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File: r.jpg (64 KB, 305x454)
64 KB
Does anyone know what artwork this poster used? I'd like the oriignal image
File: miku.baby.709.jpg (201 KB, 1025x1366)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Thanks a ton, I'd looked through so many pictures I thought I'd never find it.

File: Q9RdjGV.png (211 KB, 987x828)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Hi. Can a mod rangeban me? I need to get off 4chan before my life spirals out of control even more, but I am too addicted and just keep coming here almost unconsciously. Please ban my IP for every board and forever. If no mod sees this, can any other anon reccommend some way of blocking a webpage so that I can't come back? Thanks
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Wanna know how I know you don't go on /pol/
don't be selfish. what if you disconnect and your IP is dynamically allocated to someone else? they'll get your ban.

here's a suggestion: grow a spine and display some self-control.

jesus christ. 'addicted to a website' has to be one of the most pathetic things i've ever heard in my life.
If you're not addicted to 4chan yet, then you still have time to escape.
post le 56% face memes on /pol/

This. You disgust me as much as people who think alcoholism is a disease. You're in control of your own fucking life, man up a little and stop doing the thing that is negatively affecting your life.

Pro-tip: it's much easier to STOP doing something than it is to START doing something. i.e. it's easier to stop smoking than it is to start going jogging in the mornings. Forming habits is hard, forgetting habits is easier.

File: 1484794114992.jpg (287 KB, 754x912)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Could I possibly get a gif made from 0:16 to 0:29, I've tried myself but can't get a sufficiently small file size.
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Dimensions are a bit small but thank you
the 4mb limit of 4chan limited the options.
That's understandable, I do appreciate you making it regardless.
File: Hello Japan.gif (7.25 MB, 320x180)
7.25 MB
7.25 MB GIF
>4mb limit
On this board? Thought it was 8.
thanks doc

File: pupper.jpg (31 KB, 399x423)
31 KB
Hello, can someone edit this picture so the dog's paw is complete and to have a transparent background so it is only the pupper with no background? And if you could please shop a shaded shadow for the dog, it would be awesome. Thanks. I'm planning on ptinting it on a cup.

File: 1505118833339.gif (3.43 MB, 402x301)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB GIF
I'm pretty sure this is some sort of fan edit or alternate trailer for the movie The Void (2016) but I can't seem to find the song in this .webm. Shazam has failed me.

Can anyone identify the song or at least provide me a link to the video it may be from?


File: 13.jpg (99 KB, 640x800)
99 KB
Most anime have female protagonists who are innocent and naive and have seemingly no interest in boys until the male protagonist comes along. What are some anime with girls or women who are aggressive/thirsty? I know of Watamote and B Gata H Kei but wondering if there's anything else.
cont. No hentai.
File: 24.jpg (52 KB, 720x405)
52 KB
You should watch Shimoneta, is set on a world where "lewd" stuff is banned, so most of the female characters are thirsty as fuck.
Also try Seitokai Yakuindomo.
Kiss x Sis is another one where two sisters are constantly after their brother D.
Bakemonogatari, Witch Craft Works, Love Lab
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
This pretty much

shimoneta is your main choice Op

I remember back in 2004 seeing a poster somewhere in here that said "Vote for Kerry" and some anime chick in a bikini. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

File: nice stuff microsoft.png (18 KB, 536x498)
18 KB
hey guys since a while back when I try to update .NET framework it always get stuck in the same point and never completes the installation.
pic related, my latest attempt to make it work, any idea?

File: 1512610187920.png (1.8 MB, 2880x2048)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
I'm aware that it says "the knight tale" but that's not the title as far as I'm aware
Shoujo Kishidan x Knight Tale

File: (insert eurobeat).jpg (93 KB, 700x1240)
93 KB
Business Statistics, 6th edition by D.M. Levine, T. C. Krehbiel and M. L. Berenson

I can't afford it and I need it for my STATS module.

Thanks in advance

Want to start watching evanglion. Want to know how. Any way to do it for free, like on a streaming service.
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They're saying you should download the version that was ripped from the blu-ray, because that's the best version. You think files just spontaneously appear from the ether?

Go for this release: https://nyaa.si/view/831686

It's not really that difficult to watch. Just watch the 26 TV anime episodes and then the End of Evangelion. In this release, "End of Evangelion" are episodes 25' and 26'. End of Evangelion is kind of like a redone version of the original episodes 25 and 26 in a more coherent manner.

In any case though, watch the anime first and then those two episodes.

You can then watch Rebuild of Evangelion if you want. If you're more into action and less into words, words, words and actual character depth, you might end up enjoying it more.
here ya go
What about the movies? Watch them all or avoid

Like I said in >>428714 you only need to watch End of Evangelion. In the Nyaa link I provided, End of Evangelion is 25' and 26', as I said.

And if you want, you can watch the Rebuild movies afterwards, which are a re-imagining of the TV show+movie in 4 new movies (4th movie still unreleased). Death & Rebirth is just a recap (Death) and End of Evangelion (Rebirth) shown together in a movie theater way back when.

The Rebuild movies and Death & Rebirth are irrelevant if you just want to experience the original show.

File: Capture1423.png (440 KB, 547x562)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
can anyone make a webm or .gif from this instagram vid?


I have no clue how to do these things
Paste the link and bam! You have a webm!
thanks man!

File: Anime_Cat_0000003131.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
Can anyone tell me the name of this anime?
you can upload the image into whatanime.ga
this is Azumanga Daioh, one of the classics
Much appreciated friend!

File: 1482816002905.jpg (112 KB, 500x644)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I'm looking for Filmcrithulk's Screenwriting 101. It's on scribd but fuck me if I'm giving them my payment info to make an account.




File: IMG_2628.jpg (611 KB, 1080x1131)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
Where is this from and is there any more?
File: how to google.webm (363 KB, 900x652)
363 KB
Work of Takato Yamamoto

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