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File: Chemistry_week[1].jpg (286 KB, 1024x556)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
What does 'wgt%' exactly mean here?

>Add 1wgt% CuCl2 (e.g. 1 lt HCl, 1 lt distilled water, 20 gr. CuCl2).

How would you express wgt% in other words? English is not my native language.
"wgt%" is not something normally used in English. your professor is doing something unusual. it might stand for "weight percent", but with just the line shown here that doesn't make much sense
it would help if you were to show more of the context
Well, this is not from an academic text but from instructions for preparing a soulution.

There isn't much context, but here are some preceding lines:

>The solution is prepared at room temperature but must be heated using a water bath (4) at 55 to 60°C when in use.
>Dilute the HCl 1:1 with distilled water.
It appears to mean "1 percent by weight" (as opposed to "1 percent by volume").

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
So, my esports team needs a Logo of some sort. The team is based off of the Six of Spades card. Anything related to that would be appreciated!
can they pay? if not then do it yourself or go to freepik and see if theres a template there

File: s.png (526 KB, 572x478)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
I'm looking for a source to >>>/wsg/2267154.
Only information that's embedded in metadata is 7UR2cHR, which leads me to .gif files here on 4chan.
Google results give me the same image but with a different jazz track.
midomi leads me to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zfCRR3MHPs
That's precisely it! Thank you!

File: ladies in lavender.jpg (21 KB, 182x268)
21 KB
Does anyone have a torrent for Ladies in Lavender(2004)? I've been trying to find a good quality online (at least 720p but preferably 1080) and wasn't successful.

File: .png (779 KB, 905x645)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
Hey /wsr/, recommend me a good VPS provider for ~$5-8/month. I'd like to do some light seedbox stuff (probably only 100gb or so of anime, don't really care about blazing-fast upload speeds) plus maybe some low-spec video game servers like Terrarria and other miscellaneous server shit.

File: lechateau-thumb-wide.jpg (16 KB, 592x450)
16 KB
I'm not sure if this is the right board for this, will delete if it isn't.

I'm starting a youtube channel and I have the name picked out, but I'm horrible with anything graphics related.
The picture is what I have created, but I'm requesting maybe a better version of it made by someone else if they are willing. It doesn't have to be the same thing even, it just needs the letters " L E " on it.

It's meant to be a thumbnail for the channels picture.
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File: hhhhh.png (23 KB, 1032x732)
23 KB
File: Hyuk-Hyuk-Hyuk.png (28 KB, 2000x1083)
28 KB
courier new
| |
| L E |
| |
this desu

File: source.jpg (72 KB, 639x470)
72 KB
What manga is this from?
Scum's Wish
Thank you anon <3

File: 6ad.png (626 KB, 680x1236)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
i want to know the name of a meme where two people are talking in a civilized way until a third person comes and disrupts the conversation by giving stupid and nonsensical arguments. It's similar to pic related. Yeah, it's a stupid thing to ask, but I need it.
In the meme I was looking for, the two people see the third one come from the distance and position itself between them. But the one you showed me will work with what I want to do. Thanks!!!
Not this.

I know what you're looking for but I cannot name it.
In the first panel they're having a civilised conversation.
I'm second, "here comes

Oh, wait. I found it. It's
>" here comes" meme.
It's the same as the OP, so no. It isn't what I'm looking for. Thanks anyway

File: 4iagwx1bckzz.jpg (16 KB, 236x236)
16 KB
Hey guys,
I am looking for a German speaking anon to spell check the following text (and make sure it's intelligible for German speakers). Would greatly appreciate if you could help me with this! It's part of a request for a WG/accomodation.

