it serve the business to charge extra for an underpaid employee, who isn't costing the store anything, because he's not there? The only people who say that the charge isn't for the driver, are dishonest drivers.

I bought a whetstone 2 days before babish used one in his video that dropped today.

Do I have to return it now /ck/?
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OP is gay if that makes any difference.
Holy shit op is a faggot.
Manlet detected.
File: giphy[1].gif (751 KB, 500x368)
751 KB
751 KB GIF
>sharpening edge trailing
>not stropping after sharpening
File: back to reddit.jpg (194 KB, 717x880)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
fuck off OP you fucking retarded faggot

File: image.jpg (12 KB, 259x194)
12 KB
red pill me on the healthiness of eating eggs. I hear a lot of back and forth about if its okay to eat them every day.
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as long as you're only eating like 2-3 eggs a day yeah it's fine
Sardine, Chicken

White chicken breast, higher pH compared to other meats.
The only meat you should be eating is your girlfriend's.

File: McDonald.jpg (63 KB, 1024x683)
63 KB
>go to McDonald's cause I'm hungry
>Wait in like for about 20mins cause its the lunch hour
>Finally get up to the register and I order a chicken tender combo
>Wait 40mins for my meal to be ready
>After a short time of waiting finally get my number called
>As I pick up my food from the worker I ask her if I can get some extra dipping sauce for my tenders
>the worker makes a horrified face and everyone at the restaurant suddenly gasps and ducks under their table/counters
>Few seconds in and some heavyily armed guys wearing french fry hats come out from the kitchen and start shooting at me with guns that have fry shaped rubber bullets
>Fall down to the floor from the pain and then the armed guys pick me up and throw me out the restaurant
>Everyone starts cheering and as the armed guys start closing the door a worker throws a McDonald's bag at my face
>Limp home and eat my meal
>Inside the bag was just a McChicken not even my right order
Let me tell you folks that had the be the best McChicken I ever had.
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Sounds like the wittle small business owner is mad :( get mcrekt you fuckin faggot MCDONALD'S FOR LIFE
That's cause you didn't order off the secret menu with the secret password anon
goodnight then
Based and redpilled
Thx mate

File: Green-Tea.jpg (36 KB, 700x325)
36 KB
What are you drinking today?

This is a thread for general discussion about tea, tisanes, and yerba mate.

FAQ and info for beginners:
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i still remember the jin jun mei video, she says it could be both a treat tea and a daily driver. you have to be full autist to say that shit lmao
if these two teas are the common oolong profiles then i guess they aren't for me. had a tie guan yin and a baozhong from YS and TS and didn't like that shit. really enjoyed da hong pao tho
pu-erh is a very very broad term, check out hojo-tea for a more detailed history, basically it was all the rage some years ago because it sounded exotic and the fact that's aged was cool and all
it can also be a legitimate high quality tea and old raw, or ripe pu-erh appeal to a lot of coffee drinkers because they're shi- ahem, because they have a fairly strong taste compared to a lot of teas
seeing this thread, it seems to me to be hype for the most part though
>young pu-erh tastes like fish
>young pu-erh tastes like a very bitter green
>young pu-erh is a very bitter green
even cheap young raw pu-erh generally has a mineral smell, with some honey and some flowers, very aromatic and light compared to, say, tie guan yin, and it's definitely less bitter and smokey than most chink greens
unless you get shit quality pu-erh, that is, and I can't personally say about yunnan-sourcing's quality as I've never tried it, but an american selling chink tea to (mostly) americans doesn't strike me as trustworthy
if you want a cheap young raw pu-erh to try I think health tea house still has some of those 2014 100g cakes for around 4USD

pu-erh and green tea are also subjects to different "manufacturing" processes, wikipedia has a nice chart explaining that stuff, check it out
there's a pastebin link at the top of this page, read it and answer yourself

File: 1523865809981.jpg (72 KB, 833x640)
72 KB
I just told my friend I would buy him 9 cheeseburgers from McDicks if he could eat them all in under 3 minutes. To which he obliged.
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Ha ha :)
My young ones flew the best ablong time ago. My eldest is a realtor now, he’s doing well but I doubt you know him unless he goes on Facebook or Twitter.
Anne X
This isn’t me.
How did you get my user name?

Anne X
wtf is going on in this thread?
And if he doesn't make it you've still bought him 9 cheeseburgers faggot

File: IMAG1210.jpg (1.34 MB, 2688x1520)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Guess what I'm making for breakfast /ck/
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>23 dollar mustard
First OC in ages and this faggot wants another fast food thread. Fuck off and die.

Post more food OP
>Facebook friends
Was it crispy? I can never do this like my takeout place, breading just gets really soggy as soon as it gets mixed with the sauce
lmao dumbass

File: image.jpg (811 KB, 1920x1080)
811 KB
811 KB JPG
If you could would you replace your arm with one of these babies?
>eat left handed
>fap right handed

I see this being a manageable situation

File: black.jpg (43 KB, 466x311)
43 KB
I have found a three huge black walnut trees full of fruits near my house
I had never seen these trees or these fruits before (I live in Europe so I only knew the common walnut)

Give me your favorite black walnut recipes
Here's a question to foster discussion : I love the smell of the outer shell, limey -earthy. I know the inside of the fruit (not the nut) is full of juglone and toxic, but could i use the scraped skin as I would with citrus zest ?
Not sure about that but I've definitely smoked with black walnut, walnut, and hazelnut shells before, and they're all incredible. Make sure to soak them first or it won't really produce much smoke, though. Hazelnut shell smoke was especially great.
Lol. Great in what way ?
walnut trees here as well. too many to handle so I get them pressed into oil. have too much of that also.

File: waterbottled.jpg (148 KB, 1500x1500)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>brush teeth
>rinsing mouth with water
>oh man that's so good, i just want to drink it right now but that's gross so i'll just spit it out and get water after
>do just that
>drink water
>it doesn't taste good

Why can water be amazing when you're not actually drinking it but just feeling it in your mouth, but so shit the moment you actually drink it?
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Bumping for interest.
Because you touch yourself at night.
30 Rock sucks, faggot. Get over it.
I've never seen 30 Rocks, but the line is pre-2000 and I'm almost certain that show is not.

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