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can someone get celebrimbor (left) and apply lens flares to his eyes and put a red filter on the image??

Please give me the latest stable release of Teaching Feeling.
Forgot to type, in English or patch.

Seems to be the latest English release: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2281724
Latest Japanese release: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2367468

Read the comments in case anything doesn't work. Like how the Japanese release requires a password, apparently. Maybe the English one does, too? Probably not though, since there are no comments.

File: kinnikuguitar.jpg (79 KB, 640x640)
79 KB
this poorly hummed tune is from an anime related song but i cant remember what it is, please help. i think the whole song stops for a second to play it on guitar. alternatively is there a nip version of soundhound?

File: 1507783434600.jpg (10 KB, 236x240)
10 KB

File: 1508127810177.png (508 KB, 1326x1641)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
Need a little help any n00b can do. Just make this picture of toad smaller while keeping the background same size
what. so you mean make the character smaller but keep the resolution the same size?
File: toad.png (422 KB, 1326x1641)
422 KB
422 KB PNG

File: unnamed (1).jpg (23 KB, 640x400)
23 KB
So I subscribed to Netflix and I'm a complete anime noob.

Here's the list of the anime available in my country; what would you recommend?


So far I've tried Hunter x Hunter and black Lagoon and I gotta say I enjoy both.
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Dunno why you'd bother subscribing to anything when you can just torrent anything they have.
I can't really see how it's more convenient. You have a super tiny selection of shows and those aren't even guaranteed to stay the same since Netflix loses rights to stuff all the time. You can even set up automated downloading using RSS feed rules built into your torrent client, so you don't have to do anything except leave the client running.

For the record: I have a Netflix subscription too, but I don't even bother to use it to watch anime because it's just so shitty and clunky compared to watching stuff I download.
It's fine if you're watching on the PC, but it's a bitch to watch anime on the TV.
You could set a plex server but only if you're using ethernet exclusively, it usually lags on wi-fi. Then thanks to Daiz most fansubbers use a retarded x264 10-bit profile without hardware decoders, so it needs to be transcoded.

CR and Netflix have software for smart TVs and smartphones (that can be cast to the TV), so it's infinitely easier.
File: 1508340728180.png (715 KB, 720x719)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
Barron, is that you?

File: 1412357978498.png (18 KB, 509x411)
18 KB
Looking for a song.
The video of it on youtube was an old black and white cartoon with animals boarding a rocket ship to go on dates on the moon.
I cant remember the song or artist and its been driving me crazy for a month.

File: rev 1.2 big - Copy.jpg (382 KB, 1000x828)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
So i started a podcast with my buddies and i want to do a segment where we give people life advise or we just answer retarded questions
So My Brother, My Brother, and Me?

is there anyway I can video chat with my friends while playing games and having them in a let’s play-like window?

pic related.
so you want your friends camera to overlay your game like that?
Couldn't you buy a second monitor or if you have one laying around use it to Skype and the other to play the game? You can also use a tv screen that supports HDMI.

I've never tried this but you could stream a video conversation using VLC. Have the video game window sized as borderless windowed. Then have VLC open and video player settings for the player to be always on top.

The first idea sounds the easiest.
File: 75-951-590-S01.jpg (7 KB, 300x225)
7 KB
Forgot to mention you could also just use phones and something like Skype. I've seen keyboards with phone holders or just use a phone holder.
What would you be using to video chat? skype? discord? msn messenger?

File: IMG_3853.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
Can anyone turn this into a phone wallpaper? I wanna use this as my background. Thanks in advance.
File: 1508292188858.jpg (16 KB, 168x300)
16 KB
i tried. donations to mneffdx@gmail.com
Wow.. thanks, is there a way you can remove the white around it?
File: PinkiePie.jpg (23 KB, 168x300)
23 KB
Half assed effort.
Seems that thing isn't a perfect circle.

I'm looking for recommendations for shows, television or cartoon/anime, that have an overall October/Halloween feel. Not necessarily horror or eerie, although that is preferred, but shows with Halloween-esque themes or imagery, i.e. paranormal stuff, magic, eerie. Examples being X-Files or Supernatural. Neither are horror, but have spooky elements that make them suitable for October binge shows.

The first recommendation I got from a friend was the Dresden Files

Soul Eater
Hellsing Ultimate
Jigoku Shoujo
Cowboy Bebop movie (If you've watched the series, could still watch it without doing so)

Over the Garden Wall

File: 1483755876979.jpg (143 KB, 990x1200)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
All I can remember is that the main character has some sort of close, almost incest/full on incest relationship with his sister, I think they both had brownish hair? There are also typical shonen elements to the show to like people with powers battling each other. The show was also "recent", It aired around 2014-2016 if I recall correctly. Definitely not mahouka in case.
No Game No Life?
nope... I can remember that it did not have such a vibrate color palette as NGNL.
Did they get like magic powers, such as regeneration or the ability to command people?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (114 KB, 1920x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Can someone please shop out everything in this image except for CIA and the soldiers?
File: 6477847.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
you cant edit this old one
But I want the entire background transparent.
File: 1508378899919.png (364 KB, 1920x1080)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Thanks, big guy.

Can anyone give me a 4K version of this pic?
Looks like an upscaled 2k image.

I just did a google image search. Next time do it yourself.

File: sillage.jpg (84 KB, 500x657)
84 KB
I'm looking where to download the Wake (Sillage) series. Thanks.
File: Commander.png (16 KB, 256x256)
16 KB

Good luck soldier.

File: steelseries sensei.png (59 KB, 1050x600)
59 KB
I was looking for custom mousepads at aliexpress and saw that a deathadder is under $25 so i decided to check and the steelseries rival 100 is around the same price, Which one between those 2 do you recommend? Maybe another recommendation under $25 from the same site? aliexpress works better for me because i live in south america and they offer free shipping unlike amazon and other stores where you end up paying more for shipping than the product.

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