"Meiner bester Freund, der mir sehr ähnlich ist, wird nächsten Oktober an der TUB ein Master anfangen (wenn ich Berlin verlasse). Wenn Sie eine Langzeitmiete anbieten, vielleicht können wir diese erfolgreich vermieten. Ich schlage zwei Optionen vor, je nachdem wie lange Sie Ihren Unterkunft mieten möchten:

Kurzzeitmiete :

blablabla (already spell checked)

Langzeitmiete :
(Juli-September, und ab September)

In diesem Fall würde ich die Unterkunft von Juli bis September besetzen, und mein Freund würde später für eine unbestimmte Zeit besetzen. Die TUB sollte leicht zugänglich sein. Mein Freund würde eine 1-Zimmerwohnunh bevorzugen, aber eine WG würde auch gut funktionieren. Er ist bereits bis Mitte Juli in Berlin, also könnten sie ihn treffen und sehen, ob er gut zu ihren WG/1-Zimmerwohnung passt. Sowit es mich betrifft, kann ich Ihnen ab dem 27. Juni treffen."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Also, why not write in English? Almost all Germans have decent English skills and especially for someone renting out short-term to students semi-professionally they should be quite used to foreigners.

Maybe include a short notice in German that you have basic skills if you want to show off.

Seriously, I own a rental appartment in Vienna and I don't even bat an eye when I get inquiries in English from expats or exchange students. You're going to be fine.
Thank you very much! Yeah my German is pretty bad and I have a tendency to translate literally from my native language, making it really unnatural...

The part you quoted is the one I was the most unsure about! I wanted to say that the person could rent the flat to me, and then to my friend, without having to worry to find another tenant.

By "je nachdem wie lange Sie Ihren Unterkunft mieten möchten", I meant something like "Depending on how long you want to rent your accommodation, we could either go with Kurzzeit or Langzeitmiete". Any idea how I could say that properly?
You have a fair point. But as far as I have seen so far, people usually ask for an accommodation/WG in German, even if it's not their native language. I just wanted to make an effort out of respect and not be that lazy guy.
>Meiner bester Freund, der mir sehr ähnlich ist, wird nächsten Oktober an der TUB ein Master anfangen (wenn ich Berlin verlasse). Wenn Sie eine Langzeitmiete anbieten, vielleicht können wir diese erfolgreich vermieten. Ich schlage zwei Optionen vor, je nachdem wie lange Sie Ihren Unterkunft mieten möchten:

Mein bester Freund, der mir sehr ähnlich ist, wird nächsten Oktober an der TUB einen Master anfangen (wenn ich Berlin verlasse). Wenn Ihnen eine Langzeitmiete lieber ist, könnte mein Freund den Mietvertrag nach meiner Abreise fortsetzen. Ich schlage daher zwei Varianten vor, je nachdem, wie lange Sie Ihre Unterkunft vermieten wollen:

I tried to keep it simple, stick to your wording and not get too technical, so it's still not stylistically perfect, but it gets the point across. A native would obviously word it differently, but it's technically correct.
Wow, it is way clearer indeed (even for me). There's no need for it to be stylistically perfect, it just needs to be intelligible. So thank you very much!

Where can I read Yotsuba!& online in Japanese for free?
Also recommend more manga with furigana or no minimal kanji thank you!
I don't read manga but almost all shounen should have furigana.

Hello all. I have an idea for some super funny but mildly racist shit.


But the picture is oompa loompas dressed up as N.W.A.

Any takers?
File: nwa-number-1jpg.jpg (128 KB, 1200x1200)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Too racist?
Already done?
Not good advertisement?
Did I ask wrong?

The site I used to read manga got shut down. Is there any that you guys would recommend checking out? Preferably one that updates frequently and has the entire chapter preloaded and scrollable.
mangapark does that
I'll check it out
Install this
Also use MangaDex

File: 1524071690441.jpg (186 KB, 960x639)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Im looking for this vid of a DJ playing at a dutch kindergarden/school party and the kids going crazy jumping around.
i have been lookig for hours and cant find seem this shit anymore.
Music playing is Hardstyle/Hardcore.
pls help

Can anyone tell me who this is or where i can find the full unedited clip
Dunno, his name is Steven Anderson though

File: 1527737741641.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
Anyone got the photo of a super hot girl in a red bikini posing on the side of a pool with next to it a photo of her looking incredibly goofy and ugly as she's not holding the pose anymore?

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