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Trying to find a track I used to be able to find on youtube. It was a piano melody that started with the sound of the ocean and some seagulls then went into a very melancholic and dramatic sounding song. It was only piano playing other than the noise at the beginning. No clue who the artist was, may have been part of some anime OST (not the persona 4 song called heaven though). I remember finding it easily on youtube last year and it had a thumbnail similar to pic related.

It used to be a fairly popular video on youtube but now I can't find it anywhere. If any anon has any idea what I'm talking about lmk.

File: METAL-SLUG-GRIGIO.png (6.7 MB, 3083x3013)
6.7 MB
6.7 MB PNG
please help remove watermark
File: GALAGA.png (7.74 MB, 3087x3016)
7.74 MB
7.74 MB PNG
Try selecting them with the Magic Wand Tool, and pressing Shift+F5 to pop up the "Fill" menu. Then select "Content aware" and pressing ok.

Hi anons,

I wonder if anyone has a complete set of Love and Rockets along with the side stories and anything else related to the series or by the brothers Hernandez they could possibly share via MEGA or a torrent, please?

I'm going through one of the hardest times in my life at the moment, and can barely afford to feed my cat, let alone buy comics.

Love and Rockets I have been told over the years is a comic you can just lose yourself in, which right now is exactly what would help me. I have spent 2 weeks looking around for torrents at demonoid, sky. the bay, kat, ru etc along with the various upload sites to no avail.

An anon recommended I try Regular Show and Adventure time comics, but they also don't appear to have any complete sources and although I'd love to read them too, at the moment I'm really hoping to read Love and Rockets first as I was in my late teens when I came out and feel I'd have a connection with it.

Sorry for the long post, I'd really appreciate it if someone could possibly help!
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Ah, OK well thanks for both posts : )

Oh, fair enough, I have heard it gets incredibly good so I hope you try it out sometime ^^

Yes, my plan is when I have everything, I'll seek some help in releasing it as a torrent and to a ftp somewhere, it's a culturally significant work, after all.

Once again, thank you for your help, hopefully this project will get finished and I really do appreciate your kindness.
File: birdland053.jpg (61 KB, 647x361)
61 KB
any seeds for this torrent, it'd be appreciated if you'd re-join, because there's four of us stuck at 97 percent.

Also stuck, tragically this was seeded until a week ago according to qbittorrent

looks like everyone hit and run

wtf 90s kids you ruin things for everyone
97 percent means a lot of the .cbrs still work. thank god for formats with some tolerance for failure.
In this case there;s a load of files not finished

No sane person would save and share incomplete files

What a sad thing to discover this only to find it crippled : ( will give it a week then give up, it def has stuff not included in the batches on the bay and ru or the dead one on demonoid

File: ScienceKombat.gif (556 KB, 650x355)
556 KB
556 KB GIF
Hey everybody! Over on /lit/ we started a project to make a fighting game, hosting philosophers as the combatants. It would be similar to pic related, but with philosophers instead of scientists. We have made a decent list of people we want to include, but the necessary art work is lacking. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a sort of title screen image for the project? Additionally, if there is artistic talent here that would like to get involved, we are looking for pixel art sprites for all characters. Musical artists are needed as well, and we are always accepting ideas and devs. If you want to check out the project the relevant links are below.
Related links:

Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFGIZAOnFJkA-k8YzRyhWCYvdQNnekY0Ofd9_gMzZzE/edit#
Github: https://github.com/Anon86009/PhilosophyFightingGame
/lit/: >>>/lit/11033629
/g/: >>>/g/65639944
File: aseprite.gif (570 KB, 670x551)
570 KB
570 KB GIF
I doubt someone will invest that much time working on this without getting something in return, that pixel art animation could be hard to replicate also you can try learning it yourself there's tons of online tutorials and with aseprite you can convert images to sprites -pic related,

File: index.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
Anyone have a torrent for Super Troopers 2?
I'll even take a garbage cam, but would prefer not.
>I'll even take a garbage cam, but would prefer not.
I'm amused that you think there's a remote chance of anything except a camrip. It's literally in theaters right now.
Digital rips exist of films currently in theaters. Employees steal the digital protected copies or hook up a recorder to the projection system. Is this news to you?
Cool, then you can fulfill my request.
gooogle "torrent search"

could someone please turn this into a PC wallpaper with an image size of 1920 x 1080? I tried posting it on the image modification thread on /wg/ but the picture is too small.
try waifu2x

File: questions-to-ask.png (43 KB, 600x290)
43 KB
So im making a playlist on vlc which i just click add folder and it adds everything except picture files,it only add webm's and mp4 files.How can i change that so that when i add a folder it opens every type of file in the folder?
Pretty sure it will only open files that VLC is associated with. Change the file associations to include the image extensions.
there are jpg files which i have changed so that they're opened with vlc media player however when i add the folder to a playlist it still just plays videos like mp4 and web,
why do you expect VLC to open jpg files, and how do you expect them to work inside a playlist?
im new to this kind of stuff so i just assumed it did since photos on windows can open pictures and videos as a playlist.And with windows it would usually show a picture for a set amount of time like 5 or 10 seconds.
buy glasses, and use them when you run VLC.
> read the menu bar, it could help ...

