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Is the viz streaming app any good? Does it have sailor moon S dub on it?

Need help finding sauce on this image.
It's porn.
fukumaaya btw

File: 1518509670575.jpg (352 KB, 795x1000)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Ok, I have been looking everywhere. I'm looking for these russian orthodox church videos that were edited in really scary and psychedelic way. There was this dark ambient music in the background. The same videos used to be in youtube as well, but the names and descriptions were in russian, so I can not find them there. They were really creepy and dark. If someone has the mp4's or link to youtube that would be greatly appreciated.
Bump, I'm sure someone knows what I mean.

File: dead.jpg (393 KB, 1920x1080)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
I need a link the the original Dead Rising please and thank you.
Which version?
I did not know there was more than one. The best one I guess.
the platform, you dunce
oh PC

the show is from sayonara zetsubou sensei
what song please

here's the original vid

File: Poster.jpg (460 KB, 960x1440)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Do any of y'all have a MEGA file or just .mp4 file for SPVTW?
Key: !5Np_h3ihLC37wnK2ahc9wnVGhDIo082wt9TorFCFnJg

File: 1510621777064.jpg (225 KB, 1518x1800)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
I'm having technical difficulties with my drawing tablet and I don't even know where to look for help so if someone can direct me to a place more suited to help me with my issue, I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, I guess I'll post the issue itself here just in case anyone has any ideas.

Tablet: XP Pen Deco 1

Problem: When I try to draw it works fine for maybe 90 seconds, and then it freezes up and stops working completely. The tablet no longer responds to the pen, and the light is constantly blue.

Analysis: At first, I thought this might be an issue with Clip Studio Paint, so I tried to draw something in Microsoft Paint and sure enough it just ended up freezing again. The only way to fix this is to unplug and replug the tablet and then restart the program, and even that takes around 3 or 4 tries only to freeze again minutes later.

I have the latest drivers, and I'm running on Windows 10.

R9 290
Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR3
WD Black 2TB HDD

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Try this forum:

Luv from Brazil.
File: 1496557163442.jpg (156 KB, 889x1200)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
this looks really promising

muito obrigado

File: matlab.png (228 KB, 656x648)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
how the fuck do you do this shit
what variables am i editing exactly in the last step?
each pixel is a single number, and they are asking you to perform a multiplication of alpha and an addition of beta on each pixel, basically changing the brightness of the picture

File: california.png (54 KB, 726x694)
54 KB
what's the name of this type of image? i've seen many edits of it but i haven't seen a name for it
its called countrylove

File: tim_20180717094842.jpg (28 KB, 600x454)
28 KB
I bought a new drawing tablet, a Huion Kamvas Pro 13. I love it, but not so much the pen. I read somewhere that you can use other brands pens as long as the pressure sensitivity is the same. Is that true? Huion doesn't offer any alternatives to their basic pen for the Pro 13. It's a batteryless pen if that matters.
File: 71LFBHDtz3L._SL1500_.jpg (88 KB, 1076x1500)
88 KB
Hijacking your thread since related, don't know the answer to your question.

I bought a drawing tablet recently too (Wacom Intuos). I'm finding it hard to use on a flat surface. Are there any things like pic related but for drawing tablets that will let me use a 0 to 45 degree slope?
OP here. Have you tried looking on Amazon for "drawing tablet stand"?
Thank you. I typed "sloped tablet holder" before. Your suggestion is giving me much better results.
Your welcome. Now someone answer my question.

File: 28893.jpg (393 KB, 1441x2048)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Does anyone know the Chinese title? Or whether it is being scanned in other languages?

Does anyone know where i can download or watch game of thrones?

I couldn't find any on reddit/megalinks and
123movies is only like 420p and keeps freezing every 5 seconds

Thank you!!!
You can find in those torrent sites:


File: ThOnK.jpg (55 KB, 900x760)
55 KB

File: 1535823040019.gif (1.7 MB, 268x300)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
Korean drama torrents? Thanks

File: 1525629884455.jpg (332 KB, 2048x1365)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Who is she and where can I get more of her?
She is a fighter in that event:

Kinda piggybackin' your thread OP, do you or anyone else have more pictures of girls showing off toned arms like that?
I just have a thingy for arms, specially around the shoulderblade/triceps, don't know if theres a name for my fetish of conteplating arms.

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