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File: piq_423780_400x400.png (1 KB, 400x400)
1 KB
Im looking for ideas for biology experiments that have never been done before and are not extremely difficult to do (high school level). Gimme any ideas you have.
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how many vodka shots can a high school student survive on average?
File: Science.png (509 KB, 848x479)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
Menstrual synchrony, where women who live together or spend an excessive amount of time will synchronize menstrual cycles.
Go around asking girls if they are on their period every day for a month.
Sperm UFC

Collect sperm from all male students
Watch sperm deathmatch through a microscrope

>experiments that have never been done before
get a 10 meter piece or string and put markers every meter. lay the string in a straight line and make a table that identifies population density (how many plants/meter per species)
great now you have a botanical data set to work with- what you do from here can go in a bunch of directions
>transplant some of the species in a new location and see if they thrive or die
>make another data set for a different 10 meter stretch in the same location, but alter on of them. For example does weeding one section make its plants healthier than the other unweeded section, or does adding something to the soil improve population health?

pop health can be measured in number of offspring (counting seeds on plants or waiting for new sprouts) or by plant biomass (pulling all of the plants up by their roots and weighing them)

Heyo. Requesting songs/music/albums which are about mass lies being taken as true.

I'd like to know because I'd like to design a fan character for Jojo which makes whatever enough people believe to be true, real.

Thank you in advance!

Anyone know what style of anime art this is? I’m trying to find more pictures like it so that I can learn how to draw it.

If someone has pictures like this to post, that would be appreciated as well!
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Yes that’s what I’m trying to do! However I don’t know the name of the artist so I was hoping somebody else would >>480071
Here's the original artist:
Thank you so much!
Says the tweet has been deleted ;c
Never mind I found the artist by searching the name in your link. Thank you!

File: file.png (548 KB, 430x609)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: Part 1 is finally out on DVD/Blu-Ray in nippon land.

Waiting thread for the rips and subs.

File: 1262258074761.jpg (263 KB, 426x266)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Looking for a youtube video concerning slavery in early capitalist communities. Not literal slavery, but more like wage-slavery. IIRC it explained how mining/factory towns (basically corporate towns) in the US kept citizens in permanent debt but offering them a slightly higher payment in a currency that can only be spent at company-owned stores and making it excessively hard to move out of that town/area and lifestyle by legal means i.e. hard work for several years.
It was in some sort of wild west setting if i remember correctly...
Indentured servitude was essentially slavery. dont know any great youtube videos on it though.

File: 1.png (25 KB, 320x320)
25 KB
https www twitch tv videos 241280572

starts at 7:48:41
not amouranth singing, whats the background music she's using?

Any more kino songs like:

File: ta.png (616 KB, 1003x1417)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
How do I change the colour in Photoshop?
I try to remove the shading over the girl (by replacing the darker tones with clearer ones) but the color substitution tool doesn't work.
All layers and parts seem to be properly selected, so what's wrong?
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Nice edit, but fuck you asshole I wanted to do it myself

Don't call me Pedro gringo de mierda

Just move it to /b/ I'm gonna see if what people posted here works, Thanks for your advice!
You could just increase the brightness on the shadows and then adjust the contrast if necessary
>Just move it to /b/

it would vanish in less than three minutes.

it's in that thread on /d/ if you care to look.
>Recolor tool works fine, ya dingus. Have you tried not being incompetent?

you're at a catholic school, aren't you? i recognise the signs.
>you're at a catholic school, aren't you?
Nope, and never have been.

File: Apoc.webm (2.92 MB, 852x480)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
What is the best program to convert mp4s to webms and also to compress them down to less than 3MB?
Depends on your personal preferences. Here are some options:
webm for bakas

Could someone please remove her horns?
File: 1514252606217.jpg (428 KB, 980x1386)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
File: Untitled23.jpg (564 KB, 980x1386)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
Phone jon
No worries, thanks a lot!

File: 1501019309399.jpg (221 KB, 850x1000)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Could someone give me some more images like this? Trippy photos. Thanks.
File: 027-OHpXJz8.png (1.25 MB, 642x767)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

File: Ringstrilogyposter.jpg (143 KB, 800x540)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Going to be marathoning some fanatsy kino this weekened, recommend me some good fantasy.

Pic related is the kind of high fanatsy kino I love, but I'm also fine with any kind of fantasy, or stories about fantasy/fairytales. Some stuff that is already in my binge plan are:

Jacob's Ladder
In the Mouth of Madness

I had also seen In the Shape of Water and the Neverending story previously. Any kind of fantasy will do, even horror, but as long as there is a fantasy element to it. No Troll, though, and I am aware that a movie like Troll fits in the kind of movie I am looking for.
File: MurderByNumbers.png (1.24 MB, 748x1062)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Watch Dune, the one from the 80's with Sting in it
Pan's Labyrinth, Blade, The 13th Warrior (fantasy horror)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, Hero (Chinese martial arts fantasy)
Conan the Barbarian
Immortals (ancient Greek fantasy - but kinda shit if I remember correctly)
Seen all those except Immortals. Will pick that one up

Read the book and played the RTS
Something wicked this way comes

My internet speeds keep fluctuating from 350mbps to as low as .1 mbps. This has been going on for about 2 months now and had my ISP come out less than a week ago and they put a filter on my modem, saying that would fix the issue (have home DVR is why). Not even 3 days later, my speeds drop while playing an online game causing me to disconnect and cost me the game. The biggest factor seems to be recurring packet loss according to the game logs files. I am having a supervisor technician come out tomorrow to assess the situation.

I have ran Netalyzr and the Major abnormality is tha tmy DNS resolver returns IPs for names that do not exist and minors saying DNS resolvers are down and some root servers returned DNSSEC informaiton.

The packet loss happens throughout the day at random times, but its at least once to twice a day. They want me to run "whatever tests I have done" when the technician gets here, but the only test I can do that don't involve me having to play an actual game are Trace Routes and netalyzer to my knowledge. It can happen when playing online games to even just browsing/watching online videos.

I am supposed to get 300 mbps down, 20 upload. What other tests can I run to better determine what is going on and what should I be prepared for when the technician comes out? I'm not about to have them come and tell me its not on their end even though I'm almost positive it is. All my drivers are up to date, router firmware is updated, everything is as it should be on my end.

What can I do? ISP is spectrum and its the best thing I can get where I live until Fiber reaches my area.
Cabled WiFi or wireless?
Cabled Internet. 3 Computers hooked up via ethernet lines, 1 on wifi. 1 on ethernet is only on when we watch movies and the one one wifi isnt on that often either. I had QoS enabled, but I either didn't have it set up correctly or it didn't help at all.
There's no splitter on the cable line, its a direct lined from outside to the room where my modem is. Also only 2 computers are on for the majority of the day.

Anyone know where I can get The Enlightenment by Dena Goodman and Kathleen Wellman? Can't seem to find a torrent for it.
search on b-ok or on gen lib
Tried both of them and got nothing sadly.

File: 1521686820042.png (270 KB, 510x602)
270 KB
270 KB PNG


The first 5 seconds I swear I've heard from an Elliot Smith song, but I just don't know.

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