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File: 1497377199395.png (47 KB, 175x184)
47 KB
I'm so stupid that i fucking can't download a gif from pixiv.
Can someone download this gif for me and upload here?
I'm too stupid to fucking download a gif from pixiv.

You're not stupid, well, not as stupid as you could be, Pixiv is just shit with how they store their animations. Input the URL of any Pixiv page here and you can make it either a webm or a gif:


Thank you!

File: Isthissolvable.png (227 KB, 796x688)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
part a is simple enough, but without mass, how can you solve for acceleration?
>without mass, how can you solve for acceleration
The acceleration is 25 N/s, therefore the rate of m/(s*s) becomes (m/(s*s))/(s/1), and m/(s*s*s). Independently of the mass, the acceleration is equal to the force required to move 25 kilograms a meter in one second every second, every second. If you learn the mass later, you can plug it in to get the acceleration in m/s.

Can any Anon edit the boy and the girl in one blank pic( black background prefferably).
You can do whatever you want with it.. even better if you have an idea. It will be much appreciated.
I forgot i have the boy edited.. maybe this would help
I can do it for a small reward email niko101public@gmail.com
File: 1002.jpg (916 KB, 1280x960)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
File: 1506139873112.jpg (29 KB, 489x467)
29 KB
That's not even what i asked for..
i have no money gypsy go away..

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Definitely don't do this
It's part of a joke.
Dialogue: 0,0:20:13.40,0:20:14.83,main,,0,0,0,,This is pretty impressive.
Dialogue: 0,0:20:14.94,0:20:18.13,main,,0,0,0,,Now to cover up the stench. This blood is perfect!
Dialogue: 0,0:20:18.76,0:20:20.77,main,,0,0,0,,I'm pretty sure this will cause some problems.
Dialogue: 0,0:20:20.93,0:20:27.90,main,,0,0,0,,Don't worry! We'll just put "This work contains violence and grotesque scenes." beforehand!
Dialogue: 0,0:20:28.25,0:20:32.14,main,,0,0,0,,And also "Please don't try this at home!"

So I'm pretty sure one is "Please don't try this at home" and the other is, "This work contains violence and grotesque scenes." I just don't know which is which.

Requesting art with a Silent Hill feel to it. Specifically, there is one piece of artwork where a girl is shining a flashlight into a messy classroom filled with occult shit that I want to find
Something like this or more western style?
This is exactly what I was looking for. Bless you, anon

File: Hospicecover.jpg (15 KB, 325x328)
15 KB
I want to listen to some depressing music after hearing this,can someone post that "albums about death" picture from /mu/ ? It had like hospice in with "I couldnt save her from death " at the side or something.
I couldn't find the chart, but if you want something sad, A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie is about Phil Elverum losing his wife and may have probably been on that chart.
thank you for mentioning that, just started listening to the album, so raw
(not op)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdoafPTSQpE (add bass for this one)
damn nice album do you have more like that?

File: xml.png (12 KB, 457x612)
12 KB
Disclaimer: I'm only here since my googling was unsuccessful probably as a result of not using proper terminology/keywords. I'm not looking for anyone to hold my hand, just a nudge in the right direction.

Problem: i have an XML file that i need certain information from. the strings that i am interested in all start the same and have a variable at the end, the also come with a regular interval of 12 lines.

what i need is to take those strings and output them to another file. Thanks in advance.

<< Pic related
Either use grep, or use an XML parser.

I can't tell you what's best for your secret project, but in general, grep is best for a one-off, and parsing the XML is best if you're going to be doing it a lot.

Formally, grep can't parse XML, because XML is higher in the language hierarchy than regular languages, but that doesn't mean it can't grab you strings out of it in the way you're describing.

If the data you're likely to encounter is going to sometimes have unusual characters in it, you're probably best off using a real xml parser.
thanks for the response. However the problem has been solved with a python script made by a friend of mine.

File: 1505821326405.jpg (80 KB, 635x634)
80 KB
i want to play fallout 4 but im really into stories so should i play fallout 3 first to understand the story or can i just jump in?
is fallout 3 worth playing?
how fast can i finish the games?
pic unrelated
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- You don't need to play 3
- But you should play it instead of 4 (buy the "Broken Steel" DLC, as it increases the level cap and fixes the ending
- in minutes if you skip to where the end is so don't
- no, it's shit
- because the story is shit and the game isn't as good as 3 or New Vegas
For the love of god OP, play FO3 first, then New Vegas, then 4. There are hundreds upon hundreds of hours to play, and if you play the new stuff first, you won't be able to play the old stuff, it'll feel too clunky. That's why I could never get into Morrowind. Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game.
play New Vegas and nothing else
you will thank me later
the game itself is absolutely fantastic, they are just leaving negative reviews because bethesda launched what's called the "creation club" which is paid mods and the kids are being little bitch ass niggas because of it.
File: 1466260761407.jpg (380 KB, 1677x1163)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Todd pls go

File: 802Marshadow.png (444 KB, 1280x1280)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Does anyone have a spare Marshadow code for SM?

File: 6691331.jpg (87 KB, 745x1000)
87 KB
Does anyone have a torrent (or a website that streams it) of the full Free Spirit TV series ?

>Critical reviews of Free Spirit were generally negative. In a poll conducted by Electronic Media, television critics voted it the worst show on television
I just love Alyson Hannigan in everything, so I want to see this show

File: lg-g4-34.jpg (368 KB, 1200x900)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
My LGG4 is acting like shit and I'm thinking about stopping by my carrier about getting a replacement, but before I do I'm gonna stop by this board just for kicks

For the past two months, the right half of the screen would go static after half an hour of screen time. I can still use it, but it's totally incomprehensible to look at at that point more than half the time. Now that it's October, it takes 4 seconds for it to go static rather than half an hour. It can't be my battery, already tested that. Online sources say I should just see my carrier, but what do you think /wsr/? Any ideas for a fix?
late afternoon bump
Try following this guide to step 5, then putting it back together. You'll only need to reseat the ribbon cable at the bottom.

If that doesn't help, new screens are $30 or so on eBay. They seem to come preattached to a middle frame, so you don't need to pry the screen and frame apart.

Did that just now, no dice. Is there any specific way to researt it? If not, guess I'm visiting att tomorrow. Thanks for the help
Hey so update: today my phone didn't get their screen so jazzed up as before. I think it really is fixed, but it did revert to glitching out a bit when i had to restart it

Will post another update about this soon

Does anybody have a pdf of Inside Journalism Third Edition by Tim Harrower that they could upload to MEGA or dropbox or something?

File: logo-256x256[1].png (31 KB, 256x256)
31 KB
So how does one change the resolution you capture images at with MPC-HC?

I'm trying to take screenshots from certain videos, but instead of being full-screen, they come out at native resolution of the video.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>since MPC-HC is no longer being maintained.
I did not know that... what should we use then, mpv?
They weren't going to change it anyway, so it's not like your situation is any different. If you care that hard, you've got the source code, you can change it yourself.

MPC-HC. It's not like it's going to go off.
File: file.png (44 KB, 760x448)
44 KB
If you use madvr, there's an option to change stuff
File: MPC-BE.png (62 KB, 463x389)
62 KB
Latest madVR changes that.

Anyone knows where I can find this book in pdf for free?
>Inca Architecture and Construction at Ollantaytambo

File: FB_IMG_1508274100464.jpg (26 KB, 528x960)
26 KB
Would like a photo shop of Steve erwin wrestling this guy like a croc bonus points if steve erwin is holding a dildo

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