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File: 20171208_170808.jpg (602 KB, 832x2679)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
Anyone have the name of these comic?
File: 20171119_012536.jpg (558 KB, 854x2738)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
The author is Konno Tohiro (コンノトヒロ), but the pixiv page is filled with porn, so I don't want to post the link.

Translator: ReeGenerate on facebook.

File: XvbiWOK.png (483 KB, 529x831)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
does anyone have a working link to this animu dress up game? pic related

File: 1.png (31 KB, 252x231)
31 KB
what's this bomb from? i remember it in an animation i saw ages ago. the bomb would say 'igibagido' or some shit and explode.

It's from The Demented Cartoon Movie. He says "zeeky boogy doog"

File: another-world.png (846 KB, 1786x1482)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
Is there common English word/tag that is equivalent to the "isekai" genre.

I want to look up some non-weeb person-from-our-world-in-another-dimension books.
I've never seen them classified as anything other than fantasy. Perhaps because there's way too many of them.
Idk, fantasy adventure.

How would you categorize Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Pellucidar or Barsoom series?

File: presidential waifus.jpg (50 KB, 460x458)
50 KB
please recommend me a decent anime that is not on this list.
preferably one that streams on hulu or crunchyroll, but not required
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>Basilisk and Scrapped Princess
been thinking about these, sounds good
>original Evangelion
You know, i have this on dvd, never watched it. i think ill put it at the top of my list
seen it, forgot to add it

thanks anon! all great suggestions!
haibane renmei
welcome to the nhk
yondemasu yo azazel san
thx, wrote em down will check out
You seen tenchi muyo, but not Photon?
Watch Photon friend. It's only 6 episodes, and worth it.

File: originalex1.jpg (3.45 MB, 4560x2502)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
/v/ collage, I'm the guy who started the thread early this year and also started the collage before the 2nd guy took over for me. Can someone make it so there's more room in the middle?
if you don't know how much extra room to leave, then post several versions with varying degrees of gaps in the middle
my intention is to move the stuff from the top into the middle and make somewhat more room in the middle for a few more images so you'll need to prescisely make a clear crop and move half of the images upward

Does anyone have the skills to color the eye on the right to a dark brown? Keep the reflective shining on the it intact, since I'm not wanting a simple "change hue" job; I need to make it look accurate as possible.

I'm trying to prove /v/ a retarded point about eye color.
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File: wsr.png (5.4 MB, 3840x2160)
5.4 MB
5.4 MB PNG
I see what you did there you literal cheapskate
Well you did say his RIGHT eye...
Not sure my brown eye has ever even seen the sun to "shine"

Also, whats the thread?
File: Tard.jpg (9 KB, 238x192)
9 KB
>the eye on the right
>Well you did say his RIGHT eye

File: IMG_20171209_164505877.jpg (2.42 MB, 4160x2340)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Guys I need some help, I bought a GTX 1050 and whenever its connected to my PC I get NO IMAGE on my monitor.
My mother board is compatible for all I know it's a DDR3
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File: 1506795441600.jpg (15 KB, 512x288)
15 KB

have you even read the fucking manual before coming here and asking for live help
File: AOC-input-711926.jpg (16 KB, 450x545)
16 KB
Something like this.
This should've been the first post

You dun goofed. Your mobo is dead.
There might be some rubber on it? Did you find it? Is it fix?

File: 1512831154287.png (15 KB, 720x720)
15 KB
Can somebody tell me what is the song?

start to 19:33
end to 21:08

does anybody have a picture like this (christmas anime girls) except with more of them? i need like 20-30 girls here
actually it doesnt have to be christmas, does anybody have one of these style images with just around 30 anime girls?
something in this thread?

File: Bart_-_Good_Night.png (197 KB, 300x260)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Does anybody know where I can find pics of the old bootleg bart simpson nazi shirts?

File: 1482445520244.png (691 KB, 762x1120)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
Can anyone please tell me the name of the music that starts at the 1:20 mark?
Forgot link
May or may not be embarrassed I watched that to the end. My ears couldn't pick it up, and I don't think shazam or anything would work with all that talking. Have a bump and good luck anon.

Hey all,

Just thought I might share some of my work with you.


File: Slav Nihilism 2.webm (241 KB, 640x360)
241 KB
can any of you ruskybros give subtitles to this two webms?
bonus points if you can break them down more evenly.
this is part two since part 1 is to long to upload on this board.
part 1
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>one person beleaves in god
>another one that he is a "big man"
>the third one is proud of his acomplishments, and so on
>the thing is, this people get old, they die, and they are no more.
>another thing is that they get pleasure from all of this
>the pleasure mechanism is "on"
>and where will that mechanism lead you? twords "knowlege"?
the second man is going to have two >/
>/yes, i could say so
>aha and where would you find souch man, that seeks knowlege, that tries to understand what's going on
>/we need to share our knowlege so at the end everyone has the same knowlege we do, so with time we all become smart
>yea, so smart, so inteligent, that means nothing in nature, in life, to your loved ones, or even to other people
>in the end you will lose your relationships, with your blood relatives, aqueintances, frendships, love
>all of it will crumble away leaving nothing behind for you

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>but the fool that has the "knowlege" he cant acomplish this (enjoying himslef)
>at the end we will both die like dogs
>the universe says we need to experience pleasure
>but knowlege usually leads to helplesnes and suicide
jesus christ that took long, not used to translate from a voice recording.
btw idk if its properly translated, havent been in russia since i was 7, but i think its translated well enough since i can still talk fluently
some parts are hard to hear becouse of the recording quality and the music, but i did my best.
if anyone finds a place where i made a mistake, then you can correct me :D
have a good night anons.
thank you anon! much appreciated.
maybe is off topic but someone can tell me the songs in the 2 webms?

im looking for Kirigaya Suguha crying 1080 wallpaper in sao episode 22
Is that cousin thing true? Goybook won't let you marry her?

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