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So I've never seen one of these on here before, anyone else a big fan? I love me some Dean and Cas especially but any SPN fan art/hot guys are welcome
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File: 1442214947467.png (2.05 MB, 707x2002)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
File: 1440456224457.png (274 KB, 600x750)
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274 KB PNG
File: 1440741149662.jpg (296 KB, 750x1105)
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296 KB JPG

How 'bout a Dangan Ronpa thread?
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I don't want to ask or go anywhere too active, but are there already translations up of any sort for Dangan Ronpa V3: Killing Harmony?

I saw the first chapter subbed on youtube, but there was nothing else after that. Am I just gonna have to wait for the U.S Release Date?
k1b0 pls
File: IMG_6420.jpg (454 KB, 800x600)
454 KB
454 KB JPG

File: rin & sousuke.jpg (554 KB, 996x764)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
let's have a thread dedicated to brotherly love
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I think OP mixed brocon with bromance
I haven't actually watched free, for some reason I just got it in my head that they were brothers. sorry about that.
File: DEUH-fhXoAARL5V.jpg (51 KB, 792x1200)
51 KB
File: Vitya.jpg (49 KB, 533x500)
49 KB

File: Untitled.png (66 KB, 700x500)
66 KB
Post your qt husbando! Please be nice and follow the board and global rules.
Thread theme: merch! Does he have any? Do you own any?

Previous >>3085620
Harems >>make your own thread
General merch discussion >>>3054495
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Does anyone else come up with storylines in-universe to daydream about? I can never insert as the female lead. I just make up a character for myself, pretty similar to how I am IRL and tends to be similar through any series I'm doing this for. And I come up with pretty extensive storylines, and go over different scenes while I'm walking or laying down to sleep. Each time I go back over a scene I make it just a little bit better, or I alter it to suit my mood. I have these running for about five different series extensively and 10-12 minor. (purityfags fuck off, we know you posted in the harem thread.) If it's an ongoing series, I often need to adjust my storyline for the new revelations. They tend to be sad/romantic and I can make myself cry regularly reciting them in my head. Of course there are also sex scenes.

Anyone else do this?
Actually, yes. I mostly just tend to do this with the player character when it comes to video games, but I'll make up my own if there's already a set protagonist.
This. I literally do this all day. It's just so entertaining to do.
My lil' sad boi
File: 03.png (215 KB, 800x1000)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Mai gamer husbando

I hope you're referring to DIO, anon

Tell me male elves and elf guys in general are alowed and A-OKAY here since elves; both male and female, are always said and depicted to be handsome and beautiful.

So, post and share some elf guys.
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Link is not an elf you Philistine.
>filename: Tywin Lannister signs the White Gold Concordat

Oh boy, what did House Lannister and or the Great Houses of Westeros do to piss off the Aldmeri Dominion/Thalmor?
File: 1500498164790.jpg (3.78 MB, 4160x3120)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
This to be honest, if that is actually Link, then wrong. He ain't an elf at all.

You know the ones... the more over the top, the better!
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Sauce, these guys are just too cute; I want more of them *-*

OH YEAH, OP! Visual Kei would be a big wonderland for you. :'D

Also, dude that you liked the most, he's from a band called Vaniru; check them out :3 Maybe check out these guys too: Meijibray, Hakuei (lead singer from Penicillin), and the anime Hikari Lychee Light Club. :D
first is a guy from tsuritama (i always forget his name) and second is chuuya from bungo stray dogs
The second one is named Urara :)
The 3rd is Nasu Yoichi
Also thank you for all the assists. You're doing me a lot of favors
Sorry the third guy is Urara
The first is Nasu Yoichi
And the last is Chuuya
File: 34478863_p0.jpg (75 KB, 572x800)
75 KB

>>3119635 is Yoichi, from Drifters

File: Chihiro.jpg (44 KB, 290x557)
44 KB
Post your Anime/ manga/ game/ other media Children here
File: 61505031_p12.png (392 KB, 1024x768)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
My smug, snarky son, The Informant (End Roll). <3

