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Just go vote randomly I'm doing a prank.

So I have these JLab wireless Bluetooth headphones and recently (not sure exactly when it just seems to have randomly happened) they've ceased to work like they used to. No matter how long I hold the power button they won't turn on and they'll only work when I plug them into my laptop via the charger: at that point, the red light dimly and slowly flickers on and after a couple of seconds immediately shifts to a bright blue glow. While they're plugged in like this I can turn them on and listen to shit, but the left side of the headphones (where all the buttons and the charging port are located) begins to emit this incessant beep like it's on a life support machine. It's very faint from afar and I can drown it out with loud enough music, but if I'm listening to something soft or stop playing audio for a second then I can hear it, and since it's right up against my ear it naturally gets pretty annoying. Turning it off also doesn't stop the beep; the beeping only ceases when I unplug the headphones and when I do that they won't work. I should also probably note that before this started happening I'd occasionally get blasted with strange short-lived static screeches when using them. Haven't had trouble with that since, but it was a lot more bearable to deal with, especially since it meant my headphones still had their mobility.

They're really cheap and it's not like they're broken, so I suppose I can't complain too much but has anyone else dealt with something like this before? Any "home remedies" I can try as a poorfag or should I just start saving up more and bear with it until I can get a new pair? Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer Anons.
Shit. Forgot the product link. Today is not my day.

File: HeadphoneActor.jpg (48 KB, 600x440)
48 KB
Do you have the user manual?
That might have some help on what's wrong and how to fix it.
nevermind, found the manual https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0240/9337/files/Neon_Wireless_Headphone_Manual_Web.pdf?13580016985822686314
There's no troubleshooting section.

It might be the battery is broken and needs to be replaced? I'm not sure.

File: 736201.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1200)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Please could any anon/s help me to find these New Game files? I'm after the releases in both mp3 and FLAC to complete a collection I want to share. They are not seeded anymore, you ar my last hope anon, please help?

[120613]Super GameSong LIVE2012 テーマ:NEW GAME/彩音、いとうかなこ、CooRie、栗林みな実、佐藤ひろ美、nao、飛蘭、yozuca*[320K]
[160928] TVアニメ「NEW GAME!」キャラクターソングCD Lv.1/涼風青葉(CV.高田憂希) [320K]
[3º Single] JASMINE - This is a not game By Nippanish New.rar
[Aho-Rips] New Game! - Now Singing (MP3 VBR0)
[EAC][120613][5pb.]Super GameSong LIVE2012「NEW GAME」/彩音, いとうかなこ, CooRie, 栗林みな実, 佐藤ひろ美, nao, 飛蘭, yozuca*[Single, Maxi][mp3+cue+log+jpg].rar
[EAC][120613][5pb.]Super GameSong LIVE2012「NEW GAME」/彩音, いとうかなこ, CooRie, 栗林みな実, 佐藤ひろ美, nao, 飛蘭, yozuca*[Single, Maxi][flac+cue+log+png].rar
[Maid-chan] NEW GAME! Character Song CD Lv.3 (FLAC)
[Maid-chan] NEW GAME! Drama CD 2 (FLAC)

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Right click on the torrent and choose to edit trackers, there will be an option to add them, just paste everything.
That's how it is for deluge and qbit at least.
[ASL] releases can be found on their XDCC bots

I put the two ASL releases on mega for you


>[120613]Super GameSong LIVE2012 テーマ:NEW GAME/彩音、いとうかなこ、CooRie、栗林みな実、佐藤ひろ美、nao、飛蘭、yozuca*[320K]
>[EAC][120613][5pb.]Super GameSong LIVE2012「NEW GAME」/彩音, いとうかなこ, CooRie, 栗林みな実, 佐藤ひろ美, nao, 飛蘭, yozuca*[Single, Maxi][mp3+cue+log+jpg].rar
>[EAC][120613][5pb.]Super GameSong LIVE2012「NEW GAME」/彩音, いとうかなこ, CooRie, 栗林みな実, 佐藤ひろ美, nao, 飛蘭, yozuca*[Single, Maxi][flac+cue+log+png].rar
>寺島拓篤 - NEW GAME(320K MP3 RAR)(2012.06.06)

These have nothing to do with the anime
Thank you, will look into that : )
I never knew that after torrenting for years, that's really useful and good to know, thank you for your help!

I had no idea, google seems to block pirate searches these days, that's incredibly kind of you thank you, and for the links too!

Thank you for letting me know, that;s some I can strike off the list!

I really appreciate everyone's help, batches of music/dramas related to shows seem to be becoming a thing of the past these days.

