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File: stump.png (167 KB, 366x249)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Hey can anyone point me in the direction of someone who is making these plush stumps from the recent star vs the forces of evil episode?
got a girl i like who squeeled with joy when she saw them in the show. would really love to get her one for xmas if possible
File: stumps.png (605 KB, 905x502)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
heres another pic of them
I don't have anyone in mind, but you could try looking around esty or deviantart
havent had any luck with that so far. doesnt help its a recent episode and didnt even get addressed directly meaning theres no universal name for the plushes

File: 1511739849338.jpg (36 KB, 470x470)
36 KB
>boot always fails on Ubuntu usb
>Try nomodeset
>Works, but resolution stuck at 800x600 even when proprietary Nvidia drivers enabled

Wat do?
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Why the fuck does nobody know how to deal with this? Google is useless and all ask Ubuntu answers are things like "disable the GPU I'm bios"

Do the devs not have any idea how to support a common piece of hardware????
>boots computer with nomodeset
>computer can't set mode

>Do the devs not have any idea how to support a common piece of hardware????
Welcome to Linux.
Can I just use integrated graphics? I'm done trying to get my 1050 to work right, I just want to install something without being stuck at 800x600

I'm fucking beside myself
Adding modprobe.blacklist=nouveau to the kernel command-line should do that.
You mean where I usually add nomodeset? I'll try it thanks

How can I hack into these?
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what is it a smoke alarm
I know that the manufacturer is ISTA but I can't really find a model number anywhere on it. Neither in the manual.
Looks exactly like the one in the pic tho
yep. One of the modern ones that "call home" when you try to remove them.
Build a Faraday cage and inspect it further from there
What does a smoke detector need an ultrasonic microphone for?

Wireshark, though your phone ought to be able to see the network.

File: Image3.jpg (347 KB, 1274x712)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Looking for the the song that starts @4:30 in this video. Soundhound comes up nil. Thanks! https://youtu.be/MeMny5sdcCE?t=270
took me a second to recognize the melody as Daft Punk - Get Lucky. it's a cover.
Thanks so much! It was driving me insane because I couldn't place it but knew it from somewhere. Being a Daft Punk cover explains that. Thanks again.

File: 1490638805774.jpg (77 KB, 1024x768)
77 KB
More like these 2?
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Uhm... probably? I was under the impression that I requested this before but that must have been several months ago. Idk why would you even remember such a thing. Unless someone else has asked too, which is also likely.
You ask every month or two
there's nothing wrong with that. How about you fufil OP's request then aye?
Nope, all of those but 1 are not mine.
Millennials: so lazy they even expect someone else to find their fap material for them.

File: IMG_-jv3qau.jpg (54 KB, 613x613)
54 KB
is there some kind of quick "onscreen translator" for android? Im trying to get into japanese games, wikis do help but sometimes I would really need translate stuff like items.
For android games, or using your phone to tl things that are on your PC screen?

If it's the latter I know there is some kind of software you can patch into games that machine-translates the text into english in real time.
I haven't used it myself but you can read http://www.manyeyedhydra.com/2017/10/a-brief-guide-to-text-hooking-and.html and see how this guy does it
Google Translate can translate text in realtime using your camera.

Why does 10^log(50) equal 50? I understand that 10^log(x) cancel each other out and leave you with x, but I don't understand why.
To write the expression log(x) is to ask, "Ten to the power of what equals x?"
So, 10^log(50) is "Ten to the power of whatever would equal 50 if ten was taken to the power of it".
Therefore, it's 50 by definition.
It's the very definition of log. It's like asking "why is sqrt(3) ^2 = 3?" or "why is 70 / 5 * 5 = 70?"
But 70/5*5 is 2.8, anon.
File: bait.png (29 KB, 500x275)
29 KB
or to be specific, it's the very definition of log base 10, which your classes seem to be using as the default

it's very common to use log base 2 or base e as well, though logarithms can have any number as a base

File: 1512883610530.png (34 KB, 334x334)
34 KB
I found this image and I feel like I've seen this person's art before. I tried reverse image searching but nothing came up. I need to know the artist's username. All help is appreciated
That's so generic it could be literally half of tumblr
File: 1510169531583.png (298 KB, 847x789)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
yandex gives the following
i don't know how the sourcing thing works on tumblr
skimming the bio of the source, she was probably channeling Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim while drawing this
File: 1512514320648.jpg (131 KB, 632x474)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
The artist deleted their tumblr apparently. But I know their old username now, thanks anon. Finding more of their work shouldn't be much trouble. I could find them on Twitter. Thanks. This is my first time making a thread on this board and I'm surprised someone answered my request

Can someone make an edit of this with dark red hair and a transparent background?
Oh and make the eyes brown

File: received_167632180649925.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x2448)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I need some help to try and fix this
Click "OK" and restart the computer.
>To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.
Hey OP i think you should click OP to restart the computer and then restart the installation, hope this helps

I sympathise with you man. Reading words is really hard and I can't do it either.

File: starfish.webm (160 KB, 728x672)
160 KB
Can someone rec me some good Yuri anime?
File: kissu.webm (1.8 MB, 1280x720)
1.8 MB
Sakura Trick is yuri cgdct

So a year ago I found a thread on /co/ discussing new IPs, with the OP image being a cover for one of the Inheritence Cycle books. The threads no longer on desuarchive and it was mostly arguing over how shit the books were.
Anyway, one anon posted an image of a lengthy post chain ranting about the truly egregious shit in the books (e.g. the fucking cyborg-anthro dragon). Would it be possible to find that image again, or just the thread it originated from? I’m not sure which board it came from but /lit/ seems most likely.

is this conversion correct?
Looks right to me.
can you help me with this one?
NVM I think I can solve it without a conversion
You should check out bigclivedotcom on youtube
looks interesting. I'll check it out. TY :)

File: 1502184434471.jpg (167 KB, 650x650)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Where could I find someone to help design an anime-style character for a game I'm making? would /ic/ be a place to ask?
Try deviantart or tumblr
Do you have a budget? is a vn/date sim type of game? do you need one character or more? 2D or 3D with fake 2D style? (2d takes loads of time to do all the expressions/poses but with 3d you'll probably only need is a rigged character)
also beware people at tumblr/dA tend to be from america and they'll could harge anywhere from $50-150 for just a drawing.

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