File: healp.jpg (261 KB, 1024x576)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
i was wondering if anyone had a high quality image set for this background, as in both Kat and Raven as separate images and then the Background, i figure they exist somewhere because of the PS4 wallpaper. Thanks in advance
I did find Ravens picture, however the wiki doesn't seem to have Kats or the background

Who's subs do I watch for all of this shit?
Senki Zesshoushinai Symphogear
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G
Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX
Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ
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Yes, because it looks like each season has different subs. If there's an alternative to Horrible subs, then I'll take it. But I've heard that Commie's has american memes in them, so I'd rather avoid those. Every other group I see are one's I havent seen before, so I don't know about their sub quality

/wsr/ please help.

I am using my phone currently. I have google chrome with ublock origin and scriptsafe. I tried to use 4chan on my computer and it looked all funky (looked like basic html and stuff). Sometimes sites look like that when I haven't allowed certain scripts to run with scriptsafe. It was weird that it started doing that all of a sudden, but I thought no big deal. But I hit allow, and the site didn't change, and more scripts got requested by my computer. I looked up some of the scripts on google and I keep getting told that this was 4chan pumping malware scripts, possibly even ransomware. What the fuck do I do? I have Avast. I'm really worried, because I allowed the first wave of scripts on my browser, possibly more, I don't remember. Please help /wsr/. Thank you in advance.
you're fine
you're not infected with any viruses or shit
but yes keep blocking scripts on 4chan
Thanks for the reply anon. That makes me feel a lot better. How can you be sure though?
that happened to everyone, it was an attempt by hiro the 4chan owner to make people remove their adblocks on 4chan.

File: IMG_1995.jpg (33 KB, 270x480)
33 KB
I will send 40$ in bitcoin to anyone who can give me the java code that calculates the mean and standard deviation of 20 numbers that the user inputs via a gui. the results should also be displayed via the gui. this isn't a joke. i will pay more if it deserves it.

I will do the code without the GUI part. It's late here so beware.
All you now have to do is to replace Scanner input and the print output with using a gui instead (What is meant with GUI? Is a simple Swing JOptionPane InputDialog popup window enough?) Google on how to read via JOptionPane InputDialog and using Swing for output should bring many results.

We will use arrays to save the numbers and work with them.

import java.util.Scanner


Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);

int[] numbers = new int[20];
double[] dist = new double[20];

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1521572547299.jpg (88 KB, 750x793)
88 KB
yo can someone make about 3 webms of Jerma doing something funny(not difficult to find) and post them here?

I want to start a Jerma thread on /wsg/ but I don't know how to make webms.

thanks in advance
Oh also if possible can you make a webm of the part during the telephone stream where he searches for fart sound effects and doesnt understand why fart sound effects are age restricted
age restricted fart sounds?

File: images (3).png (13 KB, 470x313)
13 KB
What's the best way to learn Japanese?

Is there some book or something that I could learn it from? App, maybe? I'm going to be living in Japan for a while, so I'm probably going to need all of the knowledge I can get.
(Throw in any little tips or jokes/funnies if you feel like it, idc if sfw or not I like a good laugh)
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
> Ive got about 3 or so years before I go there
well, that's plenty enough to fell realistic
> working on it for an hour or so every night
make it two. You want to incorporate grammar, vocabulary and kanji studies into your daily routine. Unfortunately you can't learn the language without being able to at least read kanji properly and writing them helps a lot with your remembering anyways.
File: 1523422520242.jpg (165 KB, 1186x1200)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>I'm looking for enough fluency to buy something from a shop without looking like an idiot.
If that's your only reason then don't bother yourself. It's not that the Japanese have any expectations of you.
Step 1. kidnap a Japanese schoolgirl
Step 2. profit
File: 1444326974273.jpg (20 KB, 320x242)
20 KB
But what if you get this Japanese schoolgirl?
Dump her and get another one.

File: 1440987823435.jpg (35 KB, 696x785)
35 KB
I'm not that familiar with encoding but I'm trying to pick the best anime releases for my archive, and am currently caught between two releases for Zetman:
>Doki 1080p 10bit FLAC https://nyaa.si/view/947167
>ChaosBlades 1080p 10bit FLAC Dual Audio https://nyaa.si/view/522435
Specifically, I'm curious about the video track. The CB release says it's a remux, but to me it looks kind of washed out, or too bright or something. But the doki release is half the file size, so obviously missing lots of the original detail. I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep the Doki release since the subs are better anyway, but as far as the video goes, which would you sakuga pros say is the one to keep? Is the Doki release "bad"?

tl;dr give me your general opinions on this comparison
>Autism and blindness
I too would give up on life and dedicate my existence to archive anime if I were you. Thoughts and prayers.

File: be2.png (180 KB, 800x800)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Is there animes where cute girls do drugs?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Kill Me Baby has no drugs. The VA was a druggie.
Kamisama no Memochou (done against her will)
this seems to be good. thanks
>Kamisama no Memochou
The synopsis doesn't mention drugs, but I assume she (or another character) uses them. The symopis does say she's NEET, and that even seems to be on the cover art, but it says she's a private detective... so she has a job, wilful self employment, so how is she NEET?

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