Post some cute catboys please, they are my fave
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File: CatboyEarPetting.png (63 KB, 522x254)
63 KB
File: CatboyMeow.gif (251 KB, 500x559)
251 KB
251 KB GIF
I refuse to let this thread die.
File: BluehairedCatboy.png (191 KB, 500x667)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Holy shit that's cute. I don't normally have a foot fetish but damn.
File: TwitchyEarCatboy3.gif (40 KB, 500x346)
40 KB

I'm having such a hard time finding TNG fan art--I refuse to believe there's really *that* little of it out there

Bonus points for any Riker fan art
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is there seriously *this* little TNG fan art out there
>is there seriously *this* little TNG fan art out there
Yeah, bump.

Let's get a Megaman thread going. Haven't seen anything like that in a long time.
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File: 1280882588143.jpg (568 KB, 942x1060)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
File: IMG_1833.jpg (162 KB, 830x630)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Proto a best. A BEST
File: 4654544154.png (167 KB, 500x646)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Source? I love them broken botboys

File: C1A6E9oUkAI57JL.jpg (34 KB, 407x395)
34 KB
Happy New Year, f@gs Edition.
Previous >>3052205
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Thanks to whoever you are who translated Orange no KamiP and TobaP AnimateTimes interview.

>LoS will be basically TD but with 'more interactions'
Instead of the 3D models, we will get sidemini puchis doing things.
>making the game easier just because they assume the females prefer easy mode
AWW FUCK, they better not fuck up the Master+/Million Mix level of difficulty for the rhythm game. This is why I ditch Touken Ranbu because the gameplay is barely there.

I wonder what sort of big announcement will we get, I can't think of anything else other than probably simultaneously release the game and the anime since they mentioned that the game is in final stage of development.
So Suzaku and Genbu will appear in the anime?
From the GamiP & TobaP interview, yes but won't receive a lot of airtimes as the 'Cinderella Project' of SideM. Think of Kaede's or Nana's featured episode in dereani. I wish 2nd season is already set in stone for the remaining units to become CP #2.
Happy birthday to the long and young!
Sincerely, your old and midget banchou-san.

Post boys that make you feel comfy.
Maybe explain why if you want.

LoZ was always a part of my life and helped me cope through some tough times, and link is a qt
File: x_oe4HH2hvw.jpg (51 KB, 1280x720)
51 KB
kiba is very caring and seems like a cool boy to hang out with
he's also strong and protective
I remembered the time when I played Undertale during a cool and chilly season while being wrapped up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. It was one of the nicest and coziest times I ever had and I want to cuddle with Grillby
File: 1496700026870.png (571 KB, 826x939)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
this is such a nice idea for a thread i don't just want to let it die

Link was the first boy character in anything that made me question sexuality or whatever. Whenever i think about skyward sword i think about the coziest winter I had with that game
File: gahhh.jpg (96 KB, 1600x900)
96 KB
Always a soft spot for Natsume. Love him in hoodies.

>ctrl-f saika
>no thread
Lets fix this immediately
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File: vDFTZsb.jpg (3.14 MB, 2272x3159)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
Alright I am done for now. Glad I got to dump best boy.
Hope someone enjoyed it.
doing the lords work anon
thanks friend
Thanks anon
Apparently I'm gay now

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File: 56028112_p2.png (129 KB, 480x679)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
File: 62123006_p7.png (180 KB, 480x482)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
File: 62123006_p12.png (482 KB, 480x679)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
File: jc6b3fElA9I.jpg (460 KB, 1376x1732)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Rare pairing Crow/Father
Also, fellow /cm/'s, anyone plays online? Could we share IDs or PWsor somethin?

File: image.jpg (69 KB, 444x692)
69 KB
Thicc boys

Preferably no hamplanets or anything grotesque, just plump and slightly chubby boys
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bump for balloon boys
File: PyroSitting.png (125 KB, 253x229)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Any time I see this I wish I was shorter/could meet people into it.
The gods taunt me, I can lose enough to not be a complete fat ass but make me hit a wall before I can really get skinny and an awkward height for anything.
File: IMG_6124.jpg (75 KB, 610x1308)
75 KB
Belly rubs

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