Anon/s I salute you : )

File: AngryDog.jpg (86 KB, 600x800)
86 KB
Anyone know what type of dog this is?
thanks my dude

File: godsh0t.jpg (850 KB, 770x1192)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
Anyone knows where I can torrent Clip Studio Paint?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
On CGPeers

Registration will open in about a week
Yeah, I ignored it and started a virus scan afterwards, nothing came up. I think it's just google's false positive because that site hosts copyrighted content for free.
I could try to find you the zip and put it on mega or something if you're too scared to go there yourself
If you could do that, I would appreciate it a lot, yeah.

Anyone mind helping me with this.

What the hell does he want me to do exactly? I just want a clear explanation in english.

You have to write the body of those methods
set_ir just copies its argument to the field IR
tick reads the OPCODE, OP1 and OP2 from IR and writes them to the object fields. You can use bitwise operator to get them (e.g. OP2 = IR & 0x1F)
get_opcode returns the value of the field OPCODE, get_op1 the OP1 and so on
fetch_literal returns true if the 15th bit of IR is 1

Then you have to write a program that tests the Decoder class for some patterns, and outputs the binary decoded values (see "Main Function")
What is OP1 and OP2?
They're the two field of the class Decoder that you have to fill (when calling tick) with some of the bits contained in IR
>bits 10-15 - OPCODE
>bits 5-9 - OP1
>bits 0-4 - OP2
Therefore you have to put the 5th bit of IR in the bit 0 of OP1, the 6th bit of IR in the bit 1 of OP1, etc.
If your question was what they're supposed to represent, I guess they're the arguments of the instructions your CPU simulator interprets, while OPCODE identifies the particular instruction

File: 1.gif (47 KB, 375x240)
47 KB
Where can I find downloads for all those Java Mobile games?
AHHHHHHH i wanna play doom 2 RPG again :CCC
There are torrents. I have downloaded before. Search for something like java games or Nokia games on tpb.org.

Unfortunately my Nokia stopped working. Any emulator to play on the computer?
A new emulator popped up on Android called 'J2ME Loader'
I checked on tbp and none of them had any seeders.

File: 49.jpg (101 KB, 1164x655)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I have Logitech Z313 speakers, I'm looking for a cd player that I can use with them. Would most cd players work with external speakers?

File: 1515415338195.gif (800 KB, 400x300)
800 KB
800 KB GIF
Anyone know what game this is from? Pic is animated.
looks like "sad satan" to me, but i never played it so i don't know. If this is sad satan, it's not a game, just an advertising maneuver
Looks very similar to a horror map i played in garrys mod.
Yeah, it had something to do with psycho. Thats probably it OP >>465465

File: 1519415195402.png (830 KB, 792x792)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
Where is this from?
File: consider the following.png (119 KB, 848x632)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Reverse search it.

It's from an H-doujin called Somersault by Ootsuka Reika. Has three or so chapters, but the girl's a loli if you're not into that.

File: 1519407174648.webm (3 MB, 1280x720)
3 MB
Would someone please convert this to a .gif?
Literally the first result on google.

File: 151936526698~2.jpg (19 KB, 482x492)
19 KB
What anime is this?
take a less awful photograph
File: 151936526698.jpg (16 KB, 482x492)
16 KB
Looks more like a shitty hentai game.

I have an Asus ZenFone 3, and I'm finding the headphone jack no longer works. It hasn't worked since I dropped my phone last night whilst it had headphones in, which yanked the phone off in a different direction. I've tried many pairs of earphones and all sorts of positions to no effect - the headphone notification doesn't pop up, and the sound comes out the speaker instead. Is there any fix for this short of getting it repaired under warranty? Any help will be much appreciated.

>pic unrelated
I don't think warranty will work since you dropped it and it's not a manufacturer's failure
try some IT services dealing with hardware

File: 4122556099_7a964bf784_o.jpg (243 KB, 1200x1200)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Greetings /wsr/
I am looking for a download for Jean-Jacques Perrey's moog mig mag moog from 1974.

All of the download links I've found are no longer active and I don't own a record player so I cannot buy the record version.
You could find a youtube video of the album and use a website that converts videos to .mp3s.
You can find it on Soulseek
File: nqS0xe6.png (37 KB, 877x427)
37 KB
Installed soulseek and found it. Thanks for the help anon!
enjoy that shit quality audio, pleb

File: 23879298.png (81 KB, 500x500)
81 KB
any pdf of The Lily of the Field and The Bird of the Air by Kierkegaard? please for love of jesus
I can't even find it on IRC, bro.
Stop wasting time.

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